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From concept to completion, NeJame does it right.

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By Peter Aaron, Photos by Steffen Thalemann


Since he opened his Upstate practice, Aryeh Siegel has become totally invested in restoring and remaking the architecture of Beacon.




By Jennifer Farley, Photos By Deborah DeGraffenreid

When Julia Ritchie found her Greek Revival on water in Columbia County she didn’t realize she was also finding a community.




By Kandy Harris, Illustration By Michelle Williams

Better than campsites, and with a glamour all their own, we bring you a selection of the Hudson Valley and Catskill’s finest glampsites. 41




By Linda O’Keeffe, Photos By Robin Holland

Artists Julie Hedrick and Peter Wetzler brought their passion and creativity to repurposing a Kingston church for their evolving needs.





This month we obsess on textiles, getting inside Hudson Valley houses, and single-flower devotions. FARM REPORT: FARMHEART

Author and blogger Jenna Woginrich is living her dreams on Cold Antler Farm. COMMUNIT Y SPOTLIGHT: NEW PALTZ

Love the outdoors? Care about education? Raising a family? New Paltz could be the right community. COMMUNIT Y SPOTLIGHT: TIVOLI

A small town with a big personality, Tivoli effortlessly finds a balance of blue collar and blue blood. BACK PORCH

A review of Rizzoli’s new book, Barn: Preservation and Adaptation, The Evolution of a Vernacular Icon.







Above: Photo by Robin Holland | Front cover: Photo by Eric Bean


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EDITORIAL EDITOR Amara Projansky amara@upstatehouse.com ART DIRECTOR Jason Cring jcring@upstatehouse.com ASSIGNING EDITOR Lisa Selin Davis lisa@upstatehouse.com COPY EDITOR Peter Aaron BOOKS EDITOR Nina Shengold books@upstatehouse.com Aftermath of 1951 Brighton Gas Explosion Disaster.

Home Remains A

family story I regularly heard growing up was recently repeated at the holiday table. My husband, ever curious, was inspired to look up the facts, something I had never thought to do. “On September 21, 1951 the Brighton Police Department was taxed to its maximum when 607 homes were destroyed or damaged by the Brighton Gas Explosion Disaster. Controls failed in a low-pressure, natural gas district and set off a series of explosions, which caused three deaths and staggering financial losses in the 12 Corners neighborhoods.” That’s from the Town of Brighton website. The Democrat and Chronicle archives added: “Shortly after 1:15 p.m. houses began exploding in rapid sequence in the Meadowbrook, Roselawn, and Bel-Air tracts.” My family’s version of the story begins when my grandmother smelled gas and left her house on Varinna Drive with her small children, sensing something was wrong. She went to the school to find my mother, who was nine at the time. When she arrived, she found the children had been evacuated to the sports fields. My mother remembers they left the school together. Soon they heard an explosion and my grandmother remarked, “There goes our house now!” My mother always wondered how grandma knew it was their house, and how she managed to say it so evenly.  The story has some positive twists. The family rabbit was found, completely unhurt, protected by a window that landed over his cage shielding him from flying debris. Later he lost all his fur as a result of the shock and it never grew back. My grandfather, a doctor, had just returned from the war. He had been working hard, and in the explosion he lost everything. My mother and the whole family lost everything. The girls lost their dolls, the family photos were burned. Everything was incinerated. Digging around in the backyard later they found melted silver spoons. There was nothing to do but start over.  Thirty years ago this story seemed to have no real moral. It was as if it was brought to the table to speak for itself. Maybe it means you can’t be too careful about having gas in your house—in fact you’d be wise to use an electric stove instead. I certainly heard my grandparents use that phrase often: You can’t be too careful! Yet I’m sure there is something more important and more universal to be gleaned. What is the true meaning of shocking loss and mortal danger? This


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FORGETTING IS THE LUXURY OF THOSE WHO FEEL SECURE. is a question we all grapple with at some time in our lives, no matter how much we try to avoid engaging it. We all want to take our lives and our homes for granted. As one survivor of the explosions said to a historian, “Why do you want to bring this up? We just want to forget.” Yet forgetting is the luxury of those who feel secure. The old truism—change is the only constant— holds true here. Our houses, and the lives we build in them, help us feel good. They protect us from the cold. Every organism carries the need for stability and to feel safe, as well as the evolutionary imperative to explore, take chances, and expand its territory, and this primordial polarity persists in our civilized selves. While we each want to feel safe at home, we also want to travel to new places. We like to order our favorite dish on the menu, but we’re tempted by the specials too. And in our houses we come to rely on the convenience of things being just where we want them, yet we can’t wait to renovate and try something different. How can we unite the two opposing forces, security and exploration? In this issue, we visit a few intrepid travelers who took chances on the way to finding their ideal homes. There is Jenna Woginrich, the author and blogger who left her desk job to become a homesteader; Julie Hedrick and Peter Wetzler, whose artistic vision saw the potential in a derelict church they converted to home and studio; also Julia Ritchie, who bought a house because of its proximity to water, and discovered it was actually the proximity of good relationships that made her house meaningful. I hope you enjoy the issue, and I hope you find your safe haven in the midst of this ever-changing world. Best,

Amara Projansky

EDITORIAL INTERN Melissa Nau PROOFREADERS Barbara Ross, Lee Ann Albritton CONTRIBUTORS Peter Aaron, Tara Alan, David Morris Cunningham, Lisa Selin Davis, Deborah Degraffenreid, Jennifer Farley, Kandy Harris, Margaret Hartford, Teresa Horgan, Susan Krawitz, Linda O’Keeffe, Nina Shengold, Steffen Thalemann, Michelle Williams

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In Bookstores by Nina Shengold

One Hundred Miles from Manhattan GUILLERMO FESSER

Little Bridge Productions/Epigraph, 2014

What did ProvenÇal villagers think of Peter Mayle’s take on their home turf? Now Hudson Valley residents have their own smitten expatriate chronicler. Broadcast journalist/humorist Fesser was Spain’s answer to Jon Stewart, so widely beloved that King Juan Carlos I publically mourned the end of his long-running show. Moving to his American wife’s hometown, Fesser discovered the United States with fresh eyes, reporting on ice boating, maple syrup production, Underground Railroad history—and, of course, local characters. His tales of life in exotic Rhinebeck and beyond became a runaway Spanish bestseller; this English-language version is sure to win him stateside fans. Appearing June 28 at the Golden Notebook, Woodstock.

How to Read Houses: A Crash Course in Domestic Architecture WILL JONES

Rizzoli, 2014

Perfectly sized for informal browsing (or stowing in the glove compartment for rambling Sunday drives), this compact guide offers the curious a wealth of readily identifiable clues to a house’s history. British-born architectural journalist Jones details the characteristic silhouettes, building materials, and stylistic elements typical of various eras, from Tudor to postwar prefab. Multiple gables on a steeply pitched roof? Victorian! Floating staircase? Modernist! While other volumes in this popular series focus on identifying the significant features of churches, bridges, and other public structures, Jones maintains that “houses tell the human story of architecture better than any other type of building.”

Inspiring Generosity BARBARA BONNER

Wisdom Publications, 2014

Pretty In Print Les Indiennes. “Factory-made items for chain stores can be so perfect they lose their soul,”

says Mary Bergtold Mulcahy, founder of Les Indiennes. Her vision of imperfect and airy handblocked textiles led her to partner with a craftsman from South India in 2002. The result is a line of unusual textiles using an ancient and complex printing method called kalamkari. As a visionary and the designer of its award-winning textiles, Mary welcomes the challenge of taking a humble craft that is almost extinct and repurposing it for a Western market. You can see the multi-cultural results online or at her new store in Hudson, where lower-priced products are available in her beautiful storefront on Warren Street. A  VAILABLE AT 444 WARREN STREET, HUDSON, OR LESINDIENNES.COM


online at upstater.com

“Inspiring” is both an adjective and an active verb; both usages pertain to this big-hearted, quietly life-changing book. Interspersing multicultural poems and quotations with stories of 14 “generosity heroes”—ordinary people who found ways to change the world around them in ways large and small—Berkshires author and philanthropist Bonner urges us to take stock and take action. Every reader will find favorite quotes, like this from Betty Reese: “If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.” Or from Hafiz, “Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.” Appearing May 22 at 7pm, Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany.


Country Living Fair. The pages of Country Living magazine come to life with great shopping, antiques appraisals, seminars, cooking and artisan demonstrations, delicious food, and a chance to meet the editors. Featured vendors include Hudson Valley Seed Company, Findings at Summerhouse, Laurie Messeroll, Red Door Antiques, and many more. June 6–8, 10am-5pm daily, rain or shine. D UTCHESS COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS IN RHINEBECK; COUNTRYLIVING.COM

Table Top Modern Russel Wright. The table is the center of the home, at least so believed

Russel Wright, the early 20th-century industrial designer. The modernist home in Garrison he called Manitoga served as his retirement home, and continues to serve as Russel Wright Studios’ headquarters. Two of his tableware lines are still available. The American Modern ceramic dinnerware from 1939 is said to be the best-selling dinnerware of all time, and is available by special order. Recently rereleased is a line of early plastic dishware from 1953 called Residential. It’s made of melamine and it’s readily available online. Better yet, see it in person. Visit the store at Manitoga, and tour the historic landmark and its woodland gardens. A  VAILABLE AT 584 ROUTE 9D, GARRISON, OR RUSSELWRIGHTCENTER.ORG; RUSSELWRIGHTRESIDENTIAL.COM

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Innisfree Gardens


Gardeners can be a bit obsessive with their home grown favorites, whether it be lilies, lavender—or even fungi. These summer events will feed your own flowery fetishes. • Lavender. Lovely Lavender Class at the Chester Public Library. June 7, 10:30am-11:30am. rcls.org/chs. • Wildflowers. Innisfree Wildflower Walk. June 7, July 5, August 2, 11am. innisfreegarden.org. •R  oses. Newburgh Rose Show at Center Court Newburgh Mall. June 14, 7:30am-10:30am. •M  ushrooms. Fungus Fair at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. End of June. comafungi.org. • Daylilies and Irises. Hudson Valley Iris and Daylily Society presents its 14th annual Daylily exhibition on July 9, and an Iris Rhizome and Daylily Fan Sale August 16–17, both at the Poughkeepsie Galleria. hvids.org.

The Senate House, Kingston


Make the most of your chance to visit the most interesting houses in this region. This summer’s open house tours provide a rare glimpse inside local houses. From historic architectural landmarks to quaint cottages, these homes and gardens are perfect for inspiring your own design ideas.

Cotton Picks Utility Canvas. What happens when you unite cotton duck with a

fashion sensibility? Utility Canvas—Jillian and Hal Grano’s project since 1990. Well known for making the biggest and best looking tote bags anywhere, they also make home goods and clothing, all from 100% cotton. Their distinctive quilted throws and jackets have been around since the mid ’90s. While the line originated in the Hudson Valley, they have expanded, with stores in New York City and Japan. The Soho location, Archerie, was named for their daughter, and focuses on a line of dresses that are decidedly feminine. The original store and warehouse in Gardiner, open on weekends, is also an outlet. A VAILABLE AT 2686 RTE 44/55, GARDINER, OR UTILITYCANVAS.COM


online at upstater.com

• Garden Conservancy Open Days. While this event is strictly gardens, hundreds of gorgeous spaces normally closed to the public are showcased all over the country, with the Hudson Valley well represented. Check the website for dates and gardens in your county: gardenconservancy.org/opendays. • Uptown Kingston Historic House Tour. A tour of historically significant homes and other notable buildings in Uptown Kingston to raise funds for Court Appointed Special Advocates for children in foster care. Concludes with a reception at the nationally registered Kirkland Hotel building. June 22, 11am-12:30pm. casaulster.org. •W  oodstock House Tour. Map pick up location at The Byrdcliffe Shop in Woodstock. The tour features a mix of historically significant and culturally representative Woodstock homes. June 28, 11am. Benefit cocktail party 5pm7pm. woodstockguild.org. •W  arwick 21st Annual Countryside House Tour. Starting at Railroad Green, Warwick, view acres of wilderness and a gardener’s cottage surrounded by dahlias, wisteria, and peonies. June 28, 9am-5pm. warwickvalleygardeners.com. • 67th Annual Open House Day Tour of Litchfield, Connecticut. Presented by the Connecticut Junior Republic, this event features homes and buildings of historic and architectural interest throughout a quintessential New England town. July 12, 10am-4pm. ctjuniorrepublic.org.

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Photos Copyright Tara Alan


Farmheart ¬enna Woginrich of Cold Antler Farm

By Susan Krawitz | Photos by Tara Alan


t’s far more common (and some would say common sense) to place the earning of one’s daily bread first in life and the pursuit of driving passions somewhere down the list. But can making a living be combined with making a life? Yes it can, says thirty something Jenna Woginrich, though it’s not necessarily easy. Almost a decade ago, Woginrich began working toward trading a career as website designer for companies like Orvis and Coldwater Creek for her dream position: a mash-up of homesteading farmer, blogger, book author, and workshop leader. When she quit her final office job, she found her new role as demanding a position as it sounds. She now grows and raises most of the plants and animals she eats, a life that offers no sick days or vacation time. She does all this on a hilly six-and-a-half-acre farm that emphasizes functionality over photo-ready finesse—shrubs are goat-nibbled, fences rickety. Located in the town of Jackson, Washington County, the property hosts an 1860s farmhouse, a variety of outbuildings, and a 50-creature herd of sheep, milk goats, ponies, bees, chickens, pigs, and rabbits. Woginrich pursued her passion for farming on three farms in three states, but when her rented property in Vermont became unavailable, she began looking at houses with land and talking to banks. “They sort of laughed at me,” she says. “I was a single woman renting a cabin for $600 a month, and they basically told me to come back when I had $12,000.” Fortunately, she found a “great” mortgage broker who coached her on finances and told her about a USDA program designed to place people in rural houses. 14

online at upstater.com

Her current property is the first she’s owned, as well as the place that allowed her to completely untether from an off-farm office. Her list of homestead hobbies is a long one: She knits wool spun from her sheep, takes Merlin, her Fell pony, on riding adventures, practices archery, falconry, and fiddle playing, and trains a border collie. Unfortunately, food sufficiency does not pay other bills. Enter the Internet. Woginrich, began chronicling farming adventures after a 2006 move to Oregon so she could update friends and family. When a friend suggested she write a book on farming for renters, she did an online search for possible publishers and discovered Storey Press, a cornerstone of the back-to-the-land movement of the 1970s and ’80s. She studied their proposal guidelines, then called and pitched her book. They were interested—not in her idea, but in her. Why don’t you write a memoir? an editor suggested, and her first book, Made from Scratch, was born. This book was followed by four additional memoirs or memoir/how-to hybrids. They’ve been well read and well reviewed; One Woman Farm, her 2013 offering, was recently given the 2014 silver Nautilus Award, a prize for books promoting spiritual growth and conscious living. The name of her current book, Cold Antler Farm (Shambhala), is also the name she’s given to every one of her farms. But this book reveals a woman far removed from the dewy-eyed newbie in Made from Scratch. She’s grown tougher, more resilient, turned from farm fanatic to seasoned hand. Woginrich calls the 2010 move to her farmstead the best decision she ever made. Jackson, a rural southern Adirondack region with a mix of mountain and farmland, is sprinkled with small-scale homestead farms and farm-minded

Hawthorne Valley Farm Store

From Our Hands to Your Table A natural foods store featuring organic breads, pastries, cheeses, yogurt, raw milk, sauerkraut and other foods made fresh on our farm!

Fresh • Organic • Local • Delicious Open 7 Days Opposite: Jenna at the helm of her horse cart. Above (top to bottom): Gibson, the border collie, and Brianna, the ewe lamb in the animal-friendly living room; pressing cider during Cold Antler Farm’s annual Cider Pressing Day using an antique press from the 1860s.

FARM STORE | www.hawthornevalleyfarm.org 327 County Route 21C, Ghent, NY 12075 | 518-672-7500

SHE’S GROWN TOUGHER, MORE RESILIENT, TURNED FROM FARM FANATIC TO SEASONED HAND. souls. “It’s a blessing,” she says. “It is the most amazing place I’ve ever been. The people, farm, and community here have created the books.” Her writing’s become more seasoned too, and more widespread. In addition to her own popular blog, Woginrich writes for other well-known blogs and magazines. Her writing helps pay the feed and electric bill, as do the series of on-farm workshops she holds on everything from chicken raising to archery. They are comprehensive and intense: Archery workshop attendees also craft a bow of their own and chicken workshoppers can leave with starter chickens. But though Woginrich is very expressive of her life’s many joys, her writing and teaching don’t downplay the relentless hard work and financial insecurity she lives with each day. “It’s not a dream come true—it’s a dream I’m fighting for,” she says. “I’ve seen the best and worst of homesteading and the best and worst of the Internet. Someone [on the Internet] once threatened my life because I talked about killing my pig. But I’ve also had strangers offer me their phone number at three in the morning because I’d just posted a blog entry about a lamb that died in my arms and I couldn’t stop crying.” The book idea Woginrich is currently considering doesn’t focus directly on farming but on the joys and challenges of an “authentic life” spent doing what you love. “It’s not easy or secure working for yourself,” she says. “It was a really rough winter—it was hard keeping fires lit and bills paid. But there’s such passion and import in keeping my life here—it’s become more of a mission than a job.” For more information on Woginrich’s book and workshops, go to www.coldantlerfarm.blogspot.com. For more photos by Tara Alan, go to www.goingslowly.com.

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New Paltz

Education and the Outdoors By Margaret Hartford | Photos by Teresa Horgan


ew Paltz is not just a college town. It’s also a historic site, with much of the original 1678 settlement, founded by the Huguenots, intact in the Huguenot Street Historic District. In addition, it’s a hotspot for outdoor activity, a cultural hub, a hippie Mecca, and, according to some, the CSA capital of the world. It has at least five CSAs to choose from, and a thriving community garden to boot. The Village of New Paltz, which is quite walkable, has a vibrant downtown: Multiple bookstores, music shops, and art supply shops are signs of a creative population; plenty of bars and pizza places serve the late-night college scene; for tourists there are clothing boutiques, tie-dye shops, and handcrafted gifts. New Paltz is also home to quite a few specialty food shops, including inventive chocolates, cupcakes, artisanal donuts, a cheese shop, a fishmonger, a butcher, and an array of locavore and farm-to-table restaurants. Outside the fairly dense village lies the Town of New Paltz, where homes have slightly fewer services and different zoning. Every few years a controversy bubbles up about whether to consolidate the two entities in order to reduce government redundancy, but for now they remain distinct. Education is part of the area’s draw. In addition to SUNY New Paltz, which is within the village boundaries and is one of the largest area

ZIP CODE: 12561 POPULATION: 12,830

★ 16

online at upstater.com


employers, the local school system has an involved parent community and is considered among the better school districts in the Hudson Valley. A few private and alternative schools, including a Waldorf school, a school for the strong home-schooling community, and a cooperative nursery school, complement the public schools. The entry to New Paltz from New York State Thruway Exit 18 is flanked with unsightly strip malls, but beyond the commercial strip and the quaint downtown, lies the natural beauty that lures so many people to the area: the Wallkill River, the dramatic ridge of the Shawangunks, the manicured grounds of Mohonk Mountain House, and the wilds of the Mohonk Preserve, to name just a few. THE SCENE Because New Paltz has so much to offer—nature and culture and good schools—it attracts a wide range of visitors and residents. The famously openminded community includes everyone from same-sex professionals raising families to descendants of early Dutch settlers to Brooklyn transplants. The outdoorsy crowd is visible in their fleece and Gore-Tex, having come to hike, bike, or swim in Minnewaska State Park and along the Rail Trail, or

TRANSPORTATION: New Paltz is accessible by a number of routes, though many use Interstate 87 Exit 18 onto State Route 299. Other state routes that access New Paltz are Routes 32 and 208. Adirondack Trailways buses stop in New Paltz. The nearest train station is approximately 11 miles away in

Poughkeepsie and is served by both Amtrak and Metro-North. NEAREST HOSPITALS: St. Francis Hospital and Vassar Hospital in Poughkeepsie (11 miles); Kingston Hospital and Benedictine Hospital in Kingston (20 miles); St. Luke’s in Newburgh (23 miles)


[kab-uh- nit]

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Left: A view of the iconic Mohonk tower from New Paltz. Above: The Antiques Center at the Water Street Market off lower Main Street.

747 Route 28 Kingston New York 12401 845-331-2200 www.cabinetdesigners.com Located in the:

launch their boats at one of the many access points to the Wallkill River, or climb “the Gunks.” There’s the tie-dye set, too, which comprises both college students and old-timers; the town has a bit of a hippie drug culture reputation, and certainly it exists. But while there are plenty of bars, it is also a family town, known as a friendly place to raise kids. SUNY New Paltz brings more culture than many upstate college towns enjoy. In addition to galleries in town, the university’s Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art includes five galleries. THE MARKET Though school and property taxes can be fairly high for the region, the market in New Paltz is as diverse as the place itself. You can still find a ranch home for $100,000, especially if you’re willing to add some sweat equity. For those with enough equity already, there are $2 million estates with magnificent views. There is still much land for sale in town, with many opportunities to build. New Paltz has a thriving rental market due to demand from college students and professors. Again, the price-range is wide. A room in a local house can rent for $600; others enjoy luxury houses for $5,000 per month.

SCHOOLS: New Paltz High School, New Paltz Middle School, Lenape Elementary School, Duzine Elementary School, Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, SUNY New Paltz POINTS OF INTEREST: Historic Huguenot Street, Minnewaska State Park, Mohonk Mountain House, Mohonk Preserve, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

upstate HOUSE

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A Tiny Town with A Big Persona By Lisa Davis | Photos by David Morris Cunningham


ivoli was incorporated in 1794 as an outpost of Transcendental Idealism along the Hudson. Essentially, it was to be a commune. And at times, its 1.8 square miles, sloping steeply toward the Hudson, do seem like Shangri-La. In the 1980s, downtown Tivoli was anything but—lots of boarded-up buildings and dilapidated Victorians. According to one local realtor, he and several other interlopers from New York City bought up property, spruced up the town, formed an alliance with Bard College four miles south, and turned it from ghost town into a mix of businesses that cater to the high (a high-end sandwich shop and a vegetarian restaurant), the low (a laundromat, a pizza place), and the in-between (a bar). The Realtor calls it a mixture of “blue blood and blue collar.” It has a hipster component, too, thanks to Bard students, professors, and ex-New Yorkers. The actor Griffin Dunne wrote a travel piece about Tivoli for the New York Times called “Brooklyn on the Hudson.” “The local crowd in Tivoli has an effortlessly hip and creative edge about it,” he writes, “as if it fled Brooklyn before the rest of us ruined it.”

ZIP CODE: 12583

POPULATION: 1,120 MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME:  $46.421 PROXIMITY TO MAJOR CITY:  About 110 miles to New York City; about 50 miles to Albany


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THE SCENE No main drag cuts through Tivoli; you have to make a deliberate turn onto Broadway—west, from 9G—to get to its throbbing hub, which is neither throbbing nor much of a hub. It is, however, charming and picturesque, and, because it is a road less traveled, it gives one a sense of discovery, of happening upon a place. The few businesses in town tend to attract a large following, especially on weekends, when folks stop for sticky buns and small talk at the Tivoli Baking Company or an egg sandwich at the new-ish sandwich shop, Murray’s, across the street. There’s a good old reliable library and a post office as well. The one bar, the Black Swan, has music and trivia nights. About three miles south of town sits the majestic Rokeby mansion and, along the river, Poet’s Walk Park. There’s a CSA and pick-your-own flower farm at Rokeby, and in the outbuildings behind the house a group of sculptors fashions enormous papier-mâché puppets for the annual New York City Halloween Parade. The Kaatsbaan International Dance Center sits right in town, and five minutes away at Bard College there are plays and concerts, especially in the

TRANSPORTATION: The Bard Shuttle bus stops in Tivoli several times a day. There’s also a Duchess County bus that ferries passengers between Bard, the Hyde Park Mall, and the Metro-North station in Poughkeepsie. Amtrak goes to the Rhinecliff station, 10 miles south.

NEAREST HOSPITAL: Northern Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck, 10 miles south SCHOOLS:  Red Hook Central School District; Upton Lake; Bethel; Faith Christian Academy; Our Lady of Lourdes; Poughkeepsie Day School


“A home is to be enjoyed and lived in. It should have quiet elegance and be unpretentious.” ~Mari Kirwood 6 3 7 8 M il l S tr e e t, Rh ine be ck , NY ( 8 4 5 ) 8 76 - 4 8 4 8 • mar i@ mar ik ir wood.com MARIKIRWOOD.COM

Interior Design Left: Murray’s offers local and seasonal foods in a casual atmosphere. Above: Tivoli Artists Gallery features revolving exhbitions of varied scope and subject from the Tivoli Artists’ Co-op.

summer at the Frank Gehry-designed Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts. THE MARKET About half the town is subdivided into cul-de-sacs and traditional suburban housing types that back up to the town park, which has a water tower, a pavilion, and a playground. The rest of the town has only five streets, but entirely different kinds of houses are found on each of them. Tivoli combines storybook Victorians, traditional suburban Cape Cods, above-the-store apartments, Hudson River-front mansions, and an extremely affordable condo development, Tivoli Gardens, where a lofty one-bedroom tends to run for less than $125,000. The Cape Cods can also run in that range, whereas a large house along the river—and thus along the railroad tracks—is currently on the market for $1.45 million. One of those Victorians in the 1,200-square-foot range, with three beds and 1.5 baths, often goes for about $245,000.

OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST: Tivoli Bays, a federally protected nature reserve, offers hiking and kayaking, and a quick jaunt across the river to the west brings you into the heart of the Catskills. Twenty-five minutes in the other direction, you’re smack-dab in the Berkshires. Both offer hiking, skiing, and B&Bs. If you want to recreate in town, join the world’s most unpretentious, under-the-radar “country club,” the Edgewood. It costs $10, including golf cart, for nine holes, and you can’t even see the course from the road.

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By Peter Aaron Portrait by Steffen Thalemann

Q&A with Beacon Architect Aryeh Siegel



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IF BEACON HAD AN ARCHITECT LAUREATE, IT WOULD BE ARYEH SIEGEL. Born and reared in New York City, Siegel, 51, has become so personally invested in restoring and remaking the architecture of his adoptive town that he moved his family into one of the projects he’s now working on for a private client. Siegel, who received his Bachelor’s of Architecture degree from Pratt Institute and studied journalism at NYU, worked for several New York firms on projects ranging from the expansion of Mt. Sinai Hospital’s radiology department to the gut renovation of Finland’s Ambassador to the U.N.’s apartment. Since opening his own upstate practice in 1996, he’s become one of the Hudson Valley’s most in-demand architects, with a growing list of projects. He had a first hand role in the community’s architectural rebirth, working on such high-profile local projects as Dia:Beacon, the Roundhouse at Beacon Falls, the Towne Crier Café, the Beacon Dog Park, the Beacon Cultural Community Center, and a growing list of residential, commercial, and mixed-use sites, many of them re-adapting historic structures dating from the area’s industrial past. Below, Siegel discusses the architecture of Beacon, the Upstate aesthetic, and his brief stint creating props for one of America’s most beloved TV shows.

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What makes your clients choose you? I work on both modern and traditional projects: single-family residences, additions, adaptive reuse of industrial buildings, restaurants, music venues, theaters, and hotels, as well as site planning and interiors. I think the variety of work has given me a breadth of experience that is unusual for a single firm. I try to approach each project as a collaboration with the client to come up with unique, cost-effective solutions. How does Beacon’s architecture and the town itself inspire you? A lot of the buildings in Beacon come from an era where careful detailing was the normal way to build, even for utilitarian kinds of buildings. It makes you look closely at how to fit new construction into the existing fabric of the city. The old factory buildings are great to work with because a lot of them are monumentally scaled, with high ceilings, big windows, and existing structural elements and details that can be incorporated into new uses. Beacon’s Main Street is unique because of its length and the fact that it currently has a center of activity at each end, but it has a scale and building character similar to other Hudson Valley towns. It’s really been an honor to have some influence on the visual environment of the place where I live. Like so many other small Upstate cities these days, Beacon is being touted as “the new Brooklyn.” As someone who moved up from Brooklyn, do you agree? Beacon has its own personality. There’s a strongly established group of people who have been here for generations, and they’re generally welcoming of the improvements that the new influx of people have brought. I moved here in 1999, when there wasn’t much outside interest in the area yet. The Dia:Beacon museum project, which opened in 2003, was a real impetus for artists to start moving to the area. But the newcomers aren’t just from Brooklyn. I’ve met people here from all over, as well as people who left and came back. The quality of life in Beacon is ideal: a small city with the vibrancy that comes with an urban environment, surrounded by the river and the mountains. It’s a very easy commute into New York City. It’s been a great place to live and raise a family, and the fact that so many new businesses and restaurants have opened up in the time we’ve been here just makes it even better.

Photo by Steffen Thaleman Opposite: The Roundhouse at Beacon Falls. Above (top to bottom): Aryeh Siegel in his loft studio at the Beacon Lofts project. Aryeh and his wife Irina, a classical singer, share the open work space. Simple furniture complements the industrial proportions of the loft; Dia:Beacon Museum Chamberlain Gallery leading to the Agnes Martin Gallery was designed after the museum opened, and is meant to maintain a seamless integration with the original Open Office design.

How did you come to consult on converting the former Nabisco box building into the Dia:Beacon contemporary art museum? I had been designing a house on Shelter Island for John Chamberlain, one of the sculptors represented at Dia, and I was talking to him one day about the house my wife and I had looked at in Beacon. He said, “I think I’m going to be in a museum in Beacon.” So John introduced me to Dia’s director of operations, who asked me to consult with the museum during the initial construction of the building. I periodically design and/or document some of their new spaces and exhibitions. You were also the architect on the Roundhouse at Beacon Falls, a very impressive restaurant, boutique hotel, and wedding/event space. What was the process like on that project? Originally, the developer was just going to renovate only the central, drumshaped Roundhouse building, which was the main structure in what had been a hat factory built during the 19th century, into a small restaurant with a few hotel rooms. The scope of the project grew to include the entire [multistructure] property, so I first laid out the master plan that ties the buildings, open space, and circulation together. The project started with the design of the five live/work lofts in one building and moved on to the design of the hotel, restaurant, and events space, which were spread out among a number of other buildings on the nine-acre site. The idea was to retain as much of the existing Roundhouse building as possible while making interventions that enhance the original layout. In the restaurant, we installed big storefront windows that look out over the adjacent falls and Fishkill Creek. In the events space, we opened up another wall facing the creek that’s almost fully glass. Local craftspeople and artisans were involved in fitting out the buildings. I’m proud of how successful the space turned out to be.

upstate HOUSE

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How is it different working Upstate than in the city? Is there an Upstate aesthetic? It’s not in every town up here, but in general, and in Beacon especially, you get support from the local building department and the planning and zoning boards, which are very helpful and want to see things grow. I find there’s a similar mix of people who want traditional and modern design both Upstate and in the city, so I don’t think you can really pinpoint a specific Upstate aesthetic. Currently, you and your family are living in Beacon Lofts, one of the sites you’re renovating. The project—an old furniture factory that was mostly abandoned for years—is along the Fishkill Creek. The whole property is being improved, with new landscaping, circulation, a greenway trail, and infrastructure. The owners plan to transform the entire site into 140 residential artist live/work lofts, except for the existing self-storage building, which will be enlarged. As construction was under way on one of the buildings, I was on a site visit with the owner. One thing led to another, and he asked me if I wanted to move there. I brought my wife and daughter over and they loved the place. It’s very different than the Victorian house we had been living in, but we were able to customize a few things before construction was completed. Originally, our loft 26

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hadn’t been renovated for a specific resident. We needed closets and the space didn’t have any, so I designed some storage space. The high ceilings allowed me to design a loft bedroom for my daughter, which also has a closet she likes to hang out in. Since we like to cook, we also did some kitchen upgrades. What’s on the horizon? I’m currently working on a couple of other master plans and factory building renovations near Main Street. One of these is the old Salvage Yard property that will be converted into six large condominium lofts right on the creek. I designed a movie theater in the historic district, which was approved by the city. I’m also involved in a number of local residential projects. Some of your renderings appeared in the final episode of “The Sopranos”! How did it feel to be Mr. and Mrs. Tony Soprano’s personal architectural consultant? The property master for the show found me through a friend of a friend, and they needed architectural renderings on short notice to use as a prop for the final episode. They wanted the renderings to reflect what might be designed for a set they had already built. I love the show, so I was very happy to get involved. The scene didn’t come on until the end of the episode, so I thought maybe they’d cut it. But then it came on, and it was a thrill.

Photos by Steffen Thaleman Above: Siegel Loft: The open kitchen (designed in coordination with LQ Interiors & Landscapes) flows into the dining and living areas. Angled walls maintain a degree of separation, and the creek gives the space the sensation of a boat moving through water. The new roofline and exposed beams reinforce the airy feeling, and exposed ductwork lends an industrial feel. The terrace was formerly a loading dock. Right (top): The exterior walls of Beacon Lofts Building Nine were reconfigured to provide privacy to the terrace. The original brick window openings were fully exposed to accommodate new full height windows. The roof was completely reconfigured to match the height of the rest of the building. Delicate stainless steel cable railings by local contractor Metconix contrast with the brick construction. Right (center): On the creek side of the building, windows were added where none existed before, connecting the space to the water just outside. Light from both sides of the building virtually eliminates the need for daytime artificial lighting. Right (bottom): The loft in Siegel’s daughter’s bedroom, in combination with soaring ceilings and the oversize window, make this standard sized room feel much larger than it is.

upstate HOUSE

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MAKING A SPLASH A Swimmer’s Stylish Stockport Retreat By Jennifer Farley | Photos by Deborah DeGraffenreid


ight years ago, Julia Ritchie, a consultant to nonprofit organizations who lives in Manhattan, was looking for a country house that would provide refuge from her busy schedule: a place to take her dogs and get outdoors on weekends. She also wanted to host family and friends for relaxing weekends in the Hudson Valley. “I had been looking in Sullivan County, but most of the houses I saw were in really bad shape and overly priced for the market,” she says. Ritchie broadened her search to include northern Columbia County, after a suggestion from her dog-walking neighbor in Riverside Park, who owns a farm in Ghent. She quickly spotted an 1832 Greek Revival farmhouse in Stockport, a river town of 2,800 about 60 miles south of Albany and 10 miles west of Ghent. The house was beautifully remodeled with authentic details, a distinctive layout, and unique charm. What really sold her on the house, though, was the Kinderhook Creek that runs along the property. “I was told somewhat erroneously I could kayak down


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the Kinderhook right from the house to the Hudson River, and that was that,” says Ritchie, a California native with big blue eyes and a tousled mane of grayblond hair. She had qualified for the 1980 Olympics in swimming, and thus the water was a draw, even if it didn’t lead to the big river. Ritchie bought the house from graphic designer Jeff Adkisson, who is also a specialist in historic renovation; he now lives in a smaller house next door. Originally an Iowa farm kid, he studied architecture with students of Walter Gropius, founder of the German Modernist movement Bauhaus, and also renovated a home in Montauk purchased by singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright. The house required extensive structural work when Adkisson bought it in 2003, so to keep costs down, he salvaged lighting fixtures and architectural elements from a church he had attended as a child. ​The gray stairway to the second floor came from the Historic Albany Foundation’s Architectural Parts Warehouse. The frosted-glass kitchen door came from Adkisson’s sister’s antiques shop in Iowa; the basement stairs were

custom built by Silvernails—a local blacksmith. The wormy maple basement floors and kitchen countertops came from Ghent Wood Products. Selling the house to Ritchie was bittersweet. “I’d overspent my budget and underestimated the amount of work needed,” he said. But all was not lost: Having gleaned so much from the project, Adkisson hopes to transition from package design to doing this type of renovation full time. “Jeff has an incredible eye and talent for bringing an old home to life,” says Ritchie, but it was she who kept it breathing. The three-bedroom, two-bath house “was a great canvas to work with and practice my decorating skills.” She’s crafted a look that blends Shaker furnishings, early American antiques, contemporary furnishings, and local artwork. Her George Smith kilim couch is a centerpiece in her first-floor living room. Her decorating style builds on the architectural flourishes of Adkisson’s remodel; for example, antique wallpaper left on a beam in her study harmonizes closely with Kinderhook-based Michael Devine’s hand-printed fabrics on the upholstery.

Opposite: They restored the original 1800s red floor to pick up the German wallpaper surviving on a beam in the upstairs study. Above: The dining area looks out over the porch and onto a bend in the Kinderhook Creek.

Her favorite part of the three-story, 2,500-square-foot house, which has a wrap-around porch, is the office and seating area off the guest bedroom, which Adkisson made by opening the attic into a loft. Inexpensive horse fencing secures the ledge overlooking the dining room and kitchen. Adkisson and Ritchie continue to nurture each other’s interests. After meeting at the closing, they became good friends. Last year, they built a huge organic vegetable garden by the water with timbers from their joint property. They also keep bees together. Even if the house didn’t provide the connection to water she might have wanted, Ritchie solved the problem. She put in a lap pool.

upstate HOUSE

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Opposite (clockwise form top): Believe it or not, the Shaker-inspired kitchen cabinets are bargain prefab from The Home Depot; a close-up shows the inexpensive agricultural fencing that was cleverly used as an architectural and safety element; french doors in the sitting area open onto the master bedroom. Left: The reclaimed staircase is from Historic Albany and retains its original gray paint. Below: Exposed ceiling joists add aesthetic interest and a feeling of height.

upstate HOUSE

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The mud room porch incorporates long lost elements of the original house that were discovered after asbestos siding removal. Shoes are neatly stored in an antique cabinet topped by a collection of natural specimens gathered locally as well as objets d’art.



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GLAMP IT UP Comfort Meets the Campsite By Kandy Harris | Illustration by Michelle Williams

AH, CAMPING. You either love it—drifting off under the stars to the

sounds of owls hooting—or you hate it: Why risk the bears and mosquitoes, or the owl poop, when upstate has an abundance of hotel rooms, with walls and roofs? There is a middle ground, however, between the hotel room and a tent. Glamping, or glamour camping, is roughing it with smoother edges, without the dirt-beneath-your-nails tasks like setting up your own tent, and with something sturdier between you and the ground than a tarp. Glamping may come with hot showers and toast and coffee in the morning—yes, there is such a thing as a tent-and-breakfast. Think of it as camping with more of the comforts of home. There’s more than one way to glamp, of course. Some do it with trickedout campers, off-the-grid cabins, or yurts—modern incarnations of ancient, semi permanent dwellings with round walls. Below you’ll find a selection of the Hudson Valley and Catskills’ finest glampsites.

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Willowemoc Wild Forest Yurt


 ivingston Manor, Sullivan County L willowemocwildforestyurt.com | (845) 439-4367

Nestled in northern Sullivan County at the foot of the Catskills, the Willowemoc Wild Forest Yurt is just the thing for hunters, fishing enthusiasts, and outdoorsy types who long for privacy and access to recreation in the Catskills. Accommodations consist of a single yurt tent in the midst of 50 acres of land in the forever-wild Willowemoc Wild Forest, which is within the Catskills Forest Preserve. The yurt’s amenities include solar lighting, a composting toilet, a shower, and outdoor grilling on the attached deck. It’s also outfitted with bunk beds that accommodate up to eight guests, a table and chairs, and additional seating. The Wild Forest yurt is a step up in comfort from tent camping, but guests will still need to pack as if they’re camping. That means food, towels, flashlights, batteries, utensils, and personal hygiene items. Weekend rates are $125 per night, $100 on weekdays. Rent weekly for $700, or monthly for $3,450. Weekend breakfast baskets packed with hot cocoa, coffee, tea, fruit, muffins, and scones are available. Here’s a tip: If you’re staying at the yurt for a special event, such as a birthday or anniversary, let the owners know at booking. They’ll throw in a little something special for you.

Blue Hills Farm Tent and Breakfast


 arrowsburg, Sullivan County N bluehillsfarm.com | (845) 252-3864

The concept couldn’t be simpler: Sleep in a tent, wake up, and eat breakfast. But this is not just any tent. The accommodations at Blue Hills Farm near the hamlet of Narrowsburg consist of a 16-by-20-foot canvas tent reminiscent of the kind a general might have stayed in during the Civil War—except that this one comes with a queen-size TempurPedic mattress, an oversize shower with jets, and an attached deck. Breakfast, which is included, is served in a log cabin-style tree house perched under a canopy of Norway spruce trees. The treehouse is completely enclosed and protected from poor weather, and features a seating area and stove on the ground below. Available June 1-November 15 for $200 per night.


online at upstater.com



Woodstock Yurt and Healing/Art Studio  oodstock, Ulster County W www.airbnb.com/rooms/1612516

The Woodstock yurt on Wittenberg Road is a retreat specifically designed for couples or small groups of friends looking to punctuate visits to the yurt’s gardens with yoga and meditation. Heat and electricity are included, and it sleeps six guests on two queen airbeds, one single bed, and three sleeping mats. The owner uses the yurt as a reflexology and energy work studio, both of which are available to guests who are staying in the 30-foot traditional Mongolian-style yurt. Stargazers will appreciate the yurt’s clear plexi-dome, which provides guests with a nightly show courtesy of the universe, and the yurt is decorated with an easygoing, bohemian flair. Take note: The bathroom is located in the main farmhouse, and if the farmhouse has guests (it’s also a rental), you’ll have to share it. Rates are $140 per night, minimum two-night stay. Two cats call the property home, just in case you’re allergic.


Turquoise Barn  loomville, Sullivan County B turquoisebarn.com | (607) 538-1235; (607) 435-1726

Once upon a time, the Turquoise Barn was a dairy farm. Owners Michelle Primura and Michael Milton, two artists who hail from Brooklyn, transformed the three buildings and the grounds that make up the farm into a Catskill Mountain oasis for those who are passionate about sustainable and organic agriculture. The Turquoise Barn is a B&B and education center rolled into one, serving guests organic, vegan/gluten-free/raw meals as well as passing along their passion for sustainable living. It’s also a great option for glamping if you’ve got a decent tent but still want indoor plumbing and a homemade vegan or gluten-free breakfast. In addition to a B&B inside the barn’s carriage house (which can be rented for large groups and special events), the property also includes a hostel with its own kitchen. Campers can rent the hostel kitchen to cook their own meals for an additional fee. The barn hosts a variety of rejuvenation retreats and botanical workshops during the peak season. Rates to camp are $40 a night for double occupancy, $10 a night per additional guest. Guests can add breakfast for $20 per person per day, $10 for kids eight and under.





Liberty View Farm  ighland, Ulster County H www.libertyviewfarm.biz | 845-399-9545

Farmer/Activist Billiam van Roestenberg’s 11-acre property is many things. It’s an organic farm. It’s a wedding venue. It’s one of Travel + Leisure’s Best Apple Picking Farms. It’s a historical landmark. It’s a bastion of sustainable food practices and gay rights. It’s also a glamping destination about 90 minutes north of NYC near the hamlet of Highland in eastern Ulster County. Liberty View Farm has a yurt, but it’s not just any yurt. It’s a hand built yurt made locally by Matt Rogers of Clean Air Yurts, and according to at least one enthusiastic commenter on AirBnB, staying there is like “being in a nice hotel.” That’s a big step up from being in a nice tent, since you’re still, well, sleeping in a tent. The yurt is appointed with a queen-size bed and a set of bunk beds for additional guests, plus a small kitchen area and furnishings. And in typical yurt fashion, it has a skylight opening at the top. Liberty View has weekend bonfires, walks through edible landscapes, goats in the orchard, vegetable picking, organic food, and, in the winter, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing on the property. The farm is just outside of the village of New Paltz. Side note: Van Roestenberg was voted America’s Hottest Farmer by the Huffington Post in 2009.


Accord Yurt on a Horse Farm  ccord, Ulster County A www.vrbo.com/404709#

This yurt located on a 27-acre horse farm is glamping at its finest: a full kitchen, living room, a queen bed, solar power, and a skylight within a 700-square-foot yurt that can accommodate up to seven guests. While the yurt doesn’t have airconditioning, it does have a passive system that pulls cool air from under the yurt via a perforated pipe. In winter, it has baseboard heat and a gas fireplace. Pets are welcome, as long as they are on a leash and don’t spook the horses, which will kick as a means of self-defense. There’s a seasonal swimming hole, walking trails, grilling on the attached deck, and an outdoor hot tub. It’s also within walking distance to the Rail Trail between Accord and Kerhonkson, and bikes are available to rent. Rates are $135 nightly, $170 per weekend night, or a longer stay at $998 per week or $4,056 per month. Pets are extra.


Stony Creek Farmstead  alton, Delaware County W stonycreekfarmstead.com | (607) 865-7965

Stony Creek Farmstead offers visitors something more than just a tent with a bed. The farmstead also invites guests to experience life on an organic, sustainable farm firsthand. Owned by the Marsiglio family for three generations, Stony Creek is a true locavore’s glamping haven, with its very own farm store right on premises selling cuts of their organic, grass-fed beef, pork, chicken, and lamb, as well as eggs and vegetables. Guests can cook it all right in their tent kitchen. Speaking of tents, the ones at Stony Creek look out onto a babbling creek, and have private bathrooms and a master bedroom with a queen-size bed. Other sleeping arrangements include a bunk bed for two and a sleeping cabinet for two, making it perfect for glamping families. Walton is in the Catskill Mountains along the east shore of the Delaware River. So don’t forget to bring your rods, anglers. Rates for a twonight stay midweek are $450. Two nights on the weekend are $560, and three nights on the weekend are $700.

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Convergence AN ARTIST COUPLE RESURRECTS AN ABANDONED CHAPEL By Linda O’Keeffe | Photos by Robin Holland


lose to 30 years ago, Julie Hedrick and her husband, musician  Peter Wetzler, drove a vanload of her large oil paintings from her Greenwich Village studio to a Toronto gallery and on the way back  they pulled into Kingston for gas. “So, inadvertently, my first onewoman show was responsible for bringing us here,” says Hedrick, who mainly grew up in Canada. Friends who lived in Kripplebush had told them  about a desanctified Baptist church that had been stalled on the market for three years, so while they were in town they decided to check it out. “It was too late to call a realtor, so we peeked through its windows and we were both smitten. Me, in particular! It was as if I’d walked through some portal into my future destiny.”  The prospect of buying the gutted nave and its adjoining chapel was as exciting as it was daunting. At best, they would end up with a weekend place and enormous, light-filled studios. “At worst, if it turned into a money pit, we could star in a real-life, modern-day enactment of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House!” says Hedrick, laughingly referring to the 1948 Hollywood comedy. Luckily, the first option prevailed. Hedrick creates luminous, epic commentaries by layering color onto canvases large and small, while Wetzler’s current compositions merge classical music, free jazz, and Balinese gamelan. Both artists exhibit or perform consistently and, when asked, say they similarly distill their work to essential properties of harmony, emotion, movement, layering, beauty, and contemplation. They collaborate with dancers and choreographers, as well as with each other. Wetzler is currently scoring a series of Hedrick’s poems. The church was erected in 1859, and its soaring, Georgian-style steeple still anchors what local historians refer to as “the holiest street in the Rondout” for its proliferation of ecclesiastical architecture. Short of several coats of paint, the chapel was habitable when Hedrick and Wetzler took ownership in 1986. But the sanctuary was another story. Its ceilings, walls, floors, and beautiful mahogany stage were intact, but its windowpanes were long gone, and armies of pigeons had taken up residence in its

“IT WAS TOO LATE TO CALL A REALTOR, SO WE PEEKED THROUGH ITS WINDOWS AND WE WERE BOTH SMITTEN.” chandeliers. “Hats off to the Rondout Savings Bank,” says Hedrick. “They were the only ones who had the vision to offer us a construction loan.” After a labor-intensive, hands-on renovation, Wetzler accompanied the celebrated composer Pauline Oliveros in an inaugural concert that christened the space and tested its potential for future performances. In 2001, in what the couple describes as a bittersweet move, they sold the nave section of the church to friends, but the chapel has been their fulltime home since the early 1990s. “At first, negotiating 3,700 square feet after our tiny East Village apartment completely threw our children Aria and Matthew into shock, in the best possible way,” remembers Hedrick, as she leans over a canvas in a lofty studio that’s adjacent to a sprawling sitting area and Wetzler’s grand piano. “At times since we moved here we’ve had wanderlust,” recounts Hedrick. “At one point we had a farmhouse surrounded by 20 acres, and then we put down a deposit on some land in Nova Scotia. But in the end we’re the happiest we’ve ever been here. We love Kingston’s bone structure, its light, its spaciousness, and, of course, its community. It’s where the threads of our lives have come together.”

Opposite: Julie Hedrick began painting at a very early age; her father is one of Canada’s more celebrated artists. She is represented by the Nohra Haime Gallery in Manhattan and recently received a Pollock-Krasner award. Jonathan Goodman, writing in Art in America, once referred to her work as “Modernist readings of the Hudson River School paintings of the early 19th century.”

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Wetzler, below, took piano lessons from the age of five after he dragged his mother outside to listen to the “music” he heard emanating from a swarm of bees. He currently hosts a radio show on WGXC, collaborates with a Gamelan orchestra, and performs with the Repeatos, an ensemble of seven musicians. (aOpposite page clockwise from upper left.) “If you took away all my paints and brushes I’d still make things,” says Hedrick, whose orderly studio takes up about a third of the chapel’s largest room. On the room’s upper balcony, sliding pocket doors open to offer an audience a bird’s eye view of concerts and poetry readings. Hedrick’s memories of white washed, Ibizan villages inspired the snow-white upholstery in the living area, where two feisty rescue dogs, Henry, a confirmed mutt and Abby, a Shih Tzu, have free reign.

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“COOKING A DINNER AND CREATING A PIECE OF MUSIC TAP INTO THE SAME PARTS OF MY BRAIN.” “Cooking a dinner and creating a piece of music tap into the same parts of my brain,” says Wetzler. A range, far left, a copper-colored ceramic sink, upper left, and a china cabinet, lower left, unearthed during the renovation, now occupy the well-proportioned kitchen, which is undoubtedly the heart of the home. Hedrick’s lineup of monochrome canvases, above, is the kitchen’s most colorful focal point. The chapel, known as the Church des Artists, routinely serves as an informal performance space/salon for local and international artists. For the last three years it has also doubled as a B&B, so on weekends a steady stream of guests tend to linger around the kitchen table.

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Romanesque Revival arched windows echo the simplified curves that subtly appear throughout the building’s interior  architecture. “Growing up, there was a casual emphasis on the visual; it was the language we spoke,” says Hedrick, who is more than content to live with inherited furniture. “I like the mish-mosh of funky, old things and contemporary art.”


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M ICHAE L L. B I R D AIA R H I N E B E C K , N Y | 518-637-2524 S A R A N A C L A K E , N Y | 518-891-5224 WWW.ADKGREATCAMPS.COM

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We Are... Locally Grown, Nationally Known, Globally Connected

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Longview rises up from the woods like a fairy–tale castle, its peaks and valleys echo those of the Catskill Mountains. This 14 acre hilltop estate features spectacular views, a beautiful use of space with an open floor plan, soaring ceilings, stone fireplace & conservatory windows. Every room in this individualistic home is an architectural showcase. $1,250,000

Sited at the end of a private road parallel to the Sawkill Creek this Contemporary Farmhouse is nestled in the privacy of a wooded landscape. Designed with a traditional feel and modern open-floor plan it has a sensibility that fits the needs of today’s lifestyle! 8 ft. ceilings, a formal dining room with large windows and living room w/gas fireplace. $419,000

This sweet cottage is ready to move in. The hardwood floors, sweet country bathroom, and wood details make this home a real gem. A renovated kitchen, with walk in pantry, is a joy to cook in. The living room and dining area are spacious and full of light. The back yard faces woods and farmland, and has plenty of room for a flower or veggie garden. $159,000

A Premier New Paltz location! Located in the Gatehouse community on a cul-desac this home is just one mile from New Paltz Village. Features an open floor plan, a great room with palladium windows which overloook a large rear deck, 3 fireplaces, energy efficient systems, custom kitchen, heated 3 car garage, and a solarium with indoor pool. $995,000

Enjoy the very private setting of this French country style home just a few minutes from New Paltz! From the bluestone walkway to the large porch to the wonderful spaces inside you will not be disappointed! Offers multi-generational space for everyone with den/media room, upper level playroom, large private office and bath on first floor. $939,000

Early 1800’s Colonial with elegance and charm! Private home with landscaped yard reaching down to a creek, where you can sit and just relax and enjoy nature at its best! The REAL joy of the home is inside; fabulous bathrooms, two stairways, gleaming floors, a fabulous porch, bluestone patio, the list goes on... Minutes to Windham Village! $275,000

What a beautiful location for such a lovely home. Take a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the gracious landscaping. This Kingston home is in perfect move in condition, with such a cozy feeling even before you walk in the front door. Just imagine delightful evenings enjoying the warmth of your own fireplace. $212,000

Elegant Victorian on 1.74 acres has fantastic modern upgrades and amenities. Custom kitchen & light filled sunroom with seating overlooking meadows and mountains. Master bedroom w/fireplace & walk-in closet. Finished 3rd floor w/ sitting-room, office & game room. Beautifully landscaped yard, in-ground pool, pool house & guest Cottage. $449,000

Quintessential Windham country cottage originally built in the 1900’s. Most recent update; living room addition with vaulted beamed ceiling, wood floors, stone fireplace and access to large back deck that’s ideal for entertaining. This is a great starter home on 1+ acre with large shed and loft area for storage. Additional acreage available. $194,000

If you are looking for perfection, this is it! Perfectly renovated, perfectly quiet and perfectly private on almost 4 acres with Wide Mountain views, in ground pool & bluestone patios. A private lane leads to this designer’s retreat with extensive landscaping. The one level home has a charming great room with fireplace, dining area, two bedrooms with en-suite baths, and a dazzling kitchen. $499,000

Set among rock outcroppings and trees that provide areas to relax and play, this contemporary was designed by an architect for his own use. The balcony off the master bedroom has awesome views of rock outcroppings – a perfect place for morning coffee. Large windows and skylights fill the house with sunshine. Mohonk Preserve access is within walking dista nce. $350,000

It’s apparent when you walk in and feel the energy how lovingly cared for this farmhouse is. Gracious entry, generous room size, updated kitchen, hardwood floors under carpets, new furnace & hot water heater, replacement windows, new well pump, and new drain field. Formal dining room with stained glass windows lets in lots of sunshine and overlooks beautiful meadow. $389,900

Kingston 845-331-5357 New Paltz 845-255-0615 Stone Ridge 845-687-4355 Windham 518-734-4200 Woodstock 845-679-2255


REAL ESTATE LISTINGS Houses | Land | Property | Brokers

On the Cover: Photos by Eric Bean

Alfalfa House KERHONKSON, NY $2,150,000 Listed by Eric Bean, Licensed R.E. Salesperson, Coldwell Banker Village Green 845-418-2004 | EricBean1@aol.com www.EricBeanRealEstate.com Superb design and quality refine every inch of this sophisticated home, which is infused with modern-day amenities that are simply stunning. Few properties share the peace, privacy, and picturesque beauty of this impressive Greek Revival-style farmhouse. Owned and created by a world-renowned interior designer, recently named one of Architectural Digest’s “Top 100 Designers.” Enter the property on a tree-lined drive that leads to a gated entry. The home’s easy-living floor plan includes a gourmet eat-in kitchen, dramatic living room with fireplace, and a gracious porch that overlooks the gardens that face the setting sun. Lush lawns, ornamental tree specimens, and beautiful perennial flowerbeds surround this home. The heated pool with large pergola and bluestone surround adds further allure to this peaceful country retreat, which offers the best of modern luxury.

upstate HOUSE

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w w w. l a w r e n c e o t o o l e r e a l t y. c o m 30 John Street (Corner of Fair Street) Kingston, NY 12401 | 845-338-5832

54A Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 12498


As elegant a stone-house restoration as one could wish for, the 1750 Wynkoop House has everything for the purist – Kingboard floors, a nine-foot hearth, recessed windows, original hardware, large spaces for the period, and high ceilings on the top two floors. And there is much more – a smartly renovated kitchen and bathrooms, a new two-horse barn, and private in-ground pool. A stylish, significant mini-estate, this would make a very profitable vacation rental when not in use. A rare find indeed. $899,000

Dare to be different and live adventurously, yet rapturously, in what may well be the Hudson Valley’s most unique home. Designed by William Massie as an all-season celebration of geometric diversity, this imaginative confluence of glass, steel, concrete & plywood is more than a house: it’s a sculpture set within a wooded glade where inside and outside merge so beautifully. Some might say they are in a ship, surrounded by rockoutcroppings for waves, or one from space in an otherworldly setting. Rigorous but flowing; contemplative yet exciting. Just a short drive to Rhinebeck and Red Hook. $1,250,000.

Wonderful Arts & Crafts farmhouse with substantial stream frontage on the Little Beaverkill and an in ground pool as well. Stunning glass-enclosed porch runs along the front of the house off an expansive living room featuring beams, fireplace and high ceilings. There is a separate guest bedroom/office (currently used as a massage studio) in addition to another first-floor bedroom with a total of 5 BR’s, 2 baths on 5.30 acres. This is a big, happy house with plenty of scope to it and lots of warmth within it. Charming country kitchen and huge mudroom. $380,000

A magical property on 30+ acres, amazingly within the city limits of Kingston, yet completely private and, for boating enthusiasts, a couple of minutes from the marinas. Surrounding the mini-lake is your own private bird and animal sanctuary. Dine, as the current owners do, overlooking the water. Views from every room; lots of light; multiple decks; two fireplaces; a huge master suite with an office; finished, walkout lower level; plenty of room and flexibility. Everything you could ask for in a home. $699,000

Classic 3 bedroom, 2 bath farmhouse, private with seasonal mountain views, features original arts & crafts details, including a lovely glassenclosed porch on 6.4 acres. Even lovelier is a screened porch off the very large kitchen for alfresco dining and all-around enjoyment. Beams and a stone fireplace dominate the living room, while the huge master bedroom has a wood stove attached to a stone chimney. Commodious laundry/mudroom off kitchen. Beautiful open property with barn. Quintessential country living, but not too isolated. $325,000

Super eco-friendly Goldilocks spot. Among trees and dramatic stone ledges you will find this home perfect for a self-sufficient & responsible existence in the forest between Woodstock & Saugerties. Built with sustainable materials; highly energy-efficient. Wood harvested on site and stone fireplace creates wonderful interplay of interior and exteriors. 5.46 kw. solar array in the garden provides most of the electricity you’ll need. Ground floor guest suite has a full bath and full bar. Very guest-friendly. $375,000

Classic farmhouse, extremely private and completely serene, surrounded by towering trees and mature plantings, featuring an enclosed porch to survey the gorgeous landscape. The home can easily be adapted to any taste, but its ambience is genuine old farmhouse. Property also features a substantial additional building with heat, plumbing and electric currently being used as an office and studio, but could readily be a guest house or in-home business. Houses and settings like these never go out of style. $415,000

The Johannes Masten House was built circa 1668, and is one of several early houses restored by noted Kingston architect Myron Teller in the first part of the 20th century. It features an unusually wide center hall with formal rooms on either side. The house retains many period details including beams, wide board floors, Dutch doors and three fireplaces including a kitchen fireplace with a bee hive oven. The house has received mention in several publications including DUTCH HOUSES in the HUDSON VALLEY. $375,000

Completely renovated 1840 colonial on very desirable Historic Huguenot Street in the Village of New Paltz. Backed by 180 acres of land, with a view of the Wallkill and the Shawangunks, the renovation preserves the integrity of the old home while adding complimentary modern touches, favoring new pine floors and exposed beams. Bedrooms have high ceilings and there’s a lovely enclosed back porch to enjoy the expansive view. Very low-maintenance acreage and the very best in village living. $595,000

Pond Ridge is the name of the secluded 33 acre cul-de-sac lot with mountain views (some cutting), meadows, striking rock outcroppings and a swim pond with its own island for grown-up Tom Sawyers. Subdividable into two lots. Secluded, yet minutes to Woodstock & Saugerties Thruway. So peaceful, yet vibrant with nature. All is ready: graded gravel roads, clearings, underground utilities, and Board of Health septic approval. Hunt and fish; boards horses next door; and build your best sanctuary. Financing available. $299,000

Handsomely designed 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom

Rarely available 100-acres in Woodstock , this

studio, on nearly 20 secluded acres with

wooded, gently-sloping hillside with some

Colonial, including 600 sq.ft. guest house/ wide-open and stunning view of the Catskill Mountain range and the Ashokan Reservoir spillway. Warm and inviting, triple – mint home

has an open floor plan and the kind of custom care the owner-builder has given it. Highly

energy efficient. Lovingly landscaped. A truly exceptional property. $845,000

is a stunning parcel of meadow and lightly-

Catskill Mountain and water views. It is also almost entirely surrounded by DEP protected

lands. One of its highest and best uses would be a renewed life as a farm. With its numerous

building sites, it can easily be the secluded and spectacular country estate someone has been seeking for years. $995,000

upstate HOUSE

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“CLEMATIS COTTAGE” - Landmark Colonial Revival c. 1890 built by eminent architect Charles Coolidge Haight. Set amidst towering maples on an 11+ acre rise in historic Stone Ridge, this classic country “cottage” is simply smashing! Breathtaking, meticulously maintained & gracious 5600+ SF over 16 gorgeously proportioned rooms with imported wall coverings, 8 working fireplaces, 7+ BRs, 4.5 baths, Finnish sauna and an award-winning kitchen. The stunning formal DR boasts original paned glass widows, and the expansive 26’ LR flows seamlessly into sensational octagonal Chinese Room and out to the columned screened veranda o’looking colorful gardens, specimen plantings, meditation pond and manicured estate grounds. Delightful international décor brightens every room, while the new Victorian style pro greenhouse makes gardening fun! A singular offering for the historic house aficionado! $1,900,000 www.realestateshows.com/714156

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PURE COUNTRY - Breathtaking views of the iconic Shawangunk Ridge grace the private 10 acre estate site of this brilliantly conceived custom country home (2002). Sunwashed interior features LR w/ massive stone fireplace, wide plank floors, lavish 24’ main floor MBR suite, superb gourmet country kitchen, solarium, radiant heat & CAC. Rolling park-like grounds enclose pristine pond, Gunite IG pool & cabana with bath & kitchenette, lavish gardens, 3 car garage w/ studio/office space over & a very sweet barn. STUNNING! $2,000,000 www.realestateshows.com/702808

EXTRAORDINARY VIEWS! - Significant 86 ACRE estate parcel with total privacy, stunning VIEWS and swimmable POND. Singular and exciting contemporary main residence (2007) is airy, open and luxuriously appointed throughout, with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, fab gourmet kitchen, family/media room with fireplace, wine cellar & views everywhere! Amenities include spectacular 700+ SF guest space over 3-car garage PLUS add’l building site ready. Paradise found! $1,500,000 www.realestateshows.com/708951

RIVER FRONT ESTATE - Magnificent 88 ACRE estate parcel with half mile frontage on the Wallkill River. Magnificent VIEWS, meadows and fruit orchards abound. Historic 3200 SF stone (c. 1770) main house offers 4 bedrooms & 3.5 baths, central AC PLUS enchanting 2 BR “Arts & Crafts” era guest house AND expansive barn and greenhouse! Pastoral meadows, pristine farm POND and coveted “Gunks” views, too! KAYAK, FISH AND SWIM IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD. $1,465,000


- Secluded by over 38 acres of natural woodlands, this impressive 3800+ SF home has been painstakingly crafted by owner/builder. Stunning artisanal detail is evident from first approach. The lofty interior boasts high beamed ceilings lit by a sparkling French window array, locally milled wide board floors, massive hand built stone fireplaces, extraordinary gourmet kitchen with hand carved white granite sink & imported top-of-the-line appliances and formal DR opening to gracious veranda for al fresco dining. 2.5 sumptuous spa baths invite quiet relaxation, and stone patios with cozy outdoor fireplace bring nature close. Beautiful barn/workshop has studio/guest house potential. TRULY ONE-OF-KIND! $1,400,000


For Appointments And Further Details, Call Amy Levine, Associate Real Estate Broker: 914-388-7393 Cell | 3927 Main Street, Stone Ridge, NY 12484 • online at upstater.com Three Decades Of Excellence In Luxury Real Estate.

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MAIDSTONE LODGE – 131 PRIME ACRES / WOODSTOCK AREA Excl. This century old Arts & Craft Lodge was built w/stone harvested from the mountaintop. Also has 2 Guest homes, workshop, ice house, IG pool. $1.5M. Web#9887355 Fred Waring III 845.464.5263

TURNING POINT RETREAT B / REDHOOK, NY Excl. Impressive, custom Contemporary , open plan, soaring ceils. wbfpl. 7,200SF, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths. Indoor heated pool. 26 acres. $1.379M. Web#9875549 Nancy Felcetto 212.381.6554 / Robin Horowitz 518.821.5509

1700’S HUDSON RV MASTERPIECE / HUDSON, NY Excl. Stunning home or continue as thriving B & B catering to “who’s who” with additional building lot/parking. $1.35M. Web#8827702 Nancy Felcetto 212.381.6554

CLASSIC MODERN / KINDERHOOK, NY Excl. Secluded home & 1,600SF barn/studio on 11 acres. Designed by award winning architect Dennis Wedlick. Meadows, swim pond and garden. $1.250M. Web#9922740 Jean Stoler 518.755.4298

THE “SEA CAPTAINS HOUSE” / HUDSON, NY Excl. Stunning 1799 Federal gem. 6.9 rolling acres, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. 6 wood-burning fireplaces. IG pool, glassed in porch, views. $789K. Web#9853190 Robin Horowitz 518.821.5509 / Nancy Felcetto 212.381.6554

VERSATILE VICTORIAN / HUDSON, NY Excl. Rare opportunity to own a fabulous Victorian with option to use as a home or B & B. Original details, 8 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, double lot. $895K. Web#9430401 Carolyn Lawrence 518.929.6199

WELCOME TO GREEN LAKE / CATSKILL, NY Excl. Amazing open gourmet kitchen, radiant heat, oak w/in-lay, central A/C, 4 garages. 4 BRS, 4.5 bths, 2 fplcs. Close to Hudson, ski Windham. $875K. Web#9911615 Maret Halinen 917.691.8757

MAGICAL STONY BRIDGE / CANAAN, NY Excl. Pristine vintage home. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Poetic landscaping with flowing Stony Kill. Serene in ground pool, barn/artist’s studio. $725K. Web#9849204 Jennifer Capala 917.685.6925

RARE COUNTRY GEM / STUYVESANT, NY Excl. 23 enchanting acres. Ponds. Chic home with pool. Rolling hills, meadows, woodlands, and 2 spring-fed ponds. Restored vintage barn. $650K. Web#9779770 Jennifer Capala 917.685.692

DRAMATIC RIVER VIEW / STOCKPORT, NY Excl. Brilliantly sited contemporary. 2 BR downstairs and master upstairs with balconies. 2 decks and porch. AC/FB. Open kitchen. 14 acres, trails. $545K. Web#10012127 Maret Halinen 917.691.8757

PEACEFUL FEELING / CATSKILL, NY Excl. Custom built 4 bedroom, 2 bath. 16 park-like acres, private lake Pristine cond. Chef’s kit, vaulted ceils, 2hrs NYC, 20 mins Ski & Hudson Amtrak. $399.5K. Web#8696593 Bruce Pace 917.370.0704

STYLISH & CHIC / HUDSON, NY Excl. Smartly updated, open flr plan, spacious kit, great rm, 3 BR, 2.5 bths. Finished lower level, two bay garage, 1+ac. Mins to Amtrak, 2hrs NYC. $219K. Web#9653044 Carolyn Lawrence 518.929.6199

halstead.com Halstead Property, LLC We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. All information is from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, prior sale or withdrawal without notice. No representation is made as to the accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate and all information should be confirmed by customer. All rights to content, photographs and graphics reserved to Broker.

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HISTORIC STONE ESTATE- 13+ acres with sweeping lawns, pristine pond and impeccably renovated 4200 SF historic stone colonial c. 1780 with 4 fireplaces, wideboard floors, beams, fabulous gourmet kitchen, 24’ LR, formal DR, 4 generous BRs, 3.5 baths, guest apartment over 2 bay carriage house PLUS separate 2 BR, 2 bath guest/caretaker’s house. Expansive stone patio o’looks lushly landscaped in-ground pool. SIMPLY SUPERB! $1,495,000

VACATION AT HOME- Expansive 3200+ SF Woodstock contemporary on 4 well secluded country acres just moments to town. Perfect open floor plan with cathedral ceilings, fireplaces in Great Room and en-suite MBR, gorgeous walnut floors, 5 BRs for family & friends, 3 full baths, home office & central A/C. All main level rooms open to nature’s bounty PLUS heated in-ground POOL & cabana for warm weather fun! $665,000

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PONDSIDE PARADISEPerfectly pristine 24+ acre parklike setting with stream front & jewel-like pond! Smartly designed country contemporary with a casual open plan features rich pine vaulted ceilings, subtle ash flooring, massive fireplace with stone hearth, custom hickory kitchen, expansive MBR suite + 2 add’l BRs, 2 full baths, family/media room, room for home office, enormous full basement and tiered wrap deck perfect for entertaining. $649,000

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“BANK HOUSE”- Meticulously restored and renovated country stone c.1750 perched on 6-acre knoll. Gracious living spaces flow over 3 full floors with stone and wide board floors and beamed ceilings. Dreamy gourmet EI kitchen features massive stone fireplace and 3 full baths that are truly luxurious. There are 3 generous BRs, den/media room, office and breezy screened room. Significant barn would make an incredible studio. $875,000

MODERN MASTERPIECE Experience “Creek House”, an exceptional architect designed country home with glass walled views of rushing water & treetops. Flawless interior features master crafted details throughout a brilliant flowing floor plan, stunning wood floors, marble & Italian tile baths, custom built-ins, sleek fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, red cedar decking & radiant heat. SINGULAR! $975,000

Call Jeff Serouya, Associate RE Broker, 845-626-5000

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REBORN BARN- Artfully converted 1800’s barn by famous Broadway designer on 15 estate acres with amazing Overlook Mt. views. Massive floor to ceiling brick hearth provides fireplaces for 25’ LR, country kitchen and 29’ MBR, 2 add’l BRs, stained glass & cast iron details, wood & slate floors, skylights, gorgeous beams, rolling meadows with swim POND, hot tub, gazebo & 3 car garage with space for studio. SO ROMANTIC! $995,000 Call Lisa Cooper, Associate RE Broker, 914-388-0624

PONDSIDE CONTEMPO- Gorgeous views of a large wildlife POND grace the 6+ acre site of this cedar sided sunwashed Saltbox contempo. The airy open floor plan features walls of windows, vaulted ceilings, beautiful wood floors, main floor BR and 2 more upstairs, 2 full baths, 29’ living room, dining room, country style kitchen and den or home office. Huge space over garage can expand the already ample living space. MUST SEE! $439,000 Call Jeannine Simmons, Associate RE Broker, 845-594-4285


online at OFFICES upstater.com IN:

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TOP OF THE WORLD!- Brilliant 180-degree Hudson Valley views grace the 10+ acre Woodstock site of this luxurious one-level contemporary nestled at end of a private road. Gracious open plan living features vaulted ceilings, HW & marble floors, custom gourmet kitchen, cozy stone fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 3 full lavish baths, 5-zone heat, central A/C, 2 car garage, deck and VIEWS to CT & MA. TRULY SINGULAR! $1,025,000 Call Harris Safier, Principal RE Broker, 914-388-3351


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sionals serving the mid-Hudson region since 1977 tegrity, knowledge, and commitment.

“HAPPY BROOK FARM”- First offering in over 30 years of this storied Woodstock estate! Stunning 16+ acre sanctuary with mountain & meadow vistas enclose magnificent 5000+ SF c. 1930 stone & frame main house. Old world craftsmanship enhances expansive living spaces incl. 34’ cathedral LR with bluestone fireplace, 20’ formal DR w/ stone floor, EI cook’s kitchen w/ fireplace open to 2 story solarium, library w/ stained glass and en-suite MBR with private deck, all flooded with natural light from multiple casement windows. Amenities include enchanting 2 BR stone guest house with artisanal woodwork & stone fireplace & a 3 car carriage house with 2 BR caretaker’s apartment. A pretty garden stroll leads to sparkling IG pool with view panorama. Truly singular with an idyllic history of art, music peace and love. $2,275,000 Call Sharon Breslau, Associate RE Broker, 845-901-6978

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STREAMSIDE PERFECTIONSuperbly located on a quiet private lane just minutes to Woodstock! Delightful open plan design perfect for modern living, skylit country gourmet kitchen, vaulted beamed LR with cozy woodstove, wide pine floors, den/office, full floor skylit MBR suite with sunroom, 2 add’l BRs, 2 full baths, relaxing steam shower and 7 decks & patios, offering easy streamside living! $525,000 Call Sharon Breslau, Associate RE Broker, 845-901-6978

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TUSCANY DREAMS- Exceptional Tuscany style stucco farmhouse brilliantly set amidst 78 estate acres of rolling hills and meadows. Master crafted from the copper roof to the radiant heated floors. Old world detail combines seamlessly with all modern convenience – country gourmet kitchen, cozy fireplaces in LR and ensuite MBR, 22’ family/media room, cathedral ceilings, dining room and stone patio w/ arbor. Additional appointments include stable, barn, pond and nature trails. A perfect blend of comfort and style. True sanctuary with bucolic vistas everywhere! $1,595,000 Call Stefan Bolz, Associate RE Broker, 845-633-5223

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BREATHTAKING VIEWS! Panoramic Catskill Mt. VIEWS grace the prime Hurley site of this expansive ranch. Super gracious floor plan features 20’ LR, 20’ family/media room with cozy brick fireplace, EI kitchen w/ breakfast room, home office/library, dining room, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, finished lower level, central A/C, 3-season enclosed porch & sweet stone patio. Significant recent updates. $395,000 Call Mary Ellen Flemming, Associate RE Broker, 845-399-5762

RUSTIC CHARMER- Your “cabin in the woods” dreams answered!

STORYBOOK STONE- Stunning 5.7 acre horse friendly New Paltz setting

Superb end-of-road privacy on 2+ acres with stone walls. This classic

encloses enchanting c. 1941 stone & cedar Cape. Super charming

log cabin features open plan living/dining space with vaulted ceiling,

interior features 20’ LR with brick fireplace, formal DR, quintessential

kitchen with granite counters, 3 BRs, hardwood floors throughout

country kitchen, 4 bedrooms, lovely wood floors, French doors open

main level, 2 full baths with granite floors and finished walk out

to breezy screen porch, att. stone garage PLUS 31’ 2 story barn with

lower level perfect for family/media space. Detached garage w/ loft,

fab STUDIO/workshop and 3 car garage space. POSTCARD PERFECT!

too! $215,000 Call Jeoffrey Devor, Associate RE Broker,

$535,000 Call Debra Dooley, Licensed RE Salesperson,



w ww.westwo o d realty.co m

upstate HOUSE

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$4,100,000 | Gallatin | Silvernails River Estate Historical property on 268 protected acres w/cascading river, 2 trout streams. Main house: 6,000 sq.ft. custom-built Adirondack-style home. Also on property are circa 1760s 6,000 sq.ft. 13-room farmhouse, caretaker’s cottage, 1 stallion barn, 3 add’l barns, 22 paddocks & more! 5 miles to Mashomack Preserve & Polo Club. 90 min to NYC. MLS#322884 Chariclia ‘Lia’ Grasso | o. 845.223.0615 | m. 914.584.8440

$2,395,000 | Stanford | “Big Sky” Magnificent 44-acre hilltop home w/breathtaking 360-degree views features 5,000 sq.ft. of exceptional design & craftsmanship. 2-story entry, massive 29 ft. stone FPL, gourmet cherry kitchen, 2 MBR suites plus 2 guest BRs, 5BTH, lofted gallery. Deck w/heated IGP, 2 ponds & 3-story classic barn/studio. Perfect location between Millbrook & Rhinebeck. MLS#324221 Jeff Ackerly | o. 845.876.8600 | m. 845.532.8847

$2,350,000 | Millbrook | Clove Farm 90-acre equestrian estate. Charming farmhouse with contemporary flair is designed for every room to have a magnificent view of the sweeping lawns, rolling meadows, pond & distant mountains. All the amenities for gracious country living! Includes 12-16 stall barn, 7 paddocks, 2 run-ins & 5-bay equipment shed. A truly special offering. MLS#321195 Brain J. McGrath | o. 845.855.8500 | m. 845.721.0940

$2,100,000 | Pine Plains | Full Service Equestrian Facility Wonderful blend of nature & equestrian lifestyle! Beautiful 4BR, 2.5BTH farmhouse w/Catskill views & spectacular sunsets, on 64+ acres w/impressive barn complex including 29 stalls, 200 x 80 indoor arena, offices, tack room, wash stalls, paddocks & exerciser. Special features include expansive club room, mgr's quarters & 4 guest suites for stay & ride. MLS#324084 Sean C. Eidle | d. 845.223.0731 | m. 845.546.6077

$1,700,000 | Dover | The Perfect Horse Farm Beautiful deck house is mint condition throughout w/3BR, 3 full BTH. LR offers views of your personal oasis! Granite kitchen, 1st floor MBR suite; basement partially finished w/FR, BR & full BTH. 10-stall barn w/grooms quarters, wash stall & tack room. Indoor/outdoor riding rings. Secluded w/pond. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! MLS#327679 Brian J. McGrath | o. 845.855.8500 | m. 845.721.0940

$1,400,000 | Beacon | Magnificent Victorian Set on almost 5 acres w/western exposure overlooking the Hudson, bridge & sparkling lights of Newburgh. Classic, gothic, brick Victorian will knock your socks off. Walk into the marble entry & soak in the details. FPLs w/dark walnut moldings, original parquet flooring, new kitchen, nanny quarters & huge MBTH scream luxury! MLS#327126 Jeannine Wender | o. 845.244.2125 | m. 845.249.1638

$1,300,000 | Pawling | Unique 1800s Colonial Charming 5BR, 3.5BTH home w/original architectural features preserved while updating. Wide woodplank floors. DR, LR & 1st floor guest suite w/working FPLs. Bright EIK w/new Sub-Zero & Thermdor appliances & sitting area leading to covered porch overlooking slate terrace & backyard. Master suite w/sitting area & new BTH. IGP, clay tennis court & poolhouse w/kitchen & BTH. MLS#319210 Patricia “Patty” Hogan | m. 914.406.9144 | o. 845.905.8766

$1,220,000 | East Fishkill | Welcome Home! 4BR, 4.5BTH colonial w/2-story entry that leads to a professionally decorated open floor plan. EIK equipped for a professional chef, full butler’s pantry & walk-in pantry, MBR suite w/30 ft. custom designed closet & spa BTH, princess suite, jack & jill BRs, walk-up attic, full walk-out 2,700 sq.ft basement w/bar, movie theatre & gym. Landscaped yard w/kitchen, FPL, fire pit & waterfalls. MLS#322129 Maria Daly | m. 914.489.4468 | o. 845.223.0657

$1,175,000 | Pawling | Country Living...City Flair NY sophistication & design. Lakefront main house plus 2BR guest house. Weekend getaway or year round, 180 degree lake view w/tranquil sunsets. Total 6FPL, gourmet granite kitchens, Meile built-in, 2MBR suites w/FPLs & WIC; office & sunroom. Open plan, wideboard flrs, C/A, alarm, sound system. Rock gardens w/perennials & stone walls, tiered patios, dock. 1 hr to NYC. MLS#324158 Bonnie Massa | m. 845.235.2627 | o. 845.223.0638

$890,000 | Balmville | On the River! Luxurious new construction in Balmville’s newest community! Fabulous North & South Hudson River views. 3,200 sq.ft of quality construction throughout includes HDWD, gourmet kitchen w/granite, 3-car garage. Spectacular oversized deck spans the entire back of the home. Many upgrades. Other homesites & models available. MLS#3217100 Diane Shumway | m. 914.475.1300 | o. 845.244.2121

$789,000 | East Fishkill | Exquisite & Fully Furnished! Unique design w/soaring ceilings & open balconies. Spacious DR, grand foyer to LR. 1st fl office/guest suite w/full BTH. 2-story FR w/windows all around, stone FPL, opens to center island kitchen w/high-end appliances & granite. French doors to master suite w/tray ceiling, MBTH w/jetted tub, double vanity & WIC. 2nd fl laundry, on-suite, Jack & Jill BRs. Landscaped acre, on cul-de-sac. MLS#323586 Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Maddock | m. 914.489.2964 | o. 845.223.0632

$750,000 | East Fishkill | Live in The Legends Spectacular 4BR, 4.5BTH home w/over 5,300 finished sq.ft. Gourmet kitchen opens to dramatic 2-story great room w/gas FPL & wall-ofwindows. Incredible MBR suite w/FPL. Open floor plan, 1st floor office & surround sound throughout. Finished walkout basement w/wet bar & wine cellar, 3-car garage, cul-de-sac location. Community water/sewer & natural gas, 1 mile to TSP. MLS#325820 Blake Michaud | m. 845.797.3627 | o. 845.905.8743


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GeorGe T. Whalen real esTaTe • ES TA B LI S H ED 1 9 2 5 •

15 ACRE BUILDING LOT WITH PANORAMIC VIEWS The stunning views from this property are amongst the best to be had in Dutchess County. Live in the 2 BR guest house while you build your main house on this private hilltop. All seasons of the year enjoy changing vistas across the famed Millbrook Hunt Country meadows and rolling hills. Driveway, electric, well and septic in place. Perfect for small farm or great county getaway! Offered at $1,150,000.

FIVE STAR FARM Wonderful 1775 eyebrow colonial on 14+ acres in the Town of Clinton. Well maintained early house with 4 bedrooms, wide board floors, stunning fireplace and updated mechanicals. Five Star Farm has been with the same family for 40 years and was well known for its vegetables, fruit and flower crops. Attractive farm stand, fertile soils, barn and stream-fed pond. 3 car detached garage with 2 bedroom apartment. Offered at $585,000.

HOUSE & CARRIAGE BARN WITH TWO STUDIOS Circa 1900 cottage just a short distance from the Village of Millbrook. Cozy LR, DR, Library w/FP, 3 BRs, each with bath, kitchen with light filled dining area & beamed ceiling. Converted carriage barn with 2 studio apartments, each w/FP. Spacious yard, enjoyable patio & covered porch. Formerly a successful B&B. Perfect as a private residence or income producing with rentable rooms. Offered at $445,000.

SPLENDID HOUSE ON A HILLTOP Exceptionally well maintained home, perched high on a hill near Millbrook and Lagrangeville. An elegant interior w/9’ ceilings and crown moldings. Master suite w/ vaulted ceiling, 2 walk-in closets and spacious bath w/ large Jacuzzi tub. Large media room. Great basement to finish for added space. OFFERED AT $439,000.

LOVELY COUNTRY HOME Finely maintained 4 BR, 3.5 bath Colonial o 10.6 acres. Inviting interior with spacious rooms and an abundance of light. High ceilings and an excellent floor plan. Nice clearing of lawn around the house with ability to enjoy nature and wildlife in surrounding woodlands. Beautiful stone patio with firepit overlooking back yard. Stone walls meander around property. 12x25 storage barn. Convenient to Rhinebeck. Offered at $349,000.

CHARMING MILLBROOK VILLAGE RANCH One level ranch, located on a quiet street in the lovely Village of Millbrook. It features 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths w/hardwood floors, a LR w/masonry fireplace and a DR with attractive wainscoting. Kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room have been updated. Fabulous screened in porch that overlooks a level back yard. Full basement provides ample storage space. A great house that offers one level living and the ability to move right in! Offered at $329,000.

COUNTRY RANCH Move-in ready ranch on a scenic road in the Town of Stanford. Private, 1.56 acres for outside enjoyment. Lovely back deck overlooking yard. Three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, spacious kitchen, living room with large picture window, formal dining room with sliding doors to deck, lower level recreation room. Lots of natural light. Very well maintained. Offered at $269,000.

MILLBROOK VILLAGE CONDOMINIUM Delightful 2 story condo unit, convenient location that’s just a short stroll to the center of the Millbrook Village. 2 spacious bedrooms, each with private bath. Updated bathrooms and kitchen with granite counters and tiled backsplash. Large living room with slider to fenced patio area. Large closets, plenty of room for storage. Nicely maintained unit and complex with low maintenance. Offered at $259,000.

845-677-5076 • 3269 Franklin Ave. Millbrook, NY 12545 • GTWhalen.com 58

online at upstater.com

make yourself at


Our two exclusive properties on Copake Lake in Historic Columbia County have priceless views, tranquil settings, a lifetime family membership to Copake County Club, and lifetime landscape maintenance. Enjoy private dock rights and access to Columbia County’s best art galleries, antique shops, boating, skiing, dining, and golf course. Rustic to contemporary. . . the building choice is yours.

copake lake HOMES

Visit us on the web for a birds eye view, then call to make an appointment for an up-close and personal tour of your new home site, today.

www.copakelakehomes.com | 914.475.3225

LOCAL ROOTS WITH A GLOBAL REACH Circa 1850 charm updated with today’s amenities on 8+ acres with spring-fed pond, barn with studio/loft and work room. Sited among mature trees and landscaped grounds, this vintage home features decking overlooking the heated in-ground pool. The interior retains the original beams and wide board flooring while the kitchen is a cook’s delight with professional appliances and granite countertops. Offered at $649,814

Your source for everything real estate...northerndutchessrealty.com 6423 MONTGOMERY STREET | RHINEBECK, NY 12572 | T: 845-876-8588 | E: info@northerndutchessrealty.com NDR Upstate Home Ad 2014 PDFX1A.indd 1

4/21/14 4:48 PM upstate HOUSE

| SUMMER 2014 • 59



Hilltop, 2668 SF, 4.5 acres, total privacy, 2 FPLs, vaulted

That checks all the boxes: Rhbk schools, 9 private acres, 3984

granite K w/island, absolute perfection! $495,000.

elite craftsmanship! $975,000.

ceilings, walls of glass, 4 decks, AC, wood & tile floors, amazing


28 acres, open & wooded, trails, 1.5 acres deer fenced, solar electric, light filled 3 BR, 1.5 bath colonial, Rhbk schools, close

SF, 2 MBR suites, AC, library, 2 FPLs, 25 ft. LR, 3 car garage,


Stylish Red Hook Colonial, AC, amazing K w/island, DR, den, MBR suite, glassed & screened porches, fenced yard, dog run, 3.5 acres, $10,000 closing credit. $360,000.

PAUL H A LLENBE CK R E A L E S TAT E , I N C . 6 3 7 0 M I LL S T R E E T • R H I N E B E C K , N EW YO R K • 1 2 5 7 2 P H O N E : 8 4 5 - 8 7 6 - 1 6 6 0 � FAX : 8 4 5 - 8 7 6 - 5 9 5 1

to TSP, $399,900.


Down a tree lined drive, 4 ponds, solar electric, 6 outbldgs, dramatic Catskill views, 3200 SF, 5 BR, 2.5 bath colonial, conservation easement to assure solitude! $1,495,000.


Provides privacy & a gorgeous, quiet environment @ this 1968 SF Colonial. WB floors, large windows, DR, FR, room for you family & your animals. $345,000.


most stylish homes, this 5 BR, 3.5 bath Colonial is the perfect mix of old & new w/beams, 2 FPLs, & WB floors + superb K & designer baths. 12 acres, pond, 2 zip lines. $995,000.


Expanded Craftsman style home, 3 BRs, 2 baths, new roof, furnace, septic, electric, new K, 2 new baths, close to Park & Schools. No projects here! $279,900.


w/4.6 acres, this 4149 SF colonial has wonderful spaces for your family & entertaining, w/an inground pool, open K/DR/FR, guest suite, 23 ft. FR, & 2 offices. $629,900.


Great neighborhood, quality built 3 BR, 1.5 bath 1 story. Handicapped accessible, oak floors, 2 FPLS, open K/DR, den, glassed porch, private lot close to the V. $280,000.

NEAR THE RED HOOK REC PARK which has a pool, & running track, this 2300 SF 4 BR, 2.5 bath home has a one-of-a-kind 24 ft. MBR suite w/ a FPL & huge closet. $289,000.


& with dramatic Catskill views, this energy efficient Red Hook Contemporary has 20 ft. ceilings, a great K, a MBR suite, loft, & a 20 x 40 heated pool. $359,900.


Red Hook, this 4 BR, 1.5 bath, 1872 SF home has a large EIK, DR, huge FR, great mechanicals, oak floors, a wonderful screened porch. $259,900.

THIS 2912 SF, 5 BR, 3.5 BATH CAPE

Is quality built, has oak & tile floors, a huge K, FR w/FPL, first floor MBR suite, inground pool, & a wonderful 1.59 acre setting on a stream. $359,900.


This 4 BR, 2 bath, 2100 SF Red Hook 1 story has a FPL, MBR suite, open floor plan, & an amazing & very private 1.8 acre lot in a great neighborhood! $315,000.

w w w. h a l l e n b e c k r e a l e s t a t e . c o m � i n f o @ h a l l e n b e c k r e a l e s t a t e . c o m



online at upstater.com

Hydrangea Hill


Chic Claverack country farmhouse nestled in one of Columbia County’s ideal locations. Meticulous home extensively remodeled, a perfect balance between classic country living and modern practicality. Charming vintage 2 BR home, 3-season front porch, wood-burning fireplace, hardwood floors. Bright eat-in kitchen with skylight and granite countertops. Gorgeous perennial, shade and vegetable gardens. Library/third bedroom. Stylish, turnkey country retreat with stone walkways and walls separating the 2-story detached garage, potting shed and patio for summer dining.

❚ Harriet Shur 518.822.0800 x15

Feather Farm

The real estate season is in full bloom. Check out the great new properties popping up on our website.


Stylish, clean and bright, this charming 3 BR 18th century farmhouse in Milan has all the original details with modern country flair. Original exposed hand-hewn beams create a stunning architecture to the entertaining spaces, and the wideboard floors and the woodburning fireplace give cozy warmth. The original details beautifully co-exist with a contemporary cook’s kitchen, and the generous updated baths. There’s also an automatic whole house standby propane generator to provide peace of mind. Lovely mature gardens and perennial beds surround this classic country home situated on 5 bucolic acres overlooking a neighboring pond.

❚ Gary DiMauro 845.757.5000 x11

Quintessential American Farmhouse $899,000

Circa 1868 home on 73.3 rolling acres w/ extensive frontage on one of the most picturesque roads in Ancram. Country charm with modern convenience. Open living room w/ wood burning fireplace, exposed beams, library, and dining room w/ wideboard wood floors. Spacious eat-in kitchen w/ pellet stove and outdoor deck. Perennial gardens, vegetable garden and ancient trees. En-suite master BR plus 3 guest BRs. Heated 20’ x 40’ pool w/ pool house. Watch the beavers on Beaver Pond, walk or hike on your own bucolic compound.

❚ Harriet Shur 518.822.0800 x15

Hudson Carriage House


Restored 19th century Greek Revival carriage house in downtown Hudson. Stylishly designed modern interior w/ high ceilings, French doors and wideboard floors. Thoughtful floor plan w/ great flow and gorgeous light. Entertainer’s kitchen double ovens. 2 en-suite BRs w/ walk-in closets, and built-in storage. Large living room w/ an antique French Empire gas fireplace. Forced hot air/AC, all house generator, radiant heated patio and walkways. Lovely courtyard garden, filled with specimen plants. Private, yet positioned right in the center of Hudson.

❚ David Ludwig 518.943.7533 x11

Claverack Cottage


Beautifully renovated cottage located in the hamlet of Claverack, only 3 miles from the city of Hudson. The artist/contractor owner has taken a modest house and turned it into a country dream home, with hand painted finishes giving even the most basic of features added charm. Plenty of land in the back for gardening or just relaxing. The perfect retreat for those who want a hamlet setting in the country.

❚ Kathy Duffy 518.822.0800 x11

Catskill Marina Condo


Waterfront townhome on Catskill Creek with 3 BRs and access to the Hudson River and the RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary. Built in 2006 with a 3,000 sf open floor plan, 2-car garage and 2 outdoor decks – just feet from the water’s edge. Gas fireplace, stainless steel appliances, crown molding, stone tile and hard wood floors. Master suite w/ Jacuzzi tub, incredible ceiling height. 2-zone Energy Star rated gas heating and central AC, in-ground heated pool. Gated access. Dock space available. Your Catskill Village weekend getaway or full-time residence.

❚ David Ludwig 518.943.7533 x11

58 Broadway, Tivoli NY 432 Main Street, Catskill NY 423 Warren Street, Hudson NY

garydimauro.com upstate HOUSE

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SPECTACULAR architect designed lake home and guest studio on Twin Island Lake with gorgeous, soaring windows, cathedral ceilings and dramatic fireplace complement the beauty of the lake, the mature plantings and the ideal siting of the house on the property to take full advantage of the natural beauty.


THIS HISTORIC Federal farmhouse is located on a country road on 5.9 ac w/a deep swimming pond. A full interior restoration was just completed on this 3BR, 3BA home w/a sophisticated design of the kitchen & baths allowing for a contemporary country lifestyle.

$580,000 RED HOOK

MODERN 3 BR COLONIAL within walking distance to Rhinebeck Village. Sunlit rooms, fireplace, first floor master BR, all overlooking sweeping lawns and a sweet one acre pond. Convenient location close to parks and trains.


$735,000 STANFORD

$306,900 MILLBROOK


JUST A FIVE MINUTE drive from the center of Rhinebeck, this 4 BR home sits on a quiet road surrounded by trees & a small stream. Features an open floor plan, w/ spacious LR, DR, & kitchen w/pantry. Screened porch, 2-car attached garage & propane heat.



CUSTOM 3 BR, 3 BA RANCH home in mint

THIS 1930’S COTTAGE is located in the Millbrook

This 3 BR, 2 BA Ranch home gives one the feeling of a

condition. Features hardwood & ceramic floors,

Hunt Countryside overlooking a horse farm. This home

loft space w/its vaulted ceiling & bright open space. Many

features 4BR & 3BA, a spacious LR w/FP & HWF, FDR

upgrades such as; kitchen soapstone counters, Fujitsu air

granite counters, mahogany cabinets, stainless steel appliances, finished basement, covered porch & rear deck. 2-car garage, close to rail trail.

& a wonderful covered porch w/views of fields & horses. Includes 2-car garage.

Millbrook, NY 845.677.0505

online at upstater.com

conditioning system & finished family room. Includes deck, patio & fenced garden area. Located in a quiet rural setting close to Rhinebeck Village.

Rhinebeck, NY 845.876.6676

paularedmond.com 62

THIS CIRCA 1795 farmhouse has 4 BR, 3 BA and is completely updated with new windows, central A/C, & generator just to name a few. Also retains the old charm with WBF, exposed beams & 5 FP. Includes heated gunite pool, 2 barns & a 3-car garage all on nearly 22 acres.

$385,000 RHINEBECK

THIS CHARMING 1930’s 3 BR, 2 BA Cottage is situated on a country road w/3-acres of land. Features LR w/woodburning fireplace & FDR. Also has a spacious finished basement, garden, pergola and Bluestone patio.


Exceptional Columbia County Property

Gross & Daley Photography

HUDSON BUSH FARM One of America’s most historic and architecturally significant homes, built in 1785 by Hendrick I. Van Rensselaer of the wealthy Dutch patroon family. Set back on a broad lawn and surrounded by three acres of renowned formal gardens, the graceful 5,000 sf home is an outstanding example of Georgian architecture with symmetrical composition, Palladian windows, intact floor plan and nine fireplaces. The 30 acre property includes a guest/caretaker house, smokehouse, two barns and carriage house… $2,400,000

19TH CENTURY KINDERHOOK COMPOUND Light-filled 3500 sf open loft-style four-bedroom, three-bath home includes a separate studio or office space with original restored signage. Was once part of an historic mercantile store with adjoining trade building. Widely photographed, admired and featured in travel writings… $489,000

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL A backdrop for home furnishing brochures, charming country house has a huge wraparound porch, two fireplaces, wonderful style, light and updated mechanicals. On a rural acre, minutes to Hudson… $375,000

HIDDEN HOME DIVINE VIEWS Architect designed sleek modern home takes full advantage of the spectacular 14-acre private hillside setting with decks on each side and cathedral windows that bring dramatic Ancram valley views inside. Features top quality finishes and systems throughout... $749,000 CREATIVE SPACES Ancram Opera House has three levels for music, art, dance and friends. Main floor theater has amazing acoustics and maple dance floor; top floor is a dramatic three bedroom loft; ground floor is newly renovated separate living space… $395,000

COSY COTTAGE Reminiscent of Frederic Church’s first home before building Olana, this charming home has original detail, just minutes to the river in historic Stuyvesant… $189,000

18TH CENTURY DUTCH 1770 brick house has original split doors, huge beams, wide hall, stair, paneling and mantels. Updated with new kitchen, bath, and mechanicals. In the center of historic Kinderhook… $390,000

CLASSIC 19TH CENTURY GREEK REVIVAL FARMSTEAD Beautifully restored 1820 Greek Revival center hall farmhouse has original details and wideboard floors throughout, three working fireplaces, three bedrooms and three baths. Set on nearly 50 acres with four great usable barns, open fields, woods, wetlands, stream and Catskill Mountain views… $445,000

HUDSON VALLEY ROMANTIC STYLE VILLA Stylishly restored 19th century country home has bracketed cornice, centered gable, wide verandah, and Italianate windows lighting stately dining room, wide front hall, and spacious living room. Upscale kitchen has exposed beams. Sited on almost four acres of lovely perennial landscaped gardens, a short stroll to Kinderhook Village... $469,000

EASY LIVING HIDEAWAY Country contemporary with sunny dining area that opens to decks and heated in-ground pool. Set on a private deadend road… $295,000

VILLAGE VICTORIAN Charming home has great front porch, fireplace, wood floors, two bedrooms and two baths on a quiet street… $189,000

1815 HISTORIC GEM Elegant comfortable classic with lots of original detail including four working fireplaces. Walk to restaurants, near organic farm store, Steiner school and just 15 minutes to Hudson… $295,000

Peggy Lampman real estate

602 Route 23B

PO Box 360

Claverack, New York www.peggylampman.com



Le Grand Real Estate, Inc. 4 Enterprise Dr., Rhinebeck, NY • (845) 876-2630 • www.legrandrealty.com • e-mail: legrandinc@aol.com

MILAN Charming 1780 farm house in quiet country location, on 25 acres with large pond. House has had restoration work has been done and much original detail has been retained. Huge fireplace in dining area. Also has large shop/studio on property. Has been in same family for 60+ years. Close to Taconic Parkway priced at $345,000.

MILAN Charming 5 bedroom farm house, all original detail retained. Home is in excellent condition with many upgrades, large rooms and a modern kitchen, original wood floors, large unattached barn/garage and tennis court. On 10 magnificent acres. Sits back from road and has an estate quality entrance. Red Hook Schools and close to Taconic Parkway - offered at $695,000.

GERMANTOWN Large 4 bedroom, 1 bath farmhouse in quiet country location. Catskill views from front porch, wood floors & large living area. Upstairs has been updated. Needs TLC but a great value for a big home. Priced to sell at $110,000.

CLERMONT FARM Located in historic Clermont just over the border from Dutchess Co. Has 95 acres of land with Catskill views and a charming 1900’s 4 bedroom eyebrow colonial with ample road frontage. Large barn and outbuildings. Estate needs some TLC but a great value offered at $595,000.

TIVOLI - NEW TO MARKET Charming 3 bedroom ranch in village. 2 baths like-new with eat in kitchen and 2 car attached garage. Master is nice sized with new tile bath. Home has central air and new blacktop driveway. Walk to shops, dining and Clermont Park. Offered at $239,000.

RED HOOK Executive home on 8 acres. Exceptional 7000 sq. ft. home offers the best of everything. Terrific location, large spacious rooms, and finished basement. Separate office area. Beautifully landscaped with large pond on property. Minutes to village and close to Taconic Parkway. A must see premium home. Priced right at $975,000.

Visit us at www.legrandrealty.com • e-mail: legrandinc@aol.com

Patricia A. Hinkein Realty

19 Church Ave, Germantown, NY (518) 537-4888 www.hinkeinrealty.com • hinkein@gmail.com


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1870 Centerhall on 2.67 acres with year round stream frontage. This 1500 sq ft house features 3 BR/1.5 Baths, LR, formal DR & kitchen with backyard views. Plus a large two story outbuilding perfect for creating a studio or workspace. Located on a quiet little country lane, south of Hudson. $349,000

Attractive 1856 Farmhouse located just minutes from Art Omi. This well maintained home features 3 BR/2.5Baths, wonderful Kit, formal DR, light filled LR, wideboard floors, CA, screened porch, blue stone patio. Large fenced yard. Landscaped grounds. Attached garage. Small outbuilding. Country setting. $279,000

A totally updated, classy Sears style home on one acre with an imaginative barn conversion, garage, and smaller garden bldg. The converted barn is unusually spacious with potential for office/studio. The house has 3 bright BRs, open floor plan, lovely farmland views; a new Kit with great appliances, AC throughout both buildings. Red Hook School District. $489,000

Early 1800’s Cottage on 13 acres with Hudson River & Lighthouse views. This newly renovated cottage features a fabulous MBR suite with balcony & rooftop access, open Kit/LR/DR, guest BR/Den & Bath, bamboo floors, & wraparound deck. The property includes a very desirable building site offering outstanding lighthouse & river views. Located just outside Hudson. $675,000

WHERE YOU WANT TO BE Gorgeous Hudson Riverfront

Fabulous Horse Farm on 140 Acres

Stuyvesant, NY Hudson River waterfront with fabulous 1807 Federal brick home, newer addition, 5 beds, pool, 2.6 acres. $1.75 Mil

Nassau, NY Pristine horse breeding and boarding farm on 140 rolling acres, 2 horse barns with 28 stalls, 8 paddocks with water, 3 ponds, manager/owner home and staff home. $1.175 Mil

Perfect Blend of Historic and Modern

Classic New England Contemporary

Canaan, NY An open and airy hilltop home on 42 very private acres, with 2 ponds, 5 beds, 5 baths, and a guest house. $1.695 Mil

Hudson, NY Tasteful, exciting 1730s Dutch Colonial and architect-designed contemporary manor house joined seamlessly, on a park-like setting with pond, arboretum, and restored antique barns. $1.595 Mil

Serving the Berkshires, Hudson Valley, and Litchfield Hills

We’re There.

TKGRE.COM 518.392.8040

upstate HOUSE

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Spencertown Charmer On 53 acres w/ a pond. 3 bdrms, 3 baths, slate patio, 2 car garage, 2 FP’s, family room, original detailing and so much more!

Flower Hill Hidden outside Spencertown and set on 23 Acres. 4 bdrms, 4 baths, central air, cherry kitchen cabinets, 2 fireplaces, stone patio, enclosed porch & so much more!

asking $849,000 Call Rochelle Bartolo

asking $1,175,000 Call Charles “Chuck” Bartolo

Classic Custom Home Open Floor Plan w/ 3bdrms, 3baths, 14.5 Acres, hand crafted cabinetry, gleaming oak floors, beamed ceilings, rumsford fireplace, in-ground pool and 2-story barn. asking $595,000 Call Ann Levitt

3 4 M A I N S TR E E T, C HA THA M , NY 1 203 7


online at upstater.com


5 1 8-3 92-2700

Historic John Vanderpoel House Own a piece of American history. Spacious 7 bdrms, 5 baths on 5+ acres w/ barn/carriage house, great room and in-ground pool. asking $699,000 Call Charles “Chuck” Bartolo



WWW.NUTSHELLREALTY.COM CREEKSIDE RETREAT WITH BONUS 2 BR COTTAGE! Spacious home with modern feel & vintage features. Deck with awning overlooks diverse acreage with lovely stream audibly winding through. Great kitchen with Jotul woodstove, sunroom, dining room, large living room with beautiful stone ?replace. Large bright skylights & vaulted ceilings bring great light into the house. Organic vegetable garden, fruit bearing trees. 900 sq. ft. 2 bedroom cottage with stream-facing covered screened porch ready to rent. $379,000

1820 CENTER HALL COLONIAL IN HISTORIC OLD HURLEY Lovely 1820 center hall colonial in the heart of historic Old Hurley. Spectacular Catskill mountain views. Large rooms with & plenty of windows provides lots of light. Perfect for entertaining; stone fireplace in sitting room adjacent to kitchen; wall of glass doors open to stone patio, heated gunite pool, 9 person hot tub, custom built in propane grill. Major renovation in 1998 and many upgrades since. 20x30 master suite with balcony facing the view. Close to NY`1 State Thruway & uptown Kingston but property has a real country feel and around the corner form one of the oldest streets in America. $399,000

845-687-2200 www.nutshellrealty.com 3056 State Route 213E, Stone Ridge, NY

Specializing in fine Upstate New York vacation rentals www.RedCottageInc.com

845.985.7153 • 7991 State Route 55 • Grahamsville, NY

upstate HOUSE

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PO Box 88, Route 9W, Barclay Hgts., Saugerties


2 ,5 0 0 S Q U A R E F T. R A N C H Saugerties

20140887 JUST LISTED!

This Barclay Heights beauty has... new: roof, garage doors, paved driveway, windows, sliding doors, boiler, oil tank, gutters, hard-wired generator, and stainless steel appliances! Ranch home boasting 2500 sq. ft. on close to half acre. Formal living room, family room with gas fireplace. Three bedrooms, 1.5 baths, large finished basement and utility room. Over sized two car garage, decking off family room, eat-in kitchen. Beautiful corner lot. Asking $239,000


B LU E M O U N TA I N G E TAWAY Saugerties

This is the perfect vacation retreat for family or friends. 5 bed / 2 bath with over 3000 sq. ft. on almost 4.5 acres. Wide open spaces, plenty of parking, horse stalls, riding paddock, in-ground pool, large pond, mountain views. Recreation room w/ hot tub. Sliders to large deck for entertaining. Location...Location 20 min. to skiing, 10 min. to the Hudson River. Beautiful country road! Great for weekend rental with so many happenings in Saugerties. Short term rentals are in high demand! Asking $549,000 20131693 JUST LISTED!

B LU E M O U N TA I N B E A U T Y Saugerties

Beautiful contemporary on almost 2 Acres, over 2000 sq ft. large foyer, living room with a grand sandstone floor-to-ceiling fireplace, hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings, Anderson windows, sliders to a screened porch off dining room. Kitchen has solid oak cabinets & plenty of counter space & eat-in-area. Family room, utility room (w/half bath) garage, 4 bedroom, 2 ½ baths. Master bedroom has sliders w/ balcony and on suite. Plenty of storage in basement, and attic. Landscaping is beautiful with grassy meadow, stone cropping, extensive stone work, Lilly pond, decking, raised gardens & screened in porch. Setting offers a private feel being set far back from a road with no outlet. Generator hook-up hard wired, just a click of a switch allows you never to be with out the essentials you need. Asking $359,900

304 Wall St. Kingston NY 12401

Mary M. Orapello Associate Broker GRI, ABR

cell (845)590-0386

This spacious Colonial backs up to Wiltwyck Golf Course with a tree-filled barrier, offering the best of privacy in the heart of HIllside Acres. Perfect home for entertaining with 4/5 BRs & 2.5 baths on an over-sized lot. Features include a double door entry foyer, a sun filled great room w/ skylights, a beautiful huge kitchen, living room w/ brick fireplace, a cozy den, an extra-large custom deck & so much more! Too much to list, call today! $269,000

Very stylish Twin Ponds Townhouse end unit. Featuring 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 car garage & decking all on 1st level! Additional 700 +/- sq. ft. of living space on lower level with sliders to private back yard. Beautiful cherry flooring throughout designer kitchen, subway tile backsplash & center island. Recessed lighting, California closets, new roof & new windows. This is a must see for the discriminating buyer. $300,000

Perfect full timer or weekend use. A true log cabin with cathedral ceiling, open living room area encompasses a living room, dining room & kitchen + 2 BRs, full basement & a covered rocking chair front porch! Side decking, plus a super nice 1 BR apartment with tile flooring, 1.5 baths, central heat & propane stove, skylight, cozy loft style porch & an oversized 2 car garage and workshop! Add to this, the perfect tree house & location, close to Saugerties, Hunter Mtn & everything in between! $289,900

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to have your automotive business just a few steps away from your 3 BR, 1.5 bath custom home! This 25 yr old business is an established shop with NYS Inspection license & computer. The garage is 900 sq ft with lift. Call for more details! Excellent location with great road frontage and ample parking. $234,900



online at upstater.com

HeatherCronerRealEstate.com | SothebysRealty.com | VictoriaWilkinsonRealEstate.com

Saxton Hall

Artfully uniting extraordinary properties with extraordinary lives.

1830 Greek Revival Classic Home


Family Home or Weekend Retreat Enjoy living in this turnkey historic home with 17 rooms, six bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths, set on 1.9 landscaped acres in the village of Cornwall-on-Hudson. Saxton Hall is only 50 miles from NYC yet close to hiking trails in the Hudson Highlands and kayaking on the river.

Rare, direct Hudson River frontage for beautifully renovated West Park stone Ferry House w/modern addition, offering 3 levels of living space, 4 BR, 2.5 BA & 2 decks. This historic 2,900 sq ft house, set right over the water, has commanding 180 degree views up and down the Hudson & looks directly across the river at the Vanderbilt Mansion. Set on 3.3 acres w/woods, a stream, its own private beach & promontory, an easy launch spot for kayak & sailboats. Just 20 mins to Poughkeepsie Metro North train. OFFERED at $1,500,000. Breathtaking reservoir and Catskill Mountain views from this 3 BR, 2 BA, Arts & Crafts Woodstock home. Set in lush, landscaped environment w/stone walls, cascading terraces and large deck. The perfect setting for outdoor entertaining, w/uninterrupted views of the entire breadth of the Ashokan reservoir. Light & spacious master suite w/private balcony and views. Privately situated yet conveniently located just minutes from the center of Woodstock. OFFERED at $1,100,000.

Representing fine properties in the Hudson River Valley for over three decades.

Visit www.smitchgerrealty.com to view all the rooms. Or call Ellen Kelly, owner/broker of Smitchger Realty at 845-534-7874, to arrange a viewing 270 MAIN STREET



Victoria Wilkinson ASSOCIATE BROKER

845 688 7685 Email: victoriajenifer@earthlink.net Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered (or unregistered service marks used with permission. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.


Willow Realty Hudson Valley Real Estate - Ulster County Real Estate Are you embarking on a real estate adventure? Are you even considering the possibility? With over 30 years of experience, I can help you buy, sell or build a home. Are you looking for land? I would love to take a walk with you to find it. Call me.

Laurie Willow Willow Realty

Lovely Stone Home

Situated on 21.54 Acres with Unlimited Potential in the Beautiful Hudson Valley Spacious, bright home surrounded by beautiful horse farms, that is secluded, yet close to village. Built by a mason, this home contains very unique, rustic décor featuring exposed brick, marble, and stone throughout interior and exterior. Features 4 large bedrooms, huge living room with wood stove, exposed beams, high ceilings, arched brick doorways and new hardwood floors. Unlimited potential! From a beautiful weekend getaway from NYC, horse lovers paradise, to a perfect studio/ workplace. Can also be subdivided and developed!

PO Box 173 , Gardiner, NY • Laurie@WillowRealEstate.com


Town of Pleasant Valley – $687,000 If interested in seeing this truly one-of-a kind property or more information please contact owners: Scott: 845-787-7171 or Mark: 845- 464 -0207

upstate HOUSE

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$300,000 - $600,000 - LAND INCLUDED Sullivan county, WOODSTOCK, SAUGERTIES, bearsville, stone ridge, Rhinebeck, Hudson, Red Hook, Millbrook...

• Design/Build/Renovate •

Your Key to Better Real Estate 6417


845-876-4400 CLINTON, NY From the moment you enter the circular driveway, enchantment and beauty command your attention. This painstakingly recently constructed and highly energy efficient builder’s own 4BR, 3 BA home is sited on 7 private acres (great for the kids). Your chef’s country kitchen features granite countertops and top of the line appurtenances, including Wolf and Sub Zero appliances! Bonus room with private entrance ideal for in-law suite or au pair quarters. Upgrades at every turn, like the Niles Entertainment Network. This home is like new and represents excellent value at $790,000.

RHINEBECK, NY Outstanding C. 1850’s Rhinebeck Village Victorian with lovely Queen Ann tower and late 1980’s addition. Easy conversion back to private residence or ideal in-home business possibilities. Prominently located on main east/west route through village. 4,000 +/- sq. ft. w/ 18 rooms. Approved for use as professional & business offices w/20 car off-street parking. Original carriage barn and gardener’s cottage with loads of possibilities. frontage on three (3) separate streets. Existing rents offset carrying charges. Recently repriced at $598,000.

CautelaRealty@StarrBuilding.com | CautelaRealty.com

Black Bear Hollow A NEW Manufactured Home Community


Less than 3 miles from the NYS Thruway Exit 19 and Uptown Kingston. A serene and secluded natural setting,with walking trails, Bass Pond and Mohonk Mountain views. New and used Homes available Starting from $29,000.

Lic. Real Estate Salesperson

845-339-5987 www.blackbearhollow.info Financing Available


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upstate HOUSE

| SUMMER 2014 • 7 1


Photo by John Redding

Haley Barn sits on a 157-acre farm and features a wide overhang, which originally served as a shelter for animals without individual stalls. Transformed by minimalist architect Maya Lin, the barn now serves as a library as part of a retreat operated by The Children’s Defense Fund.


Barn Again This gorgeously photographed book surveys a broad spectrum of preserved and repurposed historic barns. Some are residences, some workspaces, some businesses (hardware stores and plant nurseries, antique shops and book barns, a Delaware County church). Two house indoor pools; muddy livestock and hay are conspicuously absent. Instead, we’re treated to glorious vaulting spaces with muscular timber framing and every possible texture of wood. There are elevation drawings and step-by-step photos of many conversions-inprogress. Photos detail variations in cupolas, silos, and barn doors; a glossary explains such evocative terms as anchorbent, gin pole, marriage marks, and purlin struts. Those who love these magnificent structures will applaud the authors’ exhortation to “Save the Barn!” —Nina Shengold


online at upstater.com

BARN: Preservation and Adaptation, The Evolution of a Vernacular Icon ELRIC ENDERSBY, ALEXANDER GREENWOOD, AND DAVID LARKIN

Rizzoli, 2014


Saturday, July 12 BEACON MEMORIAL PARK • 7PM

is excited to host an evening of local italian cuisine, live music, beer and italian wine, and a

32 Court Bocce Ball Tournament! Advance ticket sales only through Eventbrite. Ticket sales begin June 1 Stay tuned! chronogram.com/bocce

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Upstate House, Summer 2014  

The Summer 2014 issue of Upstate House. Published by Luminary Publishing.

Upstate House, Summer 2014  

The Summer 2014 issue of Upstate House. Published by Luminary Publishing.


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