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Spring 2015

upstate AT H O M E I N T H E H U D S O N V A L L E Y

House Roots Inside Farmer’s Homes


Contemporary Craftsman PINE BUSH, N Y

Woodchips Construction Details on page 46

Mod Effects Chic Farmhouse Furniture HUDSON VALLEY HOUSE LISTINGS


Old or New? Improving the farmhouse



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upstate HOUSE | SPRING 2015 New York State Certified Interior Designer




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upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 3

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upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 5

S PRING 20 1 5 IS S UE

23 Features





By Julie Schwietert Collazo, Photos by Francisco Collazo


A new generation of farmers takes root Upstate. 23


Forgoing the fixer-upper, buyers are flocking to the next generation of farmhouses. 31



By Janine Stankus

Modern farmhouse furniture that combines the best of both worlds.




We bring you felt friends, wooden wonders, fresh flowers, and beautiful books. By Jessica Leigh Hester



A charming, prosperous, yet affordable village offers culture in the country.



In the cosmopolitan heart of Black Dirt country, affordable homes and community spirit.

Transforming a bland box into a warm and stylish home. 40




Christophe Pourny and Jen Renzi pen The Furniture Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Identify, Restore, and Care For Furniture







Above photo and front cover photo by Deborah DeGraffenreid



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upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 7



Friends of the Farmer


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MANAGING EDITOR Lisa Selin Davis lisa@upstatehouse.com

EDITORIAL INTERN Kelly Seiz PROOFREADER Barbara Ross CONTRIBUTORS Peter Aaron, Brian PJ Cronin, Jessica Leigh Hester, David Morris Cunningham, Lisa Selin Davis, Deborah DeGraffenreid, Kandy Harris, Doug Kerr, Kaitlin Van Pelt, Anthony Pfohl Jr., Sam Pratt, Susan Piperato, Nina Shengold, Paul Smart, Thomas Smith, Janine Stankus, Steffen Thalemann

Even as the importance of “local food” has begun to resonate with many consumers, the call to help smaller, independent farms and farmers has become more insistent. Farms in the region have the potential to provide more people with healthy, sustainable food. To do that, they need processing and manufacturing facilities, they need marketing assistance, they need better financing options, and they need communities that are friendly to farming.


ART DIRECTOR Jason Cring jcring@upstatehouse.com

BOOKS EDITOR Nina Shengold books@upstatehouse.com

And yet these same farms are struggling against a subsidized commodity-based system, industry consolidation, increasing costs of production, and a globalized marketplace that provides cheap food year-round.

on’t we all want to know more about the people who choose to live a difficult lifestyle that has been progressively abandoned since the Dust Bowl? Here in the Hudson Valley, we are in the thick of it. The revival of small-scale farming has become a calling for some, also variously a movement, an obsession, or a dream. A dream that’s played out on the stage of our hills and fields—Glynwood estimates that 17 percent of our region is devoted to farmland. For this issue, we visited a few of the younger generation of farmers [see page 14] in their homes—and we conclude that they are idealists who live to feed people and make the world a better place while doing so. You can’t argue with those aspirations. Today’s Hudson Valley farmers tend to run very small businesses with multiple revenue streams including raising animals, growing produce for restaurants and farm markets, sometimes for CSA members as well. Many of them have a second job as well, or a partner with a “real job.” They grow specialty crops like herbs, fruits or flowers, and many farmers find ways to increase the margin on their goods by making products from their bounty, like cheese and jam. Some have a niche, such as a completely vegan farm, a biodynamic farm, or a specialty like honey, cows, or berries. Yet the fastest growing source of farm-related income is agritourism—field dinners, farmstay programs, rustic wedding hosting, as well as corn mazes and apple picking. The region is lucky to have help for burgeoning farmers. Many of them have received assistance either formally or informally from land benefactors or local programs to incubate new farmers—programs like the Hudson Valley Farm Business Incubator at Glynwood, the Hudson Valley Farm Beginnings program from

EDITOR Amara Projansky amara@upstatehouse.com


Hudson Valley Farms are essential small businesses that create jobs and enable local economies to thrive. Farms give us beloved scenic views, preserve the natural environment, and build community character.

—excerpted from The State of Agriculture in the Hudson Valley by the Glynwood Center, 2010


PUBLISHING FOUNDERS & PUBLISHERS Jason Stern & Amara Projansky CHIEF EXECUTIVE Amara Projansky Horticultural paradise at Matthew Benson's family-operated Stonegate Farm in Newburgh.

EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Brian K. Mahoney CHAIRMAN David Dell Upstate House is a project of Luminary Publishing.

THE FARMERS OF THE HUDSON VALLEY ARE WORTH GETTING TO KNOW. Hawthorne Valley, and the Hudson Valley Farm Hub out of the Local Economies Project. We predict and hope that this region will continue to grow as an incubator of new food ways, reviving both old farming and gardening practices and integrating new techniques made possible by fresh technologies and ready information (What’s the smartest way for a farmer to use a smart phone?) This is the region to watch if you love good food, want to know where it comes from, and maybe even want to get your own hands into the dirt.  While this nation will continue to struggle with our agricultural identity as it relates to food politics, human rights issues, and economic challenges, we’re lucky to live in this region rich with farmers. They make eating here a pleasure, and the farmers of the Hudson Valley are worth getting to know. Entrepreneurial and self-reliant iconoclasts committed to changing the world, they make great friends who aren’t afraid of a little hard work. Best,

Amara Projansky

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W W W. P H I N N E Y D E S I G N . C O M

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 9


by Jessica Leigh Hester

Working Wood Rowland Butler Offcuts. Hudson-based artisan Roland Butler transforms scraps from custom woodworking projects, such as staircases, joinery, and tables, into functional forms that are both handsome and hardworking. (“Offcuts” is a playful phrase alluding to the wood’s origin as pieces that were cut off of other items.) His cast-off materials are put to work as ash or cherry spoons, ladles, tablet holders, and woodworking tools. Butler also offers restoration carpentry and millwork. A VAILABLE ONLINE AT ROWLANDBUTLER.COM


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Of Note Thornwillow. Since 1985, Luke Ives Pontifell’s shop, now based in Newburgh, has peddled letterpress stationery, custom books, and other paper goods worthy of bon mots. Classic monograms add an edge to bookplates, gift enclosures, and correspondence sets. Gilded Age refinement meets the Twittersphere with 10-pack bespoke identity cards, which “blend the craftsmanship of fine printing with a thoroughly modern sensibility,” according to their website. The engraved designs recall antique calling cards, while architectural fonts, bright hues, and a hashtag motif are au courant.  VAILABLE AT THEIR STORE, 25 SPRING STREET, A NEWBURGH, OR THORNWILLOW.COM

Heart Felt PetitFelts. Copake-based artist Jocelyn Gayle Krodman fashions needle-felted finger puppets that span the animal kingdom. Her handsome playthings are inspired by wildlife and farm animals, such as lambs and hens that she spots around the rural areas of her hometown, as well as more exotic creatures, such as giraffes. The understated, hand-dyed soft toys measure up to 11 inches high and make for sweet, not saccharine, baby gifts. AVAILABLE ONLINE AT ETSY.COM/SHOP/PETITFELTS

upstate HOUSE

| SUMMER 2015 • 1 1


by Jessica Leigh Hester

In Bookstores by Nina Shengold

Hudson Valley Food & Farming: Why Didn’t Anyone Ever Tell Me That? TESSA EDICK

American Palate, 2014

FarmOn! Foundation founder and executive director Edick pens an eloquent love letter to Hudson Valley farmers, detailing 400 years of local farming traditions and the resurgence of family farms in today’s locavore foodie culture. Eating local is good for your health, good for the local economy, and (by minimizing shipping and packaging) good for the planet. Hudson Valley residents are surrounded by a seasonal bounty of mesclun greens, farmstand tomatoes, sweet corn, heirloom apples, artisanal cheeses, and grass-fed meats. Urging readers to “meet your farmer,” Edick includes indexes of farmers’ markets and food-to-table restaurants. Renowned chef and Edible Schoolyard founder Alice Waters says, “There’s a harmonic convergence in the Hudson Valley now.” Hear, hear!


Running Press, 2015

There’s no place like home, especially when it’s a sprawling Hudson Valley farmhouse nicknamed Big Red. When intrepid middle schooler Kate Marino’s parents put her beloved home on the market, she pulls out all the stops to stave off the sale. When a realtor pops cookies in the oven for a “homey” smell, Kate stashes cowflops inside a beanbag chair. Altebrando captures the urgency of tween emotions and friendship dynamics, and gets the local populations just right: Kate’s parents are a freelance graphic designer/songwriter and a part-time event planner, her bestie Stella’s father commutes from Poughkeepsie to New York by train, and her friend-maybe-crush Naveen is the son of a bank manager and a college professor. And when one home’s door closes, another one opens.

Perennial Favorites Sol Flower Farm. With flower farm manager Angela DeFelice, owner Andy Szymanowicz sows and tends dozens of varieties of annuals and perennials on his 30-acre farm in Millerton, which also houses a vegetable-and-flower CSA and farm market. Szymanowicz and painter and local floral designer Emily Sartor weave the organically grown, seasonal blooms into custom arrangements for special events. The creations—often starring herbs, dahlias, or clematis—are inspired by the woody, rolling landscape and meant to evoke “what’s going on in the garden at any given point,” says Sartor. AVAILABLE ONLINE AT SOLFLOWERFARM.COM


online at upstatehouse.com


Excelsior Editions, 2014

The Hudson Valley is much more than farmland. Capitol Story is a tribute to the magisterial 19th-century New York State Capitol building that sits like Queen Victoria alongside the modernist Empire State Plaza. With chapters detailing its 30-year construction, warring teams of architects, and excessive spending, the granite colossus may strike some as an apt metaphor for state government. Period photos show men in top hats posing atop the foundation and artisanal carvings of J. Fenimore Cooper, Frederick Douglass, and Susan B. Anthony on the Great Western Staircase. Roseberry’s book debuted in 1964, with a second edition in 1982. This expanded edition includes a new chapter by Diana S. Waite on recent restorations and new photos by Gary David Gold, bringing the Albany landmark into the 21st century.

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Auc tioneers

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“We sell the earth and everything on it.” upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 1 3


At Home, on the Land

Finding the Next Generation of Farmhouses By Julie Schwietert Collazo | Photos by Francisco Collazo | Illustration by Kaitlin Van Pelt


arming has always been big business Upstate, not just as part of our livelihood but as part of our identity. In 2012, agriculture in the Hudson Valley was a $4 billion business, occupying 17 percent of the region’s land. While the outlook for American farming is a bit bleak according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, which reports that the country has lost nearly four million farms in the past 80 years, the industry here is still thriving, with more women and younger people taking to the fields. The stories of how these next-generation farmers are drawn to work the land and tend livestock are diverse. There are single people, couples, and families who have dabbled in urban farming or finance and opted for a career change, and those that come straight out of school, heading for the fields. Despite the many hardships of farm life—the hard labor, the patience it requires, the delayed financial gratification, and the omnipotent force of weather— these newcomers are committed to the long haul when it comes to making their living off the land. Not only do they want their lives to have a more focused purpose, but they also want others to benefit from the literal fruits of their labors.


online at upstatehouse.com

These newcomers are committed to the long haul when it comes to making their living off the land. They do so in an increasingly complex farming landscape, one in which environmental uncertainties—climate change chief among them—present more challenges with each passing year. In addition, foodshed-conscious consumers demand more of farmers than ever before. They want to know if their prospective purchases are organic, local, sustainable, and ethical, subjecting farmers to a rigorous checklist of criteria. It’s not the easy life, they agree, but it’s one that brings both joy and satisfaction.


Red Hook, New York Michael Robertson and Kallie Weinkle Robertson


ichael and Kallie were both actively involved in urban farming when they lived in New York City. He was agricultural director of the Queens County Farm Museum, and she worked at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm. But they reached a point, Michael says, when they had to make a decision: “Get in or get out.” The city didn’t have the kind of acreage or opportunities Michael needed to grow as a farmer, so in 2010 he bought a farmhouse and land in the Dutchess County town of Red Hook. After getting engaged to Michael, Kallie moved up to the farm as well; they were married there in June 2014. In 2010, they founded Sawkill Farm, a livestock farm on 60 acres in Red Hook. They farm full-time, aided by one extra employee. Michael preps animals for slaughter while Kallie trucks Sawkill’s beef, pork, lamb, and eggs to New York City farmers’ markets each week. There’s not a lot of downtime to nest in their farmhouse, built, they think, in the 1920s. Still, there are homey touches everywhere: a soft, thick-textured throw on the couch, vintage toy tractors, a chalkboard where Kallie has written Michael a “Be right back” love note, and a crackling fire, which, they joke, is the only warm spot in the house. It’s a sweet retreat, especially after a day spent trimming animal hooves and shoveling manure. “When it’s the worst part of your job and you’re still enjoying it,” says Michael, “it’s not about whether it’s popular. It’s about doing what you love to do.” Top right: The barn at Sawkill Farm. Right: Michael and Kallie enjoy a rare moment of downtime in front of the fireplace.


New Paltz, New York Lily Dougherty-Johnson


rafty doors and a peculiar shade of pink paint don’t seem to bother Lily Dougherty-Johnson, who moved into her New Paltz farmhouse in November 2014 along with fellow farmer Leanna Mulvihill of Four Legs Farm. The house, which dates to 1886, along with 330 acres of farmland and a classic big red barn framed by the Shawangunk Mountains, is part of the support the women receive as inaugural members of the Hudson Valley Farm Business Incubator. The Incubator is intended to provide all of the tangible and logistical support young farmers need to get started with their agricultural businesses. Over the next three years, Incubator staff will help Dougherty-Johnson and Mulvihill identify and transition to their own homes and land after they complete the program. Dougherty-Johnson, who has apprenticed on other farms, is looking forward to the change of seasons, when she’ll start farming in earnest. The project, which she has named Lily Farm, will have her growing herbs, edible flowers, and asparagus, as well as raising laying hens for eggs, all of which she plans to sell at local markets. Until then, she stakes out a spot in front of the woodstove—which Mulvihill, who will be raising pigs and lambs for a 150-member CSA, tends—to refine her planting, marketing, and selling plans. She also continues to discover and adjust to the quirks of the farmhouse. “I think that pink is growing on me,” she says. Left: Lily Dougherty-Johnson sits at her kitchen table in New Paltz.

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 1 5


Stuyvesant, New York Taylor and Courtney Tribble, with their children, Celandine and Ava


ny house that’s as historic as the one in which farmers Taylor and Courtney Tribble live in Stuyvesant, New York—it dates to the 1870s—would have a warm, lived-in feel. But there’s something about the Tribbles’ house that really makes it charming and inviting: the carefree way in which their children, Ava and Celandine, ages 3 and 9, play. Ava rides her new trike over the wood floor in furiously fast circles while Celandine plays the recorder and shows visitors a refrigerator gallery of her artwork. Baskets of dolls and toys, including a model farmhouse complete with a toy pig and an assortment of the same kinds of vegetables you’d find on the Tribbles’ farm, line the living room. The Tribbles’ arrangement is a unique one. While they don’t own their house—it belongs to Amy Brown and Paul Colatrella, the owners of organic-certified Red Oak Farm—Taylor and Courtney have lived in it for nearly a decade. They’re the full-time farmers, cultivating and harvesting vegetables, herbs, berries, and apples. Brown and Colatrella, who themselves lived in Manhattan until recently decamping to a Westchester suburb, bought the house and farm about 10 years ago and were matched with the Tribbles through Cornell University’s Farmer Landowner Match Program, which helps farm owners find caretakers and managers to oversee day-to-day operations. It’s a win-win for both couples and their families, who work side-by-side on weekends. When they’re on-site, Brown and Colatrella occupy a barn they gut-rehabbed, converting it into a comfortable modern retreat with soaring ceilings and loft nooks perfect for holing up and reading when farm duties are done.

Clockwise from top right: Courtney prepares tea made with herbs from the farm's own gardens; Taylor, Celandine, Ava, and Courtney Tribble in the living room of their 19th-century farmhouse; Ava enjoys the spacious farmhouse, which is perfect for trike riding.


online at upstatehouse.com

A comfortable modern retreat perfect for holing up and reading when farm duties are done.

hudson valley furniture makers hvfurnituremakers.com




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“A home is to be enjoyed and lived in. It should have quiet elegance and be unpretentious.” ~Mari Kirwood 92 Partition St , Saugerties NY 845-418-3270 GreenInSaugerties@gmail.com short term lodging available luxury suites

2 1 Ea s t M a r ke t St r e e t, S uite 2, Rh ine be ck , NY 1 25 7 2 ( 8 4 5 ) 8 7 6 - 4 8 4 8 • mar i@ mar ik ir wood.com MARIKIRWOOD.COM

Interior Design

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 17



Charming, Prosperous, and Affordable By Susan Piperato | Photos by David Morris Cunningham


hatham is so charming that it’s claimed as a local highlight by the Berkshires region, 15 miles away over the Massachusetts state border, as well as the Hudson Valley, where it officially belongs. Situated in Columbia County’s northeastern corner, Chatham is gaining popularity as a weekend destination, but is still not as overrun by tourists as some of its neighbors like Hudson or Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The 53.5-square-mile Town of Chatham is composed of five hamlets: East Chatham, North Chatham, Chatham Center, Old Chatham, and Chatham Village, its center. It is surrounded by rolling hills, many of which are dotted with farms, horse corrals, or elegant Colonial homes, and more than half of Chatham’s 96 miles of roads remain unpaved. Settled by Dutch farmers and English Quakers, Chatham thrived at first as an agricultural center. Though Chatham Village is still a one-stoplight town, it prospered as a transportation hub well into the mid-1900s. In its heyday, more than 100 trains arrived and departed daily. Although the Amtrak train still races through several times a day, it no longer stops there; Hudson is the closest station.

MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $51,528 (village); $75,954 (town)

TRANSPORTATION: Chatham is located at the intersection of New York State Routes 66 and 203, near entrances to both the Taconic State Parkway and US Interstate 90. The Amtrak station stop is in Hudson, 20 miles away.

PROXIMITY TO MAJOR CITY: 131 miles to New York City, 30 miles to Albany

NEAREST HOSPITAL: Columbia Memorial Hospital is 20 miles away, in Hudson.

ZIP CODE: 12037 POPULATION: 1,742 (village); 4,128 (town)


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THE SCENE Today, the area is popular for farming and culinary enterprises. The Chatham Farmers Market, held at Chatham Real Food Co-Op from June through October, features the products of more than 50 local farms and artisanal kitchens, including Old Chatham Sheepherding Farm, which supplies organic cheese, yogurt, and lamb to restaurants throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City. Unlike other Hudson Valley towns, Chatham has managed to preserve most of its historic architecture and original village layout, wherein lies its greatest appeal. Downtown is walkable and features a village green with a gazebo in its center where bands perform in the summer. Most of the Victorian storefronts are intact and occupied with interesting businesses, including a variety of restaurants, art galleries, a brewery, a general store, and many shops. At the start of Main Street stands a pendulum clock tower, built in 1872, the only one of its type still in original condition. At the opposite end is the 1811 Inn, Chatham’s oldest building. Along the railroad tracks stands the Romanesque Revival-style Union Station, built in 1887, which now houses the National Union Bank of Kinderhook.

SCHOOLS: Mary E. Dardess Elementary School, Chatham Middle School, and Chatham High School. Nearby private schools include Faith Christian Academy schools (pre-K through 12), 11 miles away in Stottville and 20 miles away in Hudson; Bard College at Simon’s Rock (10th grade through bachelor’s degree), 11 miles away in Great Barrington, Massachusetts; Berkshire County Day

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Opposite: Art Deco-style Crandell Theatre shows first-run films at modest prices. Above: Leucantha, a sculpture by Philip Grausman at the OMI International Arts Center in nearby Ghent.

Chadds Ford, PA: 299 Rt. 202 • 610-459-0805


Chatham has always been a prosperous town and evidence of its grand past can be seen throughout the village. For instance, the public library sports an original Tiffany window, and a former ballroom now serves as the village hall. Although Chatham tends to appeal to people who prefer a slower pace, it offers plenty of family-friendly activities. The Crandell Theatre, built in 1926 in Art Deco style, is a rare independently run cinema, showing firstrun films for just $5 per ticket. Community activities include the annual Summerfest in July, the Columbia County Fair in August, Rutland Railroad Day in October, and Winterfest in December. THE MARKET Chatham’s weekender population is growing, but its homes generally remain reasonably priced. In Chatham Village, a five-bedroom home built in 1890 recently sold for $167,000. In Old Chatham, a three-bedroom contemporary on almost 18 acres, including waterfront, sold for $475,000. And bargains can still be found: On Main Street an updated three-bedroom Colonial-style townhouse built in 1890 recently sold for just $39,000. Recent homes on the market include a converted antique icehouse on nearly two acres featuring a pond and wooden bridge, with a list price of $249,000. In Chatham Village, a large Colonial built in 1860 is priced at $155,000.

School (pre-K through 9), 12 miles away in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts; Sutherland School, 12 miles away in Nassau; St. Mary’s School, 16 miles away in Lee, Massachusetts; St. Patrick’s School, 18 miles away in Catskill; and Hawthorne Valley School (Waldorf education, pre-K through 12) and Columbia Christian Academy (1 through 12), both six miles away in Ghent. POINTS OF INTEREST: Crandell Theatre, Chatham Brewery; Mac-Haydn Theatre-in-the-Round, 1811 House, the Fields at Omi Sculpture Park, Hudson-Chatham Winery (Ghent); Ooms Conservation Area; Kinderhook Lake; Roxbury Farm Market (Kinderhook); Shaker Museum (Mt. Lebanon); Shaker Library (Old Chatham); Old Chatham Country Store.

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The Best of Both Worlds By Susan Piperato | Photos by Thomas Smith


ome say the village of Warwick, located less than five miles north of the New York / New Jersey border, is the best of upstate towns: the convenient urbanity of the downstate suburbs mixed with the bucolic farms and outdoor adventures of Upstate. Warwick was founded in the 1700s as settlers were drawn to the abundant, unusually fertile farmland—the fabled “black dirt” that today produces a quarter of the nation’s onion crop—and the Wawayanda Creek (which ambles next to Main Street). Once the Warwick Valley Railroad set up headquarters here in 1860, Warwick became a hub of activity. The commerce that was brought in helped the nascent village’s cultural and economic scenes to flourish, bolstering its scores of apple orchards and dairy farms, many of which are still here. But with the village’s financial health tied to the railroad industry, the advent of the automobile in the 20th century proved disastrous. Warwick began to crumble. Undeterred by the promise of malls and shopping centers, the citizens of Warwick decided to protect the farmlands surrounding the town and double down on Main Street, putting in plenty of parking, planting trees, and striving to maintain the architecture that defined the village center. It seemed crazy at the time, but


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PROXIMITY TO MAJOR CITY: 45 miles to New York City, 118 miles to Albany

Warwick had the last laugh as the very anachronistic qualities that it fought to save are currently in vogue. Today, its inviting, walkable, and historic Main Street is a small-town delight, with numerous appealing side streets and alleys revealing ever more shops and eateries, and giving the impression that there’s always more to discover here. THE SCENE Warwick trends older than much of the Hudson Valley, with the median age averaging at 46 years as opposed to the state average of 41.Those forward-thinking citizens who laid the groundwork for the village’s revival back in the 1960s are quite content to stick around and enjoy the fruits of their long-ago labors. But their grown children, now starting families of their own, are in no rush to leave either. Add the influx of young New York City expats who are coming to Warwick seeking greener pastures, and Main Street is getting just a little bit hipper each month. Rustic antiques shops and elegant jewelry stores remain, but now there are Pilates studios, surf-themed taco joints, family-oriented brewpubs that double as dog-adoption centers, and plenty of places to load up on local craft beers, wines,

TRANSPORTATION: NJ Transit’s Tuxedo station, on the Port Jervis line, is 16 miles away; during rush hour the trip to Penn Station averages around an hour and five minutes. The New York State Thruway is also 16 miles to the east, and Newburgh’s Stewart International Airport is 25 miles to the north.

NEAREST HOSPITAL: St. Anthony Community Hospital is right in the village. SCHOOLS: Warwick’s school system is one of the village’s main draws ranking between a 7 and a 9 out of 10 on GreatSchools.org. Many of the teachers have been there long enough that they’re now teaching the children of

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Opposite: Apple picking at Pennings Orchard. Above: Sparkling cider is served at Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery.

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and hard ciders. Eateries like Eddie’s Roadhouse and Conscious Fork boast of their commitment to the sustainable agriculture being grown right outside of the village, a scene that’s celebrated every fall when 30,000 people descend on Warwick for Applefest. And the Hudson Valley Jazz Festival originally began as the Warwick Jazz Festival, as a way of capitalizing on the abundance of professional jazz musicians who all happen to call Warwick home. The festival neatly sums up what the Warwick of today is slowly becoming known for: a mix of sophistication and funkiness. THE MARKET You can spend under $200,000 on a tiny three-bedroom ranch-style house from the 1950s or drop over a million on a historic Dutch Revival or Georgian Manor from the 1800s. While the median house value of $281,336 is only about $400 above the state average, the majority of the homes are either on the high end or in the sub-$200,000 range. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing in the middle, but if you’ve got your eye on one of the village’s many charming original Victorian homes valued between $400,000 and $600,000, be prepared to dig your heels in and wait: Once people put roots down in Warwick, they’re loathe to leave. Warwick Grove, a New Urbanist-style development recently built on the outskirts of the village, is abundant with new, midpriced federals, Greek Revivals, and cottage-style homes built to contemporary, eco-friendly standards.

their original students. But as Warwick continues to grow younger and more adventurous, alternative private schools are beginning to appear: Both Montessori and Waldorf schools can now be found nearby. POINTS OF INTEREST: Greenwood Lake, Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery, Noble Pies Café, Eddie’s Roadhouse, Conscious Fork, Appalachian Trail, Baird’s Tavern

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Out with the Old, in with the New Old The New Old Farmhouse Replaces the Fixer-Upper


By Niva Dorell Smith | Photos by Deborah DeGraffenreid

he first farmhouse Chuck Petersham built was inspired by a 19th-century farmhouse that he saw one day while driving through the Hudson Valley. His “muse” had the clean lines and pleasing proportions of the Hudson Valley vernacular farmhouse: a wraparound porch, a fireplace, and long-plank floors. “It was a perfect little house,” he recalls. Instead of trying to buy that house, Petersham, who had left his life in New York City and discovered an affinity for building and design, decided to both replicate and reinvent it, keeping the aesthetic of the exterior while modernizing the inside. He changed the floor plan, ceiling heights, windows, heating and cooling options, and plumbing: a “new old farmhouse.” That was in 2003. Today, at an average of 20 new homes per year, Petersham’s company, Catskill Farms, creates prime examples of homes that look like farmhouses of old, with a clothes-on-the-line feel but with modern amenities.

upstate HOUSE

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The shape of the house is a very conventional one with a barn-style roof pitch and wraparound decks. Petersham’s certainly not alone. In our region and beyond, a growing number of architects are beginning to specialize in this type of new old-house design. Hudson-based architects Dennis Wedlick and Alan Barlis designed the Claverack Homestead, a 12-acre compound including a white clapboard farmhouse, guesthouse, and garage, which features the classic farmhouse-steep roof with oversize windows and two-story, screened porches. Claverack-based architect Angela Patterson, who used to design stores for Calvin Klein, now designs a different kind of new old home: rural lofts that feature eight-foot-square sliding barn doors, customized Thermopane windows, low wraparound decks, exterior roofs of corrugated aluminum, and 14-inch-thick walls. Drew Lange is the architect behind Hudson Woods, a 131-acre development located 100 miles north of New York City in Kerhonkson. The 26 homes don’t necessarily look old, but, says Lange, “The shape of the house is a very conventional one.” His clients, he says, are drawn to the homes’ classic, barn-style roof pitch and their wraparound decks. It’s “the alternative of a new home that’s not just a turn-key solution, but one that’s high-performing, relatively easy to maintain, and has a relatively low cost to operate.”

Right: The classic shape and utilitarian structure of a Hudson Woods home. Below: New old homes offer the aesthetic feedback of an older home but with the functionality of modern technology.


online at upstatehouse.com

Clockwise from left: An innovative use of space creates an office nook; Mixing modern and rustic materials in the bathroom; Buyers want to spend more time enjoying their home rather than fixing it.

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 2 5

Photo by Reto Guntli This modern and sustainable take on a classic farmhouse style, the Saltbox Colonial, was designed by Alan Barlis and Dennis Wedlick of BarlisWedlick Architects.



online at upstatehouse.com

“Compellingness doesn’t come with age. It comes with other talents, like taste and restraint and good design.” “The number one attribute that a new old home can have over an ‘old’ old home is the energy efficiency,” says Petersham. “How efficient you can make a home these days has a dramatic impact on somebody’s operating costs, which has a dramatic impact on their enjoyment of their home.” In a new old home, the heating bill can be as low as $140 per month. In an old home heated by oil, it can be $500 per month. This may be why some younger buyers, especially those coming from New York City in search of a vacation home, are opting for these homes. Prospective buyers, according to Petersham, are typically 28-to-45-year-old professionals who have been priced out of buying a home in the city and continue to rent there. They want a house Upstate that provides a respite from city life, not an expensive, year long “This Old House” renovation project. Some of these buyers are willing to pay more to have the look without the work. DeWayne Powell, a real estate agent at Halstead Property who specializes in the Hudson Valley, says that “on the whole, the buyer who wants a farmhouse, and who’s not stuck in the aesthetic of pre-1860s, is willing to pay a premium for a new-looking farmhouse in order to avoid all the issues that come with an old house.” Over the past year, the median selling price for pre1860 farmhouse properties was $332,500. For post-2007 farmhouse properties, the median selling price was $404,000. Petersham’s biggest sellers are those in the $300,000-to-$500,000 range. It’s a challenge, he says, for buyers “to find a little cottage or a little farmhouse that is reasonably controllable in cleaning, upkeep, prices, and value, and to find that in a moderate scale of 1500 to 1800 square feet.” In addition to wanting low-maintenance but historical-looking homes, he says, people want smaller homes. They also want an easy process. Catskill Farms offers a whole-system design approach to new home building. Petersham and his team advise and guide buyers through not just building the new home, but also the area that best suits them, from Sullivan County to Columbia County. They discuss the price point buyers should be in based on their house parameters, what that’s going to cost in a mortgage, what bank they should use, even what lawyer to use if they need one. Buyers may choose a farmhouse style, a cottage, or a barn (there’s also a midcentury ranch). Catskill Farms buys the land, then designs and builds the house—a version of spec development also offered by Hudson Woods; Blu Homes, a company that designs, builds, and delivers prefab homes; and New World Home, a company that specializes in new old green homes. “Instead of eight months, it’s going to take four,” says Petersham. “You’re going to be in this home by the time the season changes,” he says. To the buyers who are reluctant to let go of the notion of a romantic old home, Petersham insists that new construction can be just as dynamic, interesting, and compelling. “Compellingness doesn’t come with age,” he says. “It comes with other talents, like taste and restraint and good design.” And yet there are those for whom an old, old house still reigns. They want the sense of history, the craftsmanship that even the best-made new, old house can’t quite replicate. “When I think farmhouse, I think something that was built certainly before the 1900s, when there really was farming on a large scale in Columbia County,” says Powell, who himself owns an old old house. In the end, he says, it all comes down to the buyer’s aesthetic. “There’s a certain buyer who won’t settle for anything,” he says, “other than old.”

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Natural Selection

A Renovation in Garrison is Inspired by the Verdant Land Around It By Jessica Leigh Hester | Photos by Steffen Thalemann


imball Richmond fondly recalls childhood summers spent in her hometown of Shaker Heights, Ohio, playing barefoot in the grass after barbeque dinners and experiencing nature up close. It wasn’t easy to re-create that magic in the Tribeca loft she shares with her husband, Rodney, and three children: Lulu, 16, Jackson, 13, and Riley, 9. “I wanted my kids to be able to look for frogs or hear crickets,” says Richmond. In 2009 the family rented a seasonal retreat near New Paltz. The two-hour drive was too taxing for a busy brood with multiple commitments, and when they happened to pass a house for sale in Garrison, Richmond jumped at the chance. When traffic’s light, the journey is only 40 minutes from the George Washington Bridge. The house, though, was unremarkable. It reminded her of a quaint cottage— tiny and neat, but lacking in character. “It was just a little white box with ugly, asbestos-filled siding,” says Richmond. Plus, it had an outdated design, including a galley-style kitchen with linoleum floors and ancient appliances.

Top: A screened porch, outdoor eating space, and balcony offer wooded views. Left: The Richmond family gathers in the living room.

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 3 1

Mastering the farmhouse look was a matter of fabricating and installing dĂŠcor that created the sense of a cozy, timeless spread.



online at upstatehouse.com

The selling point, says Richmond, was the land. “We saw it in May, and the dogwoods and azaleas were all in bloom,” she says. A stream runs through the 3.75-acre property, and since it’s situated on a hill, they could glimpse the Hudson River. There was plenty of grass to serve as a soccer pitch, and nearby woods invited exploration. Ultimately, the lush landscape trumped any trepidation about the underwhelming abode. Richmond felt confident that the inside could be renovated to complement the irresistible greenery. For the design, she wanted to take a cue from the land that captivated her. “We loved the property so much that we wanted to see it from everywhere. We thought a lot about windows and light and line of sight throughout,” she says. “We knew that nature should be part of the house.” To update the interior of the 2,000-square-foot space, the family enlisted Juhee Lee-Hartford, founding partner of River Architects, which relocated from Battery Park City to Cold Spring in 2005. “We interviewed two architects from the city, but I really liked Juhee and felt that it would be good to have someone who knew the local codes and tradesmen,” says Richmond. Lee-Hartford was tasked with reimagining the cramped quarters as an airy, open space filled with light. Her mission: to maximize functional space within a limited footprint. Extra closets at the top of the stairs were nixed in favor of a multitasking library that doubles as a guest room. Lulu’s bedroom boasts a reading nook accessed by a firehouse-style ladder. High ceilings lend a sense of spaciousness without adding square footage.

Top: In the dining room, industrial-inspired chairs from Crate & Barrel surround a rustic wooden table from Restoration Hardware. Left: The rolling “barn doors” are actually fabricated from wood salvaged from a water tank. Opposite page (from top): The kitchen island provides much-needed storage and counter space; Clean lines give the staircase a modern silhouette; The Richmonds left the windows bare to let sunlight stream in; The brick fireplace—original to the home—got a muted makeover.

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 3 3

A limited color palette and high-contrast finishes such as burnt, blackened wood against white surfaces add a modern touch “It’s not the glass-door-modern way of bringing the natural in,” notes LeeHartford. Instead of sleek floor-to-ceiling windows, a breezy screened porch offers panoramic views of the property. Richmond wanted to evoke a modern farmhouse aesthetic. Since the 1960s-era home was far from a historic homestead, this wasn’t a matter of paring down or restoring good bones. Instead, mastering the look was a matter of fabricating and installing décor that created the sense of a cozy, timeless spread. General contractor Tom Ptacek mixed reclaimed and new materials to achieve the look. Sturdy, well-hewn beams in the master bedroom were fashioned from felled trees on the property. “We think of them as ‘beams from the garden,’” says Lee-Hartford. Ptacek also constructed “barn doors” from planks of wood from a dismantled water tank—supplies he amassed through bartering work for St. Basil Academy, a local school. The crew at a local lumberyard applied a weathering treatment to new wooden planks, giving the knotty floors an elegantly aged appearance. A limited color palette and high-contrast finishes such as burnt, blackened wood against white surfaces add a modern touch, preventing the space from feeling like a period room frozen in time. And yet, of course, it’s not frozen. The mood of the house shifts with the passing time and with the seasons. “I love seeing the light filter through the trees and the way it changes throughout the day,” says Richmond. “It’s my happy place.”


online at upstatehouse.com

This page: Pops of emerald and grassy green complement the view from the windows in the master bedroom. Opposite (top to bottom): The boys’ room has a camping vibe, courtesy of bunk-style headboards from Charles P. Rogers; To maximize storage in the daughter’s room, clever clothing racks roll out from the wall.

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 3 5

“I love seeing the light filter through the trees and the way it changes throughout the day. It’s my happy place.”

A ladder leads to a light-filled reading nook in the daughter’s bedroom. The daughter’s all-white room is enlivened by a mirrored vanity and textured drawer pulls.


online at upstatehouse.com

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hen it comes to home furnishings, “Make it modern” has been the reigning mantra. Sites like Dwell and Ikea push their interpretation of the clean lines and polished wood of the Danish modern age, for dream houses and modest habitats alike. While sleek remains chic, shabby still has its place. In fact, the two can cohabitate. Modern farmhouse furniture combines both worlds: solid wood and Shaker designs with stripped-down silhouettes and unique details, the blending of contemporary style and rustic charm. Think of a Windsor chair without the frills, a simple wood bedframe with a live edge, or a sawbuck dining table that complements country home or city loft, each blending the Old World and the New World in a unique way. These are products that are handmade and homegrown, or at least designed to look like it. Upstate furniture makers are jumping on the modern farmhouse wagon—or perhaps they’re even steering it. Germantown-based designer Jason Roskey and his wife Maggie Goudsmit, a photographer, founded Fern in 2009. The couple moved upstate from Brooklyn in 2011 and opened up a showroom in Hudson. Roskey enjoys access to small local mills that dry the wood just how he likes it, to retain its true color. “People are moving away from big-box-type furniture to solid wood stuff,” says Roskey, who notes an influx of fellow artisans drawn to Upstate New York’s resources and rural heritage. His work is inspired by Adirondack and Shaker styles that have roots in the region, with added elements of Danish and Japanese design. After the Barn founder Bob Staab has been crafting furnishings from dismantled barns for more than a decade. Based in Orange County, he now operates a showroom in nearby Beacon, where orders have soared from a few tables a month to a few per week. A traditionalist and history buff, Staab builds in the style of 18th- and 19th-century woodworkers, employing mortise-and-tenon joinery and recycled nails, when necessary, for support. His best customers, he says, are those who appreciate the wood and “those who want to make a difference and who have style.” Both Roskey and Staab cite a broad clientele that includes Upstaters, weekenders, and out-of towners. Outside the Hudson Valley, the style is thriving, too. For example, Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek creates clean-lined furnishings from paint-weathered, recycled scrap wood. Even mainstream retailers like Crate & Barrel are touting selections that fit the modern farmhouse bill, carving a place for shabby-chic in any modern, midcentury home. Here, we’ve culled an assortment of authentic farmhouse-style furniture from local designers who meld high design and classic craftsmanship. Each piece incorporates both rustic and modern elements and adds character to a cleanly designed room.

Modern farmhouse furniture combines both worlds: solid wood and Shaker designs with stripped-down silhouettes and unique details.

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FARM TABLE AFTER THE BARN www.afterthebarn.com

After the Barn brings the farm to the table—literally. Owner Bob Staab and his two sons dismantle old barns and turn the historic beams, floors, and siding into custom, solid wood furnishings. This tulip wood table is built from the siding of a Maryland barn, the sweeping marks of a circle saw imbuing the surface with unique texture. The table is displayed at the showroom on Main Street in Beacon, along with a trove of reclaimed hardware, vintage ephemera, and handmade wooden art work to round out a rural-Americana vibe.

TERRA BED ASHER ISRAELOW www.asherisraelow.com

Decorators bring in rustic pieces to cultivate a welcoming vibe—and what’s more welcoming at the end of the day than your bed? While straightforward in its design, the Terra Bed forgoes rigid lines for an undulating, organic edge. The frame is made from locally sourced walnut with ebony and steel joinery that emphasizes the melding of styles. The Terra Bed is designed by New York City-based Asher Israelow, who calls it “modern, naturally.”


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“A nod to how simple and honest craft and building can be.”


Michael Robbins is a seventh-generation Upstate New Yorker who crafts furniture in the former wool factory that has become his Hudson Valley workshop. His Bridle Chair is a traversal of classic and modern aesthetics, with angular lines and a bridge-inspired brass arch that explores concepts of strength through tension. The leather-laminated seat is secured with copper tacks, “as a nod to how simple and honest craft and building can be.” Made of black walnut from the Catskills region, the chair is also available in white oak, ash, and cherry, all sourced in Upstate New York.


Designer Jonah Meyer, a self-described proponent of “rural American style,” has been making furniture in the Catskills for 15 years. Meyer draws on the heritage of the Hudson Valley to create Shaker-inspired pieces like this Sawkille Bench. Crafted from oxidized cherry, this slim-lined, stately seat is also superversatile: a fitting addition to a foyer, kitchen, sitting room, patio, or gallery. Sawkille Co.’s headquarters and showroom are located in Rhinebeck.

A fitting addition to a foyer, kitchen, sitting room, patio, or gallery. upstate HOUSE

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The Sawyer Dining Chair is one of Fern’s most popular pieces. It’s crafted from black walnut—a local wood—or claro walnut from California. “I was thinking about a way to make a chair, but have the focus be beyond the wood,” says designer Jason Roskey. He achieves this through stand-out design features like oversize stretchers and hand-carved, figured seats. Ingrained with old-school charm, this chair stands on its own or as a companion to a farm table or desk.

“I was thinking about a way to make a chair, but have the focus be beyond the wood.”


The Stand Up Guy Writing Desk from Samuel Moyer is a rustic take on the modern standing desk (all the rage in start-up offices from here to Silicon Valley). Aesthetically, it befits a modern farmhouse—or a 19thcentury countinghouse—but functionally it’s designed for today’s techie. The elevated desk is made of salvaged redwood with original bolt holes that provide convenient access for computer wires. Moyer lives and works alongside his wife, Casey Dzierlenga, here in the Hudson Valley. The couple prioritizes local, sustainable materials and even produces lumber using their own two-person chainsaw mill.

Aesthetically, it befits a modern farmhouse—but functionally it’s designed for today’s techie. 44

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Reminiscent of a piece you might find in the stable or workshop, the Far Sister Stool is simply timeless. “Threelegged stools are a calling card of sorts for furniture makers, or a way to exemplify personal aesthetic,” says designer Casey Dzierlenga. “For that reason, I enjoy recreating many primitive pieces with a more modern tone.” The stool pictured is built from white oak from a stormfelled tree found in Quaker Pennsylvania, with signature milk-paint accents. Dzierlenga’s influences include Scandinavian designs, her own “wiley relationship with the woods,” and the creative discourse generated among her fellow Upstate makers.

“I always sort of liked the overhang that you would see on more classic, traditional-style cabinetry like the large farmhouse hutches.”

SPRING CREDENZA FERN www.fernnyc.com

The Spring Credenza fulfills designer Jason Roskey’s vision for a veneerless solid wood cabinet that could be easily customized. The piece pictured includes ebonized wood legs, a bleached maple front, and oxidized oak casing. While most modern cabinetry favors 90-degree angles, Roskey wanted to incorporate a bit of old-world edge. “I always sort of liked the overhang that you would see on more classic, traditional-style cabinetry like the large farmhouse hutches,” he says. The paneled doors also bring in elements of Japanese design.

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A Convergence of Style, Luxury, and Efficiency Building Dreams. Whatever They May Be. Photos by Deborah DeGraffenreid


wo worlds converge at the contemporary craftsman-style home of Rich and Sita Spoto. Rich’s ruggedness and big-picture thinking combined with Sita’s sophistication and attention to detail came together when they created this 5,300-square-foot. home. It mirrors the rustic feel of its surroundings without compromising any of the modernday luxuries or details—a perfect representation of the husband and wife duo. Day to day, Rich handles the engineering, design, labor and management of each of the projects while Sita is in the office planning the details of the projects by ordering cabinets, doorknobs and everything else, including, literally, the kitchen sink, to keep each and every job running smoothly and on budget. Located in Pine Bush, NY, this is not only their dream home but their show house. The Spotos own the 12-year-old, Pine Bush-based realty and building company Woodchips Construction, a full-service construction organization building dreams by providing clients with construction management services from design through completion. The house is set back on a ¼ mile driveway and surrounded by 40 acres of woodlands, with an 18’ x 37’ outdoor pool, a pool house and a 4,000-square-foot barn. Inside the house there are five bedrooms, with a gas fireplace in the master bedroom; an oversized home office; two dining rooms; three living rooms; a fullyfunctioning (and well-stocked) bar with gas fireplace; sitting room; and a large kitchen with marble countertops. Key features include the oak doors and flooring with inlays, the seven shower heads in the main bathroom, the custom stonework in the fireplaces, cathedral ceilings, and the Restoration Hardware chandeliers. Outside there are 4,000 square-feet of patios with two balconies where the family of four—well seven if you include their three dogs—enjoy the great outdoors. What you don’t see are all the energy-efficient features that make living in this sizable house affordable. The energy costs are 70% less than those of a regular house due to its whole-house ventilation system, energy-star rated appliances, organic spray foam insulation—provided by Woodchips’ sister company, Ecotech Spray Foam , and efficient lighting.


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Although this is their own dream house, it is only one of many the Spotos have designed and built for other families. Since 2002, Woodchips Construction, Inc. has grown into a full-service construction organization, providing residential and commercial clients with general contracting and construction management services from design through construction. The company has built more than 40 homes throughout the Hudson Valley and has been lead builder/management team for countless other home and commercial build-outs and jobs. They also launched an excavation site work company, Woodchips Excavation, to complement the growing demands of the region. Rich and Sita built their company the same way they build their projects: brick by brick, day by day. Their passion for woodworking turned their company into one of Hudson Valley’s premier builders and it shows with every dream project they take on. Originally from the Rondout Valley, the high school sweethearts married young and were bit by the entrepreneurial bug early on and started several successful small businesses before deciding to take their dream to the next level. In 2002, Rich and Sita started Woodchips Construction and turned their love of building into yet another successful company. Sita has been working side by side with Rich since the early days of their marriage. With a background in art, and a keen eye for décor and accessories, she has found her niche at Woodchips as the detail enthusiast—and with a strong mind for organization, she keeps things running like a well-oiled machine. Rich takes immense pride in working one-on-one to ensure all needs, big and small, are met. In addition to unsurpassed craftsmanship and attention to detail, Rich and his team pay special and individual attention to each and every client, even those that, like Rich and his wife, have different styles. “Most people have an idea of what they want, but not how to pull together all the pieces, especially if it’s a couple with very different tastes,” says Rich. “We tend to look at the property, get to know our clients, and help them through the

entire design process.” That includes the big pieces, like designing the house’s layout, to the little ones, from doorknobs to light fixtures. “Working with clients to make sure their building process is a smooth and seamless process is almost an art,” said Sita. “Knowing what to get to make the house look good and have a cohesive interior design for the right price is a tall task, but it’s a fun job and I love seeing the finished product.” A certified Energy Star Builder, Woodchips Construction is at the forefront of emerging technologies and materials that enable them to build sustainable homes with advanced building products, making these luxurious homes energy efficient and affordable. They guarantee every job, whether it’s a custom-built home or renovation. They truly take the time to learn about each client’s needs and develop relationships that last well beyond the completion of a project. Woodchips Construction clients rest assured knowing they have the bestbuilt house on the market and that Rich and Sita built their dream home to fit within their budget; whatever that may have been. Rich and Sita understand that building a home will probably be the largest investment of someone’s life. It can seem overwhelming and daunting to many, but to them it’s just another day doing what they love.

$ 1 , 5 5 0,0 0 0 Built and Listed by Woodchips Construction, Inc. Rich and Sita Spoto WOODCHIPS CONSTRUCTION, INC. 845.744.3803 | woodchips02@gmail.com 252 Sinsabaugh Road, Pine Bush, NY 12566 woodchipsconstruction.com

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Spectacular panoramic river views from this new construction,

Charming New England style river front home with private deep water

low maintenance home. Open floor plan, radiant heat, Provenza

dock, beach, tiki bar. Unobstructed, gorgeous views. Spectacular

wood floors, stone fireplace, gourmet kitchen, master suite with

updated kitchen, private master suite with spa-like bathroom, balcony

spa-like bath, steam shower. Expansive rooms and windows take

overlooking the Hudson River. Bright lower level, also with fabulous

full advantage of the view. In-ground heated pool. Boat house

river views, features three bedrooms, bath, sauna, separate entrance.

also available with charming one-bedroom apartment with

Separate apartment over garage, more incredible views. Absolute

fireplace, ideal for family, guests, caretaker or rental. Town water,

move-in condition, could be turn key with furnishings available. No

sewer, natural gas. No train tracks. Minutes to Saugerties Village.

train tracks. Boat to many area restaurants. Minutes to Rondout


Waterfront and Downtown Kingston.

Main house $1,365,000; w/boat house $1,915,000. 37riverrdsaugerties.com

69 River Road, Esopus. $1,175,000. spinnakerhillonhudson.com

Magnificent panoramic river views from this river front ranch with separately deeded lot. 275’ of seawall, deep water, ramp, two lifts. City water and sewer. No train tracks. Easy access to Kingston Airport, Amtrak in Rhinecliff, I87. Minutes to Rondout waterfront, marina, restaurants.

Unique compound sits high above the Hudson River with fantastic panoramic river views, in-ground pool. Three homes for the price of one, on over 5 acres. Many possibilities, use your imagination. 7-20 Sands Dock, Marlboro. $1,350,000. 7-20sandsdocklane.com

Bright ranch with expansive river views; wall of windows, master bedroom suite, spacious new deck overlooking Hudson River. Bright lower level walkout. Excellent, move-in condition. Minutes to Walkway Over The Hudson, Metro North, Poughkeepsie restaurants.

Town of Lloyd. $625,000. 8casselroad.com


Licensed Associate R. E. Broker, SRES, ABR



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DianneMinogue.com C: 914.204.7120

Port Ewen. $2,750,000. 235tildenstreet.com

Incredible value in this legal two-family on extra wide lot, directly on beautiful Orange Lake, Town of Newburgh. Bright, many updates, fireplaces in living room, master bedroom and apartment. Fabulous apartment ideal for family, guests or rental. House also suitable as single family. Private dock, fantastic sunsets over the lake. Enjoy fishing, swimming, boating. Absolute move-in condition. Live on the water in this beautiful home for only $525,000. 50odellcircle.com

East Fishkill Brokerage 1989 Route 52, East Fishkill, NY 12533


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Experienced profes with in

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TEXT M346255 to 85377 “CLEMATIS COTTAGE” - Landmark Colonial Revival, c. 1890 set amidst 11+ acres w/ towering maples, this classic country “cottage” is fit for royalty! Meticulously maintained. Gracious 5600+ SF over 16 rooms, 8 fireplaces, 7+ BRs, 4.5 baths, award-winning kitchen, formal DR, expansive 26 ft LR, octagonal Chinese Room, screened veranda o’looks colorful gardens, pond and manicured grounds .Delightful international décor brightens every room.  Victorian pro greenhouse too! A singular offering for the historic house aficionado! $1,600,000 

RIVER FRONT FARMSTEAD- Magnificent 88 ACRE estate parcel with half mile frontage on the Wallkill River. Magnificent VIEWS, meadows and fruit orchards abound. Historic 3200 SF stone (c. 1770) main house offers 4 bedrooms & 3.5 baths, central AC, PLUS enchanting 2 BR “Arts & Crafts” era guest house, PLUS expansive barn and greenhouse, too! Pastoral meadows, pristine farm, POND and coveted “Gunks” views. KAYAK, FISH AND SWIM IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD. $1,425,000

TEXT M439924 to 85377

TEXT M326464 to 85377 EXTRAORDINARY VIEWS!Significant 86 ACRE estate parcel with total privacy, stunning VIEWS and swimmable POND. Singular and exciting contemporary (2007) main residence  is airy, open and luxuriously appointed throughout – 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, fab gourmet kitchen, family/media room with fireplace, wine cellar & views everywhere! Amenities include spectacular 700+ SF guest space over 3 car garage PLUS add’l building site ready. Paradise found! $1,295,000

TEXT M345450 to 85377 YOU CAN SEE FOREVER!- Expansive VIEWS across the Hudson valley & beyond from your own private 162 ACRE nature preserve! Hiking trails, streams, waterfalls & rock cliffs adj. protected lands. Elegant simplicity defines the cedar contempo residence featuring airy south facing sun warmed spaces, massive stone fireplace in cathedral Great Room, DR, family/media room, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, lovely pine floors, loft, expansive deck PLUS in ground saline POOL for summer fun! Stunning naturist’s paradise. $1,250,000

HAVE IT ALL- Unique 3.9 acre compound just minutes to Woodstock! Stylishly updated main vintage farmhouse features 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, fab gourmet eat-in kitchen w/ copper counters & cozy stone fireplace, large FDR opens to wrap decking, 20 ft. LR, family/media room w/ additional fireplace, wood floors, 23 ft MBR w/ luxe bath, steam shower. The 2 car det. garage offers private guest space over PLUS there’s a privately sited 2 unit cottage (studio & 1 BR) for INCOME or extended family. The gorgeous site with estate ambiance encloses IG POOL, hot tub, pond & fenced organic garden. UNIQUE! $989,000

Call Amy Levine, Associate RE Broker, 914-388-7393

Call Brenda Graf, RE Salesperson or Rose Koplovitz, Assoc. RE Bkr, 845-679-7321 x 111

WOODSTOCK ELEGANCE- Perfectly luxurious 4800+ SF combines classic detail and a contemporary open plan. Superbly crafted in 2002 for intimate living and easy entertaining, this gracious first offering features 4 BRs including a lavish 1275 SF MBR suite with deluxe spa bath, 4 full baths, cozy fireplaces in 26 ft LR, MBR and exceptional gourmet kitchen with professional grade appointments and Italian marble, grand 22 ft dining room, library, den or home office, cathedral beamed ceilings, skylights, radiant heated red oak flooring, French doors open to stone patio and sun drenched deck. Top quality and artisanal finishes throughout.  Nestled on 2.3 park-like acres just moments to town. $1,100,000

TEXT M110885 to 85377

Call Naomi Castillo-Smith, Lic. Assoc. RE Bkr., mobile 845-389-6528 NEW PALTZ (845) 255-9400 50

online at upstatehouse.com

WOODSTOCK (845) 679-0006

WEST HURLEY (845) 679-7321

KINGSTON (845) 340-1920

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STONE RIDGE (845) 687-0232

sionals serving the mid-Hudson region since 1977 tegrity, knowledge, and commitment.

TEXT M423934 to 85377 PURE ENCHANTMENTHistorically significant church c.1898 in Cragsmoor art colony has been repurposed into a fabulous residence. Stunning interior features soaring beamed ceilings, polished concrete floors, fabulous country gourmet kitchen,  ensuite  MBR plus  add’l BR with cozy nook, 45’ living room, 26’ family/media room, bluestone patio & terraced gardens. Abutting conservancy lands insure integrity. ONE-OF-KIND! $299,000

TEXT M442651 to 85377 HISTORIC STONE ESTATE - 13+ acres with sweeping lawns and pristine pond. Impeccably renovated 4200 SF historic stone colonial c. 1780 with 4 fireplaces, wideboard floors, beams, fabulous gourmet kitchen, 24 ft LR, formal DR, 4 generous BRs, 3.5 baths, guest apartment over 2 bay carriage house PLUS separate 2 BR, 2 bath guest/caretaker’s house. Expansive stone patio o’looks lushly landscaped in ground pool. SIMPLY SUPERB! $1,250,000

TEXT M448250 to 85377 25 ACRE ESTATE- Expansive 4500 SF contemporary Colonial with guest cottage, IG pool and gorgeous landscape. Generously proportioned rooms flow perfectly. Four  BRs incl. first floor  MBR suite with luxe bath, 3,5 baths, fireplaces in formal LR & fab gourmet kitchen, formal DR, hardwood floors, central AC, 23 ft family/media room, den/ office, library & more. An exceptional setting with pastoral views everywhere! $895,000

TEXT M440473 to 85377

TEXT M404930 to 85377 COLONIAL GEM- Quality constructed modern Colonial perfectly site on 3+ New Paltz acres on a quiet dead end road. Gracious floor plan features 31 ft living room with cozy fireplace, formal dining room, expansive  EI kitchen  o’looking large deck, 4 generous bedrooms incl. ensuite MBR, 3.5 baths, home office, bonus room PLUS walk out fully finished lower level  with exercise room, rec room & add’l BR. SO HANDSOME! $429,000

Call Mary Ellen Flemming, Assoc. RE Bkr., 845-399-5762

VACATION AT HOME- Expansive 3200+ SF Woodstock contemporary on 4 well secluded country acres just moments to town. Perfect open floor plan with cathedral ceilings, fireplaces in Great Room and ensuite MBR, gorgeous walnut floors, 5 BRs for family & friends, 3 full baths, home office & central AC. All main level rooms open to nature’s bounty PLUS heated in-ground POOL & cabana for warm weather fun! $575,000

TEXT M354869 to 85377 “RONDALE”- Irreplaceable 65 ACRE Stone Ridge estate in AAA location. Main 1710 Dutch stone house features abundant original detail over 3000 SF, 4 BRs, 3 full baths, Dutch doors, wide boards, fireplaces, builtins & library. Plus separate guest house with quaint knotty pine & stone fireplace, 3 car garage, horse barn with 4 stalls, tack room & hay loft and acres of fenced pastures. The singular “stream fed” pool boasts a sweet stone pool house and a stream fed pond is stocked with bass.  Natural woodlands frame it all! SUPERB!  $1,700,000

Call Jeff Serouya, Lic. Assoc. RE Bkr., 845-626-5000

TEXT M381795 to 85377 PARADISE FOUND- Enchanting midcentury (1953) home nestled on 2.9 acres above the majestic Ashokan Reservoir. Charm & character abound! Expansive 27’ living room  with fieldstone fireplace, dining room, sleek updated kitchen with stone floor, 2 bedrooms, some HW floors, PLUS separate STUDIO/guest house with stone fireplace, flagstone patio PLUS sparkling 20x40 heated in ground POOL  for summer FUN! $315,000 Call Barbara Ellman, RE Salesperson, 845-399-1570

TEXT M411880 to 85377 TEXT M126622 to 85377 HISTORIC DISTRICT VICTORIAN- Much admired classic in designated Kingston Historic District! Meticulously maintained & updated. Charm & character abound- handsome woodwork, intricate parquet floors, pocket doors, coved ceilings, wainscoting, beamed ceilings, and beveled windows. Gracious LR & DR, library with fireplace, modern custom EI kitchen, 4 BRs, den/office, lovely veranda and a pretty secret garden out back. SUPERB! $389,900 Call Hayes Clement, RE Salesperson, 917-568-5226

WOODSTOCK CONTEMPO- Delightful country contemporary hidden on 5 naturally landscaped acres offers 2500+ SF & features 4 BRs incl. 2  ensuite MBRs, 3.5 baths, wide open floor plan with cathedral Great Room w/ gorgeous stone fireplace, hardwood floors, family/media room, country kitchen w/ island, dining room opens to breezy screen porch then on to large deck. Full walk out lower level expands the living space! $479,000 Call Judy McClintock, RE Salesperson, 845-399-2223

w ww.westwoodrealty.com upstate HOUSE

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OFFERED AT $15,750,000

ETCHED INTO A SPECTACULAR RURAL COUNTRYSIDE ... and set against a backdrop of striking vistas, Sky Blue Farm is a gateway to an illustrious lifestyle, unrivaled in its breadth of luxury and amenities. Artfully planned for the socially and recreationally active family, the sprawling estate unfolds to accommodate every desire, offering world-class recreation and elegant surroundings in the ultimate private setting. Revel in the sporting life with champion equestrian facilities including an 8,800 sq.ft. 18-stall barn, a 20,000 sq.ft. indoor sprinklered riding ring with viewing stand, sand and grass outdoor rings, a motorized walker and run-in sheds… all with direct access to miles of breathtaking Hunt riding trails. Outdoor pleasures abound with a terraced pool served by a cabana and outdoor kitchen, brick-walled tennis court with pavilion, sporting clay target shooting range complete with high tower and spectator stand, lighted ice skating rink with warming house and a professionally designed motocross track. Indoors, the luxuries heighten with a resort-style spa, home theater with concession bar and balcony seating, full-press mirrored gym and basketball court. The centerpiece of the estate is a grand Georgian colonial, rendered with exquisite details and showcasing supreme craftsmanship throughout. This is understated elegance at its finest. The main residence is complemented by a two-story 3,200 sq.ft. guest house, a charming carriage barn with staff quarters, a caretaker’s cottage, two workshops/garages and additional outbuildings. In its entirety, this remarkable estate offers 13 bedrooms, 19 baths, 10 woodburning fireplaces and abounding entertaining areas for both formal and casual gatherings. Imagine this and more, all in an arboretum-like setting dotted with majestic maples, towering pines, age-old linden trees, a sprawling multi-tiered stone garden and mature landscape… a beautifully tended manor unique in its scope of possibilities. SKYBLUEFARM.COM MLS#334268/4443599

Kevin Battistoni

Associate Real Estate Broker m: 914.489.2536 | 0: 845.876.8600 5 2 • online at upstatehouse.com kbattistoni@bhhshudsonvalley.com

Brian McGrath

Associate Real Estate Broker m: 845.721.0940 | 0: 845.855.8500 bmcgrath@bhhshudsonvalley.com

$739,000 | Philipstown | Fully Restored Farmhouse On 5.5 acres at top of East Mountain Road, facing west. Sunset views are spectacular! New cedar sided exterior, Andersen windows & doors, roof; custom interior w/2.5 custom tiled BTHs & 4BR. Country kitchen w/s/s Frigidaire appliances, new cabinets & Soap Stone countertops. 2 stone FPL; 3 cedar-lined closets. Enjoy views & sunsets from 3-season sunroom! MLS#334608 Ralph Fleming | m. 914.319.7046 | o. 845.223.0608

$675,000 | Hyde Park | Watch Waves Break on the Shore Hard to beat these views... one of the best in Hyde Park's river front property! Watch & listen as the waves gently break on the shore. 35-ft sunroom almost hangs over the Hudson River. Western views of the opposite shoreline & the mountains beyond are equally as stunning! Entire back of home is designed to captivate the beautiful Hudson River. MLS#380815 Brian Woolsey | m. 845.797.6720 | o. 845.905.8744

$494,225 | T/Poughkeepsie | Private Entrance In-Law Suite This elegant 4,200+ sq.ft. home features 5 bedrooms, 3 full & 2 half baths. Custom cherrywood & granite kitchen, 6-burner Wolf gas range, Wolf double wall ovens & built-in Viking refrigerator. All meticulously planned for the home chef! Family room with fireplace, private library, year-round sunroom. Separate in-law suite with private entrance. MLS#331618 Susan M. Feldman | m. 914.760.7403 | o. 845.244.2159

$474,900 | Clinton Corners | Million Dollar Views! Spend summer on the porch of this 3BR, 2.5BTH custom colonial overlooking garden & dramatic sunsets. Enjoy winter by the FR fireplace. Entertain in the cherry/granite EIK. Immaculate 3BR w/9 ft ceilings, HDWDs, MBR suite, DR, tile baths. On 2.6 hilltop acres w/breathtaking views of farm & field. Bonus room w/potential for 4th BR. Priced to sell! MLS#330969 Jennifer Roeder | d. 845.223.0739 | m. 845.807.2898

$465,000 | East Fishkill | Gracious Colonial Unique 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with 2 family rooms, 2 fireplaces, a great room, gleaming hardwood floors & a cook’s kitchen with Wolf gas stove. Secluded backyard with large patio & storage shed, gas/propane generator. Enjoy resort-like living with a community pool & tennis court. MLS#335141 Karla Rauch | o. 845.905.8785 | m. 914.475.5920

$450,000 | Hopewell Jct | Once Part of JC Penney Estate Restored circa 1835 center hall colonial on 2+ acres. 5BR, 2.5BTH. Original tin ceilings, wideboard & HDWDs throughout. Crown molding & chair rail. 4FPL. Fully applianced granite kitchen. Mechanicals updated, 4-zone heat. 60+foot wraparound teak front porch. Circular drive. Pond views. Mins to town, shops, restaurants, schools, Taconic, I-84. MLS#334182 Kathie DeYoung | o. 845.223.0617 | m. 914.489.9199

$425,000 | Pawling | Outstanding Value on Lake Dutchess Breathtaking views & beautiful sunsets on private & motor boat-free lake. 200 ft + of lake frontage, ranch-style home sits on 1.01 acres w/tennis court & 2-car garage. Open floor plan, HDWDs, large windows & SGD to balcony. Lower level w/high ceilings, walkout to patio & lakefront, FR w/FPL, office, den, laundry & BTH. Near I-84, trains, shopping. 1 hr NYC. MLS#335855 Debra Allan | o. 845.905.8788 | m. 845.705.5441

$420,000 | Putnam Valley | Beautiful Custom Cape Designed & BOHA as 4BR home. Set on 4 acres w/intricately designed landscaping. 1800 finished sq.ft., walk-out basement & garage are 1200 sq.ft. Gleaming HDWD, 6-panel doors, maple kitchen cabinetry, in-wall AC units, alarm system, master suite w/skylights. Wet-laid stone walls, flagstone patio, bluestone entry stairs & wrought iron-galvanized railings. MLS#333774 John Derevjanik | o. 845.905.8718 | m. 845.702.4390

$399,900 | Hyde Park | Stately Colonial Nestled on wooded property, this 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home is just 6 miles from Rhinebeck. Meticulously maintained! Eat-in kitchen with brick fireplace, cherry cabinets & pantry. Living room with brick fireplace, dining room, hardwoods, first floor office, heated sunroom, Trex deck & 2-car garage. MLS#332133 Bonita “Boni” Ritter | o. 845.905.8764 | m. 914.456.5837

$395,000 | C/Poughkeepsie | Elegant Southside Tudor This charming home boasts 5 bedrooms, 3 full & 2 half baths, 2 fireplaces & beautifully detailed wood trim. Freshly painted, refinished hardwoods, lovely mahogany paneled library, French doors, walk-up attic, slate patio, deck & balcony are just a few of the details of this home. Located on pretty corner property. MLS#336040 Bonita “Boni” Ritter | o. 845.905.8764 | m. 914.456.5837

$339,000 | Hyde Park | Hudson River & Mt. Views! Bright, open floor plan. Enjoy views from your LR or deck. 1st level features HDWD, kitchen w/s/s, breakfast & dining area, LR w/gas FPL & .5BTH. 2nd level: MBR w/sitting room & MBTH, 2BR & BTH. Full finished basement, .5BTH, storage & walk-out to patio. Community is 90 mins N of NYC, 10 mins to Metro-North, Rhinebeck & close to FDR & Vanderbilt mansion. MLS#335773 Arleen Maisonet | m. 914.475.3399 | o. 845.223.0787

$275,000 | Milton | C. 1893 Renovated Farmhouse Absolutely charming 3BR, 2BTH early farmhouse. Much original interior detail, enhanced by modern cosmetic updates & energy re-fits. Period barn w/fieldstone 1st floor rec room. Adjacent, separately deeded 1 acre parcel included. Myriad perennial beds flank house. Easy access, 1 mi off Rte 9W. In center of Ulster County’s apple groves, where spring is sensational. MLS#333829 Kevin Battistoni | d. 845.876.8600 | m. 914.489.2536


upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 5 3 TM

Good to know.

$849,900 | Hyde Park | Year-Round Hudson River Views Set high on 1.7 acres w/panoramic views of the river & mtns. Chef's kitchen w/granite, stainless steel & island bar open to FR w/French door to Trex deck overlooking river. 9-18 ft ceilings, marble/granite/wood floors. Antique marble fireplaces. MBR suite w/luxurious MBTH. Large media room. Walk-out basement. Minutes to Rhinebeck & Metro-North. MLS#333863 Sean C. Eidle I m: 845.546.6077 I o: 845.223.0731

$1,995,000 | Stanfordville | “Big Sky” Stunning 44-acre hilltop estate w/one of the finest 360-degree views in all of the Hudson Valley! Main house features 5,000 sq.ft. of exceptional design & craftsmanship. 2-story entry, massive 29 ft. stone FPL, gourmet cherry kitchen, 2 master suites, 2 guest BR, 5BTH, lofted gallery. Deck w/heated IGP, 2 ponds & 3-story classic barn/studio. MLS#331838 Jeff Ackerly I m. 845.532.8847 I o. 845.876.8600

$899,900 | Marlboro | One of the Most Spectacular Homes Magnificent brick home shines w/so many upgrades! Quality construction abounds! Soaring ceilings, marble & hardwood floors, gourmet granite kitchen & huge great room perfect for entertaining. Sunlight pours through the many windows & French doors that overlook scenic mountains. Heated salt water pool & extensive decking. MLS#334236 Diane Shumway I m. 914.475.1300 I o. 845.244.2121

$795,000 | Red Hook | Famous Designer & Artist Partner ...Have created this one-of-a-kind, exquisite home plus art studio, perfect for entertaining & gracious living. Stylishly sophisticated & superbly crafted. Gourmet kitchen, elegant DR, LR w/FPL, sunroom, outdoor LR, master suite w/dressing room, guest BR & luxurious baths. Lighted landscape w/extensive stone walls & walkways. Near Bard, Rhinebeck. MLS#333488 Jeff Ackerly I m. 845.532.8847 I o. 845.876.8600

$765,000 | Hyde Park | Architect’s Own Home With a stunning design as only an architect's eye can translate, this home sits perched on rock overlooking Crum Elbow Creek. Wonderful great room w/blue stone terrace overlooks stream below w/private shaded patio. Huge kitchen designed for cooking & entertaining. Sunken master suite offers private retreat. 2 staircases. Lovely landscaping. MLS#330483 Brian Woolsey I m. 845.797.6720 I o.845.905.8744

Good to know.


Colucci Shand Realty, Inc. Let us help make your Real Estate dreams come true!



BREATHTAKING MOUNTAIN VIEWS from this stunning country home situated in one of the most sought after locations in the area. Built by a major builder for his own family, every detail is top of the line. Host friends & family from the gourmet kitchen, a cooks’ delight with extensive granite countertops, stainless appliances with a Wolf stove. 2 Master Suites, with 4 walk-in closets in the Grand Master & baths with Jacuzzi; additional 2 bedrooms and study/bedroom on the 2nd floor, central vac, security system, built in surround sound, library with French doors, 4 full baths, alarm sensor for heat, standby generator. Oversized walkup attic is waiting for your finishing dreams/ media center. Wraparound porch and deck with screened porch. $849,000

THIS NEW CONSTRUCTION is underway and there is still time to choose the finishing

BORDERING THE RAIL TRAIL, the 3.25 acre parcel with an impeccably well maintained 3 bedroom, 3 bath home is within minutes to the Village of Gardiner. Bright and airy living with cathedral ceilings and mountain views. Relax in the living room where you will be warmed by the propane stove on those chilly fall evenings or the coldest winter months. Serenity is found while sitting on the back deck or lower level patio that is off the finished family room with full bath. Many beautiful details make this home a dream including the heated 2 car garage. Enjoy watching the seasons change from this lovely home. $285,000

BRIGHT AND AIRY FLOOR PLAN. Relax by the inviting fireplace in living room accented

online at upstatehouse.com

touches to reflect your personal style. This Quality 3 bedroom, 2 bath Cape Cod rests on over 2.5 acres of tranquility! Peerless Propane Boiler, Radiant heat flooring, central air, and Kohler fixtures. Thoughtful floor plan, boasting the “Energy Star” certification. This property is gently nestled at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, and is surrounded on three sides by the Town of Gardiner “forever wild” open space. Easy access to rail trail. $400,000

by soaring ceilings. Updates include, bathrooms, central air, granite counters, windows, storm doors, vinyl siding, which includes new insulation and vapor barrier, pressure tank, furnace/water heater, roof and more! This home has a split floor plan with additional rooms on the ground floor to accommodate extended family or office space. The setting is peaceful, with lovely shade trees, mountain and meadow views, and gently landscaped with flowering perennials. $275,000

(845 ) 255-3455

2356 Rt. 44-55, Gardiner Gables, Gardiner, NY www.coluccishandrealty.com

ON A BUCOLIC COUNTRY ROAD WITH PANORAMIC MOUNTAIN VIEWS! On 2.6 manicured acres, this light filled gracious home, features an open floor plan, 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, den w/skylight, family room w/fireplace, breakfast room, cooks dream kitchen & expansive living room with wall of windows. Extra bonus, 1800 sq ft, 10’+ ceilings full basement with large windows, walkout w/overhead door; an amazing space ready for your personal game room/workshop/media center and finishing touches. Perfect weekender or family home just minutes to Mohonk & Minnewaska. $485,000

LOCATION WITH STUNNING VIEWS of Gertrude’s Nose & Millbrook Mountain, the most beautiful scenic hiking areas at Minnewaska State Park. This home boasts an expansive deck to overlook the mountain vistas and can be accessed from the open floor plan of the dining/kitchen and living room area. The double sided fireplace can be viewed in the living and dining room with vaulted ceilings opening to the 2nd floor bedrooms. Large family room is complete with an entertainment center and surround sound. Detached barn has room for 3 vehicles, has propane heat and outside walkup to unfinished studio with view of the mountain. Let’s not forget the Shawangunk Kill flows at the back of this property making a nice fishing area and place for picnics. A wonderful home in a beautiful country setting. $475,000

LOCAL ROOTS WITH A GLOBAL REACH This architect-designed contemporary home has 4500sf of living on three levels. Sited on a hill with Catskill Mountain views on 7.9 private landscaped acres. The interior features a Chef’s Kitchen with professional appliances, a Great Room with walls of glass and a cathedral ceiling, a main floor Master Bedroom suite and a guest suite on the lower level. Sunsets on the wraparound deck. Entertain in style. $995,000

Your source for everything real estate...northerndutchessrealty.com 6423 MONTGOMERY STREET | RHINEBECK, NY 12572 | T: 845-876-8588 | E: info@northerndutchessrealty.com NDR Upstate House Ad Spring 2015 FINAL PDFX1a.indd 1

CLASSIC COLONIAL Four-Bedroom Center Hall Colonial, true pride in ownership. Family room and a man cave. Multi-level decking and hot tub overlook 2+ private acres. Amenities galore. WEB# PJ1122505 LA GRANGE $349,900 Lynn Simmons Real Estate Salesperson 845.797.5107 mobile

1/12/15 1:53 PM

CIRCA 1880’S COLONIAL Elegant, spacious five-bedroom home. Beautiful original character intact. Home office suite with private entrance. Energy efficient updates. Home Warranty included. WEB# PJ1121718 POUGHKEEPSIE $399,888 Denise Bertolino Associate Real Estate Broker 845.235.4990 mobile



Exceptional Shingle-style classic home in pristine condition. Created with entertaining in mind, the great room and living room open to terraces, sun room and pool. Mins to TSP. WEB# PJ1122279 LA GRANGE $599,900 Jill Rose Real Estate Salesperson 914.204.0124 mobile

Absolutely gorgeous residence with sweeping mountain views. Custom highend quality and upgrades. Natural light streams throughout the home. Cook’s delight gourmet kitchen. WEB# PJ1116099 LA GRANGE $775,000 Nicole Porter Associate Real Estate Broker 845.797.5300 mobile


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upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 5 5



The diversity of Upstate New York and the Catskills Region offers unique options for everyone, with multiple lifestyle choices, recreational opportunities, and various styles of homes. MEKAWORLD Modular Homes provide a unique aesthetic option for Country-Living. MEKA offers modulars in various sizes from a 320sf studio to a 2 bedroom 1280 sf house, or a completely custom designed home. Learn more about MEKA Homes today. Contact Esther de Jong with Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties to discuss the options available for a MEKA Modular home that will meet your needs. You’ll be happy you did!


online at upstatehouse.com


to learn more, contact:

Esther de Jong


718 801 9398 EdeJong@TimberlandProperties.com www.timberlandproperties.net


Thinking of Selling?

Now is the best time to begin preparing for the busy Spring selling season. The warmer weather brings buyers excited to find their dream home. Our experienced agents will guide you through the process of preparing your home for sale. We’ll help establish your home’s market value, select a competitive sales price, and present your home in the best possible light to the largest possible market. Take advantage of the most advanced online marketing team in the Hudson Valley and Catskills. Call today! 845 679-2010 or info@halterassociatesrealty.com

Adorable two bed, one bath eyebrow colonial fixer upper on 1/3 acre. 115' frontage on the scenic Plattekill Creek. 345 sq. ft. studio/ garage. Exterior has been nicely renovated, 1,130 sq. foot interior needs completion. Property runs to center of creek......$125,000

Private, 6+ acre lakefront parcel with panoramic mountain views. Multiple building sites. Enjoy canoeing, kayaking, fishing, & skating on your own private lakefront. 25 acre lake/park area is part of 72 acre Artists Lake preserve. Survey and Board of Health Approval...........$155,000

Charming, affordable Phoenicia cabin! Newly renovated 2/1 home. Walk to town! Cozy woodstove & mountain views. New windows, on-demand HW, roof, & appliances inc. w/d & stainless fridge. Fenced, landscaped yard. Studio building, cable internet, town water.... $159,000

Light-filled Woodstock home, with atrium/ sunroom dining, boasts an eclectic mix of innovative & inspiring features; solar panels & high- efficiency hybrid electric H2O heater. Studio w/waiting area and separate entrance used as massage therapy office..........$265,000

Warm 1940's Cape Cod. 3BR w/walk-in closets. Period hardwood inc floors, moldings & French doors. Open floor plan, private, fenced yard w/patio, Koi pond & garden. Corner lot, minutes to Woodstock & T’way. Detached studio, once was a shop....$290,000

Spacious, private newly reno’d 4/2.5 home in Onteora SD, just 5 mins from Woodstock center. Kitchen features new SS appliances, granite counters. Family room w/FP, screen porch, deck, 2-car attached garage. Lots of space for indoor & outdoor living....$289,000

5 unit mixed-use commercial building on busy Route 28. 5 acres border state land. Wellmaintained property has 11% cap rate not inc. one vacancy. Fill it & cap rate jumps to over 13%. Tenants inc. pizza parlor, general contractor, office and 2-bed apt........$295,000

Greek Revival w/mature landscaping, close to Saugerties, Woodstock & skiing. Large rooms w/period details inc. 4 FPs, wideboard floors & parlor w/2 FPs. 4 bedrooms. Rocking chair porch, slate floored breezeway w/FP & screen porch. Studio over 2 bay garage. Seasonal Hudson river views...........................$349,900

Special 37 acre parcel with Overlook Mountain views. Park-like land easily accessible by well- maintained wood roads, includes current BOHA for central sewage system, existing well & buried power. Bluestone quarries, quarry ponds & cliffs. Includes trailer & art studio............$462,500

Lovely, low maintenance, privately sited contempo cottage designed by Woodstock architect . Minutes from the village. Also successfully listed as a vacation rental. Wood stove, deck & master balcony. Well maintained w/buried cable, wifi & phone line, new roof & skylights, refinished floors.............. $349,900

This “just renovated” fab contemporary is nestled on 5 Woodstock acres Light filled vaulted great room w/exposed timbers, newly refinished wide plank floors, wood burning fireplace, gliding doors & oversized windows, new au courant kitchen. Master bed has glorious mountain views!………….. $495,000

Rare opportunity-one of the last large Woodstock parcels. 89+/- acres with 2 lovely streams meandering between horse paddocks. The former Henny Youngman Estate has frontage on Rt 212 & good access via old farm road, several lovely building sites, mountain views possible....................................$499,000

Newly renovated contempo in desirable Grog Kill, minutes from Woodstock/Phoenicia. Sunny home features vaulted great room w/stone FP, beamed ceilings, new kitchen with s/s appliances. Seasonal mtn view. Updated baths. Ground floor master suite w/vaulted ceilings and gas stove........$549,000

Walk to Woodstock! Stunning 3/2 Craftsman farmhouse on 2 acres, high end renovation. EIK w/custom cabs, granite counters, farm sink, euro appliances. Baths w/Turkish tile & stone. 3rd floor could be studio. Upgrades inc. Buderus furnace & synthetic slate roof. Large deck, landscaped & fenced yard..........$649,000

LISA HALTER Principal Broker Owner

DANIEL WINN Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

SHERI SAFIER Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

PIETA WILLIAMS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

KAREN GILBANE Licensed Associate RE Broker/Office Manager

MARCIA AVERY Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

RICHARD VIZZINI Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

RACHEL EVANS Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

YVONNE WILDER Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

MARKO CYNAMON Licensed Real Estate Salesperson





Onteora Club










3 4 5 WA R R E N S T R E E T | H U D S O N N Y 1 2 5 3 4 TEL 518•828•2041 | MARYMULL ANE.C OM

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 5 7

GeorGe T. Whalen real esTaTe • ES TA B LI S H ED 1 9 2 5 •

AN EXCEPTIONAL MILLBROOK ESTATE One of the most elegant and exquisitely sited country homes in Millbrook, just 90 miles north of NYC. 6965 sq. ft. main residence with grand rooms, 5-6 bedrooms and 5 1/2 baths, 10’ ceilings, 5 fireplaces and fabulous wood floors & moldings. 3134 sq. ft. guest house with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. 90+ prime acres of protected area of Millbrook Hunt Country with an antique barn, 4 car heated garage with living quarters on 2nd floor and incredible 20x50 heated Gunite pool sited to capture wonderful views. Fine mix of open meadows, woodlands, ponds, bridle trails & streams. Offered at $5,500,000.

COLONIAL WITH OPEN FLOOR PLAN & 20+ ACRES Tucked away on 20+ acres, perfectly sited on a knoll to capture views of meadows below, this colonial style home has an incredible open floor plan with 3 bedrooms and 4 full baths. Soaring ceilings, an abundance of natural light, exceptional landscaping, stonewalls, patios and decks. 3 car detached garage with finished 2nd floor, perfect for office or guests. Quiet, country road, minutes to Millbrook, Orvis, Mashomack, and TSP. Offered at $929,000.

IMPRESSIVE TRADITIONAL HOME Stone pillars mark the entrance to this lovely property featuring a fantastic traditional style home. Warm and well appointed interior with 10’ ceilings, maple cabinetry, granite counters, antique heart pine flooring, brick fireplace and custom moldings. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and great finished space on lower level. Five star energy rated home with spacious 2 car garage, beautiful landscaping & 20x40 Gunite pool. Offered at $695,000.

PRIME MILLBROOK COMMERCIAL PROPERTY First time offered for sale in over 50 years. Beautiful commercial building with a fantastic location on Franklin Avenue in the Village. 1st floor commercial space, three residential rentals and a parking area. The commercial space is 1900 sq. ft. with 2 large display windows, ideal for retail or office. Offered at $595,000.

SPACIOUS VILLAGE OF MILLBROOK RANCH Very attractive ranch style home. Ideal one level living with great space on lower level for guests. Bright and spacious rooms, wonderful for entertaining. Lovely living room with brick fireplace, extends to covered porch overlooking private back yard. Beautifully landscaped. Fabulous stone terrace for outside dining. Private, but convenient to Village locations. Offered at $445,000.

845-677-5076 • 3269 Franklin Ave. Millbrook, NY 12545 • GTWhalen.com 58

online at upstatehouse.com

Bespoke Contemporary Craftsman $1,975,000

Situated on 16 park-like acres, beautifully crafted home, the perfect retreat. Stone paths and stairs lead to the impressive front door of the shingleand-stone clad structure. Warm and rich custom Honduran mahogany woodwork and ironwork. Exquisite wood-paneled library w/ fireplace. Spacious living room w/ its cathedral ceiling and wood-burning fireplace. Three-season room brings the outdoors in. Very large eat-in kitchen is a cook’s dream. Custom cabinets provide ample storage. Kitchen w/ fireplace and pizza oven. Spalike master bedroom w/ large en suite bath, deep soaking tub, heated floor.


❚ Joseph Shirk 518.822.0800 x14

Where searches for the perfect home begin. (And end.)

The Boice Homestead


Romantically rambling 4 BR, 4.5 BA farmhouse on nearly 60 private acres that epitomizes the rural, casual lifestyle of the Hudson Valley. The home is near Rhinebeck, w/ its earliest wing dating back to 1773. Inground pool and tranquil pond w/ charming duck house. 2 barns, one with artist’s studio. Huge country kitchen/dining area w/ an impressive stone walk-in fireplace and hearth. 3 fireplaces total. Private guest suite w/ separate entrance. Beautiful library. Inviting 20 x 20 screened porch. Beautiful artist’s/writer’s studio in the huge Dutch barn. Tranquil pond with a charming duck house.

❚ Gary DiMauro 845.757.5000 x11

Milan Rural Residence


Every so often a property comes along that is the absolute epitome of our company brand, and what we live to represent and market. This historic circa 1800 cottage is the most stylish, sophisticated, turnkey country property you will ever be introduced to. It’s the perfect blend and combination of high-end fixtures and appliances with authentic period details and rustic finishes. Just the right size for the perfect weekend house with 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a living room with a wood burning fireplace, a separate formal dining room, and a glorious eat-in-kitchen. The property is beautifully planted, has a sweet detached garden shed, and is bordered by perfectly laid dry stone walls. We call it pretty special. You can call it home.

❚ Gary DiMauro 845.757.5000 x11

Hillsdale Greek Revival


Sited on 9+ acres in Harlemville Valley, on one of Columbia County’s most picturesque roads. Private bridge, circular drive, and stone walkway lead to a covered porch with classic rounded columns. Generous living room w/ fireplace, open plan kitchen and dining room. 4 BRs, 3.5 BAs. Screened-in porch overlooking spring-fed pond and stream. Original details throughout. Meticulously renovated in 2008 with new roof, kitchen, baths and mechanicals. 2 hours from NYC; minutes to Hudson, the Berkshires, and the Hawthorne Valley School.

❚ Harriet Shur 518.822.0800 x15

Clinton Farmhouse


Nestled up on a knoll, charming 4 BR mid 1800s farmhouse w/ much of its original charm, later additions adding a generous kitchen and delightful porches. The 1st floor offers a welcoming sitting area, an oversized kitchen, dining room, beautiful center hall, living room with a cozy fireplace, 2 small offices and 2 full baths. Upstairs there are 2 large and 2 small BRs and ample closet space. Wideboard pine floors throughout. The backyard features a private heated pool and an outdoor shower. Lovely mature trees in front yard, 2 animal pastures and an old barn.

Tivoli NY • Hudson NY • Catskill NY • Rhinebeck NY

❚ Rachel Hyman-Rouse 917.686.4906

Germantown Riverview


Recently renovated 4 BR Victorian house w/ clean lines, wood floors and high ceilings. Spacious and bathed in sunlight. Top floor open landing w/ generous living and dining, marble kitchen counters, dining deck, and views. Media room and guest suite. Indoor pool is lined w/ large windows on both sides, bringing the outside in. Glimpses of the Hudson River from the windows make this house so appealing. 3 min. walk to the Hudson River’s shore, boat launch and picnic area.. Very little traffic, perfect for walking or biking. Germantown at its best!

❚ Adelia Geiger 845.757.5000 x12

garydimauro.com upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2015 • 59

w w w. l a w r e n c e o t o o l e r e a l t y. c o m 30 John Street (Corner of Fair Street) Kingston, NY 12401


This is country living at its most sophisticated, rustic yet elegantly designed. 3 distinct levels and 3 master suites & enormous flexibility. Privately sited on 11 acres on desirable Hidden Valley Road. The 3 bedroom, 4 bath house is bathed in warmth from south-facing windows, with views of meadows and a 7-stall horse barn, and Esopus Creek frontage beyond. French doors open onto a terraced garden deck and inground pool, 2-story heated garage offers substantial studio space, can fit 6 cars. An inspirational property for those who love to entertain. $699,000

Awe-inspiring Ashokan reservoir views from nearly every room, as well as the inground pool area, with all the privacy anyone needs. On 2.99 acres with an additional acre across the road ensuring ongoing privacy and views that will always be yours. Light bastes nearly every area of this home, which has the kind of flow conducive to complete relaxation as well as entertainment. This well-built 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath contemporary is an easy template for any change in taste a buyer might consider. Great Woodstock area location. A truly spectacular setting. $1,195,000

Want to live Inside  a work of  Outsider

“Maple Lawn” is an expansive early Dutch stone

Art? Deliciously simple rustic 2 bedroom cottage,

house circa 1751 situated on almost 10 park-

hand built and designed by artist Bernard (Bud)

like acres near High Falls, still retaining details

occupied primarily by family members. Has never

Simpson. Whimsical design from cabinets to

from the period, including 3 fireplaces. With

ground pool with decking, detached garage. High

lights, from shelving to window shapes. Art

5-bedrooms, 3 full and 2 half baths this large and

studio can double as bedroom. Privately sited on

lovely home has been updated over the years and

3 acres (or on 12 for $375K). Ideal year-round

has a great layout flexibility. Property features a

retreat near Woodstock, Cooper Lake, Phoenicia

pond and a view of Mohonk, as well as an oversized

and skiing.  $299,000

3-car garage. $575,000

Classic, classy duplex home in prime location in the Village of New Paltz. Two side-by-side

gracious two-story homes, each w/ 3 bedrooms, fireplace, full attic and full basement. Has been

been a student rental. Generous corner lot. Above-

ceilings. On very quiet, well-maintained village

street. Close to NYC bus, shopping, restaurants, SUNY campus, Minnewaska. Hardwood floors throughout . $435,000

As elegant a stone-house restoration as one could wish for, the 1750 Wynkoop House has everything for the purist – kingboard floors, a ninefoot hearth, recessed windows, original hardware, large spaces for the period, and high ceilings on the top two floors. And there is much more – a smartly renovated kitchen and bathrooms, a new two-horse barn, and private inground pool. A stylish, significant mini-estate, this would make a very profitable vacation rental when not in use. A rare find indeed. $950,000


online at upstatehouse.com

A true mid-century modern from the early IBM

days designed by Herman York with the cool, clean lines of the period. Perfect as a second

home and an AirBnB investment as well. The

one-level living has stunningly remodeled

bathrooms, vintage detailing, cherry cabinetry in the eat-in kitchen, extremely flexible living space, and a huge backyard. Unfinished full stand-up attic level would double the square footage of the house and turn it into even more of a showplace! $229,500

Magnificent, custom home with inspiring mountain views on 6 private acres; just 5 minutes from the center of Woodstock. Meticulously crafted using natural woods, stone and glass, the home offers 4 spacious bedrooms and 3.5 baths over three floors. The architecture is dramatic throughout the top two floors, and the radiant heated ground floor overlooks a beautifully landscape stone garden. Must be seen to be appreciated! $1,495,000

h u d s o n va l l e y

ne w york Cit y

ha mptons


new jersey

EASY CREEK FARM-VIEWS!!! / GALLATIN, NY Excl. Contemporary estate with 3,400SF on 131 acres. Gracious 4BR/4BA, stone fplc, 3 acre lake, 3 barns. Breathtaking Catskill views. $4.875M. Web#11970020 Mary Stapleton 518.929.7783

1812 MAGNIFICENCE / HUDSON, NY Excl. Meticulous restoration. Exquisite home, 5 BR/4.5 BA, FDR room, 9 fireplaces, pool, barn, stable & guest house. Geo thermal. 200 acres. $1.9M. Web#11218645 N. Felcetto 212.381.6554/R. Horowitz 518.821.5509

ITS MAGICAL AT THE TOP / ANCRAM, NY Excl. 66 peaceful acres with hypnotic views. 4BR/4BA. 70’ IG pool. Unique barn style home of natural materials and open spaces. $2.485M. Web#11478752 N. Felcetto 212.381.6554/R. Horowitz 518.821.5509

LIVE LIFE AT THE TOP! SPENCERTOWN, NY Excl. Magnificent hilltop log home on 10 acres, 3 BR/3 BA, fieldstone fireplace, beautiful open kitchen, breathtaking views, private. $799K. Web#11294344 Maret Halinen 917.691.8757

COUNTRY MANOR / CLAVERACK, NY Excl. Private 4.5 acre setting. Large eat-in kitchen with family room. 4-5 BR/3.5BA & Mill carriage. NYC 2.5 hrs. $799K. Web#10807802 Jean Stoler 518.755.4298

STORYBOOK DREAM / CLAVERACK, NY Excl. Early 1700’s Colonial farmhouse. 2,900SF, 4 BR/4 BA. Ready for your touch. 10 acres, 2-story English barn, IG pool and gardens. $695K. Web#11459792 N. Felcetto 212.381.6554/R. Horowitz 518.821.5509

3 HOUSES - 52 ACRES / CATSKILL, NY Excl. Catskill Mountain views, 2 ponds – Private land. Location and income 2 hours to New York City and just 20 minutes to Hudson $429.9K. Web#11459653 Stephan Delventhal 646.761.3633

PRISTINE LAKE FRONT / ANCRAMDALE, NY Excl. Modern, sophisticated serene environment. 4 BR/4 BA. Fully furnished. Like new. Maintenance free HOA $395K. Web#11129243 Jennifer Capala 917.685.6925

BEAUTY & PRIVACY / GHENT, NY Excl. 3 level, sun-filled Contemporary 3 BR/2 BA with views. Open design,vaulted ceils in LR, open kit, decks, and spectacular sunsets. $339K. Web#10036362 Maret Halinen 917.691.8757

MODERN COOL AND EASY / STUYVESANT, NY Excl. Mid-Century home. Perfect country getaway w/ minimal upkeep. Huge 3 BR/2 BA, den/library, open renov kit, flr to ceil wndws. $295K. Web#10389571 Maret Halinen 917.691.8757

PERFECT MINI ESTATE / NEW BALTIMORE, NY Excl. Custom built 2+ BR/2 BA on 5+ acres of pristine land. Large kit, open flr plan, vaulted ceiling in LR, stone fireplace. 2 Hrs NYC $269.9K. Web#11901988 Stephan Delventhal 646.761.3633

CRISP CLEAN DETAILS / CLAVERACK, NY Excl. Old World Charm in all the right places. 3BR, spacious sunny EIK, wd beams, gracious BA, stone fplc, pristine. 15 mins. to Hudson. $199K. Web#11350802 Jennifer Capala 917.685.6925

halstead.com Halstead Property, LLC We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. All information is from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, prior sale or withdrawal without notice. No representation is made as to the accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate and all information should be confirmed by customer. All rights to content, photographs and graphics reserved to Broker.

upstate HOUSE

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Total privacy, open meadows, dead end rd., tree lined drive, 3 story

This luxury home has stunning details & style. 10 & 20 ft. ceilings,

Colonial home, 6 outbuildings, 4 ponds, solar electric, profitable

built-ins, high end K, amazing first floor MBR suite, wood floors,

farm business, conservation easements for protection. $1,345,000.


24 acres affords total privacy. Magnificent 3700 SF, 5 BR, 3 bath custom built Colonial. Glorious decorator style w/2 FPLs, CA,

CA, FPL, auto generator, 3 car garage, 11 acres. $795,000.


Licensed 7 BR, 5.5 bath Victorian in the heart of Rhinebeck V. New K, & preserved period style w/built-ins, pocket doors, moldings & WB floors. Modern mechanicals, double lot. $850,000.

PAUL H A LLENBE CK R E A L E S TAT E , I N C . 6 3 7 0 M I LL S T R E E T • R H I N E B E C K , N EW YO R K • 1 2 5 7 2 P H O N E : 8 4 5 - 8 7 6 - 1 6 6 0 • FAX : 8 4 5 - 8 7 6 - 5 9 5 1

high end 26 ft. K, 9 ft. ceilings, 5 inch oak floors. WOW! $765,000.


This 2 BR, 2 bath home is surrounded by 14 acres for total privacy. 2 stone FPLs, vaulted LR, MBR suite, large FR/office, sunroom, 50 ft. wraparound deck, fern garden. TSP convenient. $279,900.


Perfect for summer fun! This reproduction Saltbox, unusually warm & charming, has WB floors, 2 MBR suites, 2 FPLs, & 3 gorgeous acres. $399,500.

ENJOY A GREAT FAMILY AREA Close to everything! 4 BRs, 1.5 redone baths, wonderful K, huge FR, office, Trex deck, & an amazing totally fenced & private yard. $249,900.


3984 sf, soaring ceilings, walls of glass, open floor plan, superb K, DR, FR, library, first floor MBR suite w/huge bath, CA, 2 FPLs, double crown moldings, 3 car garage, 9 scenic acres. $850K.


bath & 1 story home. Oak floors, LR w/stove, 30 x 30 garage. 4 acres w/ a pond & meadows for animals or recreation! $199,500.


Just listed. Over 4000 SF & built for entertaining w/large, open rooms, 11 ft. ceilings, dream K, 2 MBR suites, 2 FPLs, CA, tower, wrap porch, 3.6 private acres yet steps to Village. $1,200,000.


This vintage renovated farmhouse molds the best of old & new. Open floor plan, FPL, wood floors, possible studio, easily expanded. $239,900.


Swim, boat, fish! This 3 BR, 2 bath 1 story has a huge MBR suite, FPL, DR, fenced yard & is priced to sell by relocating owners @ $175K.


w/3 BRs, 2 baths, CA, a FPL, & large K w/ an island. This manufactured home is in a 55+ area. Easy, convenient living here!! $119,900.


is hard to find. Live in 3 BR, 1.5 bath main home & rent studio apt. Wood floors, original details, 18 x 40 studio, fenced yard. $224,900.


contemporary for rent. Spend the summer @ this amazing home. Total privacy, every convenience. Walls of glass. Close to Omega. $20K.

w w w. h a l l e n b e c k r e a l e s t a t e . c o m • i n f o @ h a l l e n b e c k r e a l e s t a t e . c o m



online at upstatehouse.com




$4,600,000 COPAKE

THIS STATELY Greek revival home features 4 BR & 5.5 BA. Also a heated pool, library, 3-car detached garage. Situated on 83+ acres, conveniently located on a country road & close to all area amenities. 90 min. from NYC. CoExclusive.

$5,900,000 LAGRANGE

OWN YOUR OWN 391 acres of fertile land w/distant views to the west & to the east overlooking the beautiful Taconic Mountain Range. There is extensive road frontage located in the towns of Ancram & Copake on 5 roads w/ high elevations & rolling hills. Presently being farmed w/2 houses & barns.

$1,450,000 PINE PLAINS


TRULY A “WOW” house – beautifully designed with attention to every detail, inside and out. Elegant and immensely comfortable. Features 4 BR, 3.5 BA, lush landscaping, heated gunite pool. Walk to Rhinebeck Village.


SHINGLE-STYLE country estate on 51 plus acres in the Millbrook Hunt countryside and close to Mashomack. Features 3 BR, 4.5 BA, heated pool, pool house, pavilion, Har-Tru tennis court, detached 2-car garage, recreation room & sauna. All in impeccable condition surrounded by lovely gardens and plantings.


ON ALMOST 20 ACRES overlooking beautiful fields & the Catskill Mts. this 5 BR, 4 BA home offers a great room, a chef’s kitchen, sun room, 2 offices & 1st FL master suite. Includes oak flooring, central air, generator, enclosed breezeway, 700+ sq. ft. multi-level deck, & bluestone dining courtyard.

$2,200,000 MILLBROOK

THIS STUNNING, 4 BR, 5 BA, one of a kind property feels like a country chateau, yet is just a short walk to the center of the Village of Rhinebeck. Nestled in a park like environment the elegant landscaping and hidden gardens create a magical setting.

Millbrook, NY 845.677.0505

LIVE OFF THE GRID in this 100% solar & wind powered stately brick Colonial home. Privately located on 50+ hilltop acres w/west facing views. Built in 2004 w/7368+ sq. ft. of spacious rooms, 6 FP, 4 BR, 4.5 BA, top of the line kitchen/ great room. In addition there is a 48’ x 32’ barn w/apartment above perfect for a caretaker/guests. CoExclusive.

$2,700,000 RED HOOK

$835,000 RHINEBECK

MOVE INTO this contemporary home overlooking your own spring fed stocked pond! Quiet enjoyment is what one seeks in this woodland setting. This spacious 2901 sq. ft. home offers vaulted ceilings, central A/C, FP and 2 master suites. Also has a post & beam barn, large deck & 4-car garage all on 17.95 acres.



PRIVATE mountainside log home is sited overlooking a pond on 21.33-acres. Beautifully maintained w/vaulted ceilings, great room, 3 BR & 2.5 BA. Includes a detached insulated barn w/radiant heat. Conveniently located to sporting clubs & the TSP.

Rhinebeck, NY 845.876.6676

paularedmond.com upstate HOUSE

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UniqUe CoUntry ProPerties For sale

A rare opportunity to own a large 220-acre estate in Canaan, NY, just 2.5 hours from NYC. Simply gorgeous land, with fabulous views, pastures, woods, and ponds, located at the end of a quiet country road. Included are a sleek contemporary home and 5 Shaker-inspired barns and buildings.

Up a winding country road is this stunning and very private home with views that go on forever! The home was completely renovated to the highest standards and features 4 bedrooms, 2 master suites, a media/game room, two stone fireplaces, and a fabulous great room.

The legendary and iconic Berkshire property known as Santarella currently operating as a well-known and successful wedding and resort destination. Current owners have completed many significant upgrades. Comprised of 4 separate buildings on 4 very private acres with a pond and stream and spectacular views of the magical Tyringham Valley. $1.995 Mil

A very private 110-acre estate with spacious contemporary home and wonderful views. Indoor pool and spa room off kitchen and great room. Property includes an additional home/office building not visible from main house. $1.2 Million (Property may also be purchased with 50 acres for $949,000)

$2 Million

$1.195 Million


Serving the Berkshires, Hudson Valley, and Litchfield Hills Chatham, NY



online at upstatehouse.com 518.392.8040

Pittsfield, MA 413.499.7490

Stockbridge, MA 413.298.0610

Salisbury, CT 860.435.0700

Albany Capital Region 518.674.3464

Exceptional Hudson Valley Property

STUNNING STREAMSIDE HOME Stylish retreat has light-filled living area, kitchen with high-end appliances and marble counters plus wonderful views of the Indian Brook… $495,000 OLIVER WISWALL Prominent Hudson citizen, built this luxurious brick Greek Revival home in 1836 on splendid Mt. Merino, with expansive views of the Hudson River and Catskills that inspired Hudson River painters Cole, Gifford, Ary. The 5000 sf National Register home views the Hudson-Athens lighthouse and retains numerous original features: formal halls, stair, doors, woodwork, marble mantels… $1,425,000

GRAND GREEK REVIVAL Hudson townhouse, one of five, built by wealthy Gifford family. Four finished floors include lower level, two main floors with original bold woodwork, and amazing attic. Private garden and two-car garage in back… $449,000

18TH CENTURY DUTCH 1770 brick house has original split doors, huge beams, wide hall, stair, paneling and mantels. Updated with new kitchen, bath, and mechanicals… $349,000

1815 HISTORIC GEM Lots of original detail including four fireplaces. Walk to restaurants, near organic farm store and Steiner school… $275,000

CLASSIC FIREHOUSE Live and work in the sleepy village of Athens on the Hudson. 1897 brick firehouse has two-story loft space with views of the sunrise over the Hudson River… $225,000

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL Charming country house has a wrap-around porch, two fireplaces, wonderful style, light and updated mechanicals… $359,000

1780 CENTRAL CHIMNEY CAPE Reassembled on five private acres with rushing stream and small waterfall. Features three fireplaces, three-season porch, modern mechanicals… $429,000

HUDSON VALLEY ROMANTIC Stylishly restored 19th century country home has wide verandah, and Italianate windows lighting stately rooms. Four acres of lovely gardens… $399,000

19TH CENTURY COMPOUND Light-filled 3500 sf open loft-style home plus a separate private studio or office space with original restored signage. Widely photographed, admired, featured in travel writings… $439,000

PROTECTED ANCRAM FARMLAND 212 acre farmstead… $2,400,000 103 acre farmstead… $995,000

HUDSON RIVER AND CATSKILL VIEWS Sleek modern renovation of four-bedroom, three-bath, midcentury home has top quality finishes and systems. Taking full advantage of the spectacular 8-acre hillside setting, there are stunning views through windows and glass doors that open all across the living area backed by a dramatic fireplace penetrating a vaulted beamed ceiling. Minutes to Hudson… $995,000

PICTURESQUE TUDOR Quality built 1938 brick home has living room with fireplace, four bedrooms, two baths, HVAC, new roof, and 2-car garage… $250,000

1800’s COTTAGE Enchanting early home has original details and brick fireplace. Victorian front porch, mature gardens and private rear stone patio… $199,000

PRIVATE HILLTOP CAPE Light-filled rooms on three levels with bow roof, vaulted ceilings, wide pine floors and distant views… $350,000

OVERLOOKS CREEK Solid shelter (built as basement for a hillside home) has wall of glass doors, electric, septic, and water… $150,000

EASY LIVING HIDEAWAY Country contemporary with sunny dining area that opens to decks and inground pool. Set on 1.7 acres on a private dead-end road… $275,000

SPACIOUS COLONIAL Classic center hall home has four bedrooms and three baths in Kinderhook Village. Nearly an acre with gardens and stone patio… $409,000

Peggy Lampman real estate

602 Route 23B

PO Box 360

Claverack, New York



www.peggylampman.com upstate HOUSE

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Sophistication and Seclusion in Saratoga Springs School District

All my life I’ve been an optimist. I know that behind every problem is a reasonable solution, and I do believe that what is meant to be, will be. I have a hard time with pessimists; they are like a person who is seasick during the entire voyage of life. I call them people who take life with a grain of sulk! Perhaps that is what has always given me an edge that I can share with my clients and agents. If you are the kind of person who expects nothing on a silver plate except tarnish, call me and let me share my good fortune with you. Our company can help you find or sell a home and do it with a smile on our faces an get you to hang one on yours too! Remember a goal is only a dream with a deadline, we can help reach yours.

580 Braim Road, Greenfield, New York | $2,699,000 5 bedroom, 5 full and 2 half baths on 22 acres. Stunning views from Albany to Vermont. Serene privacy, yet just minutes to Broadway. Over sized master suite featuring private balcony, jacuzzi tub and steam shower. Four additional bedrooms with en suite. Ample space with open layout. Perfect for entertaining. Every detail unique and customized. 1,500 bottle wine cellar. Salt water pool. Property is agent owned. Furnishings negotiable.

OMG! 3 FEATURED PROPERTIES FROM SEAN ZIMMERMAN This beautifully sited home is cradled under the peak of forever wild Ticeteneyck Mountain on over 6 superb acres with views of the Ashokan Reservoir and surrounding mountains. The well cared for contemporary is wedded to an antique barn, together totaling almost 6000 square feet of sumptuous country living. The barn serves as a spectacular beamed cathedral ceiling great room, and 2 massive stone fireplaces keep this impressive home warm and romantic. This estate holds 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, plus an attached one bedroom apartment, renting for $875 per month, a separate studio, a wee little guest house, a handmade log cabin, and organic gardens. $825,000 OMG! CONTINUED... An estate lot of unparalleled beauty; nearly 50 acres of terraced land including 7 acres of Butternut Lake where you can swim, fish and canoe!! This land is surrounded by hundreds of acres of NYS land, a babbling brook, ancient stone walls, is blessed with Ashokan Reservoir views below and Little Tonshi Mountain above. There’s a recent survey, BOH approved septic designs for 4 and 6 bedroom homes, a roughed in driveway and electric nearby. It is close to Woodstock, Phoenicia, skiing at Belleayre and Hunter, easy access to the NYS Thruway, yet oh so far away. $1,125,000 OMG! CONTINUED...This amazing property is truly a rare opportunity to create a family compound, primary residence with income, or a short term rental business in a AAA location at the end of an almost unheard of, quiet and bucolic mountain road! Cradled beneath the forever wild Ticeteneyck Mountain with a stream-fed pond and seasonal views of Butternut Lake, this property holds a 3 bedroom home with beamed cathedral ceilings and a stone fireplace, a chalet style one bedroom home in very good shape, and an antique cottage steeped in charm that is ready for some face-lifting to bring out its maximum value. There is a lovely pond and the complete 3.5 acres is private and inviting. $425,000 Call Sean Zimmerman to see any or all of these 3 wonderful properties! A HUNTER WE WILL GO... JUST REDUCED! Yes just north a bit, up in Greene County, take a minute to check out this excellent 2.25 acre building lot brought to us by our agent Siobhan Scanlan. On a quiet and private road close to the village of Hunter and only minutes away from Windham Mountain, there is a little stream that flows thru the bottom of the property and it has pleasant seasonal views of Hunter Mountain. It has just been reduced to $79,000! So call us with any questions or to see this terrific lot. CONDOMAGICAL Move right in to this first floor 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, condo on Historic Huguenot Street that has been recently updated with new kitchen cabinets and flooring. The common fee of $448.73 per month includes all exterior maintenance, lawn, snow removal, AND HEAT, HOT WATER AND WATER!!! This is truly care free living right in NEW! town; walk everywhere. This home is currently rented for $1,200 per month with the tenant paying their own electric. Greg Berardi says that this is a possible short sale so call him for all the details. $145,000

KINGSTON 845.339.1144 • SAUGERTIES 845.246.3300 WOODSTOCK TINKER ST. 845.679.9444 WOODSTOCK OLD FORGE 845.679.2929 BOICEVILLE 845.657.4240 • PHOENICIA 845.688.2929 COMMERCIAL 845.339.9999

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Exclusive Members of Luxury Properties International for Ulster and Dutchess Counties.


online at upstatehouse.com

Daniel Collins | Real Estate Broker m. 518.222.4511 | o. 518.580.8500 270 Broadway, Saratoga Springs NY 12866 An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

Patricia A. Hinkein Realty

19 Church Ave, Germantown, NY (518) 537-4888 www.hinkeinrealty.com • hinkein@gmail.com Spectacular Hudson River & Catskill Mountain views. Turn of the Century Farmhouse with wraparound decks on three sides, open living room/dining room & kitchen to maximize the views, first floor master bedroom suite, & 3 guest bedrooms. Located on a quiet dead end road on 5.3 secluded acres. Barn with separate guest apartment. Landscaped grounds. Greenhouse. Rock walls. Mature trees. Wooden bridges. $900,000

Family Compound in estate location. Main house, 2 BR guest house, caretaker’s cottage, gunite pool with retro poolhouse, turn of the century barn on 9.16 acres. Main house features easy one story living with spacious vaulted ceiling FR, 3 BR/2 B, wood flrs, central air, patio. Pool house has an entertainment area with bar, baths & sauna. Detached garage. Pond. Views of picturesque horse farm & surrounded by protected land. $775,000

1870 Centerhall on 2.67 acres with year round stream frontage. This 1500 sq ft house features 3 BR/1.5 Baths, LR, formal DR & kitchen with backyard views. Plus a large two story outbuilding perfect for creating a studio or workspace. Located on a quiet little country lane, south of Hudson. $349,000

Germantown Farmhouse on 34 acres of open & wooded land, located on a quiet country road. This 5 bedroom/4 bath home features a large renovated kitchen, dining room with bay windows, living room with fireplace, double family room, den, wood floors, large front porch & back deck. Several outbuildings & a stream. $575,000



With the Shawangunk Ridge in the forefront and full Skytop views, this country contemporary 4,000 SF Clove Valley home is only minutes from High Falls, Stone Ridge and New Paltz. Fabulous open floor plan with elegant modern finishes. Four bedrooms, all with ensuite custom baths. Expansive ridge facing master suite with office or sitting area. Screened porch and large deck off open design generous public space. Quality construction with radiant heat, individual AC/heat units, oil-rubbed hickory floors, spray foam insulation & more. $1,149,000

845-687-2200 www.nutshellrealty.com 3056 State Route 213E, Stone Ridge, NY

upstate HOUSE

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Charming Country Retreat

845.246.9555 PO Box 88, Route 9W, Barclay Hgts., Saugerties www.helsmoortel.com 20145171

PA N O R A M I C C AT S K I L L V I E W S ! Saugerties

Do you want to live in the best location ever? Well here you are! Perched high on the ridge with the mountains and tree tops as your view. Every room has a view, surrounded by beautiful nature and newly planted fruit trees. Stone walls & ledges bring even more interest to this fabulous property! 3 bedroom up and one down for guest or office. Large windows and sliding doors to a beautiful composite deck w/ a hot tub and entertaining space. Living room offers a beautiful fireplace and open dining room. Asking $360,000 20150099 JUST LISTED!

Offering total privacy on 24+ acres of open fields and woods, suitable for horses and/or private enjoyment. Walking trails, pond, and wonderful perennial gardens complete xthe picture. 2700 + sq.ft. Charming interior w/4 BRs, 3B, fireplace in LR. Broker Owned. $729,000.

1720’S Dutch Colonial is a walk through local Hudson Valley history. Home has over 4,500 square feet sited on 10 idyllic acres. Lush perennial gardens abound. Original details in place. Home features large rooms and wide board floors, exposed beams. Fireplaces in living room & master. Whole house generator in place. Detached 2.5 car garage with plenty of storage space. 2 bed/1 bath attached apartment with separate entrance and separate utilities. Private in-ground pool. Large screened in porch. Property includes pond, streams, meadow & mature trees. This property must be seen to be appreciated! Call for more details, too many to list!! Asking $777,000 20150161

Rhinebeck , NY 12572

845 876 7035

Barbara Schreiber, Assoc. Broker

Spend your retirement with us. New homes starting at only $169,900. NOW SELLING PHASE II

Spend your retirement at Summerset Landing. Nestled next to pristine farmlands in front of the Catskill Mountains–close to Hudson, Kinderhook and Albany! • • • • • •

Convenient single story homes Energy Star-Zone construction State-of-the-art kitchens Low Maintenance Enjoy biking, boating, fishing, golf Theatres, museums, shopping malls, and antiques are all nearby!




Represented by Simon Gray Realty Please call us or visit our website for details and additional photos.


(518) 758-2802

Gerald Goldman 68

online at upstatehouse.com Principal Broker

www.simongrayrealty.com summersetlanding.com

I F WA L L S CO U L D TA L K Woodstock

M I D - C E N T U R Y M O D E R N Village of Saugerties

Village ranch on almost a full acre in village. 3 bed/3 bath, 3,000 sq. ft. with open floor plan offering a style all age groups will enjoy. Bluestone fireplace in the living room and in the basement/family room. Large sliders in the living room which open to an in-ground pool and built-in grill. View the wide open meadow reaching back over 300’ beyond pool. Basement was always the family room with heat, fireplace and bathroom with shower, with a little cosmetic work it would be a great media room. Separate rooms for storage and craft/play area. LOCATION is ideal for walking and biking to the Village Center or the Hudson River. Asking $385,000

Are you ready to live the Hawaii Dream?

Living in the islands isn’t a dream, it’s a real possibility, thousands of people relocate here every year. Let me help you find your island home & say Aloha to island life

Joy H. Barnhart R, GRI, SFR, SRES, CNE, Lic. RB 10848 Experienced, award winning performance appreciated by clients and repeat clients. C ENTURION A WARD 2003 | A LOHA A INA R EALTOR B UYER ’ S C HOICE A WARD 2009 | R UBY M ASTER ’ S A WARD 2014

808.351.7778 | joybhart@aol.com 6700 Kalanianaole Hwy #210, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825

Your Key to Better Real Estate 6417



“ACORN HILL”, RHINEBECK, NY Live above the store... in groovy High Falls, home to Field & Supply, The Black Barn, Kitchenette, Depuy Canal House & Sunday Flea Market. 2,000 square feet of clean and bright retail space with large display windows in front and patio and garden in back present an opportunity to join the High Falls business community with your creative pursuit. Owner’s apartment is urban-chic with plenty of space to live and entertain, hardwood floors, gourmet kitchen, screened porch, deck, finished attic and central air conditioning. Studio apartment or office space has kitchen and full bath. All three spaces are in mint condition and impeccably maintained. $575,000

Private courtyard appeal beckons you to this relaxed American shingle contemporary. Embrace Spring’s awakening in total seclusion! Property opens up to a conservation area, stream, and virgin forest. Soaring 20’ entryway, stone fireplace, & Great Room gracefully welcome guests. Your chef’s kitchen is the perfect place to prepare and entertain. Easy access to the warming breeze on your full length covered rear deck. Master bedroom suite on main level. Gleaming hardwood, radiant heat, and Tuscan style flooring supply comfort and style. Oversized 3 car garage, state-of-the-art energy system, automatic generator, central vacuum, more upgrades than can be listed! All this on 11+ Acres, yet only 3 minutes from Rhinebeck Village. Call for more information! $1,489,000

JEFF SEROUYA Lic. Assoc. R.E. Broker | cell: 845-626-5000


Listing agent has a financial interest in this property.


upstate HOUSE

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feed your obsession.

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upstate HOUSE

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The Story of Creation

If fine-grained wood makes your pulse beat faster, and tung oil makes you swoon, this is your book. French-born Pourny is an expert restorer of high-end furniture whose satisfied customers include Martha Stewart, author of the book’s foreword. In this “stealth technical manual embedded in the context of a seductive coffee-table book,” he offers a wealth of advice on everything from spotting a chair with good bones in a farm auction tent (see “Louis by the Leg”) to DIY refinishing, care, and maintenance, using unexpected tools like old credit cards as well as his studio’s handcrafted furniture tonics. Seductive it is, with more than 500 stepby-step photos of stripping, sanding, and staining. Bending over a table in black leather apron and gloves, Pourny sometimes suggests a tango instructor: Dances with Wood. —Nina Shengold 72

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Artisan, 2014 This page: A visual timeline of chairs from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

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