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The Produce Is Political

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Letting [Most of] Nature In


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TO BUY... TO SELL...       .        .



V B   H V 


16 Consecutive Years!

Auctioneers: T he orig i nal re cyclers.

Auc tioneers

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V i s i t us a t w w w. Ge org e Co l e Au ct i o n s .co m Quality items being accepted for future auctions – one item to an entire estate.

“We sell the earth and everything on it.”

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20 Features




letter from the editor


the room: whipped cream delight

the produce is political activism is behind rise & root farm

By Anne Pyburn Craig, Photos by Ethan Harrison

After meeting as urban agriculture activists in New York City, four women cofounded a farm devoted to food sovereignty in Orange County's black-dirt country. This fall was their second harvest. 20


In celebration of the Nordic practice of hygge, we bring light and life indoors during wintertime with unusual houseplants showcased in colorful containers; nontoxic, organic, artisanal candles; a handmade porcelain pourover coffee maker; and a versatile sheepskin throw rug.

bugged out so much depends upon a screened-in porch

By Niva Dorell, Photos by Deborah DeGraffenreid

When a Brooklyn family rebuilt their Woodstock weekend cottage, the design for their new house, Bug Acres, began with replicating and expanding the original porch.

16 COMMUNIT Y spotlight: wappingers falls 26

In the midst of revitalization, this village is an appealing alternative to pricier, more urban Beacon.

spreading the word welcome to the passive house

By Timothy Malcolm, Photos by Roy Gumpel

Homebuilder Steve Bluestone is on a mission to educate Americans about the energy-efficiency benefits of autoclaved aerated concrete— so much so that he built his family home in Hillsdale with the material. 34

This colorful Greene County town features a surprisingly wide array of cultural offerings and a magical setting.

sustainable spirit houses of worship go green

By Timothy Malcolm, Photos by Roy Gumpel

Hudson Valley ministers are designing buildings with sustainable elements to decrease their carbon footprint and forge a deeper connection to both spirit and earth. 40

18 COMMUNIT Y spotlight: tannersville

heaven on the hudson a private promontory estate

By Timothy Malcolm, Photos by Deborah DeGraffenreid

A warm, understated farmhouse is the centerpiece of an estate perched upon the Hudson River.



By Brian PJ Cronin, Photo by Eva Deitch At his Beacon home-studio, world-renowned metal sculptor Emil Alzamora embraces the figurative.


i n d e x o f a dv er t i s er s


Map of the region

Sponsored House Feature Cover photo of Hudson River estate and photo above of the screened-in porch at Bug Acres by Deborah DeGraffenreid.



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Mungo & Maud LONDON ’S DOG



Now at 555 W a rren, Hud son

f i n ch h u d s o n .co m | f o l l o w u s o n i n s t a g r a m: f i n c h h uds o n

Environmental Aesthetic. Architectural design and building for your residential or commercial project.




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EDITORIAL creative director Amara Projansky Editor Susan Piperato

Kan Du Hygge Dig

Art Director Jim Maximowicz Books editor Nina Shengold proofreader Barbara Ross contributors Anne Pyburn Craig, Brian PJ Cronin, Deborah DeGraffenreid, Eva Deitch, Niva Dorell, Roy Gumpel, Ethan Harrison, Hillary Harvey, Julie K. Herman, Timothy Malcolm, Karen Pearson, Nina Shengold, Lynn Woods

All the Best (for Winter)


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PUBLISHING Glögg in the making.

FOUNDERS & publisherS Jason Stern & Amara Projansky Chief Executive Amara Projansky

originated in northern New Jersey and moved to Millbrook in 2004, and then to Rhinecliff three years ago. Last summer, Hetta Glögg relocated to a building on Broadway in Kingston's historic Rondout neighborhood. The company's new headquarters not only provides enough space for glögg-making, but offers a cozy shopfront painted deep red, for hosting gatherings and events. “The space is bigger than it looks on the outside,” notes Hetta Glögg cofounder Darren Davidowich. Hetta Glögg is made from a Norwegian recipe that’s been handed down through the ages within the family of Davidowich’s sister-in-law. “Technically, it’s still wine at the end of the day,” Davidowich says. “But it’s also wine with a lot more.” The recipe begins with port wine, which is infused with cinnamon, cardamom, orange peel, and raisins. After the spices are removed and their juices retained, the wine is heated, brandy is added to the mix, and the glögg gets bottled. For Davidowich, glögg is all about goodwill and hospitality—though he is quick to point out that the drink has medicinal qualities too. (Try it for clearing a head cold or easing stress). “It’s about welcoming in,” he says. “Handing someone a mug of something warm that smells good is a great thing to do as a host. It makes guests feel very received and tended to.” But glögg is not just for drinking together. “It’s paired with conversation,” Davidowich explains. “And conversation implies an exchange. Conversation is not having an argument online or talking to someone at a store or on the train. It’s an exchange of words, feelings, ideas with someone we’ve chosen to be with, to share glögg with.” Glögg or not, I wish you warmth and ease, comfort and joy this season, whatever comes to pass outside. As the Danes say, Kan du hygge dig!

EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Brian K. Mahoney chairman David Dell Upstate House is a project of Luminary Media.

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t’s winter once again. Time to hunker down. And so far, Hudson Valley weather predictions indicate that we’re in for months of frigid temperatures and lots of snow. Unless we’re avid skiers or kids who haven’t yet learned to hate shoveling driveways and scraping windshields, we are already complaining about the prospect of another long, bad winter. But in Nordic countries, an extreme winter isn’t just a given, it’s something to take into stride, and even celebrate. In Scandinavia, winter is time for hygge: the practice of nurturing a feeling of contentment and coziness. Hygge (pronounced “hhyooguh,” “heurgh,” or simply “hooga,” according to Meik Wiking’s The Little Book of Hygge) originated in Denmark during the Viking era. (Speaking of Vikings, the Danish word that means the opposite of hygge is uhygge, a feeling of unease or fright.) Today, Swedes and Norwegians participate in hygge along with the Danes—in fact, the Norwegians define hygge as “the giving of comforts, the sharing of joy.” Not only that, but hygge is the latest lifestyle craze to emerge from the Nordic world, and it's getting plenty of attention this season from American media. So how do you “do hygge”? There’s no English equivalent of the word. The practice can take place in many different ways: indoors or outdoors, alone or within a gathering of intimates or strangers. Hygge is about enjoyment and comfort, creating a welcoming environment: It’s surrounding yourself with houseplants and tasteful furnishings, wearing soft sweaters and fur-lined boots, tossing thickly knitted throws across the sofa, baking bread, collecting artisanal goods and even making things by hand, settling around a fireplace or encircling a firepit in the snow, and keeping lots of candles burning. In Denmark, consumerism unabashedly embraces hygge, which is omnipresent in the country's product advertising. But hygge involves emotional connection and wellbeing as much as it does material comforts. It’s just as much about inviting guests for dinner, making your own holiday gifts, and sharing drinks—especially the traditional Nordic winter beverage, glögg (sometimes called grog), a heated, spiced wine that originated in the early 1600s. One entrepreneurial venture, Hetta Glögg, is bringing hygge to the Hudson Valley. The company

Imagine... the snow falling outside, while stayWALLS cozy in... WHY LOOK ATyou FOUR yourYou Four Sunroom! When CanSeasons Look At Four Seasons!!!

The Quintessence of Quality for over 40 years!

Hudson Valley Sunrooms Come Visit Our Design Center Six Sunrooms on Display Route 9W (just south of Kingston) GPS: 355 Broadway, Port Ewen, NY Kingston, NY 845-339-1787 Beacon, NY 845-838-1235 Serving the Hudson Valley Since 1984


Huge Staatsburg-on-Hudson Showroom Worth the Drive from Anywhere 845 889 4747 •

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The meringue points were individually carved from glued layers of foam insulation. Henderson found this coconut husk chandelier online at 3am.

Theatrical lighting is key: The Roxbury stocks 92 types of light bulbs.

"We could never have done this pre-Internet. We have stuff from all over the world," says Henderson.

Whipped Cream Delight By Nina Shengold | Photograph by Karen Pearson

Have you ever dreamed about sleeping inside of a pie? If so, the Roxbury Motel and Spa has got you covered. Owned, operated, and designed to the nines by Gregory Henderson and Joseph Massa, the Roxbury is a delicious combination of whimsy and luxury, with theme rooms and suites inspired by classic TV shows, cartoons, and films. If you can still hum the theme song from Gilligan's Island, you'll have no trouble guessing how Maryanne's Coconut Cream Pie Room got its name. Even if you've never heard of the Minnow's castaways, the room is a hoot, with its pie-shaped bed, whipped-cream throw pillows, and meringue ceiling. Henderson and Massa, who have been together for 26 years and were married two years ago, met onstage in the play Reaching Out, later founding the Turnip Theatre Company, just off Times Square. Their acting careers morphed into day jobs. Massa constructed theatrical sets for Broadway shows, and Henderson drifted to Wall Street. Eventually, they bought a weekend cabin upstate, but, as Henderson says, "desperately missed our creative days." The events of 9/11 sealed the deal: They decided to leave New York City. In 2003, on a tip from a friend at Coldwell Banker, the couple bought a 1960s strip motel and 1870s farmhouse near the Belleayre and Plattekill ski areas. Their dormant creative lives kicked into overdrive. The motel had “good bones" but needed a gut renovation; they wanted the décor to honor the Catskills' '60s heyday. "This was before the midcentury modern revival," Henderson says. "It still looked like grandma's furniture; people were getting rid of it." They gave all 10 rooms a retro vibe, dubbing the largest and most outrageous the Austin Powers Suite. They quickly learned there is "no such thing as over the top,” he adds. “People want the fantasy." In 2007, they added a wing with 18 more theme rooms and a spa, and in 2010, they built nine lavish two-story suites. 8

online at

Though they've developed a design team of friends and former guests, Massa did "every inch" of the Pie Room's meringue ceiling and piecrust crown moldings himself. The meringue points were each carved from glued layers of foam insulation, screwed into the ceiling, fused together with spray-foam insulation, whittled back down, spackled, fireproofed, and painted with white and cream tones—matte, semigloss, and gloss—to suggest baked meringue. Henderson found the coconut husk chandelier while Web surfing at 3am. "We joke that you can hear my scream from China when I find just the right thing," he says. "We could never have done this pre-Internet. We have stuff from all over the world." They also source locally. The bathroom tiles, made from 100 percent recycled windshield glass, come from Susan Jablon Mosaics in Binghamton. Locally made coconut-scented soap adds one more sense to the mix. The Roxbury's website notes that the custom-built round bed encourages guests to "'spoon the pie' a bit more than usual," and Henderson says the room has a special allure for honeymooners. "We've got some in there right now." Room rates embrace a wide range of travelers, with studios starting at $90/ night and a three-bedroom Archaeologist's Digs cottage topping at $655 in peak season. Maryanne's Coconut Cream Pie Room and its fellow Big King theme rooms range from $178 to $279, depending on dates. Other themed rooms include the Shagadelic, Wizard's Emeralds, Final Frontier, Golightly A Go-Go, and Genie's Bottle, appealing to nostalgic boomers and vintage-loving millennials. There's a dash of PeeWee's Playhouse and a touch of Taylor Mac. Theatrical lighting is key, and the Roxbury stocks 92 different light bulbs. "We want you to enter the room with a laugh or screech of joy—‘This is so much fun!’—followed by ‘Wow, this is elegant!’" Henderson says. "It's a lot for the eye. In a good way."

New Leaf Building Co. Working with the wood around us Crafting innovative and elegant structures

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Sooty Rob says... Sooty Rob says... Sooty Rob says...

“Protect your “Protect your Family,your “Protect Family, HomeFamily, and Pets.” Home and Pets.” Home and Pets.”

NEO Sofa

from Bensen, is the newest addition to our collection of home furnishings by local and international makers.

valley variety 705 Warren St., Hudson | 518.828.0033 |

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Pour Thing This hand-thrown, white porcelain, pour-over, drip-style coffee maker will mix and match with a variety of mug or cup styles. It works well with a No. 2 filter, and has horizontal ridges inside to guarantee an even brew yielding the best flavor possible. The maker, Cheyenne Mallo, grew up in the Midwest and earned a BFA in printmaking and ceramics from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls before moving to the Hudson Valley in 2011. Having settled in Rosendale, where she keeps a studio, Mallo explores the Catskills looking for inspiration for her artwork.

Light Your Fire Collar City Candles is named for its hometown: Troy once ruled the nation when it came to detachable collars. Today, the small city is home to a growing number of small-batch artisanal producers. The husband-and-wife team behind Collar City, Josh and Jamie Wallbank, began their venture in 2004 when the holiday gift of a candle-making kit changed their lives. A dozen years later, they’re still at it, making three types of richly colored and scented nontoxic candles from palm wax and paraffin with all-cotton wicks. Choose from a bright green Bartlett pear-scented pillar; three types of aromatherapy candles in Mason jars (Revive, Refresh, and Relax); and four scented candles in status jars (honeysuckle and cedar, pear and freesia, mahogany and teakwood, and cappuccino).

Drape it over the arm of a chair, the back of a sofa, an antique chest, a place you often stand barefooted, or the end of your bed. Let your baby sleep on it, like they do in Australia. Sit a small child on it for storytime. Invite your favorite pet to take a snooze there. Prop it up with a pillow and sink into it or cuddle up beneath it yourself. Or don’t touch it at all—just look at how it makes the colors and textures of your furnishings pop. Whatever you do with a luxurious, white, genuine sheepskin, you can’t go wrong: It fits into any room and décor, as it’s rustic and modern, comforting and edgy all at once—and easy to care for, to boot. Available in abundance at Hammertown’s stores in Pine Plains, Rhinebeck, and Great Barrington.


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Photos: Cheyenne Mallo; Jamie Wallbank; Hammertown

Flock to It

The Country’s Largest Display of Unique Slabs and Burls

your dream home… When you’re building your dream home, renovating it, or making improvements to it, Ghent Wood Products is here to help with flooring, siding, trusses, paneling, stone, reclaimed wood, custom woodwork and more – and all in numerous wood species for you to choose from. Let your imagination take flight!

Ghent wood products

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Holiday Year Round in the Catskills FOR SALE BY OWNER • 61 Shipley Rd. Freehold, NY 12431 • 518-821-1799 Enjoy the scenic beauty and privacy of this exceptional 4 bed 2.5 bath home on 2.5 acres. Swim in your own heated indoor Endless Swim Pool. Step into your new beautifully remodeled kitchen with granite counter tops, custom cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. This meticulously maintained home has been updated throughout and features a whole house outdoor wood burning stove and a 14 kW generator. $389,000.

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In Bookstores


by Nina Shengold

Meyer Davis Made to Measure: Architecture and Interiors Dan Shaw, foreword by David Netto

The Vendome Press, 2016

Outside In The sense of warmth that houseplants bring to a room is nearly as palpable as that of a roaring fire—especially if the plants are potted in colorful, well-made pottery. The Phantom Gardener, a longtime Rhinebeck institution, specializes in the unusual when it comes to both houseplants and their containers. This sustainability-driven, strictly organic garden shop specializes in organic and heirloom varieties, along with landscape and hardscape design, in the warmer months of the year, but during winter, showcases an array of exotic houseplants and the work of local craftspeople, including hand-thrown pots and other handmade gift items and holiday decorations.

Some architects have such a distinctive style that all their buildings resemble one other. Others, like genius character actors, disappear into their projects, giving each structure a unique personality; the common ground is excellence. The first three houses profiled, all in Copake, are cases in point: a "resuscitated, modernized" 1940s bungalow; a masculine lakefront modern; and an island getaway that contemporizes the rustic vernacular of the Adirondack Great Camps. Shaw, a New York Times style editor and cofounder of Rural Intelligence, describes their work with zest. ("Wherever you're in a hotel, restaurant, or boutique designed by Meyer Davis, you feel as if you're on a zipline traversing the zeitgeist.") But the photos of private and public spaces are the stars of this handsome, large-format book. It opens with three sumptuous double-page spreads; you may find yourself sold before you reach the table of contents.

Our Time at Foxhollow Farm: A Hudson Valley Family Remembered David Byars

Excelsior Editions, 2016

From its classical black-and-white cover photo to its nostalgic typefaces, this handsome book conjures a vanished elegance. Byars, a Hudson River Heritage board member and Vogue editor, curated this trove of early 20th-century photographs taken by Tracy Dows, a Harvard-educated gentleman farmer who was married to Rhinebeck heiress Alice Townsend Olin. The couple commissioned a country estate designed by Stanford White protégé Harrie T. Lindeberg and landscaped by Frederic Law Olmsted. At Foxhollow Farm, they hosted several members of the Astor and Roosevelt families, the novelist Thomas Wolfe, and more. Infatuated by the new art of photography, Dows took hundreds of photos of his family and Rhinebeck neighbors. The images drip with privilege, but also with family tenderness: A women and toddler in summer whites play tetherball tennis, a sunlit girl practices piano, a man and two boys form an ice-skating line, and a curly-horned ram glares from the barn, unimpressed.

Wild By Design: Strategies for Creating Life-Enhancing Landscapes Margie Ruddick

Island Press, 2016

Winner of the 2013 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award, Dutchess County resident Ruddick is known for integrating wild native plants and natural elements into her landscape designs. In this beautifully photographed book, she lays out five basic principles of design—Reinvention, Restoration, Conservation, Regeneration, and Expression—and applies them in turn to a wildly diverse series of projects around the globe. These include reenvisioning a noisy and dangerous subway plaza in Queens, combining a traditional Chinese garden with water purification systems in Sichuan's Living Water Park, turning a New Jersey landfill into multiple ecosystems, and designing a culturally sensitive retreat center in Western Ghats, India. Ruddick makes a passionate case for sustainable and innovative approaches that link us to natural rhythms. Her book will inspire landscape architects and anyone interested in urban planning and green design.


online at

The Original Social Club l


The kitchen is more than just a place to cook. It’s a place where family comes together, friends are made & experience are had.



Creating spaces and places of lasting beauty



Our Goal KITCHENS....not just a place to

With an eyejust for detail bath [bath, bahth] KITCHENS....not a place to design Kitchens prepare To food. It’stheeye a best place to meet, With for detail bath [bath, bahth] noun and theandesign expertise bath [bath, bahth] prepare food. It’s a place to meet, noun For the way people actually live and the design expertise 1. An essential partbahth] of your daily life. it and entertain toRelax bring all together for our clients. bath [bath, noun

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Let us design your memory book today.







Residential & Commercial


in our locally owned full service design center, Everything need forone the roomshop of your dreams Your stop everything 2. The quality oryou state of being covered with a LOW liquid TILE • FLOORING •for VOC PAINT KITCHENS • BATHS • CLOSETS ininour owned full service design ourlocally locallyyou owned full service design center, Everything need for the room ofcenter, your dreams for your PRODUCTS Your one shop for everything TILEfor •SUSTAINABLE FLOORING •and LOW VOC PAINT Everything you need thestop room of home. your dreams Established 1987 still growing. in our locally owned full service design center, your SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS Familyfor owned and operated since 1987 and still growing. Everything you need thefor room of home. your dreams

LET USVisitDEFINE YOUR SPACE our 6,000 square foot showroom and see the difference. Everything need the roomshop of your dreams LET US you DEFINE YOUR SPACE Yourforone stop for everything SPACE Everything you need the room ofofyour dreams for your home. Everything you need for the room your dreams Yourfor one stop shop for everything Kingston, NY 12401 LET US DEFINE YOUR SPACE • Kitchens • Baths • Closets • Tile LET US DEFINE YOUR • Kitchens • Baths • Closets • Tile

747 State Route 28, s • Low • Baths • Closets • Tile for your you need•for the room of home. your dreams • FlooringEverything VOC Paint Sustainable Products (845) 331-2200 ng • Low VOC Paint • Sustainable Products • Kitchens • Baths • Closets 747 Route 28 Kingston New York• Tile 12401 845-331-2200 • Kitchens • Baths • Closets • Tile Products 47 Route 28 Kingston New York 12401 845-331-2200 • Flooring • Low VOC Paint • Sustainable visit us online: • Flooring • Low VOC Paint • Sustainable Products • •Kitchens •Located • in • Tile 845-331-2200 747 Route 28 Kingston New York 12401 the: Kitchens •Baths Baths •Closets Closets 747 Route 28 Kingston New York• Tile 12401 845-331-2200 • •Flooring Flooring • •Low LowVOC VOCPaint Paint • •Sustainable SustainableProducts Products • Kitchens • Baths • Closets • Tile

DC Studios Stained Glass



FINEST CUSTOM WORK EXPERT RESTORATION QUALITY REPAIRS Germantown Studio 845-876-3200 Call for an appointment to discuss your project or visit the studio.

Contemporary Equine Art for the Discerning Collector




R H I N E B E C K , N Y | 518-637-2524


S A R A N A C L A K E , N Y | 518-891-5224



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The Produce Is Political

Farmers Lorrie Clevenger (foreground) and Karen Washington (background) gather the autumn kale harvest.

Food sovereignty activists till the soil at Rise & Root Farm. By Anne Pyburn Craig | Photographs by Ethan Harrison


hey don’t look like the pictures that pop up if you Google “farm family,” but the four women who are coowners and cofarmers of Rise & Root Farm—two gay, two straight, two black, two white, ranging in age from mid-30s to early 60s—have found a lively, lovely nest in the black-dirt soil of Orange County. At their home base in the town of Chester they have now completed two sustainably grown harvests and erected a greenhouse, and they are proceeding with their work in food sovereignty activism, playing tagteam with chores as they commute to city gigs like lectures and classes, hosting events for their city pals on the farm. Collectively, the team members at Rise & Root have worn a lot of hats: founders, graduates, and teachers at Farm School NYC; graduates of the internationally acclaimed Ecological Horticulture Apprenticeship program at the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems in Santa Clara, California; a 2014 James Beard Leadership Award recipient; two former directors of New York City urban farming nonprofits; and the founder and chef of Crock & Jar, an artisanal preserves company. And together, the team’s oldest member, Karen Washington (the James Beard winner), and cofarmer Lorrie Clevenger cofounded the nonprofit Black Urban Growers. After Rush Limbaugh had a public anxiety attack late last summer over “lesbian farmers,” Crock & Jar founder/chef and ace food preserver Michaela Hayes, who’s married to cofarmer Jane Hodge, took the opportunity to explain to Huffington Post writer Joseph Erbentraut what agricultural diversity really means. (Erbentraut’s article, “These Lesbian Farmers Aren’t Here to Take Over America.


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They Want to Grow It,” received 10,000-plus likes on Facebook.) “We’re an intergenerational farm, we’re gay and we’re straight, we’re black and we’re white,” Hayes told Erbentraut. “So we have all these difficult conversations about social structures and who has access to what and how. This [minority farmers movement] is an opportunity to move the United States agricultural movement in a more representational, beneficial direction.” That direction is a familiar one for Hayes, Hodge, Clevenger, and Washington, as it was a dominant force in all of their lives. The four met over the course of the last 10 years through nonprofit food justice organization JustFood NYC. In 2010, they began planning to farm together, and in 2012, all four trained at Grow NYC’s Farm Beginnings Whole Farm Planning program. Their three-acre parcel, which they ultimately expect to scale up to 25 acres, was acquired in 2013 through the Chester Agricultural Center, a project of Northeast Farm Access LLC, which “brings together farmers and social investors to revive and transform sustainable agriculture,” according to the organization’s website. A successful crowdfunding campaign raised $55,142 for Rise & Root’s startup expenses in spring 2015. In November, a second Indiegogo campaign was 100 percent funded for converting an old barn near the farm into a commercial kitchen in which Hayes will produce pickles, krauts, jams, dried herbs, herb salts, and sauces for Crock & Jar, as well as host more classes and events. In the farm’s early planning phases, the team set a goal of having produce at market by 2015. And there they were, at Union Square

Greenmarket and La Familia Verde in the Bronx as well as at Chester’s local farm market, with heirloom tomatoes, collards, kale, ginger, potatoes, herbs, and edible flowers. Sales to city restaurants, including Hayes’s old haunt, the Gramercy Tavern, are proceeding nicely, and Hayes says higher-end chefs are particularly fond of edible flowers. “Starting a farm and leaving a full-time job with benefits is scary,” Clevenger said in a keynote address to the members of JustFood NYC last April. She now farms full time after having been an assistant garden manager and educator/mentor at the UC-Santa Cruz program for two years. But she admits that the farming itself—which for her means “getting my hands in the soil, nurturing plants, watching them grow, and then being at the farmers’ market, and watching people walk away with healthy produce I grew with my own hands”—is as amazing as it is challenging. Clevenger told the JustFood NYC crowd that she’d grown up as the only African American in most places she’d lived in rural Missouri, watching as family farms failed around her, never connecting the image of “farmer” with someone who looked like her. She moved to New York in 2001, joined JustFood NYC as an administrative assistant in 2007, and met Washington, who had already been nicknamed the Queen of Urban Ag. “I never imagined that I would be a farmer,” Clevenger says. “And it is one of the experiences that has touched my life the most, has created opportunities to heal my own

"It is because we’re rooted in one another that we can rise.” –Michaela Hayes

childhood experiences, and has helped me connect with who I am as a black woman in this country.” Hodge, who is originally from New Jersey and has worked at farms in Wappingers Falls, Staten Island, and Kinderhook, is the only one on the team with prior rural growing experience. For her, farming is “an act of defiance, an act of love,” as she tells it in the preview clip for Rise, Root, Revolution, a documentary about the farm currently under way by filmmaker Kate Walker. Hodge holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Richmond in leadership studies with a concentration in environmental leadership and social movements. Like her three fellow farmers, she can recite chapter and verse of the connection between social justice and food sovereignty, defined at the Forum for Food Sovereignty held in Mali in 2007 as the right of all humans to “safe, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food and to food-producing resources and the ability to sustain themselves and their societies.” It’s a right that has slipped away from a great many people, and the women behind Rise & Root have found a warm reception in historically agricultural, predominantly Italian-American Chester for their efforts to restore it. Hayes notes that although the group initially wondered how they’d be received, longtime local growers have offered tips and help and have been intrigued by urbanagricultural methods like raised beds and drip irrigation systems. “Food grown with love and prepared with love is transformative,” says Hayes. It should be noted that she once “orchestrated a mutiny” at her former restaurant job when she realized that the back-of-thehouse help traditionally didn’t sit down and eat with the waitstaff, bartenders, and management for family meals. “In everything that we do, everybody has to be invited and at the table,” she says. “But you cannot expect them just to show up; you have to ask. It is because we’re rooted in one another that we can rise.”

The women of Rise & Root Farm, from left to right: Michaela Hayes, Karen Washington, Lorrie Clevenger, and Jane Hodge.

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Magic Mountain Town By Lynn Woods | Photos by Julie K. Herman

o travelers heading west on Route 23A, Tannersville appears suddenly, its cluster of colorful gables rising from the Catskill Forest Preserve like Shangri-la. Many of the village’s buildings are painted in bright pastels and patterned designs, and even the humble laundromat’s façade is adorned with psychedelic blue bubbles. Tannersville’s Paint Project, which began transforming the faded resort town in the early 2000s, has attracted national attention, including being featured on the Today Show. New homeowners can apply to the Hunter Foundation for a paint scheme and funding for it. But Tannersville’s magic isn’t just about color, it’s also about its dramatic mountaintop setting. Route 23A, which becomes Main Street, passes forested ravines and dramatic waterfalls, including Kaaterskill Falls and other famous vistas captured by the Hudson River School of painters, and the lush, tree-studded 1930s Colonial Country Club frames a stunning view of the Catskills. Tannersville began in the early 19th century as a commercial center for the area’s many tanneries (where animal hides were softened, utilizing tannic acid from native hemlock bark) and lumber mills. When those industries collapsed, hotels and boarding houses sprang up, and after the railroad arrived in 1882, Tannersville boomed, with a bank, department store, general store, and the like offering full services to a bustling tourist trade. The advent of the car and plane resulted in the village’s slow decline, but a few vestiges of its earlier resort days remain, including sprawling Villa Vosilla, fronted by a roadside pool, and Deer

Zip code: 12485 Population: 539 Median Household Income: $41,749 Proximity to major city: 51 miles to Albany, 123 miles to New York City Transportation: Tannersville is accessible from the New York State Thruway, Exit 20, and Route 23A.


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Mountain Inn, a late 19th-century summerhouse rumored to have been owned by gangster Legs Diamond. Today, with Tannersville clearly on the rise, past blends gracefully with present. Main Street is lined with new restaurants and cafés, a yoga center, an antiques emporium, an artisanal wine store, galleries, and the Orpheum Film and Performing Arts Center, a modernist building featuring movies and dance, theater, and music performances. There’s a summertime farmers’ market, and investors are pouring dollars into the town, thanks in large part to the Hunter Foundation, which buys and renovates blighted buildings, selling or leasing them to businesses. Currently, the manmade Rip Van Winkle Lake is gaining a stage, Frisbee golf course, floating dock, and other recreational amenities. The Scene Tannersville is a popular ski town, with Hunter Mountain 10 minutes away and Windham Mountain about 30 minutes away. Miles of trails beckon crosscountry skiers and snowshoers to explore the Catskill Preserve. In summer, nearby Colgate and North-South lakes attract swimmers and fishermen. But the village is also a cultural center. The nonprofit 23Arts, launched in 2014, hosts an annual Jazz and Music Festival, bringing top jazz, classical, blues, Latin, and other genre musicians to perform at the Orpheum and throughout town, and sponsors the Catskill Jazz Factory, offering year-round performances, artists’ residencies ,and school workshops. Say What? Gallery

Adirondack Trailways and Greyhound offer daily four-hour bus service to and from New York City. The Amtrak station in Hudson is 18 miles away; the train trip to New York City is about 145 minutes.

Hunter Elementary School and the Tannersville Middle and High School. The private Christian Platte Clove School, operated by the Bruderhof Community for kindergarten through eighth grade, is in nearby Elka Park.

Nearest Hospital: Columbia Memorial Hospital, in Hudson

Points of interest: Mountain Top Arboretum; Rip Van Winkle Lake; Tannersville Bike Path; Colonial Golf Club; Orpheum Film & Performing Arts Center; Platte Clove Preserve;

Schools: Huntersville-Tannersville Central School District consists of

Opposite: A colorful home in Tannersville made even brighter by fall foliage. Above: Wellness Rx, a pharmacy and wellness center, occupies one of many whimsically colored buildings along Tannersville’s Main Street.

exhibits contemporary art, and Platte Clove Preserve offers artist-inresidence programs. Tannersville’s culinary offerings include all the basics: pizza, burgers, Chinese, and barbecue. Catskill Mountain Store & Restaurant serves all-day breakfasts and lunch and sells locally made fudge, preserves, honey, maple syrup, and organic body products. Last Chance Cheese Antiques Café serves 50 kinds of cheese, 300 beers, and 50 whiskeys. Hudson-Chatham Winery recently opened an elegant storefront café where wine can be paired with locally made cheeses, tapas, foie gras, or patés. The Market Tannersville, which has a sizable population of weekenders, is very affordable; The median listed home price is $219,000, but the median sales price is just $153,500. Prices range from $115,000 to $375,000 for a village home. A threebedroom rustic bungalow on a large lot is listed at $159,000, while a spacious Victorian on Main Street, with large front porch, stained-glass windows, and an adjacent building lot, is selling for $125,000. A new two-bedroom townhouse with two decks and cathedral ceiling is priced at $219,000, while a 15-year-old three-bedroom home with gourmet kitchen and energy-efficient heating on five acres is selling for $649,000. Outside town, a Tudor manor with formal gardens on six acres abutting state land is priced at $849,000, and 20 acres of land, including stream, pond, barn, septic system, and electric service, is listed at $450,000. Hunter Mountain Ski Resort; Windham Mountain Ski Resort; Mountain Trails X-Country Ski and Snowshoe Center; Colgate Lake Wild Forest; Kaaterskill Falls Wild Forest; Kaaterskill Hotel Historic Site; NorthSouth Lake; Windham Blackhead Range Wilderness; Hunter-West Kill Wilderness; Huckleberry Multi-Use Trail; Catskill Mountain Foundation Movie Theater, Bookstore, and Piano

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Performance Museum; Thomas Cole National Historic Site (Catskill); Windham Mountain Bike Park; Ukrainian Church; Doctorow Center for the Arts; Zadock Pratt Museum and Pratt Rock; Woodchuck Lodge Historic John Burroughs Home

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Wappingers Falls


appingers Falls has spent its life as a curious anomaly—a river town that doesn’t quite make it all the way to the Hudson River. The village sprang up near the southern tip of Dutchess County in the 18th century around its namesake waterfall, which interrupts the Wappinger Creek on its 41mile journey from the foot of Stissing Mountain in Pine Plains to the Hudson River. Two Dutch brothers built a mill at the falls in 1741, along with a stone house now known as the Messier Homestead, which is nestled into a small park of the same name that acts as both village green and plaza. Small is what Wappingers Falls is all about. The entire village is barely larger than a square mile, so you can walk from one end of downtown to the other in minutes. But Wappingers Falls’ miniscule downtown is key to its enduring appeal—and its future. Today, Wappingers Falls is a popular commuter town with the closest


MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $45,543 PROXIMITY TO MAJOR CITY: New York City is 75 miles south; Albany is 85 miles north. TRANSPORTATION: The New Hamburg Metro-North station is three miles away; it takes 80 to 90 minutes


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Small Wonder By Brian PJ Cronin | Photos by Hillary Harvey

Metro-North train station located a few miles away, on the Hudson River shoreline in New Hamburg—close enough for Wappingers Falls to attract commuters looking to put down roots somewhere more affordable than in Putnam and Westchester counties but more intimate than Dutchess County’s urban commuter hubs of Poughkeepsie and Beacon. THE SCENE Downtown’s appeal comes from the abundance of charming civic details that can be found in close proximity: There’s a rushing waterfall, a tangle of streets around the creek, brick brownstones from the early 20th century, stately pines towering over the village green of Mesier Park, and a 130-year-old library that was modeled after a Swiss chalet. But for many years, people simply savored that charm from their car windows on their way to the big-box stores, malls, and chain supermarkets that are just a few minutes away on Route 9—stores that no small business would dare to compete with.

to reach Grand Central. I-84 and the Newburgh-Beacon bridge are eight miles south. NEAREST HOSPITAL: Vassar Brothers Medical Center is eight miles away. SCHOOLS: Wappingers School District consists of the Roy C. Ketcham High School, two junior high schools, and four elementary schools. The highly regarded Randolph School, a 50-yearold private school serving preschool

through fifth grade, is on the village’s outskirts. POINTS OF INTEREST: Messier Homestead, Bowdoin Park, County Fare, Di’Vine Wine Bar, Blackboard Café, Wagon Wheel Pizza, the Ground Hog Café, West Main Kitchen, County Players at the Falls Theatre, Grinnell Library, Bowdoin Park, Obercreek Farm, Dutchess County Stadium, Meiser Park, Café Maya

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Above: Storefronts along Main Street in Wappingers Falls. Opposite: Looking west over the Main Street Bridge, which spans the village’s namesake falls.

Now the village is transforming, with established and new residents embracing the simple pleasures of walking into town for coffee at the Ground Hog Café, local craft beer at County Fare, a glass of wine on the porch overlooking the falls at Di’Vine, or a performance at the County Players at the Falls Theatre, which has been presenting community theater for almost 60 years. Wappingers Falls’ tiny business district is becoming robust enough to support not only competing pizza parlors but competing tattoo parlors as well. And storefronts that have been empty for years are steadily being renovated into new business spaces. If the business district continues its regrowth and can add some small grocery stores and drugstores, then residents may be able to forgo the chain stores along Route 9 and at the Poughkeepsie malls altogether, and return Wappingers Falls to its roots as an entirely walkable community. THE MARKET If a house in the village catches your eye, don’t wait. Wappingers Falls has a high volume of prospective home shoppers—including people who find Beacon too pricey—and a low inventory. Many longstanding homeowners in the village are still feeling the effects of the 2008 market crash. Some used the crash to refinance their house and are enjoying the lower monthly payments too much to move; meanwhile, instead of downsizing, empty nesters are waiting for the market to rebound fully in order to recoup their investment. The village’s high density means that its houses, for the most part, are modestly sized and priced. New constructions, based on tasteful Cape Cod designs, are at the top end of the market, priced from $300,000 to $330,00. An 1880 Cape Cod house, with three bedrooms and 1.5 baths, was on the market for $230,000 at press time, and a charming early 20th-century Colonial with a wraparound porch was listed for $249,000.

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To let nature in and keep mosquitos out, a tall screened-in porch became central to the design of the house. 20


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Bug ged Out A Brooklyn family builds a dream house around a screened-in porch. By Niva Dorell | Photographs by Karen Pearson

It all started with a porch.

After visiting friends upstate for years, Susan Lobel, a New York City-based corporate lawyer, and her husband Richard, a marketing executive, decided to buy a less-than-800-square-foot weekend cottage in Woodstock. It was a simple setup—two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a big screened-in porch—and the Lobels and their two children loved it. But seven years later, the family found the cottage increasingly cramped, so the Lobels decided to tear the house down and rebuild on their plot of land. But they were reluctant to part with their screened-in front porch. “The thing that came up over and over again,” explains their architect, Brendan Coburn of CWB Architects in Brooklyn, “was that the original cottage had a screen porch with a tall ceiling. That was their favorite part of the house. [It] became the basis of the whole project.” Coburn already knew the Lobels well, having renovated their Brooklyn Heights brownstone and visited the Woodstock property, so he understood what mattered most to them. He designed the new 2,700-square-foot house around a 16-foot-by-24-foot all-cedar screened porch, facing the bluestone ridge and cantilevered over the stream; today, the porch holds a dining room table, couch, two chairs, and a woodstove for use in fall and spring. Indoors, at the opposite end of the house, the living room’s fireplace mirrors the porch’s woodstove. The Lobels nicknamed the family retreat Bug Acres, which, while much beloved, is a “mosquito haven,” admits Coburn. The new screened porch, like the old one, is a place for the family to relax outside, protected from the mosquitos, as well as entertain. “When you’re upstate, it’s a constant influx of people coming and gathering and hanging out,” Susan Lobel says. “That was really important, to have a good space for entertaining.” upstate HOUSE

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Bug Acres sits on six acres of woods and wetlands, flanked by a small stream and a bluestone ridge.

Above: The backyard is the site of Bug Town, the children’s play village. Opposite, from top: The kitchen was designed as a gathering space; Views abound in the dining room; The exposed bluestone ridge is visible from many of the common areas of the house. 22

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Living in harmony with nature was also high on the Lobels’ list of requirements for the new house. Bug Acres sits on six acres of woods and wetlands, flanked by a small stream and a bluestone ridge. “Our concept was really sort of a modern farmhouse. We wanted to keep it simple,” says Lobel. Yet another priority was that the new house be equally cozy and functional and include communal and individual spaces for the couple and their children. Lastly, the Lobels wanted a house that would eventually become their retirement home, where their children could visit for years to come. The living and dining space has a 24-foot ceiling and two walls of large windows. On the wall facing west, toward the bluestone ridge, two vertically stacked seven-foot-by-seven-foot windowpanes allow for more sunlight during winter. On the adjacent wall, facing south toward the wide lawn and marshy wetlands, is a six-foot-by-eight-foot horizontal window and sliding glass doors to the backyard deck. Even on a cloudy day, the first floor is flooded with light. The space is decorated with earth-tone furniture, including a stained white oak dining table by Emmanuel Delalain, a console by Wüd Furniture Design, a couch from Design Within

Reach, two midcentury lounge chairs, and a bleached maple bench/stool by Chris Lehrecke in Hudson. Throughout the first floor, the house’s flooring is teak-stained oak, while the kitchen floor features Italian ceramic tiles. Also located on the first floor are a guest bedroom and bathroom, mudroom, and master bedroom, which has its own fireplace, bathroom, and glass-door access to an outdoor shower and Jacuzzi on a small deck. (The shower is enclosed in a stall, and a short wooden wall provides privacy for the Jacuzzi.) Upstairs is dedicated to the Lobels’ children, who are now teenagers, and includes a hallway office nook with computer; a full bathroom; two bedrooms; and a lounge area including a couch, television, and card table. The kids’ bedrooms and lounge room feature cut-out windows overlooking the living room below. “We have a similar setup in the city, where the kids have their own bedrooms and bathrooms and lounge area,” Lobel explains. “They can be separated when they want to be, and join us when we’re lucky enough to have them.”

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The house is tucked cozily between a bluestone ridge and a smattering of trees, but its amplitude of windows emits plenty of natural light.

“It feels warm and very calm to be here.” –Susan Lobel While the house wasn’t specifically designed to be green, its roof is angled to optimize the solar electric collectors, an 8KW system that produces up to 1,400 kilowatts hours of electricity per month. Since the heating and cooling system is powered by electricity, the house is almost 100 percent self-sufficient. The only hiccup in the house’s yearlong construction came when it was discovered that the water table was higher than expected. As a result, Coburn had to jack up the house by three feet and create a crawl space underneath it instead of the originally planned cellar. To hide the crawl space, the Lobels created a plant-lined terrace and angled bluestone wall off the exterior south porch, which sits beneath a trellis. It’s a comfy place to rest, with four matching gray Adirondack chairs and side tables. “One of our favorite things to do in the morning is all sit out there and have coffee,” says Lobel. The backyard features a fenced-in, heated swimming pool surrounded by lilac bushes and a vegetable garden, as well as a handmade fire pit and hammock on a small wooded hill. “The children kind of made a little village up there on the other side of the stream. They call it ‘Bug Town,’” Lobel recalls. The house is set at the end of a long driveway, ensuring maximum privacy, but it’s a five-minute drive to the center of Woodstock, making this family oasis not only private but also convenient. “It feels warm and very calm to be there,” Lobel says. 24

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Upstairs, a common area for the children features cutout windows overlooking the living room.

Open staircases keep the house feeling open and airy.

The combination of ample sunlight and cedar flooring makes for captivating shadow shows.

The stone fireplace in the living room mirrors the woodstove on the porch at the opposite end of the house.

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Spreading the Word A family home demonstrates the benefits of passive structure. By Timothy Malcolm


teven Bluestone is on a mission. It wasn’t enough for him to build a home for himself and his family to enjoy; he also built it to educate Americans about autoclaved aerated concrete. This building material, most commonly known as AAC, is a soft type of concrete that’s up to 75 percent lighter in weight than traditional concrete. Perfected in Sweden in the 1920s, AAC is primarily used in Asia and Europe, which produces around 15 million cubic meters of AAC per year, according to the European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association. Comparatively, there’s only one American AAC plant, located in Florida. Residential builder Bluestone, who mostly works for New York City clients, has used the material to construct a passive structure on an overlook in North Hillsdale, at the tip of Columbia County, not far from the Massachusetts border. Though Bluestone’s new house doesn’t announce its importance to passersby, it essentially signals a whole new era in energy-efficient homes.


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A passive structure achieves energy efficiency through five principles: continuous insulation without thermal bridging, a tight building envelope to keep air in, high-performance windows and doors, balanced heat- and moisture-recovery ventilation, and solar energy implementation. Bluestone’s interest in energy conservation started in the late 1970s, and he discovered AAC around 12 years ago when he and his wife, Kathy, a marketing consultant at Disney, sought property north of their home in Westchester County. The couple had two requirements: a view, and a south-facing house to absorb as much sun as possible for lighting and to create and store solar energy. Their broker found land in North Hillsdale on a 20-acre slope with an unhindered view of the south, including the Taconic Mountains. “We came in with the broker, and we saw this, and said, ‘Yeah. This is it,’” he recalls.

The Bluestones enjoy the view from the patio of their passive, energy-positive home. Steven Bluestone built the couple’s home using aerated autoclaved concrete (AAC), a green material often used in Europe and Canada, but still rarely used in the US. Bluestone is hoping to change that. upstate HOUSE

| WINTER 2016 • 2 7

The home’s entryway combines natural light and textures that create warmth, despite its angular shape.

AAC is moldproof, waterproof, and fireproof. It also provides an air and vapor barrier.

Bluestone easily lifts an AAC block. The waterproof, moldproof blocks are lighter than they look.


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The property allowed Bluestone to develop the most efficient home he could. He enlisted architect Bruce Coldham, whose work includes the Hawthorne Valley Farm Store in nearby Ghent, and structural engineer Robert Murray, who has worked on St. Patrick’s Cathedral and other major buildings in New York City, to help with the construction. Fittingly, the groundbreaking took place on Earth Day 2013. It took two years to finish the project, with Bluestone doing most of the work himself on weekends. With its green cement and wood siding, and its side deck made of timber, the house and its detached garage resemble a typical upstate mountain home. A curved road leads to an impressive entryway that features oak tree limbs and large glass windows. Tall trees behind the house provide an inviting backdrop. The first floor of the 4,250-square-foot house is an open living space, including a dining area and kitchen; there is also a family room, office, master bedroom suite, and second bathroom and laundry. The basement area is split between two additional bedrooms and an ample workshop and storage space. The house’s heating tank and ventilation system are also in this part of the house. Being built with AAC has given the house several advantages. The material is mold-proof, waterproof, and fireproof. It also provides an air and vapor barrier. Plus, when the AAC was installed, four-and-ahalf inches of rigid high R-value polyisocyanurate board insulation were placed outside the material—not inside, which is the typical practice. The exterior walls are made of cement siding and wood, with insulation placed in between. Inside the house, the walls are AAC with a plaster covering. This creates a tighter envelope, explains Bluestone, and at home, he rarely raises the thermostat. “In the winter, we have [the temperature] set at 63 degrees,” he says. “My father, mother, aunt, and uncle were here over late fall; they stayed for two days. And the only complaint they had for me was, ‘It’s too warm.’”

A south-facing orientation is essential for passive heating.

B lo ck Pa rt y

Daniel Levy stands outside his newly completed passive house, built with AAC blocks.

The grounds were landscaped to blend naturally with the surrounding woodlands.


bout 50 miles west of Steven Bluestone’s house, Daniel Levy has constructed another rare certified passive house made from autoclaved aerated concrete in Woodstock.

The Woodstock Passive House is a 2,370-square-foot, two-story structure. Next door, connected by a breezeway, is a 580-square-foot garage also made of autoclaved aerated concrete, or AAC. The house meets the US Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home program, and in 2015 was certified as a passive house by the Passive House Institute of the US. Levy appreciates the energy efficiency of AAC, and notes that the house easily stays warm. In fact, the building’s coldest temperature reading during construction last winter, without heat, was 43 degrees Fahrenheit. When necessary, he heats the house using duct heat pumps, which are strictly electric. But Levy also touts the material’s health benefits. He opted for rigid mineral wool insulation and Foamglas, a material made of sealed glass cells, which goes outside the eight-inch-thick AAC blocks, resulting in an air-tight house that only brings in and pulls out fresh air. The house is powered by 24 solar panels capable of producing 7,560 total kilowatts of energy. Levy’s stove is an induction cooktop, meaning faster and more efficient cooking; he has no fireplace or furnace; and all of his appliances meet Energy Star standards. Levy won’t know if the house is energy-positive until a full year of energy production. Levy first experimented with AAC in 1999, when he used it to build an addition to his then-existing house in Maryland. In 2014, he bought property in Woodstock and aimed to build a complete residential structure of AAC. The house has three bedrooms, and the garage includes an upstairs loft with an additional bedroom. The house’s lower floor follows an open floor plan whose design Levy describes as “modern with a scattering of antique furniture” from his grandparents’ Depression-era New York City apartment. The construction is not antique, however, as Levy believes AAC will have long-lasting impact. “Building a house from scratch gave me the opportunity to not be stuck with the mistakes of previous generations,” he says, adding that he thinks AAC can be a new standard of energy-efficient homebuilding, starting with vacation homes and smaller residential structures. “My idea is to build more of these.”—Timothy Malcom

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The green and brown exterior of the Bluestones’ house happily plays second fiddle to the natural landscape that surrounds it.



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Technically, as well as aesthetically, warmth is a common theme in Bluestone’s house.

Technically, as well as aesthetically, warmth is a common theme in Bluestone’s house. Though the walls of the space are off-white, creating a relatively minimalist aesthetic, natural wood dominates the main living space. The interior entryway is an angular space with four columns made of white oak tree limbs. The back two limbs hold up the roof of the house, while the front two serve as decoration. Like the entryway’s tree-limb supports, much of the wood inside the house was sourced from trees on the Bluestones’ Westchester and North Hillsdale properties. The kitchen cabinets are made from a Westchester black walnut tree uprooted by Hurricane Sandy. Other pieces were created by Bluestone, who has launched a professional woodworking practice. He builds his creations inside a 500-square-foot workshop, also made of AAC, down the hill from the North Hillsdale house. A black walnut dining room table, which Bluestone made from that same Westchester tree, commands attention on one side of the open living space. Wood is also found in unexpected places throughout the house. Inside a narrow closet space in the center of the house, another white oak tree limb stretches and claws upward. The upstairs master bathroom, which offers a stellar view of the Taconic Mountains, features a charming handmade wooden step stool. The smaller bathroom off a hallway between the living space and master suite features a towel rack, also made of black walnut, by Bluestone. The floors of the living room, dining room, kitchen, and downstairs guest bedroom are slate, allowing easy cleanup and a cool-to-the-touch feeling. Other floors are basic hardwood. Surrounding the house are superbly manicured grounds landscaped by Jamie Purinton, who runs a landscape architecture firm in Ancram. A stone walkway winds around the side of the house, leading to a patio overlooking the Taconic Mountains. Planted at the edge of the patio are rows of thyme, parsley, and other herbs. Wild shrubbery and weeds grow in the distance, creating a feeling of uninhibited mountain living. The house is heated and cooled by a six-ton VFR air-source heat pump situated just outside the house. Thirty solar panels stand in a valley beneath the house, storing energy when necessary. The rest goes back to the utility company, making the house energy positive. “On an annual basis, the idea is that you’re making as much as you need to,” says Bluestone, who says he routinely receives credits from the utility company. “We’re making more than we need.” Bluestone hopes to see those benefits extended to all homeowners and renters. He wants nonprofit organizations and green home builders to think about using AAC more often, as he says it’s a building material than can last centuries, let alone generations. “It’s time for us to wake up and stop going to Home Depot and buying little cheap pieces of wood because it’s cheap and everyone knows how to swing a hammer,” says Bluestone. “Let’s build something that’s going to last.” 32

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Bluestone incorporated tree limbs (found at his other upstate properties) into the interior design. The result is a warm and whimsical nod to nature.

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Spirit 34


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Hudson Valley houses of worship embrace green building. By Timothy Malcolm | Photos by Roy Gumpel


house of worship, by design, reflects its community’s culture,

and provides a space from which its members can view their everyday lives in spiritual terms. So it isn’t surprising that, as the issue of climate change receives more and more attention, Hudson Valley ministers are designing buildings with green-building elements that not only decrease their carbon footprint but also forge a deeper connection to both spirit and earth.

Solar power runs Zen Mountain Monastery’s Sangha House.

upstate HOUSE

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Rhinebeck Jewish Center thou shalt not waste For Rabbi Hanoch Hecht of the Rhinebeck Jewish Center, spirituality and environmentalism are intrinsically connected. “The whole concept of going green all falls under the commandment of ‘Thou shalt not waste,’” he says. Reducing waste is central to the building, which opened in 2015. The structure was built with 100-year-old reclaimed barn wood. Several items in the synagogue, including the ark, where the Torah scrolls are kept, the bimah, the platform on which the Torah is read, and the bookshelves, are also made from reclaimed barn wood. Outside, the front patio and walkway are made of tiles from the walkway of the former Nevele Resort in Ellenville. The center composts; grows grapes, tomatoes,


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peppers, and other produce in a backyard garden; and, through an underground pipe system, reuses rainwater for its mikvah, a bath for women to perform purification rituals. The synagogue can’t hold the approximately 1,000 people who sometimes visit for the Jewish high holidays, but Hecht doesn’t worry about those days. He simply puts up a tent if necessary to house the overflow. His motto echoes that of his spiritual brethren: By attempting to limit waste and use, he hopes to connect faith to an obligation to respect and protect the environment.“There’s a limit to how much we can do,” Hecht says, “but don’t underestimate the impact of what we can do.”

Clockwise from top left: The Rhinebeck Jewish Center replaced an old barn; The center’s beams are made of reclaimed wood from the property; Rabbi Hanoch Hecht; The mikvah reuses rainwater captured through an underground pipe system.

Christ the King Church Sacred energy Building contractor Keith Libolt and his family moved to New Paltz in 1997 to help with the various ministries of Christ the King Church. As a Charismatic Episcopal church, Christ the King focuses on the belief that the Holy Spirit is present in everyday life. Originally housed in a small structure on Main Street in New Paltz, the church’s growth forced its leaders to find a larger worship space. They secured property in 2007 and opted for energy efficiency in constructing the facility, utilizing Libolt’s Energy Star certification. “We employed much of the established goodbuilding practices that were out there,” says Libolt, who is a deacon at Christ the King. “The discussion was, ‘Let’s do the best we can, but we don’t want a science project.’” Libolt wanted to avoid constant maintenance, so he concentrated on simple ways to cut energy use. The 8,155-square-foot wood frame building with

foam insulation resembles the Spanish-mission style, with a 12-brick-arch entry cloister and tall gabled roof. The building has 84 300-watt solar panels, a high-efficiency gas boiler, and smaller air-conditioning systems, which have translated into expenditures of about 12 cents per square foot in electric and 25 cents per square foot in fossil fuel, major reductions in impact from the Main Street structure. There, they spent 43 cents per square foot in electric and 86 cents per square foot in fossil fuel. The new Christ the King space opened on Palm Sunday in 2009. Because of its energy-efficient design, it has a modern look, with glass walls— mostly to reduce heat loss and gain. That fits with the Charismatic Episcopal tradition, in which services can involve modern music and technology. “It was about using the architecture in a way that creates a sacred aesthetic but also provides some energy value to the building,” says Libolt.

Clockwise from top: Solar panels top Christ the King Church; The church’s nave and altar; An LED lighting unit in the church parking lot; Keith Libolt, a deacon at Christ the King, was also the church’s Energy Starcertified building contractor.

upstate HOUSE

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Zen Mountain Monastery Living by example Zen Mountain Monastery in Mt. Tremper, a center for Western Zen Buddhist worship and training through the Mountains and Rivers Order, juggles its conservation desires with an often incompatible existing structure. The monastery’s main building “was built during the Depression and is not very green and pretty inefficient,” says Bear Bonebakker, the monastery’s office manager and work supervisor, who is known at the monastery by the Buddhist name Gokan. Zen Mountain Monastery has added insulation to its main building to reduce some energy use but has focused most of its attention on Sangha House, a timber-and-stone building used for retreats. The south-facing building has seven separate heating zones and low38

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flow water fixtures, and is energized by both ground-mounted and rooftop solar panels. “That’s actually producing more than we use in the Sangha House, so in a few years it will offset our use in the main building,” Bonebakker says. Steadily moving toward greater energy efficiency is important, but just as important to Zen Mountain Monastery is influencing worshippers and visitors. “People come and see our solar products. We separate paper products from things that go into the landfill,” notes Bonebakker. “Hundreds of people come through here every month and see something, then do something for themselves.”

Clockwise from top: The Sangha House is energy positive, and will soon offset the less efficient stone building; Bear Bonebakker, aka Gokan, in the garden; The garden is decorated with souvenirs of nature and Buddha statuary.

MARLBORO, NEW YORK 5 Building Lots, 10.25 Acres ..........................$225,000 3.9 Acres, Panoramic River View .....................$80,000 6.5 Acres, Riverfront ......................................$350,000 2.5 Acres, River View .....................................$150,000

TOWN OF POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK 6 Estate Lots, 1-3 Acres Each .......................$900,000

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Heaven on the Hudson

A warm, understated estate graces a private promontory. By Timothy Malcolm | Photos by Deborah DeGraffenreid



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ocated at the end of a winding road off Route 9G in Germantown, an 11-acre estate set on a Hudson River promontory showcases superb river views and offers substantial privacy. It’s the ultimate weekend getaway, perched out on the Hudson. A 3,000-square-foot main house in the Italianate style, including a distinctive cupola and side patio, greets visitors at the end of the long, private driveway. The clapboard structure was built in 2000 by David Weiss, the estate’s original owner, and the current owners, Robert Knapp and his wife, Kris Collins, purchased the property in 2003. For Knapp, the property’s greatest appeal is its immediate proximity to the river. The ground floor of the three-bedroom, three-bathroom main house is highlighted by three sets of French doors taking up the back wall. The doors, which open to the backyard, provide impeccable views of the river from the living area, which features a fireplace, dining area, and a chef’s kitchen, fitted with reclaimed wood cabinetry; the kitchen opens to an outdoor dining area shaded by wisteria. Upstairs, the master bedroom suite features an attached full bathroom and sitting room, plus a deck, which sits atop the outdoor dining area. Both the master bedroom and one of the two guest bedrooms have river views. True to its profile as a riverside upstate getaway, the main house is decorated in farmhouse style, but with clean lines, white walls, mostly oak hardwood floors, and simple double-hung windows without drapes. Knapp says the decor of the home is intentionally dialed back to accentuate the property’s star: the river. “We had a lot of fun with the Hudson right there,” says Knapp. “The house has a warm country feel. It’s not trying to be a sophisticated urban house.” Avid competitive swimmers, the couple added a 25-yard, two-lane Gunite swimming pool by leveling a slope beneath the backyard. The pool, which is accessible by a staircase from the house, also offers river views. “To have the pool anywhere but looking over the river would’ve been crazy,” says Knapp. To complete the pool area, the couple installed a barn structure to function as a pool house, and installed a shower, sink, and refrigerator.

Opposite: The estate’s Gunite pool overlooks the Hudson River. From top: A bluestone path leads to the front door; The living room offers river views; Reclaimed wooden cabinetry completes the kitchen.

upstate HOUSE

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“The house has a warm country feel. It’s not trying to be a sophisticated urban house.” –Robert Knapp Knapp and Collins also constructed a one-bedroom guest house situated on a second hill on the property. The one-story structure with floor-to-ceiling windows also has a living room, kitchenette, and full bathroom with a soaking tub resting beside a glass sliding door, allowing guests to bathe amid fresh air and with a view of the river. Knapp says that the guest house, which is winterized with its own propane heat and generator, may be more secluded than the main house, since it sits on the edge of its hill, surrounded by trees. “It feels like you’re in a treehouse,” he says. “It almost became my favorite little place to stay, if I was by myself.” The property’s acreage includes an ample forest with a walking path that leads to the river. Plenty of wildlife can be seen on the property, from wild turkeys to the occasional coyote, and frogs and perch live in the pond. Knapp suggests that the cupola in the main house, which could be turned into a small room, would make a good home for a stargazer. “It’s the perfect style to grow into with kids,” he says. The estate is nearly perfectly situated between larger cities and towns. It’s a 15-minute drive up Route 9G to Hudson and its Amtrak train station, and a 25-minute drive down to Rhinebeck and the Rhinecliff Amtrak station. Even closer are Tivoli and Bard College, home to the Fisher Center for the Arts. And there are plenty of bicycle and walking trails nearby. Knapp says he and his wife are moving to the Boston area to be closer to their new jobs, even though they would love to stay on at the estate. Since they can’t stay, he says, they’d love to see a young family cherish the same privacy and river views that they have enjoyed. “It is an awesome river escape,” he says. Top: Inside and outside, the estate is oriented to take advantage of the Hudson River views. Right: The entrance to the main house welcomes the visitor with classic farmhouse charm. 42

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Hudson River Estate GERMANTOWN, NY

$ 2 , 5 0 0,0 0 0 Listed by Gary DiMauro, Gary DiMauro Real Estate, Inc.

Photos: Deborah DeGraffenreid

Office: 845.757.5000 | Perched on a promontory with commanding views of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains beyond, this recently constructed Italianate-style home is beautifully sited at the end of a meandering approach on 11.5 acres, ensuring the utmost in privacy and seclusion. The centerpiece is the western wall of French doors that open to reveal the river, the mountains, and those legendary Hudson Valley sunsets, delighting the senses and flooding the interior space with magnificent light. The four-bedroom, threebath home has a spacious and well-designed floor plan with 10-foot ceilings. A chef’s kitchen opens to an indoor dining area and an outdoor dining area under a wisteria-covered porch. There’s a living room with a wood-burning fireplace, a TV room, and a first-floor bedroom or home office with easy access to a full bath. A luxurious master bedroom suite with its own sitting room, walk-in closet, and sun porch is the focal point of the upper story, and is enhanced by two guest bedrooms that share a full bath. Guests can luxuriate in the detached one-bedroom guest house with floor-to-ceiling walls of glass, which features a sumptuous bathroom, including a separate shower and soaking tub, that opens to the outdoors and overlooks the equally commanding view. A stunningly designed Gunite lap pool, nicely landscaped grounds, and a gatehouse converted to a two-family rental income property, all combine to make this a one-of-a-kind Hudson River Valley estate.

upstate HOUSE

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Featured Properties


Luxury Collection

Hudson Valley Properties Millbrook Real Estate

$1,195,000 | Hyde Park | Builder’s Custom Home Spectacular views of the Hudson River to the west, north & south! Upgrades include radiant & hydro-air heat throughout, 1st floor master BR, steam shower, custom cabinetry, high-end s/s appliances, including wet bar w/ice maker. Elevator accessible to all 3 floors. Whole house generator & security system. Professionally landscaped. MLS#348303 Brian Woolsey | m. 845.797.6720 | o. 845.905.8744

$1,150,000 | Garrison | Unique Country Escape! Gated entry to Tudor-style home on 7+ private acres can be used for sports or swimming in the heated IGP. Open concept EIK w/granite & Viking & Wolf appliances. Formal & informal living spaces w/FPLs & French doors. Master suite w/FPL, custom-built closets & luxurious BTH. Sliders to office or studio. 3 BRs w/baths. Lower level w/guest en suite & entertainment room. Whole house generator & 100 amp service. Geraldine “Geri” Brucale | m. 845.797.0148 | o. 845.244.2102

$977,300 | Newburgh | Post & Beam Balmville Estate Built in the 1800s on 1.7 acres reminiscent of Downton Abbey w/all the updates you’d expect. Beautiful woodwork, French doors, verandas, wet bar, chef’s kitchen w/custom granite & top-of- the-line appliances. 10’ ceilings, C/A, FDR w/FPL, 4-car garage w/exercise suite. Whole house generator. All within 75 mins of NYC. Close to trains, planes & highways. Plus a home for your guests! MLS#353185 Kimberlee Markarian | m. 845.505.9174 | o. 845.244.2188

$899,000 | Newburgh | Magnificent Home Awaits Looking over the Hudson River Valley all the way to Bannerman Island, this oversized contemporary sits on 4.1 acres of mature landscaping & offers an open & airy floor plan w/rooms for everyone. Large windows w/views at every turn. Large kitchen, FLR & DR, 4BR, 3BTH, den, great room, office & loft. Patios & balconies. 3-car tandem garage. Come take a look at something wonderful. MLS#348594 Kimberlee Markarian | m. 845.505.9174 | o. 845.244.2188

$780,000 | Gardiner | Custom Contemporary Unique 3BR, 3BTH home near White Cliff Vineyards & horse farm w/views of Shawagunk Mountain Ridge. Renovated gourmet kitchen w/Corian countertops, s/s & cherry floors. Great room w/beamed ceiling, oak floors, stone FPL, floor-to-ceiling windows & French doors to deck. 2nd floor MBR, French doors to deck, BTH & sitting room. Possible mother/daughter. MLS#353268 Robert Fair | m. 845.629.7910 | o. 845.905.8705

$749,000 | Pawling | Quaker Hill Colonial Fabulous custom colonial w/”wow” factor. Immaculate condition w/over 5,000 sq.ft. Amenities galore: crown moldings, HDWD, gorgeous chef's kitchen w/granite, s/s & French doors to sunroom w/mahogany floors. 1st floor MBR suite, 3-car garage & just shy of 5 acres w/room for pool or horses. Wonderful space & beautiful property. Unbelievable value on Quaker Hill. Priced to sell! MLS#347584 Gloria Marwell | m. 914.393.0770 | o. 845.855.8500

$735,000 | LaGrange | Sophisticated Contemporary Light-filled, open floor plan, almost 4,500 sq.ft., expanded & remodeled. Chef’s kitchen w/gourmet s/s, walk-in pantry, granite island & butler’s pantry. Great room w/wideplank oak floors, stone FPL & wall of windows. Main level master suite w/WICs & sitting room. Upper level w/2BR, double BTH, office, bonus room. Patio, pool w/cabana, gardens, 2.5-car garage. 1.92 acres, close to TSP. MLS#354471 Evelyn Weiss | m. 914.474.2523 | o. 845.905.8798

$629,900 | Millbrook | A True Adirondack Setting Beautiful & exceptionally-built home on 20+ wooded acres. Woodburning stove in LR w/beamed ceilings & wall of windows. Classic style home w/spacious open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, 3BR & 2.5BTH. Drive up treelined driveway & pass oversized workshop large enough for multiple utility/sports vehicles & spring-fed pond. Retreat to enjoy w/family & friends. MLS#355648 Marie-Louise Enderle | m. 845.625.3035 | o. 845.905.8790

$599,000 | Milton | Architectural Masterpiece River views from 3,200 sq.ft. contemporary milled log home on 1.6 acres. 3BR, 2BTH, w/loft to guest quarters. Sunken LR w/28‘ ceilings & 24’ wide window wall. DR open to LR for entertaining. Updated kitchen w/center island & serving center. 20x25’ MBR w/new & elegant BTH w/built-in desk, pellet stove & WIC. Skylights, walk-out basement, wraparound deck & security. Mins to trains & Walkway-Over-Hudson. MLS#354273 Geraldine “Geri” Brucale | m. 845.797.0148 | o. 845.244.2102

$489,000 | C/Poughkeepsie | Classic Period Home 4,800+ sq.ft., 4BR, 4BTH home has been loved, lived in & meticulously maintained inside & out. Restored to exacting standards set forth by original builder & archtitect plans. French doors, 9 ft ceilings, HDWDs. Impeccably decorated. Upgraded cedar roof, cooper gutters & furnace. Landscaped w/outdoor lights, patio, screened porch. On cul-de-sac. MLS#355697 Brian Woolsey | m. 845.797.6720 | o. 845.905.8744

$369,900 | Fishkill | Contemporary Raised Ranch To-be-built on a gorgeous homesite overlooking a tranquil pond. 4BR, huge EIK w/breakfast peninsula, DR w/sliding glass door to a gorgeous deck w/overhang that overlooks a treelined level backyard. MBR suite offers 2 closets & private BTH. Finished lower-level offers a FR, 4th BR & laundry room. Perfect location for commuters. MLS#350438 Tina Townsend | m. 914.456.4097 | o. 845.244.2183

$349,900 | T/Poughkeepsie | Unique Contemporary Situated on 5 bucolic acres. 3,000 sq.ft., 5BR, 3BTH & oversized rooms. New roof, C/A, new appliances, energy-efficient Andersen wood windows, 3-zone heat. MBR suite w/WICs, HDWD & BTH. Lower-level w/separate entrance. Large FR w/SGD to patio, detached barn w/2-car garage. Total of 4 garage stalls, perfect for car enthusiast. Endless possibilities. Mins to Millbrook, 90 mins to NYC. MLS#354784 Tina Townsend | m. 914.456.4097 | o. 845.244.2183 | 44

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|| || $5,450,000 Farm $5,450,000 Millbrook Millbrook Pondview Pondview Farm Set onon 194 acres, this magnificent property showcases a grass surround tennis court, Set 194 acres, this magnificent property showcases a grass surroundpool, pool, tennis court, 6 6ponds & boathouse. Property is tastefully landscaped, with pool house; tennis, guest ponds & boathouse. Property is tastefully landscaped, with pool house; tennis, guest& & caretaker’s houses, && barn. Protected byby 1,500 acres ofof Rockefeller, Innisfree Gardens && state caretaker’s houses, barn. Protected 1,500 acres Rockefeller, Innisfree Gardens state park lands. Beautiful building site offers views overlooking lakes. Breathtaking! MLS#355122 park lands. Beautiful building site offers views overlooking lakes. Breathtaking! MLS#355122 | |m. 845.242.6314 | |o. 845.677.3525 George Langa George Langa m. 845.242.6314 o. 845.677.3525

|| || $2,300,000 Tower Hill Road $2,300,000 T/Washington T/Washington North North Tower Hill Road Truly unique property offers idyllic Catskill views. Picturesque spring-fed Truly unique property offers idyllic Catskill views. Picturesque spring-fedpond pondsits sitsjust just beyond beyondthe thebluestone bluestonepatio patioofofthis thistastefully tastefullyrenovated renovated3,000 3,000sq.ft. sq.ft.home. home.Minutes Minutesfrom from Village of Millbrook, on 97+ unrestricted acres, with gunite pool & multiple building sites. Village of Millbrook, on 97+ unrestricted acres, with gunite pool & multiple building sites. Historic horse trails maintained byby The Millbrook Hunt. MLS#354122 Historic horse trails maintained The Millbrook Hunt. MLS#354122 | | 845.677.3525 Eliot Clarke 914.456.5437 Eliot Clarke |m.m. 914.456.5437 |o.o. 845.677.3525

$3,800,000 | Millbrook | The Roost $3,800,000 | Millbrook | The Roost This stunning Greek Revival farmhouse overlooking a 2.5 acre pond was tastefully restored This stunning Greek Revival farmhouse overlooking a 2.5 acre pond was tastefully restored & &expanded expandedinin2004. 2004.4,200 4,200sq.ft. sq.ft.ofofliving livingspace spacewith withperiod periodelements elementswith withmodern modern amenities amenitiesforforcomfortable comfortablecountry countryliving. living.140 140acres acresofofgorgeous gorgeousland landrich richininfeatures. features. Wonderful location near the Village of Millbrook. 4 bedroom guest house. MLS#354759 Wonderful location near the Village of Millbrook. 4 bedroom guest house. MLS#354759 | | 914.489.9090 | |o. 845.677.3525 Maxwell Goodwin Maxwell Goodwinm. m. 914.489.9090 o. 845.677.3525

|| || $1,500,000 Rock Farm $1,500,000 Amenia Amenia Listening Listening Rock Farm Sophisticated eco-tourism destination, 1.5 hours by train to NYC . building is is 10,400 Sophisticated eco-tourism destination, 1.5 hours by train to NYCPrincipal . Principal building 10,400 sq.ft. ; renovated sq.ft. ; renovatedbrick brickbarn/conference barn/conferencecenter, center,possible possiblewedding weddingvenue, venue,farm-to-table farm-to-table restaurant, brewery or distillery . 70 highly productive agricultural acres ; architecturally restaurant, brewery or distillery. 70 highly productive agricultural acres; architecturally significant, eclectic earth bermed, zero carbon footprint house && 3 more barns. MLS#356090 significant, eclectic earth bermed, zero carbon footprint house 3 more barns. MLS#356090 | | 845.677.3525 Kevin Battistoni 914.489.2536 Kevin Battistoni |m.m. 914.489.2536 |o.o. 845.677.3525

|| || $1,185,000 Plains Views ofof Stissing Mountain $1,185,000 Pine Pine Plains Amazing Amazing Views Stissing Mountain Lovely, well-proportioned reception rooms, large country kitchen, wonderful flow && light. Lovely, well-proportioned reception rooms, large country kitchen, wonderful flow light. Bedrooms mostly open up to private balconies with views. Many recent upgrades. Bedrooms mostly open up to private balconies with views. Many recent upgrades. Tastefully Tastefullydecorated. decorated.Beautiful Beautifulgardens gardens& &lawn lawnscapes. scapes.Perfect Perfectpool pool& &poolhouse poolhouseforfor weekend spa. Various outbuildings forfor the gardening enthusiast. weekend spa. Various outbuildings the gardening enthusiast.MLS#349368 MLS#349368 | | 845.677.3525 George Langa 845.242.6314 George Langa |m.m. 845.242.6314 |o.o. 845.677.3525

$1,095,000 | Millbrook | The Marquis House $1,095,000 | Millbrook | The Marquis House Stream-side setting, this remarkable 4 bedroom, 1977 contemporary sitssits onon 30+ acres just outside Stream-side setting, this remarkable 4 bedroom, 1977 contemporary 30+ acres just outside Village VillageofofMillbrook. Millbrook.First Firsttime timeever evertotomarket, market,designed designedbybyCalifornian Californianarchitect architectRobert RobertMarquis, Marquis, home has open floor plan, walls of glass & indoor/outdoor spaces w/view over trout stream home has open floor plan, walls of glass & indoor/outdoor spaces w/view over trout streaminin woodland setting. 1-acre zoning; potential forfor conservation easements oror subdivision. MLS#355240 woodland setting. 1-acre zoning; potential conservation easements subdivision. MLS#355240 | | 845.677.3525 Maxwell Goodwin 914.489.9090 Maxwell Goodwin |m.m. 914.489.9090 |o.o. 845.677.3525


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Steven Asher Cohen Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker, ABR

(845) 653-1398 mobile

MOOSEBECK ESTATE Privately nestled in the foothills of the Shawangunk Mountains yet under 100 miles from Manhattan. This 300 acre estate in both Ulster and Sullivan counties offers a one of a kind retreat with three homes, pool, outbuildings, miles of trials and the Stoddard Mill Stream. The Villa – a stone mansion built in 2008, The Lodge – a stone house parts of which date back to the 1850’s and The Cottage. The three homes total over 8,000 square feet of living space. High end details abound surrounded by paradise. $3,495,000 • 10 Bedrooms, 7.5 Baths

ALTON B. PARKER HOUSE Featuring majestic Hudson River views and access from the Esopus Landing, the Alton B. Parker House is architecturally significant as a

Laurel Sweeney

Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker, GRI

distinctive example of a Hudson Valley mid-19th century country house. The Italianate picturesque villa is a stuccoed mansion completed ca. 1860 and is sited on a terrace high above the Hudson, with sweeping views from the 1,600-square-foot porch and the interior. The 7,900-square- (845) 325-4431 mobile

foot residence has been renovated and restored with careful attention to its historic character while fulfilling modern day priorities. Contributing buildings are a 3-bedroom vintage farmhouse, an ice house, stone incubator and a smoke house. This estate is on the New York State Register of Historic Places.


online at

$4,200,000, or long term rental

Bucolic Catskill Vistas


Stunning 3 BR/3 BA property in Taghkanic. 176 private acres—open meadows, woodlands, impressive Catskill views. 2-story residence w/ mid-century feel, heat stove, woodburning FP. Brand-new kitchen w/ stainless steel appliances, high-efficiency boiler & hotwater heater, 20’ x 50’ Gunite salt water pool. 2 large spring-fed swimming ponds & period barn. Mature trees & new specimen tree plantings, many trails. Subdividable & suitable for livestock or horses.

❚ DeWayne A. Powell 917.748.5100

Ca. 1780 Stagecoach House $659,000

Crackling fireplaces, cozy rooms, and sunny vistas. This is hibernation, Hudson Valley-style.

Beautiful 3-story house with brick & stone foundation on 5.6 acres overlooking Hollowville Creek in Claverack. 4 BR/2 BA, restored & well-maintained. Lawns, woods & meadow, large screened porch, vistas. Master suite with wood stove. Original details, French tiles in kitchen and BAs, FP, 2nd wood stove. Creek w/ swimming hole, bluestone patio, English garden, stone walls, outhouse & outbuilding.

❚ Pamela Belfor 917.734.7142

Hillsdale-Copake Hideaway $369,000

Renewed farmhouse surrounded by farmland & hundreds of acres of Audubon preserve. Built in the 1820s, perched on a half-acre mountain ledge just above Underhill Road, redesigned w/ attention to detail. 3 sets of French doors open to a long porch, stone patio, lush perennial gardens & lawn. Wide board floors, custom kitchen cabinetry, large utility/pantry, living room w/ gas stove, 3 BR/2 BAs. Little red barn.

❚ David King 518.822.0800 x12

Gallatin Compound


One of the Columbia County’s finest estate compounds, beautifully renovated 5 BR/4 BA c. 1850s farmhouse. Dining room w/ FP, sun room/conservatory, gourmet chef’s kitchen & pantry. Integrated music system, screened porch, patio/veranda & built-in propane grill. 3 separate renovated 2 BR guest cottages. Swimming pond, tennis court, playground, & frontage on Roeliff Jansen Kill and Fall Kill. Wide pine floor boards & moldings. Central air & generator, several interconnected barns.

❚ Pamela Belfor 917.734.7142

Ancram Modern Retreat $1,200,000

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired 3500 sf 4-5 BR home dramatically situated on 53 private rolling acres overlooking stone walls, specimen trees, English gardens & spring-fed swimming pond. Spacious 1st floor master suite. East-west exposure, glass walls, open floor plan kitchen/living/dining room w/ shared fireplace, conservatory, screened porch. Gunite heated pool, hot tub, croquet court.

❚ Harriet Shur 518.822.0800 x15

Elizaville Farmhouse


Beautifully renovated 3 BR/2 BA waterfront, turn-of-the-century farmhouse, set on over an acre that borders the Roeliff Jansen Kill. All of the charm of a country farmhouse w/ all the of the modern creature comforts of today. Wraparound porch & blue stone patio perfect for dining or entertaining al fresco. Conveniently located between the Hudson & Tivoli.

❚ Tracy Dober 845.399.6715

Enchanted Rhinebeck Retreat


Private 3 BR/2 BA sanctuary on 23 acres w/ fields, stone walls, outcroppings, woods, stream & pond. Beautiful natural woods on exterior & inside. Living room w/ stone FP. Loft, large eat-in kitchen, outdoor patio, 2-story studio/office, 3-stall barn w/ electric & water, garden shed & seasonal studio. Enjoy wildlife from the trails on this beautiful allseason property, bordering nature preserve.

❚ Alison Vaccarino 845.233.1433 ❚ Cynthia Fennell 914.409.5144

Tivoli NY • Hudson NY • Catskill NY • Rhinebeck NY upstate HOUSE

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GeorGe T. Whalen real esTaTe • Es ta b li s h Ed 1925 •

red hook farm on 222 acres shadblo hill farm is a fabulous working farm in beautiful dutchess county, owned by one family for over 97 years. 222 acres on both sides of a beautiful country lane. stunning views of the catskill mountains, rolling agricultural fields, woodlands, lawns and 5 ponds. traditional main farmhouse w/3 brs, guest house/caretaker’s cottage and several period barns. a unique opportunity to own your own farm! great location, convenient to rhinebeck and red hook. offered at $1,800,000

gracious & comfortable country house well Picturesque charmer in the heart of scenic smithfield Valley. circa 1763 farmhouse surrounded by conservation lands, with views of neighboring farms. approximately 3900 sq. ft. with 3 brs, 1.5 baths, fireplaces, wide plank flooring and beamed ceilings. stone patio w/Pergola dining area and stone wall backdrop. attractive barn with water , electric & walk up to 2nd floor. Pretty 3.1 acre setting with a pond. offered at $885,000

15 acre buildong lot with Panoramic Views the stunning views from this property are amongst the best to be had in dutchess county. live in the 2 br guest house while you build your main house on this private hilltop. all seasons of the year enjoy changing vistas across the famed millbrook hunt country meadows and rolling hills. driveway, electric, well and septic in place. Perfect for small farm or great country getaway! offered at $640,000

renoVated contemPoraty with rental income recently renovated 3 br, 2 bath home on 5.45 acres with a separate building with 2 totally renovated 1 br apartments. renovations include new roof, new windows, new flooring, new kitchens and all new baths. lovely country setting just outside the Village of millbrook with sweeping lawn and stream. large, 3 bay garage, perfect for hobbies, storage or workshop. live in main house and have rentals to pay the mortgage! offered at $499,000

barn style country contemPorary wonderful retreat, set on 3.41 park like acres in the town of union Vale. open floor plan with a spectacular great room with cathedral ceiling and brick fireplace, kitchen with granite counters, wood flooring and tongue & groove pine paneling that adds warmth & character throughout. 3 brs, 2 full baths. beautiful grounds with stone walls and lovely patio. millbrook schools and just a short drive to the Village. offered at $369,000

beautiful millbrook building lots three spectacular lots for building a dream home in millbrook. minutes to the Village, in an area of large tracts and fine homes. land consists of beautiful, open meadowland, a trout stream and pond, trails, an old railroad trestle and lovely building sites. Potential for a farm, equestrian facility or perfect for hunting and fishing. owner will subdivide to suit. lots start at $250,000

845-677-5076 • 3269 Franklin Ave. Millbrook, NY 12545 • 48

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“WITTEN POND” - Perfectly unique 16+ acre 3 house compound centered around a deep spring-fed POND and glorious mountain views adj. to Catskill State Forest. Main house is a spectacular c. 1835 reborn post & beam barn w/ an awesome 32’ cathedral Great Room/gallery, sleek gourmet kitchen & expansive ensuite MBR. There’s a 1920 Adirondack style house with chestnut interior, original twig banisters & cozy stone fireplace PLUS enchanting renovated gate-house perfect for guests or caretaker. Soothing sauna house, too! Distinctive vernacular architecture in an irreplaceable natural setting. $1,495,000

FIRST OFFERING! Singular custom designed (2002) “Arts & Crafts” vernacular masterpiece. Artisanal details throughout 3900 SF - hemlock siding, stone pillars, beveled glass - anchored by a magnificent 24’ professional grade chef’s kitchen with Carrera marble, all Viking appliances & wood fired pizza oven. Features beamed LR w/ stone fireplace, DR w/ French doors to deck, main level ensuite with gas fireplace. Private on 3+ acres w/ STREAM front. $890,000. Call Barbara A. Ellman, RE Salesperson, 845-399-1570 Mobile

Call Hayes Clement, RE Salesperson, 917-568-5226 Mobile

MILLION $$$ VIEWS- Extarordinary 10 acre aerie with jaw dropping panoramic views across Hurley, Kingston & the Hudson Valley & beyond highlight the private site of this dynamic contemporary residence. Soaring ceilings meet walls of glass with mesmerizing views from most rooms. Quality appointments abound in over 2600+ SF featuring desirable main level ensuite MBR, 2 add’l BRs up, 2.5 baths, delightful gourmet kitchen with high end appliances, expansive patio for al fresco dining & entertaining PLUS detached 60’ heated garage w/ elevated lifts. TRULY ONE-OF-KIND!  $849,000

Call Elizabeth Partick, RE Salesperson, 845-901-8807 Mobile

COUNTRY MODERN - Exciting “Dwell” inspired architecture in a dramatic setting of 9+ acres hidden down a long tree lined drive just minutes to Woodstock. Soothing Overlook Mt. & meadow vistas through walls of glass. The stunning open floor plan offers easy one level living perfect for entertaining and features wood & ceramic flooring, vaulted ceilings, 22’ living room, dining space, custom kitchen, ensuite MBR with private courtyard & soaking tub w/ views, 2 add’l BRs, 2.5 baths, 20’ family/media room & superior energy efficient systems. Deck & patio, too!  THINK NEW! $799,000

Call Jasmine Jordaan, Associate RE Broker, 845-661-4808 Mobile

VIEWS & WATER!! - Set high on the fabled Shawangunk Ridge on 5+ acres with LAKE frontage and trail access to Mohonk & Minnewaska. This classic c. 1938 wood sided mountain house features 33’ Great Room w/ vaulted ceiling & stone fireplace, country style EI kitchen, dining space, all wood floors, den or home office, French doors to al fresco dining space. Astounding panoramic view across the valley to the Catskill high peaks and beyond. $399,900 Call Jeoffrey D. Devor Assoc. RE Broker, 845-389-0688 Mobile


This versatile Hurley property on 4+ private acres just minutes from Uptown Kingston encloses a spacious 4 bedrooms, 2 full & 2 half bath home PLUS a well-appointed professional suite w/ office and conference room. Featured include ensuite MBR, 26’ family/media room, gleaming hardwood floors, 24’ LR w/ brick fireplace, soothing steam shower, huge private deck and MORE! So many options here. Call for details $379,900 Call Mary Ellen Flemming, Assoc. RE Bkr., 845-399-5762 Mobile

Experienced professionals serving the Mid-Hudson region since 1977 with integrity, knowledge, and commitment. WEST HURLEY (845) 679-7321

STONE RIDGE (845) 687-0232

KINGSTON (845) 340-1920

NEW PALTZ (845) 255-9400

WOODSTOCK (845) upstate 679-0006 HOUSE | WINTER 2016 • 49

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new jersey

LADY OF THE LAKE / PUTNUM VALLEY, NY Excl. Magnif. manor house. Spectacular lakefront setting. Privacy, 30 acres, history & elegance. Guest house. $4.5M. Web#15507834 Nancy Felcetto 212.381.6554/Fred Waring III 845.464.5263

WINDY HILL - PRIVATE & MAGICAL / COPAKE, NY Excl. Spacious, open, 2 wbfpl’s, guest house, magical gardens. IG pool. Serene pvt 45 acre setting. $2.6M. Web#1560823 Nancy Felcetto 212.381.6554/Robin Horowitz 917.348.4866

COUNTRY GLAMOUR!! / GHENT, NY Excl. Super chic & modern 3 BR, 4.5 BA. Open-plan on 9/7 acres with mesmerizing views. Must be seen. $1.8M. Web#14881528 Maret Halinen 917.691.8757

PRISTINE WATERS ON THE CREEK / CATSKILL, NY Excl. 117 acres on the creek with cottages/barns & bottling plant. Intrigued yet? $1.75M. Web#14061407 Sterling Swann 518.929.7805/Stephen Delventhal 518.828.0181

LAKESIDE LIVING / TAGHKANIC, NY Excl. 1850’s country elegance. 3 bedroom, 3 baths, gardens. 20 Acres, meadows and woods. $1.25M. Web#15443499 Maret Halinen 917.691.8757

PRIVACY, VIEWS, SPACE / SPENCERTOWN, NY Excl. Architectural splendor on 30 magical acres. Swim pond. All new. Bright & stunning views. $1.575M. Web#15134839 Nancy Felcetto 212.381.6554/Robin Horowitz 917.626.6755

COUNTRY PERFECTION / OLD CHATHAM, NY Excl. Magical gardens. Wonderful home. Screened porch. Wbfpl. 3 BR, 2.5 BA. $1.2M. Web#15014271 Nancy Felcetto 212.381.6554/Robin Horowitz 917.626.6755

PREMIER BUILDING / HUDSON, NY Excl. Retail space and unique loft triplex apartment. Live your dream in this modern masterpiece. $999K. Web#13977159 Jean Stoler 518.755.4298

1890 HIDDEN TREASUE / HUDSON, NY Excl. Historic, bright, pristine and private on 1 acre. IG pool. 14 rooms. 8 BR, 4 BA. $850K. Web#15580179 Nancy Felcetto 212.381.6554/Robin Horowitz 917.626.6755

LAKE SPLENDOR / ATHENS, NY Excl. High-style lake villa. 4BR, 3BA, balconies, glass, skylights dock & studio. Great views! $669K. Web#14658306 Sterling Swann 518.929.7805

MOUNTAIN VIEWS / AMCRAM, NY Excl. Chef’s kitchen, Cathedral ceilings, open floor plan. First floor bedroom suite. $450K. Web#14672160 Jennifer Capala 917.685.6925

SERENE WATERFRONT /ANCRAM, NY Excl. Long Lake Vacation Community. Swimming, tennis, kayaking & hiking. Maint. included. $389K. Web#15488624 Jennifer Capala 917.685.6925 Halstead Property, LLC We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. All information is from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, prior sale or withdrawal without notice. No representation is made as to the accuracy of any description. • All measurements and square footages are approximate and all information should be confirmed by customer. All rights to content, photographs and graphics reserved to Broker.


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w w w. l a w r e n c e o t o o l e r e a l t y. c o m 30 John Street (Corner of Fair Street) Kingston, NY 12401


sLeeK uLtrA-moDern with souL Sleek, secluded, modern and yet with soul, this pristine renovation looks out over a bucolic, panoramic, dawn-to-dusk view where the eye can travel for miles and miles without another house in sight. The owners, a design team and craftspeople, have brought their own style and rustic touches to a super-modern look. They have taken a humble home and completely renovated it, adding over a thousand square feet, totally integrating the new and old construction. The spaces flow together: the true chef ’s kitchen and dining area opening to the generous decking; a heated sun room leading to the pool; and the master bedroom giving over to the upstairs decking with an even more gorgeous view. With sophisticated finishes throughout, the mill work in the house is just amazing. Dining on the deck in seasonable weather you could be in Tuscany or California, but where you really are is nestled in the foothills of the Catskills, under two hours from Manhattan. $995,000

rAre wooDstocK mAnor house Rare stone house, thought to be the oldest in Woodstock! This property is set back from Route 212, the main corridor between Woodstock and Saugerties so there is some road noise but, like most stone houses available for purchase, it was built near a main thoroughfare. Once inside this gracious and generously proportioned home the road vanishes and instead there is the peace and serenity. Ceilings are high and floorboards are wide, with a wide center hall, fireplaces, deepset windows and beams. An adjacent legal apartment can be used as income or easily joined as part of the main house. The immense loft-like attic space with its impressive ancient beams can be an incredible studio or media room. The landscape itself -- pond, flowering trees, in ground pool, patios, an English garden -- bespeaks the past almost as much as the house. Walk into a world that no longer exists, except here and a few other treasured places. $680,000

high stYLe in the sKY A completely custom Woodstock home! Unique design boasts a total of 90 windows and panoramic views which brings beautiful natural light throughout the home. The kitchen is the center of the home, gleaming with brushed nickel finishes. Family room and living room both have plenty of room for entertaining and relaxing around fireplaces. Xeriscaped grounds make for a low-maintenance and water-conserving environment and stone paths lead you through fields of flowers. This unique home also has a unique plot of land; the plateaus on this property are easily utilized. The land has a pond 8-10 months out of the year AND fruit producing foliage. Serenity and luxury like never before in a home just waiting for your arrival. $1,190,000

Authentic FArmhouse with cottAges Unique opportunity to own the quintessential grandma’s farmhouse with two separate cottage rentals. Both cottages are private from the house and work as full-time rentals. Beautifully sited on a country road, the farmhouse features plenty of bedrooms, a fireplace in a living room with builtin bookshelves, a year-round sun room heated by a stove, and an updated kitchen. Directly off the dining room is generous decking looking out onto very nicely landscaped land with a fenced garden. This barn-red beauty boasts both the charm of the old and the convenience of the new. $448,900

Pristine AnD secLuDeD on 200+ Acres Nestled at the base of the Rondout Reservoir sits a pristine and private 200 acre property that borders 3500 acres of protected state land. Perfectly sited is a 1944 stone and frame 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath county home. Stone fireplace in the living room, a formal dining room and a sun filled kitchen with French doors leading to the deck overlooking the tranquil pond. The main floor has 2 bedrooms and a full bath. The oversized detached garage has a loft area perfect for an office or studio. An adjoining 18 acre buildable parcel of land included in the sale that offers road and stream frontage. Additionally, all the neighboring parcels are 200+ acres to further secure the natural beauty of the land. All of this and you are still an easy 2 hour drive from NYC. $599,000

PicKet Fence cottAge on storYBooK LAne Fun, funky and absolutely fabulous! Imagine yourself living in a picket-fenced cottage on a quiet deadend lane with a fenced back yard. Suitable for any bohemian soul or lover of old houses, not to mention pet lovers who would appreciate the fenced yard, this home features desirable original details: wideboard flooring, beams, hardware, stone fireplace and plenty of nooks and crannies. Paved parking area for as many as half a dozen vehicles and a local bluestone patio, stacked stone retaining walls, and walkways. The location, in low-tax Hurley, on a storybook lane is the best in easy, pleasant, and totally fun living. $225,000

wooDstocK FArmhouse with mountAin Views

51 Acres oF totAL PriVAcY Totally private 1930’s Dutch Colonial beautifully sited overlooking mountain and meadow views. Center hall with French doors leads to the spacious living room with stone fireplace and formal dining room. The functional kitchen opens to a family room with woodstove and a glass enclosed solarium overlooking the fenced, salt water pool. The property also features two separate garages and a barn with two box stalls. Attached to the barn is a rustic retreat with wood stove, water, electric, cable and phone. Much of the land is wooded making it perfect for hiking, cross country skiing or hunting. This property is truly a bargain in the current marketplace. $499,000

FArmhouse on 100+Acres Rarely available 100 acres in the Woodstock area, this is a stunning parcel of meadows and lightlywooded, gently-and-moderately-sloping hillside with some Catskill Mountain and water views, almost entirely surrounded by protected lands. Town will permit a simple subdivision of no more than 3 lots. Old farmhouse; great pond site; stream. With numerous building sites, it can also easily be a secluded, spectacular country estate of your fantasies. Great farm-to-table potential. Owner is willing to finance or sell/lease part of the property for farming. $825,000

hAnDsome turn-KeY inn Tastefully renovated and impeccably maintained 1930’s Colonial Mini Mansion. This home currently operates successfully as an Inn but could also easily serve as a residence for an extended family. Features include a sensational kitchen with pantry, a doubleparlor living and dining area, oak floors throughout, sound-proofing, brand-new electric, a family room with fireplace and a den/office space for any inhome business. Outside has ample parking space, a wraparound driveway, a blue stone patio, and deck off the dining room. The immediate surrounding area is zoned for mixed business use, so the possibilities are many $399,400

Picture perfect, storybook charm in a wonderful setting on beautiful Silver Hollow Rd! This 3 BR farmhouse-style cape has been renovated over time with a coziness and warmth. From the stone fireplace in the living room, to the quiet respite of the reading room, to the rare luxury of a soaking tub, this is a place to feel pampered. Open modern/rustic kitchen dining area is wonderful for entertaining. The setting itself truly lovely with an expansive open yard, mature trees, a small orchard and spectacular mountain views. Includes a screened porch off of dining area and a small barn across the street with electric that could be a great studio or workshop! $439,000


upstate HOUSE

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BRICK TOWNHOUSE Stylishly renovated 1865 threestory Italianate Hudson gem has arched doorway, side hall, handsome stairs, and skylight. Spacious open rooms; four bedrooms and baths; decks view the Catskills and the River… $620,000

POST AND BEAM HOUSE WITH CATSKILL VIEWS High on a hill on nearly 10 private acres, this Timberpeg “green” home has spectacular Catskill Mountain views and splendid sunsets. Tall timbers, soaring vaulted ceiling and impressive stone fireplace are some of the stunning interior features. A comfortable energy efficient home, with under floor heating, and a high level of insulation, provides a draft free living space. Solar panels pay the electric bill, ultrahigh efficiency propane fired Munchkin boiler keep heating costs low. A lovely rural setting just ten minutes to Hudson… $649,000

VICTORIAN GOTHIC COTTAGE Grand Hudson home has imposing facade, two-story bay window, nearly 4,000 sf of living space with original details, mantels, handsome stair; deck, and garage… $599,000

SECLUDED FARM ESTATE NEAR HUDSON Greek Revival era farmhouse, renovated in the 60s, surrounded by 60 acres on both sides of a dead-end country lane, overlooks bucolic views of open fertile fields, ancient maple trees, pond, and large pondsite. Only 10 minutes Hudson, yet no neighbors in sight. Outstanding secluded rural investment property in the heart of Columbia County… $850,000

HUDSON CRAFTSMAN Handsome 1920s home has original oak door, staircase, trim, and three bay windows. Modern kitchen with new appliances; updated systems in place. On a quiet street two blocks from the center of town… $349,000 1840 GREEK REVIVAL AND SIX ACRE LAKE A beautiful property includes almost 50 acres on both sides of a quiet country lane, yet is only 10 minutes to Hudson. The spacious charming farmhouse, overlooking a large pond, has classic Greek Revival staircase, windows, and doors, while across the road is a stocked six-acre lake encircled by a mowed path with secluded house sites… $795,000

HISTORIC WILLIAM SHAW HOUSE Handsome Greek Revival has outstanding original two-story porch, pediments with fans, and faux marble mantle. Prominent Claverack home on five acres now awaits complete restoration… $150,000 1820 HISTORIC FEDERAL Elegant side hall home has A.J. Davis porch, three Adam fireplaces in formal parlor, keeping room, and bedroom. On double lot with lush gardens… $419,000

EYEBROW FARMHOUSE Creatively renovated early home has large open kitchen/dining area, living room with exposed beams, two bedrooms, two baths, new systems and structure, on 3.5 acres… $295,000

ENCHANTING COTTAGE Renovated by architect owner, every space, nook, and cranny, has been carefully designed. Includes private gardens with fruit trees, abundant berries, hedges, fountains, deck, and early barn… $350,000

SECLUDED CENTER HALL Spacious four bedroom, three bath colonial has two fireplaces, two porches, and is totally private up a long drive on over six acres. Barn has studio with heat and AC… $449,000

CREEKSIDE COUNTRY RETREAT Facing the rushing Tsatsawassa Creek, this rambling 1800’s home has stone fireplace, wide board floors, beams, three bedrooms, studio, and garage. Just over the line into Rensselaer County… $250,000


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19TH CENT HAMLET HOME Charming three bedroom, two bath house has light-filled rooms, wood floors, wood stove office, screened porch, and garage… $149,000

HILLSDALE HOUSE Three bedroom, two bath home has living area with vaulted ceiling; includes separate area for rental or guests. Perennial gardens and garage… $259,000

MID-CENTURY HOME Spacious split-level is set way back on four park-like acres with pool, perennial gardens, and pergola. Fireplaces in living room and family room; five bedrooms, three baths, and garage. Minutes to Hudson… $415,000

TWO PROTECTED ANCRAMDALE FARMS 212 acres: two stunning building sites with beautiful views of Mt Alander in the Berkshires, two farmhouses, barns, valleys, ponds, open hay fields… $2,400,000 103 acres: long creek frontage, farmhouse to restore, private building site with Berkshire views… $995,000

1836 farmhouse on 38.5 acres, completely rebuilt. This 1836farmhouse farmhouseonon38.5 38.5acres, acres,completely completelyrebuilt. rebuilt.This This 1836 modern four bedroom, 2.5 bath farmhouse has open, modernfour fourbedroom, bedroom,2.5 2.5bath bathfarmhouse farmhouse hasopen, open, modern flowing interior spaces, hand hewn beams, has antique flowinginterior interiorspaces, spaces,hand handhewn hewnbeams, beams,antique antique flowing flooring, contemporary built-ins, and a stone fireplace. flooring, contemporary built-ins, and a stone fireplace. flooring, built-ins, and a stone fireplace. Totally contemporary private with barns and pond..............$1,695,000 Totallyprivate privatewith withbarns barnsand andpond..............$1,695,000 pond..............$1,695,000 Totally

This 3000 plus square foot contemporary home is totally square foot contemporary home isistotally This 3000 private, onplus 40 park-likefoot acrescontemporary surrounded byhome anothertotally 200 park-like acres surrounded bybyanother 200 private, on 40 park-like acres surrounded another 200 acres of state land. Open floor plan, chef ’s kitchen, master Open floor chef master acres state land. floorplan, plan, chef’s’skitchen, kitchen, suite.ofProperty has Open four ponds, an orchard and miles master of suite. Property has four ponds, an orchard and miles ofof suite. Property has four ponds, an orchard and miles trails for hiking, close to skiing. ....................$1,595,000 trails for for hiking, hiking, close trails close to toskiing. skiing.....................$1,595,000 ....................$1,595,000

“Rondale” Stately stone home with five beds, three baths “Rondale” Stately stone home with fivefive beds, three baths “Rondale” home with three baths features threeStately originalstone fireplaces, and manybeds, original features original fireplaces, andand many original featuresthree three original fireplaces, many built-ins and details. Guest house, horse barn, original pond, built-ins and Guest house, horse barn, pond, built-ins anddetails. details. Guest house, horse barn, pond, stream, inground pool and Mohonk views. 65 gorgeous stream, inground pool and Mohonk views. 65 gorgeous stream, ingroundLand poolConservancy..............$1,499,000 and Mohonk views. 65 gorgeous acres in Rondout acres in Rondout Land Conservancy..............$1,499,000 acres in Rondout Land Conservancy..............$1,499,000

Every amenity plus finest quality. Gracious living room, Every amenity plus finest quality. Gracious living room, library & family Large living customroom, kitchen Every amenity plusroom finestw/fireplaces. quality. Gracious library & family room w/fireplaces. Large custom kitchen and dining room, nanny wing, large play area/studio with library & family room w/fireplaces. Large custom kitchen and dining room, nanny wing, large play area/studio with bath. room, 9 foot ceilings, magnificent moldings, six beds, andfull nanny wing, large play area/studio with fulldining bath. 9 foot ceilings, magnificent moldings, six beds, full baths, new roof & windows..................$1,200,000 fullsix bath. 9 foot ceilings, magnificent moldings, six beds, six full baths, new roof & windows..................$1,200,000 six full baths, new roof & windows..................$1,200,000

Beautifully renovated 4 bed/3 bath modern barn home Beautifully renovated 4 bed/3 bath modern barn home with open floor plan, vaulted wide plank Beautifully renovated 4 bed/3ceilings, bath modern barnwood home with open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, wide plank wood flooring, and an abundance of windows filling the home with open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, wide plank wood flooring, and an abundance of windows filling the home with natural and connecting you to nature in home flooring, andlight an abundance of windows filling the with natural light and connecting you to nature in Woodstock. 5light acresand close to hikingyou andto skiing...$839,000 with natural connecting nature in Woodstock. 5 acres close to hiking and skiing...$839,000 Woodstock. 5 acres close to hiking and skiing...$839,000

Estate quality home with stunning Hudson River views Estate quality home with stunning Hudson River views from almost every room. 4 bedrooms, 4 luxurious baths, Estate quality home with stunning Hudson River views from almost every room. 4 bedrooms, 4 luxurious baths, custom kitchen, great room with fireplace, river views of from almost every room. 4 bedrooms, 4 luxurious baths, custom kitchen, great room with fireplace, river views of Saugerties lighthouse. makesriver great mediaof custom kitchen, greatHuge roomlower withlevel fireplace, Saugerties lighthouse. Huge lower level makes greatviews media room, gym and more. State of the art level systems......$789,000 Saugerties lighthouse. Huge lower makes great media room, gym and more. State of the art systems......$789,000 room, gym and more. State of the art systems......$789,000

Mixed use commercial/residential in Woodstock. New Mixed use commercial/residential in Woodstock. New foundation, radiant heat. Wood carved post and beam foundation, radiant heat. Wood carved post and beam Mixed use commercial/residential in Woodstock. New construction. Two floor open loft gallery, bluestone construction. Two heat. floor Wood open loft gallery, foundation, radiant carved postbluestone and beam walls, luxury penthouse with master suite, sauna and 2 walls, luxuryTwo penthouse withloft master suite,bluestone sauna and 2 construction. floorplus open gallery, wood burning stoves, apartment................$695,000 woodluxury burning stoves, plus walls, penthouse withapartment................$695,000 master suite, sauna and 2 wood burning stoves, plus apartment................$695,000

Successful 4482 sf health & wellness center on 3+ acres Successful 4482 sf health & wellness center on 3+ acres in Woodstock. Includes elegant reception, lobby-retail in Woodstock. reception, Successful 4482Includes sf healthelegant & wellness centerlobby-retail on 3+ acres space, relaxation room, 11 treatment rooms, community space, relaxationIncludes room, 11elegant treatment rooms,lobby-retail community in Woodstock. reception, room, changing rooms w/saunas & showers, staff room, room, relaxation changing rooms & showers, room, space, room,w/saunas 11 treatment rooms,staff community office, includes separate physicians wing.............$549,000 office, changing includes separate physicians&wing.............$549,000 room, rooms w/saunas showers, staff room, office, includes separate physicians wing.............$549,000

2,700+ Sq.Ft. contempo, recently renovated. Bright and 2,700+ Sq.Ft. contempo, recently renovated. Bright and spacious LR w/cathedral ceilings. Formal dining & spacious w/cathedral ceilings. Formal diningBright & and 2,700+LR Sq.Ft. contempo, recently renovated. chef ’s kitchen. Family room with fireplace. Master Suite chef ’s kitchen. Family roomceilings. with fireplace. spacious LR w/cathedral FormalMaster diningSuite & with full bath, oversized walk in closet. Located on a with bath, oversized walk in closet. LocatedMaster on a Suite cheffull ’s kitchen. Family room fireplace. quiet dead end road of high endwith homes............$385,000 quiet end road of highwalk end in homes............$385,000 withdead full bath, oversized closet. Located on a quiet dead end road of high end homes............$385,000 upstate HOUSE

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Unique Rustic Modern Home TOWN OF CLINTON $1,750,000

Victorian Farmhouse RED HOOK



Southern Mountain Views MILLBROOK


1920 Traditional Home


On A Quiet Rural Road TIVOLI





Wonderfully Private & Serene




Country Cape

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Turn Key Millbrook Home



Tucked Into The Hills MILLBROOK


Tastefully Renovated Cape RHINEBECK


Two Sweet Cottages RHINEBECK


Cosmopolitan Village Living

Rhinebeck 845.876.6676 •



Gracious Greek Revival

Millbrook Townhouse


Millbrook 845.677.0505 54


TOWN OF CLINTON $1,370,000

1750’s Colonial Gem AMENIA


Sweet Cape Cod


$ $649,000

Contemporary Mountain Retreat

Hudson River Views

Catskill Mountain Views GALLATIN




Rhinebeck home, built in 2011 is one-of-a-kind. 900 SF great room, vaulted ceilings to 14 ft., amazing K, 2 MBR suites, separate studio. White maple floors, stunning light & style, every comfort! $1,100,000.


This 2778 SF Cape has a 44 ft. LR, 2 FPLs, 1st floor MBR. Land has trails, stone walls, & is perfect for 4 wheeling, hiking, & skiing. Natural beauty here w/the sounds of the birds & the breeze! $449,000.


Walk to shopping & restaurants from this 3472 SF, 4 BR, 2.5 bath colonial w/exceptional space, style & charm. Amazing K. Huge private lot w/heated pool & pool house w/bath. $895,000.


is sited high w/Catskill & Hudson views, is surrounded by 2.8 acres w/huge trees & specimen plantings, & is 1 mile from Amtrak & Rhinebeck V. Unspoiled, this home awaits your restoration. $415,000.


6 3 7 0 M I LL S T R E E T • R H I N E B E C K , N EW YO R K • 1 2 5 7 2 P H O N E : 8 4 5 - 8 7 6 - 1 6 6 0 • FAX : 8 4 5 - 8 7 6 - 5 9 5 1

THIS INVESTMENT PROPERTY in the center of Red Hook V has lots of parking, & a large first floor space that can be divided. Two rented apts gross over $20K. Well maintained, good mechanicals, village water. Ready for you! $364,900.

A PERFECT RENTAL PORPERTY This 3 BR, 2 bath two story has brand new baths, oak floors up & down, a nice K, fenced yard, barn/garage & is located close to commuting routes N & S. Park is across the street! $169,900.

7.07 ACRES WITH 2 PONDS This open & rolling BOHA approved parcel is the perfect place for your new home. Quiet country area close to BARD & Red Hook V, Red Hook Schools, level driveway, beautiful building site. $138,000.

UPTON LAKE RIGHTS are deeded & included w/this passive solar Contemporary home in Stanford. Dead end Street, walls of glass, DR & large FR, 4 full bedrooms, too, with 1.5 baths. Special, light filled, easy to maintain. $299,500.

THE BEST OF OLD AND NEW This Circa1791 Colonial has special charm w/WB floors, exposed beams, & multiple FPLS. K & baths are redone for today & the separate guest suite is outstanding. 3 acres, 2 car garage, easy TSP access. $429,000.

FIVE MILES FROM THE TSP This 2464 SF colonial is sited high on 3 acres w/distant views. This home has the much requested open floor plan, a granite K, DR, huge LR w/FPL, MBR suite, 43 ft. covered porch, deck & patio. WOW! $419,900.


1.2 MILES FROM RHBK VILLAGE This open, BOHA, hilltop parcel is on dead-end street of the finest homes. Wonderful views, easy driveway, the perfect place of your custom home. Privacy, yet Rhinebeck V is 5 minutes away! $259,900.

ARCHITECT DESIGNED to take full advantage of its amazing 7.69 acre parcel, this 2100 SF country home overlooks a large pond & has dramatic Catskill Mt. views. Total privacy, charming interior, perfect weekender. $455,000.

is in a totally private setting on a dead-end street. A wonderful floor plan includes a 27 ft. K, FR w/ FPL, 4 BRs w/ a MBR suite & an office. Three outdoor spaces, too! 3.31 acres. $439,900.

THE PERFECT RETREAT This 2400 SF country home is surrounded by stunning acreage w/restored stone wall & huge trees. It is totally private & quiet here! Open floor plan, superb K, 28 ft. FR, oak floors, professionally decorated. $429,000.

has been totally redone w/high end finishes & amenities & is the perfect place for your business. 5 baths, CA, parking for 40 cars, 50,000 KW stand by generator. Perfect condition & move in ready. $999,000.

w w w. h a l l e n b e c k r e a l e s t a t e . c o m • i n f o @ h a l l e n b e c k r e a l e s t a t e . c o m


upstate HOUSE

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We’re Everywhere You Need Us!


Woodstock Contemporary

The Just minutes to the center of town, and 2.5 hrs from NYC, you will find this Woodstock, 4-bedroom, 4½ bath contemporary. This tastefully renovated home offers a sprawling floor-plan; high vaulted ceilings, beautiful wood finishing’s, the entry foyer is loaded with light, a massive oak staircase. The oak floors flow to the dining room and the culinary grade kitchen, where the Wolf stove and Subzero fridge shine, soap stone and granite counters grace the custom cabinets, double ovens, microwave and a dishwasher complete the package. The lower level is walk-out to the private back-yard and is fully finished. Too much to mention, Please call Greg Berardi C: 845-389-7895 In Ulster County, NY. $570,000

1890’s Country Estate

This beautiful home, 90 min from NYC, is framed by 7+ acres of mature farmland and gardens, 4 bedrooms and 4 full baths. A bluestone and granite lined driveway leads you to this impressive Federal Style residence. Renovated in recent years, the quality of construction can be seen with mahogany and cedar siding. Inside, the home continues to shine with all wide board floors, raised panel walls and multiple fireplaces, a gourmet kitchen for the chef of the family has a massive 6 burner gas stove and custom cabinets nicely accented with granite counter-tops from the Roosevelt Library. Call Greg Berardi c. (845) 389-7895 or Kathy Shumway, Dutchess County c. (845) 901-6555 $1,175,000

Prime Commercial Building & Private Home Looking to make a move? This is an IDEAL work and live LIFE STYLE. Featuring a commercial building with over 2500 sq. ft. of open space/ private office and three-14ft overhead doors. Located on the gateway to the Catskills with full exposure on NYS Route 28. The NYSDOT estimates 20,000 vehicles per day will pass this unique building. An opportunity for Artists/Glass Blowers/Convenience or Liquor Store, Restaurant/Micro Brewery, Local food Co-Op, or retail and shipping. PLUS, a completely private 2-bedroom, 2-bath home with expansive decking, organic gardens AND a 2-car detached garage. Call Doreen Marchisella ANYTIME c. (845) 594-5098

Exclusive Members of Luxury Properties International for Ulster and Dutchess Counties

Takes Your Breath Away

Minutes to the Taconic Pkwy, and 90 min from NYC, up a long marble lined drive, is this stately sited home with a guest house and a unique granite faced exterior. A mature picturesque setting with; a pond, fruit trees and shaded landscapes that graces the property. As you enter the light filled foyer, you are welcomed with soaring vaulted ceilings, airy rooms and a massive stone fireplace. The cabinet filled kitchen flows out to the bluestone patio. Very nice Cape style layout, with 2-first floor bedrooms and the 2nd floor has an office and another bedroom with another full bath. A detached cottage has a fireplace and loft style bedroom. Call Greg Berardi c.845389-7895 or Kathy Shumway c. (845) 901-6555 Today! Dutchess County $795,000

Iconic Mid-Century Chalet + 81 Acres!

In the heart of The Catskill Park, 2.5 hrs from NYC, set high above Burnham Hollow, on 81+ acres! Peaceful, with expansive Mountain views and an open floor plan offers flexible utility. Currently set up as 6-bedrooms, each room has its own balcony. Quality construction is perfect for a creative designer’s eye. The entire eastern boundary is The Esopus Creek. On 2-deeds; Build-Subdivide, Farming & Maple Syrup Potential! 60+ acres are subject to a tax saving - NYC Forestry Conservation Easement; offering the opportunity to utilize a substantial portion of the property. Agricultural and recreational uses are permitted. Call Joshua Luborsky c. (845) 417-4346 or James Boyd c. (845) 750-5154 $875,000

The Furture is Here!

With this one-of-a-kind building, in the Hudson Valley that offers an abundance of state-of-the-art, energy-efficient amenities. Located on the very busy NYS Route 28 in Kingston NY, it puts you right at the gateway to Woodstock, Phoenicia and the Catskill Mountains. Both domes have 22ft ceilings, the total square footage is 3,500’. There are countless opportunities, you can’t beat the proximity to popular upstate destinations. This property could be used for hydroponics, or sectioned in half creates an open floor plan for other uses. Walls of the dome are built with wood (FSC/SFI certified) a helping hand to the environment, ensuring the protection of the ecosystems. Superbly energy efficiency, creating a safe and comfortable structure for the next century. Ulster County Call Nick Martin c. (845) 787-6836 $749,000

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KINGSTON 845-339-1144 • SAUGERTIES 845-246-3300 • WOODSTOCK TINKER ST. 845-679-9444 • WOODSTOCK OLD FORGE 845-679-2929 BOICEVILLE 845-657-4240 • PHOENICIA 845-688-2929 • KINGSTON COMMERCIAL 845-339-9999 online at Serving the Entire Hudson Valley • All Offices Open 7 Days A Week • “Like” us on Facebook




Modern minimalism meets urban country design. 2 styles blend and complement each other flawlessly creating a unique vibe. Picture perfect views of Windham Mountain’s slopes. A-1 location, 2 miles from Main Street and a 5 minute drive to the resort. Windham $675,000



in Homes Sold 2011-2015 *


Located at the end of a cul-de-sac in a welcoming community, this nicely sited home has an open floor plan with ample natural sunlight. 2 story entrance foyer w/turned staircase, LR with marble fireplace, and den with brick fireplace and 20’ ceilings. New Paltz $589,000


Sweet 3BR/1BA home in an attractive setting. Minutes to Woodstock. Up-to-date kitchen & dining room for entertaining year round. The outdoor space is just right for play and relaxation, with a place for barbecuing on the back deck. West Hurley $215,000

4BR/4BA contemporary with stunningly rich detail provides a comforting retreat for relaxing and entertaining amidst the mountains. Mammoth cedar beams, vaulted ceilings, soaring glass roof atrium entry, bluestone fireplace, and walls of windows with panoramic views. Big Indian $699,000



This beautiful 3BR, 3BA contemporary is privately nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac and surrounded by nature. Enjoy relaxing after a long day on the ski slopes in the sundrenched great room with wood floors, huge windows & a fireplace. Windham $439,000

Everything you could want! From the gated entry to the lovely grounds, pond, in-ground pool, tennis court, sweeping lawns, footbridge & private setting - you will not be disappointed. Only 90 minutes to Manhattan. New Paltz $1,595,000


Situated on a country road on 2.5 acres near the hamlet of Stone Ridge, this solid cottage has 3 levels of living space. The front entrance opens to the living room, which has an open feel and a window seat. Wood floors throughout and 6 on (over) 6 windows add to the historic feel. Stone Ridge $147,000


Pristine home built in the Village of Goshen. This home has a beautiful front porch overlooking tiered gardens and stone walls. Enter the backyard through an electric gate for complete privacy. Gracious rooms & halls with lovely details. Close to schools, shopping, golf and fishing. Goshen $449,000


5BR/1.5BA home w/a turret & original horse barn just waiting for you to breathe new life into it. Lovely wrap-around porch - listen to the creek and enjoy seasonal mountain views. Perfect B&B opportunity just minutes to Belleayre skiing and beach. Pine Hill $124,000

MOUNTAIN CONTEMPORARY Situated on a hilltop amidst 20 park-like acres in the heart of the Catskills, this 4300 sq. ft. contemporary offers 4+BR, 3.5BA, an oversize 2 car garage, large, custom kitchen with a stone fireplace and cathedral ceilings. Freehold $595,000


Four Corners Country Inn was built in 1850 and is home to a cozy restaurant, commercial kitchen, antique wood bar, 8 guests rooms & an owners’ quarters on nearly 3 acres. Easy access to Woodstock and Phoenicia - an ideal location for weddings, parties and romantic retreats. Mt. Tremper $750,000


Quality built in 2008 with all the bells and whistles. Set on 7+ acres. Features include: 2 fireplaces, central A/C, tiled baths, gourmet kitchen with s/s appliances & main bedroom w/en suite BA. Outdoor entertaining space with in-ground pool, hot tub & gardens. Accord $865,000

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upstate HOUSE

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TKGRE.COM Serving the Berkshires, Hudson Valley, Albany Capital Region and Litchfield Hills

Hudson Valley estates

Chatham, NY. A sophisticated European style manor house with 5 bedrooms and 7 baths, set high on 43 lush park-like acres overlooking a long-range valley view in sought after Old Chatham Hunt country. Fabulous pool and pool house. Large light filled rooms that inspire entertaining on a grand scale. $2.6 Mil

Copake, NY. Fabulous 6,000 square foot , 4-bed, 4 bath hillside villa with gentleman’s farm on 30 acres with unparalleled views of the Catskills. 3-bay garage. The three-level home includes an elevator for easy access. Spacious, open floor plan with rotunda great room and lots of windows to let in the views and light. $1.795 Mil

For a private tour, call Lisa Bouchard Hoe: (413) 329-1162 or email:



online at

It’s All in the Details: Vintage Homes Renovated with Impeccable Taste!


You will be charmed and delighted with this tastefully styled home. From the rocking chair front porch to the original beams in the gourmet kitchen, this farmhouse welcomes you with original detailing and modern amenities. Conveniently located near Rhinebeck Village, this property enjoys 4.73 acres with mature trees, rock outcroppings, perennial gardens and a seasonal stream. Two-story barn. $519,000


Restored Victorian with authentic detailing intact: tin or coffered high ceilings, crown molding, maple and oak floors, original front door and rocking chair porch. New kitchen with soapstone counters and half bath. Finished lower level with French doors, brick fireplace, two spacious rooms with renovated full bath. Access to the large backyard with bluestone patio and Landsman Kill. Detached garage. $699,000


Walk to town from this Germantown foursquare home with original architectural details intact. Stunning ceiling fixtures, woodworking/doors and hardwood floors. Shaded by mature maples and surrounded by manicured lawns, this period home offers 4 bedrooms and 2/5 baths with a walk-up attic and a detached 3-car garage. Convert part of the garage to a pool house for the in-ground pool. $489,000

6423 MONTGOMERY STREET | RHINEBECK, NY 12572 | 845-876-8588 | Upstate House half pg NDR WINTER 2016 HP ad REVISED FINAL pdfx1a.indd 1

(518) 537-4888

10/24/16 8:17:24 AM



GERMANTOWN $ 1,799,000

GERMANTOWN $ 550,000

Hudson River Acreage with Barn

Gingerbread Victorian


Breathtaking Hudson River and Catskill Mountain views! Highly sought-after and one of the most photographed river views in the area. Ten acres of open land. The rolling terrain is perfect for more than one house site. The early 1800’s barn is positioned to overlook the view. The property has road frontage on both Northern Boulevard and Anchorage Road. Truly a park-like property. Office Exclusive.

BEDS: 4 BATHS: 3.5

Located on a quiet road in the hamlet of Germantown, this late 1800’s gingerbread Victorian features a double parlor and wonderful wide-board floors, a light-filled dining room, kitchen with tin ceiling and a brick fireplace. The master bedroom suite has a one-of-a-kind carved wood ceiling, Additional guest/income quarters are attached (one bedroom, one bath). Catskill Mountain and Hudson River views from the spacious backyard.

CATSKILL 229,000


Catskill Farmhouse

CLERMONT $ 610,000

CLERMONT $ 195,000

BEDS: 3 BATHS: 1.5


1744 Farmhouse

Clermont Country Property

This light-filled, renovated Victorian in the charming, historic Catskill Village features a high-ceilinged living room, updated eat-in kitchen, three bedrooms, one and a half baths and a small balcony overlooking a fully-fenced back yard. The 1,700 sq. ft. house has a full, dry basement and detached garage. Short walk to the Hudson River, Catskill Point and the cafes and shops of up-and-coming Main Street. A quick 10-minute drive to Hudson and Amtrak. Two hours to NYC.

1744 Dutch Colonial on 10 acres with wonderful barn/studio complex. This four bedroom, two bath center-hall home features original beamed ceilings, wood floors, wraparound screened porch, formal dining room, and spacious country kitchen. Handsome post-and-beam barn with a later addition has been converted into a finished studio space with loft. Country setting with Catskill Mountain views.

Just under 20 acres of mostly open land that elevates gently away from a country road. Over 1,100 feet of road frontage, this property, located in the southern most portion of Columbia County, has numerous possible house sites. A perfect location for a country home, mini-farm, or home business. Seasonal Catskill Mountain views to the west and long range country views to the south and east.



upstate HOUSE

| WINTER 2016 • 59

A Unique Artist Loft Rental Community in Beacon

18 Front St, Beacon, NY 845-202-7211




online at

Historic Captain Newkirk Estate


Stunning renovation of 1700s stone farmhouse with 5 BRs, 3.5 BAs overlooking the Hudson Valley. With waterfall, stream, meadows, 2 antique barns, 75 acres of woods & private trails, this exceptional property includes a brand new guest house & an in-ground black gunite pool. Featured in Elle Decor Magazine, the state-of-the art remodel offers an elegant home in one of the most ideal settings. 2 hrs north of New York City in Hurley, NY. ULSTER COUNTY MLS #20164251 | SOTHEBY’S ID# 6MS5DY

Hudson River Pearl


Enchanting Hudson River front 4 BR, 4 BA cedar shingle home with a 2 BR, 1.5 BA guest cottage & separate plumbed & heated 2 storey barn on 9 private acres of open lawn & meadow with majestic trees & breathtaking river & Catskill mountain views. The Hudson River pearl of a property is located in Germantown between Tivoli and Hudson.



Own your own mountain. Frosty Acres Farm is a majestic 415+ acre retreat that sits at the end of a mile-long, town maintained driveway. Deep in the middle of the beautiful Millbrook Valley. WEB# PJ1360038 | HARDENBURGH | $3,200,000

The Twin Houses. Beautifully renovated family compound offering direct access to Twin Lake. Hikes to Stissing Mountain State Forest, walks, dining al fresco or stargazing on the dock. WEB# PJ1364986 | PINE PLAINS | $949,900

Michael James Tellerday Real Estate Salesperson Mobile: 845.797.6891

Jill Rose Real Estate Salesperson Mobile: 914.204.0124


Representing fine properties in the Hudson River Valley for over three decades.

Victoria Wilkinson R.E. ASSOCIATE BROKER m. (845) 399-7003 Heather Croner Real Estate/Sotheby’s International Realty P.O. Box 226, Millbrook, New York |



Tucked away with a country feel yet conveniently close to all amenities including shopping, dining and nightlife. With so much to offer todays discerning buyer, this home is sure to impress. WEB# PJ1364726 | LA GRANGE | $849,900

Beautiful passive solar home with bright open floor plan, natural light-filled spaces, soaring ceilings and walls of windows. Tranquil setting on over 6 acres. Year-round peace and quiet. WEB# PJ1351378 | CLINTON | $515,000

Katherine “Kaye” Saglibene Associate Real Estate Broker Mobile: 845.629.5367

Denise Bertolino Associate Real Estate Broker Mobile: 845.235.4990

Willow Realty Hudson Valley Real Estate - Ulster County Real Estate

Elegant, Cozy, yet Spacious Contemporary on the Wallkill River in Gardiner

Price: $1,000,000 | MLS: 20162808

5,060 sq. feet 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 bedroom guest/nanny apartment 2 1/2 car garage, 4 stall barn with fenced paddock Privately set way back from the road, on the Wallkill River Extensive decking, bright sun room, master suite 33 Gibbons Lane, New Paltz, NY




A beautiful home located in the quaint Hamlet of Clinton. Peace and tranquility abound in this very well appointed home. Gardner’s delight with lovely landscaping. Several outbuildings. WEB# PJ1366124 CLINTON $475,000

Custom three-bedroom, three-bath home on private 1.99 acre property. Wood floors, vaulted ceilings, skylights, fireplace, loft, chef’s kitchen, main floor master bedroom suite. Huge deck. WEB# PJ1360993 | ULSTER PARK | $362,500

Nicole Porter Associate Real Estate Broker Mobile: 845.797.5300

Vivian Garber Associate Real Estate Broker Office: 845.473.9770



A beautiful property, private and set well back off the road behind several picturesque rock outcroppings. Bright, airy home with spacious open floor plan perfect for entertaining. WEB# PJ1350130 | CLINTON | $345,000

Well-maintained three-bedroom Ranch. Open kitchen to dining room. Large covered porch and area for a pool leaves lots of potential for family fun. One full acre on a quiet cul-de-sac. WEB# PJ1362446 | LIVINGSTON | $210,000

Nicole Porter Associate Real Estate Broker Mobile: 845.797.5300

Ellen J. Mallet Real Estate Salesperson Mobile: 914.475.2973



| WINTER 2016 • 61

Willow Realty Hudson Valley Real Estate - Ulster County Real Estate

1857 Brick Federal Farmhouse on 54 acres Overlooking the Wallkill River in Gardiner

From our backyard to your doorstep.

Price: $1,850,000 | MLS: 20162329

Impeccably and honestly restored and furnished to its era 11 foot ceilings, elaborate and true moldings and trim 6,490 Sq Ft. - 3rd floor studio Privately set way back from the road, on the Wallkill River Horse barn and fenced paddocks Completely renovated guest house 33 Gibbons Lane, New Paltz, NY


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online at

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upstate HOUSE

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Sculptor Emil Alzamora at work in his Beacon studio

Heart of Bronze


online at

remain centered around the human body. “I’m glad I stuck with working in this language, dealing with the body,” he says. “I have a close connection to it, and so does everyone for the most part. To some degree or another, [people] relate to their bodies—they have to, or we wouldn’t be here.” Alzamora still has his pieces cast at Tallix, but since 2001, he’s been a full-time artist, working out of a studio at his home in Beacon. His sculptures, which employ a variety of materials, including bronze, steel, aluminum, ceramics, wood, and cement, have won substantial critical recognition and have been shown around the world, most recently in Hong Kong and Singapore. —Brian PJ Cronin Photo: Eva Deitch

Art school left Emil Alzamora skeptical about whether or not he wanted to continue casting the large, figurative bronze sculptures he had been making in college. His professors had told him figurative was over, but he just couldn’t embrace abstract. So he decided to do something rebellious instead: sail around the world. But as he was preparing to sail out of Spain to begin his voyage, he happened to meet someone who told him about a town on the Hudson River that had the best foundry in the world. So, in 1998, Alzamora, a native Floridian, put his sailing plans on hold to check out Beacon, then the home of the Polich Tallix foundry (which has since relocated to Rock Tavern). He got a job there, and like all of the foundry’s employees, began using it to cast his own work on the side. Gradually, Alzamora’s pieces evolved into more fluid, abstract forms, utilizing metals and ceramics, but they

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At Lindal we are very proud that for over 70 years we have been producing homes that are modern in spirit and warm in nature. At the heart of the Lindal Experience lives progress and tradition, inspiration and predictability – the cutting-edge architecture is delivered through the time-honored building systems of Lindal Cedar homes and backed by a lifetime structural warranty. Lindal Cedar Homes has designed and produced over 50,000 homes, built throughout the world in every climate, on every type of terrain, and in every regulatory environment. Since the introduction of its modern design program in 2008, Lindal has been the modern systems-built ‘prefab’ home of choice for our clients. We will be happy to speak with you about the services we offer, including free site evaluations and site visits, and our free Design Program.

Atlantic Custom Homes, Inc. Stop by our Classic Lindal model at: 2785 Route 9 • Cold Spring, NY 10516 888.558.2636 • 845.265.2636

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Upstate House Winter 2016  

Upstate House Winter 2016