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Seed Song Farm

Let There Be LEDs

The Room

Growing a Commons

Lighting for Energy Efficiency & Design

A Floating Farmhouse Kitchen

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M AY 1 3 T H 1 0 - 6 P M & M AY 1 4 T H 1 1 - 4 P M L I V E



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letter from the editor


the room

song OF THE sEEDs growing a commons

By Anne Pyburn Craig, Photos by Hillary Harvey

Activist farmer Creek Iversen has founded Seed Song Farm & Center as an organic farm with a mission to serve the local community. 22

let there be leds energy-efficient lighting design

By Lynn Woods, Photos by Karen Pearson and David Aday

A farmhouse floats above a creek as its towering hearth hovers within. 10 ENTRYWAY

Springtime is a time of opening up, both the home and life’s possibilities. We bring you a designer/builder of sunrooms and conservatories, a forger of traditional steel garden tools, colorful garden furniture that’s airy and light, and a beginner’s class on keeping chickens.

Rhinebeck-based lighting-design firm LEDspin offers customized lighting design to both homeowners and museums. 26

customized creation designing your own weekend house

By Timothy Malcolm, Photos by Deborah DeGraffenreid

Working with Atlantic Custom Homes, a Westchester County family personalized house plans to build a weekend getaway in Cairo. 30


Located smack in the center of horse country, tiny Pine Plains features a cluster of appealing shops, businesses, and eateries.

high rock lodge a rur al retreat perches above a creek

By Niva Dorell, Photos by Roy Gumpel

For a couple from New York City, creating a secluded space for their golden years was a long-term goal. Then they moved in and got very busy. 34

A new wave of designer/builders makes it possible to create a home in classic style without the challenges that come with antique structures.



COMMUNIT Y spotlight: highland



country modern old-house st yle, new-building smell

By Brian PJ Cronin

By Lindsay Lennon, Photos by Anthony Acocella

Sponsored House Feature

The Walkway Over the Hudson has helped this historic hamlet bloom. By Peter D. Martin, Photo by Jesse Turnquist At his Hudson studio, John Unger fires metal bowls that bear flames to illuminate outdoor spaces around the world.

historic hideaway spy hill estate presents history and luxury

A newly restored Colonial estate on four acres in Brewster was home to one of America’s first patriot spies.

COMMUNIT Y spotlight: pine plains


i n d e x o f a dv er t i s er s


Map of the region

Cover photo of Spy Hill Estate by Anthony Acocella; photo above of a Hudson Woods property’s workshop by Deborah DeGraffenreid.


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EDITORIAL Editor Susan Piperato susan@upstatehouse.com Art Director Jim Maximowicz jim.maximowicz@upstatehouse.com Books editor Nina Shengold books@upstatehouse.com proofreader Barbara Ross contributors Peter Aaron, Anthony Acocella, David Aday, Anne Pyburn Craig, Brian PJ Cronin, David Cunningham, Deborah DeGraffenreid, Niva Dorell, Roy Gumpel, Kandy Harris, Hillary Harvey, Lindsay Lennon, Mark Mahaney, Timothy Malcolm, Peter D. Martin, Karen Pearson, Nina Shengold, Jesse Turnquist, Lynn Woods


s Hudson Valley residents know all too well, while many of the region’s cities are in the midst of resurgence, with New Yorkers flocking to them, while others, like Poughkeepsie, lag behind. But Poughkeepsie will become the next “in” city if urban design students from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation (GSAPP) have their way. In 2016, GSAPP’s annual Hudson Valley Initiative (HVI), a research platform and archive, allowed students to propose solutions to Poughkeepsie’s problems. HVI students utilize community feedback to create activist proposals for the region, explains David Smiley, the program’s assistant director. “It’s part of our program to look at the Hudson Valley because it’s close to us, and what goes on there affects us—we’re downriver in New York City,” he says. A collection of the 2016 HVI students’ projects, Justice in Place: Design for Equity & Regional Currents, was displayed in January at the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center in Poughkeepsie. The projects explore how equity and justice can be nurtured spatially within the Poughkeepsie community. So what did HVI students see as Poughkeepsie’s issues? Smiley listed the city’s inequality of food systems and high incarceration rate as well as the need to revitalize Main Street and attract new industry. “We know nobody’s going to be writing a billiondollar check soon, so we study existing conditions and figure out what assets there are,” he says. Students examined Poughkeepsie’s status as a food desert, defined as an impoverished area that lacks fresh produce and other healthy foods, due to a dearth of grocery stores and farmers’ markets. One group proposed opening bakeries that use local produce and teaching high school students how to farm, harvest, bake, and deliver food. Another group proposed helping high school students create small farms on the city’s many vacant lots. “So it’s not depending on some system from somewhere else coming in to save it,” Smiley says. “Let’s get kids out there and teach them skills as well as how to change their diets.” 6

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FOUNDERS & publisherS Jason Stern & Amara Projansky Composite image of upstate urban downtowns by Columbia University GSAPP’s Hudson Valley Initiative.

HVI students were surprised that Poughkeepsie’s only current infrastructure project is the new Dutchess County jail. “It’s kind of ironic if incarceration is your number one economic development engine,” Smiley says. Students explored training people who are coming through the [jail] facility for local industries. “A student looked at craft brewing and teaching formerly incarcerated people to join the craft brewing industry which is really blossoming throughout the Hudson Valley.” To address Main Street’s revitalization, students reexamined the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s planned transit-oriented development project for the riverfront as well as creating stores and schools for ethnic groups to share their traditional craft skills. Smiley readily acknowledges that such proposals are idealistic. “Obviously, there are additional jurisdictional questions and regulations questions and tax questions about these projects that the students haven’t answered,” he says. “But we push them to change the conversation and give all the people who might see their proposals—including elected officials and nonprofits—some new ideas to talk about.” If attendance at HVI’s opening was any indication, a new conversation has begun. Guests included elected officials; local nonprofits Family Partnership Center, Hudson River Housing, Middle-Main, and Dutchess County Arts Council; and Poughkeepsie-born architect Michael Murphy, who’s opening an office of his Boston-based firm, MASS Design, in his hometown. “It’s hard to get things done because money’s tight and politics are changing,” Smiley admits. “But we’re committed to the Hudson Valley. We want it to be recognized not as ‘go see the fall foliage,’ but as a place of industry and good schools—a real place to live.” So, upstaters and downstaters, when it comes to the Hudson Valley’s future, let’s all keep talking—and listening—to each other.

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Image: Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation

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Hovering Hearth By Peter Aaron Photograph by Mark Mahaney

The floor-toceiling windows afford guests views of apple trees, barns, and a gazebo.

These hand-hewn beams are from a barn in Pennsylvania.

Givone kept the small doorway to create a “‘Whoa!’ moment” upon entering the kitchen.

The kitchen opens out to the deck, which is cantilevered over the creek.

The acid-wash finish on the 18-foot pizza oven took Givone an entire summer to create.

Take a few short steps from the great room into the kitchen of the Floating Farmhouse, a ca. 1820 home-cum-vacation rental in the Sullivan County hamlet of Eldred, and you might find yourself wondering which room you’re in. Straight ahead is a full wall of floor-toceiling windows that floods the airy chamber with sunlight and frames its breathtaking views of the property’s lush, secluded grounds. A pair of massive, weathered, wooden beams bisects the space overhead. On the left, a line of French doors opens onto the piéce de résistance: a cantilevered deck that seems to miraculously float above the creek that rushes behind the house— hence the building’s name. And on the right, a tall, rustic-finished pizza oven towers the entire 18 vertical feet of the cathedral-pitched wall. “I kept the traditional small doorway [from the great room into the kitchen] for the dramatic effect,” says owner/designer Tom Givone. “That’s definitely the big ‘Whoa!’ moment, walking into that room.” But that’s not to say there aren’t more such moments to be found throughout the rest of the house, which embodies Givone’s bold penchant for blending original architectural charm with sparse, modern chic. Upstairs, two more rustic, hand-hewn beams (from the same antique Pennsylvania barn that provided the ones in the kitchen) soar along the ceiling of the master bedroom, which boasts a wood-burning fireplace and a private bath with an 18th-century marble sink and a walnut-trimmed soaking tub sourced from a Manhattan tenement and retrofitted with a stainless-steel surround. Four additional bedrooms feature original wavy-glass windows, antique beds, and other vintage furnishings. Off the kitchen, another fireplace heats the sprawling-but-


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cozy great room, whose wide-plank floorboards are also found throughout the original structure. Givone is a New York City-based copywriter-turned-architecturalentrepreneur with a flair for refinishing country farmhouses (five so far) whose work has been featured in Dwell and Architectural Digest. He acquired the then-dilapidated Eldred house in 2007 and replaced its tiny, falling-down, lean-to kitchen and mudroom with a 22-foot-by-22-foot one-room addition. Extending the living space to intersect with the creek via the covered deck was inspired by Givone’s desire to bond with the building’s surroundings. “The combination of the skyscraper-like glass wall and the deck is the one-two punch,” he explains. “The place was originally a mill as well as a farmhouse, and there’s a waterfall and a hand-built dam right back there on the creek. When you’re in the kitchen or on the deck, it almost feels like you’re on a houseboat.” Through the ample windows, diners at the lengthy wooden table can take in views of the on-premises gazebo, apple trees, and barns. The space is high heaven for culinarily inclined guests as well, thanks to its 48-inch commercial range, dual convection ovens, multiple sinks, and, soaring above all, the pizza oven, whose rough, acid-washed façade took Givone an entire summer to create. “To me, the experience of being here is a way to commune with nature and whoever you’re with,” says Givone. The site, which tends to be booked three months in advance, is popular for group getaways, weddings, photo shoots, and corporate retreats. “In the kitchen, it’s great to just enjoy a drink and listen to the creek rush by or watch the snow come down or the deer wander through,” he says. “‘Serene’ is definitely the word.”

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Count Your Chickens If you’ve always dreamed of having chickens come to your home to roost, Cornell Cooperative Extension will tell you everything you need to know. The one-day CCE class Backyard Chickens for Beginners covers how to raise a few hens, start a poultry enterprise, choose meat breeds, protect against bad weather and predators, and using egg mobiles. First class is March 7,6pm to 8pm, at 232 Plaza Road. $20 per person; children under 12 admitted free.

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Photos: Brenda Timmermans; Noah Khoury; Hudson Valley Sunrooms


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In Bookstores by Nina Shengold

The Garden Bible: Designing Your Perfect Outdoor Space Barbara Ballinger and Michael Glassman

Images Publishing, 2016, $45

“Consider us your garden doctors, here to make a house call.” Dutchess County design writer Ballinger (The Kitchen Bible: Designing the Perfect Culinary Space, written with Margaret Crane) joined forces with landscape architect and photographer Glassman to assemble this dream book of outdoor spaces. Their definition of “garden” is broad, from luxurious poolside plantings and outdoor kitchens to traditional English cottage gardens, Zen gardens, and urban rooftop terraces. Chapters cover such topics as climate and sun, budgeting, working with landscape professionals, design principles, garden tours and public gardens, and other resources. But the book’s centerpiece is its detailed presentations of 30 properties with different architectural styles and site challenges, including beforeand-after photos, ground plans, and key design features. Dig in!  

The Borscht Belt: Revisiting the Remains of America’s Jewish Vacationland

Marisa Scheinfeld, essays by Stefan Kanfer & Jenna Weissman Joselit

Cornell University Press, 2016, $29.95

The Belgian collective ERNEST imports fine European furnishings to a New York City showroom. The Nolita family of outdoor seatings began with steel garden chairs designed by Mario Pedrali in 1963. The lounge chairs in Nolita’s latest collection, available with and without arms, will give any backyard or patio a sunnier disposition. Stackable and easy to transport, the chairs are made with steel for maximum durability but designed to relax the sitter with their airy appearances and festive colors. ernestny.com

Entertaining in the Country: Love Where You Eat—Festive Table Settings, Favorite Recipes, and Design Inspiration Joan Osofsky & Abby Adams, principal photography by John Gruen

Rizzoli, 2017, $45

“Entertaining is at the core of the Hammertown style,” writes Joan Osofsky, who founded the first of three Hammertown Barn stores (Pine Plains, Rhinebeck, and Great Barrington) in 1985. Osofsky and her Love Where You Live co-author Abby Adams have created a new book that’s guaranteed to make you want to throw a party. Cycling through the seasons with chapter titles such as “A Warm Dinner for a Cold Night,” “A Perfect Day for a Picnic,” and “Lunch in the Orchard,” Entertaining in the Country combines inspired meal menus with the style and surround of gracious country living. Striking photos by John Gruen accent the festive colors of seasonal cooking, highlighting fresh-fromthe-farmers-market ingredients, mouthwatering finished dishes, and dreamy table settings for dining with friends in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Bon appetit! 12

online at upstatehouse.com

Photos: ErnestNY; Images Publishing; Cornell University Press; Rizzoli

Sit a While

The Wild West has its ghost towns, and so do the wild western Catskills. For decades, the Borscht Belt’s resort hotels and bungalow colonies were a vacation paradise for urban Jewish families. Kiamesha Lake native Marisa Scheinfeld’s beautifully composed photographs are an elegy for that golden era.  A striking cover photo—an orange-and-white lawn chaise on a floor furred with grass and ferns— sets the tone. Melancholy and at times surreal, these decayed, grownover landscapes and interiors cast a spell. Several striking spreads contrast publicity photos from the hotels’ heyday with the same architectural features as they appear today, with snow-filled swimming pools and rusted railings. Objects bear silent testimony: poker chips dusted with plaster, a cockeyed music stand, a lone blue bowling ball, empty chairs that conjure past occupants. This is a book of ghosts, haunting and eloquent.  

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Creek Iversen on site at Seed Song Farm & Center, part of the Esopus Agricultural Center located near Route 9W in Kingston.

SONG OF THE SEEDS Activist farmer Creek Iversen has finally found a forever home. By Anne Pyburn Craig | Photographs by Hillary Harvey


he Town of Ulster, with its main drag, Route 9W, lined with industry, retail, and big-box stores, is probably the last place you’d expect to find a working organic farm. But to Creek Iversen, farmer and director of the Seed Song Farm & Center, the location is all the better for having a commercial edge. “We’re both an LLC, as a farm, and a 501(c)3 as a community center,” says Iversen. “A big part of the mission is to use the farmland as a commons, to bring in historically underserved groups and make sure the community has access to what we do.” With that purpose in mind, the newly formed 214-acre Esopus Agricultural Center—the former Chambers Farm, now occupied by four organic farms leasing land from Northeast Farm Access, LLC—makes an ideal location. Iversen, born and raised in Otsego County, came to the Hudson Valley as a young man for a job with Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc., and worked as a naturalist and interpreter at the John Burroughs Sanctuary in West Park. When he decided 10 years ago to become an organic farmer, he found the road anything but smooth.


online at upstatehouse.com

At Common Ground Farm in Beacon, he went from bartershare member to intern to crew member to co-manager in three years, leaving when the board of directors opted to downsize farmed acreage and move away from the CSA model. Later, he managed Sylvester Manor Educational Farm on Shelter Island. He managed the not-for-profit Brook Farm Project in New Paltz until the property’s owner, the Open Space Institute, decided to shift direction and end the CSA’s tenancy. And finally, through 2014 and part of 2015, he worked to get Whirligig Farm up and running on the Hurley Flats—only to find his dream frustrated yet again when the landowner sold to another buyer. Iversen’s struggles with land aren’t unique, but his level of determination stands out. Both the National Young Farmers Coalition and the US Department of Agriculture have identified rising land costs and competition with developers as barriers to young farmers getting started. A 2013 report from the USDA’s Economic Research Service estimated the price of farmland in the Northeast at $10,000 an acre.

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2017 • 1 5

involved. We had to take down and move a 3,000-square-foot building. I’m hoping Ulster will be the last stop.” Now, with a 30-year lease on 30 acres of a 214-acre property made up of prime fields, wetlands, and mature woods at the Esopus Agricultural Center, he is cultivating 10 immediately tillable acres, prepping another 20 acres; he is also helping to renovate a farmhouse into a kitchen, office, and community space. Alongside the cropland that will be used to grow veggies, herbs, and flowers is an area of “marginal” land that will be managed as habitat, and a public forest garden with edible indigenous crops like berries and sumac. Seed Song Farm & Center will be open to the public for classes and special events. “We’re working with Kingston’s new African Roots Library to develop cross-programming between the farm and the library,” says Iversen, “and with Neetopk Keetopk [Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation] to set up a canoe launch and an indigenous planting area and educational encampment. We worked a lot with them in Hurley, farmed together and ate together. Farms and barns have traditionally been a place for music, dance, and all kinds of community building through sharing culture and food.” Community-supported agriculture shares will be available, with and without a work option, and Iversen hopes to establish Seed Song in a number of farmers’ markets. Most of all, he sounds like a man who can finally relax and get to work. “What a beautiful space this is,” he says. “Right near the shopping malls and the tech plant. The county bus comes right nearby; we hope to get a stop here. You get here and it’s another world, the Esopus going by, acres and acres of farm. ... I hope to advance the public ethic of stewardship, because it matters for all of us.”

Clockwise from left: Iversen teaches English as a Second Language students the “three sisters” indigenous companion planting method, planting out a field of corn, beans, and squash; students start seeds as part of a farming orientation program; sunflower seedlings get a headstart in the greenhouse.


online at upstatehouse.com

Creek Iversen

Creek Iversen

Creek Iversen

He knew his ideas were sound. “The agro-ecological idea is beginning to take hold in communities around the country,” he says. “Cuba’s taken it to an art form: After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they had to redesign their agriculture to be self-supporting, and the way they have done it is organic, small-scale, and with a lot of public participation. If you have a good plan and the right scale, it works really well.” Then Iversen met Bob Bernstein, a community economic development professional with 40 years’ experience in land-use issues. In 2002, Bernstein, who lives on and tends a 100-acre biodynamic farm in New Hampshire with his family, founded the nonprofit Land for Good, focusing on farmland access, tenure, and transfer. In 2012, he founded Northeast Farm Access (originally New England Farm Access), a forprofit operation aimed at finding social investors to purchase farmland and lease it to farmers long term. “We try hard to balance risk and benefit to farmers and investors,” says Bernstein. “What could be a better investment than organic farmland with water and experienced farmers, close to markets and near affordable housing? We look for opportunities to maximize community benefit, which is why we focus on towns on the edge of small cities.” Bernstein says NEFA looks for “farmers with some experience, open to collaborating with others, who have a reason to stay in the geographic area—otherwise they’re unlikely to stick.” Iversen would like nothing better than to stick. “It’s not simple to move a farming operation,” he observes. “Besides the fact that you need to build intimate knowledge of the land and a bond with the community, there’s a lot of equipment

“I hope to advance the public ethic of stewardship, because it matters for all of us.”

Farm S ha re Farming used to be handed down from one generation to the next, with both land and skills transmitted in the process. As local food awareness grows, so does consciousness of the “succession problem”: Many farm families lack an interested heir apparent. Conversely, newly minted farmers tend to lack a farm—they’re often young folks from nonfarm backgrounds or midlife career changers looking to get a toe in the door and their hands in the dirt. Knowhow can be gained via hands-on educational programs and internships—but then there is the problem of land. In both the US and in Europe, where farm succession is an acknowledged crisis, longterm leasing is an increasingly accepted option—and it’s absolutely necessary for farmers who want to use biodynamic methods, which require long-range planning.”We bring

together groups of farmers and social investors and act as developer and manager,” says Bob Bernstein, founder and director of Northeast Farm Access (NEFA), which has established three agricultural centers in New York and is breaking ground on a fourth in New England this spring.

philanthropic or public funding out there, but lots of investment capital,” says Bernstein. “So we set about adopting other models to bring together, preserve, restore, and provide access to farm seekers, in a way in which they could build equity in ways other than outright land ownership.

Each center consists of four organic farms growing side by side on 200 to 300 acres of NEFA-owned land; farmers are hand-picked for their commitment to agro-ecological methods and community involvement. “Centers are sited and designed to maximize value to the community on several levels,” Bernstein says. “They preserve open space, supply good food, and raise awareness of food issues.”

“There’s a fundamental conflict in that farmers need long-term, stable access, and nonfarm landowners don’t want land tied up for more than five years,” Bernstein says. “Somebody has to get the money together to buy the land. It’s an endeavor with huge social, community, and environmental return and modest financial return, much like farming.”

Capital raised from investors is used to restore soil and land that have been underused or farmed in other ways. “There’s not enough

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Pine Plains

The Past Shines Through By Kandy Harris | Photos by Jim Maximowicz

ine Plains has only one traffic light. Its tiny commercial district is grouped around its main intersection, set in the midst of a rural landscape dotted with farmhouses and fields. The hamlet’s shops are small, the townspeople are friendly, and the stars are visible at night—the usual attractions of country life. But scratch beneath Pine Plains’ charming surface and you’ll find a robust community that’s on the upswing. The hamlet began as a settlement town for Protestant Moravians on a mission to convert the Mahican village of Shekomeko in the mid 1700s. The mission would have disappeared into the mists of history had it not been for a pilgrimage to the Shekomeko site a century later by another group of missionaries who settled in for the long haul. With wide-open spaces aplenty, horse farms became ubiquitous in Pine Plains. By the early 1900s, Pine Plains was flourishing thanks to its location at the juncture of three rail lines on the Central New England Railroad, smack in the center of Dutchess County. In 1907, the 3,250-acre dairy Briarcliff Farms moved from Westchester County to Pine Plains, from which milk was delivered via rail to New York City. Sold in 1918 to a cattle farmer, Briarcliff

ZIP CODE: 12567


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Farms became renowned for its Angus beef and flourished until 1983, when the farm was finally sold to the Mashomack Polo Club. The waning of the railroad system in the 1930s ended Pine Plains’ existence as a bubbling transportation juncture and saw the area reverting back to its rural roots, tucked away, hidden from view. But something happened in the early 2000s: City folks, priced out of the boroughs, began to unearth the historic hamlet, shining a light on a vibrant community that maintains a strong connection with its past. The Scene Pine Plains’ heart lies at the meeting of North and South Main Streets and East and West Church Streets, where a cluster of well-preserved Victorian, Colonial, and Federal-style storefronts have been gracefully updated. The hamlet’s businesses are surprisingly abundant, given its population of only 1,500. The Pine Plains Platter, a beloved eatery, is housed in a remade ca. 1856 shingled Victorian. Across the street, the ca. 1700 Stissing House is a popular food and drink spot, offering French flair, burgers, and pizza. Isabel’s


Willow Brook Road exit, 8.4 miles away, and by train from the Rhinecliff Amtrak station (30 minutes away) and Poughkeepsie Metro-North station (40 minutes away).

PROXIMITY TO MAJOR CITY: 40 minutes to Poughkeepsie, two hours to New York City, and 75 minutes to Albany

NEAREST HOSPITAL: Sharon Hospital in Sharon, Connecticut (25 minutes away), and Northern Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck (40 minutes away)

TRANSPORTATION: Pine Plains is accessible from the Taconic Parkway’s

SCHOOLS: Pine Plains Central School District comprises the Seymour Smith


Intermediate Learning Center, Stissing Mountain Middle School, and Stissing Mountain High School; Pine Plains Preschool is a private facility. POINTS OF INTEREST: Dutch’s Spirits Distillery at Harvest Homestead Farms, Stissing Mountain Fire Tower, Buttercup Farm Audubon Sanctuary, Millbrook Vineyard & Winery, Clinton Vineyards, Cascade Mountain Winery, Taconic State Park, Hammertown Barn

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845.328.0447 Above: Main Street in Pine Plains. Opposite: Pine Plains’ Grange Hall is one of the hamlet’s many historic buildings.

Kitchen provides juices and smoothies, while Peck’s Market keeps everyone in groceries. A mural depicting an ND&C Railroad locomotive adorns the side of Peck’s on East Church Street, announcing the town’s roots to visitors. At the ca. 1879 Chase Dry Goods building, now home to the Pine Plains Emporium, the sage green façade has been meticulously maintained, making it hard to resist a peek into this old-fashioned general store packed with locally made goods along with antiques and collectibles. Just east of town, Hammertown Barn specializes in unique, upscale home goods, including furnishings, lighting, kitchen items, collectibles, and gifts. The barn is the creation of Joan Osofsky, the well-known designer and author who put Hudson Valley home style on the map. On the west side, a Prohibition-era distillery, Dutch’s Spirits at Harvest Homestead Farms, offers handcrafted spirits made on the grounds of infamous gangster Dutch Schultz’s bootleg operation. While rural Dutchess County isn’t exactly known for its frolicsome nightlife, civilization is nearby. The villages of Rhinebeck and Red Hook are less than 30 minutes to the west. Millerton and the Connecticut border are 15 minutes to the east. And the Taconic Parkway makes for an easy two-hour drive to New York City. Pine Plains is a great place to land if you’re outdoorsy. The Berkshires, Stissing Mountain Loop, and the Taconic State Park provide hiking opportunities. The area is also known for its longstanding wineries, including Millbrook Vineyard, Clinton Vineyards, and Cascade Mountain Winery.

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The Market Pine Plains’ residential real estate market reflects its tiny size. Equestrian farms priced at $1 million or more make up nearly a quarter of the inventory. But there are plenty of family homes priced from $200,000 to $400,000, ranging from two to four bedrooms and from 1,000 to 3,500 square feet. Fivefigure properties are few. But there are 24 lots of land for sale, ranging from $5.5 million for a 212-acre farm to a half-acre in town for $35,000.

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A Bridge So Close By Lindsay Lennon

ighland is so conveniently placed—just off the Mid-Hudson Bridge— that it’s often written off as a bedroom community. But with a major tourist attraction nearby, miles of hiking trails, and a secluded yet accessible riverfront, this Ulster County hamlet is thriving. Located on the Hudson River’s west bank within the Town of Lloyd, Highland is a welcoming sight for commuters returning home from working in Poughkeepsie or the train from New York City. The hamlet has a middle-class feel and small-town charm, and its picturesque downtown, featuring plenty of well-preserved antique architecture, is surrounded by jagged cliffs, expansive woods, a smattering of farmhouses set upon sprawling fields, and unspoiled views of the Shawangunk Ridge and Catskill Mountains to the west and the Hudson Highlands to the south. At five square miles, the hamlet of Highland exists within the greater Town of Lloyd, a municipality that bills itself as the place “where the mountains meet the river.” The town was settled in 1754 with the establishment of a sawmill and brickyard on the banks of the Hudson, in the area now known as Highland Landing. Eventually, settlers moved inland to start farms, and one of them— farmer Philip Elting—founded a village on higher ground. Highland was born. Lloyd remains an agricultural hub, with orchards and farms providing

Zip Code: 12528 Population: 5,647 Median Household Income: $48,877 Proximity to Major City: 90 miles to New York City, 75 miles to Albany Transportation: Highland is accessible from the New York State Thruway/Interstate 87 via Exit 18. Ulster County Area Transit buses connect to the Poughkeepsie Metro-North and


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abundant local produce and a smorgasbord of you-pick activities and hayrides. Meanwhile, the quaint hamlet feels more alive than ever. Revitalized by increased foot traffic from nearby attractions and trail systems running right through town, Highland’s growing popularity and thriving businesses bolster its distinction and viability. The Scene In the late 1800s, Highland was a major railroad hub, mainly via the Poughkeepsie-Highland railway bridge. Today, over 40 years after the railroad tracks were destroyed by fire, the bridge has a new role as the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park, which opened in 2009, in time for the 400th anniversary celebration of Henry Hudson’s voyage up the river. At 1.28 miles, the Walkway is the world’s longest pedestrian bridge—and Highland’s biggest draw, with nearly 500,000 visitors each year. Running parallel to the Mid-Hudson Bridge, the 212-foot-high platform offers stunning views of the river and beyond. On a nice day in almost any season, the Walkway is packed with visitors of both human and canine origin. Guests can relax at picnic tables near the east and west entrances, and food trucks have set up shop on either side. On the Poughkeepsie side are popular eateries like

Amtrak train station, about four miles away. Nearest Hospital: Vassar Brothers Medical Center and Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital are both about four miles away in Poughkeepsie. Schools: Highland Central School District consists of Highland Elementary School, Highland Middle School, and Highland High School. Nearby private schools include Mountain Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz and Oakwood Friends

School in Poughkeepsie. Points of Interest: Walkway Over the Hudson, Hudson Valley Rail Trail, Franny Reese State Park, Johnson-Iorio Park, Highland Public Library, Tony Williams Field, Highland Rotary Pavilion, Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park, Illinois Mountain, Berean Park, Rocking Horse Ranch, Bad Seed Cider Company, Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum (in Poughkeepsie), Skydive the Ranch (in Gardiner), Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery (in Gardiner)

Photo: David Cunningham

Opposite: An afternoon crowd at Underground Coffee & Ales in downtown Highland. Above: The Walkway Over the Hudson spans the river from Highland to Poughkeepsie, affording excellent views to those walking or cycling across.

Crave and Lola’s Café; on the Highland side, Pomod’oro and the Frozen Caboose serve pizza and ice cream, respectively. During spring, summer and fall, the area bursts with activity, including marathons and bike races; Highland’s Hudsonfest; free Movie Nights Under the Walkway; and nighttime “moonwalks” across the bridge. The Walkway has created an economic boon for Highland, with visitors flocking to the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, a paved path that runs east-west for four miles starting from the Walkway’s Highland entrance. On the east side, the trail leads to Vineyard Avenue, which runs through idyllic, hilly, downtown Highland, home to several cafés and restaurants. Among the hamlet’s newest start-ups is Underground Coffee & Ales, a coffee house by day and bustling bar/ restaurant with live music, trivia, and social events by night. While the hamlet’s eateries can cure most any craving—pizza, burgers, Chinese, Italian—several local foodie treasures lie outside downtown, including New American cuisine at the Would restaurant and German gastropub the Gunk Haus in nearby Clintondale. Recently, gourmet spice purveyor and TV personality Nirmala Narine opened her Highland farm to the public, offering private dinners, cooking classes, and an on-site spice shop. Franny Reese State Park’s trails lead beneath the Mid-Hudson Bridge, up to the cliffs overlooking it, and through the woods. Berean Park offers lakeside amenities and hiking trails up Illinois Mountain, Lloyd’s looming centerpiece. And the newly developed Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park provides an accessible waterfront area in the Walkway’s shadow. The Market Throughout the Town of Lloyd, there are bargains to be had. Homes generally hover between $150,000 and $250,000. An 1890 Victorian with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a wraparound porch on Main Street recently sold for $249,000. Down on the riverfront, a two-bedroom two-bathroom ranch on just over 1.5 acres sold for $265,000. A modestly sized farmhouse in an agricultural zone could run in the $150,000 range. If condo dwelling is more your speed, two-bedroom two-bathroom units and townhouses range from $140,000 to $200,000 in Highland’s Bridgeview community, between the Mid-Hudson Bridge and Franny Reese State Park.

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Let There Be LIGHTEmitting Diodes LEDspin designs energy-efficient, high-end, customized lighting for homeowners and museums. By Lynn Woods


ighting completes a room’s design, illuminating its physical dimensions, emphasizing colors and textures, and creating points of focus and ambiance. And LED technology—a lightemitting diode, which consists of a two-wire semiconductor that releases photons when voltage is applied—both expands design possibilities and enables homeowners to cut energy costs. (After the refrigerator and dryer, lighting accounts for a home’s biggest use of electricity.) “We can do spectacular lighting in an energy-efficient way,” says Jeff Versakos, CEO of LEDspin, an LED lighting design firm. “Costs have come down, the quality is excellent, and you can wirelessly control the lights and dim them with your iPhone.” Originally a designer of display cases for museums, aquariums, and other facilities, Versakos became obsessed with fixing a persistent problem: the damage to fragile artifacts, including paper and papyrus, as well as other not-so-delicate objects like gemstones and minerals, from heat caused by the lights used to illuminate them. He founded his display-case company, Band NY, Inc., in 1987, and began working with fiber optics in the 1990s. His system of projecting light through fibers to protect artifacts won him a contract with the federal government to illuminate the nation’s founding documents. The Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights were slowly deteriorating after being displayed at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC, since 1952. After two years of R&D on the project, Versakos installed a fiber optics system, halting the damage. Band NY’s technology remains in place today, although its original halogen light bulbs have been replaced with LEDs. Band NY has designed lighting systems for government institutions like the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, 22

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and the White House. The firm has also illuminated a collection of antique couture dresses at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, an exhibit of Tiffany windows at the Baltimore Museum of Art, artifacts at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, and some of the world’s most precious documents, including the Magna Carta at the British Library in London and the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. LEDspin was founded as a division of Band NY to offer LED lighting for homes, businesses, and museums. The company, which has an office in Rhinebeck and a showroom in Rhinecliff, services regional museums like the Home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt National Historic Site in Hyde Park, Boscobel House and Gardens in Philipstown, and Wilderstein Historic Site in Rhinebeck, but mostly caters to Hudson Valley and New York City homeowners. LED lighting is the hope of the future, says Versakos, “a transformative technology that will help save the world from itself.” While incandescent light bulbs contribute to the emissions that cause climate change, LEDs are semi-conductors, akin to a computer, emitting a cool light that illuminates by glowing. Because there is no heat in their beams, LED bulbs are extremely efficient: A 7.5-watt LED bulb is equivalent to a 50-watt incandescent bulb. “In a one-toone conversion to LED from incandescent or halogen bulbs, you’ll see, on average, a 60 percent drop in your energy bill,” says Versakos. An LED system costs more up front, he notes, but “the quality of light is as good if not better than older-style lamps, and if you do just a few rooms you’ll immediately have significant savings. We’ve got 13-watt lamps [that are] easily the equivalent of 75 watts, so you incredibly reduce the wattage costs.”

At this Rhinecliff retreat overlooking the Hudson River, LEDs light the interior as well as the pathway, and spotlight the house’s exterior and landscaping.

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LED technology also keeps people safer from electrical fires, Versakos notes. LEDs can run off low-voltage 12-to-24volt wires, compared with the standard 120 volts. In a media room he recently designed, both the LED light fixtures and the switches utilize low-voltage wiring. Someday, he says, “There will be wireless systems that use low voltage and one main room where the high voltage is.” LEDspin offers an array of services to clients, from simply replacing existing lamps with LED lights to designing an elaborate system. However, Versakos notes, people often need to be educated about their options, including lighting an art collection by “washing” a wall with light while keeping the rest of the room muted, or “grazing” a stone wall with light to emphasize its texture. Some clients like to balance artificial light with daylight, a scheme that can include programming the lighting remotely. For each lighting system, Versakos incorporates subtle color, choosing hues based on a room’s décor, furnishings, and wall texture and color. “There are different colors of white,” he says. “Some people like a warm light, or a light that’s somewhat whiter.” LEDspin manufactures its own quality lighting fixtures for clients and offers a disk-shaped, voice-activated remote control device, The Dot; remote lighting systems can also be programmed from a cell phone. LEDspin also installs light switches with built-in transmitters, enabling clients to upgrade later to an automated system. 24

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Outdoor lighting is another specialty. For a midcentury property in Woodstock, LEDspin lit a stainless steel outdoor pool by inserting lights into a set of 32-foot-long steps, and illuminated the bocce court and surrounding woods with high-intensity lights equivalent to daylight. Lights were also inserted under a woodshed’s eaves, between the rafters, to shelter them from precipitation. A high IP, or Ingress Protection rating, is necessary for outdoor lighting, Versakos notes. This two-digit code indicates how well a device is protected from dust and water. An IP rating of 66, 67, or 68, achieved by testing a fixture by spraying it with water from a high-pressure hose (or, in the case of IP 68, actually submerging it), ensures the fixture will not be damaged by dirt, rain, ice, or snow. For a plaza fronting a Holiday Inn Express in Midtown Manhattan, Versakos designed two rows of streetlights, in the form of spiraling tubes that are impervious to wind and rain. The fixtures cast a soft, white light akin to moonlight into the plaza, which also features lights inserted into the pavers. As LEDspin’s client list grows, the company vows to remain small, “so we can maintain personal relationships with our clients,” notes Joanne Leffeld, Versakos’s wife and the firm’s president. Components for LEDspin’s products are manufactured overseas but assembled in the US, largely by Mid-Hudson Workshop, a business resource facility that employs physically and medically disabled veterans.

Clockwise from bottom left: LEDspin’s Joanne Leffeld and Jeff Versakos at their Rhinecliff showroom; LED luminaires installed under the eaves give this Woodstock wood shed a low-profile spotlight; This modern mezzanine in Greenport features undershelf linear lighting as well as overhead, full-range dimming downlights.

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CUSTOMIZED CREATION A Westchester family modifies a house plan to build a secluded getaway. By Timothy Malcolm | Photos by Deborah DeGraffenreid



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Western red cedar complements the clean rectilinear design of the Lindal Elements plan Sargasso 1620.


fter living in the Westchester County town of Larchmont for a decade, Ainslie Simmonds and Mark Manley found themselves longing for their outdoorsy Canadian roots. So the couple began looking for a second home for themselves and their three children, ages 10, 13, and 15, along the Hudson River. But when their 18-month search brought nothing that captured their imagination, their real estate agent turned to showing them land. That led to their buying a six-acre plot in Cairo, a two-hour drive from Larchmont and minutes away from Catskill Park and winter sports activities at nearby mountain resorts. But designing a house from scratch was not an option. “We started talking to architects, and we realized the infinite options would make for a process that would drive me crazy,” says Simmonds, who commutes to New York City as the COO of financial planning company LearnVest. (Manley also works in the city as a clean-energy consultant.)

Instead, the couple contacted Atlantic Custom Homes, an independent dealer of Lindal Cedar Homes, which specializes in designing preengineered, on-site, post-and-beam houses. Typically, Lindal houses are classic A-frames with walls of windows, but in 2010 the company launched the Lindal Elements line, featuring modern-inspired houses. These houses, with a design focused on three “boxes” of varying sizes, tend to attract home buyers seeking flexible and nontraditional house plans. “Building your house gets in your head, and it doesn’t go away,” says Greg Buhler, who bought Atlantic Custom Homes in 2006 with wife Jan. Together, the Buhlers operate the business from a model Lindal home in Cold Spring; they also live in a Lindal home, built in 2000, located just down the road in Garrison. In 2015, the Buhlers’ business—which primarily serves the New York City area, upstate, and Connecticut—was the top Lindal dealer in the world, earning the most in sales among the nearly 100 Lindal dealers.

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Large windows and glass doors throughout the house bring the outdoors inside. Below: The rooms are warmed by sunlight and radiant heating in the concrete floor.

Each Atlantic Custom home starts with a Lindal plan that homeowners then personalize. Simmonds and Manley found that the Lindal Elements design collection, launched in 2010, could provide almost exactly what they wanted: a combination of modern, linear, open living with cedar used for the home’s siding, baseboards, beams, doors, and window frames. So the couple designed and customized the Lindal Elements plan Sargasso 1620. Atlantic Custom Homes retains a list of contractors experienced in Lindal styles, so after designing the house between September and December 2014, with home delivery planned for May 2015, the couple contracted Kyle Byrne, owner of the Tannersville-based land management and construction firm Trec Management, for construction. Byrne, who is also a forestry expert, worked with Simmonds and Manley to best position the house while preserving the trees on the property. The house sits on a hill that slopes down to Catskill Creek. Completed in September 2015, the house is a single story comprising 1,900 square feet, with its major customization being an added a storage space for skiing equipment near the front door, and a different orientation for the master bathroom. A great room with 13-foot ceilings is walled by a room-length lift-andslide door and windows, all of which look out onto a stone patio with a hot tub. A screened porch adjacent to the great room offers further connection to nature. “It really feels like you’re outside,” says Simmonds. The house makes for a perfect family getaway, with Simmonds and Manley’s children bunking together and bringing friends for long weekends. The house’s cedar exterior meshes well with the woodsy Catskills; inside, midcentury-modern furniture and clean walls create a sleek, contemporary look. And that’s exactly what the family was seeking, says Simmonds. The company, she explains, offers “really tastefully cool design combining that natural warmth with the modern look, and that’s what sold us.”


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The family enjoys year-round use of a stainless steel hot tub and outdoor fire pit.

A sleek desk was installed in the hallway alcove to create a workspace; floating shelves on the wall above the desk hold books and display family treasures.

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a couple creates a rural retreat perched above a historic creek. By Niva Dorell Photos by Roy Gumpel

M Above: Michael Moy and Joseph Snaido’s dog, Bunny, in their galley kitchen. Opposite: Historic Catskill Creek winds past High Rock Lodge’s hilltop perch.

any people wait until after retirement to figure out the next phase of their life, but for Michael Moy and Joseph Sniado, building a rural retreat for their golden years was a long-term goal. Soon after the couple met 21 years ago, recalls Moy, Sniado shared his plan to retire as chief information officer at Standard and Poor’s in New York City when he turned 55. “And he actually did,” says Moy. “He turned 56 two months after he retired.” By then, Sniado and Moy had built High Rock Lodge in the Greene County town of Durham. Construction on the house began in 2010 and took two years to complete, after which the couple lived there part-time, commuting from their penthouse apartment in Jersey City. In 2014, Sniado and Moy, who was a creative director for a cosmetics packaging company, moved upstate full-time. The 117-acre property sits above a dramatic bend in the Catskill Creek. Moy and Sniado were drawn to the property’s creek frontage, 1840s stone trestle bridge, and unusual history. In 1840, the bridge collapsed under the weight of a Canajoharie & Catskill Railroad train, killing one man and

injuring several others—a disaster that’s marked by a New York State historic plaque on Route 145. Subsequently, the railroad line collapsed financially and was sold and scrapped in 1842. When the house’s designer, architect Tim Witzig of the New York City-based firm PKSB, first visited the property, he was stunned. “And then I thought, immediately, how close can we get to the creek without making an impact and structurally remain viable? How can we make a house that’s not going to be crazy expensive?” he says. Knowing they would grow old in the house, the couple required a living quarters on the first floor, with guest rooms above. They also wanted ample space for entertaining, an indoor pool, and for the house to pay homage to the creek and historic bridge. Altogether, the three-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom house has 4,500 square feet of indoor living space, along with 2,000 feet of exterior decking and covered porches made of cumaru (a dense tropical hardwood), allowing the couple to host parties for up to 50 guests.

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Above: Michael Moy (left) and Joe Sniado relax on the main deck with their dog, Bunny. Opposite, clockwise from top: The bluestone terraced front entrance to High Rock Lodge; every room in the house features its own private deck, including the art studio; the 8-foot-by-40foot indoor pool; Moy and Sniado’s favorite room in the house is the library/bar, which is located next door to the master bedroom.

Witzig designed the house to cantilever over the creek, using a combination of piers and trusses, similar to a bridge. The house’s cruciform shape allows most of its rooms to face the creek; the other side of the house faces the forest. The cruciform’s long line begins at the nine-foot-high cedar entryway (an ode to Moy and Sniado’s former Windham log cabin and the lowest ceiling point in the house) and continues into the living room, which features a dramatic 18-foot insert ceiling made of cedar and, on either side of the room, the interior sides of the two main stone piers that hold up the house and run from floor to ceiling. One pier frames the fireplace, while the other frames a large television, which rises up on a lift when in use and can be put out of sight so the fireplace remains the room’s focal point. The cedar ceiling makes the room feel warmer, “similar to what an area rug does to the floor,” says Witzig, provides acoustical support, and hides the lighting returns and the apparatus that controls the draperies. The living room opens onto a deck, which, because the house is cantilevered, sits 12 feet aboveground, creating a treehouse feeling. The first floor of the short line of the house’s cruciform shape houses a library/bar with fireplace; the master bedroom, including an en suite bathroom and walk-in closet; the dining room; the kitchen; and an 8-by-40-foot heated indoor lap pool with a dry infrared sauna and a steam shower. Upstairs are two guest rooms with full bathrooms and private decks. The basement holds a wine cellar and home office/art studio space. The house is decorated with a mixture of modern and rustic

furniture, a style Moy jokingly calls “Modirondack.” Its interior wall colors were inspired by the creek, and its brown-and-red exterior allows the house to blend in with the surrounding landscape. “We were very concerned about people feeling like there was a house looming over the creek,” Moy says. “But you really have to look for the house when you’re on the creek.” Respecting the land’s flora and fauna is important to Moy and Sniado, who take care of the entire property—including a ¾-mile gravel road, vegetable garden, orchard, barn, pond, woods, and trails—as well as a menagerie of two dogs, five Easter Egger chickens, two ducks, and two horses. “We don’t have a gym membership, we just have this property,” Moy says with a laugh. In their rare periods of downtime from doing chores and managing their other property, an events space in Catskill called Joe’s Garage, Sniado swims and reads, and Moy enjoys playing the piano while looking out over the creek. The couple is making the property more parklike, connecting the logging trails to make them more accessible to hikers and equestrians, and improving the forest’s health by thinning it out and adding indigenous trees. They also hope to rebuild High Rock Bridge. But what they love best about High Rock Lodge is its private retreat atmosphere. “I do think this place weighed in on the decision to just retire,” says Sniado. “You realize how much balance you can have up here versus in the city. Right now, I get to think about what my life should be. Before, [work] was my life.” upstate HOUSE

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country A wave of Hudson Valley designer/builders offer old-house style with new-building smell.

The Art of Building’s restoration of this Rhinebeck historic home included installing maple floors throughout and painting the staircase black to contrast with the ample light flowing through its large windows across its ample spaces with 9.5-foot ceilings.



online at upstatehouse.com

Photo: The Art of Building

By Brian PJ Cronin


Photos: Catskill Farms

any people dream of finding that perfect cottage tucked away in the woods or placed on a quiet street in a charming village. But there are two potential problems with this: First, finding that perfect cottage is rare. And second, if you do find it, there’s a good chance you’ll have to renovate it. Or maybe not. A recent wave of home designers and builders in the Hudson Valley is striving to create new homes that give people everything they love about old homes—like classic styles, warmth of materials, and harmony with the landscape—while eliminating everything they hate, like inefficient heating systems, falling roofs, outdated plumbing and electrical systems, and rivers running through the basement. “People are not looking for the fixer-upper anymore,” says Chuck Petersheim, of Catskill Farms, a design/build firm he founded in the village of Eldred in southern Sullivan County in 2002. “They’re looking for something that they just move into, and it works.” Three chords and a roof “The architectural legacy of the Catskills isn’t that great,” says Petersheim. “There aren’t 30,000 great houses out there that just need to be remodeled. And people might like the romance of fixing something up, but between the financing of it, the detail of it, the management of it, and corralling the resources to get it done, very few people come out the other side with a happy face.” Petersheim was a construction manager in New York City until 2001. When construction jobs slowed down in the uncertainty after 9/11, he headed north. Although he never thought of himself as a designer, he knew a market opportunity when he saw one. “People from the city were moving up here into crappy houses that they shouldn’t have moved into,” he says. “That’s a terrible trap, and it can be life-changing in the worst possible way. So I endeavored to build something that emoted similarly but worked.” Petersheim adheres to a few basic tenets in order to re-create the feel of a classic farmhouse or country cottage without making the building feel like an architectural caricature. He uses lots of wood with wide planks for an organic feel and a mixture of wall materials and accent materials for variety, and he keeps the spaces intimate. He compares Catskills Farms’ work to a rock band that might only know three chords but knows how to rearrange those cords skillfully enough to write an endless variety of songs. “We’re pretty talented designers, but we don’t feel the need to show off how talented we think we are,” he says. “We like simplicity, and simplicity is difficult.”

From top: This three-bedroom, two-bathroom farmhouse by Catskill Farms was chosen as Country Living magazine’s 2014 House of the Year; a Saugerties ranch house showcases Catskill Farm’s attention to midcentury design and detail; great light and an open floorplan defines this Catskill Farms home.

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2017 • 3 5

Catskill Case Study

Low effort, high reward Simplicity is key for Catskill Farms and other design/build firms, as the vast majority of their clients are looking for second homes and don’t tend to want to put as much effort into the process as primary home buyers do. “They don’t want to put any effort into it!” says Adam Pacelli, who left his job as vice president of sales and marketing for The Corcoran Group in 2015 to co-found Catskill Case Study. Like Petersheim, Pacelli noticed that buyers were flocking to the Catskills but that they didn’t want to sink a ton of money into old houses for fear of never recouping their investment. He also found that while buyers coming from New York City tend to bring a sophisticated appreciation for good design, they often don’t have the time or the inclination to get involved in picking out every last drawer pull. “We want people to come and take a look at the land before we build, so that you’re comfortable with it,” Pacelli says. “After that, you can be as involved as you want to. We can communicate entirely by Web conference and e-mail. And if you don’t want to be involved at all, then just give us six months and we’ll hand you the keys.” Drawing inspiration from midcentury-modern architecture, Catskill Case Study works with six basic energy-efficient smarthome designs that can be tweaked with solar panels, a variety of finishes, and even interior design packages that cover everything down to the bed sheets. It doesn’t quite allow you to design a house online in 20 minutes and then add it to a shopping cart, but it’s about as close to that as you can reasonably get. Into the woods “People want something they can buy with a limited set of selections,” says Drew Lang, the architect behind Hudson Woods, a 131-acre development in Kerhonkson that will eventually hold 26 homes built in a modern vernacular while recalling classic farm and agricultural buildings. Hudson Woods’ houses all begin with a basic 2,800-square-foot floor plan and feature a predominance of wood and large picture windows to minimize the separation between inside and outside. Clients can also tack on extras like additional bedrooms, electric car charger ports, fruit orchards, and even beekeeping services. While the lots range in size from just under three acres to 12 acres, the houses themselves remain modest in size so that the emphasis is on enjoying the land instead of having to deal with large-house hassles. “One purchaser bought two adjacent lots and linked them, but he put two separate houses on them,” said Lang. “Even if they wanted a giant monstrosity, they couldn’t have that with us. It would ruin all the principles we’re after.” 36

online at upstatehouse.com

Clockwise from top left: Home 04 from Catskill Case Study takes its cues from traditional barns and combines lofty openness with modern, minimalist style; this wooden workspace from Hudson Woods features a metal roof and wooden sliding window cover; massive windows allow the surrounding views to mingle with the natural wood interior of this Hudson Woods home; a naturalyet-contemporary theme continues throughout the Hudson Woods home’s interior; an office nook in the Hudson Woods home.

“Just give us six months and we’ll hand you the keys.” –Adam Pacelli, Catskill Case Study

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2017 • 37

Hudson Woods photos: Deborah DeGraffenreid

Clockwise from left: A restored historic home on Rhinebeck’s Montgomery Street, by The Art of Building; the Montgomery Street home’s dining room looks out onto a leafy backyard; The Art of Building restored this kitchen of a Victorian home on East Market Street in Rhinebeck with contemporary details. 38

online at upstatehouse.com

Catskill Farms TheCatskillFarms.com (845) 557-3600

Hudson Woods HudsonWoods.com (212) 233-9187

Catskill Case Study CatskillCaseStudy.com (718) 369-1776

The Art of Building TheArtofBuilding.net (845) 216-4801

Photos: The Art of Building

Respecting the past But for those who must have an old home that’s actually old, there’s The Art of Building, based in Rhinebeck. In addition to new construction, the firm also takes on what co-founder James Dell’Olio calls “historic preservation for buildings that deserve it.” “We preserve the parts that are worth preserving,” he explains while walking through the 2,800-square-foot Victorian home on Rhinebeck’s East Market Street that the firm rescued, renovated, and recently put on the market after years of questionable renovations that included vinyl siding, aluminum windows, and an oversize eyesore of an addition out back. The Art of Building dialed the house back to what it would have looked like in the early 20th century in terms of building materials, while adding modern amenities like master suites and removing interior walls for a contemporary open floor plan. They also updated the house’s electrical and plumbing systems to be far more energy efficient, and transformed the ill-designed addition into a separate 700-square-foot studio and garage. The house’s updated systems not only translate into lower energy bills but also keep costly repair bills from piling up. “You never know what people will do in terms of upkeep,” says Dell’Olio, “but certainly for the next 20 years, this house won’t have to be touched.”

Contemporary Equine Art for the Discerning Collector



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Dramatic darks. Intense brights. Homecrest has hundreds of styles SHOWN: RAINER RAINER MAPLEMAPLE TERRAIN TERRAIN and colors to be demandingSHOWN: without compromise. Go forth, go bold.



Dramatic darks. Intense brights. Homecrest has hundreds of styles and colors to be demanding without compromise. Go forth, go bold.


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| SPRING 2017 • 39


Historic Hideaway Spy Hill estate is replete with history and sumptuous amenities. By Lindsay Lennon | Photos by Anthony Acocella


he home of one of America’s first spies holds as many intriguing details as it does luxurious amenities. Spy Hill, a Colonial estate, is situated on four acres overlooking the Middle Branch Reservoir in the southern Putnam County village of Brewster. Amid its picturesque landscape of rolling hills sits a faithfully restored 1789 house that its developer says George Washington awarded to patriot Enoch Crosby for his heroism. Having grown up poor in Putnam County, Crosby left his job as a cobbler to enlist as a soldier in the Continental Army. In 1776, after his unit helped invade Canada, Crosby was recruited as a spy. He was so adept at impersonating a humble British cobbler to infiltrate loyalist circles that his own family disowned him as a traitor to the Colonial cause. Captured multiple times by both Colonial and British forces, Crosby repeatedly managed to escape, and performed several key intelligence missions on behalf of General George Washington himself—and many of his activities are honored with historical markers throughout the Hudson Valley. After the war ended, says Josh Gurwitz, whose development company, Good Property, refurbished Spy Hill, Crosby was rewarded richly for his heroism. Renowned as a kind of “patron saint of America,” according to Gurwitz, Crosby was the subject of H. L. Barnum’s 1832 book, The Spy Unmasked; Or, Memoirs of Enoch Crosby, and he is believed to have been the inspiration for James Fenimore Cooper’s novel


online at upstatehouse.com

The Spy. Crosby’s portrait remains on display in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. In fact, Gurwitz credits George Washington himself for having given Spy Hill to Crosby “as a gift for his efforts.” Crosby remained at the estate, raising a family there, until his death in 1835 at the age of 85. “It’s a very tranquil environment, which I think is why [Washington] gave it to [Crosby],” says Gurwitz, who has also enjoyed a respite from a busy life at Spy Hill. A native New Yorker, Gurwitz was living in an East Village loft in 2014 but frequently escaping to his family’s longtime upstate weekend home when he decided it was time to make a change. He discovered Spy Hill during an online search for a house on a large tract of land within 50 miles of New York City. “The property just did it for me,” he says. Although Spy Hill has been renovated completely, indoors and out, with an eye toward luxury, Gurwitz has been careful to keep its history intact. The 3,000-square-foot main house has retained its original beamed ceilings and moldings throughout, as well as its four original fireplaces (the chimneys of which have been rebuilt and refitted with new dampers, their surrounds covered with Ann Sacks Clodagh tiles in charcoal and cream). Three fireplaces are situated on the first floor in the great room, dining room (which also features a reading nook), and library. The fourth fireplace is in the upstairs master bedroom, whose en-suite bathroom features a vintage clawfoot tub, Kalista fixtures, and Ann

Formerly the estate of Revolutionary War spy Enoch Crosby, Spy Hill has been lovingly restored and updated with modern amenities, including a 40-foot-long, heated inground pool and landscaped yard.

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2017 • 4 1

“Everyone who comes here says it’s incredibly peaceful.” –Josh Gurwitz

From top: The living room feels modern without hiding its history; the dining room features original moldings, fireplace, and beamed ceiling; throughout the property are several outbuildings, including a guest cottage, various barns, and a greenhouse. 42

online at upstatehouse.com

Sacks Japanese handmade tiles. The second floor also includes two additional bedrooms and two more full bathrooms. Downstairs, the powder room features a vintage vanity with a stone top s well as vintage lighting fixtures. The light-filled kitchen, renovated in authentic Colonial style, has been updated with top-of-the-line appliances, including a Viking range with a double convection oven, a Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer, and a Miele dishwasher. The main house’s generous veranda is rife with possibility for outdoor entertaining, and the house sits within the perimeter of a charming white picket fence that encloses a fully landscaped and lit backyard featuring a 40-foot-long, heated, in-ground pool. A two-story, 1,500-square-foot guest cottage, featuring one bedroom and 1.5-baths, could be used as an office or studio. In renovating the cottage, Gurwitz left the original foundation exposed and retained the original wood floors. The cottage’s kitchen features custom-designed cabinetry and countertops as well as a Bertazzoni range with convection oven, a Miele dishwasher, and an under-the-counter refrigerator. Also on the lush, tree-filled property are a number of outbuildings, including an early-19th-century, 3,000-square-foot barn remaining from the property’s years as a dairy farm; a fully operational greenhouse; a yoga studio; a workshop; and a root cellar. “The property has been brought back to life,” says Gurwitz, who studied at the New York School of Interior Design and worked for several acclaimed firms before founding Good Property in 2009. Gurwitz also has extensive experience with historic restoration and landmark preservation, and says that renovating Spy Hill was “a real honor—it was so positive to be bringing back something that had started to be forgotten.” Located just a short drive from the Brewster Metro-North train station, Spy Hill offers easy access to New York City, says Gurwitz. “It would afford someone a lifestyle of real privacy and relaxation, but the train to the city only takes a half hour,” he says. “The area has a really wonderful historic fabric, and it feels very special. Everyone who comes here says it’s incredibly peaceful.”


REAL ESTATE LISTINGS Houses | Land | Property | Brokers

On the Cover


$ 1 , 9 5 0,0 0 0 Listed by Katherine Weber, Keller Williams Realty Partners

Photos: Anthony Acocella

Office: (631) 747-6778 kw@middlebranchproperties.com | spyhill.com An impeccably curated luxury property offering gracious estate living, this 18th-century farmstead has been re-imagined to afford every modern convenience. The property is perfect for those seeking uncompromising style and craftsmanship without having to oversee a renovation, and is offered outfitted with a full complement of custom fixtures and furnishings. The main house features gracious spaces for entertaining, all with fireplaces, including a formal dining room with a reading nook, a front-toback great room, and a paneled library. The professional kitchen is finished with granite countertops and a marble backsplash. A spacious terrace and covered veranda invite the outdoors in and offer the perfect setting for fairweather gatherings. Upstairs in the main house are three bedrooms and three full baths, including a serene master suite with a walk-in closet, sitting area, ensuite bath, and fireplace. The guest house comprises one bedroom, 1.5 baths, a custom kitchen, and generous office or studio space. At just over four acres, the grounds include a 3,000-square-foot, three-level dairy barn, workshop, yoga studio, working green house, root cellar, heated in-ground pool and spa, and a fully fenced, landscaped, and lit backyard. Minutes to the train and just over an hour’s drive to New York City. upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2017 • 4 3


Hudson Valley Properties Hudson Real Valley Properties Millbrook Estate Millbrook Real Estate

$3,800,000 | Millbrook | The Roost This stunning Greek Revival farmhouse overlooking a 2.5 acre $3,800,000 | Millbrook | The Roost pond was tastefully restored & expanded 2004. 4,200asq.ft. This stunning Greek Revival farmhouseinoverlooking 2.5 acre of living with period elements with modern amenities pondspace was tastefully restored & expanded in 2004. 4,200 sq.ft. for comfortable country acres ofwith gorgeous land rich of living space with living. period140 elements modern amenities in features. Wonderful location near140 theacres Village of Millbrook. for comfortable country living. of gorgeous land4 rich bedroom guestWonderful house. MLS#354759 in features. location near the Village of Millbrook. 4 Maxwell Goodwin | m. 914.489.9090 bedroom guest house. MLS#354759 | o. 845.677.3525 Maxwell Goodwin | m. 914.489.9090 | o. 845.677.3525

$1,750,000 | Cornwall | Outstanding Views $2,300,000 | T/Washington | N Tower Hill Road Privately sited on 133 acres w/open |meadows, rolling fields & $1,750,000 | Cornwall Outstanding Views Truly unique property| offers idyllic Catskill $2,300,000 T/Washington | N views. TowerPicturesque Hill Road views of the sited Schunnemunk Mountain Park. Main home Privately on 133 acres w/openState meadows, rolling fields & spring-fed pond property sits just beyond the bluestone patioPicturesque of this Truly unique offers idyllic Catskill views. sq.ft., inground pool, tennisState court,Park. stone walls views3,696 of the Schunnemunk Mountain Main home tastefully renovated sq.ft. home.the Minutes from Village of this features spring-fed pond 3,000 sits just beyond bluestone patio of Andysq.ft., Goldsworthy, caretaker's home,stone guestwalls featuresby3,696 inground pool, tennis court, Millbrook, onrenovated 97+ unrestricted gunite pool & of designed tastefully 3,000 sq.ft.acres, home.with Minutes from Village 3-car garage & Moodna Creek frontage. 6 parcels with designed by Andy Goldsworthy, caretaker's home, guest multiple building horse trails by The Millbrook, onsites. 97+ Historic unrestricted acres,maintained with gunite pool & cottage, envelopes in total. 90 minsCreek to NYC. MLS#351597 cottage, 3-car garage & Moodna frontage. 6 parcels with Millbrook Hunt. MLS#354122 multiple building sites. Historic horse trails maintained by The 5 building Brian McGrath | m. 845.721.0940 | o.to 845.855.8500 5 building envelopes in total. 90 mins NYC. MLS#351597 Eliot Clarke m. 914.456.5437 | o. 845.677.3525 Millbrook Hunt.|MLS#354122 Brian McGrath | m. 845.721.0940 | o. 845.855.8500 Eliot Clarke | m. 914.456.5437 | o. 845.677.3525

$1,295,000 | Stanfordville | Rosebrook Cottage Beautifully$1,295,000 restored 1900s farmhouse| Rosebrook on 8 country acres. | Stanfordville Cottage Surrounded hundreds of farm acres & a Beautifullybyrestored 1900s farmhouse on overlooking 8 country acres. spectacular stream. sq.ft.ofhome, floor a Surrounded by 3000+ hundreds farm light-filled acres & open overlooking planspectacular w/3 new FPL, full geothermal heating & cooling. Everything stream. 3000+ sq.ft. home, light-filled open floor is new: mechanicals, roof&copper plankitchen, w/3 newbathrooms, FPL, full geothermal heating cooling.flashing, Everything MLS#358122 copper gutters, 3BR &bathrooms, basement w/TV/playroom. is new: kitchen, mechanicals, roof copper flashing, George Langa3BR | m.& 845.242.6314 | o. 845.677.3525 MLS#358122 copper gutters, basement w/TV/playroom. George Langa | m. 845.242.6314 | o. 845.677.3525

$1,185,000 | Pine Plains | Amazing Stissing Mtn Views $1,145,999 | Hyde Park | Builder’s Custom Home Lovely, well-proportioned reception rooms, largeMtn country views of| the Hudson to the west, north $1,185,000 | Pine Plains | Amazing Stissing Views Spectacular $1,145,999 Hyde Park |River Builder’s Custom Home& kitchen, wonderful flow & light. reception Bedrooms rooms, mostly open to south! Upgradesviews include & hydro-air heat throughout, Lovely, well-proportioned largeup country Spectacular of radiant the Hudson River to the west, north & private balconies with views. upgrades. Tastefully master BR, steam shower, custom cabinetry, kitchen, wonderful flow &Many light.recent Bedrooms mostly open up to 1st floor south! Upgrades include radiant & hydro-air heathigh-end throughout, decorated. Beautiful with gardens & lawn Perfect pool & s/s 1st appliances, including wet bar custom w/ice maker. Elevator private balconies views. Many scapes. recent upgrades. Tastefully floor master BR, steam shower, cabinetry, high-end poolhouse for Beautiful weekend gardens spa. Various outbuildings for the to all 3 floors. Wholewet house & security decorated. & lawn scapes. Perfect pool & accessible s/s appliances, including bargenerator w/ice maker. Elevator gardening enthusiast. MLS#349368 Professionally MLS#348303 poolhouse for weekend spa. Various outbuildings for the system. accessible to all 3landscaped. floors. Whole house generator & security George Langa | m. 845.242.6314 Brian Woolsey | m. 845.797.6720 | o. 845.905.8744 gardening enthusiast. MLS#349368| o. 845.677.3525 system. Professionally landscaped. MLS#348303 George Langa | m. 845.242.6314 | o. 845.677.3525 Brian Woolsey | m. 845.797.6720 | o. 845.905.8744

$1,095,000 | Millbrook | The Marquis House Stream-side$1,095,000 setting, this remarkable 1977 contemporary | Millbrook4BR, | The Marquis Housesits on 30+ acres justsetting, outside Village of Millbrook. Firstcontemporary time ever to sits Stream-side this remarkable 4BR, 1977 market, designed by Californian architect Robert Marquis, home on 30+ acres just outside Village of Millbrook. First time ever to has market, open floor plan, by walls of glassarchitect & indoor/outdoor spaces designed Californian Robert Marquis, home w/view in woodland 1-acre zoning; has over opentrout floorstream plan, walls of glass setting. & indoor/outdoor spaces potential forover conservation easements or subdivision. w/view trout stream in woodland setting.MLS#355240 1-acre zoning; | m. 914.489.9090 Maxwell o. 845.677.3525 potentialGoodwin for conservation easements or| subdivision. MLS#355240 Maxwell Goodwin | m. 914.489.9090 | o. 845.677.3525


$5,950,000 | Stanford | Box Turtle Farm $5,450,000 | Millbrook | Breathtaking Pondview Farm located with views |over Millbrook's | Millbrook | Breathtaking Set on 194 acres, this magnificent property showcases a grass | Stanford Box Turtle FarmHunt $5,450,000 Pondview Farm Wonderfully $5,950,000 this beautifully hall colonialHunt surround tennisthis court, 6 ponds &property boathouse. Propertya is Wonderfully located constructed with views center over Millbrook's Set onpool, 194 acres, magnificent showcases grass Country, exquisite details, all set on 239 acres. tastefully landscaped, with pool house; tennis, guest & is features Country, this historic beautifully constructed center hallRiding colonial surround pool, tennis court, 6 ponds & boathouse. Property hard tennis court, gym, details, lap poolall&set picnic cabin, on the caretaker’s & barn.with Protected by 1,500 acres of & trails, features exquisite historic on 239 acres. Riding tastefullyhouses, landscaped, pool house; tennis, guest of the Perfectgym, mix lap of pool family& & formal living. Rockefeller, Innisfree Gardens & state park lands. Beautiful trails, hardwoods. tennis court, picnic cabin, on the caretaker’s houses, & barn. Protected by 1,500 acres of edge building site offers views overlooking edge of the woods. Perfect mix of family & formal living. Rockefeller, Innisfree Gardens & lakes. state MLS#355122 park lands. Beautiful MLS#355256 George Langa | m. 845.242.6314 | o. 845.677.3525 Georgesite Langa | m. 845.242.6314 | o.lakes. 845.677.3525 MLS#355256 building offers views overlooking MLS#355122 George Langa | m. 845.242.6314 | o. 845.677.3525 George Langa | m. 845.242.6314 | o. 845.677.3525

$977,300 | Newburgh | Post & Beam Balmville Estate $949,000 | Clinton Corners | Beautiful Light-Filled Colonial $675,000 | Union Vale | Perfect Country Contemporary Built in$977,300 1800s on|1.7 acres reminiscent Downton AbbeyEstate but Set on 5 park-like acres. Corners 5000+ sq.ft. home Light-Filled overlooks mature designed & renovated modern charm. Open floor Newburgh | Post & of Beam Balmville $949,000 | Clinton | Beautiful Colonial Architect $675,000 | Union Vale | with Perfect Country Contemporary w/allBuilt theinupdates you’d expect. Beautiful of woodwork, stone patio5000+ & saltwater pool. Chef’s kitchen maximizes natural&light. Cook'swith kitchen opens to family 1800s on 1.7 acres reminiscent Downton French Abbey but landscape Set on w/blue 5 park-like acres. sq.ft. home overlooks mature planArchitect designed renovated modern charm. Open&floor doors, multiple verandas, bar, chef’s kitchen w/custom silestone island, pantry appliances. for easy natural entertaining. 1st floor masteropens with to private w/all the updates you’dwet expect. Beautiful woodwork, French w/large landscape w/blue stone patio& &s/s saltwater pool.4 bedrooms Chef’s kitchen dining planarea maximizes light. Cook's kitchen family & granite & top-of-the-line appliances. ceilings, C/A,w/custom FDR include master suite island, w/vaulted ceiling, FPL &4 his/her 2nd area floorfor with bedrooms &1st fullfloor bath; homewith office. doors, multiple verandas, wet bar,10’ chef’s kitchen w/large silestone pantry & s/s stone appliances. bedrooms bath.dining easy2 entertaining. master private w/FPL, 4-car&garage w/exerciseappliances. suite above. home. closets. Custom & millwork add character. to Extensive over tranquil, private setting, 11+home acres. 80 granite top-of-the-line 10’Guest ceilings, C/A,75FDR walk-in include master suitetrim w/vaulted ceiling, stone FPLMins & his/her bath. decking 2nd floor with 2 bedrooms & full on bath; office. minsw/FPL, of Manhattan, near trains, planes, highways. Millbrook Village, schools, shops, vineyards. MLS#357847 N of NYC, 10 minsover Village/Millbrook. 4-car garage w/exercise suite above. MLS#353185 Guest home. 75 TSP,walk-in closets. Custom trim & millwork add character. Mins to miles Extensive decking tranquil, privateMLS#355333 setting, on 11+ acres. 80 Kimberlee Markariannear | m. 845.505.9174 | o. 845.244.2188 Avon | m. 845.797.5110 | o.vineyards. 845.244.2160 | m. 914.456.5437 | o. 845.677.3525 mins of Manhattan, trains, planes, highways. MLS#353185 TSP,Robert Millbrook Village, schools, shops, MLS#357847 milesEliot N ofClarke NYC, 10 mins Village/Millbrook. MLS#355333 Kimberlee Markarian | m. 845.505.9174 | o. 845.244.2188 Robert Avon | m. 845.797.5110 | o. 845.244.2160 Eliot Clarke | m. 914.456.5437 | o. 845.677.3525



online at upstatehouse.com


For All MLS Listings: westwoodrealty.com


RHINEBECK 845-876-4400

“TWIN PONDS” - Stunning and singular 7.6 acre gated Woodstock estate comprised of three unique and exquisitely renovated residences totaling over 6,000 SF of living space PLUS two ponds, two waterfalls, an in-ground heated saline pool, lush gardens, fruit trees, and multiple outbuildings. The converted horse stable 2 BR, 2 bath guest house and separate two story garage are situated as one arrives from a private road. The 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath 3,200 sq. ft. main residence and pool area look out to the expansive lawn, pond, and mountain view.  The third dwelling, a two BR, one bath home has its own driveway, and would be great for a nanny, family, offices, art studio, or a second guest house.  Everything one could possibly imagine in a luxuriously informal, private and walk to town estate is here to be relished in a lush and gorgeous landscape.  This is a very rare and special opportunity for someone to own a remarkable and versatile village mini farm estate. Search “Twin Ponds Woodstock” on YouTube for a tour now! $2,300,000

Call Nina K. Schultz-Terner, Assoc. RE Broker, 845-901-3684 Mobile

KINGSTON CLASSIC Meticulously restored & renovated c. 1865 WITTEN POND Unique 16+ acre 3 house compound nestled SUPERBLY SINGULAR Master crafted custom Colonial (1990) brick Greek Revival in fine Uptown location. Ultra-gracious interior with w/ abundant original detail & smart modern updates including new eatin kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, fireplaces in LR & formal DR, ensuite MBR w/ sleek bath, 24’ family/media room, 3rd level den/office, private fenced yard with charming 2 car garage perfect for studio or guest house. MUST SEE!  $600,000

around a spring-fed POND and glorious mountain views. Main spectacular c. 1835 reborn post & beam BARN w/ 32’ cathedral Great Room/gallery, sleek gourmet kitchen & expansive ensuite MBR. 1920s Adirondack style house with  original twig banisters & stone fireplace PLUS enchanting gate-house perfect for guests/caretaker. Distinctive vernacular architecture in an irreplaceable setting. $1,495,000

combines fine period detail- 3 brick fireplaces, 12” wide board floors, fine millwork - with all modern conveniences in 4400 SF of gracious flowing space. Stunning ensuite MBR w/ fireplace + 4 add’l BRs, 4.5 luxe baths, gourmet kitchen, family/media room, 27’ LR, den, lush stone patio frames heated IG pool & cathedral pool house with kitchen & bath. Truly turn-key just minutes to Kingston Stockade. $849,000

Call Hayes Clement, RE Salesperson, 917-568-5226 Mobile

LUXURIOUSLY GREEN! Gorgeous 6+ acre setting with path to your own Walkill River frontage for canoe or kayak! Handsome classic design boasts Silver LEED cert. & USDOE Zero Energy Ready status, consuming LESS ENERGY than it produces! Open plan features 20’ LR with fireplace, custom gourmet kitchen, DR, den/office, 20’ ensuite cathedral MBR + 3 add’l bedrooms, 3 full baths, all HW floors, full basement & att. garage. Call for TAX CREDIT info! $739,000

HISTORIC STONE “Vandermark House”, c.1760, in a serene

10 acre setting w/ meadows & mtn. views. Abundant original charm & detail - deep set windows, wide board & HW floors, 28’ LR w/ cozy brick fireplace, built-ins, country kitchen w/ SS appliances, spacious DR, 4 generous BRs, 2.5 baths, den/home office, wrap around screened porch for summer dining PLUS 3 level bank barn w. garage and add’l. small barn. Minutes to Stone Ridge hamlet. $649,000

FiRST OFFERING! Singular custom designed (2002) “Arts & Crafts” vernacular masterpiece. Artisanal details throughout 3900 SF – hemlock siding, stone pillars, beveled glass – anchored by a magnificent 24’ professional grade chef’s kitchen with Carrera marble, all Viking appliances & wood fired pizza oven. Features beamed LR w/ stone fireplace, DR w/ French doors to deck, main level ensuite with gas fireplace. Private on 3+ acres w/ STREAM front. $890,000

Call Donna Brooks, RE Salesperson, 845-337-0061 Mobile

Call Lynn Masanotti, Assoc. RE Broker, 845-532-1716 Mobile

Call Barbara A. Ellman, RE Salesperson, 845-399-1570 Mobile

Experienced professionals serving the Mid-Hudson region since 1977 with integrity, knowledge, and commitment. WEST HURLEY (845) 679-7321

STONE RIDGE (845) 687-0232

KINGSTON (845) 340-1920

NEW PALTZ (845) 255-9400

WOODSTOCK (845) 679-0006 upstate HOUSE | SPRING 2017 • 4 5

GeorGe T. Whalen real esTaTe • ES TA B LI S H ED 1925 •

EDITION FARM This exceptional offering is a 114+ acre estate and premier thoroughbred farm in the heart of Dutchess County. A classic farmhouse surrounded by pristine land, five fantastic barns, multiple run-in sheds, an exercise arena, caretaker residence, 3 bay garage with office/ studio, finely fenced pastures, beautiful ponds, meandering stone walls, riding trails and an inground swimming pool. 90 minutes from NYC or 2 hours to Saratoga. Offered at $2,700,000.

COUNTRY CONTEMPORARY RANCH Country chic! This sprawling home is located in Millbrook Hunt Country, surrounded by estates and beautiful farmland and has been nicely updated with style. It features a sunken LR w/stone FP, soaring windows & vaulted ceiling; master suite w/ private bath & office; light filled family room; eat-in-kit, playroom, 2 guest BRs and 3 additional full baths. 10 acres w/lovely in-ground pool, screened in cabana house and outdoor BBQ. Within minutes to the Village of Millbrook or TSP. Offered at $910,000.

LOVELY COTTAGE ON 49+ EXCEPTIONAL ACRES Delightful property w/charming house, pleasant views, rolling meadows, babbling brook, woodlands & period barns. 1st time offered since 1943. Several home sites offering great views, plenty of pasture for animals & extensive road frontage. Pristine land without restrictions or easements. Suited for a buyer looking for lots of options. Offered at $895,000.

SMITHFIELD VALLEY CONTEMPORARY This stylish, cedar sided contemporary cape sits in the much sought after Smithfield Valley. 3 BR home with an interior that is light, open and airy. Quality craftsmanship, beautiful wood flooring, custom cabinetry and far reaching views. A 10+ acre offering with a nice mix of lawn and woodlands. Park-like grounds in a superb location, peaceful and private. Minutes to Village of Millbrook or Dover Train Station. Perfect weekend getaway to enjoy the scenic countryside. Offered at $675,000.

CHARMING 1910 MILLBROOK VILLAGE HOUSE Beautifully renovated home with great character and finishing touches including wood and ceramic tile flooring along with spacious rooms. Lovely kitchen with granite counters and custom cabinetry. Three BRs and 2 full baths. Completely landscaped with a fantastic front porch for outside enjoyment. Offered at $339,000.

CHARMING MILAN COLONIAL Beautifully updated and maintained colonial home on a lovely country lot with bluestone patio, gazebo and raised vegetable gardens. 2324 sq. ft. of comfortable living space, including 3 BRS, 2 full baths, spacious LR, cozy family room w/woodstove and large eat-in-kit w/stainless steel appliances and center island. Lots of character in original details including wood floors & beamed ceilings. Convenient location, close to Taconic State Parkway and short drive to Rhinebeck or Millbrook. Offered at $199,000.

845-677-5076 • 3269 Franklin Ave. Millbrook, NY 12545 • GTWhalen.com 46

online at upstatehouse.com


$ $644,000


Hudson River Views RHINEBECK


Cosmopolitan Village Living ANCRAM



Charming Country Home MILLBROOK


Quiet Landscaped Setting







Duxbury House


TOWN OF CLINTON $1,750,000

Country Cape



Catskill Mountain Views


1800’s Country Charmer


1750’s Colonial Gem CLINTON CORNERS


Move Right In STANFORD

Exquisite Gardens


Millbrook 845.677.0505



Modern Rustic

Circa 1870 Farmhouse




Tucked Into The Hills




Lakeside Home

Traditional Center Hall Colonial

Far Reaching Mountain Views RHINEBECK



Victorian Farmhouse TAGHKANIC


Majestic Panoramic Views

Rhinebeck 845.876.6676

paularedmond.com upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2017 • 4 7

h u d s o n va l l e y

ne w york Cit y

ha mptons


new jersey

LADY OF THE LAKE / PUTNUM VALLEY, NY Excl. Spectacular history. Rare & elegant 30 acre lakefront setting. Privacy. Guest house. $4.5M. Web#15507834 Nancy Felcetto 917.626.6755/Fred Waring III 845.464.5263

PRIVATE, MAGICAL, VIEWS / COPAKE, NY Excl. Spacious, open, 2 wbfpl’s, guest house, magical gardens. IG pool. Serene pvt 45 acre setting. $2.6M. Web#1560823 Nancy Felcetto 917.626.6755/Robin Horowitz 917.348.4866

COUNTRY GLAMOUR!!/ GHENT, NY Excl. Super chic & modern 3 BR, 4.5 BA. Open-plan on 9.7 acres with mesmerizing views. Must be seen. $1.8M. Web#14881528 Maret Halinen 917.691.8757

PROTECTED FARMLAND/CATSKILL VIEWS, HUDSON, NY Excl. 174 acre minutes to Hudson. 2 homes, 6 barns, 2 silos & 2 ponds. Presently being farmed for feed corn. $1.5M. Web#15897603 Jean Stoler 518.755.4298

19TH C. CONVERTED CARRIAGE HOUSE / HUDSON, NY Excl. 7500SF amazing live/work space. Live your dream! Great For estaurant/art studio/bar. $894K. Web#16044937 Nancy Felcetto 917.626.6755/Robin Horowitz 917.348.4866

1890 HIDDEN TREASUE / HUDSON, NY Excl. Private, spacious, bright. 6 wbfpl’s, 1 acre. Heated IG pool. 14 rooms. 8 BR, 4 BA. $850K. Web#15580179 Nancy Felcetto 917.626.6755/Robin Horowitz 917.626.6755

PRIME WARREN STREET / HUDSON, NY Excl. Great anchor tenants/2 stores/4 apts/yard/garage. Fantastic investment opportunity. $775K. Web#15419194 Nancy Felcetto 917.626.6755/Robin Horowitz 917.348.4866

SEA CAPTAIN’S HOUSE / NEW BALTIMORE, NY Excl. Grand spaces, original details, Hudson River Views. Chef’s kitchen. Meticulous reno. $445K. Web#15684988 Jennifer Capala 917.685.6925

PERFECTION W POND / HILLSDALE, NY Excl. Priced at appraised value. Modern, 5 acres, private. 2 minutes to skiing. $440K. Web#13636259 Jennifer Capala 917.685.6925

REFINED WATEFRONT / ANCRAM, NY Excl. 1st Floor master, meticulous, no maintenance. Swimming pool, tennis, kayaking. $405K. Web#15179647 Jennifer Capala 917.685.6925

NEO MODERN WITH VIEWS / HUNTER, NY Excl. The artist’s studio. Soaring ceilings and powerful mountain views. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. $375K. Web#15591556 Stephan Delventhal 518.828.0181

RESTORED FARMHOUSE / PALLENVILLE, NY Excl. Near the Catskill Forest Preserve! Masterfully restored with a creative edge. 2 BR, 1 bath. $210K. Web#16014872 Stephan Delventhal 518.828.0181

halstead.com Halstead Property, LLC We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. All information is from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, prior sale or withdrawal without notice. No representation is made as to the accuracy of any description. • All measurements and square footages are approximate and all information should be confirmed by customer. All rights to content, photographs and graphics reserved to Broker.


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Mt. Merino Makeover


Authentic 1960s 3 BR/2 BA Cape-style home in coveted Mt. Merino, perfectly sited for Catskill Mountain & Hudson River views—plus those spectacular sunsets. Main floor master BR with en suite ily room with wood burning fireplace & central A/C. 2-car garage attached to house via enclosed bluestone breezeway. 1.7 acres, large backyard.

❚ David Ludwig 917.365.1894

Field Farmhouse

Spring. The official hunting season.


Stylish & private late 19th c. 3 BR/1.5 BA in Stanford. Country kitchen w/ stainless steel appliances, bead board wainscoting. Screened porch & bluestone patio. Living room w/ wood-burning FP, den/TV room w/ built-in book shelves & window seats. Master BR w/ wood-burning FP. Clawfoot foot tub & walk-in shower in sunny BA. Park-like grounds, 1-car barn, garden shed & open shed for drying firewood. Central A/C & whole house generator.

❚ Gary DiMauro 845.757.5000 x11

Queen of Courthouse Square


Style & location. 4 BR/3.5 BA grand Victorian, Italianate mansion in Hudson. Extensive structural work completed, new heating system. Wide overhanging eves, decorative brackets, bay windows, 10’ ceilings, balustrade balconies. Center hall entry w/ double parlor, marble FP. Original floors, moldings, plaster walls, conservatory/sunroom w/ coffered ceiling & Georgian tiled fireplace. 3rd floor loft space.

❚ Pamela Belfor 917.734.7142



Inviting 1840 3 BR/2.5 BA compound in Red Hook. Unique Dutch Colonial/Mission Bungalow architectural styles w/ Japanesque influences. Living room & glasswalled gathering room w/ stone-faced wood-burning FPs, dining room w/ FP. Luxe master BR w/ ensuite BA, 2 guest BRs. 2 BR/1 BA carriage house, bluestone patio, lush grounds w/ silver birches. Wine cellar, tennis court, central A/C.

❚ Gary DiMauro 845.757.5000 x11

Rhinebeck Cape


Completely renovated 3 BR/3 BA Village Cape. Light-filled living room with cozy fireplace, open living/dining room & generous kitchen with double oven & stainless steel appliances. There is a main level master bedroom with en suite bath, an oversized attached 2-car garage, whole house generator, and a large back yard.

❚ Rachel Hyman-Rouse 917.686.4906

Splendid 1810 Colonial


Set on half acre lot in Red Hook Village, renovated 3000 sf, 4 BR/2.5 BA post & beam Colonial, restored w/ original details & highend appliances. 3 fireplaces: in living room, dining room, & family room. Radiant heat in eat-in kitchen & family room. Master suite w/ ensuite BA. Large porch, lawn, Perennials, stone plant borders, mature trees, antique 3-car barn.

❚ Kornelia Tamm 845.489.2000 ❚ Maxim Tamm 845.522.2176

Tivoli NY • Hudson NY • Catskill NY • Rhinebeck NY

garydimauro.com upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2017 • 49


& surrounded by 3 glorious acres, this Architect Designed Contemporary has ceilings vaulted to 14 ft., amazing windows & light, a 900 ft. great room, special K, separate studio, & a MBR suite w/office $1,100,000.


surrounds this 2778 SF 3 BR Cape & provides the perfect place for nature lovers. Quiet, scenic, sun lit. Trails for walking, riding, or four wheeling. Rhinebeck Schools. Close to TSP & Omega. New price of $419,000.


This 1830s Rhinebeck Colonial was built 30 years before Lincoln was president. Preserved, restored, charming & stylish this home is in exceptional condition. Also guest house, period barn, & 3.4 gorgeous aces. $595,000.


is sited high on 3 acres. Three outdoor spaces including a covered porch make outdoor living inviting. 2464 SF inside w/a 15 x 26 LR, granite K, DR, 3 BRs, & 2.5 baths w/ a huge MBR suite. Move in ready. $419,900.

4BRS & 4.5 BATHS

6 3 7 0 M I LL S T R E E T • R H I N E B E C K , N EW YO R K • 1 2 5 7 2 P H O N E : 8 4 5 - 8 7 6 - 1 6 6 0 • FAX : 8 4 5 - 8 7 6 - 5 9 5 1

A NATURE LOVERS PARADISE this 122 acre parcel in Clinton has trails, a stream, pond, rock outcroppings, stone wall, huge hardwoods & pines. Easily subdivided, this could be the most perfect place for you to build your dream home. $675,000.

RESTORED STONE WALLS as far as the eye can see outline the amazing property @ this 3 BR, 2.5 bath, 2400 SF country retreat. Decorator style w/beautiful K, open LR, & 28 ft. FR. CA, oak floors, & stone patio. Perfection!! $429,000

THIS 7850 SF COMMERCIAL bldg. is Class A, has been completely redone w/high end finishes, has 5 baths, high ceilings, 7 zone CA, & parking for 40 cars. Space is easily divided & this is the perfect place to move your business! $949,000

CUSTOM BUILT WALK TO SCHOOLS & special in every way, this 3300 SF, 4 & the V center from this modern, light BR, 2.5 bath Contemporary has a huge filled, Rhinebeck Contemporary. 4 BRs, granite K, vaulted FR, 3 room MBR suite, 2.5 baths, HUGE MBR suite, wood floors wood floors, CA, radiant heat, 2 stairways, up & down, CA, granite K, fenced yard, special moldings & a stylish, open design. 9 ft. ceilings. A beautiful home not to be $425,000. missed! $469,000.

SPEND SUMMER LAKESIDE @ this 4 BR, 1.5 bath solar inspired Contemporary w/lake rights. Swim, boat, relax @ the park @ deep water Upton Lake. Totally private setting on a deadend street. Perfect for weekend living! $299,500.

Make this Rhinebeck V home perfect for a large family! There’s the vaulted great room, incredible custom K, first floor MBR suite, separate guest suite w/a kitchenette, CA, FPL, & the perfect location on dead-end street. $639,000.


this county one story is the great country home w/style! 3666 SF w/3 MBR suites, CA, huge, vaulted LR w/FPL, skylights, granite K, DR, FR, & office. Huge windows, 3.53 private acres near Omega. Very special. $569,900.


w/a barn has 2552 SF, 5 BRs, 3 baths, WB floors, & beautiful woodwork, moldings & doors. 15 ACRES is perfect for animals, or subdividing is an option. Move in & add you own touches over time! $445,000.

IN REDHOOK V & in the general business zone, this 2897 SF 1887 Two Story can be used in many ways. Divide the space downstairs or move your business in. 2 up apts will pay the bills! Parking, perfect location @ V center, $364,900.

JUST OUTSIDE Red Hook village, this 60.4 acre surveyed parcel is very scenic & combines meadows, woods, a rushing stream, & high building sites w/ Catskill views. Perfect for you & your animals. Easy TSP access. New Price of $189,000.

w w w. h a l l e n b e c k r e a l e s t a t e . c o m • i n f o @ h a l l e n b e c k r e a l e s t a t e . c o m



online at upstatehouse.com

w w w. l a w r e n c e o t o o l e r e a l t y. c o m

5 Columbus Circle, 8th Floor New York, NY 10019 30 John Street (Corner of Fair Street) Kingston, NY 12401


STUNNING, TOP-OF-THE-WORLD Aspen- or Vail-like lodge offering complete seclusion and glorious mountain views. The craftsmanship in this massive yet welcoming home, using much reclaimed wood, features everything a sophisticated mountain retreat should offer: a media room, a games room, a sauna, an outdoor fireplace, and a separate wing for guests. The hot-tub is perfectly placed on the deck which sweeps around the house and wraps those views into its arms - surrounded by thousands of acres of state land. $1,299,000

SECLUDED 214 ACRES ADJOINING VERNOOY KILL FOREST PRESERVE Nestled at the base of the Rondout Reservoir adjoining a 3500 acre preserve sits a charming 1944 stone and frame 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath country home. Stone fireplace in the living room, a formal dining room, an office area or possible 4th bedroom and a sun filled kitchen with French doors leading to the deck overlooking the tranquil pond. The main floor offers 2 bedrooms and a full bath. The oversized detached garage has a loft area perfect for an office or studio. The land has mature timber with great views of the Rondout reservoir and established trails for hiking. $599,000

RARE WOODSTOCK MANOR HOUSE Rare stone house, thought to be the oldest in Woodstock! This property is set back from Route 212, the main corridor between Woodstock and Saugerties. Once inside this gracious and generously proportioned home the road vanishes and instead there is the peace and serenity. Ceilings are high and floorboards are wide, with a wide center hall, fireplaces, deep-set windows and beams. The landscape itself — pond, flowering trees, in ground pool, patios, an English garden — bespeaks the past almost as much as the house. $680,000

ELEGANT AND STUNNING MOUNTAIN RETREAT Custom-built, stunningly sited with distant mountain views this gated 8,000 sq ft mini-estate is truly grand and stylish. The jewel in its crown is a 50-foot, 50,000 gallon indoor non-chlorine, non-salt indoor pool. For skiers on nearby Hunter and Windham, imagine a warming winter evening by one of 3 masonry fireplaces or a wood stove. Do not forget the game room, gym, and even a potential wine cellar under the pool, with its perfect humidity. And an up-to-the-minute and inviting kitchen. It is difficult to imagine a more elegant mountain property. Price Upon Request.

Service. Style. Trust.

Lawrence O’Toole Realty has the most consistently producing agents, with every one of our full-time agents belonging to the Million Dollar Club*. If you are searching for an agent to sell your home or if you’re purchasing a property, Lawrence O’Toole Realty is the agency that specializes in giving our clients personal and highly professional service. *According to the 2016 Hudson Valley Catskill Region MLS statistics

PRIVATE RETREAT Sparkling Ridge is a beautiful community of quintessential mountain Privately sited sprawling brick ranch just minutes WOODSTOCK CROWN JEWEL The crown CONVERTED BARN BRIMMING homes nestled amongst the Shawanagunk from the Rondout Creek, Marinas and happening jewel of Woodstock’s Raycliffe, this 4000+ sq ft WITH POTENTIAL A very attractively Ridge and surrounded by 30,000 acres of forever historic Rondout. The house is well built and is home — with waterfalls — boasts total privacy priced commercial opportunity, this 7,600 sq ft protected land, the Mohonk Preserve. This highlighted by a gourmet kitchen with custom and panoramic valley views of several states. converted barn is all about location, flexibility, completely renovated 4 bedroom contemporary is perfectly sited on 5.69. Extensive decking cherry cabinets, living room with brick fireplace Architecturally unique, the structures comprise and of course enormous potential. Currently a surrounds the home and you are in the treehouse. leading to a heated and air conditioned sun room three connected octagons, each with its own very successful restaurant, the usage can vary from Inside you will find an open and relaxed floor spectacular view and separates the house into plan, gleaming hardwood floors and a home overlooking the private grounds and master three distinct private areas. A winning investment restaurant, catering, weddings, microbrewery, flooded with sunlight. Lower level is a legal bedroom with en suite bath and walk in closet. as well as a residential treasure: 45 of the acres are various event spaces, retail, or even motel. Sale apartment with separate access. The perfect This is a perfect property for either full time or further sub-dividable. For the discriminating, includes all equipment. Financials and inventory retreat, all you have to think about is which trail weekend use. $399,900 upstate HOUSE SPRING 2017 • 5 1 you will conquer that day!| $499,750 available upon request. $599,000 visionary buyer. Price Upon Request. PRIVATE YET CONVENIENT




online at upstatehouse.com

POST AND BEAM HOUSE WITH CATSKILL VIEWS High on a hill on nearly 10 private acres, this Timberpeg “green” home has spectacular Catskill Mountain views and splendid sunsets. Tall timbers, soaring vaulted ceiling and impressive stone fireplace are some of the stunning interior features. A comfortable energy efficient home, with under floor heating, and high level of insulation, provides draft free living space. Solar panels pay the electric bill, high efficiency propane fired Munchkin boiler keep heating costs low. A lovely rural setting ten minutes to Hudson… $649,000

BRICK TOWNHOUSE Elegant spaces on three floors, with faux marble mantels, high ceilings, lovely oriel window, curved stair and skylight. Roof deck overlooks city and private garden. Live/work with superb street presence… $695,000

LARGE VICTORIAN GOTHIC COTTAGE Grand Hudson home has imposing facade, twostory bay window, nearly 4,000 sf of living space with original details, mantels, handsome stair, plus a dramatic two-story high family room, modern kitchen, and rear deck and garage… $590,000

SECLUDED FARM ESTATE NEAR HUDSON Greek Revival era farmhouse, renovated in the 60s, surrounded by 60 acres on both sides of a dead-end country lane, overlooks bucolic views of open fertile fields, ancient maple trees, pond, and large pondsite. Only 10 minutes to Hudson, yet no neighbors in sight. Outstanding rural investment property in the heart of Columbia County… $785,000

HUDSON QUEEN ANNE Graceful 1882 townhouse has 10' ceilings with crown molding, tall windows, pocket doors, and faux marble mantles. Four bedrooms include third floor bedroom and additional unfinished space. Set on one of historic Hudson’s finest blocks… $495,000

COUNTRY FARM ON THE CREEK Charming cape with fireplace and pine floors, on 15.6 acres with trout stream, adjoining protected lands. Includes barn with five stalls, tack room, dressage ring, and paddocks… $349,000

ENCHANTING COTTAGE Renovated by architect owner, every space, nook, and cranny, has been carefully designed. Includes private gardens with fruit trees, berries, hedges, fountains, deck, and early barn… $329,000

SECLUDED CENTER HALL Spacious four bedroom, three bath colonial has two fireplaces, two porches, and is totally private up a long drive on over six acres. Barn has studio with heat and AC… $449,000

1840 GREEK REVIVAL AND SIX ACRE LAKE A beautiful property includes almost 50 acres on both sides of a quiet country lane, yet is only 10 minutes to Hudson. The spacious charming farmhouse, overlooking a large pond, has classic Greek Revival staircase, windows, and doors, while across the road is a stocked six-acre lake encircled by a mowed path with secluded house sites… $795,000

HUDSON CRAFTSMAN Handsome 1920s home has original oak door, staircase, trim, and three bay windows. Modern kitchen; updated systems in place. On a quiet street two blocks from the center of town… $335,000

19TH CENT HAMLET HOME Charming three bedroom, two bath house has light-filled rooms, wood floors, wood stove office, screened porch, and garage… $149,000

CREEKSIDE COUNTRY RETREAT Facing the rushing Tsatsawassa Creek, rambling 1800’s home has stone fireplace, wide board floors, beams, three bedrooms, studio, and garage. Over the line in Rensselaer County… $239,000

HILLSDALE HOUSE & GARDENS Three bedroom, two bath home has living area with vaulted ceiling; includes separate area for rental or guests. Perennial gardens and garage… $259,000

MID-CENTURY HOME Spacious split-level is set way back on four park-like acres with pool, perennial gardens, and pergola. Fireplaces in living room and family room; five bedrooms, three baths, and garage. Minutes to Hudson… $415,000

TWO PROTECTED ANCRAMDALE FARMS 212 acres: two stunning building sites with beautiful views of Mt Alander in the Berkshires, two farmhouses, barns, valleys, ponds, open hay fields… $2,400,000 103 acres: long creek frontage, farmhouse to restore, private building site with Berkshire views… $995,000 upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2017 • 5 3

Your Hudson Valley Real Estate Specialists info@halterassociatesrealty.com | www.halterassociatesrealty.com

Fallkill Farm is an 1836 farmhouse on 38.5 acres, completely rebuilt in the Rustic Modern style. Private residence is accessed down a long, private gated drive. Original details with the latest in green home technology. Kitchen features custom cabinetry, stone counters, white subway tile, Energy-Star appliances, and open shelving. Large mahogany deck offers a seamless indoor-outdoor environment..........................................$1,495,000

Every amenity at the finest quality. Comfortable and gracious living room, library and family room all with fireplaces. Custom kitchen and formal dining room. The best basement with many storage areas and kitchen facilities. An important c1895 country manor high on a hill, the former Grace Line estate. 12 rooms, 9 foot ceilings, 6 bedrooms, 6 full baths, den, and a guest/nanny wing..................................................................$1,200,000

The Hawthorne Gallery, one of the oldest buildings in Woodstock and one of the few with 3 stories. Originally a horse barn, completely restored and rebuilt in 1988. New foundation, radiant heat floors, solar windows, and wood carved post and beam construction. Commercial space plus two apartments. Master suite, jacuzzi, sauna, and two wood burning stoves...............................................................................$695,000 We’re happy to announce the opening of our newest office in historic uptown Kingston, giving our clients even greater access and visibility.

Restored 1850’s former industrial space. A quintessential Live/Work space in a striking built to last brick facade.Outside this charming home evokes the essence of a Provincial country retreat with mature vines and wood shutters. Inside, the freshly painted three-story home has amazing potential. Create cozy living spaces, home offices, or any combination. Plenty of living, working, and storage space throughout................$375,000

In the country on a seldom traveled lane and only 10 minutes to the New Paltz thruway exit. Mature landscaping includes English boxwood hedges. Widestone steps and path to portico and pretty front porch. Imported tile entry. Most floors have wide-boards. Excellent, beautiful and modern kitchen. A Library with a wall of bookcases and built-in desk and cabinets..........................................................................$362,900


89 North Front Street Uptown Kingston New Kingston Branch

Halter Associates Realty - Woodstock 3257 Route 212 (845) 679-2010 | Kingston 89 North Front Street (845) 331-3110


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STONE HOUSE PROPERTIES, LLC Invest in Columbia County

‘Buy Land. They ain’t making any more of the stuff’ —Will Rogers




| SPRING 2017 • 5 5

NOW NOW OPEN OPEN HUNT HUNTReal RealEstate EstateERA ERAisisproud proudtotoannounce announcethe theopening openingofof our ournew newstate-of-the-art state-of-the-artofce ofcelocated locatedatat438 438Warren WarrenStreet. Street. Stop Stopinintoday todayororvisit visitususonline onlineatatHUNTrealestate.com HUNTrealestate.comtoto have haveone oneofofour ourtop-rated top-ratedsales salesprofessionals professionalsassist assistyou you with withallallofofyour yourreal realestate estateand andhomeownership homeownershipneeds. needs.

518-660-0700 518-660-0700

HUNTrealestate.com HUNTrealestate.com

438 438Warren WarrenStreet, Street,Hudson HudsonNY NY12534 12534

TKGRE.COM Serving the Berkshires, Hudson Valley, Albany Capital Region and Litchfield Hills

Hudson Valley estates

Chatham, NY. A sophisticated European style manor house with 5 bedrooms and 7 baths, set high on 43 lush park-like acres overlooking a long-range valley view in sought after Old Chatham Hunt country. Fabulous pool and pool house. Large light filled rooms that inspire entertaining on a grand scale. $2.6 Mil

Copake, NY. Fabulous 6,000 square foot , 4-bed, 4 bath hillside villa with gentleman’s farm on 30 acres with unparalleled views of the Catskills. 3-bay garage. The three-level home includes an elevator for easy access. Spacious, open floor plan with rotunda great room and lots of windows to let in the views and light. $1.795 Mil

For a private tour, call Lisa Bouchard Hoe: (413) 329-1162 or email: lisa@tkgre.com


online at upstatehouse.com

Rhinebeck Hudson River Estate with Commanding Views! Sited on 12 acres. Offered at $3,700,000. Inquire for details

6423 MONTGOMERY STREET | RHINEBECK, NY 12572 | ADELE GEORGE | 845-464-1010 | ag@valstar.net | 845-876-8588

MOOSEBECK ESTATE Privately nestled in the foothills

Steven Asher Cohen Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker

of the Shawangunk Mountains yet only 100 miles from Manhattan. This 300 acre estate in both Ulster and Sullivan counties offers a one of a kind retreat with three homes, pool, outbuildings, miles of trials and the Stoddard Mill Stream. The Villa – a stone mansion built in 2008, The Lodge – a stone

(845) 653-1398 mobile www.nutshellrealty.com

house parts of which date back to the 1850’s and The Cottage. High end details abound surrounded by paradise. $3,495,000 • 10 Bedrooms, 7.5 Baths

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2017 • 5 7

FROSTY ACRES FARM Own your own mountain. Frosty Acres Farm is a majestic 415+ acre retreat that sits at the end of a mile-long, town maintained driveway. Deep in the middle of the beautiful Millbrook Valley. WEB# PJ1360038 | HARDENBURGH | $2,490,000

STYLISHLY RESTORED The Pond View House, admired as one of the most picturesque settings, is conveniently nestled between Rhinebeck & Millbrook. The four-stall barn offers charm & function. WEB# PJ1374923 | PLEASANT VALLEY | $895,000

Michael James Tellerday Real Estate Salesperson Mobile: 845.797.6891

Jill Rose Real Estate Salesperson Mobile: 914.204.0124

TRULY MAGICAL SETTING The Twin Houses. Beautifully renovated family compound offering direct access to Twin Lake. Hike to Stissing Mountain State Forest, dine al fresco or star gaze on the dock. WEB# PJ1364986 | PINE PLAINS | $847,000

WELCOME HOME Tucked away with a country feel yet conveniently close to all amenities including shopping, dining and nightlife. With so much to offer todays discerning buyer, this home is sure to impress. WEB# PJ1364726 | LA GRANGE | $789,925

Jill Rose Real Estate Salesperson Mobile: 914.204.0124

Katherine “Kaye” Saglibene Associate Real Estate Broker Mobile: 845.629.5367

PRIVATE HILL TOP Beautiful light filled home nestled atop tranquil bucolic private hill top. Post modern design with artistic flare and open flexible floor plan. Main floor master bedroom suite. WEB# PJ1361912 | LA GRANGE | $640,000

PRIVATE TRANQUIL SETTING Beautiful passive solar home with bright open floor plan, natural light-filled spaces, soaring ceilings and walls of windows. Tranquil setting on over 6 acres. Year-round peace and quiet. WEB# PJ1351378 | CLINTON | $515,000

Nicole Porter Associate Real Estate Broker Mobile: 845.797.5300

Denise Bertolino Associate Real Estate Broker Mobile: 845.235.4990

LUXURIOUS KINGWOOD PARK Luxurious Kingwood neighborhood secluded yet close to all amenities. Mature landscaping. Meticulously maintained three-bedroom threebath Cape. Wood floors. Updated kitchen. WEB# PJ1372436 | POUGHKEEPSIE | $495,000

A DREAM COME TRUE Drive up the road through the apple orchards leading to a cul-de-sac street and welcoming fabulous stone façade Colonial home. A grand two-story foyer, formal living and dining room. WEB# PJ1367038 | MARLBORO | $385,000

Arij Kurzum Real Estate Salesperson Mobile: 845.453.4813

Arij Kurzum Real Estate Salesperson Mobile: 845.453.4813



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A Unique Artist Loft Rental Community in Beacon

18 Front St, Beacon, NY

www.loftsatbeacon.com 845-202-7211 info@loftsatbeacon.com







GERMANTOWN $ 229,000

LIVINGSTON $ 449,000

GERMANTOWN $ 199,900

Cottage with Catskill Mountain Views

Livingston Secluded Centerhall

1850 Farmhouse



ACRES: 1.4

This two bedroom home features a spacious living room with hardwood floors, eat-in kitchen with views of the mountains, family room with fireplace/pellet stove, walk-out basement with potential for additional living area, two car attached garage and updated mechanicals. Located on a scenic country road, only minutes to the hamlet of Germantown and within easy reach of the Hudson River.

BEDS: 4 BATHS: 2.5 ACRES: 6.2


Private spacious contemporary on 6.2 acres with four bedrooms features living room with fireplace and wood floors, formal dining room, kitchen with ceramic tile floor and new stainless steel appliances, sunroom with hot tub and vaulted ceiling, master bedroom and bath with walk-in closet, three guest rooms, large family room, heated 3+ bay garage with water/electric. Back deck and screened porch overlooks pond. Custom details throughout. Easy to reach from the Taconic.

1850 farmhouse located in the hamlet of Germantown. House features wonderful arched doorways and moldings in the living room and dining room, a large country kitchen, three bedrooms and one and a half baths, a screen porch and attached room that could be a studio or workspace and a large two-story barn. Updating needed. Easy walking distance to village amenities.

BATHS: 1.5


CLERMONT $ 610,000

1744 Farmhouse BEDS: 4


1744 Dutch Colonial on 10 acres with wonderful barn/studio complex. This four bedroom, two bath center hall home features original beamed ceilings, wood floors, wraparound screened porch, formal dining room, and spacious country kitchen. Handsome post-and-beam barn with a later addition has been converted into a finished studio space with loft. Country setting with Catskill Mountain views.

GERMANTOWN $ 175,000

Germantown Parcel ACRES: 20

Over 20 acres of open and wooded rolling land with a stream located on a quiet country road in Germantown. Two separate parcels being sold together totaling 20.8 acres. Each parcel has road frontage and electric at road. Property closest to the road is open and rolling. A farm road leads back across the stream to a mature wooded area. A small portion of the property contains wetlands. A wonderful combination of meadow, stream and woods.


upstate HOUSE

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304 Main Street Beacon, NY 12508 •

Explore the beauty of the Hudson Valley at stevensrealty.com

45-222-2488 •


845-222-2488 •

$289,900 $249,999

FAX: 845-440-7026




845-440-7026 • w

• www.firstchoicebeacon.com •

5 Dennis Road, Newburgh

129 N Elm Street, Beacon

Move in ready home in quiet family neighbor Perfect mother/daughter. Great for extended family. Built by well landscaped yard. Formal dining room with new known quality builder Jimmy Lynch. Owner had pre-inspection deck overlooking private backyard. Features house is now move inMarlboro ready. Upgrades included electrical, 252and Lattintown Road, 92 East Main Street,to Beacon halfmaking bath and plumbing, gas piping. Wall unitTudor a/c’s and Oak to haveroom Builder’s own and customized English on ceiling A rare fans. opportunity this with money 4 fireplace! Hardwood flo closets. Central air. kitchen upstairs with sub-zero fridge. Fenced in level yard with private hilltop with mountain views and seasonal family home on Beacon’s booming east end! UpHuge two car garage. Lar shed. A lot of home for the money! slate patio and shed. Great neighborhood. river views. Deck with hot tub. Exposed beams, the street from falls and Main Street. Building was 3 Beds, 1 Full Bath, 1 Half Bath, 1,562 sqft | M 5 Beds, 2 Full Baths, 1,962 sqft | MLS #328514 hardwood and ceramic tile flooring. Central air. totally renovated recently including new windows, Wood burning stove. Main bath features double hardi plank siding, insulation, and roofing. These $349,000 sinks, whirlpool tub and separate shower. Office two bedroom apartments feature pergo and tile can also be an extra bedroom. Perfect for in home flooring, oak kitchens, and economical gas heat! business or extended family! $249,999 Tenants pay their own utilities!! Outside has off street parking, patios in back units, and large yard. Current rents still have plenty of room for increases. Perfect for investor or owner occupied! Owner financing available! $525,000


PRIVATE 10+ ACRE ESTATE: Nestled on 10+ private acres, this estate offers seclusion, while being minutes from the vibrant town of New Paltz. This 4 bdrm, 3 ba contemporary features a custom gourmet kitchen, spacious master bedroom with private balcony, sunken living room, family room with double-sided fireplace, full gym and 1,200 sq ft in-ground salt water pool. This home has all the amenities you go on a resort vacation for, yet it can be yours to live, work and play. Bruce Stevens | Principal Broker | 845.656.2009

75 Hunt, Wallkill

781 Neighborhood Road, Lake K

Private well maintained home on quiet street with other high end Live for free or make additional income with th homes. Large eat-in kitchen w/granite and s/s appliances. Formal house with separate efficiency and 2 bedroom dining room with french doors to large deck. Living room All units currently rented at below market and w/fireplace. Huge family room w/vaulted ceilings. Master making money!! No major issues just needs 304•suite Main PHONE • FAX: 845-440-7026 • 304 Main Street Beacon, NY 12508 • PHONE: 845-222-2488 • FAX: 845-440-7026 • www.firstchoicebeacon.com firstchoicebeacon@aol.com bedroom with Street whirlpoolBeacon, tub. Legal 2 NY room12508 office suite• and half : 845-222-2488 Hardwood flooring, mudroom w/laundry, dec bathfax with: 845-440-7026 private entrance. Generator. Central air. Perfect for home • Firstchoicebeacon@aol.com neighborhood. A rare opportunity!! $289,900 $229,000 office or extended family! Must see to$299,999 appreciate all this home has $289,900 4 Beds, 2 Full Baths, 1,614 sqft | MLS # to offer!! 3 Beds, 2 Full Baths, 2,564 sqft | MLS #328906

Diane M. Feilen

45-222-2488 •



845-440-7026 • www.firstchoicebeacon.com •

5 Dennis Road, Newburgh

5 Dennis Road, Newburgh 129 N Elm Street, Beacon CONTEMPORARY RANCH: Move right into this beautifully updated 4

Move in ready home in quiet family neighborhood. Well Perfect mother/daughter. Great for extended family. Built by well 3 ba, 3,994 contemporary landscaped ranch located ondining oneroom of with thenew most yard. Formal french doors known quality bdrm, builder Jimmy Lynch. Ownersq had ft pre-inspection to deck overlooking backyard. Features large family and house is now move inafter ready. Upgrades electrical, sought streetsincluded in breathtaking Millbrook. This private spacious home offers room with half bath and fireplace! Hardwood flooring. Lots of plumbing, and gas piping. Wall unit a/c’s and ceiling fans. Oak the charm of country life, while being minutes from the Village filled with closets. Central air. Huge two car garage. Large storage kitchen upstairs with sub-zero fridge. Fenced in level yard with dining, shopping and top vineyards and in the New York. shed. Awineries lot of home for money!! slateupscale patio and shed. Great neighborhood. 3 Beds, 1 Full Bath, 1 Half Bath, 1,562 sqft | MLS #329011 5 Beds, Leigh 2 Full Baths, 1,962 sqft | MLS #328514 Wagner-Quintana | Real Estate Salesperson | 845.853.6910

252 Lattintown, Marlboro

Builder’s own customized English Tudor on private hilltop with mountain views and seasonal river views. Deck with hot tub. N tile Elm Street, Exposed beams, hardwood and129 ceramic flooring. Central Beacon air. Wood burning stove. Main bath featuresGreat doublefor sinks, Perfect mother/daughter. extended family. Built by well whirlpool tub and separate shower. Office can also be an extra known quality builder Jimmy Lynch. Owner had pre-inspection bedroom. Perfect for in-home business or extended family! nowsqft move in#326462 ready. Upgrades included electrical, 4 Beds, and 2 Fullhouse Baths,is 2,100 | MLS

252 L

5 Dennis Road, Newbur

Move in ready home in quiet family neighborhood.$229,000 Well Builder’s own custom Property Marlboro, Newmountain York: landscaped yard. Formal dining room with new frenchindoors views and Mid-Hudson Valley Land lots, 10.25 acres $225,000 to deck overlooking private backyard. Features53.9building large family Exposed beams, ha acres, panoramic river view $80,000 room with half bath and fireplace! Hardwood flooring. Lots of air. Wood burning 6.5 acres, riverfront $350,000 2.5 acres, river view $150,000 closets. Central air. Huge two car garage. Large storage whirlpool tub and se shed. A lot of home for the money!! bedroom. Perfect f Town of Poughkeepsie, New York: 3 Beds, 1 Full Bath, 1 Half Bath, 1,562 sqft | MLS #329011 4 Beds, 2 Ful $349,000

plumbing, and gas piping. Wall unit a/c’s and ceiling fans. Oak kitchen upstairs with sub-zero fridge. Fenced in level yard with slate patio and shed. Great neighborhood. 5 Beds, 2 Full Baths, 1,962 sqft | MLS #328514



Wappingers Falls: 4.2 acres

75 Hunt, Wallkill

Private well maintained home on quiet street with other high end homes. Large eat-in kitchen w/granite and s/s appliances. Formal dining room with french doors to large deck. Living room w/fireplace. Huge family room w/vaulted ceilings. Master bedroom suite with whirlpool tub. Legal 2 room office suite and half bath with private entrance. Generator. Central air. Perfect for home office or extended family! Must see to appreciate all this home has to offer!! 3 Beds, 2 Full Baths, 2,564 sqft | MLS #328906

781 Neighborhood Road, Lake Katrine

Live for free or make additional income with this 3 bedroom house with separate efficiency and 2 bedroom mobile home. All units currently rented at below market and owner is still making money!! No major issues just needs updating. Hardwood flooring, mudroom w/laundry, deck. In a great neighborhood. A rare opportunity!!! 4 Beds, 2 Full Baths, 1,614 sqft | MLS #325298

PANORAMIC VIEWS: The setting at this gorgeous custom 3 bdrm, 2.5 ba contemporary farmhouse cape will take your breath away. Sited on 4.86 secluded and completely private acres, this home features the panoramic views that you have dreamed about. Whether a full-time residence or your second home, this property lends itself to easy-living with natural elements. Flooded with natural light, this home features a sprawling foyer, dining room/living room with French door access to a spacious screened-in porch with Mahogany floors, family room with open air porch access, master suite, and bluestone patios. Lindsay Stevens | Licensed Associate Broker | 845.204.4447

Move in ready home in quiet family neigh landscaped yard. Formal dining room with n to deck overlooking private backyard. Featu room with half bath and fireplace! Hardwoo closets. Central air. Huge two car garage. shed. A lot of home for the mon 3 Beds, 1 Full Bath, 1 Half Bath, 1,562 sqf



5.24 acres


5.71 acres with well


36 acres


75 Hunt, Wallkill

781 Neighborhood Road, Lak

Private well maintained home on quiet street with other high end Live for free or make additional income wit homes. Large eat-in kitchen w/granite and s/s appliances. Formal house with separate efficiency and 2 bedro dining room with french doors to large deck. Living room All units currently rented at below market a w/fireplace. Huge family room w/vaulted ceilings. Master making money!! No major issues just ne 6 estate lots, 1-3tub. acres bedroom suite with whirlpool Legal 2each room office suite and half$900,000 Hardwood flooring, mudroom w/laundry, d bath with private entrance. Generator. Central air. Perfect for home neighborhood. A rare opportun office or extended family! Must see to appreciate all this home has 4 Beds, 2 Full Baths, 1,614 sqft | ML to offer!! 3 Beds, 2 Full Baths, 2,564 sqft | MLS #328906

5 Dennis Road, Newburgh

252 L

All Lots$159,700 Board Move in ready home in quiet family neighborhood. Well of Health Approved Builder’s own custom For more information, landscaped yard. Formal dining room with new french doors 845-462-1206 mountain views and 171 M AIN S T . N EW P ALTZ , NY 12561 to deck(P)overlooking private backyard. Features large family Exposed beams, ha 845.256.8868 • (F) 845.256.8865 WWW . STEVENSREALTYGRP . COM room with half bath and fireplace! Hardwood flooring. Lots of air. Wood burning closets. Central air. Huge two car garage. Large storage whirlpool tub and se


online at upstatehouse.com


Le Grand Real Estate, Inc.

4 Enterprise Dr., Rhinebeck, NY • (845) 876-2630 • legrandrealty.com • legrandinc@aol.com REDHOOK - VILLAGE: Charming 2 bedroom ranch home is in excellent condition wood floors, updated kitchen and tile bath. Screened in porch and large village lot! Walk to shops and restaurants. Offered at $267,000

RHINEBECK: 1920 Sears home is in excellent condition with much of the original detail retained. 4 Bedroom/2 bath with wood floors and large sun porch. 3 car unattached garage.

RED HOOK: 4500 sf. colonial near village on 8 private acres, 4 bedroom/4 bath built by one of the area’s master builders. Gourmet kitchen, wood floors, large unattached barn for storage and an in-ground pool. Surrounded by protected land. Offered at $699,000

CLINTON CORNERS: New to market. Charming 3 bedroom colonial on 5 acres, many updates. New well and septic. Stone fire place with insert and quiet country location close to Taconic-Rhinebeck schools. Great starter or weekender house. Offered at $249,000

RHINEBECK VILLAGE: New construction. Top quality 3 bedroom/3 bath colonial in family neighborhood. Walk to schools or village proper! Top notch construction with wood floors, granite counters, tile baths, central air, large porch and 2 car attached garage. Priced right at $599,000

RED HOOK: Wonderful 4 bedroom/3 bath colonial in one of Red Hook’s finest neighborhoods. 3100 feet of living space plus finished basement area. Wood and tile floors, gourmet kitchen and well landscaped out door area. Large deck on rear. Home offers privacy and is only 5 minutes from village. 2+ car attached garage. Rooms are large with large windows that flood the house with light! No nicer home around for family or entertaining! Offered at $775,000

LeGrand Real Estate, Inc. is a full service brokerage firm with thirty years of expertise in residential properties, commercial development, subdivision of land, site preparation, and individual construction needs


Hellbrook Farms


milan, ny

Privately sited on 16 acres with panoramic Catskill Mountain views, this light-filled contemporary residence has been completely renovated with a mid-century flair. Offers chef ’s kitchen with Subzero and Miele appliances, and breakfast bar. Dining and living rooms are open and feature vaulted ceiling, fireplace and French doors that lead to the terrace and pool. House offers designer finishes throughout. Property features a detached guest house and barn/garage. Acreage has been naturally landscaped with perennial gardens and stone wall accents. Minutes to Rhinebeck Village, Amtrak, Bard’s Fisher Center and the TSP. $875,000.

18th Century tradition and fine contemporary design on 51 graceful Arcadian acres. Renovated 1750 stone colonial with a spectacular antique Dutch barn addition. 4216 square feet. 6 bedrooms. 3.5 bathrooms. Fireplaces. Great room w/35 foot ceilings. Sauna. Central A/C. Radiant heat. 7 stall stable. Paddocks. Greenhouse. Post & beam garage. Cabin in the woods. Treehouse. Meadows. Fruit orchards. Vineyard. Stream. Pond. Miles of trails. Mountain views. Conveniently located minutes to the Hudson River, Kingston, New Paltz, & Poughkeepsie Metro North trains to New York City. ULSTER COUNTY MLS #20170059 | SOTHEBY’S ID# SFTT6C

Representing fine properties in the Hudson River Valley for over three decades.

Victoria Wilkinson R.E. ASSOCIATE BROKER



victoriajenifer@earthlink.net m. (845) 399-7003 Heather Croner Real Estate/Sotheby’s International Realty P.O. Box 226, Millbrook, New York

HeatherCronerRealEstate.com | SothebysRealty.com VictoriaWilkinsonRealEstate.com

upstate HOUSE

| SPRING 2017 • 61

Rachel Brennecke

We’re Hiring!

Luminary Media is a rapidly growing, full-service marketing agency based in the heart of the Hudson Valley! We are currently accepting applications for passionate, seasoned sales and marketing professionals to join our team.

Email your cover letter and resume to Julian@LuminaryMedia.com LUMINARYMEDIA.COM/EMPLOYMENT-OPPORTUNITIES 62


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A visit to the scrap yard inspired sculptor John Unger to create his iconic fire bowls. “I saw them cutting a propane tank,” he recalls. “They cut the end off and I saw this perfect bowl and immediately thought of cutting flames into it.” That was in 2005. Since then, the Hudsonbased artist has created over 2,000 fire bowls, each one colored with a generous patina of rust and hand-cut with evocative designs. Unger’s fire bowls illuminate outdoor spaces in all 50 states and in 15 countries. “I thought I was only going to make one fire bowl,” he says. “Then people asked for another, and another.” Unger uses reclaimed propane tanks for most of his bowls. “The world is full of stuff,” he says. “If I’m going to add to that I need to dip into the waste stream to counter it a bit. It’s being brought back into utility.” Johntunger.com


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Before making his first fire bowl, Unger spent months studying flame imagery. As with his other work—which includes fences, gates, trellises, and outdoor furnishings and sculptures (figurative, abstract, and kinetic)—Unger cuts each fire bowl freehand, using a flame torch. No two designs are exactly alike, but each one recalls Unger’s former career as a poet in the Midwest. He strove to write poetry that had depth but was easily accessible. His imagery draws on a broad range of influences, from 50s hot-rod culture to Renaissance anatomical drawings to Central American prehistoric petroglyphs. “I want a surface read, that’s as clear as I can possibly make it,” he says. “But I can add layers of meaning for people who want to dig.”—Peter D. Martin

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Burning Desire




This stunning 3BR/1.5BA brick victorian awaits your finishing touches. Fenced backyard is a double sized lot with magnificent trees and flowers. Home retains original details; hardwood floors, tin ceilings, and window seats - all adding to the charm and history of this home. Kingston $235,000

CENTER ENTRY COLONIAL This lovely 4BR/2.5BA enchanting colonial home sits on 1.7 acres. Large kitchen with breakfast room opens to a two-tiered deck overlooking a large yard with a pond. Large family room with stone fireplace, formal living and dining room, mud room/laundry room on first floor. Goshen $349,000

SPECTACULAR LOG HOME Less than 2.25 hours from NYC. Constructed with the finest premium materials. Great room with Vermont Casting Wood Stove and a soaring 16’ wall of glass facing Windham’s Ski Trails. The full walkout basement serves as a bright guest apartment. Windham $749,000


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SERENE & SOPHISTICATED This gracious open floor plan, fully renovated home, boasts a custom modern space with panoramic mountain views. New, modern addition shows off with a wall of soft grey tile, fireplace with floating concrete hearth and beautiful wide solid white oak flooring. Woodstock $890,000


Idyllic setting just 7 minutes to the Heart of Woodstock, offers a spiritual place where your troubles melt away! This wonderfully private contempo is sited on 30 acres with views of Overlook Mountain, a 6 acre lake, 2 ponds, tennis court, Gunite Pool and guest house. Saugerties $1,950,000


Great historic look with all the modern conveniences in this 1830s timber frame. This home is undergoing a complete renovation while maintaining its character, charm and historic finishes. Modern open floor plan, 4 bedrooms and 4 brand new baths. Windham $485,000


This tasteful blend of modern chic and rustic charm is simply magical. Efficient and beautiful, a perfectly sized home to accommodate all your friends and family in style. Entertain easily in the open plan kitchen/great room and relax in front of the lovely stone fireplace. Windham $635,000


A mile from town and set back, this 3BR/1.5BA beauty sited on 6 acres has been updated in just the right places. The flow is open from the heart of the home to the LR, DR and den areas. Finished studio apartment above garage and ground level 3rd living unit for possible rental. Wooodstock $425,000


Centrally located and close to everything! This house is ready for you to move in with freshly painted walls, just waiting for a splash of your favorite colors. Access to the finished basement from three different locations. Lots of extras. Great commuter location! A Must See! Poughkeepsie $255,000


This authentic 1930s Catskills cottage has wood floors, exposed beams, vintage details and built-ins throughout. Large sunny LR, cozy woodstove, flowing floor plan and a stone front porch make this property a true gem! Less than 30 minutes to skiing, hiking, shopping and more! West Shokan $275,000

WELCOME TO RIVER PARK STUNNING CONTEMPO Nice home in a fabulous location on 2+ acres with access to a 3 acre park in the center of the neighborhood, owned by residents of River Park. Offers meadows and woods for outdoor recreation plus, Wallkill River access. This 3BR/2.5BA turn-key offers a classic style w/high-end features. New Paltz $510,000

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Mountain & valley views on this 20+ acre estate. This casually elegant & light filled 3BR/2.5BA home boasts high-end finishes, s/s appliances, radiant heated floors, soaring ceilings, huge wood beams, indoor lap pool & spa area, central A/C, stone patio & secret gardens. The list is endless. Kerhonkson $799,000





At Lindal we are very proud that for over 70 years we have been producing homes that are modern in spirit and warm in nature. At the heart of the Lindal Experience lives progress and tradition, inspiration and predictability – the cutting-edge architecture is delivered through the time-honored building systems of Lindal Cedar homes and backed by a lifetime structural warranty. Lindal Cedar Homes has designed and produced over 50,000 homes, built throughout the world in every climate, on every type of terrain, and in every regulatory environment. Since the introduction of its modern design program in 2008, Lindal has been the modern systems-built ‘prefab’ home of choice for our clients. We will be happy to speak with you about the services we offer, including free site evaluations and site visits, and our free Design Program.

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