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2 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009



In the company of the Upper East Side’s most coveted addresses, where exclusivity generates enduring value, The Lucida is the newest neighborhood classic. With its dramatic glass façade, richly styled interiors, filtered fresh air and unmatched entertainment and spa facilities, it is the very best in modern Upper East Side living.

Limited opportunities remain — now open and ready for immediate occupancy. Three- to five-bedroom residences from $4.06 million to over $6 million Please call for a private appointment · 866 575 2595 · WWW.THELUCIDA.COM

EXCLUSIVE MARKETING AND SALES AGENT: CORCORAN SUNSHINE MARKETING GROUP The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from Sponsor. File No. CD-06-0596. Sponsor: WB IMICO LEXINGTON FEE LLC, 805 THIRD AVENUE, SEVENTH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10022. Property: 151 East 85th Street, New York, NY.



site and the environment.

PLANNED to harmonize

your lifestyle and budget.

FABRICATED of enduring

products with a lifetime structural warranty.

Read our 17 Green Principles at Independently distributed by:

Atlantic Custom Homes

2785 Route 9 Cold Spring, NY 10516


4 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

Turkel Designs 2009

11th floor amenity deck at 77 hudson

grand opening immediate occupancy model homes now open sales center: 77 hudson st, jersey city | 201.433.2609

The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from the sponsor. File Number CD07-0470. 5

6 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009 7

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8 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

contents / OCTOBER 2009 Volume 7, Issue 4

Features 20 Greening Your kitchen New ecofriendly appliances and kitchenware options abound. by jessica goldbogen harlan; photographs provided

24 emerald city

Glenwood Management, one of New York’s largest rental firms, goes green with its latest high-rise. by nancy meyer; photographs by deborah degraffenreid

28 Green Pride


Bronx neighbors unite to turn their outdated co-op building into an earth-friendly, healthy home.

by arthur zaczkiewicz; photographs by deborah degraffenreid

Also in this Issue: 32 reclaimed comfort Local craftspeople use time-honored techniques and reclaimed materials in their furniture.

36 Sky of blue, sea of green Silo Ridge resort and community aims to provide ample greens for golfers and the neighbors.

clockwise from top: deborah degraffenreid (2), photographs provided (2)



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from the editor

Publisher Jonathan A. Schein Editor Nancy Meyer Ar t Director Julie Novak deborah degraffenreid

Editorial Assistant Christina Jelski Editorial Interns Will Kamerman, Tarez Eisen

Grass(roots) is Greener When it comes to making change, I’ve found it’s easier to do it with the help of others than to go it alone. Several grassroots efforts in my community demonstrate how powerful cooperative efforts can be in saving money, saving energy, and effecting change. Two years ago, Jennifer McKinley, a nutritional counselor, got friends together to form a buying club to purchase health food and natural products. This loosely-knit group has since grown to 160 members who purchase roughly $7,000 worth of natural products each month from a national distributor at substantial discounts and several hundreds of dollars of produce from local growers. The group, Kingston Natural Foods, has earned the highest discount from the distributor, and is ranked in the top 10 percent of its 2,500 clubs. Not only are members saving 25 percent on many items they’d buy at local health food and grocery stores, they’re sharing healthy eating tips, organizing potluck dinners, and donating a portion of their purchases to local food pantries. “Magical” is how McKinley describes the sense of community fostered among members. Another friend has joined with neighbors to negotiate lower rates on home heating fuel from local suppliers. That group has grown from just 12 members last year when oil prices were at their highest, to more than 30 this year, all of whom will enjoy substantial savings to heat their homes. Taking that mission to an even higher level is the nascent New Paltz Solar Share cooperative that has negotiated for much lower solar installation costs than individuals could get alone. This isn’t rice cakes and soy milk, or tanks of oil, but solar panels worth tens of thousands of dollars that not only reduce the homeowners’ electricity and heating costs, but also their carbon footprint. The group’s first bulk purchase, made for 2009, closed at the end of September, but since word got out, organizers have been overwhelmed with interest for next year’s order. If anything, we can take a kernel of knowledge from hokey bumper stickers that started in our parents’ generation—Think globally. Act locally. Your neighbor,

Nancy Meyer

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10 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009 11

publisher’s note

only on the web

october 2009 FUEL: America’s Love Affair with Oil

deborah degraffenreid

In this special New York House interview, FUEL director Josh Tickell and producer Rebecca Harrell discuss the Veggie Van Voyage, their hopes for an alternative energy overhaul, and the methods and mission of their newly released Sundance Audience Award-winning documentary. Read the story, see the film, and get involved!

Solar Payback in the Northeast Conventional wisdom dictates that states in the sunbelt should be the leaders in solar energy installations and incentives. However, conventional wisdom goes right out the window with a new study released by Global Solar Center, a New York City-based solar consulting firm servicing both residential and commercial sectors. Surprisingly, the indisputable winner in offering solar energy incentives is none other than New Jersey. Pennsylvania follows in second place, with New York, Delaware, and Colorado also near the top of the list. And while California leads the country in total solar installations, New Jersey still leads the nation per capita growth. Why New Jersey? The state’s government has broadened its entire incentive program whereby the installation’s expense can be paid back in three years. And Pennsylvania is hot on the trail with incentives covering more than 60 percent of the total cost. Where is this money coming from? Much of the funding is being provided by this year’s federal stimulus act (which changed the federal solar tax credit to a solar grant) as well as states and local municipalities creating additional incentives. According to the study, market demand for solar energy has increased by 30 percent over the past five years. The real news is that Northeastern/mid-Atlantic states are at the top of the rankings. While the Southwest basks in nearly year-round sun, those states are not offering the incentives that could drastically reduce that region’s carbon footprint. New Jersey has certainly had its share of environmental issues; however, it is taking the appropriate steps to ensure a much healthier future. The Garden State moniker is suddenly starting to make sense again.

Above: Josh Tickell, director of the FUEL documentar y. Below: The FUEL team travels across the countr y in the Veggie Van, a diesel Winnebago that runs on biodiesel made from used fr yer oil from fast food restaurants. The Veggie Van gets 25 miles per gallon, and its exhaust smells like french fries. putting the green economy to work is updated daily with hundreds of green real estate and buildings-related jobs available from some of the country’s biggest employers as well as some of the fastest growing companies. NCFI Polyurethanes

Jonathan A. Schein

Read this and other columns by Jonathan A. Schein on

12 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

Located throughout North Carolina, Georgia, and Utah, NCFI is a leading manufacturer of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation and has helped entrepreneurs across the nation become highly-qualified foam applicators. Senior Vice Nelson Clark, NCFI President Nelson Clark shared his Polyurethanes insight with MetroGreenBusiness. com, explaining SPF’s energy-saving capabilities as well as predicting the future of the green construction industry.



AUTUMN Hues “There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October.” —Nathaniel Hawthorne

Washing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher uses an average of 25 gallons of water. Scraping off excess food will lengthen your dishwasher filter’s life, but prewashing is unnecessary—modern dishwashers are effective enough, using just 6-10 gallons of water per cycle. Save yourself some time and water and trust your dishwasher to do the job. Sources: Journal of Extension,,

event listings Celebration of the Arts October 10


A festival for ar tists and ar t appreciators, featuring displays, activities, ar tists’ booths, and galleries. Free. 11am-5pm. Historic Huguenot Street. (845) 255-1660.

DCRCOC Showcase of Champions October 14


The Dutchess County Regional Chamber presents a trade show featuring more than 100 booths of local business, technology, and food at the beautiful Poughkeepsie Grand. Free. 12-6pm. Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel. (845) 454-1700.

Nyack Halloween Parade

October 31 NYACK Join an expected 10,000 participants and spectators for a night of costumes, live music, floats, and more. New York’s biggest Halloween parade outside of Manhattan! Free. 4:30-9pm. Starts at S. Broadway and Depew Ave.; ends at Main St. and Franklin Ave. (845) 353-2221.

Quoth Gomez Addams

Experience a night of literary spookiness as actor/director John Astin (Gomez Addams of the Addams Family) reads the works of Edgar Allan Poe and others at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Sleepy Hollow on October 24 at 7pm. The event and is a fundraiser for Visible Theater. $40 general admission, $65 front row. (212) 868-4444 for tickets, (212) 615-3199 for info;

John Astin, well known for his portrayal of Gomez Addams in the Addams Family, as legendar y poet Edgar Allan Poe.

5th Annual Westchester County Fall Home Show October 31 - November 1

Recommended Viewing

Please submit calendar items and books to Editorial Assistant Christina Jelski for consideration:

14 new york house / October 2009

Jenks Productions, Inc. presents a showcase of home products by local, state, and national vendors. All proceeds go to the Westchester Food Patch. $8, $7 seniors, children under 12 free. $1 off with a non-perishable food item. Saturday, 11am - 6pm, Sunday, 11am - 5pm. Westchester County Center. (800) 955-7469.; images provided (2)

While solar panels and hybrid vehicles are a star t, the real solution for the energy crisis may be unpleasantly lingering under our noses. Director Josh Tickell and producer Rebecca Harrell explain in FUEL, their Sundance Audience Award-winning documentary that opened on September 18, that we could soon power our vehicles on oil made by algae that could feed on—get ready—raw sewage. FUEL connects the history of the oil industry with the decline of the environment and also the decline of today’s economy. Visit for information on showings and how to get involved. —Will Kamerman



products, services, and tips to make your home & office more comfortable, healthy, and efficient


Wrought from recycled materials in a low-emissions factory, coated with PTFE and PFOA-free Thermolon, and tested under 850-degree heat with no chemical leaching—GreenPan is the perfect addition to any ear th-conscious kitchen. Prices vary.

Counter Evolution

Counter tops are often made from limited resources like stone, metal and ceramic. ECO by Cosentino is a durable counter top surface made of 75 percent recycled materials, including porcelain, glass, and stone scraps. It is available in a variety of colors, including Iron Ore, Black Forest, and Polar Cap. Prices vary depending on thickness and color.

Safer Water, Less Plastic  More than 100 million Americans drink water that is contaminated with MTBE, a carcinogenic gasoline byproduct. The Wellness Kitchen filter claims to rid water of MTBE, chlorine, and many other harmful contaminants, eliminating the need for bottled water. $595.

The Greener Cleaner  The new bagless Dyson DC22 Motorhead canister vacuum uses new technology for more power and a smaller footprint. Its compact DC22 motor uses digital pulse technology to spin 88,000 times a minute with zero carbon emissions, and expels air with 150 times less mold and bacteria than the air you breathe. Two filters make it great for people with allergies or pets. $699.99.

Moen’s Green Milestone

Moen’s new Lindley eco-performance faucet is the epitome of green convenience: not only can it be switched to low-flow mode (1.75 GPM), but it also has a “fastfill” mode (2.2 gallons per minute) for filling pots and pitchers. Available in LifeShine Classic Stainless ($228) and Mediterranean Bronze finish ($248). Live/Work showcases new, innovative, green, and local products and technologies for the office and home. Please send product information to Editorial Assistant Christina Jelski at

16 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

all photos courtesy the manufacturers 17

OCTOBER Commercial Industrial

Events Calendar A calendar of events with a focus on promoting sustainability in our homes and communities.

APPRAISED $170,000 ABOVE ASKING PRICE! You gain value just by moving in! Fabulous, custom 4 BR Colonial was built with quality throughout, and it’s pretty & inviting. Privately sited with rural meadow view. Exciting kitchen-sunroom combo, FR, LR w/fplc, C/A, gym. Kids will love heated in-ground pool. Listing agent is owner. $539,900 #20093882

NEED MORE ROOM? 3 BR brick ranch has unique “U” shape separating the living from BR areas. Snuggle up and read in lg LR, enjoy cocktails on pretty deck overlooking lush 3.24 acres, or warm up in 19 x 22 FR w/cathedral ceiling & woodstove. Want more? Finished lower level w/2 more BR, full bath, FR, & K! More? An in-ground pool, privacy, 2-car garage. Motivated seller. $249,900 #20092537


Visit and take our virtual tours. 18 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009


Phillie oject Pr Farm ions, r t o ns at d e m o u c h m o re t g n i k o m o c d , , an usic tours fo o d . l i ve m h o s t s t i v i t i e s , f a r m a l l y - g ro w n c c m. o kids’ a e healthy, l ge Far id r B s t o . Phillie p ro m .org m-3pm hilliesbridge a 1 1 . Free 08. p 56-91 (845)2


CTOB 2nd A ER nn Urban ual G oGreen Ex po HARL EM A


s h ow t e c h n c a s e o f g re ol e re a l e o g i e s , j o b s n , state , and cultur e encou . Attendees r a s e e k i n a g e d t o b r i re n g re s g emp umés, l oye e $10 p s. as som er per e hos so 369th ts wil Harlem n, free if un l be de info@ urban Armory. (3 r 18 (with gogree 47)65 2-265 ID). 10am-6 6. pm.


Woodstock 5 Tinker St. (845) 679-9444 Saugerties 232 Main St. (845) 246-3300 Red Hook 15 W. Market St. (845) 876-7653 New Paltz 101 Main St. (845) 255-2888 Kingston 63 John St. (845) 339-1144

New York’s larg est environmen tal festival—food booths on eco, fashion, green bu ilding, kids’ activities, and a performance by Pete Seeger on the solar stage. Free. 11am-6pm . Central Park. (2 12)496-2030.

Fall vest Har ival Fest INER GARDs Bridge

NOTHING SPARED Gorgeous, luxurious, sumptuous… all apply to 6,446 SF brick ranch on 2.61 city acres. From richly paneled den warmed by a fireplace to the beautifully appointed LR w/fplc, comfort comes first. Above grade lower level has 2 BR for guests or au pair, FR/library, full bath & access to yard with pool. And so much more! $985,000 #20092224

WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THIS? Rare 10 acre water front estate offers a luxurious lifestyle. Perched high above the Hudson with gorgeous views, it’s own beach, & an outstanding 4 BR contemporary farmhouse built in 2006 with a fabulous kitchen, fireplace, central air, & more. Additional land available for purchase. $1,399,000 #20093881




ey VallEstate n o Huds Real t Green lopmen Deveference Con N ussions on STO KING e in disc pment,

e ve l o cipat Par ti onomic d opment in ve l , ec esign estate de d , e r re a l our tectu p of f a rc h i a n c e , a n d e y o n d . u n o r e g e b n gr d , fi n for 00. ey a n ation perso 45)340-96 r educ dson Vall e p u ity. (8 , $120 hp the H erson pm. TechC onvalley.p p r e 1 p s d 5 m u 4 a /h $1 :30 ore. 7 or m scheinmed s. event


images provided

Residential Land

Specialists in antique country homes and historic Hudson townhouses in New York’s Hudson Valley


This is one of the most exciting early houses available in the Hudson


Valley. The reason is twofold: the great charm of the original Federal house itself, and secondly, the professional restoration car-

How’s the market?

Restored 1810 Landmark

ried out by the design-team owners, exceptional for its level


ing kitchen, laundry, high-efficiency heating system

We get asked this question all the time, so here’s how we answer it:

of quality and authenticity. While the hand-forged ethos of the past holds sway, the comforts of today are fully realized: excellent bathrooms, good closet space, a superbly-functioninstalled in 2008, plus one woodburning fireplace. Seven

spacious rooms offer flexible usages, whether for 2 or 3 BRs, or for 1 or 2 in-house offices. There's a lovely rear garden for relaxing or entertaining. Walk 2 blocks to the Hudson River through the charming river

“We’ve been very busy lately.”

town of Athens, 20 minute drive to Hudson, 2 hours to NYC.

David King 518.943.7533 x12

Is it because more buyers are coming to us for the most interesting & stylish properties around? Or that more sellers are coming to us to sell properties other brokers couldn’t? Whatever the reason, we’re finding the downward trend in Hudson Valley real estate is leveling off (and even trending upward for “triple location” properties). So if you’re interested in buying before the market takes off again, or selling before yet another year passes by, we invite you to give us a call.

Built in 1720 by one of the founding families of Greene County, this beautiful home in Coxsackie is one of the rare, much sought-after early Dutch stone houses. (The Bronck Museum and Farmstead, the oldest surviving home in the Hudson Valley, is just right down the road). Nicely secluded by farmlands and fields on 5 acres, the house has been carefully and completely renovated inside and out using antique kitchen cabinetry, doors and fixtures. Rich wood-filled $449,000 rooms glow from three working fireplaces. Modern age comforts include new mechanicals, insulation, on-demand hot water, and independently controlled heat zones in each room. There’s even an outdoor wood furnace (fueled by trees harvested from your own land) to reduce oil consumption. Less than 2.5 hours from NYC. An additional 2.25 acre creek front parcel is available across the road.

Bronck House

David Ludwig 518.943.7533 x11

Incredible Bargain


Diamond In The Rough $189,000

Pattern Book Victorian


Views From The Summit $189,000

This ca. 1866 Victorian in Catskill is ready to be restored to its pride of place. Spared from "remuddling" over the years, this is truly a restorer's dream: leaded glass, elegant staircase, hardwood and pine floors, 2 FP mantels, and period hardware and moldings. The big summer porch overlooks the terraced yard that with clearing can give you Catskill Mountain views. David King 518.943.7533 x12

Inspirationally restored, this gorgeous circa 1875 home is filled with original historically correct details that co-exist beautifully with all new appliances, plumbing & electrical. Outside, the details continue with fine mill work, 3 porches, a new roof, and a bluestone patio. On a large parcel in the sought-after historic village of Athens.

On one of the most beautiful country roads in Columbia County, this delightful farmhouse has some of the most commanding views of the Catskill Mountains. The interior has an inviting open floor plan with a renovated country kitchen, but it's the surrounding countryside that will really take your breath away. Sprawling lawns, fields, and a rushing stream all add to the charm.

This handsome home is set on 9 acres with a pond. The sunny 3000 sf interior combines modern loft ceilings with surfaces of slate, stone and wood, and has 4 BRs, 3 FPs, and a master suite with a spacious bath. A huge sunporch lets you entertain surrounded by the beautiful setting. There’s also an attached garage, and a small barn set up for a charming studio or workshop.

Breathtaking Catskill Mountain and seasonal Catskill Creek views from this recently renovated centerhall Victorian in Catskill designed with high ceilings and bright spacious rooms. Original details: wideboard floors, stained glass, antique lighting and 2 stairwells. There’s a large screened in patio, mature trees and a wraparound yard for extra privacy.

David Ludwig 518.943.7533 x11

Gary DiMauro 845.757.5000 x11

Kathy Duffy 518.822.0800 x11

David Ludwig 518.943.7533 x11


Oak Hill Farmhouse


Copake Contemporary

For more photos, more fine houses and country rentals:

58 Broadway, Tivoli NY

423 Warren St, Hudson NY

434 Main St, Catskill NY 19

Greening Your Kitchen New ecofriendly appliances and kitchenware options abound. By Jessica Goldbogen Harlan; PHOTOGRAPHS PROVIDED


generation ago, a green kitchen meant only one thing: avocado-hued appliances. Today, thankfully, there are more tasteful options for the finishes on stoves and refrigerators, and “green” refers instead to a growing trend in the kitchen of energy-efficient appliances and lighting, as well as cooking equipment and other accoutrements that are sustainable and environmentally sound. It makes perfect sense: as consumers seek out organic foods that are grown without environmentally damaging pesticides, choose fuel-efficient cars, and learn how to reduce their carbon footprint to create less of an impact on the environment, the kitchen, one of the most-used spaces in the home, is the perfect realm to continue an effort to be more environmentally responsible. Luckily, we’re getting plenty of help in our efforts to green our kitchens. The government recently announced a rebate program for purchases of highefficiency household appliances, similar to its popular “Cash for Clunkers” program. And manufacturers,

20 new york house / October 2009

retailers, and interior designers are also increasing their expertise and their product offerings to include more sustainable and energy-efficient products. At Different Drummer’s Kitchen, a kitchenware store located in Latham, manager Michele Bechard has increased her store’s green offerings, including dishcloths and towels made from sustainable bamboo fibers or organic cotton. Her compost pails regularly sell out. And she recently replaced a longstanding line of nonstick cookware with Swiss Diamond, made without the use of the purportedly toxic chemical PFOA. “Products that are green are definitely a selling point for more and more people,” Bechard says. “I think you’ll be seeing more and more of them, especially with bamboo products and lines that find new uses for more environmentally friendly resources.” Additionally, Different Drummer’s exhibition kitchen, where the store holds classes, is equipped with an induction hybrid cooktop. “They’re incredibly efficient, energy-wise, and they don’t heat up the workspace as much,” says Bechard. While the store

Portable induction cooktops, like these from Fissler, heat and cook food at a faster rate than gas or electric burners, saving on energy costs. What’s more, since they don’t give off heat, they keep work spaces cooler.

doesn’t sell major appliances, it does offer portable induction cooktops, which can be used as an additional cooking surface in a home, or even on a recreational vehicle or a boat. From the biggest appliance to the smallest tool, it’s becoming increasingly easy to find environmentally responsible options. One of the leaders in this movement is appliance maker Bosch, which has earned the Energy Star rating on all of its dishwashers and refrigerators. The company is constantly striving to become more efficient with all of its appliance offerings. To wit, the AutoChef cooking technology, which is available on new induction and electric cooktops, measures the temperature of the bottom of the pan Continued on Page 22

Designers, Developers, Builders, & Architects Join us for an evening at

and learn how we can make you look great to your customers at an unbeatable price!

November 9, 2009 Registration at 5:30 PM Presentation at 6:00 PM 280 Route 211 East | Middletown, NY 10940 Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served

RSVP phone: 845.344.5555 email: Every attendee (one per company) will be entered into a raffle to be held at the end of the evening

1st Place Prize: $3,000 discount off builders’ price on your next kitchen Two 2nd Place Prizes: $500 discount Three 3rd Place Prizes: $250 discount

5.50 Home Equity THE BEST RATE AROUND! As low as



s No Closing Costs2 s No Points s Loans up to $250,000 s Terms up to 20 Years3 s Fast Loan Approval

845.463.3011 | Apply online at

1) APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates for this product are as low as stated. Rate is based on an evaluation of applicant credit. Rate is also based on the selected term and total amount financed. Total amount financed is based on an evaluation of applicant credit and appraised value. Your rate may vary from the stated rate and maximum financing. Call HVFCU at 845.463.3011 or visit our website at for current rates and specific fees. Rates effective 9/5/09. The stated rate is discounted by .25% and includes a requirement that loan payments are automatically transferred from your savings or checking account for the life of the loan. The monthly payment is not decreased as a result of this discounted rate. The discounted rate only applies to new loans and newly refinanced loans from another lender. 2) Closing costs associated with this product are waived, provided loan is maintained for a minimum of three years. HVFCU will pay for property appraisal, credit report, flood certification, attorney fee, mortgage tax, recording fee, and title search. Borrower is responsible for both homeowners and flood insurance. 3) As an example, a 240-month term and an 80% total loan-to-value for a home equity loan with a fixed rate of 6.74% APR would result in an estimated payment of $7.61 for each $1,000 financed.

We Do Business in Accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act 21

Eric Laignel

left to right: Lighting by Gregory Designed this kitchen’s lighting, featuring dimmable fluorescent overhead and Halogen lamps illuminating the recesses. Cuisinart’s new water filtration system has an energy-saving heat feature, and can help homeowners cut down on consumption of bottled water.

Continued from Page 20 and applies the minimal amount of energy to properly heat the pan, without wasting energy. Additionally, the company’s 800 Plus dishwasher is one of the most efficient models ever to be sold in North America, using only 1.5 gallons of water per cycle and operating on only 180 kWh per year of energy. In the realm of kitchen lighting, there are also a number of new energy-efficient options, says Cliff Starr, store manager and professional lighting designer at Lighting By Gregory in New York City. “We’re seeing more and more people asking about LEDs,” Starr says. “It costs more than other types of lighting, but when you realize that if you spend a little more now, and you’re not having to buy replacement lamps, that savings adds up.” Starr notes that an LED fixture left on for four hours a day, every day of the year, would last more than 34 years. In the kitchen, Starr is also a big proponent of fluorescent lights, which have come a long way since the harsh, unflattering lighting for which they used to be known. Today, fluorescents can be chosen in different degrees of color temperature, ranging from very warm to very cool. They also can be dimmable. In addition to their long life (translation—less waste generated by disposing of dead lamps) and energy efficiency, LED fixtures contain no mercury, a known toxin, and fluorescents contain very little, Starr points out. Homeowners who aren’t ready to overhaul their kitchens with new appliances or lighting can still make strides to become greener by making informed choices of cookware, kitchen utensils, and more. Fissler, a cookware and countertop appliance maker, is one brand that takes the environment to heart. The company is based in Germany, where green manufacturing standards typically surpass those in the U.S. The company’s cookware is made with a special CookStar base, which is designed to retain more heat than typical pot bases, which translates into less energy used in cooking. Fissler has also expanded its line of pressure cookers, which can cook food using up to onethird the time and energy other stovetop cooking that methods take, and makes an energy-efficient portable induction cooktop. “The recession has made consumers more conscious of the quality of the cookware they are spending money on,” says Charles Rosenberg, Fissler nutritionist. “Consumers are thinking in terms of wise investments 22 new york house / October 2009

and they know that high-quality cookware will last a lifetime, which translates into fewer old pots and pans going into the landfill.” Another option for environmentally responsible kitchenware is Bambu, a company that made its name specializing in products made of renewable bamboo, but has since expanded to include other sustainable materials like cork and soy. “Consumers are looking for green solutions,” says owner/cofounder Jeff Delkin. “They want to buy less, but buy responsible. And they’re not willing to compromise functionality for green.” Some of Bambu’s newer products include its Hybrid line of cutting boards, which combines cork and bamboo, and a series of cork bowls that can be used for mixing or serving salads. The company’s green mission extends beyond its products; it also uses recycled or Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper sources and vegetable-based inks for packaging and catalogs, it uses crinkled recycled kraft paper instead of Styrofoam for shipping, and has even eliminated the use of plastic ties that typically hold kitchen utensils to their packaging cards. The company also reduces manufacturing waste by turning excess bamboo into decorative “pebbles.” New products from Cuisinart underscore the company’s commitment to green living. The company’s GreenGourmet Cookware line, which has recycled stainless steel handles as well as a nonstick coating that is made with less energy and is not petroleum based, is expanding with the GreenGourmet Electric Skillet (due in stores in December). And its CleanWater Countertop Filtration System, which dispenses hot, cold, and room temperature water, has an energy-saver feature and aims to encourage users to avoid buying environmentally taxing bottled water. “As the population’s effect on the planet intensifies, it is more important than ever to design products with ecofriendly features that allow consumers to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” says Mary M. Rodgers, director of marketing communications for Cuisinart and Waring. “By using greener products, consumers can instantly reduce negative impacts on the environment.” American cookware company Calphalon is also committed to sustainability practices, particularly when it comes to recycling. The company’s newly launched program, ReNew, helps consumers recycle old cookware at no cost to them when they purchase a set of the Calphalon’s new Unison cookware. Whether it’s as large an investment as buying

“By using greener products, consumers can instantly reduce negative impacts on the environment.” —Mary M. Rodgers, Cuisinart and Waring an Energy Star appliance, or as little as buying a bamboo spoon instead of a plastic one, making more environmentally responsible choices when outfitting your kitchen can make an enormous impact on the earth. And luckily, most of these ecofriendly products are far more tasteful than the avocado-green kitchens of yesteryear. n

Resource List KITCHENWARE STORES Different Drummer’s Kitchen, (518) 785-5600, Warren Kitchen & Cutlery, (845) 876-6208,

MAJOR APPLIANCES Bosch, (800) 944-2904,

COOKWARE and COUNTERTOP APPLIANCES Calphalon, (800) 809-PANS, Cuisinart, (800) 726-0190, Fissler, (888) FISSLER,


LIGHTING Lighting by Gregory, (800) 807-1826, lightingbygregor

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3622 Route 9 | Cold Spring, NY


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pioneer natur al pools 23

emerald city Glenwood Management, one of New York’s largest rental firms, creates an oasis in Midtown with its first LEED-designed high-rise. BY NANCY MEYER; PHOTOGRAPHS BY DEBORAH DEGRAFFENREID


image provided

new luxury rental complex opening this month aims to offer a green alternative to high-rise living by creating a lush oasis in the heart of Manhattan’s bustling garment district. Emerald Green, designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, is the first sustainably designed project for Glenwood Management, one of New York’s oldest and largest rental builders and owners. It’s also Glenwood’s first foray into Midtown West. Located on 38th Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues, Emerald Green, being readied for occupancy by the end of October, consists of 569 spacious apartments in two, 24-story towers. What sets Emerald Green apart is its open-air, landscaped garden courtyard with fountains and a reflecting pool connecting the two towers. Both glass-enclosed lobbies face the outdoor courtyard, with a glass arcade for residents to stroll through and take in the landscape. This open space in an urban setting, as well as the buildings’ green attributes, create a connection to the natural environment the owners feel will really appeal to a wealthy demographic. “We thought it’s the right thing to do for the environment and we wanted to distinguish ourselves in the marketplace,” says Gary Jacob, Glenwood’s long-time executive vice president, who’s involved in the siting, financing, development, design, and construction of Glenwood’s properties. While there are other green rentals in New York, many are in Battery Park, where it’s mandated, Jacob relates. “There haven’t been that many market-rate buildings that have done it, so it’s an extra marketing tool.” Because it’s a green building, Glenwood benefited from modified financing through the New York Housing Finance Agency, Continued on Page 26

above: Located at 320 W. 38th St., Emerald Green includes two 24-story towers containing 568 spacious apartments. RIGHT: There are 20 model homes in the complex, to show the variety of floor plans. Every apartment enjoys bay or corner windows, many with floor-to-ceiling glass.

24 new york house / October 2009

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Ask US about these great programs for first-time homebuyers!

SONYMA loans USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Program

FHA loans First Home Club

Locations throughout the Hudson Valley (866) 440-0391

Investment, Tax, Payroll and Insurance products and services offered through Ulster Insurance Services, Inc. and Ulster Financial Group, Inc., subsidiaries of Ulster Savings Bank, are NOT FDIC INSURED. 25

Continued from Page 24 reimbursements from NYSERDA, and other incentives, Jacob says. This is one of the last development projects to be launched before the real estate market fallout. Glenwood views its position as a rental as an advantage over condominiums, and expects a strong response to Emerald Green, despite having to lower rents by about 15 percent. Rents begin at $1,900 for studios; $2,250 for one-bedrooms; $3,250 for one-bedroom with office; and $3,950 for 2-bedroom units. “There are some rental buildings in this area, the far West Side, and they all will get rented, albeit at lower prices than we were hoping for. But the good thing about a rental building is that it will always rent up and then when the market gets better, we’ll raise the rents. If it was a condominium, you get one crack at it and if you miss the market, you’re in trouble,” Jacob says. “We’ve never opened up a building that doesn’t rent. We’ll achieve what we normally achieve in all of our buildings: 98 percent occupancy.” If Glenwood is bullish on its prospects for Emerald Green, it also found the LEED criteria relatively easy to achieve. The firm was already siting its buildings near mass transit and using energy-efficient windows and appliances. “We discovered a lot of the things that we were doing already would actually qualify us for [LEED]. So with a little extra effort, we could do something that’s good for the environment and helps us market the building,” Jacob says. What’s new here are synthetic sheetrock and recycled building materials, flooring made from rapidly-renewing bamboo instead of three-quarterinch parquet oak floors, low- and no-VOC paints, finishes, cabinets and other furnishings, and motiondetector lights in stairwells. “Knowing how other tenants feel about smells and odors of building materials—a lot of people are sensitive to that—and having low-VOC paints, caulking, carpet, and kitchen and bathroom cabinets could only be a plus,” Jacob relates. The green roof is also novel. While Glenwood is known for landscaping on ground floors and roofs, it created a green roof here with plant materials that

“We thought it’s the right thing to do for the environment and we wanted to distinguish ourselves in the marketplace.” —Gary Jacob, Glenwood Management don’t require watering and installed white pavers to reflect heat. Says Jacob: “It lowers the heat gain in the roof, so it’s energy efficient for us, and it’s good for the environment by lowering carbon dioxide emissions. We’re capturing a lot of the water that lands on our roof for irrigation. That saves us some money as well.” In addition to its green features, Emerald Green boasts many of the high-end amenities included in its other properties, such as Barclay Tower, The Belmont, and The Regent, among others. Features include a yoga stretching room overlooking the courtyard, as well as a children’s playroom, theatre, swimming pool, fitness center, library, lounge with kitchen facilities, laundry facilities, and 24-hour doormen. An optional indoor garage and valet/maid services are also offered. The site is in the heart of the garment district, an area that has already begun turning residential and that Glenwood hopes will be “the next Soho,” Jacob says. Having had this experience, Jacob envisions Glenwood retrofitting its existing 20-or-so luxury buildings in the same green fashion, one apartment at a time. As a long-term investment owner, Glenwood recognizes not only the environmental and health benefits of going green, but the financial ones as well, he says. n

Resource List DEVELOPER GLENWOOD MANAGEMENT New York City (212) 535-0500 (Uptown Office), (212) 430-5900 (Downtown Office);

ARCHITECT STEPHEN B. JacobS GROUP, P.C. (212)421-3712;

LEED CONSULTANT VIRIDIAN ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL, LLC (212) 704-9920; top: green roofs utilize recaptured water for irrigation and roof terraces feature heat-reflective pavers. middle: Each Emerald Green apartment is designed with sustainable bamboo wood flooring, VOC-free interior finishes, and walls that minimize random air-infiltration from adjacent apartments and corridors. bottom: marble bathrooms offer porcelain under-mount sinks and tri-view mirrored medicine cabinets. RIGht: Home offices feature abundant storage space and privacy.

26 new york house / October 2009




(845)-831-4595 or(877)-274-WOOD 27

personal space josephine rivera, right, served as president of the 1347 bristow street co-op through the buildingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s green renovation. rivera is seen atop the buildingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s green roof with jaime figueroa, who now serves as co-op president.

28 new york house / October 2009

Green Pride Bronx neighbors unite to turn their outdated co-op building into an earth-friendly, healthy home. By Arthur Zaczkiewicz; photographs by deborah degraffenreid


osephine Rivera, a postal worker who lives in the heart of the South Bronx, is the face of a new green building movement stirring in New York City. Rivera has served as president of the 1347 Bristow Street Co-op in the Morrisania section. She’s lived in the building for over 35 years and has seen it transform recently from a nearly vacant tenement into a green retrofitted building that features sustainably-sourced bamboo floors, a green roof, and high-efficiency condensing gas-fired boilers as well as a pending LEED Silver rating. Call it “urban green renewal.” “Living here has changed my life,” Rivera says matter-of-factly as she gives a tour of the building, noting the Fiberglas-framed windows, Energy Star appliances, energy saving fixtures, and ventilation system that allows for a hermetically sealed home. The latter made her think hard about indoor air quality and her health. “So after 30 years, I quit smoking,” she says. “I feel great, and I lost 60 pounds. I truly feel blessed.” The transformation of 1347 Bristow can be traced back to 1984 when New York City took the building over from a tax delinquent owner. From the late 1980s until 2005, the number of residents dwindled to 11, Rivera says. So they banded together and met with officials from the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). The plan was for the residents to take over ownership of the building, essentially becoming co-op shareholders, as the structure was set for a complete, green refurbishment. “We took charge and were committed to the idea,” Rivera says. “And they saw that we were serious, which is why [HPD] supported us.” The building was completely gutted, and the co-op shareholders had their furniture moved into storage while they stayed in temporary housing during the construction work. When the work was done, the shareholders moved back into the building—into sparkling new homes that featured modern energy efficient appliances and fixtures. There are 23 units in the five-story building; 10 of the units are occupied and 13 are available. The co-op is currently accepting applications for its 1and 2-bedroom homes priced between $90,000 and $120,000. Monthly maintenance fees run about $450. Larsen Plano, LEED Accredited Professional (AP) at the Long Island City-based Community Environmental Center, which consulted on the retrofit, says 1347 Bristow represents a unique green trend in urban areas. Plano says greening an existing building rather than constructing a new one “is more environmentally friendly because you’re cutting down on the impacts associated with siting a new building—whether that’s demolishing an old building or developing a greenfield site—and

you’re vastly decreasing the amount of new materials that you need.” Plano says that even so, “real world” situations can complicate considerations of green retrofitting, but adds that from a climate perspective, “it is imperative that we improve existing buildings.” “Estimates vary as to how many buildings that are standing today will still be standing 50 years from now, but everybody agrees that we need to deal with existing buildings,” Plano explains. “I have seen analyses showing that if we could design every new building, beginning today, so that it used no energy, in 50 years the annual emissions from the buildings which were built prior to today alone would be greater than where we hope our total annual emissions would be at that point. That’s a complicated way of saying that there is no way to achieve the goals for Continued on Page 30

The five-story building at 1347 bristow includes a retail storefront, seen on the corner in the top photo. Above, a plaque in the lobby proudly displays the names of the initial shareholders of the co-op. 29

Continued from Page 29 emissions reductions that scientists propose without improving existing buildings.” Plano is hopeful that more existing multifamily buildings will “go green.” Plano says at CEC “we have recently seen an increased level of interest, but there are still many challenges in the implementation, many of which simply have to do with access to good information. In New York City there are a number of really exciting laws and policies in the making, which would have a dramatic impact on the environmental performance of existing buildings of all types, so I am hopeful.” In regard to 1347 Bristow, Plano says the enthusiasm and commitment of the residents pushed the project forward. Plano says the residents approached the work “with open minds and open hearts, and they have changed some of my assumptions about how people can (and do) live in a green building. They’ve actually become an invaluable local resource for other buildings that want to go green: they’re dual-flush toilet evangelists, greenroof advocates, and more. It’s not a perfect building, but they’re incredibly proud to live there, which is really great to see.” Indeed, 1347 Bristow Street garnered an honorable mention award in the 2008 New York City Green Building Competition, given by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the City of New York. The building is well suited to the neighborhood. A high level of pride is revealed from the clean streets. At one end of Bristow Street there’s P.S. 134, an elementary school teeming with energetic children. At the other end of the street, there are two community gardens that have water harvesting systems. Elderly gardeners wave hello and offer a sample of summer squash. Inside the building, Rivera continues the tour. “These lights in the lobby are motion-sensitive,” she says. “That saves energy. Listen to me…I’m a real green advocate!” n

“They’ve actually become an invaluable local resource for other buildings that want to go green: they’re dual-flush toilet evangelists, green roof advocates, and more.” —Larsen Plano, Community Environmental Center

Resource List Architect Jerzy Lesniak, New York City Depar tment of Housing Preservation and Development

Mechanical Engineer Tom Cavallo, New York City Depar tment of Housing Preservation and Development

Green consultation Larsen Plano, LEED AP Community Environmental Center

Features: Hotpoint 30-inch Gas Stoves (Energy Star cer tified) Waterpik EcoFlow Low-Flow Shower Heads GE Profile Top Freezer Refrigerator (Energy Star certified) Caroma Dual-flush Toilets Gasmaster Industries Condensing Gas Boiler Weil-Mclain Water Heaters Speed Queen Ultra High Efficiency Dryers and Washers (Energy Star certified)

30 new york house / October 2009

top left: josephine rivera’s daughter, betsy, with son roman and stewie. top right: rivera holds a “tree of heaven” plant—an invasive species—weeded from the green roof, but what she sees as a blessing after it regrew. above: rivera relaxes in her favorite corner of the living room, which features a bamboo floor.

EXHIBITION & SALE Location: High Meadow School RT 209 | Stone Ridge | NY | 12484

Rob Hare

Michael Puryear Jeff Johnson

Kieran Kinsella

Josh Finn joshďŹ

Andrew Hunter

Michael McClatchy

Johnny Poux

Mark Granfors

Palo Samko

EXHIBITION HOURS: Opening: Friday, October 9 6-9pm | Saturday, October 10 | 10am - 6pm Sunday, October 11 | 10am - 6pm | Monday, October 12 | 10am - 4pm 31

Reclaimed Comfort Local craftspeople use time-honored techniques and reclaimed materials in their furniture creations.


n the world of furniture retail, it may seem hard to come by products that will not only last but also coincide with the green conscience. But there is, in fact, an abundance of locally-sourced and sustainable furniture in the Hudson Valley and New York metro region. Many local woodworkers create beautiful works

Rob Hare, of Rifton, works with his clients to create unique designs, like the Claro walnut armchair.

of art with supplies that would otherwise be thrown into landfills or left to rot on the forest floor. Robert Staab of Campbell Hall runs a business called After the Barn, where he and his son make furniture out of wood from old barns that would otherwise be demolished. “You don’t want to see the barns go into a heap or a pile and be buried,” Staab says. “So we give [them] a new life.” Staab, who will soon be opening a second showroom in Yorktown, not only uses the wood, but also some of 32 new york house / October 2009

the nails and hardware from the barn. “We try to recycle the whole thing,” he says, which sometimes involves taking trailer loads of scrap to his yard. Staab’s furniture is often made with rare woods, such as chestnut, which has been commercially unavailable for decades due to blight in the mid 20th century. “Most of the wood that we reclaim is anywhere from 90 to 200 years old,” he says. In addition, Staab says, a tree would be at least 100-150 years old to produce the wood used for a barn, so some of his materials may be up to 350 years old, which makes for a very unique product. “The guy who leads my shop, his father’s been in it for 25 to 30 years,” Staab explains. “So we took his lead by making farm tables using really extraordinary construction techniques.” Some other furniture makers also use timber from old buildings. Joseph Foglia, who owns a shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, uses beams that are cast aside during demolitions. “[I’ve been] reclaiming these very New York Cityspecific timbers; beams that are specific to New York City buildings,” he explains. “People have taken a liking to them.” Foglia also uses the timber from demolition projects to build homes and cabins upstate. “[I] try to find a project before it’s ripped apart, and make a deal with the contractor to come take it out myself,” he says. Like Staab, Foglia enjoys the fact that some of the wood he uses is hundreds of years old. “[We’ve pulled] beams out of a belt buckle factory built in the 1860s.” And demolition sites aren’t the only source for artists who use reclaimed materials. Steve Heller, owner of Fabulous Furniture, uses “big, old, ugly trees that have diseases or defects that no one wants.” By doing this, he provides a service for nearby homeowners—many come to him to take away their fallen trees. “I get a lot of trees after storms, trees that blow down,” he says. “Mostly everyone is thrilled to give me the tree and get rid of it.” Heller has been at his store for 37 years, and while business has had its ups and downs, he says it’s been doing “really, really good.” And throughout these 37


years, he’s always used local wood for his projects. “I’m appalled sometimes about 1,000 acres of rainforest disappearing every year because people want to buy some crazy South American wood to put outside on their deck,” he says. “There’s plenty of black walnut and cherry and real fancy, cool wood here that is certainly underutilized.” Another artist who uses locally reclaimed materials for his artwork is Kieran Kinsella of Kingston. “The wood I use is all locally salvaged directly from the forest or from local tree services,” he explains. “These are trees that are taken down because they are dead or dying, or pose a threat to a home or road.” Kinsella also makes arrangements with locals who are trying to get rid of trees. “I have worked with clients who have had to have trees removed that were growing too close to their home[s],” he says. “And rather than have a tree service cart it away, we were able to build at least six tables and benches from the trunk.” “Here in the Northeast we have such a wealth of beautiful wood close at hand that can be harvested sustainably,” says Kinsella. “I am always surprised more furniture makers do not take advantage of this.” Some furniture makers don’t make furniture for furniture’s sake, however—for some, it’s about the art. Andrew Hunter of Gardiner uses furniture as an outlet for his artistic vision, incorporating Asian-styled elements into his work. “This Chinese furniture from the Ming Dynasty 400 years ago is the apex, I think, of furniture making,” he explains. “They’re built with integrity and built simply—not flashiness to sell right away, not shininess to sell right away, but simple.” Hunter, however, has been facing harsh times in the economic downturn. “I build less than 10 pieces a year, and I generally spend more than a month on a piece,” he says. Regardless, he still has shows in which he displays his work. “People see my work and either commission a piece or buy a piece off the showroom floor. Whatever effort I put in is whatever I can get out.” Despite the economic downturn, local furniture makers continue their craft. Palo Samko, a woodworker from former Czechoslovakia who works in Brooklyn and High Falls, uses reclaimed materials from construction sites to make works of art. Palo began woodworking at a very early age, inspired by his father’s work as a house builder. Many of his pieces are laden with intricate details. For example, Samko incorporates bird shapes into some of his mobiles and tables. “I love birds and the freedom of flying—to me it was always a dream,” explains Samko. “I was using the band saw and one of the pieces left on the floor looked like a silhouette of a bird, so I shaped it and decided to bring it to my son.”

Some of his pieces incorporate random knick-knacks, like his Constellation dining table, in which he incorporates watch gears. “I collect old junk—everything that I find at antique stores or garage sales. I have big collections of old objects,” he explains. “I had about 100 different watch gears, and they were lying in a box, and one day I said, ‘I have to do a project with those gears.’” “It’s a lot of work,” says Samko, “But on the other hand, it pays off.” Despite their differing styles, and despite financial hardships, these artists share their dedication to quality and meticulous technique. As Kinsella explains, “One thing we share in common is a commitment to craftsmanship. Building a long lasting piece of furniture that can be passed down for generations goes a long way in reducing material consumption.” He continues, “In that respect you could say we all have a commitment to sustainability, building future heirlooms in this increasingly throwaway world.” n

“You could say we all have a commitment to sustainability, building future heirlooms in this increasingly throwaway world.” —Kieran Kinsella

Resource List local wood workers Ed Felton, New Paltz. (845) 806-5867. Josh Finn, High Falls. (845) 687-8805. Joseph Foglia, Brooklyn. (917) 687-4033; (718) 599-3005. Mark Granfors, Wallkill. (845) 489-2050. Rob Hare, Rifton. (845) 658-3584. Steve Heller, Boiceville. (845) 657-6317. Andrew Hunter, Gardiner. (845) 255-0651. Jeff Johnson, Poughkeepsie. Anissa Kapsales, Rosendale. Kieran Kinsella, Kingston. Michael McClatchy, Accord. Johnny Poux, Kingston. (845) 340-9088. Michael Puryear, Shokan. Palo Samko, High Falls/Brooklyn. (718) 744-8898. Nicholas Simile, Rosendale. (845) 658-3662. Ezra Waltermaurer, Kingston. (845) 340-0301.

Hudson Valley Furniture Makers Exhibition October 9-12 , STONE RIDGE Enjoy a beautiful display of handmade furniture and art from members of the Hudson Valley Furniture Makers. Exhibition ends October 12. Free. Friday 6-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm, Monday 10am-4pm. High Meadow School.

Palo Samko incorporates intricate details in many of his pieces, such as this Propeller Lamp. Bottom left: Kieran Kinsella, of Kingston, crafted these three pieces from salvaged wood. Bottom right: Andrew Hunter, of Gardiner, used reclaimed materials for this liquor cabinet. 33


he Marcellus Shale is a shale formation that reportedly contains huge deposits of natural gas. It includes parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and upstate New York. Some look at this as a cash cow that could create billions of dollars of revenue for Drilling for the states and the overall Natural Gas region it encompasses. Others, however, see it as in Upstate merely a short term energy New York solution that will cause long term health and environmental damage. Natural gas companies propose to extract the gas using an elaborate drilling method called hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” which involves injecting enormous amounts of water and chemicals into the ground to access the natural gas trapped in the shale. What kind of chemicals, one might ask? Because of a loophole created in the Safe Drinking Water Act under former President George W. Bush’s Energy Policy Act of 2005, gas companies do not have to disclose what these chemicals are. They are treated as “trade secrets.” The oil and gas industry is the only industry granted an exemption from complying with the Safe Drinking Water Act, which would otherwise require disclosure of the names of these chemicals. Should we be worried? Ask the residents out west in places like Pavillion, WY, where the EPA is now investigating wells suspected to be tainted by a host of toxic chemicals used for fracking. The upcoming documentary film Rage of Nature explores areas—particularly out west—that have been damaged by fracking. Check it out at —Paul McGinniss



Custom Shower Doors and Mirrors

Largest Variety of Decorative Glass in the Area

8 4 5 - 4 6 2 - 1 8 1 8 34 New York House / October 2009

1916 New Hackensack Road • Poughkeepsie, New York 12603

Boom or Bust:

Natural gas companies propose hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” which involves injecting enormous amounts of water and chemicals into the ground to access the natural gas trapped in the shale.

EL;HM>;BC;:Xoh[delWj_edehXk_bZ_d]fbWdi5 Wednesday, October 28, 2009 7:30am to 1:00pm TechCity, Kingston, NY 12401

:7KDJ;:XoWbbj^[Z[Y_i_edi5 9H?D=?D=Wjj^[Yeiji5 MEHH?;:m^eÉbbmWjY^j^_d]im^[doekYWdÉj5

[$X$ JEJ>;I?J;

New York House caught up with Deanna Polizzo, vice president of NorthMarq Capital, a speaker at ScheinMedia’s Hudson Valley Green Real Estate Development Conference, to discuss NorthMarq Capital’s role and outlook on the real estate markets.

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Deanna Polizzo, vice president of NorthMarq Capital

What types of properties does NorthMarq Capital work with? All commercial property types. As the largest privately owned U.S. company specializing in providing capital to commercial real estate owners and investors, we represent over 50 life insurance companies and are Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and FHA licensed. We also can provide equity solutions to owners and investors, and in addition to our mortgage banking services, we provide asset advisory services, investment sales, and management services.   Are any markets growing or faring better than others? Multifamily has been hit hard, even in “bulletproof ” areas such as New York City. The Northeast has not experienced vast overbuilding as in previous downturns. Multifamily has been squeezed by the addition of supply from failed condo projects. The markets hit hardest will obviously take longer to recover. The barriers to entry in the Northeast have insulated us to some extent and are already showing signs of improvement. There are new apartments being built in Fairfield and Westchester counties, and condominium sales, albeit still slow, are starting to pick up. Are there any untapped markets you hope to enter? As a national company, NorthMarq has been strategically expanding, adding three offices this year on the West Coast. With 32 offices, we have excellent market coverage and local expertise throughout the country. We are always looking for opportunities for smart growth and recently [acquired] Opus Property Services [which] doubled our assets under management to 60 million square feet. How does NorthMarq help clients manage troubled assets? The majority of NorthMarq’s financings have been through life company correspondences and agencies, therefore we have not experienced the level of troubled assets other firms have. In cases [of ] owners with troubled assets, we have been able to assist in negotiations with servicers and lenders to find workable solutions. As a rated master servicer and a primary servicer for the agencies and life insurance companies, we have vast experience and capabilities of working through the majority of the issues faced by borrowers in today’s environment. Are there any challenges specific to Connecticut and New York? How does this area compare to others? The biggest challenge in Connecticut and New York has been the barriers to entry related to land cost and the entitlement process, which are consistent with most coastal areas. When there is available land at inexpensive prices and ease of entitlements, overbuilding generally results. We have seen this in Florida, parts of Texas, and Phoenix. Until the oversupply is absorbed, it will be difficult to achieve price stabilization.

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Sky of Blue, Pastoral Sea of Green

Silo Ridge aims to provide ample greens—not just for golfers, but for the neighbors as well. BY Tarez Eisen; PHOTOGRAPHS PROVIDED


uxury living in a land of abundant wildlife and valleys, just 85 miles north of the bustle of Manhattan? It seems too good to be true, until you hear of Silo Ridge, a sustainable residential and resort development incorporated in Amenia, a sleepy hamlet of 4,000 in Northeast Dutchess County’s Harlem Valley.   Touted as a “healthy-living lifestyle” community and resort, Silo Ridge is essentially the first of its kind to integrate sustainable expansion in a natural environment in the New York metropolitan area. Planned by Millbrook Ventures, LLC, the development firm created by Stephen Garofalo in 2000 to develop a resort and residential neighborhood on the existing 670-acre golf course, Silo Ridge will include a 300unit hotel and four residential areas consisting of 338 townhome and golf villa condos, vineyard cottages, and 41 single-family homes to be built in three phases.       “We’ve been pretty consistent to the vision, of creating a little village with a hotel, the golf clubhouse, maybe a few little shops and buildings close together like you’d find in a New England village, around a green. And then neighborhoods stretching out, shall we say, extending like fingers into the more open country,” says Robert A.M. Stern, the lead architect on the project. “And that’s been the idea all along.”  Maintaining 80 percent open space, nearly 537 acres, ensures that the development will be of relatively low impact to the surrounding environment. Approximately 64 percent of the development’s units are within a quarter mile of the resort core and less than 6 percent of the development will be impervious road surface. Developers hope some of the storm water runoff from these surfaces will be recycled into potable water for the resort and golf course. Millbrook Ventures will also seek evaluation from New York State Energy Research 36 new york house / October 2009

and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and will then move forward in planning for energy efficient heating and lighting. NYSERDA, according to Millbrook Ventures Vice President of Construction Mike Dignacco, will evaluate Silo Ridge’s resources and topography and will then create the optimum energy plan for Silo Ridge. “I think the whole process has worked very well. Environmentally, we’ve brought the town to a whole other level,” says Bill Flood, Town of Amenia planning board chairman. “We’ve set the bar very high at this point.” For now, Silo Ridge, having already gained approval of its master development plan through the special use permit process, awaits site plan and subdivision approval that developers and town board members hope will come before the projected construction start date of spring 2010. It is hoped that by 2012, phase one—the hotel, golf course, retail space, spa, and several homes—will be completed. Silo Ridge is a unique development that Stern says speaks to travelers in the area and local residents. Stern, who has a broad knowledge and deep respect for the area, is designing the resort and residential neighborhood to blend with the natural landscape. It will be “visually suitable” and “fundamentally green,” he says. “This will fit into the way people live and the way people see their visual landscape.” Finding the perfect fit between environment and architecture has always been important to the design. “The buildings belong in that rural-esque vernacular,” with gable roofs and New England features, Stern says. “The colors will be grays and whites and browns that fit into nature. The ridges and valleys have been studied very carefully so that the buildings are placed in a sympathetic relationship to them.” The development will not be an eyesore to those in the area, but will, as Stern says, add a

Spectacular views of the Harlem Valley, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are among the many features developers hope will draw guests and homebuyers to Silo Ridge, located in the northeast corner of Dutchess County.

soothing “farm complex” dimension. The concept for Silo Ridge, it seems, is one of responsible luxury, where design and extravagance never supersede sustainable living. All homes on site will be Energy-Star compliant and all commercial facilities are designed to be LEED Silver certified as well. “I think that, at the end of the day, these units are going to be far superior to something that would have been built even 5 or 10 years ago,” says Dignacco. With expected development costs ranging from $700 million to $800 million, saving money factors heavily into the equation. These units, Dignacco says, “make sense operationally too. If we do this right, the long term operational costs will be greatly reduced.” Continued on Page 38

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October 2009

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clockwise from above: silo ridge is designed as a series of buildings grouped around open spaces that complement the natural topography and design aesthetic of Dutchess County and New England; Early stage planning of the traditional neighborhood’s village green, located in the resort core, calls for a small bistro, several boutiques, and amenity shops; Palettes of warm, natural colors and design elements like gabled roofs, seen in this Robert A.M. Stern rendering, will be used on all residential and commercial buildings onsite.

Continued from Page 36 Recycling on site, before construction even begins, also makes sense operationally. Construction teams at Silo Ridge hope to recycle spare materials from the existing golf clubhouse for use onsite and in the community. According to Dignacco, some kitchen equipment and furnishings have been sold or donated to local restaurants, and several groups, including a regional church organization, are interested in doors, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and interior finish materials and windows. In addition, all iron and non-iron based metals will be sold to a metal salvage and recycling company. “We’re committed to a sophisticated green agenda,” says Stern of his design philosophy. “We will pursue and always pursue the most sophisticated, manageable, and affordable approach to sustainability that we can.” It is perhaps for this reason that Stern sees accessibility as one of Silo Ridge’s greenest features. Located near the Wassaic train station, the last stop on the Harlem Valley line out of Grand Central Station, Silo Ridge will have shuttle service to and from the station, eliminating surplus resident traffic and commuting difficulties for guests. “It will be easily accessible by a large number of people and extend the idea of sustainability beyond just the building to the relationship to the environment and the region,” says Stern. The town of Amenia and Millbrook Ventures have seemingly walked hand-in-hand down the path to this development, incorporating luxury, simplicity, and alliance along the way. By reworking municipality zoning laws in the town’s comprehensive plan, Amenia has paved the way for Silo Ridge to meet and complete development requirements. Public review processes during every step in the process have also allowed residents and local homeowners to directly influence aspects of Silo Ridge’s green development. “It’s a remarkable project that has, in an impressive way, worked to address the town’s concerns and meet, to the best of its abilities, the town’s expectations for future developments,” says Marc Molinaro, assemblyman of the 103rd district which covers Amenia. “It is a good example of what, when communities set their mind to it, can work in a cooperative way with the private sector of development.”    Collaboration has granted reward to not just developers, but Amenia too. The hamlet, plagued by the 38 new york house / October 2009

“We’re committed to a sophisticated green agenda. We will pursue and always pursue the most sophisticated, manageable, and affordable approach to sustainability that we can.” Fast Facts —Robert A.M. Stern Robert A.M. Stern Architects lack of a proper wastewater management system, has been offered the ability to tap into the treatment plant being built by Silo Ridge, once they gain a $10 million conveyance system to deliver the town’s raw sewage to the resort’s facility. The construction and maintenance of the wastewater treatment, built at no cost to Amenia, saves the town nearly $5 million, according to town supervisor Wayne Euvrard. Local industry is expected to boom as Silo Ridge will also provide nearly 2,000 jobs during construction and 1,200 full and part-time jobs in maintenance, lodging, and recreation once completed. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment is knowing that continued partnership between town and developer, expansion and environment, will cultivate continued success. As supervisor Euvrard says, “It is a win-win for everyone.” n

Silo Ridge Resort and Community Amenities: • Golf club with 18-hole Ernie Els Championship Golf Course • Conference and banquet center • 46,000 square foot spa and wellness facility • Equestrian Facility • 18,700 square feet of village green retail shops • Winery restaurant • Access to local racing, hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities • 41 Estate Homes • 19 Golf villas • 19 Vineyard Cottages • 107 Town homes • 152 single-family Residences Source: Millbrook Ventures, LLC

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green advocate ask the

Large complexes, condominiums and driveways should have plow markers installed. This will help locate the areas to be cleared of snow and cut back on damage to the lawn area. Rodney likes to get together with his clients to put together a plowing and cleanup plan for snowstorms. Prioritizing which areas should be plowed first and where vehicles should park during and after a storm cuts back on stress for everyone. No one wants to get hurt because of a slip and fall. Remind your employees and residents to dress appropriately for winter. That means footwear that has grip. Melting and refreezing snow can turn a once clear area icy. “Black Ice” leads to many fender benders and spills. What about your landscaping? Deer wrapping, fences, selective pruning and repellent are different ways of deterring deer. If you wrap your shrubs, use a high quality wrap that will withstand deer and winter elements. Deer fence may cost more upfront, but can be stored and used year after year. Pruning certain vegetation to deter deer maybe a little unsightly, but is beneficial to the plant. A good deer repellent is effective; but needs to be reapplied as its effectiveness wears off.

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40 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

with Paul McGinniss julie novak

The winter season begins before the first snowflake. First thing you need is a snow removal contractor lined up. Rodney recommends starting your search in September. This allows you to get different proposals and for the contractor to become familiar with your property.

Cutting the Cord: Is Living Off the Grid Really a Good Thing?


Paul, If someone builds a house that’s far from power lines, there’s no other choice but to be grid free. But if you’re close enough to the grid to be on it, should you cut the cord anyway and say, “Forget about it?” I’ve heard the argument recently that someone is a bad citizen if he/she goes off the grid when power sources are close enough to make it affordable to be grid connected. The argument is: if you’re making more clean power than you need, it’s your responsibility as a citizen to sell the clean power back to the grid so we can lessen society’s dependence on carbon-based energy.   —Nan, Glen Head, Long Island Hi Nan, To start, let me explain for our readers what living off the grid means: it means living without any connection to centralized services like power and water. Now, technically, living 100 percent off the grid really means not relying on the “outside,” i.e. centralized, systems for anything: electrical power, water, oil, or gas. I’d go so far as to say that being truly grid free means growing your own food. The essence of being “off the grid” is that once you are set up, you don’t have to rely on outside sources and systems, all of which could be disrupted by a host of factors in the future. Now, for your question regarding whether living off the electrical grid and not sharing your excess clean energy with the grid is being a bad citizen. My answer is no—I don’t think so. That’s too judgmental for me. But if you had a garden that grew more tomatoes than you needed, would you not pick them and let them rot on the vine? Why not sell excess clean power back to the grid if you can? That way when it’s not sunny and you can’t make electricity, you essentially get some back for free. And at peak times (usually when it is sunny out) you’re helping the grid from being overextended by feeding it power just as the grid needs it the most. It is important to remember that in New York and most states you will not get rebates on solar photovoltaics unless you are connected to the grid. The best thing is to be grid connected but grid independent. That way, if the grid fails, you don’t worry because you don’t rely on it for your own power. There are a lot of ways to be grid connected but grid independent, including energy management and battery storage systems, as well as grid-connected HVAC units that can also switch to DC power coming from their own solar panel. There are even home-based hydrogen power stations in development that will heat and cool your house, as well as provide electricity for your home and your 100 percent electric vehicles. —Paul


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AIA Study Envisions Future of New York City Waterfront

Collage showing sunken, retired subway cars creating artificial reefs in the shallow waters along the harbor edge in New Jersey.

42 New York House / October 2009

On the Water | Palisade Bay: The 2007-2009 AIA College of Fellows Latrobe Prize Project Guy Nordenson Associates; Catherine Seavitt Studio; Architecture Research Office


ith news about global warming, rising sea levels, and entire island nations disappearing into the ocean, it’s hard not to get anxious about the future inhabitability of waterfront areas around the planet. A Katrina-like hurricane is predicted someday for New York City. While fantasies of being rescued in Manhattan by Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid a la The Day After Tomorrow might be secretly appealing, it’s hardly a sober reality. Just as global warming anxiety sets in, New York architect Jonah Pregerson sends the fantastic report, “On the Water/Palisade Bay,” an American Institute of Architects College of Fellows Latrobe Prize-winning project conducted with the help and support of Princeton University. The report creatively tackles rising sea levels and disastrous storm surge threats in urban areas. It turns potential tragedy on its head by envisioning a greener, storm-ready, seaside wonderland instead. “On the Water/Palisade Bay” envisions “landscapes which re-think the thresholds of water and the city,” which “not only mitigate potential damage from storms but also provide new ground for recreation, ecologies, agriculture, and urban development.” Imagine, throughout New York City, reconstructed wetlands providing natural habitats and storm surge protection. Manmade barrier islands block storm surges, and some of them consist of floating mesh that grows grasses and hosts wildlife. Breakwater towers and walls are huge scaffolds covered with vegetation. Subway cars are reefs and oyster racks. Despite being made by man, this visionary plan would put the natural back in urban places where nature has been ignored.  —Paul McGinniss

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44 New York House / October 2009


o beat heat loss PROJECT #14 from windows Draft Protection: without messy Indoor Storm caulk or ugly plastic sheets, consider a new, Windows semi-DIY product that makes weatherproofing as easy on the eyes—and hands— as it is on the wallet. The Advanced Energy Panel (AEP) is an interior insulating window panel consisting of a sheet of clear vinyl in a 60 percent recycled aluminum frame that fits over existing windows or sliding doors. The panel traps a pocket of air nearly a half-inch thick, creating a thermal barrier and eliminating condensation. According to Kevin Powell, chief operating officer, the panels exceed Energy Star standards. “The highest we’ve ever seen for total heat savings on a building was 55 percent,” Powell The Advanced Energy Panel consists of a sheet of flexible says. vinyl in a durable, 60 percent Each panel costs roughly recycled aluminum frame. $80-$90, much less than a replacement window. The panels are backed by NYSERDA, which offers a loan program for installation, but there may be rebates, tax credits, and other incentives offered by your local utility company, or local, state, and federal governments that apply. On top of that, you’ll make your money back in heat savings in five to seven years—and that’s a high estimate, Powell says. AEP installation is easy. First, visit the product website at and pick out a style; either front surface mount, which sits on top of the window molding, or a recessed mount, which sits directly on top of the window inside the frame. Measure the size of the frame, adding one-and-a-half inches to each side for front surface mount or subtracting a quarter inch from each side for the recessed mount. More detailed instructions are on the website. Next, choose the grid work (how many panes) and color (white or brown). Lastly, call AEP at (800) 8199463 for a price quote. In a few days, your panels will arrive, and installing them is as easy as screwing in a few brackets and putting up the panels. Advanced Energy Panels will soon be available in Home Depot and Green Depot stores. “We had a NASA grant that helped us do some [research and development] on our frame,” says Powell. “The whole product has come a long way.” Instructional pictures, videos, and sample measurements are available on the company’s website.  —Will Kamerman

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horoscopes for your home life by Eric Francis Coppolino / october 2009


e’ve just wrapped up another spell of Mercury retrograde, and passed by the Libra Equinox—but some of the most exciting astrology of the year is still ahead of us. That would involve Saturn, which changes signs to Libra on October 29 and makes a square aspect to Pluto. Saturn changing signs is a refreshing development, particularly to one of the strongest signs of the lot. Its presence in Libra adds plenty to the already abundant airy energy of Aquarius; and the square to Pluto represents a kind of turning point that is often abused by regressive forces: we’re likely to be hearing a lot about the flu this fall, whether it really means something or not. The true theme of Saturn square Pluto is an adjustment to the structure of our lives, in particular, our relationships.

Aries (March 20 – April 19) You have long awaited a clearing of the decks in a longtime partnership, or in your concept of relationship. Certain aspects of your life have run ahead of progress in what most of us would consider the most necessary aspect of life—human contact. You have revised some of your largest goals and decided to claim your power. You have become determined to have friends that suit your way of life. Be patient while the planets move into position to grant you a new perspective and a new experience on one-to-one bonding. I suggest you bide your time a little while longer and consciously choose to not rush into or out of any commitments. The cosmos has the next move. Taurus (April 19 – May 20) If I said, “Your life is about to become what you have to offer, and the quality of your life will be measured by what you give rather than what you gain,” you might think you were on the losing end of a bargain. To the contrary, there is a benefit you have not counted, which is the measure of your self-worth being determined in a tangible way: through your participation in existence. Your tendency to be content with appearances deserves the trip to the recycling bin that it’s about to get. Every measure is now one of substance; you will know you’re in a new place when you crave offering yourself more than you’ve ever craved withholding.

Gemini (May 20 – June 21) To accomplish anything requires discipline; the more creative and original, the more it’s necessary to focus your mind and your actions. You’ve struggled with this idea for a while, painfully caught in your tendencies toward pettiness and emotional perfectionism. With the enormous force of will, you’ve opened up a space within yourself. It’s not that large, but the truth is, you feel freer there than you ever have before. Today, the past is less meaningful and I dare say less of a burden. This is progress, of a kind you rarely experience. You don’t need to ponder too long or too deep about what to do with this energy; you already know what you want, and you have for a long time.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) You’re not the type to pick up and go, but I dare say you’re getting restless. You can trust that feeling: changes illustrated by your astrology suggest that there’s not a single corner of your life unaffected by the gust of progress that’s blowing through your awareness. If you feel that it’s time to set off in search of new horizons, new places, new people, and possibly a new home, you can trust that instinct. If you feel driven by passion, longing, or the need to resolve ancient grief, trust that as well. These moments do not come often, or we don’t expect them to; and most mortals rarely ever honor them when they do. It’s fair to say that the astrology now approaching will be impossible to ignore.

Leo (July 22 – August 23) You know that your growth is about one thing overall: not being trapped in the past, or in the strange tendencies of your family. Among the people you know, you alone have had the strength to do this with the full power of your heart and soul, and you have provided an inspiration to many in the process. There’s now something from your past of great value that you can retrieve and claim as your own. This gift involves a technique for adapting to people who tended toward extreme states of mind and who had no concept of balance, or compromise, or fairness. This may be something as simple as the full acknowledgement of how you became the person you are. Virgo (August 23 – September 22) With Saturn about to leave your birth sign, this would be an excellent time for a review of the past two years. Which of your goals have come to fruition? Which have not? And now for the more difficult question: why or why not? Part of coming to terms with your weaknesses involves the simultaneous recognition of your strengths. With that awareness, it’s possible to borrow strength and wisdom from one part of your life and apply it to another. Indeed, 46 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

it’s necessary to understand which of your values works for you and why; and to use that as leverage in your quest for independence and success. Three or four weeks’ reflection on these points will prove to be extremely useful.

Libra (September 22 – October 23) Fear, when you look at it closely, is an extremely strange thing. For example, if you kept a running list of everything you were concerned about or scared would happen over the course of a week or even a year, you might be shocked to find out that not one thing on the list proved to be valid. From this, you could surmise that you have a measure of protection around you. Now, if you really grasp these facts, how would you apply them to your life? How would you live in such a way that you are less influenced by negative expectations? I know it’s not easy in this world, where so much can go so wrong, but now you have something approaching scientific proof that it will not. Scorpio (October 23 – November 22) The relationship of your dreams is indeed of your dreams. Speaking to one so passionate as yourself, and one so devoted to expressing your true feelings, the question is about how to make those dreams into a reality. Step one might be renouncing everything that does not work for you. This way, you will make room for what works, or at least you’ll be able to conduct an experiment. The coming phase of your life will bring you face to face with the potential of not just being on your own because you want to be, but also the truth that nothing at all is better than something that does not serve you. The difference can be summed up in a word: honesty. And that’s a meaningful place from which to conduct any relationship—particularly with yourself.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 22) Much that you’ve been anticipating is about to unfold, though as it does you will be taken a dimension beyond your expectations, hopes, and fears. What you have seen and what you are about to see over the course of this month reside somewhere between a hint and a warm-up. The main clue will be that your life is going in the right direction, that however long the shot, you are on the right trajectory. You may feel that you’ve got every reason to believe everything but this simple fact. You may be wondering when a difficult trend is going to reverse, and when you can finally focus your power again. You’re not a patient person by nature, though I assure you that the stars are not asking for much. Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) It is true that your faith has been tested yet again. I trust that you’ve learned that you need to take care of the general goals and that the cosmos takes care of the details. The most meaningful thing you can do right now is hold a vision for your life. As I have suggested before, do not torture yourself over petty ethical matters, or even your nagging suspicion that you lack the integrity to succeed. This issue is little more than a means of torturing yourself. As you’ve discovered recently, you can direct your energy more constructively. What you have yet to discover is that you simply must do so, for reasons that will become obvious by the end of the month. Aquarius (January 20 – February19) This year has in many ways failed to live up to its potential, but this year is not over. When Jupiter stations direct in your birth sign later this month, you will get the clues you need to both straighten out your finances and set your personal values system in the right direction. More exists in these two issues than you may recognize. Though on one level it seems that our society makes too much of money, it is actually a holistic issue that in many ways indicates the state of your relationship to existence. Yet there is a deeper issue, which is living every day for what is important to you. That is the metatheme, that is the question, and before long you will have access to a new dimension of the answer. Pisces (February 19 – March 20) You likely feel that by now, you should have made more progress than you have, you deserve more success than you have, you are entitled to more credit for having faced the unknown with such bravery and compassion. Do not make the mistake of predicting the future based on the past. As each day passes it becomes more important that you seek what you have not experienced, that you conceive of a future that is not based on the limitations of your own history. Consider this logically—change implies that we enter new territory and have new experiences. Consider it intuitively: you know that something unusual is about to come to fruition. Trust that. Visit Eric Francis at

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“Green” is now and Green is the future. Building a new home is the ideal time to incorporate the latest in Green systems, which will pay economic, health and satisfaction dividends long into the future. Lindal has always built Earth-friendly, efficient homes, and we work hard to stay on the leading edge of building technology and modern ways to power your home. Each Lindal post & beam home is designed and pre-engineered to make the most efficient use of its materials and the site. We encourage and assist you in the selection of alternative energy sources – solar, geothermal, and even wind technology. Lindal has been named by the National Association of Home Builders as the first system builder to be green certified. Atlantic Custom Homes is a Certified Green Professional accredited by the NAHB. Time Magazine has honored Lindal’s new Turkel Designs in Time’s May 2009 Green Style and Design 100. Call us to learn about our free Green Building Seminars. We bring in experts in building and alternative energy. Find out about the latest government incentives, including the Federal 30% tax credit for alternative energy systems! UnLimitEd dESiGn Design possibilities with Lindal are infinite. In addition to the classic Lindal homes best known for soaring walls of glass, Lindal offers traditional, contemporary and modern designs. Under its recent partnerships with Dwell Magazine and Turkel Design, Lindal has introduced 12 new 21st century designs, such as the TD3 2400 (pictured). Three of these designs have been selected by Dwell Magazine for the Dwell Homes Collection, and one has been named a top green design of 2009 in Time Magazine’s Green Style and Design 100. We offer Green design with style and within your budget.

to find out more please contact us and visit our 3600SF Lindal model home in Cold Spring, nY.

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48 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009


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From Start to FiniSh… Atlantic Custom Homes, the area’s premier Lindal Cedar Home dealer, is proud to offer the exceptional beauty, quality and value of Lindal’s energy-efficient post and beam homes. Each home is custom designed to your preferences, lifestyle, the site, and of course, budget. We stay with our customers throughout the entire building process, helping set up the best possible system for building a beautiful, quality home.

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Copper Ridge:

Sensational Views... Extraordinary Location  


nown as “Crown Jewel of the Catskills,” Windham Mountain, originally a private ski area, has been attracting families and business professionals from the New York metro areas for generations. This attraction continues today in a way like never before. Only a 2.5-hour drive north from New York City, this special place in the mountains offers a variety of cultural and four season recreational opportunities. Sited among towering hemlocks with privacy and dramatic mountain views, Copper Ridge Estates is a premiere mountainside community that has been designed and dedicated to the highest standard of excellence. Tom Poelker and Jim Glover are the creative visionaries of Copper Ridge, a spectacular development consisting of 12, 5-plus-acre home sites on 80 acres. Together with their “Dream Team”—local designer guru Sam Hamblet and master craftsman Dennis Hatt—they have created a mountain retreat unmatched in the Northern Catskills. The first offering of the Copper Ridge “Dream Team” to emerge is an awe-inspiring timberframe home nearing completion. Designed in this nearly 11,000 square feet of mountain mastery are all the luxuries one could imagine. You’ll be greeted by the grand entry stone fireplace and three-story circular staircase which leads you to the absolutely stunning Great Room framed by incredible views. The “Dream” includes an indoor therapeutic pool, a movie theater, exercise and game rooms, a wine cellar, and a humidor. Seven bedroom suites, nine baths, multiple fireplaces, and indoor and outdoor kitchens, can easily accommodate large family gatherings or make a great corporate retreat. This artistically sited property and other offerings at Copper Ridge achieve the highest level of quality rarely possessed.  Offered at $5.9 million Listed by Mary King and Lisa Jaeger Associate Brokers, Coldwell Banker Village Green Main Street, Windham, NY 12496 (518) 734-4200 office (518) 734-5203 fax Cover Photography by deborah degraffenreid 49

Columbia County - Upstate New York: 2 hours NYC, 2½ hours Boston, Minutes to Tanglewood



AN ELEGANTLY COMFORTABLE COUNTRY HOME where life is relaxed and easy. Sited on a gentle hilltop with long pastural views of protected farmland in Hunt Country. This 5,000 SF Colonial is encircled by towering trees and mature gardens. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and pristinely restored, the 4 BR home is encircled by a carriage house, now converted to artist studio and 2 BR suites with fireplaces. Two cottages, one with bedroom suite and fireplace while the other consists of a large office plus a bedroom suite. There is also a stone smokehouse and wine cellar, a 4-season greenhouse and tennis court. Every amenity and comfort is present. This family compound is offered on 9 acres at $5,000,000. More farmland could be available. < Wonderful COUNTRY CAPE on a lovely road. 3 Bdrms, Living rm, dining room, updated kitchen and baths. Nice screened porch, great for family & entertaining. Eazy commute to shopping & restaurants. Ichabod Crane Schools. ...$249,000.

While shopping for

Columbia County Property

VILLAGE Location > A wonderful 3 bedroom Arts & Crafts style home that has a careful and serious renovation started. Stripped to the studs, all new wiring. Front & back porches. Perfect project for the handyman or local professional. Offered at...$119,000.

Country Living at it’s Finest Early eyebrow farmhse with spectacular add’t, combines old & new with ease. 10 Rms, 4 BRs (2 Mas), 3½ BAs. Great pond, pool, party barn, garage w/apartm’t. 10 glorious acres in horse country. $1.395 Million < TOP of the LINE Everything in this 2008 Saltbox. Country Kit w/Shaker style cabinets/granite countertops. Formal DR, dramatic LR w/stone FP, den, 3 BRs, 2 baths. Two car garage, full rocking chair

is the place to go for the finest available.

Mint ARTS & CRAFTS GEM in the middle of an 128 acre oasis. 3 BRs, FP, for DR. Pristine 30’ x 90’ barn. Demetered certified fields, light woods with trails, spring house, waterfall, rushing stream, pond, rockwalls, amazing Catskill views, quiet & seclusion. Who could ask for more? Priceless..$1,595,000.

front porch and back deck. Five rolling acres with views of the Catskills. New price...$575,000.

Old Ghent Realty

2352 Route 66, Ghent, NY 12075 518-392-2480 •


50 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009


Manhattan Brooklyn Riverdale Fairfield County CT Metro NJ Hudson Valley

MAGICAL WILDERCLIFF Hudson Valley Exclusive 1780 & 1840’s original carriage houses transformed to premiere original beams& framing & offers 7,000SF of living space. Soaring ceil, sumptuous rms, sep gar, Mins to Rhinebeck. Asks: $1.95M. Web#1748337 Nancy Horowitz, SVP 212.381.6554

STUNNING DEAL BY THE HUDSON Hudson Valley Exclusive Rare 7,000SF Historic Fitch mansion on 7 idyllic acres. An architectural masterpiece w/ incredible details. 9 FPLs. 80 acres w/huge pond & wooded paths. Asks: $1.5M. Web#1494924 Nancy Horowitz, SVP 212.381.6554

CATSKILL MOUNTAIN SUNSETS Hudson Valley Exclusive Captivating mountain views on 9 secluded acres 3-4BR/3Bths. Open floor plan, LR w/cathedral ceilings & wood burning fireplace. Gourmet kitchen. Detached Carriage house/garage with studio/office potential. Asks: $999K. Web#1745626 Jean Stoler 518.755.4298

A MASTERPIECE Hudson Valley Exclusive A truly unique retreat, this modernist home is beautifully sited on almost 7 private acres. Enjoy the change of seasons in a one-of-a-kind property. Truly stunning. 2hrs/NYC. Price reduced. Asks: $750K. Web#1629730 Chris Pomeroy, VP 212.381.2531

ESCAPE IN STYLE IN HUDSON, NEW YORK Hudson Valley Exclusive Elegant, light & restored to perfection. 4BR/3Bths, den, WBFP, screened porch. Splendid gardens, in-ground pool & fantasy guest house. Leave the world behind. Asks: $695K. Web#1590435 Nancy Horowitz, SVP 212.381.6554

PROPERTY SURROUNDED BY WATER Hudson Valley Exclusive Red barn house in a story book setting. The setting is so unimaginable that you feel that you are away in Main not Columbia County, but the travel time is less than 2 hours from NYC. 7.4 acres. Get lost in our dream in your very own backyard. Asks: $495K. Web#1700375 Mary Stapleton 518.828.0181

LIVE THE FANTASY COUNTRY LIFE Hudson Valley Exclusive Magical! 1840’s schoolhouse on 1.3 delightful acres. Renowned antique store, to continue or great design firm, bakery...or your fantasy + an out building that can house a bus! Asks: $375K. Web#1730226 Nancy Horowitz, SVP 212.381.6554 Carolyn Lawrence 518.929.6199

SKETCHBOOK FARM Hudson Valley Exclusive Classic 1840’s farmhouse recently renovated, offers the best in old world detail with all modern amenities. Spacious LR, DR, Den, country kitchen, sunroom, 3BR/2.5Bths, 40x14FT studio. Beautiful 1.4 acres w/stream, patio and pond site. Asks: $375K. Web#1751063 Carolyn Lawrence 518.929.6199

HUDSON COMMERCIAL Hudson Valley Exclusive Recently renovated 3-unit commercial building. Ground floor retail space, one bedroom apartment with backyard, plus loft like duplex apartment. Asks: $239K. Web#1739392 Jean Stoler 518.755.4298

SOPHISTICATED PERFECTION Hudson Valley Exclusive Hudson, NY at its best, exquisite turn of the century townhouse. Spacious 3,000SF, LR, DR, Chef’s kit, 5BR, 2.5Bths, magical master suite, all on 3 fabulous floors. Garden, 2 car garage, walk to Amtrak, shops and restaurants. Asks: $575K. Web#1745535 Carolyn Lawrence 518.929.6199

CHATHAM’S BEST VALUE Hudson Valley Exclusive Impeccable 20’s cape has 4BRs, new furnace/oil tank, beautiful wood flrs, cheerful kit, barn & an extra buildable/sellable lot. Walk to main street or the fairgrounds. A great buy in a great location. Asks: $199.95K. Web#1742269 Chris Pomeroy, VP 212.381.2531

We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

How Real Estate Gets Real

526 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534 s 518.828.0181 51


FORGET THE HAMPTONS Hudson Valley Exclusive Exceptional location & private enclave. Panoramic views. Superior quality, backup generator, heated oversized 3-car garage, surround sound, guest studio apt, housekeeper’s apt, attached gazebo. Grounds allow for pool, pond, and/or tennis court. Asks: $2.9M. Web#1649558 Mary Stapleton 518.828.0181


speCtaCuLar huDson river estate 90+ acres with direct access to almost 1 mile of frontage on the hudson river with natural beach, 3 houses, one 6800 sq ft, loads of frontage, ideal for family compound or subdivision (plans available). houses can be bought separately for $1.95m, $1.3m and $795k. total price for all is $4,500,000.

Livingston farm 168.50 acres of beautiful country property, open & wooded. 2 streams, large barn. great road through property, Catskill mtn views! $1,300,000

farming opportunity first time offered in over 60 years. family fruit and vegetable farm, Colonial home, barns, frontage on two roads, pond, stream, and mtn views. 52 acs. $949,500

Lake front mansion 1 hr from gW Bridge, 2 huge suites, 25x19 master bdr, 22x19 master ba, 15x15 bdr, 6x8 ba, 9x5 guest bdr, entertainment area, bath, laundry rm, ig pool, dock. $649,000

Deer Lake former resort 2 houses and 7 cabins, fully rented, on 21 acres complete w/ beach area. gross $78k, net $60k unlimited possibility. $579,000

quaLity CoLoniaL beautiful custom 2500+ sq.ft. on 8.7 acres wooded, private setting, 90 minutes from nyC. $385,000

Lakefront CoLoniaL large 3 bdr with expandable 3rd floor, quiet secluded cul-de-sac with lake frontage. make offer; creative financing available. $299,000

INVESTMENT PROPERTIES CoLumBia County 69 lot approval, 10+ready to go, town water & sewer, asking $2,600,000 CatskiLLs vieW farm 100 acres ag. use, victorian farmhouse & 3 bdr tenant house $1,350,000 LLama farm 40 acres.1800â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s farmhouse, huge barn, office loft, stream & pond $699,000 Buy one get tWo two houses, two parcels, two multi-car garages. $329,900 CommerCiaL opportunity rte 9W ideal business site, two houses, 4 bay garage $289,000 existing moBiLe home park 2 units, more poss., 3-car garage, 500â&#x20AC;&#x2122; frontage, 8 ac. $249,000 renovateD & upgraDeD 5 unit apt. building, brick, coin laundry, $35k gross $275,000 15,000 sf ConCrete BLoCk BuiLDing on 3 acres. great for art studio or storage units. $199,000 CatskiLL viCtorian 3 level fixer upper, details intact, 2 ac. ideal office/profess. bldg. $149,000 inCome on Creek two family, 1 unit ready to go, on large sub-dividable lot. great deal $99,000 tWo CatskiLL Cottages on nice lot, 1 bdr cottage full basement, deck, 2nd- 2 bdr/1b, Lr, kit. $69,900 Lake Community cottage needs rehab, two bedrooms, one bath, Lr, kitchen. $35,000

52 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

VACANT LAND speCtaCuLar 29 acres near ts pkway, unfinished ranch home, long views DramatiC vieWs 147 acres private estate property, ideal for subdivision tWo parCeLs 37 acs. & 32 acs. Boha & driveways, wooded, views 30 aCre resiDentiaL DeveLopment 27 lot approval, good drainage unique huDson riverfront 10 acs, large natural harbor Country retreat 35 acres with pond, catskills views private airstrip. hiLLsDaLe 18 acres Boha, black top driveway, pond, shed reCreationaL paraDise 56 acres, woods, fields, pond, mtn views, owner finance on easy street 8.9 acres with long frontage nys thruway access Cairo 1.5 acre parcel with frontage on two roads, multi-use Lake Community .714 acre with good frontage, views sLeepy hoLLoW Lake Lot community water & sewer, tennis, pool

$1,100,000 $1,760,000 $621,000 $475,000 $399,000 $275,000 $200,000 $149,500 $75,000 $35,000 $24,500 $14,000

Exceptional Columbia County Property

COUNTRY HORSE FARM Charming farmhouse with lush gardens, trout stream, fenced fields, early barn with 4 new stables, new dressage arena, & 2 new run-in sheds. 67 acres on a quiet road, minutes to Hudson… $995,000

ARTIST'S INSPIRING HILLTOP RETREAT Carefree country home & spectacular art studio with endless views of the Catskills, Helderbergs, & Berkshires on private 16.5 acres… $825,000

SPECTACULAR RIVER & MOUNTAIN VIEWS Views of the majestic Hudson River & the Catskills from this quiet & private 7-acre building site at the highest point of historic Mt Merino… $450,000

FOX HILL FARM 212 acres with two spectacular building sites, two farmhouses, several barns, & beautiful views of Old Croken Hill, the Berkshires & Catskills; adjoining 2,000 acres of additional protected farmland. Stunning landscapes of mountains, valleys, ponds, open fields, & woodlands… $3,950,000

ROE JAN MEADOWS 103 protected acres include a Greek Revival homestead (in need of total restoration) & building site with beautiful views… $1,750,000

CLAVERACK ORIGINAL 1830 charming center hall home has 5 fireplaces, wideboard floors, original doors, windows, hardware, & trim. In historic hamlet... $395,000

SOPHISTICATED 1850 brick townhse has restored architectural elements & clean, contemporary design… $650,000

CLASSIC EYEBROW Has light, airy rooms, wide board floors, 4 bedrooms & 2 baths. One acre with red barn & brook… $249,000

1818 FEDERAL HOME Has textbook details, Palladian window, & delicate Adam interior ornamentation. 6-acre property has barn & pool house… $795,000

FAMILY FARMSTEAD On the Claverack Creek, this elegant untouched circa 1830 Greek Revival home has original details & early post & beam barns… $695,000

BRICK HOUSE With handsome stone walls, porch, grand stair, tin ceilings, studio & garage… $350,000

VILLAGE CHARM 2 spacious duplex apartments on a quiet street – great investment… $169,900

EARLY HUDSON Nantucket house combines the original 1790s house, Victorian additions, & contemporary spaces... $425,000

GRAND BRICK FEDERAL Graced by spacious rooms, high ceilings, fireplaces, wide board floors, 2-story porches & garden. Exceptional restoration potential… $395,000

TWO COTTAGES On 9 country acres: 1 all new, 1 ready to finish – outbuildings & stream… $295,000

1815 HISTORIC GEM Center hall eyebrow house has 4 working fireplaces, original doors, windows, & floors… $275,000

DUTCH REVIVAL Has hardwood floors, 2 fireplaces, sunroom, 4 bedrooms & 3.5 baths. Solar panels cut utility bills… $429,000

CARRIAGE HOUSE In an enclave of historic homes, delightful conversion has open living, fireplace, 3 bedrooms, & 2.5 baths… $395,000

LIVE & WORK In elegant spaces, with curved stair, original details, sunny deck, garden… $495,000


1742 DUTCH FARM On the Taghkanic Creek, house & barns have great restoration potential. 8 acres… $395,000 15 more acres available.

DELIGHTFUL renovation with stone fireplaces, mahogany floors, granite counters, sumptuous baths, French doors, patio, & garden... $395,000

STUNNING COTTAGE At the end of a long winding road, this stylish refuge has great presence. The 25-acre property has beautiful pond & distant mountain views, sunny gunite pool on the hill, wildflowers, ferns, perennials, & tall trees… $795,000

1860 STORE Stunning restored trade building with original storefront & Venetian windows… $575,000

ELEGANT Gallery & residence, totally renovated; handsome, intact details… $595,000

ITALIANATE Townhouse has unique ornate brickwork & arched windows… $120,000

Peggy Lampman licensed real estate broker

602 Route 23B

PO Box 360

Claverack, New York


518•851•2277 53

19 Church Avenue • Germantown, NY 12526 Tel: (518) 537-4888 • Fax: (518) 537-5559 • E-mail:


THINKING OF GOING GREEN? This property offer 9.4 acres of open land with large pond and Catskill Mountain views. 5 Bedroom/2 Bath farmhouse with wood floors, fireplace, and enclosed porch. Classic red barn completes the package. $349,900

LIVINGSTON FARMHOUSE on 6 special acres. 1911 house has large kitchen, recently added living room with vaulted ceiling, formal dining room, 3 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, large deck, & fenced yard. The 6 acres include 3 ponds, wonderful small cabin, several outbuildings & total privacy. $279,900

BRICK RANCH with wonderful Catskill Mountain and country views. Located on a quiet dead-end road with wood floors, fireplace, updated kitchen & bath, new artist studio, sunroom, skylight and much more. $265,500


Victorian with high ceilings, pocket door, wood floors, spacious kitchen with original built-ins, formal dining room, front parlor, 3 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths with wonderful walk-in closet, central air, 2 porches, back deck, detached garage & nice back yard. Mint condition & charming throughout. $259,000

We are located 5 miles south of Hudson. Office hours: Mon-Wed. 9-6, Thurs & Fri 9-7, Sat. 9-5 phone: (518) 851-9917 fax: (518) 851-9937 website:

$8,000 it Tax Cred

This house was appraised at $369,900. We are selling it for $359,900 - $10,000 below the appraised value!

Time for Firstyers Home Bu

Nestled on 3+ private acres in the TOWN OF CLAVERACK. Journey down the 400’ private drive to this 2,600+ sq. ft. newly constructed home with 4 spacious bedrooms and 2.5 baths. This home features a large family room and living room with plenty of space to relax in front of the fireplace. Also featured is the spacious kitchen with built in appliances and honey oak raised panel cabinetry. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the full front covered porch. The two car attached garage and full basement make this home perfect for the growing family. Ready for immediate occupancy!

54 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

See a slideshow of our properties at

“Celebrating our 20th year”

LicenSed ReaL eState BRokeR, Brad Rebillard aSSociate BRokeR, Theresa Westlake LicenSed ReaL eState agentS, carolynn Merwin, Wayne euvrard, Bob Thomma, & Jeanne Rebillard

5917 n. eLM aVenUe P.o. BoX 798, MiLLeRton, nY brad Rebillard, broker - First time Home buyers Specialist – 20 years experience – Come talk to Brad about the Federal Government’s $8,000 tax credit for 1st time home buyers. milleRton - Featuring one of the best views in Dutchess County w/22 acres. This private cape/contemporary home has 50 miles of views from one of the highest points in the county. Located 1000’ off a lightly travelled county road you are surrounded by nature. Unique to this home are underground utilities, wrap-around deck cathedral ceilings in the living room, master bdrm & bath w/ whirlpool tub & small office space, 2nd floor balcony & 3 additional bedrooms. There are too many features to list. Located near Millbrook Hunt Country, Metro North commuter railroad, fine dining, theater and so much more. More land is available! $925,000

milleRton – A fresh coat of paint inside & out – Ready to move in & at a great price. This two story 2 bedroom home has many updates, is walking distance to the Village of Millerton Main Street and offers hardwood floors, covered & enclosed porches, dining & living rooms and more. $145,000

AmeniA – Travel down a country lane past farm and fields to this open and scenic ranch home on 2 plus acres. Excellent southern exposure, fenced yard for the pets, level land, oversized garage and more. There’s an open kitchen with wood floors, maple cabinets and updated appliances. Walk up the road to the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. Located only 5 minutes to the MetroNorth Train... Reduced to $215,000 AmeniA – From the plaster walls w/curved archways, hardwd flrs, to the restored original master bath, this 1950s ranch has an inviting atmosphere. Double the living space if wish to finish the lower level. This area walks out to the private back yard. The lower level currently has a semi-finished heated rm (extra bdrm) in addition to a utility rm, laundry and storage. There is built-in plumbing for an additional bath, plus an attached garage & storage shed. Conveniently located about 5 min. to the Metro-North train. The site offers overlooking views. Walk to the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. New Listing! $220,000

milleRton – Newly renovated one level home with lots of storage. The home is in great shape, there is an oversized 2 car garage with a full second story storage area. The quiet location offers ease of access to the Village of Millerton and is only 11 miles from the Metro-North train. Also available for rent. $225,000

millbRook – Set back from the road offering privacy, overlooking 1.64 acres of lush green lawn, is this inviting cottage. Perfect as a writer’s get-away, there is a LR w/ attractive stone FP, 2 bedrooms, laundry, KIT, and dining area on 1st floor. On the second floor there is a 3rd bedroom currently used as an office, being the inspiration for the “Writer’s Cottage” description. Conveniently located 1 mi from Village of Millbrook on a country lane, 1 ½ hrs to NYC, & less than 30 mins to the Metro-North Station. $281,900

milleRton - One owner custom home. Great location

w/ little traffic, walking distance to the Village of Millerton. This well cared for home has a lot to offer: hardwd flrs, a brick raised hearth fireplace in the LR, a DR just off the EIK, good size bdrms, ceramic tile baths and an inviting sun porch. Lower level has a 2 bay oversized garage, basement storage and a finished FR. The double lot provides for lots of room for the back yard ball game and could be subdivided if desired. 11 miles to the MetroNorth Train. Walking distance to the Rail Trail. $269,000

milleRton - “The Ice House”. Formerly the ice house for a farm this unique home has a lot to offer. The main level has a comfortable sunken living room/ French doors to a bi-level deck (with hot tub), a dining room overlooking the views & a conveniently located kitchen. The upper level has a central foyer that’s bright & open, a spacious master BR Suite w/ French doors to a upper deck. Bring the family or friends to stay with 2 additional bedrooms. HW floors throughout, and a detached 2 car garage. $350,000

AncRAmdAle – Early 1900’s Colonial & a separate commercial building, formerly a popular bakery/ deli that’s now 2 rental apartments. Located in the hamlet of Ancramdale that’s popular among both locals & weekenders. About 15 miles to Metro-North Train. $249,000

milleRton – Renovated 1850’s cottage with a heated barn with 2 garage bays and finished studio above. There are views of a stream from the rear deck. Stroll over the walking bridge to the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. With approx 1.5 acres there’s lots of room for gardens, the lawn chairs or the back yard BBQ. Drop a line in the stream or dangle your toes on a hot day. Included in the renovations are a new heating system with central AC and new wood floors. $239,000

buSineSS oppoRtunity

milleRton - One of the oldest homes in Millerton now available for the first time in decades. Good size rooms, high ceilings w/ exposed hewn beams, wide board floors, fireplace & large windows glass doors overlooking a covered porch are just some of the features of this antique home. Walk to all the local shops and the Rail Trail and yet enjoy the peaceful 1.5 acre yard. $300,000

• Body Shop & Towing Business. In business for 38 years, included are the business, real estate and two towing trucks. Short term owner financing is possible. Call broker for details. Zoned as a Body Shop - It’s hard to get this approval today. $300,000 55

columbia \ dutchess

milleRton - Far reaching views of the surrounding hills & nature at your door. This perfect weekend or year round home has a comfortable living room w/ brick fireplace & a large screened porch. Whether working in the garden or entertaining on the porch, biking on the rail trail or just chilling out, you’ll love being near the Village of Millerton w /plenty of fun things to do. 15 minutes from Metro North train, 2 hrs NYC. $259,000

“We’ve Sold Delaware County Since 1889” natuRe’S wondeRLand!

delaware \ columbia \ Dutchess

Walton (607) 865-7000

RuRaL hide-away The 78 acs flow nicely from sloping to level. Year-round stream & possible pond site. 4-bdrm, 1-bth farmhouse needs work, but w/some TLC, can be a great place to live. Asking: $215,000 #74334

Modern 3-bdrm, 2-bth manufactured ranch w/fireplace, wd flrs, lrg kit & DR, spa tub in bth on suite, ceiling fans & spacious private decks. Ideal setting on 39 mostly wooded acres. Asking: $250,000 #74396

Renovated Ranch w/3 bdrms on 4.72 acs. New replacement windows, insulated walls & ceilings, new septic system, metal roof, new furnace in 1995 w/wood add on, & full basement. Borders brook. Nice front & rear decks. Asking: $140,000 #41369

Land LiStingS:

StyLe & Space 4-bdrm, 1 ¾-bth executive village home. Custom cherry kit, DR, den, LR w/ brick firepl. Wired for sound throughout. Unfinished basmt w/brick firepl, central vac, AC, new HW flrs, 2-car gar & covered patio overlooking fenced, back yard w/ landscaped perennial & water gardens. Asking: $235,000 #41370

a new StaRt Newly constructed 2-bdrm, 1-bth home. Private on 10 beautiful acres w/spring-fed pond. Ready to finish to your taste. Asking: $115,000 #74337

48+ acs of open & wooded land w/stream, views & 800’ frontage on maintained rd. Asking: $150,000 #73212

We’ll help you find your “Field of Dreams”

countRy Living! 3-bdrm, 1 ½-bth home w/lrg LR & EIK. 12 open & wooded acs w/running room for the kids & hillside setting offers sunset views. Asking: $215,000 #74268

weLL Kept 2-bdrm, 2-bth manufactured home on outskirts of village of Walton w/kit, LR, DR w/built-in cabinets, laund, frt & rear entrances, nice full dry basement, front porch & 12x22 steel gar carport. Handicap accessible. All on 1/3 ac. Affordable at: $75,000 #74202

61+/- acs wooded parcel w/views, stream, several springs, both young & mature hardwds & conifers, & bldg sites. Asking: $149,900 #69231

Serving Dutchess, Columbia and Litchfield Counties


North East – REDUCED FOR ACTION! This incredible setting and remarkable country home offers 3 br, 2 full ba, 2 stunning fireplaces, wide board floors, beamed ceilings, blacktop driveway, 3 car garage and 5 splendorous acres with lush colorful plantings. $599,000

Amenia – 15 sub dividable acres. This fabulous parcel features outrageous rock formations, trails and stone walls thru-out, a detached studio/ garage. This beautifully redone 19th century barn offers wide board floors, exposed beams and energy efficient updates. $560,000

Sharon - Proudly maintained inside and

Ancram – Complete privacy & stunning views.

Amenia – The perfect land for a mini farm. 5 rolling pastoral acres with a pond and panoramic views of the sensational countryside. Built for stability this brick home appears to be as solid as they come. 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, random width oak floors, custom doors, fireplace and a sunny deck. REDUCED to $399,000

Millerton – TWO for ONE; purchase this home and you get an extra parcel of land. An amazing opportunity! When this home was built they built it to last forever! There are 2 fireplaces, 2.5 baths, hardwood floors, cherry built-ins, stone patio and desirably convenient to the Village of Millerton. $319,000

Amenia – Ready to move into. New cherry and granite kitchen, new baths, new roof and siding. Charming village home with spacious rooms loadded with charm and style. $289,000

Millerton – The perfect introduction to life in the country. First timers are going to reap all the government credits but just as important is the fact that this is a lovely home with a fabulous backyard on a wonderful street. Make the country life in Millerton part of your life. 3 br, 1.25 ba, hardwood floors, fireplace, detached garage workshop. Asking $244,000 56 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

out this pristine 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home is equipped with breathtaking vistas, a refreshing in ground pool, updated kitchen and baths, oversized laundry room, central vac, beautiful plantings, 2 car garage, blacktop driveway. If neatness counts this is worth a million but offered @ $529,000


Built in ’01 this stately 4 br, 2.5 ba home looks & feels brand new. Sitting on 5.5acs with an amazing 36x24 steel building this property is heaven on earth. Amenities include a BUDERUS boiler, foundation walls 10 inches thick & 10 ft tall, rocking chair front porch, private back deck with hot tub, 2 wood stoves, gas fireplace. Offered @ $439,000



GRACIOUSLY RESTORED 1759 farmhouse on 16.2 acres. Property offers 18th Century carriage barn, spring fed pond, stream, meadows for horses & woodland trails. House features 4 BR, 3 BA, LR w/fireplace, DR, family room w/ wood stove & country kitchen. Private & serene setting on a country lane. Suitable for horses. Sub dividable.



A RARE OPPORTUNITY to build your own home on six acres with water frontage on Long Pond. The road frontage is bordered by trees for privacy and once you enter the property you are in a lovely flat field that narrows to the water. Swim, fish or canoe from a peaceful and quiet setting.

$349,000 MILLBROOK


UNIQUELY SITUATED in prestigious, historic Smithfield Valley with 180-degree views of conserved farmland, this Greek Revival home combines the best of modern living and historical architecture with 5,000 sq. ft., 4 to 5 BR, 4.5 BA, modern kitchen, LR, FDR. Exceptional craftsmanship and materials.

$3,750,000 PINE PLAINS



TWO AND ONE HALF STORY contemporary on almost 1.5 acres. Upper level features an open LR/K/DR w/cathedral ceiling, stonewall w/gas fireplace, stainless appliances, 2 BR & 1 BA. Spiral staircase to MB overlooks 1st floor. Lower level w/separate entry has an open FR/K/DR w/ wood burning stove, 3rd BR & bath/laundry room.


CIRCA 1880 SHINGLED colonial with approx 10,000 sq ft including 6 BR, 5 FP & WBF throughout. Also features an 18-stall horse barn w/apt above, 3 BR cottage, several outbuildings, 9 paddocks, 2 ponds and a pool. Privately set on nearly 80 acres with views to the Catskill Mountains.

$2,800,000 SHEKOMEKO

EXCEPTIONAL OFFERING of 64-acres on the Hudson River in the Great Estates area. Unspoiled panoramic views of the river and Catskill Mountain Range. Offered as a single estate site with no further development. Two hours from NYC and convenient to Amtrak.

LOCATED IN THE HAMLET of Hammertown is this charming cottage with a rocking chair porch & a bluestone terrace in the back. Home features a LR w/fireplace, kitchen, DR, large MBR w/cathedral ceiling & gas FP. Guest room, office & lovely gardens. Turn-key.

$269,000 UNION VALE

IN THE CHARMING HAMLET of Shekomeko is this delightful 2 BR ranch surrounded by beautiful gardens and a small stream. Recently updated with a new roof and new siding; modern kitchen and new bath with cork floors. Full basement & 2-car garage.


THIS UNIQUE PROPERTY offers contemporary living & entertaining in the grand room w/stone fireplace & vaulted ceiling. All main rooms open to a large deck overlooking a pond & expanse of lawns. The house features 4 BR, 4BA, 2 gas FP, chefâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kitchen, central air and a 3+ car garage. 57


“TREE TOpS” ON ALTAMONT Located on a lovely country road in Millbrook, Ny is “Tree Tops”, a pristine country estate. The original circa 1890 schoolhouse has two wings, designed and built by a local architect. There are six bedrooms on two levels, a great room with fabulous stone fireplace extending to the ceiling, spiral staircase to study overlooking the great room, kitchen with dining area, multiple balconies and patio overlooking a stream and gorgeous pond. Magical setting w/ towering trees, beautiful flower gardens, and heated IG pool. Offered at $999,000.

MILLbROOk COLONIAL Lovely three bedroom Center Hall Colonial on 2.6 acres on the edge of the Village of Millbrook. Recently renovated to include a gourmet kitchen, ebony stained hardwood floors, stone fireplace and beautiful crown and detail molding throughout. Master bedroom suite with Jacuzzi, central air, central media system and security system. Offered at $585,000.

COLONIAL STyLE CARRIAGE HOuSE Custom designed Colonial style carriage house on 18+ acres. Fine details and quality materials. Light-filled and airy rooms with vaulted ceilings. Fabulous great room including a lovely country kitchen, dining area and living room. Lower level with immaculate, heated 3-bay garage. Separate, barn style two car garage. Offered at $575,000.

CIRCA 1800 COLONIAL ON 4 ACRES In the Town of Stanford on a quiet country road, sits this charming Circa 1800 colonial home on 4.08 acres. Four bedrooms, antique flooring, pocket doors, eat-in-kitchen with fireplace, delightful front porch, 220 feet of frontage on the Wappingers Creek. beautifully landscaped, stone walls, 2-car garage/barn. Convenient to Mashomack preserve. Offered at $499,000.

MILLbROOk COLONIAL ON 6.5 ACRES This early house in the famed Millbrook Hunt Country is surrounded by large estate quality land. Living room with stone fireplace, spacious dining room, galley kitchen with dining area, family room with slider to patio and views of the rolling farmland, three bedrooms and an office. Two-car barn with workshop. Offered at $399,000.

ExCEpTIONALLy LOVELy 13.82 ACRE ESTATE LANd On a narrow quiet lane in the Town of Stanford you will find the perfect lot on which to build the home of your dreams. This 13.82 acres is a mixture of finely maintained meadows and woodland in a private enclave of similar parcels. All are protected by covenants running with the land to provide privacy. bOHA. Offered at $359,000.

MILLbROOk VILLAGE CONdOMINIuM Two-story end unit, handsomely designed and beautifully maintained. Just three blocks from the center of the charming Village of Millbrook. Last unit at end of cul-de-sac. Two bedrooms, each with private full baths. Sliding glass door to a private, fenced patio. Offered at $299,900.

AMENIA COLONIAL Well maintained, three bedroom circa 1890 Colonial on .66 level acres bordering the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. First floor has hardwood floors, large eat-in-kitchen, living room, sunroom, mudroom with washer/dryer, bedroom or den and full bath. Two bedrooms, office or possible third bedroom on second floor. Great value for the price! Offered at $185,000.

845-677-5076 • 3269 Franklin Ave. Millbrook, NY 12545 • 58 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

Join the 90% of homebuyers who begin their home search on the internet *

Spectacular Estate 40 Level Industrial Acres

This exquisite 9000 square foot homefoot features soaring Modern office building, 15,000 square manufacturing ceilings,with marble floors, mahogany paneled dining room building loading docks, auction hall and three bedroom with coffered gourmet You kitchen andoff media room. Tudor. Possibleceiling, owner financing. can sell 30 acres for Gorgeous landscaping with SALT a river along..$1,500,000 the back. WEB# HA367170 POINT development. WEB#432519 East Fishkill...................$2,100,000

WEB#467335 lagRangE.....................$575,000

Terrific Neighborhood Great Commuter Location

Newquality roof,material, siding,construction windows,and and garage door are Top mechanicals. Generous just rooms somewith of hardwood the features of this fiveconstruction. bedroom size floors. Steel I-beam ranch.Carrier All hardwood floors underSolid carpet. Separate 95% heating and cooling. maple kitchen entry toWEB# lower level makes for a lot of ..$385,000 potential HA461272 WAPPINGERS FALLS cabinets. WEB#388830 WappingERs..................$319,000

range.WEB#452229 REd hook.............$1,450,000

Pretty Neighborhood Mint Condition Commercial Building

Top square qualityfeet.material, construction and 3200 Four offices wired for phone andmechanicat5. Two cals. Generous size rooms garages with 26 foot ceilings, twowith bayshardwood 36x40 and floors. 30x40. Steel 14 I-beam construction. Carrier Three foot overhead doors. Tilt-in 18-26 windows. foot ceilings. High heating and Solid maple kitchen WEB#cooling. HA426932 PLEASANT VALLEYcabinets. $475,000 exposure. WEB#461272 WappingERs..................$385,000

Super Mint Renovated Building Terrific Neighborhood

Convenient location. tenants. Hardwood New roof, siding, windowsTerrific and garage door are some of the floors throughout. Four Ranch. new boilers plus fiveunder hot features of this five-bedroom Hardwood floors water Separate heaters. meters. Coin laundry. carpet. entrySeparate to lower level. Large fully fenced backNew WEB# timberline and WAPPINGERS commercial grade rubber roof. HA388830 FALLS......$319,000 yard. WEB#464761 poughkEEpsiE..............$298,000

Grand Historic Home Deal of a Lifetime

Historic home with elegant Hardwood wide Beautiful six-bedroom home inentry. prestigious Todd and Hill area. board floors roomfloors, with beamed ceilVaulted entry,throughout. master suite,Dining hardwood kitchen with ings, new kitchen stainless steel Covered appliances and granite counters and has stainless appliances. outdoor workingWEB# fireplace. Beautiful stone outbuildings and garHA467335 LAGRANGE ................$590,000 terrace. dens. WEB#469265 WappingERs ................$590,000

Picturesque Spacious Ranch in Picturesque Setting

Charmingfinished street with huge finished Beautiful lower levelranch. with Beautiful bath, fireplace andlower wet levelMain withlevel full bath, fireplace,floors, wet bar etc. Main levelroom has bar. has hardwood new four season hardwood new fourAlmost season room and master floors, bedroom suite. two leveland acresmater with bedpool roomdeck. suite. WEB#443064 WEB# HA443064 lagRangE...........$375,000 POUGHKEEPSIE ......$398,000 and

IdealCorner Location Level Lot

Well kept with original woodwork, stain Pleasantly kepthome three-bedroom Ranch with two-car detached glass,onoriginal wood floors, and garage almost one acre. Hardwood floorscrystal and largeglass deck door handles. Fantastic off kitchen. Two zone heat and attic, 15’x18’ beautiful family roomgarare dens and prettyWEB# stone patio.RED Detached garage. HA458639 HOOK ..$199,000 additional features. WEB#458104 poughkEEpsiE...........$259,000

Norm Mackay

Licensed Salesperson Millbrook Brokerage Tel: 845.677.6161, Ext. 308 Cell: 845.464.5854

* NAR 2008 Profile of Home buyers and Sellers New York Report

The market is active. Interest rates are at historic lows. Don’t miss the opportunity. 59


Deal a Lifetime! LittleofSwitzerland

Beautifulindoor six bedroom homesquare is located PrestiIncredible pool with 1600 foot glassinenclosed giousarea. area of Todd Hill.shuffle Vaulted entry, hardwood patio Family room with board, gorgeous cherry upstairsandand down. Kitchen Granite kitchen huge great room withwith full-wall stonecounters fireplace. and HA458022 Stainless HOPEWELL appliances. Huge master Suite. WEB# JUNCTION..........$498,000

MountainBed Views Village of Millbrook & Breakfast

Magnificent 4800 square foot two home with open rooms Extremely successful, one of only around. Features two and gorgeous curved staircase to huge master bedbuildings with wide-board and hardwood floors, fireplaces roombuilt-in suite. bookshelves. Third floor 18’x20’ room and Gourmet and Main house withtower. four bedrooms kitchen refrigerator and viking ..$850,000 six burner WEB# HA466069 MILLBROOK and four with baths.subzero

rhinebeck’S LeADing reAL eStAte oFFice

hiStoric FeDerAL with riVer ViewS

new cUStoM hoMe in rhinebeck

Work with an established & prestigious builder to build this 3BR/3BA Cotswold styled home. Features stone & wood exterior, carriage house garage doors, stone fpl, wood floors, French doors, screened porch in rear & open porch in front. Customize this home yourself. $765,500

the eLLerSLie hoUSe

Wonderfully renovated, the old Ellerslie House and Elizaville Grange Hall features 3BR, eat-in cook’s kitchen and room for entertaining. In-ground pool, pool house and a private backyard with frontage on the Ro Jan Kill. Close to Rhinebeck, Red Hook and Bard College. $655,000


Tastefully renovated & sited on a hill w/Hudson River & Catskill Mt. views. Spacious home features beamed ceilings, oversized windows, HW floors, gourmet kitchen & sunroom w/fireplace. Garage/studio, salt water pool & stone summer kitchen. A Gem! $1,950,000

bUcoLic FArMLAnD in MiLAn

Located on a back country road with rolling meadows, forested hills and far reaching views of the Catskill Mts. Former dairy farm on 121 acres. Perfectly suited for an estate or farm. Restore the vintage home or build on the high point with views of the back pastures. $2,499,000

own A Piece oF hiStory

Located in Rhinebeck, this 31.55 acre property includes a large pond, stone walls & a restored, historic barn. There is also an 1800s Eyebrow Colonial w/WB floors, 2 fpls., new septic & well. This property has lots of potential. Build a new home or restore the older home. $370,000

coUntry FArMhoUSe to be bUiLt

Private setting close to Red Hook Village for this new construction of a charming Southern style farmhouse sited on 31 acres. Designed by William Poole & to be built by Dave Baker. Quality home w/your input & choice on all finishes. Spacious, light-filled 4BR/2.5BA home w/back screened porch & covered front porch. $779,000

1895 coLoniAL reViVAL hoUSe

Designed by Wilson Eyre, one of America’s foremost architects, this 5BR/3BA home has many original details including 4 fireplaces, cherry wood floors, 9’ ceilings, original moldings and open back sitting porch. Within walking distance to historic area of Kingston. $329,000

rhinebeck 4 AcreS with PonD

Enjoy the country setting. Located 2 miles south of Historic Rhinebeck Village, this board of health approved parcel is waiting for your custom designed home. Build the house overlooking the pond and meadow and enjoy the privacy the woods provide. Site plan and survey available. $299,000

circA 1840 rhinebeck ViLLAge coLoniAL

Tastefully renovated 3+ BR/2BA home. Light-filled living room w/fpl, hardwood floors & three walls of windows, a library w/built in bookcases & a period eat-in kitchen. From the new roof to the new heating & cooling system this home is ready for you. $419,000 • 6423 MontgoMery Street • rhinebeck, new york • 845.876.8588 60 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

Come and Discover the Beauty of Greene County!

Room with a view. This spacious ranch offers plenty of room to roam and breathtaking mtn views. Family gatherings a must in this oversize kitchen or around the cozy stone fireplace. After a day of nearby skiing, your guests can retire to any of the 3 BR, each w/their own bath, or bask in the warm glow of the setting sun in the glass enclosed 4-season room. Open flr plan, main floor laundry, multi-tiered decks and nature just outside your door. Must see but you will not want to leave! (Cairo) $229,900

Almost new ranch home built in 2007 w/ open floor plan, wood burning fireplace, living room that opens up to a formal room and eat in kitchen. Located in Sleep Hollow Lake - enjoy fishing in the lake, or swimming from the beach, tennis, basketball hiking and more! (Coxsackie) $220,000

Invest and save. Reap the benefits by owning this charming 2 family Victorian featuring 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwood floors, original woodwork, built-ins and a large 1 acre back yard. Home can easily be converted back to a one family. (Athens) $179,500

Magnificent Views has this contemporary Colonial overlooking the Catskill Mts and the Coxsackie Reservoir. Included is 2 to 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, glass sunroom, a guest quarters with additional office and garages for 3 cars. This home is surrounded by beautiful landscaping, sitting on 5+ acres. (New Baltimore) $525,000

Lakeview Manor on Cob Creek! 4-family features main living quarters with fireplace & 4 bedrooms.This home also feature 3 additional aptartments, an inground pool, 6 acres w/fruit trees and Cob Creek meandering through lucious land. (Earlton) $359,000

Come discover Historic Brick Row. 1800’s townhouse with 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths and a stroll away from the Hudson River. You’ll love the quiet artistic feel to this neighborhood. 2 1/2 hrs from NYC & 20 minutes to Amtrak. (Athens) $109,000

Attention to detail this Dutch Colonial features 4 large bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a spacious family room, formal dining room, new kitchen, comfortable living room, screened-in breezeway for an extended summer room, 2 car oversized garage, hardwood floors, & natural woodwork. This home is in excellent condition and is sitting on .61 acres. A must see. (Coxsackie) $289,000

Victorian in a historic village featuring 3 to 4 bedrooms, formal dining room, spacious kitchen without the crowded feeling, downstairs bedroom that could serve as a hobby room or office, 2 full baths & screened in porch to rock-away and enjoy the cool evening night breezes. This home has been carefully renovated. (Coxsackie) $198,500

Step back in time and enter this historic brick-lined Center Hall Victorian. Great opportunity to restore this gem. Original details include tin ceilings, marble fireplaces, pocket doors, back staircase. Just waiting to be brought back to its original glory. Original two seater outhouse. Views of the Hudson River. Walk to the kayak launch. Own a piece of history. Prestigious block in this Historic Hudson River Village. (Athens) $219,900

Privacy..Privacy..Privacy! Custom raised ranch home settled on 5+ private acres. You’ll enjoy beauty all year around from the extensive wrap-around decking. All the extras have been thought of in this well kept home. Features inc. an impressive security and intercom system, supplemental outdoor wood furnace , C/A & C/Vac system, generator, plenty of storage, walkout full basement, detached 2-car garage w/ kitch. & bath for possible guest quarters and so much more. Enjoy all the amenities the mtns have to offer: hunting, skiing, hiking, snowmobiling & 5 nearby golf courses. (Cairo) $325,000

Gingerbread Victorian with classic features, hardwood floors, spindled staircase, & high ceilings. Currently a two family. Walking distance to park & Hudson River. (Coxsackie) $195,000

Just 2 1/2 Hours North of Manhattan & Minutes from Amtrak 61


Pastoral Perfection is where you will find this 1800’s 5 BR spacious secluded farmhouse w/barn perched on 5.3 acres boasting glorious mtn views. Formal living and dining room opens up w/ 3 sets of French doors to a fabulous 4-season sun room w/ southern exposure, overlooking perennial gardens and luscious forest like grounds. Please call listing office for a list of all amenities that this authentic very private homestead has to offer. (Coxsackie) $525,000

Main Office

1177 Route 55

LaGrangeville, NY 12540 (845) 454-7800




R. Ferris real estate, LLC

Pawling Office

9 East Main Street

Pawling, NY 12564 (845) 855-0042

A Countr y man’s Broker















Pawling - 10 Acres. 5,100 Square feet of qualitybuilt home set in a protected and private setting. 9 Foot ceilings, White Oak floors. 20x40 Inground pool. Views. Additional land available. $1,295,000. Call Maryann Roselle 878-6734.

Pawling - 4,300 sq. ft. 3-Bedroom Contemporary that is the perfect retreat. 3 Private Acres. Indoor Pool. Open floor plan. Decks afford views of ponds and woodlands. $699,000. Call Liz Hofweber 914-760-9418.

Beekman 2,200 Sq. ft of bright open space.

Pawling/Quaker Hill – Views! A country retreat or full-time residence. 5-BR home w/ stone fireplace in living room. Landscaped with stone walls and backyard offers waterfall with Koi pond. Minutes to Village of Pawling and commutable to city. $499,900. Call MaryAnn Rosselle 878-6734.

wHaley lake – Perched perfectly to enjoy lake views and lake rights on Duchess’s only motorboat lake! Hardwood Floors. Level, landscaped lot. $369,000. Call Liz Hofweber 914-760-9418.

Town of PougHkeePsie - Charming cape with 3-Bedrooms on cul-de-sac. New Kitchen. Large living room with fireplace. Access to creek for fishing and close to park with playground and tennis courts. $239,900. Call Cathy Strack 914-475-7388.


PERFECT IN EVERY WAY, this 4 BR, 2.5 bath Red Hook colonial in Forest Park has a great new K, MBR suite, DR & FR, oak floors, a huge porch & a beautiful lot w/huge trees. Move right in & enjoy! $349,900.

IN RED HOOK V, on a quiet side street, this oh so charming one story is beautifully sited on a private deep lot w/huge trees. Oak floors, LR, separate DR, 3 BRs, 1.5 baths, wonderful light, and huge attic. $239,900. 62 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009
















SOO CHARMING, this 1864 Two Story in Rhinecliff-on-Hudson is 2 blocks from Amtrak & the Hudson. You will love the gorgeous K, 1.5 redone baths, WB floors throughout, screened porch, even an auto generator. $319,000.

SNOW BIRDS. This 3 BR, 2.5 bath new Red Hook condo has luxury features to enjoy when you are here & is easy to manage when you are away. CA, wood floors, granite K & baths, MBR suite, balcony, & more. $299,900.

Architect-designed kitchen. Heated In-ground pool. Decks and Patios ready for your summer parties! All on almost 3 acres. $519,000. R. Ferris Real Estate 454-7800.

WITH 2900 SF, this Rhinebeck V Cape, built in 2003, has everything: 4 BRs, 3 baths, CA, a FPL, an open floor plan w/a great K, 1st floor MBR suite, separate office, deck, & porch. Walk to schools & the V center. $496,000.

IF YOU LOVE BEAUTIFUL LAND & want a home w/great amenities, you will want to see this immaculate Rhinebeck one story. Share your gorgeous yard w/ nature. MBR suite, skylights, oak floors, open floor plan. $349,900.

1.4 ACRES in Rhinebeck V is a find. This land is gorgeous w/huge trees & gardens. Also distinctive is the 3 BR, 2.5 bath 1830s restored Carpenter Gothic w/ details intact. Wood floors, walls of glass, beautiful! $475,000. We never stop moving. SM




WURTSBORO $569,000 Brand new lakefront home on 80 acre spring fed motorboat lake. Features a fireplace, central air, professional landscaping, and master bedroom w/ deck and wonderful views. Call Katie Huber or Cathy Stefanuk 845-794-4447.

WURTSBORO $510,000 Stunning Wolf Lake lakefront boasts cathedral ceilings, stone fireplace, newer kitchen, enclosed porch and private dock. Clubhouse and events, rifle range, and 1,500 acres to fish, hike, and hunt on. Call Kathy Buchanan 845-794-4447.

BURLINGHAM $374,998 To Be Built! Remarkable 3 BR, 2.5 bath ranch w/open flr plan. Lrg custom KIT w/ granite countertops, LR w/ FP, formal DR, master suite, spacious bdrs, HW flrs and ceramic tile. Photo is not of actual home. Call Deborah Boniface 845-744-2092.

BLOOMINGBURG $364,900 $$$ TOWARD CLOSING COSTS! Stunning 4 BR, 2.5 bath contemp Colonial w/ vaulted ceilings, SS applncs, hdwd flrs, gorgeous oversized fireplace, private backyard complete w/deck and pool. Full finshd basement and rocking chair front porch. Call Tina Gordon 845-744-2092.

KERHONKSON $499,000 Own a Piece of History! DePuy-DeWitt House built mid 1700s; home retains charm of original details w/ 4BR, 2BA, exposed beams, deep windows, early Dutch doors & fireplace, heated sun porch, detached garage offers great storage with upper loft or space for workshop/ studio. Call Cathy Pulichene 845-255-0615.



CORNWALL $325,916 New or recent lets you move right in to this renovated home. Features include 4 Bedrooms and 1+ acres of landscaped park-like property gives you a garden feel and look! Close to trains, thruway and Stewart Airport! Call Tom Nucifore 845-562-4200.




Custom detail throughout this Colonial Cape situated on 1.6 acres. This home offers huge gourmet center island kitchen with granite, 2 brick fireplaces, custom tiled baths, crown molding and hardwood floors, 24 x 14 Master BR with cathedral ceiling plus formal LR and DR. Call Allison Kapczak 845-562-4200.


Elegance is evident in this new construction Colonial, nestled in a private setting. Custom designed kitchen w/center island and breakfast nook. LR w/FP, master suite, master bath w/ double sinks and Jacuzzi. 2600 sq. ft., 4 BR, 2.5 BA, great rm and family rm. Energy efficient heating. Call Leslie Gerson 845-342-5766.


Serene Retreat! Contemporary Colonial features 4 BR, fireplace, eat-in-kitchen w/granite counters, large deck with stunning views. Walk to private beach club and picnic area on Round Lake. Call Joe Santandrea 845-782-5151.


Immaculate house on 5 plus acres. Ready to close and move in. Beautifully landscaped grounds. 3233 sq. ft. include bonus room, 4 BR, 2.5 BA, HW floors and ceramic tile in kitchen and foyer. In the Minisink Valley School Dist. Home Warranty Protection Plan is in place. Call Maria Vitro 845-342-5766.



PRICE REDUCED! Something different - unique layout, double-sided stone fireplace, new kitchen w/granite counters, oversized bedrooms w/ California closets, + in-law suite. Walk to golf course. Call Jeanine 845-782-5151.


orange \ dutchess

Country living at it’s best! 2 Beautiful homes! 20 gorgeous acres for the outdoorsman w/8 stall barn, IG heated pool, pond, meadows, woods & perennial gardens! Original 1,734 sq.ft. home is completely renovated while the 2nd home is an 1,800 sq.ft. addition built in 2004. Call Darlene Baratto 845-986-8300.

Harriman Middletown New Windsor Warwick

Benchmark Realty Group

845-783-0004 845-341-0004 845-565-0004 845-986-0004

Big Price Reduction



Special home in town, you can walk to everything! 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. Hardwood floors throughout. Spacious rooms, pocket doors, den w/fireplace, 2 master bedrooms. One on 1st floor w/full bath, new large tiled and heated sunroom w/heated exercise pool. All new appliances in big eat-in kitchen, everything is top notch, C/A, storage shed, 2 car garage, fenced backyard. Just move in and be at home here. Call Rebecca Faubert, Associate Broker 845-565-0004 x319 or Direct at 845-401-4685.



Classical Cape located in Cornwall within walking distance of hospital, grocery, restaurants, & shops. HDWD or tile thru-out, lots of built-in’s, moldings, etc. Main level has LR w/natural gas fireplace, DR, renovated kitchen, Master bedroom w/full bath & laundry, office/4th bedroom & charming screen porch. Upstairs has 2 bedrooms w/ HDWD & full bath. Beautiful landscaping-garden shed, 2-car garage & private, fenced back yard w/extra large deck complete the picture. Call Troy Ford, Associate Broker 845-565-0004 Ext. 340.

TOWN OF MARLBORO $414,000 Location with beauty & views. Make this gorgeous 3,300sf new stucco sided colonial your home. 4-5 Bdr, 3 full Baths, high end kitchen with island and granite tops, 9’ ceilings, recessed lighting, family room w/fireplace, central air, shining hardwood floors. Large master bedroom with master bath & whirlpool. Extra room on 1st floor with full bath. Nice front porch. All on 1.8 acres. Call George Koudounas, Associate Broker Direct at 845-913-8247. Great Price!


Just Listed!

MODENA $329,000 Enjoy your “staycation” at your home-on-the-lake. This mint 1987 hi-ranch provides awesome views from over sized windows in the kitchen, the master bedroom suite and the rear deck and sun room.The 2,100sf open floor plan features hardwood floors and fresh paint. Beautiful 1.8 acres with invisible pet fence has an above-ground pool with deck and private dock for fishing and launching your boat. Best of all, it’s only 20 minutes from Metro North! Photo’s at Call Frank Gerbes,Associate Broker 845-565-0004 x346.

PRIVACY PREVIALS $450,000 Space abounds inside and out in this beautiful 5 Bdr Colonial offering nearly 3,000 sq. ft. in a desirable Cornwall on Hudson neighborhood on over 2 partly wooded acres with privacy yet close to everything. This home features 3 full baths, central air, hardwood flrs, 2 sliders to huge deck w/ retractable awning & new roof. 1st time offered! Call Gina DeCerbo,Associate Broker direct at 914-213-3363 or 845-565-0004 x345.



Spacious & beautifully maintained 4 Bdr, 2 1/2 Bath Colonial in a commuter friendly area near highways, train, and buses & minutes to shopping, restaurants, & schools, new applcs, flooring, w to w carpet, family room w/fireplace on main level, great kitchen, 2-car garage, basement, municipal services, nicely landscaped. MLS#466838. Call Patti Bramall,Associate Broker direct at 845590-3371 or 845-565-0004 x321. Just Listed!



Gated community of Mansion Ridge on the golf course, brand new kitchen, home newly painted, new finished walk out basemt./sliders and large window. Kit/family room combo (fplc.) with hardwood floors. Formal liv/din rm. 3 Bdr/2 full Ba on 2nd floor. 2-car garage. Nothing to do here, neutral colors. Call Mary Liegey, Associate Broker 845-783-0004 x304.



Put this jewel on your “must view” itinerary. Owner added stone masonry work, exuberant landscaping, fencing & too much to list, over $40k in extras. Not enough photo space to do this house justice! Open airy 1st flr plan. Features granite kitchen, HW floors, gas FP, trex decking, an acre in well established commuter friendly neighborhd, level fenced backyard. Walk-out bsmt, pool house. Easy access hwys, trains, shopping. Call Angela Johnson, Associate

Broker, direct at 845-629-6583 or 845-783-0004.

ENTERTAINYOUR FAMILY AT HOME! $500,000 Calling all chefs! The centerpiece of this fabulous home is this one of a kind gourmet kitchen - top of the line appliances w/ fabulous cherry cabinets & every upgrade available. Located in desirable Windsor Woods on a cul de sac in a prime New Windsor neighborhd & location. Spacious & gracious w/room for everyone. 2nd level offers 5 bdr & 2nd family rm/ den/office. Call Dan Clarino, Broker/Owner at 845-565-0004. 64 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

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990 Stewart Avenue, Suite 450   Garden City, NY 11530    516.832.6601  •     

     65



Saxton Hall

10 Eagle Head Rd

orange \ dutchess

Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

An 1830â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Greek Revival Mansion sits in the charming village of CornwallOn-Hudson. This rare Greek Revival gem has been restored to its former glory when prominent leaders in business and the arts made it their home. This stately home, with 30ft Corinthian columns, sits on 1.9 acres and offers 7 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 7 fireplaces. Original grape-and-vine plaster moldings, inlaid wood floors, marble fireplaces and mahogany banister make this a spectacular property to call home. $1,295,000

Visit us at

Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

Near a quaint village along the Hudson River, a unique custom contemporary home with 3300 sq ft & 9 acres sits on top of a mountain ridge surrounded by NY state forest & Strom King Mtn with panoramic views, ultimate privacy, country club setting w/tennis court, heated in-ground pool, stone patio, fabulous landscape. The interior is a ranch style, four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, easy living floor plan, Pella windows, hardwood flrs, fireplace, and family room with 2nd entertainment kitchen. Plenty of storage/6 garages. Approx. one hour to NYC, nearby Newburgh Waterfront, Woodbury Commons, & trains. This is the most awesome place to hang your hat. $925,000. MLS #464219


ŠMMVI Sothebyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Farm of Jas de Bouffan, used with permission. Sothebyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s International Realty (TM-trademark symbol) is a licensed trademark to Sothebyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. Except Offices owned and Operated by NRT Incorporated.

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   - / . 4 ' / - % 2 9 3 4 2%%4s2 ( ) . % " % # + .%79/2+s        s (),,2().%"%#+#/66 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

Newly Constructed Authentic Dwell

Located in Woodstock- nothing of this caliber has ever been built in this area. Amazing quality & attention to detail. 4 bdr, 4 ½ baths on 12 private acres. Walls of windows, concrete flrs & radiant heat. Custom KIT w/exotic Rosewood cabinetry from Italy. 1st flr master suite w/ spa-like bath & separate office. 2nd flr has 2 light filled bdrs each w/ full bath. Enormous lower level includes lrg media rm, home gym & FR, plus an addtnl bdr w/ ensuite bath. $1,395,000

Privacy Abounds

Total seclusion in this mountaintop Linwood custom contemporary set amidst 80 acres of wildlife habitats with lake, rock outcroppings, rolling wooded land and stone walls. Enjoy 3,000 square feet of sun drenched, open spaces, master suite with balcony, gas fireplace, Jacuzzi tub, + 1000 square feet walk-out basement to finish. $895,000

Country Charmer

Wisteria wonders and country charms await the next homeowners of this historically restored Hudson Valley farmstead - with 3-4 bdrs, 1.5 baths, exposed beams, SS open gourmet kitchen, wd floors, toasty woodstove, workshop/barn, artist studio/ guesthouse, sep. office, stone patio and glorious easy-care gardens. $495,000

Special Neighborhood

This nearly new Cape Cod is within walking distance of Callabar Swimming and Tennis Club. A spacious EIK w/SS appliances, open flr plan, tons of storage and 1st flr Master Bdr make this the one to see. A little bit of country on just over one acre. Convenient to all Kingston amenities, and many possibilities for expansion. Come and take a look. $299,950

One Of A Kind Retreat

Located close to Woodstock this private 27 acre oasis of meadows, mtn views and woods is all mother nature can muster up to keep you relaxed and calm. Rustic main house w/fireplaces in the LR and master bedroom. Large loft sitting area w/wdstove off master bdr. Addtnl studio with attached full guest suite-suite has flr to ceiling stone FP, loft bedroom and recently remodeled kitchen. $998,000

Comfortable Country Living

Custom home with wonderful curb appeal. First floor master suite, stone fireplace in living room, massive cabinet space in the cook’s kitchen, Dining room with French doors, 3 bedrooms upstairs. Conveniently located to Woodstock, Kingston, skiing and all outdoor recreation. $625,000

Stunning Custom Log Home

Country Hideaway In The Woods

Nestled into the mountains, this beautifully built postand-beam is as sturdy as a fortress yet has the cozy feel and warmth of a cottage. Woods of varying size and hue brings both color and character to the open, flowing spaces of the downstairs living area which looks out past an Adirondack screened porch onto a 4-season mtn view. Great hideaway for the creative soul seeking sustenance and serenity. $925,000

Perfect Weekend Retreat

Nestled in one of Woodstock’s most desirable areas. The home has been tastefully updated and maintained so there is nothing to do but move in and enjoy the wooded landscape which borders state lands to insure your privacy. Light floods into every room through many skylights and large picture windows. Sun drenched kitchen invites creativity. $549,000

Custom Mountain Home

Truly one of the finest custom log homes on the market. Four bedroom, three bath, magnificent professional landscaping, expansive wrap around deck, relax and watch the wonderful sunsets, all on five beautiful acres. $435,000

Tucked away off a country road this warm and inviting home awaits you. Streaming sunlight picks up hues of hickory and pine woods, large private deck, walk-out lower level can easily be finished for added living space. Open meadow surrounded by lush foliage on 4 acres. $419,000

Amazing Water Views

Cute As A Button And Easy To Maintain

This quaint, private home looks down from high above on a rare and beautiful section of the Esopus Creek. The view is breathtaking from the expansive enclosed porch with your own private steps to the water for swimming, fishing or boating. Cathedral ceilings and a glass fireplace for warm and cozy evenings. $222,000

This meticulously kept 3 bedroom Saugerties cottage on a lovely landscaped lot could be your dream home. The attic can be built out for additional space and the kitchen and bath are both updated and lovely. $185,000 67




Mountain View Farm Fully Approved 13 Lot Subdivision on 44 Acres in Clermont, Columbia County • Perfect for Private ECO Community • Green Build/Design Services Offered • Additional 20 Sub-dividable Acres Available $650,000


Call Paul about this and other LAND OPPORTUNITIES in the Hudson Valley & Catskills Region. (845)626-3126

The Alpine Inn Turnkey Country Inn Center of Catskill Preserve 68 Spectacular Private Acres Town of Shandaken, Ulster County $2.5 Million

The Cold Spring Lodge Turnkey Country Lodge Center of Catskill Preserve 40 Pristine Acres Town of Shandaken, Ulster County $999,500

Paul E. McGinniss, Licensed Real Estate Broker Joseph S Walker Jr, Licensed Associate Broker

68 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

(845) 626-3126 / (845) 626-2999

BeaVeRkill Valley Realty, inc. Craftsman-style Home on 20+ Acres in Upper Beaverkill Valley Country Escape This custom-designed Catskill-Craftsman tri-level home with southern exposure, breathtaking wildflower meadows and mountain views features extraordinary detail, including cathedral ceilings, maple floors, soaring stone fireplace, oversized windows, double-course shingles, post and beam porch, beautiful gardens and wi-fi throughout. Lower level with separate entrance includes huge family room with full bath, professional pool table, alcove for wine cellar, utility room and workshop. Matching guest house features spacious studio apartment with full bath and kitchenette above a 2-car garage.

For showing or additional information, please contact Judy Van Put, Licensed Real Estate Broker at 845.439.4725 |


My darling Sm

dland in wonderful Woo , and make s m ea dr r ou of at Sweet Sue’s perfect love nest I have found the hoenicia. We can have breakfast lleries. We can ski together Valley, close to Poodstock for the theater and the ga a cathedral ceiling in the quick trips to W ntain, just up the road. There’s ht of the colossal stone at Belleayre Mouyou can read me poetry by the ligorable tile kitchen, and soak living room and n cook intimate dinners in the ad hold hands while quietly fireplace. We ca b in the ceramic tiled bathroom...d. in the Jacuzzi tu e magical Woodland Valley Roa strolling down th with the lovely the master suite ony deck in up rl cu n ca nights we over the balc During our stolenivate sitting room and gaze out the musical water. There pr to bathroom and agnificent stream and listen place we can use as your overlooking the m bedroom with its own little firewater’s edge. It’s simply is a sweet secondonto a huge deck that hugs the to invest another cent. studio; it opens thing is so new we won’t have wonderful! Every ur car up u should hide yo mply can’t yo . .. ill st t bu ailheads. I si ill see us there, I know no one w e of the many mountain hiking tr have enough left over for the road near ononly asking $299,000! We’llwait to see you... Harry believe they are ’re going to love it... I can’t wait... someone’s coming... our divorces! You Cynthia will never find out... .. and I’ll call tonight. XOXOXO


WOODSTOCK (845)679-2929 THE EMERSON RESORT (845)688-2829 PHOENICIA (845)688-2929 69

sullivan \ ulster

Flyfisherman’s Retreat Located in the Beaverkill Conservancy, six miles upstream of Lew Beach in the beautiful upper Beaverkill Valley in the heart of the Western Catskills. Includes membership in the Beaverkill Mountain and Stream Clubs, with private flyfishing rights to 6 miles of the legendary Beaverkill River, 50 miles of private hiking and cross-country ski trails, tennis courts, swimming pool, ice skating, day camp, and access to all the amenities of the Beaverkill Valley Inn. Visit 45 minutes to Belleayre ski area and Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center. 2 ½-hour drive from NYC. Offered for $1,650,000.

Browsing through the listings and feeling uncertain where a property is located? This map is designed to help. While it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t include every city and village, it indicates counties, representative towns, major roadways, bridges, and landmarks.


70 NEW YORK HOUSE / October 2009

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K.Hovnanian’s Metro Living/77 Hudson

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5 71

back porch

The Beautiful House With the love and attention of its owners, a simple brick ranch radiates beauty and warmth. By Carol Shank; illustration by rob fleming

It’s a brick ranch with its back angled up against a rock outcropping

in hand, the owner could sit on his yacht and read the morning paper before putt-putting

and its front close to the road. The bricks are a dusty rose color. The trim and shutters are

down creek to the Hudson.

a historic blue. The house was on my route to and from the school where I taught. When my daughters were five and six years old they attended the same school and came with me on the ride. It was they who gave the house its name. It happened one December evening as we wound our way home along the dark street. Suddenly, amidst the gloom, we spied a dazzling display up ahead. I slowed the car and the girls strained their necks to see the house decked out in a zillion twinkling lights.

I got a good long look at the house one morning, as I stopped behind a car waiting in front of it to make a turn. The curtains were open and the lights were on. A handsome man in his fifties, impeccably dressed, appeared to be fixing breakfast. Was he preparing a crêpe? Dicing vegetables for his wife’s omelet? A woman sat at a table in the background, sipping from a teacup. I drove on, pleased that I’d finally seen the people who dwelled within those walls. A year or so later a sign graced the window, “It’s a boy!” The grandson had arrived.

Oohing and aahing we gaped in wonder at the ornate Christmas tree beyond the picture

In time, orange toys littered the yard, at odds with the décor. A tricycle appeared in the

window, the electric candles in the windows, and the huge wreath on the front door. “It’s a

driveway and squeals of laughter echoed from the pool. I couldn’t help but feel envious of

beautiful house!” the girls chorused.

this situation, as my father had died two years into his role of grandfather. My girls would

From then on, one of us would always remind the others to look as we approached the

never have a doting patriarch to spoil them like the beautiful house man.

house. In spring, tulips stood color balanced along the walkway in perfect alignment. (No

Eventually, to my dismay, a “For Sale” sign went up on the house. How could it ever

moles here!) In summer, hanging baskets of cascading flowers hung in every section of the

be sold for what it was worth in that neighborhood? The house was a brick elephant! A

gazebo. Autumn’s walkway had mums, and an enormous jack-o-lantern perched in the

peacock among pigeons! I didn’t want to let it go.

gazebo. What a treat to witness such displays! The house is down by the Rondout Creek, in an area that had been a slum until the

But it sold, I know, because the seasonal displays soon ceased. I like to think the former owners are alive and well and living in a warm climate where

revival of the 70’s. I often wondered how this house ended up in the same neighborhood

they play golf on turf as green and perfect as their little patches back home. At their club,

as a shabby bar and a junk metal yard. What possible dialogue could those pristine bricks

the hanging baskets are profuse with begonia blossoms, and the sea makes a pleasant

have with the worn bricks and peeling paint of the old creek houses?

sucking sound as it retreats from the shore of their condo.

An iron livery boy stands alert at the flagstone walkway, and to its right is an octagonal

My children no longer ride with me to school but sometimes we pass the house. I

gazebo. To the left are a two-car garage and an in-ground pool surrounded by a chain link

say, “There’s the beautiful house.” They say, “That house? There’s other houses way more

fence and hedge.

beautiful than that!” and they are right. It was never the most beautiful house, and it was

All this sits on a sliver of acreage where every square inch has been considered and attended. It shouts success like a house out of Better Homes and Gardens. Perhaps the tiny lot was the original family homestead of the present owner who was loyal to his roots and squeezed his dream house onto the site. Or maybe the house was

never my ideal. But on occasion it takes me back to those busy growing up days when it reigned supreme in our hearts—back when a blaze of Christmas lights could take our winter breath away. n

built in the ’50s to provide an example to the neighbors. It seems to suggest, “See what hard work and tidiness can attain?” The creek was a possible lure, too. It was a short walk to the marina where, coffee cup 72 new york house / October 2009

Stone Ridge resident Carol Shank taught in the Pine Plains schools and currently writes for children.

October 2009  

Upstate House

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