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Ally and Jaimie Hilfiger find serenity among the river stones, bamboo, and Japanese maples in the garden of Ally’s Manhattan home.

The Young Hilfiger Generation

Ally and Jaimie have designed a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle and are serving as models for others. p24

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energy conservation tips p34


ecofriendly flooring options p28


Buyer’s guide to modular and prefab homes p20

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Country Charm. Designed for a Greener World.

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MANHATTAN A&D Building 150 E. 58th St. 212.688.5990 96 Spring St. 212.680.9000 207 E. 119th St. 212.369.2000 LONG ISLAND 222 Rte. 109 Farmingdale 631.391.9506 75 Garden St. Westbury 516.997.9200 WESTCHESTER 369 Lexington Ave. Mt. Kisco 914.666.5127 QUEENS 57-22 49th St. 718.937.9500

SHOWROOM, REVOLUTIONIZED. SERVICE, EPITOMIZED. Davis & Warshow presents its new award-winning, expanded and re-imagined showroom in the A&D Building. This new showroom experience offers architects and designers a vibrant and exciting presentation of kitchen and bath products in an environment that encourages in-depth interaction. For over 80 years, architects and designers have relied on Davis & Warshow’s unparalleled service to help them achieve results that inspire. Stop by and experience it today.

W W W. D W N Y. C O M 1


Made in the USA

Make our wood’s history yours

Vintage White Oak

Design Center Showcasing Our Flooring and Beams

Antique & Vintage Woods of America™ Green Building Materials One-of-a Kind Custom Floors,Wide Plank Flooring, Hand Hewn Beams, Hand Sawn Beams, Cottages, Fencing, Counter Tops and Custom Mill Work

July 4th ad 2010-1.indd 1

SALES OFFICE & WAREHOUSE 2290 Rte 199 Pine Plains, NY 12567

(518) 398-0049

6/24/10 10:48:49 3

Jeff Gordon’s office is a bit more extreme than most. It’s hot. It’s loud. You don’t want to know what he spends on gas. So when Jeff gets home, he wants to be comfortable without spending a fortune on fuel. That’s why when it was time to decide how to condition his house, Jeff chose a WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump. A WaterFurnace geothermal system uses the clean, renewable energy stored in your backyard to save up to 70% on heating, cooling and hot water. It’s the environmental equivalent to planting an acre of trees or taking two cars off the road. It’s good for the environment, it’s great for your budget and thanks to a 30% federal tax credit, now is the best time to act. Visit for more information and to find a local dealer.

visit us at 4 NEW YORK HOUSEis /a August WaterFurnace registered2010 trademark of WaterFurnace International, Inc. ©2009 Jeff Gordon, Inc. The name, likeness and signature of Jeff Gordon are used with the permission of Jeff Gordon, Inc.

The Hottest New Mobile Real Estate Site Visit

Then download the Free App for iPhone and BlackBerry.

Then download the Free App for iPhone and BlackBerry. Š2010 In Independently Owned and Operated. 5



C2G is the Hudson Valley’s Premier environmental professional for tank & environmental services. Recommended and trusted by school officials, attorneys, realtors, property managers, residential homeowners and insurance companies.

• • • • • • •

Tank Inspections • Drinking Water Testing Tank Removals/Abandonments • Well Installation & Monitoring Soil & Water Remediation • Petroleum Facility Compliance Audits 24 Hour Emergency Spill Response • Water, Soil, Air Testing/Monitoring Geoprobe Services • Phase I and II Site Assessments Liquid/Soil Transportation & Disposal • Vac Truck Services Tank Installations • Oil/Water Separator Cleanings • Real Estate Environmental Screening

LONG ISLAND OPERATIONS Phone: 631-414-7757



#FTU .PSUHBHF 845.463.3011 | To become an HVFCU member, all you have to do is live, work, worship, volunteer or go to school in Putnam, Ulster, Orange, or Dutchess Counties.

We Do Business in Accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act

*Pre-approval does not qualify for this offer. Separate mortgage application must be received between July 6 and August 31, 2010 and the mortgage must close by October 31, 2010 to be eligible. $399 toward closing costs will be credited to your HVFCU account within one week following closing. Valid for purchases only. Not valid for mortgage refinances and home equity products. Limit one offer per household per year. Offer may not be combined with any other offers or discounts unless otherwise noted. This offer may be withdrawn at any time. NY, CT, PA mortgages only. Membership required.

6 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010

From Start to Open Finish. House! Come to our Whether you’re in the preliminary planning stages or receiving the

Atlantic Custom Homes Open keys to your completed home, Lindal takesHouse care of you every step Saturday, May 22, the 2010 - 10AM 5PM along the way. Discover beauty of Lindal’s–expert planning, solid post and beam construction, premium materials and an

Experience strength and beauty of You’ll our 3600sf Lindal exclusivethe lifetime structural warranty. discover the Cedar Home. Learn about Lindal’s new “Modern designs and warm, modern difference a truly personalized homeA-Frame” building experience Turkel fororthe Collection. canDesigns make. Call stopDwell by andHomes ask about our Planbook. Find out how Lindal is Green From the Ground Up. Our friendly staff will be INDEPENDENTLY DISTRIBUTED BY: on hand to tell you about these exciting Atlantic and Custom Homes your questions. new designs answer INDEPENDENTLY DISTRIBUTED BY: 2785 Route 9 - Cold Spring, NY 10516 For more information and directions, please call 888-558-2636. Atlantic Custom Homes 888-558-2636 2785 Route 9 - Cold Spring, NY 10516 888-558-2636

65 YEARS A Tradition Built on Innovation


Atlantic Custom Homes 2785 Route 9 - Cold Spring, NY 10516 888-558-2636

65 YEARS A Tradition Built on 7

everything for the garden and gardener

w w w . a d a m s f a r m s . c o m A H U G E S E L E C T I O N O F H A R DY A N N UA L S , P E R E N N I A L S , S H R U B S A N D T R E E S F RO M O R D I N A RY TO POUGHKEEPSIE



Route 44 845-454-4330

Route 9W 845-336-6300

Route 300 845-569-0303

8 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010

contents / august 2010 Volume 8, Issue 2

Features 20 building blocks

Prefabricated, modular, factory-built—all these homes offer sustainable attributes and quality not found in stick-built homes.

by kim plummer; photographs provided

24 The Young Hilfiger generation Ally and Jaimie have designed a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle and are serving as models for others.

by meghan zanetich; photographs by stephen sullivan

28 small FootPrint

Ecofriendly, durable flooring options abound for any room in the home—and any budget.

by meghan zanetich; photographs provided

24 Also in this Issue: 30 Inheriting green A former Staten Island resident adopts an earthfriendly lifestyle after buying a super-efficient, sustainable home in Woodstock.

42 Expert Advice: Energy conservation starts at home From making simple behavioral changes to whole-home retrofits, every New Yorker has the power to save energy and money.

stephen sullivan; deborah degraffenreid; photographs provided (2)



The Markets 43 REal Estate Listings 57 index of advertisers


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from the publisher and editor

deborah degraffenreid

Time to Rethink Energy Policy The good news as of press time is the spill at the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is plugged up. Whether it holds or not will remain to be seen and what will ultimately be done with the well is also unknown. However, it’s a great piece of news after ninety days of this environmentally devastating disaster. For years there will be damning accusations back and forth about whose fault this is and who is responsible for the clean-up as well as financial reparations At this point we have an opportunity to, once again, engage in a true conversation about this country’s energy policy. In other words, where do we go from here? After the Three Mile Island facility accident in 1979, the reaction was not to build any additional nuclear reactors. For more than three decades we have become more and more dependent on coal, oil, and other fossil fuels. And although nuclear power certainly wasn’t the only solution, the response to that accident held back research and

development for a technology that did not contribute to greenhouse gases on the level of the energy sources we depend on today. Of course, the issue of radioactive waste is not to be taken lightly. However, perhaps a more measured response to what happened in Harrisburg, PA would not have left us where we are today. And this brings us back to the disaster in the Gulf. What will the reaction be and where will it lead us in the future? Will we find ourselves in the same place we did back in 1979 where the reaction is so severe that we can’t manage our way to a more sensible policy? This edition of New York House is our Energy Issue and hopes to address some of these perplexing questions. While the Gulf of Mexico is far away, this is a very local issue that needs to be considered carefully.

Jonathan A. Schein Read columns by Jonathan A. Schein on

Publisher Jonathan A. Schein Editor Nancy Meyer Ar t Director Julie Novak Editorial Interns Kim Plummer, Meghan Zanetich Production Director Jessica Housen Contributing Designers Sheri DePuy, Rebecca Young Proofreader Nancy Graham Contributors Rebecca Rego Barry, Sarah Charlop-Powers, Eric Francis Coppolino, Deborah Degraffenreid, Stephen Sullivan Sales & Marketing Director Cynthia Kudren (845) 340-9600, ext. 110 Account Executives Barbara Manson, (845) 926-6809 Randy Schein, (917) 685-7758 Sales & Marketing Assistant Molly Duguid Social Media Networking Intern Patrick Mattei

deborah degraffenreid

Power to Conserve Energy As a child, one of my favorite TV shows was “The Electric Company”—“we’re gonna turn it on; we’re gonna bring you the power…” Now, years later, I’m thinking of power and electricity in other ways—namely, turning it off; reducing my home’s power consumption. They say that everyone has the power to conserve energy—that small steps taken by many individuals add up to big steps toward reducing our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels. But it requires taking those steps. Last year we had an energy audit done on our home that revealed a long list of measures that would save energy and money over the long run. It was exciting but daunting at the same time—some of the projects carried hefty price tags and many of them had prerequisites: the water problem in the basement prevented us from insulating and air sealing; there was no reason to insulate the leaky metal roof since it needs to be replaced. We took a deep breath, reached into our savings account, and started on this journey toward a more energy efficient home. One year later, I’m happy to report some progress, but some frustration as well. Having installed a dry basement system (to the tune of 10 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010

$6K) we’re now addressing the leaky 125-year-old metal roof and the damage it’s caused inside and out. Once that’s done, we’ll tackle the spray foam insulation and air sealing projects. Meanwhile, we’ve reduced our heating oil consumption by 100 gallons over the year–simply by making small, low-cost changes—programming the thermostats, using thermal drapes, weather stripping, and sealing drafts around outlets and pipes. But my frustration comes from our inability to use renewable energy sources for our electricity and hot water. Two reputable solar suppliers told us outright our home was ill suited for solar (even if we cut down all the trees, the home doesn’t get enough southern exposure and has too many gables). But I’m not giving up hope—we may put a solar attic fan in the new roof, and I’ve starting looking at wind turbines. But whatever power source we end up with—it ultimately comes down to reducing consumption and turning off the power. As my husband likes to say, “save the juice, save the juice; turn it off when not in use.” Your neighbor,

Nancy Meyer


ADVERTISING DEADLINE The 9th of every month. Contact Cynthia Kudren (845) 340-9600, ext. 110 Visit our website for more information: editorial SUBMISSIONS Send all queries and submissions to SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are $19.95/year (12 issues). REPRINTS ScheinMedia 233 Fair Street Kingston, NY 12401 New York City (845) 340-9600 (212) 675-9300 fax (845) 340-1470

Specialists in antique country homes and historic Hudson townhouses in New York’s Hudson Valley


Village Classic


This 5 BR, 1910 Colonial Revival in Catskill displays fine artisan details: wainscoting, crown moldings, mosaic tile work, oak floors and an impressive stair hall that spans all 3 floors. Enjoy summer on the porch or brick patio, and the glass enclosed solarium allows summer breezes and warm winter sun for year 'round use. On the Greene County Historic Register.


David Ludwig 518.943.7533 x11

Hudson River Views


Catskill Mountains rise behind the Hudson River to form a dramatic backdrop for this charming 2-story farmhouse on a bluff in Germantown overlooking the river. Large windows frame the spectacular views. Wood floors, old moldings, a reading/music room with a FP, a beautiful Arts & Crafts stairway and a location that’s conceivably one of the nicest in the area.

Adelia Geiger 845.757.5000 x12

The Wm. Lamoree House $750,000 This beautifully renovated pre-revolutionary farmhouse near Rhinebeck is 1 of only 3 living examples of Dutch one-anda-half architecture in Dutchess County. A massive fireplace clad in colonial pine, hand-hewn beams, wideboard floors, master BR w/FP and private rooftop deck, 18th century barn, and detached screened house, all on 26.5 acres with 3 ponds.

Gary DiMauro 845.757.5000 x11

Wildflower Cottage


Peacefully set on 5 acres at the edge of a field of wildflowers, this charming 2 BR, neo-gothic cottage is the perfect country escape. The open floor plan and lots of windows fill this 1400 sf house with light and the large pergola-covered deck is the perfect place to entertain or read quietly in the shade. Walk into the village of Tivoli for cocktails and dinner.

Lisa Thomas 845.757.5000 x14

Incredible Price


Taconic Shores


Public School No.1


Pumpkin Hollow


Claverack Country Modern $439,000

Village Victorian


This 1,000 sf 2 BR contemporary saltbox is nestled in the woods on 3 lots in Copake’s Taconic Shores, just a stone’s throw from its 102 acre Robinson Pond. Go boating on the lake, sit on the white sand beach at the clubhouse, barbeque on the deck in summer, or ski at one of the nearby resorts and relax in front of your woodstove in winter.

This remarkable 1884 brick schoolhouse is in a historic district in New Baltimore. The original bronze school bell hangs in the copper cupola and other original architectural details remain throughout. Now an art studio and exhibition space, unlimited possibilities exist for this unique 5568 sf building. Zoned residential, commercial and mixed use.

On 3.2 wooded country acres in the southern Columbia County, this 2 BR mid-century house has been renovated with great style, including the sleek chef's dream kitchen and the downstairs bath. The open floorplan, the cozy woodstove, and the screened porch encourage comfortable entertaining. This charming home is perfect for country weekend living.

This unique 1920s renovated house is on a hill (on a dead end road) overlooking a small pond and waterfall and bordered by 2 streams. The peaceful 7.6 acres feature old stone walls, a garden area, and woods with a view of the Catskills. The open plan 4 BR, 2 BA home has a cozy fireplace, a stone patio, a large screened porch, and a separate studio/workshop.

Remarkable value is represented here by 3 floors of living area. The first floor of this Catskill Victorian has living and dining rooms, kitchen, laundry and half bath. The second floor has 3 BRs and a full bath. The wonderful loft-like space on the top floor is currently 2 BRs. Nice woodwork, hardwood and pine floors. Just enough back yard for a garden or patio.

Mary M. Mullane 518.822.0800 x14

David Ludwig 518.943.7533 x11

Kathy Duffy 518.822.0800 x11

Kathy Duffy 518.822.0800 x11

David King 518.822.0800 x12

For the biggest (and best) selection of Hudson properties:

58 Broadway, Tivoli NY

423 Warren St, Hudson NY

434 Main St, Catskill NY 11


August Awakens “There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.” —Celia Thaxter

event listings Festival of the Voice August 13-15 Phoenicia

Join this three-day festival celebrating the glory of the human voice. Concer ts, recitals, opera, and theatrical presentations feature internationally acclaimed professionals and popular local performers. $20 Main Stage, $10 Church Recitals, $15 Broadway Musical Theater, Free Children’s Concert. August 13, 8:30pm-10:30pm; August 14, 11am-10:30pm; August 15, 2pm-5pm. Information (888) 214-3063. Tickets (845) 586-3588.

One gallon of gasoline emits nearly 19.4 pounds of CO2 into the air.

Festival of the Vegetables

RideRemedy, an iPhone application, gives users the tools to make connections and share rides anywhere at any time. Commuters can share rides to help reduce CO2 emissions, while saving money. The annual subscription price for sharing rides through this app is $4.99. Source: (

August 14 & 15 Brooklyn

Join the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in celebration of its new herb garden. Dance poems by Rachael and Michael Kosch will be performed by dancing vegetables. Free with regular garden admission of $8. Daily at 2:30 & 3:30 pm. Brooklyn Botanic Garden. (718) 623-7260.

Sunset Sailing

Get ready to set sail on the classic pilot schooner for a two-hour sunset cruise through New York Harbor on August 17. This New York State Beer and Cheese Pairing Sail will have you cruising through the Hudson River while enjoying up to five New York state brewed beers expertly paired with three different New York state cheeses. Savor your hand-crafted brews while enjoying the New York City skyline, views of Battery Park, and the Statue of Liberty. Special guest hosts from local breweries will share insight, history, and beer-brewing tales.$75. August 17, 6-8pm. Manhattan, Chelsea Piers, Pier 62. (646) 336-5270.

Dave Farrow: Memory Expert August 19


Recommended Reading

­— Compiled by Kim Plummer Please submit calendar items and books to Editor Nancy Meyer for consideration:

12 new york house / August 2010

16th Artists’ Soapbox Derby August 22


Careen down Broadway towards the Rondout Creek in your homemade vehicle and help celebrate the derby’s Sweet 16. Prizes for first, second, and third place finisher in youth, family group, and adult divisions. Judging is based on combined score of creativity and engineering. $25 to enter, free for spectators. Derby starts at 1pm. Lower Broadway. (845) 338-8473.

wikimedia commons; image provided; julie novak

In the past, factory-built homes have been associated with lowquality building or as a way to disguise mobile homes. However, in Prefabulous + Sustainable (Abrams, 2010; $25), author Sheri Koones dispels negative myths about prefabricated houses in her profile of 25 unique homes that showcase how factory-built homes are not only better quality, but also greener, more efficient, and costeffective than stick-built homes. Koones walks readers through each of these homes, explaining materials, strategies, and systems used to create each sustainable living environment.

Improve your memory over breakfast with Dave Farrow, a Poughkeepsie native with two Guiness World Records for greatest memory. Farrow is a leader in the field of memorization and a frequent speaker on memory enhancing techniques. $25 for Orange County Chamber of Commerce members in advance, $30 members at the door, $50 non-members. 7:27-9am. The Fountains. (845) 457-9700.

twenty-first season


Berg and His World

% (& &' ) $% & "'& '*# +'% #% " %, * & # #" %'& $ " & " #' % &$ ) "'& ' ' * +$ #% ' !(& *#% # " %

weekend one

Berg and Vienna

Friday, August 13

program one

! & ! " ' !

Saturday, August 14

program two

"" # % /& #('

" % ' # +$% && ) "' "& ',

! & ! " ' " ' ! # !"

% " ,#"

! ' ' ! "#! #"# $ # !

! "#! & ! " ' ! ! ! # !"

program three

Sunday, August 15

program four

program five

%& " $#&' &

program six

% &'% ! "

weekend two

%#& " " '#&

! & ! " ' ! ! ! ! # !"

! & ! " ' ! ! "( # !"

!" # ! ' ' ! "#!

#"# $ # !

! "#! & ! " ' ! $" # # !"

Berg the European

Friday, August 20

program seven

! & ! " ' ! $""' ! # !"

Saturday, August 21

program eight

#( "/' % #(& "" & $ % '' " #$( % (&

program nine

#!$#& %& ' * (& " ' 1920&

program ten

! ' ' ! "#! #"# $ # !

! "#! & ! " ' ! #

Sunday, August 22

program eleven

program twelve

- # % ' & #* . # ', #% % ) ' % #%! " &

! & ! " ' ! $ % )! ) ) # !"

! & ! " ' ! !" & # !"

# %" &! " '& & #"' "'

'* " #!!# ' #" " "" % ! % ' #" #!$#& %/& % ! "' ! & ! " ' ! !# # !"

% ! & " && #"&

! ' ' ! "#! #"# $ # !

! "#! & ! " ' ! #

Tickets: to

| " 13


products, services, and tips to make your home & office more comfortable, healthy, and efficient

Countertop Convenience

Recycle food scraps and add valuable nutrients to your soil with the Plow & Hearth Bamboo Composter. This leak proof and odor-free container holds 3.75 quar ts and provides a simple yet chic way to hold food scraps until you can take them to your backyard compost bin. Use with optional 100 percent biodegradable BioBag liners that allow heat and moisture to escape. $49.95.

Create a Case

Trexta is a maker of luxury cases for a wide variety of unique snap-on covers for iPods, iPhones, and other gadgets in spor ts and lifestyle themes. The newest and greenest entry to date is the customizable Sketch Up case for iPod 2G and 3G that allows you to design your own cover with the enclosed markers. It’s recyclable, antibacterial, biodegradable, and affordable. $19.99.

Walk to Talk

Wirelessly charge your handheld devices with the nPower Peg after it captures and stores kinetic energy while you walk, jog, or bike. This cradle-to-cradle product is lightweight, easy to carry, and compatible with over 3,000 handheld electronic devices. The nPower Peg is made with sustainable components, which are 90 percent locally sourced. You’ll never run out of battery power again. $149.


Sink Solutions

Made from 93 percent recycled and reclaimed materials, the Kallista Cast Iron Kitchen Sink is a sophisticated yet practical choice for any homeowner. The formidable cast iron and ultra-thick layer of glossy enamel ensure an easy clean that guarantees to not chip, crack, or burn. Star ting at $882. ­— Compiled by Meghan Zanetich 14 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010

For those on the go, PackIt Personal Cooler will keep food cold for up to 10 hours without ice packs or soggy sandwiches. This nontoxic, reusable bag is lined with an eco-gel that is ear th safe and PVC/lead free and folds up for convenient storage in your freezer. $19.99.

Live/Work showcases new, innovative, green, and local products and technologies for the office and home. Please send product information to Editor Nancy Meyer at

all photos courtesy the manufacturers

Coolest Cooler



Photo: Courtesy of Unilock ®

2().%"%#+ s 3!,4 0/).4 s (5$3/. (/0%7%,, s 4!..%236),,% 2%$ (//+ s ()'( &!,,3 s (9$% 0!2+ 15


Continuing & Professional Education

“Reclaiming A Fine Art GrSopace:” Exhibition, recup eption Brooklyn

View an exhibitio n displaying the diversity of la nguages that New York City ar twork speaks today. Gallery op en by appointmen t through Aug. 21 During each rece . ption Aug. 5 and 21, one original painting will be ra ffled off with the proceeds donate to Green Edge C d ollaborative NYC . Free. 7:30pm-mid night. Gallery Hou se, 272 Clinton Ave. (808) 385-03 12. galleryhouse. org

Events Calendar A calendar of events with a focus on promoting sustainability in our homes and communities.

Clean Energy Technology Training Photovoltaics (PV) Systems Advanced Photovoltaics Systems Conquering Solar Incentives Photovoltaics – System Assembly/Construction Photovoltaics – Intro to Off-Grid Systems Residential PV Site Assessor Training

ST U al G U A identi s e R g in Ex ist ing Buildormance Perf s Au d i t n o w ut changes iddlet o

ab tation ton, M ams— Kings USGBC presene auditing progrices, and state

is c er v Join th g performan actor s iency and r t n o in c d alysis, g y effic in buil ance an ams for ener dings. m r fo r r e p buil og ents, eral pr f residential nd stud 11, d a fe s r d e n b o a n er mem -8pm. August y, rizatio r chapt we a t h e fo rar rs. 6 s le a ce s membe t 12, Thrall Lib n a n v o d n a 0 $10 ugus r, $2 gston. A the doo $15 at eakhouse, Kin St state Skytop reenup g . n w o Middlet Na


Certificate in Technical Sales Specialist, PV

to lea an informa rn ti certific about the on session nine-m ate tra onth buildin ining c g o sustain profession. urse for ind G iv a constr ble concept et informa iduals work tion o s to b uction ing in nh uil , th previe w the and manage ding design ow to app e ly ment. , develo cours Free, p e. Meet r instru pment, Ulster eregistratio ctors n B and sunyu usiness Re requested. source lster.e 6-7:30 d pm u/ C Sustain ableBu continuing_ enter. (845) . SUNY ed/no ilding.j ncred 687-5012. sp it_pro grams /

IGSHPA Geothermal Installation/NATE Course Solar Hot Water Installation & Design Small Wind Energy Workshop Residential Wind Site Assessor Training National Sustainable Building Advisor Program BPI Building Analyst BPI Envelope Professional BPI Heating Professional


16 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010


U ti Buildonal Sus GUST Prog ing Ad v tainabl e isor Kingsram ton Atten d


ST b U G AU Thum

n Greekshop: treet Wor ds-on S linic Han e Care C Tre attan ittle l h Manour hands a ng up and

i Get y hile clean he clinic w k. T nd y c t o r l i d nb tips, a ble w g o n i r r a u te on yo nt and wa ees will be s e e r nd et lies me ing th il improve litter. Atte hile supp y f i t u bea e so ouraging are Kit, w rovid c en. will p ies for dis eet Tree C Gard r y g t t i e S t n a u ea str omm e hom lley C g a V to tak e ersid yc.or last. m. Riv enthumbn p 7 0 5:3 gre Free. 88-8070. 7 ) 2 (21


­—Compiled by Kim Plummer

images provided

Fall 2010


The Nation’s Finest Juried Artists & Craftspeople Continuous Demonstrations Furniture-Architectural Crafts Handcrafted Specialty Foods & Healthcare Products Supervised Children’s Activities Live Entertainment


FALL FEATURES: Fiber Arts Demonstrations Ulster County Handspinners Guild

Windsor Chair Making Demonstrations

Art & Crafts Fair Labor Day Weekend SATURDAY



10AM - 6PM

10AM - 6PM

10AM - 4PM


l ria pe Im

$8 Adult, $7 Senior, Children 12 & under FREE Ulster County Fairgrounds s New Paltz, NY GPS/Website Directions: 249 Libertyville Rd., New Paltz, NY 12561 NYS Thruway, Exit 18

Ki ng st on ,N Y| n Pho to - Allen Brya


29th Anniversity

Ja sp er

, lin Ne gh u ckl a cL ace - Bead nM Enbroidery Robi


Details & Discounts at 845-679-8087 | 845-246-3414 Check website for other seasonal features.

September 12, 2010

11 am - 5 pm Admission: Adults $5/ Children 12 and under free. Now online! Limited advance tickets $3. Advance package $20.

Rain or shine. Under tents. Free parking. Ulster County Fairgrounds, New Paltz Gold Sponsors:

Media Sponsors:

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Kids’ Expo Sponsor: Main Stage Sponsor:

Corporate Partners: Leading Partner: Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. Associate Partner: Brinckerhoff and Neuville Insurance Group

Supporting Partners: Health Quest Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union KIC Chemicals, Inc. Ulster Savings Vanacore, DeBenedictus, DiGovanni & Weddell LLP, CPAs

Call (845) 255-0243 or visit 17

buildings in profile

new york city’s green residential structures in review

The Tapestry 245 E. 124th St., manhattan


he Tapestry, a 12-story 185-unit apartment building, is on its way to becoming East Harlem’s first LEED Gold certified residential rental development. Jonathan Rose Companies, LLC and Lettire Construction Corporation developed this building in part of the 125th Street River to River Rezoning, a multi-city agency effort to permeate the area with cultural, retail, entertainment, and residential uses. This development targets renters looking to lower their carbon footprint in a convenient neighborhood. A 5,000-square-foot green roof and landscaped terrace, 24/7 concierge service, non-smoking apartment availability, and fitness center add amenities. In addition, renters can choose from 26 distinct floor plans and seven kitchens layouts, all featuring expansive windows. The Tapestry—a participant in both Enterprise Green Communities and NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program—offers Energy Star appliances, Forest Stewardship Council certified flooring, recycled tiling and carpeting, and bamboo cabinetry for all of its one-, two-, and three- bedroom homes. This development is located in a culturally diverse neighborhood, surrounded by shops, restaurants, museums, and recreation, and is within walking distance to Central Park, Marcus Garvey Park, Randall’s Island Park and recreational center, and the East River promenade. Rents range from $1,860 for an alcove studio to $3,610 for a threebedroom.

the details

LEED Status: Anticipating LEED Gold Developer: Jonathan Rose Companies, LLC and Lettire Construction Corporation Broker/Agent: Nancy Packes Inc., Signature Marketing Services

Liberty Luxe & Liberty Green

200 North End Ave. 300 North End Ave., manhattan

L the details

LEED Status: LEED Gold Developer: Milstein Properties Broker/Agent: The Marketing Directors, Inc.

­—Meghan Zanetich 18 new york house / August 2010

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iberty Luxe and Liberty Green, an interconnected two-building luxury condominium, holds the latest LEED Gold certified residency in Battery Park City. Milstein Properties developed the 33-story Liberty Luxe and 23-story Liberty Green buildings, which include a total of 471 units on the last two buildable sites in the neighborhood. This development—a template for sustainable high-rise living— exceeds Battery Park City Authority’s sustainable guidelines and is 30 percent more energy efficient than its New York City counterparts. Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green provide residents with an ecofriendly lifestyle while sharing Hudson River and city wide views. A fitness center with yoga room, valet-operated garage, 24-hour doormen, and an outdoor roof terrace equipped with swimming pool and barbeque grill are included in the multitude of amenities available for residents of both condos. Penthouses and terraced homes are available in addition to studios, as well as two-, three-, and four- bedroom residences. All units offer bamboo floors, Asko washer and dryers, high-end stainless steel appliances, and Imperial White Danby Marble countertops. Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green are located near the heart of the financial district, a 1.2-mile Waterfront Esplanade, and are surrounded by dozens of restaurants, shops, and offices, with immediate access to New York City transportation. Prices range from $849,000 up to $6 million.

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Evolving technology and building materials are transforming the look of modular homes. Patrick MacCarthy’s home in Rye was factory built by Westchester Modular Homes and incorporates customized design features like vaulted ceilings.

Prefabricated, modular, factory-built—all these homes offer sustainable, green attributes and quality not found in stick-built homes. BY KIM PLUMMER; PHOTOGRAPHS PROVIDED

ot all factory homes are created equal. Modular and panelized homes are proof positive of that. In the past, modular homes were written off as “glorified trailers,” according to Bryan Hitt, president of Hudson Valley Homesource, LLC, but with the help of computer-aided design software and evolving building materials there are few limitations to creating a totally custom factory built home. There are three types of factory homes any newcomer should be familiar with: manufactured, modular, and panelized. Manufactured homes are commonly recognized as mobile and trailer homes built to meet federal regulations. Modular homes, on the other hand, are homes built in sections, transported to the location, and assembled into a home on site, adhering to housing regulations of their intended destination. Panelized homes involve a little more on-site construction. Walls, roofs, and floors come factory-made to the building site and need to be assembled together. Some manufacturers incorporate both modular and panelized components into their construction. Modular and panelized homes can be referred to as prefab homes because they are prefabricated off-site. When complete, these prefab 20 new york house / August 2010

homes are comparable to site-built homes, and are even said to be better after examining the advantages of building modularly. When it comes to modular homes, there are two construction periods. First is order to delivery, which takes about three to six weeks. The second phase is groundbreaking to the move in, which takes about three to four months depending on the size of the project. On average, a site-built home takes six to nine months to build. Time savings not only means a faster move in, but also financial savings because the construction period is significantly shorter. According to John Colucci, vice president of sales and marketing for Westchester Modular, modular homes are about 5 to 10 percent more cost efficient than stick-built homes. Most importantly is the consistent level of quality and efficiency that these homes have to offer. Prefab homes are inherently green according to the National Association of Home Builders. Prefab homes have incredibly tight envelopes and their construction does little to intrude or disturb the environment— delivering up to about 80 percent of a finished home within the first day—all helping to earn a building LEED points. “The construction waste for the most part is left here [in our factory] and moved down stream to the

next projects, all the way to the point of where we heat our facilities with our wood waste,” says Tedd Benson, company steward of Bensonwood Homes. “There’s no need for Dumpsters, and that’s an important part of it.” Additionally, modular homes themselves are extremely energy efficient. Many manufacturers can build homes that are Energy Star certified, while some manufacturers build to reach LEED status. It’s not uncommon for modular manufacturers to have zeronet-energy homes in their portfolios. Whether looking to build a home from the ground up, remodel, or add renovations to an existing home, thinking modular makes sense. Here are some facts to keep in mind: Do your homework Every manufacturer has a different niche in the marketplace. It’s important to keep in mind different levels of quality, capability, and customization available. Visit different manufacturers and model homes to see what you like and what you’d like incorporated into your home. Know your dealers and builders Every factory and builder in a factory’s network is set up differently. Some factories set their distribution up

Green by Nature


y their nature factory built homes are highperformance and low-impact. Manufacturers buy in bulk, lowering the overall cost and minimizing pollution. The climate- and quality-controlled factory environment allows for precision—leaving behind little waste compared to site-built homes. Also, factories have the advantage of “down streaming” left over materials toward future projects, says Tedd Benson of Bensonwood Homes. Once leaving the factory, 80 to 100 percent of a home is delivered within the first day, minimizing site disturbance. The sheer efficiency of manufacturing, transportation, and on-site assembly can earn a modular home up to 8 LEED points, says John Colucci of Westchester Modular. Many modular companies produce Energy Star and/or LEED certified homes and others, like Bryan Hitt of Hudson Valley Home Source, are NAHB Certified Green Professionals. Modular homes have tight building envelopes to optimize energy efficiency—but there are many more green options. Some companies work with renewable energy providers. Michael Provenzano, president of Distinctive as dealers, while others distribute as builders. When distributing as dealers, most expect the homebuyer to act as their own general contractor. When distributing as builders, they typically have a network of subcontractors who work with the company to do all the on-site work with your home, from prepping the foundation before delivery to electrical and plumbing work once the house is set. “Most manufacturers go out and find builders to represent them,” says Colucci of Westchester Modular. “Most often, customers end up dealing with the builders and the manufacturer just becomes the material supplier.” research the reputation of the modular company “There are people who market low-end homes, not much different than double wides, and then you have a quality modular home,” says Fred Krol, president and owner of Catskill Modular Homes, LLC. “You want to check that.” The best way is to get references of people living in that company’s home, find out if they’re happy, and visit any model homes. Make your budget prominent If you want to stay on budget, it must be made clear to the representative throughout the process, not only in negotiations, but throughout the sketching, drawing, and planning phases. If a price appears too good to be true, it probably is. If one quote out of four is extremely low, Colucci suggests customers ask what the company didn’t include rather than thinking it’s a deal. Get it in writing Make sure you know what you’re getting and get it in writing. You want to be sure the quote you receive includes everything you want done. According to Krol, many modular home manufacturers try to undermine the budgets of customers by excluding costs of freight, cranes, and the

Locally sourced manufacturers and materials reduce pollution from transportation and support the local economy.

Dwellings, works with his son Nick, a certified geothermal professional, to install geothermal systems with their modular homes. For those who opt out of geothermal, they use boilers with an efficiency rating of 80 to 90 percent, like Buderus. Westchester Modular hopes to partner with a solar provider so its builders can quote prices for PV panels on their homes. New World Home’s LEED Platinum homes, called “New Old Green Modulars” due to their familiar architectural styles, use no alternative energy sources but can still save thousands of dollars per year in electricity and heating costs and use 60 percent of the energy of a code-built house due to superior building materials and insulation, the company says. “It’s all in the building science,” says Mark Jupiter, co-founder. To maintain indoor air quality, use low- or noVOC paint and seek low-VOC flooring and carpeting options. Bamboo floors and formaldehyde-free carpets can be installed onsite if not available from the manufacturer. Choose low-flow water fixtures, dual flush toilets, occupancy sensors, programmable thermostats, and Energy Star appliances. Lastly, choose products made from recyclable materials, renewable sources, and found locally. setting of the house on the site. “It’s very deceiving,” Krol says. “You want to get a line item of everything that they’re including in their price and if it’s not including freight then you know something is missing, because they’re going to charge you freight. You have to deliver it.” Be wary of standard specs and pricing The word standard can mean a full range in quality; buyers should be sure to check carefully. For instance, standard flooring often implies linoleum, from which most will upgrade. However, upgrading can become expensive so it’s best to ask lots of questions and find out what specifically the standard price includes. Don’t skimp on the long-term items When putting money into any home—prefab or sitebuilt—it’s important not too compromise on long term items like windows, doors, and roofing material. A buyer should invest in quality with more permanent fixtures. “If you’re going to cut corners because you’re on a limited budget, you do it with things like light fixtures or countertops,” Krol says. “That you can readily change a year or two down the road if you want to upgrade them.” Don’t be afraid to customize “The biggest feature we see nowadays is just the ability for a person to

Jersey City-based New World Home showcased its Country Living House of the Year in Manhattan’s financial district this summer. The 2-bedroom LEED Platinum home, the Hudson Cottage, costs $575,000 and $375,000 in its simplest form, and has become a Country Living design center at the Crystal Springs Resort in Hardyston, NJ.

put their own ideas into a project and make it their own,” Hitt says. Most manufacturers have their own design team and computer-aided architectural software that allow a client to design a home from the ground up. Buyers can take virtual tours of their new homes and make modifications before construction begins.

Research (2-4 weeks)

Planning (4-8 weeks)

Decide on your budget

Select a builder, begin designing

Meet dealers and builders

Make your budget prominent

Visit model homes and factories

After design is finalized, costs can be estimated more exactly

Check references of manufacturers and builders

Begin to secure financing


Setting & Finishing

(2-4 weeks)

(about 12 weeks)

Financing is secured Manufacturer begins construction of modules Builder obtains all necessary permits and begins site prep Subcontractors are hired to finish Set crew and crane operator are scheduled to put home in place

Set crew, crane operator, and builder set modular home onto foundation 80 percent of home finished on arrival Subcontractors complete electrical and plumbing connection and other final finishes 21

Fortunately, for most companies customization does not mean custom prices. Prefab homes are offering homebuyers a way of achieving high quality homes in terms of energy efficiency, construction quality, and architectural integrity. At the same time, building this way allows you to control costs in a more effective way than site-built homes since contingency costs are nearly eliminated because the house is built in the factory. “Simply put, we’re bringing the craft into the craft studio,� Benson says. n

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Hudson Valley Home Source offers turnkey solutions for new homeowners. Standard kitchen models feature Merillat cabinetry with crown molding, as well as recessed lighting and Moen fixtures,









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Catskill Modular Homes LLC (845) 657-6851;

Distinctive Dwellings (845) 339-3035;

Hudson Valley Home Source LLC (845) 294-5663;

New World Home (800) 841-5042;

Westchester Modular Homes Inc. (845) 832-9400;

22 new york house / August 2010

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Since 1945, providing energy efficient homes that combine beauty, comfort and value has been a Lindal tradition. Each Lindal post & beam home is designed and pre-engineered to make the most efficient use of its materials and the site.

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Design possibilities with Lindal are infinite. In addition to the classic Lindal homes best known for soaring walls of glass, Lindal offers traditional, contemporary and modern designs. With its partnerships with Dwell Magazine and Turkel Design, Lindal has introduced many new 21st century designs that have been selected by Dwell Magazine for the Dwell Homes Collection, and Time Magazine has honored Lindal’s new Turkel Designs in Time’s Green Style and Design 100 issue. We also have new, modern Lindal designs to show you. Design with style and within your budget.

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Lindal has been named by the National Association of Home Builders as the first system builder to be green certified. Atlantic Custom Homes is a Certified Green Professional accredited by the NAHB. We encourage and assist you in the selection of alternative energy sources – solar, geothermal, and even wind technology.

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Find out how to site, design, and build your Green Lindal home, using the latest technology and taking advantage of government incentives, including the Federal 30% tax credit for alternative energy systems!

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Atlantic Custom Homes, the area’s premier Lindal Cedar Home dealer, is proud to offer the exceptional beauty, quality and value of Lindal’s energy-efficient post and beam homes. Each home is custom designed to your preferences, lifestyle, the site, and of course, budget. We stay with our customers throughout the entire building process, helping set up the best possible system for building a beautiful, quality home within budget. To find out more please contact us and visit our 3600SF Lindal Model Home in Cold Spring, NY.

65 YEARS Atlantic Custom Homes, Inc. techniques are incorporated in every project

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profile: how do you green? Ally and Jaimie Hilfiger find serenity among the river stones, bamboo, and Japanese maples in the garden of Ally’s Manhattan home.

Ally and Jaimie have designed a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle and are serving as models for others.


or nearly two decades the Hilfiger name has been synonymous with fashion, American style, and making an influential mark on a younger generation. These days Tommy isn’t the only one with a vision. His 25-year-old daughter Ally and 24-yearold niece Jaimie have joined the cause in living ecofriendly lifestyles, a movement they strongly believe in. “My generation is very aware of the environment and knows that if we don’t take part in doing something to change it, our world will never be the same,” says Ally. Her journey to live a clean and sustainable lifestyle started in the beginning of 2010 when she began to change her habits to live a simpler existence. New York City has been home to Ally for many years and when her cousin Jaimie received a phone call asking her to move in and help rearrange her life, she just couldn’t resist. “It was something I waited for her to ask me for a very long time,” says Jaimie. “I knew it would happen soon enough.” Jaimie has been living a green lifestyle for almost two years. She is an organic pescetarian—a vegetarian who also eats fish—recycles everything in her home, uses allnatural products, does not use plastic bottles, and lights her Los Angeles apartment with energy-efficient light bulbs. She has served as co-host to Brian Au of “The Eco Chef,” has been a reporter at an awards ceremony for the 24 new york house / August 2010


Environmental Media Association, and recently hosted the 1st Annual Neuro-Recovery and Health Conference of Northern California, a conference Ally spoke at.

“Ecofriendly living has become part of the norm, it’s strange if you don’t jump on.” —Ally Hilfiger Jaimie’s most pressing environmental concern deals with the types of food she eats. “The things that we put into our bodies really have everything to do with the way we will end up for the rest of our lives,” she says. Once Jaimie moved in with Ally, both of their earth-friendly and healthy practices began to take precedence. They rarely ate out, choosing to cook organic options such as curry lentil soup, using fresh vegan and organic ingredients. They also

don’t eat any packaged food, and read every label before consuming. Much of Ally’s transformation happened because she was looking to cleanse herself before she began homeopathic treatments for Lyme disease. “I wanted to make myself stronger because without your health you can’t do much. After changing my eating habits I feel much cleaner inside,” Ally says. In addition to changing their food intake, the young women reduce their carbon footprint in other ways while living in New York City. “I ride my bike everywhere. Not only is it convenient, but it makes a huge difference on the environment,” Ally says. “Ecofriendly living has become part of the norm. It’s strange if you don’t jump on.” Much like Jaimie, Ally has also lent her name to helping the environment by becoming an Ocean Council junior council member of Oceana, an organization which focuses on ocean conservation. She helps raise awareness and advocates protection and restoration of the world’s oceans. Living this consciously isn’t always easy though. Jaimie works as a model, spokeswoman, and television personality, often having to wear makeup and hair products full of harmful chemicals. “I wish it could be easier, but unfortunately, that is not the case,” she says. In her private life, however, Jaimie prefers products

such as Ava Anderson Skin Care, Ahava body wash and lotion, Jacob peach scrub, and Alterna caviar shampoo and conditioner. In addition, Jaimie tests all products she uses on, an Environmental Working Group site that will rate products for toxic content on a scale from zero to 10, ranging from low hazard to high hazard. Ally, who works as a consultant for designer Nary Manivong, hasn’t exactly turned her wardrobe into hemp heaven, but did turn her father, Tommy, onto organic cottons. “One day when I own my own clothing line, I will absolutely be mindful of the 7 877 2 85 7 7 95 materials I use,� Ally says of her wish to start designing 58 52 5 7 95 4/&'"&)$ # ! once her 17-year-old sister graduates from college and 5

.% . $ can join her in this venture. ! %% ! 4/&'"&)$


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Davis & Warshow Teapot Ad 05.12.10 v.1.2

File: Publication: Issue: Color: Unit: Live: Contact: NY House Summer 2010 CMYK FULL pg 9.375� x 11.833� John Sadowski 212-489-1122

With 8 wholesale branches and 7 showrooms, Davis & Warshow is the NY metro region’s resource for all things plumbing, from the largest industrial valve, to the most elegant faucets and ďŹ xtures available.

6 ,"#) . #-. /,:

3 3 #1&)$.*) 0# . &-!* 333

.% .

Legendary for superlative service, Davis & Warshow has been named Supply House Times “Wholesaler of the Year� in 1988 and again in 2003.

Ally and Jaimie often use their juicer for a quick and healthy snack, in addition to preparing health conscious recipes that Jaimie learned while co-hosting “The Eco Chef.�

Ally’s goal is to continue living a healthy life, “completely and thoroughly.� She says she doesn’t feel the need to take on a million projects at once, like she has in the past. Despite the attention she receives from living with the Hilfiger name, Ally says she has matured and strives to live a less stressful, slower lifestyle. “I don’t think a hectic life is a happy and peaceful life. I’m just looking to keep things very simple,� Ally says of her future. For now, she will continue to spread the word of ecofriendly living to friends, family, and anyone else who is willing to listen. She says she believes there are two ways to convince people to go this route: tell people how harmful it is for the environment or tell them how harmful it is for their family and health. “You have to just put it out there either way and hope people catch on,� Ally says. 7 Jaimie, on the other hand, chooses to let people talk to her about this way of life first, before advocating these practices. “I made a resolution this year to myself that I wasn’t going to make anyone feel bad or push it onto someone,� she says. “This is a lifestyle choice someone must make on their own. But it is never too late to change.� n

& 2Warshow is a 7 100% 7 Davis 877 85 7 95 employee-owned 58 5 2 5 7 9 5company. # ! $

For more information

! %% ! % on Davis & Warshow, visit & #

" & ! & 25

Olenych Ad 2010_combi:House Ad Olenych


6:41 PM

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Warms your home with or without a fire.



At Mountain Flame we believe in beauty, efficiency and quality. We can work with a wide range of budgets and styles. Talk to us or visit soon.

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We have the experience and skill to build the court you’ve been dreaming of. In our second generation with over 40 years experience, we specialize in driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, and private roads, all built to last. Call today for a complimentary consultation.

controversy over a small farm in upstate New York makes me wonder if small scale farming can get too big. A farmer who bought land in a residential neighborhood was told by the town her operation Can small scale violates zoning farming get too big? laws. She has irked neighbors who think her farming is out of context in a residential enclave. At first glance, when you hear about neighbors battling neighbors over a little farming in a residential neighborhood you think, “What’s wrong with growing your own food and being self sufficient?” Then you read reports the small farm proposes 300 chickens, two cows, and seven goats. Not to mention growing food for a restaurant and 25 other people—all on just 5.36 acres of land in the middle of a residential enclave. Large-scale factory farming isn’t exactly ecofriendly. The more local produce the better, for our health and environment. I’m all for 100 percent self-sustaining living. I’ve written that zoning laws could have an agricultural component so all developments have allowances for local food production—just as there are parking allowances considered when developers build. I’ve tirelessly promoted hydroponics, aquaponics, composting, and local agriculture. But if home-based farming creates ire and bad will within the local community it’s attempting to sustain, there’s a good argument for intelligently limiting some agricultural activity within residential settings. It’s in our best interest then to figure out how to productively utilize existing farms, rather than overdeveloping residential land into farming operations so large they no longer serve the small scale it was originally intended for. —Paul McGinniss

most folks wouldn’t mind having a few chickens in their neighborhood, but might balk at a fullscale poultry farm on their block.

The single

MOST affordable way to go


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610'= 4''-=/1&'.=5*190=#$18'

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$235,000 - $395,000*

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or homeowners looking to build or renovate with sustainability in mind, the supply of ecofriendly products seems to be endless. For the flooring industry, many of these options were available before green became a full-fledged industry. These days, manufacturers are setting higher standards, and everyone is joining in. “Consumers and designers are so in tune with sustainability more so than ever before. They just assume that products will have that aspect in their characteristic so I think it’s a necessary ingredient,” says Emily Morrow, director of color, style, and design of Shaw flooring. It was 1999 when Shaw introduced its first cradleto-cradle carpet tile; four years later the company won the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, and earlier this year it began the “Anso? Hope So” campaign which focuses on the cleanability and durability of its carpet.

small footprint

Ecofriendly, durable flooring options abound for any room—and budget. By Meghan Zanetich; photographs provided

Shaw’s Anso brand uses nylon 6 carpet fibers that can be fully recycled back into new carpet. It’s the only nylon product in the industry with post-consumer recycled content, and with a price point of $3 to $4 per square foot, this carpeting is easily accessible at any budget. With homeowners spending 90 percent of their time indoors, natural flooring options are not only better for the environment, but for indoor air quality as well. “It really is about our well being,” says Kate Dayton, owner of Green Courage, an ecofriendly home design center in New Paltz. Her favorite flooring product on the market right now is cork, and working with a company like Globus Cork that colors and finishes its materials in the Bronx is an added incentive for her. “Supporting your local economy is a very important element to all of this,” Dayton says. Cork is one of the hottest flooring options to hit the market because of its softness and durability. The material used for this ecofriendly flooring is bark that naturally sheds every nine to 15 years. The trees can live for up to 500 years. It’s hypoallergenic, resistant to mold and mildew, a great acoustic absorber, and is reasonably priced between $5.25 and $7.95 per square foot. However, despite the low maintenance associated with cork, it does have its fair share of pitfalls. Denting can happen if heavy objects are placed or fall onto the surface and sustainable architect Diane Neff prefers not to use cork in wet locations such as kitchens or bathrooms. “Manufacturers say you can put [cork] in these places, but I personally worry about moisture,” she relates. 28 new york house / August 2010






“One of the worst things you can do ecologically is put something in your house that needs to be replaced in a couple of years.” —Diane Neff, architect

1. Marmoleum Click is Forbo’s easy to install floating floor available in a multitude of colors. 2. Pioneer Millworks Oak Settlers’ Plank provides a rugged look that enhances each and every wear mark, saw mark, and nail hole in its recreation of a classic barn floor. 3. This American Gothic Grey Elm wood dining room floor produced by Pioneer Millworks is a nearly extinct product typically salvaged from old barns. 4. Shaw’s carpeting acts as a trap for allergens, keeping particles such as pollen out of the air. 5. Marmoleum Click is an ecofriendly alternative, durable enough for even the busiest rooms in a home. 6. This snap-lock floating floor by Globus Cork reduces heat loss in rooms, is anti-allergenic, and insect resistant.

Neff prefers to go a traditional route in these rooms and use stone, tile, or woodwork. A lot of her clients use tile because they prefer to install radiant heat, which works well under this flooring option. She uses tile in bathrooms, kitchens, and entrance areas because of its longevity. She often works with Ann Sacks, a company that supplies tile with recycled content. Tile is typically more expensive than most flooring products, but pays off in the long run, Neff says. “One of the worst things you can do ecologically is put something in your house that needs to be replaced in a couple of years. When using stone or tile, it’s going to be in there for a long time,” Neff says. Another option that Neff says works well in a home is Marmoleum. Although linoleum is associated with older homes, this modern ecofriendly version is family and pet friendly, and has recently become a good alternative for families with allergies. Forbo’s Marmoleum line is currently the only flooring product on the market that has received asthma & allergy friendly certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Marmoleum is an all-natural product that is VOC free, soft on your feet, durable, and an easy to clean option for any room in a home. “It’s a very environmentally friendly product that promotes good indoor air quality,” says Scott Day, marketing and communications manager of Forbo. Although this product has been in the Forbo family for quite some time, Day says it is now paying off because so many people are looking for healthy and natural flooring options. With more than 200 colors available, this natural product is made from rapidly renewable materials and ranges from $7 to $9 per square foot, depending on the product line. Marmoleum is selling better than ever at Green Conscience Home & Design, a boutique in Saratoga

Springs, says owner Karen Totino. “We definitely see a lot of interest in it because it has become more mainstream and is often talked about on DIY television shows,” she says. Totino recommends this product for kitchens, bedrooms, mudrooms, and utility rooms because of its low maintenance. Marmoleum may be a room-specific option, and Totino believes that a hard surface such as wood flooring may be the best option to use throughout the home. She is a distributor of Pioneer Millworks flooring and swears by that company’s quality. “Not only are they selling a sustainable product, but their practices as a company set them apart from others,” Totino says. Pioneer Millworks sells FSC certified recycled product that is 100 percent post-consumer material. All the wood has been salvaged from barns, industrial buildings, wine barrels, water tanks, and material that would otherwise wind up in a landfill. “We go the extra mile when it comes to walking the walk of environmentalism,” says Jered Slusser, a wood expert for Pioneer Millworks. Pioneer’s shop is heated by wood waste, and its office uses very efficient hydronic heating. Pioneer has been in business for two decades and works with about 25 different species of wood each day. A flooring selector on its website helps homeowners decide which flooring option will work best for them. The company’s products are formaldehyde free, readily available, and can be produced usually within three weeks, the company says. Pricing can run anywhere from $3.75 to $25 per square foot, depending on the rarity of the wood, and people are often surprised to find that this antique wood is produced right here in New York. “Seeing that green and sustainable living and sustainable construction is really becoming such a trend these days, everybody wants something that is greener; everybody wants some that has a story to it,” Slusser says. n

Resource List Ann Sacks

Green Conscience Home & Garden

New York; (201) 529-2800;

Saratoga Springs; (518) 306-5196;

Antique & Vintage Woods Pine Plains; (518) 398-0049;

Green Courage LLC

Carol DeBear

New Paltz; (845) 255-8731;

Scarsdale; (914) 725-2385;

Nyack Wide Plank Flooring

Country Road Associates

Nyack; (888) NYACK FLOORS

Millbrook; (845) 677-6041;

Diane Neff Larchmont; (917) 880-9517;

Forbo Hazleton, PA; (570) 459-0771;

Ghent Wood Products Ghent; (518) 828-5684;

Globus Cork Bronx; (718) 742-7264;

Pioneer Millworks Farmington; (585) 924-9970;

Shaw Floors Dalton, GA; (706) 278-3812;

“Unity” Surfacing Systems Hicksville; (516) 933-3238;

Warm Floors Napa, CA; (800) 542-9276;

6 29

personal space

Inheriting Green

A former Staten Island resident adopts an earth-friendly lifestyle after buying a super-efficient, sustainable home in Woodstock. By kim plummer; photographs by deborah degraffenreid

30 new york house / August 2010

Harriet Kazansky relaxes in the sunny living room of her geothermal and passive solar Woodstock home. The angle of the roof allows her to enjoy natural light without the heat.


s a young girl, Harriet Kazansky spent her time in the rural town of Wurtsboro at the bungalow colony her grandparents lived in. She remembers the stream her grandfather had on his property, and in a way, her small pond mimics it. In fact, the same pair of red chairs that sit beside her pond now are the same chairs that sat outside her grandparents’ stream 57 years ago. “It felt like I was coming home,” Kazansky says about her move to Woodstock. “I always felt like I belonged in the country. I never liked the city. I was just never a city person.” Originally from Staten Island, Kazansky decided to move up to the Hudson Valley in 2003 after her children were married. When looking for a house in the area she sought a home that was efficient and environmentally sound. “I didn’t want to feel like I was damaging the environment anymore,” Kazansky says. In 2003, Kazansky bought her ultra-green home in Woodstock. “It was the [green] systems that made this house stand out,” Kazansky says. “I really wanted these systems. I’m thrilled with them.” Kazansky, a retired psychotherapist, currently lives in an incredibly efficient house that combines a passive solar system and geothermal heating and cooling. Built in 1981 by original owner Joan Gundersen, the house is supported by a multitude of systems that leave it with one utility bill—electric. Gundersen built the home to run independent of fossil fuels after the 1979 energy crisis. She hired Adirondack Alternate Energy to design blueprints and lay out the raw materials to build a passive solar home. The post and beam house is constructed from Adirondack white pine, with all windows facing due

south, directly in line with the sun’s rotation. The windows, in conjunction with the angle of the roof, allow sun in during the winter and will keep it out during the summer. “It’s a silent system,” Gundersen says. “It’s a system that’s there and it’s just as nature has intended. It’s just an extension of that.” In the center of the house is an air shaft, lined with local bricks Gundersen collected from Kingston beaches and garage sales, which connects to a 200-ton thermal mass composed of sand, gravel, and insulation that lies beneath the house. Together they function to keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. At the top of the air shaft are vents where fans draw air in, suck the air down, and push it through the thermal mass beneath the house. From the thermal mass are pipes connecting to floor vents throughout the house that circulate air. After the passive solar home was built, Gundersen was able to get a rebate from Central Hudson Gas & Electric in order to afford the installation of a geothermal heating system in the mid-1980s. While the initial cost for the geothermal is more expensive than a conventional heating system, Gundersen says, “It pays for itself in the end. It has a long payback period, but you save on it.” Geothermal heating works with a closed series of pipes filled with water looping underneath the ground. The pipes are extended to the geothermal furnace, which extracts the heat from the water to heat the house. When Gundersen installed the geothermal system, she also added radiant tubing beneath the floors that circulates water from the geothermal, keeping

Original owner Joan Gundersen built the home to run independent of fossil fuels after the 1979 energy crisis. the floors cozy throughout the winter. “No slippers here!” Kazansky says with pride. Kazansky’s introduction to living with green systems has inspired an eco-conscious overhaul in her life. The house has made her more aware of the environment and has put her in touch with nature; she eats organic, non-processed foods, she refrains from pesticide use, and refuses to add any additional renovations unless they are ecofriendly. Within the next few years she plans to install solar panels to offset the small amount of electricity she uses now. In addition, she’ll also be adding an irrigation system for her gardens that captures rainwater and feeds it to the plants as needed. Kazansky says she plans to live in her Woodstock home for the rest of her life. Not just because she loves her home, but because of the people who surround her. “I like that they are responsible for what they do and say,” Kazansky says of her neighbors. “They feel

Within the next few years Kazansky plans to install an irrigation system for her outdoor gardens that captures rainwater and feeds it to the soil as needed. 31

responsibility, that they can’t just do and say anything. I like how proactive they are.” Their sense of responsibility has influenced Kazansky. While she didn’t build her home green from the ground up, she inherited it that way, and Gundersen’s early vision for a green future has changed Kazansky’s perspective on the environment and how we live in it. “I could never go back to living the other way,” Kazansky says about living in an oil or propane-fueled home. “If I moved to another house, I’d be putting in green systems from day one.” Kazansky’s life in Woodstock lets her live cleaner, without guilt, and instead, with a sense of pride and contribution. Knowing people could create efficient and sustainable homes in the 1980s makes Kazansky confident that people “could do it much better” now when it comes to green building. “We could all change the world,” Kazansky says. “It really starts with each one of us asking for green and not taking what isn’t.”n

Resource List Passive Solar Adirondack Alternate Energy;

Geothermal Heating WaterFurnace;

Geothermal Maintenance Jeff Lowe Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc;

water heater A.O. Smith ProMax;

Plumbing Advantage Plumbing & Heating; (845) 679-6758

Flooring Home Legend;

Countertops Bella Grotta Granite Counter tops;

Kitchen Appliances Bosch;

Windows Andersen Windows;

Deck John Bode Co.; (845) 382-1288

top to bottom: The post and beam house was constructed from Adirondack white pine supplied by Adirondack Alternate Energy, the same company that designed the blueprints for the passive solar home. Kazansky relaxes in one of the trio of hammocks surrounding her outdoor firepit. “You know how people find relaxation at the beach? I find that in the woods. The smell of the woods—I just love it,” she says.

32 new york house / August 2010

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expert advice

This diagram shows how air infiltrates and leaks from a home, reducing energy efficiency. Air sealing and proper insulation would remediate this.

Energy Conservation Starts at Home From making simple behavioral changes to whole-home retrofits, every New Yorker has the power to save energy and money. BY Sarah Charlop-Powers; illustration provided


nergy use has tripled in the United States since 1950. This is a staggering statistic, when compared with only a doubling of the population over the same time frame. Longer commutes, larger homes, and growth in the use of technology account for this increase. An awareness that we need to reduce our energy usage and shift towards more renewable sources of energy has gained traction across sectors and political lines and continues to grow. Here are some ways that New Yorkers can save money by making our homes more efficient. No Cost/Low Cost Solutions

Energy conservation can begin at home. Small behavior changes and relatively inexpensive household upgrades can result in saving energy and money. Manage use of appliances­—Household appliances such as ovens and clothes dryers are significant sources of heat. Using heat-generating appliances during cooler hours decreases the need for air conditioning. Consider air-drying clothes and dishes during the summer months. Efficient lighting—Incandescent lighting generates noticeable heat and uses significantly more electricity than compact fluorescent bulbs. Switching to a CFL light bulb will save you money all year long. Home sealing and insulation—Adding insulation to your home and sealing to prevent leaks in ducts, windows, and doors reduces the amount of conditioned air that you “lose” to the outside environment. Intelligent cooling—Heating and cooling accounts for approximately 45 percent of household energy use. Programmable thermostats save energy year-round by adjusting the temperature on a schedule. Studies show that using a programmable thermostat for your air conditioner can save you approximately $200 per year. Setting your air conditioner 5 degrees higher will save 34 new york house / August 2010

up to 20 percent on cooling costs. You can also reduce air conditioning costs by using fans, keeping windows and doors shut, and closing drapes, shades, and blinds during the day. Ceiling fans are very efficient, frequently using less energy than a light bulb. Plant trees—Mature trees provide shading that can reduce air temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Shrubs and small trees reduce heat absorption and provide a temperature buffer around a house. Purchase efficient appliances—When upgrading appliances, look for the ENERGY STAR® label, which indicates up to 40 percent greater efficiency. Consider replacing old appliances before they break. Air conditioners that are more than 10 years old are only half as efficient as newer models. Home Performance Upgrades

Energy efficiency is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. In order to maximize a home’s energy efficiency, the New York State Energy Research and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) helps fund home-specific retrofits. The Home Performance with Energy Star program is a residential energy audit program that allows homeowners to hire an independent contractor who provides a comprehensive assessment of the home. The auditors, who are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), assess the heating and cooling systems of the home, as well as the building’s insulation and windows. The auditor provides a detailed report, that outlines suggested improvements The report includes a cost estimate and approximate payback period for each improvement. After the audit is completed, the homeowner is eligible for either a 10 percent rebate of up to $3,000 for money that is spent out of pocket or can elect to take advantage of NYSERDA financing. There is also an income-eligible

component to the program with cash incentives for those who qualify. Green Jobs/Green New York

Last September, the New York State Senate passed the Green Jobs/Green New York bill. This program, which will take effect this fall, authorizes the creation of a $112 million revolving loan fund to finance eligible energy efficiency projects. This NYSERDA program will include energy audits and energy-efficiency retrofits for residential, small business, and not-for-profit property owners. The program will provide energy audits on a sliding scale. Middle-income applicants (earning less than twice the median county income) will be eligible for free audits. After receiving an audit, homeowners will be eligible for funding for projects such as the repair and replacement of heating and cooling systems, water heaters, windows, appliances, light bulbs, health and safety improvements, and weatherization. Financing will take the form of loans. Residential customers will be able to borrow up to $13,000. Retrofits are expected to save between 30 and 40 percent of energy use, resulting in savings that are greater than the associated loan. For more information about Home Performance with Energy Star and Green Jobs Green New York, please visit: and n Sarah Charlop-Powers is the Mid-Hudson Energy $mart Communities Coordinator at Courtney Strong Inc., a NYSERDA contractor. Courtney Strong, Inc. provides consumers, businesses, and organizations with access to energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. CharlopPowers can be reached at

A Private Retreat In The Heart Of Woodstock 18 Maple Lane Woodstock NY

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new patio?

Retaining Walls , Patios, Landscape Design, Walkways, Lawn Installation & Hydroseeding 4/9/10 12:46:04 PM 35

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Introducing The Kingston


august 2010 Hudson Valley Green Sheet

Start with your vision, your sketch, your childhood memory or whatever captures the home you see in your mind’s eye. Alta has the imagination and experience to create just what you want.

Design Idea # 8

The Hudson Valley Green Sheet is the No. 1 source for green and sustainable news in the Hudson River Valley region, from Westchester to Albany. This weekly digest offers an updated compendium of green and sustainable business news and events every Thursday. Read it online and subscribe to our weekly email alerts. Go to to subscribe.

New York ENERGY STAR® Homes use less energy, save money and help protect the environment. Alta Log Homes also includes quality Andersen High-Performance Low-E4 insulated windows and doors.

Visit our website for more floorplans, or call to visit a model near you. 46966 State Highway 30, Halcottsville, NY 12438 (800) 926-2582 (845) 586-3336 ®

ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered U.S. Marks. ® “Andersen” is a registered trademark of Andersen Corporation. is updated daily with hundreds of green real estate and buildingsrelated jobs available from some of the country’s biggest employers as well as some of the fastest growing companies.

putting the green economy to work q&a with robert ragozine, president of donnelly sustainable energy services On December 9, 2009, the New York City Council passed the “Greener, Greater Buildings Plan,” placing New York at the forefront of efforts to survey and improve Robert Ragozine, the energy efficiency of existing president of Donnelly Sustainable buildings. Robert Ragozine, Energy Services president of Donnelly Sustainable Energy Services, is an expert on these surveys, as well as the energy audits that this new plan necessitates. MGB’s Maxim Alter speaks with Ragozine about the plan and the resulting energy and cost savings.

36 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010


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inner space

horoscopes for your home life by Eric Francis Coppolino / August 2010


e are living in the midst of many rare aspects, most of them involving Saturn. The planet of structure, limits, boundaries, and the passage of time is in opposition to the largest planet, Jupiter, giving the feeling of “two lifetimes at once,” it’s opposed to the inventive, revolutionary planet Uranus, which is putting us under the constant (seemingly external) pressure to grow and adapt—though marking the end of a 20-month phase; it’s square Pluto, which is more of an internal sensation that says “change or die.” Notably, all of this is and has been happening at once, which is more than most people can stand. When you look back at this time in your life, you may decide that it was the time you really took responsibility for your existence. On a mundane note, Mercury is retrograde in Virgo from August 20 through September 12.

Aries (March 20 – April 19)

We take gender roles entirely too seriously in our society, and I’m here to let you know that you have options. You will see these expressed in the people and opportunities you encounter the next few weeks, and these experiences may come with a sense of needing to make a decision. You don’t have to decide anything, and any decision you make can be unmade; what you can do is explore your feelings and experiences honestly and vividly: really get into what you’re experiencing. Notice if you feel a sense of vertigo if you unhook some of your false allegiances to the Blue Team and the Pink Team. Notice if the über-macho men and the beyond-femme women start to seem like cartoons. Look for the wide area where the two are seeking a sacred marriage in your body and soul.

Taurus (April 19 – May 20)

You are passing through a series of initiations: spiritual checkpoints that are designed to bring you into the present moment. These involve the work you do, your commitment to personal healing, your presence in your relationships, and something basic about your health. For the moment, your health is your sexual health, which relates closely to your sense of emotional wellbeing. If you encounter what seem to be obstacles or limitations, work through each of them, persistently and patiently, one at a time, until you resolve the issue that’s at hand (whatever it happens to be). Look for the integration point of all of these seeming different experiences; they are closely related, and what you learn working out any one of them can be applied to any of them.

Gemini (May 20 – June 21)

An idea represents the seed potential of something new; ideas are expressed in the world through experimentation and revision. Often a breakthrough follows a seeming setback or error, so if you encounter one or more of those, make sure you pause and look for the opportunity. This will require your staying just a little emotionally detached, and I would in all aspects of your life avoid courting frustration. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to work out a family or home issue, especially if people seem to “not understand what you’re saying” or refuse to open up and tell you what’s on their mind. You will learn a lot about yourself as you navigate this territory, particularly about how many old mental patterns have been dominating your life. Invent your way to the future.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

I trust that your life is settling down from the excitement of the past month or two. You are standing on much stronger territory than you’re accustomed to, though you might question how you got there. In fact, you might 38 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010

want to question where “there” is: that is to say, where you are. You have gone through a growth spurt and you may be feeling hemmed in by your physical environment. Whether or not it’s time to move, I have a suggestion for you: you feel cramped by the emotional stuffing of your family’s history. It is time to break free and find yourself. For quite a long time you’ve been striving consciously to feel better about yourself: to love and respect who you are. You don’t need them or their hallucinated ideas about you.

Leo (July 22 – August 23)

Take money matters in stride. Yes, conserve your cash and make purchases wisely; most of what you think you need you really don’t need. You may not believe that, but I could tell you some funny stories about Mercury retrograde. What the forthcoming Mercury retrograde in Virgo is about, though, is understanding how you evaluate yourself: your successes and failures, your value to the people around you, and whether anyone notices how generous you are. The next two months are a reminder to go easier on yourself, and to listen the most carefully to the people who express their faith and gratitude to you. At the moment the world is an unusual kind of mirror and you may be doing some sorting out of mixed signals. Just be sure you know which is which, and take a day to decide.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

At long last, Saturn has left your sign—but not your life. The past two years have been characterized by pressure to mature, enforced changes, and increased responsibilities, though I trust you reached that point where you wouldn’t trade them for the world. Now you have a new project: gaining some mental stability. That will be an adventure with Mercury retrograde from late August through early September, though you’re up for the task. You will have occasion to apply your awareness of the significant difference between your opinion about yourself, and the underlying facts about yourself. Your opinion may change but the basic facts remain stable: that is how you are now. The other difference is that the facts speak volumes about your integrity, whereas your opinions might be inclined to doubt.

Libra (September 22 – October 23)

Saturn has entered your birth sign, accompanied by three other planets—Venus, Mars, and Vesta. You may go through a wild identity crisis or two this month (perhaps a delayed reaction: most people went through it last month). I suggest you not make things any more complex than they need to be. Keep them simple by honoring your devotion to your inner core creativity. That’s your gentle passion, your consistency in your relationships, and the fire that burns within you. You know you contain many different opposites. You know that you are the one who must now take over the process of raising yourself into an adult who both honors his or her role in society. Too often we give this job to others; it is yours and yours alone.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

You are searching deeply, and, at times, desperately for understanding about how your life is changing, and how you will adapt to those changes. You have to do far less than you may believe. I suggest working with isolation consciously. Anytime you feel alone, raise your level of awareness and turn your gaze within. You contain everything you seek, and the only way you will find that out is to test the theory. Don’t go missing on yourself; keep your focus on yourself (rather than, say, obsessing over a relationship). When you do this you will face fears that others are reluctant to admit, much less address. You

will ask yourself questions about existence that rarely see the light of the human mind. And you can, if you are open, discover a lush world of passion, sensuality, and contradiction.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 22)

You can finally get some work done. There is nothing like having to obsess over details to slow down a Sagittarian mind. There is nothing like the Sun in Leo to speed up your quest for adventure. And, as Saturn in Libra would have it, you are about to make a good bit of progress on putting your talent to use in the world—and I say that no matter how specific and focused your talent may be. Remember that every worldly success is built on relationships, and this counts even for those who have no interest in other people: those people take an interest in them, and there must be some form of reciprocity. You are offering yourself to the world, and you do have plenty going for you. Notice who is interested and focus on them.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Charm, persuasion, and to a certain extent seduction are appropriate tactics to use in leadership. The truth is most people have little clue what they want, and even less knowledge of what would benefit the common good. Further, our neighbors tend to either resist progress or put us in the position where they beg to be persuaded that it’s a good thing. Pay no attention to those who resist. As for everyone else, some will yield to your self-assertion. Others will be drawn to your attractive dynamism. Others will be turned on by how devoted you are. The rest will respond to simple authority, which you are exuding in bright colors right now. Trust that you have a resource to work with every situation that can be worked, and the ones that seem stuck will take care of themselves. You just need the wisdom to know the difference.

Aquarius (January 20 – February19)

Saturn is making many aspects in these weeks and months, and one by one every aspect of your life will come up for reconsideration, adjustment, and restructuring. Remember that you are not really making changes to the outer world: you are making up your mind about what you want and what is appropriate for you. Then you’re engaging with the world based on what you discover. If you try to make your changes from the outside you will likely run into confusion and resistance; if you discover that to be the case, then tune into what you want and what you have decided is necessary and focus on those truths clearly, with full awareness. Then, what you need to do, or change, will be obvious.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You have more influence than you think; this, at a time of profound changes when lots of energy is being liberated. Also, you can put less energy into “making money” and more into creative flow: they have finally morphed into the same thing, if you are willing to allow that to be true. This is the tricky part, though by now you’ve figured out that resistance to what you want doesn’t get you anywhere. I suggest you experiment with focusing the most positive, life-affirming thoughts on what you desire, then proceed as if it will come to you. Don’t be surprised when it does—therefore, make sure to focus on what you consider the most significant or satisfying first. I am not saying you can bend the universe to your every whim; that’s the whole point: keep your heart and soul oriented on your authentic truth. Visit Eric Francis at 39

34!.$!2$ ',!33

our green

/& 0/5'(+%%03)% ).#


1916 New Hackensack Road • Poughkeepsie, New York 12603

New Window Technology Transforms Our View


he development of window technology is helping make net-zero energy buildings more of a reality. Anyone investing in a retrofit or new construction should splurge on new and exciting window technologies that enable zero energy living. A few of the most mind bending windows of note:

Serious Windows are seriously energy

efficient. Their price point may be higher, but reportedly blow all other brands out of the water with their efficiency. The Empire State Building in New York was recently retrofitted with 6,500 new Serious Windows. With an insulation value up to R 11, these windows can exceed Energy Star requirements by 300 percent. (

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RavenBrick recently launched a new product,

Raven Window Filter, which enhances energy efficiency when applied to windows. The filter responds to sunlight and temperature, changing the tint of the window. In cold weather the filter remains clear, allowing passive solar heat gain. During hot weather, the window filter tints itself to keep the sunlight out, enabling a lower cooling load. (

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custom glass panels comprised of a layer of solar PV cells placed between two glass layers. Atlantis installed an electricity-generating glass façade at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal in New York City. Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)— utilizing windows and glass façades—is sure to become more common as solar PV efficiency increases and prices for the technology comes down. ( Don’t forget the tax benefits for buying energyefficient windows and other products. For incentive details visit —Paul McGinniss

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h7E SELL THE EARTH AND EVERYTHING ON IT v 40 New York House / August 2010

photo provided

7578 North Broadway

Ravenbrick’s new Raven window filter is applied to windows and changes its tint according to sunlight and temperature to maximize energy efficiency.

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42 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010

OMNI WELLNESS ACUPUNCTURE & CHINESE HERBS 928 Broadway, Suite 1200 New York, NY 10010 917.836.8363

columbia 43



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44 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010

HUDSON RIVER VICTORIAN 3 story unspoiled empire style mansion with 18 foot ceilings on 25 acres 800 ft of frontage $3,000,000

HUDSON RIVER STONE HOUSE renovated and expanded with magnificent views of the Hudson River with 10 riverfront acres, in ground pool, garage, 9br. $1,300,000



WORKING HORSE FARM Victorian farmhouse, 9 outbuildings inc. creamery, farmstore, 5 barns. $649,000

10 /20 /15 9 BY

CLINTON CATSKILVUS full range on private wooded estate setting, sub dividable 95 acs $450,000

NEW VICTORIAN APLINE RETREAT incredible panoramic views of the country side 2 large bdrm, expansion plans, oak floors, 2 car garage on 70+ ac and seasonal stream $395,000

BOARD & BATTEN COLONIAL STYLE 3 BDR/2.5 ba on 10+ acres, dead-end privacy, mountain views, guest quarters over 2-c garage, separate heat, etc. Paddock and run-in shed for horses. Chatham Schools $339,000

VICTORIAN COLONIAL center hall dual parlors,3 bdr/2 ba 3rd floor studio, large porch with hot tub, 19 ac, Great value $310,000

DESIGNER COUNTRY RETREAT highest quality 3br home integrated with landscaped, wooded surroundings, including stream, 1st floor master suite separate living room, dining room, kitchen $292,000


BRICK OFFICE BUILDING Original details, fireplace, 5 exam rooms w/ restrooms plus 5 other rooms including large waiting room and kitchen. $139,900

BRICK RANCH walk to shopping, quiet residential street, separate dining room, kitchen, living room, mudroom, garage, workshop, 2nd bath in basement lovely yard $117,000


MAGNIFICENT DUTCHESS FARMLAND up to 420 acres, $20,000 per acre $8,400,000 $2,900,000 FARMING OPPORTUNITY 300 acres loads of frontage, grosses $300k, owner will sell or partner $1,950,000 LIVINGSTON Commercial/Residential 60+ acres, Rte 9 mixed development, good soils UPSCALE CONNECTICUT MOTEL 23 unit gem in great area on 6.5 acres. Opportunities for expansion,town water,near town sewer lines $895,000 $850,000 HUDSON, DEVELOPMENT OR ESTATE 130 acres, nr NYS Thruway, Amtrak $725,000 HISTORIC COMPLEX 1730 Residence 1786 store + 2 barns + 3 unit rental (1931Young) $655,000 6 UNIT RENTAL desireable Red Hook income property, 5 year old complete renovation, gross $88k, net 55k DEER LAKE 2 houses 7 units, gross $83k on 21 acres beach, development possibilities $579,000 MEDICAL COMPLEX 6000 sq.ft. gross 60k, net 40k, great rural location, upscale community $475,000 MULTI-FAMILY + RESTAURANT newly refurbished, Southern Columbia County, 7 fully rented units, including restaurant. $60K gross,noi $41K $399,000 KINDERHOOK 98 acres, ideal for residential development, frontage on Rt. 9 $399,000 WOODED PRIVACY 39 acres, with preliminary subdivision approval, great investment $385,000 BRICK OFFICE BUILDING 5 exam rooms w/ restrooms plus 5 other rooms including large waiting room and kitchen. Many possibilities great deal $139,000 AMENIA 3UNIT two residential rentals+ storefront in Dutchess County upscale town, convenient to NYC rail connection $129,900


0 01 5/2 1 / 9 BY

CATSKILL CREEK RETREAT Restored Barn and new cabin, RV hookups, 3+ acres set on park like creek frontage $64,900


WORKING DAIRY 400 acs, 2 farmhouses, barns $2,600,000 KINDERHOOK 125 ACRES ON 2 PRIVATE LAKES, IDEAL FOR ESTATE OR DEVELOPMENT $2,200,000 LIVINGSTON FARM 168 acres fields, woods, and privacy, two streams, large barn $1,300,000 HUDSON: DEVELOPMENT OR ESTATE 130 acres, nr NYS Thruway, Amtrak $850,000 CLAVERACK COUNTRY, Perfect for Ag, Horses, or Estate development. 60acs $675,000 CANAAN FARM 133 acres 15 minutes to Tanglewood, open fields& woods $550,000 UNIQUE HUDSON RIVERFRONT 10 acs, large natural harbor $399,000 ON THE ROE JAN CREEK 19+ acres, large post & beam barn, house site BOHA $299,000 RED HOOK Country private 17 acre parcel BOHA Subdividable $225,000 RECREATIONAL PARADISE 56 acres, woods,fields, pond, views, multiple building sites, ownfinan $169,500 3 LOTS close to Albany, rural, great deal $75,000 BUILDING LOTS: LAKEFRONT 109k, RED HOOK 99K, TACONIC HILLS 39k, CAIRO 19k, ATHENS 7.5k 45

columbia \ dutchess \ greene

CHALET ON 85 ACRE secluded expandable 2,000 sq ft chalet on 85 acres, preliminary approval for subdivision. $599,000



with 8 ďŹ replaces, inlaid wood oors, spacious farmhouse kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, & wraparound porch. On 24 rolling acres with a 10 stall horse barn & several outbuildings. A wonderful property to enjoy the country.

Artists, musicians, writers, poets, nature lovers, consider this mini compound in an enchanted forest. Winterized studio spaces, WiFi connections throughout. Privacy & peace on the Roe Jan Stream.





columbia \ Delaware

with Catskill Mountain views & private lake privileges. 3 BR/1 1/2 B, kit/dr, spacious livingroom, familyroom, den, central air, deck, & covered porch. Beautifully landscaped grounds. Detached 2 car garage.

Charming house w/ 9ft ceilings, wood oors, stained glass, French doors, ďŹ replace, crown molding, wrap-around porch & so much more. Catskill Mtn views. Abundant land for studio, guest house, barns and paddocks.



“We’ve Sold Delaware County Since 1889� WALTON (607) 865-7000 WWW.OGDENREALESTATE.ORG


30-ac country farm ideal for horses, beef cattle or other livestock. 1975 24x54 ranch-style home w/3bdrms, 1 bth & full basemt w/encl 2-car gar. Lrg 3-story overshot barn in good condition w/new roof. Nice views. Asking: $275,000 #41346


Chestnut trim & oak hdwd flrs. 4 bdrms, 1 Âź bths, finished 3rd flr, central hall w/open staircase w/2 sets of beveled glass French drs. Brick wd-burning firepl in LR, FDR & lovely Wood Mode kit. Att gar & separate carport. All on corner village lot. Asking: $189,000 #66147


5-bdrm, 2-bth village home w/new kit, walls & ceramic tile flrs down. New roof, siding, windows & radiant heat. Lrg covered deck, garden shed & nice landscaped yard. Asking: $149,000 #41336


46 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010


In quaint country village w/detail work throughout, 6 bdrms, 2 ½ bths, wide-plank flrs, new kit, 2-car det gar w/loft. Set up as mother/ daughter or 2-fam, but can be 1-fam. Asking: $179,000 #74783


3-bdrm, 2-bth modular ranch w/EIK, lrg LR w/2 sets sliding drs to 12x28 full-width private deck, laund rm & other fine features. 7.5 +/- open acs w/ pond & views of valley. On lightly traveled maint rd. Asking: $198,000 #73215

61+/- acres w/several springs & potential bldng sites. Stream runs most of length of property near rd. Mostly wooded w/young & mature trees, hrdwds & conifers. Level & hilly terrain. Great for recreational use. Asking: $149,000 #77117


Spacious Beaver Mtn custom-blt log home on 8.8 wooded acs. 4/5 bdrms, 2 bths. Gorgeous wd details w/catwalk connecting 2 lofts. 24’ above-grd pool w/decking. French drs in DR to covered 10x15 porch. Frt covered porch 5x30; 8x6 mud rm. 24x40 barn w/elec & water; 10x12 log shed. Stone walls, landscaped yard, abundant wildlife. Cc flr in barn w/hay loft. Asking: $342,000 #75820


Beautiful 3-bdrm home on 18 acs w/32 ponds, wells, springs, streams & 3-stall horse barn – all bordering NYS land. On well-maintained town rd. Presently a licensed fishing preserve. Asking: $499,000 #71412

Picturesque 111-ac parcel w/lrg pond & nice mixture of open & wooded. Enjoy fresh air, beautiful views & abundant wildlife. Asking: $299,000 #76445

3)*/&#&$, 4 -&"%*/( 3&"- &45"5& 0''*$&

$0-0/*"- '"3.)064& This wonderfully restored colonial home features 5 BR/3 BA, hardwood and wide board floors throughout, beamed ceilings, 2 fireplaces, and fully updated systems. There is a stone outbuilding, barn/garage and great outdoor spaces and gardens. A rural oasis close to shopping. A must see!

3&4503&% '&%&3"- $0-0/*"- $*3$"

Listed on the State Register of Historic Places, the Marquardt Farm is one of Rhinebeck’s documented historic homes. Totally restored preserving its original character & sited on 14.7 pastoral acres w/barn & old schoolhouse. This 4 BR 3.5 BA home features 4 antique fireplaces, wide board pine floors, forged iron hardware & beamed ceilings.

$*3$" 3&4503&% $"1& Revolutionary War period home w/lots of amenities including wide board floors, original exposed beams, large kitchen w/radiant heated antique brick flooring & soapstone counters, 3 BR/3BA, office/library, FDR, LR. Three stall two-story barn w/tack & feed rooms. Three paddocks w/run-in shed.

$)"3.*/( 3&% )00, $"1& $-04& 50 7*--"(& Located on a private drive in a rural setting on 4.6 acres. This spacious light-filled 3-4 bedroom contemporary cape features a well designed open floor plan with a first floor master bedroom, country kitchen with 2 eating areas and a windowed family room that opens onto the back two tiered deck. Great family home.

$0-0/*"- 8*5) #"3/ '03 )034&4 Such a pretty setting for this Circa 1900 home w/ perennial gardens & mature trees. Features 3BR/2.5BA. There is a nice size barn + a smaller one with 2 stalls & tack room for your horses. Year round mountain views on a country back road make this property appealing to the full-time family or weekender.

3&4503"5*0/ 130+&$5 "$3&4 $-*/50/ Charming setting for this farmhouse, guest house, barn and woodshed on 50 acres on a rural country road. Beautiful land with trails and pond. Buildings in need of complete restoration. Much nice old barn wood. Land in 2 parcels, frontage on 2 roads, additional subdivision potential.

i5)& "3."/%w "5 3)*/&#&$, .&"%084 “To be built� with your input on finishes. Custom designed 4BR/3BA home on 2.5 acres w/pond. This English Tudor styled home is the largest of the 3 houses offered by this builder. Meticulous details include a veranda overlooking the pond. First floor bedroom, family room w/fpl. & kitchen w/breakfast area.

5)3&& '".*-: %8&--*/( Circa 1880 Colonial converted into a 3 family dwelling. Two 1 BR apts. downstairs & a large 3 BR apt. upstairs w/a fpl. in the LR. Option of living in one apt., renting the other 2 out for income, while converting back to a single family residence. A spacious home within walking distance to the town of Germantown.

$06/53: $"1& 6/%&3 $0/4536$5*0/ Come meet the builder of this new home and add your finishing touches. Light-filled 4BR/2.5BA Cape with front porch and back deck. Features include first floor MBR suite/ bath, living room w/fireplace, central air, great kitchen with dishwasher & range included, attached 2 car garage. 3.65 acres, Clinton.

This property has it all! Privacy, 2 ponds, 2 streams, a waterfall, woods & meadows. An in-ground pool & a screened porch are perfect for entertaining. The house is light-filled with 2BR/2BA. The lower level has a separate entrance & is perfect for guests. There is also a 30 by 45 ft garage/studio/workshop. Minutes to Rhinebeck Village.

$0/5&.103"3: 8 100- 0/ "$3&4

3)*/&#&$, $&%"3 $0/5&.103"3: This custom built home is located on a quiet cul de sac just minutes from the center of the village. Quality construction with 3 zone radiant heat, stone fireplace, 3BR/2BA, screened porch, cherry floors, and Jacuzzi tub. Wonderful private home close to everything. Move in condition.

NORTHERNDUTCHESSREALTY.COM t .0/5(0.&3: 453&&5 t 3)*/&#&$, /&8 :03, t 47


41"$*064 $0-0/*"- 8*5) "35*45 456%*0 Privately sited on a knoll, this 3 BR/2.5 BA home features a light-filled kitchen with plenty of room for causal entertaining, a dining room with built-in bookcases, living room with gas fireplace, and a wonderful 3 season sunroom. There is also a separate two story studio perfect for the artist, musician or as a home office.





LAKEFRONT PROPERTY ON UPTON LAKE Fabulous contemporary ranch perfect for year round residence or weekend home. Delightful waterfront views from multiple sliding glass doors and decks. Private dock for boating, swimming and fishing. Hardwood floors, LR with stone fireplace. Wonderful retreat to be enjoyed in all seasons of the year. Offered at $499,000.

SPACIOUS RANCH Handsome three bedroom ranch on 5.59 acres, close to the Village of Millbrook. Beautiful property with lovely gardens and mature trees. One level living with spacious rooms and hardwood floors. Circular drive and delightful rear courtyard. Very private setting. Offered at $439,000.




Privately situated high on a knoll in the midst of 22.3 acres of woodland, meadow and lawn, this house enjoys a delightful western view of the Hudson Highlands and Catskill Mtns. Spacious living room with fireplace and banks of French doors, gourmet kitchen, elegant master bedroom suite on 1st floor, 3 guest bedrooms on 2nd floor and family room in lower level. Elegant Williamsburg garden pool and circa 1850 barn with office/apartment. Offered at $1,995,000.

Circa 1870 colonial farmhouse on 28+ acres of meadows, trails and woodland. Currently a licensed game preserve, this could become one’s private shooting preserve or a country estate for horses. 2600 sq. ft. of living space, including a fabulous newly renovated kitchen, living room with fireplace, three bedrooms and two full baths. In-ground pool, detached two car garage and large 4 bay pole barn. Offered at: $1,095,000.

Incredibly charming house on a lovely street in the Village of Millbrook. 1.1 acres of lawn and within walking distance of all that the Village has to offer. Hard wood flooring throughout. New windows. Great sunporch with stone fireplace. Offered at $349,000.

Wonderful early colonial on lovely country road, minutes to Rhinebeck. 5 bedrooms and 2 ½ bathrooms. Spacious, inviting floor plan with exposed beams and original detail. Vintage maple trees and beautiful plantings. Wonderful view of farmland and Catskills. Fabulous restored antique bank barn, perfect for horses. 20x50 gunite pool. Additional land available. Offered at $1,245,000 .

Charming contemporary cape style dwelling situated in a lovely setting in the Shekomeko Valley. This three bedroom home is privately sited and offers an interior that is light, open and airy. Quality craftsmanship, beautiful hardwood flooring, and custom cabinetry. 10.57 acres of park like grounds in a superb location. Offered at $695,000.

This is a first time homebuyer’s dream…a lovingly updated 3 BR Cape Cod in the heart of Millbrook. Spotless interior with beautiful hardwood floors and light filled rooms. Full basement with one car garage. Barn for extra storage. Top notch renovations. Perfect move-in condition. Offered at $259,900 .

845-677-5076 t 3269 Franklin Ave. Millbrook, NY 12545 t 48 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010


$2,950,000 WASHINGTON

PRIVATE 70-ACRE family compound. This 1850’s center hall farmhouse sits quietly in the midst of sweeping lawns, perennial gardens and gentle fields. Offers FLR, LR, DR, sunroom, 4-guest BR and MBR suite. Includes 3BR guesthouse w/DR, LR and T-1 Internet connection. Includes 2 vintage barns, pool and trout stream. Co Exclusive.


$1,285,000 RHINEBECK

ENDLESS VIEWS with endless possibilities! Located in prime Millbrook countryside, this fabulous 5 BR, 3.5 BA cape cod contemporary offers stunning views and amazing sunsets. Sited on 10 sprawling acres, private & quiet. Only 1.5 hours from NYC.

$395,000 PINE PLAINS


HUDSON RIVER ESTATE. The Tea House at Ferncliff was built in 1948 by Vincent Astor & designed by David Pleydell Bouverie on the croquet court of John Jacob Astor. This charming residence constructed in 2008 surrounds the original Tea House & features 4 BR, 5 BA, 2 FP & an octagonal LR w/French doors & marble FP. On 32.38 acres w/2-car garage. Co-Exclusive.

$1,750,000 RHINEBECK



LOCATED JUST OVER the Dutchess County line and down a private road is this completely renovated home that was added to in 2001. It is a perfect get away cottage with 3 BR & 2 BA on 4 private acres with big views of the valley below and the western Catskill Mountains beyond.


TRANQUIL & PICTUREQUE 36.61-acre parcel with 500’ of road frontage. Beautiful vistas of neighboring hill and pristine meadows of Winchell Mountain. Secret meadow for house site. Catskill Mountain views with woodland clearing.


BEAUTIFULLY APPOINTED Saltbox w/cherry floors, vaulted ceilings, FP in the living room & a new kitchen w/ stainless steel appliances. Two-car detached garage w/ studio apartment above. Privately set w/lovely perennial gardens & a large deck off the back of the house w/an awning for outdoor enjoyment.

STONE HILL FARM. Convenient to the Village of Rhinebeck, this c.1835 farmhouse features 4BR, 3BA, and fireplaces. Historic 2000 sq. ft. barn, open meadows and ponds fill out this beautiful 6-acre farmstead. Great horse property potential.

$599,000 MILLBROOK

LOVELY C.1845 FARMHOUSE overlooking over 37 acres of open fields, pastures & pond on a bucolic country road. Immaculately maintained home featuring HWF & large windows allowing an abundance of natural light. Tri-level, post & beam barn has room for livestock, a spacious upstairs office plus its own separate well & septic. Close to Bard College & Amtrak.


PRIVATE & WELL MAINTAINED describes this large Cape on 2 acres of beautiful lawns & gardens. This home is very comfortable w/a large FLR & FDR, study w/FP, EIK & a wonderful sun porch overlooking the lovely yard & stone terrace. Convenient to the Village of Millbrook. 49

Renovated Circa 1890 Victorian on 10.7 Acres

Dutchess \ ulster

Upscale Farmhouse with original hardwood and wide-board pine floors. Central air, oil forced hot air heat and solar hot air system. WEB# HD441212 RED HOOK ....$819,000 Millbrook Brokerage 845.677.6161

Distinguished 1780s Eyebrow Colonial

Three bedrooms, double parlor and library have original wideboard floors and fireplaces. Kitchen with dining area. Pool and gardens. WEB# HD342023 STANFORDVILLE ....$750,000 Millbrook Brokerage 845.677.6161

Gorgeous Hudson River Views

Sprawling, updated home on over four acres. Bright kitchen with granite counters. Entertain in style with expansive deck, and open floor plan. WEB#HD433759 HIGHLAND $800,000 LaGrangeville Brokerage 845.473.9770

Location is Important

Lovely new front porch Colonial with reasonable taxes. Convenient to Taconic. Large bonus room and a finished lower level. WEB# HD442529 LAGRANGE..........$479,000 East Fishkill Brokerage 845.227.4400

Elegant 1784 Georgian

Exceptional property with pond and mature landscaping for privacy. Features include original staircase and six fireplaces. WEB# HD428888 CLINTON CORNERS ............$795,000 Millbrook Brokerage 845.677.6161

Beautifully Sited Farmhouse on 32+ Acres

Updates include a new kitchen, new granite and ceramic baths and new heating and central air. Hardwood floors. WEB# HD403833 PLEASANT VALLEY ..............$719,000 Millbrook Brokerage 845.677.6161

Majestic Catskill Views

Stunning 3800 square foot Contemporary with loads of windows and balconies. Gourmet kitchen, master suite and family room. WEB# HD435913 WASHINGTON ..$650,000 LaGrangeville Brokerage 845.473.9770

Gorgeous Colonial ~ Coachlight Estates

Hardwood floors, French doors, vaulted ceilings, family room, master bath with Jacuzzi, formal dining room and living room with fireplace. WEB# HD441409 POUGHKEEPSIE $475,000 East Fishkill Brokerage 845.227.4400

Spacious Colonial on Five Acres

4800 square feet of living space. Fabulous baker's kitchen, master suite and hardwood floors. Set back from the road. Close to village. WEB# HD412640 MILLBROOK $795,000 Millbrook Brokerage 845.677.6161

Beautiful Ranch on 11.6 Acres

2 ponds, 3 streams, level land for pasture or paddock. 1850’s Barn. Property is in 2 lots, 5 and 6.6 acres. Surrounded by the Buttercup Sanctuary. WEB# HD379824 STANFORD $585,000 Millbrook Brokerage 845.677.6161

Spacious ~ Over 5000 Square Feet

Six bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, family room, sun room, laundry, den, master suite and formal living room. Pool and patio. WEB# HD442730 HOPEWELL JUNCTION $669,000 East Fishkill Brokerage 845.227.4400

Convenient to Train

Zoned commercial/residential. Spacious home with M/D apartment & separate four bedroom rental. Well-maintained, loaded with updates. WEB# HD374081 AMENIA $579,900 LaGrangeville Brokerage 845.473.9770

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50 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010

See a slideshow of our properties at


LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER, Brad Rebillard ASSOCIATE BROKER, Theresa Westlake LICENSED REAL ESTATE AGENTS, Carolynn Merwin, Wayne Euvrard, & Jeanne Rebillard

5917 N. ELM AVENUE P.O. BOX 798, MILLERTON, NY Brad Rebillard, Broker - Come talk to Brad about the Federal Governments $8,000 tax credit for 1st time home buyers & the new Existing Home Owners $6,500 tax credit for trading up on your home. SFR (Short Sale Certified) Please call us to learn more about short sales. ANCRAMDALEGREATLY REDUCED!

Three-family, early 1900’s Colonial with a separate commercial building.(Commercial Building Shown) Located in the hamlet of Ancramdale, a popular community among the weekend & local community. Located near Metro-North & Amtrak. One-hour Albany, twohours NYC. $229,000


filled Cape is a well built circa 1925 home and only a 3 minute walk to Main Street Built solid and true is this in the Village of Millerton. late 1800’s four bedroom Full of charm and character, Village of Millerton home. this home has a cheery From the basement up, kitchen, large living room w/ this is a solid home with fireplace, bath, a bedroom, hardwood floors, 9 ½ foot hobby room and dining room high ceilings, large rooms, on the first floor. On the 2nd original moldings and other floor there are 2 bedrooms, original features. There one has the original built- in is a detached barn-like dresser/bookcase & another garage, large covered porch, level yard and a great location that’s walking distance to all the has 2 separate closets & storage areas via attic access. Located in a quiet shops, restaurants, theater and the Rail Trail that help make Millerton neighborhood & 11 miles to the Metro-North Train Sta. & walking distance the Rail Trail that’s great for walking, biking or to rollerblade. $225,000 a great place to live. $230,000

GALLATINVILLE – The former Gallatinville Inn

located in a quaint 1800’s Hamlet, totally renovated from the bottom up. This 3 bedroom, 3 bath home has a large country kitchen with dining area, a large living room & laundry. There are high ceilings, beautiful cherry and wide board floors, new stainless appliances and granite countertops. There is a private back yard patio/garden. Just a few minutes to the Taconic State Parkway. $239,000




ANCRAM – Enjoy the peace and quiet of the Ancram




Located walking distance to the Village of Millerton Main Street and surrounded by homes built in the late 1800’s on a tree lined street. This spacious home is currently used by one family as two units, and has the high ceilings and beautiful wood work of homes of that era. The main floor has a country kitchen, living and dining rooms, charming sun room and full bath. The second floor has a four room apartment with a galley kitchen, living and dining rooms, two bedrooms and two baths. There is a large basement and walk up attic. The detached garage is currently used as a work shop. The owners have made perennial gardens, walkways, and other improvements to the yard. Enjoy all the wonderful shops, restraints, the rail trail and events in the Village of Millerton just by walking down the tree lined sidewalks to Main Street. $259,900

MILLERTON – SPACIOUS COLONIAL WITH VIEWS OF THE TACONICS – Views overlooking lush farmland & the Taconic Mountain range. The 3 plus acres is open & the scenery is beautiful whether sitting on the covered front porch or the large rear deck. This home has high ceilings, crown mouldings, hardwood & ceramic floors, a wood burning fireplace, central AC, commercial grade generator and more. The master bedroom suite is on the first floor and the remaining bedrooms are on the second. There is a laundry room on both floors. Walking distance to the Taconic range hiking trails, close to Under Mountain Golf Course, the Rail Trail and the Village of Millerton. About 20 minutes to the train station. $459,000

Front view of Cottage

MILLERTON – Two properties & two houses - Listing includes a Cottage & Barn on one property and the main house on the other. The main house is in excellent condition w/many upgrades. On the main floor is a open LR/ Dr arrangement with a sun room and a kitchen, well appointed with may cabinets. There is a laundry as well. The second floor has a Master BR suite & bath plus 2 other bedrooms. The basement has a walk-out door and there are finished rooms there as well. There is an attached 1200 square foot heated garage with 10 foot ceilings & storage above. The second property has a totally renovated 2 BR cottage w/detached 2 car garage w/studio space above. There are all new mechanicals including central AC. There is 1.5 acres if land. (2.53 total acres) There is a stream in the back of the property. The property borders the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. $459,000


Rear view of Main House


SALISBURY, CT – LAKE FRONT PROPERTY Twin Lakes on the channel. A unique opportunity to own a long standing family cottage on the channel. Perfect for getting back to nature, this seasonal cottage has 2 bedrooms; a cozy, open living area with a brick fireplace; full bath and kitchen. There’s a covered patio for the out-door cook-outs, and the dock is only 20 feet from the front door. $340,000 country side. Located at the base of the Taconic Mountain Range with spectacular views of the Catskill Mountains & terrific sunsets. Down a long drive through Under Mountain Golf Course you can enjoy the beautifully kept greens and close up scenic views of the valley. The 3 bedroom 2 bath home has a fireplace, large master bedroom, a deck overlooking the views and a large 2 car garage with work shop. The 10 acres borders a golf course, so if you play golf, you’ve found your dream home! Centrally located to Berkshire, Litchfield and Hudson valley activities. 1 mile to the Harlem Valley Rail Trail & popular hiking trails. Minutes to skiing. Reduced $269,000



MILLERTON’S OWN RENTAL AGENCY – We’re rental agents for Landlords and Tenants and currently have several rentals available in the area.

We also offer rental management and real estate concierge service. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY– For Lease - Dutchess County - In business for 27 years - Route 22 location - 80 seat restaurant w/a long following - $2,800/mo 51


MILLERTON – Affordable home in great condition. This well cared for home has a open, light feeling. The seller has opened up the walls between the KitLR-DR. There is a newly added enclosed sun porch, two decks, a family room, and a jet tub in the master bath. Also, there is a two car garage. A low traffic area that’s great for children and taking long walks. Close to the Village of Millerton, the Harlem Valley Rail Trail and only 11 miles to the train Sta. Reduced $210,000


Set far away from the road on a wooded hillside overlooking lush farm land and distant views of the Berkshires, is this very cozy year-round deck home. Enjoy the open living area with cathedral ceilings, brick fireplace, an eat-in-kitchen, two bedrooms and full bath, all on one floor. The site offers total seclusion on 2 acres of land and backs up to a vast forest. Total privacy and views! $229,000

AMENIA – SHORT SALE! Complete renovation inside and out in 2004 including a new septic system. Like to walk, bicycle or roller blade? House is across the street from the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. Great Westchester/NYC commute! Located three miles from Metro-North Wassaic station. Make an offer! Call if you’d like to learn more about a short sale. New Price! $159,000

MILLERTON - This light

Main Office

1177 Route 55

LaGrangeville, NY 12540 (845) 454-7800



R. Ferris real estate, LLC A Countr y man’s Broker



















ths .5 ba 2 , s 4 BR

5.2 ACRES, open & wooded & on a dead-end street provides privacy & total serenity at this 3100 SF Rhinebeck Contemporary. Walls of glass, 12’ vaulted ceilings, a huge MBR suite & wrap around deck, make it special. $449,900. 52 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010

(845) 855-0042


A charming, 3-bedroom, 2-bth Village Cape lovingly cared for and maintained by original owners. Sun-filled rooms, living room w/brick fireplace, hardwood flooring throughout. Enclosed breezeway. Nicely landscaped. .96 Acre. Great Village of Pawling location –walking distance to train, golf course, shops, etc. $299,995. Call Karen Schwark 845-724-5769 Elegant 4-bedroom home located in the Highlands. The delight is in the details… crown moulding, wood floors, arched window, two fireplaces. Huge family room downstairs with wet bar and full bath with a door leading out to landscaped, fenced yard. Offered at $499,900. Call Sandy Croyle 845-855-3653

2-Bedroom Ranch home. Immaculately kept with hardwood floors. Freshly painted. Living room with fireplace. Central Air. Close to the Taconic. Offered at $279,000. Call Mary Ann Rosselle 845-878-6734

A CLASSIC RHINEBECK HOME, Circa 1805, this tri-level colonial has brick & WB floors, 12 over 12 windows, original doors & hardware, 2 FPS, one stone one brick,a 33’ greenhouse,barn,& wonderful studio. Superb plantings & trees. $379,900.

Pawling, NY 12564


Bennett Commons. First floor unit with all the amenities of a singlefamily home with none of the worry. 2-Bedroom. Living room with fireplace $229,000. Call Karen Schwark 845-724-5769

g listin New

Pawling Office

9 East Main Street
















tting ul se f i t u Bea

THIS EXECUTIVE COLONIAL on a quiet Red Hook Street has 3512 SF & exemplary amenities, including a grand foyer, stone FPL, CA, lovely MBR suite, a large DR, K, & FR, a heated pool, and so much more. Priced to sell @ $499,900.

yard vely o l , k Dec

THIS LEGAL TWO FAMILY w/2400 SF provides a 3 BR, 2.5 bath home for you with oak floors, a stone FPL, great EIK, FR, & an oversized garage. The 1 BR, 600 SF apartment is lovely, too. Move-in condition, glorious views in all directions. $312,500.

d y roa untr o c t Quie

LOW MORTAGE RATES mean that NOW is the time for your dream home. This architect designed, eco friendly Colonial has a 4 room MBR suite, dream K, CA, walls of glass, stone patios, a heated pool, & 25 glorious acres for total privacy. $1,325,000.

Price New

A SPECIAL VALUE, this 4 BR, 3.5 bath colonial is in perfect condition w/a glorious K w/a sub zero, huge DR, 2 MBR suites, WB floors in every room, a huge screened porch, & 3.6 acres w/total privacy & a pond. $338,000.

( ( ( ),, 2 %!,49 3 %26)#%3 ) .#

3+9 4/0 &!2- #/0!+% .9

%.*/9 (5$3/. 2)6%2 35.3%43

#,%2-/.4 &!2-(/53% /. !#2%3




2%$ (//+ &!2-(/53%

# &!2-(/53% /6%2,//+3 0/.$

$54#(%33 !.$ #/,5-")! "/(! ,!.$





2%!,49 3%26)#%3 ).#

- / . 4 ' / - % 2 9 3 4 2%%4 s 2 ( ) . % " % # + .%7 9/2+ s s (),,2().%"%#+ #/-

Enjoy The Catskills!

Have Your Own Private Playland & Historic Theme Park! This Property Generates Income Every Month! This is an opportunity to have a safe, beautiful, & hassle-free lifestyle!

•Turn-of-the Century House With 4 Renovated Apartments •100 Acres– It’s Getting Pretty Nearly Impossible To Own This Size Property! •Former Western Theme Park, Carson City •4200 Sq. Ft. Theater With Stage & Runway & 2500 Sq. Ft. Basement With Garage Door •Stables •Lighted Outdoor Arena •Roads & Electric Throughout The Property •GREAT INVESTMENT •MANY COMMERCIAL USES •GREAT FOR FAMILY ESTATE

Contact: Gary Kistinger, owner 5365 NYS Route 32 • Catskill, NY 12414



Come see this unique property located in beautiful Greene County. Just ten minutes north of Saugerties. 5389 NYS Route 32, Catskill, NY NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! 53

dutchess \ greene

( (

Have you been DREAMING of that perfect HOME? With fabulous views of the HUDSON RIVER. THIS IS IT! Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

This charming 1941 Center Hall Colonial with fifteen point, one acre’s (15.1 ac’s) of Hudson River View with possible sub-division of 3 to 4 lots, The home has 3,317 sqft ,4 bedroom, 4.2 baths, formal dining room, den, office, guest bedroom with full bath, two working fireplaces, built-in book shelves, hard wood floors, two stair cases, detailed moldings, cedar siding, three car garage, gunite in-ground pool, blue stone patios, balcony off master suite, beautiful garden vistas and views of the Hudson River. Very private home in the prestigious Hudson River town, in Balmville New York.

1 ,9

*1 -

,9 orange \ sullivan \ ulster

.'34/. .9



A beautiful multi-contemporary home in the heart of Cornwall-On-Hudson NY, just a little over an hour from NYC. This home has been designed/renovated with the top of the line details. An open floor plan with breath taking views of the HUDSON RIVER and landscape gardens with an in-ground pool, one feels they are on a holiday all year long. The living area has built-in flat screen TV’s, surround sound, Hunter Douglas shades, gas fireplace, cathedral ceiling, alabaster scone lighting & mood lighting throughout. The kitchen features, Viking stove, Viking sub-zero refrigerator, granite counters, and custom cabinetry, with a window sitting area to enjoy the view. Each feature was custom designed. 7!,, 342%%4 .$ &,//2 +).'34/. .9 Reclaimed hardwood floors, Spanish iĂ€iĂŠÂˆĂƒĂŠĂžÂœĂ•Ă€ĂŠ>`ĂŠ>ĂƒĂŠÂˆĂŒĂŠĂœÂˆÂ?Â?ĂŠ>ÂŤÂŤi>Ă€ĂŠÂˆÂ˜ĂŠĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂŠ travertine tile, skylights, Murano fixtures, 1ÂŤĂƒĂŒ>ĂŒiĂŠ ÂœĂ•Ăƒi°ĂŠ*Â?i>ĂƒiĂŠÂ?iĂŒĂŠÂ“iĂŠÂŽÂ˜ÂœĂœĂŠÂˆvĂŠĂŒÂ…iĂ€iĂŠ>Â˜ĂžĂŠ stain glass windows, Michael Graves tub, VÂ…>˜}iĂƒĂŠLivÂœĂ€iĂŠÂœĂ€ĂŠÂœÂ˜ĂŠĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂšĂš°ĂŠ vĂŠĂœiĂŠ "ĂŠ "/ĂŠ with alabaster alabaster sinks by Ann Sacks, tile, a steam/rain shower, California & cedar Â…i>ÀÊvĂ€ÂœÂ“ĂŠĂžÂœĂ•]ĂŠĂžÂœĂ•Ă€ĂŠ ĂŠĂœÂˆÂ?Â?ĂŠĂ€Ă•Â˜ĂŠ>ĂƒĂŠÂˆĂƒ°ĂŠĂŠ/Â…>Â˜ÂŽĂŠĂžÂœĂ•° custom closets, guest quarters. All you have to do is move in.

*Â…\ĂŠn{x°ĂŽĂŽ{°nĂˆää°ĂŠ >Ă?\ĂŠn{x°ĂŽĂŽ{°nĂˆ£ä° Priced at $820,000 MLS# 489823 ‡“>ˆÂ?\ĂŠ>`ĂƒJĂ•ÂŤĂƒĂŒ>ĂŒiÂ…ÂœĂ•Ăƒi°Vœ“°

1 ,9

Visit us at


Is NOW being sold for the first time in 30 years

Â…>˜}iĂƒ\ÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÊ >ĂŒi\ÚÚÚÚÚÚÚ MLS#491238 Only 60 miles from New York City, and 15 minutes to Metro North.

ÂŤÂŤĂ€ÂœĂ›i`\ÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÊ >ĂŒi\ÚÚÚÚÚÚÚ For private showing and further details please call me at 845- 926-6809 >Â?vĂŠ*>}iĂŠ \ĂŠn°ĂˆĂ“xĂŠĂ?ĂŠx°nÇxĂŠÂˆÂ˜VÂ…iĂƒĂŠ


ŠMMVI Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Street in Saintes-Maries used with permission. Sotheby’s International Realty (TM-trademark symbol) is a licensed trademark to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc.

* 1 “>ˆÂ?\ĂŠÂŽÂ“Âˆi˜VÂ…JĂ•ÂŤĂƒĂŒ>ĂŒiÂ…ÂœĂ•Ăƒi°Vœ“ -

An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. Except Offices owned and Operated by NRT Incorporated.

7!,, 342%%4 .$ &,//2 +).'34/. .9


45) 351-2010 • (845) 351-4503 *Â…\ĂŠn{x°ĂŽĂŽ{°nĂˆää°ĂŠ >Ă?\ĂŠn{x°ĂŽĂŽ{°nĂˆ£ä° ‡“>ˆÂ?\ĂŠ>`ĂƒJĂ•ÂŤĂƒĂŒ>ĂŒiÂ…ÂœĂ•Ăƒi°Vœ“°





PINEWOOD, Barryville, NY – Sullivan County

A rare opportunity to own an extraordinary country retreat/family compound amidst 164 acres of mature trees & woodland ferns with its own 17+ acre spring fed lake. Enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, hunting, bird watching, camping & much more. Very private with gated entry. Offers the finest luxury living while maintaining a keen sense of nature. Possible business opportunity with acreage already subdivided. $3,499,000.


DEER CLIFF, Tuxedo Park, Orange County

View endless spectacular seasonal changes from this exceptional 6000 sf contemporary with 256.5 ft of lake frontage on beautiful and serene Tuxedo Lake in gate guarded Tuxedo Park. Delights with sunny interiors, expanses of glass and spacious open floor plan. The home features a large open entry, expansive living room, formal dining, spacious kitchen with breakfast area, master bedroom and bath, additional bedroom and full bath, study, laundry room and powder room; upper level boasts open loft area and expansive storage; lower level consists of four bedrooms, two full baths, family room and utility room. Expansive three level wraparound deck. Floating boat dock and fish pond. Very private grounds. Attached oversized three car garage. Equipped with handicapped features. $2,300,000.

MOUNTAIN VIEW CHALET, Narrowsburg, NY, Sullivan County

This extraordinary log residence situated on 13.4 acres with a dramatic views overlooking the Hudson River Valley of Pennsylvania and New York. In close proximity to the Delaware River. Enjoy hiking, rafting, canoeing, tubing, swimming, fishing & hunting. Healthy living space combines traditional architectural design of a “green house� with all the elements of modern luxury and comfort. Features 1400 sf stone patio with balconey, cedar sauna for six, exceptional living room with 28’ high cathedral ceiling & 2 stone fireplaces with waterfalls. $2,325,000.



Enjoy a lifestyle of comfort and luxury in this stunning custom colonial nestled on 1.9 beautifully landscaped acres and located in this lovely prestigious neighborhood. Exceptional architectural detail. Professionally decorated with Schumacher and Ralph Lauren wallpaper and window treatments. The home offers a two story foyer with sweeping staircase, intimate library, gracious formal dining, dramatic two story great room with stone fireplace, chef’s kitchen with with cozy breakfast area, warm family room, home office and full bath, large master suite with master bath, three additional bedrooms, full bath, & laundry room. Lower level includes media room, bedroom and full bath, wine vault, pantry and additional office and storage space. Heated three car garage. $1,195,000.

54 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010

LE CHATEAU MONTBLANC, Gardiner, NY, Ulster County

Amazing 5315 sf wood, stucco & stone European style chateau nestled in the mid Hudson Valley of New York with spectacular views of the Shawangunk Mountain Ridge. The epitome of grace, charm, & tranquility, coupled with old world craftsmanship and the finest custom building materials. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of pristine land, forest, ponds & adjacent vineyard which provides additional scenic panoramas. Features hand sculpted fireplace mantles, moldings, and stained glass throughout this unique home, as well as beautiful perennial flower gardens, serene ponds with waterfalls, organic vegetable, herb and flower garden and mosaic fire pit. $1,400,000.

SERENE & SECLUDED, Narrowsburg, NY, Sullivan County Very private 3002 sf contemporary nestled on 11 acres of parklike grounds that borders protected lands. Meticulously maintained and recently updated. Beautiful inground fiberglass pool and screened gazebo. The Bethel Arts Center, fine dining and recreational facilities are closeby. $699,000 Call Karen Hart at 914-391-4720

Harriman 845-783-0004 Middletown 845-341-0004 New Windsor 845-565-0004

Benchmark Realty Group



BROKERS $775,000

Remarkable Arts & Crafts ranch w/unbelievable attention to detail located in Gardiner, NY. Custom oak wainscoting, floors & solid craftsman style oak doors add to the charm. Open floor plan lends a contemporary flair w/ chef ’s dream kitchen with stainless appliances including 60in. commercial stove, granite ctrs & wine bar that opens into the great room featuring a stone fireplace & mountain views. Master w/walk-in shower, sunken tub, fireplace & private balcony. Lower level has in-law or rental potential. Just 75 minutes to NYC and minutes to the “Gunks” and the Village of New Paltz....Must see to appreciate. Call Troy Ford (845)565-0004 Ext. 340 for your private showing. ML# 485621



Lovely home in the heart of Cornwall. Country setting, walk to everything. Beautifully landscaped property includes mature plantings, stonewalls, private backyard and large patio surrounding in-ground pool. Kitchen remodeled in 2000, new pool liner 2008, new hot water heater 2010, new refrigerator 2009, new washer 2008. Beautiful hardwood floors, walk in closets and abundant storage space throughout home. Ready for a new family to move in and enjoy. ML# 488473

Weekend retreat or full time home! This ranch has space for everyone! Situated on 1.4 acres, close to ski resort and casino. Main level has a large master suite with walk/in closet, full bath and private terrace. Wood stove insert in family room, natural light and views complete the picture. Finished lower level has the perfect “men’s den”/music studio, kitchenette and 2 to 3 more bedrooms. Even a hot tub! Newer windows, furnace and doors. MLS#480384











16x32 inground pool, new electric, walk up attic. Tree & stream lined. Genna Way is a private road for this home. Majestic & Elegant describes this circa 1930 Estate set on 5+ acres of luscious landscaped grounds. Architect Gordon Marvel designed this wonderfully built brick 5BR, 3BA home. Master suite w/dressing area & new bath leads to the sun deck over looking the in ground pool & grounds. Formal dining rm w/ mahogany moldings & built-ins. Living rm w/FP that leads to screened covered porch for extended outside living at its best. Office, maid quarters, artist space. MLS# 486238







Scenic views + beautiful home = perfection. Relax on your expansive deck overlooking IN-GROUND POOL & perennial gardens - situated at the end of quiet neighborhood cul-de-sac. Ceramic tile & hardwood. flrs throughout 1st flr., 2nd flr. laundry rm ,two story entry, wood burning fireplace and more. Finished lower level w/ family rm, additional room and full bath. Enjoy sounds of nature and still be minutes from Mid-Hudson Bridge and 9W. Call Lyra 845-728-9940. ML# 491086

Not your Mom’s split! Tucked away on a quiet cul-de-sac is this traditional yet contemporary split that offers Formal Living Room with cathedral ceilings and large bay window; Formal Dining Room, Eat In Kitchen with ceramic counters; Family Room with gas Fireplace and sliders to a lovely paved patio; Master Bedroom, NEW Master Bath, 2 other Bedrooms; all baths have been updated; rec room/office; newer furnace and HWH; hardwood floors throughout, slate foyer; large deck with build in benches; GREAT COMMUTER LOCALE! MLS#: 491645






$1,295,000 MARLBORO

This 7,000 SF brickVictorian beauty set on 2.1 acres in the prestigious hamlet of Balmville, NY, is just minutes from MetroNorth trains, I-84, NYS Thruway & Stewart International Airport, and has been lovingly restored & updated with modern conveniences. Perfect opportunity for a Retreat or Bed & Breakfast! Call or email Associate Broker Tina Olsen for a viewing: Cell: 845-541-2090 email: TinaOlsen@remax. net For more photos visit:


TEAM MILICH, 845.565.0004 X337





Unbelievable views of the Hudson River, Bannerman’s Island and Storm King Mountain! Custom built colonial on 1.8 acres. 4 large bedrooms including master with 2 walk in closets and private bath with Jacuzzi tub, 2 additional full baths, formal living room with fireplace, formal dining room, kitchen opens up to spacious family room with fireplace. Partially finished basement plus oversized 2 car garage complete this home. Enjoy all the Hudson Valley has to offer including Storm King Art Center, Woodbury Common Premium Outlets,West Point, Kayaking, and many hiking paths. Close to all village amenities and approximately 1 hour from Manhattan. Call Team Milich today. MLS# 459873








Beautifully decorated and maintained Colonial on 2 acres in private country setting features 2 story entry, central air, fireplace, hardwood floors, 9 foot ceilings, master suite with ceramic bath, shower and whirlpool, den or home office. Oversized deck overlooks partly wooded yard. A wonderful home to enjoy indoors or out! GinaDeCerbo. MLS# 488992 55

orange \ ulster


TINA OLSEN, 845.565.0004 X330


(845) 338-5252 Find out what makes our area so special, visit us online for a complete area guide, local attractions, b&b’s, restaurants, and up to date Real Estate listings.

73 Acre Horse Farm Majestic Mountain Views Set beautifully with the white cliffs of Mohonk Mountain as a majestic backdrop, this pristine horse farm consists of lush green pastures with white fencing & 2 large spring fed ponds. Previously used for breeding & training Thoroughbred & Standard-bred race horses, the grounds offer 7 large fenced paddocks, ½ mile training track with stone dust footing, round training pen, two large center hall stables featuring 18 horse stalls in total with 9 foaling stalls, frost-free waterers, wash stall, tack rooms, feed room, office & 1800 sq. ft. of storage. The property features a 4 bedroom, 2 bath farmhouse with fireplace, hardwood floors, large kitchen & screened porch.

Asking: $1,700,000


Too much to list, call to find out more!


$ 4 2 9 , 9 0 0 ENTER YOUR DREAM WORLD

This richly detailed home must be seen to be fully appreciated, with an extravagant new gourmet kitchen w/ granite counters, Home Crest cabinetry, center island & stainless appliances, 4 BRs, 2.5 baths, 9’ ceilings, large windows & gleaming hardwood floors. Easy commute to Rhinebeck Train Station.


$ 7 9 9 , 0 0 0 1917 FARMHOUSE w/ STUDIO

Spacious 5,200 sq. ft. plus home on almost 4 acres with frontage on the Esopus Creek. Features include a large formal living room w/ wood burning fireplace, hardwood floors, beautiful eat-in kitchen, 5 BR’s & 4 ½ baths, back deck & in-ground pool. There’s also a beautiful apartment perfect for mother / daughter. Too much to list, this is a must see & just minutes to Woodstock!

56 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010





On 4+ private acres, this beautifully detailed custom built home features 4 BR, 2.5 baths, designer kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances & cherry cabinetry, LR with stone Fpl., spacious FR & fabulous MBR with walk-in closet, Jacuzzi & gas fireplace... plus an in-ground pool & cabana!

Blending the charm of the old with today’s amenities, this updated farmhouse contains 2,200 sq. ft. 3 BRs, 2.5 baths, first floor MBR Suite, new kitchen with custom cabinetry, lovely original woodwork, spacious deck overlooking nice grounds plus 2 car det. garage & large heated studio.

You’ll experience breathtaking mountain views & lush green meadows from this exceptional setting boasting a truly unique 3 BR, 2.5 bath stone & frame home. Interior features stone walls, fireplace, beamed ceilings, large kitchen which opens to covered stone patio & MBR w/sunken Jacuzzi & fabulous views.

This stunning Victorian features over 4,500 sq ft w/ 5 BR’s, hardwood flooring, 9’ ceilings, pocket doors, stained glass windows, a window seat & fireplaces galore! Additional features include a large beautiful custom kitchen complete w/ granite countertops & high end appliances. Enjoy a private backyard with in-ground pool, garden area & tennis court. Call for an appointment today!

Offered by

Sabine Martens SHUARTVAN ORDEN: New Paltz, NY


t t t t t

Circa 1765, 4 BR/2 BA, 4000sq.ft. with meticulous restoration Original facade, wide-plank flooring & 6 fireplaces Mini equestrian estate: 3 barns, fenced paddock & pasture On 7.5 manicured acres; another 7.5 subdividable acres available Listed in the National Registry of Historic Places

orange \ ulster

Period-Perfect Dutch Colonial

123-Acre Equestrian Dream Estate t t t t t

Custom-built 4-bedroom, 3-bath brick home Spacious, gourmet kitchen with high-end appliances Impressive, 19’ floor-to-ceiling, seethrough fireplace Dressage and jumping arenas, barns with stalls for 15 horses Expansive private pond with flowing stream

Gladly shown by appointment 845-570-1833 Serving: Orange ● Rockland ● Sullivan ● Ulster

©MMVI Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International RealtyTM is a licensed trademark to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. Except Offices owned and Operated by NRT Incorporated.

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back porch

One Man’s Castle The ruins on Bannerman’s Island in the Hudson River captivate the imagination of tourists and preservationists alike. By Rebecca Rego Barry; photographs by Nancy Meyer

This past year Bannerman’s Island, a six-acre island in the Hudson River about 50 miles north of Manhattan, succeeded in bringing both preservationists and politicians to the water’s edge. The romantic landmark known as Bannerman Castle, built on the island in 1901, started to deteriorate at an alarming rate, with large chunks of stone and cement plunging into the river. In late December 2009, the castle lost most of its eastern tower and some of its southern wall. Then, during a January storm, more of the southern wall disappeared. Not only was it dangerous for tourists, but it illuminated the dire state of a local historic site. The media made waves, Senator Charles Schumer got on board, even the Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar threw a life preserver. Historic preservation is never a straightforward task, less so in this economic climate,

Some have suggested that the castle and its sister structures aren’t worth preserving. The castle itself was designated a “scenic ruin” by the New York State Office of Parks,

but it’s one that cannot be ignored. As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine;

Recreation, and Historic Preservation and left to the elements. When it began to fall apart

when preservation efforts are hindered, we either lose important pieces of our culture, or

last year, no state officials paddled out to take a look. It was too cold, they said. In other

we end up spending more time, energy, and money for full restoration and re-building.

words, it didn’t matter very much when there were so many projects and so little funding.

It appears to be too late for Bannerman Castle, with its collapsed floors and missing

Neil Caplan, founder of the Bannerman Castle Trust, and his wife moved up from

walls. Perhaps it was not designed to last for more than a century. It seems Mr.

Brooklyn specifically to work on the castle’s restoration. He said he “just felt he had to do

Bannerman—Francis Bannerman VI, a Scottish-born businessman, who originally

something about it.” The Bannerman Castle Trust is a private, nonprofit friends group

constructed the castle to serve as an arsenal and storage location for military supplies

that manages the property and raises funds and awareness for the island. The Trust has

he sold—was ahead of his time in reusing and recycling construction materials. So in

worked to revitalize the gardens, and began offering guided tours back in 2004. Caplan

addition to stone, brick, and cement, the walls were fortified with bayonets, bed frames,

said he believes there is a bright future for Bannerman’s. “It is a tourist destination,

and cannonballs. As one Englishman put it, “It’s not built like normal castles.”

and once everything is stabilized and ready, we can get a lot of people over here. The

Nevertheless, Bannerman Castle is part of the Hudson Valley’s landscape, and for many Metro North commuters, it is the high point of the long ride home. Sen. Schumer said

possibilities are there, and the impact on tourism could be great.” Caplan’s group is currently focused on replacing the roof and the interior walls of the

of it, “As a young assemblyman, on the train to Albany, I would always be sure to grab a

family’s summer residence—Crag Inch Lodge—and re-purposing it as an interpretive

window seat on the Hudson side to marvel at the staggering beauty of the Hudson. And

center. In 2007, they received a $350,000 Environmental Protection Fund challenge

Bannerman Island was always a highlight; set where it is and its mysteriousness would

grant for this purpose, but private financing is still needed. Currently about 3,000 people

always spark my imagination.”

visit the island and its decaying structures every year, some on kayaks, some with hard

For Bannerman and his family, the seven-story castle was just one of seven buildings he built on Pollepel Island (familiarly known as Bannerman’s). Another castle-like structure

hats. The question now is, if you re-build it, will they come? Castles in America aren’t as prevalent (or well constructed) as they are in, say,

was the Bannermans’ summer home. Wife Helen and the couple’s three sons used the

Bannerman’s native land, but they still capture our imagination. The dark, imposing

island as a retreat, even after Bannerman died in 1918. Jane Bannerman, granddaughter-

walls, the sense of history and the fairy-tale notions that go along with it, are deeply

in-law of the original Bannerman, now living in New York City, still remembers family

appealing (warts and all), and here’s one all our own. Saving a treasure like that shouldn’t

trips there in the 1930s.

be about its worth, it ought to be about its value. Do we value this slice of scenery and

The family closed the island in the 1950s, and in 1967, it was turned over to the state of New York. The structures already showed signs of age, and, in fact, one had blown up

the stories it has to tell? Or do we set it adrift? It is a complicated decision, and yet, standing on the side of the arsenal seems most wise. n

when some antique ammunition ignited. One imagines the island as the site of many a rowdy kegger and midnight tryst. Two years later, though, a fire ravaged the island, and

Rebecca Rego Barry is the editor of Fine Books & Collections magazine. She lives with her

what was once romantic was turned ruinous.

family in Chichester.

58 new york house / August 2010

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It’s All About The Views

Glorious panoramic views as far as the eye can see. Meadow like acreage; upscale area, private, adjacent to NYS lands. Generous size rooms, vaulted ceilings, 2 stone fireplaces, finished basement and one car garage underneath. $559,000

Beautiful Investment Property

Secluded Colonial

This beautiful Victorian property sits on half an acre with the Esopus Creek in the back yard. Great potential for B+B with the ground floor apartment surrounded by an enclosed porch. $350,000

Riverview Condo

A lower level Hudson River Condo. This unobstructed condo is ready for you to come in and add your own touches. Enjoy the endless days of looking out over the Hudson River with this water front home. Bring your kayak and step out of your home and into the river. Watch the boats sail pass the Kingston Lighthouse. This constantly changing view will have you mesmerized. $275,000

Just Perfect

Looking for the perfect home? Well, you just found it! All of the modern comforts are contained in this beautiful Colonial. Gourmet / eat in kitchen features stainless fixtures, granite counters, center island and plenty of lighting. Home is private with pool plans ready to go. This home was built with outstanding quality and care. Radiant heat, central air and underground utilities make this home complete. Walking distance to the village of Phoenicia and minutes to Woodstock and skiing. $499,900


Secluded Family Retreat

This contempory tri-level home comes fully furnished, on 38+ private acres, and a sports court! 7 bdrms, cathedral ceilings, skylights, fireplace, family room; deck with hot tub, full basement. The sports court includes a tennis court, basketball court, go kart track, shuffle board. Go Karts and ATV’s are included. 6 acre pond with paddle boat, streams and waterfalls. $1,100,000

On 4.5 acres with fantastic panoramic views featuring three bedrooms, two baths, gourmet kitchen, deck with hot tub, custom granite counters, wine fridge, master suite with walk in closet & Jacuzzi. Full basement with gym, 2 car garage, 3 bay barn, one of a kind home. $679,900

1890’s Hudson River Victorian

This lovely home offers four bedrooms, four bathrooms, panomramic river views, private setting. Tranquility with river, pond views; waterfall in rear and authentic period details. French doors, wrap around front porch, 3rd floor guest suite and inground pool. $799,000

Ranch with 55 Acres

Two homes on 54.8 acres with sketch approval to make 15 new building lots. 1950’s ranch style home is solid and salvagable. Zoning claims the second home is 1940 but seems much older. One car detached garage beside it. Both homes are dated but livable. The land is gorgeous, rolling and wooded with lots of rock walls. High points on the land will have Catskill mtn views and maybe even Ashokan Reservoir views! Nice mix of mature white pine and red oaks. $775,000

Frank Lloyd Wright Styled Contemporary

A progressively open floor plan which incorporates a modern design that fuses comfort and functionality situated on 41 rolling acres with a natural pond and grass landing strip. Bountiful large windows and open spaces let the light flood in. Wrap around balcony overlooks kitchen and living area. Fabulous Catskill Mountain from kitchen and deck.


Distinctive & Remarkably Spacious!

An extraordinary property. Almost 7,000 square feet of living space done with style and verve, featuring an enormous eat-in kitchen, a spectacular master bedroom, a 2-bedroom guest house, 3-car garage, large studio above garage, inground pool, hot-tub overlooking property, sheds, gorgeous landscaping,and a lovely lawn, at the end of which are the mountains. $925,000

So Sweet, So Charming

Charming cape in a lovely rural setting, only minutes to the hamlet of Stone Ridge. It has everything one could want in a country home: a brick fireplace in the living room, a screened porch off the dining area, and a deck overlooking a pool surrounded by decking. The master bedroom is on the first floor and there is a sweet quirky room on the second floor currently used as an office. $435,000

Hudson River Contemporary

Down private lane to winding drive this home features; spectacular views, private homesite, quality construction, gourment kitchen, in-ground pool, four bedrooms & four and one half baths. Wonderful excerise room, wet bar, deck and peaceful serenity. $1,365,000

Ulster County’s 1st Mobile Real Estate Company

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Transition from NYC with Ease - Space to Live & Space to Create

Country Cottage w 7 Acres Three Bedroom Charmer At End Of A Long Country Lane. 7.2 Acre Parcel Subdivided House on 3.3 Acres / 3.8 Acre Building Lot $299,000

Shokan Private Road Zen Art Studio Retreat

Vintage Charm in Woodland Setting

A Creative Oasis with a Lawn to Remember. 3 Acre Parcel Ringed with Trees. House At End of Long Driveway. Minutes to Woodstock & Saugerties Village Centers $425,000

10 Minutes Woodstock / Easy Access I-87

Atelier & Separate Home OfďŹ ce Two Bedrooms + Loft on 1.4 Acres $349,000

Wisteria-Framed Patio Unique Mix of Native Materials. Classic Covered Rocking Porch + Multi Level Back Decks


Full Walk Out Basement / Woodstove Private Yet Convenient Quick Jaunt to New Paltz & N Y State Thruway House w 3.3 Acres & 3.8 Acre Building Lot Also Available Separately.

Luxurious Windowed Bath. Sitting Porch. Outdoor Shower. Floating Fireplace Spiral Staircase To Two Bedrooms & 2nd Full Bath House Not Visible From Road.

INNS Which Dreams Are Made Of - If Not Now, When?

The Pine Hill Arms Turnkey Hotel / Restaurant Catskill Mountain Landmark - Since 1882 25 Rooms + 2 Separate Houses Minutes to Belleayre Ski Resort $795,000

The Cold Spring Lodge

The Alpine Inn

Turnkey Country Lodge Center of Catskill Preserve 40 Pristine Acres Town of Shandaken, Ulster County $795,000 OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE

Turnkey Country Inn Center of Catskill Preserve 68 Spectacular Private Acres Town of Shandaken, Ulster County $2.4 Million

Paul E. McGinniss, Licensed Real Estate Broker Joseph S Walker Jr, Licensed Associate Broker

60 NEW YORK HOUSE / August 2010

(845) 626-3126 / (845) 626-2999

#1 sold in Ulster County*





Nature lover’s paradise! Delightful sunwashed clapboard contempo nestled on 5 acres w/ lovely gardens and inviting paths thru meadows & woods. Spacious skylit rooms with cathedral & vaulted ceilings, HW & pine floors, country kitchen, 3 BRs ( one w/ handy den/office area!), 2 full baths, deck perched above stream PLUS discreetly sited inground POOL for summer fun! “Gunks” views, too. $335,000 Call Barbara O’Hare. Lic. Assoc. RE Bkr., 845-679-0006 x 114

Entertaining’s a breeze in this perfectly spacious 3800+ SF cedar country contemporary nestled on 3 acres in magical Clove Valley. This newly constructed home features a dramatic 39’ Great Room with sweeping curved window wall, 27’ kitchen opens to 24’ breezy screened porch, 4 generous bedrooms, 3 full baths, skylit vaulted ceilings, radiant heating and central AC, 27’. Family/media room, den/office, and skylit workshop, too! $479,000 Call Barbara O’Hare, Lic. Assoc. RE Bkr., 845-679-0006 x 114







Enjoy breathtaking views of the magnificent Ashokan Reservoir and mountains beyond from the deck and window walls of this casually elegant mid-century modern contempo. Artist designed & renovated, glorious skylit open plan w/ vaulted ceilings, 25’ LR, 33’ family/media room w/ fireplace, 3 full baths, 1 BR apartment/guest suite & separate 2 story STUDIO. Recent GREEN upgrades insure energy efficiency. Mins to Woodstock village! $1,350,000. Call Anne Rajs, Lic. RE Salesperson, 845-797-1034, or Helen Bergstein, Lic. RE Salesperson, 845-803-2298

Exquisitely renovated clapboard farmhouse c. 1898 showcases fabulous quality & style throughout. Stone fireplace in LR, FR with cozy gas fireplace, HW & wide board floors, gourmet country kitchen w/ Wolf range, 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, cozy den and small office. Beautifully wooded 4 acres of gorgeous landscape with gardens, koi pond w/ waterfall, stone firepit & large soothing hot tub. PERFECT! $475,000 Call Patty Curry, Lic. RE Salesperson, 845-399-6230

This quintessential clapboard cottage offers deeded LAKE access and its own dock from which to swim, fish or launch your canoe or kayak. This enchanting retreat features include 24’ cathedral beamed Great Room with stone fireplace, 3 cozy bedrooms, full bath and galley kitchen. Enclosed 3 season porch extends the living space. Affordable getaway on a freshwater glacial lake. $129,000 Call Patrick Flood, Lic. RE Salesperson, 914-466-8537

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Stately Second Empire Victorian circa 1870 with a contempo flair to the smartly updated interior sited in the tree-lined Catskill historic district. 4000 SF on 3 levels, formal living & dining rooms, den/office. 2 cozy fireplaces, beautiful HW floors, 2 full baths, 3 BRs on 2nd level , PLUS add’l BR and huge dressing room on 3rd level. Off street parking, porch & lovely rear terrace. Elevated site offers Catskill VIEWS! RARE FIND! $299,000 Call Patrick Flood, Lic. RE Salesperson, 914-466-8537

Perfectly delightful country home well located just minutes to Millbrook & 20 minutes to historic Rhinebeck. This gracious saltbox style home circa 1830 features beamed ceilings, wide board pine floors, French doors, 23’ living room, 23’ family room with brick fireplace & woodstove, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, classic country eat-in kitchen, sweet den or home office, covered rear porch and inviting patio. $245,000 Call Patrick Flood, Lic. RE Salesperson, 914-466-8537

Gutted, expanded & rebuilt in 2004, this “like new” 2 story home offers 3 BRs (1 down & 2 up), a full bath on each level, spacious cathedral eat-in kitchen, LR with handsome stone fireplace & cozy gas insert, some hardwood floors, custom woodwork & quality finishes. Deck w/ awning o’looks almost 1 acre of sweeping “play friendly” lawn & sweet POND! Near ski areas & vibrant towns of Catskill & Hudson. $265,000 Call Patrick Flood, Lic. RE Salesperson, 914-466-8537

Singular and historic country French style estate perfectly private on 14 acres just minutes to town, smartly restored with newly plastered walls, carefully refinished floors, 4 NEW baths, truly deluxe custom gourmet kitchen, grand foyer with Italian limestone, 4 fireplaces, 4 BRs, formal DR, library/den, stunning 3 season solarium, gorgeous pastoral landscape & gardens. Superb quality & finishes throughout. VERY RARE FIND! $1,595,000 Call Harris Safier, Lic. RE Bkr., 914-388-3351

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for additional listings. *as per UC MLS residential sold statistics 1993-2008

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