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ConneXions: The Gospel Inside & Out ESL Friendship Class Rooted Meet the Pastors Alpha How Can I Trust the Bible? Soul Care Essentials Equipping: Basic Skills for Discipleship Replanted Conference

Foster & Adoptive Families Making Marriage Work Fawcett Life Group Bible Study for All Faith & Literature

Cornerstone (Grades 10-12) The Rock (Grades 8-9) Foundation (Grades 5-7) Campfire (Grades 1-4) UPPC Kids Sunday School Early Childhood (4mo-K) Sunday Care Bible Sunday Solid Ground on Sundays High School Small Groups Mission 2022: June 23-29

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Find out what we’re planning for the holidays!


Women’s Bible Study Men’s Monday Morning Bible Study Men’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study The Well The Den MOPS IF: Lead


Divorce Recovery Women’s Cancer Support Group Special Needs Parent Support Group

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Meet the Pastors Sundays 9/19 & 10/17 | 12:30pm New to UPPC? Have you been attending online and ConneXions: The Gospel Inside & Out not had a chance to meet our pastors? Meet our Sundays 9:30-10:30am pastors and other people looking for community after ConneXions is a weekly, open fellowship of people who the 11am service over a cup of coffee! want to grow in faith together! This fall we’ll be looking Meeting in The Wayside. at six important themes from the perspectives of two No registration necessary. major people groups—those who feel like “insiders” to the gospel, and those who feel like “outsiders.” Alpha Meeting at UPPC. Sundays Sept 19-Dec 5 | 5:30-7:30pm No registration needed. Alpha is a series of ten free sessions exploring some of life’s biggest questions from the point of view of the ESL (English as a Second Language) Christian faith. It’s a safe place to come as you are and Friendship Class ask what you want, without worrying about knowing or Open to all adults, the purpose of this weekly class believing certain things. Learn more at is to help participants improve their use of spoken Meeting in The Wayside. and written English. Students with both beginning Register at and advanced English proficiency are welcome to join. For details, contact Marion Tilley, davemannie@ How Can I Trust the Bible? Sundays Sept 26-Nov 21 | 9:30-10:30am Have you noticed that lots of people have opinions Dates and times TBD. about the Bible? Sometimes we get caught up in what the Bible SAYS and don’t realize we’ve never really learned what the Bible IS. Join Dr. Bo Helmich in this discussion-oriented group to learn about the most famous book in the world, and why you can trust what Rooted it says. Rooted isn’t a Bible study or a book. It is a community experience where people practice 7 rhythms essential Meeting in Fellowship Hall. No Registration. to a healthy relationship with Jesus. Individuals establish firm roots in the truth of God’s Word through Soul Care personal study and then come together to discuss Thursdays 9/30, 10/14, 11/11 & 12/9 what they’re learning in a space where they are safe 2-3pm and known. In a safe and quieting space, you will have the In-Person | Sundays starting Sept. 26 opportunity to pause, notice and experience the 5:30-7:30pm | Fellowship Hall beckoning love and presence of God. Through spiritual Hosts: Charles and Camille Yi practices and deep listening to God, yourself and each Online | Tuesdays starting Sept. 21 other, you will be invited to open your heart to the 7-9pm | via Zoom | Host: Stan Hearn transformative grace and movement of God. You will Register for either at find your soul stretched and nourished, and you will have opportunity to listen to how God might be inviting you to respond. Contact Lorina Meade, lmeade@ Meeting via Zoom.


Essentials Saturday October 9 9am-1:30pm Explore the meaning of membership as you learn about the history, theology, and values of UPPC. Meeting in Fellowship Hall. Register at Equipping: Basic Skills for Discipleship Sundays October 3-24 | 12:15-1:45pm When Jesus calls out, “Follow me,” our journey with him begins when we say, “I will.” But then we start to learn basic skills, which help us grow in knowledge and practice. Skills include: how to read the Bible; how to pray; how to build community; how to serve others as a witness. Meet new friends, try out some new skills, and get equipped for your next steps with Jesus. Meeting via Zoom. Register at Replanted Conference October 15-16 | 8am–3pm Are you a foster or adoptive parent or interested in learning how you can support those who are? UPPC is hosting a simulcast site for this year’s Replanted Conference – a time for foster, adoptive and kinship parents to be refreshed, equipped, and inspired. Meeting at UPPC. More information at

I have had the privilege of being a participant in UPPC’s Soul Care Group led by Spiritual Director, Lorina Meade. The Soul Care Group is a community of Christians who come together with the purpose of being more attentive and receptive to God’s presence in our lives. Through scripture, music, and poetry Lorina creates a contemplative atmosphere for each person to pause, find rest for their soul, and encounter the presence of God. I have found it a gift to take this time to be still while intentionally centering my mind on listening for God. Especially during this season of unprecedented change and uncertainty, I find so much strength and hope from being in community with other Christians. I strongly believe that gathering with other Christians to study, reflect on, and discuss God’s word and presence in my life is key to my spiritual maturity and faith development. We have a large church community; smaller communities like Soul Care and Small Groups provide such valuable discipleship opportunities, and opportunities to share life together. We have so much to learn from each other! - Lori Jacoby




Foster & Adoptive Families Monthly on Sundays | 5:30-7:30pm Our small group is made of people who have built their families through fostercare and adoption. We believe in doing life together and supporting each other through the challenges of parenting children from difficult places. Contact Christina Kindt for meeting dates and location, or 360.204.4115. Making Marriage Work Tuesdays 9/14 & 28, 10/12 & 26,11/9 & 23 & 12/7 | 7-8pm Using materials from Dr. Gottman “How to Make Your Relationship Work,” we will review the seven fundamentals for how to make your partnership rock solid. Participants will be guided through research-based tools and exercises to avoid common pitfalls and to enhance your relationship. Meeting via Zoom. Register at Fawcett Life Group Every other Sunday beginning 9/12 | 1-3pm Join Robin and Jocelyn in their home for small group! It’s a place to talk to about the sermon, fellowship, and pray for each other. Contact Robin for details, 253.722.4321. Bible Study for All Wednesdays 10-11:30am Come as you are, no sign-up necessary! Join Gwenn Robertson and friends in this weekly exploration of the Bible through video lessons, discussion, prayer, and fellowship. Meeting in Room 121. Faith & Literature Wednesdays 10/6, 11/3, 12/1 | 7-9pm The group explores main ideas in classic and contemporary literature and also in non-fiction writings. Participants get to share their opinions as well as consider how their faith impacts their understanding of what they read. If interested in more details about Faith & Lit, contact Marion Tilley at Location TBD.

My wife and I found out our daughter was going to have Downs Syndrome. Our small group was great at walking with us through the journey - and are still supporting us! - Robin Fawcett

We had a

That Sounds Fun Summer!

IF:Lead 2021 for all women Coming November 2021

Men & Women

A one-day event for women

ONGOING Women’s Bible Study Thursdays 9:30-11am, beginning 9/16 Join us this fall for an exciting and creative look at Jesus and his followers via the popular video series The Chosen led by Sharon Moffitt. Meet in Fellowship Hall. Men’s Monday Morning Bible Study Mondays | 6:30-7:45am Start your week with a fellowship of men devoted to living a life of prayer, fellowship, and truth through Scripture. Email Bob with questions: Meeting via Zoom. Men’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study Wednesdays | 9-10am Join a mid-week pick-me-up of prayer, fellowship, and truth through Scripture. Email Bob with questions: Meeting via Zoom.

The Well Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm 9/15, 10/6 & 20, 11/3 & 17, 12/1 & 15 Ladies! How can you trust that God is good? With the Bible at our fingertips, we have a story of God’s faithfulness right in front of us to show us one example after another of who God is. In this six-session study, we want to walk you through some of the promises and covenants God made with his people to understand more of the story of God and the big picture of his unfailing love for us. Meeting in Fellowship Hall. Register at MOPS 2nd & 4th Mondays | 9:15-11:15am Oct 11 - May 9 Mother Of PreschoolerS is back! Join us in person for a time of gathering, eating and connecting with other moms. Childcare is available with advance registration. Meeting in Fellowship Hall. Register at

The Den Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm 9/15, 10/6 & 20, 11/3 & 17, 12/1 & 15 Join with other guys to tackle some of life’s challenges together. This is about men helping men to be better, Godly men, through a Gospel-centered vision of a life filled with truth, passion, and purpose! Meeting in the Wayside. Register online at

IF: Lead November Date and time TBD Whether you’re leading your family, your team, your classroom, or your Bible study, there’s a lot of work to be done, and you are the people God has called to do it. During IF:Lead 2021, we want to give you practical conversations, teaching, and next steps that will help you remember you’re not alone, and equip you to reclaim discipleship in this new day. Meeting at UPPC. Look for registration in October.

“I attended IF:Lead because I wanted to feel closer to our staff, our congregation, and go deeper spiritually with an emphasis in women. I did feel connected and it was fun!” - Julia Shanburn

Men & Women

“Being a regular attender of Men’s Bible Study since 2008, I have had the joy of seeing many men... being themselves a joy to others in expressing their love of Christ in their hearts both by action and word.The group has many attendees who worship and involve themselves in other facets of group life at UPPC. I hope to continue with this group activity for many many many years to come!” - Dick Walters



Last year we heard Hiroko’s story. In Spring of 2020, Hiroko’s husband, Carl, passed away from cancer, leaving Hiroko a single mom to their daughter Lulu. Through Lulu attending Campfire on Wednesday nights, Hiroko was introduced to UPPC. Attending Alpha, Hiroko was able to grow in her faith and understanding of the Holy Spirit. Her renewed faith and relationship with Jesus, along with support from the community she found at UPPC, Hiroko has continued on her journey of healing and growing in God’s love.

out on vacation the next day. Hiroko ordered the food from Harbor Greens, where Carl had last worked. In honor of Carl, the owner helped plan the meal and donated all the food for their meal, including delivery!

“I want to thank everyone at UPPC for guiding me to this place where I am now, where I can recognize the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s work!”

Losing a loved-one during Covid meant not being able to celebrate their life in traditional ways. This summer, over a year after Carl’s passing, Hiroko and Lulu were able to host a memorial service for Carl at his home church with his family and friends. No matter how many days and months had gone by, it was needed and meaningful. As Hiroko expected, the Holy Spirit showed up. Schedules lined up so that not only was family able to attend, but the priest and soloist were able to lead the service before heading

Hiroko felt tremendous love from everyone for Carl, as well as for Lulu and herself. She knew it took the Holy Spirit and God’s love for everything to come together in such a beautiful way. Hiroko and Lulu feel more peace knowing that Carl’s life is recognized and that he is in heaven with his beloved grandpa, as well as all the Italian uncles, aunts and cousins. Hiroko closed her story with this: “For today’s devotional I read Romans 15:13, and I thought it really explained the peace and hope I feel after Carl’s service. I want to thank everyone at UPPC for guiding me to this place where I am now, where I can recognize the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s work! I am excited to see what God’s plans are for Lulu and me, and learn from you and other teachers at UPPC.”

Divorce Recovery Thursdays Sept 16-Oct 29 | 7-8:45pm Gain healthy insights and the courage to move forward on the journey of healing from divorce. This is one opportunity that can be the beginning of a new way of living and hoping! Meeting in Fellowship Hall. Register at

Women’s Cancer Support Group 2nd Tuesdays | 1-2:30pm The Women’s Cancer Support Group welcomes all women who are in the midst of treatment for cancer and women who have survived cancer. We are there to support each other and watch the Holy Spirit at work among us. Contact Sue Walen, Meeting online.

OCTOBER Special Needs Parent Support Group First Sundays 12/12,10/3, 11/ 7, 12/5 | 12:30-1:30pm Parent Support Group is for those with children of any age living with special needs, different abilities, or sensory issues. During the October meeting we will have a time to check in with each other and discuss possible topics for the year. Meeting via Zoom. Register at

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“The Special Needs Parent Support Group helped to normalize the emotions and frustrations of dealing with my child and helped me to empathize with other parents coping with similar issues.” - Lehlia

Care & Outreach


Youth & Children



Cornerstone (Grades 10-12) Wednesdays 8-9pm Hang out with friends, de-stress, and play exciting games. Discover who God is and give students the life tools to build an identity around the true cornerstone: Jesus Christ. Meet in the Youth Room.

Foundation (Grades 5-7) Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm Discover who God is and what that means for you. Hang out with friends and play fun games! Meet in the Youth Room.

The Rock (Grades 8-9) Wednesdays 8-9pm Hang out with friends and play fun games. Discover who God is and who you are in Christ. Meet in The Lodge.

Campfire (Grades 1-4) Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm Campfire is our mid-week program where students learn about Jesus, play crazy games, and create art. Meet in The Lodge.

UPPC Kids Sunday School Sundays 9:30 & 11am Every Sunday morning children will participate in a fun Bible lesson, sing worship songs, and engage in other fun activities. It’s our goal to make learning about Jesus an exciting and interactive experience. This year we are using a curriculum based on The Jesus Storybook Bible. If you are worshiping from home, children can follow along with our Sunday School lessons using our year-long schedule. Please contact Julie Mangrum at if you would like a copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible! Early Childhood (4mo-K) Sunday Care 9:30 & 11am Services 4mo-3yrs in the Nursery, 4yrs-K in The Lodge Our adult, trained staff will nurture and love your children so you can relax and focus on your time in the worship service. Not comfortable leaving your child during service? We have a Family Worship Room off the Upper Lobby where you can comfortably participate in worship without worry about if your child is making noise or moving about. Bible Sunday Sunday September 26 | 9:30 & 11am Services If your child is in grades 1-4 and does not have a Bible of their own, UPPC would love to give them one! Bibles will be presented to students during worship services on Sept 26. Contact Julie Mangrum,, to put your child on the list.

Learn more about each group at:

High School Small Groups Sundays | 9:30-10:30am This year we are doing things a little differently. All High School small groups (10th grade girls, 10th grade boys, 11th/12th grade girls, 11th/12th grade boys) will be meeting at 9:30 on Sunday mornings at UPPC. We’ll meet at The Wayside café, have small group, and then attend the 11am UPPC church service together for whoever is able. Small groups are a great chance to dive deeper into your faith with others who are interested in learning more. These groups offer an opportunity to grow closer to others and God. Join us anytime! Mission 2022: June 23-29 Senior Mission (including “Super Seniors” from 2020 & 2021): June 20th-29th Plan ahead for our annual High School Mission trip to the El Niño community in East Tijuana, Mexico! It’s an amazing experience to be a part of. We not only build homes and interact in a different culture, but we are all challenged in our faith as each day we will be serving others in many different capacities. Come and see what God looks like through the eyes of our brothers and sisters in Mexico. Informational Meeting: Sunday, October 17 | 12:15pm | Youth Room You will get information on what the trip is like, the cost, and the fundraisers we will be hosting all year to help students raise money.

Coming this October!

Youth & Children

Solid Ground on Sundays Grades 5-9 | 9:30 & 11am Students gather together in the Youth Room for a service designed for youth. Students will be challenged to learn more about Jesus together.

Holy Land January 15-25, 2022

A UPPC Podcast on life, the Bible and faith. With Mike Moffitt & weekly guests, join us for conversations that are improvised and sometimes unusual... just like jazz! Available at your favorite podcast outlet.

STEPPING OUT Sharing the love of Jesus one step at a time

The story of Hagar found in Genesis reminds us that God is a God who sees and hears the afflictions of others. It is noteworthy that Hagar, a slave and a foreigner to Abraham and Sarah, is the first person in the Bible to give God a name – “the God who sees” – for God saw Hagar’s affliction and cares for and blesses her (Gen 16:1-16; 21:9-21). Hagar’s story speaks to the radical nature of God’s love. God’s compassion and ability to work through us is not determined by our social status, wealth, cultural heritage, or even geographical location. In fact, God frequently chooses to work with and through those who have been dismissed as insignificant by others – the poor, the outcast, the convict, the laborer, and the domestic worker, just to name a few. This fall, we have several opportunities to join God in caring for and working with those God sees in their affliction. These include several opportunities to welcome the many refugees who will be relocating to the Seattle-Tacoma area over the coming months. There are also opportunities to care for foster families, serve at our local food bank, and provide after-school care to 3rd through 7th graders. Prayerfully consider the opportunities below and how you might join God in caring for those who need some extra support. Who knows, you may end up showing hospitality to “angels” without knowing it (Heb. 13:2).

Lisa Woicik

Lisa Woicik Minister of Outreach


There are over 80 million people around the globe who have been forced, or made the painful choice, to leave their home. After years of fleeing violence, famine and extreme poverty, their greatest hope is that they’ll find a safe place to rebuild their lives and call home. Check out the many ways you can help: • Good Neighbor Team Support: UPPC has formed a new Good Neighbor Team (GNT) who will welcome a newly arrived refugee family resettling in the Tacoma area this fall. Volunteers are needed to who can help with transportation, childcare, English practice, and more. Learn more at • Household Item Collection for Refugees: Help furnish the home of the newly-arrived refugee family we are welcoming this fall. Learn more at • Safe Haven Weekend Teams and On-Call Assistance: Record numbers of refugees and asylum seekers are coming into the Seattle-Tacoma area, many of whom need a temporary place to stay, a warm meal and transportation before leaving for their next destination. Learn how you can help


Over 10,000 children go through the Washington State child welfare system every year. Most of them need an extra dose of emotional and behavioral care. Many at UPPC and others in the area have stepped up to the challenge of becoming foster or adoptive parents to these precious children. However, without a community of volunteers to support them, most foster parents decide they cannot continue fostering after their first year. Check out how you can support our local foster and adoptive families. • Care Communities: With training from Olive Crest and Promise868, Care Communities are teams who provide tangible, emotional, and spiritual support to one or more foster or adoptive families. Learn how you can join a team at • Replanted Conference Volunteers: Volunteer to assist at the virtual Replanted Conference being held at UPPC Oct. 15-16. The conference is a time for foster and adoptive parents and their supporters to be refreshed, equipped, and inspired. Learn how you can help at FosterCare


Families Unlimited Network (FUN)’s SPOT After School Program provides affordable after-school support to kids in grades 3-7 in the University Place School District. Volunteers are needed to build meaningful relationships with these students 3-5pm Monday-Friday, while helping them with homework. For more information, contact Jim Lineweaver at 253.460.3134, ext. 100,


With the help of volunteers, Families Unlimited Network (FUN) serves over 41,000 individuals lacking food and financial security every year. Volunteer to serve in their food bank Tuesdays or Thursdays, 9:3011am or 12:30-2:30pm. To volunteer contact Pamela Ketvirtis, Food Bank Manager: 253.460.3134, ext. 101,

“God calls me to serve others, so giving back to my community has always been a priority for me. At F.U.N. I’m blessed to be able to help my neighbors who suffer from food insecurity. The hours I spend each week picking up food donations at local outlets makes a big difference. F.U.N. is able to turn this food into meals for thousands of people each year. The side benefit is the great feeling of satisfaction that I’ve helped those who need it most.” - Dan Small

The Holidays at UPPC

The Treasure in Christmas Sunday November 21 | 7-9pm Bring the whole family to rediscover the Treasure in Christmas! The holiday we call “Christmas” celebrates Jesus’ birth, which introduced the Kingdom of God into a world much like ours -- hurting, broken, and full of strife. This interactive workshop will offer resources for cultivating fresh knowledge and appreciation of Jesus’ story, and embrace all the joy and magic of the Christmas season! Meeting in Fellowship Hall. Registration coming in November at . Thanksgiving Eve Service Wednesday November 23 | 7pm Join us as we take a moment to pause and show gratitute to God before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins. Meeting in the Sanctuary and Streaming Online. Community Christmas Donations: Nov 14-Dec 5 Delivery: Dec 6-15 Every year we help 100s of children in our community have a merry Christmas. We’ll be doing it again this year, so stay tuned for how you can participate.

Blue Christmas Service Tuesday December 21 | 7pm Christmas is a magnifier. It can make the good in life seem really good, and the difficult things more challenging. 2020 and 2021 brought much sadness and grief and Christmas may be especially hard this year. More than likely you have faced challenges and disappointments. From cancelled vacations or limited time with family to job loss or the loss of a loved one, we know this year has been challenging. But, we also know there is hope and peace beyond those circumstances. Join us for a service designed to acknowledge our grief and loss and focus on the promise of hope. Meeting in the Sanctuary and Streaming Online. Christmas Eve Services Friday December 24 | 11am, 7, 9 & 11pm Invite your friends and family to join you at one of our Christmas Eve services to celebrate the birth our Savior, Jesus Christ! The 11am service will be family-friendly. The 7 & 9pm services will be traditional candlelight, and the 11pm will be acoustic with candlelight.


REPLANTED CONFERENCE 2021 Regardless of where you are in the journey, this conference is for you.



Foster, Adoptive, Kinship Parents & Professionals CEs AVAILABLE FOR FOSTER PARENTS

Register • Volunteer

UP PC Staff Pastors Rev. Aaron Stewart Senior Pastor Rev. Mike Moffitt Associate Pastor

Worship & Music Rev. Dr. Diana Greene Minister of Worship Loren Tucker Director of Cont. Worship & Technical Arts Melinda Tucker Director of Contemporary Worship Dan Konicek Director of Media Lisa Todd Director of Music & Arts Institute Care & Outreach Rev. Dr. Martha Greene Parish Associate Jill McMullen Minister of Care and Welcome and Connect Kathy Goertz Welcoming Coordinator Lisa Woicik Minister of Outreach & Mission Youth & Children Rob Clark Minister of Youth & Children Robin Fawcett Director of Middle School Julie Mangrum Director of Elementary Laura Richardson Director of Early Childhood Lexi Barnett Y&C Administrative Assistant Operations Mike Bates Executive Minister Ashli Veitch Executive Assistant Kate Evarts Director of Communications Janie Brooksher Scheduler Kaylee Fowler Financial Administrator Kristen Laramie Stewardship Coordinator Campus Care Taylor Conrad Campus Care & Wayside Café Manager Chuck Benedict Lead Custodian Mawiir Deng Custodian Chris Lange Custodian

UPPC ELDERS Session Support Lori Jacoby Continuity & Communication Bob Freeborn Continuity & Communication Sven Nelson Nominating Carolyn Rzesutek Nominating Worship & Discipleship Nancy Keay Worship Ross Parker Worship Leslie Hensley Discipleship Rick Todd Discipleship Care & Outreach Emily Bosh Outreach & Missions Jim Lineweaver Outreach & Missions Marty Sanbeck Welcome & Connect Jim Goertz Welcome & Connect Karen Crosby Care Mitch Sagers Care Youth & Children Holly Bray Youth & Children Mary Pubols Youth & Children Operations Grant Blinn Human Resources Kathleen George Human Resources Cynthia Darland Finance Krista Wallace Finance Campus Care Joel Postma Facilities Dan Small Facilities

The Session, comprised of elders, serves as the governing body of the church. Elders are elected, volunteer positions within the church body who help facilitate the leadership and direction of the church.

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Fall Pathways 2021  

There are so many ways to get involved and participate in the life of UPPC! Find ways you can grow deeper in your faith, in relationships an...

Fall Pathways 2021  

There are so many ways to get involved and participate in the life of UPPC! Find ways you can grow deeper in your faith, in relationships an...

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