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Couples Ministry Marriage Night The Alpha Marriage Course Care & Outreach Bridge Building Watch Party Divorce Recovery Compassion Fatigue Parent Support Group ESL Class Youth & Children Cornerstone The Rock Foundation Campfire Solid Ground UPPC Kids Sunday School

For all activities on campus, please wear your mask! Learn more and sign up at UPPC.org/events

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“Our goal is to be engaged in our world, but unique from it. .” MIKE MOFFITT ASSOCIATE PASTOR

r! (Well, sort of.) For many years, the Sunday after Labor Day has been UPPC’s “Kickoff Sunday” which ar of opportunities for learning, growth, fellowship and fun for people of all ages. This fall we are eager to at work as we all strive to know, experience and be the love of Jesus in our community.

is known as discipleship, which primarily means to learn. Discipleship at UPPC is guided by Paul’s words s: “We will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ” (Eph. 4:15). We do this e Discipleship Fundamentals: Bible, Prayer, Community, and Service. Our goal is to be engaged in our world it, faithful to God but winsome with our neighbors, and a blessing to those whom God places in our lives.

our third year of Pathways, our discipleship quarterly. This fall, Pathways is new and improved! The catalog is enhanced with beautiful color pages, and you can see some friends’ photos and read a bit about how ced God at work in their process of discipleship.

e there’s something I haven’t mentioned yet: Covid-19. We’re starting our fall quarter six months after our hip service in March. Our Session and staff have done excellent adaptive work in continuing to be Jesus’ dly changing environment. This fall, we’ll continue to see discipleship happening online or in small groups of iends. No one knows the specific timeline for getting back to normal. But there is something we do know: ation can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus, and nothing that can stop the Holy Spirit from lives and leading us in the way everlasting.

ourage you. Take the next step along your pathway of discipleship.

In Grace,

Pastor Mike






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Watch live streams of all services every weekend!

We now offer a space to gather and watch the live stream service together!

Visit UPPC.Online.Church to connect with your community, engage in service, and receive prayer from a live service host.

No registration necessary! Our campus is clean and ready for you. Masks and temp checks required.


ONGOING ConneXions Sundays 9:30-10:30am For first-time visitors and long-time members! Join Jon Koetje, John Lewis, Jeannette Scott, and others as we connect with God and learn to live as resident aliens, following Jesus in a world where that seems increasingly unusual. Meeting via Zoom. Register at UPPC.org/events Bible Study for All Wednesdays 10-11:30am | Fellowship Hall Come as you are, no sign-up necessary! Join Gwenn Robertson and friends in this weekly exploration of the Bible through video lessons, discussion, prayer, and fellowship.

SEPTEMBER Equipping: Basic Skills for Discipleship Sundays 9/27(12:15-1:15pm), 10/18, 11/15, 12/13 | 9:30am-10:30am or 11am-12pm Equipping is a four-part experience of learning the basic skills of discipleship: scripture, prayer, community, and service. You’ll get one new tool at each session! Meet in Fellowship Hall & via Zoom. Register at UPPC.org/events Seeing in the Dark: How the Old Testament Illuminates the Gospel Sundays 9/27-11/1 | 11am-12pm The summer sermon series on Joshua has sought to forge connections between the world of scripture and our present circumstances. Learn how to understand the Bible as a whole story that leads to Jesus. Meets via Zoom & In-Person, taught by Dr. Bo Helmich Register at UPPC.org/events

Soul Care Dates/time to be decided by participants In the midst of so much turmoil, loss and uncertainty, is your heart and soul longing for a space to pause and reground yourself in God’s never-ending presence and infinite love? Soul Care will provide an opportunity to do just that as we open ourselves to encounters with the Spirit by sharing in spiritual practices such as Lectio Divina, Examen, The Welcoming Prayer and Imaginative Prayer. We will meet twice a month at a time determined by the participants. If you have questions please feel free to e-mail Lorina Meade at lmeade@harbornet.com or call at 253-678-1144.

OCTOBER Essentials Saturdays 10/6 & 10/13 6:30-8:30pm Explore the meaning of membership as you learn about the history, theology, and values of UPPC. Meeting via Zoom. Register at UPPC.org/events Faith & Literature Wednesdays 10/7 & 12/2 7-9pm Participants discuss the themes and other ideas from a selected novel, biography, or other work of literature. We have a lively and respectful discussion. Through the lens of our Christian faith as well as the lens of great literature, we search for meaning in our lives. Meeting via Zoom. Register at UPPC.org/events


GROW THROUGH SMALL GROUPS! Join a small group to meet new people, grow in your knowledge and relationship with God, and make a big chuch feel a little smaller.

Find one at UPPC.org/smallgroups

Growing in my faith meant realizing that when I’m reading the Bible, it isn’t just a story about random people or even my ancestors. Hebrews 11 came alive for me reading about how the stories are not complete without my story, too. That is what completes God’s story; we are all apart of it. - Leslie Hensley

IF:Lead 2020 for all women

September 19


A one-day digital event for women

Register at UPPC.org/events

Women’s Bible Study Thursdays 9:30-11:30am, beginning 9/17 Join Sharon Moffitt and so many more sisters for study, fellowship and prayer. We look forward to exploring the Biblical parables together this fall! If you have not already notified Sharon that you will attend, please call 253.566.0806 and leave a message. Meet in Fellowship Hall.

SEPTEMBER The Well Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm 9/16, 9/30, 10/14,10/28, 11/25, 12/9 Ladies! Join Lisa Franklin, Kathy Overlease, Randi Downs as we explore the Bible’s truth for your REAL, daily life. Our time includes video, group discussion, questions, prayer, and great fellowship! Come as you are, when you can! Meeting via Zoom. Register online at UPPC.org/events

The Den (formerly known as True Men) Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm 9/16, 9/30, 10/14,10/28, 11/25, 12/9 Join with other guys to tackle some of life’s challenges together. This is about men helping men to be better, Godly men, through a gospel-centered vision of a life filled with truth, passion, and purpose! Meets online. Register online at UPPC.org/events

IF: Lead Saturday September 19 | 9am-5pm Whether you lead in the church, from home, or in your circle of friends, IF:Lead is for you! Learn through digital talks and breakouts at IF:Lead 2020 as we cover politics, race, the future of the church, and our part in all of it. You will walk away feeling more united than divided, and understanding some practical next-steps as you lead yourself and those around you. Join us for a day of renewal, restoration, inspiration, and fellowship as we gather to hear these encouraging words. Meet at UPPC. Register at UPPC.org/events

IF has helped women come together in authentic relationships, mentorships and genuine love as we continue to walk through our lives together in Christ. - Lisa Franklin

Men & Women





Marriage Night Saturday September 26 | 7-9pm Join us for a special one-night celebration of marriage. Laugh and learn with your spouse as you hear from marriage experts Les & Leslie Parrot and discover how to honor God and each other in your marriage. Meeting via Zoom. Register at UPPC.org/events

The Alpha Marriage Course Tuesdays 10/20-12/1 | 7-8:30pm The Alpha Marriage Course is designed to help any couple strengthen their relationship. This series features talks by Nicky and Sila Lee and breaks for practical exercises and conversations as a couple. Meeting via Zoom. Register at UPPC.org/events

Coming together with other young couples has helped us see how God works in our marriages and how we can lean on Him in life’s different seasons. - Priscilla and Jon Manley


Divorce Recovery Thursdays 9/24 - 10/29 7-8:45pm Gain healthy insights and the courage to move forward on the journey of healing from divorce. This is one opportunity that can be the beginning of a new way of living and hoping! Meeting via Zoom. Register at UPPC.org/events

Special Needs Parent Support Group Sunday October 4 | 12:30-1:30pm Parent Support Group is for those with children of any age living with special needs, different abilities, or sensory issues. During the October meeting we will have a time to check in with each other and discuss possible topics for the year. Meeting via Zoom. Register at UPPC.org/events

Compassion Fatigue Thursday September 24 6:30-8pm When we focus on loved ones we often start to feel burn out. Apathy, isolation, bottled up emotions and substance abuse head a long list of symptoms associated with the secondary traumatic stress disorder now labeled: Compassion Fatigue. While the effects of Compassion Fatigue can cause pain and suffering, learning to recognize and manage its symptoms is the first step toward healing. Join Lisa Doyle; RN, BSN, CMC as she breaks down the signs and how to combat Compassion Fatigue. Meeting via Zoom. Register at UPPC.org/events

ESL (English as a Second Language) Friendship Class Thursdays 9-10AM, beginning 10/1 Open to all adults, the purpose of this weekly class is to help participants improve their use of spoken and written english. Students with both beginning and advanced English proficiency are welcome to join. For details, contact Marion Tilley, davemannie@ comcast.net.

Bridge Building Watch Party Sundays 9/27 & 10/4 6:30-8:30pm The first and most important step to healing racial and cultural divides is to develop a continuous posture of listening and learning. We all have room to grow by listening to perspectives different from our own. Bridge Building Watch Parties are a way for you to continue to learn from diverse perspectives in community with others. This quarter’s watch party topic: mass incarceration and race. Meeting via Zoom. Register at UPPC.org/events

“Working with adult ESL students and tutors has been one of my most satisfying teaching experiences.” - Marion Tilley

Care & Outreach



Growing up in Japan, Hiroko has fond memories of summer festivals with fireworks put on by local Buddhist temples. Her experience with faith was formed by living in the Japanese culture where they “always believed in God, regardless of your religion,” she said. Her mother would often remind Hiroko and her two brothers that “God is always watching you!” However, Hiroko’s first interactions with the Christian faith were negative. “Every New Years, my family went to this one particular shrine because my parents owned a business and visiting this shrine was supposed to help the business prosper. And every year, there were people holding big signs that said if you don’t believe in Jesus, you will go to hell. And they would blast those messages on the big speakers,” she said. For young Hiroko, believing in Jesus sounded confusing and even dangerous.

baby, Hiroko was baptized, too. After awhile, the family drifted away from the Catholic Church. In January 2020, Carl was diagnosed with liver cancer that had metastasized to his lungs. During that same time, Hiroko started going to services at UPPC. Lulu had already been attending the Campfire Kids ministry at the church with a friend.

“...maybe there is something deeper than just going to church on Sunday.”

Just months before Hiroko turned 19, she came to the U.S. to attend college. She attended several area colleges, eventually studying exercise science at the University of Puget Sound, later graduating from the school’s physical therapy program.

A year after arriving in the states, Hiroko met her future husband, Carl. In 2001, Hiroko and Carl were married, moving to University Place about ten years ago. Around the same time, their daughter Lulu was later born; just three days before their tenth wedding anniversary in 2011. Hiroko attended Catholic mass each week with Carl and his family. Over time she started to enjoy the messages and began to think critically about her faith. When Lulu was baptized as a

“She started asking me to take her to Sunday School. So, I said, ‘You go to Sunday School and I am going to go upstairs and go to the service,’ and that is how it started,” Hiroko said. Hiroko “really, really liked” how Pastor Aaron Stewart and Pastor Mike Moffit explained Scriptures passage by passage during their messages. “I was really learning something and it made me want to know more. It also made me think that maybe there is something deeper than just going to church on Sunday,” she said.

Soon after she started attending UPPC, the next round of Alpha classes was beginning. Hiroko decided to invite a friend of hers who was also searching for a church community. One of the big draws about Alpha for Hiroko was that it seemed like a space for “exploring your faith and a safe place to ask questions with no judgement.” Because of COVID-19, Alpha met weekly through Zoom calls with a wide range of people coming from a variety of faith backgrounds. Some had Christian educations, some grew up in church, and some were new to the faith like Hiroko and her friend.

While learning more about the Christian faith, experiencing community and the beauty of prayer, as well as witnessing the Holy Spirit’s work within the Alpha group, Hiroko became more keenly aware of God’s hand in her life, even working in interesting ways to use the quarantine during Covid-19 as a blessing for her family. With schools shut down, Lulu was no longer at risk to bring a cold or other illness home from school and possibly infect Carl, who was undergoing chemotherapy. In addition, Hiroko’s work was shut down, but the family was blessed financially by unemployment benefits and the Care Act. This allowed the family precious time to be together during the last days of Carl’s life. And after his death in April, Hiroko and Lulu were given the needed time to grieve and be with each other. “When I first started coming, since this is a big church, I didn’t know if I would get to know anybody because I would just come for service and then go. But, I actually really felt welcome, especially with what all the small groups are doing

and what Alpha has done for me. I really feel like I can find good friends, faith-based friends that can support each other.” In September, Hiroko will begin a new job in the Tacoma School District after a career working in hospitals, nursing homes as well as in-home care. As she continues to make UPPC her church home, she is excited to find her own small group and find more ways for her and her daughter to be involved and grow. “I want to have a church home here and be able to share the faith. And, I want Lulu to learn that there is something bigger than you that leads you and guides you and is watching you. Here, she gets to play and learn more about faith and God. I just want her to have that assurance that you don’t have to do everything by yourself. You have God and the Holy Spirit makes this journey in kind of a mysterious way, but it happens because it happened to me. I feel like just even coming to this country and even before I found UPPC somehow everything had to happen to get here.”

Since first coming to UPPC in January 2020, Hiroko Yaguchi has experienced the death of her husband and a new life in Christ.

Coming Winter 2021

Youth & Children



Cornerstone (Grades 10-12) Wednesdays 8-9pm Hang out with friends, de-stress, and play exciting games. Discover who God is and give students the life tools to build an identity around the true cornerstone: Jesus Christ. Meet in the Youth Room.

Foundation (Grades 5-7) Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm Discover who God is and what that means for you. Hang out with friends and play fun games! Meet in the Youth Room.

The Rock (Grades 8-9) Wednesdays 8-9pm Hang out with friends and play fun games. Discover who God is and who you are in Christ. Meet in The Lodge.

Campfire (Grades 1-4) Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm Campfire is our mid-week program where students learn about Jesus, play crazy games, and create art. Meet in The Lodge.

Solid Ground Sundays Grades 5-12: 9:30-10:30am Grades 5-7: 11am-12pm Students gather together for a service designed for youth. Students will be challenged to learn more about Jesus together. Meet in the Youth Room. UPPC Kids Sunday School Sundays 9:30-10:30am & 11am-12pm Every Sunday morning children will participate in a fun Bible lesson, sing worship songs, and engage in other fun activities. It’s our goal to make learning about Jesus an exciting and interactive experience. Early Childhood (4m-3yr) in the Nursery Elementary (1st-4th grade) in The Lodge Learn more about each group at: UPPC.org/cornerstone UPPC.org/therock UPPC.org/foundation UPPC.org/children

Being able to participate in and lead the [youth] worship band for the past eight years has challenged me in my faith, pushed me to trust in God, as well as taught me how God uses me for his kingdom. - Lauren Arikills

UP PC Staff Pastors Rev. Aaron Stewart Senior Pastor Rev. Mike Moffitt Associate Pastor

Worship & Music Rev. Dr. Diana Greene Minister of Worship Loren Tucker Director of Cont. Worship & Technical Arts Melinda Tucker Director of Contemporary Worship Dan Konicek Director of Media Lisa Todd Director of Music & Arts Institute Care & Outreach Rev. Dr. Martha Greene Parish Associate Jill McMullen Minister of Care and Welcome and Connect Kathy Goertz Welcoming Coordinator Lisa Woicik Minister of Outreach & Mission Youth & Children Rob Clark Minister of Youth & Children Robin Fawcett Director of Middle School Julie Mangrum Director of Elementary Laura Richardson Director of Early Childhood Lexi Barnett Y&C Administrative Assistant Operations Mike Bates Executive Minister Randi Downs Executive Assistant Kate Evarts Director of Communications Janie Brooksher Scheduler Kaylee Fowler Financial Administrator Kristen Laramie Stewardship Coordinator Campus Care Taylor Conrad Campus Care & Wayside CafĂŠ Manager Chuck Benedict Lead Custodian Mawiir Deng Custodian Chris Lange Custodian

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Pathways Fall 2020  

This fall we're focusing on doing life together. Find ways to connect and grow with your church community this fall!

Pathways Fall 2020  

This fall we're focusing on doing life together. Find ways to connect and grow with your church community this fall!

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