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Georgia Schofield

Riders: NSP International Team

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UP SUPING Stand Up Paddle
A decade reporting the national and international Stand Up Paddle. Traveling, sharing great moments that we transfer to our digital platforms and watching this sport grow very closely... Go to www.upsuping.com and enjoy the SUP! Don’t miss our free digital magazine! You have more than 37 numbers to enjoy the best reading. Stand Up Paddle UP SUPING vladbobusky@123RF.com



It is impossible for me to start this Edit without talking about Up#37 and its paper magazine celebrating its 10th Anni versary. We continue to enjoy a fulfilled dream that is still circulating through the streets, in your homes and even across borders. We are very grateful for the great acceptance that this magazine is having in paper format, which will continue to be sold and promoted, since, as you know, it is a special edition and we want everyone to be able to acquire it. So, do not hesitate to get it at the events we attend and at the different points of sale. When we receive images of the “SUPEROS” enjoying the magazine somewhere on the planet…it is something that is priceless.

And as you may have noticed, we are experiencing one of the hottest and most intense summers in memory. Of course, SUP is one of the great medicines to combat it, since when it is paddled in the water, the environment is cooler and a dip during the paddle is always good. But at the same time, the effort required to practice it can take its toll. Therefore, we want you to take the necessary measures to stay hydrated and always check the weather forecasts to avoid any harm. The world is changing and we must not turn our backs on it.


And do you know what is also changing? The way the rest of us mortals look at us. It is continually said, and it is something too repetitive and even tiresome, that SUP is in fashion. How long are you going to keep saying this? Well, I think there is little left, because it is establishing itself more and more among the well-known sports, and the key is that it is paddled more and more time. That is to say, practically rowing throughout the year. Throughout these months, we have spoken with many practitioners who no longer keep the table in October to dust it off in April; every day there are more who practice it continuously. What’s more, the vast majority of those who are trying it this summer already have the mentality of making it a habit. That’s a change, a big change for Stand Up Paddle.

I don’t know if you will find any changes in Up#38, but I assure you that the goal of the entire Up Suping team is for you to unplug from the world for a while, disconnect for a few moments and enter the world of SUP, which we have been creating since 10 years ago. And our website and presence at events continue to grow, another reason to tell you that it is thanks to you. Ladies and gentlemen…Welcome to Up#38!

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Hi Amandine! It is a pleasure to see you in Up Suping. Since the beginning of 2022 we see a lot of happiness on your face...How are you?

I feel very good. The first part of the season went well for me and I’m now in full preparation for the rest of the season which promises to be exciting with European and world championships!

You have an excellent history in SUP with great experiences and a magnificent present. What does Stand Up Paddle mean to you? What does it bring to your life?

Stand up paddle has really been a passion for me for almost 10 years. This sport gave me the chance to experience very strong emotional moments, to make beautiful trips and to meet many people who became my friends, and it still continues! I love training, I love racing and I love being on the ocean.

The ISA world championships in Denmark, China and El Salvador. How does it feel to represent France for all these years? How have you experienced these magical SUP races around the world?

The world championships have always been special events in the calen-dar. I have always felt more pressure to represent France and it has always allowed me to surpass myself. Winning the team title in El Salvador was truly a unique moment in my life and I hope to experience it again this year! At Worlds championship, we race for ourselves, but also for the team and for the country, so we all push each other up.

I am very happy in my life and I arrived exactly where I wanted to go
Kurro Díaz. G.Schofield. ISAUp Suping

With Boris, you have created a beautiful family. How have you experienced the pregnancy process and how was your recovery to return to the competitions? We see you a spectacular!

At the moment I decided to have a child, I also announced that I would come back to competition afterwards. During the pregnancy, I didn’t put any pressure on myself to train, but I continued to do sport until the end, with cycling, walking and a lot of yoga. After giving birth, I felt good very quickly. I was very lucky to have Boris taking care of our baby Cillian whenever I wanted to get on the water. We have always been a team in training and this is the key to being fulfilled in sport and family life.

Last season, I felt that I was a little lacking in form in the long races, but I took advantage of every moment on the water much more than before because they are much rarer!

And also the Foil is already part of your life. Can you tell us how your first flights were? What Sunova and Axis material do you currently use?

Indeed, Boris had taken advantage of my pregnancy to start foiling and pro gress in downwind. Last fall, I also wanted to learn to fly and I really got into it for a few months. From the beginning I used Axis wings, and particularly the PNG 1150 which is ideal for learning downwind. What allowed me to progress

Kurro Díaz
Kurro Díaz

quickly was also to do a lot of downwind by taking off towed behind a small boat. It allows you to master everything you need to do in the air before embarking on real courses where take-offs are exhausting.

I then made a lot of progress when we went to Guadeloupe to do The Race (a 45km downwind). The sensations are so incredible in downwind foil and even if we have resumed full race training, we continue to do so as soon as the conditions allow it. I now use HPS 1050 wings and the ART 1099 with the carbon mast. My Sunova board is a 6’ x 24’’ of 79 liters.

Tell us about Brittany, where you usually train and how you care for yourself to be the athlete you are…

Brittany is an amazing place for stand up paddling. It is of ten windy, famous for its downwinds and with also great surf spots and good dynamics with lots of competition. The hardest thing for us is that the weather is not always very good and trainings are often done in the rain and in the storm. It is also here that my trainer Bernard Jaouen lives, who has been following me for more than 4 years and all my paddle friends with whom I train when it is possible.

I also work as a doctor at the hospital near my house, so my days are organized between training, work and now the baby!

We have seen you at many events throughout Europe. How would you rate these competitions and what could be improved to continue seeing this sport grow?

What I like in competitions is above all to find confronta tion with the other girls. I generally select the big events on which I know there will be lot of people. I also pre fer ocean races rather than on lakes. The Euro Tour is of course a must on the calendar, with always good organi zations and prize moneys. This year I also discovered the races organized by the ICF and I really liked it.

I especially regret that for a few years, the girls have tended to stay on their continent and we meet fewer Americans or Australians at the races. Unfortunately, I think that sponsors don’t help women as much as before and that traveling further is very expensive.

It is very exciting to see your races together with all the girls at a high level. What are your best memories with them? You will have to have unforgettable moments!

I have a lot of really good times! I particularly liked the two years I went to Gorges Paddle. The atmosphere was great and we were doing downwinds together every day before the race. Lot of fun. I also have many good memo ries of the euro tour stage in Crete that I did 3 times, on which I always experienced great confrontations with Olivia piana the first year, Fiona and Sonny the second, then Espe last year, in a place that I find magnificent.

ISA 15

What do you think is your greatest virtue or what do you want most when it comes to supping?

I think my greatest virtue is my organization, my skill to plan eve rything. I started paddling seriously during my medecin studies. I worked at the university from 7am to 6pm, then I got paddling then I worked again. And I worked really hard again all the weekend for my final test.

Now, again, I have to plan everything with my job, the baby and the training. Each Sunday, our trainer sends us our weekly training plan for the next week. So each Sunday evening, we do a schedule with Boris. Who have to take care of the Baby, do shopping, cooking, training… everything is on the schedule.

Athlete, mother and doctor. Your life promises to have a great future, right?

I indeed think that today I am very happy in my life and I arrived ex-actly where I wanted to go. Above all, I’m going to try to take full advantage of what I’m going through before thinking about what’s next. We have a lack of young paddlers here in France, I really loud like to do something for that.

I mean, create or join a club, go to the local schools to introduce our sport and teach them. Maybe during my retirement...

Thanks to...

So many people! My trainer Bernard Jouen who have the in credible skills to do a world class training plan despite all my constraints, My team mates of the CPSR, my friends of “Activités nautiques en pays Bigoudin”, And of course my sponsors, Side Shore Surf shop, Sunovas, Axis, Blackfish Paddles, Julbo, Picture, Apurna. And last but not least, Boris my husband, my team mate, my shrink (and punching-ball also sometimes)!


Los rayos UV se reflejan y dispersan en todas las direcciones, especialmente en el agua. Cuida tus ojos con la protección que se merecen.

Photo: Toni Forqués, 2022: LiP Ambassador Alejandro Ciliment



On June 3, 4 and 5, the third edition of the World SUP Festival

Costa Blanca was held in Santa Pola, an edition that has not left anyone indifferent. Both participants, exhibitors and visitors have been able to feel the emotion of this great sporting event. Considered already, the most important Stand Up Paddle test worldwide this year. During the 3 days, sports, leisure and nature merged perfectly in a unique environment, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Georgia Schofield. WSFWSF

Two years have passed since the last edition, and the World SUP Festival has returned this year with a bang, this festival has become a SUP event that annually brings together the most pro and amateur riders on the national and international scene of the world of SUP. HIS P. This third edition has registered more than 450 participants, which is why the par ticipation of the previous edition has exceeded by more than 50%. With regard to their origin, national and international athletes from 21 countries; Japan, New Caledonia, Australia, Israel, Peru, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, England, Slovenia and Spain. On the national scene, we have received participants from most of the spanish provinces.

These figures position Santa Pola as a benchmark for sports tourism within the national and international arena. The event began on Friday, June 3 with the Spanish Championship Sprints 200m, in which the winners of the Elite men’s category were Aaron Sanchez (third position), Manuel Hoyuela (second position), and the local Rafael Sirvent (first position). Those who crowned the first three positions of the Women’s Elite were the Spaniards Laura Quetglas, Duna Gordillo and Victoria Ryzhova, finishing in third, second and first position respectively


On Saturday, June 4, the EUROTOUR Long Distance test was held in the morning. The Elite and Open categories boarded a ferry to the Island of Tabarca. While the Elite had a 15 km journey ahead of them to Santa Pola beach, the Open category had 7 km. In the Men’s Elite event, Noïc Garioud from New Caledonia was proclaimed the winner, followed by Australian Michael Booth in second place followed by Ty Judson, also an Australian. In the case of the female category, the Spanish Esperanza Barre ras shone again and dominated the race from the beginning. In the second position, the Spanish Duna Gordillo followed by the French Anais Guyomarch. In total, 10.000 euros in prizes were distributed between both categories and equality between men and women. In the case of the junior category, in the male category, the Japanese Shuri Araki was in the first position, while in the female category it was the Italian Cecilia Pimpinella.

In the Open Island of Tabarca category, the Spanish Alexia Soto, Amelia Moral and Inés Blin, were crowned with the first, second and third positions respectively. And in the men’s category, the Spaniards Jorge Soler in the first position, Angel Guerrero, the second position and Pablo Carbonell in the third position.

Meanwhile, on the Levante beach in Santa Pola, the canoe event began, which for the first time premiered at the World SUP Festival, where SS1 and OC1 boats made a 13km journey from the beach to the Island of Tabarca and back to the beach. In this test, Carlos López was proclaimed the winner of the OC1 modality. Angeles Belda and Rosana Leri, are first and second in the female category of SS1, Antonio Gil in first position and Gonzalo García in the second position in the male category. The Prone modality was also played for the first time in the event, leaving Frenchman Christophe Mora as the winner.

On Saturday afternoon, the SUP Foil test started, which also had prize money of 1,500 euros to be distributed among the winners. In the female category, the French Amandine Chazot was proclaimed the winner, and in the male category, the French Clement Colmas and Boris Jinvresse in first and second position respectively and the Spanish Ruben Salvador in the third position.

As for the International Open Technical test on Sunday, June 5, with 1.500 euros in prizes, it left Titouan Puyo and Noïc Garioud from New Caledonia and the Japanese Shuri Araki as winners in the Elite male category, in first, second and third position. respectively. The female category left the French Melanie Lafenetre as the first classified, leaving the Danish Caroline Küntzel in second position and the English Holly Pye in the third position.

In the final ceremony of the event, the Technical Director of the event, Daniel Parres, emphasized the effort dedicated to making the event possible. The external projection is essential for the development of the event, which presents a sport capable of uniting an entire community of riders and fans. Santa Pola has received thousands of visitors this year, its scope has been spectacular with successive live broadcasts through Facebook LIVE in English, French and Spanish during the 3 days. The commercial and sports Vil lage of the World SUP Festival Costa Blanca had an exhibition area in which the sponsors could show their latest news. During the three days the sporting event had several food trucks in its gastronomic offer, as well as performances by Fem Dansa and Sonora Percusión, concerts by the groups; Chamán, Thoroughbred Flamenco, Supersonics and DJ Lord Vishnu, and we were able to count on several master classes given by Starboard and NSP riders.

The event has been organized by the Parres Sports Club, under the direction of Daniel Parres and has the support of the Alicante Provincial Council, the Sports Community, the Santa Pola City Council, Alicante City & Beach, Eurotour and the Spanish Surfing Federation. (FESURF). And among the main sponsors, it is worth mentioning brands such as NSP Surf and SUP, keeler, Alicante Catamarán Aventurero, Fritz-Kola, EQ -Evoa, Starboard, Nelo España, Downwind Center, Alaves Innovation, Cava Berdié, Teralco Group, Volkswagen Serramóvil, Nauticmar , Coasto, SUP ONE, Dechatlon Itiwit, AWA Sunglasses, 226ers, Sps Stand Up Paddle, Fem Dansa Santa Pola, Solé Rototom Beach, Grupo Telecable, Tabarca Online, Mercalicante, Tongart Sup, Surfski School Jávea, Quickblade Paddle, Sinthesis Salud, Hotel Gran Playa de Santa Pola, SH Singular Hotels, Clínica Grau, Europa FM, Onda Cero Elche, Grupo Antón Comunicación, Navega Med, Wind Paradise, The Ultra Paddle League, Transtabarca and Slack Boards.



Monturas flotantes gracias a su tecnología patentada.

Una visión mejorada al filtrar los reflejos.

Rodas Small

Las lentes tienen un tratamiento hidrófobo que hace que las gotas de agua resbalen fácilmente.

Aporta un 20% más de dureza en las lentes para protegerlas de las rayaduras de la arena.

Sólo pesan entre 15 y 18 gr.

Lentes con un filtro de protección UV400 que protegen un 100% de los rayos UV.

| |



We rarely repeat content in our magazines, but this time we will make an exception. In June 2019 we published an article that our readers liked a lot and that refers to our position as Stand Up Pad-dle lovers during the summer. And since after the first year of Covid-19 in our lives, the increase in users of this sport grew like wildfire, we believe it is appropriate to republish this article so that it reaches these new paddlers, and even that it can be reread for those who they have been rowing for a long time and thus enjoy this magical season much more.

hat great moment arrives, in which, like every year, an inexhaustible source of good vibrations floods our body thanks to the mild and high temperatures of this season throughout Europe...Finally, a wetsuit in the closet! May it be filled with dust for a few months, I don’t even want to see it up close! But depending on your place of residence, some have already dusted off their swimsuits and techni cal clothing for SUP practice ahead of time. And others just warm up engines.

James Panter. A.Laborda. Special Surf . Up Suping. @hortensiodiasclarosNico Arnedo
T A.Laborda

ur head has spent weeks thinking nonstop about those mo ments on the board, paddling both on a journey and riding the waves, smelling like a beast of sunscreen, looking askance if people see our ¨style¨, etc...Up to this point everything it’s so wonderful.

But, what if our usual spot, or place where we are going to go paddling, is full of people? Whether they are bathers, or practitioners of other sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, kite and other gadgets, many of them are beginners. What is your attitude? Does all ¨Mordor¨ light up inside you, splashing lava everywhere, or are you one of those who activate a soft Bob Marley song inside you and you just want to relax? What a situation…right? We are not going to tell you which path you should take within yourself, but what, in our opinion, should be reflected in others just when your board and paddle begin to slide on the water...

O Up Suping

e are aware that sometimes it is difficult to assimilate, as we said before, that our “spot” has a radical change of users during the summer. It is normal, we have been enjoying our en vironment for months and taking care of it, and acquiring much more experience with our material. And that is why we must reflect total security when entering the water, so that other users see that nothing is going to happen to them. May our faces and each stroke be the best reflection of our passion for this sport, and above all things, our maximum respect for other colleagues be spread. It is clear that not everyone knows how to understand these values, but it does not cost anything to ap ply them and in any case, make it understood to that bather, or surfer, or beginner who looks at us without knowing what to do. We must transmit security and tranquillity… the rest is the action of others.

ne piece of advice: if you have a bad day, that nothing is going well for you and you need a shot to disconnect…going out paddling is the best thing that can happen to you. But be careful! It’s better to leave bad humour and shitty character on the ground because others are not to blame for our frustrations. And it can also take its toll on you physically in the water. We need all our senses to the fullest, let’s not saturate our body or cause misfortune to our loved ones.

uckily our fame, especially on the beaches, has been improving over the last few years; and that is just the work that we are all doing, and also thanks to the schools. We should continue to take advantage of the pull and continue setting an example. How and why does this happen? There are several factors, but there are very obvious situations such as not entering a “point” of waves satu-rated with people or meditating on that option carefully (unless you are a regular at that place, call it “local” if you want). Another good option is to know well the times in which we can enjoy ourselves without so many people in the water, or move to other areas of the beach or where you are going to paddle.

@hortensiodiasclaros 29

Special Surf


t is worth reminding them how important it is, in the case of long journeys, to always carry hydration, sunscreen, a cap, clothing, a telephone, and an endless number of items for our protection and safety. I do not want to get heavy and expand on this topic, but please be aware of it. There are situ ations in which we are not the ones who need all that: more than once I have seen and experi-enced cases in which we go to help third parties who are left at the mercy of a current or harmed by some weather incident. And above all, transmit calm and serenity in cases of emergency, and obviously also yourself. Ah! I forgot an element that is used more and more every day, and it is the vest. Every day they make them more comfortable and practical, I recommend using them on riv-ers, sea crossings and downwinds; although if you can take them when ever you can, the better.

m not one of those who think that depend ing on the material we have, we can get in the way or do more or less harm to people. Whether we are on a rigid or inflatable board, whether we have a heavy or light paddle, we will always cause damage in one way or another. And not only for the physical health of others, but also for ours; and without forgetting that we can spoil our summer in a matter of seconds. So we must be aware of what we carry on our feet and take the necessary pre-cautions. It goes without saying that we have to always carry the leash and in the event that you are a beginner in SUP and you are going to go to a school to learn, always do so with a leash. In the event that this is not the case, get out of there and look for better professionals. I’m sorry, it’s my opinion.



n short, we have a few months ahead where we must have all our senses on alert and at the same time enjoy the good weather. I know that what you have just read is only a small part of what we must take into account, now put the rest in your imagination and put it into practice. Don’t forget to photograph each paddle, sunrise or sunset, waves surfed and walk in paradisiacal places...either in an underwater camera or in your retinas because all of this will become your best memories. Get out in the sun ¨SUPERS¨!


Summer in Europe means SUP Yoga season. Nothing but jumping on board and enjoying the fresh air while practicing your favorite SUP Yoga poses!

Water, sun, fresh air and yoga: we can hardly do more for our physical and mental well being. SUP Yoga can be practiced both in a group, or alone at a quiet place by the lake. Our two Fly Air Fit platforms (small and large) are the perfect base station for all SUP schools & sta tions, fitness centers or hotels. Whether in the open wa ter or in the pool - both models can be used anywhere and are extremely practical.

SUP Yoga is suitable for all levels, but especially for those who want to take their practice to the next level. The water brings serenity in an instant, the instability trains muscles and balance, and new challenges help you quickly land in the here and now. SUP Yoga collects the mind, body and soul, injecting them with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that keeps us coming back for more.

Fanatic ambassador Danique van Oosterhout is a fulltime yoga instructor and runs a SUP school at Mattsee in Austria, where she loves to teach SUP yoga on our platform during summer. Before Danique settled in Austria, she was working as a kite instructor in the Caribbean, where she discovered her love for SUP and SUP Yoga. The Austrian Alps are her new home of choice.

Hereafter Danique is explaining one of her favorite SUP Yoga sequence you can try by yourself!

Sebastian SchoeffelDanique Van Oosterhout

Stow your paddle, take a breath and arrive

After you’ve paddled yourself warm, sit down for a few deep breaths. Notice the gentle swaying of the water beneath you with your eyes closed to get used to your yoga mat substitute.

Eagle arms in sitting position

Pass your left arm under the right arm so that the forearms touch each other and point vertically upwards. The palm of your left hand faces out to the right, the backs of your hands are touching or you place your palms together. The upper arms are at the height of the shoulders. With your inhalation raise your elbows and with your exhalation lower them. Stay 5 breaths, then switch arms.

Downward Dog

Place your hands shoulder width in front of you on the board. Move your butt to your heels, activate your core. Now lift your ischial tuberosities towards the sky and actively push your heels back. If the stretch in the back of your legs is too intense, bend your knees. Your spine is long and your shoulders remain active. Stay for 5 breaths.


For beginners - Deep Lunge:

Raise your right leg. Bring your knee to your chest and make yourself as compact as possible. Arms are extended, you press away from the board, lift your pelvis and take a step forward between your hands. Now place the left knee down, the right knee is aligned over the right foot joint and 90 degrees bent.


Now imagine that you are pushing your front foot and your back knee to wards each other. This way you are activating the inside and back of your legs for more stability on the SUP board. The pelvis remains in a neutral position. Raise your arms with a tight core, keeping your lower rib cages closed. Stay for 5 breaths.

For advanced - High Lunge:

Raise your back knee and powerfully extend your back leg into your heel, lifting the back of your thigh to the sky. 5 breaths. Come back into down ward facing dog and repeat this sequence on your left side.

Child´s Pose

Put your knees down hip width apart, put your butt down and stretch your arms to the front. Pause for 5 breaths in child´s pose.

Camel Pose

Stand on your toes and sit on your heels. Put your hands on your heels and tense your thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Raise the pelvis and stretch the sternum towards the sky. This way you open your heart area and your chest. Your gaze is gently directed forward and upward, the cervical vertebrae Do not overstretch the cervical vertebrae! Stay for 5 breaths.

SUP Yoga Garudasana

Come down on all fours and push the right knee to the right hand, your right foot slides out. Bring the left knee to the right calf as if your legs were crossed. Press your inner thighs firmly together and straighten up with body tension. Now add the eagle arms, your left arm resting on the right. Stay for 5 breaths.


Eagle Push-Up

Bring your hands back on the board under your shoulders. Exhale and bend your elbows to a maximum of 90 degrees without losing body tension. With your inhalation straighten your arms again. Stay for 5 breaths. Repeat steps 7 and 8 (change if necessary) with the left leg in front.

Eagle squat

Stand in the center of the plank and bring your arms into an eagle position. He takes a deep breath and raises his elbows, looks up at the sky. Exhale and bring your elbows back to shoulder height, bend your legs for 5 reps, then switch arms.

Headstand with eagle legs

For advanced.

If standing is an integral part of your yoga practice, try this pose on an eagle-footed SUP board!

Get on all fours and spread your forearms shoulder-width apart, interlock your fingers. lay your head on your hands, raise your knees and pelvis. Walk with your feet as close to yours as possible. Bring your elbows in until they almost come out on their own. Shift your weight onto your forearms (not the top of your head), pull one knee up to your chest, and slowly ex tend the other leg up.

When you have found your balance, you also lift the second leg. You can here take 5 breaths, stay or bring the legs to the eagle position. Cross the right thigh over the left and squeeze the inside of the legs. each other. You can hook your right foot on your left calf. 5 breaths and come into child’s pose.


The Cubillas reservoir, in Granada, has been the place chosen this year for the development of the test that would crown the new Spanish speed champions. A total of 145 registered riders of which more than half were from the juniors catego ries, could finish off a great day of Stand Up Paddle.

In the contest, organized by the Central SUP Club and where the national SUP technicians Manuel Simoncelli and Oscar Ruíz were present, the high participation of young athletes stood out.

Simoncelli and Ruíz highlighted the increase in the sporting level that can be seen compared to the previous year in the Sub 16, Sub 18 and Elite categories. The work of both the Clubs of the Spanish Surfing Federation and the coaches is achieving an important development of Stand Up Paddle. Currently, there is an increasing number of athletes specialising in different modalities such as Long Distance, Beach, flat water or speed.

Antonio Morillo and Duna Gordillo win the Spanish Speed Championship. Fernando Pérez and Esperanza Barreras conquer the Campus SUP Race.
Andrés MollaUp Suping

In this Spanish championship the Elite Men’s catego ry was very disputed. Finally, the Spanish Championship would go to Antonio Morillo Sánchez, followed by Fernando Pérez Serra, completing the podium with Isaac Hernandez Ubassy.

In the Women’s Elite, Duna Gordillo Rodríguez was Spanish Champion, Esperanza Barreras was the sub champion, and Vicky Ryzhova came third. The fastest times of the entire session were set by Vicky Ryzhova in the Women’s category and Manuel Hoyuela Rojas in the Men’s category.


The next day, Stand Up Paddle continued to be the protago nist of the Cubillas reservoir with the Campus SUP Race organized by the University of Granada, with a long distance for all competitors and scoring for the Costa del SUP circuit of the Fesurfing League.

The conditions were fantastic and with attractive routes in different areas of the reservoir. And as if it were an authen tic Spanish SUP Race Championship, due to the high level of participants, there was no lack of emotion in each catego ry. The Elites completed 10 km. where Fernando Pérez, from Cádiz, won the victory ahead of Manuel Hoyuela and Aaron Sánchez in the men’s category. Esperanza Barreras climbed to the top of the podium ahead of Laura Quetglas and Duna Gordillo. The Master and Kahunas categories also offered a great show and were a fundamental part of this competition.

Also highlight the great performance of the competitors Augusto García, Alexia Soto and the rest of the children’s categories that continue to demonstrate the continuous growth of the national SUP.


Alvaro Coscollano

Álvaro Coscollano. Andrés Molla. Up SupingUp Suping

How and when did your passion for Stand Up Paddle start?

It all started when my parents signed me up for the CoolHot summer camp in 2015. Among the activities that were carried out was Paddle Surf. I re member that when I took the board and started paddling it was as if I had done it before and I liked it. Those were my first steps in Stand Up Paddle.

Since then, your evolution has been spectacular. Had you planned this leap in quality?

Well, the truth is that no, I competed in the Costa del SUP circuit but I took it as a hobby. It was when I went to my first spanish championship in Sevilla in 2019 that I realized the existing level and from that moment I put all my best in and started training seriously to try to get as high as possible and be able to achieve my goals.

That year also saw the change of club from CoolHot to Paddlesurf Fuengirola, where I continue, which liberated me psychologically and made me regain my confidence and rethink my goals in SUP. After a tough year of the pandemic, I got first place in SUB 12 in the Andalusian long distance championship in 2020 in Iznájar and then in 2021 on my second visit to a spanish speed championship in Seville, I managed to climb to the third step of the podium in the SUB 14 category. I think that fact was what gave me the moral strength and the rush to set my goals for the current season.

Tell us about your experiences in the competitions you have already had this year. You have achieved excellent results!

They have been magnificent experiences both in the andalusian Costa del SUP circuit and in the spanish championships without forgetting the Santa Pola Euro Tour. But the one that marked this year was the spanish flat water speed championship held in Granada, where I achieved the first great victory of my short sports career by winning the championship in the SUB 14 category, at that moment I said to myself ¨if we can with this, we can achieve anything¨.


Then came another of the great events on the national calendar in the Santa Pola Euro Tour, where the spanish open water sprint championship was also held, in which I also managed to win first place as well as the cup of technical race Spain where I also climbed to the top of the pódium. The truth is that it’s been an incredible year, I hope I can continue at this level for the rest of the season.

How would you define your paddling style and technique? We like how explosive you are in sprints and technical courses.

I consider myself to have quite an aggressive style with a lot of cadence and paddling force when it comes to sprinting. In technical and long distance races I always try to concentrate on making a very fast start, relying on this explosive stroke to try to reach the first positions in order to dominate the race from the start. I also give a lot of importance to the turn of the buoy, many times it is where a race is won or lost, I train it quite regularly in all kinds of sea conditions trying to know the limits of my board very well. I am aware that I do not have the best material, nor is my board the fastest on the circuit, that is why I work hard on these aspects to compensate for the deficiencies, although I also believe that better material without work and effort does not solve anything.

Tell us about your playground and training area in Fuengirola…

As I have already told you, Paddlesurf Fuengirola is the second club to which I belong, the welcome from the beginning was incredible in a very large group of children whom I knew from the SUP competitions and who helped me grow and improve. in this sport since I arrived in the club in 2019. The club has evolved a lot since that date, some have stayed, others have left, but the family spirit remains unchanged, helping each other between children, adults, parents and monitors.


Fuengirola is a good place to paddle, because when we get west we enjoy some good down winds and when we get east we enjoy the good spots we have to surf and practice beach racing to the fullest. Also, if things get ugly, the jetties that surround us protect us and allow us to continue enjoying our favourite sport despite a strong storm.

I really enjoy one way or another, there is always sea to do something, be it SUP, surfing, SUP Foil, windsurfing, you can always do something, you just have to feel like it and in my case the luck of having a person who He lends me little toys (right Álvaro Porras?…)

How is the atmosphere with your teammates from other clubs in Spain? We see a very healthy group!

The atmosphere in competitions is amazing, wherever they are. In general, all the competitors are wonderful people, both young and old, and you always receive congratulations for the results regardless of whether they are from your club or not.

When the Mediterranean hits hard, you are also there to take advantage of its waves...right?

Of course! Unfortunately, we don’t have the waves of Conil or Los Caños, that’s why we have to take advantage of the storms even if it seems risky so as in my case to be able to prac tice SUP waves that I love or launch ourselves with the race boards to surf...Whether it’s the time of whatever it is, a storm cannot be missed in these lands!

In my case I have made great friends with boys from other clubs in areas of Spain other than my own and whenever we coincide in a competi tion we meet and spend all the time together, having fun, helping each other, encouraging each other. We are rivals in the race but friends when it’s all over. In addition, we do not lose contact between competitions. There is always a smile and a hug waiting for you when you arrive at each competition.

Trips, training, studies and we assume that the support of your family is very important in all this...

Yes! My family support is not only important, it´s fundamental, without it none of this would be possible for me. All my family both near and far (not forgetting the Rivas family, my adoptive family), always celebrate my results whatever they are and that is what motivates me to continue and give everything.

This year I have focused a lot on my studies and that has meant that I had to modify training routines, but I have been able to combine everything and also thanks to the teachers who have been able to understand my situation by modifying exam calendars, it has made it easier for me to carry everything forward.

How do you see the SUP in Andalusia and what do you think is needed to continue growing?

Andalusia has continues to contribute great riders in all categories such as Antonio Morillo, Fernando Pérez, Au gusto García, Ainhoa Rivas...And many clubs that are committed to this sport, generating the Costa del SUP circuit, such as Alúa de Iznajar, Paddlesurf Algeciras, Cangrejo Moro, Nalusur Marbella, Triana Sports Club, Paddlesurf Fuengirola…and many more. Things are going well in Andalusia, but few clubs are providing children in lower categories such as SUB 8, SUB 10, SUB 12 and SUB14. There is a lot of contribution at the amateur level but we have to recover the quarry so that Andalusia can make noise in the national championships.

2022 is a great year for you. What more would you like to get of it?

This year has been crazy for me, and to ask you….I would like to end up winning the two remaining spanish long distance championships in Cabo de Palos and the beach race in Somo. It would be the best auction of the season that could have.

Thanks to…

There are so many…and this year is more heart felt than ever for everything that has happened. Of course to my parents and sister for their effort and unconditional enthusiasm. Ainhoa Rivas for not letting me give up and apart from being one of my best friends she is always there celebrat ing my triumphs and giving me a hard time in training in the good and the bad. Álvaro Porras for his advice, his patience and for lending me material so I could continue enjoying myself in the water.

As I have already said to the great family of Paddelsurf Fuengirola for the support and visibility they give us to the entire SUP Race Fuengirola team and to the Rivas family for their support in difficult situations.

To all my friends from other clubs who always wish me the best. To my group of unconditional Paddlesurf Manilva fans, Paniz, Antonio, Vicky... who celebrate each of my triumphs with all their enthusiasm.

To Oscar and Espe for their advice and that magnificent clinic that they gave us in our house. To all the people who support the organizations of this sport and who make it more visible eve ry day. And many thanks to you, Nico, for giving me this interview and the visibility it brings. Thank you all so much for never losing hope in me!


Connor and Kai’s video

It happened a few months ago. A video of Kai Lenny and Connor Baxter sprinting hard on their Race boards. The panorama is great, the positions perfectly measured, and no one wins. But again, after a few years of absence, we returned to see the two great SUP stars of the past decade duelling. The video went viral on networks and the rumours about Kai’s return to SUP competition hovered over our minds until he himself ruled out such an option in an interview... although you never know, he said. I admit that the video struck a chord with me. I perfectly remember the beginnings of pro fessional SUP dominated by two kids under 20 years old. Their rivalry transcended other sports. In a recently appeared discipline, the fratricidal fights between Connor and Kai were tremendous, and almost always with waves mediating between them, which made it much more attractive.


All of us who closely follow this sport remember races from the world series at Turtle Bay, the Battle of the Paddle (BOP) or the Pacific Paddle Games. We all knew that those great technical races de fined the best. Although also long distance races such as Molokai to Oahu. Personally, I will always remember the first photo I saw of Connor on his 17¨ board surfing the waves and the wind merci lessly or Kay himself breaking the time record for that test. Videos like the one from the Red Bull Heavy Waters made us break the limits that we didn’t suppose before.

Others were and are great, giving opinions is difficult, Danny Ching, Travis Grant, Casper Steinfath... among many other names that I am sorry to omit, they are part of Olympus, and many of today’s great stars have nothing to envy. But personally, I remember with a certain nostalgia those titanic clashes between those two kids giving it their all. Let me exaggerate, it was something like our foot ball Barcelona-Madrid or a basketball Lakers-Celtics. One blond, one brown, one blue, one yellow, two completely different paddling techniques, two exceptional surfers, two hawaiians. Perhaps today, after the pandemic and the lack of a truly defining test such as the BOP at the time, those even more mythical moments are revived. And it is that it was in 2014 where the culmination of the rivalry reached delicate extremes, in a manoeuvre where both rivals impacted, of course, in a wave after a series of bizarre movements whose objective was none other than to overcome their great rival. Both fell off the board, it was Kai who ultimately won that race and it was Connor in 2016 who won the first of the epic Heavy Waters in San Francisco ahead of Kai. Although personally, as I have said, I think that the waves defined the most spectacular aspect of this relationship between the two contenders, it can be said that we have seen few sprinters and flat water competitors as efficient as both riders.


Everything changed a short time later. Some of the great events have been disappearing and the understandable inconsistency of the APP (Association of Paddlesurf Professionals) World Tour and world competitions in times of pandemic were dissipating this rivalry. In addition, Kai is currently involved in new projects. He is one of the most relevant stars of big wave surfing, with what that means for him, and it is easy to find him in Nazaré every year competing. Everyone knows that he is one of the best Waterman in history and that in wing , foil, SUP, surf…he is a true virtuoso. Connor is still there, and although sometimes we do not admit it, he is still the rival to beat when he appears on the list of competitors. The appearance of new talents is constant, and each time the competi tiveness is higher, but his talent does not decline, and if you do not believe me, watch the sprints in the last APP championship in Santa Monica.

Kai and Connor’s video reminded us of SUP history’s brilliant moments. That rivalry unleashed the passion of the SUP race competition in increasingly tricky scenarios. I think that sports stars are also necessary, iconic images that encourage many other people to become interested in a certain sport or make it an entertainment and sports development industry in general. The future is promising, we will have many more emotions and the progressive explosion of SUPrace will bring new rivalries and stars that are already on the scene, hopefully always as competitive and healthy as these two friends and SUP legends.

Brian Bielman
Albert Laborda


12’6”x30” TOURING ZEN


the touring model of the new ZEN line, Star board’s most economical range of boards. It is perfect for those who want to make long crossings. An inflatable SUP board that offers you the best results in touring. Its straight outline provides optimal glide and increases speed. In addition, thanks to its wide tail it will be easier for you to make turns. A success for those

for a SUP Touring board with a

Model Volume


durability, value and performance. It is a unique combination of SUP stability, comfort, speed

for sea crossings, physical training or short races in open water. Equipped with nose plugs for load straps to carry food, water, life jackets and camping gear. Flatwater is fun, and these boards are just as fun in a river, stream, or lake delta.

12’6”x30” is
contained price.
Lenght Width Tickness 12’6”x 30” 355 L 12’6” 30” 6” STARBOARD Model Volume Tickness Width 11” 235.5 L 6” ⁵/⁸ 30” 12” 269.3 L 6” ⁵/⁸ 31”
and glide. Perfect




The Fanatic Stubby is made for riders of almost any characteristic, since with its square nose design, it allows to reduce the length of the board, maximizing its width, as well as the volume, so that you can surf with it comfortably even if you are a heavy rider, wearing a short size. It is also the best option for those looking for a very radical board in maneuvers without compromising stability.


Rider size







The Cyclops board is designed for intermediate or advanced SUPers who want a board with great stability and potential to ride the waves. With its rounded nose design, it allows the length of the board to be reduced, maximizing its width, which generates great acceleration thanks to its parallel edge contour. The swallow tail area with a winger will help you make quick changes of direction and more radical turns, allowing you to evolve in a very remarkable way in wave SUP.

Model Volume

7’10”x 28’5” 95 L 7.9
< 80Kg 8’3”x 28’75” 105 L 8.2
< 85
8’7”x 29’25” 120 L 8.7 Kg < 95
8’10”x 30’5” 135 L 9.1 Kg < 105
Tickness Width 7’8” 95 L 3 13/16 28” 7’11” 101 L 3 13/16 28” 3/4 8’2” 110 L 4” 29”



volume that



the reinforced stainless steel


MATERIAL Model Volume Weight Tickness Max. Air 10’10” 320 L 8.60 Kg 6” 15psi
has a
looking for an easy crossing. The
diamond-shaped grooved footpeg provides additional grip, while
leash D-ring ensures a confident ride in small waves. Constructed with Aqua Marina’s exclusive Drop Stitch Light technology, this board is lightweight yet super stiff. AQUA MARINA
Recycled and sublimated polyester tank top in high definition. • Hawaiian flower design with SUP One logo. • 100% recycled polyester. • National manufacturing. Made in Spain. SUP ONE




The design of this board had to meet very specific requirements, it had to be stable over long distances, easy to handle and easy to control in open water conditions, but above all, it also had to be competitive in flat water. It is a versatile board for long distance races. A board for both beginners and professionals. Simply choose the corresponding width: wider, easier to use.

Model Volume Weight Width Tiockness

14’0”x 23” 264.1 L 10.68 Kg 23” 10 1/8

14’0”x 24” 275.7 L 11.29 Kg 14” 10 1/8

14’0”x 251/2”






L 11.8 Kg




Polarized and non-polarized polycarbonate and nylon sports glasses. It has hydrophobic, oleophobic and scratch resistant coatings. Antifog coating (selected models). TR90 frame, which makes it extremely flexible, light and durable. It is floating and its radius lenses have an 8 base curve for excellent peripheral vision. 100% UVA/B/C protection.

It includes:

• EVA case and microfiber cleaning bag. • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

27” 10




Submersible waterproof bag with IPX8 protection level designed for water sports (Surfing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Paddle Surfing, Kayak...)

KGUARD XL protects your device, it is soft and does not damage your skin, it takes care of the wetsuit. It gives you peace of mind and freedom of movements.

• Ideal for saline environments.

• Resistant to extreme temperatures.

• Long useful life.

• Great resistance to deformation.

• 100% soft and elastic.

• Height 23 cm.

• Width: 11cm.

• Depth: 0.8cm.


SPF 50 bar or sun stick extreme protection designed for user comfort. It is ideal for facial application, neck, ears and nose. It has a long sun protec tion due to its great resistance to water and perspiration. It is extremely resistant to water and perspiration. It keeps the skin young and supple. Intensively protects from UVB and UVA rays. Suitable for all situations, both in summer and in winter

• Does not irritate the skin.

• Does not sting the eyes.

• For external use only.





The new designs of floating sunglasses are characterized by their classic frame models with a personal and unmistakable touch, es pecially on the temples. This model with category 3 polarized lens is equipped with features that will make your summer easier to enjoy the season to the fullest. With rubber on the bridge and a special grip on the temples, your Rhodes will be unstoppable

• Polarized.

• Floating.

• Hydrophobic.

• Hardened treatment.

• UV400 protection, made of TAC polycarbonate.

• Unisex Sports Model.

• Includes: Microfiber cover and box.


This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves coloring books! Fill in stun ning graphics with your own colors. Make your world colorful by com pleting the countries you have visited and get creative inspiration to visit new and exciting countries on your SUP trip. The map is perfect for coloring with any type of material.

• 97,5 x 56 cm (38” x 22”).

• 240 g/m² (165 lb) thick paper.

• Uncoated, acid-free food grade art paper.

• Ecological colors.

• 1.3 volume for an extra heavy feel.



Vita Surboards continues to enter the world of SUP Surf, customizing excellent boards and with magnificent features. We have been able to test one of its great jewels: the Skiff. On this occasion, with the following size: 7´9´´ x 28´´ 1/4 x 4´´ 3/8 and 104.29 Lt. The first thing that amazed us about this board is its design, with very well worked to get the most out of the board.

Super light, which makes it very easy to carry from the car or wherever you are to the shore; also thanks to the quality of the handle. And once you are in the water, in the first paddles you begin to notice its great stability and comfort to reach the peak. Going through the breakers is no problem, thanks to the rocker de sign and the good water evacuation at the back of the board.

Once you paddle the wave, you don’t need to have a lot of strength, you’re already on the wall with little effort. The manoeuvres are comfortable to perform and we highlight its exit that has to climb to the high est part of the wave and make the turn in the pocket next to the foam. And then he gets the wave back on track perfectly. It has enough speed to pass sections of the wave and gives you the confidence to anticipate the next move you want to make. Don’t miss the full Test on our YouTube channel.



Watertight solutions are one of the great tools for our day to day life. It´s part of the SUP elements when it comes to any modality if we need to carry certain belongings. The KGUARD brand offers us a wide range of products to go out paddling in total safety, protecting our material.

The XL case is a flexible and resistant silicone waterproof case, designed for water sports. We have tested this case with our mo bile, which adapts perfectly to it thanks to its size and flexibility when handling it. It comes with a fastener for its fastening and we really liked the thickness of the silicone, since it also generates some protection against any blow it may receive. This is super important.

In addition to wearing it around your neck with your mobile, keys or money, we have also found it very useful to protect these same elements but leaving it close to an aquatic environment such as the pool or the sea.

As a detail: it is waterproof to a depth of 40 me ters, has anti-allergic material to protect your skin and is IPX8 certified. And the product comes with great instructions and more information on the case. Don’t miss the full Test on our YouTube channel.



Andrés Molla. Up Suping Up Suping 9th Torrevieja SUP

¨Costa Invest¨

Under a radiant sun, although with the presence of the wind in some intervals in the morning and especially at noon, more than a hundred participants gathered at the 9th SUP Open ¨Costa Invest¨ in Torrevieja, with the presence of many clubs from all over the Mediterranean.

We were able to see many new faces and competitors who have debuted in new categories, obtaining great results and above all a lot of fun. Under the Long Distance format, we were able to see attractive routes in front of the coast, where the attending public encouraged all the competitors from the start to the finish line.

We highlight a large number of participants in the Elite and SUB 18 categories, the latter has offered a lot of emotion, measuring itself with the Elite and demonstrating that a very important relay is coming in the competitive future of this sport. Rafael Sirvent from Alicante took the victory in the men’s category ahead of Daniel Parres and Joan García Valero (U18). For the girls, Victoria Ryzhova was the winner ahead of Alexia Soto (U18) and Laia Ferre (U18).

Also great participation from the rest of the categories, from Promotion and SUB 16 to SUB 10, who have made a great effort in the Mediterranean waters in this first Long Distance competition of the CMS Liga Fesurfing.


5º Aloha Sport SUP Race

About 100 participants gathered at the Muchavista beach in Alicante, with the aim of participating in the 3rd competition of the SUP Race Mediterranean Circuit. Competitors had to complete a total distance of 500 meters starting from the beach and where halfway through this route they made a 180º buoy turn to return to the coast and cross the finish line; a real speed challenge but with some waves that off ered moments of great spectacle as in a Beach Race.

The base categories of this sport have surprised us with spectacular times and showing great skills in this modality, where we highlight the participation of all of them with an overwhelming Ziro Mollá in the male SUB 14, as well as Alexia Soto in the female SUB 16, Teresa Criado in SUB 18 female or also Joan García Valero in SUB 18 male. Also very exciting were the races of the SUB 8, SUB 10 and SUB 12, which covered less distance and with a plethoric Eric Pérez Revert making a great time.

As for the adults, María Galvañ and Rafael Sirvent were the fastest in the Elite categories. We had a lot of action and excitement until the last heat in the men’s Master category, where the competitor Santi Cantó achieved the first position ahead of Andrés Martínez and Javier Coloma. The competitor Lorena Martí has repeated 1st place in the female Kahina category after her victory in Torrevieja, gaining a lot of confidence for this CMS 2022, as well as Daniel Parres in the male category. And we cannot forget the Promotion category, which have played a great role and has given a lot of life to this new edition of the Aloha Sport SUP Race.

This event will be remembered for a long time since it inaugurated this new modality that will undoubtedly give a lot of play to SUP Race competitions in Spain and that is already a reality in the ISA World SUP Championship.


7º Citrosol SUP Race de Gandía

More than 60 participants made an appearance from the first hour at the Gandía Surf school, with riders who came from different places of the Valencian Community and, as always, many of them together with colleagues from the same club.

The categories of youngest were the first to compete. They made a tour with different buoys, where one of them was located in the surf in front of the event area and was the centre of attention for the general public, with great results by the riders Ruben Cantoral, Pablo Carbonell and Alexia Soto...

Once again we highlight the Promotion, it continues to be one of the categories with the most presence within the SUP Race Mediterranean Circuit and its spirit of competition and fun are unmatched. Hugo Sánchez and Olivia Herrera have shown it, both being the first competitors in this category to cross the finish line.

The U18 and Elite categories would finish on the day of competition, making a tour of 4 laps around the circuit and where a lot of quality has been seen on the part of the youngest riders. In the men’s category, the great Daniel Parres started very strong, but as the kilometres passed, his pupils from Parres Watersports overtook him and he finished in 3rd position. These great talents showed great quality in the buoy turns, taking advantage of the bumps very well to gain meters. Sergio Cantoral took the victory ahead of Javier Martínez.

As for the Elite girls, Mar Bascuñana was strong throughout her competition, very focused on each lap and showing why she is always among the favourites on this circuit, climbing to the top of the podium in Gandia. The young Andrea Veracruz, who despite a crash in the first lap, quickly recovered and even got the 2nd position ahead of Maria José Pellicer, in her first participation of the year in the CMS 2022

TRAINING CAMPS CLINICS SUP RACE, SUP WAVES & BEACH RACE TRAINING PLANS ¨We help athletes to achieve their goals@or_training 34 626 643 721 ortraining.es

All of us at some time in our lives have seen the odd sunrise almost unintentionally. But, have you ever wanted to be the one to say goodbye to the night and wake up the day?

Only if you have entered the sea with your board and paddle at 5:35 in the morning, you will know what I am talking about. Of those minutes that are endless (seriously, I think I’ve never seen time pass so slowly). In addition, amid the dark ness that does not seem to dissipate, you feel much cleaner energy and nature contact.

At that time, nothing that surrounds you has stress. You are the only one nervous about capturing a very special moment for your retinas. You become a sunflower anxiously waiting for the boss to come out of the afterlife to lift your head and start the day. And all this in the middle of the sea, on your Stand Up Paddleboard.

The horizon shows a thin grey line broken by diffuse light emanating from some distance. That’s when you notice that a slight breeze begins to wrap you in the water, you even get to notice something cool. The Cantabrian sea has those magic whims. And this breeze does not stop until you see the sun completely break that grey line that has little life left, to return the next day.

You look back, and that city that still retains the artificial light of the streets, removes the legañas and your loneliness ends up ending. Adrenaline kicks in because you know those blues and oranges won’t be the same. Again and again, you have to paddle to find your best position, since the tide and currents never sleep. You will never be the only boat on the water, nor will you be the only living being. Fisher men and dolphins go as they please, both in search of food: breakfast for some, lunch and dinner for others.

But nothing and no one will steal that moment when loneliness embraced you and accompanied you. The star king does not understand or suffer, he only comes out to greet you. Do the honour of receiving him on your board, enjoy those intense minutes and return to earth where they await you.



No light lasts forever except one. But, it will not always be there for you. Why not turn it off and contemplate its last moments of luminosity?

It may give you the impression that sunset is faster than sunrise, but no. After the last moments in which the sun begins to be seen, you stop noticing the effect of its heat on the environment. And as soon as it disappears from the horizon, it still gives you minutes of clarity; with very bright colours that go on to darken relentlessly.

So, before all this happens, it is when you must row in search of your best vision of said farewell. Sit down, stand up, talk, paddle, shout, and do somersaults. Burn those last energy of the day in good company.

They say that “goodbyes are bitter”. The smell of the sea, that saltpetre stuck to your board and the unknown of knowing that you are probably going to make landfall again at night, cannot make you bitter at all. But it is true that after being used to many hours of light during the day and suddenly everything starts to get dark, you have to be attentive to the movements of the sea, since you lose some concentration and visibility.

And did you know that living a sunset on a SUP is great therapy? When the head and the heart have so many hours of psychological work, there is a connection between what goes and what stays in your body. A calm deepens, which helps you better optimize your decision-making. The sun is going down, and I assure you that with it many other things…if you let it.

As in the sunrise, treasure every minute of the changes of light that the sky generates. Because until the next day you will not see him again, and a day is very long in this life.



i i


Laborda. WSFUp Suping 72 i

Hello Laura! Please introduce yourself to our Up Suping readers.

Hey! Nice to meet you. My name is Laura Gil, I am Galician and I currently live in Barcelona. I come from a small town called Aldán, in the Rías Baixas, which is bathed by a very welcoming estuary full of magic, where I grew up surrounded by friends, family and of course the sea. From a very young age I practiced canoeing at all levels until my passion for the sea attracted me more to surfing and Paddle Surfing, and to taking these sports with a different philosophy, not focusing only on competition, but as a daily enjoyment of the combination of physical activity and the sea. So now I have the great fortune to share all this as part of the Club Moloka’i Sup Center in Barcelona with the help of Miquel Roigé.

You are already in the Catalan SUP scene. How are you living these years with this sport in your life? Did you expect to get catched on this sport?

Yes, I am very motivated with this sport because for me it is all new, despite having paddled all my life. I find my self in a process of constant relearning, both on a per sonal and sporting level, which allows me to continue doing what I have always done, daily contact with the sea and sharing and meeting people who have the same passion as me. The truth is that I started with the SUP by chance and necessity, now I tell you.

When I moved to Barcelona I decided to give up canoeing and focus on other aspects of my life. But as the months passed I noticed that I was missing something and had not quite adapted to this new lifestyle. When I realized that I lacked daily contact with the sea and that it was not enough, I became interested in SUP despite having taken the surfboard with me. And I realized it was the solution, it allowed me to be in the water every day despite the sea conditions. And what started as little walks around Barceloneta to relieve homesickness became my greatest passion today. So yes, you could say I’m hooked.

I am addicted to the sensation of gliding when it is flat, to the challenge of keeping my balance in choppy conditions, to the adrenaline when there are waves on the shore, to the feeling of overcom ing when it is a long race or training, to exploring/ discovering places new paddling, to have the opportunity to share all this with others or sometimes to keep it for myself, to the benefits it provides me on a physical level and to the chance to return to com petition without forgetting the above. In summary, the SUP, in all its versions, provides me with multiple benefits and arouses curiosity and motivation to get more involved with it every day.


What do you think about the Catalan Surfing Federation circuit competitions and the rest of the country?

Well, what I observe is that at the national level there is a very rich calendar with a multitude of races spread throughout the territory that cover practically all modalities and disciplines. Presenting itself as the perfect opportunity to try and learn more about this sport. In addition, I am lucky to have the Molokai team to travel and share these experiences with them outside of Catalonia. The truth is that this is the aspect of the competition that I enjoy the most and miss the most during these years that I was away from the competition.

In Catalonia I consider that we are also lucky because we have a circuit with many tests throughout the season with different scenarios that already allows you to be at a high level of competition and prepares you to go out to the na tional territory in the event that you are looking for a little more rivalry, due to the fact that there is little participation in the female elite or lower categories, both male and female. But at least the Catalan Federation is betting on this type of league to promote sport and competition by making it accessible to everyone. This league is already quite a challenge, because the federation presents a format in which the 4 best races of the circuit plus the result of the Cto. of Catalonia at the end of the season, thus promoting adherence and consistency on the circuit throughout the season. Therefore, it requires keeping fit for many months, overcoming a break of a month and a half between the first round of competitions and the second.

i i i i

Therefore, I would like to highlight the effort of the Catalan Surfing Federation and the Spanish Surfing Federation and the different leagues to give visibility to SUP and the possibility of growing as a sport at all levels. Also the effort of the clubs to search for and create a quarry, to encourage people to learn about the sport and that SUP does not remain a simple recreational activity for hot Sundays.

How do you manage the races and those previous nerves? Also you have even participated in the Spanish Community Championship last year!

Ufff well…depends on many factors. I think that in the end the nerves are born from the expectations that you create around your objectives, so between races they can change a lot or even depending on the moment of the season in which you find yourself. That is to say, before I was very demanding in sports (in canoeing), I always liked to squeeze myself to the maximum and my expectations of success were high, also because the level I had physically allowed me the possibility of being among the best, then there was also the external pressure to meet expectations (club, maintain subsidies...) then the nerves ate me up inside. I guess the situation was beyond me and my emotional management was disastrous. Where the only objective of the competitions was to obtain results, forgetting or ignoring learning, the path, and enjoying the sport and the team regardless of the results.

Luckily over the years, that vision has changed and since I practice SUP my approach is totally different. Although it is true that what started as a little walk, now has turned into hours and km. of training and the return to competition; but this is no longer my main goal. It’s time to adjust to reality, I’m starting in a new sport, getting to know myself, exploring new sensations, connecting and enjoying the sea. I train and make an effort because my nature leads me to it, sport awakens in me the need to exploit my qualities, my body, to achieve a high level of fitness and achieve optimal per formance in any activity I practice.

But this time there are no goals or limits. I seek to enjoy the process of learning and self-knowledge. I seek to enjoy the sea accepting its nature. Sharing with my colleagues the training, the trips, the experiences... without a doubt the best part of this sport and this club. To explore new places, share with other people, learn from other people, from other customs, and from other visions. And with a view to participating and collaborating so that this sport grows and reaches the greatest possible number of people, through inclusion and acceptance.

Therefore, before the competitions, I try to adjust my expectations to my physical condition at that moment, define achievable goals and trust in the work I have done so far. If I manage to do this preliminary work, the race will already be a victory, because it will allow me to enjoy every stroke and have control of the race, thus obtaining optimal per formance. When I can’t visualize all this, that’s when my nerves and insecurities take over, causing my performance to plummet, passing through frustration and blockage, ending with the feeling of not having given my 100% and 0 enjoy ment. But hey, this doesn’t only happen to me in races and training, I try to apply it to everything I do since it can be totally extrapolated to daily life.

And yes, last year I was lucky that the Catalan Federation selected me to participate and share that experience with them. I’m still very grateful for the opportunity because I learned a lot and enjoyed it like a dwarf. A pity that the condi tions for the race had been so bad, since it consisted of a Beach Race test and the sea was flatter than a lake (laughs). But well, I stay with the experience lived.


i i i i

We have seen that you also doing canoeing and that helps your knowledge of the environments in which you paddle, right?

True, I do canoeing from the age of 7 to 24 at the Club de Mar Ría de Aldán. During that period I had the opportunity to train in several places, not only did I train in my estuary, but I also spent 3 years training in the Lérez River and in the Verducto reservoir, both in Pontevedra. And to compete we travelled all over the country, completing tests in rivers, reservoirs, lakes, estuaries, seas...

But in canoeing, the best flat water conditions are always sought, es pecially for those people who are dedicated to the track, and when the weather conditions were complicated you had two options, or you looked for another training place where they would not affect so much...or it was replaced by land work, usually with kayak-ergometers. Therefore, during training at least, you did not adapt to the environ ment and the conditions that nature presented, you chose to avoid those adversities to get the most out of training without complications.

So, because I was mainly paddling in flat water most of the time, I now have an insatiable thirst to paddle in all kinds of conditions. To face each session as a challenge and to be the one who adapts to the conditions offered by the sea or the space in which I row, respecting its nature and making the most of it to learn and master any situation

How about the Molokai SUP Center team? How do you feel about training with Miguel?

It is the most beautiful thing that this sport gives me and what I enjoy the most. They are a source of admiration and in spiration that I rely on to grow, both personally and in sports. Despite being an individual sport, I do not conceive of my participation in the competition or the continuity in training if it is not as part of a team. And in this case, I am very happy to be part of a group that starts from the same base and shares the same motivation to learn, strive and improve. And I love that, despite the fact that each one has their schedules and responsibilities, the motivation and the rush lead us to organize ourselves and at least undergo the training on Friday and Saturday together, where we take the opportunity to sharpen the knives (laughs). Without a doubt, it is much better to train in good company, I don’t really like to suffer be cause I suffer alone. And above all, I love those training sessions with my partner Desi first thing in the morning where we find the sea and a beautiful sunrise. It’s so nice to suffer!


And well, I can’t forget the cheerleading club and the ¨carajillos¨, the atmosphere they create in the competitions is im pressive, encouraging and supporting all the participants, making noise, putting on music, encouraging the departures, celebrating the arrivals...A club made up of many people with a lot of human qualities who each get involved or con tribute what they can to create the best possible environment. In addition to transmitting an enormous warmth both inside and outside the water that makes me feel like family.

As for the training sessions with Miquel, I feel very lucky to have him as a reference, and not only as the figure of the coach, but also as a partner. I believe that he is a great athlete who also has a gift for transmitting and sharing that passion and knowledge with others in a very simple and humble way. I hope to continue learning and training alongside him and the rest of the team for much longer.

What experience have you gained in an international event like the World SUP Festival, paddling alongside great world class riders?

Well, the truth is that it was an enriching expe rience characterized by great learning and per sonal growth. That weekend was presented as a great challenge since the objective was to com plete all the tests: Cto. of Spain of Speed on Friday, the downwind from Tabarca on Saturday and the technical race on Sunday. Without expectations of reaching great positions, simply trying and measur ing myself at a national/international level in the different modalities.

i i i


i i i i i

Despite that main idea, once there, other expectations and other concerns arose that caused me to not get off to a good start in the sprints, coming out of the water with very bad sensations, coming to question my participa tion in the following tests and how I was going to face all weekend with such negative feelings. Then I had the great luck of Miquel realizing that some thing was wrong with me and thanks to his help we managed to get out of that physical/mental block and recover my essence, my initial goals and expectations, the ones that were more in line with my reality. As soon as we did this work of focusing, visualizing and correcting in the water, my sensa tions changed radically and so did my performance in the following tests, giving way to a weekend full of positive emotions and learning in all senses.

The next day I went out on the water, simply with the intention of com pleting the tour of the island, with such confidence in myself and in Miquel’s advice to face this test that it became the best race I’ve done so far. That calm and security allowed me to go to my maximum performance, go to the drafting, mark and pull that group later, fall into the chute, get up and climb those positions during the downwind, be faithful to my line and let my self be carried away by the sea trusting on the good work he was doing. To such an extent that when I saw the finish line, I didn’t want to stop paddling, the sensations were so good that I never wanted it to end (laughs).


What important benefits does Stand Up Paddle offer you, unlike other sports?

Well, the SUP offers me a lot of benefits at all levels, but I think the most im portant and basic is the freedom to be able to go out on the water wherever I want, even daily, wherever I am at that moment, without caring the weath er conditions or the material you have available. Going out on the water without expectations of how the session will be and adapting to what the sea offers me or the motivation I feel that day. From simply going out for a walk and enjoying the scenery, to carrying out a previously scheduled de manding workout, or turning what was going to be a short walk into 3 hours. to catch waves like crazy. The truth is that this sport combines very well with the Mediterranean, it allows you to enjoy it 365 days a year and that is worth gold to me.


Are you one of those people who focuses on a goal and gives everything until you achieve that goal?

No, no, quite the opposite…I have a hard time fo cusing on just one thing at a time and focusing on my efforts. But it’s something I’m working on be cause otherwise, I notice that certain situations overwhelm me, piling up, and I’m not able to manage myself efficiently. Getting to rush so much wanting to be as productive as possible that in the end the energy is dispersed and the objectives take a long time and I do not get the benefits of the process or the results.


There has to be a magical or special place for you where you can go paddling and disconnect from everything. Can you tell us what it is?

Of course, is the Ría de Aldán, for all the magical experiences and memories it holds. Because coming home is always a pleasure and above all going back to the sea saw me grow as an athlete and as a person. This is where I established my bond with the sea. A bond so strong and so real that I will cling to for the rest of my life. That brings me back to my origins and introduces me to my nature.

It also allows me to share and connect with my family and friends, since we all feel equally attracted to its waters. Being the most common that when I return for vacations I spend hours paddling from one place to another, either with a board or with a kayak and surrounded by the people I love the most. And to really disconnect I don’t need a specific place, once I get on the board, wherever I am, my mind relaxes and is flooded with a feeling of well-being that increases with the rhythm of the strokes and the feeling of glide. Making me disconnect from everything in a few minutes, focusing on what is important, the present.


Well, of course, the first thing is to thank Nico from Up Suping for asking me these very nice questions and offering me the opportunity to share them with you. Thank and recognize the hard work and dedication he gives to this sport and the community, both through the production of the magazine and when he is at the foot of the canyon covering and col laborating in all events throughout the territory. Thanks.

As I said before, I would also like to thank all the clubs and supers that make up this community and that get involved and work daily to make this sport grow. Highlight the great grassroots work as done by Guille in the Club de Mera in Galicia, or the Club de Parrés who bet and work to have a powerful quarry and give continuity to the sport. As well as the federa tions, both the Spanish one and all the regional ones, for betting and getting involved in the sport. And well, on a more personal note, I would like to especially thank the Catalan Surfing Federation for welcoming me and giving me the oppor tunity to be part of their team, as well as highlighting the great work they do with the Catalan circuit to promote this sport.

Of course, thanks to the entire Molokai SUP Center club for making me feel like one of the family. And especially to thank and highlight the great work of Miquel Roigé as coach and teammate, being a great reference and source of motivation for the club. A million thanks to all the people who have always supported me unconditionally, who know me well and continue to share this passion for the sea with me after many years. Family and friends. Thanks to Diego and ConKayak for allowing me to use your facilities to train when I go home. And to all those new people who come to me to share experi ences and contribute knowledge. Special mention to my mother Merchi. ¨Without your unconditional support and trust in me, I would not have travelled half the way that I have reached today: I love you ¨.


To Sonia and the entire Ma´kai Paddlesurf team for their support and for offering me the opportunity to share all these experiences with you. And highlight the great work they do to promote SUP through sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion, in addi tion to congratulating you for the collaboration with organizations such as “The Ocean Cleanup” in environmental preservation pro jects.

And last but not least, thanks to my tireless partner in training and battles. For being a fighter, a source of daily inspiration and admi ration. An unconditional support, a great friend. Thank you Desi, without your help this adventure would not be possible. And I’m sorry for the noise and I don’t want to get intense here too, but really, I have a lot to thank a lot of people for. I am not doing this road alone and I want you to know. Thank you for intensifying this adventure and making sense of it.

Thanks to…
SALES ON: HoeNalu (Marbella) Tu tienda de Surf (Alicante) Paddle Surf Cullera (Cullera) Surfers Castellón (Grao de Castellón) Vita Surfboards (Gijón) Go Surfing (Santander) Centro de Estética Silvia (Santander) Awa Surf (Somo) BUY ONLINE: HoeNalu (www.hoenalu.com) Buy our Up#37 magazine where we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Up Suping in paper format, which will remain in the history of SUP in Spanish.
Chris Stadler

Chile: the land of lefts

As the summer in Europe came to an end we started to plan ahead and looked for destinations that haven´t been on the wingfoiling map yet. The plan was to take some of our best riders and find spots that not many people have been riding on a foil yet. A couple of weeks later Clement Roseyro, Paula Novotna, Klass Voget and myself, Stefan Spiessberger found ourselves in Matanzas, Chile.

A very versatile crew wich made it super exciting to face challengers and times of joy lying ahead of us!


Klaas Voget - Chile local

“When my good friend and three times windsurfing world champion Victor Fernandez told me about Chile for the first time, it sounded just too good. Endless lefts with raw pacific power, constant winds and amazing nature and landscapes. I still remember the first day back in 2008 – 5m powerful lines and a bunch of happy local windsurfers watching us getting some amazing rides and heavy wipeouts.

At the end of this trip I was a part owner of a piece of land and in 2009 Victor and I had a house sitting on the hill overlooking the pacific and the waves of Matanzas. We came back ever since! Then Covid put a blocker to my winter routine. So my last time before this trip with Paula, Clement and Stef, winging didn’t really exist. I surf-foiled Matanzas, but all the other spots were Windsurf territory for me. Coming back after three years I was more than curious to check them out for winging”

Clement Roseyro - Goofy paradise

“After 20 hours of traveling I arrived straight to the beach of Topocalma, where the team was already on the water, foiling a fast left. Getting my first session was perfect and we rode the wave until sunset. Powerful, tricky sections but surrounded by an incredible landscape which made me forget about how tired I actually was of traveling. On the way to the house we passed by some other perfect lefts - some with wind, some without wind. Each one of them better than the other and I got more and more excited to ride everyone of them during the upcoming days. One of the best waves I ever rode with a wing was the wave of Pichilemu. A super long left with a very light wind but the wave was insane. Almost 1min 30 of perfect glassy walls to ride and no one else other than our team out on the water. It was better than anything else I have been riding on a foil before. Chile is a paradise for goofy footers. The wind is perfect and there are lefts everywhere.”

. 86

Paula Novotna - Scary moments

“What a trip I must say! The ocean in Chile is so wild and alive. Chile’s nature is beautiful and the people are very welcoming and friendly. It is very much different from anything I have seen.

We got to the island called Isla Maria. In the water there was seaweed everywhere and sea lions everywhere too, which was making it quite challenging. We passed a lot of sea lions on the way to the point and at the point itself. They were super massive and all their eyes were on us. The spot was offshore and all I was thinking about is not falling. I didn’t want to meet these animals in the water face to face. Luckily everything went smooth and we went around the “roundabout” and started to look for the waves. That moment going around and seeing so many animals, wow, I still remember that. That was scary, crazy but magical!”


Stefan Spiessberger - Joy of the trip

“It was all smiles and pure excitement as well as scary moments with respect for the ocean and its energy - we had it all. Chile is in the mix for the most beautiful places I have visited so far. It’s not only the perfect waves that make this country so special, it’s the combination of the land, the people and the amount of time you can spend on the water in prime conditions! Places that combine these 3 things are rare to find these days, but if you look close enough, they are there. They still exist! Chile brought out the best of all of us and we learned new moves and rode waves that we didn’t know were possible to ride on a foil.

We rode the longest waves of our lives, we flew airplanes in our wetsuits, learned a lot about this amazing country and most importantly, had an amazing time in and out of the water. We will definitely be back!”

Double Gold for Xavi Corr at First GWA Youth World Cup

The 15-year-old FreeWing Dream Team rider blasted away from the completion to take big wins in both the U16 surf-freestyle and surf-slalom competitions. The Spaniard is leading the Wingfoil Youth World Cup rankings (U16) and now has his sights set on St Pierre La Mer, the next stop GWA tour for junior riders, looking to take the first GWA Junior World Champion Title.

Several of the wingfoil teenagers have already made their mark as rising stars with standout perfor mances and even some victories at stops on the GWA Senior World Tour earlier this year. The Olivia Wingfoil World Cup was the first of two GWA Youth World Cups stops set to take place for the 2022 season, which consisted of a surf-freestyle and surf-slalom events.


10 wingfoil junior rippers from France, US, Italy, Australia & Guadeloupe and Spain (Xavi) competed in the U16 freestyle event. Conditions were su-perb with 10 – 18 kts of wind, ideal for Xavi’s 4m & 5m FreeWing Nitro wings, which he unleashed to take hist first gold.


Only two races took place in the surf slalom event due to lack of wind, with races taking place in 10 – 13knts. Xavi whipped out the powerful FreeWing Nitro 6m and took decisive wins in both of the rounds, and take the over u16 surf slalom gold medal as well.

The next generation get their chance to shine in French waters at St Pierre la Mer, in both full World Cup disciplines of Surf-Freestyle and Surf-Slalom, where the U19, U16, U14 and U12 World Junior Champions will be crowned. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates direct from the GWA Wingfoil World Tour.



aph er Amanda Beenen Cantor JORCANI SPORTS: Ph. : +34 932 31 21 89 / email:jorge@jorcani.com
ALL-ROUND • Mayor impulso y velocidad • Estructura extra rígida para un mayor control y estabilidad • Rendimiento global excelente
We plant a mangrove to absorb 1 ton of CO2 over 20 years and collect 1.1 kg of plastics from the oceans. Live a deep blue life with us.

How to...

In the first episode of our Wingfoil How To series, Florian Jung shows us how to enter the water safely and get up on the foil. In this tutorial, you will learn how to carry your board, assess the landscape, paddle out, and get up and moving on the hydrofoil under the power of the wing…

There are a few different ways to do this: You can carry your board by the handle if it has one, on your head while holding the fuselage, or upside down by carrying it by the front wing of the hydrofoil. It is extremely important that you make sure to always have the wing downwind of your board and foil. This is important, as you don’t want the wing to be blowing against you in the wind, or making contact with your sharp foil.

For your first few times on the water, I would recommend that you wear safety equipment, such as a helmet or impact vest. Once you are ready to go, check your gear, the location, and the conditions. Think about possible water exit options, in case you end up too far downwind.

AK Durable Supply Co. Jung 94

Identify potential hazards. Walk out until the water is deep enough that the foil won’t touch the ground. If you must go over a reef, you can turn the board upside down and paddle on the bottom of the board, foil facing for ward. While crossing a shore break, make sure the board or foil is never between you and the approaching wave. Paddle out to get over the waves, and then flip your wing by working your way to the tip of the wing, and let the wind flip it for you.

To get up on the board, bring your knee onto the board, and quickly lift the wing over your head. Pull hard by sheeting in with the back hand and stand up. Get your feet into the straps, or set your stance, and play with the pivot point of the board by applying pressure and weight distribution towards the tail. This will generate the lift of the board and get you into flight mode.

Stay centered over the board and start a pumping motion with your legs, as well as pumping the wing by pulling it instantly towards you. Once the board comes out of the water, push your weight onto the front foot, and control the board by staying centered over it.

Remember, your body is always an extension of your mast. Make sure to stay up straight with your hips tucked in, and with a little practice, you’ll be up and riding in no time!





The new generation of Slick wings combines Strong/Light/Superior (SLS) technology with multiple design and performance improvements. The most popular model in the range is now lighter and allows for more lift and stability, resulting in a sail that is easier to use and so nimble you’ll want to stay on the water for hours. PentaTX leading edge and rib material delivers precise, quick response at your fingertips. PentaTX has changed the game for the kiteboarding section of Duotone. Not only is it lighter, but it’s also stiffer, providing a sharper, more direct response. The segmented leading edge has allowed designer Ken Winner to increase the stiffness of the midsection by using stronger materials, providing direct power transfer and a highly re sponsive wing.

Available from 3.0 to 7.0.



This Ocean Surf series is for foilers who are willing to sacrifice some low-end power and stall resistance at low speeds for more stability and top-end performance. It is a low aspect wing which makes it powerful and support ive. The wide, rounded leading edge makes it maneuverable and easy to handle. You have more control, speed and stability at higher speeds while sacrificing some endurance, power and performance at lower speeds.

Set with 2000 cm3 front wing, 250 cm5 rear wing, 66cm Hybrid fuselage and 82 cm V8 Mast.





The PNG1310 is an amazing light wind front spoiler. Our team riders were amazed by its ability to get going with almost no wind and provided the ability to drop the wing on its side at will and simply be propelled by the up wind. The AXIS PNG1310 will surprise you as it turns the tiniest waves into a fun playground. The PNG1310 is accessible to both hobbyists and more advanced riders. You can get the most out of the PNG1310 when combined with the Power Carbon or Power Carbon High Modulus masts.

This front wing has a wingspan of 1310mm (51.6´), a volume of 2445cm3 (149in3) and a tall aspect ratio of 8.53.


Without sacrificing performance and stability, the new O² Wing Foil inflatable board rolls up into a backpack. The design concept comes from our foil boards and has been tested with the same rigor, intensity and detail that our team puts into every board we produce. Constructed with 5” dropstitch, reinforced double layer glueless pre-laminate, double layer rail band and a full carbon prepreg foil mounting plate, the O² Wing Foil board is extremely durable and stiff. Equipped with footstrap inserts, this board is everything you need to travel, disconnect and have a lot of fun.

Its measurement is 5´10¨ x 27 1/2 x 5¨. It has 125 liters and a weight of 7.51 kg.



The first time we saw something about SUP was in Landes, France. We saw a poster of a guy standing on a very long standing board and a paddle. We looked each other in the face and said: what will that be?! And look at us now, the kilome tres we have travelled to practice this sport, and those that we still have to do.

We are a family of 5 from Ondarroa (Vizcaya), a fishing village always rooted in the sea. Our kids have always been in contact with the sea.

Familia Ibarloza. Christian StadlerGadea Ibarloza
¨SUP has made us have a friendship, a trust, a very special bond with the family¨

The beginning

In SUP started my eldest son Oskitz. One summer, the kids had to sign up for summer activities and by chance, the Eskilantxarri club organized a SUP event. The middle son, Aetz, also wanted to join, but he was too young. So, while Oskitz was doing at the summer course, Aetz would take to the water with a cut-up canoe paddle with a bamboo handle made by his father and a Styrofoam surfboard or windsurfing board. Seeing that our children liked it, we joined the club and they began to take walks in the bay.

First SUP day and Gadea’s first competition

The following year, Aitor Eizagirre organized a race of the Basque circuit in our town, Ondarroa. That’s where our children signed up. They couldn’t even with the boards, they even helped them to do the portage. In that test I noticed that there were few girls, so I decided to join this sport. At the next event, when everyone left, I went into the water. And of course, the whole family pointed the camera at me to catch a snapshot of the fall. But I let them down! After a week I had an inflatable board and after 3 days paddling, I signed up for the Bilbao Eurotour race. Since then the two older sons (Oskitz and Aetz) and I have started to practice it more.


Since then we have evolved, changing boards, sizes, changing paddles...We also have wooden boards and paddles made by my husband. And of course, I change the van. We moved from the caravan to the van. We had to find one that fit our needs since there are 5 of us travelling. The van was prepared by my husband, from top to bottom: insulation, wiring, lighting, cabinets...

And the day of the descent of the Sella river arrived and the van was 70% ready; for the support system of the bunk, we had to go around with the screwdriver eve ry time we had to lower and raise the bunk, the table (which became part of the bed) a plank where we could not lean on to eat, for lighting we used some Christmas garlands that run on batteries…We had a great time! I think we will remember that Sella descent as the trip we made where we had to eat with one hand and hold the table with the other.

As we are a family that spends almost the en tire summer in the water, we take advantage of my birthday, which is in summer, to have fun on a big SUP board. On the outings we do in summer, we usually wear diving masks and go snorkelling, or looking for dolphins, some sunfish, blue sharks...

Aetz’s first competition Studying in the van With the van where the SUP calls us

Meanwhile, my little daughter, Anitz, has been getting soaked with the SUP. Since she was a little girl, she has always been with her father on all the outings encouraging us, seeing how she paddles, the atmosphere, the briefings, putting on and taking off the fins...So one day she perked up and there we have her waging war. When she finishes a race and we go back home, she always asks when and where the next race will be. Also, she has made friends, so she is usually looking forward to going to tryouts to be with them.

And if before we were few…in January we had a litter of 10 mastiffs and we have kept 2, so now Balt and Txuri accompany us to some events.

And since that first trip to Sella river we haven’t stopped. We have travelled the north from Hondarribia to Galicia, we have gone to France to also compete in the mythical Gla Gla Race, quite a few outings to the Mediterranean, Aranjuez, Guadalajara, Valladolid...

And among so many trips, the van has also given us the occasional scare, but we have always come to the SUP events. The return sometimes in the tow truck, by taxi, by rental car...A simple puncture becomes a mechanic class, between the 5 of us, we change the tire like those of Formula one.

Travelling for so many hours in the van all together, sharing concerns before the tests, sharing postrace sensations...has generated a friendship, trust, a very special bond with the family. The hours of training with Aetz, have united us not as mother and son, but in those hours of training we usually become a team; supporting us, encouraging us, yelling at us...This is what this sport offers us, that you can doing with your family. The feeling of pride when sharing the starting line with the children, the ferry trip to Tabarca...

Anitz’s first steps with SUP as a family

For us, the competitions have become a mini weekend vacation. Sometimes we leave a few days early and sightsee along the way. Other times, waiting hours are used to do homework or study. Moving with the van has changed our way of travelling. We are getting to know spectacular places and many wonderful people who share our hobby. We have made very good friends, and we have also become part of that “SUPera” family from the north.

Anitz and Aetz competing today Christian Stadler
PLAYA DEL GURUGÚ GRAO DE CASTELLO' Patrocinador oficial de: @solerototombeach


Blanes has once again been the centre of attention for Stand Up Paddle in a new edition of the Costa Brava SUP Race. Led by The SUP Paradise team, the city council and the Blanes Sailing Club, this great event had all the characteristics of a true festival for this sport.

Albert Laborda. Up SupingUp Suping

Unlike previous editions, this year it had a more international character with the presence of great competitors such as Bruno Hasulyo, Itzel Delgado or Edonais Caballero, among others; giving it a more competitive touch in terms of races and activities carried out throughout the weekend.

On the first day the competitors made brief contact with the Mediterranean sea, sharing talks and experiences. The second day began with a thick fog that dissipated as the morning passed and the SUP One Talent led by Bruno Hasulyo, where the riders made a technical tour in front of the Blanes beach through a series of heats to finally designate to the champions of this activity. Subsequently, the C.V Blanes Elite Games were held with qualifying sprint heats and men’s and women’s finals; all of them with the same Decathlon boards.

In the afternoon we had the Popular SUP Party race, with a 3 km route in front of the town of Blanes and the ¨SUPers¨ had to give everything in the face of the intense wind, but they enjoyed it very much and were received on the beach like true heroes. The day ended by enjoying the village area with an exhibition of brands and snacks for everyone.


The last day closed the Costa Brava SUP Race with the Elite and Amateur races, which had to be modified due to the harsh wind and sea conditions, especially not suitable for paddling in the area of the cliffs. But even so, there was no lack of action and excitement in the water, with upwind and downwind areas that required the competitors throughout the competition.

In the Elite category, the hungarian Bruno Hasulyo achieved the first position demonstrating his high level at the moment, followed by the peruvian Itzel Delgado and the local rider Xavi Marina; and the great fourth position for Iván de Frutos, who at 16 is already a reference at the national level. For the girls, the catalan rider Eli Llargués crossed the finish line in the first position, followed by Laura Gil and Desirée Sánchez, competitors from Molokai SUP Center.

As for the Amateur category, the local rider Angel Guerrero completed the 6 km reaching the finish line in the first position ahead of Máximus SIjrier and Iván Haro. The girls also gave it their all, where she led the classification of this Elsa Auger category ahead of Eva Díaz and Agustina Martínez. Highlight the performance of Eva, who at 12 years old has amazed us with the way she rows and enjoys this sport.

The entire people that was enjoying a real day at the beach, encouraged all the competitors. Once again it is shown that the Stand Up Paddle generates a lot of emo tion wherever it goes.

After the competitions, the atmosphere continued to be very pleased with music and talks at the Blanes Sailing Club; subsequently carrying out the awards ceremony for the races held during the day and also scoring for the Fesurfcat Catalan Circuit.

Without a doubt, this year the Costa Brava SUP Race has achieved another new impetus to continue being one of the national benchmarks and with a very important attraction for all the participants thanks to its organization, activities and the potential of the wonderful town of Blanes. An appointment that cannot be missing from the agenda of any athlete.

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The risks of sport: from health to obsession

Trail, Crossfit, Aerial yoga, Paddle Climbing, Surfing, Aquagym, HIIT, GAP, Running, SUP, Pol dance...Doing sports has become an area of life as important as work, leisure or education.

Just like fashion, sports change as society does. The most curious thing is that not only does the type of sport that is practised change, but the reason for which it is carried out is also modified.

Is it related to the digital age we live in? Can it negatively affect physical and mental health? Can it be come a compulsive or addictive activity? Pay attention because the answer to all those questions is YES.


The era of change

Not many years ago, the sport was conceived as an instrument for improving health. His practice focused mainly on the prevention of diseases or pathologies or simply avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Young people did it at an educational level to improve motor skills, coordination, communication, intellectual develop ment, creativity and just for fun. Today those goals have receded into the background.

Social networks, the cult of the body, the value of the “public” image, what they will say, access to in formation from anyone, being able to see ourselves (and be seen) over and over again, the importance of social status or going to the latest trends, have made sport go from being a healthy or fun practice to becoming a driver of public image and recognition.

From use to abuse

As a general rule, the beginnings in sport are established based on health, disconnection, stress relief or enjoyment, but under this premise, it can become an abusive activity. What starts out as a harmless prac tice can turn into a compulsive practice. That is, it can be converted into a dependency.

As in any addiction, sports can lead to an unavoidable need to do it and that can compromise the per son to suffer injuries, anxiety and even deterioration in relationships with others. What’s more, he can even avoid commitments of any kind and live exclusively by and for it.


Sport as an addiction.

If I mention the word Vigorexia, it sure sounds familiar to you. It is a behavioural disorder that is characterized by the obsession to achieve a muscular body and abuse, among other things, the practising of sports to achieve it. But sports addiction is more muted and goes a step beyond bigorexia.

Establishing a profile of a person addicted to sport is impossible, but it is possible to reveal some of the reasons that can lead to excessive prac quences.

Search for pleasure. From a physiological point of view, our body secretes a series of substances that are pleasant and that lead to increased happiness, and euphoria, promote relaxation and help to fall asleep.

As in the consumption of a drug, our body gets used to these substances so the behaviour is constantly repeated in search of more.

ody worship. Without reaching the obsession with the development of the muscles, personal image and body care to become a precursor to the abusive practice of sport.

The search for physical perfection according to social canons (realities, advertising...) Constant compari sons by easily accessing the lives of generally unknown people (tik tok, IG...) or the desire to be who you are not, can develop an unhealthy practice of physical exercise.

Social recognition. The likes, the likes, the number of views, the number of reproductions, the positive com ments and the compliments that are received can become a double-edged sword. It goes from a moti vational tool to an obsession.


Give more, have more, do more to receive more.

The personal objective is lost and the sport becomes an obsessive behaviour to continue maintaining a high recognition.

Affective lack. Emotions always do their thing and when there has been or is an emotional shortage in some area of life, addictive behaviours can be triggered. Either to replace them with others or to look for them in other places or people.

Receiving affection from the family, feeling valid in the eyes of parents or the need to belong to a group can be some of the sensations that are sought through sport. Maintaining it can be expensive.

Evasion of reality. Life is full of flavours and obstacles that can overwhelm us. When we do not have the appropriate tools to deal with them, abusive behaviour in sports practice can develop.

Sport is used as a vehicle to channel bad sensations and destructive emotions. If these are very intense, the sport that is carried out will adopt the same intensity and usually lacks planning. It becomes a very harmful practice that can border on physical self-abuse.

Feeling identified with any of the above points does not mean that an obsession with sports has de veloped, but you have to be alert.


The line between normal and pathological is very fine.

Además, cuando todas estas conductas se refuerzan positivamente a nivel social, identificar el problema es mucho más complicado.

State of alarm.

It is important to know that any addiction has three characteristics:

Dependency. The constant search for the state of well-being and pleasure at any cost.

Tolerance. Need to increase frequency and intensity without leaving room for rest or recovery of the body.

Abstinence. The appearance of symptoms such as fatigue, discomfort, anxiety, feelings of guilt or mood swings due to the lack or impossibility of doing sports.

As you can already imagine, sports addiction has a very complex framework and it is difficult to set the limits of when it becomes harmful to the person.

Stay alert. Pay attention to your motivations, your desires and your feelings and do not allow yourself to cover your personal needs only with the sport.

Remember that doing sports is healthy and produces a great feeling of wellbeing. What is not healthy is that you feel bad if you do not practice it.

Beatriz Felipe López . Psychologist and CoachEien Clínica de Bienestar

Up Suping

Iván Abad

Up Suping Iván Abad. Up Suping

We have seen you rowing for several years, always enjoying this sport. What do the words ¨Stand Up Paddle¨ mean to you?

For me SUP is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle, and it is our day to day.

¨I share the passion for this sport with my best friends¨

How many times a week do you usually go out paddling and what kind of training sessions do you usually do with Isaac’s team?

Now in summer we usually go down to paddle between 3 and 5 days. As for training, we do all kinds of training, whether resistance or strength, but without a doubt the ones we enjoy the most is sprint training, since we always end up competing with each other.

What is SUP giving you on a physical level?

SUP is giving me a lot of health both mentally and physically, since sport is essential on a daily basis. On a mental level, it is very good to disconnect from your life for a while and there is no better place than the sea to do it.

How would you describe the great atmosphere between all the juniors and Elites of the SUP Race Mediter ranean Circuit?

The atmosphere in the Mediterranean Circuit is incredible, although there are no friends on the water when we finish competing we are all very united.


The SUP grows as your experience on it. What are the most important values you have learned paddling?

SUP has given me many values, but above all, it has helped me value friendship since I train with my best friends and that has made us much more united both in and out of the water

What would be your reasons to continue rowing again and again from here to the end of the world?

The main reason is that I share the passion for this sport with my best friends and that is something that will always encourage me to row and never give up.

Thanks to…

I would like to thank the entire Be Water team for the support they have given me throughout this time, especially Isaac who is like a father to us, my family and friends who also support me outside the water, spe cial mention to my mother which is the one that takes me to the competitions and the one that supports me the most. and finally thank you Nico and Up Suping for giving me the opportunity to do this interview.



Discovering the coast of Alicante

When I started with Diarios del Mar, the idea was to be able to share experiences and ad venture routes. Also doing it in a different style, because I came from mountain adventure sports.

It was to use the SUP board as a means to carry out crossings. That is, feeling like an explorer and being able to search every corner of the coast. Researching and sharing the history of the place because, in my opinion, one of the most important things is knowing its history and what its people do and did.


On the other hand, it is also essential to know the natural values of the area as best as possible, another of the pillars of respect and therefore another of the things we currently have on our guided tours.

We carry out activities with the members of the Gondoleras Club, around the places that are most interesting to us on the coast of Alicante and most of them have environmental disclosure content. For example, the migration of cetaceans in Dénia and Xàbia, the Monk seal in the three caves that the province has, the loggerhead turtle, the sun-fish, jellyfish, etc.

Alicante and Murcia are full of magical places. Personally, it shows that I greatly en joy the places where the mountains and the sea come together in majestic cliffs that, being formed by limestone rock (rock that curiously was created on the seabed), are full of caves. We go through these wonderful and enigmatic places respecting their formations, since it is essential to know that those we see in a cave have taken centuries or millennia to form and just touching them can critically deteriorate them.

In addition, we always include references about the fauna and flora. For example, in the north of the province of Alicante, we carry out small introductory tours in the area where cetaceans are usually sighted and where, if you know the time of year and the right time. In one of the last years, we spotted two pilot whales. We explain some rudiments on how to distinguish a dolphin from a pilot whale or fin whale in the dis-tance.

On the same route, we are also giving brushstrokes on the native species of the Mediterranean, such as the posidonia oceanica or the palmetto, the only native palm tree on the peninsula.


We usually plan two types of tours. The most common is initiation, short and very leisurely routes. But we have members who train with us every week and can do long rides at higher speeds. Therefore, less commonly, but frequently, we do medium level crossings.

In my challenges and those of other members, already at a more advanced level, people who are trained to do so also participate totally or partially.

Without a doubt, the province of Alicante is a crowded place in the summer season, and built beyond what is sustainable for the ecosystems. And that is a handicap, besides, nautical tourism is growing, and that supposes one of the most important problems for the safety of a group that goes Paddle surfing in this area and in the summer, so that is why we have considered ourselves as one One of the objectives of our Club is the deseasonalization of SUP and we organize activities and training throughout the year, trying to encourage people to enjoy this versatile sport outside of the summer season.

I consider SUP is a sport with infinite possibilities, due to its versatility, you can make a trip of several days, you can surfing, compete, do ma-noeuvres and training exercises in the water, yoga, pilates...Or even simply lie down in the sun on your board, or go to the cove next door where people don’t come to be alone.

That is the magic of SUP, and it seems to me that there is a lot of ground left to explore in this sport, personally, it motivates me a lot to be able to explore nature again, my first route of more than one marathon was paddling (46km the first day of the challenge to sail to Ibiza in paddle surf), although I have walked a lot, I have never covered as much distance as I have done on my board, that is, for me, it has been the new opportunity, after my accident, and with my current disability, to be able to explore nature again, and feel that we are small, and as important as any Bacteria, but at the same time, part of something huge, that breathes and beats.


That is why I like the crossing so much, what they call Touring, something similar to cycling, but on the Sea, and my challenges were born from that concern. The first was to explore the Marina Alta, 73 km of coastline on my board, carrying everything I needed on it, a sleeping bag, a stove, cameras to document it, water, food, a mo bile phone, a knife...it was a wonderful experience, adventure, and we just needed a supply, which was essential because we were caught by one of those storms with a name: Oddette, who hated us quite a bit.

The second of the challenges was to sail from Jávea to Ibiza paddling in Paddle Surf, it was a very different adventure since a support boat was necessary, and a team of volunteers, financing, sponsorships...And it was also exciting, we got it in 2 days and one morning. And it was wonderful, I never finish thanking the crew and all the people who made it possible for us to live that experience, you have the videos on the Diarios del Mar channel on YouTube.

This year my challenge has been to learn SUP Surfing, and it will continue to be so for years to come, but I already miss long trips and we have several projects in mind, don’t miss it, stay tuned! To contact us in order to find out about the project, on the Diarios del Mar or Gondolerassupclub networks, or by calling 639931281.




Discover Huelva SUP Festival

Isla Cristina once again shone with a new edition of the Discover Huelva SUP Festival in a great sports atmosphere at the national level

Last July 23, one of the most anticipated great Stand Up Paddle events of the summer was held: the Discover Huelva SUP Festival 2022. Without a doubt, this event is a classic at this time of year, due to its location and the great organization of the Club W. Isla Cristina and the Municipal Sports Service of the Isla Cristina Town Hall. A competition that went perfectly ahead in the worst moments of Covid-19 and is a benchmark at the national level.

It acquires the great importance of being a valid SUP Race event for the Andalusian SUP Costa Circuit, Andalusian Championship and also for the Fesurfing Spanish Cup. And with a more technical format, with very attractive routes in front of the Central beach of Isla Cristina so that the public can see it and with the festival essence that characterizes it.

More than 130 riders participated in this 7th edition, among which we highlight this year, the increasingly powerful andalusian fleet in the Elite category and the young promises in the lower categories that show the great progress of this sport worldwide and that is reflected in the andalusian coasts.

The little ones started, and race after race it was a spectacle to see the good work of these future champions. It is amazing to see all the categories continue to grow in the Technical Race mode, showing great skills in the different areas of the circuit. Álvaro Coscollano and Ziro Molla from SUB14 offered us a great competition with a very entertaining finish line.

But the bulk of the competition came with the categories SUB16, SUB 18, Amateur and Elite. Where with just minutes of difference in the departures of these categories, they took over the waters of the Central beach of Isla Cristina with their boards and oars. A spectacular visual image for all those who were enjoying the beach, but it was a bit chaotic in some buoy turns where many riders with different techniques and levels of SUP gathered. We enjoyed the live stream that we did from Up Suping’s Facebook, there was not a moment without stopping recording a competitor.

Buoy turns, portage and overtaking with sidewind and downwind zones; a mix of situations that should always be present in this type of race, without failing to add the intense heat present on this day of competition. We highlight the impressive performance of the Cadiz rider Antonio Morillo who won the Elite category and who also achieved the same position in the afternoon in the downwind made together with other competitors without competition spirit; ahead of the islander Augusto García and Álvaro Blanco from Malaga. The young Ainhoa Rivas stood out ahead of Sevillians Ángela Nuñez and Bea Alvargonzalez, rising to the top in the Elite and SUB 18 female categories, showing her high level wherever she competes.

If there is something special about the Costa del SUP circuit, it is the claw and strength that the participants of the Master and Kahuna categories put into it. They are beasts! They take it very seriously to compete and are at a high level in all aspects. Bravo to all!

At 3:00 p.m., under a magnificent atmosphere and with the presence of the authorities and sponsors, the prizes were awarded and the championship closed. And as we mentioned, although the wind did not do a great job, several participants did a downwind as a complement to the activities of this Discover Huelva SUP Festival, being another excuse to get together, have fun and offer excitement to all those attending the event

From Discover Huelva, they will continue betting and working for this type of competition in which the federated competition and the promotion among the smallest are combined.

We would like to thank the Institutional Support of the Andalusian Regional Government, Andalusian European Sports Region 2021, the Huelva Provincial Council, the SMD of the Isla Cristina City Council, our coverage at sea with the Red Cross, Maritime Rescue, Civil Protection, Balbuena Nautical Academy, Jose Martín, Qtt and the sponsors, Andalusia European Sports Region 2021, Brandt, AWA Sun Glasses, Starboard, Usisa, Hotel Estival Isla Cristina, Covey, Displayasur, our DJ Javi Alba for entertaining the Day, Nico from Up Suping for bringing to our test to another level and of course, to the volunteers and Emilio with his great Windzone team who once again welcome us at their Center in the best possible way. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Stand Up Paddle