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On behalf of the 24,000+ alumni of Prince of Wales College, Saint Dunstan’s University, and the University of Prince Edward Island, the UPEI Alumni Association is proud to welcome members of the Class of 2017 to our supportive global network.

In this issue... Winter 2017

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“UPEI is on the cutting edge”—The School of Sustainable Design Engineering is turning heads across the country


New Program­­—Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture


Recognizing the contributions of Indigenous people to UPEI


UPEI knew it all along­­—President Abd-El-Aziz is one of Canada’s Top 50 CEO’s


Message from the President

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Recognition of Founders Ceremony

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ON OUR COVER Jenna Burke (BA ’17), a member of PEI’s Indigenous community, is now enrolled in the Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance program at the University of Victoria. Read more on page 18. UPEI Magazine is published by the University of Prince Edward Island and is coordinated and produced by the Department of Marketing and Communications. Contributors: Dave Atkinson, Dana Kenny, Anna MacDonald, and Nicole Phillips Photographers: Mike Needham and Janessa Hogan Graphic Design: Lisa Bulman Taylor Thank you to all others who contributed photos. All correspondence: Department of Marketing and Communications University of Prince Edward Island 550 University Avenue, Charlottetown, PE, Canada C1A 4P3 Tel: (902) 566-0947 Email:

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Winter 2017

Message from

the President

In many ways the world is much smaller than it was when UPEI was established in 1969, and even more so than when our founding institutions, Saint Dunstan’s University and Prince of Wales College, began serving the Island community. Today’s smaller world enables UPEI to connect with and serve communities in ways unlike those ever thought possible by our predecessors. Our drive to connect and work together is powered by a University community with an unwavering desire to advance progress for the betterment of society. When I think about the accomplishments of our University over the past few years and reflect on its history, I am invigorated by our achievements and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. The move to indigenize our curriculum is a pivotal step in realizing those possibilities. The Sisters’ Teaching and Knowledge Garden at UPEI is a wonderful enhancement to the academy, as it supports Indigenous students on their journey to and through post-secondary education. The hiring of four new faculty members is another exciting step, as they will initiate activities to rethink and reimagine how the University’s curriculum can change to include Indigenous ways of teaching, learning, living, and knowing.

As we move forward, the discussions that we share in this era of Truth and Reconciliation will unveil burdensome facts folded into our country’s past. We must acknowledge them and use them as a catalyst to realize our full potential as a powerful conduit for meaningful change in communities around the world. Working with Indigenous leaders on a variety of initiatives is critically important. Our conversations are central to everything we do at the University, and I look forward to the continued work and changes brought about by this dialogue. Meaningful change, such as this, leads to meaningful advancement, and the UPEI Magazine has captured some of these changes, whether it is the research we undertake, the development of purposedriven programs, or the investments we make in campus infrastructure. There is so much to highlight and be proud of at UPEI. I hope this magazine gives you a glimpse into the many exciting things that are taking place on our campus.

Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz President and Vice-Chancellor

UPEI welcomes and thanks members of the Board of Governors


The University of Prince Edward Island Board of Governors, instituted under the terms of the University Act, consists of volunteers appointed from the Government of PEI, University Senate, UPEI Alumni Association, faculty, and the student body.


On behalf of UPEI, President and ViceChancellor Alaa Abd-El-Aziz thanks outgoing members Mr. Ryan Bradley, Mr. John Buchanan, Dr. Don Desserud, Dr. Linnell Edwards, Mr. Nathan Hood, Mr. Dana Kenny, Dr. Jim Sentance, Mr. Pierce Smith, Dr. Lowell Sweet, and Mr. Frank Zhou for their volunteer contributions to the Board.

Mr. Ron Keefe, Chair, Finance and Audit Committee Ms. Margo Thompson, Chair, Property and Asset Committee Mr. Shawn Murphy, Chair, Governance and Appeals Committee Mr. Scott D. Harper, Chair, Human Resources Committee Dr. Brian McMillan, President, Holland College Mr. Hammad Ahmed, President, UPEI Student Union

Winter 2017

Mr. Patrick Sinnott, Chair Dr. Don McDougall, Chancellor Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, President and Vice-Chancellor Ms. Tracey Cutcliffe, Vice-Chair Ms. Shauna Sullivan Curley, QC, Secretary Ms. Kathy Hambly, Chair, Development, Fundraising, and External Relations Committee

Mr. Andrew Bartlett Ms. Mary Best Dr. Rabin Bissessur Ms. Bertha Campbell Mr. Tim Carroll Dr. Gary Conboy Mr. Michael Ferguson Dr. Janice Gillis Dr. Geraldine Johnston Mr. Ed Lawlor Ms. Shannon MacDonald Dr. James Moran Dr. Liane Nelson Mr. Duncan Shaw

For a complete list of 2017 graduates, visit

Convocation 2017 UPEI held its 2017 morning and afternoon Convocation ceremonies at the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre on Saturday, May 13. More than 950 graduates crossed the stage to receive their degrees, diplomas, and certificates. This year included the first-ever degree cohort from the UPEI School of Sustainable Design Engineering. Convocation 2017 also saw UPEI’s first graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies. Both ceremonies were led by Chancellor Don McDougall and included an address from President and ViceChancellor Alaa Abd-El-Aziz. “Each of you will be moving on to your next journey at a time of great hope and possibility for Canada’s future,”

said President Abd-El-Aziz, reflecting on the 150th anniversary of Canada.

Science in Mathematics graduate, delivered the afternoon address.

“I know you have bold ideas and aspirations for what Canada can be. And while you sit here today, you may have a very specific plan for what is to come next. However, the wonderful thing about this journey that we are all on is that through the various twists and turns of life, you may end up somewhere very different—and even better—than what you envision today.”

“The best parts of the last few months or years have been the people we have come across here on campus and in the PEI community,” said Senbanjo, from Lagos, Nigeria. “Look around you, or cast your mind back, to the wonderful friendships and relationships you’ve made.”

Mila Profit (veterinary medicine) and Emma McDermott (biology) were selected by their fellow graduates to carry the ceremonial mace during the morning and afternoon ceremonies respectively. Bachelor of Business Administration (Co-operative Education) graduate Foyin Senbanjo delivered the valedictory address in the morning while Leif Wilm, a Bachelor of

...the wonderful thing about this journey that we are all on is that through the various twists and turns of life, you may end up somewhere very different— and even better—than what you envision today.

—Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, President and Vice-Chancellor Winter 2017


Honorary Degrees at Convocation

Judy Clark

Stan MacPherson

Dr. Elizabeth Epperly

Allan Curran

UPEI confers four UPEI conferred honorary Doctor of Laws degrees on four recipients during the 2017 Convocation ceremonies: Judy Clark, York, PEI, an Aboriginal leader, advocate, interpreter, and healer; Stan MacPherson, Charlottetown, a chartered accountant, entrepreneur, and a leader in community and business; Allan Curran, Bayshore, NY, an alumnus of Saint Dunstan’s University and prominent business owner; and Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Rollins Epperly, Wolfville, NS, a world-renowned scholar, writer, and the first female president and vice-chancellor of UPEI.

“When you leave here today to celebrate with your family and friends, I hope you will also make a quiet commitment to yourself to never, ever stop learning,” said MacPherson in his address to the morning graduates. “Be committed to the relationships that matter in your lives and give back to the communities that need you. Be courageous in the face of adversity. Be gracious in the glow of success.” “My University of Prince Edward Island has the communicating

roots of an old-growth forest and the collaborative energy of a nest of stars,” said Epperly to the afternoon graduates. “I hope you realize today, feeling the collective energy of this room and of all those who celebrate with you, that an interdependent, mutually supportive, respectful community can be the founding model for all of your conscious relationships. Then, in your relational health, in your ability to build with others, may you become fully the stars you wished on and wish to be.”

“My University of Prince Edward Island ”

has the communicating roots of an old-growth forest and the collaborative energy of a nest of stars. —Dr. Elizabeth Epperly

Professor Emeritus & Librarian Emerita




Timothy H. Ogilvie, DVM, MSc, DiplACVIM

Betty Jeffery, BA, MLS

Winter 2017

The 2017 Governor General Academic Awards The 2017 Governor General Academic Medals were presented by the Honourable H. Frank Lewis, Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island and Visitor to the University.

THE GOVERNOR GENERAL’S MEDAL (GRADUATE) Robert Déziel (left) (Doctor of Philosophy— Veterinary Medicine)


Courtney Horrocks (right) (Bachelor of Science—Mathematics) Courtney also received The Polyclinic Prize, and The Ambrose Lee Award (Science)

R.G. Thomson Academic Achievement Medal The Honourable H. Frank Lewis, Lieutenant Governor of PEI and Visitor to the University, presents Chris Dominic, Mount Pearl, NL, with the R.G. Thomson Academic Achievement Medal for the highest average in fourth-year veterinary medicine at UPEI’s 2017 Convocation. The medal is named in memory of Dr. Reginald G. Thomson, the founding dean of the Atlantic Veterinary College.


The Senior Class Awards Ceremony The Senior Class Awards Ceremony, held each year during Convocation Week, celebrates student success by acknowledging the academic, leadership, and spirit achievements of our graduates. The University and its students appreciate the support and participation of our donors who make many of these awards possible.

Winter 2017


AVCWhite CoatCeremony and Awards Presentation

In May, 62 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) graduates celebrated their entry into the profession of veterinary medicine at two ceremonies—AVC’s annual White Coat Ceremony and Awards Presentation on May 12 and UPEI’s Convocation the following day. During the White Coat Ceremony, the members of AVC’s Class

of 2017 were presented with white lab coats, symbolizing their transition from veterinary students to veterinary professionals. The event also included the presentation of student and faculty awards. On May 13, they received their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees at UPEI’s morning Convocation ceremony.

Photo left: Dr. Krista Simonson, Eel River Bar First Nation, NB, hugs her parents, Richard and Patricia Simonson, as they present her with her white lab coat at AVC’s 2017 White Coat Ceremony and Awards Presentation. Photo right: Brian and Sherry Pound present Dr. Lisa Leachman (centre) with the Baron Pound Award at AVC’s 2017 White Coat Ceremony and Awards Presentation. Named in memory of the Pounds’ beloved dog, Baron, the award is presented to a graduating veterinary student who has demonstrated extraordinary compassion, outstanding communication skills, and deep respect for the humancompanion animal bond while caring for a critically ill animal.

Green Hat Award 2017 Left to right: UPEI President Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, Kevin Jewell, AVC Dean Greg Keefe, and veterinary student Jolene Vermeulen




Winter 2017

AVC established the Honourable Eugene F. Whelan Green Hat Award in 2000 to pay tribute to people who have had a significant and positive impact on the College and veterinary medicine in Atlantic Canada.

Top photo: Dr. Glenn Palmer hugs a well-wisher following the Recognition of Founders ceremony on September 22, 2017. Bottom left photo: Members of the University community filled Schurman Market Square to honour this year’s Founders and the Honourable Eugene F. Whelan Green Hat Award winner, Jewell Dale Farm. Bottom right photo, from left to right: Ms. Glenda Clements-Smith, Dr. Glenn Palmer, Dr. Brendan O’Grady, and the late Rev. Francis W.P. Bolger were recognized as UPEI’s 2017 Founders.

Recognition of

Founders Ceremony 2017 RECIPIENTS:


Each year, UPEI honours people who have contributed to the University in an exceptional way as Founders, instilling a sense of heritage and community.

Winter 2017



Winter 2017

“UPEI is really on the cutting edge” The UPEI School of Sustainable Design Engineering is turning heads across the country

A yellow robotic arm springs to life, extending its metal “hand,” which clutches a pair of scissors. The arm stretches the scissors, adjusts the angle slightly, and cuts through a red ribbon, officially opening the UPEI School of Sustainable Design Engineering. It was an exciting day, as students, faculty, alumni, community members, and leaders from all levels of government toured the new facility. There, 3-D printers built complex pieces of machinery before viewers’ eyes. People lined up to watch an industrial laser etch complex designs into plastic. In the year since the building opened, the School of Sustainable Design Engineering (SSDE) has grown more impressive. Students are working with community groups, NGOs, and industry to create reallife solutions for their challenges. The first graduating class from the four-year Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering

degree program walked across the stage at Convocation 2017. Students from the School of Sustainable Design Engineering are travelling across the country and around the world, putting their skills to work. They’re helping to find a drinking water solution for a small village in rural Pakistan. They are helping by giving technical support to the Nichola Goddard Foundation, as it brings critical lighting solutions to birthing centres across Papua New Guinea. These students don’t just graduate with technical skills: they’re citizens of a world that needs their expertise in sustainable problem solving. A team of fourth-year students travelled to Montreal last year to make a presentation to the IEEE conference on biomedical technology. IEEE is the world’s largest professional organization for the advancement of technology. The UPEI students were among the only undergraduate students at a conference filled with graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. They had created a breathalyzer that

was small enough to fit in your hand. The team saved precious space by moving most of the software into a smart phone app—a tool most of us keep in our pocket anyway. “One of the things that’s unique about this particular program is the whole concept of project-based learning—essentially a move away from your traditional engineering education in a classroom setting,” said Wayne MacQuarrie, as he signed off on the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) certification for the SSDE. MacQuarrie is national chair of the CEAB, and a member of UPEI’s first graduating class of engineers, having received his diploma in 1972. “What we’re seeing, when we’re doing our accreditation visits across the country, is more and more a move away from traditional engineering instruction and more and more project-based learning, so UPEI is really on the cutting edge. I think what we’ll find, now that the program is accredited, there will be many more institutions looking at this particular model.”

Winter 2017


Bachelor of Arts in

Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture





Earlier this year, Bruce Rainnie was named ACLC’s Practitioner-in-Residence. Known nationally for his work with CBC Sports, he also was host of CBC PEI’s supper-hour news broadcast, Compass. As Practitioner-inResidence, Rainnie will provide guest lectures and workshops associated with ACLC courses; work with students who wish to have oneon-one and small group mentoring in public speaking; and present the end-of-year ACLC public lecture.

UPEI’s Faculty of Arts has launched a new four-year degree program in Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture (ACLC), designed to connect the communication skills and leadership training of a liberal arts education to successful post-graduation employment. The program is defined by its focus on the transferability of written and oral communication skills, leadership training, critical thinking, and cultural awareness acquired during the pursuit of a liberal arts education to the world beyond academia.

UPEI’s inaugural Chair in L.M. Montgomery Studies and Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture is Dr. Kate Scarth. Her established record of Montgomery scholarship will serve in the development and delivery of the ACLC program where she will mentor students pursuing a major or minor in the new Faculty of Arts program.

Integral to the program is direct one-on-one mentoring of students from registration to graduation. Students have the opportunity to explore their individual interests and career ambitions alongside their mentor. They will also be supported in their pursuit of experiential learning via international in mind. exchange and practicum with your future ed gn si de an pl emic experiences. Over the a four-year ac ad course of the program, YEAR ONE students will build expertise desired by YEAR employers to effectively TWO respond to modern ATION, workplace demands. APPLIED COMMUNIC STUDIES • CATHO


















For more





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Chilton at lchilton@u













Winter 2017

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Dr. Kate Scarth

pei.c a

Pictured from left to right are Sue Norquay, Michael Hannah, Brent Nicholson, Damia Scott, Matthew H MacLeod, Haidar Karem, Luke Slysz, Collin Dares, Billie McQuaid, Matthew R MacLeod, and Dr. Trevor Jain. Missing from the picture are Dr. Aaron Sibley, Alex Stirling, Jan Jensen, Josh MacPherson, and Mathieu Morin. (Photo credit: Samantha Kennedy)

New Paramedicine program takes bird’s-eye look at the future of emergency medicine UPEI is one of the first universities in the country to offer a Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine. Graduates of any paramedicine program accredited by the Canadian Medical Association can earn their degree in two years, by adding courses in foundational science and advanced paramedicine. The program is designed for paramedics interested in enhancing their science knowledge and communication skills, thus increasing access to post-graduate opportunities and improving job prospects. It also offers research opportunities, including a recent study involving the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) by paramedics. “The first thing any first responder wants to do when he or she arrives on scene is make sure it’s safe,” said Dr. Trevor Jain, director of the UPEI Paramedicine program. “We set up seven common hazards that paramedics would encounter. Surveying the site with UAVs meant our paramedics didn’t need to expose themselves to the potential danger to identify the actual sources of danger. The technology is coming. We’re glad to be one of the only educational institutions testing the science behind it.”

Faculty of Business continues to shine at case competitions

Cullen Mullally and Hannah Dawson took first place in the marketing division of the 2017 Inter-Collegiate Business Competition

Students from UPEI’s Faculty of Business have always punched above their weight at case competitions in Canada and internationally. UPEI teams regularly finish in the top five at these competitions, including recent first-place showings at the Alberta Not-for-Profit Association’s Case Competition, the InterCollegiate Business Competition, and the Atlantic Schools of Business Case Competition. That success recently caught the eye of The Globe and Mail, which profiled some of the students in an article titled “Charlottetown students stand out in business case competitions.”

“The students’ success helps the Faculty of Business make its pitch to a growing contingent of international students, who now account for between 35 and 40 per cent of the annual class,” said UPEI Dean of Business Juergen Krause. “It gives us some international flair and also gives us confirmation of the quality of education.” Students have also had tremendous showings at simulated investment competitions, taking first at the Interuniversity Stock Market Simulation at Université de Moncton and sixth at the 2017 Options Trading Simulation, hosted by the TMX Montreal Exchange.

Faculty of Education produces

excellent scholars and researchers

Students from UPEI’s Faculty of Education have seen tremendous success in recent years. The faculty has produced excellent scholars and researchers, whose track record with successful applications is to be commended. Congratulations to (back row, left to right) Brittany Jakubiec (PhD candidate), Mary MacPhee (PhD

candidate), Dr. Gabriela Sanchez (graduate of PhD program), Valerie Campbell (PhD candidate); (front row, left to right) Dr. Bonnie Stewart (graduate of PhD program), Alaina Roach O’Keefe (PhD candidate), and Michele Moffat (PhD student). Their combined successes come to more than $600,000 in funding. Winter 2017


Success in Student


Excellence people

Cathy Simpson (far left) and Calvin Milbury (far right) present the top Breakthru prize to Alana and Erin O’Halloran (photo by NBIF)

Faculty of Business student wins big at Breakthru competition Fourth-year business student Erin O’Halloran and her sister Alana won the top national prize at the 2017 New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) Breakthru competition. Breakthru is a biennial start-up competition where more than 60 teams compete for the chance to win $300,000 in business funding. The O’Halloran sisters took the prize for a social media app they created called Newpy. The app allows users to post photos of products that are hidden inside digital packaging. The digital packaging designs grab attention and spark curiosity as to what is inside.

“This is an amazing win and the culmination of an innovative entrepreneurial project,” said Dr. Juergen Krause, dean of UPEI’s Faculty of Business. “We are very proud and wish the O’Halloran sisters great success with their startup, Newpy.” Erin graduated from UPEI this spring and plans to set up her business, working alongside her sister, in Saint John.

Elyse Cottrell named a 2016 3M National Student Fellow Elyse Cottrell is the first UPEI student to be awarded a 3M National Student Fellowship. The fellowship honours up to 10 full-time college or undergraduate students across Canada who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their lives or at their school. In her profile on the 3M National Student Fellowship website, Elyse explains that at UPEI, she “found a way to express my passion for social justice.” Elyse helped create and run the Campus Life program. She is co-chair of the UPEI Rainbow Alliance and started the Community Kitchen to reduce food insecurity on campus. “Currently I am working on my honours research project looking at opinions on reproductive rights across Canada. I plan to pursue a PhD in Social Psychology where I will continue my work examining the effects that stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudice have on society,” she said. Elyse expects to graduate from UPEI in 2018 with a double major in psychology and diversity and social justice. Congratulations, Elyse!


Winter 2017

Elyse Cottrell

UPEI Killam Fellow enjoys campus life at Clemson Morgan King, an Honours Science student in Chemistry and Biology, spent a semester in South Carolina, thanks to Fulbright Canada. As a recipient of a Killam Fellowship, he served as a student ambassador for UPEI and Canada while attending Clemson University. Upon his arrival, he quickly became involved in campus life by attending tryouts for the Clemson Rowing Club and Scholastic Team. His involvement with these extracurricular activities allowed him to meet new friends and travel

to competitions in other states. King said a highlight from his time at Clemson was experiencing the energy and spirit of a stadium filled with 80,000 people at a Tigers football game.

Morgan King in front of SDU Main Building

to outstanding individuals. Exchanging students between the two countries grows intellectual capacity, increases productivity, and assists in the shaping of future leaders.

The mandate of Fulbright Canada is to enhance mutual understanding between the people of Canada and the people of the USA by providing support

Nursing student honoured as Young Humanitarian of the Year In October 2016, the Canadian Red Cross recognized then-UPEI nursing student Micayla Darrach as the Young Humanitarian of the Year for PEI for her volunteer work. A native of Argyle Shore, Darrach volunteered at orphanages in Jamaica in 2012. This experience spurred her to organize a fundraising dinner in PEI that raised more than $2,000 for the Jamaica School for the Deaf. Following this service, she embarked on a student medical

service trip to Haiti, providing nursing care at clinics in impoverished communities. Darrach also worked as a shift supervisor at Andrews Residence in West Royalty, helping to ensure the well-being and dignity of elderly residents, and she volunteered with the UPEI Best Buddies program, which offers peer-to-peer support to students with disabilities. She graduated in May 2017 with her Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.

The Honourable H. Frank Lewis, Lieutenant Governor of PEI; Micayla Darrach, award recipient; and Andrew MacDonald, Head of Office - Charlottetown, Invesco, Young Humanitarian Presenting Sponsor

Micayla Darrach

UPEI students attend Daughters of the Vote in Ottawa On Wednesday, March 8, UPEI students Taya Nabuurs and Payton Jadis joined 335 other young women from across Canada to fill the seats usually occupied by members of parliament in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Payton Jadis and Taya Nabuurs

They were participating in a national event called the Daughters of the Vote National Leadership Forum, which marked the 100th anniversary of Canadian women attaining the right to vote. During the

event, one young woman from every federal constituency in Canada was selected to represent her community and share her vision for Canada. Jadis (BA ’17) and Nabuurs, a fourthyear Arts student, represented the PEI constituencies of Malpeque and Cardigan respectively—seats held by the Honourable Wayne Easter, MP, and the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. Winter 2017


Dr. Sophie St-Hilaire has begun a second, five-year term as the Canada Research Chair in Integrated Health Research for Sustainable Aquaculture. She is a professor in the Department of Health Management at the Atlantic Veterinary College. Dr. St-Hilaire’s research aims to improve the sustainability of aquaculture to provide healthier fish for human consumption and reduce the environmental impact of fish farming. Infectious disease outbreaks

in aquaculture settings create a risk to the industry and the environment. Dr. St-Hilaire is trying to minimize the impacts of these outbreaks on wild and farmed fish populations through innovative prevention and control strategies. Her research is answering critical questions concerning pathogen transmission on fish farms. She is also addressing infectious disease treatment efficacy in finfish and shellfish aquaculture. Dr. Sophie St-Hilaire

Canada Foundation for Innovation funds muscle research





St-Hilaire’s Canada Research Chair renewed

Dr. Adam Johnston’s research on how injured muscle tissue repairs itself was given a big boost with significant funding from the Canada Foundation for InnoVation, the Business Development Program of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and UPEI Research Services.


Dr. Johnston is an assistant professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences and director of the Skeletal Muscle Health and Adaptation Research Laboratory. The funding allowed Dr. Johnston to purchase several pieces of equipment to measure muscle and exercise performance, and to collect data and tissue samples for further study in his biochemistry lab. He and his students are helping us better understand why people lose their ability to regain muscle mass as they age. Dr. Johnston says his research has implications for our aging population. “Figuring out how we can maintain an adequate level of muscle mass throughout our lifespan is really important to keeping people in their homes." Dr. Adam Johnston


Winter 2017

Saunders and Tasker named Lévesque professors UPEI named Dr. Travis Saunders and Dr. Andrew Tasker as recipients of the Jeanne and J.-Louis Lévesque Research Professorships in Nutrisciences and Health. “We are particularly pleased that we are able to support the research programs of both an established investigator, in Dr. Tasker, and an emerging investigator, in Dr. Saunders, both of whom promise to make immediate and lasting contributions to nutrisciences and health,” said Dr. Robert Gilmour, Vice-President Academic and Research at UPEI. As a Lévesque research professor, Dr. Tasker will continue his explorations of normal and abnormal brain function. In this role, he will examine major depression and investigate why antidepressant medications often take weeks to become effective, and

Left to right: Dr. Robert Gilmour, Dr. Travis Saunders, Dr. Debbie MacLellan, Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, Dr. Andrew Tasker, Dr. Greg Keefe

in up to 50 per cent of cases, never become effective. Dr. Saunders’ Lévesquesupported research will examine the relationship between sedentary behaviour and obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Recent research shows

screen-based sedentary behaviour is associated with these negative effects. Surprisingly, these effects are not due to lack of energy expended, but due to increased food intake that results from screen-based behaviours.

Winter 2017


AVC at


Excellence people 16

Dr. Larry Hammell

Dr. Luke Heider

Dr. Larry Hammell, professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at the Atlantic Veterinary College, was honoured on July 7, 2016, with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) Merck Veterinary Award for his contributions to aquatic animal health and the aquaculture industry. Hammell received the award during the CVMA’s 2016 annual conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Dr. Luke Heider, assistant professor, Department of Health Management, has been appointed to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Council on Education, serving on the seat representing veterinary preventative medicine. His six-year appointment began in July 2017. Congratulations, Dr. Heider!

Hammell is recognized nationally and internationally for his contributions in aquatic epidemiology, aquatic animal health research, and aquatic food animal production medicine. He is founder and co-director of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Collaborating Center for Epidemiology and Risk Assessment for Aquatic Animal Diseases along with the National Veterinary Institute of Norway. Dr. Hammell plays an integral role on the research team that was awarded the UPEI Canada Excellence Research Chair in Aquatic Epidemiology. He has led extensive consultative and training collaborations in Norway, New Zealand, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and across Canada. A frontrunner on the global stage, he led the development of the Disease Technical Working Group for Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue with the World Wildlife Fund and more recently has been involved in several OIE aquatic professional veterinary services assessments.

Winter 2017

Dr. Fred Kibenge

Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez-Lecompte

Dr. Tim Ogilvie

Dr. Fred Kibenge, chair of Pathology and Microbiology, was the recipient of the 2017 UPEI Faculty Association Merit Award for Scholarly Achievement. Dr. Kibenge was honoured at the annual Faculty Recognition Night held on Wednesday, May 10, at the Fox Meadows Golf Club, Stratford.

Congratulations to Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez-Lecompte, Pathology and Microbiology, winner of the 2017 Zoetis Award for Research Excellence for the Atlantic Veterinary College . This award is given by each veterinary college in North America to researchers with outstanding scholarly achievement. Dr. Rodriguez-Lecompte’s research focuses on the nutritional immunological factors regulating immune responses, animal health, and food safety. He accepted his award from Dr. Juanita GlencrossWinslow, of Zoetis, at AVC’s annual Graduate Studies and Research Days held May 18–19. During the event, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows presented their research findings in areas ranging from terrestrial and aquatic animal health to environmental health and biomedical sciences.

Dr. Tim Ogilvie, a founding faculty member and a past dean of AVC, was named professor emeritus at UPEI’s 2017 Convocation.

During his distinguished 29-year career at AVC, Dr. Ogilvie was an extraordinary teacher, mentor, and administrator. He led the College through many important changes, including curricular development, a major physical expansion, and creation of Canada’s first veterinary youth camp. He has been recognized with many awards and honours, including a President’s Award and a life membership from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, and an honorary degree from his alma mater, the University of Guelph.

Winter 2017


UPEI’s journey of Indigenizing is ongoing, and it relies on the strength and wisdom of students such as Jenna Burke, and the resources and connections they bring with them.

Jenna Burke


Winter 2017

Recognizing the contributions of

Indigenous people to UPEI

UPEI’s 2016 Recognition of Founders Ceremony

“This is a special day for the University,” said Dr. Alaa

Abd-El-Aziz, President and ViceChancellor of UPEI. It was Founders Day 2016. The sweet smell of smoke lingered in the air from a smudging ceremony to cleanse any negativity from the space.

“Today we move from honouring individuals for their contributions, to recognizing a community—a great community. Today, we recognize Indigenous people and the role they played in building UPEI.”

Chief Matilda Ramjattan, Lennox Island First Nation; Chief Brian Francis, Abegweit First Nation; Jenna Burke, Aboriginal Student Association; President and Chief Lisa Cooper, Native Council of PEI; and Elder Dr. Judy Clark, President, Aboriginal Women’s Association of PEI, received plaques in appreciation of the collective contributions of Indigenous peoples to UPEI.

Indigenous people was Jenna Burke, then a fourth-year political science student. She is now studying in the Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance program at the University of Victoria. Burke worked tirelessly through her time at UPEI to make the University a safe, welcoming space for her fellow Indigenous students.

The University of Prince Edward Island, like many universities across the country, is undergoing a process of indigenizing the academy. It is not a short or easy journey, but an essential one, borne out of Canada’s ongoing reconciliation with the Indigenous peoples of this country.

Burke was heavily involved in the Mawi’omi Aboriginal Student Centre, serving as a mentor. She led events to raise awareness of Indigenous issues and promote inclusion on campus. She organized the REDress Project— an art installation to honour missing and murdered Indigenous women. She initiated and secured funding for numerous events and programs to support Indigenous students, including access to Elders, traditional craft and games nights, and outings and ceremonies to local communities.

Among the honour party of Indigenous leaders accepting the title of Founder on behalf of

UPEI’s journey is ongoing, and it relies on the strength and wisdom of students such as Burke, and the

resources and connections they bring with them. UPEI’s Faculty of Education has also played an important role in this journey. In 2006, the faculty partnered with the Nunavut Department of Education and Nunavut Arctic College to offer the Nunavut Master of Education in Leadership—the first graduate degree program offered in Nunavut. In 2017, the Faculty of Education made history again by offering the first-ever graduate-level courses in the Inuktitut language. At the end of the 2016 Founders Day event, Dion Bernard sang “The Eagle Song”—a Mi’kmaw song often sung as a welcome. Bernard, a UPEI student and co-president of the Aboriginal Student Association, explained his choice of song: he thought it fitting to close the day with a welcome, since the ceremony was about welcoming future discussion and collaboration. The journey continues. Winter 2017


History faculty recognized for excellence




in Faculty

Two distinguished members of the Department of History earned accolades this year for their contributions to their field.

Dr. Edward MacDonald

Dr. Edward MacDonald, professor and chair of the department, was awarded the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation’s (PEI MHF) 2016 Award of Honour in recognition of his outstanding service and continued contribution to the heritage activities of Prince Edward Island. Dr. MacDonald has become the “go-to” on PEI for his wideranging knowledge of Island history and for his generosity in sharing that knowledge through his teaching at UPEI. He is known for his participation in public events that mark Island history and his encouragement of many others to research, write, and publish historical articles or manuscripts about PEI.

Dr. Lisa Chilton

Among other publications, he is a co-editor of Time and a Place, An

At the same event, Dr. Lisa Chilton, an associate professor of history, received the Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnicity, and Transnationalism Article Prize from the Canadian Historical Association. Dr. Chilton’s award recognized her article, “Sex Scandals and Papist Plots: The Mid-Nineteenth-Century World of an Irish Nurse in Quebec,” published in the Journal of Women’s History 27(3), in September 2015. Dr. Chilton is the author of Agents of Empire: British Female Migration to Canada and Australia, 1860s–1930, published by University of Toronto Press in 2007.

AVC professor, grad student honoured by Denmark’s Aarhus University In 2016, Dr. Andrew Tasker and graduate student Denise Tapp received prestigious honours from Aarhus University (AU) in Denmark. Dr. Tasker, professor of neuropharmacology at UPEI’s Atlantic Veterinary College, has been named an honorary professor in recognition of his globally respected research on brain structure and function in connection to diseases such as schizophrenia and epilepsy. This honorary professorship allows him to further his research collaborations and mentor students within the Translational Neuropsychiatry Unit at AU’s Department of Clinical Medicine.

Professor Gregers Wegener, head of AU’s Translational Neuropsychiatry Unit; Dr. Andrew Tasker; and Professor Per Hove Thomsen, Faculty of Health, AU Denise Happ


Environmental History of Prince Edward Island, which received a 2016 PEI MHF Heritage Activity Award. During the 2016 Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities conference, held in Calgary last June, Dr. MacDonald was also honoured with the 2016 G. E. Clerk Award from the Canadian Catholic Historical Association.

Winter 2017

Denise Happ, a graduate student under Dr. Tasker’s supervision, was awarded the highly competitive Mobility Fellowship from AU Graduate School of Health, which provides three years of support to complete a PhD jointly between AU and UPEI. Happ’s graduate research examines chemical and biological interactions in the brain for the common mental health issues of depression and anxiety. She will use powerful technology to better understand why certain anti-depressant drugs take several weeks to become effective, and in many cases, aren’t effective at all.

Robertson Library’s OpenPages project showcases local authors UPEI’s Robertson Library began a new book series in the fall of 2016 called OpenPages. The series features local authors speaking about their books: what inspired them, what they learned, what they shared. The monthly event kicked off with a discussion of Time and a Place: An Environmental History of PEI, co-published by Island Studies Press and McGillQueens University Press. Time and a Place is the first environmental history of Prince Edward Island and the first such history of any Canadian province. In 12 essays, the book’s 15 contributors explore how the Island has evolved from the Ice Age to the Information Age. Time and a Place is edited by three Island scholars: Dr. Edward MacDonald, chair of the UPEI History department; Dr. Joshua MacFadyen, now an assistant professor of environmental humanities, Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability; and marine biologist Dr. Irene Novaczek. John Cousins discussed his book, New London: The Lost Dream, published by Island Studies Press. The book tells the true—and virtually unknown—story of a group of brave Quakers from London, England, who settled in 1773 in what is now the community of New London on PEI’s north shore. For 20 years, the settlers survived and occasionally thrived in the “new world” before colliding headlong with the realities of political and economic life in an infant colony during a time of war. Poet Jane Ledwell was both fascinated and exasperated by British travel writer Isabella Lucy Bird’s haughty judgement of PEI, penned after she visited the Island for six weeks in 1854. “I never saw a community,” wrote Bird, “in which people appear to hate each other so cordially.” Ledwell decided to “write back” 160 years later. Her poetic response is the heart of Bird Calls, from Island Studies Press. Dr. Ann Braithwaite discussed her book, Everyday Women’s and Gender Studies. The book is a guide to engaging students in the challenges and pleasures of thinking critically about gender, race, and sex today. By focusing on “the everyday,” it speaks to the importance of students understanding the taken-forgranted circumstances of their daily lives.  Charlottetown’s Mike Conway discussed his book, Home Plate, Blue Helmet. Conway grew up in Charlottetown’s historic north and east ends, in neighbourhoods full of colourful characters, hardworking families, and close-knit friendships. The stories in his book bring to life the joys and hardships, loyalties and eccentricities, and traditions and transformations he experienced growing up.

Students and staff tend to Saint Dunstan’s Gardens outside the UPEI Chaplaincy Centre

Saint Dunstan’s Gardens stock Soup for the Soul What started as a service-learning project for a University 100 course at UPEI has grown into a garden of possibilities. The success of Soup for the Soul and the Saint Dunstan’s Gardens is the result of a community-wide effort. An on-campus initiative started in 2015, Soup for the Soul serves a free, healthy meal once a month to students and brings members of the community together to nourish the mind, body, and soul. The gardens, which contain beets, acorn squash, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, and carrots, are planted at two locations: the south side of the UPEI Chaplaincy Centre and The Mount Continuing Care Community adjacent to UPEI. Food grown in the gardens is harvested and used by students and volunteers at UPEI to prepare free, healthy, locally sourced soup once a month at the UPEI Chaplaincy Centre. The gardens were made possible by a wellness grant from the Prince Edward Island Department of Health and Wellness, as an initiative of the PEI Wellness Strategy. They were also supported by Vesey’s Seeds, the Cooper Institute, Van Kampen’s Greenhouse, and The Mount Continuing Care Community. Winter 2017


The group in front of the Colosseum during a walk in Rome. SAINT DUNSTAN’S UNIVERSITY Left to right: Kaylan Ellsworth, Jordon Johnston, Bethany Dunn, Shay Uchetenhagen, Courtney Ward, Carmelita Roberts, Lorelei Kenny, Clare Kenny of CHRISTIANITY and CULTURE INSTITUTE Photo: Katie VanLeeweun


Ten UPEI students had the learning experience of a lifetime in Italy in May 2017, thanks to the Saint Dunstan's University (SDU) Board of Governors. The students participated in a course, “Rome: Christianity and Culture,” in the city itself. Planned and organized through the Saint Dunstan’s Institute of Christianity and Culture, the course was led by Dr. Robert Dennis, SDU Visiting Scholar, and Dr. Joe Velaidum, associate professor of religious studies. The students were based in Rome, but they had the opportunity to visit Pompeii, Assisi, Florence, and Siena. During the course, the students examined history, art, and philosophy from early Christianity 22

Winter 2017

Saint Dunstan’s Institute of Christianity and Culture sends UPEI students to Rome through contemporary times in the age of Pope Francis. Chosen through a rigorous vetting process, the students came from diverse faculties including Arts, Business, and Science. The Saint Dunstan’s Institute of Christianity and Culture covered the cost of flights, insurance, on-the-ground transportation, accommodations, guided tours, and entrance fees at historical and cultural sites. The Saint Dunstan’s Institute of Christianity and Culture was created with funding from the SDU Board of Governors. In the fall of 2015, the SDU Board of Governors contributed a $1 million leadership gift to UPEI’s friend- and fundraising INSPIRE!

Campaign, with $400,000 and $100,000 dedicated to engineering and athletics respectively, two of the campaign priorities. The remaining $500,000 was used to create the Institute. “UPEI has made a strong commitment to experiential learning in its strategic and academic plans,” says Dr. Robert Gilmour, Vice-President Academic and Research. “Saint Dunstan’s University, one of UPEI’s founding institutions, was also committed to developing a strong community of fellowship and scholarship since its beginning in 1855. UPEI’s students and academic community are all the better—and stronger—thanks to the SDU Board of Governors’ continued contributions and support.”

Eating gelato by a fountain in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican, anticipating the arrival of Pope Francis. Left to right: Kaylan Ellsworth, Lorelei Kenny, and Bethany Dunn

Dana Kenny aboard the Canada C3, sailing through the Bering Strait.

Alumnus learns on top of the world In September 2017, alumnus and past UPEI Student Union president Dana Kenny participated in the Canada C3 Expedition, an epic 150-day sailing journey from Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage. This project brought together a diverse group of Canadians including scientists, artists, Indigenous Elders, historians, community leaders, youth, journalists, and educators.

The Colosseum in the early evening after meeting the Canadian Ambassador to the Holy See. Left to right: Lorelei Kenny, Bethany Dunn, Dr. Robert Dennis, Dr. Joseph Valaidum

Kenny, a member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council, was on the ship for three weeks as it trekked more than 7,500 km from the Canadian Arctic to the coast of British Columbia via the Bering Strait. Participants served as the eyes and ears for the rest of Canada. Kenny said the expedition took learning to a new level, figuratively and literally, and that he is still processing all that he had experienced.

Winter 2017



Where are they now Andrew Bartlett

(BBA ’92)

Andrew and his wife, Anne Fowler (BA ’90), moved to Halifax in 1994 where he worked with the O’Regan’s Automotive Group until 2001. Andrew then returned to PEI as co-owner and general manager of Experience Hyundai. Since 2006, he has worked as an investment advisor with Scotia Wealth Management. He serves on UPEI’s Board of Governors and Alumni Association, and he is Chair of the Watermark Theatre Board of Directors. He has coached his children in ringette and soccer, recently receiving the PEI Soccer Association’s 2016 Coach of the Year Award. Andrew, Anne, and their three children live in Stratford.

Mike Doiron (Dip. Eng ’87) Mike is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Global Operations for FLEX, one of the world’s largest design and manufacturing subcontract companies. From 1988–1994, he worked at IBM in Toronto and then moved on to other sectors before joining FLEX in 2005 as VP Operations, Americas. In 2013, he worked at Amazon as VP-North America, Regional Operations and Engineering. He returned to FLEX in 2014 and advanced to his current position in the company in 2017. After receiving his engineering diploma at UPEI, he went on to earn a BScEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick, followed by a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Andrea Ledwell (BA ’90) Andrea has spent the last two decades working in design and communications. In 2010, she moved to Iqaluit, Nunavut, for a two-month contract with a northern communications firm. She loved living in the North so much that she stayed for two years. Now back in Toronto, she is the creative director for the Ontario Liberal Caucus at Queen’s Park. She lives in Little Italy with her husband, Jim Gardiner, and their two cats. Andrea and Jim both enjoy getting back home to PEI every summer.

G. Scott Moore, P.Eng. (Dip. Eng ’83) Born and raised in Sherwood, PEI, Scott graduated from UPEI 34 years ago with a Diploma in Engineering. In 1985, he received his BEng (Mechanical) from the Technical University of Nova Scotia. He started his professional career, having worked for Coles Associates Limited on PEI, then Enerplan Consultants Limited in Nova Scotia, followed by CBCL Limited in Nova Scotia. He is currently President of F.C. O’Neill, Scriven & Assoc’s Limited (ONSA), a reputable mechanical and electrical consulting engineering company headquartered in Halifax, NS with a branch office located in Sydney, NS. Scott is active in numerous professional associations and industry organizations and within his community. He enjoys playing hockey and golf and taking vacations. He lives in Dartmouth with his wife Joy and is a proud father of two children, Allyson and Stephen.

Kate VanGerven (BA ’13) Kate served on the UPEI Student Union executive for three years, including one year as president. After graduation, she moved to Ottawa to work on Parliament Hill for Sean Casey, Member of Parliament for Charlottetown. In 2015, she worked on now-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tour team during the Liberal Party of Canada’s federal campaign. After the election in October 2015, Kate joined the Prime Minister’s Office. She currently works in Ottawa as Advance to the Prime Minister and is actively involved with the Ottawa Chapter of the UPEI Alumni Association.


Winter 2017

UPEI knew it all along! PRESIDENT ABD-EL-AZIZ is one of

Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEO’s! On May 17, President Alaa Abd-El-Aziz was named one of Atlantic Business magazine’s Top 50 CEOs—something we already knew here at UPEI. President Abd-El-Aziz thrives on continuous improvement, inspiring those around him to achieve impressive results, and he has a work ethic that is second to none. To fulfil UPEI’s vision for student experience and to support the long-term sustainability of the University, the President has taken an aggressive programming approach. One great example is UPEI’s School of Sustainable Design Engineering. President Abd-El-Aziz pushed forward

in developing and championing the program and in constructing a state-of-the-art 76,000 square-foot building to house the new School, which opened in August 2016. But he didn’t stop there. The School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences was launched in 2016, and in 2017, the program in Applied Communications, Leadership, and Culture within the Faculty of Arts was approved. President Abd-El-Aziz is deeply committed to postsecondary education and to improving students’ experiences and ensuring the long-term stability of UPEI.

PRESIDENT ABD-EL-AZIZ honoured with the

President’s Award for Distinguished Leadership in International Education The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) honoured 11 innovators, leaders, connectors, and emerging stars of international education with its 2016 Excellence Awards. Among them was UPEI’s president and vice-chancellor, Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, who was presented with the President’s Award for Distinguished Leadership in International Education. This award recognizes an “individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the internationalization of Canadian education and/or the international education profession beyond their home institution.”

The award is particularly fitting for President Abd-ElAziz, who travelled from Egypt to Canada as an international student 30 years ago. He is an advocate of internationalization at UPEI, having created the first International Development Relations Office in 2012. He participates in recruitment trips to China, India, South Africa, Brazil, and the Middle East. In just four years, the University’s international student population has increased by 50 per cent, and UPEI students now have the opportunity to study abroad at 60 institutions in 27 different countries. Winter 2017


Athletics and Recreation in


Excellence people

New and improved facilities for Athletics and Recreation Over the past year, a number of amenities have been updated—and new fitness studios built—that make UPEI’s Athletics and Recreation facilities second to none. In August 2016, Member of Parliament for Charlottetown Sean Casey, on behalf of the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for ACOA, joined then-Minister of Workforce and Advanced Learning Richard Brown; Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, President and Vice-Chancellor of UPEI; and Michael O’Grady, Vice-President, Innovation, Enterprise and Strategic Development at Holland College, to announce support that allowed the University to replace its popular turf field. ACOA, through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150) contributed $250,100; the provincial government contributed $250,000 through the Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning; Holland College added $100,000; and the University contributed $250,000 to the replacement project. With funding in place, Team Rochon Inc./GTRturf of Montreal, Quebec was awarded the tender through a competitive process. The project included the removal and disposal of the existing artificial turf and crumb rubber infill as well as the removal and disposal of the top 75 mm of the underlying base material, and the design, supply, and installation of new free-draining crushed rock, base material, and artificial turf. Student-athletes at UPEI enjoyed the new artificial turf at the first Panther home field soccer match on September 23, 2016. In addition to being home to the


Winter 2017

UPEI Panther field hockey and men’s and women’s soccer programs, Island community groups and residents regularly use the multi-sport surface. Over $600,000 in funding was also announced in 2016 for upgrades to the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre. First, the aging wooden bleachers in the gymnasium were replaced with new electronically operated telescopic bleachers, providing safer and more comfortable seating for Panther fans. The gymnasium is also the venue for UPEI’s Convocation ceremonies and other public events. Second, a new two-story, 2,400 square-foot activity and fitness training centre was created out of existing space in the racquetball court area. The new centre features a lower floor to accommodate general fitness classes and an upper-level training area equipped with stationary bicycles and interval training capabilities. The new studios are also available for private fitness classes, such as spin and yoga. The new bleachers and fitness studios were made possible in part by generous support from the Government of Canada. They were officially revealed at the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre Open House on April 1, 2017. “We are excited to showcase our newly renovated fitness studios in addition to welcoming the general public into our facilities,” said Chris Huggan, Director of Athletics and Recreation. “We want as many families and individuals to come see and experience what we have to offer in a quality venue and fitness centre, and our programs and services including fitness classes, recreational programming, event hosting, and our Panther Academy programs.”

Left to right: Jack Kane Sr., Jack Kane Jr., Billy MacMillan, Vince Mulligan

Four hockey icons inducted into UPEI Sports Hall of Fame

The University of Prince Edward Island inducted four hockey icons— Jack Kane Sr., his son Jack Kane Jr., Billy MacMillan, and Vince Mulligan—into the UPEI Sports Hall of Fame on February 11, 2017. Jack Kane Sr., who was inducted posthumously, was revered as a head coach in the forties and fifties for UPEI’s founding institution, Saint Dunstan’s University. The

younger inductees started playing with the Saint Dunstan Saints and then each went on to coach after their playing careers. Jack Kane Jr. coached the Saints from 1965-69, and counted Mulligan and MacMillan on his roster, while Mulligan and MacMillan also both coached. But by then, they led the UPEI Panthers. The UPEI Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 2001 to recognize

Student-athletes recognized at the 48th annual Athletic Awards Gala UPEI’s Department of Athletics and Recreation celebrated the 2016–17 season at the 48th annual UPEI Athletic Awards Gala on Saturday, April 1, 2017, recognizing outstanding student-athletes who have excelled in sport, the classroom, and service to the community. The UPEI Alumni Association’s Outstanding Athlete of the Year awards went to men’s soccer fullback Mark Ashlee and women’s hockey goalie Marie-Soleil Deschenes. A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the inaugural Barb C. Mullaly Memorial Athletic Award in memory of the late Barb Mullaly, former director of athletics at UPEI. It was presented to third-year science student Kelly Green, a member of the women’s soccer team, for her positive attitude, leadership, and mentorship. The event, held at the Rodd Charlottetown Hotel, included studentathletes, coaches, and staff, along with members of the University community, alumni, donors, sponsors, and booster club supporters. Mark Ashlee

Marie-Soleil Deschenes

Kelly Green

individuals who have made significant contributions to the athletic programs at the University of Prince Edward Island, Saint Dunstan's University, or Prince of Wales College. Each year, individual athletes, teams, coaches, and builders are inducted to honour their contributions towards the University's athletic success or community leadership.

UPEI’s Ellsworth named AUS Rookie of the Year for women’s basketball PEI native and dual-sport UPEI Panther student-athlete, Jenna Mae Ellsworth claimed AUS Rookie of the Year honours for women’s basketball at the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Awards banquet in March for the 2016–17 season. She also plays soccer. A five-foot-ten guard from Charlottetown, Ellsworth made an instant impact with the Panthers, starting in 18 games and leading the team in scoring, with an average of 14.1 points per game. She tied for first in the AUS conference in assists, averaging 3.3 per game, and second in steals with 2.8 per game. Along with being honoured as the conference’s top rookie, she earned a place on the AUS all-rookie team and was named an AUS second team all-star. Now into her sophomore year, Ellsworth has already been named UPEI Athlete of the Week for the week of October 2-8 because of her stellar performance at the pre-season Mickey Place Tournament.

Winter 2017

13 27

and Alumni Engagement

in Development


closing in on goal Ray Keenan, Vice-Chair, Experiential and Global Learning; John Horrelt, Vice Chair, Athletics; Gordon MacKay, Campaign Chair; Donna Hassard, Vice-Chair, Veterinary Medicine; Blair MacLauchlan, Vice-Chair, Engineering

Launched in 2015, the INSPIRE! Campaign is UPEI’s major fundraising project. It has four key priority areas—Engineering, Experiential and Global Learning, Veterinary Medicine, and Athletics—that will expand programming, transform the student experience, showcase expertise, and build Panther pride well into the future. The INSPIRE! Campaign will allow UPEI to: >> attract more students through expanded programming and increased scholarships; >> improve student exposure to global education, research, and career opportunities; >> encourage collaboration, innovation, and partnerships with communities around the world; >> raise the profiles of UPEI and PEI as destinations for study, research, development, and investment; >> increase UPEI’s already significant social, cultural, and economic contributions to the province and the region. As of November 1, 2017, $40,353,000 has been raised, bringing us to 81 per cent of our $50,000,000 goal.



Here are some highlights made possible by the generosity of INSPIRE! Campaign donors.


UPEI Women’s Rugby gets new scrum sled An integral piece of equipment, the scrum sled was recently purchased for the UPEI Women’s Rugby Team. “The new scrum sled will allow us to improve technique, strength, timing, and drive in our scrummaging,” said head coach John LaBoyne. “Having a strong scrum allows us to maintain our own ball possession and to compete for a turnover ball from the opposition. Scrummaging is one of the key areas a team needs to dominate in order to win games.” Go Panthers Go!

Rick Hansen and Canada 150 helps UPEI promote Access4All The University of Prince Edward Island was thrilled to announce a $30,000 funding grant through the Rick Hansen Foundation’s Access4All Program, a Canada 150 Signature project aimed at breaking down barriers for people living with disabilities. With the participation of the Government of Canada, this grant funded a “Barrier Buster” initiative that saw the UPEI campus receive infrastructural accessibility upgrades. The project funding was acquired through the INSPIRE! Campaign. A celebration event with Islander and Canadian national wheelchair rugby team member Kristen Cameron was held on campus to promote awareness and highlight the necessity of access for all.

Murphy Family honours mother with gift to UPEI Mrs. Kathleen Murphy, her eight children, along with many of their children and grandchildren, gathered on the UPEI campus recently to view Chaplaincy Centre renovations and a new amphitheatre, which was constructed to honour the memory of all women who attended Saint Dunstan’s from 1945–1969.

Winter 2017

Lucy Maud Montgomery Institute Virtual Reality Experience This summer, Islanders had the opportunity to truly experience the 1883 wreck of the Marco Polo. The five-minute virtual reality experience was developed from the perspective of an eight-year-old L. M. Montgomery, who witnessed the wreck and provided her personal account eight years later in her essay, “The Wreck of the Marco Polo.” Participants donned special goggles to transport them to the July day in 1883 when residents watched the Marco Polo come within 300 metres of the Cavendish shoreline, grounding during a raging storm. The presentation includes an audio component in Montgomery’s “own voice”.

School of Sustainable Design Engineering provides cutting-edge opportunities The UPEI School of Sustainable Design Engineering completed an incredibly successful inaugural year and continues to push the limits of innovation as students settle into their second year in the new building. The INSPIRE! Campaign continues to support the new school and was recently able to purchase a Mach2 Waterjet System, specializing in the cutting of plastic, steel, granite, glass, and other high quality materials. This premium piece of technology will allow our students to perfect their skills and take on more complex projects.

We wish to sincerely thank all of our donors who inspire all of us at UPEI. For more information on the INSPIRE! Campaign, please visit

Memories of

Convocation 2016

The Atlantic Veterinary College launches its own Alumni Association! The new alumni organization for AVC is an affiliate of the UPEI Alumni Association. AVC alumni are automatically members of the association, which offers them opportunities to attend events sponsored by AVC and UPEI, network with industry professionals, stay in touch with classmates and friends, promote the College to prospective students, and mentor current students. The association held its first event— an All-Years Alumni Reunion on July 14—and it was a resounding success! The McCain Foundation Learning Commons at AVC echoed with laughter and conversation as approximately 200 alumni reestablished old friendships and made new ones. Two classes celebrated milestones this summer—the Class of 1992, its 25th anniversary, and the Class of 2007, its 10th anniversary. During the All-Years Reunion, the inaugural AVC Alumni Challenge Cup was presented to the Class of 1992

for having the greatest proportion of graduates to donate $25 or more to the College. This friendly competition was launched earlier in the year to kick off the new association. As well, Dean Greg Keefe presented Dr. Alice Crook, coordinator of the Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre, with AVC’s 2016 Atlantic Award of Excellence in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care. Dr. Crook has been a driving force for animal welfare on PEI, in the Atlantic region, and across Canada. She has been instrumental in the development, management, and growth of the SJDAWC since taking on the role of coordinator in 1994. She was nominated for the award by Dr. Ian Dohoo, professor emeritus of epidemiology. For more information about the AVC Alumni Association, please contact Janice MacWilliam, special events coordinator for AVC, at

Stay in touch! Subscribe to the Panther Connections e-newsletter at Winter 2017 We also enjoy hearing from you. Call (902) 566-0687, or email


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