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President’s Annual Report 2013

M i ssion The University of Prince Edward Island, founded on the tradition of liberal education, exists to encourage and assist people to acquire the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary for critical and creative thinking, and thus prepare them to contribute to their own betterment—and that of society—through the development of their full potential. To accomplish these ends, the University is a community of scholars whose primary tasks are to teach and to learn, to engage in scholarship and research, and to offer service for the benefit of our Island and beyond.

Vi sion The University of Prince Edward Island will be a leader in delivering outstanding experiential learning opportunities that encourage our students to develop their full potential in both the classroom and the community. Driven by discovery, UPEI will be a destination for those eager to advance our world by creating new knowledge. Together, we will foster the development of tomorrow’s leaders who will emerge from their studies ready to excel and contribute to the betterment of our local and global communities.

Va lu e s Accountability and Integrity


Respect and Collegiality

Shared Responsibility

Un i v er si t y of P r i nce E dwa r d Isl a n d Located in Charlottetown, the capital city of the province of Prince Edward Island, UPEI has a rich and vibrant history with roots in two founding institutions—Prince of Wales College (PWC) and St. Dunstan’s University (SDU). The University honours this proud legacy through a growing reputation for research innovation, academic excellence, community engagement, and service—locally, nationally, and internationally. Consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top primarily undergraduate universities, UPEI offers a wide range of programs and degrees to over 4,400 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students from over 60 countries. The University is home to a talented community of educators and researchers including five 3M Teaching Award winners, and 15 funded research chairs—one a prestigious Canada Excellence Research Chair in Aquatic Epidemiology. UPEI’s beautiful campus consists of 28 academic, administrative, residential, and athletic buildings surrounding an historic central quadrangle. UPEI students benefit from outstanding student-faculty interaction, exciting research opportunities, a supportive campus environment, international study exchanges, and over $5.4 million in scholarships. Upon graduation, they join our growing network of more than 22,000 successful alumni—Panthers for Life—who pursue rewarding careers in their chosen fields—demonstrating the value and promise inherent in a UPEI education.

Ta bl e of Con t en t s Message from the President ......................... 4 Future Directions—Progress to Date ............... 5 Strategic Priorities ..................................... 6 Facts and Figures ....................................... 7 Results of Operations ........................... 7 Students ............................................ 8 Campus Community ............................. 10 Research ............................................ 10 Donor Support ..................................... 11

Points of Pride ........................................... 12 University of Prince Edward Island Leadership .. 24 Board of Governors .............................. 24 Senate ............................................... 25 Administrative Structure ...................... 25 Annual Donor Report .................................. 26

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“Our vision is straightforward: we want our students to reach their full potential within their classrooms and communities.”

Me ss age f rom t h e P r e si den t In 2012–2013, UPEI focused on positive change in support of student opportunity and achievement, and collaboration with our partners and communities. Our vision is straightforward: we want our students to reach their full potential within their classrooms and communities. Creating pathways for students to develop both knowledge and skills is essential to achieving this goal. Engaged scholarship and experiential and active learning are key. UPEI’s proposed Bachelor of Science in Engineering program is an example of our commitment to growing experiential learning for the benefit of our students. The program is being developed on a project-based, industry-focused model that requires students to work in partnership with industry, campus, and community. In addition to advancing learning opportunities, UPEI’s commitment to evaluate the programs and experiences we offer students, and the ways in which we offer them, is vital. Over the past year, we have worked to address issues unique to a post-secondary institution, as well as those presented by the larger environment. This report demonstrates our progress and reflects the dedication and achievements of our talented students, faculty, and staff through a selection of their accomplishments. In doing so, it illustrates UPEI’s ongoing commitment to excellence and our determination to advance the initiatives needed to achieve our vision for the long-term success of our students and University. This report also recognizes the continuing involvement and generous support of our community of donors and friends whose dedication to UPEI is transformative for our institution. On behalf of the University, I am honoured to express our deepest appreciation for their outstanding commitment. UPEI is at a pivotal point in transforming its future. As a University, we are acutely aware of the challenging and changing landscape within higher learning. Based on widespread consultation over the past two years, we continue to plan and progress in the development of the UPEI Strategic Plan and supporting documents that outline our University’s future direction and measures of success. This framework will enable UPEI to make responsible, informed decisions, while delivering a growing level of accountability to our stakeholders as we pursue our mission of teaching, research, and service. At UPEI, we are eager to reach our full potential. We continue our efforts to become the university of choice for more students from Prince Edward Island, other Canadian provinces, and around the world. And we are excited by the opportunity to deliver the quality education and experiences our students need to succeed in a demanding and dynamic future.

Alaa Abd-El-Aziz President and Vice-Chancellor

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University of prince Edward Island

F u t u r e D ir ec t ions—P ro gr e ss t o Dat e (August 31, 2013) Throughout 2012–13, UPEI advanced in the development of its Future Directions initiative and its goal of building a shared sense of purpose and direction in respect to UPEI’s future. Work on the draft strategic plan continued in 2012, with input being provided by key stakeholders throughout the year. Additional feedback was solicited from the campus community in late August and into the fall of 2013. The feedback provided will add further value towards development of the UPEI Strategic Plan that will be reviewed by the UPEI Senate and Board of Governors in late 2013. The development of a comprehensive UPEI Future Directions Strategic Planning Framework will add related planning and scorecard measures. Upon approval by the Board of Governors, this strategic road map will lead UPEI’s pursuit of priorities over the next five years in an effort to fulfill our potential by succeeding through transformation. The final stage of the Future Directions process will take place in 2014. It will consist of framework implementation and evaluation of planning on an ongoing basis.

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St r at egic P r ior i t i e s

STUDENT EXPERIENCE Improve student learning and experiences by examining what— and how—we teach in support of UPEI’s vision of becoming a leader in experiential learning

VIBRANT COMMUNITIES Make UPEI a centre that fosters the development and growth of our people and the engagement of our communities

EXPLORATION AND DISCOVERY Develop an increasingly integrated research culture that reaches further into our classrooms and communities

LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY Achieve growth to ensure a thriving sustainable future

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University of prince Edward Island

Fac t s a n d F igu r e s

Results of Operations Operating Revenues (%) (year ended April 30, 2013) 1.9


51.9 26.8


 Operating Grants  Tuition and Fees  Ancillary, Sales, Service, and Other  Donations Operating Expenditures and Interfund Transfers (%) (year ended April 30, 2013)


4 32

5 10 71


 Salaries and Benefits  Supplies and Other  Capital and Financing Costs  Scholarships and Bursaries  Utilities  Professional Fees and Travel  Repairs and Maintenance Complete audited financial statements are available under the subject heading, “UPEI Financial Statements,” at

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2012/2013 STUDENT ORIGIN (%)

UPEI offers its students a quality education, competitive tuition, and a unique learning experience. Enrolment has grown steadily over the years, reaching a high of 4,567 students in 2011/12. In the fall of 2012, a decline in UPEI enrolment (4,477) reflects the beginnings of predicted demographic challenges in the region. Positive enrolment trends in the fall of 2012 for full-time, firstyear registrations in arts, business, and science include an increase of 26 per cent in the number of students attending UPEI from other provinces, and an increase of 19 per cent in the number of international students.

12.4 17.8 69.8

  

Prince Edward Island Other Canadian Provinces International

undergraduate and Graduate ENROLMENT HEADCOUNT
























Total Headcount*






Total FTE**






Regional Demographic Challenge Projected Population Aged 18-24 NS, NB, PEI, Canada: 2012–2025 (MPHEC)

*Headcount = # full-time + # part-time. **FTE = # full-time + (# part-time ÷ 3)

PEI High School Graduates Who Choose UPEI year

Between 2012 and 2025, the 18-24 age group is projected to shrink by

total grads

grads attending UPEI






21.1% in Nova Scotia





20.3% in New Brunswick





19.6% in Prince Edward Island









This would mean 34,900 fewer people in the typical university age range in the Maritimes in 2025.

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University of prince Edward Island

Undergraduate enrolment by faculty (%) (Fall 2012) 2012 FALL HEADCOUNT BY GENDER (All Years) UNDERGRADUATE















































16.9 29.3

Professional Programs (DVM and Education)


1225  Science  Arts 1220  Business 702  Education 270 264  Nursing 244  Veterinary Medicine Unclassified/Conversion Certificate 240  Includes total full-time/part-time undergraduate and professional program headcounts












Faculty of Arts






Faculty of Science






School of Business






School of Nursing







National Baccalaureate Graduate Outcomes Survey Class of 2007 in 2012

Professional Faculty of Education






Faculty of Veterinary Medicine






Twelve per cent of UPEI graduates earned additional credentials at a college by 2012. Ninety-five per cent of UPEI graduates are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their UPEI degree. Ninety-one per cent of UPEI graduates are working, over 80% of whom are in jobs “very related” or “somewhat related” to their degree program.

Scholarships and Bursaries Awarded

Graduate Masters
























The University of Prince Edward Island creates a yearly UPEI By the Numbers update following the release of regional enrolment numbers by the Association of Atlantic Universities. The most recent version is available online at

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Campus Community UPEI is a close-knit university with extensive links to the broader community. With over 4,400 students enrolled at UPEI from over 60 countries, and more than 800 faculty and staff employed, our provincial University makes an important contribution to the social, cultural, and economic fabric of Prince Edward Island.

Human Resources (April 30, 2013)


Employment level Permanent Faculty

building space 246

Term Faculty


Permanent Staff


Term Staff


Total Employees*


Academic/Research/ Administrative/Recreation/Other Residence


796,179 210,000


• Number of buildings: 28 Land holdings (PEI) Charlottetown campus

*Note—2013 going forward: Report does not include casual employees, sessional instructors, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows (fellowship stream), student employees, or employees on leave. Included in faculty count are Faculty Association 1, Faculty Association 2, and librarians.

square feet

acres 136.5





*Does not include washrooms, hallways, mechanical rooms, etc.

Research UPEI is an important centre of research excellence in Atlantic Canada, and is home to 15 funded research chairs, including the prestigious Canada Excellence Research Chair in Aquatic Epidemiology. The University manages millions of dollars in research expenditures annually. Individual and collaborative research is centred within three main areas: environment, health, and community and culture. YEARS

To read UPEI’s research blog, visit

2012–2013 • Research commercialization: 5 invention disclosures, 1 patent application, 1 new license, 6 WORKSHOPS/INDUSTRY INTERACTION SESSIONS • Research Chairs: 1 Canada Excellence Research Chair, 7 Canada Research Chairs, 7 Endowed/sponsored Chairs

Research Income











Source: Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO).

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University of prince Edward Island

Donor Support The Department of Development and Alumni Engagement (formerly the Department of Advancement) at the University of Prince Edward Island strives to sustain UPEI’s future success by securing private philanthropic support and fostering donor-centred relationships. Donor support enhances the UPEI student experience and strengthens the University’s ability to achieve its mission and potential. The following information provides a financial review of support received during the fiscal year 2012–13.

Donations by area (%)

4.2 14.8


24.4 27.2

 Student Support*  Special Programs & Projects  Capital  Education & Research  Unrestricted TOTAL

$1,229,316 $1,136,186 $1,020,673 $ 616,628 $ 173,17 1 $4,175,974

*Scholarships, bursaries, and awards

Donations by Donor (%) 6.4

5.1 3.7 26.9




 Foundations $1,123,808  Corporations $1,089,881  Alumni $ 930,742  Community Organizations $ 398,919  Campus Community* $ 265,673  Friends $ 214,010  Estates $ 152,941 TOTAL $4,175,974

*Contributions from full-time, parttime, and retired/former faculty and staff, Board of Governors, honorary degree recipients, and on-campus organizations. Donors from this group who are also alumni of PWC, SDU, or UPEI are included under the alumni category.

On behalf of the University, our students, faculty, and staff, thank you to our many generous donors who have made gifts to our Annual Fund, capital campaigns, and other areas of importance, and who established endowments and awards, and planned gifts. Your thoughtfulness and leadership have generated funding for student support, capital needs, educational programming, and research. UPEI is grateful that you continue to make your University a giving priority.

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013


Poi n t s of P r i de


Welcome Day at UPEI Excitement was high as the University welcomed hundreds of new students and their families to campus during UPEI’s first New Student Orientation (NSO) Welcome Day. Staff and faculty from service areas and academic departments, as well as NSO student leaders organized by the Student Union, were on site to help first-year students “one-stop-shop” all things UPEI as they transitioned to the university environment.

Sister Sue Kidd, Pride the Panther

Celebrating Founders The University honoured its rich heritage and traditions during the 13 th annual Recognition of Founders ceremony. Over 100 people attended the event to recognize the 2012 Founders—three individuals who contributed to the University in an exceptional way: Heather Love, Don MacCormac, and Dr. Lawrence Heider, recipient of The Honourable Eugene F. Whelan Green Hat Award, which pays tribute to individuals who have had a significant impact on the Atlantic Veterinary College.

Heather Love, Don MacCormac, Dr. Lawrence Heider

Prince of Wales College Memorabilia Showcase PWC alumni and friends gathered in UPEI’s Robertson Library to display and donate PWC items to the University, and to reconnect over conversation and refreshments. For nearly 40 years, the Library’s Archives and Special Collections Unit has been collecting, preserving, and sharing unique materials relating to the province and the University. The collection includes memorabilia related to PWC’s vital contribution to PEI’s heritage of higher learning. View the collection online at

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 12

University of prince Edward Island

Our Caring Community The Teddy Bear Clinic is a popular component of the annual Atlantic Veterinary


College (AVC) Open House as children bring in beloved stuffed toys for treatment by AVC students. This year, UPEI Nursing students held their own Teddy Bear Clinic for kindergarten classes at Westwood Primary School in Cornwall. The children learned about health care in a friendly environment as each “bear” was weighed and examined. The nursing students had an opportunity to apply their skills in communicating with children, health promotion, and teaching.

UPEI Sports Hall of Fame The UPEI Sports Hall of Fame recognizes individual athletes, teams, and


builders who have made significant contributions to the athletic programs at the University of Prince Edward Island, St. Dunstan’s University, or Prince of Wales College. UPEI football defensive star Hubert “Sock” MacDonald and UPEI basketball star Jennifer Moore (née Johnston) were inducted into the Hall of Fame during the third annual Sport Legacy Celebration. Fifty-seven Canadian Interuniversity Sport Academic All-Canadian student-athletes from Hubert “Sock” MacDonald, Jennifer Moore

the 2011–12 varsity season were also recognized, as were winners of named financial awards.

Collaborative Research Space Through its Leaders Opportunity Fund, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation awarded $250,000 to UPEI toward refurbishment of existing space at the K.C. Irving Chemistry Centre to house a new collaborative research laboratory for the University’s growing expertise in macromolecular chemistry.

New CT-Scanner for the Atlantic Veterinary College The Atlantic Veterinary College purchased a CT-scanner with the assistance


of funding provided by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. The only full-service veterinary teaching hospital in Atlantic Canada, AVC continues to improve the facilities it offers to clients, students, and faculty. The CTscanner, designed for both large and small animals, expands client services and enhances research capability in areas such as bone grafting, orthopedic transplants, and stem-cell healing.

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MacLauchlan Prizes for Effective Writing UPEI celebrated the MacLauchlan Prizes for Effective Writing at the University’s first annual event in recognition of the importance of effective writing as a foundational skill for academic success and lifelong learning. The award— presented to 39 students and one faculty member—was established in 2011 by the MacLauchlan family to honour H. Wade MacLauchlan’s contributions to the University and his 12 years of service as UPEI president and vice-chancellor.


Prize winners with President Emeritus H. Wade MacLauchlan

Engineers PEI Awards Two members of UPEI’s staff and faculty received recognition awards at the Engineers PEI annual banquet. David Taylor, UPEI’s Manager of Environmental Services, received the Engineers PEI Award for Environmental Excellence. Stephen Champion, Assistant Professor of Engineering, was presented with the Engineers PEI Ralph L. Woodside Memorial Award for Service to the Profession. Professor Champion is a key player in the ongoing development of the engineering program at UPEI.


John Greenan, Professor Stephen Champion

UPEI Celebrates 25 Years as First .ca Domain Name On January 12, 1988, the University of Prince Edward Island registered its website through the .ca registry, becoming the first-ever .ca domain name. The director of UPEI’s first computer centre, Jim Hancock, was the UPEI delegate at a meeting of representatives from 10 Canadian universities—“online pioneers”—who brought the Internet to Canada.

Faculty of Arts Continues a Culture of Writing and Publishing 2012 titles include Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino and Anna Baldacchino, A Taste of Islands: 60 Recipes and Stories from Our World of Islands; Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino, ed., Island Songs: A Global Repertoire; Dr. Ann Braithwaite, Dr. Catherine M. Orr, and Dr. Diane Lichtenstein, eds., Rethinking Women’s and Gender Studies; Dr. Sarah Glassford and Dr. Amy J. Shaw, eds., A Sisterhood of Suffering and Service: Women and Girls of Canada and Newfoundland during the First World War; Dr. John McIntyre and Dr. Miranda Hickman, eds., Rereading the New Criticism; Dr. Richard Raiswell and Dr. Peter Dendle, eds., The Devil in Society in Premodern Europe (Dr. Raiswell is also an editor of a new academic journal, Preternature: Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural); Dr. Richard Lemm, ed., Riptides: New Island Fiction (shortlisted for an Atlantic Book Award).

Dr. Sarah Glassford, Dr. Richard Raiswell, Dr. Ann Braithwaite, Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino, Anna Baldacchino, Dr. Richard Lemm, Dr. John McIntyre

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University of prince Edward Island

UPEI Works to Assist Indigenous Youth and Communities of Southern Chile


UPEI was one of 15 Canadian universities selected to receive funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (formerly CIDA) to implement projects of direct benefit to people in need, in partnership with institutions and organizations in developing countries. UPEI’s five-year project is delivering tangible results—a unique school and customized curriculum—to people living in Chiloe, Chile.

International Development Week UPEI celebrated its 12th annual International Development Week. The theme was “The Role of Youth in Global Collaboration for Sustainable Peace and Development.” Events included presentations by the Honourable Mobina S. B. Jaffer, Senator for British Columbia, and Dr. Douglas R. Brown, Director of Agriculture and Food Security at World Vision International. International awards and scholarships were also presented International students Hongshen Han and Maria Pestana with the Honourable Mobina S. B. Jaffer

during the week. Yinze Dai received The Dr. Vianne Timmons International Student Award.

Prince Edward Island Legislative Documents Online A partnership between the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, the Public Archives and Records Office, the Prince Edward Island Public Library Service, and UPEI’s Robertson Library has resulted in a new website—Prince Edward Island Legislative Documents Online (PEILDO). The site provides access to the Journals of the Legislative Assembly (1894–present), a rich collection of material covering almost 120 years of PEI’s political, social, and economic development. The Robertson Library is committed to an “open” philosophy in developing home-grown, in-house digital collections and services, working with other PEI cultural and heritage institutions through its program.

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MARCH 2013

Mental Health Week UPEI held its first annual Mental Health Week designed to educate participants and challenge stigmas surrounding mental health. The week included the installation of a mural created by eight young people who have experienced psychoses. The mural portrayed their experiences through paintings, posters, and words. The installation was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Co-investigators Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Canada Research Chair in Child/Youth Cultures and Transitions, UPEI Faculty of Education, and an adjunct research scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and Dr. Katherine Boydell, Senior Scientist in Child Health Evaluation Sciences at the Hospital for Sick Children, have shown the mural to, and discussed it with, over 5,000 young people in high schools across Canada.

CIS Rookie of the Year UPEI men’s basketball guard Deontay (DJ) Smith was named Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) and Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Rookie of the Year for the 2012–2013 season. He was also named an AUS first team All-Star. Smith is the first UPEI athlete and only the second player from the AUS conference to receive the Dr. Peter Mullins Trophy that recognizes the top rookie of the year in CIS basketball action.

Deontay (DJ) Smith

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 16

University of prince Edward Island

Panther Men’s Hockey Star Jordan Knox Recognized at the National Level

MARCH 2013

Jordan Knox received the 2012–2013 Canadian Interuniversity Sport Dr. Randy Gregg Award for excellence in hockey, academics, and community services. He also received an Academic All-Canadian Jordan Knox

mention in each of the four seasons he played in the Atlantic conference.

UPEI Introduces Experience U (XPU) Experience U (XPU) is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), delivered on Facebook, and open to anyone—prospective students, supportive parents, high school teachers, or interested observers who are eager to engage and connect with some of the key concepts that make the university experience unique. XPU provides a platform for students to chat with peers and faculty members, receive answers to questions, meet great people, and make connections with classmates before classes even begin.

Physics Students Take Home Honours Two UPEI undergraduate physics students were awarded top honours at the 2013 Science Atlantic Physics and Astronomy Conference, held at the Université de Moncton. Logan Montgomery won the Science Atlantic Science Communication Logan Montgomery, Taylor Dunn

Award, and Taylor Dunn won the ACEmat Award in Computational Modeling of Materials.

UPEI Wind Symphony The UPEI Wind Symphony, comprised mostly of UPEI music majors, is well known for its innovative programming and is critically acclaimed for its exceptional standard of performance. The symphony tours throughout the region during the academic year to provide its membership with varied performance experiences and share its music with a very appreciative wider community. In 2012-2013, performances were held in Charlottetown, Montague, Summerside, and Saint John, New Brunswick.

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APRIL 2013

Recognizing Athletic Achievement—UPEI Athletics Awards UPEI Athletics and Recreation celebrated its 44th year by recognizing student athletes at the annual UPEI Athletics Awards ceremony. The Alumni Athletes of the Year Awards went to Marina MacAulay (field hockey) and Jimmie Mayaleh (men’s soccer). MacAulay began her career with the Panthers by being named AUS Rookie of the Year and ended the season as a CIS second team All-Canadian. Jimmie Mayaleh finished the 2012 regular season tied for third in the league in scoring and in overall points. He was a first team AUS

Jimmie Mayaleh, Marina MacAulay

All-Star and a CIS second team All-Canadian.

The Gordon & Muriel Bennett Award: Marina MacAulay The W.A. Ledwell Award and the James Bayer Nomination: Jordan Knox Passion for Life Award: Julia McKenna Most Valuable Player awards: Julie Lannon, women’s soccer; Jared Murphy, men’s soccer; Marina MacAulay, field hockey; Jaleesa Villard, women’s rugby; Emily MacEachern, women’s basketball; DJ Smith, men’s basketball; Zachary Laustsen, swimming; Wayne Savage, men’s hockey; and Jaime Lynn Donaldson, women’s hockey

Rookie of the Year awards: Melissa Richardson, women’s soccer; Ibrahima Sanoh, men’s soccer; Katherine Koughan, field hockey; Rebecca Chapman, women’s rugby; Darcy Zinck, women’s basketball; DJ Smith, men’s basketball; Rooské Wagemakers, swimming; Tyler Brown, men’s hockey; and Marie Soleil Deschenes, women’s hockey

Spirit awards: Brian Smith, men’s rugby; Danielle Stewart, synchronized swimming; Melanie McKenna, cross country; Malary Schurman, women’s volleyball; Jane DiCarlo, curling; and Brittney Doucette, junior varsity hockey


Congratulations to UPEI’s 2013 Sport PEI Award Winners! Panther Pride! The UPEI women’s hockey team was named the SCORE! Team of the Year at the 2013 Sport PEI Awards. The team won its first-ever Atlantic University Sport (AUS) Championship in 2012 and went on to compete at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport Championship. The coach of the women’s hockey team, Bruce Donaldson, received the Sport PEI Coach of the Year Award. Earlier in the year, he was named AUS 2012 Women’s Hockey Coach of the Year. UPEI swimming star Janet Gamble received the Bell Aliant Senior Female Athlete of the Year Award. She won four medals (three gold and one silver) at the AUS Championship, breaking two AUS records in the process.

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University of prince Edward Island

Engineering Design Expo This year, first-year engineering students worked with the Island

APRIL 2013

farming community, and second-year students worked with various clients on engineering challenges. Engineers PEI judged the students’ projects at the annual Engineering Design Expo to determine which team best demonstrated professionalism, understanding of the client’s problem, and an ability to effectively explain their designs to the general community. The 2013 Engineers PEI Team Design Award was presented to second-year team members Nathan Palmer, Tyler Palmer, and Daniel Ugwuja, and to first-year team members Beth Giroux, Daniel Larsen, John Livingston, and Harold MacDonald.

School of Business Case Teams Continue to Excel in Competitions UPEI School of Business teams placed second (Michelle Clow, Josh Hayden, Justin Lank, and Kelcy McNally) and third (Katie Adams, Rebecca Cole, Colin Cornish, Patrick MacIntyre, and Cearagh Vessey) in the Atlantic Throwdown Case Competition held in Halifax. For the third consecutive year, UPEI retained the challenge trophy awarded to the team with the highest cumulative total points. The Throwdown is designed to give third-year business students their first taste of competitive case analysis. Earlier this year, students Parker Baglole and Ryan Cassidy placed first in the ethics section of the 35th annual Inter-Collegiate Business Competition—Canada’s premier undergraduate business case competition. As well, a UPEI case competition team, comprised of fourth-year business students Alex Whalen, Mary Whitrow, John Williams, and Isaac Townshend, won the right to Alex Whalen, Mary Whitrow, John Williams, Isaac Townshend

compete internationally in the Network for International Business Schools 2013 Worldwide Case Competition in Leuven, Belgium.

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APRIL 2013

UPEI and Holland College Cooperate in Research and Development and Commercialization Dr. Robert Gilmour, Vice-President Research at UPEI, and Dr. Audrey Penner, Director of Adult Education, Learner Supports and Applied Research at Holland College, signed a memorandum of understanding related to cooperation in research, commercialization, partnerships with industry, grant proposals, intellectual property development and protection, and sharing of facilities. The institutions also agreed to work together to review grant applications, negotiate contracts, and conduct

Dr. Robert Gilmour, Dr. Audrey Penner

compliance reviews.

MAY 2013

Faculty and Staff Presidential Recognition Awards of Merit The 2013 Presidential Recognition Awards of Merit honouring outstanding performance and dedication to students and the community, and the 25-year Service Awards, were presented at a special ceremony held on May 6. Faculty and librarian award recipients: Teaching—Dr. Susan Dawson, Dr. James Polson, Charlene VanLeeuwen; Scholarly Endeavours—Dr. Godfrey Baldacchino, Dr. Dany MacDonald, Dr. Larry Hammell, Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Dr. John VanLeeuwen; Service— Dr. Sheldon Opps. Staff award recipients: Campus Spirit—Mr. Rocky Paquet; Exemplary Service—Virginia Sheehan and Gerard Burge; Volunteer and Community Service—Roland MacSwain; Support of Student Success—Anne Bartlett.

President and Vice-Chancellor Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, Gerard Burge

Nursing Students Promote Healthy Lifestyles A number of courses offered within the School of Nursing at UPEI contribute directly to the promotion of health in our province through the placement of nursing students within PEI schools and public health offices. Throughout the year, nursing students are involved in school health fairs, smoking cessation and sexual health programs, and the development of school health weeks and mental health awareness information.

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 20

University of prince Edward Island

UPEI Congratulates Record Number of Graduates at 2013 Convocation

MAY 2013

Over 950 graduates received degrees, diplomas, and certificates at UPEI’s 2013 Convocation ceremonies. Honorary degrees were conferred upon business leader and volunteer Fred Hyndman, humanitarian and community activist Marie Burge, science educator and entrepreneur Regis Duffy, and environmental expert Diane Griffin. The Governor General’s Medal (graduate) was awarded to doctor of philosophy degree recipient Fernanda Dórea and the Governor General’s Medal (undergraduate) was awarded to bachelor of science (honours) degree recipient John Paul Larkin.

UPEI Faculty Members Recognized Faculty Recognition Night, co-sponsored by the UPEI Faculty Association and the Office of the President, honours the winners of the Hessian Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Merit Award for Scholarly Achievement. Retiring faculty members and those who have served UPEI for 25 years or more are also recognized at the event. Hessian Award recipients in 2013 were Dr. Janet Bryanton, Nursing, and Dr. Edward Gamble, Business. Merit Award recipients were Dr. Carlo Lavoie, Modern Languages; Dr. Robert Hurta, Dr. Carlo Lavoie, Dr. Robert Hurta, Dr. Henrik Stryhn

Biology; and Dr. Henrik Stryhn, Health Management.

13 Graduate at Special Convocation in Iqaluit Twelve Inuit education leaders from Nunavut and one from Nunavik graduated with a Master of Education Leadership degree from UPEI at a special Convocation held in Iqaluit. Two respected Elders, knowledge-keeper Donald Uluadluak, and community leader Rhoda Karetak, were presented with honourary degrees. This was the second cohort of UPEI Master of Education graduates in Nunavut.

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013


MAY 2013

Qualitative Research Lab Receives Canadian Foundation for Innovation Funding The Qualitative Research Lab (QRLab) at UPEI received phase II funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Leaders Opportunity Fund. The QRLab, founded in 2009 with phase I funding from the CFI, provides equipment for the collection of field data, along with facilities to analyze, prepare, and disseminate materials. This second-phase funding expands the ability of the lab to collect and mobilize digital and visual media. It also expands research space to allow for a broader range of collaborators. Under the leadership of Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Canada Research Chair in Child/Youth Cultures and Transitions, the QRLab is a focal point of research excellence at UPEI. Projects from the faculties of Education and Arts, as well as the schools of Business and Nursing, use the lab to conduct qualitative research in new and innovative ways.

Debbie MacDonald, Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Ruby Madigan, Manuel Muñoz Millalonko (on screen, via Skype), Dr. Luis Bate, Valerie Campbell

Climate Research Lab UPEI’s Climate Research Lab, under the leadership of its director, Dr. Adam Fenech, conducts, facilitates, and hosts research and science on the vulnerability and adaptation of the environment to past and future climate change. The lab offers a new and valuable tool for researchers who require climate projections for any location on the planet. Raw data downloaded from 40 global climate models has been translated, analyzed, verified, and converted into a usable dataset for researchers.

Dr. Adam Fenech

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 22

University of prince Edward Island

UPEI Music Students Nationally Recognized Two UPEI music students—Morgan Wagner and Emily Emberton—were

MAY 2013

nationally recognized after placing second and third, respectively, in the Canadian Music Educators’ Association’s Kenneth Bray Undergraduate Essay Competition. This year’s competition attracted 30 submissions from across Morgan Wagner

Emily Emberton

Canada. The competition was judged in a blind review process by a panel of 10 nationally recognized scholars in the field of music education.

UPEI Celebrates Distinguished Alumni The UPEI Alumni Association presented its annual awards as part of its summer reunion weekend. The Honourable J. Armand DesRoches, SDU’63, was the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award, and J. Paul S. Young, BSc’02, BScR’07, MBA’12, received the Inspiring Young Alumni Award. The Distinguished Alumni Award commemorates a graduate for his or her outstanding contributions to knowledge, the arts, the community, the University, or humanity. The Inspiring Young Alumni Award honours a J. Paul S. Young, Honourable J. Armand DesRoches

graduate, under the age of 40, who has shown outstanding determination in achieving success at a young age.

Suzanne Conquers The Strait UPEI fifth-year student and swim team member Suzanne Nicholson


successfully swam the Northumberland Strait to raise funds for her team. She set a fundraising goal of $10,000 and raised $11,000 through her Suzanne Nicholson

initiative. Nicholson is a UPEI swimming record-holder, and a dedicated and inspirational Panther athlete.

Associate Professors in the Department of History Lead National Research Associations Two faculty members within UPEI’s Department of History took office as presidents of their respective national research associations. Dr. Edward MacDonald began his second year as president of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association, and Dr. James Moran his first Dr. James Moran, Dr. Edward MacDonald

year as president of the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine.

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013


U n i v e r s i t y of P r i nc e E dwa r d I s l a n d L e a de r sh i p

Mr. W.E. (Bill) Andrew

MR. Tom Cullen

Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz

Chancellor of UPEI

chair, Board of Governors

President and Vice-Chancellor

Board of Governors Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz (President and Vice-Chancellor)

Mr. W.E. (Bill) Andrew (Chancellor) Ms. Alicia Bremner Mr. John A. Buchanan Dr. David Buck Dr. Barbara Campbell Mr. Tom Cullen (Chair of the Board) Dr. Linnell Edwards Mr. Scott D. Harper Mr. Ron Keefe

(September 1, 2012) Dr. Nebojsa Kujundzic Ms. Nicole Lane Mr. Andrew MacPherson Ms. Elizabeth Maynard Dr. David McKenna (Chair, Appeals Committee)

Dr. Brian McMillan Mr. Shawn Murphy (Chair, Property and Asset Management Committee)

Dr. Carolanne Nelson Mr. Duncan Shaw (Chair, Development, Fundraising, and External Relations Committee)

Mr. Pat Sinnott (Chair, Finance and Audit Committee)

Dr. Lowell Sweet Ms. Margo Thompson Ms. Kate VanGerven Mr. Xuan (Frank) Zhou

Ms. Lynn Murray (Vice-Chair of the Board, Chair, Human Resources Committee)

UPEI will be known for the quality of our education, and for exceptional student experiences and outcomes.

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 24

University of prince Edward Island


(September 1, 2012)

Ex Officio Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz (Chair of Senate)

Dr. Don Desserud Mr. Alan Duncan Dr. Robert Gilmour Dr. Rosemary Herbert Ms. Kathy Kielly (Secretary of Senate)

Dr. Christian Lacroix Mr. Mark Leggott Ms. Pat MacAulay Dr. Deborah MacLellan Ms. Jackie Podger Dr. Don Reynolds

Dr. Miles Turnbull Ms. Kate VanGerven Dr. Brian Wagner

Ms. Anastasia Smallwood Ms. Jessica Willis

Alumni Representative Mr. Walter Bradley Board Representative Dr. Linnell Edwards Students Mr. Robert Déziel Ms. Margaret Doyle Ms. Danielle MacDonald Mr. Matt MacInnis

Elected by the Teaching Faculty Dr. David Buck Dr. Barbara Campbell Dr. Lisa Chilton Dr. Gary Conboy Dr. Sue Dawson Dr. Ian Dowbiggin Dr. Reuben Domike Dr. Kathy Gottschall-Pass (Vice-Chair of Senate)

Dr. Nebojsa Kujundzic

Dr. Frances Gray Dr. Gil Germain Dr. Richard Lemm Dr. Gordon MacDonald Dr. Amy MacFarlane Dr. Jane Magrath Dr. Laurie McDuffee Dr. Jean Mitchell Dr. Sheldon Opps Dr. LeeAnn Pack Dr. Cathy Ryan Dr. Jim Sentance Dr. Marva Sweeney-Nixon Dr. Suzanne Thomas Dr. Kate Tilleczek

Replacing senators on sabbatical: Dr. Pamela Bastante, Dr. Edward MacDonald, Dr. Don Wagner

Administrative structure


(September 1, 2012)   


       - 

   - .  

   - 

  

 

 

  - 

 &   *

  , .

  

  

   /  

 &  


  

 

 

 

  

 

  

 

  

   & 

   

 

  * 

Official visitor to the university: Honourable H. Frank Lewis, Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Prince Edward Island

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013


A n n ua l D onor R ep ort D onor R ecog nit ion—Ma y 1, 2012–A pr il 3 0, 2013

The University of Prince Edward Island is pleased to include our Annual Donor Report as a component of the 2013 President’s Annual Report. It is appropriate that our donors—vital members of the University community—are recognized and thanked in conjunction with the achievements of the University they so proudly support. In the pages that follow, you will find the names of over 2,000 people and organizations who have made the University of Prince Edward Island a philanthropic priority—investing in the future of our students and consequently the success of our community. As UPEI continues to focus on excellence in teaching, research and service—thereby advancing our mission and strengthening our impact at home and around the world—the University gratefully acknowledges the foresight and commitment of our donors. In 2012–2013, donors to our University established 28 new funds that support scholarships and awards. Other generous individuals volunteered their time and expertise. Many donors and volunteers contribute year after year. Some of our most recent graduates—our youngest alumni—are already giving back. The donor lists that follow demonstrate the extent of our community’s commitment to UPEI. A few examples of these outstanding individuals and groups precede the listings.

UPEI SUPPODRonor TED thank you Rory Beck Friends and Family In 2012 friends and family honoured the memory of the late Roderick (Rory) Beck by creating The Rory Beck Outstanding Academic and Athletic Leadership Award. The award reflects Beck’s passion for sports and his belief that education and community service are critical components of a meaningful life. The award is granted each year to the graduating student who has displayed the most outstanding dedication to athletics, academics, leadership, and campus spirit throughout post-secondary undergraduate studies at the University of Prince Edward Island. During the 2013 afternoon Convocation ceremony, UPEI women’s hockey player Jaime Lynn Donaldson was named the first recipient of this award. A great leader on and off the ice, Donaldson demonstrated excellence in both academics and athletics. She was captain of the women’s hockey team, a member of the AUS Championship team, recipient of an Academic All-Canadian award, and was involved in numerous charitable events and fundraisers, including the RBC “Newcomers Play Hockey” program and the UPEI Paderno Challenge Cup.

Jaime Lynn Donaldson with Rory Beck’s wife, Gaylene (second left), and sons Dylan (left) and Jacob (right). Missing from photo is son Luke Beck.

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 26

University of prince Edward Island

Marylou Hughes Marylou Hughes is an active UPEI alumna, volunteer, donor, and visionary—an engaged and valued member of the University community. Her generous contributions of time, energy, and financial support enhance the student experience at UPEI, and her positive presence is strongly felt across campus. Marylou attended UPEI as a mature student and worked diligently to maintain her status on the UPEI Deans’ List, and as a leader and mentor in her class. She was one of the first female mature students to graduate from UPEI with a BSc. She pursued a career in audiology, contributing to the Island community in the field of research and clinical practice devoted to the study of hearing disorders, assessment of hearing, hearing conservation, and aural rehabilitation. In addition to fulfilling the demands of her chosen profession, Marylou has volunteered countless hours as a UPEI alumna, Marylou Hughes

including serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors and representing the Alumni Association on the UPEI Senate.

The Keefe Family Legacy at UPEI All nine sons and daughters of the late Genevieve and Leonard Keefe of Kinkora, PEI, are graduates of UPEI. Thirteen grandchildren have also studied at the University. In the fall of 2011, the Keefe family was deeply saddened by the passing of their daughter and sister Colleen. To honour Colleen’s memory and the significant contribution she made during her career in human resource management, her brothers, Left to right: Janice (BA’84), Greg (MSc’95), Marion (Clorey) (MEd’05), Brian (BBA’74), Terry (BBA’78), Ron (BBA’79), Colleen (Malone) (BBA’71), Blair (BBA’83), and Leonard (BBA’71). Seated is their mother Genevieve.

sisters, and her husband Leonard Malone (BBA’72) chose to contribute to their alma mater by establishing a scholarship in Colleen’s name. Their generous gift established an endowed scholarship and supports the University and its students into the future.

The Calgary Friends of UPEI The Calgary Friends of UPEI originated in 1997 when a small group of graduates from SDU, PWC, and UPEI attended a reception arranged by UPEI at the Calgary Petroleum Club. Since that time, The Friends, headed by Calgary real estate lawyer Bill LeClair (BBA’70), have held a popular annual dinner and The 2012 Calgary Friends of UPEI reception was enjoyed by an enthusiastic group of alumni and friends. Left to right: Myrtle Jenkins-Smith with UPEI alumni Denise McGowan, Shirley Wright, Mandy Lise McKenna, Scott MacKay, and Bryan Howard.

(902) 566-0761

silent auction that has raised more than $840,000 and provided numerous scholarships and bursaries to Alberta students attending UPEI. In 2012–2013, nineteen students from Alberta were studying at UPEI with the support of The Calgary Friends of UPEI awards.

Subscribe to the Panther Connections e-newsletter at

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We thank the follow ing f r iends, alumni, fac ult y, s taf f, and s t u dent s of the Univers it y of P r ince E d ward Island, who g ive generou sly to thi s ins t it ut ion. Ever y cont r ibut ion s up p or t s the v i s ion of U PEI.


honour roll

The Lifetime Honour Roll recognizes individuals, corporations, and foundations whose cumulative gifts to UPEI have exceeded $1,000,000. Their tremendous generosity supports life-changing research, scholarships that recognize excellence, dynamic and relevant academic programs, and enhanced facilities that offer state-of-the-art learning environments. Bill & Denise Andrew Regis & Joan Duffy Fred & Shirley Hyndman Arthur & Sandra Irving Marjorie E. MacLauchlan and Family Margaret McCain Norman E. Webster and Family

Corporations, Organizations, Foundations & Estates The Christofor Foundation Don and Marion McDougall Foundation The Eric T. Webster Foundation

Estate of Ruby Rogers Di Iorio Estate of Mary Eileen (McMillan) Fulford Estate of Evelyn Matheson Fondation J.-Louis Lévesque IBM Canada Ltd. The Irving Foundation

R. Howard Webster Foundation The Sir James Dunn Foundation St. Dunstan’s University Board of Governors UPEI Students The Windsor Foundation Wyatt Foundation

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

visionary society members Members of the UPEI Visionary Society are donors who have a vision for a better future through education. By confirming a gift to UPEI in their estate planning, they express their confidence in our University and make a positive choice to leave a lasting legacy at UPEI. Anonymous (18) Doris M. Anderson Bill & Denise Andrew Shirley N. Beck Claude & Bernice Bell Picton Bilodeau Graeme & Alberta Boswall David Brennan Tracey A. Comeau Bruce & Patricia Craig Vera Elizabeth Dewar E. W. Scott Dickieson Jean T. Diver Bruce & Carmel Donaldson Regis & Joan Duffy

Mary Eliot Elizabeth R. Epperly Nancy Field & Eric Cook David Frid Frank & Cathy Gillan Roger & Alison Gordon Margaret Grant Richard & Donna Hassard The Haviland Club of Charlottetown Sean Hennessey & Roberta MacDonald E. Ralph Hostetter Marylou N. Hughes Joanne Ings Kevin Lewis

Glenn Loranger Susan Loucks Harry & Anne Love Dunstan MacDonald & Heather Henry MacDonald Janet M. Macdonald H. Wade MacLauchlan Marjorie E. MacLauchlan Carol & John MacLeod Andrew & Janice MacPherson David Mason Dale Mattock & Bill Robertson Betty & Claude Maurice Margaret McCain Don & Marion McDougall

Sandra McFarlane Peter Meincke donalee & Myrtle Moulton Barbara C. Mullaly Margaret F. Munro Norma Murphy Ray & Carolyn Murphy Timothy & Lola Ogilvie James S. Palmer Alan & Patsy Scales Rundell & Beatrice Seaman Roger Sinclair Stewart & Ardeth Smith Phillip Watts & Andrea Scott Christopher & Sylvia Wright

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 28

University of prince Edward Island

list of donors

May 2012–April 2013

Founders’ Society

Chancellor’s Circle

Fred DeLory Vera Elizabeth Dewar Regis & Joan Duffy The Gray Family Ann McCain Evans Don & Marion McDougall James & Barbara Palmer Norman & Pat Webster

Tim Banks & Carrie MacNabb Eric Butler & Suzanne Rocca-Butler Allan & Judy Curran Sylvia Dauphinee Tim & Sally Goddard Richard & Donna Hassard Ron & Susan Keefe Harry & Anne Love John C. Macdonald Peter Meincke Bob and Verna (Coffin) Nutbrown Mary Roscoe Murphy Robertson

$25,000 +

Corporations, Organizations, Foundations & Estates The Calgary Friends of UPEI The Canada Life Assurance Company Canadian Federation of University Women Centre for Veterinary Epidemiological Research (CVER) The Christofor Foundation The David and Faye Sobey Foundation The Donald R. Sobey Foundation Equine Foundation of Canada The Eric T. Webster Foundation Estate of Amy Alberta Blanche Darrach Estate of C. Jean (Ross) MacKay Estate of Peter J. Tremblay Estate of Irene Wyand Fondation J.-Louis Lévesque Grant Thornton Great-West Life Assurance Company Harrison McCain Foundation The John and Judy Bragg Family Foundation The McCain Foundation R. Howard Webster Foundation Rathlyn Foundation The Sir James Dunn Foundation The Sobey Foundation St. Dunstan’s University Board of Governors The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation Wise Option Inc.


Corporations, Organizations, Foundations & Estates APM Estate of Gysbertus (Bert) Loo Estate of Evelyn Matheson Estate of Justin McKean Health PEI Moonlight International Foundation The Nichola Goddard Foundation Inc. The Pegasus Family Foundation, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation Stewart McKelvey Wesley and Mary Nicol Charitable Foundation Zoetis

President’s Circle


Anonymous (1) Frank Gillis Lawrence Heider Sean Hennessey & Roberta MacDonald Blair Keefe Marion Keefe Clorey & Douglas Clorey James & Frances Lovering The MacDonald Family

Leonard Malone Paul McKenna & Pamela Power McKenna Terry & Nora McKenna Michael Moore & Jennifer Johnston Moore Margaret Munro Kevin Murphy D. Jill Parkinson & Cynthia Blanchard Harry E. Snow Debbie Tanton

Corporations, Organizations, Foundations & Estates Engineers PEI Estate of Father Allan Francis MacDonald Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada, Inc. Killam Properties Inc. PEI Marine Mammal Stranding Network PEI Mutual Insurance Company Procter & Gamble Inc.

Deans’ Circle


Anonymous (6) Virginia Affleck Doris Anderson George & Nora Bagnall Ronald J. Baker Ross J. Beatty Gordon & Jane Beck Bernice & Claude Bell Quentin Bevan Francis W. P. Bolger Graeme & Alberta Boswall Sandra Brehaut Alicia Bremner David Brennan Catherine Callbeck Barbara & Gordon Campbell Brad & Erin Campbell Donna & Ian Campbell Grant Canvin & Barb Stevenson

Wayne Carew Angela Carpenter Sheila Caseley J. Charles Cheverie Wayne & Terri Cheverie Sandra L. Clark Walter Clark Glenda Clements-Smith G. Dennis Clough Daniel Coffin Sherri Coldwell Carolyn Collins Hans Connor Ernest Corrigan Kathryn Corrigan Tom & Beth Cullen David Currie Tom & Eleanor Davies Paul & Susan Deighan Beverly Diamond Bruce & Carmel Donaldson Jo-Anne Doyle Knysh Lawson & Eileen Drake Mary Eliot Gary Evans G. K. Farmer Barbara Flanagan Earl D. Foster Geoffrey Francis Drew Fraser Christopher R. Gallant Michael & Kathleen Garrett Mary (Donovan) Goodfellow John & Nancy Goodwin Jim Gormley & Suzanne Copan Patricia Gray Gerard & Elizabeth Greenan Larry Hammell & Norma Guy Neil Handrahan Robert & Mary Hannaberry Richard Harding Yousef Hashmi & Julie Scales Dorris Heffron Gauer John Hennessey Michael & Aletha Hennessey G. Philip Hooper John & Kim Horrelt Brian & Heather Howatt

Names of alumni are bolded.

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013


Tracey Hubley Allan Hughes & Mary Beth MacLean Marylou Hughes Elise Hynes Lara Jamieson William & Tara Judson Kent Kaufield Greg & Debbie Keefe John Keefe Robert Keefe Kevin & Kimberley Ladner Gerry & Joanne Lajeunesse Jim & Helen Larkin Lynda Leader Peggy Leahey William (Bill) LeClair J. R. Long Glenn Loranger Sue Loucks Wes & Connie MacAleer Jeanette C. MacAulay Bruce Macdonald Colin F. MacDonald Dunstan MacDonald & Heather Henry MacDonald Ellen Macdonald John R. MacDonald John B. MacDougall Phil & Sharyn MacDougall Donald & Marion MacKenzie Scott MacKenzie & Joy Bell MacKenzie H. Wade MacLauchlan Brian MacLean Carol & John MacLeod David Madren Laura Mair Shawn & Joanne McCarvill Kevin & Carole McCarville Rod & Lorraine McDonald Desmond J. McIvor John & Margaret McQuaid Patricia Mella Tanya Miller Gerard & Mary Mitchell Cathy Morgan & Philip Smith Heather Morrison Perlene & Brian Morrison Danny P. Murphy Murray Murphy & Carla Turner Shawn & Yvette Murphy Lynn Murray Peter Murray T. Jock Murray Errol & Edith Nicholson Stephen O’Brien Rick O’Donnell

Rosemary O’Malley-Keyes Mark & Kathleen O’Rourke John T. Orr Nancy K. Orr Leah & Leonard Park Linda & Donald Patton Donald Pickard Holly Pike Brian & Sheryll Pound Tom & Hilda Power Ronald & Donna Profit David & June Sanderson Nora Scales Aleta Schmah Rundell Seaman Florence E. Simmons Bev & Shirley Simpson Roger Sinclair Gerry & Anita Smith William & Carol Stanish Shauna Sullivan Curley Ted Tam Brian & Kathy Thompson Helen Thomson Vianne Timmons Bill Tinney Ann Weir William Whelan & Michelle Cottreau George & Velma Wright Betty Anne Younker

Corporations, Organizations, Foundations & Estates AVC Class of 2012 AVMA Professional Liability Insurance Trust Aboriginal Survivors for Healing Inc. Alumnae Association - PEI Hospital School of Nursing Andrews Hockey Growth Programs Atlantic Provinces Veterinary Conference Boomburger, Inc. CUPE Local 1870 Can-Tech Construction Ltd. Capital Honda Carthy Foundation Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada Certified General Accountants Association of PEI Confederation Bridge Limited Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Martha Cornwallis Veterinarians Limited Cox & Palmer

D.P. Murphy Inc. The Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island DeltaWare Systems Inc. East Coast Veterinary Group Limited Elanco Animal Health Estate of Errol Hancock Estate of Leo and Reta (Coady) MacIsaac Estate of Jeanne Mingo-Doiron Estate of Austin A. Scales Federal Superannuates National Association - Charlottetown Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. Halifax Veterinary Hospital Limited Hardtime Harvesters Heirs of LM Montgomery Inc. Holstein Association of Canada Institute of Chartered Accountants of PEI The Insurance Company of PEI Intervet Canada Corporation Island Diagnostic Imaging Associates Kiwanis Club of Charlottetown Maritime Electric Co. Ltd. Merial Canada Inc. Metro Credit Union Ltd. New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association Newfoundland & Labrador Veterinary Medical Association Newman Estate Winery Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association Novartis Animal Health Canada Inc. Oromocto Veterinary Hospital Ltd. PEI BioAlliance PEI Literacy Alliance PEI Retired Teachers’ Association PEI State Council Knights of Columbus PEI Teachers’ Federation PEI Veterinary Medical Association PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund Padinox Incorporated Parade Street Animal Hospital Ltd. Peake & McInnis Limited The Polyclinic Professional Centre Inc. Prince Edward Island 2014 Provincial Health Services Authority Purity Dairy Limited Queen Elizabeth Hospital Auxiliary Inc. Results Marketing & Advertising Rotary Club of Charlottetown Inc. Royal Commonwealth Society SDU Class of ‘54

Sisters of Notre Dame Convent Southern Animal Hospital Summa Strategies Canada Inc. Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Inc. Sunrise Consulting Inc. Toronto Community Foundation Vetoquinol Vogue Optical

Green & White Circle


Anonymous (2) Alan Anderson David & Colleen Arsenault Andrew & Anne Bartlett Boyde Beck & Anna MacDonald Norman Beck & Sharon Douglas-Beck Stirling & Maureen Breedon Earle Bruce Kerby & Shirliana Bruce Jessica Cady Roy & Maida Campbell John Carr & Connie MacKay-Carr Sean & Kathleen Casey Michael & Mary Jane Cassidy Ann Cauty Donald & Anne Cheverie Denton & Janet Clark H. Reuben Cohen George V. Curley Rosemary Curley Terry & Jane Curley Wayne & Marion Cutcliffe Dirk deGraaf & Anna Cairns Robert DeHaan Kenneth & Anne Marie DesRoches Ernest J. Doiron Bill Dolan Toby & Ailsa Emo Robert & Dorothy Forsythe Vernon & Glenda Frizzell Julien & Dolores Gaudin Frank & Cathy Gillan Noreen Gillan Roger & Alison Gordon Linda Green Dolores Griffin Jim Griffith & Jean Ives Robert Hanf Jonathan Hart David Head Frank Hennessey Maureen Hennessey Patrick Hennessey

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 30

University of prince Edward Island

Dawn & David Hooper Fred & Shirley Hyndman John Hyndman Basil & Joy Ikede Catherine Innes-Parker & Kim Parker Janice M. Keefe Leonard Keefe Terry & Janice Keefe Lennie Kelly William & Dawn Kerr Kathleen Kielly Bob King Christian & Anna Lacroix Peter & Stephanie Lawlor Geoffrey Lindsay Don & Mary Ling Simon Lloyd Teresa Loucks-Gray & Bruce Gray Albert MacDonald Glen Macdonald Jessica MacDonald Joanne & Mark MacDonald Ray & Janey MacDonald Marilyn MacLean Deborah A. MacLellan Ian & Dorothy MacLeod Kathleen M. MacMillan Rena McAdam Terry McCormack Kathie McNally & Thane Craig Stan & Eileen Moore Norma Murphy Shannon Murray & Gerald Wandio Timothy & Lola Ogilvie Kent Ostridge Ken & Heather Parry Lori Pendleton Russell & Janet Pickard Ryan Pineau Cory & Patricia Power Jeff Praught James Reddin Michael Roche Kevin Rossiter Marilyn & Ted Sceles Michael & Patricia Schurman W. Maynard Shaw Gerald Sherry Vaughn Smith & Myrtle Jenkins-Smith Verner & Nancy Smitheram Jeff & Cara Squires Lonnie States Darryn Steeves Larry Stordy Joseph & Marjorie Trainor Doreen Van Toever

John Walsh Phillip Watts & Andrea Scott Steven Zakem & Anne Crisell

Corporations, Organizations, Foundations & Estates Banfield, The Pet Hospital Bayer Inc. The Canadian Kennel Club CDMV Inc. Coles Associates Ltd. COWS Inc. Dispomed Ltd. Federation of PEI Municipalities Halifax Kennel Club Hooper Farms Hyndman & Company Ltd. Kays Wholesale Law Society of Prince Edward Island MacDougall Steel Erectors Inc. MacLean Funeral Home Swan Chapel Orwell Corner Historic Village PEI Association for Community Living Inc. PEI Nurses’ Union PEI Provincial IODE PEI Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association Policy Intel Prince County Hospital Auxiliary Psychological Association of PEI Rolf C. Hagen Inc. Society of Management Accountants of PEI Theatre Studies Program The Toronto-Dominion Bank UPEI Department of Mathematics and Statistics UPEI Graduate Student Association

Panthers’ Circle


Anonymous (9) Callum V. Beck Roy & Elizabeth Boswall David & Joanne Brown Alex Bruce Max & Sheila Callaghan Grace Cameron David A. Campbell Margaret Carruthers Norman & Diana Carruthers Janice Coffin Annabel Cohen

Tracey A. Comeau Michael & Nancy Connolly Lewis & Carmelita Creed Reed Cudmore Eddie Curran & Joanne MacKinley Curran Gerald R. Cutting Susan P. Dalziel Patricia Dawson Ann Dean Arnett Dennis E. W. Scott Dickieson Robert Doiron John A. Driscoll Scott & Ruth Edgett Greig Estabrooks Nola Etkin Allison Farmer Scott & Gail Ferris Catherine Flanagan Sean & Cara Flanagan Richard & Mary Lou Fraser Vernon & Glenda Frizzell Anthony & Rebecca Gill Katherine Gottschall-Pass Bob Gray & Earlene McKinnon-Gray Kent Green Gil & Nancy Grimes Heather Griswold Judith Hagerman Tom & Betty Hall Menna & Steve Handrahan Harold Hay & Mary Argyle MacIsaac Kelly Hodder Lucille Hogg Bernard & Johann Holland Peter & Melissa Hooley Greg & Susan Howard Joe Hoyt Sherri L. Ihle Danica Jackson-Park Owen F. Jay Paul F. Johnston W. Baird Judson Richard & Jean Julian Robert Kelley & Inge Dorsey Rick & Jane Kennedy Keith Kennific Gerry Lawless Bill & Dorothy Leask Linda Lowther Charlie & Lorraine Lund Cecil & Elaine MacDonald Edward MacDonald & Sheila Lund MacDonald Peter J. MacDonald & Bonita M. (Watts) MacDonald

Joseph C. MacGillivray David & Janet MacGregor Breanne MacInnis Dan & Carolyn MacIsaac Jane MacIsaac John & Nancy MacIsaac Shaun & Heather MacIsaac Stephen MacIsaac Myron & Diane MacKay Randy MacKinnon & Paulette Soloman Lacey MacLauchlan Linda & Al MacLean Debbie MacLellan Janice & Andrew MacPherson Colleen MacQuarrie John & Rebecca Masuhara Carol A. Mayne John & Camilla McAleer Darcy McCourt Heather (Ling) McGillivray David McInnis Wilbert & Mary McInnis Kathleen (Roach) McKay David & Ann McKenna Kenneth McKenna Leonard & Bonnie McNally Patricia McQuaid Alfred & Anne Morais Mary Cameron Morneau James Murtagh Mabel Musgrave-Comeau James Noonan Peter & Stephanie Noonan Lyndon Oulton David & Nan (MacIsaac) Perry Greg & Dianne Peters Ernest A. Prowse Jim & Brenda Randall Daniel Revell Pete Richard Boyd Richards Laurie Richardson Neil & Patricia Robinson Wilbert Rooney Tracy Rose Jonathan Ross Harold Saint John Scales Kent & Inger Scales Wayne Scott Arthur & Marion Shama Leonard Shea Alan Simpson David Sims & Orysia Dawydiak Alan Sinclair John Smith

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013


Kinsey & Joan Smith Mandy Smith Ivan St. Julien Kyle Stevenson Jennifer Taylor Hubert Tersteeg Jason Thompson Richard (Dick) Tingley Miles Turnbull Stuart & Annabel Veale J. Ian Vessey Lynda Walker Birt Maurice Walsh Stan & Elizabeth Warwick Lori E. Weeks Cheryl Wenn Gordon & Lola Westdahl William Whelan Earl & Eunice Wonnacott Jerry Woolfrey & Debbie Good Carmencita Yason Fairley Yeo Marion Younker Sally Younker

Corporations, Organizations, Foundations & Estates Anonymous (2) Department of Health and Wellness Dr. Alfred Morais Professional Corporation Fundy Veterinarians Ltd. HRA Management Inc. IODE Royal Edward Chapter The Lakes Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Sherwood Parkdale Rangers Soccer Club Swim PEI TD Canada Trust (Charlottetown)

Friends’ Circle

up to $249

Anonymous (117) Gale Abbey Ron Abrahams Joseph Acorn Robert & Alta Acorn Brian & Janet Adams Carl Adams Diane Adams Valerie Adams Murray & Nick Murray Lynda Affleck David Aitken

Yoshiko Akamatsu Berit Andersen John Anderson Basil & Susan Andrew George & Joyce Andrew John & Christine Andrew Dulcinea Andrews Kevin & Susan Andrews Deborah & Mike Annear Abby Arbing Susan Arbing Adele Arsenault Donald Arsenault Marie Arsenault Peggy Arsenault Samuel Arsenault Jocelyne Arteau-Laforest Gladys Ascah Shannon Atkins Tammi Jo Auld Hannah Austin Nadene Axworthy Owen Aylward Myrna Babineau Leone Bagnall Yun Bai Grant & Kim Bain Jacqueline Baird John & Jean Baird Godfrey & Anna Baldacchino Adam & Sonya Balderston Clive & Myrna Balderston Gideon Banahene Derwin Banks Alan Banman Kevin Barbour Rose & Mike Barbour Yvonne (MacKean) Barbour Wilfred Barlow Sherri Barrett Allan Bartlett Bettie & Don Bayrak Lynne Beairsto Hazel Beckwith Dale Beebe Barry & Constance Beers Hannah Bell Kathryn Bell Lea & Mary Bell Leonard & Cecelia Bell William Bell & Kathleen Killen Jean-Marie Bellavance Scott & Peggy Bender Edward & Beverley Benson Donelda (MacDonald) Bertling Robert Bertram Travis Bertram Dean Bevan

H. Wayne Bevan Laura Bevan Trevor Bevan Jelal Bikey Wilbur & Barbara Birt Bill Bishop Amanda Blake Maurice Blake Amanda Blakeney & Tyler Gallant Alf & Christine Blanchard David Blanchard Yvette Blanchard Mary Boland Patricia Boland Colleen Bolger Ronald Bolger Kendra Bonjokian Frank Bostwick Andrew Boswall Glen Boswall Dennis Boudreau Mark Boulter JoAnne Bourinot Chesley & Linda Boutilier John & Manuela Boutilier Mike Bowick & Joanne Peters Gail & Dennis Boyce Ronald Boyce & Susan Thomson Kelly Boyd Alan Boyle John & Katherine Boyles Robert Bradford Cecil Bradley & Anne Corrigan Joseph Bradley Tyson Bradley & Susan Hume Bradley Walter & Janet Bradley Joseph Brazel Donna Briand Duane Briand Adam Brimacombe Laurie Brinklow Ian Brisbin & Andrea Hill Leo & Evangeline Broderick Ruth Brouwer H. Blair Brown Kent Brown & Linda MacDonald-Brown Kirk & J’Nan Brown Rod Brown Mary-Lynne Bruvels Marlene & Lloyd Bryenton Alan G. Buchanan Alena Buchanan Ebo Budu-Amoako Steve Burden Irene Burge John Burka Andrew Burke

Holly Burke Robin Burke Victoria Burke Willard Burke & Karen McKenna Burke Crystal Burrows Todd Byers James Cain Jane Caines William Cairns Bernard & Shirley Callaghan Bill Callaghan Colby Callaghan Linda M. Callaghan Bonita Cameron Brian Cameron John & Carol Cameron Richard & Karen Cameron Sandra Cameron Tim Cameron Adele Campbell Andrew & Bernadette Campbell Betty Campbell Clarence Campbell Colin Campbell Greg Campbell Helen Campbell Kenneth & Judy Campbell Malcolm & Mary Campbell Richard & Jacinta Campbell Tracey Campbell Patricia Canning Francis Cantara Linda Carey-Reese Darrell Carr Douglas Carr Mildred Carr Gaylene Carragher Michele Carragher Ronald & Cindy Carragher Tim Carroll Wendy Carroll Susan Carruthers Shelley Carter-Rose Amy Lou Caulier Sergiu Cavalgiu Arthur & Donna Cawley Alan Champion Kimberley Champion Diana Chandler Donald & Karen Chandler Paul & Elaine Chessman Leo Cheverie Karen Chin Ronald Chinery Guy Chretien Isabelle & Gerard Christian Laurene Clark

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 32

University of prince Edward Island

Phyllis Clark Richard & Carla Clark Sharon G. Clark William Clark Felicia Clarke Rick & Judy Clarke Leo Clarkin Greg Clayton Lesley Clement Lynne Clow Michael Clow Gerald Coady Ken Coady Peggy Coady Compton Betty E. Cobb Gordon Cobb Edgar Coffin Virjene Cole Shelley Cole-Arbing Dave Coleman Todd Collicutt Chad & Jennifer Collins Brad & Rachel Colwill Neal Connaughton Timothy Cook Deborah Cooke Randy Cooke Kelly Cooper Evelyne Copeland Catherine Copp Tom J. Corcoran Angie Cormier Kevin Cormier Nicole Cormier Whittaker Cormier Jacques A. Coulombe William E. Cousins Christine Couturier Bob & Cora Cox Virginia Crabbe Jessie Craig Joanne Craig Sylvia Craig Cindy Crane Walter Creaser Robert & Sheila Crockett Alice Crook M. Lynn Crosby Kevin Crossland & Michelle Askew Douglas & Frances Cudmore Edna Cudmore Jamie Cudmore Timothy Cullen John & Glenda Cummings Michael & Shelley Cummiskey Paula Cunningham Don Currie Neally Currie

Andrew Cutcliffe Catherine Daley Donna L. Daly Nalda J. Dalziel Isabelle D’Amour Satadal Dasgupta Craig Dauphinee James & Carol Davis Kenneth Davis Barbara Deacon Wendell Deagle Tom & Claudia DeBlois Marla Delaney Louis Delvallet Doug & Mildred Dennis Jason Denomme Edward Derby Paul & Sandra Derby Armand & Judie DesRoches Brian & Phyllis DesRoches Gary & Leanne Devine Michael Devine Nadine Dewolfe & Keith Ford Ernie Diamond Heather Diamond John R. Diamond Orville Diamond Catherine Dillon Carl Dingee Alexander Dixon Carol Dobson Mary Lou Dockendorff Siegmar Doelle Kay Doherty Ian & Susan Dohoo Gloria Doiron J. Kenneth Doiron Jason Doiron & Natasha Gunn Doiron Leanne Doiron Leo B. Doiron Louise Doiron Marsha Doiron Trude & Joe Dolphin Reuben Domike Marie Donahue Jacqueline Doran-MacLeod Adam Doucette Ann Doucette Olivia Doucette Alan Douglas Bonita & Wayne Dover Evelyn Dover Jessie Dow Shane Dowling Steven Dowling Jean Down Percy Downe Desi Doyle & Bethany Egan

Garry Doyle & Dianne Bradley Mary Doyle Pat Doyle Lisa Doyle-MacBain Robert Driscoll Charles & Anna Duffy Colin Duffy Desmond Duffy Joe Duffy Jean-Denys Dufresne Margaret Dumont Alan Duncan Jerry Dunn Sharon Dunn Stephen & Joanne Dunne Gary Dunning Ernest Dunsford Courtney Dwyer Louise Dwyer Kimberly Dyment Michael & Catherine Edward Darlene Eldershaw Mamdouh M. Elgharib Gregory Ellard Thomas Elliott Brian O. Ellis Gordon & Janice Ellis Howard Ellis Lynn Ellsworth Elizabeth R. Epperly Amanda Estabrooks Eileen & Russell Ewing Jennifer M. (Ivany) Ewoldt John Simeon Farmer L. Diane Farquharson Chance & Nikki Farrell Robyn Faulkner-MacDonald Kathleen (Lappin) Fava Ethan & Chelsea Fenton Malcolm Ferguson Susanne M. Ferguson Betty Ann Ferris Meghan Ferris John & Deborah Ferruolo Melanie Fishbane Charles Fisher Vince & Karen Fisher Steve Fitzgerald Gerard & Bernie Fitzpatrick Joan P. Fitzpatrick John Fitzpatrick Patricia Fitzpatrick S.J. Fitzpatrick Stephen M. Fitzpatrick Ron & Linda Flahaven Eileen Flanagan Helen Flynn Albert & Judith Fogarty

Shane Foley Darryl Ford & Janice Campbell-Ford Kent Ford & Charlotte Stewart Frank & Patricia Fowler Rory & Ann Francis Clarence Fraser Gary Fraser James & Ursula Fraser Mandel Fraser Andrea & James Friars Roger & Francine Frigon Andy & Tanya Frost Kathleen Furness Corena (Steele) Gairns Alexandra Gallant Anthony & Jaclyn Gallant Barry Gallant & Lori Toombs Edgar Gallant J. Glen Gallant Jean Gallant Kathie Gallant Lawrence & Arlene Gallant Mabel Gallant Mel Gallant Michael Gallant Norman Gallant Amanda Gallant-Champion Olga Gamble Sondra Gantner Mary Gard Ronald Garrett James & Patricia Garrity Verna Gass M. Joyce Gaudet Ralph Gaudet Amber Gaudette Roxanne Gaudin David Gauthier & Laurie Burdett Maurice Gauthier Pius Gauthier Rachelle Gauthier Jeanne Gauthier-MacKenzie Alice E. (Callaghan) Gazeley Roberta Gee Dana Getto Dave & Mary Gillis Don & Judy Gillis John Gillis Leonard Gillis Robert Gillis & Irene McCardle Robert F. Gilmour Janice Gladney Anne Gladney Jenkins Lorna Glover June E. Godfrey Kenneth Godfrey Mabel Godkin Nancy Godkin

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013


Michael & Bonnie Goguen Doris Gormley Malcolm Gorrill Rozanna Gorveatt-Flynn Alex Grant Danny & Marian Grant Elizabeth Grant Vincent Grant Frances Gray Claire Greenan James Greene Diane & Kevin Griffin Lorraine Griffin Parker Grimmer & Heather Stevenson Grimmer Kenneth Gunn Linyuan Guo Raymond Hache Frances Hancock Earl Handrahan John & Sharon Handrahan John Hanley William Harper Betty Harris Kelly Harris Marilyn Harris Walter Harris Randy Hartt & Suzanne Bulman Michael Hawrylak Thomas Hayden Sharon Hayes James Hayward Raymond Heartz Wanson Hemphill Jean Hender Erland Henderson Lisa Hennessey John Henry Norah Henry Rosemary & Ron Herbert Shawn Heron Blair & Velma Herring Clifford & Norma Herring Arnold Hickey Bruce & Sandra Hickey Bruce Hickey James Hickey Renee Higginbotham Betty L. Hill Larry & Eliz Hillier Donald Hills Margery J. Hiltz Leslie & Elise Hiscott Nicole Hobbs Klaus & Marilyn Hofmann Debbie & Shayne Hogan Elizabeth Hogan Jane Hogan

Rhoda Hogan Heather Holdway Carolyn Hollis Walter Holloway Pat Honeyman Gregg & Lois Hood Angela Hopkins Barrett W. Horne Eileen Howatt Heather & Kenneth Hubley Garth Huestis Lyall & Patricia Huggan John Hughes Hang Hui Henry Hung Dawn Huskins-Towns Ronald & Gwendolyn Ihle Pieter Ijsselstein Adam Indewey Darren Ings Ronald Irving & Daphne Butler Irving Judy D. Irwin Robert Irwin Travis Irwin Emily Jackson Ronald & Virginia Jackson Amber Jadis Todd James Adam Jay Ron & Veronica Jeffries Daniel Jenkins & Kim Griffin Frances Jenkins Gary Jenkins Graham Jenkins Kevin Jenkins Ann Johnson Lynne Johnston Ryan & Kyra Johnston Sharon & Gerry Johnston Suzanne Johnston Caroline Jones Collins Kamunde Diane Kays G. & H. Keast Samuel Keats Sally Keefe Cohen Ethel Keenan Margaret Keizer Ryan Keliher Eric & Sheila Kelly James Kelly Linus & Brenda Kelly Shane Kelly Ora Kendall Betty Ann Kennedy Carole E. Kennedy Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy & Carrie Gleason-Kennedy Ralph & Gail Kennedy Tanya Kennedy Russell & Stacey Kerr Jennifer Keyte Gladys Kickham Erin Kielly Jean Kimpton Ken & Laurie King Barry & Joan Kneabone Heather Knox Gemma Koughan Ellen & Theo Kouwenberg Karen Kunelius Barb Lacey Jennifer Lacey John Lacey Pamela & Peter Ladell Mark & Gloria Ladner Wayne Ladner Daniele Lagace Hon Lam Carman Lai Melody Lajoie Bethany Lane William & Miriam Lank Paul Lannan Rob & Kelly Lantz Ernest & Robin Anne Larkin Steven Larkin Edward & Agnes Laughlin Tom & Roxanne Laughlin Shirley Lawson Audrey Lea Chris & Tamara Leary Angela LeBlanc Paula LeBlanc Christopher Leclair Myrna Leclair Allan Ledgerwood Ambrose Kwok-Yau Lee Jason & Suzanne Lee Neil & Wanda Legge Gillian Lenentine Patricia Leslie Rosalind Leslie Kevin Lewis Wei-Ching & Hsey-Er Lin Byron Lindsay Kathy Ling Kay Linkletter Paul Livingston Katherine J. Livingstone Stanley M. Livingstone Kellie Lockhart Pamela Logan Bill & Judy Lougheed Heather R. Love

Linda Love Nancy Lovering Phyllis Lowther Scott & Sandi Lowther Dawn Lund Parker J. Lund Donna Lyle L. Robert Lymburner Brian Lynch Timothy Lynch Ivan & Marion MacArthur Jason & Susan MacArthur Anne MacAulay Edward B. MacAulay James MacAulay Ron & Elizabeth MacAulay Melonie MacAusland Chris MacBeath Malcolm MacBeath & Valerie Herring-MacBeath Don MacCormac Noel MacCormac Albert & Wendy MacDonald Alexander MacDonald & Barbara MacLeod Andrew & Nancy MacDonald Arthur MacDonald Blair R. MacDonald Cameron MacDonald Colin & Vicki MacDonald David S. MacDonald Dean MacDonald Deborah MacDonald Emmett J. MacDonald Frank MacDonald Frederick J. MacDonald Gary MacDonald Gerald MacDonald Gordon MacDonald Hubert J. MacDonald Ian & Deborah MacDonald Ian L. MacDonald Jack MacDonald James B. MacDonald Jodi MacDonald Johnathan MacDonald Karen MacDonald Kate MacDonald Kenneth & Elaine MacDonald Kenneth & Lorraine MacDonald Leo MacDonald Matthew MacDonald Menadora MacDonald Mervin & Debbie MacDonald Paul MacDonald Peter MacDonald & Sarah Rigley Reg & Liz MacDonald Ronald F. MacDonald

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 34

University of prince Edward Island

Sandra (Stewart) MacDonald Scott MacDonald Scott MacDonald & Elizabeth Maimon-MacDonald Walter MacDonald Wendell MacDonald Wilfred & Janet MacDonald Brent MacDougall & Elizabeth Yeo Dan MacDougall Frances MacDougall Kenny & Alison MacDougall Franklin MacEachern June (Bowman) MacEachern Keith MacEachern Paul & Judy MacEachern Don B. MacEwen Harvey & Anne MacEwen Hollis MacEwen Maureen MacEwen David B. MacFadyen Gordon S. MacFadyen Kaye MacFadyen-Ross Alex MacFarlane & Linda Dolan Barbara MacFarlane Jill MacFarlane Darren MacGregor Mary MacInnis Sarah MacInnis Chelsea MacIntyre Joseph MacIntyre Peggy I. MacIntyre Vernon MacIntyre William MacIntyre Gerry MacIsaac Jane MacIsaac Dana MacKay Davida MacKay Garth & Liane MacKay Krista MacKay Morgan & Lisa MacKay Wayne & Janice MacKay Lois MacKay Thurgood Donald K. MacKenzie Gail MacKenzie Brian & Dora MacKinley Blair MacKinnon Ellen MacKinnon Jill MacKinnon John & Patsy MacKinnon Joy MacKinnon Joyce MacKinnon Laura MacKinnon Lesley MacKinnon Marion & Richard MacKinnon Nancy (Gallant) MacKinnon Rhoda MacKinnon Sandra MacKinnon Kirsten MacLaine

Krista MacLaren Norman & Edith MacLauchlan Allison & Daphne MacLean Clint MacLean Craig MacLean & Megan McGrath Dianne MacLean John & Linda MacLean Margaret MacLean Roddie & Miriam MacLean Stephen C. MacLean Pamela MacLellan Mary MacLennan Alan & Deborah MacLeod Andrew MacLeod & Natalie Fraser Donald & Marlene MacLeod Ethel MacLeod Karen MacLeod Marion E. MacLeod Brian MacNeil Gordon MacNeill John & Jennie Macneill Randall C. MacNeill Ron & Gwen MacNeill Terrance MacNeill Allison MacNevin David & Barbara MacNevin Heather MacNevin Lance MacNevin James & Barbara Macnutt Colin MacPhail Eric & Wanda MacPhail Helen M. MacPhail Kim MacPhail Robert MacPhail Robin MacPhail Alan MacPhee Alex & Betty MacPherson Amy MacPherson Archie W. MacPherson Brian MacPherson James & Jennifer MacPherson Jason MacPherson Lori MacPherson Nathan MacPherson Terri MacPherson E. MacRae Ian & Janet MacRae Kent & Deborah MacRae Janice L. MacWilliam Leonard MacWilliam Glenda MacWilliam-Szpecht Kennie & Mary MacWilliams Terrence Magennis Mike & Illa Maher Karen Mair Jennifer Maks Dianne Mallard Garth & Nell Mallett

Philip & Suzanne Manovill Susanne Manovill Cara Mansour Paige Marryatt Kerry Marsh Helen Martell Janice Martell Blythe Martin Ellen Martin Jessica Martin Kenneth & Sharon Martin Paul M. Martin William Martin William Masselink Rina Mateo Lauren Matheson Brenda Matusiewicz Donald Maund Betty & Claude Maurice Blanche Maynard Krystal Mayne Phyllis McAnally David McAndrew Kim McBurney Anita McCabe Maurice W. McCabe Alan & Glenna McCallum Darcy & Charlotte McCardle Gregg McCardle Clemmie McCarron Dan McCarthy Iain McCarvill Gordy & Debbie McCarville Jason & Jennifer McClellan Donald & Joan McClintick Robert McCloskey Dean McClumpha Ken & Mary McConchie Danielle McConnell Robert & Dianne McCormack Grace McCourt Melissa McCoy Nancy McDonald Peter McDonald Gary McDonnall Walter McEwen Lynda McFarlane Doris McGaugh Jeffrey McGee Shirley McGinn Erin McGrath-Gaudet Glen McInnis Katie McInnis Mary McInnis David R. McInroy Ronald C. McIntosh Roger McIntyre Andrea McKenna

Brian & Lori McKenna Vince McKenna Matthew McKinnon-Gray Allison McLauchlan Eugene & Rita McLaughlin Brent & Susan McLean Lance & Lenore McLean Bloyce & Erith McLellan Margaret McLennan Christine McLennan-Mayanja Don McLeod Evelyn McLure David McMillan & Colleen Taylor-McMillan Angie McNally Daniel & Annette McNeill Edward McNeill Hubert & Christine McNeill Kim McNeill Frank & Emma McQuaid Phyllis McQuaid Randy & Katherine McQuaid Darin Meek Doug & Norma Meek Sandra Melanson Emily Merrill David Michael Laurie Michael Paul & Jane Michael David Miles & Barbara Willis Scott & Karen Miller Betty (Linkletter) Milligan Kenneth Monaghan William Montelpare Curtis Montgomery Stuart & Heather Montgomery Richard Montigny Bob & Janet Moody Robert Mooney Kerry Moore & Helene Dunn-Moore Marven E. Moore Scott Moore Marie Moran Brian J. Morris Julia Morris Peter Morris Virginia Morris George & Anne Morrison James Morrison Marion T. Morrison Leona Morrissey Melissa Morrow David Morton Donald Moses David & Anita Mosher Louise Mould George Mullally John & Claire Mullally

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013


Barbara C. Mullaly Donald Mulligan Vincent Murnaghan Brian Murphy Des & Carolyn Murphy Gerald F. Murphy Hank Murphy Jodi Murphy Rosalie Murphy Bob & Lynn Murray Eleanor Murray Bart & Linda Musgrave Alyssa Mutch Randy Muttart Linda Muylaert Palanisamy & Malliga Nagarajan Des Nantes Kristen Nash Elizabeth Nason Jane Naylor John Newcombe Richard Newson David & Lynda Nice Janet Nichols Kent Nicholson Lorna Nicholson Marlene Nicholson Keith & Betty Noble Annie Noonan John Noonan Laura Lee & Darren Noonan Craig & Cheryl Norton Lois Norton Michelle Noseworthy Alma Nunn Wayne Oakes Alden R. O’Brien David & Margaret O’Brien Eleanor O’Brien Kate O’Brien Elaine O’Connell Evan O’Connor George O’Connor Ryan O’Connor Melva O’Connor-Rafuse Maureen O’Donnell Gerald O’Hanley Sasha O’Hanley Jonathan & Michaela Oliver Itunuoluwa Oremade Heather Orford Jeannette O’Rielly Aaron Orto Arthur O’Shea Dianne Ostridge Sarah Outhouse

Dale Paley John Palmer Tamara Palmer Terry & Sherrill Palmer John & Trina Paquet Pamela Paquet Claude & Julia Parent Michelle Parent-MacDonald Les & Mary Beth Parsons Pete Paton Valerie Paton Cheryl Lynn Paynter Patricia Pelletier Arthur Pendergast John Penny Wes & Brenda Penwarden Andrew Peppin Stephen Peppin Timothy Peppin Allen Perry Justin Perry Patrick & Christina Perry Brianne Peters Rick Peters Janice Pettit Reginald Phelan Barrie & Margaret Phillips Henry Phillips Nicole Phillips Robert Phillips James Picone Gordon Pierce & Helene Blanchet Heather Pierce Franklin L. Pigot Philip Pineau Janet Pinkerton Celine Pinsent Christine Plourde K. L. Poe Ben Poirier Mavis Poirier Louise Polland Joanne Power John Power Joseph & Karen Power William & Audrey Power Michelle Pridham-MacNeill Don Pridmore Jennie Priest Cate Proctor Gillian Profitt Jack Proud Jeannette Proulx Shirley Prowse Joseph & Patricia Puiia Marion Purdy

Audrey Pyke Eugene Quinn David Rachmel Monica Rafuse Geoffrey & Jane Ralling Chris & Gaelyne Ramsay Connie Ramsay Kenneth & Elizabeth Ramsay Matthew Ramsay R. Stephen Ramsay George Read Mike & Ellen Read A. Ready Ellie Reddin Peggy Reddin Aline Reid Doreen Reid Marion Reid Rufus Reid Mae Reilly Victor Renfro Larry & Nancy Resnitzky Donald Reynolds Raymond Rice Elina Rich Rick Richard Eric & Joyce Richards Mary Richardson Joan Richardson Sandra (Taylor) Richardson Darren & Gena Riggs Ferne Riggs Arnold & Eileen Riley Dwane & Kimberly Roach Michael Roach Andy & Nadine Robb Donald Roberts Anne Robertson Catherine Robertson William Robertson Amy Robinson John & Hazel Robinson Laura Robinson Lorraine Robinson Paul Robinson Margaret Robison Harold Rodd Ian & Glenda Rodd Paul Roderick & Joan Simpson Eldon Rogerson Cathy Rose Kevin Ross Lynne Ross Heather Rossiter Rachael Roy Goran Rudic Sherri Runighan

Dean Rush Heather & Peter Russell Catherine Ryan Doris Sabean Tilak & Chander Sahajpal Garth & Gail Sanderson Jaclyn Sanderson Gerald Saulnier Mike & Shelly Saulnier Allison Saunders Brian & Amy Scales George Scantlebury Phyllis Schleyer Brent & Carol Schurman Tim Scott Mary Ann Sealey Carol Sellar Alisha Selzner Janet Sentner Baden Sexton Reg Sharkey Betty E. Shaw Donald & Elinor Shaw Michael Shaw Michael K. Shaw Wendell Shaw Heidi Shea Wilson & Mary Shea Bob & Wanda Sherren Ellen Sherren Norma Sherry J.G. (Greg) Short Penelope Shreck Joseph Shreenan Brenda Sievert Melanie Silliker Lorraine Silliphant Janice & Kenny Silver Harry Simmonds Jean Sinclair Amreek & Davinder Singh W. Maureen Sinnott Brenda Sitter Susan Siu Glenn Smiley & Jacinta Gallant Darlene (Greenan) Smith Darren Smith & Kara Matusiewicz-Smith Donald Smith Douglas Smith Elaine Smith Ferne Smith Frank Smith Jane Smith Joan Smith John & Sharon Smith Kevin Smith

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 36

University of prince Edward Island

Nishka Smith Patricia & Donald Smith Stewart & Ardeth Smith Terry Soloman Harry Soontiens Jonathan Spears Chris & Denise Spenceley Carrie & Richard St. Jean Richard St. John Amanda StAmour Erica Stanley Karen Stanley Ernie Stavert Robert Stead Jean Steele Brian & Helen Steinberg Scott & Jo-Anne Stevens Allison Stevenson Cheryl Stevenson Cory Stevenson David Stevenson Elizabeth Stevenson Karen Lynn Stevenson Murray Stevenson H. Alan Stewart J. Sterling Stewart John Stewart Lynn Stewart, John Slavin and Claire Stewart Nicholas Stewart Sarah Stewart Jeremy Stiles & Linda MacKenzie James & Theresa Stoddart Cecil G. Stordy Emma Storey Wayne & Ronald Storey Elizabeth Strong Reagh Kathleen E. Stuart Kenneth W. Sulston Kate Sutherland Lorna Sutherland Amie Swallow MacDonald Lowell G. Sweet Patti Sweet Martha Sweeting Tom Swift Andy Tasker Ashlie Taylor Errol & Ramona Taylor Phyllis Taylor Teiri Jane Taylor Wah Sin Teo Arend Teraa Margaret Tesselaar Leland & Janice Thomas Carl & Norma Thompson Heather Thompson

Jean Thompson Kimball & Lesley Thompson Leith & Joan Thompson Lisa & Andrew Thompson Wayne Thompson Betty Lou Tilley Pat & Wayne Titus Angie Todesco Jannah Toms Alan Toombs & Carol Anne Duffy Elizabeth Toombs Garth & Betty Toombs Kimberly Toombs Wade & Cindy Toombs Marla Townshend Irene Trainor Paul Trainor Blair & Andrea Trowbridge Wayne & Janice Trowsdale Luc Trudel Mary Lou Turner H. Joan Turner Adams Debbie Tweedy David Valley Karen Van Buskirk Barry Van De Moere Georgina Vardy Louissa Vassallo Bart Vermunt Erin Vessey Pam Vessey Paula Vessey Richard A. Vickerson Jaleesa Villard Philip & Lori Visser Melissa Vloet Jacqueline Vloet-Koughan Hannelore von Zittwitz Gordon Lea Waddell Sophia Wadowska Donald M. Wagner Sandra Wagner David & Elaine Wakely James W. Walker Kevin & Marie Walsh Mina Walsh Melanie Walsh-Fraser & Donald Fraser Chaoguang Wang Asa Warngvist Michael Warren Kathleen Wasylenky J. Gerard Watts Barbara Weeks Matthew Weeks William & Dawn Weir Andrew Wellner

Gordon & Gail Wellner Kim Wenn Ray Wenn John Whalen David Wheeler Ellsworth & Claire White John White Mindy White Trudy White Melanie Whitfield Ami Whitlock Gordon & Wanda Whitlock Jeff & Maureen Wichtel Thomas Wilkinson Doris Williams Kenneth Williams Perry & Susan Williams Margaret Willott Barry Wilson Gregory Wilson & Jill MacMicken Wilson Joan Wilson Mary Wilson Megan Wilson Peter Wilson Scott Wilson Dick Wong Cindy Wood Diane Wood J. Wood Jason Wood Jennifer Wood Michael Wood Brenda Worth Donald Worthen Marianne Wortman Thomas Wright Carrie Yanishewski Christina Yeldon Anna Young Éva Stevy Young Wayne Young Andrea Younker Darren Younker David & Marion Younker Albert & Charlene Zakem Frank Zakem

Corporations, Organizations, Foundations & Estates Anonymous (7) Altus Group Limited Atlantic Shellfish Products Inc. Aubrey’s Bottle Exchange Bayberry Fund Bill Koughan Auto Body Ltd.

Biovectra Inc. Canadian Bar Association - PEI Capital Area Recreation Inc. Cenovus Employee Foundation Chapman Transportation Ltd. Charlottetown Bluephin Aquatic Club Inc. City Animal Hospital Consolidated Credit Union Corporate Research Associates Inc. Down Maine Veterinary Clinic East Prince Roofing Eastern Canada Dachshund Club Inc. Eliot River Ramblers Soccer Club Ford Electric Ltd. Grace House Womens Shelter Hillsborough Rotary Club IBM Canada Ltd. Investors Group Inc. Invisible Fence Knox United Senior Choir MacInnis Fuels Ltd. Michele Dorsey Law Inc. Mid Isle Farms Inc. Paynters Construction PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada PEI Association of Medical Radiation Technologists PEI Home Economics Association PEI Home Economics Teachers’ Association PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society Precision Document Management Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island Riverview Animal Hospital RPC Saluki Club of Canada Sam’s Family Restaurant Cornwall SDU Class of ‘62 Sherwood Drug Mart Sissiboo Veterinary Services Ltd. Source For Sports PEI Sports Centre Physiotherapy Stevenson’s Insurance Agency Limited Summerside Dolphin Swim Club Towerside Farm Victoria City Kennel Club Willie Doyle Vinyl Siding

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013



years of giving

Many of our loyal donors continue to support UPEI every year. We recognize their commitment in the following pages. 20 or more years Anonymous (2) Virginia Affleck Doris Anderson Adele Arsenault Jocelyne Arteau-Laforest Kevin Barbour Bernice & Claude Bell Edward & Beverley Benson Donelda (MacDonald) Bertling Mary Boland Colleen Bolger Francis W. P. Bolger Graeme & Alberta Boswall H. Blair Brown Earle Bruce John Burka Brian Cameron David A. Campbell Mildred Carr Leo Cheverie Walter Clark Annabel Cohen Edna Cudmore Michael & Shelley Cummiskey Allan & Judy Curran Gerald R. Cutting Kenneth Davis Armand & Judie DesRoches Beverly Diamond Catherine Dillon Jo-Anne Doyle Knysh Lawson & Eileen Drake Regis & Joan Duffy Margaret Dumont Scott & Ruth Edgett G. K. Farmer Gerard & Bernie Fitzpatrick Barbara Flanagan Shane Foley Robert & Dorothy Forsythe Kathleen Furness Corena (Steele) Gairns Barry Gallant & Lori Toombs Norman Gallant Julien & Dolores Gaudin

Frank & Cathy Gillan Noreen Gillan David Head Jean Hender Michael & Aletha Hennessey Clifford & Norma Herring Leslie & Elise Hiscott Elizabeth Hogan Bernard & Johann Holland Fred & Shirley Hyndman Robert Irwin Owen F. Jay Graham Jenkins Barry & Joan Kneabone Kevin & Kimberley Ladner Mark & Gloria Ladner Wayne Ladner Edward & Agnes Laughlin Allan Ledgerwood Harry & Anne Love Heather R. Love James & Frances Lovering Ivan & Marion MacArthur Ron & Elizabeth MacAulay Malcolm MacBeath & Valerie Herring-MacBeath Albert MacDonald Colin F. MacDonald Dunstan MacDonald & Heather Henry MacDonald James B. MacDonald Don B. MacEwen Joseph C. MacGillivray Nancy (Gallant) MacKinnon H. Wade MacLauchlan Deborah A. MacLellan David & Barbara MacNevin Archie W. MacPherson William Masselink Walter McEwen David R. McInroy David & Ann McKenna John & Margaret McQuaid Sandra Melanson Paul & Jane Michael Cathy Morgan & Philip Smith David Morton

Palanisamy & Malliga Nagarajan Des Nantes Errol & Edith Nicholson Annie Noonan James Noonan John Palmer Heather & Ken Parry Arthur Pendergast Russell & Janet Pickard Gordon Pierce & Helene Blanchet Franklin L. Pigot Rick Richard Sandra (Taylor) Richardson Paul Roderick & Joan Simpson Kevin Rossiter Catherine Ryan John Scales Nora Scales Arthur & Marion Shama Betty E. Shaw Bob & Wanda Sherren Joseph Shreenan Florence E. Simmons Alan Simpson Elaine Smith John & Sharon Smith Verner & Nancy Smitheram Terry Soloman Allison Stevenson John Stewart Tom Swift Errol & Ramona Taylor Leland & Janice Thomas Leith & Joan Thompson Stuart & Annabel Veale J. Ian Vessey Richard A. Vickerson Cheryl Wenn Doris Williams

Corporations, Organizations, Foundations, & Estates Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Martha Engineers PEI

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada, Inc. Hyndman & Company Ltd. Institute of Chartered Accountants of PEI IODE Royal Edward Chapter PEI Retired Teachers’ Association PEI Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association PEI State Council Knights of Columbus PEI Teachers’ Federation Peake & McInnis Limited Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island Stevenson’s Insurance Agency Limited

15–19 years Anonymous (2) Ronald J. Baker David Brennan Marlene & Lloyd Bryenton Bill Callaghan Max & Sheila Callaghan Grant Canvin & Barb Stevenson J. Charles Cheverie Wayne & Terri Cheverie Sharon G. Clark Glenda Clements-Smith Betty E. Cobb Virginia Crabbe Rosemary Curley Patricia Dawson Ian & Susan Dohoo Jessie Dow Pat Doyle Ernest Dunsford Roger & Alison Gordon Jim Gormley & Suzanne Copan Bob Gray & Earlene McKinnon-Gray Linda Green Gerard & Elizabeth Greenan Kenneth Gunn Yousef Hashmi & Julie Scales Sean Hennessey & Roberta MacDonald

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 38

University of prince Edward Island

Rosemary & Ron Herbert Donald Hills Dawn & David Hooper G. Philip Hooper Paul F. Johnston W. Baird Judson Rick & Jane Kennedy Keith Kennific Neil & Wanda Legge Sue Loucks Edward MacDonald & Sheila Lund MacDonald Donald K. MacKenzie Debbie MacLellan Nancy McDonald Doris McGaugh Kathleen (Roach) McKay Doug & Norma Meek Scott & Karen Miller Robert Mooney Barbara C. Mullaly Shannon Murray & Gerald Wandio Stephen O’Brien George O’Connor Barrie & Margaret Phillips Donald Pickard Shirley Prowse Michael Roach Wilbert Rooney Brian & Amy Scales Reg Sharkey Amreek & Davinder Singh John Smith Larry Stordy Vianne Timmons Doreen Van Toever Stuart & Annabel Veale Ann Weir Earl & Eunice Wonnacott Jerry Woolfrey & Debbie Good George & Velma Wright Fairley Yeo Betty Anne Younker

Corporations, Organizations, Foundations, & Estates Alumnae Association – PEI Hospital School of Nursing Bayer Inc. Confederation Bridge Limited Elanco Animal Health

The Eric T. Webster Foundation Merial Canada Inc. Newfoundland & Labrador Veterinary Medical Association Novartis Animal Health Canada Inc. PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society The Polyclinic Professional Centre Inc. Psychological Association of PEI Queen Elizabeth Hospital Auxiliary Inc. R. Howard Webster Foundation Rolf C. Hagen Inc. St. Dunstan’s University Board of Governors Society of Management Accountants of PEI Stewart McKelvey Zoetis

10–14 years Anonymous (4) George & Joyce Andrew Bettie & Don Bayrak Norman Beck & Sharon Douglas-Beck Alf & Christine Blanchard Gail & Dennis Boyce Kirk & J’Nan Brown Alex Bruce Mary-Lynne Bruvels Eric Butler & Suzanne Rocca-Butler Barbara & Gordon Campbell Betty Campbell Roy & Maida Campbell Guy Chretien Isabelle & Gerard Christian Leo Clarkin Michael Clow Tracey A. Comeau Lewis & Carmelita Creed Don Currie Susan P. Dalziel Kenneth & Anne Marie DesRoches Vera Elizabeth Dewar Ernest J. Doiron Robert Doiron Colin Duffy Joe Duffy Jerry Dunn Nola Etkin

Eileen Ewing Albert & Judith Fogarty Earl D. Foster Geoffrey Francis James & Ursula Fraser Christopher R. Gallant Ralph Gaudet Don & Judy Gillis Kenneth Godfrey Mary (Donovan) Goodfellow John & Nancy Goodwin Malcolm Gorrill Dolores Griffin Lorraine Griffin Thomas Hayden Allan Hughes & Mary Beth MacLean Marylou Hughes Ronald Irving & Daphne Butler Irving Ronald & Gwendolyn Ihle Sherri Ihle William & Tara Judson G. & H. Keast Ron & Susan Keefe Margaret Keizer Ora Kendall Ralph & Gail Kennedy Bob King Ellen & Theo Kouwenberg Kevin Lewis Wei-Ching & Hsey-Er Lin Geoffrey Lindsay Stanley M. Livingstone J.R. Long Glenn Loranger Teresa Loucks-Gray & Bruce Gray Melonie MacAusland Ellen Macdonald Reg & Elizabeth MacDonald Phil & Sharyn MacDougall Hollis MacEwen Scott MacKenzie & Joy Bell MacKenzie Marion & Richard MacKinnon Clint MacLean Heather MacNevin Janice & Andrew MacPherson Jennifer Maks Helen Martell John & Rebecca Masuhara Rena McAdam John & Camilla McAleer Phyllis McAnally

Shawn & Joanne McCarvill Don & Marion McDougall Jeffrey McGee Katie McInnis Wilbert & Mary McInnis Desmond J. McIvor Leonard & Bonnie McNally Patricia McQuaid Gerard & Mary Mitchell Mary Cameron Morneau Margaret Munro Shawn & Yvette Murphy Peter & Stephanie Noonan Timothy & Lola Ogilvie John T. Orr Leah & Leonard Park Les & Mary Beth Parsons Celine Pinsent Ben Poirier Joseph & Karen Power Tom & Hilda Power Don Pridmore George Read A. Ready Aline Reid Eric & Joyce Richards Amy Robinson Heather Rossiter David & June Sanderson Garth & Gail Sanderson Michael & Patricia Schurman Leonard Shea Norma Sherry Roger Sinclair Kevin Smith Patricia & Donald Smith Ivan St. Julien Cheryl Stevenson Karen Lynn Stevenson Elizabeth Strong Reagh Wah Sin Teo Helen Thomson Richard (Dick) Tingley Lynda Walker Birt Phillip Watts & Andrea Scott Thomas Wilkinson Cindy Wood Donald Worthen Thomas Wright Marion Younker Sally Younker Steve Zakem & Ann Crisell

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013


Corporations, Organizations, Foundations, & Estates Calgary Friends of UPEI The Christofor Foundation City of Charlottetown CUPE Local 1870 DeltaWare Systems Inc. East Coast Veterinary Group Limited Estate of Justin McKean Federal Superannuates National Association - Charlottetown Gallant Custom Laboratories Inc. Grant Thornton (Charlottetown) Harrison McCain Foundation Holstein Association of Canada HRA Management Inc. Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association PEI Veterinary Medical Association Prince County Hospital Auxiliary The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Sinclair Financial Ltd. Vetoquinol

6–9 years Anonymous (27) Lynda Affleck Alan Anderson John & Christine Andrew Dulcinea Andrews Kevin & Susan Andrews Susan Arbing David & Colleen Arsenault Peggy Arsenault Grant & Kim Bain Clive & Myrna Balderston Tim Banks & Carrie MacNabb Rose & Mike Barbour Yvonne (MacKean) Barbour Boyde Beck & Anna MacDonald Dale Beebe Barry & Constance Beers Scott & Peggy Bender Ronald Bolger Roy & Elizabeth Boswall Mark Boulter Steve Burden Crystal Burrows Bernard & Shirley Callaghan Linda M. Callaghan Grace Cameron

Richard & Karen Cameron Angela Campbell Donna & Ian Campbell Greg Campbell Helen Campbell Malcolm & Mary Campbell John Carr & Connie MacKay-Carr Tim Carroll Norman & Diana Carruthers Susan Carruthers Ann Cauty Denton & Janet Clark Sandra L. Clark G. Dennis Clough Daniel Coffin H. Reuben Cohen Sherri Coldwell Randy Cooke William E. Cousins Tom & Beth Cullen Eddie Curran & Joanne MacKinley Curran Wayne & Marion Cutcliffe Nalda J. Dalziel Sylvia Dauphinee Tom & Eleanor Davies Tom & Claudia DeBlois Paul & Susan Deighan Arnett Dennis Jason Denomme E. W. Scott Dickieson Carl Dingee Alexander Dixon Trude & Joe Dolphin Marie Donahue Bruce & Carmel Donaldson Olivia Doucette Bonita & Wayne Dover Garry Doyle & Dianne Bradley Mary Doyle Lisa Doyle-MacBain Charles & Anna Duffy Desmond Duffy Stephen & Joanne Dunne Mary Eliot Howard Ellis Gary Evans John Simeon Farmer Kathleen (Lappin) Fava Vince & Karen Fisher Helen Flynn Drew Fraser Edgar Gallant Mary Gard

Verna Gass Maurice Gauthier Jeanne Gauthier-MacKenzie Lorna Glover Mabel Godkin Michael & Bonnie Goguen Katherine Gottschall-Pass Danny & Marian Grant Patricia Gray Claire Greenan Jim Griffith & Jean Ives Earl Handrahan Neil Handrahan William Harper Jonathan Hart Richard & Donna Hassard Erland Henderson Blair & Velma Herring Kelly Hodder Klaus & Marilyn Hofmann Rhoda Hogan Barrett W. Horne Heather & Kenneth Hubley Garth Huestis John Hughes Elise Hynes Kevin Jenkins Lynne Johnston Richard & Jean Julian John Keefe James Kelly William & Dawn Kerr Pamela & Peter Ladell Daniele Lagace William & Miriam Lank Audrey Lea Bill & Dorothy Leask Don & Mary Ling Pamela Logan L. Robert Lymburner Wes & Connie MacAleer Andrew & Nancy MacDonald Blair R. MacDonald Cameron MacDonald Colin & Vicki MacDonald Glen Macdonald John R. MacDonald Kenneth & Lorraine MacDonald Leo MacDonald Paul MacDonald Ray & Janey MacDonald Walter MacDonald Dan MacDougall June (Bowman) MacEachern

Darren MacGregor Dan & Carolyn MacIsaac Dana MacKay Garth & Liane MacKay Myron & Diane MacKay Allison & Daphne MacLean Marilyn MacLean Ethel MacLeod Ian & Dorothy MacLeod Gordon MacNeill Randall C. MacNeill Terrance MacNeill Eric & Wanda MacPhail Brian MacPherson Colleen MacQuarrie Glenda MacWilliam-Szpecht Kennie & Mary MacWilliams David Madren Anita McCabe Charlotte & Darcy McCardle Dan McCarthy Gordy & Debbie McCarville Kevin & Carole McCarville Terry McCormack Heather (Ling) McGillivray Kenneth McKenna Eugene & Rita McLaughlin Lance & Lenore McLean Margaret McLennan Don McLeod Evelyn McLure Hubert & Christine McNeill Frank & Emma McQuaid Betty (Linkletter) Milligan Bob & Janet Moody Scott Moore Stan & Eileen Moore Heather Morrison Marion T. Morrison Leona Morrissey Louise Mould Des & Carolyn Murphy T. Jock Murray Bart & Linda Musgrave Mabel Musgrave-Comeau Lois Norton Alden R. O’Brien Rosemary O’Malley-Keyes John & Trina Paquet Wes & Brenda Penwarden Andrew Peppin Stephen Peppin Timothy Peppin Ryan Pineau

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 40

University of prince Edward Island

Brian & Sheryll Pound Joanne Power William & Audrey Power Jeff Praught Gillian Profitt R. Stephen Ramsay James Reddin Marion Reid Daniel Revell Boyd Richards Joan Richardson Arnold & Eileen Riley Andy & Nadine Robb Catherine Robertson Michael Roche Jonathan Ross Dean Rush Heather & Peter Russell Harold Saint W. Maynard Shaw Ellen Sherren J.G. (Greg) Short David Sims & Orysia Dawydiak Douglas Smith Frank Smith Kinsey & Joan Smith Vaughn Smith & Myrtle Jenkins-Smith Harry E. Snow Erica Stanley Karen Stanley Scott & Jo-Anne Stevens David Stevenson Elizabeth Stevenson H. Alan Stewart J. Sterling Stewart Lynn Stewart, John Slavin and Claire Stewart Cecil G. Stordy Kathleen E. Stuart Brian & Kathy Thompson Carl & Norma Thompson Jason Thompson Wayne Thompson Jannah Toms Alan Toombs & Carol Anne Duffy Mary Lou Turner Debbie Tweedy Paula Vessey Gordon Lea Waddell Donald M. Wagner Stan & Elizabeth Warwick Gordon & Gail Wellner Gordon & Lola Westdahl

John White Carmencita Yason David & Marion Younker

Corporations, Organizations, Foundations, & Estates Anonymous (2) Atlantic Provinces Veterinary Conference BMO Financial Group The Canadian Kennel Club Certified General Accountants Association of PEI Coles Associates Ltd. The Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island Estate of Errol Hancock Estate of Jeanne Mingo-Doiron Fondation J.-Louis Lévesque Fundy Veterinarians Ltd. The Insurance Company of PEI Intervet Canada Corporation Island Diagnostic Imaging Associates Kiwanis Club of Charlottetown MacLean Funeral Home Swan Chapel Oromocto Veterinary Hospital Ltd. PEI Association of Medical Radiation Technologists PEI Home Economics Teachers’ Association PEI Literacy Alliance Parade Street Animal Hospital Ltd. Pegasus Family Foundation, an Advised Fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation Procter & Gamble Inc. Royal Commonwealth Society The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation

3‒5 years Anonymous (51) Joseph Acorn Robert & Alta Acorn Brian & Janet Adams Basil & Susan Andrew Deborah & Michael Annear Samuel Arsenault Gladys Ascah Tammi Jo Auld Myrna Babineau

George & Nora Bagnall Leone Bagnall John & Jean Baird Alan Banman Wilfred Barlow Allan Bartlett Andrew & Anne Bartlett Leonard & Cecelia Bell Quentin Bevan Trevor Bevan Jelal Bikey Maurice Blake Amanda Blakeney & Tyler Gallant Andrew Boswall Dennis Boudreau Mike Bowick & Joanne Peters Ronald Boyce & Susan Thomson Kelly Boyd Alan Boyle Robert Bradford Janet & Walter Bradley Joseph Bradley Alicia Bremner Donna Briand Leo & Evangeline Broderick David & Joanne Brown Rod Brown Kerby & Shirliana Bruce Alena Buchanan Victoria Burke Todd Byers Colby Callaghan Catherine Callbeck Sandra Cameron Clarence Campbell Colin Campbell Patricia Canning Wayne Carew Linda Carey-Reese Angela Carpenter Margaret Carruthers Sheila Caseley Sean & Kathleen Casey Alan Champion Donald & Karen Chandler Rick & Judy Clarke Lynne Clow Gerald Coady Ken Coady Gordon Cobb Peggy Coady Compton Janice Coffin Virjene Cole Brad & Rachel Colwill

Kevin Cormier Nicole Cormier Ernest Corrigan Kathryn Corrigan Christine Couturier Sylvia Craig M. Lynn Crosby Douglas & Frances Cudmore Jamie Cudmore Reed Cudmore Timothy Cullen John & Glenda Cummings George V. Curley Satadal Dasgupta Marla Delaney Louis Delvallet Edward Derby Paul & Sandra Derby Heather Diamond John R. Diamond Orville Diamond Mary Lou Dockendorff Gloria Doiron Jason Doiron & Natasha Gunn Doiron Leo B. Doiron Bob & Shirley Donnelly Jean Down Jean-Denys Dufresne Michael & Catherine Edward Lynn Ellsworth Allison Farmer L. Diane Farquharson John Fitzpatrick Catherine Flanagan Frank & Patricia Fowler Richard & Mary Lou Fraser Roger & Francine Frigon Vernon & Glenda Frizzell Jacinta Gallant Jean Gallant Kathie Gallant Lawrence & Arlene Gallant Mel Gallant Michael Gallant Michael & Kathleen Garrett David Gauthier & Laurie Burdett Rachelle Gauthier Alice E. (Callaghan) Gazeley John Gillis Leonard Gillis Anne Gladney Jenkins Tim & Sally Goddard June E. Godfrey

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013


Nancy Godkin Vincent Grant The Gray Family Kevin & Diane Griffin Parker Grimmer & Heather Stevenson Grimmer Heather Griswold Norma Guy & Larry Hammell Raymond Hache Tom & Betty Hall Menna & Steve Handrahan Richard Harding Marilyn Harris Raymond Heartz Dorris Heffron Gauer Lawrence Heider John Hennessey Patrick Hennessey Margery J. Hiltz Shayne & Deborah Hogan Lucille Hogg Pat Honeyman Eileen Howatt Hang Hui Henry Hung John Hyndman Travis Irwin Todd James Lara Jamieson Ron & Veronica Jeffries Gary Jenkins Collins Kamunde Diane Kays Robert Kelley & Inge Dorsey Shane Kelly Carole E. Kennedy Michael Kennedy Russell & Stacey Kerr Jennifer Keyte Gladys Kickham Kathleen Kielly Ken & Laurie King Karen Kunelius Christian & Anna Lacroix Hon Lam Carman Lai Gerry & Joanne Lajeunesse Bethany Lane Jim & Helen Larkin Steven Larkin Tom & Roxanne Laughlin Gerry Lawless Peter & Stephanie Lawlor Peggy Leahey Simon Lloyd Kellie Lockhart

Linda Love Scott & Sandi Lowther Brian Lynch Jeanette C. MacAulay Rob MacBain Chris MacBeath The MacDonald Family Arthur MacDonald Bruce Macdonald Cecil & Elaine MacDonald David S. MacDonald Frank MacDonald Gordon MacDonald Jack MacDonald Kate MacDonald Kenneth & Elaine MacDonald Matthew MacDonald Menadora MacDonald Peter MacDonald & Bonita (Watts) MacDonald Peter MacDonald & Sarah Rigley Wendell MacDonald John B. MacDougall Maureen MacEwen Barbara MacFarlane David & Janet MacGregor Breanne MacInnis Sarah MacInnis Jane MacIsaac John & Nancy MacIsaac Mary Argyle MacIsaac & Harold Hay Shaun & Heather MacIsaac Stephen MacIsaac Donald & Marion MacKenzie Blair MacKinnon Jill MacKinnon Joyce MacKinnon Lesley MacKinnon Randy MacKinnon & Paulette Soloman Rhoda MacKinnon Kirsten MacLaine Krista MacLaren Norman & Edith MacLauchlan Al & Linda MacLean Roddie & Miriam MacLean Andrew MacLeod & Natalie Fraser Carol & John MacLeod Donald & Marlene MacLeod Brian MacNeil James & Barbara Macnutt Colin MacPhail James & Jennifer MacPherson

Terri MacPherson Kent & Deborah MacRae Leonard MacWilliam Philip & Suzanne Manovill Susanne Manovill William Martin Betty & Claude Maurice Blanche Maynard Kim McBurney Alan & Glenna McCallum Donald & Joan McClintick Robert & Dianne McCormack Melissa McCoy Rod & Lorraine McDonald Erin McGrath-Gaudet Brian & Lori McKenna Paul McKenna & Pamela Power McKenna Vince McKenna Bloyce & Erith McLellan David McMillan & Colleen Taylor-McMillan Phyllis McQuaid Peter Meincke Patricia Mella Kenneth Monaghan Curtis Montgomery Richard Montigny Kerry Moore & Helene Dunn-Moore Michael Moore & Jennifer Johnston Moore Alfred & Anne Morais Marie Moran Julia Morris Peter Morris Brian & Perlene Morrison George & Anne Morrison George Mullally Donald Mulligan Vincent Murnaghan Danny P. Murphy Hank Murphy Murray Murphy & Carla Turner Bob & Lynn Murray Lynn Murray Peter Murray Jane Naylor John Newcombe Richard Newson Laura Lee & Darren Noonan Craig & Cheryl Norton Alma Nunn Bob and Verna (Coffin) Nutbrown David & Margaret O’Brien

Kate O’Brien Elaine O’Connell Melva O’Connor-Rafuse Maureen O’Donnell Gerald O’Hanley Sasha O’Hanley Mark & Kathleen O’Rourke Wayne Oakes Aaron Orto James & Barbara Palmer Pamela Paquet Linda & Donald Patton David & Nan (MacIsaac) Perry Greg & Dianne Peters Rick Peters Nicole Phillips Cory & Patricia Power John Power Ronald & Donna Profit Jeannette Proulx Joseph & Patricia Puiia Connie Ramsay Jim & Brenda Randall Mike & Ellen Read Peggy Reddin Doreen Reid Victor Renfro Raymond Rice Elina Rich Laurie Richardson Dwane & Kimberly Roach Donald Roberts Mary Roscoe Murphy Robertson Lorraine Robinson Paul Robinson Eldon Rogerson Tracy Rose Lynne Ross Sherri Runighan Doris Sabean Gerald Saulnier Kent & Inger Scales Brent & Carol Schurman Tim Scott Rundell Seaman Alisha Selzner Michael Shaw Heidi Shea Wilson & Mary Shea Gerald Sherry Kenny & Janice Silver Harry Simmonds Bev & Shirley Simpson Alan Sinclair Jean Sinclair

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ 42

University of prince Edward Island

Glenn Smiley & Jacinta Gallant Donald Smith Nishka Smith William & Carol Stanish Ernie Stavert Darryn Steeves Cory Stevenson Kyle Stevenson Murray Stevenson Nicholas Stewart Emma Storey Ronald & Wayne Storey Shauna Sullivan Curley Patti Sweet Ted Tam Andy Tasker Jennifer Taylor Margaret Tesselaar Heather Thompson Lisa & Andrew Thompson Betty Lou Tilley Bill Tinney

Pat & Wayne Titus Angie Todesco Blair & Andrea Trowbridge Miles Turnbull David Valley Bart Vermunt Pam Vessey Melanie Walsh-Fraser & Donald Fraser Lori E. Weeks Matthew Weeks Andrew Wellner William Whelan & Michelle Cottreau Trudy White Ami Whitlock Margaret Willott Barry Wilson Dick Wong Diane Wood J. Wood Michael Wood

Carrie Yanishewski Christina Yeldon Éva Stevy Young Frank Zakem

Corporations, Organizations, Foundations, & Estates Anonymous (3) Andrews Hockey Growth Programs APM Can-Tech Construction Ltd. Capital Honda CDMV Inc. Cornwallis Veterinarians Limited Dispomed Ltd. Don and Marion McDougall Foundation Dr. R. Daniel Coffin Professional Corporation Eastern Canada Dachshund Club Inc. Federation of PEI Municipalities

Grant Thornton (Toronto) Halifax Kennel Club Halifax Veterinary Hospital Limited Hooper Farms The John and Judy Bragg Family Foundation Killam Properties Inc. Law Society of Prince Edward Island The McCain Foundation Orwell Corner Historic Village Provincial Health Services Authority Purity Dairy Limited Rathlyn Foundation Rotary Club of Charlottetown Inc. The Sir James Dunn Foundation The Sobey Foundation Southern Animal Hospital Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Inc. Suncor Energy Foundation TransCanada Corporation

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

G.O.L.D. club The G.O.L.D. club includes alumni who first graduated over the last decade (2003–2012) and have two or more years of consecutive giving, including fiscal year 2012–2013. Anonymous (7) Samuel Arsenault, ‘03 Jacqueline Baird, ‘05, ‘11 Travis Bertram, ‘08 Dean Bevan, ‘06 Trevor Bevan, ‘09 Amanda Blakeney, ‘07 Patricia Boland, ‘05, ‘07 Andrew Boswall, ‘06 Mark Boulter, ‘05 Ronald Boyce, ‘06 Alicia Bremner, ‘07, ‘09 Donna Briand, ‘08 Victoria Burke, ‘10 Crystal Burrows, ‘04 Jessica Cady, ‘11 Colby Callaghan, ‘10 Colin Campbell, ‘07 Shelley Cole-Arbing, ‘11 Brad Colwill, ‘06 Rachel Colwill, ‘05, ‘08 Kevin Cormier, ‘04 Timothy Cullen, ‘10

Glenda Cummings, ‘03, ‘05 Andrew Cutcliffe, ‘11 Catherine Daley, ‘11 Heather Diamond, ‘04, ‘08 Mary Lou Dockendorff, ‘07, ‘10 Olivia Doucette, ‘04 Sharon Dunn, ‘11 Bethany Egan, ‘03 Toby Emo, ‘03 Amanda Estabrooks, ‘08 Natalie Fraser, ‘04 Alexandra Gallant, ‘08 Michael Gallant, ‘06 Nancy Godkin, ‘08, ‘10 Kelly Harris, ‘06 Shane Kelly, ‘08 Carole E. Kennedy, ‘09 Jennifer Lacey, ‘11 Roxanne Laughlin, ‘10 Gillian Lenentine, ‘06, ‘09 Dawn Lund, ‘06, ‘07 Chris MacBeath, ‘04 Deborah MacDonald, ‘05

Matthew MacDonald, ‘09 Breanne MacInnis, ‘06 Chelsea MacIntyre, ‘11 Ellen MacKinnon, ‘10 Laura MacKinnon, ‘05 Krista MacLaren, ‘05 Paige Marryatt, ‘03 Erin McGrath-Gaudet, ‘03 Emily Merrill, ‘05 Laurie Michael, ‘07 Curtis Montgomery, ‘09 Michelle Noseworthy, ‘11 Kate O’Brien, ‘07 Evan O’Connor, ‘07 Maureen O’Donnell, ‘08 Timothy Peppin, ‘04 Heather Pierce, ‘08 Ryan Pineau, ‘05 Jeff Praught, ‘03, ‘04 Donna Profit, ‘05, ‘09 Jeannette Proulx, ‘04 Audrey Pyke, ‘08 Amy Scales, ‘04

Alisha Selzner, ‘09 Michael K. Shaw, ‘08 Heidi Shea, ‘08, ‘10 Stacy Smith, ‘06 Amanda StAmour, ‘11 Erica Stanley, ‘03 Cory Stevenson, ‘08, ‘10 Kyle Stevenson, ‘07 Sarah Stewart, ‘11 Susan Thomson, ‘06 Erin Vessey, ‘07 Sophia Wadowska, ‘05 Michael Warren, ‘11 Matthew Weeks, ‘08 Scott Wilson, ‘11 Brenda Worth, ‘11 Carrie Yanishewski, ‘06 Christina Yeldon, ‘07 Wayne Young, ‘05 Darren Younker, ‘08

→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ President’s Annual Report 2013


awards, scholarships & bursaries Created between May 2012 and April 2013 Andrews of PEI Nursing Award C. Jean (Ross) MacKay, RN, Scholarships Canadian Federation of University Women Charlottetown Graduate Scholarships CIBC Awards in Business Administration Cletus Murphy Memorial Scholarship in Education Colleen Keefe Malone Memorial Scholarship Cox & Palmer Field Hockey Award Cox & Palmer Rugby Award Cox & Palmer Soccer Award

Cox & Palmer Swimming Award DeLory Scholarship in Engineering Dr. Ian R. Dohoo Award at AVC Dr. Katherine Schultz Research Recognition Awards Frank & Mary Elizabeth Bostwick Nursing Award Harry and Anne Love Scholarship Irene D. Wyand Memorial Bursaries Matilda (Tildy) MacMillan-Good Mentorship Marylou Hughes Scholarship

Provincial Credit Union Scholarship Moonlight Scholarships Peter J. Tremblay Memorial Award Profit Family Athletic Awards Rory Beck Outstanding Academic and Athletic Leadership Award Ruth Isabelle (Bull) Elliott Nursing Scholarship Shirley Beck Award Wayne Cutcliffe Computer Science Co-operative Education Award

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

matching gift


Companies that match their employees’ generosity to UPEI BMO Financial Group BMO Nesbitt Burns

Investors Group Matching Gift Program Sun Life Financial

Suncor Energy Foundation TransCanada PipeLines Limited

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



A fitting way to honour or commemorate someone special is through a tribute gift to UPEI. Gifts in honour or in memory of an individual directly impact UPEI students. Gifts in Honour

Gifts in Memory

Ross Ainslie Tim Banks Francis Bolger Vida Cass Charlie Cheverie Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Martha George E. Hart Grant Honeyman Bud Ings Philip Koch Stephanie MacKinnon Gary and Donna Manthorne Brendan O’Grady SDU Classes of 1953 & 1954 Debbie Sewell Henry Styles

Monique Archambault Murray Forbes Baker Rory L. Beck Rose Marie Berardinelli Eric Brennan Ben Callaghan Ruth Callaghan Byron H. Carr D. Nelson Carr Laura Cauty Brian Chandler Iris Heartz Clark Doris Clements Kenneth S. Clements Goodwin Courtney Merritt Crockett Brendan Curley John Delaney

Lydia Mae Diamond William “Bill” Faust V. Ruth Field Doris Flanagan Frances Frazer Baker Ashley Gallant Everett Gallant Marlene Gallon Iva Godkin Sandy Griswold Robert Haines Nellie Hannaberry Brian Hill Arnold A. Hiltz Selma Hochhauser Howard “Howie” Jamieson Etherline Joyette James Kelly

Errol Laughlin Heather Keizer LePage Leon Loucks Jeff MacDonald Ethel MacIsaac G. Stewart MacKay Marjorie MacKay Clive MacLeod Elinor MacPherson David Madren Thomas F. McGaugh Donald R. McLennan Michael Scott Miller Charles Morrison Debbie Musgrave Mary O’Connor Joan Peters Harry Pottie

Freda Quinn Dean C. Read Estelle Reddin Patrick Reilly Marilyn Roberts Mildred L. Rodd Connie Ross Alice Smitheram Percy Smitheram Thomas Spira Lea Stewart Pat Terry R. G. Thomson Stephen David Turner Eric Urquhart John Weir Marilyn Wells

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University of prince Edward Island



In honour and memory of companion animals who have enriched the lives of their families Abbie Abby Abe Abigail Abigale Achilles Addie Aero Akina Alex Ali Alpine Alvin Amaro Amber Amelia Amoki Angel Angie Angyll Goguen Annie Aoife Archie Artie Ashley Ashton Athena Austin B.C. Babe Babes Babs Bailey Bandit Banjo Baron Bart Batman Bayley Beamer Beans Bear Beau Bell Bella Belle Ben Benny Beno

Berkley Berri Bessie Betsy Bingo Biscuit Blackie Blacky Blue Bluebell Blueberry Bo Jangle Bogie Booters Boots Bosco Brady Brandi Brandy Breeze Breton Brewster Bridgette Brooke Bruno Brutus Bubbles Buck Bud Buddy Buffy Buford Burt Buster C.K. Caesar Cali Callie Callin Caper Capser Captain Kidd “Kitty” Cara Carly Cat Casey Casper Cassie Cassius CeCe

Ceilidh Chance Charles Charlie Charlotte Checo Chelsea Chessie Chester Chevy Chewie Cheyenne Chico Chief Chil Chloe Chocolate Chucky Chyna Cisco Clancy Clea Cloe Cloey Clover Coco Cocoa Coddy Cody Cole Comet Conan Cookie Cooper Corky Cosmo Cricket Crissy Daisy Dakota Dani Darby Darwin Dash Demo Dexter Damian Diamond Dice Digby

Diva Dixie DJ Doc Dodger Dolly Domi Dozer Dr. Teeth Drummer Duchess Duffy Duke Dukes Dusty Dutchess Earl Elizabeth Ella Ellie Ellsworth Elmo Elvis Emma Everest Fat Cat Feline Felix Fergi Fergus Fiddlehead Finn Finnigan Fiveball Fluffy Foo Foo Fox Foxy Francis Franclinn Frank Fred Freyia Friday Frisky Fritz Fussy Gabby Gabe Gala

Garfield Gawain George Georgia Gibson Gilbert Ginger Girlfriend Goldie Goli Gracie Gridie Grimm Grover Guardian Angel Guinness Gunner Gus Habs Halo Hamilton Harley Harpo Haven Hazel Hercules Holly Hoon Hudson Hunter Huskie Iggy Igor Iris Isabelle Jack Jade Jake Jasper Jax Jazz Jeckel Jelly Bean Jem Jenny Jersey Jessie Jezi Jimeny

Jingles Jitter Bug Joey JoJo Josephine Jovite Kali Kalliope Kaos Kate Kathmandu Katie Kayla Kaylee Keah Keelan Keesha Keisha Kelsie Kerry Kewpie Kiko King Kitty Kitty (Tur) Kobe Kodi Kole Kyra Lacey Lady Laiden Larry Lemon Hooray Lennie Lenny Leo Levi Lexi Libby Lily Little Bear Little Man Logan Loki Lola Louie Lu Lu Lucey

Lucky Lucy Luigi Luna Luther Lynx Mabel Mac MacKenzie Maddy Maggie Magic Major Malika Malone Mandy Marble Marcus Mario Marvin Max Maximus Maxwell Maxx Meatball Meeka Meeko Megan Melody Merlin Mexx Mhairi Mia Micha Midnight Mike Mila Millie Milton Minnie Mira Mischief Miss Ellis Missy Mister Misty Mittens Mittins Mocha Moe

Mollee Mollie Molly Mona Monty Morgan Morris Moustache Mr. Grey Mrytle Mufasa Muffer Muffin Munchkin Murphy Nanook Nanuk Nellie Nelly Nermel Nevada New Guy Newman Nickie Nike Niki Nikki Nikky Nilla Nimo Nina Niobe Noel Nola Norfolk Nut Oakley Odie Oliver Olivia Om Seti Oreo O’Riley Oscar Ozzy Pacer Panda Pandy Parker Patch

Patches Patience Peanut Pearl Pebbles Peggie Peggy Penny Pepper Pete Phoebe Pinky Piper Pippin Piss Piss Pocket Pockets Polly Polly Anna Poppy Porscha Precious Princess Prissy Pucci Puck Pud Pumpkin Purdy Quanik Queen Quince Quinn Rags Ralph Rambler Ranger Rascal Rastus Rat Rebel Remi Rex Rhett Butler Riley Ringo Robbie Rocco Rocky

Rory Rosco Rosey Rosie Rowan Roxie Rudy Rufus Rusty Sadie Salty Sam Samantha Sammy Sandy Saphira Sasa Sasha Sassy Savanah Schnitler Scooby Scooter Scout Scruff Scruffy Sebastian Sexy Sgt. Tibs Shadow Shannon Sheba Shelby Sherman Shilo Shyla Sibby Silver Simba Skip Skitz Skye Skylar Smokey Snickers Snookie Sofie Sooty Sophia Sophie

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Sour Puss Sparky Spaz Spike Spot Sprocket Squeaky Toy Sterling Stevie Stirling

Storm Stormy Strider Sugar Sunday Sunshine Susie Sweetie Girl Sweetness Sydney

Tabby Taffy Tango Tara Tate Taz T-Bone Teagan Te-Amo Ted

Teddy Tellie Tessa Tessey Thunder Tia Tiberia Tiffy Lee Tiga Tiger

Tigger Tiggey Tika Tilly Timber Timid Timmy Tina Tipper Tippy

Titan Toad Toasty Tobi Toby Topaz Trixie Troll Tucker Tuffy

Tundra Turkey Twig Twigg Twiggy Twinkles Ty Tyler Tyra Tyson

Uno Vanna Vern Vimy Vivaldi Walter Webster Weezie Wesley Wesslii

White Paws Whitey Willie Willow Willy Wink Winsor Winstin Winston Wooly-Boo

Wyle Wylie Xena Xerxes Zack Zeus Ziggy Zoey Zorro Zuzu

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

upei faculty & staff donors* UPEI faculty and staff appreciate the generosity of our donors and join them in supporting our University. Anonymous (12) Alaa Abd-El-Aziz Deborah Annear Godfrey Baldacchino Rose Barbour Anne Bartlett Boyde Beck Callum Beck Laura Bevan Alf Blanchard Patricia Boland Linda M. Callaghan John Cameron Barbara Campbell Cindy Carragher Tim Carroll Wendy Carroll Michael Cassidy Leo Cheverie Sharon G. Clark Greg Clayton Glenda Clements-Smith Janice Coffin Annabel Cohen Alice Crook Eddie Curran Catherine Daley Satadal Dasgupta Orysia Dawydiak Kenneth DesRoches E. W. Scott Dickieson Ian Dohoo Susan Dohoo Ernest J. Doiron Jason Doiron Robert Doiron Reuben Domike

Bruce Donaldson Pat Doyle Alan Duncan Mamdouh M. Elgharib Nola Etkin Gary Evans Donald Fraser Sondra Gantner Anthony Gill Cathy Gillan Robert F. Gilmour Sally Goddard Tim Goddard Debbie Good Katherine Gottschall-Pass Bob Gray Frances Gray Linyuan Guo Norma Guy Larry Hammell Yousef Hashmi Sean Hennessey Rosemary Herbert Dawn Hooper G. Philip Hooper Allan Hughes Sherri L. Ihle Catherine Innes-Parker Myrtle Jenkins-Smith Ryan Johnston Tara Judson Collins Kamunde Greg Keefe Marion Keefe Clorey Russell Kerr Stacey Kerr Kathleen Kielly

Christian Lacroix Roxanne Laughlin Peggy Leahey Allan Ledgerwood Geoffrey Lindsay Simon Lloyd Kellie Lockhart Lorraine Lund Jeanette C. MacAulay Alexander MacDonald Anna MacDonald Deborah MacDonald Edward MacDonald Roberta MacDonald Don B. MacEwen Breanne MacInnis Sarah MacInnis Dianne MacLean Debbie MacLellan Jill MacMicken Wilson Colleen MacQuarrie Janice L. MacWilliam Kerry Marsh Sharon Martin Krystal Mayne Charlotte McCardle Darcy McCardle Carole McCarville Grace McCourt Katie McInnis Earlene McKinnon-Gray William Montelpare George Morrison Donald Moses Shannon Murray Palanisamy Nagarajan Timothy Ogilvie

Jonathan Oliver Rosemary O’Malley-Keyes Kim Parker Heather Parry Ken Parry Christina Perry Nicole Phillips Gillian Profitt Jim Randall James Reddin Donald Reynolds Kimberly Roach Heather Russell Catherine Ryan Aleta Schmah David Sims Amreek Singh Philip Smith Jonathan Spears Richard St. Jean Erica Stanley Kathleen E. Stuart Kenneth W. Sulston Lowell G. Sweet Andy Tasker Jennifer Taylor Ramona Taylor Miles Turnbull Donald M. Wagner Lynda Walker Birt Gerald Wandio Phillip Watts Lori E. Weeks William Whelan Jeff Wichtel Carmencita Yason

*UPEI faculty and staff are proud supporters of UPEI. Some of those listed have chosen to remain anonymous in the giving level listings.

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University of prince Edward Island

President’s Annual Report 2013 University of Prince Edward Island Published by Integrated Communications for the Office of the President. This report includes statistical and donor recognition information for fiscal year 2012–2013 (May 1, 2012–April 30, 2013), and Points of Pride from academic year 2012–2013 (September 1, 2012–August 31, 2013).

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UPEI President's Annual Report 2013  

UPEI President's Annual Report 2013  

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