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On the Cover Top: Ponderosa pine sawlogs headed for the Anaconda Company’s Bonner Mill in 1940. From The Bitterroot and Mr. Brandborg (See p. 3). Bottom: View to the west off the Kai­ parowits Plateau from Harvey’s Fear, with Millard Davis (left) and C. Melvin Aikens. From The Glen Canyon Country (See p. 9).



two Toms

The 1914 Clay Southworth



Gila River Pima Interviews


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David H. DeJong



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Poet Jane Springer, whose poetry collection Dear Blackbird, was published by the University of Utah Press in 2007, has received the prestigious Whiting Writers’ Award from the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation. This $50,000 award is given annually to young writers of exceptional ­promise. (See p. 12 for details about the book)

Where the Earth and Sky Are Sewn Together Sobaípuri-O’odham Contexts of Contact and Colonialism

Deni J. Seymour

f o u n d at i o n s • o f • a r c h a e o l o g i c a l • i n q u i r y



Michael Brian Schiffer




A W H I T E- B E A R D E D

plainsman The Memoirs of Archaeologist W. Raymond Wood


10 t h e a g h a s h a h i d a l i p r i z e i n p o e t ry

In the Human Zoo

11 Jennifer Perrine



Wallace Stegner Prize

praise for

The Bitterroot and Mr. Brandborg


in Environmental and American Western History

"The Bitterroot and Mr. Brandborg is a tour de force. Swanson opens a much larger story about the meaning of public lands in a democratic society. This book will have a profound impact on our understanding of the environmental dilemmas and political controversies that have rocked the northern Rockies since the mid-twentieth century.” ­—Char Miller, Director of Environmental Analysis and W. M. Keck Professor of Environmental Analysis, Pomona College, and author of Gifford Pinchot and the Making of Modern Environmentalism

The Bitterroot and Mr. Brandborg Clearcutting and the Struggle for Sustainable Forestry in the Northern Rockies Frederick H. Swanson

Fredrick Swanson tells the story of Guy M. Brandborg and his impact on the practices of the U.S. Forest Service. As supervisor of Montana’s Bitterroot National Forest from 1935 to 1955, Brandborg engaged in a management style that promoted not only the well-being of the forest community but also the social and economic welfare of the local people. By relying on selective cutting, his goal was to protect the watersheds and wildlife habitats that are devastated by clear-cutting, and to prevent the job losses that follow such practices. Following his retirement, he became concerned that his agency was deviating from the practice of sustained-yield management of the forest’s timber lands, and led a highly visible public outcry that became known as the Bitterroot controversy. Brandborg’s behind-the-scenes lobbying contributed materially to the passage of the National Forest Management Act of 1976, the single most important law affecting public forestry since the creation of the Forest Service. Meticulously written, The Bitterroot and Mr. Brandborg articulates Brandborg’s Progressive-era idealism and is based on extensive archival research in collections throughout the Rockies and the Northwest, including the Brandborg family papers. Swanson’s crisp narration of how one national forest supervisor understood the intricate connection between the grasslands and forests under his care and the communities that were so dependent on these invaluable resources, opens a much larger story about the meaning of public lands in a democratic society.

FREDERICK SWANSON writes about the West from his home in Salt Lake City. His book Dave Rust: A Life in the Canyons (University of Utah Press, 2007) won the David W. and Beatrice C. Evans Biography Award of the Mountain West Center for Regional Studies.

WESTERN HISTORY/ENVIRONMENT March 2011 416 pp., 6 x 9 65 photographs, 6 illustrations and maps 978-1-60781-101-5, Cloth $39.95


Spring/Summer 2011  3



Two Toms Lessons from a Shoshone Doctor Thomas H. Johnson and Helen S. Johnson

“This is a gentle book, yet it contains powerful descriptions of traditions and life among the Eastern Shoshone Indians. The dialogue epitomizes the Shoshone way of teaching and the authors should be justly proud of capturing the spirit of culture in this manner.” —Henry E. Stamm IV, Idaho State  University

In 1969, Tom Wesaw was an 83-year-old Shoshone doctor and religious leader on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. He could no longer drive, which posed problems in making house calls. The arrival of young anthropologist Tom Johnson changed that. Johnson would drive Wesaw, and cook, pump water, and build fires for sweat lodges. In exchange, the elder Tom would show the younger Tom his work. The two were together so often that the people of Wind River began to refer to them affectionately by one name: Two Toms. By the light of the lamp Wesaw gave him, Johnson would write down what he learned. The Shoshone doctor wanted his student to share everything he saw and heard. Now, in Two Toms: Lessons from a Shoshone Doctor, he has. Presented as an engaging narrative, Johnson’s book reveals details about the Shoshone culture and it chronicles the story of the friendship between these two men of different backgrounds. Filled with valuable anthropological information, this book is also highly readable and entertaining. THOMAS H. JOHNSON is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, Steven’s Point. HELEN S. JOHNSON assisted Thomas with fieldwork on the Wind River Reservation and is co-author of Also Called Sacajawea: Chief Woman’s Stolen Identity.

AMERICAN INDIAN April 2011 104 pp., 6 x 9 8 photographs and 1 map 978-1-60781-090-2, Paper $15.95

4  University of Utah Press


F O R C ED The 1914 Clay Southworth

TO A B A N DON Gila River Pima Interviews


FINALIST The Wallace Stegner Prize in Environmental and Western American History

Forced to Abandon Our Fields David H. DeJong

The 1914 Clay Southworth Gila River Pima Interviews David H. DeJong

"DeJong's presentation of the oral interview transcripts is excellent. These interviews are a rich source of cultural and historical information about the Pimas." —David Rich Lewis, Utah State  University

During the nineteenth century, upstream diversions from the Gila River decreased the arable land on the Gila River Indian Reservation to only a few thousand acres. As a result the Pima Indians, primarily an agricultural people, fell into poverty. Many Pima farmers and leaders lamented this suffering and in 1914 the United States Indian Irrigation Service assigned a 33-year-old engineer named Clay “Charles” Southworth to oversee the Gila River adjudication. As part of that process, Southworth interviewed 34 Pima elders, thus putting a face on the depth of hardships facing many Indians in the late nineteenth century. Southworth’s interviews fell into obscurity until recently, when they were rediscovered by David DeJong. The interviews cover decades of Pima history and reveal the nexus between upstream diversions and Pima economy, agriculture, water use, and water rights. In Forced to Abandon Our Fields, DeJong provides the historical context for these interviews; transcripts of the interviews provide first-hand descriptions of both the once-successful Pima agricultural economy and its decline by the early twentieth century. These interviews suggest that it was not the triumph of Western civilization that displaced the Pima agricultural economy but the application of a philosophy of economic liberalism that prevented the Pima from building on their previous successes. DAVID H. DEJONG is project manager of the Pima-Maricopa Irrigation Project. He received a PhD in American Indian Policy Studies from the University of Arizona.

WESTERN HISTORY/AMERICAN INDIAN March 2011 192 pp., 6 x 9 8 photographs and 3 maps 978-1-60781-095-7, Paper $34.95


Spring/Summer 2011  5

Where the Earth and Sky Are Sewn Together Sobaípuri-O’odham Contexts of Contact and Colonialism

Deni J. Seymour

Where the Earth and Sky Are Sewn Together Sobaípuri-O’odham Contexts of Contact and Colonialism Deni J. Seymour

“Where the Earth and Sky Are Sewn Together provides a unique perspective on the Sobaípuri, O’odham, and Hohokam not captured in other books. The author provides a compelling amount of new data from her recent fieldwork. This is an extrodinary and exciting achievement.” —W. Bruce Masse, Los Alamos   National Laboratory, New Mexico

The Sobaípuri-O’odham occupied the San Pedro and Santa Cruz valleys of southern Arizona from the 1400s. Their descendants reside at the contemporary community if Wa:k (San Xavier del Bac). Most of the protohistory and history concerning the Sobaípuri-O’odham has been gleaned from documents written by the early Spanish colonizers and other Europeans and emphasizes the influence of Father Eusebio Kino; there are few accounts of the indigenous people themselves. In recent years, however, archaeological surveys and excavations in southern Arizona have revealed new information about this group. Where the Earth and Sky Are Sewn Together includes these archaeological findings to provide an enhanced interpretation of the Sobaípuri-O’odham lifeway, addressing questions that have been unanswerable by historical documents alone. Seymour considers new methods and theory for tackling the difficulties of working with a sparse archaeological record and proposes some very different answers. This book represents a much revised rendition of the historian’s Sobaípuri-O’odham, a people who once dominated southern Arizona’s landscape. DENI J. SEYMOUR is a research associate at the University of Arizona and a research archaeologist for Dos Locos Consultores, LLC. She has been studying the archaeology of the protohistoric and historic SobaípuriO’odham, Apache, and others for more than a quarter century.

ARCHAEOLOGY/ANTHROPOLOGY April 2011 344 pp., 7 x 10 91 photographs and illustrations 978-1-60781-067-4, Cloth $60.00s

6  University of Utah Press


f o u n d at i o n s • o f • a r c h a e o l o g i c a l • i n q u i r y


Studying Technological Change Michael Brian Schiffer


A Behavioral Approach Michael Brian Schiffer

“In clear and concise prose, Schiffer lays out a framework that can be applied by archaeologists but also will be relevant to anyone with an interest in the interaction between humans and their material culture. Archaeologists and historians of technology will need to have it on their bookshelf.” —James M. Skibo, Illinois State  University

Studying Technological Change synthesizes nearly four decades of research by Michael Brian Schiffer, a cofounder of the field of behavioral archaeology. This new book asks historical and scientific questions about the interaction of people with artifacts during all times and in all places. The book is not about the history or prehistory of technology, nor is it a catalog of methods and techniques for inferring how specific technologies were made or used. Rather, it supplies conceptual tools that can be used to help craft an explanation of any technological change in any society. The behavioral approach leads to new questions, creative research employing diverse lines of evidence, and, often, counterintuitive explanations. In behavioral archaeology, one never loses sight of the materiality of human behavior. Needless to say, advocates of other research approaches will find much in this book to dispute. But critics cannot gainsay the productivity of the behavioral approach nor the fact that it has furnished fresh insights into episodes of technological change. MICHAEL BRIAN SCHIFFER is the Fred. A. Riecker Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and director of the Laboratory of Traditional Technology at the University of Arizona.

ARCHAEOLOGY/ANTHROPOLOGY May 2011 296 pp., 7 x 10 39 photographs and illustrations 978-1-60781-136-7, Paper $45.00s


Spring/Summer 2011  7

praise for

The Glen Canyon Country “I found the book engrossing for both the sheer breadth of its account and for its interesting personal sidelights on some of the characters that the Glen Canyon country has attracted. The book will have a permanent place in the scholarly literature on the Glen Canyon country.” —C. MELVIN AIKENS, University of Oregon

“No one has brought together so many different facets of the Glen Canyon story: prehistory, history, exploration, scientific study, exploitation, recreational use, and use for water storage and power.” —ROY D. WEBB, University of Utah

The Glen Canyon Country A Personal Memoir Don D. Fowler Foreword by W. L. “Bud” Rusho

In his new book, The Glen Canyon Country, archaeologist Don D. Fowler shares the history of a place and the peoples who sojourned there over the course of several thousand years. To tell this story, he weaves his personal experience as a student working on the Glen Canyon Salvage Project with accounts of early explorers, geologists, miners, railroad developers, settlers, river runners, and others who entered this magical place. The book details the canyon’s story via historical and scientific summaries, biographical sketches, personal memoir, and previously unpublished photos of the land and its explorers. Readers will experience the intrigue and beauty of the Canyon while following not only the story of an individual but also of Glen Canyon itself. Infused with the breadth and depth of a lifetime of archaeological experience, The Glen Canyon Country is the definitive account of the prehistory and history of a significant river corridor and the surrounding land.

ANTHROPOLOGY/ARCHAEOLOGY/MEMOIR March 2011 432 pp., 8 x 10 110 photographs and 3 maps 978-1-60781-127-5, Cloth $75.00s 978-1-60781-134-3, Paper $39.95


DON FOWLER is Mamie Kleberg Distinguished Professor of Historic Preservation and Anthropology Emeritus, University of Nevada, Reno. He is author of The Laboratory for Anthropology (University of Utah Press, 2010) and co-editor, with Linda Cordell, of Southwest Archaeology in the Twentieth Century (University of Utah Press, 2005) and numerous other publications on the archaeology and anthropology of the American Southwest.

Spring/Summer 2011  9


plainsman The Memoirs of Archaeologist W. Raymond Wood


“The reader is not only exposed to the emerging field of Plains archaeology, but also to Wood's excellent job of recounting how his own training was shaped by experiences and influences from archaeologists, historians, geographers, and ecologists.” —Mary J. Adair, University of  Kansas

“As someone who lived through the ‘teenage’ years of Plains archaeology, Wood gives us a useful document of what the field was thinking, in that particular region, at that time.” —Robert L. Kelly, University of  Wyoming

10  University of Utah Press

A White-Bearded Plainsman The Memoirs of Archaeologist W. Raymond Wood W. Raymond Wood Foreword by Richard A. Krause

W. Raymond Wood played a leading role in the early days of Great Plains archaeology. In A White-Bearded Plainsman, he tells how his own career emerged, as the discipline of Plains archaeology developed during the post–World War II era. Readers will learn of the childhood influences that lead Wood to pursue the path of archaeologist, and of the events and people that shaped his professional life. In addition to telling Wood’s personal story, the book provides an intellectual history of the discipline of midcontinental archaeology over the last half century. It will thus be valuable to students and scholars in the field, as it describes how the paradigms in Plains and midwestern prehistory have changed over time. To understand the discipline, one must understand the cultural and intellectual underpinnings that shaped it. Wood’s book helps map for a new generation of archaeologists from whence they’ve come, and his role in the developments along the way. W. RAYMOND WOOD'S long career in Great Plains archaeology began in the 1950s. He is currently Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

ARCHAEOLOGY/MEMOIR May 2011 432 pp., 6 x 9 41 photographs 978-1-60781-130-5, Cloth $49.95s


Shakespeare in Performance Inside the Creative Process Michael Flachmann

“Shakespeare in Performance will be of interest to all Shakespeare enthusiasts— scholars, directors, actors, and audience members—who want to understand the process of producing Shakespeare's plays for contemporary audiences. This book fills a niche in that rarely visited but most important space between scholars and theatre professionals, and between specialists and the general public.” —Lois Feuer, Professor of English,   California State University,   Dominguez Hills

—Libby Appel, Artistic   Director Emerita, Oregon

Flachmann’s unique and intimate acquaintance with the way plays are created and performed has given him unprecedented insider access to a wide range of fascinating information. In this collection, Flachmann brings the plays to life as he discusses their meanings and shares the challenges of performing them for a modern audience. Written in language that will engage scholars, directors, theatre-goers, and everyone who loves reading and watching the Bard’s plays, Shakespeare in Performance takes the reader inside design conversations, rehearsal halls, and actor discussions for a behind-the-scenes look at some of the mysteries of professional theatre usually shared only by those within this cloistered creative process. MICHAEL FLACHMANN is a professor of English at California State University, Bakersfield.

THEATRE STUDIES May 2011 336 pp., 7 x 9 36 photographs 978-1-60781-128-2, Paper $29.95


“Fun for all lovers of Shakespeare and theater. Analyses of the plays from a living participation in Shakespeare’s characters gives us a wholly penetrating and unique perspective. Fascinating and inspiring reading.”

Michael Flachmann knows Shakespeare. Not only does he have 40 years experience teaching Shakespeare as an English professor at California State University, Bakersfield, but he spends his summers working at the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah, and with other professional companies as dramaturg—a scholar-in-residence who helps actors, directors, and designers bring Shakespeare’s scripts to life on stage.

  Shakespeare Festival


Spring/Summer 2011  11

t h e a g h a s h a h i d a l i p r i z e i n p o e t ry

In the Human Zoo

Honoring the memory of a celebrated poet and a beloved teacher, the Agha Shahid Ali Prize in Poetry is awarded annually and is sponsored by the University of Utah Press and the University of Utah Department of English.


In the Human Zoo Jennifer Perrine

Dear Blackbird, Jane Springer Dear Blackbird, was awarded the Agha Shahid Ali Prize in Poetry in 2006. Springer’s work has also received the AWP Intro Award and the Robert Penn Warren Prize for Poetry. An NEA fellow, Ms. Springer has been published in the Cincinnati Review, New Letters, and The Southern Review.

POETRY 71 pp., 6 x 8½ 978-0-87480-897-1 Paper $12.95

12  University of Utah Press

Jennifer Perrine

In the Human Zoo reveals encounters with a world that is both fragile and dangerous, a perilous, surreal place where not only humans but also creatures as innocuous as fireflies and owls become potential threats. Throughout the collection, speakers wrestle with human violence through a multitude of perspectives: the fear and resistance of victims, the frustration and outrage of witnesses, the regret and recognition of a global history in which so many people have participated as perpetrators. While the people who inhabit the world of this collection might yet remain caged, they nevertheless struggle to unleash themselves and each other through language.

“Jennifer Perrine’s poems, saturated in taut emotion and even in overt violence, are yet cooled, disciplined, by rigorous rendering, carefully evoked locations and descriptions. Jennifer Perrine is a deeply committed poet, intelligent, intense and perceptive of the minutiae of inner and outer human trauma.” — Anne Winters, Professor Emerita of Poetry,   University of Illinois at Chicago

JENNIFER PERRINE is an assistant professor of English at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, where she teaches creative writing and gender studies.

POETRY April 2011 88 pp., 5½ x 8½ 978-1-60781-144-2, Paper $12.95




Co-published with The Wallace Stegner Center for Land, Resources and the Environment

Ownership, Property, and Sustainability Joseph Sax What is a landowner’s responsibility to habitat preservation? In the past, owning land meant arranging it for one’s own use, but this in turn generally resulted in destroyed or degraded habitat. In today’s world, loss of biodiversity has become a public concern. Does the landowner now have an obligation to manage his land differently? Can habitat protection be super­imposed on a private landowner? Joseph Sax explores these questions in his lecture on the interconnections of ownership, property, and sustainability.

Sherman Alexie A Collection of Critical Essays Edited by Jeff Berglund and Jan Roush Sherman Alexie is, by many accounts, the most widely read American Indian writer in the United States and likely in the world. His nineteen published books span a variety of genres and include his most recent National Book Award–winning The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Berglund and Roush have assembled twelve leading scholars of American Indian literature in this volume of critical essays that provides new perspectives on both Alexie’s print and big screen works.

This lecture was given on March 11, 2010, at the 15th annual symposium sponsored by the Wallace Stegner Center for Land, Resources and the Environment at the S. J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah.

“The bar is raised. I believe this work will be seen as a role model for literary criticism of Native American fiction, poetry, and film.”

JOSEPH SAX has taught environmental law, water law, public land law, and property rights at the University of Colorado, the University of Utah, Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and the University of California, Berkeley. He served from 1994 to 1996 as counselor to the U.S. Secretary of the Interior. He is the author of numerous books, including Defending the Environment, Mountains without Handrails, and Legal Control of Water Resources.

JEFF BERGLUND is an associate professor of English at Northern Arizona University. He is the author of Cannibal Fictions: American Explorations of Colonialism, Race, Gender, and Sexuality.

2010 WALLACE STEGNER LECTURE February 2011 20 pp., 5½ x 8½ 978-1-60781-139-8, Paper $4.95


—Simon Ortiz, poet and professor of English at Arizona State University

JAN ROUSH is an associate professor of English at Utah State University.

LITERARY CRITICISM/AMERICAN INDIAN December 2010 344 pp., 6 x 9 2 photographs 978-1-60781-008-7, Paper $24.95

Spring/Summer 2011  13


Tony Hillerman’s

Navajoland Hideouts, Haunts, & Havens in the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee Mysteries

Expanded Third Edition

laurance D. linforD Foreword by Tony


Linford cover.indd 1

12/9/10 9:53 AM

Tony Hillerman’s Navajoland Hideouts, Haunts, and Havens in the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee Mysteries Laurance D. Linford Tony Hillerman is beloved for his novels of intrigue in the American Southwest. In Tony Hillerman’s Navajo­ land, Laurance Linford takes readers on a journey through the Four Corners region to the haunts of Hillerman’s characters. Offered in encyclopedic form, each entry gives the common name of a particular location, the Navajo name and history, and a description of the location’s significance in various Hillerman novels. An understanding of the Navajo names and their relations to the landscape will lend a new dimension to the characters and events Tony Hillerman created. This expanded third edition is updated to include all 72 sites from Hillerman’s final and location-rich novel, The Shape Shifter.

“An invaluable guide.  This book belongs in the car of any traveler passing through this land.” —New Mexico Magazine LAURANCE D. LINFORD was trained as an archaeologist. Formerly executive director of the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association in Gallup, New Mexico, he is now an administrator for the Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools. Linford is also the author of Navajo Places: History, Legend, Landscape (University of Utah Press, 2000). AMERICAN INDIAN March 2011 360 pp., 6 x 9 65 photographs 978-1-60781-137-4, Paper $21.95

14  University of Utah Press

Geological Evolution of the Colorado Plateau of Eastern Utah and Western Colorado Robert Fillmore Fillmore’s clear, easy-to-read text documents spectacular features of the eastern Colorado Plateau, one of the most interesting and scenic geologic regions in the world. The area covered in detail stretches from the Book Cliffs to the deep canyons of the San Juan River. The events that shaped this vast region are clearly described and include the most recent interpretations of ongoing geologic forces. The book also includes mile-by-mile road logs with explanations of the various features for most of the scenic roads in the region, including Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and the Natural Bridges area.

“Fillmore strives to provide more currency, depth, and insight than most general books on Colorado Plateau natural history, while simultaneously utilizing the effective writing style of his previous books to inspire readers to learn more and to extend their exploration of this magnificent region.” —Frank DeCourten, Sierra College

ROBERT FILLMORE is professor of geology at Western State College of Colorado in Gunnison. He is the author of Geology of the Parks, Monuments, and Wildlands of Southern Utah (University of Utah Press, 2000). GEOLOGY February 2011 524 pp., 7 x 10 231 illustrations, 21 color photographs 978-1-60781-004-9, Paper $29.95



Foragers and Farmers of the Northern Kayenta Region Excavations along the Navajo Mountain Road Phil R. Geib Dating back to the early Archaic period (ca. 7000 bc) and ranging forward through the Basketmaker components to the Puebloan period, Geib’s study presents the results of a major archaeological excavation project on Navajo tribal land in the Four Corners area and integrates this new information with existing knowledge of archaeology of the northern Kayenta region. The excavation of thirty-three sites provides a cross section of prehistory from which Navajo Nation archaeologists retrieved a wealth of information about subsistence, settlement, architecture, and other aspects of past lifeways.

“Provides by far the best data available so far on the chronology of Archaic and Basketmaker II occupations in the Four Corners area.”

The Architecture of Grasshopper Pueblo Charles R. Riggs The long history of field research at Grasshopper, a massive 500-room pueblo established and enlarged between ad 1300 and 1330 by a group consisting mainly of newcomers to the area, has produced a wealth of architectural information. Drawing on extensive research, Charles Riggs reconstructs the pueblo— found in an isolated mountain meadow in east-central Arizona—and provides a glimpse into the everyday life of the community at a critical time in Southwest prehistory.

“Both readable and dynamically supported with highquality visual and analytical content, Riggs’s book stands out among architectural studies of its kind.” —American Antiquity

“Particularly well researched. A significant contribution to Southwestern archaeology and in particular to the architectural study of Grasshopper Pueblo.” —Journal of Anthropological Research

—William D. Lipe, Washington State University

PHIL R. GEIB has worked as an archaeologist for 30 years, focusing on the Colorado Plateau in southern Utah and northern Arizona. He is currently completing his PhD at the University of New Mexico. He is author of Glen Canyon Revisited (University of Utah Press, 1996).

ANTHROPOLOGY/ARCHAEOLOGY April 2011 416 pp., 8 1/2 x 11 168 illustrations 978-1-60781-003-2, Cloth $70.00s


CHARLES R. RIGGS is associate professor of anthropology at Fort Lewis College, Colorado.

ANTHROPOLOGY/ARCHAEOLOGY February 2011 264 pp., 7 x 10 73 illustrations 978-0-87480-857-5, Paper $25.00s

Spring/Summer 2011  15


American Indian/Outdoors/Nature

Navajo Places

Splendid Heritage

History, Legend, Landscape

Perspectives on American Indian Arts

Laurance D. Linford 978-0-87480-624-3 Paper $24.95

River Runners’ Guide to Utah Revised Edition

John and Marva Warnock 978-0-87480-960-2 Paper $49.95

Dry Borders Great Natural Reserves of the Sonoran Desert

Navajo and Photography

Utah’s Black Hawk War

A Critical History of the Representation of an American People

John Alton Peterson 978-0-87480-508-6 Paper $19.95

The Night Chant Washington Matthews 978-0-87480-491-1 Paper $24.95

James C. Faris 978-0-87480-761-5 Paper $24.95

A Guide to Plants of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Climate Warming in Western North America

A Natural History of the Inter­ mountain West

Evidence and Environmental Effects

Its Ecological and Evolutionary Story

Edited by Frederic H. Wagner 978-0-87480-906-0 Paper $29.95

Gwendolyn L. Waring 978-1-60781-028-5 Paper $29.95

Gary C. Nichols 978-0-87480-725-7 Paper $19.95

Edited by Richard Stephen Felger and Bill Broyles 978-0-87480-819-3 Paper $45.00

Utah’s Low Points

Wasatch Eleveners

Home Waters


The Way Home

A Guide to the Lowest Points in Utah’s Twenty-nine Counties

A Hiking and Climbing Guide to the 11,000-foot Mountains of Utah’s Wasatch Range

A Year of Recompenses on the Provo River

An Anthology of Nature, Environmental, and Placebased Writing

Essays on the Outside West

Fred J. Nash 978-0-87480-932-9 Paper $22.95

Randy Winters 978-0-87480-864-3 Paper $14.95

16  University of Utah Press

Ray S. Vizgirdas 978-0-87480-875-9 Paper $29.95

George B. Handley 978-1-60781-023-0 Paper $24.95

Edited by Florence Caplow and Susan A. Cohen 978-1-60781-124-4 Paper $17.95

James McVey 978-1-60781-033-9 Paper $19.95




The Northern World

Modern Oceans, Ancient Sites

Edited by Herbert Maschner, Owen Mason, and Robert McGhee 978-0-87480-955-8 Cloth $65.00s

Archaeology and Marine Conservation on San Miguel Island, California

Traces of Fremont

A Laboratory for Anthropology

Society and Rock Art in Ancient Utah Text by Steven R. Simms Photographs by François Gohier 978-1-60781-011-7 Paper $24.95

Ancient Complexities New Perspectives in Precolumbian North America Edited by Susan M. Alt 978-1-60781-026-1 Cloth $60.00s


Todd J. Braje 978-0-87480-984-8 Cloth $50.00s

Science and Romanticism in the American Southwest, 1846-1930

Island of Fogs

Burned Palaces and Elite Residences of Aguateca

Elite Craft Producers, Artists, and Warriors of Aguateca

Matthew R. Des Lauriers 978-1-60781-007-0 Cloth $60.00s

Excavations and Ceramics

Lithic Analysis

Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan 978-1-60781-001-8 Cloth $60.00s

Kazuo Aoyama 978-0-87480-959-6 Cloth $60.00s

The Archaeology of the Eastern Nevada Paleo­ archaic, Part I

Archeological Observations North of the Rio Colorado

Ancient Caves of the Great Salt Lake Region

The Sunshine Locality

Neil M. Judd Foreword by Richard Talbot 978-1-60781-022-3 Paper $19.95

Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Investigations of Isla Cedros, Baja California

Don D. Fowler Foreword by Brian Fagan 978-1-60781-035-3 Paper $34.95

Edited by Charlotte Beck and George T. Jones 978-0-87480-939-8 Paper $40.00s

The Archaeology of Meaningful Places

Simulating Change

Hell Gap

Archaeology Into the Twentyfirst Century

Edited by Brenda J. Bowser and María Nieves Zedeño 978-0-87480-882-7 Paper $35.00s

Edited by Andre Costopoulos and Mark W. Lake 978-1-60781-036-0 Paper $25.00s

A Stratified Paleoindian Campsite at the Edge of the Rockies

Evolutionary Ecology and Archaeology

Edited by Mary Lou Larson, Marcel Kornfeld, and George C. Frison 978-0-87480-943-5 Cloth $60.00s

Julian H. Steward Foreword by Joel C. Janetski 978-0-87480-990-9 Paper $15.95s

Applications to Problems in Human Evolution and Prehistory Edited by Jack M. Broughton and Michael D. Cannon 978-0-87480-935-0 Paper $50.00s

Spring/Summer 2011  17


Mormon Studies/Middle East Studies

Eliza R. Snow The Complete Poetry Edited by Jill Mulvay Derr and Karen Lynn Davidson 978-0-8425-2737-8 Cloth $44.95 Copublished with BYU Studies

Early Mormon Missionary Activities in Japan, 1901­–1924 Reid L. Neilson 978-0-87480-989-3 Paper $29.95

David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism

Amasa Mason Lyman, Mormon Apostle and Apostate

On the Mormon Frontier

Gregory A. Prince and Wm. Robert Wright 978-0-87480-822-3 Cloth $29.95

A Study in Dedication

Edited by Juanita Brooks 978-0-87480-945-9 Paper $39.95

Mormons as Citizens of a Communist State

An Index to the History of the Patriarchs of the Coptic Church

The Turk in America

Lola Atiya Edited by Nayra Atiya 978-1-60781-012-4 Cloth $39.95s

Justin A. McCarthy 978-1-60781-013-1 Paper $39.95

Meir Hatina 978-1-60781-032-2 Paper $25.00s

A Religion, Not a State

Armenians and the Allies in Cilicia, 1914–1923

Sustainability of Microstates

Yücel Güçlü 978-0-87480-956-5 Paper $25.00s

Ozay Mehmet 978-0-87480-983-1 Paper $25.00s

A Documentary History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints in East Germany, 1945–1990 Raymond Kuehne Foreword by Ronald Smelser 978-0-87480-993-0 Paper $39.95

Edward Leo Lyman 978-0-87480-940-4 Cloth $39.95

Turkish Foreign Policy, 1919–2006

The Search for God’s Law

Facts and Analyses with Documents

Islamic Jurisprudence in the Writings of Sayf al-Dīn alĀmidī, Revised Edition

Ali ʿAbd al-Raziq’s Islamic Justification of Political Secularism

Bernard G. Weiss 978-0-87480-938-1 Cloth $75.00s

Souad T. Ali 978-0-87480-951-0 Paper $25.00

Edited by Baskın Oran Translated by Mustafa Akşin 978-0-87480-904-6 Cloth $100.00s

18  University of Utah Press

The Diary of Hosea Stout, 1844–1889

The Autobio­ graphy of Hosea Stout Edited by Reed A. Stout, Revised by Stephen L. Prince 978-0-87480-957-2 Paper $12.95 Copublished with the Utah State Historical Society

The Creation of an Enduring Prejudice

ʿUlamaʾ, Politics, and the Public Sphere An Egyptian Perspective

The Case of North Cyprus




Lost in the Yellowstone

Camp Floyd and the Mormons

Wallace Stegner’s Salt Lake City

Dave Rust

Truman Everts’s “Thirtyseven Days of Peril”

The Utah War

Robert C. Steensma 978-0-87480-898-8 Cloth $29.95

Fred Swanson 978-0-87480-944-2 Paper $19.95

His Life and Legacy

The Exploration of the Colorado River in 1869 and 1871–1872

Ghosts of Glen Canyon

Years of Promise

Edited by Lee H. Whittlesey 978-0-87480-481-2 Paper $14.95

The Exploration of the Colorado River and the High Plateaus of Utah by the Second Powell Expedition of 1871–1872 Edited by Herbert E. Gregory, William Culp Darrah, and Charles Kelly 978-0-87480-964-0 Paper $24.95

Donald R. Moorman with Gene A. Sessions 978-0-87480-845-2 Paper $22.95

Diary of Almon Harris Thompson Explorations of the Colorado River of the West and Its Tributaries, 1871–1875 Edited by Herbert E. Gregory 978-0-87480-962-6 Paper $14.95 Copublished with the Utah State Historical Society

Copublished with the Utah State Historical Society

Biographical Sketches and Original Documents of the First Powell Expedition of 1869 and the Second Powell Expedition of 1871–1872

John Wesley Powell

A Life in the Canyons

James M. Aton 978-0-87480-992-3 Paper $9.95

History Beneath Lake Powell

The University of Utah’s A. Ray Olpin Era, 1946–1964

C. Gregory Crampton Foreword by Edward Abbey 978-0-87480-946-6 Paper $29.95

Anne Palmer Peterson Foreword by David P. Gardner 978-0-87480-969-5 Cloth $19.95

A Hole in the Ground with a Liar at the Top

The White Indian Boy and its ­sequel The Return of the White Indian

Edited by William Culp Darrah, Ralph V. Chamberlin, and Charles Kelly 978-0-87480-963-3 Paper $19.95 Copublished with the Utah State Historical Society

The Historical Guide to Utah Ghost Towns

On the Way to Somewhere Else

Revised and Enlarged Edition

European Sojourners in the Mormon West, 1834–1930

Stephen L. Carr 978-0-91474-0-308 Paper $24.95

Edited by Michael W. Homer 978-0-87480-994-7 Paper $24.95

Distributed for Western Epics Publications


Opening Zion A Scrapbook of the National Park’s First Official Tourists John Clark and Melissa Clark 978-1-60781-006-3 Paper $19.95

Fraud and Deceit in the Golden Age of American Mining Dan Plazak 978-1-60781-020-9 Paper $24.95

Elijah Nicholas Wilson and Charles A. Wilson 978-0-87480-834-6 Paper $19.95

Spring/Summer 2011  19

Index Ali, A Religion, Not a State 18 Alt, Ancient Complexities 17 Amasa Mason Lyman, Mormon Apostle and Apostate 18 Ancient Caves of the Great Salt Lake Region  17 Ancient Complexities 17 Aoyama, Elite Craft Producers, Artists, and Warriors of Aguateca 17 Archaeology of Meaningful Places, The 17 Archaeology of the Eastern Nevada Paleoarchaic, The, Part I 17 Archeological Observations North of the Rio Colorado 17 Architecture of Grasshopper Pueblo, The 15 Armenians and the Allies in Cilicia, 1914–1923 18 Atiya, An Index to the History of the Patriarchs of the Coptic Church  18 Aton, John Wesley Powell 19 Autobiography of Hosea Stout, The 18 Beck/Jones, The Archaeology of the Eastern Nevada Paleoarchaic, Part I 17 Berglund/Roush, Sherman Alexie 13 Bitterroot and Mr. Brandborg, The 2-3 Bowser/Zedeño, The Archaeology of Meaningful Places 17 Braje, Modern Oceans, Ancient Sites 17 Brooks, On the Mormon Frontier 18 Broughton/Cannon, Evolutionary Ecology and Archaeology 17 Burned Palaces and Elite Residences of Aguateca 17 Camp Floyd and the Mormons 19 Caplow/Cohen, Wildbranch 16 Carr, The Historical Guide to Utah Ghost Towns 19 Clark/Clark, Opening Zion 19 Climate Warming in Western North America 16 Costopoulos/Lake, Simulating Change 17 Crampton, Ghosts of Glen Canyon 19 Darrah/Chamberlin/Kelly, The Exploration of the Colorado River in 1869 and 1871–1872 19 Dave Rust 19 David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism 18 DeJong, Forced to Abandon Our Fields 5 Derr/Davidson, Eliza R. Snow 18 Des Lauriers, Island of Fogs 17 Diary of Almon Harris Thompson 19 Dry Borders 16 Early Mormon Missionary Activities in Japan, 1901–1924 18 Elite Craft Producers, Artists, and Warriors of Aguateca 17 Eliza R. Snow 18 Evolutionary Ecology and Archaeology 17 Exploration of the Colorado River and the High Plateaus of Utah by the Second Powell Expedition of 1871–1872, The 19 Exploration of the Colorado River in 1869 and 1871–1872, The 19 Faris, Navajo and Photography 16 Felger/Broyles, Dry Borders 16 Fillmore, Geological Evolution of the Colorado Plateau of Eastern Utah and Western Colorado 14 Flachmann, Shakespeare in Performance 11

Foragers and Farmers of the Northern Kayenta Region 15 Forced to Abandon Our Fields 5 Fowler, A Laboratory for Anthropology 17 Fowler, The Glen Canyon Country 8-9 Geib, Foragers and Farmers of the Northern Kayenta Region 15 Geological Evolution of the Colorado Plateau of Eastern Utah and Western Colorado 14 Ghosts of Glen Canyon 19 Glen Canyon Country, The 8–9 Gregory, Diary of Almon Harris Thompson 19 Gregory/Darrah/Kelly, The Exploration of the Colorado River and the High Plateaus of Utah by the Second Powell Expedition of 1871–1872 19 Güçlü, Armenians and the Allies in Cilicia, 1914–1923 18 Guide to Plants of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, A 16 Handley, Home Waters 16 Hatina, ʿUlamaʾ, Politics, and the Public Sphere 18 Hell Gap 17 Historical Guide to Utah Ghost Towns, The 19 Hole in the Ground with a Liar at the Top, A 19 Homer, On the Way to Somewhere Else 19 Home Waters 16 Index to the History of the Patriarchs of the Coptic Church, An  18 Inomata/Triadan, Burned Palaces and Elite Residences of Aguateca 17 In the Human Zoo 12 Island of Fogs 17 John Wesley Powell 19 Johnson/Johnson, Two Toms 4 Judd, Archeological Observations North of the Rio Colorado 17 Kuehne, Mormons as Citizens of a Communist State 18 Laboratory for Anthropology, A 17 Larson/Kornfeld/Frison, Hell Gap 17 Linford, Navajo Places 16 Linford, Tony Hillerman’s Navajoland, Third Ed. 14 Lost in the Yellowstone 19 Lyman, Amasa Mason Lyman, Mormon Apostle and Apostate 18 Maschner/Mason/McGhee, The Northern World 17 Matthews, The Night Chant 16 McCarthy, The Turk in America 18 McVey, The Way Home 16 Mehmet, Sustainability of Microstates 18 Modern Oceans, Ancient Sites 17 Moorman, Camp Floyd and the Mormons 19 Mormons as Citizens of a Communist State 18 Nash, Utah’s Low Points 16 Natural History of the Intermountain West, A 16 Navajo and Photography 16 Navajo Places 16 Neilson, Early Mormon Missionary Activities in Japan, 1901–1924 18 Nichols, River Runners’ Guide to Utah 16 Night Chant, The 16 Northern World, The 17

On the Mormon Frontier 18 On the Way to Somewhere Else 19 Opening Zion 19 Oran, Turkish Foreign Policy, 1919–2006 18 Ownership, Property, and Sustainability 13 Perrine, In the Human Zoo 12 Peterson, Utah’s Black Hawk War 16 Peterson, Years of Promise 19 Plazak, A Hole in the Ground with a Liar at the Top 19 Prince/Wright, David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism 18 Religion, Not a State, A 18 Riggs, The Architecture of Grasshopper Pueblo 15 River Runners’ Guide to Utah 16 Sax, Ownership, Property, and Sustainability 13 Schiffer, Studying Technological Change 7 Search for God’s Law, The 18 Seymour, Where the Earth and Sky Are Sewn Together 6 Shakespeare in Performance 11 Sherman Alexie 13 Simms, Traces of Fremont 17 Simulating Change 17 Splendid Heritage 16 Steensma, Wallace Stegner’s Salt Lake City 19 Steward, Ancient Caves of the Great Salt Lake Region 17 Stout/Prince, The Autobiography of Hosea Stout 18 Studying Technological Change 7 Sustainability of Microstates 18 Swanson, The Bitterroot and Mr. Brandborg 2-3 Swanson, Dave Rust 19 Tony Hillerman’s Navajoland, Third Ed. 14 Traces of Fremont 17 Turk in America, The 18 Turkish Foreign Policy, 1919–2006 18 Two Toms 4 ʿUlamaʾ, Politics, and the Public Sphere 18 Utah’s Black Hawk War 16 Utah’s Low Points 16 Vizgirdas, A Guide to Plants of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks 16 Wagner, Climate Warming in Western North America 16 Wallace Stegner’s Salt Lake City 19 Waring, A Natural History of the Intermountain West 16 Warnock, Splendid Heritage 16 Wasatch Eleveners 16 Way Home, The 16 Weiss, The Search for God’s Law 18 Where the Earth and Sky Are Sewn Together 6 White Indian Boy and its sequel The Return of the White Indian, The 19 White-Bearded Plainsman, A 10 Whittlesey, Lost in the Yellowstone 19 Wildbranch 16 Wilson/Wilson, The White Indian Boy and its sequel The Return of the White Indian 19 Winters, Wasatch Eleveners 16 Wood, A White-Bearded Plainsman 10 Years of Promise 19

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The Comedy of Errors, 1987. Steve Wilson as Dromio of Syracuse. From Shakespeare in Performance, p. 13. Photo by Boyd D. Redington and John Snyder. Courtesy Utah Shakespeare Festival.

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