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WELCOME “The United Nations Youth Association of New Zealand, INTRODUCTIONS or UN Youth, serves as the OUR EXPECTATIONS youth arm of the United GROUND RULES Nations Association of New Zealand, a member of the CONFERENCE ATTIRE World Federation of United TRAINING SCENARIOS Nations Associations AMAZING RACE (WFUNA). WFUNA has consultative status to the THINK TANK Economic and Social Council CONFERENCE AGENDA of the United Nations. SOCIAL EVENTS Despite only being existence since 1999, UN Youth creates WELLINGTON HOTSPOTS amazing opportunities for CONFERENCE MAP youth to express themselves, SPONSORS learn about the United Nations and provide positive solutions for what is, ultimately, their future.”


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WELCOME Tēnā koutou katoa Being selected as a Conference Assistant for New Zealand Model United Nations is an achievement to be proud of. The committee looked to assemble a diverse team of leaders, high-achievers, and role-models to facilitate for some 240 secondary school students. In considering a broad range of academic, cultural, and social involvements, we looked for indicators of commitment and passion. As I have said before, your success reflects our confidence in your work ethic, your ability to relate to the delegates, and perhaps most importantly, your professionalism. I have personally put a lot of effort into the selection process this year, and I know that we’ll be able to create the best delegate experience ever. Over the course of the conference, the delegates will look up to you. You are there to help and guide them, and through doing so, you will inspire them. Four days may sound like hard work, it is extremely rewarding and you will have the opportunity to meet some incredible people from all around the country. This handbook is a relatively informal guide to the conference. While light-hearted in tone and chock-a-block with amusing photos, you are expected to thoroughly read through this as well as all other documents sent out pre-conference, in an effort to be as prepared as possible. Don’t be daunted if it all seems a little much right now – I promise, by the time we finish training on the 4th of July, you’ll be ready to get stuck in. I hope you take as much joy from being a Conference Assistant as I have from my role on committee. Volunteering with UN Youth inexplicably creates lifelong friendships and forms deep bonds, and the immense satisfaction of a job well done brings our members back year-after-year. We know that your time is valuable, and we thank you for flying with us. If you have any concerns, any queries, anything you want to have a yarn about - please don’t hesitate to touch base with me, both before and during the conference. Particularly so if you feel sick or swamped by work. I am here to help and incredibly eager to ensure that each and every one of you has a great time being a Conference Assistant. All the best until we’re all together in Wellington. I can’t wait to work with you at the conference! Charlie xoxo

Conference Assistant Officer


COMMITTEE PROFILES Harry “Students For Steak Dinners” Tothill is the Coordinator of the conference, and a dedicated choir boy from Christchurch. Now located in Wellington, where he studies towards a Law & Commerce conjoint, Harry is a frequent patron of the fine establishment known as Hope Bros. When not matching pitch or twerking, our dear leader spares some time to convene Skype meetings from the comforts of his bed.

Olivia “Teapot” Krakosky was so offended by a friend’s offhand description of her as ‘short and stout’ that she serves as the Logistics Officer in order to exclusively serve coffee as the hot beverage of choice. On the verge of completing her Law & Arts studies, Olivia is often spotted pacing Cuba Street muttering something about regional grouping dinners. With the skills and contacts she’s accumulated from NZ Model UN, Olivia one day dreams of opening her own eatery to serve cheese & crackers.

Kohe “Needs More Minions” Ruwhiu knows a thing or two about being an evil mastermind, having coordinated the Education portfolio. Gossip magazines exposed that Beyoncé once travelled to Wellington just to ply Kohe for tips to achieve curls as luscious as hers. They still regularly brunch together. Alongside her Law & Commerce conjoint, Kohe is currently studying towards qualifying as a group fitness instructor.


Charlie “Fire-eater” Lin walks the proverbial tightrope between Law and Arts, and is the Conference Assistants Officer. Rumour has it, he’s an excellent juggler, throwing and catching multiple UN Youth roles at considerable speed. He’s also smiley enough to be able to charm the socks of someone whilst holding an axe. Look out for him at the ball, when he’ll be combining what he does best in an all-new circus trick - juggling axes whilst riding a bicycle stolen from his weekly Spin classes. He’s easily spotted, just keep a nose out for the aromas of tweed, rich mahogany and leather-bound books.

Courtney “You Can’t Sit With Us” Black is our sassy, snapchat-obsessed Registrations Officer. Her achievements include being voted by her fellow Commerce students as the top “Modern Dance” performer at the Victoria University of Wellington. Distressingly, email records will show that every correspondence from Courtney has been accompanied by an individualised duckface. Courtney has most recently been disciplined to a month of wearing trackpants after Harry stumbled upon the Burn Book she has been keeping about the rest of the committee.

Xindi “Queen of the Prepsters” Zhang heads the Ministry of Pretty Things here at NZ Model UN. When not scoffing at Ugg boots, Xindi sails through her Commerce & Arts conjoint at the University of Auckland. Xindi has been preparing for her launch into the modelling industry, and insiders say that Ralph Lauren himself lovingly-crafted the look and social finesse of our classy Communications officer.


OUR EXPECTATIONS You are here to make the most of the conference. You are courteous and professional at all times. You remain open-minded in respecting the diverse beliefs and opinions of others. You approach your role with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. If any one looks like they are struggling, please help. If anything looks like it needs doing, please do it. If anybody looks lost, please be a friend. If anyone looks sad, please pull a silly face to cheer them up, or find somebody who can help. Remember to pace yourselves. You are the ones who keep the conference running, and we want you in the best possible condition!


GROUND RULES Turn up on time each morning, and do not leave the conference without notifying Charlie. No drinking at any time from the 5th of July until the end of the conference. No profanities. This goes beyond swearing – it is also about being sensitive to other cultures and religions. If you’re going to smoke, please do it discreetly and out of sight from delegates. Use your initiative in mucking in with any tasks that need doing, such as tidying up at the end of a session. We’re all in this together! Please do not administer any medication, not even panadol, unless you are one of the welfare officers! If at any point you are feeling tired, sick, frustrated or for any other reason want a break: please tell Charlie! He’ll try to organise some down time for you. It is vital you let him know directly so he can find somebody else to fulfil your duties.

DRESS CODE Smart Casual (For Training Day/The Amazing Race) Wellington is quite chilly and windy in July. A warm coat and a rain jacket is highly recommended for the duration of the conference. NZ Model UN 2013 T-shirt Comfortable, smart cLothing Sneakers, Flats Rain Jacket Business Attire Aim for a comfortable and polished look. A simple way to achieve a professional look is to use dark colours. This is just a basic guide; don’t be afraid to inject your own sartorial flair! Remember to always be prepared and bring a rain jacket. Ladies Business Knee length skirt or suit pants Blazer Blouse/shirt Comfortable dress Shoes Avoid: High heels Gentlemen Business Suit (jacket optional, trousers required) Long sleeve collared Shirt Tie Dress Shoes Formal Attire It’s time to suit up and put on a dress that will impress. Dust off those dancing shoes and you’re ready for a glamorous night at the Amora Hotel.


Gentlemen Formal Suit Long sleeve collared shirt Tie/Bowtie Dress Shoes Ladies Formal Dress Dress shoes All that being said, whatever you do, don’t turn up looking like this:


TRAINING SCENARIOS Scenario 1 – “Dominant Delegate” North West is a Year 13 student and an enthusiastic debater. Having been to NZ Model for three years in a row, North West is well-acquainted with the Model UN format and knows the ins-and-outs of the rules of procedure. This year, North West is representing The Russian Federation and she’s certainly not afraid to make her country’s stance known during the first Eastern European regional grouping. The other delegates largely remain silent, and grow increasingly uncomfortable as North West becomes louder and more animated throughout the session. In particular, Blue Ivy seems far too intimidated to speak, this being her first conference. You realise, as a Conference Assistant, that North West, Blue Ivy, and the other delegates of Eastern Europe will be spending much of their time together: and something has to be done. How do you involve every delegate in a debate session? Whether it is during a regional grouping session or at any other time, as Conference Assistants, it is paramount to ensure that each and every delegate has a good time at NZ Model UN. To that end, it is our responsibility to facilitate, guide, and mentor our delegates so that they are able to make the most of their time in Wellington. In this situation, the best course of action would be to gently ask another delegate what their country thinks about the issue, in order to prompt an answer and hopefully diversify the discussion. Another idea is to ask each delegate to present a brief statement outlining their country’s views and objectives. By giving every delegate an opportunity to participate, we can best ensure their enjoyment of the Model UN experience. At this point, if North West continues to disproportionally dominate the discussion, then it may be a good idea to call an unmoderated caucus and allow delegates to talk freely while you have a discreet word. Recognise her ability as a public speaker, and impart that Model UN is a team exercise which requires lobbying & negotiating for the vote of others in order to pass a resolution. Set North West the challenge of getting others to speak in support of her stance. This example is only one suggestion among many other approaches to this situation. Additionally, as a Conference Assistant, you are likely to encounter a wide variety of challenging situations which will require you to intuitively respond. In all cases, please exercise your best judgement and put the delegates first.

SCENARIO 2 – “DISENGAGED DELEGATE” Gwendolyn has spent most of the first session of the World Health Assembly lovingly-crafting a set of amendments about maternal health. As the representative for Guinea-Bissau, Gwendolyn knows that her country has a long way to go in reducing their appalling rate of maternal mortalities. Hoping that her proposed changes to the resolution can further improve the situation in her country, Gwendolyn submits her amendments at start of the second session.


Despite being an eloquent and passionate public speaker, Gwendolyn has a tough time finding support in her committee. Uther, who is representing Spain, rallies opposition to Gwendolyn’s amendments, which are criticised as being “fiscally-irresponsible” and “an excessive allocation of funds”. It soon becomes clear that the Assembly will not be voting in favour of Guinea-Bissau’s interests, and each of Gwendolyn’s amendments fail in quick succession. Having been initially motivated, Gwendolyn becomes despondent, feeling like she is no good at Model United Nations. By lunchtime, you notice that Gwendolyn is no longer actively lobbying, and instead quietly nibbles on shortbread while narrowing her eyes at Uther. What do you do with disengaged delegates? An important task that comes with being a Conference Assistant is to be proactive in identifying and remedying situations in which delegates are unhappy. In this situation, approaching Gwendolyn and affirming what a fantastic job she’s done so far only would only take a minute, and may well turn her day around. It may also be of assistance to explain to Gwendolyn that it is part & parcel of the UN to have proposals fail, only to be successful later after negotiations and compromise. Treat disengaged delegates with respect and try to boost their confidence, without being patronising. Finally, use all that you’ve learnt to impart your advice to delegates – who may well be disoriented or daunted by NZ Model UN!

SCENARIO 3 – “WELFARE CONCERNS” Keanu has been representing The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and has found his first NZ Model UN an exhilarating yet exhausting experience. By plenary day, he is feeling all worn-out and finds it difficult to engage with the debate on account of his headache. At morning tea, Keanu staggers towards you (a Conference Assistant with no first-aid training and in a facilitation role) and mumbles something about how his head is throbbing. Knowing exactly where the first aid kit is being kept, you promise to be right back. What should you do to help unwell delegates? DO NOT give out any medication yourself, not even panadol – instead, please grab one of the welfare officers immediately! The same policy goes for any other physiological concerns. It is incredibly important that the welfare officers are the only ones to administer all medical treatment, as they will know if a delegate has pre-existing conditions or allergies which may affect how they are looked after. Not to mention that they are the ones who are authorised and trained for the task. By providing a conference service, we are liable for the welfare of our students at the conference, so it pays to take care. If the issue is more emotional in nature, such as homesickness, then do your best to soothe the delegate and be a friendly ear. The welfare officers are also there for these sorts of situations, so use your discretion to notify them if you have serious concerns or if you feel out of your depth. This training scenario also serves as a timely remember to be as patient and considerate as possible when interacting with delegates. Whether it is a headache or something else, we may not know the full story for why a delegate is being detached or surly. Give them the benefit of the doubt.


TRAINING CONT. SITUATION 4 – “THE INAPPROPRIATE CONFERENCE ASSISTANT” Zayn is a committee secretary at NZ Model UN and being a Conference Assistant is the first involvement he’s had with UN Youth. During morning tea, you spot him nonchalantly leaning against a wall and chatting up a female delegate. Zayn is intimately whispering into her ear, and at times, he even rests a hand on her waist. The two seem to be getting along famously until Niall, who was a bit too excited by the selection of fruit juices on offer, attempts to shuffle by the pair in order to reach the bathroom. Zayn is immediately infuriated by the interruption, and strides towards Niall while making profane comments. The situation is clearly improper. What should you do? As a Conference Assistant, you are expected to be professional in all your interactions with delegates during the conference period. Yes, UN Youth is indeed full of attractive, intelligent, and like-minded people; but please, keep a clear distance from the delegates. As so many of us are only a touch older than the students we look after, it is extra important that we maintain an air of professionalism to be able to effectively facilitate for them. To visibly strike up any sort of personal relationship with a delegate, even the display of pre-existing ones, compromises our collective professionalism and detracts from the conference experience. Furthermore, the appearance of favourable bias may be upsetting to other delegates. NZ Model UN is intended to be a positive experience, so of course, any offensive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. If at any point you are concerned about the conduct of another Conference Assistant, please express this directly to Charlie, the Conference Assistants Officer, who is your first port of call. If this proves impossible, then try another member of the committee. More immediately, please also be proactive in exercising your discretion to determine whether it is appropriate or necessary to intervene in the situation. Remember, we are each responsible for ensuring that everybody enjoys their time at the conference.



THE AMAZING RACE The Amazing Race is an exciting new addition to the NZ Model UN programme. The Concept Delegates will have the opportunity to explore Wellington while completing a wide variety of tasks in order to accumulate points. To win The Amazing Race, delegates will be challenged to be bold, creative, and a team player. Tasks range from reporting on why there is a statue of Gandhi outside the Railway Station to posing with iconic local landmarks. The world outside of Kelburn Campus As Conference Assistants, you will be responsible for leading your groups in their bid to maximise their points in the time available for The Amazing Race. As many key destinations are spread out across the Wellington CBD, a sense of direction and a familiarity with Wellington will advantage your endeavours. A well-planned circuit could also save valuable time. As well as encouraging fun, as a Conference Assistant, you also have the responsibility to ensure your delegates remain safe. The Final Tally Many of the tasks require photographic or physical evidence of completion to qualify for points. A key role as a Conference Assistant is to ensure proper documentation of your group’s successes, as not to get too caught up in the fun and miss the finish line for it. A more detailed outline of The Amazing Race, as well as additional guidance, will be provided at the Conference Assistants Training on July 4th.


THINK TANK This year, the Outreach Programme at NZ Model UN has been rebuilt from the ground up. The Concept Delegates will face the challenge of coming up with a sustainable business proposal that they can implement in their Member State and other countries in their regional group, in order to achieve progress towards the current Millennium Development Goals targets. Before the conference, delegates will be allocated an Millennium Development Goal to research. Social Entrepreneurship As Conference Assistants, you will facilitate your group in developing a proposal that utilises their collective resources and cross- border partnerships to bring their member states closer to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Your delegates will be faced with practical and financial barriers to social entrepreneurship, and your role is to assist them in overcoming those to achieve actual change. Share your ideas Finally, the group’s proposal is presented to be reviewed by a panel of expert judges, who will then give valuable, real-world feedback. Your task as a Conference Assistant is to organise and prepare your group to speak, so that their ideas may be best represented. A more detailed outline of Think Tank, as well as additional guidance, will be provided at the Conference Assistants Training on July 4th.



This section is designed to give you an overview of each day’s activities with a description of the social events following the timetable on the opposite page. To get the most out of the conference, you need to be organised and on time. We suggest you take a look at it each night and use it to prepare for the next day.


PREPARATION READ THIS BOOKLET Almost there if you got this far. Thanks :)






Welcome and overview

3:40 Funtivity One - speed dating Role-specific training 4:10 5:10

Funtivity Two - two minute skit


Dancing time




Rules of procedure skit


Runsheet overview


Logistics overview


Expected conduct


Pre-conference drinks






WHAT TO WEAR 9:00 Arrival and Registration All Day - Smart casual Attire Opening Ceremony – 9:30 Introduction Business Attire (you can either get changed at 10:30 RULES OF PROCEDURE accommodation or at Kelburn campus) 12:00 Lunch 12:30

Crisis Council




Amazing Race










WHAT TO WEAR All day – Business Attire


Arrival and Briefing




Walking Bus from Bucket Fountain

Morning Tea 10:30 ` 10:50 COMMITTEE SESSION 1 Lunch 12:50 Activity 1:30 2:00 COMMITTEE SESSION 2 4:00 Afternoon Tea GUEST SPEAKER 4:15 Evening Briefing 5:15 5:30 Regional Grouping Dinner





WHAT TO WEAR: 8.30 Day time – Business Attire Night time – Formal Ball At- 9.00 tire (delegates will have time 9.30 to get changed in the evening) 11.00


SCHEDULE Arrival and Briefing Regional Grouping Time Third Committee Session Morning Tea


Committees Resume


Regional Grouping Time




Think Tank


Afternoon Tea


Think Tank Resumes




Day ends







WHAT TO WEAR: Day time – Business Attire


Arrival and Briefing


Guest speaker

9.30 Plenary/MDG summit begins 10.30

Morning tea


Plenary resumes




Final plenary session


Afternoon tea


Plenary resumes


Closing ceremony


Conference ends



Regional Grouping Dinners On Saturday night, we head out to Wellington to enjoy some of the city’s finest international cuisine. You will be accompanied by from your regional group; a great chance to strategise and socialise! The restaurant you go to will be specific to your region providing an exciting treat for your taste buds. NZ Model UN Ball The social centrepiece of conference will be the Ball. It is held at the opulent Amora Hotel where you will be served a sumptuous dinner. Photographers will capture you dressed in your finest. Dance Sunday night away as you celebrate the achievements, friendships and memories you have made throughout the conference. Conference Assistants’ After Party

Well done! You’ve made it through four gruelling days, you wonderful person. Dinner, drinks, and a night of dancing are all on us. With hilarious prizes to be awarded & tearful speeches to be endured, this one’s not to be missed! 20

HOTSPOTS The conference be at the Kelburn Campus of Victoria University. Located on Kelburn Parade, this is the main campus for VUW. The conference will operate in the Alan MacDiarmid building. The heart of New Zealand’s democracy and government, the Parliament comprises of Parliament House and the Executive Wing (or “the Beehive”), whose stunning lobby will feature the opening. Located just off Wellington’s waterfront, the Amora Hotel is the fabulous and glamorous location for the Ball. Make sure you’re dressed to impress as we celebrate the final night of the conference. Vast, dramatic and prestigious, the Great Hall was the entrance and showpiece of the former Dominion Museum. It is a fitting space for the conclusion to the conference.

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NZ Model UN Conference Assistant Handbook  
NZ Model UN Conference Assistant Handbook  

The 2013 NZ Model UN handbook for conference assistants