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Issue 3 Summer

Untapped Hip Hop History Of Hip Hop In the Inland Empire

Art By: Ayse Greferath, Panik, & Dajon Smith. Poems By: Selena Garcia & Myron Woods

July 2018

Letter From The Editor: By Justin “Vectore” Valdivia

Were hear for the third run, its hard to believe that its been two years since we first started this magazine. While there have been a few road bumps we still kept it pushing. There is always the saying don’t look back, to me its always to look back to see how far a person has come. Over these last few couple years I’ve witnessed some artist grow into their own. Along with meeting new artist that inspired me, and seeing their hustle has pushed me when I’m tired. We’ve been pushing our Youtube channel and pushing our video interviews and give the platform they deserve and a visual treat for their fans or followers. On that note we have been reaching out to artist that reside in the other side of the country for example our last two interviews have been from the UK. When DWill and I started the ground work for Untapped we often talked about documenting our progress on how we did things and events. Sometimes we spread ourselves too far that some projects get pushed back. With recent events, and looking at footage for the Street Glyphics documentary we wanted to do for quiet sometime. Long story short be on the lookout in our Youtube Channel for a whole lot of visual content, content we may not be able to fit in our magazine or feel it would not translate well on here. For the artist looking to find a voice to be herd my advice is trends are meant to be a vessel in my opion. There are good for blue prints, but can always be uprooted be a new flavor, be true to your heart if you believe what you stand for then everyone will roll with you.

Contents Pg. 6 Artist Ave. Feat. Ayse Greferath, Panik, Dajon SmithSmith

Pg. 20 Poets Corner. Feat. Selena Garcia & Myron WoodsSmith

Pg. 28 History Of Hip Hop: Inland EmpireSmith

Pg. 31 Lion Like MindStateS Pg. 28 Luke Cage: The Unoffical Sound TrackSmith


Artist Ave. Feat. Ayse Greferath, Panik, Dajon SmithS

If you are interested in Submitting your art to be published in the next issue of Untapped Hip Hop Magazine email us @ untappedhiphop@gmail.com

Ayse Greferath @ayse_artworks Medium: Marker/Pencil Country: Germany

Bio (English): My name is Ayse Greferath. I was born March 1990 in Germany. My mother is German and my father is Turkish, so I grew up with two cultures. The musical taste of my mother is what influenced me the most. She listened to a lot of rock and hip hop, and Hip Hop is what influences my drawing style today the most. American hip-hop has always fascinated me. I have been drawing since I can remember and intensively since I was four years. My goal is to travel to the USA and further my art. Something

6 Art work on display is copywritten and ownd by the aritst mentioned above.

special happened during a Ty Dolla Sign concert, I

geprägt. Sie hörte viel Hip-Hop und Rock musik.

was able to get him autograph my drawing of him

Schon im Alter von 12 Jahren wollte ich das Hip

and I got a selfie along side him.

Hop Gefühlauf Konzerten miterleben. Meine ersten

Bio (German):

Hip-Hop Konzerte waren Eminem, Snoop Dogg

Mein Name ist Ayse Greferath ich bin am 01 März

und 50 cent. Ich bin immer bei Hip-Hop hängen

1990 in Deutschland geboren. Meine Mutter ist

geblieben, was meinen Kunststil sehr beeinflusst

deutsche und mein Vater kommt aus der Türkei.

hat. Neben meiner Kunst arbeiteich als Verkäuferin.

Deswegen bin ich mit zwei Kulturen aufgewachsen.

Speziell der Amerikanische Hip-Hop hat mich

wir lebten in mittleren Verhältnissen. Ich war

immer faszieniert. Ein Wuschtraum von mir, wäre es

schon immer ein kreativer Menschund der

in die USA zu reisen und eine Austellungzu planen

Musikgeschmack meiner Mutter hat mich sehr

und meine Kunst weiter zu optimieren.


LiHai • Photography • Art • Apperal • Los Angeles @lihaiart www.lihaiart.com

Panik @panik.kreations Medium: Multi Country: United States

12 Art work on display is copywritten and ownd by the aritst mentioned above.

Bio: The name’s Panik, an aspiring artist from the Coachella Valley . My mission is to be able to spread DOPE art to anyone and everyone. I think everyone deserves good art at a reasonable price. My creations derive from a trippy journey or a statement I believe our society needs to see. If you’re ever curious about the story behind a piece, please feel free to message me and ask. After all, I am releasing it for you to digest. Its therapeutic for a scatterbrain like myself, and although I do

competitions amongst professionals and people who have been doing this for years I feel is best to enter any project with a clear state of mind, so with that being said I freestyle basically everything. After all my work is based on my mood/emotions and I cannot plan the way I will be feeling at that exact moment. If you would like to contact me for booking or custom pieces please add @paniks. kreations on IG And add @ThriftedandTwisted for our upcycled goods!! And for all the herbalists add @HotBoxDiaries 13

Dajon Smith @ami_designs Medium: Multi Country: United States

16Art work on display is copywritten and ownd by the aritst mentioned above.

Bio: Dajon Smith is a Graphic Artist based in Carson, Ca. Starting from drawing at a young age, he progressed himself to strive in graphic design. His artwork shows that he  takes all of it to heart & uses his creativity to present a visual of his sentimentality on certain subjects. He relies on vivid colors & curved lines to present the human body in a beautiful composition. 18

Selena began writing to express herself at 13 while dealing with a life changing defining moment that would set the tone for her work. Her literary flight later emerged as a poet and literary emotionalist in 2015, when Selena launched her imprint , Poet U.B., an acronym for Poet Urban Butterflii - the apt description of her journey and work. The author / poet gives readers an intimate, honest account of her life and experiences shared with her through a rhythmic style known only to champions. Now in full butterfly mode, Poet U.B. is focused on producing and sharing her work. The urban poet was first featured in a collection of authors, “Sincerely Me”, a series of 52 retrospect letters to a younger self. The book was published by her

Selena Garcia

brother and fellow author, Matthew Garcia. Her first

Selena Garcia is an American poet, author, and

letting go of preconceived notions of right and

survivor of her past. Raised in Pomona, CA, a city

wrong, and sharing her story. A tall order for the

named for it’s fertile soil, Selena was introduced

bravest of artists that Poet U.B. meets head on like

early to the growing pains of life, which would

every other hurdle to come her way.

become her canvas to blossom as a literary artist.

The beauty of the flight of the Urban Butterflii

The mother of three declares “P-town raised me,

begins at the left side of right and will continue on

Inglewood is the city that made me,” an ode to

to her next project, Kolorblind Soul.


her impassioned journey moving from her family’s home in Pomona to living on her own in the inner city of Inglewood. 20

Art work on display is copywritten and ownd by the aritst mentioned above.

solo project, “The Left Side Of Right,” a collection of poems, bringing awareness to domestic violence,

Crack On The Dash By: Poet U.B.

Stop speeding on the freeway You’re about to crash Calm down Kanye Before you crack your head on the Dash Kar-Dash Your GPS seems broken Seems like more than a distraction Maybe this is just a passing moment But we miss you Kanye Not the old or the new you The Kanye who made good music Now it seems as though you withdrew From life and can’t buy your way back Not supporting the people who made you rich Supporting the rich who don’t give two f**ks Walking around burning bridges Stop speeding You’re about to crash Dont inhale Kanye Crack on the Dash Slow down, slow down You’re moving too fast Letting down Chi-town On the newscast Screaming Keep Amerikkka Great Taking pictures with the president To some it seems like betrayal Has a lot of people on defense Mental health rumors You stay involved in drama Running for President is humor Cause you’re lacking a Michelle Obama Making it seem as if you’re distraught You’re turning people off Whether it’s independent thought Or marketing before you drop Stop speeding on the freeway You’re about to crash Calm down Kanye Before you crack your head on the Dash.


Fingerprints By Poet U.B. 22

Dipping my quail pen While it so gently curves over my hand Into the bottle of powdered ink now wet Spilling the ink unplanned But as I clean up my mess Ink stains my fingertips I touch the paper leaving a print Nevertheless I study my mistake I wonder why There are so many lines This is used to identify Separates me from the next Excludes me from the rest Little lines so complex In awe so impressed I am one of one Phenomenally me I fingerprinted the rest of my fingers Just to see the beauty Of my individuality My own thoughts My own ideas Savvy, I’m a boss But I have more than spilled ink God gave me a vision Nowadays it seems extreme Since there’s so much division But whether my prints are in ink or scanned I’m still me and will continue to stand For everything I believe in I have everything planned I want to spark your brain To make a change Permanent like a bloodstain Energy interchange Convert negative with love Acceptance and understanding I want to see growth So this vision seed I am planting I want to touch you With my fingers full of ink Massaging my fingerprints On your brain, causing you think Leave fingerprints on others Different colors and shades So not one is identified

By just their race I want to touch you Stir up your emotions Wipe your tears When you’re feeling broken Rebuild you stronger With no preconceived notion Of color or society’s meaning Rid of racist remarks spoken I want to hear my fingerprints In the words you speak Influence others to prevent Anyone from feeling weak Walk beside them when they’re alone Hold their hand and be their guide Until they’re no longer scared of the unknown And able to face the world diversified I want to see my fingerprints While others try to wipe them clean See them on everything you touch While doing things others before you unseen I want to smell the ink from my fingerprints On the souls of those you interact with Teaching others to express without violence For society that’s a win I want the ink to soak in Overwhelm you with empathy Leave imprints on your heart To understand others with sincerity But I need more ink To touch all these souls I want to fingerprint All of the holes All of your voids So you can heal from the wounds from the cruelty Of society’s racist battlegrounds This is a war That I’m fighting with ink Leaving my fingerprints On the racism ship as it sinks. I want to touch you Dripping in ink Encourage you To always think 23

No More Epiphanies

When the charm is gone When the wit dries up When the jokes fall flat When the poetry is false When the heart lies The heart doesn’t lie; that’s the brain trying to trick you again When everything is crystal clear When language is a waste of time You’re stalling There will be no more revelations No more ideas No more creativity or side quests or distractions or otherwise There will be no more dreams No visions No one else to pull the trigger You are the man with the gun Everyone knows but you You’re in denial You’re insane You will have to shoot your way out One way or another Suicide was never in the plans There are no more words No more books No more blessings, prayers or gods Only humans Only you and them Who will you choose to worship?

24 Art work on display is copywritten and ownd by the aritst mentioned above.


Growing up, I wasn’t too athletic I have about one trophy And a few participation medals And ain’t that the worst? Being gifted a necklace: a token of accomplishment As if it were something proud to wear for merely showing up I came across an old picture of you It dangled between my fingers like a silver medallion And for the first time The keepsake just wasn’t enough I don’t want to remember being there I need something more tangible than memories I find myself saying things like, “You almost had her, right?” Or “Hey, there’s always next time.” As if conditioning one’s heart for the Olympics Was not preparing for anything but gold This time I will not lose I won’t find one more souvenir of what could have been Shining like a trophy I was too afraid to polish myself No, this time When I feel your arms wrapped around my neck like jewelry I’ll know I’ll have done my best And I won

Myron Woods 25

The History Of Hip Hop

Inland Empire. San Bernardino... The Inland Empire. It’s the largest county in the

coming out of my home town Fontana Ca. ( a.k.a

United States, a county that expands over 20,000

good ol’ Fontucky) for those in the know. When

miles squared with roughly 2.1 million citizens

it comes to Hip Hop Culture the Inland Empire is

living here this county is indeed deserving of the

as influential in the game as Los Angeles or the

title the Empire, but as large and as populated as

Bay Area, if not more so. With a mixing pot of

the Inland Empire is, if you’re not from here you

cultures and vastness of the I.E. there is more of

probably have never heard of it. We are an the

an expectance of experimentation when it comes

Empire that has bread top notch politicians, world

to creating. I can’t say there is a core sound to the

class athletes, Academy Award winning actors, and

Inland Empire, but there is a common theme of

some of the dopest emcees and producers to ever

growth, progression, and positivity that moves

hit the scene. From J.J. Fad best known for their

though out the sound waves.

hit song “Super Sonic” hailing from Rialto Ca. to

Grammy Award winning producer/artist Hit Boy

way hip hop is produced out here. From rapping

The I.E. Culture is diverse and it shows in the 28

about comic books, wrestling, and anime to some

the ground work for what it means to be proud of

real hood/gutter shit and life advice all in the same

where you come from as an I.E. artist. I believe that

song. The big homie Noa James and the lovely

with the work that Dirty Birdy put in on repping the

Lesa J are two of the many I.E. based artist that

city and killing shows all over the world the DINO

are helping to grow and cultivate through their

will get the recognition that it so deserves.

Common Grounds & DIY Fest shows throughout

the year that are held in the Riverside and Pomona,

Inland Empire is more than just a county situated

these shows provide a platform for young up and

a few miles outside of Los Angeles, more than a

coming artist emerging out of here. The Common

valley or mountain range, and bigger than just

Ground was a HUB for developing artist to go

some one horse towns. We are an empire of Artist,

When boiled down to its purest form the

perform and practice their skill amongst each other, Creators, Trend Setters, and hustlers. We have pride a kind steel sharpens steel type of scenario with

in everything that makes what we are and a drive

the intent to help one another grow as artist. The

that isn’t rivaled by many others. We are giving

Inland Empire has a very strong camaraderie within

and willing to help build up others, but don’t let

its borders that Noa & Lesa alongside others have

that be mistaken for weakness, because we are

built through the Common Ground.

sharp witted and will go for the neck if provoked

enough. The I.E. has gone through major changes

There is a certain type of pride that comes

from being an Inland Empire native a pride fills

since I was a kid, it’s awesome to see how far we’ve

in a chip on the shoulder of every artist that has

come in creating our own culture, and I’m excited

picked up a ball, brush, or mic. A chip created by

to see where we go in the future. So the next time

being over looked for so long, and one of the artist

you make your list of hip hop heavy hitter that are

that reps the I.E do or die is Dirty Birdy A.K.A (Dirt

upcoming or established check and see where they

Digler, Digital Cardiac, The Impractical Pterodactyl,

are from, because the Inland Empire is everywhere.

The Human Cold Tablet Capsule). He has traveled all over with the 909 on his back and shows love to where he comes from. To the point where when SWAY himself calls out Dirty Birdy when he mentions the Inland Empire, Birdy is an OG in the Inland Empire community who really laid down



LionLike MindState recently had their 10 years anniversary in Pomona. There were many faces there that I didn’t know were part of the collective that had an impact on its development. We met Judah1 a few years ago, and I remember his presence as powerful, a strong aura where you trust him as a person, teacher, mentor, and leader to look up to one I haven’t felt since Malcolm X. The stories I had the privilege to listen to that night from the poets of LionLike MindState are bitter sweet. A brand that Judah 1 has literally built with his bare hands, blood, sweat, and tears, to create an outlet for artists and like minded individuals to express themselves creatively. For many of these talented individuals it was a haven for them, it gave them the courage to be vulnerable among others, build each other up, come out of their shell and become more than they are, and to get over the phobia of letting the world here them speak their hearts. To most it was their home during the anniversary I herd Judah 1 remember the days where he and fellow poets would converse on the on the moon lit roof until the sun came up. Many of these individuals had the opportunity to participate in slam or become coaches for the event. My take away is the impact LionLike MindState had on the community which I think is desperately needed more than ever. I have no doubt LionLike MindState will return, as I said earlier it’s bittersweet because 10 yrs ago I was longing for something like this, something local where I don’t have to drive to LA, I used to write poetry everyday had I known LionLike MindState existed I would have gotten over my silly phobia of driving on the freeway way. I can’t help but wonder the “what if ”, but I do know I would have enjoyed the environment as an individual, and nourished in it as an artist, but most importantly I would of known in my heart I have found a place I could call home. 31

LionLike MindState 31





With the recent success of the

episode instead it was the name

forced to be in illegal fights run

Netflix series Daredevil, Jessica

of episode 1. At first I thought the

by corrupt cops and by the end

Jones, and The Punisher. Luke

studio was using the title for the

of the episode it was poetic in a

Cage comes into play. Now I

revealing of Luke Cage’s powers,

sense that he was stepping into

normally don’t do this, but how

but many things that had me

another arena. Even with episode

Luke Cage was marketed in

go yes was the studio really had

6 “Suckas Need Bodyguards” is

terms of music and Hiphop was

a thought process for picking

in short Luke protecting a dirty

a genius strategy. A fair warning

these song titles. If you watch

detective from getting killed so

I will talk some spoilers in this

it a few times and are Familiar

he can testify evidence against

article, so if you haven’t watched

with Gangstarr’s songs the

Cottonmouth. It’s as if Marvel

season 1 read at your own

episodes almost function a visual

and the producers of show were

discretion. I assume if your still

soundtrack and an unofficial

giving the fans an extra treat by

reading you either finish binge

soundtrack so to speak. What

challenging the audience to go

watching the series or don’t

I mean by that is towards the

back to our Gangstarr album

mind spoiler talk so let’s get into

end of episode 2 “Code of the

collection and make a custom

it. When it was first announced

Streets” when Pops dies the lyrics

playlist for the series, by doing

that the show episodes were

from the song “Moment of Truth”

this bring in new Gangstarr

going to named after Gangstarr

“why do bad things happen to

fans. To me this was one of the

songs I was intrigued more on

good people.” If you listen to the

most unique aspect of Luke

the concept and asked myself

song it practically foreshadowed

Cage marketing not to mention

questions. What songs title

the entire episode. Another

bringing in Adrian Younge and

were they going to pick and

thing to mention is the subtle

Ali Shaheed Muhammad to me

would it hint? what the episode

message of each episode Luke

this is the perfect modern day

is about? I knew somewhere

cage realized he can no longer

love letter to hip hop.

they had to name one of the

stand by and watch things

episodes Moment Of Truth and

unravel hence he faces the

to my amazement I was correct

“Moment of Truth.” “Step in the

I initially thought this title would

Arena” was a flash back episode

be incorporated into the origins

to Cages origins and being

I Was Just Thinking? The ocean scares the shit out of me... Sharks scare the shit out of me... I’ve always had this unsettling fear of the ocean and its inhabitants, the depth of the sea and not knowing what lurks beneath me shakes my spirit. What if this fear of depth has invaded other aspects of my life i.e. Depth Of Knowledge or Depth Of Emotion? And I subconsciously create these mental sharks and sea monsters that keeps me from reaching my absolute potential. Do you have fears that keep you from reaching your full potential? If so what are you doing or have done to conquer them? Let us know how you handle it by hitting us up on our Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

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