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Letter From The Editor PG.4 (Your Favorite Makes Man)

Artist Row PG.7

(Dirty 6, Rome Won, & Freda Ghantous)

Featured Artist PG.22 (DJ M•ROK)

Poets Corner PG.24

(Egyptian Princess 8, Boogz The Poet, Daniel Hees, & Gisselle Monique Levia)


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It’s your favorite neighborhood masked man back here with another issue of the GREATEST! Hip Hop inspired magazine “Untapped Hip Hop Magazine”. We have some more dope artist and poets on display in this issue and we hope you enjoy the art that was submitted for you pleasure.






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Dirty 6 Rome Won Freda Ghantous

Artist Row



Name: Guillaume Petit “DirtySix” Artist Location: Lille, France Social Media: @dirtysix6


Who you are, where you’re from, what do you do? US: My name is Guillaume Petit AKA DirtySix, I come from Lille, a city in the north of France, close to the Belgian border. My greatest passions are drawing, painting, graffiti and traveling. Currently I work as a painter and graffiti artist, which allows me to mix my passions. FR: je m’appelle Guillaume Petit AKA DirtySix, je viens de Lille une ville du nord de la France, proche de La frontière Belge. Mes plus grandes passions sont le dessin, la peinture, le graffiti et voyager. Actuellement je travaille à mon compte en tant qu’artiste peintre et graffiti artist, ce qui me permet de mélanger mes passions. How long have you been a painter? US: To make it simple, I draw and paint since I have the age to hold a pencil. I grew up as an only child so I isolated myself in my own imaginary world from an early age through drawing and painting. Then the years have past and things have evolved until today. I was lucky to have parents who have always pushed me in this way, thanks to them!

FR: Pour faire simple, je dessine et je peins depuis que j’ai l’age de tenir un crayon. J’ai grandi en étant fils unique donc je me suis isolé dans mon propre monde imaginaire dès mon plus jeune age à travers le dessin et la peinture. Ensuite les années ont passé et les choses ont évolué jusqu’à aujourd’hui. J’ai eu la chance d’avoir des parents qui m’ont toujours poussé dans cette voie, merci à eux! What or who got you started on your journey? US: It is very difficult for me to answer this question because, as I explained before, I have always painted and drawn. I was influenced very young (in the 90s) by the anime “AKIRA” by Katsuhiro Otomo and “Dragon Ball” by Akira Toriyama, a little later I discovered in import the Marvel comics from USA especially the universe of X-men and all their characters gallery ... In France I was a fan of the world of the artist Moebius and for the Graffiti my main influences were MODE 2 and LAZOO (except graffiti artists older than me that I saw on the walls of my city) FR: il m’est très difficile de répondre à cette question car, comme je l’expliquais avant j’ai toujours peint et dessiné. En ce qui concerne mes influences j’ai été influencé très jeune (dans les années 90) par les anime “Akira” de Katsuhiro Otomo et “Dragon Ball” de Akira Toriyama, un peu plus tard j’ai découvert en import les comics Marvel from USA surtout l’univers des X-men et toute leur galerie de personnages... En France j’étais fan de l’univers de l’artiste Moebius et en Graffiti mes principales influences furent MODE 2 et LAZOO (excepté les graffeurs plus âgés que moi que je voyais sur les murs de ma ville) What point did you know that this was the path you wanted to walk? US: this time it’s very easy to answer: From childhood! Thanks to my parents I never really had to doubt on the way that I would take. Obviously thereafter there were doubts, but they are more related to adult life and the problems that accompany it, such as money and stability for example!



FR: cette fois ci c’est très facile de répondre: Dès l’enfance! Grace à mes parents je n’ai jamais vraiment eu à douter sur le chemin que j’emprunterais. Evidemment par la suite il y en a eu des doutes, mais ils sont plus liés a la vie d’adulte et aux problèmes qui l’accompagnent, comme l’argent et la stabilité par exemple! How do your current surroundings view your work? is it accepted where you’re from? US: Pretty good, I think. In any case it is the feedbacks that I have! Generally Graffiti has been much better accepted in France in recent years, especially in big cities. It’s not yet like here in the United States but things are on track, there is still work to do on mentalities!. In recent years I have had the opportunity to work for many town halls, schools or social centers. local people are always very excited about this kind of projects so I think things will still evolve in the right direction in the future! FR: Plutôt bien je pense. En tout cas ce sont les retours que j’ai! d’une manière générale le Graffiti est beaucoup mieux accepté en France depuis ces dernières années, surtout dans les grandes villes. ça n’est pas encore comme ici, aux Etats Unis mais les choses sont en bonne voie, il y a encore du travail a faire sur les mentalités!. Ces dernières années j’ai eu l’occasion de travailler pour beaucoup de Mairies, écoles ou centres sociaux. les populations locales sont toujours très enthousiasmés par ce genre de projets donc je pense que les choses vont encore évoluer dans le bons sens dans le futur!. What were some of the challenges you had to overcome during your journey? US: Try to always renew myself. not to be prisoner of my habits. stay tuned to the world around me. always continue to look for new influences. that’s why I try to travel as much as possible to meet new people, new artists, new influences, to have new opinions on my work. Here in Los Angeles, I found everything I was looking for and more. FR: Essayer de toujours me renouveler. ne pas être prisonnier de mes habitudes. rester à l’écoute du monde qui m’entoure. toujours continuer a chercher de nouvelles influences. c’est pourquoi j’essaie de voyager au maximum pour rencontrer de nouvelles personnes, de nouveau artistes, de nouvelles influences, avoir des nouveaux avis sur mon travail. Ici à Los Angeles , j’ai trouvé tout ce que je cherchais et bien plus! From very first drawing to sitting here answering these questions today how have you evolved as an artist? US: A lot of time has passed! From childhood to adulthood, themes and concepts have of course evolved, but I think it is at the technical level that evolution is most remarkable. changing techniques, formats, even places in the world are great ways to evolve and not stagnate in his practice of painting. For example, when I’m in a foreign country, with a culture far from mine, I try to adapt to the subject, use the material available on the spot,


use the local patterns ... What can sometimes seem being a constraint, can very quickly become a source of evolution and bring each artist out of his comfort zone. FR: Beaucoup de temps est passé! de l’enfance à l’age adulte les thèmes et les concepts ont bien sur évolués, mais je pense que c’est au niveau technique que l’évolution est la plus remarquable. le fait de changer de techniques, de formats , même d’endroits dans le monde sont de formidables moyens d’évoluer et de ne pas stagner dans sa pratique de la peinture. Par exemple, quand je suis dans un pays étranger, avec une culture éloignée de la mienne, j’essaie de m’y adapter pour le sujet, utiliser le matériel disponible sur place, utiliser les motifs locaux...Ce qui peut parfois sembler être une contrainte, peut très vite devenir une source d’évolution et amener chaque artiste a sortir de sa zone de confort. what advice could you give a younger artist about to start their own journey in art? US: I don’t know if I am the right person to give advice but if I had to give it would be very simple: You have to practice your art for yourself and the way you want to do it. Do not try to please people, anyway it is impossible to please everyone. If your work is good and done with love and passion, people will come naturally to you. Your art must always remain a source of fun for you, If you force yourself or work in pain, it will be felt in your art. FR: Je ne sais pas si je suis la bonne personne pour donner des conseils mais si je devais en donner ça serait très smple: Il faut pratiquer son art pour soi et de la manière dont on a envie de le faire. Ne pas chercher à plaire aux gens, de toute façon il est impossible de plaire à tout le monde. Si ton travail est bon et fait avec amour et passion, les gens viendront naturellement vers toi. Ton art doit toujours rester une source d’amusement pour toi, Si tu te force ou travaille dans la douleur, ça se ressentira dans ton art. parfois, N’hésite pas à t’arrêter de peindre et prends du temps pour observer le monde. Si tu n’as plus rien a raconter tu dois t’arrêter de travailler et te nourrir. Et le plus important mais pas le plus facile: ne cesse jamais de croire en ton rêve et n’abandonne jamais. n’écoute pas les gens qui ne croient pas en toi, le plus souvent le problème c’est eux! le travail acharné finit toujours par payer!



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Name: Angel Pagan “Rome –Won” Artist Location: Chicago IL, United States Social Media: @romewon

How long have you been practicing your craft? As a young child , even before I discover graffiti in the early 80’ I was drawn to art. What or who got you started on your journey? Getting in trouble at home. I had to go to my room , no TV. & no going outside, so I started to draw. The older I got the more I want to prove to myself I had the skills to do it . As for getting into graffiti a writer name Be-one ( Rochester NY ) got me into it. What point did you know that this was the path you wanted to walk? When I notice my influence on younger artist. How do your current surroundings view your work? is it accepted where you’re from?

Chicago is a tough city to make an impact . I feel I’m respected and a threat at the same time. What were some of the challenges you had to overcome during your journey? Producing thought provoking work. Standing out and not letting the drama consume my work. 15


From very first drawing to sitting here answering these questions today how have you evolved as an artist? I broke away from wanting to please the norm . not being scared to try new styles and just do what I want. What advice could you give a younger artist about to start their own journey in art? Go out of your comfort zone. Don t wait for no one. Do it yourself. Pay for it yourself. Don’t rely on favors.Learn to stand on your own . Not everyone wants you to succeed . Be passionate art is an extension of you.


Name: Freda Ghantous Artist Location: Sydney, Australia Social Media: @fredaghantous


How long have you been practicing your craft?

My name is Freda Ghantous, a 28-year-old predominately oil painter and I live in Sydney, Australia. I am a full-time High School teacher, majoring in Visual Arts and minoring in English. I am an artist every other waking minute of my life! What or who got you started on your journey? I’ve been practicing my craft since I can remember. Since I was a child I’ve always had a pencil in my hand. I took up art all through High School and then in University so I have spent many years studying and creating to find my niche and style. What point did you know that this was the path you wanted to walk? My passion for art was passed down to me through many generations. My grandfather was an artist, and my father creates artworks out of mosaic tiles. I feel extremely fortunate to have been given such a gift and that I’m able to carry it throughout the family and hopefully pass it on. My dad enrolled me in the late Michael Zaiter’s College of Painting when I was starting High School and it was there that I gained so many new skills and techniques that I keep under my belt, even until now. Michael lit in me a burning love for oil paint and I have never looked back

since. Although quite a technical and sometimes complex medium to use, I have enjoyed painting not so traditional hip-hop portraits in a more traditional medium. As cliché as this may sound, I have always known. I’ve always felt it in my heart of hearts that I was born to create. I know there is no other path for me to walk. Most days I honestly feel like my soul is not from this world. Put me in front of a canvas, listening to my favourite beats, I’m transported even further. I couldn’t imagine my life without it!

What advice could you give a younger artist about to start their own journey in art? If I could give any advice to a younger artist to begin their own journey, I would tell them to keep creating despite any challenges that come their way. I would tell them to use the roaring fire within themselves to keep creating and to chase their wildest dreams, because no dream is too wild to reach. I would tell them, make peace with your demons, master your chaos and set the world alight.

How do your current surroundings view your work? is it accepted where you’re from? My work is very much accepted where I’m from; I’m quite blessed in that regard. My work is not controversial; it is, however, merely a representation of my love for music and art merged together. What were some of the challenges you had to overcome during your journey? My biggest challenge that I’ve had to overcome is suffering from creative blocks. I do find them quite crippling. I find myself super busy essentially working two jobs that each require a different mental capacity and thought process. Expressing myself comes through my creative world and this is one of the main focuses in my life. I know for me personally, I am constantly looking for meaning and when I’m blocked, I feel failure in all its glory. I have had to shift my thoughts and energy in order to fight the block and not succumb to defeat. I found finding the balance super tricky, but was vital for growth in both areas in my life. Since my very first drawing until now, I’ve evolved so much as both human and artist. I really believe you must fully believe in yourself first before you can show the world what you’ve created and really own it. This is something I had to learn. As humans we are our own worst critics, and as artists, our introvert nature allows us to place limitations in front of ourselves. I taught myself self-belief and confidence, but that did not come easy. Sometimes I still catch myself second-guessing, but then I remind myself that my art will land in the hands of those it’s meant to.




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www.djmrok.com www.instagram.com/djmrok

My name is DJ M•ROK. I like to let people know that it’s pronounced DJ “Em-Rock” and not DJ “Mr. Okay,” by the way. Haha! I currently live in the Chicagoland area, but I grew up on the East Coast, so I have roots in Philly, New Jersey and the Boston area. I’m a boom bap producer, scratch DJ and one-half of the hip hop duo, Double Barrel with HubCity Rhymes. I specialize in producing tracks with a classic late 80s/early 90s vibe and currently have music in rotation on Chicago’s Urban Alternative channel 91.1 FM. I’ve also provided cuts for several underground artists and recently dropped an official remix of The Fold’s “After the Blackout” for LEGO’s Ninjago series. I started producing tracks and scratching around 1988. At the time I wanted to be a rapper, but realized I needed original tracks to spit over, so that’s what got me into making my own beats, scratching and producing tracks. I was a teenager back then, and had partnered with a buddy in the Boston area. We cut a demo in New York and shopped it to Def Jam, Tommy Boy, Sleeping Bag, etc. and we were promptly rejected by all of them, haha! I stuck with producing and scratching for the next 5 years, and went on to start the first hip hop radio show at Boston University. The sound of hip hop changed in the mid 90s, so I eventually lost interest. I spent the next 20odd years playing drums in various bands, but 22

recently got back into hip hop production and scratching in last 3 years. It’s great to be back! I discovered hip hop in elementary school — literally. I was at recess and saw these kids breakdancing to Run-DMC and Fat Boys in the school yard. I had never seen anything like it before and went up and asked them, “What are you guys doing?!” They introduced me to b-boying and THEN I heard the music coming out of their boom box. I was hooked instantly. The music just felt so good. I quickly became enamored with every aspect of hip hop culture soon after that: breaking, beat boxing, deejaying, rhyming, graffiti and fashion. I started buying everything rap record I could with my allowance, made a book of graffiti, started bboying and was copping fat laces, Kangols and (fake) gold chains at the mall, haha. There was no turning back at this point. It was probably in my Sophomore year of high school. I loved writing poetry and short stories, and to me, rap music was poetry over dope beats. I had also been playing drums since age 9, so combining poetry with beats checked two boxes for me. I was like, “This is it! I want to contribute to this music that I’ve been loving so much. I’m going to write rhymes, make beats and lay down the cuts, too.” Hip hop music gave me confidence, an identity and a purpose. To this

day, I wouldn’t be the person I am without this music and culture in my life. I feel very blessed. My music is so underground, it’s pretty much subterranean, haha! My mission is to keep the golden era sound alive for people that miss it and want more. Because of that, I tend to zig while most people zag. For starters, I don’t make trap beats, and I tend to approach boom bap differently than a lot of my peers. Instead of tightly chopped Dilla-type beats, “Chipmunky” vocals and lo-fi filters, I make music like we used to back in the day with breakbeats, faster tempos, big open loops and crisp production. I also take a classic spin (pun intended) to the turntables and prefer simpler, more percussive cuts over scratching as fast or as complicated as possible. At the end of the day, I want my fans to feel like they stumbled over a late ‘80s/early ‘90s jam they’ve never heard before, but the cool thing is that it’s all fresh for 2019 and beyond. I think my biggest challenge was figuring out where I fit in and the self-doubt that goes along with that. Questions like, “Do I have the skills to do this?” “Am I still relevant?” “What will people think when they hear this?” “Can I find my place in today’s culture?” And I constantly compare myself to my hip hop heroes. People like Jam Master Jay, Marley Marl, The Bomb Squad, DJ Premier, Paul C, Pete Rock, Diamond D, Dr. Dre, Mantronik, Lord Finesse, DJ Muggs, Damu the Fudgemunk, etc. That’s good in one way because it constantly pushes me to do better. But it’s brutal in another because these guys are total legends and it’s hard to try to hold a candle to what they’ve done!! At this point in my life, I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. And I don’t mean being white in hip hop culture. I mean embracing what I’m good at as a musician and fully accepting what I’m not so good at. For example, I know I’ll never be like Roc Raida, DJ Babu, Skratch Bastid or Mixmaster Mike on the tables. And when it comes to production, as much as I look up to people like Dre, Rick Rubin or Phil Spector on the boards, I’ll never be them, either. These people are legends for a reason and they come to us once in a lifetime. So I think I’ve evolved

the most through acceptance. That doesn’t mean I won’t push myself to be the best I can be — it just means I’m comfortable being DJ M•ROK instead of striving to be someone I’m not. My biggest advice would be to leave your ego at the door. That can be tough, because there’s always been the competitive or battle element to hip hop culture. It’s all about proving you’re better than the next cat and the philosophy that’s taught is, “I’m the best and you’re just a sucker or a toy.” While I appreciate how that can push people to be at the top of their game, the ego that comes with that can be toxic. So yeah, stay humble and be kind. I would also encourage the younger generation to really try to evolve their craft and not settle for pursuing what sells if that means diminishing the quality or integrity of their lyricism, beats, etc. And if they’re curious about the OG’s and their music, don’t wait for someone to hold your hand. You’ve got Google at your fingertips, so jump on and look some people up. If you can research dope cars and clothes, you can research dope emcees, DJs and producers from back in the day. Lastly, be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.



Egyptian Princess 8 Boogz The Poet Daniel Hees Gisselle Monique Levia

Name: Mary Tawadros “Egyptian Princess8� Poet Location: Pomona, California Social Media: @EgyptianPrincess8 Mary Tawadros, aka Egyptian Princess8, is an Author, Visual Artist, Poet, Host, Curator, Life Coach and Master of Networking Poets, Musicians, Comedians and Artists. Also, a graduate from California Polytechnic University of Pomona with a Behavioral Science degree as of June 13 th ,1999. She is currently Life Coaching, a creator of Various Visual art pieces under her Hidden Treasures collection, she loves working with acrylic paint and oil pens as she creates one of a kind hand Painted Journals. Her day job is working for Non- Profit Volunteers of America in the city of Pomona, Homeless Outreach. She is their Partner Relations Specialist networking various churches, organizations to donate food, items, and volunteer their time at the shelter, maintaining activity and menu calendars. She is amazing at Organizing Fundraisers and putting on Showcases to bring people together for great causes such as providing needs for the Homeless, stopping Human Trafficking, Saving Art Spaces and various Programs. Egyptian Princess8 also wrote and self-published her first poetry

book titled "A Burgundy Rose" in 2003. Her 2nd Book "If My Body Was A Canvas of Words" was just released on Dec. 3rd, 2017 available on Amazon and at events, or she will mail you a signed copy and gift. Her latest book will walk you on a journey of her life, with many relatable poems for men and women, also will leave you motivated. As a writer, she hopes people can relate to her poetry and be inspired by her words to find their own creative voices and know they are not alone in this world. Please come out to the next Showcase /fundraiser on August 25th, at Unity Church at 7pm. Raising Funds for Art supplies and Music Instruments help homeless clients get acclimated back into society through Art Therapy. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook Like Page and her website at EgyptianPrincess8


Move A 60 something year old Homeless man heard a song playing out of my friend’s cell phone... That’s “Clair de lune” right, smiles.... Debussy right Smiling yes it is I answered...... He stood frozen in time for a moment listening intently....where life seemed good..... Then walked away peacefully..... My heart felt sad, wondering when he first was introduced to that song? Was he in high school, had a family that loved protecting him? With a girlfriend ballroom dancing at Prom? First song Learned playing the piano himself? We don’t ever really know the full story of the Hurt, Hungry, Homeless lives of those who walk among us I just want to remember I looked up and noticed everyone equally..... We may not be given the same family support, friends, love, privileges, education, skills, finances, clothing, food yet when our skin is cut, the same blood flows out our veins giving us the circulation to move I urge us to move, move mindfully, skillfully with the power we have to fight on for the voiceless.. The voiceless that listen to music like me and you and smile By Mary Tawadros aka EgyptianPrincess8


Lavender Cherry Blossoms She watched the Lavender Cherry Blossoms tickled by a breeze softly touching her cheek Reminiscent of the days she spent with him..... A man who would change her life with endless embraces caresses on her face Stroking every curve of her body Knowing where each beauty mark was designed by God She is amazed by his power to move her fragmented heart to healing the leaky valves His caramel chiseled chest biceps of steel Hands designed like the Arch Angel Michael himself He is this Smooth, sultry, know you forever kind of man Heart made of Platinum Soul so deep she found their spirits connecting deeper finding her protect0r her equal She had finally learned how Man and Woman were meant to balance each other Finding her Libra scale had stopped tilting..... Suddenly the breeze became intense wind blowing harder with braids flying across her lips Awakening her vision to the Lavender Cherry blossoms who were tickled by the breeze.... Away from the thoughts of him.......... By EgyptianPrincess8 aka Mary Tawadros


Name: Jeremy Robert Zornes “Boogz The Poet” Location: San Fernando Valley, California Social Media: @BoogzThePoet My Name is Jeremy Robert Zornes, also known as my artist name, “Boogz The Poet”, i was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, in Southern California. I am a spoken word poet, writer, video editor/ director, screenplay writer, and artist developer. I’m also a CO-CEO and A&R representative for a collective artist group named “Tha Village”, where our goal is to bring the community of artists together for collaboration, guidance and a home to open creatives. I grew up as a bboy (break dancer) where i was given the name “Bboy JermBoogz” at the age of 14. Then 10 years later, i began writing and performing poetry, and carried over the name Boogz for my artist name now. I have been writing and performing spoken word poetry for almost a year now, performing all around the Los Angeles area, and the San Fernando Valley. In July of 2019, i released my debut spoken word EP, called “No Less, No More” featuring artists such as Christopher Bensinger and Stewp Kidd. This EP is driven and influenced by a neo-soul sound, r&b and raw writing of spoken word 28

deliveries. Since high school, i have been directing videos, influencing developers and creatives around me as well as continuing a passion for screenplay writing. Who, got me into this journey, wow, what a great question. Honestly, it all began with my best friend Stewp Kidd, who is also an artists. I got to witness his growth, his passion and overall creative process, first hand. I was overwhelmed with an inspiration, where i needed to find an outlet of my own as a creative. At the age of 27, i became a first time father, where all my attention and passion went into providing for my family and my daughter. My daughter was the reason i first picked up a pen to write. i have this drive inside of me that always tells myself “when you record poetry, music, or leave anything in this world, you will live forever.” My passion comes from knowing that my daughter will ALWAYS be able to hear my voice, for as long as she lives. That is why i do what i do. After i began sharing my work, mentors of mine in poetry and spoken word, went out of their way

to acknowledge my work as well as my intentions of my craft. Leaving behind a legacy for the SFV, and providing a platform for other up and coming artists who also want to have an outlet to express themselves. I grew up in a very bad neighborhood, so once i saw that i can be the for front of a movement to provide a community platform to bring awareness to local artists, thats when i know, this is what i want to do. Thankfully, i have a surrounding that helps me grow. The support around me is overwhelming and i am so thankful to be considered a role model in my community as well as one of the for fronts of spoken word poetry in the San Fernando Valley.

I believe i have grown more so as a human being, which is exactly what and where i needed to be. I have grown into a selfless person, providing platforms for other artists, producing my own showcases, collaborating, networking, and also, diving deeper into my own craft. i am still evolving as an artist and i cannot wait to see where i end up on this journey. Never doubt yourself! always stay true to yourself and always be authentic! this world is fasted by trends and hype, i have always believed that originality, and authenticity progresses more then trends and hype. Always be the biggest fan of your work, and never ever doubt yourself.

The biggest challenge i had was continuing to never rush a project. Whenever i work, i get so excited about the content coming that i over shadow the growth process. I have learned to take your time with every details, every word written, every body movement within my performance. I have grown to realize that less is more with poetry. Thankfully, i am a student to my craft. I am always continuing to grow as an artist.




Written By: Boogz The Poet

-And though we’ve all commonly been caressed by oppressive distress, We’re granted the opportunity To Repossess Our spirituality.

In fact this room is full of them. But we’re not outcasts unless we place that label on our skin, There’s too many good intentions fighting to win, But its almost like we have this evil twin, These are the rules that reign our This Mr. Hyde that hides within, domain. It’s actually a good thing the shell is thin, I remember the day he asked me And since we all share this downfall, “Yo, Boogz, you wanna run a session”, It doesn’t matter what shade our skin is... What the fuck was he thinking? we’re kin. Shit, I’ll run it on a neurotic progression Our tears run from eyes in the same que. Of this lyrical obsession, We’ve all been beat down, Forget your indiscretion, Felt defeated, I’ll leave your head knotting in impression Needed Have you second-guessing the To cry oppression of this “session”, But we all grow bolder, And embedded with my confessions, Become generals, No order or succession, And in order to be a general - first you Personal expression is not my profession, gotta be a soldier. but I think I’m getting clear to you I commend all men who ascend to the If you want meaning out of this, end, Good luck I’m gonna need a C-section, Whose worlds of pretend See, its all words strung together only Transcended through the bends, identifiable by the person who wrote ‘em, Twists, and all kinds of mends, to meet. Any questions? The ones who make are examples, Good, cuz i have one for you. That we don’t have to die. Have you ever seen a person with a soul glimmering gold The journey of a million tears, Who strolled down the wrong road? Starts with that first lump in your throat. A person who stowed such a load of It’s only a speed bump. mold You can get over it. That he couldn’t unfold, Your addiction. And the end result was to implode? Well I’ve met a lot of them. Including me.


Patience? Patience is just a Padded position of parallel pandemonium. Are you paranoid? Or pacing through an appalled parity of the pre-script prerogative. At this time, the prosecutor pronounced a plea for your partner after you followed protocol. After provoking your protege to pull the pistol. Prolonging the purseument to a plausible place. Persevering a personal pioneer. You beat them all. Against every phenomenon. You picked through pleasant park for the play to pilot off. I can see you becoming for pleased now. Pleased with the plan to plus while poetry just isn’t enough. This letter P can fill the void. It’s a letter with possibility. Politician. Poet. President. Principle. Prince. Promise. Producer. Professional. Provider. but i can promise you, one thing Pussy rules them all. Surely, there is a purpose for all this psych. Primarily prevailing the precious power of those positions. see, i work in a field of paedology, in other words, with pain in the ass kids. I’m an impractical parental type of figure, who’s plan, is to pursue a positive perimeter as well as having our own intuition on a pedistle. most teachers, and yes even the powerful Paliontology Professor, Mr. Palmer who’s Button up is always so pressed and precise, they plan their next day, the night of, and thats no assumption or phony misunderstanding, its a promise.


uh oh, maybe i just picked up the pitchfork on the pile of spilled beaned problems on public education, but possibly this platform as a poet, for the people and by the people, meaning the amendment #1 gave me the privileged path for that, and I’m A- ok with that. Post segregation, i post mated through a puddle of self - procrastination and found my myself in prolific prohibition. Perhaps, its always been the proper way. Perhaps, i printed a patronizing picture of myself and plundered a potent predator. I processed a premonition. my prerogative grew to a few pounds and a prolific prodigy appeared with a prophecy of this poet’s protege. so i partnered, gave my personification and perished. ya know, I probably prolonged this piece and the problem was this letter P. The letter that started the piece from patience as an opener, and starting with you, in person, or by pressing play. so let me tell you something. Keep the Peace. Acknowledge the positivity peeling from your parents. Personal growth comes from the perspective of experience, personality endures from your inner peace keeper. Find the peace. its Pain free. Paradise is found within. P.S. Godspeed to The letter P


Written By: Boogz The Poet



The first time i tried to write this, I was left with piece of paper that became the sponge that obsorbed my tears, leaving the fine blue lines And the font of letters washed up in smears.

my second attempt was filled with lots of profanity that if my momma ever heard this she wouldn’t give me a third time to say this, so heres my third in its originality, I remember the times, when every word you spoke captured every gust of air in my lungs leaving me breathless by surprise, as if my stomach became a house, infatuated with butterflies, and how your presence was like a soft kiss from mother nature, you give me presents with your presence alone, you changed my seasons from winter to spring, your voice, was like waking up to the melody of birds, or an enchantment of thrills, I became lost, in a world, where time, and everyone around us stood still. As if our planets were orbiting around your suns rotation, with gravitation, and an empty void of desperation, fixated with my phone waiting for a notification, From you. but instead your with him, you threw all our memories into the fire, walking away as they ignite, and in spite, I hope you slip up every time you wear white, Loving you was giving you all the love i could never give to myself I hope he’s worth more then the silver dollar, the silver dollar that we won at the fair game, date to day one, so ill conclude this cry with one last line, That I hope you don’t rip his heart out, they way you did mine.


Written By: Boogz The Poet

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Daniel Hees Location: San Gabriel Valley, California Social Media: @DanielHees


I am an artist and producer born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley. I spent my early life moving around until we settled in Covina and I grew up in the punk rock and back pack community. Art saved my life, and all of work now is done in the hopes of inspiring others to start expressing themselves and to find a more genuine and unique version of who they are. I host a comedy podcast called Chubby Fat as well as co hosting Pen Clique a poetry podcast and YouTube show meant to showcase poetry in an exciting and engaging way; We are making a popping exciting show about poetry in the hopes of getting kids engaged in poetry. I’ve been reading since a young age, we didn’t have a lot of money growing up but books were free or cheap and my mom always made sure I had something I was excited to read. Thats when I really started to embrace art, and I wrote my first poem at 10 about my grandmothers cancer story. Music and movies were already a huge part of my life as well and I’ve been digging for music since the age of 5, but I was definitely aware of the potential for god in literature first. I grew up in the punk rock and back pack community so music was the pivot point for my artistry during my teens and spent a lot of time in bands and writing songs as well as poetry. My High school poetry live journal is still up LOL. I started playing guitar and rhyming with the homies and spent the my teens experimenting and playing with art. I went to The citrus college recording arts program and learned audio engineering as well as the

ETT theatre program and spent my early twenties doing theatre work and engineering music. Now I am focused on making the content I want to see, and creating new lanes for artist and poets to express and share their art and ultimately the potential for art to change lives.

more identity in the infinite nature of people and love and hip hop and punk rock than in anything else.

When I was 16 I broke my spine, I shattered my L3 vertebrae in a car accident and that has been my biggest struggle in my adult life. I deal with a lot of health issues My community is the reason I now and am often nursing a bad started focusing on making my own back through my life. I live with a art instead of producing others. I constant pain and discomfort that had been frequenting A Mic and few people really know about in Dim Lights for years and Cory the art community; There is always “Bess Kepp” Cofer the co founder a surprised expression when folks and host of 19 years had shared his find out, as at first glance I appear appreciation for my work and its healthy. It is a hinderance but I potential. I had been podcasting reconciled with the fact that we are since 2011 and that was were I all losing health and have found a vented my art and had always just real foundation in PMA “Positive wrote music and poetry for my Mental Attitude” and the my faith own sanity but with some advice that gets my through happily. and encouragement from Bess and the homies I started really working I am constantly working to embrace the LA poetry scene. I must say as the change in my artistry and craft. a punk rocker who believes in the I have taken my craft everywhere militance of KRS one and Crass I can think of and am still on that in equal measure my work does mission. I have played guitar in get me in trouble at times, being country bands and rapped in hip described as “Volatile and loving” hop groups, I’ve bombed train at the same time. I intentionally yards and done experimental stir the pot with art in the hopes it poetry exhibits. I believe in duality gets conversation going and birth and embracing the changes we can change. find in life and am always looking for new avenues and formats to My family of origin is a confusing express myself. My work stays story, my mom a teen mother who consistently in flux and I appreciate ran off her baby daddy because of that a lot about what I’ve been drugs and fuck shit would meet gifted with. That is the only advice my the man who would raise me I’d offer to other artist beyond while pregnant and the two would finding and loving who you are in start dating and eventually marry, its total; Work and create in a fluid leading to him adopting me at and creative way, keep your mind the age of 4. That was my first real and heart open to ALL peoples struggle in life, a half Mexican and expression and lead with love kid being raised by poor white always. God is in this art and the teenagers in Baldwin Park. My love we have for it. identity has always been ambiguous and vague and to this day I find 37

Rock and Roll and Boom Bap punk rock and backpack run the loop back circle pit maniac cd stacks and tape decks positive contact and I’m back. Can i kick it and yes you can can be an anthem if you let it. Get sweated and they vet me but Myka said “I gotta be conscious! I gotta be free!” and it broke down the boundaries.

Biggie, while we pour out a little liquor for Mac Dre, Guru, and Prodigy, and don’t give me no bammer weed we don’t smoke that shit in the SGV; we roll swisher blunts and bump RBL posse.

Believing in a god that looks like me A God that I can trust, Twirl an L after every meal and bless up. Not those kids on the couch doing less than us, We invest in us; Straight edge tattoos, there was a time when skinhead meant love and deep reggae record cuts, loop digger type stuff with boots laced up, face gets stomped it theres any racial bigotry’.

Swarm with back packs and new tips ready to get up on these walls spraying anarchy signs next to ever tag and bomb. Hoping to maintain this resolve, to be able to shut my mouth and find god in these songs.

The liability of growing up around these Living Legends and Jurassic emcees is a thirty year old me still never hesitant to say “Fuck the president” As we continue to unweave their Fear of Bad Brains aint playing in D.C. a Black Planet but PMA got these kids out of the black by supplementing Mos Def hole into commercials about nikes. After crass got banned from the Roxy and Lightening licks loudly bursting from the sent back home. lowrider inside walls Aceyalone made me feel OK with not kept these kids from So Cal thriving on playing a lot of basketball northern soul. but it took Biz Markie to chase away my I grew up wanting a suicidal tattoo like insecurities, my uncle, as our vulnerability is all our insensitivity, but the gangs long dissolved, Operation ivy made me believe in so I threw a Quasimoto and Boom Bap bombshells and unity. on my arm.

History will always hold place for Pac and 38

Hoping to never forget how to “oi oi oi!” and “Yes yes y’all and you don’t stop”. Grateful god reached me through this punk rock and hip hop.


Written By: Daniel Hees 39

“MAGA AKA Manifest destiny the bridge”


Written By: Boogz The Poet

This Bridge, made up of cut down nooses and poor peoples bones. Diseased birds make it home, stain it grey with their shit. Birds here to harvest factory puffed corn stuffs from our children stomachs commissioned the bridge and coerced us into believing the lies about how we came to exist Left kids thinking all they can hope to be is beautiful and rich. “I’ll be broke but beautiful” “Broken but still pushing that new whip.” “Beautiful and in a few payments… I will have paid for all of it” still cracked up and silenced by the whip. But the sounds of the silenced living under the bridge are echoing as we use our voice in unison. A revolution without ammunition, and like everything else we will have to force and fight ourselves and bodies to make it fit without diets razor blades or spray adhesive. These vultures with mouths big and teeth small; Beaks dancing to some death drum sound off built this bridge of our bones and broken pieces of string. Built to get them over the river by any means, build by the river by any means, profit from the river by any means. At birth they give each one of us a bell to ring, and we let them ring. We let the bells ring like we are celebrating! Let em sing, and we sing like we are celebrating! Let it sting!

The smell of things left from our mistreatments. The smoke in the air after the letter of intent was served with the beating. The heating seeking and drones screaming! We are beings beaten into some sweet back bent, brain washed to think we are not infinite, When we are one thing, moving as one thing, towards one thing, because of one thing. Let from seeing we are everything! We are the backs on which the river sits, and they didn’t think we would survive building their bridge; But we also built homes out or ancestor bones and everyday we work the land that they should have given us. To get to the question of our worth, To the question of our Countries worth. Are we worthy of letting everyone be worthy. Do All Lives really Matter, our was he acting too Black, or too brown, or too poor, or to outside of your control to not get hit with some arms recoil. This bridge was built to expand their rule and defuse the truth the ancestors left for you. Now they are asking you to Make America Great Again while hoping to build with the same material and sins but we all have to live here too! We aint gonna just let you keep cutting us down so you rich bird brained assholes you can go build your own fucking walls… We’re Out!


There is always an idea bursting. some set to fester to blister, full of puss and misuse, full of pieces of broken down progress and glass. Some ideas are like a ruling class or drone warfare the holocaust had to be held up by one thought, that was had one day, at one moment, and given value. Let us live in stout pursuit of learning to recognize some ideas are like blisters Born from the burn, raised scars hard on heart, some ideas are not had but tragically earned. but some ideas‌ some ideas are bubbles full of babies breathe, bursting after the blisters but right before the brilliance. Somewhere there is an idea held up by love, circumstance, insurmountable chance, and a fuck load of hard work‌ That will change the world. Some thoughts are like bubbles full of baby burps and laughter and some are filled with puss. So bubbles up, let’s all learn to give value to the bursting. Pop the ones filled with puss, and celebrate the ones filled with fucking glitter! 42


Written By: Daniel Hees 43


Gisselle Monique Leiva Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California Social Media: @gisselle_monique_leiva Gisselle’s book, lovers, and other drugs., is available on Amazon.


Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do? My name is Gisselle Monique Leiva, I am from Rancho Cucamonga, and I am a poet and writer. I am also a Veterinary Technician student and Lyft driver. How long have you been practicing your craft? Approximately 14 years ago I used to write poetry in my composition book, but then I stopped after high school once I started college and also had to take care of my grandma. Then approximately 2 years ago I went to a show and saw someone doing poetry and it made me want to write so I started and fell in love with it all over again. At what point did you know that this was the path you wanted to walk? I have always wanted to positively influence people. I would read my poetry to myself and figured I could do just that through the pain and lessons I would write.

How do your current surroundings view your work? Is it accepted where you’re from? My current surroundings seem to be fine with it, I mean, I haven’t had any complaints thus far, but even if it wasn’t accepted, I honestly wouldn’t give a damn. What were some of the challenges you had to overcome during your journey? A challenge I had to overcome was this feeling of not being good enough to be a writer or not being as good as the already published writers, but I feel like a lot of us writers and artists in general go through the same challenge.

that anyone thinks because here is a chance that I can help someone else going through the same things I went through. What advice could you give a young artist about to start their own journey in art? Don’t ever underestimate yourself and your art. There will be some who will not understand your art, but there will also be those that your art may inspire and help.

From the very first writing to siting here answering these questions today, how have you evolved as an artist? As an artist, I feel like I have built confidence in myself and my writing, and I feel as though I have enticed my need to travel and write more of what I feel and go through no matter


grow. Pushed myself towards a life that didn’t fit like a wrong puzzle piece. Left it all behind like every mess that brought my mind unease. I look towards horizons all alight like my future is going to glow. Planted that seed inside my mind and I feel it slowly starting to grow; inevitably changing, my mind is rearranging thoughts about reality. Not sure if I’m headed towards sanity. No, but what is sanity? A word so fluid like ripples in rivers, like a time when those who did not live “civilized lives” were deemed savages. Sounds more like vanity. We live in a time where we think that we must be better than everyone else, and we judge and we judge and we judge, not just others, but ourselves in the act. Matter of fact, we overreact towards things that don’t even matter. I’m just stating what I’ve been through and seen: family becoming strangers, friends becoming family. Its not insanity if we do what makes us happy while not draining others’ energies in the process. So lets live the style we want, and not keep our heads above others because Karma’s got our back if positivity is the endeavor.

Written By: Gisselle Monique Levia 46


Idiocracy, hypocrisy, like two halves of a one-sided coin. Minds are off course headed into the ocean, then they show fake emotion to hide their true face. Hatred is there, denial is there, racism runs deep. Now I’m trying not to ignite my own negativity towards them, but I can feel the hatred in me. Hate towards those humans who haven’t evolved their mindset. The ones who talk about their religion then go around spewing hatred. I guess the love for their deity is not so sacred, they faked it, that’s why their life feels fucken wasted. Unless their heart is truly soulless, it is hopeless then, which is why I try to not let it get to my head. Instead I plan ahead on how I will change this world for the better, and some have given me excuses that I as one person can’t change the world. I guess they don’t know their own worth. One person can make the world shake, make minds quake from the glitch, the confusion. Reprogram their systems and destroy that autopilot, and watch as some go through that sickening feeling one has when our beliefs are being tested because they are getting bested by some that know not to blindly follow the herd. We must teach ourselves to always keep our eyesight smooth, make changes to better the Earth, our home, and we know our worth when she physically and spiritually feeds us in return.

Written By: Gisselle Monique Levia 47


He said my cum tastes like honey, then stuffed his face into my comb, my dripping cunt. I said his sperm tastes like candy and I choked on his sweet delight. We were exaggerating, of course, for our restless bodies craved decadence while our mouths savored sour sweets with devilish grins. Such delicious sins.

Written By: Gisselle Monique Levia 48



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