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University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

accelerating excellence in health care to change and save lives

University of Alberta Hospital Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute Kaye Edmonton Clinic

Inspiring philanthropy to support innovation and excellence at the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the Kaye Edmonton Clinic.

The University Hospital Foundation believes in the power of philanthropy in health care. Thanks to you, our generous donors, we see examples of it at work every day. The University of Alberta Hospital continues to be one of the leading patient care, research and medical training hospitals in North America. The Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute is a leading heart institute in Canada. With the opening of the new Kaye Edmonton Clinic, we have the best outpatient facility in the country. You, our generous donors, make these achievements possible. Your gifts have elevated the level of care our hospitals and clinics provide. More than that – your gifts have accelerated the advancement of this care. Please enjoy our 2012-2013 Annual Report: Accelerating Excellence in Health Care. It is our chance to show you what your donations have accomplished, and introduce you to some of the lives your gifts have changed and saved.

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contents 2 Message from Chair and President 4 Donald Kaye’s exceptional generosity 8 Seeking answers through medical research 10 Jim Pattison Centre adds rehab to heart health 12 Honouring a visionary: Dr. Arvind Koshal 14 Festival of Trees: Let the Christmas Season Begin! 18 Ambitious campaign for the brain 20 Celebrating donor impact 22 Recognizing our donors 37 Financial statements

Message from the chair and president On behalf of the Board of Trustees and staff of the University Hospital Foundation, we want to thank you, our generous donors, for making 2012-2013 the most outstanding year for fundraising in the history of the University Hospital Foundation. A transformational gift from Donald Kaye, the largest single donation ever made to health care in Alberta; the opening of the Jim Pattison Centre for Heart Health; and the establishment of the Gerald Averback Medical Research Fund and the Dr. Arvind Koshal Advancement Fund – each of these will impact patients and their families for generations. This report, Accelerating Excellence in Health Care, illustrates the power of philanthropy by sharing stories of people like Kelly Ainsworth (p. 11), who is back home with his family after suffering severe heart failure; Kristin Henry (p. 21), a young woman who underwent her second brain surgery in 2012, this time in the most advanced brain surgery suite in the country; and John Kerby (p. 6), whose diagnosis of multiple sclerosis has led him to the expanded neurosciences clinic at the incredible new Kaye Edmonton Clinic. During this past year, we achieved net revenue of $28.9 million, our highest amount ever in a single year. We distributed a total of $9.7 million to Alberta Health Services and the University of Alberta to

University Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees The University Hospital Foundation is fortunate to be led by some of the most dedicated and talented business and community leaders in Edmonton. These volunteer leaders take time from their busy lives – bringing tremendous knowledge and skills from the worlds of business, finance and law – to ensure donor gifts are stewarded with care and integrity.


W. Guy Scott

Donald Cranston QC

Kim Wheaton

Laurie Anderson

Mike Bacchus

Chairman University Hospital Foundation Founding Partner, WAM Development Group

Past Chairman, Chair, Trustee Affairs Committee University Hospital Foundation Partner, Bennett Jones LLP

Chair Elect University Hospital Foundation

Senior Vice President, Finance, WAM Development Group

Chief Executive Officer, Conroy Ross Partners

Crystal Graham

Shenaz Jeraj

Simon Sochatsky

Phil Lachambre

Steven LePoole

Principal, Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.

Management Consultant, Silver Brown Consulting

President, Northern Industrial Carriers Ltd.

President, PCML Consulting Inc.

Executive Chairman, Diversity Technologies Corp.

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

2012-2013 Fiscal Year Highlights • Donald Kaye makes the largest gift ever made to health care in Alberta; • Recognized as one of the “Top 16 high-performing healthcare foundations in North America” in the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy’s (AHP) Benchmarking Survey; • Achieving over $100 million in net assets for the first time in Foundation history; • Increasing the value of the Established (endowed) Funds by $13.8 million; and • Achieving net revenue of $28.9 million.

support a range of patient care, research and education priorities at the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the newly opened Kaye Edmonton Clinic, including: •

$3.9 million to the Intra-operative MRI suite

$1.055 million to support the Allan Owen Endoscopy Suite

$920,000 towards a new transplant operating room

$570,000 towards the annual Medical Research Competition

$3.25 million towards other areas of importance to our donors

Once again, on behalf of the patients who benefit from your support every day, and the dedicated team of healthcare staff who see the benefit of your thoughtful support in everything they do – thank you.

W. Guy Scott

Joyce Mallman Law

Chairman University Hospital Foundation

President University Hospital Foundation

Ex-Officio Board Members

Robert Bessette, FMA Jim Brown

Rick Crook

Terry Freeman

Donna Zazulak

Mike Conroy

Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Bessette Wealth Management, RBC Dominion Securities

President, Sherrick Management Ltd.

President, Mikev Investments Ltd.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Corrision and Abrasion Solutions Ltd (CASL)

Chair, 2013 Festival of Trees, University Hospital Foundation President, Zazulak Marketing & Communications Inc.

Senior Vice President Edmonton Zone, Alberta Health Services

Robert Manning

Mark Ohe

Irving Kipnes

C.J. Woods, FCA

Cathy Osborne

Dr. D. Douglas Miller

President, Cathton Investments Ltd.

President, Gateway Mechanical Services

Trustee Emeritus, University Hospital Foundation Director, Liquor Stores North America Ltd.

Trustee Emeritus, University Hospital Foundation Community Volunteer

Vice President, University of Alberta Hospital, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and Kaye Edmonton Clinic, Alberta Health Services

Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


exceptional gift Alberta Premier Alison Redford and philanthropist Donald Kaye at the opening of the Kaye Edmonton Clinic on December 3, 2012.


University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

accelerating efficiency

will impact generations Donald Kaye’s $30-million investment in innovative patient care and research brings great promise to the ongoing search for better ways to improve health and save lives After dedicating most of his life to his career,

a range of health professions to collaborate

Donald Kaye decided in 2009 that it was time

on ways to provide the best possible care

to give back to the community that had made

for patients. It will also enhance learning

his success possible.

opportunities for medical students striving to

Four years later, the largest single donation ever

be the best in their chosen fields.

given to health care in the history of Alberta

Speaking at the opening of the Kaye Edmonton

was completed.

Clinic, Guy Scott, Chair of the University

At a special ceremony in December 2012, Alberta Premier Alison Redford announced that in honour of Mr. Kaye’s transformational gift, the Edmonton Clinic had been renamed the Kaye Edmonton Clinic.

Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees, said, “We have all read stories of people who make a gift that has the power to transform a community. Mr. Kaye, this is truly an amazing gift. Your generosity will impact patients and their families every day for generations.”

“This unique clinic will improve patient care by creating seamless access to services


and specialists. Albertans will get the care

Donald Kaye’s donation accelerates

they need, when they need it,” said Premier Redford. “On behalf of all Albertans, I thank

innovation, research and hope

Mr. Kaye for this most generous gift that

At full capacity, the Kaye Edmonton Clinic

will help to continue the advancement of

will consolidate 80 outpatient clinics under

innovation in our healthcare system.”

one roof and provide ambulatory services to

Mr. Kaye’s gift will accelerate innovation and research by allowing the brightest minds from

more than one million patients every year, including thousands from across western and northern Canada.

“On behalf of all Albertans, I thank Mr. Kaye for this most generous gift that will help to continue the advancement of innovation in our healthcare system.” Alberta Premier Alison Redford

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


“It is my hope that this gift will improve patient care in Alberta, and in particular, provide more funding for research.” Edmonton philanthropist Donald Kaye

“The influence of the clinic is far beyond Edmonton,” said Dr. Dylan Taylor, Co-facility Medical Director for the Kaye Edmonton Clinic, the University of Alberta Hospital and the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. “People who come from a significant distance will have the potential to do many things with one trip.” Mr. Kaye’s gift will allow the clinic to provide the best possible patient experience. The fund that the gift has established will support innovation in the delivery of care in clinic, rehabilitation and ambulatory care services by streamlining the multi-disciplinary treatment of patients. “Philanthropy has enabled us to go to that next level in patient care,” said Liz Seib, Executive Dr. Fabrizio Giuliani, neurologist at the University of Alberta Hospital, performs an eye exam on multiple sclerosis patient John Kerby at the new Kaye Edmonton Clinic. The largest ambulatory care facility in Canada, the Clinic will consolidate 80 ambulatory clinics under one roof.

Director of Ambulatory Care at the Kaye Edmonton Clinic. “We are very grateful to Mr. Kaye for his gift and the promise it holds.”

Patient inspired by generosity John Kerby knew in his head what he wanted to say, but the words weren’t coming out of his mouth. They were garbled. His wife, a nurse, thought he was having mini-strokes. An MRI revealed scar lesions in his brain consistent with the results of an earlier spinal tap. John, 40 at the time and the father of two young sons, was told he had multiple sclerosis. “That hit pretty hard,” said Kerby.


University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

Patients coping with chronic health conditions such as MS will experience the impact of Mr. Kaye’s generosity first hand through expanded services and programs offered at the Kaye Edmonton Clinic. “That impresses me,” said Kerby, when told of Mr. Kaye’s donation. “That someone would do that of their own free will is extraordinary.”

case in point

accelerating innovation

from humble beginnings... Donald Kaye’s unprecedented generosity grew from life on a small farm in rural Alberta In 1960, Mr. Kaye began investing in real estate. His first purchase was an apartment block in Edmonton’s Laurier Heights, followed by a shopping centre in Leduc and the Westbrook Shopping Centre in Edmonton. His investment portfolio also expanded into land development.

Donald Kaye

Born and raised in the depression era near the tiny hamlet of Brownvale, Alberta, Donald Kaye gained firsthand knowledge of the true value of a dollar. “No one in the community had very much. What you did have, you hung on to.” Following the tragic death of his father, the young Donald Kaye, along with his brother, kept up the work on the family farm while attending school at the nearby village of Berwyn. For fun, he played baseball. “I didn’t have much time for anything else.” After graduating from high school, Mr. Kaye worked with Canadian Propane in Prince George, BC, and later with other national companies in Edmonton as a credit manager, all the time advancing his education by enrolling in courses at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Extension and the Banff School of Advanced Management.

Through his naming gift to the University Hospital Foundation, Mr. Kaye is ensuring that his story is far from over. He has transformed years of hard work, prudent decision-making and wise investing into one of the largest donations in the history of Canadian healthcare philanthropy. And in doing so, Mr. Kaye is advancing patient care and medical research in a way that is both intently focused, and broadly based. “What he’s done in making this gift to the University Hospital Foundation is set a baseline. There is money now available for research and projects in delivering clinical care in innovative ways that will last for a long time, and at the end of it, it will improve health care to benefit all of us,” said Mr. Kaye’s friend and lawyer, Rick Ferguson.

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


seeking the roots of

“If you want to prevent something from happening, first you have to understand what makes it happen.”

It’s believed that large deposits of an abnormal protein in the brain contribute to the loss of brain cells in patients’ key brain areas, such as their memory and cognitive abilities.

Dr. Jack Jhamandas received funding for his research into the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease from the University Hospital Foundation’s Medical Research Competition.

“To find the cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, we

Dr. Jhamandas’ research provides a model that,

have to take a broader view. How do we prevent

for the first time ever, allows researchers to

it from happening?” said Dr. Jack Jhamandas, a

replicate the human Alzheimer brain in the lab,

neurologist and researcher at the University of

providing an avenue to possibly identify new

Alberta Hospital and the University of Alberta.


Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common

“The brain is a highly complex and intricate

cause of dementia, a debilitating neurological

organ that, if you’re going to solve its mysteries,

condition. An estimated 1.1 million Canadians

we have to understand a lot better,” said

will be diagnosed with dementia by the

Dr. Jhamandas. “Both in terms of how it

year 2038.

normally functions, and how it doesn’t function when an illness has set in, like Alzheimer’s.”


University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

alzheimer’s donors support ongoing quest for answers Annual funding for the competition comes from Established Funds created by University Hospital Foundation donors, donor-designated gifts and Full House Lottery revenues.

Researchers use this money as seed funding for larger grants from national research councils, often converting the funds they receive from the competition into hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in research grants. A great return on the initial investment.

The Medical Research Competition is administered in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. All projects are peer reviewed.

difference makers

The University Hospital Foundation directs up to $500,000 annually to support 20-25 research projects through the Foundation’s Medical Research Competition.

The competition is just one of many ways the Foundation supports research. Over the past ten years, more than $4.5 million has been awarded to support 225 research projects.

For more information about the University Hospital Foundation’s Medical Research Competition, and a list of 2012-2013 winners, visit

Funding research to help us live longer Gerald Averback of Saskatoon wants to help people live longer. His interest is research. Specifically, gene therapy research at the world-leading Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute’s ABACUS Research Centre. Through his company, Developments West Corporation, Mr. Averback made an incredible donation to create the $2 million Gerald Averback Medical Research Fund.

case in point

Mr. Averback chose to support the Maz after conducting thorough, Canada-wide research of his own. An alumnus of the University of Alberta, he searched the country for the research facility best-suited to his interest, and his commitment to the community. Gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease. In the future, this technique may allow doctors to treat a disorder by inserting a gene into a patient’s cells, instead of using drugs or surgery.

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


accelerating legacy

like new

The Jim Pattison Centre for Heart Health provides patients access to the latest rehabilitation equipment, technology and expertise


University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

A former cardiac surgery patient at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, Fred (left) works with Exercise Specialist Grant Knapik at the Jim Pattison Centre for Heart Health.

again After 50 days of life-saving care at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, Kelly Ainsworth was tapped out. No strength. No energy. Little hope. The married father of two young children had no idea how he was going to recover from severe heart failure. “I was worried for my life and the life of my family. I was

Kelly Ainsworth with his wife Shalene and children, Wyatt and Reese.

starting from scratch. I had nothing.” Today, after following a detailed recovery plan laid out by the multi-disciplinary team of occupational therapists, nurses, dieticians and fitness trainers at the Jim Pattison Centre

specifically designed for patients to practice such daily tasks as vacuuming and lifting laundry baskets under the watchful eye of trained, professional staff.

for Heart Health, Ainsworth’s perspective and

For heart patients like Ainsworth, access to

energy level have improved dramatically.

comprehensive rehabilitation services provide

A comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation centre designed to complete the full circle of cardiac care provided at the Maz, the Jim Pattison

the incentive and guidance needed to return to regular life. “It feels good to be healthy again. Now I’m fighting to go back to work.”

Centre for Heart Health features state-of-the-

The Jim Pattison Centre for Heart Health is

art exercise equipment, classrooms for the

expected to provide rehabilitation services to

health and lifestyle courses that are offered

over 2,000 people living with heart disease

to all patients and their families, and an area

every year.

(From left) Cindy Lambier, a Director with the Jim Pattison Foundation, the Honourable Don Mazankowski and Guy Scott, Chairman of the University Hospital Foundation, at the May 2 opening of the Jim Pattison Centre for Heart Health.

Philanthropy provided most of the money to build the $8-million Jim Pattison Centre for Heart Health with donations of $2.5 million from the Jim Pattison Foundation, an additional $3 million from other donors to the University Hospital Foundation, and $2.5 million from Alberta Infrastructure. To learn about the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, and the pivotal role donors play in the full circle of cardiac care, visit

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


difference makers

Donors make it happen for heart health

accelerating legacy

heartfelt salute

Dr. Arvind Koshal is retiring, but his vision and leadership at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute will always be remembered


University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

There was no heart institute in Edmonton when Dr. Arvind Koshal arrived from Ottawa in 1991. There was only one transplant surgeon. Seriously ill heart patients requiring immediate care were flown to the United States. Thanks to his dream of providing the best cardiac care right here in Edmonton, all of that has now changed. Today, as Dr. Koshal retires, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute is recognized as a leading heart institute in Canada, and the largest centre for heart transplants in the country. “Our vision was to create a world-class cardiac centre to serve the needs of Edmontonians, and people across western and northern Canada – a centre of excellence, and innovation,” Dr. Koshal said during a celebration of his career as Senior Medical Director at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. “The reality has exceeded the dream.” Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Koshal is credited with being one of the finest cardiac surgeons in the country.

In addition, Dr. Koshal: • Assisted with the first total artificial heart implant in Canada, including harvesting the first heart to be used in a heart transplant; • Assisted the first heart transplant on an infant, 11 days old, in Canada. The healthy

Dr. David Johnstone, Zone Clinical Department Head, Cardiac Sciences, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, welcomes hundreds of colleagues and staff gathered at the ceremony announcing that the atrium of the Maz has been named the Dr. Arvind Koshal Atrium.

patient is now 25 years old; • Was the final mentor for all cardiac surgery residents completing their training at the Maz, which came to be known as “Dr. Koshal’s Finishing School”; • Received the Order of Canada in 2008, as well as the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal (2003) and the Alberta Centennial Medal (2006). In honour of his outstanding career, the atrium of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute has been named the Dr. Arvind Koshal Atrium, and the Dr. Arvind Koshal Advancement Fund has been established.

Community leaders create honorary fund

(From left) Harold Roozen, Dr. Arvind Koshal and Al Olson

difference makers

Community leaders Darryl Katz, Harold Roozen, Al Olson and many others raised over $2.5 million to establish the Dr. Arvind Koshal Advancement Fund in support of cardiac education, recruitment and research – ensuring that Dr. Koshal’s legacy in the Maz will continue to grow.

To view a videoUniversity of Dr. Koshal’s legacy at the Mazankowski Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013 13 Alberta Heart Institute, visit

festival of trees: let the

Over the last 27 years, the Festival of Trees has raised $15 million and has become Edmonton’s signature kick-off to Christmas event

The four-day festival, which drew 30,000

In 2012, Festival of Trees raised $1 million

guests in 2012 and relied on 2,000 dedicated

in support of critical care at the University

volunteers, provides something for everyone:

of Alberta Hospital. Our Critical Care Team

guests enjoy the Gala Evening, Luncheon and

provides life-saving care to adults with serious,

Fashion Show, Santa’s Breakfast, and of course,

life-threatening conditions including trauma

the chance to savour the splendour of hundreds

and organ failure.

of brilliantly decorated Christmas trees and


seasonal displays.

Funds received will help reduce the risk of

The Festival of Trees also serves as a valuable

purchase a state-of-the-art patient monitoring

fundraiser. Since 1984, the Festival has raised

system. For critically ill patients, it’s imperative

more than $15 million in support of critically

to keep a close eye on vital signs at all times.

important causes at the University of Alberta

This system will allow critical care specialists

Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart

to closely monitor critical patients who are

Institute and the new Kaye Edmonton Clinic.

receiving care outside of the ICU.

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

infection in our critical care unit and help

christmas season begin!

A soldier’s story In April of 2012, Kristopher Schroder, a member of the First Combat Engineering Unit at CFB Edmonton, began experiencing flu-like symptoms, and a struggle to breathe. Kris was critically ill and fighting a lifethreatening infection: he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where he spent three days on a respirator and required dialysis to help clear the toxins from his body.

After eight days in the ICU, Kris was transferred to another area of the hospital, where he continued to receive intensive care and rehabilitation to assist his recovery. “If the University of Alberta Hospital didn’t have the equipment I needed, I might have died,” Kris said.

case in point University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


Pictured above left: co-winners of the 2012 Audrey Greenough Award of Merit, Lori Martens (centre left) and Barbara Bergstrom (centre right). Joining them for the presentation were (from left) Brian Hughes, Alberta Premier Alison Redford, Greg Greenough, Reza Nasseri and Guy Scott, Chairman of the University Hospital Foundation.

Audrey Greenough Award of Merit Created in honour of Audrey Greenough,

for their passion, philanthropy and tireless

former University Hospital Foundation

volunteer commitment to the Festival of Trees.

Trustee and Festival Sponsorship Committee member, the Audrey Greenough Award of Merit recognizes outstanding service and support to

Lori’s commitment to the success of the Festival is evident by her willingness to serve

the University Hospital Foundation.

an unprecedented three years as Festival Chair.

Lori Martens and Barbara Bergstrom were

Committee since 1992, including serving two

recognized with the Audrey Greenough Award

years as Festival chair and the last three years

of Merit at the 2012 Festival of Trees Gala

as Festival Coordinator.

Barbara was a member of the Festival Steering

Our heartfelt thanks to the 2012 Festival Steering Committee Elaine Aronyk Barbara Bergstrom Cory Christopher Joan Faulkner Linda Fulton Linda Grisley Dawn Harrison Cathy Heller-Sereda Arlene Kavanagh Charlene McBain Bill McBride Emma McNally Alison Moir Jan Newton Trish Nieberding Amy Procter Pam 16

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

accelerating efficiency

Having Fun and Raising Funds for Critical Care The Festival of Trees owes tremendous thanks to the outstanding generosity of its presenting sponsors:

2012 Presenting Sponsor

Gala Evening Presenting Sponsor

Luncheon and Fashion Show Presenting Sponsor

Santa’s Breakfast Presenting Sponsor

Special thanks to the Shaw Conference Centre for serving as the home of the Festival of Trees for the last 28 years.

Trudy Cormier Karen Cromwell Gertie Dean Marguerite Denman Shona Dunlop Laurel Durstling Knight Barb Lajoie Kathryn Leach Cindy Lindenberg Halie Mark Lori Martens Darrell McBain Susan Puddicombe Jan Raikles Riyaz Shivji Diane Stokes Elaine Taylor Karen Tracy Brian Zuch University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


accelerating efficiency

the brain centre

difference makers

Leading the Way Our brain is who we are. When it begins to fail, the results can be profound. That’s why we want to bring the best of brain care to Edmonton. Leading the way is Jim Brown. Jim and Sharon Brown made a $1-million, cornerstone donation to the Brain Centre Campaign and Jim is serving as Cabinet Co-chair, along with Guy Scott, Chair, University Hospital Foundation. Liquor Depot has also ensured a successful start to the Brain Centre Campaign through The Experience, an exclusive night of wine, beer, spirits and Edmonton’s best food, and an invaluable fundraiser for the Gamma Knife. For more on The Experience, please see page 23. Jim and Sharon Brown


University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

campaign Community support will make Edmonton the centre for the brain In 2012, The University of Alberta Hospital

top-of-class Peter S. Allen Research Centre.

opened the most advanced neurosurgical suite

This investment in research was leveraged into

in the country. That was just the beginning of the

more than $11.5 million of federal funding.

University Hospital Foundation’s $35-million Brain Centre Campaign.

In phase two, we are seeking to add Gamma

The goal of our brain campaign is to create a

to treat patients with brain tumours, lesions and

brain centre that will provide patients at the

other brain disorders; and an additional 3T MRI

University of Alberta Hospital with the next

for clinical care, giving our neuro clinicians

generation of treatment options and diagnostic

and researchers the tools they need to provide

technology, and create an optimal environment

preeminent care to patients today – and to work

of coordinated care for brain patients from

with researchers around the world to find cures

Edmonton, northern Alberta, western Canada

for tomorrow.

and the Territories.

Knife technology, a non-invasive technique used

The final phase and centrepiece of the campaign

Phase one of the brain campaign has already

is to build and equip a state-of-the-art Brain

been completed, with the opening of the Dan &

Centre that will coordinate care from diagnosis

Bunny Widney Intra-operative MRI Suite, and

to surgery to rehabilitation. Coordinated care

the contribution of over $1.8 million to the

will bring all brain-related specialists together.

Father told that Gamma Knife the best way to stop seizures As an adult, Brad Freeman began having what he called episodes: fleeting moments throughout the day when he would lapse into a trance. In fact, the trances were seizures. A CT (computerized tomography Scan revealed that the cause of Brad’s seizures was a mass of poorly formed blood vessels known as an Arteriovenous Malformation, or AVM, growing in his brain. The recommended treatment was Gamma Knife. Brad went for it on the basis that as a new father, a one- to

two-day recovery from Gamma Knife was much more appealing than the three months he was told he’d be off work following conventional brain surgery. He flew to Winnipeg, the nearest facility that uses Gamma Knife technology, and was successfully treated. The next day, he flew home. “My AVM is almost completely resolved,” Bard says today. “Gamma Knife was the perfect thing for me.”

case in point University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


celebrating donor

“Donors to the Foundation help us create meaningful change in the health of the patients and families we serve.” Dr. Chris Eagle, President and Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Health Services

The University Hospital Foundation hosts the

From left: Dr. Oksana Suchowersky, Dr. Chris Eagle and Cathy MacDonald

Chairman’s Dinner and President’s Brunch each year to say thank you to the people who

donors play in accelerating excellence in all

generously support the University of Alberta

areas of patient care.

Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the Kaye Edmonton Clinic.

“We recognize that what we achieve would not be possible without the partnership of

Speaking at the 2013 President’s Brunch,

our community and you – our supporters and

Dr. Dylan Taylor, Facility Medical Director at

donors. Donor dollars support diagnostic and

the three sites, reaffirmed the vital role that

treatment technology. Donations ensure we have state-of-the-art equipment and resources

“The past year has been amazing. With your support we raised an astounding $28.9 million in net revenue.”

to attract and retain the brightest and best healthcare specialists and fund research that brings new knowledge and discoveries. Most importantly, they support our dedicated healthcare team.

Guy Scott, Chairman, University Hospital Foundation

“On behalf of our patients, their families, physicians, staff and volunteers, thank you.” 20

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

accelerating efficiency


Essential gifts

Grateful patient gives thanks When Kristin Henry had her first of two brain surgeries 13 years ago, she was a popular high school student, champion synchronized skater, and the victim of frequent, near-paralyzing headaches. Surgeons removed as much of her tumour as they could see. A tiny piece of it was left behind, and her headaches soon returned. In 2012, Kristin underwent her second brain surgery, this time in the most advanced neurosurgical suite in the

country featuring the finest intra-operative imaging technology in the world. Speaking at the 2013 Chairman’s Dinner, Kristin, now healthy and happily married, expressed her deepest gratitude. “Thanks to the MRI in the operating room, my surgeons were able to remove every single piece of the tumour, and they won’t have to go in again. I haven’t had a migraine since – and I am grateful every day.”

case in point University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


difference makers

Gifts from loyal donors support every area of care in the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the Kaye Edmonton Clinic, from research to better understand the usability of transplant lungs, to providing the most advanced equipment and technology to critical care.


recognizing our donors $8,500,000 Donald Kaye

$1,000,000 - $2,000,000 Gerald Averback and Developments West Corporation Jim & Sharon Brown Dow B. Hicks (Estate) Allan H. Owen

$500,000 - $999,999 Renee & Daryl Katz Harold & Cathy Roozen

$250,000 - $499,999 Firefighters Burn Treatment Society Edmonton Chapter Landmark Group TELUS C.J. Woods, FCA

$100,000 - $249,999 Avison Young Commercial Real Estate Ernie & Cathie Elko General Recycling Industries Ltd. Kathy & Ross Grieve and Family John & Susan Hokanson Hughes Petroleum James & Nancy Hutton The Dianne & Irving Kipnes Foundation Nazamdipur Community Development Foundation Power Corporation of Canada Stanley Earle Robins (Estate) Norman Rousseau JR & Carol Shaw George & Eileen Smith UA Local Union 488 Plumbers & Pipe Fitters The Wheaton Family Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999 Anonymous Capital Power John & Judy Cosco Paul & Cathy Douglas Alphonse Francis Garnier (Estate) Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited Hameed Nasseri Parkwood Group of Companies

Allan & Sally Sawin Shelley and Guy Scott Foundation Stantec Inc. Cathryn Joan “Cathi” Sweetnam (Estate) Paddy Webb and Family William Woodward (Estate)

$25,000 - $49,999 3761258 Canada Inc Richard & Shannon Arndt Curt Beyer David Raymond Bourne (Estate) Cameron Homes Inc. Delcon Developments Martin & Sarah Gouin* Roger & Peggy Gouin Jatec Electric Ltd. Evan Ty Jenkins Pediatric Research Foundation Warren & Marlene Loyns The George & Elizabeth Morgan Foundation John Moshuk (Estate) Al & Fran Olson Nigel & Janice Peters Precision Drilling Corporation Raywalt Construction Co. Ltd. Sorrell Financial Inc. Stuart Olson Dominion Construction Ltd. Sureway Construction Management Ltd. Bryan & Donna Tink Volvo of Edmonton Alice Irene Werner (Estate)

$10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous (4) Wesley Alexander Wahab & Norma Ali All Weather Windows Ltd. Rae & Carol Allen* Roy & Beverly Bayliss Robert & Michelle Bessette Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. Ursula Buller Shannon Butler & Family Capital Packers Inc. / Komarnicki Family Central Alberta Young Guns Golf Foundation Kuk Yuet Chim Bill Comrie & Family

* Includes donations given through the Edmonton Community Foundation


University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

Connect Logistics Don Cranston & Nancy Romanow Cranston Mike & Sharon Duff Durstling Family Trust Edmonton Salvage Disposal Ltd. Dennis & Doreen Erker Ernst & Young LLP First Truck Centre Edmonton Inc. Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP Terry Freeman Norma M. Gordon Investments Robert “Bob” Gouin (Estate) Heritage Insurance & Consulting Ltd. Ben Hochhausen Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. Ionic Club of Edmonton Edward Stidworthy Johnson Kimberley Homes Irene Klamkin (Estate) Philip Lachambre & Cathy MacDonald Kathi MacMillan Sandy & Cecile Mactaggart Melcor Developments Ltd. Timothy Melton Myshak Sales & Rentals Ltd. Randal Oliver RB Williams Industrial Supply Ltd. RBC Foundation Mildred Carmen “Midge” Reddon (Estate) The Rexall Foundation Ruth Robertson (Estate) Rosenau Transport Ltd. Bert Royer & Family Lisa & Marshall Sadd Sherrick Management Ltd. Showtech Power & Lighting Saroj & Prem Singhmar E. Geri Thompson The Visnani Family West Corp Inc. Warren W. & Victoria Wismer Witten LLP Barristers & Solicitors Dr. Curtis Woods

$10,000 - $24,999 (gift in kind) CMH Summer Adventures Goodkey Show Services Ltd. Kristina Kudryk Sonia’s Runway

The University Hospital Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following donors who supported the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the new Kaye Edmonton Clinic with gifts of $150 and over, from April 1, 2012, to March 31, 2013.

$5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous ATCO Group Justice John & Ruth Agrios Rustom Appoo Phyllis A. Arnold* Julien & Julie Aubin S. William Batke Michael Beaudoin Bee-Bell Health Bakery Bennett Jones LLP David & Janet Bentley George Biltek Robert & Myrna Boscher CCI Thermal Technologies Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities Don & Betty Carlson John F. Cassidy Cory Christopher - First Choice Tree Nursery & Garden Centre Crosstown Auto Centre Donna & John Crozier Marc & Stacy de La Bruyere The Edgar Family Trust Edmonton Journal Marne Edwards EllisDon Construction Services Inc. Ron & Maya Gibson Goodkey Show Services Ltd. ING Insurance Company of Canada Shenaz & Azim Jeraj Linda Joyce (Estate)

KB Industrial Mechanics Ltd. Donald & Catherine Kelly Catharine King Frank & Anita Kowalski The Leo J. Krysa Family Foundation Dr. Victor Law Steven & Day LePoole Brian & Maxine Levang Frank & Agnes Lovsin Kim & Linda Mackenzie Maclab Enterprises Ltd. Larry & Maureen McDannold Verona McGregor Roderick & Mona McLennan George & Margaret McNeill David & Pamela Margolus Marted Investments 2008 Inc. MAS-Pro Oilfeild Supply Golf Tournament Dr. Andrew & Sheila Masson Medical Imaging Consultants Steven & Cori-Lynn Meyer Mary Anne & David Morrison Moxie’s Classic Grill Restaurants George E. & Alice Mucha Mark & Roxanne Ohe Terrence Parsons Prairie Mines & Royalty Ltd. Robert & Connie Proznik Qualico RDT Holdings Inc. Lorraine Rand Dr. Ivan & Darlene Rebeyka Rescom Inc.

Dr. David & Rachel Ross Bruce A. Saville Scott Builders Inc. Sherritt Coal David & Rita Shillabeer Dori-Ann Steinberg Stogryn Sales Ltd. Team David Derek & Tina Toullelan Gary Trigg Union 52 Benevolent Society Dr. Joe & Darlene Vassos Andrea Vavrek Bonspiel for HOPE Victor-Osten Fund* J. Angus & Heather Watt Jim & Karen Webb Weir Family Fund* William Wilson (Estate) Gerry & Sharon Yuen Horst & Gisela Zimmermann

$5,000 - $9,999 (gift in kind) 105.9 Shine FM & AM 930 The Light Avenue Magazine Cory Christopher Designs FM Systems Mediaco The Presentation Company Shaw TV Edmonton Sorrentino’s

$2,500 - $4,999 A. Circuit Electric Ltd.

Academy Fabricators Inc. Alberta Blue Cross Helen Art Aspen Property Management Ltd. Mike & Lisa Bacchus Matt & Betty-Jean Baldwin Dr. Richard & Barbara Bergstrom Bionic Golf Tournament Wesley Bogdanski John Boonstra Boston Pizza Foundation Coyle Group Capital Oilfield Equipment Inc. Caplink Financial Corporation Chemco Electrical Contractors Ltd. Diamond Dental Jarrold & Lisa Diamond Dolce Vita Homes LP Drayden Insurance Limited Edmonton Vedic Congregation Emkade Distribution Inc Executrade Fairley Erker Advisory Group Melinda & Eric Falkenberg-Poetz Fountain Tire Ltd. Alice Gaydar Barry & Gail Giffen Wayne Hebert Hi Tech Heat Treating Ltd. Fred & Dorothy Hodgson Erik & Kelly Houde Janssen Inc. James Johnson Martin & Shirley Larson Kenneth & Lily Lau

Winning Combination Liquor Depot’s The Experience has become an anticipated night on Edmonton’s social calendar. In 2012, The Experience raised nearly $485,000 towards bringing the state-of-the-art Gamma Knife to Edmonton. The Gamma Knife is a non-invasive technique used to treat patients with brain tumours, lesions and other brain disorders.

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


Answering The Call Dan Tencer of 630 CHED talks with Rob and Louise Walker during 630 CHED’s Heart Pledge Day. Generous callers donated over $145,000 in support of expanding the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute.

M.A.P. Water and Sewer Services Ltd. John & Susan Mandrusiak Robert & Carol Manning Judy Mannix Martin Equipment Wendy Matheson Arliss Miller John George Mucha Family Trust Dr. Michael & Anne Murphy National Oilwell Canada ULC Larry & Deanna Nemirsky New Pine Creek Community Association Constantin Papadimitropoulos Park Memorial Funeral Home Jerry & Midge Smolyk Peter Karczmarczyk Prof. Corp. Jeff & Jackie Polovick John & Barbara Poole Family* Prism Flow Products Inc. The Rain Man Irrigation & Plumbing Ltd. Garry & Joyce Rathgeber Red-L Distributors Ltd. Rob & Beth Reynolds Jatinder Singh (Jay) & Lata Riat Richard & Joan Rossall George Samoil Seleca Enterprises Corp. Ltd. Sigma 3 Engineering Limited Studon Electric & Controls Inc. Supreme Group LP Ross & Verna Tate Kelly & Whitney Tkachuk Trail Building Supplies Ltd. Unified Alloys West Edmonton Mall Property Inc. Western Oilfield Specialties Corp. Robert A. Wilson Ralph & Gay Young*


$2,500 - $4,999 (gift in kind) Bistro La Persaud A Clark Roofing / Peter J’s Contracting Fairmont Chateau Whistler First General Services First Impressions, Shane Seib Iron Art Great Explorations Kasian Architecture Interior Design & Planning Ltd Moriganagh McNally & Terri McNally Royal Treats Ltd.

$1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous Anonymous Corporation 1170605 Alberta Ltd. Red Earth Steam & Clean AGRA Foundations Ltd. ALTYP Welding & Fabricating (1983) Ltd. Garry & Dolores Acres Eli Adler Advantage Products Inc. Wallace & Edna Affolder Alberta Traffic Supply Ltd. The Alger Foundation Altex Industries Inc. Dr. Khalid Ansari Aquilini Brands Limited Partnership Gene Armstrong Bernard Arnold Helen Arnott Dr. Keith Aronyk Dennis & Betty Bailey Drs. Stephen & Fiona Bamforth Bankers & Traders Insurance Brokers Inc. Karin & Claude Bara Spencer & Tina Beach Kenneth & Leone Biggs

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

Bittner Trucking Ltd Dr. Arthur Blades Barry & Sharon Bodnaryk Robert & Kathy Briggs Ivan & Josephine Bubalo Eugene Buckland Muriel Budge Adrian Burns Dr. Ken Butcher CM Service Inc. CRC Wellhead Supply Ltd. The Calgary Herald Neil & Beverly Calhoun Canada Safeway Ltd. - Women’s Networking Group Canuck Industrial Sales (1982) Ltd. Carlson Construction Co. Ltd. Cenovus Energy Inc. Challenger Homes Inc. Chandos Construction Ltd. Sonia Chies Anthony Chow Don & Karen Clipperton ColasCanada Inc. Marion Cole Tim Collar Trudy Cormier The Crossing Company Inc. Crystal Glass Canada Ltd. Bibiana Cujec Peter Cunliffe Cutting Edge Mechanical Donald Deck Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology Patrick & Roxanne Devaney Gabor & Helen Dezse Christine & Peter Dirksen Durco Inc. William Dyer Edmonton Oilers Alumni Association Edmonton Southgate Lions Club Edmonton Strathcona Lions Club

Benny & Olga Elkow Douglas & Irene Empey Gwen Erickson Father Kenneth Kearns School Tyson & Eloise Feairs Gordon & Mary Beth Fearn Bernard & Margaret Forbes (Estate) Fossil Communications Ltd. Dr. Richard J. Fox Percy & Isabelle Fraser H. E. Friedrich G&E Pharmacy Ltd. John & Mavis Gamble Garneau Emergency Medical Services Frank Gaydar Henry & Lorraine Gillespie Grande Prairie Stompede Association Grandin Agencies Leo & Carol Greene Douglas & Katherine Greenwood Gridline Technical Surveys Steven & Elizabeth Gulacsi John W. Hagerman Michael & Cheryl Hall Ross & Gwen Harris Glen & Judy Heximer Phyllis A. Higgins Ernest & Lillian Hiller Erwin Hinz Peter & Allene Hodgson A. Christy Holtby & Marc A. Carnes Myrtle Glover-Homenuk & Norman Homenuk Thomas & Tania Hong David & Judith Hueppelsheuser Edda & George Hunter Hutterian Brethren Church of Vegreville Kristen Ireton Irish Cup Golf Tournament Joan Joberty

accelerating innovation Jocelyn Kennedy Accessories Byron & Marcy Johnson John Johnson D. Larry Judge Dr. Sanjay Kalra Dr. Wilbert Keon Marcel & Theresa Kerckhof Mun & Bouck Kim Allisen L. King Kingsway Toyota Sylvia Kitlarchuk Albert & Madeleine Kok David Korzan Frank & Olga Kostersky Gordon Kramer Ellen & Don Kuchinski Wayne Kung Lafarge Brian Lakevold Rita Laushway Joyce & Richard Law Suzanne Lazorko-Connon William F. Lede Family Foundation Lehigh Inland Cement Ltd. Keith & Darlene Lemay Thelma Helen Lenart Lincolnberg Homes Ltd. Carl Linden London Drugs Ltd. Stuart Lutener Donald & Nancy MacDermott Robert & Heather MacDonald Max & Joyce McCann Douglas McConnell Architect Ltd. Lillian McEwen Mary Machum Don Macyk David & Helen Maczala Ken & Diane Mark Paul & Lori Martens Ken & Linda Merchant Blaine and Irene LaBonte Millar Western Forest Products Ltd. Jack & Donna Minsky Mixcor Aggregates Inc. Morguard Investments Ltd. Helen & Douglas Morrice James Morris Judith & Cliff Morrison Mario & Tanya Narzt

The Austin S. Nelson Foundation Elsie Nykyfork Orange National Retail Group (Prairies) Inc. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church Alice Palmer Didar S. Pannu & Family Peter Pardee Parlee McLaws, Barristers & Solicitors George Patton Frances Peacock Pear Tree Wendy Branting & Ken Pederson Raymond & Marlene Peets Dr. Kenn Petruk Frank & Elsie Polanski Randolph & Judith Pollard Edward Pon John & Armella Poole Clarence & Elizabeth Preitz Jody McNeill & Brian Olafson Priority Mechanical Ltd. Henry & Leona Quinlan RB Williams Industrial Supply Ltd. Co-Workers Lynne Reckhow Red Deer Ironworks Arthur & Shirley Richter Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Alice Romaniuk Michael Rose Roydella Investments Ltd T. Howard & Karen Rumball R. Scot Rutherford Ryco Hydraulics Inc. Safeway Women’s Networking Group - Edmonton Chapter Raymond & Margaret Sampert Alan & Vera Sanger James & Evalyn Scaber Sentinel Maintenance (Calgary) Inc. Josephine Shapko Keith Gregory Shillabeer George G. Shreeves Herb & Doris Skaret Daniel & Mary Slaght Neville & Doris Smith Raymond & Judy Smitke Dr. Penelope Smyth & Versailles Graham Sandra & Don Sprague

Stahl Peterbilt Peter & Janet Stalenhoef Standard Pipeline Services Troy Stene Catherine Stewart Martin & Carlene Stoklossa Story (Jobs) Inc. A.L. Stroehlein The Strokappe Family Edwin Tappauf Farms Ltd. Barry & Diane Thomlinson Topa Transport Frank Travnik Twisted Banana Walter & Hazel Tymofichuk United Nurses of Alberta Local 301 Peter & Christine Van Moll Alan & Joan Vanterpool Vegreville Colony Farming Co. Ltd. Kaitlyn Walsh Memorial Fund* Dr. Blaze Mathew & Diane Wheatley Whissell Contracting Calgary Ltd. Whitemud Dental Centre Home of the Dental Divas Ping & Lai Wong Glenn & Sandra Woolsey Dr. Hafizah & Atiyah Yahya Mike & Britta Yasinski John M. Young Hwi Su & Su Ja Yun Mohamad & Berea Zibdawi Grace Zung

$1,000 - $2,499 (gift in kind) The Artworks Canyon Creek Soup Company Christenson Communities Creekwood Chapelle Dialog Diva Communications Dunvegan Gardens Flowers in the Park Friends of John Zigarlick Bernice Gordeyko Graham & Lane Florist Ltd. Holt Renfrew Lord’s Shoes Ltd. / Carole Noland Mac’s Wines Spirits Beer Parkwood Group of Companies

Phyllis Polanski Redtail Landing Golf Club Solutions Workplace Furnishings Sturgeon County Family and Community Support Services Trinity Woodworks Vue Weekly Western Camp Services Ltd.

$500 - $999 Anonymous (5) 1261964 Alberta Ltd. 1464799 Alberta Ltd. 1550492 Alberta Ltd. AUPE Local 54 Chapter 1 David & Peggy Addie Agrium Inc. Leslie & Lore Ahlstrom Aldon Auto Salvage Ltd. Aluma Systems Inc. Robert & Betty Andrichuk Jeff Anhelher Terry Aronyk Sydney Gordon Ash Frances Auger Don & Barbara Ausman Auto Canada James Bain & Megan Hodge Douglas & Frances Baines Baker Hughes Joseph Balen Nick Balon Patricia Bank Reboh Judy Bateman Sonia Batt David L. & Gloria Belcher Helen Bell* Russ & Jacqueline Bell Henry & Jane Bereznicki Max & Annabel Berretti Gladys Bigg Grant Bilokryly William Bissonnette Dr. Len & Barbara Bistritz Elmer Bly John & Ruth Boessenkool Kulminder Kaur Bolina Beverley Boren Romeo & Elizabeth Boutin Keith & Jan Bradley Bradson Developments Ltd. Bert & Edna Braiden Barry & Angela Breadner

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


accelerating technology Ervin Bredenfeld William & Rita Brese Deborah Brodie Robert & Joan Bruce Dr. David Bundle Larry Burden Alice & Jack Burlet Dean & Danielle Burns Gisele Burns Lawrence & Corrine Buzak Ann Cackett James Callaghan Calroc Industries Inc. Charles & Yolanda Campbell Canada ICI Capital Corporation Frank & Lori Caputo Allen J. Carter Peter & Florence Cheung Dr. Michael Chow Commercial Industries William Connauton John R. Cooke Dr. David Cote Jeannine Coulombe Martin & Gail Cowie D & D Energy Services Ltd. Leo De Amaral F. Mae Deans Robert & Dorene D’Eath Hans & Ursula Delfs Keith Denman Louis & Marcelle Desrochers Donald Dickhout M. & Lamberta Doesburg Noel & Leslie Dowler Nathan Drewniak Dryco Building Supplies Inc. Edmonton Division James & Margaret Dudley The Economical Insurance Group Clarence & Delaine Elle Encore Metals Allan Engman Enseco Energy Services George O. Evenson David Feigel John & Bunny Ferguson TJ Fiddler & Tamara Armstrong Dr. J. Max & Sheila Findlay William & Thora Flannery Dr. Donald & Marie Flock Bob & Elaine Forss Sherry Fraser


Liz Freeman Henry & Shirley Friesen Alice N. Frith Myrna & Jock Fyfe Mieczyslawa Gawlak William & Shirley Gaylard Dennis & Donna Geherman Mike & Betty Gibbins Shirley Gifford Dr. Dawna Gilchrist Leo & Jo Goebel Irwin Goertzen Janet Gojmerac Eppy Graf Nicholas Grygus Robert & Jeanne Guerin Milton & Wendy Halvarson Neville & Johanna Hancock Doug & Debbie Hansen Robert Hawkins Dr. Zenia Hawrysh James & Mary Hewlett John & Margaret Hilborn Scott & Karen Hindle Arlene Hosford Ed & Ruby Hudson Hutterian Brethren Church of Pine Haven Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services Ltd. ICS Group Inc. Leonard & Janine Jacobs Robert & Karen James Justyna Jancik Brian Jantz Alan Javorsky Kanwal & Shubdarshan Jawanda Christopher Jenkin James Jespersen F. Dale Johnston Sylvia Joyce Roy Jutzi KJB Holdings Inc Dr. Michal Kalisiak Paul & Kathleen Kam George & Erna Kaye Clayton & Luella Kennedy Victor Kennedy Lorreen Kichton Ronald Kisic Carl Klein George & Nora Knowles Michael & Carol Kopp Trude Kopp

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

Wayne Kopp Judith Korschow Ken & Ruth Koskinen Mary Kozak Albert & Hazel Kranenburg Krawford Construction (2011) Inc. Lammerink Family Fund* Robert & Edna Lamport R. Anthony Lant Lasston Enterprizes Nancy Lee Ron Lehman Harley & Celia Lehr Marilyn Lemay Stephen & Barbara Leteta Laudy & Doreen Lickacz Clayton & Betty Lifeso Lift Interactive Bill Lindsay / Lindsay Holdings Claire Llewellyn Robert W. Losie Gerald & Peggy Lucas Allan & Donna Lundell Cindy Lyda M & K Truck Services Ltd. M & Z Industrial Supply Ltd. MLC Group Inc. Dan Mackenzie Jonathan MacNeil McBain Camera Ltd. Darrell & Susan McBain Peggy McCabe Bruce McCullough Michael McKay Gordon & Agneta McKenzie Stephen & Lynn Mandel Kristopher & Denise Marchak Mark Mercier Business Solutions Inc. O. Marko Marlin Travel Ken & Patricia Martin Wally & Rita Mills Mitech Instrumentation Marion Molesky Molloy’s Welding & Construction Ltd. James & Celestine Montgomery Maureen & Jim Moran Allan Morison Edwin Morsch Bouchaib Mouazzaz Barry Mullback Chester Mullback

Thomas Munro & Shelley Keast Dan Naidu Javaid & Henrietta Naqvi Wally Nazarchuk Peggy Nesbitt Robin Nicholls Patricia Norlander Norseman Group Ltd. Norsen Management Inc. Northland Forge Ltd. Robert Nowicki Donald Nykiforuk Ogilvie LLP Dr. Cian O’Kelly & Melanie Bodnar Lorne & Julie Olson Pace Oilfield Hauling Inc. Kurian Panjikaran Dennis & Barbara Pasula Aleda Patterson Peace River Logging L.P. Alexander Penin Brian Penner Bryan & Cheryl Perrson Roy & Lynn Pettitt Jamie Phillips Dennis & Marlene Philips Michael & Jean Pidwinski Olga Pond Alex Poohkay Carl & Grace Primus Robert & Anita Pritchard Darcy & Gayle Purdon Mr. & Mrs. Syed & Sajida Quadri May Quon Del & Beth Ratzlaff Red Willow Colony Dr. Ian C. Reid Donald & Gladys Reimer Eleanor Rice Ronald Riopel Alan Roe Glenna Isabel Roper (Estate)* Harold G. Roth Prof. Corp. Christel Rottach Ken & Doreen Rowes William Rynsburger Sabre Concrete Construction Inc Ted Salter Glen Scherger Dr. Eric & Elexis Schloss Scott Builders Inc Robert F. Seguin Dr. Hadi Seikaly

Fundraising On The Hoof Since 2007, the annual Atmore Hoof-A-Thon in Atmore, Alberta has contributed $140,000 to high priority projects at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, including building the Hybrid Operating Room.

Bruce Sembaliuk Senior Citizens Club 55 of Edmonton Barbara Shannon James & Marcia Shaw Ben & Florence Shikaze Kayla Shoctor James & Rosemary Sim Roop Singh Orville & Rosemary Sinnott Donald & Gail Sissons George & Rosemarie Skagos Andy & Norma Skujins Skydet Mechanical Inc. Betty Lou Sloan Henry & Victoria Slowski Kenneth & Judy Smallwood Stan & Marilyn Solikoski Southgate Pontiac Buick GMC Peter & Cobie Spaans Dennis & Carol Spriggs Dr. Brian & D. Marion Sproule Jane Squire Howden Kyle P. Stang Marlene Steeneveld Dr. David Steinke Charles Stelck Stewart Plywood Sales Ltd. Kathleen & Otto Strausz Otto & Katie Streu Weronika Strzelec Bobby & Gracie Sutherland Michael Sword & Lauralyn Chow Violet Syrotiuk Heng Moi Tan Doreen Tanghe Robert Tatz Ron & Dolores Tewitz Elisabeth Tilroe TransCanada Corporation Tri-Country Snowmobile Club Ed & Eva Trott U P & D Enterprises Ltd. B. Jim & Sandi Uhl Chris & Barbara Varvis

Dr. Elizabeth & Brad Vetsch Mohinder & Parkash Virdee Stanley & Leanne Walter Warranty Smarts Inc. Waterloo Ford Lincoln Sales Ltd. Mac & Cynthia Watson Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co. Dave Weidner Clifford & Grace Werner Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. Gord & Linda Wiebe Danny & Lois Williams Graeme & Hilda Wilson Donald & Janet Wiltshire Heinz & Wilma Winkler Cindelli Wong Newton Wong Dr. Walter & Kay Yakimets zando & jot John & Mary Zupancic

$500 - $999 (gift in kind) The Barony of Borealis Patricia, Jim & John Blizman Boston Pizza Brianna Hughes Photography & Connelly-McKinley Funeral Homes CUPE Local 3550 - Edmonton Public Schools Support Staff Colleen Christie Crowley’s Jewellers & Goldsmiths Edmonton Eskimo Football Club Edmonton Firefighters Burn Treatment Society Edmonton Opera Florists Supply Ltd. Janet Fraser Guy Gibbs K-Bro Linen Systems Inc. Lexus of Edmonton Lori’s Country Cottage Michelle Maga NAIT - Interior Design Technology Program Bernice Nahayowski

Popeye’s Supplements St. Albert SIRVA Canada LP E. Stanley & Judith Hall The Urban Scrapbook

$250 - $499 Anonymous (3) 670888 Alberta Ltd. 0823458 B.C. Ltd. 1366613 Alberta Limited ATB Financial Stan & Arlene Adair Betty Adams After Eight Flooring Inc. Kelly & Shalene Ainsworth Ajax Drywall 2000 Ltd. Robert & Marilyn Albert Alberta Motor Association Insurance Company Stefan Anderhub Chuck Anderson Trucking Lyle Anderson Aqua Air Systems Ltd. Sophia Helen Argyropoulos Randy & Barb Arrowsmith Linda Auriat Suresh & Neeru Avasthi Catharina Baas Garth Babcock Bill & Olli Bagshaw Victor & Shona Baier Abe Baker Gary Ballash Donald & Ann Bandet Barcomp Petroleum Phillip & Ruth Batten Antony & Ann Bawol Larry & Kathleen Beatty Jim & Barb Beck Percy & Madlin Beebe Margaret Behnke Leo Belanger Belvedere Golf & Country Club Youssef & Najoua Ben Diaf John & Carol Benson

Jay Berg Jerry Berg David & Sheila Berscheid Harikant & Hemangihi Bhatt Sigismund & Elsa Biel Dr. John W. Bilsland Abbey Birch David Blair Josef Blattler Kenneth & Frieda Bollinger Bonavista Energy Corporation Terrence Botterill Rob Bourgouin Patrick & Eleanor Bouthillier Jacob Bouwmeester Doris Breker Barry Bridgeman Barbara Bromley Gunter & Edna Bruckmann J. Alan & Wendy Bryan The J. Alan Bryan Foundation Patricia & Roland Bugarin Whitmore Burgess Edward Burrows Michael Buss Hazel Bustin Lori Butt CGI Group Inc. CP Distributors Cage Petroleum Ltd. Richard & Gillian Caldwell Alanna Calhoun & Keith Falk Donald B. Cameron Campus Tower Suite Hotel Canadian Institute for Health Information Linda Cantlay Cardium Contract Operating Ltd. B. William Carey Caster Town Ltd. Helen Challman Terry Chalupa Calvin & Colleen Chapotelle Checker Pizza & Kebab Peter & Tsai-Yun Chen

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


Colin Chief Luigi & Honorina Chies Raymond Chivers Hans Christensen Robert Christensen Darrell Christenson Thomas & Lorraine Christopher Audrey Clark Ronald & Grace Clayton Shane & Teresa Clouston Robert & Katherine Coleman Patricia Coles Giuseppe & Silvana Colosimo Gertrude Comm Alan Cooke Dean & Carmelle Cooper Diddier & Marlene Coppens John Corbett Gerald & Linda Corbin Jose & Zelia Cordeiro Earl & Eileen Cornfield W. Gordon Coulson John Crabtree Neil Craig Len & Lee Crawford Walter & Suzanne Cuell Jackson & Zenovia Cullis Jack & Sheila Cunningham Florence Curle George & Darlene Currie DCCB Consulting & Project Management Inc. Jim Dahl John Dalley Anne Dannenmann Sheila Davidson Don & Rossana Davis James Dean & Celine Gannon-Dean George & Jo Ann Debenham Deep Basin Contracting Ltd

Laverne Dehek Marguerite Denman Faizal Dharshi Wayne & Barbara Diepold Jacob Dimitroff J. Dorey Farms Ltd. Brian Duchene Peter Duckett Lawrence & Eileen Duffin Denise Dunn Lawrence & Ann Edel Edmonton Gyrette Club Winifred Edney Bernice Eikeland Blake & Darlene Elliott James & Romana Ellis Raymond & Frances Engel Gordon & Lorraine English John Evans Adrian Ann Fankhanel Michael Farris Walter & Ann Fedorak Yvonne M. Fedorak Dr. Joseph Fernando Lorrie Ferreira Josephine Fetzner Jean & Gloria Filiatrault Ferdinand Filiplic Dr. Adeline Fiorillo Jon & Lynn Fluker Flynn Canada Ltd. Chui Fong Bevan Ford Rose Fowler Garry & Leona Frederick Grace Frey Hans & Keiko Frueh Anthoni & Anna Furnankiewicz Morley & Janice Gabert Cecil Galloway Michael & Siobhan Gault

Don & Jean Geddes Elaine Geddes Dale & Arlene George Gordon & Joan Gerdes Walter & Viola Gerlach The Honourable Don & Margaret Getty Hussein & Osima Ghutmy Lawrence & Isabelle Giacobbo Charlie & Beth Gillan Dr. P.R.M. Girard - Buchshee Management Ltd. Ronald & Barbara Girouard Merril & Sylvia Glenn William & Ann Godziuk The Golf Den Clive & Ada Goodrich Robbie Gordash Gordon Gould Keith & Laura Graham William & Valerie Graham Gordon & Donna Grainger Mary Jane Graschuk Gwen Gray Irene Gray Willi & Ivy Gray Michelle Greber Morley Greene Parminderjit Grewal Sandra Grosh Martha Grove Grove RV & Leisure Dr. J. Richard Grynoch Erroll & Yvonne Guevara Gurgija Gulcev HSBC Trust Company (Canada) Eva Halisky Neil & Dawn Hames Debra Hanson Gerald & Sarah Harle Jim Hartum Trucking Inc

C. Joyce Hastings Lorne & Faye Hatch James Hawley Myron Hawryluk Paul Hayden Health Sciences Association of Alberta Warren & Betty Henderson Jeff & Cori Henkelman Stephanie Herzog Kevin Hicks & Amy Thorbourne-Hicks High River Viewfinders Margaret Hiller Lois M. Hingley Simon & Catherine Ho Larry Hoar David & Nancy Hogan Rob Holmberg Barry & Linda Holmes John Holowchak Helen Hopfgartner Michele Horne Gladys Eleanor Hornland Kam Houle Judy Hove Agnes Hoveland Donald J. Howden John & Helen Hrasko Robert & Laurel Hudson Chris Huebner Ian & Melonie Humphreys Sally Hunt Guy Huntingford Hutterian Brethren Church of Donalda Michael Hynes Lynn Hyska Richard & Grace Hyslop IBI Group Ideal Contract Services Ltd.

Run For A Cause Whether you choose to run or walk 10K, 5K or 1K, your support is valued by the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. In four years, the Heartbeat Run at Louise McKinney Park has raised over $65,000 for high priority needs at the leading heart institute in Canada. 28

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

accelerating research Thekkethil & Annie Idicula Ironworkers Local 720 J.V. Enterprises N.W.T Ltd. E. Jane Jackson Edward & Winnie Jackson Roger Jackson Marguerite Jacobs Harold & Shirley Jacobsen Jardins Gardens James Jarvin Nazir & Noor Javer Rod Jensen Howard Jespersen Louise Jobin Christine Johnston Ian Johnston Vic & Ann Juba Al & Marlene Jungwirth Veronica Kadylo J. Dignus Kakebeeke Don & Gloria Kallis Kasian Architecture Interior Design & Planning Ltd. Robert & Cheryl Keen Roger Keglowitsch Frank & Mechthilde Keller Connie Kennedy Realty Inc. Donald & Ada Keown Robert Keys Roy & Margaret Killeen Barbara L. Kinash Prof. Corp. Garnet & Elaine Kinghorn George & Thorhild Koebel Kosmar Tool Sales Gail Koswan Andrew Kotun Chris Kozak Harry Krawchuk Joseph & Trudy Kueber Robert Kury Melvyn Kushak Alan Kuysters Dr. Bohdan & Sylvia Kuzyk Ralph Labonte Darshan & Pritam Lall Kelvin & Debbie Langford Dave Larson Patricia Lau Bridget Lawlor James & Roxane Lawrence Eugene & Valerie Lazarenko Gerry LeBlanc Robert Lee Paul & Donna Lessard

Mary Lewchuk Elva Lewis Yu Chu Li & Shun Sheng Lin Liber Group Inc. Robert & Martha Lindsay Walter & Elizabeth Litousky Charles & Gwen Littlewood Wendy Liu Alice Liu-Shum Laurence Yiu Chuen Lo Joachim & Renata Loh Richard Long George & Helen Lum-Kam Catalina Luna Dr. Thomas Mueller & Valerie Luyckx Edward & Joyce Lyons Mac’s Convenience Store Inc. Joyce MacNaught A. Ross McBain Grant & Sheila McCarthy Darrell & Gayle McClements Hugh & Madge McColl James McConaghie Alma McConnell Delmar McCorkle Eileen McCracken Terry McHale John McJannett J. Douglas McKay & Roxy Shulha-McKay Catherine McKelvey Herbert & Janice McKinnon Jack & Gertrude McLean David McLeod Leeanne McMeckan Martin & Carol McRae Dr. Richard McWatt Dirk Machtans Brenda Mackin Ernest & Frances Malacko The Fraser Malcolm Fund* Donald & Shirley Manning Bill & Vivian Manson Joseph & Joan Margel Joanne Marinoski Kenneth & Thelma Marshall Robert & Eva Elizabeth Marshall Carlos & Genny Martinez Mike Matei Edgar Matthews Theresia Matthijssen Don & Lorraine Mazankowski Daniel & Mavis Mazeppa

Bob McAneeley Prof. Corp. Raymond & Susanna Megli Jaroslawa Meier Melbern Vegetation Ltd. George & Brenda Mills Al & Lian Moisan Joe Moran Morning Out Jean Mort Jean Moyer George Mueller Scott & Jean Murray Donald & Joyce Nakonechny Esther Neill Allan & H. Margaret Nelson Nemadar Ranch Ltd. New Dynasty Restaurant Ltd. Sylvia Nickifor Terry & Patricia Nieberding Lanette Nieboer Art For Heart by Jordon Nikiforuk Nilex Inc. James Nixon Ritchard & Wendy Noonan Lee & Kimbrely Nordbye Dennis & Diana Nykyforuk ONPA Architects Mike Ochran, Sr. Dan & Erin O’Connell John & Rose O’Dea & Family Ed & Paulina Ogloza Mee Ja Oh Olio Inc. W. Harold & Diana M. Oliver On Site Modular Storage Jack & Esther Ondrack Joe Osinski Milton & Rosella Ozubko Marlene Pain Heather Palberg Pals Geomatics Corp Gordon Panas Dr. Ian Paterson Maurice & Lynne Paul Katy Paul Ross & Margaret Pearce Yvonne Perrin Victor Perron Harold & Janet Perryman Alice Peters Willie & Susan Peters Charles & Marie Peterson Ulli Pietsch

Pigeon Lake Lions Club Fred & Aileen Pinnell Laurie Pisesky Playmore Table & Games Plus Republic Nancy & Walter Pohranychny Darren & Melissa Polson Sadie Pongar Richard & Jean Poole Kelly & Charlene Potter Prairie Region Heat Treatment Training Lawrence & Sandra Preus Norman & Chris Prins Marilyn Prosser Dorothy & Gordon Purvis Vernon & Anita Puzey Kevin Quang Annabelle Quwek RGM Inc. Solveig Raasok A.S. Rai Prof. Corp. Dr. Varagur S. V. & Savitri Rajan Rampart Steel Ltd. Ted & Carol Rawson Damien Raymond Abdur Razzak Carol Reimer Barry Reinhardt Bruce & Janice Rennie Anne Resek Jim Reyburn Nigel & Sandra Richards Kenneth Robb Ira Roberts Bruce & Olga Robertson Ed Robertson James & Arletta Robertson Barbara Robinson James & Barbara Robinson Henri & Yvette Rodier Bill Rodney Ron & Patte Rolfe Jeff Romanchuk Hubert Rommens Wally Rommens Ron’s Hotrod and Repair Lorrie Rosher Rhonda Rosychuk Stephen Rowan Harry & Gladys Rusk Leona Sample Harvey & Anna Saskiw Bob & Carol Sauder

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


accelerating patient care Erhardt & Valerie Schirmaier Raymond Schmidt John Schueller Frank & Elisabeth Schwab Allan & Betty Seib Clarence & Marjorie Servold Francis Sesay David Seyler Marjory Shamchuk Terry Sharp Terry Sharun Paul Shelby Shoemaker, Viney & Friesen Chartered Accountants John & Angelina Silveira Silver Creek Colony Farming Co. Ltd. Helen Simmons Sean Simon Saraswati & Bijendra Singh Gerry & Barbara Sinn Francis & Greta Sitwell William W.H. Siu & Emily Y.H. Chung Grant & Doris Skippen Stan & Helena Skirrow Larry & Laura Skolney Ken & Annette Skoropad Dr. Michael & Olga Skuba Bryan Slinn Audrey Sloan Barry Sloniowski John & Carol Smart Douglas & Vera Smeall Donald & Carol Smith Lee Smithson Frank & Zofia Smolinski Pang Fay & Maggie So Tim Somers Leroy & Karen Sonnenberg Paul Soroka Douglas & Isabelle Southam Spa Zonar and Design Marketing Robert Squire Richard Stanton Everard Steadman Ben Steffler Nigel & Shelly Stevens John & Janet Stevenson William & Brenda Stewart Douglas Stollery John & Yvette Stroppa Nora Suarez Barbara Swinton


TDM Farms Ltd. Patty & Rodney Taverner Kenneth G. Taylor Thermex Metal Treating Ltd. Kenneth Thomlinson Gordon & Laverne Thor Blake Thorarinson Chris Tigeris Timberoot Environmental Inc. Shirley Tomlinson Triple S Tire Service Lionel M. Troyer (Estate) Darryl Trueman Trueman Realty Mary Tulick Harold & Marie Tumbach Jennifer Tween Anne N. Uwalaka Prof. Corp. Peter & Maria Varvis Vector Communications Ltd. Sofia Vichnevsky & Alexandre Kogan Victory Interior Systems Inc. Vivid Signs & Designs Ltd. Wabasca Desmarais Lions Club Walker’s IGA Dana & Shelley Wannamaker Joseph & Valerie Warke Alex Wasylyshyn Fred Waters Dave Watson Alan & Margaret Watt Chaplin Brent Watts Allen L. Webster Blayne & Karen Weidner Mel & Della Wells Edward Welsh Yvonne Whelton Robert & Joyce White Douglas White George White David Whitson & Catherine McDougall John Michael & Marion Whitworth James & Theresa Wiesner John Wight William & Beth Williams Willmore Wealth Planners Larry & Karyne Wilson Wade Wilson Bruce Winton Gary Wolanski Wong Peng & Janet Wong

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

Andrew & Phillis Wong Waibun & Annabell Wong William & Nellie Wong Donald & Leone Woods Dennis Worobec & Sharon Collins Allan Yaniw Keiko Yao Allen Young Gary & Marilyn Young Graeme & Ann Young John & Irma Young Myron & Anita Yurko Zayak’s Electric Ltd. Norma Zemke Walter & Yolande Zemp Lloyd Ziegler Cherrone Ziemmer Mary Zilinski

$250 - $499 (gift in kind) Richard G. Bergstrom Prof. Corp. Bissell Centre Carrington Construction Ltd. Jim Cox The Delf Group The Edmonton Dinner Optimist Club Energy Technology Products Ltd. Bridget Hanna Jerry Jasinski Page The Cleaner Rowles & Company Ltd. Salisbury Greenhouse Darcy Scott Spasation St. Augustine School, Ponoka Ann Tracy Urban Underground Solutions Urban Body CosMedics Whitemud Equine Learning Centre BSN Medical

$150 - $249 Anonymous 816570 Alberta Ltd Robert Acapuyan & Ligaya Ragual Acero Engineering Inc. Steven & Rita Achtymichuk Akron General Health System Staff of Akron General Medical Centre Alberta Newsprint Company

Syed & Marium Ali Edward & Dorothy Allan S. Pamela Allan Fred & Joyce Allen Eva Amero Samash & Gulzar Amlani Frank Anderson Murray & Donna Armstrong Derek Arscott Joel Arthurs Dr. Robert & Carmen Ashforth Fisel & Lila Asiff Surjit Atwal Allan & Janice Aubry Richard Aussant Rex & Elizabeth Austin Aztec Machine Works Ltd. Terry & Laura Bachynski Rowena Balboa Darrel & Mary Ann Baltimore Samuel Barry & Ursula Banasch Pieter & Johanna Bansema Wilbert & Verna Barkman Dean Barkwell Tom Barluk Les Barton Peter & Linda Batty Julie Bauer Leon & Arlene Baxter Bayer Cropscience Beaver Creek CO-OP Ltd Allan Bell Walter & Gwen Bennet Bruce & Carol Bentley Madhu & Sundri Bhambhani Doreen Bishop Patricia Blackstaffe Ronald & Georgina Blair Gerard & Angele Blanchette Blazin Cannons Janis Bloom John Richard & Rita Boast Hugh & Donna Boates Elizabeth Bodner Marge Boettger Paul-Emile & Gladys Boisvert Dennis & Pat Borduzak George & Colette Bosnyak Ed Boulay John & Doreen Bourchier Kathleen Bowen Terri-Lynn Bradford Marc & Sonja Braim

Driving Research The Kimberley Homes Golf Classic, co-chaired by former Edmonton Oiler Fernando Pisani and Ken Wicks, contributed $100,000 (net) towards the Centre of Excellence for Gastrointestinal Inflammation and Immunity Research at the University of Alberta Hospital.

Ronald & Lillian Branden Gertrude B. Brandenburg Brandette Well Servicing Ltd. Jacqueline Breault Norma Brekke Clifford & Rosemarie Brennan Bruce & Laura Bridgeman Harold & Brigidear Sandy Brolly Charles & Brenda Brown Keith Brown Brent & Colleen Brubaker Patricia Brunet Gualtiero & Teresa Brusi Peter & Leanne Bryan John Buchholtz Jeanette Budzinski Mary Bueckert Bill & Shirley Burch Owen & Denise Burgess William & Thora Burgess Shannon Burns Gayle Burritt Mary Burton Craig Butler Linda Buyck Alexandra Buzunis CSM Compressor Supplies Albert & Simone Cadieux Lowell & Kathleen Calder Brian & Patricia Caldwell Catharine Cameron James & Jean Cameron Shane & Kim Campbell W.G. Campbell Prof. Corp. Darryl & Jackie Capnerhurst Andrew & Arlene Capper Carl R. Carcarewicz Shirley Cardinal Robert Cargill Carlos Little Bead Store Ellen Carlson William Carter

Paul Carter Jeffrey & Barbara Cartwright Phillip & Verrea Castonguay David & Catherine Cawkell R. Cerisano Audrey Cerny Dr. Donald & Donna Chadsey Alice Chan Anthony & Katherine Chan Eddie Chan & Patricia Wong George Chan Linda Chapelsky Edward & Helen Charchuk Shauna Chartrand John & Susan Chase John & Mary Chekerda Leonard & Shirley Chen Ivan & Doreen Chia George Chiasson Judy Chiplin Becky Choi Ohyong Choi Raymond & Viola Cholowski Chinling Choy Dale & Linda Christensen Edward & Jane Chung Circle J. Farms Richard Clark Richard C. Clayton Gordon Cloake L. Jean Coglon Norman & Marilyn Cohen Greg & Arlene Collins Kathleen M. Collinson Professional Corporation Karin Conradi Dr. David Cornish Susan Cotterill Aaron Coutney Arlene Couves Fred & Barbara Cox Florence Crawford Marion Crawford

Reginald Crawford Ian & Peggy Crook Richard D. Crossen Noel Crotty Garnet & Greta Cummings Lois Darkes Jeff Davis & Linda Medland Davis Clem & Sherry Dechant Lindsay & Ruby Deeprose Del-ene Contracting Ltd. Jean Dempsey Bernice Denny Kalwant K. Deol & Family Rosa Maria DeRose Ethel DeWitt Phillip W. Dick Kenneth Dicker Binh Dien & Thuy Quach Discount Dave’s Ltd. Timothy Do Zefiryn & Joan Dobek Larry Doolittle Brenda Doucet Takae Dove Jeremy Dreise Ken & Iris Drever Debbie Drewniak Rita Duchesne Marvin & Shirley Dul Maurice Dumont & Linda Wright Elizabeth Duplessis Eleanor M. Eccles Costa & Barbara Economopoulos Economy Landscape Contractors Ltd. Joe & Marion Eddleston Edmonton Musculoskeletal Centre Ltd. Lorraine Edwards Gabriel & Christine Ehnes Ralph & Sharie Eichhorn James & Fern Elaschuk Robert & Shona Eldering John Elliott &

Elizabeth MacDonald Jeannette Ellis Robert & Elizabeth Engberg Marion Erick Eriksons Daylily Gardens Sandy Esch Randall Ewasiuk Marshall Ewaskiw FGG Inspections Partnership George & Zdena Fadrny Falher Drugs Ltd. George & Irmgard Farrah Henry & Erika Feldmann Stewart & Kay Ferguson Francis Fidler Lois Field Jude Fischer Robert & Kathleen Fisher Robert & Danielle Flett Dorothy Fluet Christopher & Barbara Flynn Arnold & Dorothy Follinglo Harvey Ford & Lillian Romaniuk-Ford Gail Forest Barbara Foster Doug & Pat Friend Friends Contracting Alice Fung Hilda Gaal Jeff Gaberel Terrence & Faith Gabert Theo Gagnon Joseph & Nandi Gajadhar Margaret Galloway Blair Gamble Toni Gannon-Craig Robert & Cicely Garton Gateway Chorus Orest & Roma Gauk John & Anrea Gavinchuk Stephen Gawlinski Lillian Geary

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


Wai Gee Shoukri & Kamil Ghali Archita Ghosh Fred Gibson Debbie Gilchrist Doris Giles Charlie A. Gillespie Albert & Gail Given Globe and Mail Maya Goldberg Bessie Goldstick Louis & Charlotte Golka Darell A. Goodrich Josephine Gordulic Glenn Gordulic Shawn Gorniak Anne Gregory Gerry Gregory Garry Griffin Sherilynn Grywul Kimberly Gunderson Carmen & Gail Haakstad Hans & Isabelle Haefliger Charles & Jean Hall Dustin Hames Raymond & Donna Hammer Evelyn Hampton Geoffrey & Vera Hampton Joan Hanasyk Norman & Roberta Hanson Brenda Hantos Jeffrey & Jody Harris Laura Harrison Clarence & Agatha Hartle Ryan & Elene Hartman Margy Hartwig Les & Bonnie Hastey Denis J. Haughey Victoria Hayden Frank & Margaret Hazell Jasdeep & Goldie Hazrah Kenneth & Jean Heavenor Conrad & Gabrielle Heibey Blaine Heiser Walter Hempel Marjorie Henderson Edwin & Sarah Henry Lloyd Henschell Kenneth Hepp Dennis & Sharon Herbut Marilyn Hermanutz Brian Hetherington Alois & Lorraine Hiebert


Lydia Hildebrandt D.M. Hilts-Schlodder Byrne Hindley Keith & Connie Hinkel Ken & Cheryl Hlewka George Hnatyshyn Arthur & Effie Hobden Richard & Shirley Hodgson Dr. Edward & Doris Holdaway Robert & Edna Holland John & Lillian Holowaty Robert & Sheila Holzer Homestead Transport Ltd. John & Leni Honsaker Willard & Virginia Howell Mathieu Hryniuk LLP Barristers & Solicitors Allan & Monette Hrynyk Howard & Peggy Hrynyk Nolan & Shirley Huffman Doreen Huntington Gordon & Marti Huxley Van Huynh Lou & Mary Hyndman David & Judith Ingledew R. Wayne & S. Inkster Richard & Laurel Innes Dr. R.G. Ironside Bonnie Isaacson Iris & John Isbister Italian Appennini Dancers Edward & Frances Iverson Victor & Eileen Iwaniuk J.C. Cats Ltd. David & Kathleen Jack Ernie & Barb Jacobson Ann Jagger Lucille Jamieson Larry & Donna Jardine Mike Jarmoluk Peder & Gudrun Johansen Karen Johnson Douglas & Barbara Johnston Clarence & Monique Joly David Jones Roger Jones Marshall & Elsie Juba Dr. Vincent Kadis Sukhi Kainth Nadine Kaminski Dr. Jerry C. & Miriam Katz Dale Kay Denise Kent Mary Kenyon

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

Helen A Keogh Gurnam Khera Lily Kho Soo Lye Khoo & Gaik Gaik Ooi Margaret A. Kibsey Alan & Helen Kidney Cecilia S. Kilar Cecile Kirkbride Ken & Mae Kirkpatrick Peter Kitching David & Debby Koch Tom Kolodiazny Roman & Winnifred Kolodkewych Doreen Kostash Joseph A. Kostiuk Prof. Corp. Henry Kotun Martha Krantz Valentin & Evelyn Kremzar Rene Krikke Ken & Val Krpan Roy Kubica Edward & Donna Kucheraway Michael Kupis Mary Kuznetsov Nancy Kuzyk Dr. Eric Kwan Raymond Kwan Gail Kwasny Lorraine Kwiatkowski Prescott Labbe Armand Labossiere Lac Bellevue and District Recreation & Agricultural Society Jeannine Lafreniere Tong Lam Robert & Caroline Lamont Andrew Lancaster & Sandra Buzza Paul & Sigrid Larsen Irene Lau Calvin Lauber Ronald & Lynne Lauber Jerry Lavallee Norman Lawrence Roland & Therese Leblanc Eugene & Sandra Lechelt Robert & Audrey Lee Shik & Kim Lee Edmund Lee Dr. John & Mrs. Irene Lefsrud Ron & Marie Lehman Peter & Anne Lema

Tim Lemessurier Michel & Francine Leroux Ellen Lewis Nancy Lewis Doug & Cathy Lindquist Peter Link A.E. Lipinski Helen Loehr Rebecca M. Lonsdale Harriet Look Jonathan & Joan Loomis Yvonne Lorincz Lon Lovestone Noi Ly Randy MacCallum Norman & Velvet MacDonald Wayne MacDonald Dr. Douglas MacDougall Arnold & Doreen MacKenzie Richard S. MacLean Carol MacLellan Scott & Debbie MacLeod Allister & Roxanna MacMillan Rose Marie MacNab Julia McCann Mark & Silva McCann John & Mary McCanna Edith McCarthy Ronald & Constance McClung Roland & Joyce McConnell Don & Esther McDonald James A. McDonald Vivian McElhinney Ben & Jean McEwen Ted McFarlane Marieanne McFaull Christa McKitrick Graham & Gail McLean Lloyd & Helen McLeod Alan McMinis Margaret McNaughton Dale & Beverley Maconochie Phyllis Madiuk Rajeev & Neema Mahant Alice A. Mains Larry & Nicole Mallet R.L. & Nimish Manek Percy & Linda Manuel Roop N. & Roma R.D. Maraj Richard & Carol Marceau Marci’s Bar, Grill and Pasta Sharon Marcus Dr. Robert S. Margolis

To Beard Or Not To Beard In only its second year, Manuary 2013 raised over $25,000 in support of the Head and Neck Cancer surgery program at the University of Alberta Hospital. Senior Director, Communications & Brand for PCL Construction, Wade Wilson, a head and neck cancer survivor (pictured far right), with (from left) Dr. Dan O’Connell and Rob Hanley, 2013 King of Manuary, gave the event a boost by hosting Manuary events at five of PCL’s Edmonton sites.

Wendy Marshall Doug & Patricia Marston Herb & Susan Martin Barbara Matthews Norman & Lillian Matthews Edward & Teresa Matwichuk Medical Genetics Clinic Art & Katherine Melanson Luis Mendoza Lucie Messum Adelard & Joanne Meunier CJ Meyer Jenny Michael Richard & Lynne Michaels Ala Mika Gordon & Florence Miller Laurence & Marjorie Miller Don Milliken Ervin & Laurie Anne Missikewitz Betty Molineux Isabel Monea William Moore Connie Moritz Carol Morrison Margaret Morrison Robert & Theresa Morton Mule Train Enterprise Ltd. David Mundy Rosemary Murphy Russell Murphy Charles Neill Joseph & Claudine Nelson Trevor & Lucy Nelson Allen Ness Rodney & Marie Neys Diana Nguy Kliment & Nadia Nichyporuk Jim & Shirley Nicklasson Robin Nicol David & Elaine Nicoll Kenneth & Carolyn Nielsen Patricia Nielson

Jagdish & Manju Nikhanj Peter Niniowsky Samantha Niska Milton & Estelle Niven David & Wanda Nonay Conrad & Shirley Nordstrom Linda Norman Prof. Corp. Norquest Industries Inc. Jennie Novak Louis & Sandra O’Dea Jon Olson Stanley Ostapczuk Gordon & Loraine Oxley George & Alma Paicu Catherine Palmer Bhupen & Vanalata Parekh Baljeet Parmar Madan & Parmila Parmar Neil & Caroline Patterson David & Wendy Patton Carol Paulgaard Allison Peacock-Giles Tom & Judy Peacocke Lorie Pecharsky Chris Joel Peirson Joanne Penner Eva Pennycook Allan Perkins Giuseppina Lucy Perri John & Eva Perri Keith Peterkin Srdjan & Tijana Petrovic Marshall & Rosanne Pfannmuller Bao & Connie Phung Raymond J. & Lenora Pinkoski Place-Crete Systems Ltd. Plantasia Creations Ltd. James & Barbara Plecash Fern Pluth James Politeski & Laura Klemenchuk Alfred Pollard

Barbara Polonuk Norma Pooley Bernice Porowski Jean Posyniak James & Charlotte Potter Vijay K. Prashar Jaswant Prihar Primco Steve Procychyn Hope Pundyk Harry & Emily Quinn Clifford & Chereth Quist R & J Safety Consulting Ltd. R G Specs Optical Co. John Radench Mary Radomski Dean & Vermuda Rafuse Charles & Adrienne Rajotte Gerald & Patricia Raspberry Marga Ratz Stuart & Sheila Raven George & Zelly Rechner Cheryl Redford Joan E. Redinger Shirley Redmond Lloyd Reed Regional Tire Distributors RTD Kenneth & Viola Reitan Marguerite Remillard Anne Rempel Marlin Richuk Peter & Jennie Richuk Rig Pro - Hunting & Supplies Mike Risby Gordon & Evelyn Robertson Lynda Robinson Robert Rogers Donald & Beverly Rolling Clarence Roth & Mrs. Elsa Molzan-Roth Joe & Hilda Rottmar Allan Rowswell Rupert Rubens

Lawrence & Lillian Ruptash Dr. Allan & Mrs. Dorothy Salter Arthur & Eleanor Sam Rahim Samji Michael & Elizabeth Marie Samoil Olga Sandberg Sangudo Central County Pharmacy Ltd Satelite Painting Enterprises Ltd. James & Joan Savage Aline Savoie Denis Savoie David Sawchyn John & Martha Schiel Sara Schiff Stanley Schiller William Schmidt Morey & Linda Schneider Wesley & Claire Schneider Frederick & Gail Schoff Gord & Adele Scholotiuk Donna Scott Ken & Mary Scott M. Elizabeth Seale William & Olive Seatter Margaret Sebzda Christopher & Jamie Semple Stan & Edna Seskus Diane Seymour Elizabeth Shapka Bhanwer-Lal Sharma Charles E. Shaul Shaw Communications Inc. Loretta D. Shobe Rudy & Ruth Sieker Neil Siemens Roger Silcox Zoltan & Irene Simonowits Phillip & Margery Sims David & Patricia Sinclair Ken Sipe Fred & Lena Skawronski Harold & Eileen Skinner

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


Ernest & June Skip John & Victoria Skitsko Derek Sleight Elizabeth Smart Smart Choice Daycare Klaus & Renate Smentek Keith Smillie Cliff & Gail Smith Don & Teri Smith Ralph & Diane Smith W. Robert Smith Nick & Marlene Smutt Soil-Info Ltd. Frieda Sonnenberg Sam & Sally Soucy Colin & Rose Spencer Marie Stamp Thomas Stang Robert Stangeland Edward Staniforth & Gloria Gallant Mavis Stanley James & Jean Stanners Dr. Al & Sophie Starko Fesseha Stefanos Alfred & Madeline Stegmeier Florence Stephan Reginald & Frances Stevens Sandra Stevenson Ann Stewart Gary & Judy Stewart Valerie Stewart Reginald & Lois Stilwell Victor & Noreen Stoski Anne Strack Jean Strathern Jean O. M. Straub John & Margaret Strydhorst

Nicholas Stuart & Patricia Cleary-Stuart Sturgeon Auto Body Shop Ltd. Morley & Patricia Suitor Elden Surgeson Louis & Doris Swanson Mary Syrotiuk Helena Tam Robert Taylor James & Helen Teichroeb Florence E. Thompson Dree Thomson-Diamond & Randy Diamond* Greg Thor Thomas & Janette Thorvaldson Rock & Carmen Tice Darrel & Colleen Tink Fay Tipler Harold & Maxine Tipper Stephane & Valerie Titley Irene Tkaczuk Kathryn Todd Robert & Connie Todd John & Marion Toogood Frank & Eileen Topp Kelly Torkelson Marcel Tourangeau & Shirley Foster-Tourangeau Jerry Towle Trican Social Club Peter Trott & Miranda Leeder Jimmy & Anna Tsang Jodi Tse Harold & Emilie Tucker (Estate) Dan & Debbie Turenne Mohammed & Aisha Umarji University of Alberta Hospital Staff Charities Fund James & Elizabeth Van der Sloot

Accelerating Technology For Dialysis Patients Dr. Ray Ulan (left) and former kidney patient Wayne Gaalaas, reflect on the first hemodialysis treatment ever done in Canada: the University of Alberta Hospital pioneered the treatment in 1962. In 2013, the Northern Alberta Renal Program (NARP) recognized this momentous event as part of its 50th anniversary of saving the lives of Albertans facing kidney failure. Both the original dialysis machines and the newest models, pictured right, were supported by generous donorsFoundation to the University Hospital Foundation. 34 University Hospital Annual Report 2012-2013

Merv & Emma Van Slyke Albertha Van Wageningen Paul & Angela Vanhooren Inno Vatter Victory Christian Center Johanna Vinkenborg Lambert Vinkenborg Kahan & Surjit Virk Mary Vollweiter Joe & Phyllis Voytechek Zlatko & Rozarija Vretenar George Walker George & Joyce Walton Julian Warawa Warburg Colony Farming Co. Ltd. John & Irene Warner Gerald Warren Mary Waselenak Jean Watson Brian Watts Leslie Webb Andrew Weber Judy Wei Bill & Linda Werny Norman & Esther West Wheat Law Office Glen & Audrey Whitecotton Stan Whyte Ken & Barb Weibe Barry & Jolanta Wiens Harvey & Sharon Wild Horst & Kay Wilfert Hilda Williams John & Maxine Williams Val Williamson David B. Wilson Mary Jane Winch Olive May Windels

Paul & Cecilia Winton Elizabeth Wolanski Ronald & Naomi Wolch Andrew Wolikowski Betty Womacks Sui Ping & May Wong Andrew & Nieta World Steve & Denise Wowk Mae & Noel Wright Terrance Wright Dean Wulf Lydia Wutzke Robert & Shirley Yamkowy Cynthea & Corey Yestal Helen Yoner John & Kimberly Young Donald C Yu Prof. Corp. Julius & Margaret Zacharias Ronlad Zapisocki Rick Ziegler

$150 - $249 (gift in kind) Betty Jean Anton Associated Health Systems Inc. Cardinal Health Rose Carmichael Val Gervais Rod & Marilyn Johnson Karries Kostumes & Dance Supplies Carol Pacula & Jeremy Naegeli priMED Medical Products Inc. Donna Rogers Marilyn Sainchuk Sobey’s Nottingham Ten Thousand Villages Cathy Weiss Woman Boutique Joanne Wright & Sarah Wright

we honour them The Foundation has received gifts honouring the following people

Dr. Saber A. Aboelnazar Mason Anderson Catharine E. Arthur Aime Auriat Dr. Taryn Baise Ronald M. Baltzan Robert Briggs Raymond J. Bugnet Dr. Ken Butcher Dr. Connie L. Chik Jim Esch Tyson L. Feairs Janice Goodkey JR & Carla Gusa

John Hardeman & Joanne Cabrera Vanessa Hettinger Dannette & David Hiscox Innovative Housing Society Bill Jackson Dr. Bill Johnston Kimberly Jorritsma Dr. Norman M. Kneteman & his team Dr. Arvind Koshal Joyce Mallman Law

Dr. Adriana Lazarescu Paul L’Hirondelle Dr. Dale C. Lien Rock Lissel Curtis Loyns Dr. Roderick G. MacArthur Amy McConnell Andy Maguire Raymond Mardy Bradley Mates Katharina Mauer Marion Morstad J.F. Muehrer Dr. John C. Mullen

John H. Nelson Allan S. Olson George C. Palmer Walter & June Panteluk Registered Nurses at the University of Alberta Hospital Albert Ross Twyla Ruthven Dr. Hadi Seikaly Seyon Family Julianna Sharp Kevin Skogstad Angela Skuba Lauren Smith

Shirley Smith Emma J. Snell Donald Squire Dr. Mary Stephens Dr. Harvey Sternberg The Tallman Wedding Greg Tymofichuk David Walker Dr. Shao-hua Wang Peter Wiens David Wong Isaac Woolf

in memory of The following people were remembered through memorial donations to the University Hospital Foundation

Ed Abel Naja F. Aboutouma Gustav Abram Dalyce G. Albert Jason Aldie Irene Anderhub Geoff Anderson Susan Anhorn Darlene C. Arnold Catharine E. Arthur Yee Lui Au Yeung Alycia K. Aubin Susan Ausford Dianne Baines Frederick J. Ball Arda M. Baltzan Helen Barby John Barron Dorothy Bartley

Raymond Batt Doris M. Beaudoin Christine Becker R. Edward Bell Richard Berezan David R. Bickerton Francis Bobik Joseph Bohm Lance Lawrence Bohush Betty Bolin Jeanne A. Bolton Carol Boychuk Hugh J. Boyd Roland Bradford Christiaan J. Brand Allister S. Brekke Carol Brown J. Alan Bryan Raymond Bugnet

Karl-Heinz Buller Frances M. Bundle Norman Burnard Carol Burns Doug Buskas Donna Buxton Ernest Buzak Maria J. Cabral Bradley J. Calder Paul Caouette Molly Carlson Manuel Carreiro Arthur Carter Elsie Carter George Cebuliak Nga Kuen Chan Wong Dorothy L. Chisholm Mary Chow Ming Chow

Wesley Peel Christian Matthew Christopher Glenna Ciciarelli Orma Cleary Rhoda Cohen Gerald Coles Lauren S. Cooper Richard Cormier Ed Corrigan Keith Cranston John K. Crockett Loren Crone Rose M. Crump Norma Ann Cunningham Rose Dary Bernard A. Davis Justin Delano John Deleff

Christopher E. Demuynck James Dingwell Tu Le Do Shaun Donaldson Lillian Draganiuk Jack Drew Larry Drewniak George Drynan Jim Durec John Dux Kazel Dziwenka Howard Bruce Easton Jim Easton Tyler Eckford James Elaschuk George “Scotty” Ellacott Vernon Ellingson Emilio Eriavaz Dale A. Ewanchuk

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


Don Fiveland Helma Fletcher Janice Forgues James Robert Foster Randy Fox David T. Franks Geraldine Fraser Isabelle L. Fraser Glen Freeland Dan Frey Rodney Frith King Chun Fung Hideo Kenneth Furukawa David Gallant Daniel Giebelhaus Hari S. Gill Phyllis G. Ginther Fred Glanfield Barry W. Godsalve Louis Golka Ralph Good Edna M. Greber John Gregory Michael S. Griffin Dr. Gordon Grosh Laurie Grywul RoseMary Guy Karith A. Haines Graeme Hallett June Hallum Mildred Hardwick Reginald Harish Russell C. Hartwig Alicia Hendershot Wayne Henderson Walter W. Henschel Lloyd Herchen Brenda J. Herman Alfred Hildebrandt Fred Hochachka Mary Hochhausen Fred Hoffman Ruth Holmes Dorothy A. Horrill Helen Horrill Clarence W. Hoscheit Eva Hubert Margaret Husel Ingjerd Idland John Imlash Howard Irving Joseph Jacob Herb Janewski Jorge Jaramillo Derek D. Jeffels Chase Johnson


Jo Johnson Kenneth Johnson Neil Johnson Pamela Johnson William H. (Pete) & June Johnson Denis Joynes Bohdan Kadylo Francis Kaliel Judy Ann Kalynchuk Bessie Kapty Edward John Kawa Mike W. Kawulych, QC James Kay Frank Keegan Doug Kinsman Judy Klaczek Caroline E. Klapstein Laurence Klimochko Fred Kopp Frank Kostersky Paul Kotlarechuk Anne Kowalchuk Gladys Kramer David D. Kropiniski Orest Krywiak Douglas R. Kuhnert Mary Kuzik Phillip Kwan Derek A. Lande Ken Landers Frank Latell How Sing Law Jean Lawrence Joan Leah Jessica R. Leathem Helen Lee John Lee Don Lehman Ernest D. LeMessurier Sean E. Leteta Louis Lim Florence E. Lindquist Jean Long The Honourable Peter Lougheed Eleanor Lowe Hope MacNeil David McAdam Norman McClellan Shirley McEachern Gregory McElroy Gerald McIvor Herbert McLachlin Jeannette McLellan James N. McMullin Nick Maatje

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

Kenneth Machon Samuel Magee Harry Maker Bill Malcolm Norman L. Mannix Eva Marcushamer Louis Marinoski Edythe MarkstadBuchanan Reggie Marler Olive Marshall Don Matthews David Mawdsley Dale M. Mayan Winston Mayes Katherine Meleshko Kenneth Melvin Frank Merx Jason Leslie Michalycia Douglas B. Montgomery Robert Moore Les, Abigail & Nathaniel Moran Marshall Moroziuk Hugh Mort Katherine Morusyk Joseph F. Mossey Shelly L. Mrkonjic Gary Mullin Paul Myck Frank Nania Helen Nemirsky Carmen A. Nickolson Nancy Noonan Keith Olsen Douglas W. Orr Victor Paige George Palmer Walter Panteluk Gurjeet Parmar Helen Paull Djino Pavletic John Peacock Gary William Pennycook Len Petruk R. James Pettifer Thomas Phelan Leona P. Pizzey Irene Poirier Graham Poole Richard E. Potter Arnold Powers Richard (Dick) Pratt Alice H. Pronych Weldon Prosser Victor Prystawa Rachel Pucylo

Kevin Quayle Marvin Rawluk Margaret Regan Greg Rentz Mary Joanne Rikstad Alex Romaniuk James Romanko Isabelle R. Roper Craig J. Samoil Reverend May Sanders Shirley E. Schermann Perry C. Schneider Joyce Schroeder Janet Schur Janet Scott Carmine R. Sdao Joseph W. Semanuik Harry Semotiuk Ronald Sept Emil Serbel Irene Shamchuk Alex Shapka Henry Sirant Al Skotnitsky Steve Skrypiczajko Elizabeth P. Smith Leslie Smith Lidia Sousa Ed Spaans Gordon Stannard Laurence H. Steffler Alfred F. Stegmeier John Sterenberg Mary Sterenberg Ethel Stewart Jason L. Stewart Gerald E. Stuart Walter A. Sushynski Bill Syroid Nick Syrotiuk Lavina Telford Ishwari Tewari Dale A. Thompson Everett Thygesen Emil Timmermann Donna M. Tink George Tkachuk Betty Tranter Harlen Turville Greg Tymofichuk Bertha Tynan Shirley Undershultz Ivan Valente Linda Vallee Florence Van Dusen George Varga Andrea J. Vavrek

John Peter Vernick Everett Vold Edward R. Wachowich Elizabeth R. Wallace Eugene Warawa Patricia Warner Wesley Waters Catherine R. Weber Sandra J. Weidner Charles Henry Weir Herbert Weir Jaylene Wetter Keith T. Whitson Taylor Williams Rodney Winder Jordon Wittenberg Kim Yan Wong Nancy Workun Albert Wozny Walter Yadlowski William Yaskiw Bill A. Youngman Stephen Yurkiwsky Darren Zenko Victor Zesko Allan Zuberbier

financial statements

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


Management Discussion of 2012-2013 Financial Statements Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the University Hospital Foundation achieved a recordbreaking year in 2012-2013, surpassing $100 million in net assets and earning $28.9 million in excess revenue before distributions. As prudent stewards of our donors’ dollars, we work diligently to ensure that we efficiently and effectively raise and manage our donor gifts. The Foundation employs a variety of fundraising programs such as annual giving and major gift campaigns, direct mail, donor prospecting, special events and lotteries. Each fundraising method has associated expenses. Special events and lotteries have significantly higher costs than other fundraising activities, but the revenue they provide to the Foundation is substantial and invaluable.

Net Revenue for 2012-2013 (Prior to Distributions – $28,925,976) $15,957,300

During the 2012-2013 fiscal year the Foundation raised $38.6 million ($21.5 million in 2011-12) in gross revenue, which includes investment income of $7.5 million ($3.1 million in 2011-12). After $9.7 million ($8.9 million in 2011-12) in expenditures is accounted for, our excess revenue before other items – our primary measure of success – was $28.9 million ($12.6 million in 2011-12). Revenue prior to distributions increased by $16.3 million over the previous fiscal year. The Foundation saw an increase in all categories of fundraising revenue as well as a modest increase in expenses. • Fundraising revenue, net of special event and capital campaign costs, increased by $12.5 million; • Investment income increased by $4.4 million; and • Fundraising and administrative costs, which include investment fees and amortization, increased by $0.6 million. Of the $12.5 million increase in fundraising revenue, $12.2 million can be attributed to the receipt of the first instalment of a transformational gift from Mr. Donald Kaye of $8.5 million, as well as the Foundation’s continued focus on major gifts and planned giving. The major gifts received during the past fiscal year and the impact they will have on health care are highlighted throughout the Annual Report.


$3,711,629 $3,175, 769

Annual Fundraising

Signature Events

Investment Income

Capital Campaigns

Annual Fundraising is net of fundraising costs of ($1,786,921) and includes Annual Giving Campaign, Donor Designated, Unrestricted, and Established Fund gifts. Capital Campaigns is net of capital campaign costs of ($362,451). Signature Events is net of special events costs of ($6,184,410) and includes Festival of Trees, Full House Lottery and The Experience. Investment income is net of administrative, investment fees and amortization costs ($1,402,182).


University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

As a licensed charity in Alberta, the University Hospital Foundation complies with guidelines established by Service Alberta to determine cost of fundraising. (The cost of special events and lotteries is not included in Service Alberta’s calculation of the cost of fundraising.) This fiscal year fundraising costs were $1,786,921 (7.8%), representing an effective use of resources and assets, and administrative costs were $1,402,182. The majority of the administrative and fundraising costs ($2.3 million) were offset by investment income. The Foundation’s Statement of Financial Position remains strong and healthy, with over $101 million in net assets ($82 million in 2011-12) invested in a diverse portfolio, which is managed by two investment firms. In 2012-2013 our investment managers (Franklin Templeton Institutional and Mawer Investment Management Ltd.) returned 10.8% before fees (4.9% in 2011-12). Their consolidated returns outperformed their benchmark as outlined in the Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement by 3.4%. For each of the past five years, the investment managers have outperformed their benchmarks by 1.2% to 4.4%. At March 31, 2013, our Established Funds totalled $50.7 million ($36.9 million in 2011-12). Established Funds are an important source of long-term revenue as the donation is invested, and the investment income is distributed annually to support priorities designated by the donor. The investment income allocation rate for this fiscal year was 4.1% (2.25% in 2011-12). The 82% increase to the allocation rate is due to a stabilization of the five year investment returns, as the distribution rate is based on the five year net annualized investment returns of our investment managers. In this fiscal year, $1.6 million ($0.8 million in 2011-12) of investment income was allocated to the Established Funds, which are listed in Schedule 1 of the Financial Statements.

In the past year the Foundation distributed over $9.7 million ($5.7 million in 2011-12) to advance research and patient care at the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, the Kaye Edmonton Clinic and the University of Alberta. This increase is due to the completion of projects initiated by Alberta Health Services in prior years. The Foundation anticipates at a minimum the same level of distributions in the next fiscal year. The Board passed a General Fund Stress Policy to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Foundation. This Policy is based on a formula that provides adequate funding of the next fiscal year’s operating and fundraising expenses, as well as an allowance for unrealized losses to protect the capital of established (endowed) funds, should there be a significant market downturn. As at March 31, 2013, the general fund passed the stress policy test. To review our detailed financial statements, including financial statement notes and schedules, please visit our website On behalf of the Executive, Finance and Investment Committee, thank you for your generous support of the University Hospital Foundation. With your gifts, we are accelerating excellence in health care in Edmonton, Alberta, and Western Canada.

Phil Lachambre

Chair, Executive, Finance & Investment Committee University Hospital Foundation

Karin Bara, CMA

Vice President, Finance & Human Resources University Hospital Foundation

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


University Hospital Foundation Statement of Operations and Changes in Fund Balances Year ended March 31, 2013, with comparative figures for 2012

Externally Internally Invested Endowment Restricted Restricted in Capital Unrestricted Total Funds Funds Funds Assets Funds 2013

Total 2012

(Unaudited) Note 1*

Revenue: Special events (Schedule 2) $ Capital campaigns (Schedule 2) Fundraising (Schedule 2) Investment income (Schedules 1 and 3)

- $ - - -

- $ - - -

197,481 28,675,401


- 9,789,058 38,661,940 21,526,236

Expenditures: Special events (Schedule 2) Capital campaigns (Schedule 2) Fundraising (Schedule 2) Administrative Investment costs Amortization of equipment

- 4,563,663 - 362,451 - 154,738 - - - - - -

- - - - - -

- - - - - 129,246

- 5,080,852


129,246 4,525,866 9,735,964

Excess revenue (expenditures) before other items

- $ 7,275,287 $ - 3,538,220 193,513 16,455,699 3,968 1,406,195

197,481 23,594,549

2,620,752 $ 9,896,039 $ - 3,538,220 1,095,009 17,744,221 6,073,297 7,483,460

1,620,747 - 1,632,183 1,046,290 226,646 -

6,184,410 362,451 1,786,921 1,046,290 226,646 129,246

9,477,941 5,160,842 3,805,347 3,082,106

6,061,747 257,921 1,353,131 897,109 210,623 121,721 8,902,252



5,263,192 28,925,976


Distributions to charitable organizations (Schedule 1)

- (7,676,875) (1,927,233)


(78,531) (9,682,639)


Excess revenue (expenditures)

197,481 15,917,674 (1,927,233)


5,184,661 19,243,337


233,693 17,583,221 82,395,656


Fund balances, beginning of year 11,369,099 42,338,895 10,870,748 Transfers authorized by the Board of Trustees


- 1,517,582

Purchase of equipment



Fund balances, end of year

$ 11,566,580 $ 58,256,569

* Note 1: Basis of Presentation On April 1, 2012, the Foundation adopted Canadian accounting standards for not-forprofit organizations in Part III of the CICA Handbook. These are the first financial statements prepared in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-forprofit organizations. In accordance with the transitional provisions in Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations,



$ 10,461,097 $

- (1,517,582)





145,373 $ 21,209,374 $ 101,638,993 $



the Foundation has adopted the changes retrospectively, subject to certain exemptions allowed under these standards. The transition date is April 1, 2011, and all comparative information provided has been presented by applying Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations. In accordance with the transitional provisions in Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations, the Foundation has elected

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


to measure its long-term investments at fair value. There were no transitional adjustments recorded to fund balances and excess revenue (expenditures) as a result of the transition to Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations. In the prior year, the Foundation prepared its financial statements in accordance with Part V of the CICA Handbook, which were subject to an independent audit.

Extracted from the Audited Financial Statements

University Hospital Foundation Statement of Financial Position March 31, 2013, with comparative figures for March 31, 2012

March 31, 2013

March 31, 2012

(Unaudited) Note 1 – Pg 40*

Assets Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents Restricted cash Accounts receivable Accrued interest receivable Other assets Prepaid expenses and deposits


28,924,800 2,563,975 125,535 302,850 1,044,439 138,449


8,673,898 2,047,963 106,268 239,972 868,624 90,668

33,100,048 12,027,393

Long-term investments

73,971,190 74,513,439


145,373 233,693 $



1,276,353 4,301,265

$ 86,774,525

Liabilities and Fund Balances Current liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Deferred revenue Fund balances (Schedule 1): Endowment funds Externally restricted funds Internally restricted funds Invested in capital assets Unrestricted funds


817,569 3,561,300

5,577,618 4,378,869 11,566,580 58,256,569 10,461,097 145,373 21,209,374

11,369,099 42,338,895 10,870,748 233,693 17,583,221

101,638,993 82,395,656 $ 107,216,611

$ 86,774,525

On behalf of the Board: W. Guy Scott Chairman, Board of Trustees

Extracted from the Audited Financial Statements

P. Lachambre Chair, Executive, Finance and Investment Committee

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


University Hospital Foundation Schedule 1– Fund Balance Year ended March 31, 2013

Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute – Patient Care, Research And Education Established Funds Account name

Allocated Fund Investment Balance Income Distributions End of Year

Cardiac Sciences Stuart and Winona Davis Fund in support of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute $ Gerald Averback Medical Research Fund Dr. Arvind Koshal Advancement Fund Robert Marko Memorial Fund in support of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute William H. (Bill) Caine & Terry M. Caine Fund Greg and Audrey Greenough Cardiac Sciences Fund in Memory of Dr. Norman Davies Chint Kaur Lali & Boota Singh Lali Endowment Fund Dr. Neil Duncan/Children’s Heart Society Fund for Pediatric Cardiology Rick Cormier Memorial Fund in support of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute Ryan Tiltgen Memorial Fund for Pediatric Cardiology Lawrence and Shirley Henderson Fund in support of Cardiology Mary and George Shreeves Fund for the Advancement of Cardiac Sciences Ray and Joan Joberty Fund in support of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute Martin & Carlene Stoklossa Fund for Cardiac Patient and Family Care Ron Skuba Arrhythmia Research Fund Pediatric Cardiology Training Fund Matilda (Kelly) Poirier Fund in Support of Research in the Heart Transplant Program

185,515 $ 37,518 15,311 41,001 26,277 4,889 2,027 3,725 2,347 2,292 2,168 927 867 542 570 493 292

101,807 $ - - 22,500 13,947 - - - 1,281 - 2,936 - 407 - - - 160

Total Cardiology Funds


143,038 10,584,425

Cardiac Sciences – Research Dr. Joseph Dvorkin Memorial Fund for Cardiology Education and Research Nick & Margaret Oneschuk Fund in support of Cardiac Research Olga Pollock Fund in support of Heart and Stroke Research

5,539 4,308 4,019

- 2,364 2,206

140,640 109,384 102,050

Total Cardiac Sciences – Research




4,710,284 2,037,518 1,537,401 1,041,001 667,178 124,142 102,027 94,587 60,271 58,192 55,054 24,265 22,867 15,047 14,664 12,518 7,409

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (John Carter Callaghan Chair) University Hospital Foundation Board Fund 19,771 10,850 501,985 Anonymous Fund 17,157 9,415 435,620 George E. Mucha Fund 3,994 2,171 101,413 Robert and Shirley Stollery Fund 3,707 2,034 94,117 John G. Mucha Family Trust 3,131 1,602 82,017 Nelson Lumber Foundation Fund 1,958 1,075 49,711 Greg and Audrey Greenough Fund 1,746 958 44,336 Benny and Olga Elkow Fund 1,303 662 34,604 Irene Dyck Memorial Fund 1,139 625 28,913 Joe Check Fund 1,033 567 26,222 Alvin and Mona Libin Fund 686 377 17,424 Lawrence and Luiba Trahan Fund 589 306 14,960 Ray and Joan Joberty Fund 401 220 10,184 Helene Girard Fund 347 191 8,814 Mildred I. Olsen Fund 329 180 8,343 Reuben and Goldie Cipin Fund 250 137 6,338 Other 79 43 1,995 Total Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery


31,413 1,466,996

Total Cardiac Sciences, Cardiac Sciences Research and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery


179,021 12,403,495


University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

Extracted from the Audited Financial Statements

University Hospital Foundation Schedule 1– Fund Balance (continued) Year ended March 31, 2013

University Of Alberta Hospital – Patient Care, Research And Education Established Funds Account name

Allocated Fund Investment Balance Income Distributions End of Year

Arthritis Hugh H. and Annabelle C. Millar Fund for Arthritis Research Betty Drury Fund in support of Rheumatology Dr. Donald Stanley Special Purpose Fund for Clinical Research in Rheumatoid Arthritis


23,806 17,873 2,246

$ 11,732 - 3,041

$ 604,433 453,795 57,065

Total Arthritis Funds




Burn Unit Firefighters’ Burn Unit Treatment, Research, Patient Care and Education Fund Harold and Emilie Tucker Memorial Fund Alfred Drader Fund George A. Taylor Memorial Fund

11,274 8,684 6,015 342

8,267 11,710 8,147 463

354,334 220,630 152,730 8,678

Total Burn Unit Funds




Cancer Allard Foundation Cancer Research Fund Ida Hoffman Cancer Research Fund Ria & Cory Wild Fund for Childhood Cancer Research Wesley C. Stone Fund for Cancer Research Eileen Nash Memorial Fund created by Kathy and Ross Grieve Frederick T. Jenner Memorial Scholarship Fund for Cancer Research and Education Katherine Laschowski Fund for Cancer Research Mary Talbot Memorial Fund for Cancer Research Dr. W.W. Burnett Memorial Fund for Bone Cancer Education and Research

42,250 9,742 9,547 8,799 4,633 4,001 1,358 1,124 370

- - - - 2,543 - - - -

1,072,734 247,348 242,397 223,408 117,632 101,591 34,485 28,540 9,390

Total Cancer Funds




Diabetes C.F. “Curly” and Gladys MacLachlan Fund for Islet Molecular Biology and Islet Transplantation Laboratories in support of Diabetes Mellitus Research Paddy and Ken Webb and Family Fund in support of Diabetes Mellitus Research William H. (Pete) & June Johnson Memorial Fund in support of Pediatric Diabetes Research and Care Bud & Joyce Byram Fund for Diabetes Research

38,877 14,256 775 209

- - - -

987,326 362,006 29,775 5,322

Total Diabetes Funds




Equipment Anonymous Fund in support of High Priority Equipment Needs Fred and Mil Vincett Fund in support of Patient Care Equipment J. Gordon and Millicent C. McDonald Memorial Fund in support of High Priority Patient Care Equipment Frances M. Bundle Memorial Fund in support of High Priority Patient Care Equipment Other

108,343 4,745 1,170 464 105

- 2,750,859 - 120,483 - 29,694 - 11,826 - 2,667

Total Equipment Funds




Family Medicine Dr. Scott McLeod Family Medicine Memorial Fund funded by John & Barbara Poole Family




Gastroenterology Robert and Shirley Stollery Fund for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Education and Research Jack and Zita Rosen Fund in support of Gastroenterology William F. Lede Fund for the Gastroenterology Fellowship Program Paul Bowlen Liver – Dr. R.H. Wensel Trust Fund for a Visiting Professorship in Hepatology John Berezon – Dr. R.H. Wensel Trust Fund for Gastroenterology Education

2,994 1,237 994 423 299

- - - - -

76,011 31,406 25,242 10,751 7,584

Total Gastroenterology Funds




Genetics University Hospital Foundation Fund for Medical Genetics




Kaye Edmonton Clinic The Kaye Fund




Extracted from the Audited Financial Statements

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


University Hospital Foundation Schedule 1– Fund Balance Year ended March 31, 2013

University Of Alberta Hospital – Patient Care, Research And Education (continued) Established Funds Account name Medical Research Competition Eric and Helena Douglass Fund in support of Clinical Research Stanley E. Robins Special Purpose Medical Research Fund Muriel Robins Fund for Clinical Research Gary Rees Garson Medical Research Fund University Hospital Foundation Board Fund Don and Mary Cunningham Fund for Clinical Research Ruth Robertson Memorial Fund in support of Heart and Cancer Research Marcia and Dorothy May Hallett Special Purpose Fund King H. Mok Fund in support of Medical Research George and Margaret McNeill Fund William and Betty Rathje Fund for Heart and Cancer Research Sophie Buttner Fund in support of Medical Research Katrina Witwicky Memorial Fund for Clinical Research Isabella Tulloch Memorial Fund Irene Samuel Fund Antonio and Angelina Biamonte Clinical Research Memorial Fund Ross and Gwen Harris Fund for Clinical Research John Antku Fund William H. Roxburgh Memorial Fund Other

Allocated Fund Investment Balance Income Distributions End of Year $

Total Medical Research Competition Funds

90,310 $ 49,560 $ 2,292,999 59,949 17,415 1,530,378 26,348 8,598 668,990 17,167 23,227 436,002 9,815 5,386 249,193 7,936 4,355 201,495 7,187 1,110 184,869 6,150 3,375 156,150 5,685 2,588 155,500 4,539 2,337 118,628 3,311 1,817 84,056 1,880 1,032 47,740 1,836 1,008 46,620 1,762 967 44,745 1,640 900 41,640 1,603 863 40,703 1,224 604 32,210 513 282 13,028 205 113 5,204 143 78 3,624 249,203



Mental Health Anonymous Fund for Study, Research and Treatment of Mental Illness Abraham and Freda Berger Memorial Fund in support of Psychiatric Research

21,528 1,209

29,154 546,584 1,638 30,709

Total Mental Health Funds




Nephrology Matt and Betty-Jean Baldwin Fund in Support of the Home Hemodialysis Program Allan Wallace Peterson Fund for Kidney related Research and Equipment Ronald and Arda Baltzan Fund for Kidney Research

20,500 1,460 480

- 801 214

520,500 37,076 14,775

Total Nephrology Funds




Neurology Allan H. Owen & Family Stroke Chair Fund University Hospital Foundation Board Fund Mildred I. Olsen Fund for Neurology Research E. (Ben) and Mary Hochhausen Fund for Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy Research Wismer Fund in support of Myasthenia Gravis Marjorie Lewis Cable Medical Research Memorial Fund Judy Laviolette Memorial Fund in Support of Neurology H.W. Skaret Endowment Fund Evelyn Harkness McKenzie Fund for Parkinson’s Disease Research Carolyn Ann MacDonald Fund United Parkinson’s Disease Research and Patient Care Fund Reddon-Valens MS Research Fund Mei Lee Fung Memorial Fund for Treatment, Research and Prevention of Stroke

45,424 41,795 37,924 11,288 3,975 2,170 2,147 1,343 1,221 849 711 600 484

- - 51,362 2,882 8,500 2,569 - - 1,654 1,150 715 - 638

1,153,329 1,061,193 962,912 296,798 112,213 55,100 54,517 35,517 31,012 21,544 18,051 15,600 12,296




Total Neurology Funds


University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

Extracted from the Audited Financial Statements

University Hospital Foundation Schedule 1– Fund Balance (continued) Year ended March 31, 2013

University Of Alberta Hospital – Patient Care, Research And Education (continued) Established Funds Account name

Allocated Fund Investment Balance Income Distributions End of Year

Nursing Education Ruth A. (Poole) Van Dusen Memorial Fund for Nursing Scholarships funded by John E. & Barbara Poole Family James Yi and Wei Chiwei Fund for Nursing Scholarships Elisabeth Palate Nursing Education Fund University Hospital Foundation Nursing Scholarships Fund Brenda Moffitt Memorial Fund in support of Nursing Education Dr. Robert M. Shaw Memorial Fund Michael J. Lahey Nursing Scholarship Fund Judy (Patmore) Klaczek Memorial Fund in support of Nursing Education


11,978 8,254 2,777 2,248 1,240 947 817 692


6,000 5,000 1,181 1,234 671 520 1,000 363

$ 304,121 209,554 77,777 57,087 31,480 24,055 20,763 17,620

Total Nursing Education Funds




Ophthalmology Olive Young Special Purpose Fund for Ophthalmology Research The Catherine McLean Fund in support of Ophthalmology

10,195 3,690

5,595 2,025

258,847 93,696

Total Ophthalmology Funds




Organ Transplantation S. Jean Milner Fund for Continuing Education and Research in Thoracic Organ Transplantation The Lung Transplant Rehabilitation Education & Research Fund Dr. Harald & Dr. Berta Kuckertz Fund in Support of Organ Transplant Research

19,584 6,605 2,050

10,748 2,137 1,125

497,256 168,340 52,042

Total Organ Transplantation




11,058 9,357

5,326 5,135

280,769 237,560

5,509 4,100 2,050

- 2,250 1,125

139,880 104,100 52,050







3,480 2,912 1,807 1,087 542

- - - 597 -

88,369 73,941 45,887 27,599 13,999










Patient Compassionate Support Cable Family Compassionate Support Trust Fund for Patient Financial Support Wilbur & Marjorie Bowker Compassionate Support Services Fund Kultgen-Lees Memorial Fund for Maintenance and Care of Patients with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Anonymous Foundation Compassionate Support Fund Anonymous Compassionate Support Fund Total Patient Compassionate Support Funds Pulmonary Agnes D. Lynch Fund for the Respiratory Outreach Centre Pulmonary Division Research and Academic Fund to support all Academic Activities within the Division of Pulmonary Medicine Egerton W. King Fund for Childhood Asthma Research Dr. Brian Sproule Fund for Education and Research in Pulmonary Medicine Dr. D. Young Memorial Fund for Visiting Speakers of the Lung Transplantation Program Thyra Parker Special Purpose Fund for Cystic Fibrosis Research Total Pulmonary Funds Surgery James Yi and Wei Chiwei Fund in support of the General Surgery Resident’s Retreat

Total Patient Care, Research and Education Funds

Extracted from the Audited Financial Statements

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


University Hospital Foundation Schedule 1– Fund Balance Year ended March 31, 2013

Highest Priority / General Purpose Established Funds Account name Festival of Trees Fund R. John and Agnes M. Adams Fund John Romanchuk Fund B. Martha Moritz Fund Donald & Betty Carlson Fund Albert Drews Fund Roger and Peggy Gouin Fund William Kenneth Drake Fund Reinhard Henschel Fund Leo S. and Doris E. Hester Memorial Fund Ada & Fred Carpenter Fund Richard & Trudy Cormier Fund Winnifred Henning Fund Bill and Betty Sinclair Fund Capital Packers Inc/ Komarnicki Family Fund Garry and Joyce Rathgeber Fund Walter Louis Batke Fund Helen Nemirsky Memorial Fund Anonymous Fund Isidor and Grace Gliener Fund Leonard Vernon Kallis General Purpose Fund T.S. and Mary Wilson Fund Alex Romaniuk Memorial Fund Machum Family Fund Elizabeth and Clarence Preitz Fund John & Mary Sterenberg Fund Shenaz and Azim Jeraj Special Purpose Fund Bryan and Kathy O’Donnell Fund Jack and Audrey Holmes Fund Janelle Newton Fund Bernard Marvin Sheehan Memorial Fund Jessie W. Templeman Fund Donald R. and Elizabeth B. Brandt Fund Gordon Cameron Fund Maria Adrienne Orn Fund Gail and Harold Taylor Fund Total General Purpose Funds

Allocated Fund Investment Balance Income Distributions End of Year $ 29,194 10,075 7,280 6,577 5,345 5,287 5,057 4,809 4,468 4,406 4,356 3,948 3,480 3,425 3,200 2,934 2,659 2,461 2,072 1,254 1,202 1,154 1,027 943 902 847 619 697 568 551 526 521 486 395 247 245


- 8,514 5,127 6,836 5,049 2,053 2,483 3,218 1,672 7,380 4,176 2,441 3,375 4,562 909 1,858 2,673 859 3,822 931 805 1,055 452 719 225 203 113 1,024 438 175 351 502 325 303 189 183

$ 741,239 255,815 184,830 166,988 135,702 134,225 128,401 122,097 113,455 111,874 110,597 100,231 88,364 86,956 83,086 76,100 67,507 62,575 52,609 31,857 30,525 29,307 26,693 24,546 23,757 22,086 19,226 17,698 14,423 13,994 13,344 13,219 12,329 10,021 6,264 6,229




6,437 3,412 2,333 2,289 1,006 827 274

- - - - - - -

163,633 88,083 59,244 58,111 25,547 21,018 6,957




Annual Campaign Al and Wendy Bryan Fund for the Annual Campaign Frances Olson Special Purpose Fund for the Annual Campaign Cecille Shtabsky Special Purpose Fund for the Annual Campaign Beuerlein Estate and Maguire Trust for the Annual Campaign Thomas Rhatigan Fund for the Annual Campaign Florence Thomas Fund for the Annual Campaign Rick and Nikki Vogel Special Purpose Fund Total Annual Campaign Funds


University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

Extracted from the Audited Financial Statements

University Hospital Foundation Schedule 1– Fund Balance (continued) Year ended March 31, 2013

Special Purpose Established Funds Account name

Allocated Fund Investment Balance Income Distributions End of Year

Gilbert K. Winters Fund in support of Severe Infant Skeletal Deformity $ 20,931 Dorothy and Walter Mackenzie Memorial Fund 4,761 Dr. R.E. Bell Memorial Fund for a Visiting Professor 4,373 Lillian Doris Nielsen Fund in support of Diabetes, Pediatric Research, Cardiac and Stroke Projects or Programs 3,619 Stjepan Posavec Fund to benefit Children with Physical Handicaps 3,234 Dr. Claude V. Jamieson and Dr. Heber C. Jamieson Memorial Fund in support of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Research Centre 1,902 Jacoba Vanthof Fund in support of Diabetes and Cardiac Research 1,901 Dr. Robert James Kelly Global Health Memorial Fund 1,199 Tevie and Arliss Miller Fund in support of the Bioethics Centre 980 Mary M. Bekker Fund in support of Adult Orthopedic Nursing 1,024 Patricia D. Yates and Arthur D.G. Yates Fund in support of Adult Orthopedic Medicine 1,018 Michael Shirvell Griffin Memorial Fund 844 Dr. Lorne Tyrrell Board Restricted Fund to support the Tyrrell Lectureship in Medical Microbiology and Immunology 900 Charles McDougall and Sandra Versteeg-McDougall Fund for Senior Urology Resident Award 771 Douglas Arthur Pettitt Memorial Fund in support of Research and Patient Care for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome 620 Agnes Y. Fleming Special Purpose Fund to enrich Medical Research 384 Sharon C. Lang Brain Tumor Research Fund -

11,486 2,457 2,111 - 4,380

$ 531,433 124,394 118,468 91,898 82,122

- 1,043 3,000 487 1,374 1,379 -

48,290 48,265 35,419 27,045 25,991 25,850 25,158

- - - 211 58,597

22,844 19,580 15,732 9,758 -







General Fund General Fund – unallocated investment income Designated Gifts: Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute Other

- -

- -

13,486,990 5,703,312

- -

611,295 8,367,650

6,864,459 24,752,486

Total Other Funds




Total All Funds




Unallocated investment income Allocated investment income - lotteries

5,703,312 133,137

Invested in capital assets


Total Special Purpose Funds Total Established Funds



Total investment income

$ 7,483,460

Total net assets $ 101,638,993

Extracted from the Audited Financial Statements

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013


University Hospital Foundation Schedule 2 – Special Events and Fundraising Revenue and Expenditures Year ended March 31, 2013, with comparative figures for 2012

2013 2012 Excess Excess revenue revenue Revenue Expenditures (expenditures) (expenditures) (Unaudited) Note 1 – Pg 40* Special events: Lotteries – 2012 $ 6,321,010 $ 3,344,114 $ 2,976,896 $ 2,667,687 Lotteries – 2013** 6,110 1,133,455 (1,127,345) (952,139) Festival of Trees 2,620,752 1,620,747 1,000,005 1,045,072 The Experience 948,167 86,094 862,073 655,574

9,896,039 6,184,410 3,711,629 3,416,194

Capital campaigns: Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute Prostate Health Campaign Neurosciences Campaign

401,945 1,491,609 1,644,666

3,538,220 362,451 3,175,769 4,902,921

- 39,867 322,584

401,945 1,451,742 1,322,082

664,703 1,570,485 2,667,733

Fundraising: Established funds Annual campaign gifts Unrestricted gifts Externally designated gifts Fundraising costs

12,603,743 592,583 499,406 4,048,489 -

17,744,221 1,786,921 15,957,300

$ 31,178,480

- - - - 1,786,921

$ 8,333,782

12,603,743 592,583 499,406 4,048,489 (1,786,921)

$ 22,844,698

1,106,398 561,540 501,148 1,636,261 (1,353,131) 2,452,216

$ 10,771,331

** Lottery was in progress at the end of the fiscal year

University Hospital Foundation Schedule 3 – Investment Income Year ended March 31, 2013, with comparative figures for 2012

Externally Endowment restricted Unrestricted Total Total Funds Funds Funds 2013 2012 (Unaudited) Note 1 – Pg 40* Interest Dividends Realized gains Unrealized gains


3,968 $ 1,041,167 $ 267,565 $ 1,312,700 $ 1,301,350 - 365,028 513,456 878,484 845,942 - - 1,928,922 1,928,922 921,565 - - 3,363,354 3,363,354 13,249




University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

$ 1,406,195

$ 6,073,297



$ 3,082,106

Extracted from the Audited Financial Statements

lasting care “I’m 91 years old,” says Don Buchanan, a retired economist with the federal government and former navigator in the Canadian armed forces. “To last this long you need a whole barrel full of luck. Not everyone has the same size barrel. Edy knew that because she cared for so many people.” Edythe Markstad Buchanan, Don’s wife for the last 22 years of her life, served as a public health nurse at the University of Alberta Hospital for 42 years. She was instrumental in developing and managing outpatient clinics, and was honoured for her tireless commitment to her profession with a plaque on one of the hospital’s “walls of honour” when she retired. Before she passed away, Don and Edythe decided to bequeath a part of their estate to the University Hospital Foundation. “This means that patients who will never meet Edy will still benefit from her commitment to caring for people,” Don said. “It’s a lasting gift to my dear wife.” “Edythe had tremendous respect for the Foundation. I’ve had heart trouble in the past, and I think very highly of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. Including the Foundation in our will is just the right thing to do and means she can care for even more people. It’s what Edy wanted, and what I want.”

“Including the

With deepest gratitude, we acknowledge the following individuals

Foundation in our

have left a legacy of compassion and caring:

will is just the right

David Raymond Bourne Bernard and Margaret Forbes Alphonse Francis Garnier Robert (Bob) Gouin Dow B. Hicks Irene Klamkin John Moshuk

thing to do. It’s what Edy wanted, and what I want.”

who, through their bequests to the University Hospital Foundation,

Mildred Carmen (Midge) Reddon Ruth Robertson Stanley Earle Robins Cathryn Joan (Cathi) Sweetnam Alice Irene Werner William Wilson William Woodward

For more information, please contact: Judith Morrison, Director, Donor Relations Tel: 780-407-7490 Email: University Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

c University Hospital Foundation Donor Centre, 1H1.91 WMC 8440-112 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2B7 Phone: 780.407.7007 Fax: 780.407.6603 Email:

University Hospital Foundation @UnivHospFdn

University Hospital Foundation - 2012-2013 Annual Report  
University Hospital Foundation - 2012-2013 Annual Report