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University Hospital Foundation

Annual Report 2011/2012


connecting your generosity Table of Contents Chairman’s and President’s Message............................................................................................................................ 2 University Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees....................................................................................................... 3 Neuroscience Takes Quantum Leap: Dan and Bunny Widney Intra-operative MRI Suite........................................... 4-5 Doing the Math: Patients benefit as donor gifts to research multiply......................................................................... 6-7 $30 million success story: Prostate Health Campaign means good things for men’s health...................................... 8-9 Celebrating Community Support Chairman’s Dinner.............................................................................................................................................. 10-11 President’s Brunch.............................................................................................................................................. 12-13 Under the Tree: A magical Festival of Trees puts Christmas spirit front and centre................................................ 14-15 Medical Milestones Home sweet home for dialysis patients: The Baldwin Family Home Hemodialysis Unit .................................... 16-17 25 Years of Transplants: Celebrating a milestone, looking to the future.................................................................. 17

Community Support Grows.......................................................................................................................................... 18 Financial Statements................................................................................................................................................ 19-29 Management Discussion of Financial Statements................................................................................................... 19 2011-2012 Donor Recognition................................................................................................................................ 30-49 Thanking a ‘legendary’ couple, Fran and Al Olson, and loyal donors.................................................................... 30 Planning a Lasting Legacy ........................................................................................................................................... 50

The University Hospital Foundation celebrated two major milestones this year: the 25th anniversary of the University of Alberta Hospital’s and the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute’s Heart & Lung Transplantation Program and the expansion of the University of Alberta Hospital’s Home Hemodialysis Program. One man, Rick Lavalley, pictured with his niece, Crystal Howell, personifies the impact of donor support on both programs. Rick’s lifelong battle with kidney disease led him to home hemodialysis treatment, which gave him the strength to accept Crystal’s gift of a healthy kidney. For more of Rick’s story, see page 16.



chairman’s and president’s message The incredible generosity of our donors and supporters, and the dedication of our Board of Trustees, volunteers and staff, have created an extraordinary level of support for patient care, research and healthcare education at the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and now the Edmonton Clinic.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and staff of the University Hospital Foundation, we are pleased to provide you with an update on how your gifts, so generously given, are changing and saving lives every day. Through this report, Connecting Your Generosity, you will read the stories of patients, families and entire communities who have been touched by the caring staff, healthcare experts and research made possible by your support.

Net Revenue for 2011/2012 (Prior to Distributions - $12,623,984) $1,852,653


Achieved revenue prior to distributions of $12.6 million; ➤ Exceeded budgeted operating income by $2 million; ➤

Grew our net assets by $6.9 million; and

Increased the value of our Established (endowed) Funds by $600,000, to $36,872,158.

Highlights of this past year include the completion of the Dan and Bunny Widney Intra-operative MRI Suite and the arrival of the Muhlenfeld Microscope. This suite will fundamentally change the way patients with brain tumours, epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions are treated − as surgeons will be able to conduct delicate brain surgery with pinpoint precision. A transformational gift from Matt and Betty-Jean Baldwin led to the expansion of the home hemodialysis program, allowing more patients to receive their dialysis treatment while they sleep in the comfort of their own homes. With your support our volunteer leaders have achieved their $30 million goal for the Campaign for Prostate Health. This campaign has already changed the way that men facing prostate disease and prostate cancer are diagnosed and treated. And thanks to your generosity, over $2 million in medical research grants has been awarded − including $1.2 million to the new Team Research Grant competition. The impact of this investment cannot be understated as these grants are often seed funds that grow as the value of the research is realized. The University Hospital Foundation has raised $126 million in the last 10 years as a result of very generous individual and community support, earning us the designation as one of only 16 “high performing hospital foundations in Canada and the United States” by the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy.

Annual Fundraising Capital Campaigns Festival of Trees Investment Income

With your support we: ➤



Annual Fundraising is net of fundraising costs ($1,353,131) and includes Annual Giving Campaign, Donor Designated, Unrestricted, and Established Fund gifts and net Lottery revenue. Capital Campaigns is net of capital campaign costs of ($356,486). Investment income is net of administrative, investment fees, and amortization ($1,229,453).

On behalf of our Board of Trustees and staff, we extend our deepest appreciation to you, our many donors, supporters, partners and volunteers, who help to advance the highest level of patient care, research and education at the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the Edmonton Clinic. The University Hospital Foundation would particularly like to thank retiring trustees Paul Douglas, Mickey Dunn and Allan Mah, who served on the Board from 2006 to 2012, as well as Dr. Verna Yiu and Glenda Coleman-Miller. These individuals brought knowledge, expertise and leadership to our Board, as well as their passion for making a lasting impact in our community. On behalf of the patients who benefit from your support every day, and the dedicated team of healthcare staff who see the benefit of your thoughtful support in everything they do − thank you.

W. Guy Scott

Chairman University Hospital Foundation

Joyce Mallman Law President University Hospital Foundation




board of trustees

Thank you to the dedicated community leaders who volunteer their time, talents and resources to serve on the University Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees.

W. Guy Scott Chair, University Hospital Foundation Partner, WAM Development Group

Donald Cranston, QC Kim Wheaton

Laurie Anderson

Mike Bacchus

Robert Bessette, FMA

Jim Brown

Rick Crook

Crystal Graham

Shenaz Jeraj

Irving Kipnes

Phil Lachambre

Steven LePoole

Robert Manning

Mark Ohe

Simon Sochatsky

C.J. Woods, FCA

President, Sherrick Management Ltd.

Executive Chairman, Diversity Technologies Corp.

Past Chair, University Chair Elect, University Hospital Foundation Hospital Foundation Chair, Trustee Affairs Committee Partner, Bennett Jones LLP

President, Mikev Investments Ltd.

President, Cathton Investments Ltd.

Principal, Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.

Chair, Funding Priorities Committee President, Gateway Mechanical Services

Senior Vice President, Finance, WAM Development Group

Chair, Festival of Trees Committee Management Consultant Silver Brown Consulting

President, Northern Industrial Carriers Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer, Conroy Ross Partners

Co-Chair, Campaign for Prostate Health Director, Liquor Stores North America Ltd.

Co-Chair, Campaign for Prostate Health

Chair, Fund Development Committee Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Bessette Wealth Management, RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

Chair, Executive, Finance & Investment Committee President, PCML Consulting Inc.

as of November 1, 2012

Ex-Officio Board Members

Doctors of Philanthropy University Hospital Foundation Board members had the opportunity to tour the new Dan and Bunny Widney Intra-operative MRI Suite prior to its opening and saw up close the equipment and the level of treatment it will provide to surgeons and their patients.

Lori Martens Chair, 2012 Festival of Trees

Mike Conroy Senior Vice President - Edmonton Zone Alberta Health Services

Cathy Osborne Acting Vice President, University of Alberta Hospital, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and Edmonton Clinic Alberta Health Services

Dr. D. Douglas Miller

Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta



Dan & Bunny Widney Intra-Operative MRI Suite

quantum leap in brain surgery It is the most advanced neurosurgical suite in the country, outfitted with diagnostic and surgical equipment so sophisticated that it will advance the treatment of strokes, brain tumours, aneurysms, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. The 3Tesla Intra-operative MRI, the star attraction of the suite, along with the state-of-the-art Muhlenfeld Microscope, are the tools to match the expertise of the University of Alberta Hospital’s world-class neurosurgery department. Yet the most intriguing aspect of the story behind the Dan and Bunny Widney Intra-operative MRI Suite is where it began: with a visionary donation from Dan and Bunny Widney, who believed that their support would have a tremendous impact on neurosurgery. From left: Dr. Keith Aronyk, Glenda Coleman-Miller, and Simon Sochatsky (far right) join Bunny and Dan Widney at the opening of the Dan and Bunny Widney Intra-operative MRI Suite.

“When Dr. Aronyk first told us that new technology, an MRI in the operating room, would help him save lives, we made the decision to assist with the funding,” says Mr. Widney. “We are so grateful we were able to help.”

A total of $4.8 million raised from the Festival of Trees, the Brain Trust Campaign, Full House Lottery and the many donors who contributed to the University Hospital Foundation’s 2009 Annual Campaign made it possible for the 3Tesla Intra-operative MRI to be part of a completely redesigned neurosurgical suite, fully equipped with the very latest in neurosurgical technology.

Philanthropic couple turns work ethic into invaluable donation A generous gift from Reinhard and Elisabeth Muhlenfeld led to the purchase of a highly specialized microscope that provides images of the human brain in such detail that it will have a significant impact on surgical procedures and patient outcomes.

Reinhard and Elisabeth Muhlenfeld’s generous gift allowed the brain surgery team to purchase the most advanced operating microscope available.

The Muhlenfelds view their donation as a gift back to the community that gave them the opportunity to succeed. “It’s only right that you should give back to the place that gave you the opportunity,” says Reinhard. When the Muhlenfelds immigrated to Canada from England in 1975, they brought little more than their three children and a strong work ethic. Reinhard, a true entrepreneur, spent the next 35 years advancing business opportunities.

“Reinhard and Elisabeth Muhlenfeld’s generosity has enabled neurosurgeons at the University of Alberta Hospital to complete their Intra-operative MRI suite with the most advanced operating microscope available today. The Zeiss Pentero 900 will allow surgeons to work with pinpoint accuracy, reducing risk and improving patient outcomes.” Dr. Keith Aronyk, head of the department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Alberta Hospital.



The Dan and Bunny Widney Intra-operative MRI Suite, which serves both adult and pediatric patients, enables the neurosurgical team at the University of Alberta Hospital to perform complex brain surgery with microscopic accuracy.

(Above) Using the Muhlenfeld Microscope, neurosurgeons performed the first surgery in the new suite in November, 2012. (Left) The Widney 3 Tesla Intra-operative MRI provides surgeons with remarkably clear images and detailed information without moving the patient, meaning that next-steps in the surgical procedure can be accurately determined and, if required, acted upon, without delay. Dr. Keith Aronyk of the University of Alberta Hospital states that, “Dan and Bunny Widney made it possible to take a quantum leap forward in conducting very precise surgery while improving recovery and reducing risk for patients.�



university hospital foundation

investing in research Donor Gifts to Research Multiply

University Hospital Foundation’s Medical Research Competition Dr. Marcello Tonelli leveraged the seed funding he received for research on kidney disease from the University Hospital Foundation’s Medical Research Competition into more than $4.5 million from national funding sources. Dr. Tammy Bungard credits the two University Hospital Foundation grants she received with providing pivotal start-up funding for her research into patients undergoing blood thinning therapy.

Dr. Marek Michalak Vice-Dean, Research, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta

“Seed funding has been instrumental in bringing the best people to Edmonton. It is key to sustaining the capacity we have in clinical research.” Dr. Marek Michalak

Dr. Ken Butcher used University Hospital Foundation grant funding to test his hypothesis that lowering blood pressure would slow bleeding in stroke patients. The results he obtained were then used in his successful applications for additional funding to continue his ground-breaking research, and also shared at the European Stroke Congress in 2012. These are but three examples of how the University Hospital Foundation’s Medical Research Competition has turned generous donations into invaluable resources for researchers. Over the past ten years, the Foundation’s Medical Research Program has launched 227 new research projects with more than $4.7 million in seed funding. “It’s a win-win-win-win situation,” says Dr. Marek Michalak, Vice-Dean, Research Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta. “A $35,000 grant can be turned into $800,000 − that’s a very good return on any investment.” Researchers may use the start-up funding to collect preliminary observations that can be used in larger grant proposals, Dr. Michalak explains, noting that “the bigger agencies don’t look at you without preliminary data.” Dr. Butcher agrees, adding that the credibility that comes with receiving a peer-reviewed grant of any size enhances future opportunities. “There is no doubt that the seed funding I received from the University Hospital Foundation helped me get started. The national agencies see that you’ve been reviewed and supervised. That tells them the work you’re doing is real. It’s not hypothetical.” Grants also encourage liaisons between researchers around the world, which can broaden the research project and collaborate funding opportunities. “A researcher may actually create awareness to a problem that others weren’t even aware of. Now they become aware, and they want to be a part of solving the problem.”

Dr. Ken Butcher, MD, of the University of Alberta Hospital says that receiving a research grant through the University Hospital Foundation’s Medical Research Competition gave him the funding support necessary to secure grants from larger research granting agencies.



“As a result, money from outside the province is funding some of the best medical minds in the world who are working in Edmonton to solve problems that are important to patients and donors. And it all started from that seed grant from the University Hospital Foundation,” says Michalak.

Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute Innovative Team Research Grants Brenda Goodkey of Devon first battled breast cancer, then heart disease; a one-two punch that is becoming increasingly common, according to cardiologist Dr. Ian Paterson. “The vast majority of patients with breast cancer are surviving; they’re beating the cancer. But what doctors are now realizing is that some of the women are showing signs of heart damage.” Paterson and his interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, Cross Cancer Institute and the University of Alberta are looking for ways to prevent heart damage due to breast cancer treatments before it begins. The project was funded by the University Hospital Foundation, in partnership with a grant from the Allard Foundation. As critical as it is, such ground-breaking research could not take place without donor support, which is why the University Hospital Foundation launched the Innovative Team Research Grant Competition. This year, the Foundation awarded a total of $1.2 million to four research teams, including Dr. Paterson’s quest to find ways of protecting the heart health of breast cancer patients. The three other projects are: ➤

Over the next two years, 300 patients at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute will participate in a research trial that will determine the best way to take a snapshot of a beating heart. “Down the road, this will allow us to care for more heart patients because it will minimize the need to image a heart multiple times,” explains principal investigator, cardiologist Dr. Harold Becher.

consist of interviews with patients and healthcare professionals that will provide valuable information on what teen patients know about the heart in general and their own heart history; what has worked and not worked for patients aged 18 – 25 who have already made the transition from child to adult care; and the barriers faced by professionals working with adolescents. ➤

A multidisciplinary research team − comprised of cardiologists, scientists, clinicians, medical imaging experts and a biomedical engineer − will spend the next two years studying right ventricular diseases in animals and humans. “As we start to appreciate the disease process and how it can potentially be used to predict patient survival, we’re gaining a better appreciation for right ventricular disease and how to protect against it,” says cardiothoracic surgeon and research team member Dr. Jayan Nagendran. “This is what it comes down to,” adds cardiologist and team member, Dr. Evangelos Michelakis. “When the right ventricle fails, it fails quickly. A thickened left ventricle can function for decades; a thickened right ventricle for just a few years.”

Through a partnership with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, proposals for the Innovative Team Research Grant Competition are peer reviewed by leading scientists from across Canada, and around the world, to select the projects that will have the greatest direct impact on patients. “We’re seeking to discover the heart-imaging technique that offers the best care and long-term health for our patients.” Cardiologist, Dr. Harold Becher

Headed by Dr. Andrew Mackie, research on how to best transition young adults with congenital heart problems to adult care is underway. “To date, no research has been done on how to transition teens with heart problems from child-centred to adultoriented health care,” says Dr. Mackie. “Our team will address this gap.” The project will

Thanks to donor support, Dr. Jayan Nagendran (left) and Dr. Evangelos Michelakis will spend the next two years studying ways to protect heart patients from right ventricular disease − a focus under-represented in current research.



partnership changes face of men’s health in edmonton

prostate health campaign

The successful completion of the $30 million Campaign for Prostate Health marked a major milestone for men’s health in Edmonton and central Alberta where, as in the rest of Canada, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Through this campaign local volunteer leaders and donors hope to change that statistic − for the better. The five-year campaign took tireless effort by an outstanding group of community leaders who formed the cornerstone of a three-way partnership that included the University Hospital Foundation, the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and the Alberta Cancer Foundation. “The success of the $30 million Campaign for Prostate Health would not have been possible without the dedicated support of our volunteers and donors,” says Irving Kipnes, one of the key leaders of the campaign, a Foundation trustee and a survivor of prostate cancer. “Through the campaign we have delivered on our promise − connecting donors in meaningful ways to save lives.”

C.J. Woods, FCA, celebrated the naming of the new C.J. Woods Prostate Health Clinic with the Honourable Fred Horne, Minister of Health (left), and Dr. Chris Eagle, President and Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Health Services (right).

One-third of the $30 million raised will support the creation of a specialized Prostate Health Clinic as part of a consolidated urology centre in the new Edmonton Clinic at the University of Alberta Hospital. The clinic has been named for C.J. Woods, a lead donor to the campaign and a University Hospital Foundation trustee who played an integral leadership role in the campaign’s success.

Irving Kipnes, University Hospital Foundation trustee and Prostate Campaign Co-Chair

“This campaign is already impacting the diagnosis and treatment of men in our community; and its impact will continue to grow when the C.J. Woods Prostate Health Clinic opens, as it will serve as the focus of comprehensive, patient-focused research.”

Through the consolidation of prostate health services, the new clinic will provide rapid access to all prostate disease diagnostic and treatment services for men in central and northern Alberta. Critical wait times will be cut. Rapid referral processes will mean that men who need testing and treatment will be assessed and treated sooner. Funds raised early in the Campaign purchased the most technically advanced surgical robot available, the DaVinci Robotic Surgery System, for the Royal Alexandra Hospital and the University of Alberta Hospital. This technology has been used 316 times in the past year, making Edmonton the busiest sector in Canada for robotic surgery. The Campaign for Prostate Health will also support vital research initiatives, including the Frank and Carla Sojonky Chair in Prostate Cancer Research at the University of Alberta, and the Prostate Health Innovation and Research Fund. The latter will support men’s health advancements and innovations related to diagnosis, treatment, education and research at the new C.J. Woods Prostate Health Clinic.

Irving Kipnes



Community Support The Campaign for Prostate Health benefitted enormously from the many organizations and donors who held fundraising events to raise awareness and funds in support of prostate health. Stella and Carmelo Rago, owners of Sorrentino’s Restaurant Group, raised $1 million through the ever-popular Garlic Stomp. Century Grill restaurant raised over $500,000 with An Evening With Your Prostate, organized by University Hospital Foundation trustee C.J. Woods and Chris LaChance. Prostate Cancer Canada donated $1 million from Edmonton’s Wake-up Call Breakfast and Movember campaigns. This tremendous community support contributed to the successful realization of the Campaign for Prostate Health’s $30 million goal.

An Evening With Your Prostate at the Century Grill raised over $500,000 for the Campaign for Prostate Health.

The Experience offers exclusive night to donate An exclusive night of glamour featuring the best wine, beer and spirits Edmonton has to offer, The Experience raised $656,000 for two causes in 2011: the Edmonton Opera and the Campaign for Prostate Health. The support brought the event’s five year contribution to the Campaign for Prostate Health to over $2.3 million. This private evening, presented by Liquor Depot as the kick off to the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival, has quickly become one of the premier events on Edmonton’s social calendar.

TELUS Gives Where they Live Thanks to the support of their customers, TELUS helped strengthen the Edmonton community with a valuable contribution to the Campaign for Prostate Health. Through the Phones for Good campaign, TELUS gave $100 for every new and renewing smartphone customer in Edmonton during the month of May 2012. The campaign raised $200,000, bringing TELUS’ total gift to the Campaign for Prostate Health to $500,000.

Guests were treated to an evening of great food, spirits and spectacle at The Experience in 2011.



celebrating donor generosity

signature events Each year the University Hospital Foundation transforms the hospital cafeteria to host the Chairman’s Dinner, to recognize and thank donors whose total gifts throughout the previous fiscal year were $1,500 or greater.

W. Guy Scott, Chairman, University Hospital Foundation

“It is your generosity that saves and changes the lives of thousands of patients, right here in our community. Your generous support has ensured that our hospital is able to provide the very best in patient care. In many cases, your support provides specialized services and technology that is unique in our province − and our country.”

Linda Wiebe & Sylvia Nasseri

Pam & David Margolus

Helen Art & Edie Miazga

Shannon Butler

Shari Lucas & Curt Beyer

W. Guy Scott, Chairman University Hospital Foundation

“I went through many tests that could not determine the source of my epilepsy. Then a more powerful MRI [funded by University Hospital Foundation donors for research purposes] revealed the smallest abnormality that doctors had been unable to detect. In May 2003 I had two brain surgeries – and I no longer have seizures. Those MRI images have allowed me to pursue many things I had never imagined possible.” Shannon Butler, grateful neurosurgical patient and long-time University Hospital Foundation donor

Jared & Kai Smyth



“When I was referred to the transplant team, I couldn’t walk my three boys to the end of our block. Since my transplant, we have been skiing, to Disneyland and less than a year later, I climbed a mountain. From the bottom of my new heart, I thank each and every one of you for your generous support.” Duane Muth, grateful heart transplant patient

Dennis & Doreen Erker

Helen Biltek & Helen O’Reilly

Brent & Tilly Komarnicki

Kenneth & Judy Zender

Dr. Keith Aronyk, Head of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Alberta Hospital

Norman Homenuk & Myrtle Glover-Homenuk

Richelle Currah & Dan Hanna

Joyce Ulm & Victor Rudkowski



signature events

president’s brunch The University Hospital Foundation honours our loyal donors with an annual President’s Brunch, hosted in Bernard Snell Hall to recognize donors whose total gifts were between $250 and $1,499 in the previous fiscal year.

“Your generous support has touched every aspect of patient care and research in this hospital, and left a lasting impact on our community. You have helped to establish the University of Alberta Hospital as one of the top 25 academic research and teaching hospitals

Savida & Chander Sharma

Paula & Jonathan Rivero

Anita Pritchard, Adeline Fiorillo, Robert Pritchard

Art & Shirley Richter

Barry & Angela Breadner

Elizabeth & David Antoniuk

in the world!” Joyce Mallman Law President, University Hospital Foundation



Bill & Olli Bagshaw

Robert Hawkins & Elizabeth Szabo

“We try to do things to make patients live longer. We try to do things that keep people out of the hospital. And we try to make people’s quality of life better.”

Lillian & Lawrence Ruptash

Dr. Justin Ezekowitz Director, Heart Function Clinic, Division of Cardiology, University of Alberta Hospital Clara Chin & Geena Garcia

Grace & Richard Hyslop

Bob & Colette Sevigny

Kurt Weber & Sonia Chies



university hospital foundation

festival of trees

2011 festival of trees presenting sponsor

Beauty and Magic Discovered Under the Tree The Festival of Trees has become a tradition in Edmonton, a way to mark the beginning of the festive season. The 27th Annual Festival of Trees was no exception − guests were invited “under the tree” to experience the beauty and magic of the holidays. Beginning with the Gala Evening, guests were treated to beautifully decorated trees and accents, complemented by a live and silent auction. The Champagne Reception, Luncheon and Fashion Show was also a tremendous, sold-out success as guests enjoyed fashions from the 124 Street Merchants’ Association. And, keeping with tradition, the Festival wrapped up with a special visitor at the popular Santa’s Breakfast. Thousands of Edmontonians attended the Festival over the course of the four days: school children and community groups entertained from the Main Stage, hundreds of seniors enjoyed Seniors’ Appreciation Day, and families enjoyed the many children’s displays and activities. But the Festival of Trees is so much more than a holiday event. Through the ongoing support of our corporate sponsors, volunteers, and the thousands of guests who support the Festival year after year, we have made a significant, lasting impact on our community. As our 2011 presenting sponsor, Landmark Group, aptly surmised, “better communities are built with just the right blend of technology and humanity.” I am proud to be part of this team and to lead a group of more than 2,000 talented individuals in their quest to leave a legacy in our community. Thank you for your support. Lori Martens, Chair

Festival of Trees Steering Committee Lori Martens, 2011 Chair Barbara Bergstrom, Coordinator Alphabetically: Elaine Aronyk, Judy Bacchus, Carol Cameron, Cory Christopher, Karen Cromwell, Gertie Dean, Shona Dunlop, Laurel Durstling, Joan Faulkner, Melanie Fix, Linda Fulton, Shirley Funk, Linda Grisley, Dawn Harrison, Cathy Heller-Sereda, Arlene Kavanagh, Charlene Knight, Barb Lajoie, Court Laslop, Kathryn Leach, Cindy Lindenberg, Halie Mark, Darrell McBain, Susan McBain, Alison Moir, Jan Newton, Patricia Nieberding, Amy Procter, Jeannie Robertson, Grace Rosenau, Marlene Rudosky, Riyaz Shivji, Lynn Smarsh, Diane Stokes, Elaine Taylor, Karen Tracy, Kim Wheaton, Audrey Wilkes, Mary Yardley, Bryan Zuch.



Allan Sawin’s dedicated leadership celebrated Allan Sawin, FCA, was recognized at the 2011 Festival of Trees Gala with the Audrey Greenough Award of Merit for his outstanding service and charitable contribution to the University Hospital Foundation. The Audrey Greenough Award of Merit recognizes three areas of service in the advancement of the University Hospital Foundation: exemplary volunteer service, personal philanthropy and donor advancement.

Allan’s dedication, leadership and sound advice had a huge impact on the Foundation. In particular, his commitment to donor stewardship and accountability helped build the University Hospital Foundation into one of North America’s most successful healthcare foundations. “Allan leads by example through his compassion for others, his personal giving and his commitment to giving back to his community.” W. Guy Scott, Chairman, University Hospital Foundation

Allan has an outstanding record of volunteerism, having used his professional expertise to serve a number of community organizations, including the Down’s Syndrome Society. During his six years with the University Hospital Foundation, Allan served both as Chair of the Finance & Investment Committee and as Board Chair.

Allan Sawin, third from left, was honoured by, from left, Minister of Culture & Community Affairs, Heather Klimchuk; Festival of Trees Chair, Lori Martens; Greg Greenough; Chairman of the University Hospital Foundation, Guy Scott; and Edmonton Mayor, Stephen Mandel.

Volunteering to change reality for head & neck cancer patients Head and neck Cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world. Standard treatment focuses on removing the cancer and restoring only the most basic function − frequently leaving the patient disfigured, unable to produce saliva or swallow, even unable to speak. The Festival of Trees raised more than $1 million in 2011 to support the purchase of an intra-operative “O-arm” CT Scanner System for the Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Program at the University of Alberta Hospital. The internationally recognized program is the only one of its kind in northern Alberta as it is dedicated to providing immediate, full reconstruction: restoring function, appearance and dignity to patients with head and neck cancer. Visit to learn more.

For cancer survivor Laura Dicristafaro, the support of Festival of Trees is personal. Laura’s tumour was removed and all of her faculties, appearance and dignity fully restored, thanks to the work of Dr. Hadi Seikaly of the Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Program at the University of Alberta Hospital.



donors support evolution and expansion of programs

medical milestones

Baldwin Family Home Hemodialysis Unit

Donation Sends More Patients Home A leadership gift from the Mathew and Betty-Jean Baldwin Foundation matched the University Hospital Foundation’s commitment to support the physicians’ vision for the dialysis program; to give more patients the opportunity to dialyze at home. Combined, the $2 million investment will allow for the purchase of 45 additional home hemodialysis machines.

Heinz Melle receives help from his wife, Edith, in administering home hemodialysis. Expansion of the program means that more dialysis patients like Heinz can receive the treatment they need in the comfort of their own homes.

Facts About Home Hemodialysis ➤

Hemodialysis helps failing kidneys filter metabolic toxins and excess fluid from blood.

In-hospital dialysis requires a minimum of three, four-hour visits per week.

Nocturnal home dialysis allows patients to receive therapy as they sleep. Spread over five to six nights per week, the treatment is less intense than in-hospital treatment, and far less intrusive in the lives of the patients.

Research shows that nocturnal home dialysis offers survival rates similar to kidney-transplant recipients, typically in the range of 10 – 12 years. By comparison, fewer than 40 per cent of patients on in-hospital hemodialysis survive five years.


After working a full day, kidney-disease patient Rick Lavalley would check in at the University of Alberta Hospital four times a week for four hours of life-saving dialysis. By the end of the week, he was exhausted. So when Rick’s doctors presented the opportunity to dialyze at home while he slept, Rick quickly answered, “Where do I sign?” Rick’s employers and close family friends, Mathew and Betty-Jean Baldwin, saw the difference the home treatments made, and wanted to provide more dialysis patients with the opportunity to go home.

Patients feel better, have fewer dietary restrictions and can enjoy improved health, more personal freedom and a higher quality of life. “Home hemodialysis is making the transition from what was fringe therapy at first to what we now view as mainstream therapy,” explains Dr. Robert Pauly, a kidney specialist with the Northern Alberta Renal Program (NARP). “Here’s an opportunity to get your therapy during downtime while you’re sleeping rather than getting treatment according to someone else’s schedule.” The Baldwins have long been associated with generosity and community spirit. Active in Edmonton’s business community for over 50 years, Matt also served on the Board of Directors of the Edmonton Eskimos for nine years and is a two-time winner of The Brier in Canadian Men’s Curling. Betty-Jean has been a volunteer, friend and supporter with the University Hospital Foundation’s Festival of Trees since its inaugural event in 1985. Hemodialysis helps failing kidneys filter metabolic toxins and excess fluid from blood. In-clinic dialysis requires that patients travel, often long distances, to a clinic to receive the four-hour treatment a minimum of three times a week. In between treatments, fluid and toxins build up in the blood, causing increased blood pressure, bloating, extreme fatigue and muscle weakness. This intense time commitment takes patients away from their families, limits their travel, and significantly impacts their quality of life. With nocturnal home hemodialysis, patients connect themselves to the equipment as they retire for the night, five or six nights a week. This slower, gentler form of dialysis is easier on the body than the faster, daytime treatments. This means patients feel better, have fewer dietary restrictions and can enjoy improved health, more personal freedom and a higher quality of life.


From left: Rick Lavalley and Matt and Betty-Jean Baldwin are joined by the Baldwins’ daughter and son-in-law, Sally and Allan Sawin, at the dedication of the Baldwin family home hemodialysis unit.

With this increase, the Northern Alberta Renal Program (NARP) will expand to 100 machines, a critical number that will allow the program to become a full research partner with programs in Toronto and Vancouver − with a goal of becoming a leading centre for home hemodialysis worldwide.

“I’ve never met anyone like Matt and Betty-Jean. They saw the difference that the home hemo program made in my life and wanted to make it an option for more people.” Rick Lavalley, Home hemodialysis patient, friend and employee of Matt and Betty-Jean Baldwin

25 Years of Making History

Heart and Lung Transplants

A Second Chance

Public support is paramount in rapidly changing fields such as transplantation, says the Director of the University of Alberta Hospital’s Lung Transplant Program, Dr. Dale Lien. “If not for the work of the University Hospital Foundation, it would not be possible for our program to provide services to our patients in an expedient fashion.”

Before his heart transplant, Leo Goebel’s two grandchildren only ever saw him lying in bed. “That was all I could do,” he says. “My heart had swollen to twice its size. My doctor told me he was running out of things he could do to help.”

Since 1986, the Heart and Lung Transplantation Program has developed into one of Canada’s leading transplant centres, earning the title of heart transplant capital of Canada in 2006 with 54 child and adult heart transplants. Community members have supported the transplant program from the beginning, through the Festival of Trees in 1988, and later through annual campaigns, designated giving and the Full House Lottery. Dr. Lien points to ongoing public support as a key factor in the program’s evolution. “Support for the adaptation of new technologies has been one of the most important contributions of the University Hospital Foundation. It has allowed us to stay on the leading edge. We would simply not be where we are today if donor contributions were not available.”

Mr. Goebel, who was 68 when he received his new heart, is Alberta’s oldest living heart Leo Goebel is Alberta’s oldest living heart transplant patient. transplant recipient. Now 81, he credits the University of Alberta Hospital’s and the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute’s Heart Transplantation Program with “giving me my second life.” “I cannot say enough good things about the program here. I have been able to be actively involved in the lives of my grandchildren because of what these doctors did.”



university hospital foundation

community support grows Fundraising On the Run The “last great run of the season”, the 3rd annual Edmonton Heartbeat Run, brought 600 walkers and runners to Edmonton’s scenic river valley. Participants laced up in support of heart health and raised more than $13,000 for the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute.

Listeners Phone in Pledges With the support of 630 CHED, Heart Pledge Day allows people from across northern Alberta to hear real life stories from patients who have faced challenges and triumphed. Listeners are asked to support new discoveries, treatments and technology that are dramatically advancing cardiac care at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. The sixth annual Heart Pledge Day, broadcast live from the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, raised over $100,000 − helping keep the Maz on the leading edge of cardiac care.

Atmore Hoof-A-Thon Rides Again Those energetic, horse-riding enthusiasts in Atmore did it again, raising $33,000 in their annual Hoof-A-Thon fundraiser to help fight heart disease. Organized entirely by volunteers, the day-long trail ride, followed by dinner and entertainment, attracted 200 riders to the community 150 kilometres north of Edmonton. The Hoof-A-Thon has supported such high-priority projects as the Hybrid Operating Room, a specialized cardiac OR where cardiologists, radiologists and cardiac surgeons perform less-invasive procedures on patients who are too ill for open heart surgery.

Manuary – Growing Beards For Cancer Care

From left, doctors Peter Dziegielewski, Morgan Langille and Dan O’Connell all took part in Edmonton’s inaugural Manuary, a beard-growing fundraiser in support of Head and Neck Cancer.



Proving that you don’t have to be a playoff-bound hockey player to grow a beard, physicians, patients and community supporters laid down their razors to take part in Manuary, a fundraising initiative that ran the month of January in support of head and neck cancer. Organized by Dr. Leigh Sowerby of the University of Alberta Hospital, the $22,000 raised will contribute to the purchase of a state-of-the-art, intra-operative “O-arm” CT scanner for the Head and Neck Cancer Program. The scanner will produce detailed x-ray images from different angles, providing cross-sectional images that will allow surgeons to perform complex procedures with microscopic detail.

Management Discussion of 2011/2012

financial statements As part of the 2011/12 University Hospital Foundation Annual Report we are once again pleased to provide expanded insight into the Foundation’s 2011/12 financial statements and performance.

two investment firms. In 2011/12 our investment managers (Franklin Templeton Institutional and Mawer Investment Management Ltd.) returned 4.9% (11.7% in 2010/11).

As prudent stewards, we work diligently to ensure that we efficiently and effectively raise and manage our donors’ gifts. The Foundation employs a variety of fundraising programs including annual giving and major gift campaigns, direct mail, donor prospecting, special events and lotteries. Each fundraising method has associated expenses; special events and lotteries have significantly higher costs than other fundraising activities, but the revenue they provide to the Foundation is substantial and invaluable.

Their consolidated returns outperformed their benchmark as outlined in the Foundation’s Investment Policy Statement by 3%, which places them in the first quartile of investment performance, a position they have achieved for the past 3 years.

In the 2011/12 fiscal year the Foundation raised $21.5 million ($24.4 million in 2010/11) in gross revenue, which includes investment income of $3.1 million ($6.2 million in 2010/11). After $8.9 million ($12.1 million in 2010/11) in expenditures is accounted for, our net revenue, our primary measure of success, was $12.6 million ($12.3 million in 2010/11). Revenue prior to distributions increased by $0.3 million over the previous fiscal year. Although the bottom line is consistent year over year, revenue streams vary considerably. ➤

Fundraising revenue, net of special event and capital campaign costs, increased $3.7 million; Investment income decreased $3.2 million; and

➤ Fundraising

and administrative costs, which include investment fees and amortization, increased $0.2 million.

Of the $3.7 million increase in fundraising revenue, $1.3 million can be attributed to increased lottery revenue as Full House Lottery sold out in 2011. The additional $2.4 million in fundraising revenue can be attributed to the Foundation’s focus on major gifts and planned giving. As a licensed charity in Alberta, the University Hospital Foundation complies with guidelines established by Service Alberta to determine cost of fundraising, which does not include the cost of special events and lotteries. This fiscal year our fundraising costs were $1,353,131 (13%), and our administrative costs were $1,229,453, which represents an effective use of resources and assets. The majority of our administrative and fundraising costs ($2.2 million) were offset by investment income. The Foundation’s Statement of Financial Position remains strong and healthy, with over $82 million in net assets ($75 million in 2010/11) invested in a diverse portfolio, which is managed by

The University Hospital Foundation achieved revenue prior to distributions of $12.6 million in 2011/12 to advance patient care, research and healthcare education at the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the Edmonton Clinic. As at March 31, 2012, our established funds totalled $36.9 million ($36.2 million in 2010/11). Established funds are an important source of long-term revenue as the donation is invested, and the investment income is distributed annually to support priorities designated by the donor. The investment income allocation rate for the 2011/12 fiscal year was 2.25% (3.23% in 2010/11). In this fiscal year, $0.8 million ($1.1 million in 2010/11) of investment income was allocated to the established funds which are listed in Schedule 1 of the financial statements. Although the allocation rate was down from the previous year, it should be noted that all capital contributed to an established fund is preserved. In the past year the Foundation distributed $5.8 million ($3.1 million in 2010/11) to purchase technology, fund research and advance patient care at the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, the Edmonton Clinic and the University of Alberta. We anticipate that distributions will increase significantly in the next fiscal year to fund a number of priorities, to the benefit of current and future patients. If you are interested in our detailed financial statements, including financial statement notes and schedules, please visit our website at On behalf of the University Hospital Foundation’s Executive, Finance and Investment Committee, thank you for your continued support. Phil Lachambre

Chair, Executive, Finance & Investment Committee University Hospital Foundation

Karin Bara, CMA

Vice President, Finance & Human Resources University Hospital Foundation



University Hospital Foundation Financial Statements Statement of Operations and Changes in Fund Balances Year ended March 31, 2012, with comparative figures for 2011 Externally Internally Invested Endowment Restricted Restricted in Capital Unrestricted Funds Funds Funds Assets Funds Revenue: Special events (Schedule 2) $ - $ 6,230,718 $ - $ - $ 2,493,084 $ Capital campaigns (Schedule 2) - 5,914,981 - - - Fundraising (Schedule 2) 272,144 2,425,595 - - 1,107,608 Investment income (Schedules 1 and 3) 2,176 699,418 - - 2,380,512

274,320 15,270,712


Total 2012

Total 2011

8,723,802 $ 11,290,226 5,914,981 3,815,247 3,805,347 3,046,551 3,082,106 6,225,283

- 5,981,204 21,526,236 24,377,307

Expenditures: Special events (Schedule 2) Capital campaigns (Schedule 2) Fundraising (Schedule 2) Administrative Investment costs Amortization of equipment

- - - - - -

4,515,170 356,486 24,651 - - -

- - - - - -

- 1,448,012 - - - 1,328,480 - 897,109 - 210,623 121,721 -

5,963,182 9,474,122 356,486 208,477 1,353,131 1,192,853 897,109 889,479 210,623 196,831 121,721 120,514




121,721 3,884,224

8,902,252 12,082,276

Excess revenue (expenditures) before other items Distributions to charitable organizations (Schedule 1)

274,320 -

10,374,405 (5,607,777)

- (89,445)

(121,721) -

2,096,980 12,623,984 12,295,031 (72,956) (5,770,178) (3,103,420)

Excess revenue (expenditures)






Fund balances, beginning of year 11,094,779



342,721 16,768,231



- (1,196,341)

Transfers authorized by the Board of Trustees


Purchase of equipment


Fund balances, end of year

Giving the Gift of Appreciated SECURITIES



$ 11,369,099 $ 42,338,895 $ 10,870,748 $





75,541,850 66,350,239 -




233,693 $ 17,583,221 $ 82,395,656 $ 75,541,850

Did you know that the capital gains portion of donations of eligible securities to the University Hospital Foundation is tax free? This means that you can save money by donating securities to the Foundation, rather than selling those securities and making a cash donation. For example: A security purchased for $1,000, now worth $2,000, will have a capital gains tax of $195 (at a 39% tax rate) when it is sold. If you donate the security to the Foundation, you do not pay the $195 in tax, and you will receive a tax receipt for $2,000. For more information, please contact Karin Bara, the University Hospital Foundation’s Vice President of Finance, at 780-407-3102 or



Extracted from the audited financial statements

University Hospital Foundation Financial Statements Statement of Financial Position Year ended March 31, 2012, with comparative figures for 2011 March 31, 2012 March 31, 2011 Assets Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents $ Restricted cash Accounts receivable Accrued interest receivable Other assets Prepaid expenses and deposits

8,673,898 $ 13,241,632 2,047,963 2,039,047 106,268 121,136 239,972 295,197 868,624 835,808 90,668 249,393

12,027,393 16,782,213 Long-term investments 74,513,439 62,584,061 Equipment 233,693 342,721

$ 86,774,525

$ 79,708,995

Liabilities and Fund Balances Current liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities $ 817,569 $ 1,095,082 Deferred revenue 3,561,300 3,072,063 4,378,869 4,167,145 Fund balances (Schedule 1): Endowment funds 11,369,099 11,094,779 Externally restricted funds 42,338,895 37,571,760 Internally restricted funds 10,870,748 9,764,359 Invested in capital assets 233,693 342,721 Unrestricted funds 17,583,221 16,768,231 82,395,656 75,541,850

$ 86,774,525

$ 79,708,995

On behalf of the Board:

W. Guy Scott Chairman, Board of Trustees

Extracted from the audited financial statements

P. Lachambre Chair, Executive, Finance and Investment Committee



University Hospital Foundation Financial Statements Schedule 1 – Fund Balances Year ended March 31, 2012 Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute – Patient Care, Research And Education Allocated Established Funds Investment Fund Balances Account name Income Distributions End of Year Cardiac Sciences Stuart and Winona Davis Fund in support of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute $ Robert Marko Memorial Fund in support of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute William H. (Bill) Caine & Terry M. Caine Fund Greg and Audrey Greenough Cardiac Sciences Fund in Memory of Dr. Norman Davies Dr. Neil Duncan/Children’s Heart Society Fund for Pediatric Cardiology Rick Cormier Memorial Fund in support of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute Ryan Tiltgen Memorial Fund for Pediatric Cardiology Lawrence and Shirley Henderson Fund in support of Cardiology Ray and Joan Joberty Fund in support of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute Ron Skuba Arrhythmia Research Fund Martin & Carlene Stoklossa Fund for Cardiac Patient and Family Care Pediatric Cardiology Training Fund Matilda (Kelly) Poirier Fund in Support of Research in the Heart Transplant Program

101,807 $ 22,500 13,947 2,617 1,986 1,281 1,230 1,228 407 277 256 265 160

478,241 $ 4,626,576 69,576 1,022,501 43,605 654,848 - 119,252 - 90,862 3,977 58,205 - 55,900 - 55,822 970 20,407 - 13,744 - 13,154 - 12,025 230 7,278

Total Cardiology Funds


596,599 6,750,574

Cardiac Sciences – Research Dr. Joseph Dvorkin Memorial Fund for Cardiology Education and Research Nick & Margaret Oneschuk Fund in support of Cardiac Research Olga Pollock Fund in support of Heart and Stroke Research

2,973 2,364 2,206

- 3,394 3,158

135,101 107,440 100,236

Total Cardiac Sciences – Research




Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (John Carter Callaghan Chair) University Hospital Foundation Board Fund 10,850 15,576 493,064 Anonymous Fund 9,415 13,516 427,878 George E. Mucha Fund 2,171 2,985 99,590 Robert and Shirley Stollery Fund 2,034 2,920 92,444 John G. Mucha Family Trust 1,602 2,197 76,988 Nelson Lumber Foundation Fund 1,075 1,542 48,828 Greg and Audrey Greenough Fund 958 1,376 43,548 Benny and Olga Elkow Fund 662 867 31,962 Irene Dyck Memorial Fund 625 897 28,399 Joe Check Fund 567 814 25,756 Alvin and Mona Libin Fund 377 541 17,115 Lawrence and Luiba Trahan Fund 306 408 14,677 Ray and Joan Joberty Fund 220 316 10,003 Helene Girard Fund 191 273 8,658 Mildred I. Olsen Fund 180 259 8,194 Reuben and Goldie Cipin fund 137 197 6,226 Other 43 62 1,959 Total Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Total Cardiac Sciences, Cardiac Sciences Research and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery




31,413 186,917


44,746 1,435,289 647,897

$ 8,528,640

Extracted from the audited financial statements

University Hospital Foundation Financial Statements Schedule 1 – Fund Balances - continued Year ended March 31, 2012 UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA HOSPITAL - PATIENT CARE, RESEARCH AND EDUCATION Established Funds Account name

Allocated Investment Fund Balances Income Distributions End of Year

Arthritis Hugh H. and Annabelle C. Millar Fund for Arthritis Research $ Betty Drury Fund in support of Rheumatology Dr. Donald Stanley Special Purpose Fund for Clinical Research in Rheumatoid Arthritis

13,035 $ 7,246 1,272

16,787 $ - -

Total Arthritis Funds




Burn Unit Firefighters’ Burn Unit Treatment, Research, Patient Care and Education Fund Harold and Emilie Tucker Memorial Fund Alfred Drader Fund George A. Taylor Memorial Fund

5,013 4,904 3,408 194

- - - -

258,850 223,375 154,862 8,799

Total Burn Unit Funds




Cancer Allard Foundation Cancer Research Fund Ida Hoffman Cancer Research Fund Ria & Cory Wild Fund for Childhood Cancer Research Wesley C. Stone Fund for Cancer Research Eileen Nash Memorial Fund created by Kathy and Ross Grieve Frederick T. Jenner Memorial Scholarship Fund for Cancer Research and Education Katherine Laschowski Fund for Cancer Research Mary Talbot Memorial Fund for Cancer Research Dr. W.W. Burnett Memorial Fund for Bone Cancer Education and Research

22,675 5,229 5,069 4,722 2,543 2,147 729 603 198

50,000 7,506 13,052 6,779 7,418 3,083 1,047 866 -

1,030,484 237,606 232,850 214,609 115,542 97,589 33,127 27,416 9,021

Total Cancer Funds




Diabetes C.F. “Curly” and Gladys MacLachlan Fund for Islet Molecular Biology and Islet Transplantation Laboratories in support of Diabetes Mellitus Research Paddy and Ken Webb and Family Fund in support of Diabetes Mellitus Research Bud & Joyce Byram Fund for Diabetes Research

20,856 7,650 112

60,816 22,319 329

948,149 347,650 5,113

Total Diabetes Funds




57,128 - 2,547

2,642,516 115,738

Equipment Anonymous Fund in support of High Priority Equipment Needs Fred and Mil Vincett Fund in support of Patient Care Equipment J. Gordon and Millicent C. McDonald Memorial Fund in support of High Priority Patient Care Equipment Mary and George Shreeves Fund Frances M. Bundle Memorial Fund in support of High Priority Patient Care Equipment Other Total Equipment Funds

Extracted from the audited financial statements


592,359 435,923 57,810

628 28,525 465 - 22,338 231 - 10,842 56 - 2,562 61,055



$ 2,822,521



University Hospital Foundation Financial Statements Schedule 1 – Fund Balances - continued Year ended March 31, 2012 UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA HOSPITAL - PATIENT CARE, RESEARCH AND EDUCATION Allocated Established Funds Investment Fund Balances Account name Income Distributions End of Year Family Medicine Dr. Scott McLeod Family Medicine Memorial Fund funded by John & Barbara Poole Family







Gastroenterology Robert and Shirley Stollery Fund for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Education and Research Jack and Zita Rosen Fund in support of Gastroenterology William F. Lede Fund for the Gastroenterology Fellowship Program Paul Bowlen Liver – Dr. R.H. Wensel Trust Fund for a Visiting Professorship in Hepatology John Berezon – Dr. R.H. Wensel Trust Fund for Gastroenterology Education

1,607 664 534 227 160

4,684 1,937 1,550 663 468

73,018 30,169 24,247 10,327 7,285

Total Gastroenterology Funds




Genetics University Hospital Foundation Fund for Medical Genetics




Medical Research Competition Eric and Helena Douglass Fund in support of Clinical Research 49,560 71,147 2,252,249 Stanley E. Robins Special Purpose Medical Research Fund 28,596 39,520 1,299,520 Muriel Robins Fund for Clinical Research 14,330 21,673 651,239 Gary Rees Garson Medical Research Fund 9,719 - 441,862 University Hospital Foundation Board Fund 5,386 7,732 244,764 Don and Mary Cunningham Fund for Clinical Research 4,355 6,252 197,914 Ruth Robertson Memorial Fund in support of Heart and Cancer Research 2,219 - 167,318 Marcia and Dorothy May Hallett Special Purpose Fund 3,375 4,845 153,375 King H. Mok Fund in support of Medical Research 2,588 2,828 139,038 George and Margaret McNeill Fund 2,337 3,254 111,777 William and Betty Rathje Fund for Heart and Cancer Research 1,817 2,608 82,562 Sophie Buttner Fund in support of Medical Research 1,032 1,481 46,892 Katrina Witwicky Memorial Fund for Clinical Research 1,008 1,447 45,792 Isabella Tulloch Memorial Fund 967 1,388 43,949 Irene Samuel Fund 900 1,292 40,900 Antonio and Angelina Biamonte Clinical Research Memorial Fund 863 1,129 39,963 Ross and Gwen Harris Fund for Clinical Research 604 788 30,090 John Antku Fund 282 404 12,797 William H. Roxburgh Memorial Fund 113 162 5,112 Other 78 169 3,559 Total Medical Research Competition Funds







$ 6,010,672

Extracted from the audited financial statements

University Hospital Foundation Financial Statements Schedule 1 – Fund Balances - continued Year ended March 31, 2012 UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA HOSPITAL - PATIENT CARE, RESEARCH AND EDUCATION Allocated Established Funds Investment Fund Balances Account name Income Distributions End of Year Mental Health Anonymous Fund for Study, Research and Treatment of Mental Illness $ Abraham and Freda Berger Memorial Fund in support of Psychiatric Research

12,195 $ 685

- $ -

554,211 31,138

Total Mental Health Funds




Nephrology Matt and Betty-Jean Baldwin Fund in Support of the Home Hemodialysis Program Allan Wallace Peterson Fund for Kidney related Research and Equipment Ronald and Arda Baltzan Fund for Kidney Research

- 801 214

- 1,150 308

500,000 36,417 10,740

Total Nephrology Funds




Neurology Allan H. Owen & Family Stroke Chair Fund University Hospital Foundation Board Fund Mildred I. Olsen Fund for Neurology Research E. (Ben) and Mary Hochhausen Fund for Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy Research Wismer Fund in support of Myasthenia Gravis Marjorie Lewis Cable Medical Research Memorial Fund Judy Laviolette Memorial Fund in Support of Neurology H.W. Skaret Endowment Fund Evelyn Harkness McKenzie Fund for Parkinson’s Disease Research Carolyn Ann MacDonald Fund United Parkinson’s Disease Research and Patient Care Fund Mei Lee Fung Memorial Fund for Treatment, Research and Prevention of Stroke

24,378 22,432 21,485 5,764 1,646 1,221 351 708 692 481 342 274

34,996 1,107,905 - 1,019,398 - 976,349 3,923 274,450 8,000 93,946 - 55,498 - 52,371 - 32,175 - 31,445 - 21,845 - 18,055 - 12,451

Total Neurology Funds


46,919 3,695,888

Nursing Education Ruth A. (Poole)Van Dusen Memorial Fund for Nursing Scholarships funded by John E. & Barbara Poole Family James Yi and Wei Chiwei Fund for Nursing Scholarships Elisabeth Palate Nursing Education Fund University Hospital Foundation Nursing Scholarships Fund Brenda Moffitt Memorial Fund in support of Nursing Education Dr. Robert M. Shaw Memorial Fund Michael J. Lahey Nursing Scholarship Fund Judy (Patmore) Klaczek Memorial Fund in support of Nursing Education Total Nursing Education Funds

Extracted from the audited financial statements


3,260 4,540 1,181 1,234 671 520 461 363



6,000 10,000 1,374 1,771 911 746 1,000 459

298,144 206,301 66,181 56,072 30,911 23,628 20,945 17,172






University Hospital Foundation Financial Statements Schedule 1 – Fund Balances - continued Year ended March 31, 2012 UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA HOSPITAL - PATIENT CARE, RESEARCH AND EDUCATION Allocated Established Funds Investment Fund Balances Account name Income Distributions End of Year Ophthalmology Olive Young Special Purpose Fund for Ophthalmology Research $ The Catherine McLean Fund in support of Ophthalmology

5,595 $ 2,025

Total Ophthalmology Funds




Organ Transplantation S. Jean Milner Fund for Continuing Education and Research in Thoracic Organ Transplantation The Lung Transplant Rehabilitation Education & Research Fund Dr. Harald & Dr. Berta Kuckertz Fund in Support of Organ Transplant Research

10,748 2,137 1,125

15,429 1,214 1,004

488,419 158,873 51,117

Total Organ Transplantation




8,032 $ 2,901

254,247 92,031

Patient Compassionate Support Cable Family Compassionate Support Trust Fund for Patient Financial Support Wilbur & Marjorie Bowker Compassionate Support Services Fund Kultgen-Lees Memorial Fund for Maintenance and Care of Patients with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Anonymous Foundation Compassionate Support Fund Anonymous Compassionate Support Fund

6,052 5,135

7,616 7,371

275,036 233,339

2,957 2,250 1,125

4,245 3,230 1,615

134,371 102,250 51,125

Total Patient Compassionate Support Funds




Pulmonary Agnes D. Lynch Fund for the Respiratory Outreach Centre Pulmonary Division Research and Academic Fund to support all Academic Activities within the Division of Pulmonary Medicine Egerton W. King Fund for Childhood Asthma Research Dr. Brian Sproule Fund for Education and Research in Pulmonary Medicine Dr. D. Young Memorial Fund for Visiting Speakers of the Lung Transplantation Program Thyra Parker Special Purpose Fund for Cystic Fibrosis Research




1,868 1,563 970 597 276

4,022 4,560 2,829 856 760

84,888 71,029 44,080 27,109 12,975

Total Pulmonary Funds




Surgery James Yi and Wei Chiwei Fund in support of the General Surgery Resident’s Retreat




Total Patient Care, Research and Education Funds







$ 23,879,504

Extracted from the audited financial statements

University Hospital Foundation Financial Statements Schedule 1 – Fund Balances - continued Year ended March 31, 2012 Allocated Established Funds Investment Fund Balances Account name Income Distributions End of Year Highest Priority / General Purpose Festival of Trees Fund $ R. John and Agnes M. Adams Fund John Romanchuk Fund B. Martha Moritz Fund Donald & Betty Carlson Restricted Fund Albert Drews Fund Roger and Peggy Gouin Fund William Kenneth Drake Fund Leo S. and Doris E. Hester Memorial Fund Reinhard Henschel Fund Ada & Fred Carpenter Fund Richard & Trudy Cormier Fund Winnifred Henning Fund Bill and Betty Sinclair Fund Garry and Joyce Rathgeber Fund Capital Packers Inc/ Komarnicki Family Fund Walter Louis Batke Fund Helen Nemirsky Memorial Fund Anonymous Fund Isidor and Grace Gliener Fund Leonard Vernon Kallis General Purpose Fund T.S. and Mary Wilson Fund Alex Romaniuk Memorial Fund Machum Family Fund Elizabeth and Clarence Preitz Fund John & Mary Sterenberg Fund Bryan and Kathy O’Donnell Fund Jack and Audrey Holmes Fund Shenaz and Azim Jeraj Special Purpose Fund Janelle Newton Fund Jessie W. Templeman Fund Bernard Marvin Sheehan Memorial Fund Donald R. and Elizabeth B. Brandt Fund Gordon Cameron Fund Maria Adrienne Orn Fund Gail and Harold Taylor Fund

9,790 $ 5,595 4,020 3,680 2,980 2,882 2,769 2,652 2,527 2,435 2,408 2,172 1,942 1,938 1,531 1,403 1,486 1,287 1,196 639 663 643 530 494 392 371 397 314 236 300 290 290 268 218 137 136

- $ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

444,891 254,254 182,678 167,247 135,406 130,992 125,827 120,507 114,848 110,659 110,417 98,725 88,258 88,093 72,523 70,795 67,521 59,473 54,359 31,534 30,128 29,208 24,868 23,322 21,328 20,366 18,025 14,293 13,720 13,618 13,200 13,169 12,168 9,929 6,207 6,166

Total General Purpose Funds


Annual Campaign Al and Wendy Bryan Fund for the Annual Campaign Frances Olson Special Purpose Fund for the Annual Campaign Cecille Shtabsky Special Purpose Fund for the Annual Campaign Beuerlein Estate and Maguire Trust for the Annual Campaign Thomas Rhatigan Fund for the Annual Campaign Florence Thomas Fund for the Annual Campaign Rick and Nikki Vogel Special Purpose Fund

3,419 1,777 1,252 1,228 540 444 147

- - - - - - -

156,762 82,571 56,910 55,823 24,541 20,191 6,683

Total Annual Campaign Funds




Extracted from the audited financial statements



- 2,798,722




University Hospital Foundation Financial Statements Schedule 1 – Fund Balances - continued Year ended March 31, 2012 Allocated Established Funds Investment Fund Balances Account name Income Distributions End of Year Special Purpose Gilbert K. Winters Fund in support of Severe Infant Skeletal Deformity $ Dorothy and Walter Mackenzie Memorial Fund Dr. R.E. Bell Memorial Fund for a Visiting Professor Lillian Doris Nielsen Fund in support of Diabetes, Pediatric Research Cardiac and Stroke Projects or Programs Stjepan Posavec Fund to benefit Children with Physical Handicaps Sharon C. Lang Brain Tumor Research Fund Jacoba Vanthof Fund in support of Diabetes and Cardiac Research Dr. Claude V. Jamieson and Dr. Heber C. Jamieson Memorial Fund in support of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Research Centre Dr. Robert James Kelly Global Health Memorial Fund Mary M. Bekker Fund in support of Adult Orthopedic Nursing Patricia D. Yates and Arthur D.G. Yates Fund in support of Adult Orthopedic Medicine Tevie and Arliss Miller Fund in support of the Bioethics Centre Dr. Lorne Tyrrell Board Restricted Fund to support the Tyrrell Lectureship in Medical Microbiology and Immunology Michael Shrivell Griffin Memorial Fund Charles McDougall and Sandra Versteeg-McDougall Fund for Senior Urology Resident Award Douglas Arthur Pettitt Memorial Fund in support of Research and Patient Care for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Agnes Y. Fleming Special Purpose Fund to enrich Medical Research Total Special Purpose Funds Total Established Funds


Other General Fund $ General Fund – unallocated investment income Designated Gifts: Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute Other Total Other Funds Total All Funds

11,486 $ 2,457 2,111

16,489 $ 3,445 2,776

521,988 117,090 105,906

1,943 1,832 1,289 1,043

12,079 - 3,762 1,497

88,278 83,268 58,597 47,407

1,021 312 579 577 487

- - - - 673

46,388 32,221 26,341 26,211 23,352

483 289 412

1,409 - -

21,944 19,314 18,809

333 211

- 303

15,113 9,584

26,865 785,226

42,433 1,261,811

$ 1,255,188

- $ -

$ 36,872,158

2,950 $ 13,433,574 - 2,187,032

- 1,786,370 6,365,690 - 2,725,670 23,303,509 - 785,226

4,514,990 45,289,805

$ 5,770,178 82,161,963

Unallocated investment income 2,187,032 Allocated investment income - lotteries 109,848 Total investment income

$ 3,082,106

Invested in capital assets Total net assets




$ 82,395,656

Extracted from the audited financial statements

University Hospital Foundation Financial Statements Schedule 2 – Special Events and Fundraising Revenue and Expenditures Year ended March 31, 2012, with comparative figures for 2011 2012 2011 Revenue Expenditures Excess Excess Revenue Revenue Special events: Lotteries – 2011 / 2010 $ 6,226,548 $ 3,558,861 $ 2,667,687 $ 1,251,235 Lotteries – 2012 / 2011* 4,170 956,309 (952,139) (819,914) Festival of Trees 2,493,084 1,448,012 1,045,072 1,384,783 8,723,802 5,963,182 2,760,620 1,816,104 Capital campaigns: Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute 664,703 - 664,703 1,040,406 Prostate Health Campaign 2,488,016 261,957 2,226,059 $2,566,364 Neurosciences Campaign 2,762,262 94,529 2,667,733 5,914,981 356,486 5,558,495 3,606,770 Fundraising: Established funds 1,106,398 - 1,106,398 664,983 Annual campaign gifts 561,540 - 561,540 486,868 Unrestricted gifts 501,148 - 501,148 302,707 Donor designated gifts 1,636,261 - 1,636,261 1,591,993 Fundraising costs - 1,353,131 (1,353,131) (1,192,853) 3,805,347 1,353,131 2,452,216 1,853,698 $ 18,444,130 $ 7,672,799 $ 10,771,331 $ 7,276,572 * Lottery was in progress at the end of the fiscal year

Schedule 3 – Investment Income Year ended March 31, 2012, with comparative figures for 2011 Externally Endowment restricted Unrestricted Total Total Funds Funds Funds 2012 2011 Interest $ 2,176 $ 699,418 $ 599,756 $ 1,301,350 $ 1,229,396 Dividends - - 845,942 845,942 798,273 Realized gains - - 921,565 921,565 1,165,969 Unrealized gains - - 13,249 13,249 3,031,645

Extracted from the audited financial statements


2,176 $ 699,418 $ 2,380,512 $ 3,082,106 $ 6,225,283



university hospital foundation

2011/2012 donor recognition ‘Legendary’ Couple, Fran and al olson, Honoured

Peter Lougheed Award for the Advancement of Health Sciences The Lougheed Award was created to recognize outstanding community leadership and support that advances medical research and patient care at the University of Alberta Hospital. This is the fourth time the award has been presented since its creation in 1996. For more than 30 years, the University Hospital Foundation has been honoured to work with Al and Fran Olson − as invaluable volunteers, community leaders and generous donors. As well as investing thousands of hours and showing leadership with their financial support, the Olsons have helped shape health care in Edmonton.

Al and Fran Olson received the Peter Lougheed Award for the Advancement of Health Sciences for their dedicated service as volunteers, leaders and generous donors.

”Al and Fran Olson’s contributions to the University Hospital Foundation are legendary – as generous donors, committed volunteers and community leaders they have helped to establish one of the most successful hospital foundations in the country.” W. Guy Scott, Chariman, University Hospital Foundation

In 2012 this legacy was honoured when Al and Fran were presented with the Peter Lougheed Award for the Advancement of Health Sciences. Fran Olson’s relationship with the University of Alberta Hospital began when she was a student nurse. She joined the Foundation’s Board in 1983, and played an important role in bringing the first Festival of Trees to Edmonton in 1985. During her six years as Board Chair, she is credited with transforming the Foundation from passive to a dynamic, highly respected organization. In addition to a long history of donor support, Al Olson shared his tenacity and leadership in the 1990s by chairing the Foundation’s first capital campaign. He served two terms on the Board from 2001 to 2007 and has played integral roles as Chair of the Working Wonders Campaign and as a cabinet member for the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute Campaign and the Campaign for Prostate Health.

The Impact of 20 Years of Giving

Donor Loyalty Recognized To do anything for 20 years requires a special kind of commitment, dedication and sense of purpose; to make donations for that long calls for something else − an unwavering desire to help make a difference. Attendees at the Donor Loyalty Lunch were honoured for their 20 years of devoted giving to the University Hospital Foundation. Their commitment has ensured the consistent community investment required to support leading edge diagnostic and treatment technology, invest in innovative programs and fund invaluable research. Their support helps provide the highest level of patient care and ensures the presence of state of the art resources to attract and retain the best healthcare specialists to Edmonton. Donors who have given to the University Hospital Foundation for 20 years or more were presented with gold pins at a special luncheon in their honour. The support of these loyal donors has contributed to advancements in every area of the University of Alberta Hospital and the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute.



The University Hospital Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following donors, who supported the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the Edmonton Clinic with gifts of $75 and over, from April 1, 2011, to March 31, 2012.

$2,000,000 plus Reinhard & Elisabeth Muhlenfeld

$1,000,000 plus Festival of Trees

$500,000 – $999,999 Matt & Betty-Jean Baldwin

$250,000 – $499,999 T. Bryan Campbell-Hope (Estate) Landmark Group

$100,000 – $249,999 Anonymous Corporation Al Shamal Shrine Temple Betty Drury (Estate) Firefighters Burn Treatment Society Edmonton Chapter John & Barbara Poole Family The Wheaton Family

$100,000 – $249,999 (gift in kind) Shaw Communications Inc.

$50,000 – $99,999 Mervin & Patricia Bielish The J. Armand Bombardier Foundation Canadian Western Bank Capital Power’s EmPowering Communities Program Martin & Sarah Gouin Glen Henschel (Estate) Adelaide A. Hnidan (Estate) Dennis & Terry Hockett Evan Ty Jenkins Pediatric Research Foundation The Dianne & Irving Kipnes Foundation Hameed Nasseri Cliff & Enid Phillips (Estate) Allan & Sally Sawin C.J. Woods, FCA Glenn & Sandra Woolsey

$50,000 – $99,999 (gift in kind) CTV Edmonton Pattison Outdoor Advertising

$25,000 – $49,999 Atmore Community League Hoof-A-Thon William H. Caine (Estate) Paul & Cathy Douglas Roger & Peggy Gouin Rowland & Muriel Haryett Lilly Mueller (Estate) Northwest Rentals Ltd. Scotiabank

Upside Software Inc. The Visnani Family Volvo of Edmonton Paddy Webb and Family Winfield Power Co. Ltd. Dr. Curtis Woods

Sureway Construction Management Ltd. E. Geri Thompson Top-Co J. Angus & Heather Watt William Wilson (Estate) Warren W. & Victoria Wismer Sally Yakimetz

$25,000 – $49,999 (gift in kind) Airsprint Inc., John Hokanson & Dennis O’Rourke Edmonton Sun Global Edmonton Metro News Pattison Outdoor Group

$10,000 – $24,999 (gift in kind) CMH Summer Adventures Citytv Edmonton Cliff Lede Family Foundation Edmonton Journal Lite 95.7 Mousy Browns Rosenau Transport Ltd.

$10,000 – $24,999 Anonymous Rae & Carol Allen Al & Bonnie Balanko Roy & Beverly Bayliss Richard & Barbara Bergstrom Robert & Michelle Bessette Curt Beyer Boston Pizza - Edmonton & Area Shannon Butler & Family Capital Packers Inc./Komarnicki Family Central Alberta Young Guns Golf Foundation comFree Connect Logistics Don Cranston & Nancy Romanow Cranston Delcon Developments John Doyle & Wai-Kuen Doyle Chan Catherine Dunlap (Estate) EllisDon Construction Services Inc. Ernst & Young LLP First Truck Centre Edmonton Inc. Goodkey Show Services Ltd. Norma M. Gordon Investments Glen & Judy Heximer Highland Moving & Storage Ltd. E. (Ben) & Mary Hochhausen John & Susan Hokanson Linda Joyce (Estate) Victor Kalinowski Cliff Lede Family Foundation Verona McGregor The George & Elizabeth Morgan Foundation Novartis Pharma Canada Inc. Randal Oliver Paras Technical Services Inc. RBC Foundation Rexall Foundation Rosenau Transport Ltd. Lisa & Marshall Sadd Sherrick Management Ltd. SHOWTECH Power & Lighting Simon & Martina Sochatsky Sorrell Financial Inc. Dori-Ann Steinberg

$5,000 – $9,999 227835 Alberta Ltd. Wahab & Norma Ali Phyllis A. Arnold Astellas Pharma Canada Inc. Bee Bell Health Bakery Bennett Jones LLP Bruce & Carol Bentley David & Janet Bentley BMO Financial Group Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. Wesley Bogdanski Ursula Buller Burke Group of Companies Ltd. Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities Don & Betty Carlson James Carter & Lorraine Bray John F. Cassidy Comco Pipe & Supply Company Darren & Laurel Durstling Marne Edwards Eng-Con Holdings Ltd. Tom Flanagan & Alice Ward Flanagan Tony & Daniela Franceschini H & H Trenching Ltd. Edward Stidworthy Johnson Donald & Catherine Kelly The Leo J. Krysa Family Foundation Steven & Day LePoole Lloyd Sadd Insurance Ltd. Frank & Agnes Lovsin Kim & Linda Mackenzie Maclab Enterprises Ltd. Kathi MacMillan Sandy & Cecile Mactaggart Hung Chuan Kua & Helen Mak John & Susan Mandrusiak Marted Investments 2008 Inc. Robin Matheson Don & Lorraine Mazankowski Larry & Maureen McDannold Medical Imaging Consultants



$5,000 – $9,999 (gift in kind) 105.9 Shine FM & AM 939 The Light FM Systems Liliana’s Fashions for Today’s Woman Shaw TV Edmonton Sorrentino’s

$2,500 – $4,999

“It’s well known that governments cannot provide for everything. That’s why the work the University Hospital Foundation does is so important. I have seen the impact on patients’ lives. I have seen the difference that donations make.” Beverly Boren Donor and Retired nurse Midlite Powerline Construction Ltd. Adrianus & Marilyn Mol Moxie’s Classic Grill Restaurants George E. & Alice Mucha Myshak Sales & Rentals Ltd. The Austin S. Nelson Foundation Oxygen Products Ltd. John & Joan Prociuk R. B. Williams Industrial Supply Ltd. Lorraine Rand RDT Holdings Inc. Rescom Inc. Bruce A. Saville Sawmill Restaurant Group and Tom Goodchild’s Moose Factory Scandinavian Building Services Sonepar Canada Inc. Dr. Wayne & Oksana Tymchak Union 52 Benevolent Society Paul A. J. Vallee & Family Dr. Joe & Darlene Vassos Andrea Vavrek Bonspiel for HOPE Shaohua Wang Professional Corporation Dr. Robert & Suzanne Welsh Yachimec Group Horst & Gisela Zimmermann


Anonymous ATCO Group Justice John & Ruth Agrios Dr. Paul & Beverley Armstrong Drs. Stephen & Fiona Bamforth Bionic Golf Tournament Blackjack Investments Ltd. Eugene & Mavis Buckland Greg & Carol Cameron Canadian Association for the Elimination of Tuberculosis Capital Oilfield Equipment Inc. Caplink Financial Corporation Catherine & Robert Copeland Scout Cowan Christine & Peter Dirksen Dolce Vita Homes LP Drayden Insurance Limited Vernon & Donna Dubinsky Fairley Erker Advisory Group Melinda & Eric Falkenberg-Poetz Ronald & Mary Fath Felesky Flynn Alice Gaydar Ray Goodfellow Douglas & Joanne Goss Hi Tech Heat Treating Ltd. Fred & Dorothy Hodgson Thomas & Tania Hong ING Insurance Company of Canada IRISNDT Shenaz & Azim Jeraj Ihor John Kaminsky KB Industrial Mechanics Ltd. Bill & Grace Knight Gerben Land Kenneth & Lily Lau Robert MacDonald & Heather Stang Robert & Carol Manning Judy Mannix Rob McAlpine Dr. Michael & Anne Murphy New Pine Creek Community Association Mark & Roxanne Ohe Al & Fran Olson Constantin Papadimitropoulos Park Memorial Funeral Home Jerry & Midge Smolyk Parkwood Group of Companies Raymond & Marlene Peets Clarence & Elizabeth Preitz The Rain Man Irrigation & Plumbing Ltd. Garry & Joyce Rathgeber Rob & Beth Reynolds


Jatinder Singh (Jay) & Lata Riat Seleca Enterprises Corp. Ltd. James & Cheryl Sheard Sissons Enterprises Corp Stantec Inc. Talecris Biotherapeutics Kelly & Whitney Tkachuk University of Alberta Hospital Staff Charities Fund Veyance Technologies Canada Inc. John & Laura Walter John Wild & Jan Marlow-Wild Robert A. Wilson Ralph & Gay Young John Zigarlick

$2,500 – $4,999 (gift in kind) Cory Christopher - First Choice Tree Nursery & Garden Centre Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Daniela & Tony Franceschini David Kunyk Mediaco The Presentation Company Moms, Dads & Kids and Lexus of Edmonton Planet Organic Market Edmonton Jasper Avenue Priority Mechanical RBC Royal Bank Edmonton Commercial Markets Royal Treats Ltd. SHOWTECH Power & Lighting

$1,000 – $2,499 Anonymous (4) 783 (Calgary) Wing RCAFA Aecon-Lockerbie Industrial Inc. Wallace & Edna Affolder Alberta Blue Cross Alberta Traffic Supply Ltd. A. M. (Al) Alm ALTYP Welding & Fabricating (1983) Ltd. Rustom Appoo Argus Machine Co. Ltd. Helen Arnott Helen Art Associazione Trevisani nel Mondo Mike & Lisa Bacchus Jean Bachinsky Dennis & Betty Bailey Steve Baker Ron & Arda Baltzan Bankers & Traders Insurance Brokers Inc. Claude & Karin Bara Marion Barclay Spencer Beach James & Loreen Belovich Richard G. Bergstrom Prof. Corp. Kenneth & Leone Biggs Dr. Arthur Blades John & Jennifer Bocock John Boonstra Beverley Boren

John Broderick Robert & Joan Bruce Ivan & Josephine Bubalo Dr. Jake Burlet & Jennifer Wood Adrian Burns Gisele Burns Donna Burton Dr. Ken Butcher Bernard Caffaro Neil & Beverly Calhoun CM Service Inc. CRC Wellhead Supply Ltd. Canadian Home Builders’ Association - Edmonton Region Linda Cantlay Can-Tran International Inc. Challenger Homes Inc. Sonia Chies Stephen Christopher Don & Karen Clipperton ColasCanada Inc. Glenda Coleman-Miller Collin Bruce Mortgage Team Joan Collins Comstock Canada Trudy Cormier W. Gordon Coulson The Crossing Company Inc. Crystal Glass Canada Ltd. Jackson & Zenovia Cullis Peter Cunliffe Robert D’Eath Patrick Devaney Edmonton Southgate Lions Club Edmonton Strathcona Lions Club The Edmonton Twin & Triplet Club Armin & Inga Ehlert Benny & Olga Elkow Douglas & Irene Empey Allan Engman Tyson & Eloise Feairs Gordon & Mary Beth Fearn Dr. Richard N. Fedorak Marguerite Fewkes Finning (Canada) Dave Foreman Percy & Isabelle Fraser H. E. Friedrich Henry & Shirley Friesen John & Mavis Gamble Garneau Emergency Medical Services Frank Gaydar Gurwant Gill Henry & Lorraine Gillespie Izzy & Grace Gliener Thomas & Shirley Graham Grandin Agencies Greg Greenough Douglas & Katherine Greenwood Sarabjit Singh Grewal Grey Owl Investments Ltd. Steven & Elizabeth Gulacsi John W. Hagerman Ross & Gwen Harris Lyle & Margaret Hawkins Bill Hawryschuk Phyllis A. Higgins Erwin Hinz

Peter & Allene Hodgson Myrtle Glover-Homenuk & Norman Homenuk David & Judith Hueppelsheuser Edda & George Hunter Harold & Shirley Jacobsen Wolfgang Jaeger Kanwal & Shubdarshan Jawanda Lois Jenkins Drs. Jeffrey Jirsch & Katerina Maximova Joan Joberty Jocelyn Kennedy Accessories David & Mary Judge Dr. Sanjay Kalra Victor Kennedy Marcel & Theresa Kerckhof Bruce Keyowski Alison King Albert & Madeleine Kok Dr. Arvind & Arti Koshal Frank & Olga Kostersky Albert & Hazel Kranenburg Orest & Ellen Krywiak Ellen & Don Kuchinski Lafarge Brian Lakebold Martin & Shirley Larson Joyce & Richard Law Suzanne Lazorko-Connon Marlene & Chiong Lee Lehigh Inland Cement Ltd. Thelma Helen Lenart Lincolnberg Homes Ltd. London Drugs Ltd. R. G. G. MacArthur Prof. Corp. Mary Machum Malcolm MacLean Jonathan MacNeil Lucille MacPherson David & Helen Maczala Makloc Buildings Inc. Shawn Mannix & Rachelle Grado O. Marko Paul & Lori Martens W.R. Wayne Martin, MD, FRCPC Martin Equipment Leonila Mateo Wendy Matheson Max & Joyce McCann Lillian McEwen Wayne & Marlatt McMillan Melcor Developments Ltd. Robert A. Meltzer Ken & Linda Merchant Steven Meyer Prof. Corp. Millar Western Forest Products Ltd. Arliss Miller Dr. Dennis Modry & Lana Wowk Marion Molesky John & Nicole Moquin Morguard Investments Ltd. Dr. & Mrs. John C. Mullen Murtha Trucking Ltd. Javaid & Henrietta Naqvi Larry & Deanna Nemirsky Noralta International Norseman Group Ltd.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church Alice Palmer Didar S. Pannu & Family Dave Parker Dennis & Barbara Pasula Dr. Ian Paterson George Patton Dr. Kenn Petruk Lynn & Roy Pettitt Jeff & Jackie Polovick Jim H. Pon In Memory of Bob Poohkay John & Armella Poole ProAlta Gas Alberta Ltd. Vernon & Anita Puzey Henry & Leona Quinlan Dr. Ivan M. Rebeyka Red Earth Steam & Clean Red Willow Colony M. Joan Reid Irene Richardson Timothy Riegel Prof. Corp. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Dr. Ted Roberts Michael Rose Dr. David & Rachel Ross Norman Rousseau Royal Alexandra Hospital Medical Staff Society Carl & Lorraine Rusnell Ivor & Deborah Ruste Rycor Holdings Ltd. Jeff Saponja Robert & Doreen Schaufele Josephine Shapko Yasmin Shivji & Family George G. Shreeves Orville & Rosemary Sinnott Sir Alexander MacKenzie School Skeg Enterprises Daniel & Mary Slaght Special Events (digital) Photo Inc., a Division of Avonlea Photography Studio Inc. Douglas & Vera Smeall Raymond & Judy Smitke Dr. Penelope Smyth & Versailles Graham Stahl Peterbilt Dr. Malcolm & Christine Stewart Overhead Door Company of Edmonton/John & Dianne Storey A. L. Stroehlein Tanks Direct Ross & Verna Tate Dr. Dylan & Elaine Taylor Barry & Diane Thomlinson Bryan & Donna Tink Topa Transport Total-R Insulation Solutions Frank Travnik Tammy Twerdohlib D. J. (Lorne) & Lee Ann Tyrrell United Nurses of Alberta Local 301 Peter & Christine Van Moll vrse design inc.

Hermann Waggeling Don Wall Wal-Mart Canada Corp. Dave Weidner Western Oilfield Equipment Lawrence D. Winter Mike & Britta Yasinski John M. Young

$1,000 – $2,499 (gift in kind) ATB Financial The Artworks BSN Medical Inc. Bowers Medical Supply Brianna Hughes Photography Canyon Creek Soup Company Colleen Christie Dunvegan Gardens Edmonton Eskimos Football Club First General Services Floc Boutique Flowers in the Park Fred Katz Fine Art Photography Graham & Lane Florist Ltd. K-Bro Linen Systems The King’s University College Lord’s Shoes Mac’s Wines Spirits Beer Moriganagh McNally & Terri McNally Sharon Monk Mr. Lube - Robin & Cliff Giese Pear Tree Fashion Boutique Jennifer Ndiaye priMED Medical Products Inc. Stanec Inc. Sturgeon County Family and Community Support Services Thread Hill Boutique Trinity Woodworks

$500 – $999 Anonymous Anonymous Corporation 1464799 Alberta Ltd. Garry & Dolores Acres Jack & Jeannie Agrios Agrium Inc. Al-Terra Engineering Ltd. Garvin & Kay Anderson Jerry Anderson Jeff Anhelher Dr. Khalid Ansari David & Elizabeth Antoniuk Randy & Barb Arrowsmith Frances Auger Don & Barbara Ausman Douglas & Frances Baines Joseph Balen Sonia Batt Joseph Bedford & Susan Williams Percy & Madlin Beebe Bellatrix Exploration Ltd. Belton Cat Service Norbert & Rosemary Biever Susan Binkley William Bissonnette Dr. Len & Barbara Bistritz

Dr. Guy Blais & Elaine Warren-Blais Mark Blezard & Mary Herauf Kulminder Kaur Bolina Romeo Boutin Doreen Bowering Bob & Sheryl Bowhay Ted & Jennifer Bradshaw Bert & Edna Braiden Donald Brandenburg Brandette Well Servicing Ltd. Barry & Angela Breadner Ervin Bredenfeld Leif-Erik Bredesen Keith & Donna Bresee Dr. David Bundle Larry Burden Alice & Jack Burlet Dean & Danielle Burns Ann Cackett Peter & Patricia Caffaro Josephine Campbell Charles & Yolanda Campbell Canada ICI Capital Corporation Canadian Institute for Health Information Frank & Lori Caputo Allen J. Carter G. & Judy Cassidy Peter & Florence Cheung Dr. Michael Chow Brian Chrapko Dr. Harold Chyczij & Cathy Flood Mike & Sue Conroy Richard Coyle & Heather Nicolay Neil Craig D & D Energy Services Ltd. DDR Excavating F. Mae Deans Keith Denman Gabor & Helen Dezse Discount Dave’s Ltd. Helen Dodds M. & Lamberta Doesburg Dryco Building Supplies Inc. Edmonton Division James & Margaret Dudley Dr. & Mrs. Neil F. Duncan William C. Dunn Curtis Dylke The Economical Insurance Group Lawrence & Ann Edel Clarence & Delaine Elle Robert & Loretta Engley Dennis & Doreen Erker John Evans Roy & Mary Everest Shereen Ewanchook Gary Fakeley Enterprises Ltd. Adrian Ann Fankhanel R. Allan Farmer Professional Corporation Brian & Gail Faulkner Robert & Ruth Finch Dr. J. Max & Sheila Findlay Marie Flock Alice N. Frith Hans & Keiko Frueh Kenneth Fung



Myrna & Jock Fyfe G. & E. Pharmacy Ltd. James Gaudet Dennis & Donna Geherman Mike & Betty Gibbins Li Giebelhaus Judy Giese Rajwant & Baljinder Gill Jeet & Raj Gill Irwin Goertzen Janet Gojmerac Eppy Graf Kathy & Ross Grieve and Family Dr. Donald Gross & Alayne Spafford Nicholas Grygus Robert & Jeanne Guerin Lance & Christine Guse Robert & Sharon Guzak Milton & Wendy Halvarson Jody Harris Robert Hawkins Dr. Zenia Hawrysh Bruce & Karin Heming John & Margaret Hilborn A. Christy Holtby & Marc A. Carnes Milton & Barbara Horricks Nick Humeniuk William Hurwitz Hutterian Brethren Church of Pine Haven Hutterian Brethren Church of Vegreville Hydro Vacuum Oilfield Services Ltd. ICS Group Inc. Ideal Contract Services Ltd. Victor & Martha Inions Ironworkers Local 720 Edward & Winnie Jackson Christopher Jenkin Kurt Jeske James Jesphersen Byron & Marcy Johnson Roy Jutzi Kalar Enterprises Ltd. Paul & Kathleen Kam Clayton & Luella Kennedy Dr. Raymond Kennedy Harold M. Kingston Professional Corporation Daniel & Marilyn Klemke George & Nora Knowles Murray & Karey Koch The Korea Veterans Association of Canada Inc. Judith Korschow Mary Kozak Joseph & Trudy Kueber Mary Kuznetsov Philip Lachambre & Cathy MacDonald R. Anthony Lant Mary Laviolette James & Roxane Lawrence David Lee Nancy Lee


Harley & Celia Lehr Marilyn Lemay Mary Lewchuk Clayton & Betty Lifeso Lift Interactive John D. Lindblad (Estate) Bill Lindsay / Lindsay Holdings A. E. Lipinski Robert W. Losie Allan & Donna Lundell Dr. Thomas Mueller & Valerie Luyckx Cindy Lyda M & M The Supercleaners M & Z Industrial Supply Ltd. Richard S. MacLean Danielle MacNeil Madsen’s Custom Cabinets (1983) Ltd. John Manson Gene & Patricia Mark Edward & Muriel Marks The Masonic Foundation of Alberta Brenda Masson Theresia Matthijssen Darrell & Susan McBain McBain Camera Ltd. Martin McBean Michael McKay John S. McKean Peter & Andrea Metcalfe Wally & Rita Mills Jack & Donna Minsky Ervin & Laurie-Anne Missikewitz Mohamed Mohamed James & Celestine Montgomery Greg Moorehead Suzanne Moquin-Vani Manuel & Maria Morado Maureen & Jim Moran Mary Anne & David Morrison Judith & Cliff Morrison Marion Morstad Dr. Leendert P. Mos Mohammed & Susan Moussa Jean Moyer James & Susan Muir William & Mary Myndiuk Bernice Myshak Dan Naidu Mario & Tanya Narzt Dr. Andrew Nataraj Norsen Management Inc. Donald Nykiforuk Elsie Nykyfork Ogilvie LLP Dr. Cian O’Kelly & Melanie Bodnar Collin & Rose Marie Oliver Pagnotta Industries Inc. Kurian Panjikaran Keeshav Pareek Robert Parker Peace Hills Trust Company Wendy Branting & Ken Pederson Gordon & Carole Pennell Lloyd & Patricia Perkins


Petrocom Construction Ltd. Dean & Deanne Philips Edward Pon Norman & Roberta Poole Carl & Grace Primus Robert & Anita Pritchard Daryl & Joy Procinsky Pro-V Mfg. Inc. Gerald & Misty Pruner Dr. Jeffrey A. Pugh Dorothy & Gordon Purvis May Quon John Radench RAE Engineering & Inspections Ltd. Dean & Vermuda Rafuse Douglas & Susan Ramsay Peter & Pauline Rawlek Dr. Ian C. Reid Anne Resek Eleanor Rice Arthur & Shirley Richter Ronald Riopel Gordon & Rosina Robertson George Robinson Rodeco Ltd. Alice Romaniuk Glenna Isabel Roper (Estate) Harold G. Roth Professional Corporation Christel Rottach Stephen Rowan Royal Purple of Canada Edmonton Lodge #22 William Rynsburger Raymond & Margaret Sampert Glen Scherger Dr. Eric & Elexis Schloss Scorpio Masonry Bruce Sembaliuk Senior Citizens Club 55 of Edmonton Chander Sharma Shaw Communications Inc. Ben & Florence Shikaze Kayla Shoctor Bruce & Gail Simpson Craig Simpson Francis & Greta Sitwell Rosemarie Skagos Larry & Laura Skolney Robyn & Betty Lou Sloan Henry & Victoria Slowski The Reverend Robert W. Smith Eric Spice Sandra & Don Sprague Edward Staniforth & Gloria Gallant Dr. David Steinke David Stewart Storvold Consulting and Inspection Services Ltd. Strathcona Mechanical Ltd. Kathleen & Otto Strausz Asim Syed Doreen Tanghe Edwin Tappauf Farms Ltd. Dianne M. Tomm & Doug Lunty

Laurie Trahan Lionel M. Troyer (Estate) Margaret Tse Walter & Hazel Tymofichuk Alan & Joan Vanterpool Chris & Barbara Varvis Peter & Maria Varvis Elizabeth Vetsch Voice Construction Ltd. Stanley & Leanne Walter Richard & Marilynn Walters Dave & Corinne Warwaruk Waterloo Ford Lincoln Sales Ltd. Valerie Wensel Clifford & Grace Werner Melvin Wesley & Roberta Munyon Westgate Chevrolet Ltd. Wide Sky Disposals (1989) Ltd. Dan & Bunny Widney Donald & Janet Wiltshire Dr. Eric Wong Mary Wong Newton Wong Tom & Debra Wooding Woody’s Pub and Cafe Ltd. David & Janet Wright Erin & Stacey Wright Dr. Hafizah & Atiyah Yahya Dr. Walter & Kay Yakimets Cynthea & Corey Yestal Yogalife Inc.

$500 – $999 (gift in kind) The Barony of Borealis Patricia Blizman Boston Pizza CUPE Local 3550 - Edmonton Public Schools Support Staff Campus Tower Suite Hotel Dawson Wallace Construction Ltd. Florists Supply Ltd. Grower Direct - Heather de Kok Eden Lilly Lori’s Country Cottage Bernice Nahayowski Popeye’s Supplements St. Albert Sadie’s Pet Stop South Town Hyundai Wolski Design Group Write-On Stationers Supplies Inc.

$250 – $499 Anonymous (2) ATB Financial AUPE Local 54 Chapter 1 Accent Heating Service Experts Stan & Arlene Adair Agency 35 Whitemud Lorraine Albert Alberta Newsprint Company Edward & Dorothy Allan Ken Ambrose H.M. & M.E. Anderson Lyle Anderson

Norman Anderson Shannon Andrews Aqua Air Systems Ltd. AREME Chapter #11 Order of the Eastern Star Sheldon K. Arends Gordon & June Ash Dr. Gurcharan S. & Gurdev K. Attariwala Linda Auriat Bill & Olli Bagshaw Joseph & Arlene Baker Balance Media Ltd. Mark & Elizabeth Bamford Helmut & Adele Banasch Jaspal & Neha Bansal Janice Barbour Barcomp Petroleum Dean Barkwell John & Irene Basaraba Baseline Lodge #198 Phillip & Ruth Batten Jeff & Lorna Battershill David L. & Gloria Belcher Youssef & Najoua Ben Diaf Glen Beniston John & Carol Benson Jay Berg Jerry Berg Fred Bergner Max & Annabel Berretti Sigismund & Elsa Biel Douglas Bingham & Shelia Janke-Bingham Frank & Gwyneth Blackwell Josef Blattler John & Ruth Boessenkool Dennis & Pat Borduzak Rob Bourgouin John Bouwman Greg Bowen Christine Bowlby J. Robert & Stella Bown Gordon Brandly James & Patricia Briggs Keith Brown Raymond & Glynnis Bruce Gunter & Edna Bruckmann Patricia Brunet Peter & Leanne Bryan Bud’s Welding & Maintenance Ltd. Patricia Bugarin Whitmore Burgess Edward Burrows Steve Bursey Dr. Jeffrey & Ilene Burton Mary Burton Lawrence & Corrine Buzak CF Reclamation & Water Service CGI Group Inc. Richard & Gillian Caldwell Alanna Calhoun & Keith Falk Jim & Jean Campbell W.G. Campbell Prof. Corp. Canadian Transplant Association Bertal Carey Jeanne & Paul Chailler

Alice Chan Calvin & Colleen Chapotelle Luigi & Honorina Chies Clara Chin Raymond & Viola Cholowski Drs. Jonathan Choy & Isabelle VonderMuhll Darrell Christenson Judith Christie Annie Christman Chuck Anderson Trucking Clan McGregor Audrey Clark Diana Clark Ronald & M.K. Clark John & Deirdre Clarke Dr. Patricia D. Clements Shane & Teresa Clouston Debra Coffin Dr. John Colter Peter & Yvonne Conroy Alan Cooke Dean & Carmelle Cooper Dr. David Coté Len & Lee Crawford Rick & Nikki Crook Geoffrey & Laurel Cunnington Lyle & Margaret Currie Louis & Gladys Dacosta Henry Danderfer Lois Darkes Sheila Davidson Roberta Davis Laverne Dehek Hans & Ursula Delfs Christopher & Elsie Demuynck Marguerite Denman Kalwant K. Deol & Family Dhian Dhami Clarence & Donna Diachuk Jacob Dimitroff L. & E. Doré Ken & Iris Drever Peter Duckett Lawrence & Eileen Duffin Dorothy Duguid Denise Dunn Patti Durocher Lillian D. Eastman Peter Edgar Darryl & Donna Edinga Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. Lorraine Edwards Bernice Eikeland Blake & Darlene Elliott James & Romana Ellis Jeannette Ellis George O. Evenson George & Zdena Fadrny Michael Farris Walter & Ann Fedorak Jose & Natalia Ferreira Dr. Adeline Fiorillo Chui Fong Footprint Developments Inc. Loriane Forth Christine Fraser Grace Frey

John & Mary Friesen Morley & Janice Gabert Gaspro Compression Vincent & Patricia Gatti Bernie Gaumont J. Geoffrey & Maureen Anderson Gordon & Joan Gerdes Walter & Viola Gerlach Albert G. Gibbs Shirley Gifford Kashmir & Bhuvinder Gill George & Lena Goertzen Louis & Charlotte Golka Graham & Lane Florist Ltd. Mary Jane Graschuk Gwen Gray Irene Gray James & Sylvia Gray Charles & Kathryn Green Olga Greenhough Ken Greenwood Dr. Paul Greenwood Parminderjit Grewal George Gromada J. Richard Grynoch Joseph & June Gunning HFP Acoustical Consultants Corp. Alva Hanewich Debra Hanson Health Sciences Association of Alberta Jeff & Cori Henkelman Noni Herchen James & Mary Hewlett Judith Hibberd William J. Hill Lois M. Hingley Simon & Catherine Ho Larry Hoar Robert & Edna Holland Barry & Linda Holmes John & Lillian Holowaty John Holowchak Homestead Transport Ltd. John & Leni Honsaker Michele Horne Gladys Eleanor Hornland Arlene Hosford Melonie Humphreys Hutterian Brethren Church of Donalda Michael Hynes Richard & Grace Hyslop IBI Group Thekkethil & Annie Idicula Dr. R.G. Ironside Iris & John Isbister Isphara Ellaurie Prof. Corp. J. V. Enterprises N.W.T Ltd. Ernie & Barb Jacobson Brian Jantz Jardins Gardens Allie Jaskiw Avis Johnson Karen Johnson Christine Johnston Roger & Inga Jones Sylvia Joyce

Al & Marlene Jungwirth Kaleido Works Don & Gloria Kallis Dr. Ali Kapasi Paul & Deborah Kay George & Erna Kaye Mary Kenyon Robert Keys Lily Kho Lorreen Kichton Philip & Kathryn Kildal Dr. Daniel & Millie Kim Ken & Mae Kirkpatrick Simon & Tracy Knight Michael Kopp Karon Kosof Andrew Kotun Harry Krawchuk Karl Krohn Harvey Kryzanowski Dr. Bohdan & Sylvia Kuzyk A.L. Roy Kvarnberg Kydaco Enterprises Inc. Gregory Kydd Darshan & Pritam Lall Burton Lammie Robert & Edna Lamport Edmund & Darlene Langlois Patricia Lau S. & J. Laurion Ltd. Dr. Adriana Lazarescu Loretta Lee Robert Lee K. & Darlene Lemay Laudy & Doreen Lickacz Dr. Dale Lien Robert & Martha Lindsay Walter & Elizabeth Litousky Laurence Yiu Chuen Lo Joachim Loh John Lore Carrie Loyk Gerald & Peggy Lucas George & Helen Lum-Kam Catalina Luna My Ly Donald & Nancy MacDermott Dr. Giles F. MacDonald John & Marilyn MacDonald Shirley MacGowan Neil MacPherson Ernest & Frances Malacko Bill & Vivian Manson Joseph & Joan Margel Robert & Eva Elizabeth Marshall Shauna Martin Dan & Gail Marusiak Norman & Lillian Matthews Daniel & Mavis Mazeppa Hugh & Madge McColl James McConaghie Alma McConnell Janet McCormick Albert & June McDonald Don & Esther McDonald Stan & Diane McDougald McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd. Vivian McElhinney



John McJannett Catherine McKelvey Doreen McLean Jack & Gertrude McLean Allan & Loretta McNeill Martin & Carol McRae MDC Consulting Rob Meisinger Luis Mendoza Dorville G. Meyer John & Ursula Meyer Dr. Steven Meyer Don Milliken Clarence Miskiw William & Isabel Monea Arnold & Alice Moon Kevin & Angela Moore Bob & Joanne Moran Allan Morison Cecilia Morken Morrows Homes Inc. Ken & Wendy Motiuk Mr. Pin Man Inc. George Mueller Donna Muhlbeier Donald Mullin William G. Mundy Kimberly Murdock Oz Myhre Katherine Mykyte Dr. Jayan & Jessica Nagendran Michelle Nairn Donald & Joyce Nakonechny Charles Neill Esther Neill Daniel J. Nelson Garry & Laura Nelson Marjorie Nelson Peggy Nesbitt Margaret Nesbitt Pearl Neumann Lanette Nieboer Patricia Nielson Jagdish & Manju Nikhanj Norette Oilfield Services (2005) Inc. Dennis & Diana Nykyforuk Mike Ochran, Sr. Anne N. Ogbeide Prof. Corp. Ed & Paulina Ogloza Mee Ja Oh Peter & Lydia Olineck Michael Olinek Olio Inc. Harold & Diana Oliver Blair O’Neill Cathy & Dale Osborne Marlene Pain Palabok House Resturant Part Stop Auto and Industrial Pastoral Care Services, University of Alberta Hospital Aleda Patterson Gerhard & Elizabeth Paukstat Chris Joel Peirson Darryl Penner Marlene Penner Allan Perkins Yvonne Perrin


Victor Perron Harold Perryman Willie & Susan Peters Jeanette Peterson Ulli Pietsch Pine Street School Pipe Quest Projects Ltd. Laurie Pisesky Playmore Table & Games Joan Porter Kelly & Charlene Potter Robin & Elayne Powell Keith Prime Henry & Gloria Publicover Dorie Pushalik Qi Creative Inc. Kevin Quang Harry & Emily Quinn Mary Quinnell Richard Rachubinski Edward Rake Carol Reimer Renegades Farmers’ Market Association Gordon & Evelyn Robertson Henri Rodier Diana Rodopoulos Stephen & Ingrid Rose Rhonda Rosychuk T. Howard & Karen Rumball Lawrence & Lillian Ruptash Ryco Hydraulics Inc. Jim Sackrider Olga P. Safranovich Marten Sales Dr. Allan & Mrs. Dorothy Salter Cheryl Salvador Earl & Joan Sargeant Harvey & Anna Saskiw Lily Schellenberg Allan & Doris Schindeler Dr. Kenneth & Brenda Schmidt John Schueller Frank & Elisabeth Schwab Terry Seaborn Allan & Betty Seib Shanahan’s Limited Partnership Shirley Shanks Charles E. Shaul James & Marcia Shaw Douglas & Barbara Shearer Shearwall Triforce Inc. Zafar & Nadia Sheikh Paul Shelby Sherwood Golf & Country Club John & Angelina Silveira Silver Creek Colony Farming Co. Ltd. James & Rosemary Sim Saraswati & Bijendra Singh Simron Singh Michelle Skogstad Ken & Annette Skoropad Dr. Michael & Olga Skuba Bryan Slinn Ian & Audrey Sloan Kenneth & Judy Smallwood Lawrence & Doreen Smillie Donald & Carol Smith


George Smyl Pang Fay & Maggie So Tristan Sommerfeld Leroy & Karen Sonnenberg William & Patty Sowa Dr. Leigh Sowerby Peter Staciuk Starburst Creative Terik States Nigel & Shelly Stevens Kimberly Stewart William & Brenda Stewart Douglas Stollery Stypula Farms Nora Suarez Gail Subchuck David & Louise Syme Ed & Kathy Tachynski Fred Tarlton Tartan Projects Inc. Robert Tatz Katherina Thiessen Blake Thorarinson Jeff Tonken Topco Oilsite Products Ltd. Lorne & Dorella Topley TransCanada Corporation Ed & Eva Trott Darryl Trueman Harold & Emilie Tucker (Estate) Harold & Marie Tumbach Vector Communications Ltd. Victory Interior Systems Inc. Donald Vivyurka Phyllis Voytechek Wabasca Desmarais Lions Club Wayne & June Wagner Dana & Shelley Wannamaker Monte & Cynthia Waronek Allen L. Webster Blayne & Karen Weidner Henry H. Weins Mel & Della Wells Bill & Linda Werny Robert White James & Theresa Wiesner Fred Wildy Willmore Wealth Planners Kevin D. Willsey Graeme & Hilda Wilson Herbert Wong Phillip Wong Ping & Lai Wong Winnie Wong Dennis & Sharon Worobec Keiko Yao Henry & Louisa Yeung Heather Yewchuk Allen Young Graeme & Ann Young Gregory Young John & Kimberly Young Samuel Young & Winnie Yiu-Young Zayak’s Electric Ltd. Lloyd Ziegler Joan Zylak

$250 – $499 (gift in kind) Anonymous 59th Greenfield Wolf Cubs and Beavers Artsmith Communications Black & Bold Apparel Body by Bennett Rose Carmichael Coby Cernes & Colleen Stewart Classic Rooms Beryl Cooper Coup Boutique The Delf Group Extra Special Flowers Firefighters Burn Treatment Society – Edmonton Chapter Jennifer Gray Bridget Hanna Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Dale Martin Gail Millard, Pat Schesnuk & Isobel Bilyk Tom Newton - Highlight Construction Salsbury Greenhouse Darcy Scott Shades of Grey Boutique Shaw Conference Centre St. Augustine School Marlene Tomusiak The Urban Scrapbook Inc. Urban Underground Solutions Inc. Vintage Petals Tea House Windscape Clothing Designs Inc.

$150 – $249 Anonymous AMA Friends and Co-workers of Judy Ann Kalynchuk Steven & Rita Achtymichuk Clement & Margaret Adam David Adam Betty Adams Alberta Exchanger Ltd. Fred & Joyce Allen Shaune Allen Gulzar & Samash Amlani Cliff Anderson Glen & Barb Anderson Bradley Andreeff Gene Armstrong Mahandam Dastouri & Mohmoud Asadi Surjit Atwal Richard Aussant Suresh & Neeru Avasthi Antonio & Dulce Azevedo B.S.L. Machine Ltd. Doug & Elianne Babiy Jasjeet Bachhal Victor & Shona Baier Abe Baker Nick Balon Samuel Barry & Ursula Banasch Ida E. Banks Rikie Baribeault

Wilbert & Verna Barkman Raymond & Joan Barth Judy Bateman Antony & Ann Bawol Jerry Beaudette Paul & Susy Beaudoin Allan Bell Donald Bertrand Donna & Felix Berube Madhu & Sundri Bhambhani Rose Bischoff Alex Blais Margarete Blunck Hugh & Donna Boates Adriana W. Boender Rolanda Boer Leonard & Colleen Bohn Paul-Emile & Gladys Boisvert Grace Bokenfohr Jaime Borduzak George & Colette Bosnyak Ed Boulay John & Doreen Bourchier Sonia Bouvier Marc & Sonja Braim Dean & Aimee Branting Joann Bridge Emma Brinson Larry & Laraine Brocke Jean Brooks Pam Brown Elva Bruce Gordon & Karin Bryan Jeanette Budzinski Henry & Margit Bueckert Edward & Ava Butterworth Don & Marilyn Byers John Byrne CDN Power Pac Electrical / Mechanical Lowell & Kathleen Calder Brian & Patricia Caldwell Calfrac Well Services Ltd. Kathleen Cameron Harry & Roselea Campbell Carl R. Carcarewicz Robert Cargill Ken & Mary Carleton The Carpet Studio Inc. Simone Carriere Gerald & Betty Ann Carter Phillip & Verrea Castonguay Harold Caudron Trucking Cavalier Industries Ltd. Central Alberta Child & Family Services Dr. Donald & Donna Chadsey Eddie Chan & Patricia Wong George Chan Joe Chan & Alice Mah Michael Chan Trevor Chan Po-Sheng Chen Gerald & Sandra Cherot Walter Chimera Robert & Joyce Choate Orest & Elsie Choban Dwayne & Susan Chomyn Carl Christensen

Dale & Linda Christensen Robert Christensen Robert & Elsie Christie Christmas Exchange Zbigniew & Marguerite Chrzanowski Rosinna Chung Hobert Clark Richard Clark Douglas Clarke Richard C. Clayton Ronald & Grace Clayton Nicholas Stuart & Patricia Cleary-Stuart Bruce Cockburn L. Jean Coglon Norman & Marilyn Cohen Robert & Katherine Coleman Greg & Arlene Collins Kathleen M. Collinson Prof. Corp. Robert & Rosemarie Collis Giuseppe & Silvana Colosimo Conservative Metal Fabrication Ltd. Patricia Cooper Jose & Zelia Cordeiro Earl & Eileen Cornfield Dan Correia Arlene Couves Anne Couy Craig & Cathie Cowan Fred & Barbara Cox Reginald Crawford Shane Crawford Creative Door Services Ltd. Tod Creech Christy Creek Contracting Ltd. Douglas Cridland Interior Design Norman & Doris Cromarty Elizabeth Cuyler Carlos & Delores Da Silva Judith Da Silva Bob Dale Oilfield Construction Ltd. Ivo Dalla Lana John Dalley Anne Dannenmann Ernest Davis Gertie Dean Jo Ann Debenhom Dr. Roland & Louise Decosse Lindsay & Ruby Deeprose Anthony & Sylvia DeFord Del-ene Contracting Ltd. Bernice Denny Gloria C. DeRudder Faizal Dharshi Craig Docherty Larry Doolittle J. Dorey Farms Ltd. Dotcalm Ventures Ltd. Clare & Dolly Drake Lori Dumonceau Maurice Dumont & Linda Wright Pat Duperron Douglas & Monique Duval Wolfgang & H. Dyckerhoff Howard Easton Costa & Barbara Economopoulos

Edmonton Motors Ltd. Employees Association Edmonton Musculoskeletal Centre Ltd. Edmonton Northlands Ellarm Investments Ltd. Martin & Patricia Enokson Marion Erick Rae Erickson Sandy Esch Marguerite Esper Paul & Donna Ewanciw Marshall Ewaskiw Falher Drugs Ltd. Dwayne Faulkner Daryl & Leslie Fenrich Dr. Joseph Fernando Keith & Margaret Ferrier Bill Fewings Jean & Gloria Filiatrault Ferdinand Filiplic David Findlay William & Thora Flannery Arnold & Dorothy Follinglo Allan Foote Terry Footz Harvey Ford & Lillian Romaniuk-Ford Rose Fowler Cathy Fraser Joseph Fraser Garry & Leona Frederick Daniel & Sandra Frey Garth & Florence Fryett Lorne Fyten Hilda Gaal Terrence & Faith Gabert Analyn Gabinete Dennis Gagné Bernard & Marilyn Gagnon Joseph & Nandi Gajadhar John & Anne Galiwoda Cecil Galloway Stephen Gawlinski William & Shirley Gaylard Elaine Geddes Wai Gee The Honourable Don & Margaret Getty Lawrence & Isabelle Giacobbo Raymond & Shirley Gibbs Dawne & Marion Gilchrist Debbie Gilchrist Albert & Doris Giles Tarlochan Gill Richard Gillis Angelo & Maria Giordano Dr. Charles Godberson Ronald & Barbara Goettlicher Robert Golding Bessie Goldstick Filipe Goncalves Michael & Deborah Goodwin Inez A. Gordon Gordon Gould Marty Graham Olwyn Graham Lillian M. Gregory Grynn Contracting Ltd.

“I see our relationship with the University Hospital Foundation as a partnership − improving the community through philanthropy.” Ian McKee, Chair, Firefighters’ Burn Treatment Society – Edmonton Chapter Philip & Rose Guay Erroll & Yvonne Guevara Tammy Halvorson Raymond & Donna Hammer Joan Hanasyk Donald Harasimiuk Gerald Harle Sheila Harper Michael Harris Laura Harrison Allan Hartley Denis J. Haughey James Hawley Anne Haydon Glen Hays Mike Head Kenneth & Jean Heavenor Blaine Heiser Marjorie Henderson Jacob & Ruth Hennig Edwin & Sarah Henry Kenneth Hepp Marilyn Hermanutz Stephanie Herzog John & Ella Hillebrand Margaret Hiller Ed & Marcia Hladunewich Catherine Ho Harry & Muriel Hole Frank & Gloria Holubowich David & Lucy Horbay Judy Hove Agnes Hoveland Patrick Howe Dennis & Beverly Hoybak Allan & Monette Hrynyk Debra Hrynyk Harold & Rena Hrynyk Ed & Ruby Hudson



Robert & Laurel Hudson Keith & Ruth Hughes Atul & Deepali Humar L. Hunter and Family Ruby & Fred Husband Peter & Mary Hutniak Hutterian Brethren Church of Warburg Lynn Hyska Richard Innes Dr. Debra Isaac Bonnie Isaacson Daniel Iwaskow Peter & Mary Iwaskow Jacden Holdings Ltd. E. Jane Jackson Kathleen Jackson Leonard & Janine Jacobs Ann Jagger Janer Consulting Ltd. Violet & Edwin Jantz Mike Jarmoluk Alan Javorsky Ruben Jeffery Sarie Jenkins Marion Jevne Edna I. Jimenez David Joe & Virginia Mace Susan B. Joe Peder & Gudrun Johansen Anna Johnson Arnold & Maxine Jol Roy & Sheila Jones Alfred Jongkind Vic & Ann Juba Dr. Vincent Kadis J. Dignus Kakebeeke Vic & Janet Kaminsky Ganna Kanevets Nabat Kassam Roger Keglowitsch Frank & Mechthilde Keller Denise Kent Mary Keown Gary Kerr Alan & Helen Kidney Cecilia S. Kilar Roy & Margaret Killeen Myung & Seung Kim Barbara L. Kinash Prof. Corp. Peter Kitching George & Thorhild Koebel Carol Brandly & Toshiake Koike Ella Kolm Tom Kolodiazny Terry & Linda Kondas John & Lorraine Korol Ronald & Donna Korpan Gail Koswan George Kovacic Neil & Roma Koziak Mieczyslaw & Sophie Kozlowski Rainer & Gertrud Krapf James & Louise Krissa Andrew & Suzanne Kubicki Bruno Kummetz Michael Kupis Melvyn Kushak


Alan Kuysters Raymond Kwan LRB Plumbing and Heating 2008 Ltd. Lucien & Pierrette L’abbe Claude Labine Daniel & Kim Labossiere Lac Bellevue and District Recreation & Agricultural Society Edmond & Jeannine Lafreniere Keith Lakusta Robert & Caroline Lamont Stephen & Colleen Lamoureux Andrew Lancaster & Sandra Buzza Dale Lanctot Ian & Karen Lande Kelvin & Debbie Langford Kate Larsen Ingrid Larson Neil Larson Irene Lau Ronald & Lynne Lauber Bridget Lawlor Richard Leaker & Sandra Foy Judith Leatherdale R.H. & G.C. Lee Robert & Audrey Lee Dr. John & Mrs. Irene Lefsrud Peter & Anne Lema Helga Lemke Michel & Francine Leroux Sylvie Leung Avron & Helen Levine Ellen Lewis Elva Lewis Nancy Lewis Yu Chu Li & Shun Sheng Lin Irene Lindquist Charles & Gwen Littlewood Jeffrey Loke & Geok Lim Grace Long Yvonne Lorincz Mathilde Lubert Edward & Joyce Lyons Dr. Rod MacArthur Randy MacCallum Michael MacDonald Dr. Douglas MacDougall Dr. Andrew Mackie Scott & Debbie MacLeod Roderick MacPherson & Patricia Gillam Alfred Macyk Phyllis Madiuk Rajeev & Neema Mahant Calvin & Alice Mains Joe & Ruth Makar R.L. & Nimish Manek Donald & Shirley Manning Antoinette Marchand Faron Mardell Dr. Robert S. Margolis Maxine Maron Kenneth & Thelma Marshall Doug & Patricia Marston Carlton & Merle Martin


Stanley & Caroline Martin Alan & Dawn Mason J. Bryan Mason Edward & Teresa Matwichuk Emil Mazankowski Edward & Catherine Mazepa Julia McCann Douglas & Pamela McCarty Kathleen McClellan Norman & Kathy McClellan Darrell & Gayle McClements Ronald & Constance McClung Delmar McCorkle Marieanne McFaull Patricia McKendrick Herbert & Janice McKinnon Ralph & E. Beryl McManus Leeanne McMeckan George Hugh McNally Margaret McNaughton Leslie Meger Raymond & Susanna Megli Zoel & Jeannine Mercier Jenny Michael Anne Michalchuk Keith Mickey Dieter & Kerry Mielke Helen Miller Viola Miller Geri Mitchell-Edwards & Ivor Edwards Marguerite Moonen Walter & Ann Moranetz Samuel & Helen Morie Margaret Morrison Harry & Judy Moss Sonia Mudry Mrs. L. Mullan Earl & Ruth Mulligan Rupert Mullins Don & Jacqueline Murphy Scott & Jean Murray NC Services Group Ltd. Roland Nador Wally Nazarchuk Douglas Neill Wayne & Kathy Nelson Newmont Mining Corporation Ken Newsham Van Da Nguyen Myrtle Nicholson David & Elaine Nicoll Walter Nikiforuk Julie Niksic Milton & Estelle Niven Conrad & Shirley Nordstrom Daisy Nuqingaq Shaun O’Connell Ken Ogata & Joan Didriksen Lois Olsen Jon Olson Victor & Irene Omeasoo Norm Onofrychuk Richard & Donna Osborne P-Ban Enterprises (1984) Ltd. PCL Construction Group Inc. Louie & Katie Packolyk Heather Palberg

Madan & Parmila Parmar Neil & Caroline Patterson David Pattison Carol Paulgaard Peace Hills Insurance Ross Pearce Robert Pearson Marie-Paul Petersen Allan & Marlene Peterson Margaret & Don Peterson Ruth Peterson Stanley Peterson Srdjan & Tijana Petrovic Lawrence & Rose Petryshyn Marshall & Rosanne Pfannmuller Glen Phillips Phoenix Services Inc. Pigeon Lake Lions Club Sui Ping & May Wong Place-Crete Systems Ltd. James & Barbara Plecash Ron & Wilma Plishka Fern Pluth Gerald Pohl Nancy & Walter Pohranychny Alfred Pollard Sandra Pollard Walter & Marion Pollard Barbara Polonuk Richard & Jean Poole John & Elizabeth Popiel Chandell Popik Jean Posyniak Kevin Potter Gordon & Madge Prest Jaswant Prihar Ron & Shelly Procyk D. Eva Prodaniuk Gerry & Joanne Prodor Anton Edward Prybysh Prof. Corp. Sonja Maxine Pugh Qualtech & Inspection Services Ltd. Jordan Quinn Clifford & Chereth Quist Annabelle Quwek RDL Inspection Services Ltd. Solveig Raasok Vernon & Anne Radke Jean Raggio Raymond & Sarah Ranger Gerald & Patricia Raspberry Alex & Charlotte Rattray Del & Beth Ratzlaff Stuart & Sheila Raven Ted & Carol Rawson Gordon Ray Jack & Claire Read Joan Redinger June Regan E.F. Reid Kenneth & Viola Reitan Steve & Irene Remenyk Albert Remyn Stanley Reynolds Marlin Richuk Margaret Ridgway

Rimbey Subway Bert & Eleanore Rimer Roger & Val Roberge Bruce & Olga Robertson Stephen Rodda Todd & Rachel Rogers L. Ron Rolf & Dianne L. Reid Betty Rolheiser Ram & Elaine Romanovsky Rocur Holdings Ltd. Anthony & Eileen Rossi Joe & Hilda Rottmar Rupert Rubens Wendy Rubuliak John Ruston S & W Diesel Repair Michael & Elizabeth Marie Samoil G. R. Sandercock Prof. Corp. Nasib & Avtar Sandhu Victor & Elsie Saskiw Mike & Adele Sawchyn James & Evalyn Scaber S. Lloyd Scheinas John & Martha Schiel Erhardt & Valerie Schirmaier Sophie Schmidt Marion Schmitke Frederick & Gail Schoff Myrna & David Schooley Harry & Hazel Schultz Scona Pipe & Salvage Ltd. M. Elizabeth Seale Eleanor Seib Francis Sesay Marjory Shamchuk Terence Shaughnessy Richard Shelast Elma Shennan Jeff Sieben Ross & Glenda Siegel Kristin Simard Zoltan & Irene Simonowits John & Barb Simpkins Roa Simpson Phillip & Margery Sims Ignatius C. Sin Prof. Corp. Roop Singh Gerry & Barbara Sinn Donald & Gail Sissons William W.H. Siu & Emily Y.H. Chung Fred & Lena Skawronski Grant & Doris Skippen Stan & Helena Skirrow John & Victoria Skitsko Elizabeth Smart Klaus & Renate Smentek David Smith Douglas & Penny Smith Gordon & Mary Smith Jamie Smith Neville & Doris Smith William & Jean Smith Frank & Zofia Smolinski Lloyd & Tillie Snow Sheila Sommerville Rajesh Soni Frieda Sonnenberg Paul Soroka

Ronald & Lorraine Sorokan Sam & Sally Soucy Andrew Spencer Dr. Brian & D. Marion Sproule Spruce Grove Veterinary Clinic Ltd. Kanwaljit Singh Sra Stawnichy’s Meat Processing Terry L. & Terry F. Steenson Ben Steffler Florence Stephan Kristen Stephenson Reginald & Frances Stevens Vivian Storr Jean O.M. Straub Louise Strome John & Yvette Stroppa Norman & Jean Suitor Elden Surgeson Ben & Olive Sutley Kenneth Swanson Michal Szyling & Donna Bereznicki Heng Moi Tan Robert & Carole Tannas Marie Taylor Ross & Carol Taylor Ten Thousand Villages Kenneth Thomlinson David & Joyce Thomlinson Barry Thompson Dree Thomson-Diamond & Randy Diamond Gordon & Laverne Thor George & Marjorie Tingley Fay Tipler Harold & Maxine Tipper Gurdev & Balbir Tiwana D. Edward & D. Anne Toole Martha & Richard Torgerson Marcel Tourangeau & Shirley Foster-Tourangeau Jerry Towle Larry & Noreen Trekofski Jimmy & Anna Tsang Jodi Tse Tyben Safety Services George Vachon Val Con Partitions Ltd. Albertha Van Wageningen Inno Vatter Johanna Vinkenborg Lambert Vinkenborg Mary Vollweiter Kelly Wallace Herbert Wanke Dr. Wayne Waranica Vern & Norma Ward Glenn & Patricia Warner John & Irene Warner Jean Watson Wheat Law Office Anthony & Kerry White Bert & Anne White Douglas White Margaret Whitehead Joe & Karen Wiebe John Wight Horst & Kay Wilfert

Cory Williston Terry & J.P. Willox Larry & Karyne Wilson Mary Jane Winch John & Patricia Winnicki Michael & Sheila Winterhalt Bruce Winton Paul & Cecilia Winton Wendy Wiseman Andrew & Margaret Witoshynski Joe Witzaney Gary Wolanski Luther Wolff Wong Peng & Janet Wong Dean Wood Robert & Margaret Wood Robert C. Wood Kerry & Elaine Woollard Mae & Noel Wright Jim & Connie Wurm Victor Yaremcio James Yaskowich Gary & Marilyn Young John & Irma Young Myron & Anita Yurko Leo & Hazel Zelinski Walter & Yolande Zemp Rick Ziegler Leon & Vonnie Zupan

$150 – $249 (gift in kind) 144 Ebenezer Beavers, Cubs and Scouts ABC Weddings Betty Jean Anton Cardinal Health Canada Col. Mustard’s Canteen The Edmonton Dinner Optimist Club Elephants Never Forget Etc. Halliburton Energy Services Sundogs and Northern Lights Studio International Mascot Corp. LUX Beauty Boutique The Ribbon Factory Send Me A Angel Greetings

$75 – $149 Anonymous (7) 658195 Alberta Ltd. 1028959 Alberta Ltd. 1164784 Alberta Ltd. 1403860 Alberta Ltd 1432415 Alberta Ltd 1st Class Cold Beer Liquor Store 3W Enterprises Ltd. Sharon Abbott Margaret Abbott-Brown Alyce Achtymichuk Acupuncture & Beyond Pauline Adam Donnie & Sharon Adams Clifford & Mary Elizabeth Aebig Alda Agustin Elmer & Bonnie Aker Mohammad & Celia Alam

Dennis Albrecht Alfonso’s Plumbing Ltd. Leo & Audrey Allemekinders Dianne Allen Guynelle Allen Kenneth Allen Stanley & M. Eileen Allen Yaser Alrajhi Eva Amero Brad Anaka Susan Anderson Edwin & Maureen Anderson Estelle M. Anderson Ken & Joan Anderson Larry & Francis Anderson Louis & Muriel Anderson Marjorie Anderson Ronald Anderson Theresa Anderson Violet Anderson Thor Andreaseen Barry Andres James & Jean Angus Richard & Dawn Argue Loreto & Arlene Arimas Larry Armfelt Bill & Darlene Armstrong Paul & Dona Armstrong Tamara Armstrong Doreen Arnoldussen Ralph Arrison Catharine Arthur Zale & Judy Asbell Janet Aspler Ronald Assaly Stanley Asselstine Bryce Astley Yves & Eleonora Auger Vincentia Aung Avon Glen Lodge #170 A.S. Rai Prof. Corp. Evelyn Awid-Caskey Dorothy Ayer Catharina Baas Larry & Donna Babcock Joan Bachor Garry & Laura Bachynski Alice Badke Dan & Sandra Badry Richard Baird Brett Baker Walter Baker Adrienne A. Baksh Cliff & Marie Balan Stanley & Elizabeth Balanik Blair & Sherry-Lynn Bannerholt Pieter & Johanna Bansema Grant & Sally Barkwell Wes Barlow Tom Barluk John & Audrey Barnaschone Les Barton Gurmail Bassi Robert Baxter & Susan Muir Dean Beacon Harold & Barbara Beamish Phillippe Beauchemin & Norah-Lee McNair Suzanne Beaulne



“I had my first surgery at the University Hospital 44 years ago. In 2005, I had a brain tumour. My husband had heart surgery at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. We have never had a bad experience. I wrote letters to the College of Physicians and Surgeons telling them about the excellent care I’ve received. The hospital is my second home.” Anita Kowalski, grateful patient and donor Elsie Beckmann Debbie Beckwith Ryan & Margaret Beebe Sid Been Ron Bell William Alan Bell Cyril Bellchamber Belvedere Golf & Country Club Harry & Ellen Benders Robert & Roxanna Bennet Emil & Geraldine Berg Keith & Della Berg Abe & Helen Bergen Simone Bergeron Anne Berlinguette Donald & Barbara Berndt Wayne Berney Evelyn Bernier Judy Mary Bertie Diane Bessai Kelly Betts Dan & Gloria Beztilny Sujit Bhattacharya Olga Bickerton Deb Billey Dr. John W. Bilsland Helen Biltek Jack & Jean Birmingham


Cecile Biron Ausma Birzgalis Chris Bishop Doreen Bishop Marlayne Bittner Trevor Bittner Norine Bjorndalen Etta Black Kenneth & Jean Black Douglas & Joyce Blacklock Jennifer Blagden Janene Blenkhorn Marvin D. Bloski Rex & Barbara Boake John Richard & Rita Boast Chad Boddez Randy & Laurie Boddez Kyle Bodnarchuk Eldon & Marge Boettger Margo Bohm Patricia Bohning Fabio Bonetto Bonnyville Welding Ltd. Andrew Bonyai Brian & Dawn Book Lawrence Bordian Sheila Boretski Pieta Borkent Eldon & Jean Borman Erma Bosa Anne Bothwell Boulevard Insurance Services Ltd. Charles & Nancy Bourassa Kim & Donna Bouwmeester Kathleen Bowen Howard & Marilyn Bowes Allan Bowie Arlene Bowles Charles & Audrey Boyce Theresa Boyden Lawrence & Natalie Bozak Sharon Bracegirdle George & Sandra Bradford Raymond & Doreen Bradley Wright & Margaret Bradshaw Shannon Brak Sharon & David Brassard Jacqueline Breault Vladimir & Cathryn Brecka Sharon Breitkreuz Norma Brekke Kelly Brennan Low & Vivian Breton Guenther & L. Breymann Bruce & Laura Bridgeman Davide Briglio Charles & Eliane Brochu Barbara Bromley Harold & Leona Brose Clinton Broughton Brown & Hone Orthodontic Laboratory Donna Brownson Kenneth & Mary Browse Ruth Bryan Alfred & Irmgard Buchsdrucker Les Buckler Leo & Carol Bugiak Jean Burak


Bill & Shirley Burch Ken & Karen Burgess Randy & Carol Burkett Maxine Burkholder Robert & Victoria Burns H. Bruce & Betty Lou Burrell Adolf & Kathleen Buse Rene & Sharon Bushore Walter & Marion Butt Butte Travel Service (1985) Ltd. Don Buyzat Michael Byrtus John Cabral John Mackey & Suzette Cabral-Mackey Albert & Simone Cadieux Edgar Cadieux Lucinda Caeiro Calfrac Red Deer Social Club Wayne & Marleen Cameron Don Camire Audrey Campbell Chris Campbell Ian & Evelyn M. Campbell Jerry & June Campbell Ross & Donna Campbell Sherrin Campbell Tyler Campbell Edward Cancilla Rafael & Maria Canoa A. L. Caouette Juanito & Maria-Emma Capinpin Darryl & Jackie Capnerhurst Norman Carey William & Doris Carleton Brian & Joyce Carlson Victor Carroll Edward & Adeline Carson Edwin & Mary Carson William Carter Terry & Doreen Catton Walter & Carol Ceroici Lloyd & Eva Chambers Kelly Chamzuk Dan Chan Dan Chapman Rod Charchuk Emilda Charest Michael & Phyllis Charuk June Cheeseman Ahmed & Rakey Chehadi Chan Ka Long & Viriginia Cheng Nick & Eleanor Chernish N.J. Cherniwchan Ted & Ruby Chesla Wayne & Carol Chesney Josh & Melanie Chestnut David & Siu Chew Ivan & Doreen Chia Evelyn Chicoine Ken Chisholm Larp Chitnuyanondh Pansy Chmilar Steffie Chmilar Glenn & Jennifer Chomin Gim & Sharon Chow Metro & Cecile Chrapko William & Helen Chrapko Greg & Karen Chrenek

Kenneth & Bernice Chriest Chris & Jane Christensen Kenneth & Suzanne Christensen Ronald Christenson Kimble Christie Edward & Jane Chung City of Edmonton – Corporate Properties Branch Albertine Claerhout Anita Clancy Lynn Clark James & Dorothy Clarke Jim & Linda Clarke John Clarke Charles & Jean-Ellen Clements CO Valley Holdings Ltd. Avis Coburn John & Sylvia Colclough Dale & Molly Cole Joseph & Marta Collier Henry & Henderika Colquhoun William & Claire Congdon Karin Conradi Vida Consul J. Herbert & Joyce Cook Mike Cooper Shirley Cooper John Corbett Edwin & Lucille Cossins Robert Costanzo Catherine Cote Rene Elzear Coutu Robert Cowan Christopher Cragg Robert & Nadia Craig Ethel Cramp Derek Cranna Gary & Alva Crawford Ronald & Lori Cresey Gillman & Jeannette Crone Donna Crossley Robert & Edeltraud Crow S.W. & Elizabeth Crowshaw Yeetiong Cuan Frank & Marilyn Cucinotta Walter & Suzanne Cuell William Cumming Donald & Jackie Cummings William & Gladys Cummings Theresa Cunningham CUPE Local 3911 C. & Helen Curr Jim Curran John & Theresa Curry Kenneth & Mona Cush Custom Industrial Cleaners Jim Dahl Clesta Dale Elsie Danake Arthur & Bernice Daniels Ray & Lorraine Danyluk Donald J. Darling Dilip & Sanjukta Dasmohapatra Allen & Jeane-Anne Davey James & Elaine Davick Victor & Kay Davidchuk Ralph & Linda Davidson Darlene Davies Don & Rossana Davis

Helena Davis Martin & Louise Davis Mary Davis Arthur Davison Dorothy E. Dawson Donna Dear Ken & Elizabeth Dechant John & Christine Dejong Darlene DeMarco Glen & Kristie Demke John M. Deng Janice Denney Denross Construction Ltd. Deol Auto Services Ron Derworiz & Debbie Bishop Roger Deshoux Dorothy Desjarlais Henk Devries Gary & Adeline Dewar Sabina Deweerd Ethel DeWitt Bernice Dick Binh Dien & Thuy Quach Fred & Ruth Dieno Garry Diment Evelyn Dion John Ditoppa Leslie Dixon Ron & Mary Dixon Gregory & Deborah Dizak Russ & Janet Dmytruk Timothy Do Thomas & Catherine Dobbie Zefiryn & Joan Dobek Mike Doblanko Betty Lou Docherty Marshall & Betty Dolinsky Battista Dompe James & Marilyn Donald John & Gloria Doney Tony Dong Tom & Diana Dooley Brenda Doucet Gladys M. Dow Clarence & Victoria Dowhaniuk Gene Dowson Dreamscape Travel Michael J. Dreany Alice Drescher Shayne Drescher Henry & Gail Dressel Dorothy Drew Marie Dube Judy Dubord Rita Duchesne Blair Duff Ken & Mary Duffy John Dumanchuk Dr. Elizabeth R. Dumesnil Louis Dumesnil Peter Dumont Rose-Ange Dumoulin Chan Duncan Harold & Vivian Dunas Alex & Eleanor Dunford Sheelagh Dunlap Ken & Doris Dunlop Patricia Dunn

Elizabeth Duplessis Stan Dupont Robert & Monique Durand Dawn Durovick Frank & Moira Dyck ECCO Heating Products Ltd. Economy Real Estate Ltd. Joe & Marion Eddleston Eleanor Edgar Brad Edison Nathan & Randa Edmond Edmonton Granite Memorials Ltd. Edmonton Journal The Edmonton Medical Wives Stitch and Chat Club Winifred Edney Greg & Janice Edwards Murray & Roberta Edwards William & Wynne Edwards Douglas Eggen Ragnar & Dreda Einarsson Doreen Eklund George Elaschuk Robert & Shona Eldering Robert & Laurie Eliuk Duncan & Janet Elliott Audrey Ellwood Jerome Emter Raymond & Frances Engel Christine Englert Tom & Tina Eppinga Renata Eriavaz Nels Erickson Harold Eriksson Joseph Ernewein Hans Espe Domingos & Janet Esteves Earl & Marian Evans Glenda Everett Russell & Ruby Ewaskow Extreme Clean Auto Detailing Dawn Fahl Christine Farkas Steve Faryna Stan Fearon Feather Light William & Stella Fedechko Andrew Fediuk Doyle Fedor Henry & Loretta Fedorowicz Fee & Sons Ltd. David & Margaret Fehr Scott Fehr Henry & Erika Feldmann Florence Fenske Dave Ferguson Ed Ferguson Stewart & Kay Ferguson Adelina Ferrari Martin & Marj Fidler Dave Filipchuk Jim Fischer Jude Fischer Fred Fishburne Bruce & Phyllis Fisher D. Grant & LaRie Fisher Roy & Louise Fisher

Lyle Fitzpatrick Joanne Flaman Hugh & Elsie Fleming Gail D. Fletcher Armando Florencio Jon & Lynn Fluker Dorothy B. Forfylow John Forsdick Fort McMurray Swim Club Edwin H. Forth Barbara Foster Earl & Rosemary Foster William & Patricia Fotty Arlene Fowlis Kenneth & Patricia Francis Norbert Frank Douglas & Helen Fraser Glen & Bonnie Freadrich Chris Freda Tom Free Freeze Maxwell Malcolm & Shirley French Wade & Stacy Frey Samuel Friedman Patricia Friend Peter Frigon Henry & Olga Frost Emmeline Fuhrhop Adolf Fursiewicz Ken & Elizabeth Fursiewicz Fozey Fyith Gerry & Joy Gabel John & Cheryl Gabert Ana Gabinete Joseph & Margo Gaglione Jean Gagne Michelle Gagnon Theo Gagnon Rajbans Gahun Andrew & Marion Gallagher Kevin Galvin & Irene Forgie Joan A. Gamm Aaron Ganser Robert & Cicely Garton Gary Duggins Painting & Decorating Ltd. William & Grace Gascoigne Gordon & Donna Gassner Rob Gaumont Klaus & Marilyn Gautschi GCS Consulting Inc. Kelly Gedak John Gelmici Roman & Marilyn Genik-Sas-Berezowsky Paolo & Serafina Gentile Dale & Arlene George Larry George Kevin Gering Gerald Gerling Loree Germain Greta Gerstner Gordon & Edna Gessell Earl & Shirley Ghitter Scott Gibb & Kelsey Corbitt Gibb Aileen Gibson Fred Gibson William & Dorothy Gibson

David & Mildred Giebelhaus Beverly Ann Giggs Anik Giguere-Biollo Barbara Gilchrist Barry & Doris Girvan Elsie E. Gizowski Linda Glabb Harry Glenn & Florence Lyssey-Glenn Godfrey-Morrow Insurance Barry Gogal Ralph & Williamina Good Lilly Goodwin Anne Gorda Edward A. Gordon Josephine Gordulic William Gorrie Bit Gosinet John & Mabel Gottenbos Flora Gozum Robert Graefer Don Graham William & Nora Graham Dale & Shirley Graves David Gray Jaye Green Josephine Greschuk Parbeer Grewal David & Susanna Griffeth Gregory & Madeleine Griffin Lois Griffin Jeff Grimolfson Matt Grossman Nick & Ruth Grygus Theodore Grzyb Stephanie Gubbins Dorothy Gulliver James & Deborah Gunn Gus & Jean Gunns Edmund & Hannelore Gunther Ted Haggart Susan Hahn Dianne Haight Leda Halliday Gary & Barbara Haluza John Hamilton Rosalie Hamilton Alastair & Julia Hamlyn Clifford & Marie Hamm Jason Hamm Jack Hampshire Harvey & Isabel Hanlan Bruce Hanna John Harasymuk David & Cathy Harbinson Thomas Hardin Linda Hardy Shirin Harji Glenn Harke Norma Harper Marc Harris Vern & Joy Harrison Greg & Loretta Harsulla Ewald Hartlieb Wayne Harvey Harvey McKinnon Associates Arlene Hasey Marilyn Hassard



H.I. & C. Joyce Hastings Lorne & Faye Hatch J. Hatton Isabel Hauck Toni Hawkins Natalie Hawryliw Mel & Diane Hay Doris Hayden Frank & Margaret Hazell Jim & Amber Heatherington Juanita Heatherington William & Stella Heathman Dennis & Linda Heck Henry & Helen Heigh Kay Helfrick Duane & Janena Henderson Drs. J. Frank & Ruth Henderson Jerry & Hazel Henderson Kathleen Henderson Warren & Betty Henderson Joyce Henderson Dyer Marie Henebury Herb Hennig C. Herman Trucking Ltd. Laura Herr Lynn Hertz Bernard & Melitta Hessling Raymond & Heather Hickie John & Lena Hiebert Bob Hiew Lydia Hildebrandt Cliff Hill Judith Hill Blair Himmelreich Julia Himmelreich Lorraine Hirning Adolf Hitschfeld George Hnatyshyn Hobart Food Equipment Group Canada William & Gwyneth Hobbins Gertrude Hochhausen Adelene Hockett Alan & Audrey Hodgson James Holmberg Lorna Holmes Dale & Tracey Holt Toyoaki & Yoshiko Honda Pearl Honish John & Helen Hope David Hopkins Richard L. Hopwood Karla Horcica Adolf Horn Janet & Edward Hornby Maurice & Terry Houle Michel & Sherilyn Houle Dave Howard Betty Howden John & Helen Hrasko Tracy Hrycay Howard & Peggy Hrynyk Peter & Stella Hubar Dennis Huculak Eric & Hilda Huebner Joe & Karen Huising George & Audrey Hunerfauth Anderson Hung


Brian & Jody Hunt Edith Hunter Violet E. Hunter Margaret Husband Gordon & Marti Huxley Ba Huynh Chris Idenouye Paul Iglinski Indigo Healing Arts David & Judith Ingledew Madeleine Innocent IronHorse PumpJack Servcies (2010) Ltd. Jack & Sue Iwabuchi Victor & Bettie Iwanchuk David & Sheila Iwanicka Victor Iwaniuk JRS Cristal Concrete (2005 Ltd.) Mayhue & Ruby Jackson Michelle Jackson Jade Stucco Inc. Jags Ventures Ltd. Lucille Jamieson Sharon Jamieson Jandel Homes Ben & Pauline Janz Clarence & Dorothy Jeffery Gordon & Lynne Jeffrey Keith Jenkins Dale Jensen Joan M. Jensen Becky & Reg Jerome Jertec Water Ltd. Rob & Chrissy Jezewski William & Phyllis Johanneson Carl & Glenda Johansson Gordon & Gladys Johnson Keith Johnson Mary Johnson Ralph & Colleen Johnson Colleen Johnston Garry & Sylvia Johnston George Johnston Geraldine Johnston Ian Johnston Marion Johnston Ronald & Grace Johnston Biff Jones Glenn Jones Verne & Armande Jones John Joyal Evelyn Joyce Marshall & Elsie Juba David & Colleen Judge Tony Jung Morris Kadylo & Julie Semmler Dr. Abdul N. Kamal Robert Kamp Kanata Consulting Inc. Tarsem & Sheila Kanwar Dale & Natasha Kapitaniuk Orest & Virginia Karbonik Fred Karl Kris Katryniuk Stephen & Annette Kay Kathryn Keaschuk Katherine Keast Paul & Beverly Kebarle


Glenn Keddie Frank & Beverley Kehoe Jill Kelland Wilfred & Dorothy Keller A.A. & M.J. Kellgren Ruth Kelly Joseph & Mary Kendi Reta Kennedy Kenroc Building Materials Co. Ltd. Beatrice Kenzie Joan Kereliuk Gary & Peggy Kern Phyllis Kerrison Brenda Kesek Verna Kett Kathleen Kettleson Brian & Denise Keyes Abram & Irina Khazanovich Vern & Lynn Kibblewhite Darrell & Rosemary Kieser Dennis & Kazue Kikuchi Nadia Kinasevich A. Lindsay King Delphine Kirk Morley & Martha Kirkland Ralph Kitchen Walter Kitzmann Irene Kjenner Lorretta Klarenbach Al & Bonnie Klassen Allan & Patricia Klein Gordon Kloberdanz Bernd & Corry Klose Gerard & Janice Klotz Alfred & Maria Knak Knievel Enterprises Ltd. Ralph & Marlene Knight Donald & Ruth Knoll John & Mary Knudslien Shirley Knull Curtis & Joan Koban Dawn Koberstein Edward & Natalka Kobza David & Debby Koch Rose Koep Garry & Bernadette Kokolski Jerry & Olga Kolar Walter & Florence Kolisniak Irene Kolke Alex & Janette Kondra Siew-Yong & Emily Kong William Konopelka Ed & Elsie Koroluk Doreen Kostash Joseph & Sylvia Kostiuk Ernie & Winn Kotylak John & Anne Kowalchuk Dale & Lea Kozakevich Susan Kozma Kraceva Bob Kramchynski Greg Kramchynski Ward Krecsy Walter Krevenchuk Mark & Julie Kriaski Hannah Kristensen Ronald Kroetsch

Edward & Donna Kucheraway Robert & Norma Kuehn Marni Kuhlmann Roger Kukkola Gerald & Audrey Kulak Edward & Lillian Kumish Richard & Lesley Kuna Dr. Jamila Kureshi Robert Kury Steve & Kay Kutash Ann Kutcher James & Joyce Kyle Irene La Rose Judy LaBerge Armand & Constance Labossiere Ruth Lackie Julius Lacza Leo & Alma Lajoie Grace Lakevold Tong Lam Benjamin Lang Colin & Evelyn Lang Brad Langdale Greg Langille Katherine Lanovaz Lorne Lariviere Paul & Sigrid Larsen Constance Larson Wayne & Sharon Larson Maria Latelle Jean Latimer Kenneth Lawrence Marlene Lawrence Eugene Lazarenko Lily Lazowski James & Betty Leckie Charles & Ann Ledgerwood Shik & Kim Lee Swee & Brigitte Lee Sze Lee Helen Lees Ron Lehman B. & Loretta Leibel Allan Leinweber Janis Lema Jean Lemire Nicole Lemoine Marie Lenz Les & Margaret Leonard John & Christine Lepp Lonie Leskosek Leda Lesyshen Raymond & Jeannette Letourneau Daniel & Alice Leversedge Donald & Valerie Levin Brian & Marie Lewis Evelyn Lewis John Lewis Edna H. L’Heureux Li Ka Shing Institute for Virology Zoltan & Barbara Liba Jane Liden Anna Lidgren See F. Lin Hilda Lindae John Lindblad Lane & Edna Linden

Peter Link J. Brock Lint Prof. Corp. Denise Lippolt Lou Liska Jasmail Singh Litt & Harpal Kaur Litt Bob Little Richard & Donna Little Thomas & Katherine Lo Ernest & Elizabeth Locher Ross & Geraldine Lohmaier Irene Long Margaret Longmate Anthony Loo Lopes & Associates Inc. Edward & Marian Lorentz Walter & Sina Lotz Eugene & Sylvia Lozinsky Orest & Jeanne Luchka Donald & Sharon Ludbrook Adam Luginbuhl Zeljko Lukic Hsu Kin Lun Andy & Katherine Lutic Marvin & Selma Lutsky Noi Ly Wendy Lyka Douglas A. Lynass Prof. Corp. Daniel & Deanna Mabee Jessie MacCuish Bob & Denise MacDonald Melonie MacDonald Wayne MacDonald Bernadette MacDonell D.W. & Darlene MacGregor Jim MacGregor Veronica MacInnis Cecil & Madeline MacKay Arnold & Doreen MacKenzie Robert & Doreen MacKenzie Leah Mackie Donald & Corina MacKinnon Hugh & Lorna MacKinnon Thomas & Marilyn MacLean Terry MacLeod Joyce MacNaught Charles J. MacNeil & Florence Rendle Ronald MacPherson George MacRae Marilyn Macyk Barbara Madsen Suzanne, Alain & Michel Magnan Man & Yuk Mah Klaus Maier Glenn & Marna Main Paul Maissonneuve Michael & Debbie Mallock Sandesh Mankasingh & Sandra Nikolai-Mankasingh Stanley Mannerfeldt Roop N. & Roma R. D. Maraj Mary J. Marchak Josianne Markley John & Reita Markovich Cory Marshall Wendy Marshall Eleanor Marte

Richard Martin Gina Martinello Andy Maslanko Andrew & Sheila Masson Merv & Rachail Mastaller Edward & Geniveve Matheson James & Leona Matlock Victor & Hideko Matsune Agnes Matter Barbara Matthews Harold & Ona Matties Ernest & Janice Matvichuk Ralph & Aletha Maull Denny & Margaret May Ludwig & Theresa Maykut Kelly Mayo Fred & Ellen McAusland Margaret McBain Richard & Joyce McBain Brian McBean Peggy McCabe Alan & Joan McCann Edith McCarthy McKeever Family Thomas R. McClocklin Brenda McCloy Ann McCormack Eileen McCracken Margaret McCracken Richard & Jane McCreery Ross & Jean McCullough Jeffrey & Molly McCune Robert McCurdy Christopher & Janine McDannold Adair & Susan McDonald Phyllis McDougal Kevin & Janis McDowell Marion McEwan Doug & Heather McEwen McEwen’s Fuels & Fertilizers Eric & Phyllis McGhee Anita McGillis Don & Helen McInnis Lianne McInnis Doreen McIntyre K. Douglas McIvor & Maxine McIvor-Toth James McKee Douglas & Joyce McKim Alice McLaren Maxine Florence McLaren Lilly McLean Peter & Myrna McLellan Bruce & Carol McLennan John & Eleanor McLeod Margaret McNeely Stuart & Gwen McPhee Donna McPherson McSween Custom Fabricating, Erecting & Welding Ltd. Howard Meger Frank Meisinger William & Marie Melenka Don Melnyk Jared & Leanne Melnyk Don H. Meredith Professional Writing Services Jacob Mervin & Mary Fehr

Adelard Meunier Richard A. Meunier & Sandra L. Smart Marcel & Sophie Michaud Colleen Middleton Ronald & Carole Middleton Midway Distributors Ltd. A.F. Wallace Might Miktye Trucking Ltd. Anna Mikulin Elizabeth Milanovich Murray & Ann Miles Gordon & Florence Miller Margaret Miller Richard & Cheryl Miller Shirley Minogue David & Shirley Mitchell Myland & Margaret Mitchell Stacey Moerman Krishna Mohan Elsa Molzan-Roth Marilyn Moore James & Donna Moorehead Abilio & Maria Morgadinho Carol E. Morgan John Morgan Rod & June Morgan Connie Moritz Bernadette Moroz Hugh & Irene Morrell Holly Morris Robert & Theresa Morton Perry Moshansky Moshi Moshi Ernie & Linda Mosionier Joyce Motiuk & Family Jerry & Theresa Muench Mule Train Enterprise Ltd. Rob Munro David Murphy Larry Murphy Audrey Murray Steve & Lee Murray Hussien & Samira Mustafa Eric Muth Devi Mutyala Anne Muzylouski Jeff Myz Nabors Drilling Al & Irene Nagy Tom & Sandy Nakashima Debbie Naslund Elaine Nault Trevor Nawalkowski Joan Neatby Gwendy Neher Dianne Neigel Jennifer Nelson Joe & Linda Nelson Nelson Bros. Oilfield Services 1997 Ltd. Joanne Nemeth Sandra Nemirsky Huey Ng Maurice Nicholls Robin Nicholls Dorothy E. Nielsen J. Donald & Phyllis Noble

Luigi Noce Andre Noel David & Wanda Nonay Norwest Insurance Agencies Ltd. S. Wayne & Beverley Nugent Joao & Vivian Nunes Dan & Erin O’Connell Kirby & Sandy O’Connor Paul & Brenda O’Dea Ron Ogilvie Marjorie Old Luis & Aida Oliveira William P. Oliver C. Lowell Olsen Hollis Olstad Hawa M. Omar Daniel B. Ong Prof. Corp. Robert & Barbara Onyschuk Buncha & Annie Ooraikul Bertha Opdenkamp Andrew & Nancy Oppenheim Optimax Benefits Inc. Brenda R. Ormiston Richard & Diane Osadchuk Robert & Maureen Osborn Barry & Laurie Oscar Audrey O’Shea Stanley Ostapczuk Elaine O’Sullivan Horace & Verna Ottley Wayne & Betty Overn Rachel Ovics Doreen Owen Roland & Genevieve Owens Elizabeth Owerko Esther Oxborrow Anne Paget Karen Pallett Catherine Palmer Stephanie Panasiuk Monica Paolini Dale & Francine Paradon Philip Pardo Bhupen & Vanalata Parekh Peggy Parker Parkland Fuel Corporation Jim & Eden Parks Geoff & Shirley Parlby Mary Parsons Pasatchaw Farms Margaret K. Paterson Richard & Lois Patterson Don Pattie & Elke Siebels Kevin Pattie & Mary Pattie-Fellner David & Wendy Patton Cecil & Helen Paull Deborah Paulson Eva Pavelich Tom & Judy Peacocke Dorothy Peake Ronald Peden Roger & Willa Pederson Kevin Peel Mike & Olive Pekar Louis Pelletier Diedrich & Eva Penner Eva Pennycook Gordon Pennycook



Pentagon Structures Ltd. Lolinda Percheson Winston Percy William Perdue Dale & BendaLee Peters Bettyann Petruk Kevin Petterson Doug Phillips Maurice Phillips Victor Phillips Somsong Phungtham Bruce & Deanna Pickering Elisabeth T. Pickering Michael Pierson Pine Valley Ranch Babs Pivec Leonard & Anna Plamondon Raymond Romeo Plante Roland & Lily Plante Verne & Carole Plitt Georgina Plunkett Henry & Shirley Pobuda Al & Sharon Poirier Blair & Brenda Polack Kendall & Maureen Polack Cari-Leigh Poliquin Dennis Pond Nick Poohkay Norma A. Pooley Jim Popik Michael Powell Nancy Power Cindy Pranszka Vijay K. Prashar Paul & Doreen Preville Elaine Prevost Norman Price Norman & Chris Prins Arnold & Rebecca Prochnau Lawrence Pshyk Michael Pucylo Hope Pundyk Diana Purdy Greg & Twyla Purschke Shannon Putzel Gus & Shirley Quattek Paul Raimundo Dr. Varagur S.V. & Savitri Rajan Dr. Ray & Gloria Rajotte Ernest & Emelia Rakochey Stanley & Lenore Rampling Brian Ranger Tom Rannie Wendy Read Christine Rechico Lloyd Reed George Reid Edward Reinert Phil Reiser Remco Memorials Ltd. A.M. & Doreen Rennie Bruce & Janice Rennie Jim Reyburn Doris Reynolds Marguerite Reynolds Robert Richard Bryant & Helen Richards Conrad J. Richens


Jim & Gail Richl Gordon Richter & Lisa J. Dundas-Richter Peter & Jennie Richuk Larry Ridgway Stanley & Amy Ridgway Rig Service Tools Ltd. Ray Rigney Sheila Ringrose Joseph Ripplinger Mike Risby Vernon & Lillian Ritter Doug Robb Douglas Robbins A. Eric & Elaine Roberts John Roberts Agnes Robertson Gordon Robertson James & Margaret Robertson Anthony & Valerie Robinson James & Barbara Robinson Jack Rochon Robert Rogers Helga A. Roggisch Walter & Stephanie Romaniuk Ken & Joyce Rooney Lucella Ross Olive Ross William & Gina Ross Richard & Joan Rossall Ernesto Rotea Claude & Cathy Routhier Izak Roux Jocelyn Royer-Hlus Peter & Shirley Rubuliak Pauline Rude John Rudiak Lothar & Sandra Ruecker Howard Ruskevich Roger Russell Michalina Rzechowska Ray Sader Jack & Sharon Safranka David Salopek Arthur & Eleanor Sam Sim Sonborsky Jo-Ann Samoil Henry Sanders Joginder & Pupinder Sandhu Rajinder Sandhu Remo & Shirley Sandrelli Victoria Sandu John & Helen Sarawanski Zard & Valeria Sarty Satelite Painting Enterprises Ltd. John & Gladys Savage Simon Savage Aline Savoie John Sawchuk Diane Scarisbrick J.E. Schaefer Bill & Bev Schafer Laddie & Verna Scharfenberg Scherbackov Construction Ltd. Edna Schick Belinda Schmid Anne Schmidt Raymond Schmidt


Dave Johnston & Margaret Schroeder Larry & Connie Schultheis G. Lynne Schultz William & Irene Schultz Ita Schwarz Donna Scott Evelyn Scott Gerald & Maria Scott Joseph Scott Carmine & Mafalda Sdao Barbara A. Seadon James & Patricia Seale Richard & Sharolyn Seaman Doug Sedgwick Kervyn & Dorothy Sedgwick Walter & Loraine Seehagel Verona M. Seenum Eric & Carol Selte Dave Semenchuk Walter & Evelyn Semkowich Gerry & Eva Semler Seney Farms Ltd. Greg & Renee Senko Eli & Mary Serediak Ernest Shanahan Don Shapka Trucking Ltd. Josephine Sharlow Robert & Eileen Sharples Shiane Exteriors Vern & Ruth Shier Garth Shinski Mrs. Marjorie Shipley John H. Shires Wayne & Lorraine Shirley Richard & Carole Short Albert Shulha Ernie & Judith Shulko Jason Shurko Freda Shuya Andrew & Shawnalee Shwetz Muzaffar Siddiqui George & Lillian Sidor Krisopher Sikorsh Douglas & Lorna Simmonds Arnold & Gladys Simon Sims & Associates Insurance Services David & Patricia Sinclair Jeff Singleton John & Jaylene Skalski John Skene Stanisa & Milena Sladojevic Colin Smith Dale & Merlene Smith Daniel Smith Darleen Smith Diane Smith Kevin & Gina Smith Loretta Smith Mireille Smith Sid & Pearl Smith Lawrence & Florence Smithson Victor & Ruthie Snell Arthur So Gordon & Karin Soch Michael & Wasylena Sochatsky Dietmar Sollbach

Oswald & A. Sonnenberg Kimberley & Harvey Sorochan South Fork Ranches Inc. Rick & Shelley Spangler Dr. Matthew & Cynthia Spence Witold & Barbara Sprawka Marguerite Sprogis James & Linda Spurr Della Sribney St. Thomas Knanaya Syrian Orthodox Church Dale & Karen St. Amond Tennille Stadnick Mike Staines Lena Stanford Thomas Stang Robert Stangeland Roseanne Stang-Tarrabain Inga Stankiewicz Edwin & Mavis Stanley Stanley Stawnichy Sharlene & Gordon Steed Dave Steedsman Micheal & Lois Stefaniuk Allan & Nita Stein Ed & Marie Stelmach Brian Stephenson Dennis & Anna Stephenson Ray & Ruth Stern Marinus Sterr Ernest & Chris Stetsko Gary & Judy Stewart Peter & Grace Stewart Reginald & Lois Stilwell Raymond Stokalko Irmgard Stoklossa Kevin & Kelly Stoski Jim & Judy Stout Anne Strack Jean Strathern Keith Stromsmoe Tolek Strukoff Julian & Lucy Strzepek Sturgeon Auto & Body Shop Leah Sturt Anne Stypula Jacqueline Sugiura Summer Village of Sandy Beach Myron & Donna Sunderland Winnie Suter Agnes Sutherland Fabian Sutton Len Svajlenko Ruth Swan Anton J. Sware Jim & Carol Sweeney Larry & Verla Symyrozum Nick & Mary Syrotiuk Bob Tait Helena Tam Gurdevjit & Avtar Tamber Joan Tandy Esther Taylor Judy Taylor Ken & Lynda Taylor Robert Taylor Darly Tchir Wenonah Tees

Hiroko Terakura Allan & Patricia Theriault Todd Theriault Glenn & Barbara Thomas Maggie Thomas Lou Thomasen Larry Thompson Robert & Mary Thomson William & Helen Thomson Thomas Thorvaldson Grace Thostenson Paul Tichinoff Alvin Timo Peter & Mui Len Tiong Gwendolyne Tod Brian Todd David & Maxine Todd Harold & Valerie Tom Brian & Ann Tomlinson Tom’s Welding Ltd. Bernard Tong Frank & Eileen Topp Andrew & Mary-Ann Trachimowich Brian & Robin Traub Gary Trigg Tristar Resource Management Ltd. Ernie & Betty Trynchuk Wayne & Geri Tuck Evelyn Tuplin Freda Turcotte Dean Turner Dennis Turyk George Tutt Frank & M. Joan Tyler John & Edna Tyler Mrs. Claire Tyson Marcel Ulliac & Holly Hrynyk-Ulliac Clayton Ullrich Shirley Ulmer Martin Van Drunen & D. Randalin Pretty Dr. Sander van Zanten Jannette Vander Hoek Wilhelmina Vanderholst Paul & Angela Vanhooren Roger & Isabel Vansevenandt Giovanni Varsallona Catherine Varsanyi Clara Varsanyi Dr. Chris & Vivian Varvis John & Sandra Verburgt Meena Verma Edavalath & Ruby Vijayakumar Vi-Spec Quality Resources Group Ltd. Yong & Woan Voon Gary & Lillian Voss Robert & Lillian Voth Wabasca Home Hardware Albin Wachowicz Maurice Wagar Kimberley Wakefield John & Anna Walchuk Blain Waldorf

Ryan Waldorf Gerald & Muriel Walker Christina Waller Wally’s Hotshot Services Ltd. Glenn Walmsley Walter Cummings Prof. Corp. Albert Walters Joyce Walton Robert & Jeannette Wanchuk Julian Warawa Ken & Iris Warawa Jim & Doris Ward Philip J. Warner Doug & Dorothy Warren Paul Warren Joan Warrington E. Waschuk Daryl & Anne Watt Brian Watts Lorraine & Ken Webb Godfried Weber Arnold & Anita Wedman Natalka Wegernoski Judy Wei Karen Wei Douglas & Lauraine Weir Herb & Matilda Weiss Gordon & Betty Lou Welsby Harlan & Carole Welsh Guy Welward Brad Wengyrn Michelle Werkman Craig Werstiuk Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd. Donald Wheaton Jill Wheeler-Bryks Patricia Whelan Whispering Winds Ranch Ltd. Bob White Brian M. White Dean & Sharon White Lloyd & Linda White A. Grant & Mary Ann Whitson Greg & Brenda Wickberg Bernhard & Mary Wiebe Kevin Wieland Mike & Jennifer Wieninger Karl & Susan Wilberg Jerry & Lucille Wilde Dale & Charlotte Wilkinson Peter J. Wilkinson Kay Willekes Don & Cheryl Williams I. Barbara Williams James & Iona Williams John & Maxine Williams Marian Williams Myles Williams Stephen & Marilyn Williams Alexander & Veronica Williamson Roy & Jeannette Willis Harry & Dilys Wilson Phillip Wilson Roy & Wilma Wilson Stuart & Norah Wilton Orest & Gail Windjack Irene Windrem

Wilma Winkler Gerald Winters Katherine Winters Wirelube Distributing Susan Wirtanen Rosemary Wishart Jonathan Withey Victor & Charlotte Witzke David Wold Wolf Creek Public Schools Johan Wolfaardt John & Mary Wolfe Ee & Van Wong George & Fong Wong Sam K. Wong William Wong Kong & Daisy Woo Robert & Connie Wood Navjeet Woodcock Craig & Melodie Woods Floyd & Judy Woodward Leonard & Roberta Woolven Woo’s Kitchen Ltd. Morley & Patricia Workun WorleyParsons Canada – Calgary Division Joseph & Margaret Worobetz Victor & Nancie Worobetz Donald Wotherspoon John & Iris Woychuk Judy Wozny Gordon & Isabel Wright Terrence Wright Ella Wynnychuk Bernadette Wyzykoski Robert & Shirley Yamkowy William Yanchar Allan Yaniw Ken & Debra Yaremko Lance Yearly William Yekimchuk Kwong Ho & Wing Wah Yeung Kwok Chu & Mary Yiu Masa Yoneda Helen Yoner Keith & Marie Young Charles Yu Jeffrey Yu Hwi Su & Su Ja Yun Saul Zalik M. & M. Zane Nestor Zaozirny Daryl Zelinski Norma Zemke David & Joyce Ziegler Robert & Marlene Ziegler Ariel Zola Roy Zuk Michael & Carol Zukiwsky Rosemarie Zurek John & Lillian Zurock Nick Zyha Robina Zyp

$75 – $149 (gift in kind) Andy’s Valleyview IGA Store Beverley Armstrong Cloud Nine Pajamas Brian & Diane Collinge Roger Farkes Family & Jim Craig Family Kelly Fordice & Ashely Beckman Val Gervais Jasper Place Composite High School Marilyn Johnson Kimberly-Clark Inc. Joany Meeuswissen Lindy Mussio & Andrea Jones Notables Stationers RCMP Veteran’s Association T.K. Clothing Co. Ten Thousand Villages

brain trust sponsors Bellatrix Exploration Ltd. Robert & Michelle Bessette Curt Beyer Connect Logistics Creekwood Chappelle Durstling Family Trust The Edgar Family Trust The Dianne & Irving Kipnes Foundation Hameed Nasseri RBC Foundation Lisa & Marshall Sadd Allan & Sally Sawin The Scott Family Trust Sherrick Management Ltd. Sorrell Financial Inc. Sureway Construction Top-Co WAM Development Corporation Paddy Webb & Family The Wheaton Family Foundation C.J. Woods, FCA Dr. Curtis Woods



campaign for

prostate health The University Hospital Foundation, in partnership with the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and the Alberta Cancer Foundation, gratefully acknowledge the many donors who have so generously supported the Campaign for Prostate Health. Through your generosity the campaign has reached its $30 Million goal, and the face of men’s health is already changing in our community. This list recognizes pledges and cumulative gifts of $75 and over to the Campaign, up to September 30, 2012. Gifts between $75 and $4,999 represent donations that came specifically to the University Hospital Foundation.

$1,000,000 and Up Gordon Buchanan Cross Cancer Institute Golf Classic Landmark Group Liquor Depot – The Experience Prostate Cancer Canada Stella & Carmelo Rago Sorrentino’s Restaurant Group Sureway Construction Management Ltd. Underwear Affair Edmonton C.J. Woods, FCA

$500,000 - $999,999 C.J. Woods, FCA & Chris Lachance – Century Hospitality Group Lehigh Inland Cement The Dianne & Irving Kipnes Foundation The Stollery Family Foundation Syncrude Canada TELUS

$250,000 - $499,999 Canadian Western Bank Ron Hodgson Pontiac Buick GMC Murray & Karey Koch Hugh & Madge McColl UA Local 488 - Plumbers & Pipe Fitters Sherrick Management Ltd. Frank & Carla Sojonky

$100,000 - $249,999 Allard Foundation Wes Alexander All Weather Windows Aman Building Corporation Rick Arndt Bob & Ruth Bentley Henry & Jane Bereznicki Jim & Sharon Brown Murray & Jan Brown


Brian & Linda Butlin John R. Day The Edgar Family Trust Terry Freeman Kathy & Ross Grieve and Family Brian R. Hughes Ralph & Janet Hutchinson – Daytona Homes Inc. Gerry Knoll Neil & Edith MacGillivray Phil Milroy Motorcycle Ride for Dad Jerry Naqvi Blaine & Gail Nicholson Al & Fran Olson Jack and Esther Ondrack PCL Construction Group Inc. Qualico Group Bert Royer & Family R.W. Investment Corporation The Scott Family Trust Peter Sorrell Standard General Bruce & Sharon Telford Upside Software Inc. Angus and Heather Watt – J. Angus Watt Paddy Webb Westcorp Inc. Wheaton Family Gord & Linda Wiebe Bill & Paulette Winter Witten LLP – David & Pam Margolus Dr. Curtis Woods

$50,000 - $99,999 A & B Concrete Pumping Denny Andrews John & Ewa Burton Greg & Carol Cameron Paul & Cathy Douglas Mike & Sharon Duff Dennis & Doreen Erker General Recycling Industries Ltd. John Glazma


James Glenn John & Susan Hokanson Glen & Laurie Hommy Jatec Electric Dale Klein KLS Developments Kor-Alta Constructions Gary & Ross Kump Bob MacLean Malachi 3:10 Foundation Melton Foundation Tim Melton Ray Moher Synergy Projects Ltd. Harold & Nancy Parfett Wayne Pertman Raywalt Construction Jim & Gail Richl Sanjel Corporation Bruce Saville Roger & Mary Swainson Joe and Nancy Thompson Witten LLP

$25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous Jack & Jeannie Agrios Butler Family Foundation Caron Transport Delcon Developments Grant Ericksen Ionic Club of Edmonton Philip Lachambre & Cathy MacDonald Kay Laschowski David & Pam Margolus Gerry & Kay McFadyen Martin McLean McLellan Ross LLP Stan Milner John & Maggie Mitchell MLC Land Company Alan & Jeanette Olinyk RBC Foundation Elaine & Conrad St. Jean Trican Well Service

$10,000 - $24,999 John & Ruth Agrios James & Monica Allen Murray Cobbe Collins Industries Conroy Ross Partners Coronet Electric John A. Crozier, CA Doug & Marge Cumming DTZ Barnicke Diversified Mechanical Dyand Mechanical Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Eran Management Douglas & Joanne Goss and Family Stan & Min Hafso Ada Hole Independant Order of Odd Fellows Lodge 41 - Norwood Norm Lapointe Lutsky Family Foundation Mac James Motors Melcor Developments Dr. James & Paddy Metcalfe Norpoint Sandblasting & Painting Ltd. Terry O’Flynn Frank & Elsie Polanski Dr. Gerry & Dianne Todd Trimac Transportation Jane Weller & Dale Magee Bud & Mary Yates Ralph & Gay Young Family Fund

$5,000 - $9,999

$500 - $999

Dave Addie Arco Concrete Ian Barrigan Ursula Buller Orville Burchby Kevin & Janet Campbell City Lumber Corporation Curtis West Siding Peter Dawson Keith & Leonora Deering Ron Deines Drs. Howard and Deborah Evans Gem Cabinets Golden Gate Lions Club In Memory of Harry Graschuk Peter & Astrid Griep Steven and Elizabeth Gulacsi Mark Havin Knights of Columbus – St. Joseph Assembly, Fourth Degree Langford Electric Bruno Mastroprimiano Richard McCallum McLean Young Construction Merck Frosst Canada Inc. Nelson Lumber Lee Nichols Pals Survey Robert & Connie Proznik and Family Rainguard Harold & Cathy Roozen Val & Gloria Schneider Brian Shea Jim Stout Margaret Thompson VIP Development Diane Young Dennis & Susan Zentner

Authentic Wines & Spirits Merchants Henry & Jane Bereznicki Terry Bradley William & Margaret Calder Don Cranston & Nancy Romanow Cranston Design North Landscape Architecture Inc. John & Bunny Ferguson Myrna & Jock Fyfe Imperial Oil - Products and Chemicals Division Bohdan & Veronica Kadylo and Family Max & Joyce McCann Robert & Bev McNally Robert & Bonnie Normand Ronald Riopel Roy & Denise Sirockman Eugene Topolnisky David & Heather Vickar

$2,500 - $4,999 Ronald G. Bryant William Dyer David Tarkowski Jack Watt

$1,000 - $2,499 Battle River Implements Ltd. Norman & Rose Burchett William & Sharon Cairns Daniel & Betty Dumont William C. Dunn Lynn & Stephen Mandel Laurie W. McRae Ken & Melanie Mitchell Jack Morris Ponath Management Services Robert Reeves Dr. Eric & Elexis Schloss James Stevenson Alex & Beth Tutschek Ye Olde Craft Masonic Lodge #196

$250 - $499 Ryan & Margaret Beebe Edward Behnke Deborah Gordon Jerry Kohut

$150 - $249 Raymond & Maria Amyotte Dwayne & Susan Chomyn Brian Hetherington Univeris Corporation John Michael & Marion Whitworth

$75 - $149 Percy & Madlin Beebe Ernest Davis Fidelity Investments Canada Ltd. IA Clarington Investments Inc. Terrence & Janet Law Shauna Morgan Aaron & Jean Oshey William & Ruth E. Porter Rick M. Riffel E. Wayne & Jacki J. Sampson Ctibor Skoda Ronald Sorokin & Lisa Redmond Melvin & Mabel Thompson Malcolm Tinsley Julian Warawa

When 85% of your membership is male, support for men’s health initiatives is natural: The Plumbers & Pipe Fitters U.A. Local Union 488 made a $300,000 pledge to the Campaign for Prostate Health. The Campaign resonates with the union’s membership because of the high number of men in their ranks. The local union also shares a geographic base with the new rapid-access Prostate Health Clinic. From left, Joyce Law, President of the University Hospital Foundation; Larry Matychuk, Business Manager for UA 488; C.J. Woods, Co-Chair of the Campaign for Prostate Health; Glenda Coleman-Millar; and Barry Pruden, Assistant Business Manager for UA 488, in the lobby of the new Edmonton Clinic.



university hospital foundation

we honour them in memory of The following people were remembered through memorial donations to the University Hospital Foundation. James R. Adair Gilles A. Albert Harry Allen Alvin Andal Sheila Armstrong Marion Arychuk Alycia K. Aubin Kylie M. Bain Leslie J. Baker Bonnie E. Balanko Penny Barr Raymond A. Batt R. Edward Bell Walter M. Bell Elizabeth Berardine David R. Bickerton John Bilyk Susan Binkley Douglas A. Blacklock Joseph E. Bohm Ozro A. Boos Larry Bowering William Brandly Colin Breadner Allister S. Brekke Stuart G. Briegel Martina Bruinsma Margaret Buchinski Frances M. Bundle George A. Burger Stan Bystrowski Maria J. Cabral Bradley J. Calder Paul Caouette Dwayne C. Cartier Bruce E. Childs Orest D. Chmilar Ah S. Chua Orma P. Cleary Lauren S. Cooper John K. Crockett Loren D. Crone Marlene L. Crosbie Rose M. Crump Marjorie L. Cunningham Sharron Darling


James B. Davies Norman J. Davies Justin R. Delano Jeffrey E. Dodds Heather Doney May H. du Heaume Catherine M. Dunlap Lydia Eckert Nora-Leigh Edmond Stephen A. Edmond Elwood H. Edwards Robert C. Edwards Corbin T. Elle Dale A. Ewanchuk Larry Ewanishan Kevin W. Fankhanel Kay Faulder Mary E. Fearn Charles Fischer Raymond L. Foose Arnold J. Forest Janet M. Frank Geraldine Fraser Isabelle L. Fraser Stanley Fraser Dan Frey Wade Friesen Rodney Frith Edith M. Garden Albert G. Gibbs Maurice Gould John Gregory Robert Greschuk Gaganveer S. Grewal Michael S. Griffin Peter Grossmann Nancy Halun Ricky Hansen Jaipall Happy Mildred Hardwick Reginald G. Harish Steven R. Hawkins Cathie Heard Vinnie Helfrick Rowland C. Helgren David Helper Karin E. Heming Arthur J. Henetiuk Ron Heppleston Chris Hogan Joyce A. Holloway


Judith Holwein Eldon E. Isaacson Eugenia Iwaniuk Harry R. Javorsky Nash L. Jensen Hazel Joe Albert S. Johnson Neil D. Johnson Pamela Johnson William H. (Pete) & June Johnson Christina R. Jones Robert W. Jurchuk Bohdan Kadylo Judy Ann Elizabeth Kalynchuk Frank A. Keegan Robert J. Kelly Francis T. Kenny Ron King Judy P. Klaczek Nick Korol Kathryn Kozak Jean Land Mary Carole Lant Judith A. Laviolette Hilje Sterenberg Lesterhuis Donald J. Little Marie Lukinchook Andrew J. MacDonald Shirley A. MacLean John MacNeil Ingrid MacPherson Lottie E. Maguire Norman L. Mannix Anthony Marko Andrew G. Marks Edythe L. Markstad-Buchanan Richard Martin Letticia Matheson-Redden Adele Matvie Ralph P. Maull Kathleen McAnally Chris McBride Brad McCrimmon Nora K. McDonald K. Douglas McIvor Alvin McKinley Doreen P. McLean James N. McMullin Kenneth Melvin Maurice Meunier Alice Miller

Jack D. Miller Harvey F. Mills Alex Mischuk King H. Mok Yu W. Mok Fay Moorehead Cecilia H. Morken Ellen Morris Joseph F. Mossey Shelly L. Mrkonjic Nina Mugleston Kenneth J. Mullan Rodney B. Muth Raymond J. Nelson Helen F. Nemirsky Shim Hing Ng Carmen A. Nickolson Vera Nixon Doris N. O’Connor Harry O’Keefe Ann Olafson Ray Olenik Barry L. Olsen Raymond A. Oscar Brendan M. O’Sullivan John B. Peacock Robert Peake Menno Penner Ron Petruk R. James Pettifer Sophie Piontkowski Hilda Pitingolo Stanley D. Polack Wayne G. Pollard Graham G. Poole James D. Pukalo Mae Anna G. Purcell Ross Pysmeny Kenneth W. Quinn Cheryl Rafuse Clayton R. Ridgway David J. Rode Helen Rolheiser Nina Rollog Alex Romaniuk Wendy W. Safron Craig J. Samoil Ivan Schmidt Brian G. Sehn Alex Shapka Katherine G. Sieben

William Skorobohach Steve Skrypiczajko Andrew Skuba Ronald Skuba Margaret S. Smith Jack Sochatsky Mohinder K. Soni Jacob Stanley Laurence H. Steffler John Sterenberg Jason L. Stewart Judy Stewart Kinh Ta Ben Thiessen Anne Thomas Dale A. Thompson Pauline S. Toma Frank Tomaszewski Lorraine Toner Gary G. Tracy Gerald Turnquist Harlen Turville James Uden Bryce Van Dusen Anthony D. Voth Cassie K. Waschuk Orest G. Wasiuta Phillip Watkins Darlene A. Weder Sandra J. Weidner Henry A. Weslosky Marilyn J. Whelan Albert E. Whittaker James Willows Beverly Wiwchar Elmer O. Wolters Man Chiu Wong Mei L. Wong Suk-Hing Wong Wilfred Wood Cayley D. Woodhead Nancy Workun Albert Wozny Walter Yadlowski William Yanchar Yee Lui A. Yeung Stephen Yurkiwsky John Zigarlick John M. Zylak

we honour them The Foundation has received gifts honouring the following people: Roy Anderson Lou Anne Astra Allan Aubry Olive Badger Steve Baker Tim Bartelds Jamie Bilodeau Saul Birenbaum Alex Blais Barry Browning Madison Brush Keith Bullington Alice M. Burlet Luke Burlet Matt Burlet Ilene Burton David B. Climenhaga Earl Cornfield Jeannine Coulombe Scout Cowan Onkar Dhaliwal Dennis Dyck Jim Esch Dave Ewanchook Tyson Feairs Dr. Richard N. Fedorak Vincenzo Gatti Gerry Giguere Charles V. Godberson Dr. Debra M. Hammer Pat Heslip Vivian Hoffman Marion Irwin Bill Jackson Chrissy Jezewska Ali Kapasi Bradley Kerr Murray F. Koch Morgan Langille Si S. Leung Dr. Dale C. Lien Jill Martin-Ament Donald F. Mazankowski Amy McConnell Teri McKibbon Ken R. Millar Marion Morstad Gerald L. Moysa

Glenn Mudryk Duane Muth William Myndiuk Roland G. Nador Harry O’Keefe Amber Peck Fred Pylypow Ivan M. Rebeyka Brian Relitz Albertus Roetman Henry Sanders Dr. Hadi Seikaly Alex D. Smith Daniel C. Smith Asha Soni Leigh Sowerby John Sterenberg Velma Sterenberg Myron Sunderland Greg Tymofichuk Margaret Vernick Beverley Waskiewich Justin Weinkauf Tony White Bob Willman Wade Wilson Alicja Wlodek Jeffrey Yu Midge M. Zeidler



university hospital foundation

planning a legacy ‘feels great’ to give For farmer, entrepreneur and philanthropist Robert Huff, giving is about making sure that generations to come have the same chance that he had to live and work in a great community, and benefit from the best technology health care has to offer. “What I achieved in my life, I didn’t do alone − I was partnered with the community,” says Mr. Huff. “All through my life, every time I had a little bit of extra money, I’d put it back in the community.” Born and raised in Edmonton, Mr. Huff spent most of his working years farming and running successful egg and cattle operations. In 2006, Mr. Huff had a heart attack while vacationing in Arizona. A few months later he had a pacemaker inserted at the University of Alberta Hospital. Impressed with the treatment he received, he made a donation to the University Hospital Foundation for the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. Since then, Mr. Huff decided to leave the Foundation a gift for the future in his will. “Technology is changing so fast. Our hospitals need support from the community to remain leaders in care. In the future, so many patients will benefit from new discoveries and technology that we haven’t even dreamed of.” “I know that talking about wills and estates can be difficult, but for me, leaving a gift in my will feels great. I know I’m helping ensure future generations receive the same great care, or even more advanced care, than I did.” For more information about legacy gifts, please contact: Judith Morrison, Director of Donor Relations: 780-407-7490 or Myrna Fyfe, Fundraising Counsel: 780-407-1174 or With deepest gratitude we acknowledge the following individuals who, through their bequests to the University Hospital Foundation, have left a legacy of compassion and caring. T. Bryan Campbell-Hope Betty Drury Catherine M. Dunlap Glen Henschel Adelaide A. Hnidan


John D. Lindblad Lilly Mueller Cliff & Enid Phillips William Wilson


University Hospital Foundation Donor Centre, 1H1.91 WMC 8440 - 112 Street Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2B7 Phone: 780-407-7007 Fax: 780-407-6603 E-mail:

The University Hospital Foundation raises and manages funds to advance patient care, research and healthcare education at the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and the Edmonton Clinic.

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report  

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report  

University Hospital Foundation Annual Report