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Saturday School at the university of the arts

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College-level courses for high school students in: crafts, design, fine arts, media, performing arts + writing

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Taking the train into Center City was intimidating, but it gives you a sense of independence, and knowing you can do it yourself is freeing.

Richard Mitchell Senior at Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School Saturday School Classes: Animation, Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration: Story Book, Painting, Improvisation

Richard Mitchell has been experimenting with different Saturday School courses since he was a freshman in 2008. “Saturday School is for anyone who wants to take the time and learn, even if you’re not good and don’t consider yourself an ‘artist,’” he said. “Even though a lot of people are serious, it’s a searching experience.”

Richard attended a public school for his first two years of high school and said it was difficult because he didn’t fit into one particular group. “The area where I live is not very diverse. You don’t break out of what you’re supposed to do,” he said. “Here, there were lots of kids like me. Being around people who are unique and don’t judge, who don’t fit into stereotypes, it’s helped me figure out who I am.”

Course Offerings

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Welcome to Saturday School at UArts, a community for individuals to think, create and succeed. At a time when many high schools are cutting back on programs in art and music, Saturday School at the University of the Arts offers college-level courses designed for students in grades 9-12 who seek training in the arts along with personal growth and enrichment.

Five reasons to attend Saturday School: 1. Art is life. Whether you’re interested in making a career in the arts or simply enjoy it as a fulfilling creative outlet, art is essential to a well-balanced education and richer life. 2. Get a taste of the art school experience. Saturday School offers college-level courses in the same state-of-the-art classrooms and studios our undergraduate students use.

Course Offerings

3. Learn from the best. Saturday School instructors are accomplished artists and inspiring teachers, many of whom also teach undergraduates at UArts. 4. Gain independence and build confidence. Gain independence by venturing to our Center City campus on your own, and build confidence by excelling at what you enjoy – creating art! 5. Prepare for college. More than ever, colleges and universities seek students who are well rounded and accomplished. Saturday School is committed to helping students develop a record of achievement for college admissions, whether it is a portfolio, audition piece, writing sample, documentary video or multimedia creation. Plus, share experiences and make friends with other creative-minded students like you! In these pages, you’ll meet three Saturday School students and hear directly from them why they chose UArts Saturday School and what they’ve gained from their experience.

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Heather Jo Wingate,

Krysta Knaster,

Pre-College Coordinator

Pre-College Program Assistant

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Here, when you first walk in the studios you get a very professional feel.

Julianna Bautista Senior at Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts Saturday School Class: Improvisation

Although Julianna Bautista attends a performing arts high school, they rarely do any training in improv. “And if we do, it’s just games,” she said. “This class opened my eyes that improv is its own whole area of acting.”

While she’s still exploring all the aspects of theater and thinks she may want to study directing in college, Julianna said acting has affected her emotional life on a daily basis. “You’re trying to train yourself to feel all these things so that you can have them tucked away and use them later.” Julianna said the 10 weeks of Saturday School go by so fast because you get so deep into the topic of your class. “Even when it was over, I still wanted more.”

2 | Pre-College Saturday School | The University of the Arts

Course Offerings Course Offerings pre-college

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Saturday School Course Offerings

Fall 2011

October 1 - December 10 10 Saturdays, 10 am – 1 pm

SS 112 Animation

SS 144 Audition Preparation for College Admission

SS 106 Ceramics

SS 134 Collage + the Print

SS 209 Color Photography

Spring 2012 Offerings February 11 - April 21 Course 10 Saturdays, 10 am – 1 pm

SS 205 Comic Book Illustration

SS 137 Comic Character Design

SS 123 Creative Writing

SS 131 Digital Cinematography + Filmmaking

SS 215 Design with Wood – NEW!

SS 132 Digital Photography I SS 189 Digital Photography II – NEW!

Important Dates Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fall Scholarship Deadline

Spring Scholarship Deadline

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Fall Class Session

First Spring Class Session

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Holiday

Easter Holiday

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last Fall Class Session

Last Spring Class Session

SS 101 Drawing I

SS 125 Drawing II

SS 147 Dynamic Fibers

SS 211 Experimental Media + Abstraction

SS 188 Experimental Photo – NEW!

SS 103 Figure Drawing

SS 145 Film Criticism

SS 104 Graphic Design I SS 204 Graphic Design II

SS 210 Graphic Novel

SS 207 Hand Percussion – NEW! SS 150 Improvisation SS 107 Jewelry + Metals

SS 108 Painting I

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SS 208 Painting II

Now available for Saturday School

SS 109 Photography I

students. Please visit to register now! Note: Online registration is NOT available for scholarship applicants. Please visit us online at for more information and to download an application.

SS 111 Photography II

SS 102 Portfolio Preparation for College Admission SS 190 Portfolio Presentation Techniques

SS 117 Screen Directing

SS 115 Screen Printing

SS 140 Screenwriting SS 124 Sculpture + Installation SS 141 Wearable Art

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I don’t know what my life would be like without the arts. It’s not imaginable.

Julia Wright Senior at Hatboro–Horsham High School Saturday School Classes: Wearable Art, Dynamic Fibers

Julia Wright’s high school has a dedicated teacher who has worked hard to make their arts program better. Still, the school doesn’t offer any courses in the specialized area of fibers. “You need sinks, looms and sewing machines, and we just don’t have room for all that.”

Growing up with an artistic family, Julia enjoys the opportunity to learn new things and experiment with new techniques. “Right now I’m trying to get a foot in everything – even if it’s just a taste, so I’ll have more of an idea of what I want to do,” she said. “All I know is if I’m not going to be in the arts, I’m not going to be happy.”

4 | Pre-College Saturday School | The University of the Arts

Course Offerings

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Animation – SS 112 Beginning with the basic fundamentals of hand-drawn animation, timing and motion studies, work with a professional animator while seeking to master a variety of techniques, including stop-motion animation. Near the end of the workshop you will create a short animated movie recorded on DVD.

Audition Preparation for College Admission – SS 144 This course guides you through the audition process for both college and professional roles. Topics include individual monologue coaching and cold reading, how to land an audition and tips and tools for the cultivation of the actor on the artistic journey. You will workshop a monologue you can continue to develop and take with you to auditions.

Course Offerings

Color Photography – SS 209 For advanced photography students, this course exposes you to the fundamentals of negative-based color photography. Topics include color theory, the history of color photography, film and paper characteristics, metering techniques and the final presentation of printed images. The course is designed to treat color photography as both a technical and expressive medium. You must come prepared for the first day of class with your own 35mm manual focus SLR camera and be proficient using the camera as well as black and white darkroom processes.

Ceramics – SS 106 Explore different types of clay and building techniques by making functional and/or sculptural ceramic works. Tile making, coil building, clay slab construction and throwing are covered. You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of materials including porcelain, dark stoneware, slips, under glazes and glazes.

Comic Book Illustration – SS 205 Working in a variety of media, you will complete a series of projects toward the development of an original comic book spread. The courses emphasizes the stages of developing the comic book from dummy design to finished art, including developing original characters within the context of a storyline.

Collage + the Print – SS 134 Broaden your knowledge of conceptual art and image making by exploring the relationship between collage and a variety of printmaking techniques. Experiment with monotype, transfer and relief printing in conjunction with the layering of text, imagery, decorative papers and found objects. You will create unique two-and threedimensional works from your choice of assembled materials while learning about the artists who have shaped the medium of collage.

Comic Character Design – SS 137 This course allows you to create and design your own comic book character in terms of image as well as concept and personality. Working from the imagination and using a variety of media, you will develop characters through a series of thumbnail sketches that evolve into a finished and highly rendered image. The characters developed for this class can be used in children’s books, animation, computer animation, comic books, cartoons or graphic novels.

Creative Writing – SS 123 In this course express yourself through the art of the written word and work towards developing your own writing style. Study basic strategies of writing dialogue, creating settings, developing scenes and characters and more. Emphasis is on generating new material, in-class discussions and revision.

fall 2011

spring 2012

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Course Offerings

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Digital Cinematography + Filmmaking – SS 131 Enhance the quality and look of your video images in this course devoted to the development of digital video camera skills. Techniques in shot composition, lighting and exposure are covered in detail for both beginning students as well as those with prior experience. Learn to position the camera, and study the cinematography secrets of independent films and Hollywood classics. You will complete hands-on production exercises each week and leave with a team-developed, portfolio-quality final project.

NEW! Design with Wood – SS 215 This course explores design as it relates to making objects and furniture from wood. Study industrial design theory as well as manipulation of wood with hand and power tools such as the band saw and shaping tools, rasps, chisels, small hand planes and gouges. Your individuality is encouraged within the guidelines for each project.

Digital Photography I – SS 132 Learn about composition, exposure and lighting to create inventive, high-quality photographs. In addition to critiques with your peers, topics include camera functions, image storage, batch processing and various means of output. Using digital cameras, you will work both in the computer lab and throughout Philadelphia on shooting assignments. You must own a digital camera to participate in this class.

NEW! Digital Photography II – SS 189 Geared towards a more advanced digital photography student, this class is a great follow-up to the Digital Photography I course. Fine tune your shooting skills, develop an efficient workflow and learn various means of image adjustment. Assignments present both technical and creative challenges as you work towards cultivating your individual vision. You must come prepared for the first day of class with your own DSLR camera. Prior experience using the manual functions of a DSLR camera is required.

Michelle Pham, Figure Drawing

Drawing I – SS 101 Explore the fundamentals of basic drawing by honing your observation skills while working from still life, models and landscapes. Work with media such as charcoal, pencil and ink to develop basic skills such as perspective, composition, light and shadow and tonal variations. A historical understanding of drawing is also part of the coursework.

Drawing II – SS 125 Working with line and tone in black and white and possibly color, explore issues of structure, space and light. This course emphasizes design and composition as you work toward more sustained studies and finished drawings. Work from still lifes, the urban landscape and nude models while experimenting with a variety of media including pencil, charcoal, conté crayon, pastels and toned and colored papers. Prior drawing experience required.

Dynamic Fibers – SS 147 In this hands-on beginner fibers course, explore a variety of textile techniques as you are introduced to hand stitching, embroidery, appliqué and tapestry weaving. Working individually and collaboratively, contribute to a blog and create quilt units that come together digitally. You will also learn the techniques of tapestry weaving by creating imagery inspired by landscapes, places and memories. This course includes a field trip to the Fabric Workshop and Museum.

6 | Pre-College Saturday School | The University of the Arts

Course Offerings Experimental Media + Abstraction – SS 211 This course facilitates experimentation as you discover new ways of making art. Using a variety of wet and dry media, explore abstraction to create bold and exciting images. Classes start with representational drawing or painting exercises that serve as a foundation for more experimental artwork.

NEW! Experimental Photo – Alternative Processes – SS 188 Open to both experienced photographers and beginners, this course introduces you to experimental photo processes and non-traditional ways to consider the photographic image. Using a variety of films and cameras while pushing the boundaries of how one views the world, you will explore processes such as pinhole cameras and cyanotypes. You must have a 35mm automatic and/ or manual camera.

Course Offerings

Figure Drawing – SS 103 This course introduces you to the fundamentals of anatomy and drawing from the nude. Develop drawing and visual skills while working primarily from the skeleton and nude models. You will learn basic anatomy, gesture, structure, proportion, line and tone. Prior drawing experience is required.

Film Criticism – SS 145 This class is for the future director and film critic alike. Screening many types of films in a variety of venues both on campus and off, enhance your understanding of film. Looking at filmic conventions, including camera position and angle, lighting, shot duration and sequencing, you will develop a vocabulary to discuss your adventures in watching movies.

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Graphic Design II – SS 204 In this class explore some of the infinite methods available to those in graphic design, advertising and other commercial arts. Develop projects in various computer software programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Once familiar with the tools, you will work to make your ideas speak visually. This is an excellent follow up to the Graphic Design I course, or it can be taken independently. Previous drawing, design and computer experience is required.

Graphic Novel – SS 210 Investigate narrative development as you explore the elements involved in making a graphic novel–from the conceptual stages to illustration and beyond. Develop writing skills as well as drawing and character development in this stimulating course. Strong storytelling and drawing skills are required.

NEW! Hand Percussion – SS 207 Explore modern and traditional approaches to the fascinating art of hand drumming. You will explore different techniques and styles of drumming of Cuba, Brazil, Africa and more.

Improvisation – SS 150 Designed for students interested in the performing arts, this class uses the basic tenets of improvisation and focuses on long form improv and scene development. Learn to listen actively, be present in the moment, and work from a place of creativity and personal truth. Through games, team building exercises and basic scene work, explore various methods for finding and making creative choices. Some topics include creating memorable characters through physical exploration, building the platform, improvised monologues, group scenes and crafting an ensemble.

Graphic Design I – SS 104 Learn the fundamental design processes and master visual knowledge by experimenting with form, space and composition. In this course, focus on key elements for visual communication such as type design, layout and image treatment. You will work in various media and ultimately produce work digitally. Projects may include a poster or a cover for a CD or book.

fall 2011

spring 2012

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Course Offerings

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Jewelry + Metals – SS 107

Photography I – SS 109

Learn the basics of jewelry design and metalsmithing by using various metals techniques such as sawing, piercing, soldering, riveting and finishing. In this course you will create unique jewelry or small sculptural compositions in silver, bronze, brass and/or copper.

Designed for first-time photographers, this class helps you develop technical skills in shooting, printing and developing black and white photos. Basic aesthetic issues including composition and image size are addressed, and you learn to create images that communicate universally. You must come prepared for the first day of class with your own 35mm SLR camera with light meter and manual capabilities. No prior darkroom experience is required.

Painting I – SS 108 Heightened perception is developed as you explore the study of color, surface and composition using acrylic paints and working with still lifes and nude models. Color theory and paint mixing techniques are addressed as you learn the fundamentals of painting. Prior drawing experience is helpful but not required. This class is a great introduction to Painting II.

Painting II – SS 208 In this class you have the opportunity to work on paintings of the nude figure over multiple sessions. Explore composition, balance, proportion, scale and shape. Technical aspects of painting such as value, color, form and style are also addressed. You may work in your preference of oil or acrylic. Prior drawing and painting experience is required.

Photography II – SS 111 Geared toward the more experienced student photographer, this course emphasizes further development in photographic skills to create work that is cohesive and professional in presentation. You will fine-tune your black and white printing skills while you experiment with tone and other advanced techniques. Assignments are self-driven and focus on your individual vision. You must come prepared for the first day of class with your own 35mm SLR camera with light meter and manual capabilities. Prior darkroom experience is required.

Portfolio Preparation for College Admission – SS 102 What are colleges looking for in a portfolio? Work with a variety of 2-D media to create between four and six pieces suitable for a college application portfolio. Subjects of study include the human figure (nude models), portraiture, design and still life. You will have an opportunity to review work you created in and outside of class with a UArts admissions counselor. This course is limited to high school juniors and seniors and is divided into two sections after a proficiency exercise is conducted on the first day.

NEW! Portfolio Presentation Techniques – SS 190

Courtney McCloskey, Jewelry + Small Metals

What are the best pieces to include in your college admission portfolio and how do you present them? Different from Portfolio Preparation (SS 102), this class focuses on approaches for preparing your portfolio pieces for college admissions, including presentation, photographing work, matting and best practices. Come prepared with finished portfolio pieces that need to be photographed and documented. Guest speakers include UArts admissions counselors who have professional experience reviewing portfolios. This course is limited to high school juniors and seniors.

8 | Pre-College Saturday School | The University of the Arts

Course Offerings

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Course Offerings

Alexandra Filipek, Painting II

Screen Directing – SS 117

Screenwriting – SS 140

If you are considering applying to film school, enjoy making videos with friends, are a diehard film buff or are simply curious about the art, Screen Directing helps you better understand what is involved in making a film. This course focuses on the complex role of directors and their job of taking an idea from paper to screen. Class activities include film screenings and hands-on production projects using professional cameras and Apple’s Final Cut Pro editing program. You will work collaboratively to create an original, short group project.

Have you ever watched a movie and said, “I could write a better story than that!”? Well, here’s your chance; this course examines the art of the script. Learn the fundamentals of plot, structure, character, conflict, dialogue and theme and complete a correctly formatted short screenplay as a final project. Class activities include movie screenings, script readings and computer lab time to write.

Screen Printing – SS 115 Learn the basics of screen printing by utilizing photoemulsion as stencil material for layering colors and images onto a variety of papers or fabrics. You can print your own hand-drawn images or use photographic or digital images to create your compositions. Print an edition to be shared with the class and possibly an experimental print or t-shirt.

Sculpture + Installation – SS 124 This class focuses on the use of found objects as well as traditional and non-traditional materials to realize a three-dimensional form or installation. The emphasis is on generating ideas and using these ideas to create large-scale objects and environments. To challenge your notions of what art is and what it can be, experimenting with different media and manipulating materials to best express your ideas is encouraged.

Wearable Art – SS 141 Learn how to make art and wear it too. This introductory fibers mixed-media course introduces you to basic sewing, pattern making and sculptural techniques, as well as experimental and untraditional methods of garment construction. Explore the extensive possibilities of costume, fashion and performance. In addition to your studio practice, be exposed to various cultural, political, historical and contemporary aspects of costume.

fall 2011

spring 2012

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Scholarships Students must apply for scholarships at the time of registration. Scholarship applicants cannot register online. Students who are already registered for a Pre-College Saturday School course will be ineligible for a scholarship for that term and retroactive refunds will not be processed.

Due to the generosity of these foundations, there are a limited number of full scholarships available to students who apply. These scholarships are based upon financial need and student merit. Applicants must submit (1) a letter of recommendation from an art teacher (2) student work – see complete requirements on the scholarship form (3) an essay and (4) financial statements. To receive an application for full

Partial Scholarships

scholarship, you can download a form from our website at

A limited number of $100 merit-based scholarships are or contact our office at 215.717.6430. Students

available to students who apply. The scholarship application

who receive full scholarships are still responsible for the fees

is available online at To apply,

in the amount of $65.

students must complete the application form and return it along with the completed registration form and payment in the amount of $230 plus $65 fees by Friday, September 23, for the fall semester and Friday, January 27, for the spring.

Scholarship Deadlines Fall 2011: Friday, September 23 Spring 2012: Friday, January 27

If a student is not awarded a scholarship, he or she will be billed for the remaining $100.

Full-Tuition Scholarships Full-tuition scholarships are generously funded by the Surdna Foundation, the Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation, the Brook J. Lenfest Foundation, the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation, and the Mill Spring Foundation. Scholarships are awarded based on teacher recommendation, portfolio, personal essay and financial need.

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Course Offerings Information + Policies

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This brochure is not a contractual document. The University of the Arts reserves the right to change any curricular offering, policy, faculty assignment or financial regulation described in this brochure. The University of the Arts gives equal consideration to all applicants for admission and scholarships, and conducts all educational programs, activities and employment practices without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, or disability.

Course Cancellation

Registration + Space Availability

Tuition is $330 for each course, plus a $50 nonrefundable

We accept registration online, by fax, by mail or in person; we

registration fee and $15 required materials fee. Total tuition

do not accept registration over the telephone. Note: Online registration is NOT available for scholarship applicants. To register, you must submit the completed registration form with payment in full. Registration is accepted on a first come, first served basis. We do not maintain a waiting list for our classes.

Admission + Dismissal Policies The University of the Arts reserves the right to deny registration to any student based upon the student’s prior behavior or actions in a previous class, program or workshop at the University. Additionally, any current student may be dismissed from his/her class and the program if found to be disruptive or behaving inappropriately in class or on the University campus. Students dismissed from any UArts Pre-College Program will be denied admission to future terms and programs. Students in the Division of Continuing Studies are expected to adhere to a Student Code of Conduct available on our website

The University of the Arts reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. If a cancellation should occur, students will be notified prior to the start of the classes and will have the option of taking another course or receiving a full refund.

Tuition + Fees

and fees due at time of registration is $395. The $15 nonrefundable materials fee for each class is applied to the specific operational costs incurred by activities in classes, studios or labs. Payment of the materials fee is required at the time of registration and is nonrefundable. Students may need to purchase other materials at their own expense in addition to those provided. See the following page for additional details on supplies. A $25 fee will be charged for any returned checks. See the following page for additional details on supplies.

Refund Policy UArts’ refund policy is as follows: 1. 100% tuition refund less the $65 nonrefundable fees for withdrawal one week before the start of class. Course fees are nonrefundable. 2. 80% tuition refund less the $65 nonrefundable fees for withdrawal the week classes begin. Course fees are nonrefundable. 3. 50% tuition refund less the $65 nonrefundable fees for withdrawal between the first and second class. Course fees are nonrefundable. 4. No refunds will be issued after the second class has met. All withdrawals must be submitted in writing via fax (215.717.6538) or email ( The date the request is received in writing is the date used to calculate the refund amount. Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.

Changing Courses It is not our policy to transfer registration from one course to another. Requests for a change/ switch of course will be processed as a withdrawal, subject to the Saturday School refund policy above.

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Information + Policies (continued) The Pre-College Saturday School offers two different discounts:

10% Discount 10% tuition discount to students who have participated in a prior Pre-College Program at the University of the Arts, either Summer Institute or Saturday School. (The discount does not apply to fees.)

25% Discount 25% tuition discount if the student is the son or daughter of a UArts, Philadelphia College of Art and Design or Philadelphia College of Performing Arts alum. The discount is an increase from 10% to enhance benefits for alumni and to encourage them to take advantage of the University’s rich variety of pre-college, continuing education and professional development opportunities. Only one tuition discount may be applied to a student’s account per semester. Tuition discounts cannot be combined with scholarships. Please be sure to enter the appropriate information where necessary on the registration form. Discounts are for tuition only and do not include a discount on fees.



Discounts must be calculated and reflected in payment

Many of the Pre-College Saturday School courses use

made at the time of registration; no refunds will be issued to correct overpayment. Payment must be received in full at the time of registration. Students whose accounts reflect a balance of anything other than $0.00 will not be permitted to attend class; payment plans are not available. Payment may be made either in the form of a check or money order made payable to: The University of the Arts, or by credit card – American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted. We do not accept cash payments. Registration forms and payment should be forwarded to Pre-College Programs, The University of the Arts, 320 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102.

Supplies Supplies are the responsibility of the student. While the PreCollege Saturday School will provide some basic materials, students will receive an estimated cost at registration and an actual supply list on the first day of class; the items on this list must be obtained by the student. Students are expected to bring money with them on the first day of class in order to purchase supplies. The cost of supplies varies by course, and can range between $50 and $120. Please call Pre-College

nude models to help students build a strong foundation of observational skills. Students should anticipate the use of nude models in the following courses: Drawing I, Drawing II, Figure Drawing, Painting I, Painting II, Portfolio Preparation for College Admission, and Experimental Media + Abstraction. Students are expected to behave with maturity and professionalism in the presence of a model.

Field Trips Some instructors may include a field trip or walking tour as part of the curriculum. Parents/guardians will be asked to sign consent on the registration form, permitting their child to attend these trips.

Snow Days In the event of inclement weather, contact the University of the Arts general information line at 215.717.6000 (then press 5) or view the University web site at to determine whether classes have been cancelled. There will be a recorded message after 8:30 am on Saturdays only if there is a cancellation. No refunds or make-up classes will be scheduled as a result of a cancellation.

Programs if you need specific estimates ahead of time.

12 | Pre-College Saturday School | The University of the Arts

Course Offerings Other Opportunities

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Course Offerings

Open House + Tours Each semester the University of the Arts opens its

Pre-College Programs

doors and invites the public to meet our students

is located in:

and faculty, tour the facilities and learn about our

Terra Hall

many programs. Parents and prospective students are welcome to attend. Pre-College Programs gives a special presentation at Open House where you can meet Pre-College staff and faculty.

211 S. Broad Street (Corner of Broad + Walnut Streets) 9th Floor, Room 915 Philadelphia, PA 19107

Open House dates: Saturday, October 29, 2011 | 12 – 4 pm Saturday, March 31, 2012 | 12 – 4 pm


To make a reservation or to schedule a tour or meeting with an Admissions Counselor, please contact the Office of Admissions at 215.717.6049 or 1.800.616.ARTS.

(for USPS):

Mailing Address Pre-College Programs The University of the Arts 320 S. Broad Street

Pre-College Summer Institute

Philadelphia, PA 19102

The University of the Arts offers an intensive Summer Institute for rising high school juniors

Mailing Address

and seniors in July. Programs are one, two or

(for FedEx and UPS):

four weeks in length and include Acting, Art +

Pre-College Programs

Media, Dance, Jazz, and Musical Theater. Saturday School students receive a 10% tuition discount. To request a brochure (available in January 2012), call 215.717.6430 or visit

The University of the Arts 311 S. Juniper Street Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Pre-College Saturday School

Saturday School at the University of the Arts  

Courses designed for high school students offered by the Pre-College Saturday School program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.