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Look back. See further. FREE Teaching with Primary Sources Workshop for K-12 Educators Saturday, April 26, 2014 9 am - 1 pm At The University of the Arts Philadelphia, PA Engage Your Students!

Teaching with primary sources at the University of the Arts

Teaching with Primary Sources Workshop for K-12 Educators This workshop uses the vast resources of the Library of Congress to help teachers and librarians at any grade level introduce new approaches to inquiry-based learning. Participants become detectives – seeking out original photographs, artifacts, images, music, playbills and more to bring curricular subjects to life. We help all educators feel more comfortable understanding how primary sources – particularly ones based in the arts – define human stories from the past. This workshop connects primary sources to your specific teaching area and considers tools to incorporate this into your work. Workshop is FREE! Advanced registration is required. Registration includes: Library of Congress educational materials, flash drive of digital resources, hands-on activities, free parking and lunch. Participants earn 3.5 PA Act 48 activity hours.

Primary sources.

A teaching tool like no other. Primary source digital archives from the Library of Congress enable you and your students to get as close as possible to the actual event and the original stories from history. This workshop is designed for you to connect primary sources to your specific teaching area.

You will: > Engage in hands-on group activities and discussion > Explore, through guided practice, primary source materials on the

Library of Congress website > Create tools to bring these sources directly into your classroom > Learn about more free opportunities for training featuring primary

sources and the arts

Workshop Instructor: Stormy Vogel With 18 years of public school teaching experience, Stormy Vogel is currently a teacher/librarian at North Penn High School in Lansdale, PA. She is the K-12 Department Chair for libraries in the North Penn School District, which serves approximately 13,000 students. In addition, she completed the 2013 Library of Congress Summer Teacher Institute in Washington D.C. Before becoming Department Chair, Stormy was a curriculum coordinator for North Penn and was also a roundtable participant in the Pennsylvania School Library Study held in 2011. Teaching and interacting with students and staff members are her favorite part of being a librarian. “I love the collaborative nature of being a librarian and guiding students and staff to the information that they want.�

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Wonder where these images are from? Check out

Who is it for? Everyone! All educators — regardless of subject, grade or specialty — will be introduced to the breadth of sources, their value in instruction, ad how quality content enriches student learning.

What you’ll learn. You’ll learn what, exactly, a primary source is and why it has unique value. You’ll learn how to gain access to those primary sources and how to save them for your classroom use. Perhaps most important, you’ll learn how you can integrate these primary sources in your lesson plans and the best practices for uses them as teaching tools. We’ll provide you with great tools ready to take back and use in your classroom.

About the University of the Arts Our special passion for the arts is a passion for original thinking, the wellspring of art. It engenders in us a special reverence for what has gone before, what the pioneering thinkers have created and bequeathed to all of us. We are enormously proud that the Library of Congress has chosen us to be a part of their TPS consortium.

The Library of Congress TPS Consortium Funded by a grant from the Library of Congress, the Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program at the University of the Arts creates professional development opportunities for K-12 educators that focus on teaching with primary sources in an arts context to enhance cross-curricular areas in primary and middle schools. Members of the TPS Education Consortium assist in the design of the TPS program and offer TPS professional development on an ongoing basis, year round. The mission of the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program is to: build awareness of the Library’s educational initiatives; provide content that promotes the effective educational use of the Library’s resources; and offer access to and promote sustained use of the Library’s educational resources. Learn more about the Library’s TPS program and other resources available to teachers at


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This workshop uses the vast resources of the Library of Congress to help teachers and librarians at any grade level introduce new approaches...