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WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSITY OF EXETER CONNECT | VISIT DAY The University of Exeter is a member of the Russell Group and is ranked in the top one per cent of universities in the world, according to the Times Higher Education international rankings. Our students are among the happiest in the UK according to the National Student Survey; Exeter ranks 5th for teaching quality among traditional universities and has maintained its top 10 position since the survey was first launched. We are committed from day one of your degree to helping you build the right skills to develop a successful career. That support extends throughout your studies and even after you graduate.

Making the most of your visit Our Connect | Visit Day is designed to help you find out more about the University and decide if Exeter is the university for you. The day is packed with opportunities for you to see a range of facilities, meet staff and students and experience the atmosphere of the University for yourself. This brochure outlines all the activities and presentations on offer, enabling you to select and prioritise the ones you would like to attend. You may like to use the table on the back cover to plan your day. The map on page 7 indicates the main buildings on the campus to help you find your way around. You may also like to take a campus tour to help orientate yourself (see page 4). For detailed information about our degree programmes and the current entry requirements, please look at our website: undergraduate


PRACTICAL ARRANGEMENTS Shuttle service to Exeter St David’s Station S Where: Exeter St David’s to the Geoffrey Pope bus stop and reverse. When: 09:00–10:30 and 15:00–16:30.

Catering You will be able to purchase light refreshments throughout the day from our on-campus shop The Marketplace, located in the Forum, as well as our AMT and Costa Coffee outlets in the same building.

Meeting point M A meeting point outside the Peter Chalk Centre on the Streatham Campus has been indicated on the map on page 7. If you and your guests decide to attend different presentations, or if you lose each other during the day, please arrange to meet at the meeting point.

International students International students with enquiries in relation to fees, support and their application can talk to staff at the Admissions stand in the Forum (3).

Visiting Exeter city centre

opportunity to visit the city centre if you have time during your visit. The city centre is a 15-minute walk from the Streatham Campus. The local D bus route connects the campus and stops on Exeter’s High Street.

Lost property If you find or would like to report some lost property, please ask a Student Marshal for assistance.

Emergencies and first aid In case of an emergency, please contact the nearest member of staff. First aid assistance is available at the Information Fair in the Forum (3).

Exeter is an historic and vibrant city and we would recommend that you take the

INFORMATION FAIR Support services Information Fair Support services staff will be available to explain the facilities and services on offer to support you during your time here. Areas that will be represented include finance and bursaries, dyslexia and other disabilities support and sport. Where and When: Forum (3) 10:00–14:00

The Students’ Guild The Students’ Guild is the students’ union of the University of Exeter which exists to represent the voice of the student body and to ensure that every student gets the most out of their time at Exeter. Every student is automatically a member of the Guild and can access all their services and

opportunities which includes representation, societies, support, volunteering, and social spaces including the Ram Bar student pub and Lemon Grove campus nightclub. The Students’ Guild has something to offer everyone so visit their stand in the Information Fair to find out more. Where and When: Forum (3) 10:00–14:00

Accommodation exhibition

If you have a smartphone you can use the augmented reality Layar app to find points of interest on campus. Visit

Visiting the accommodation exhibition offers you the chance to find out about our full range of accommodation and is the starting point for self-guided tours of the accommodation on the Streatham Campus. Staff from the Accommodation Office will be available to assist with any enquiries. Where and When: Forum (3) 10:00–13:30


GENERAL PRESENTATIONS We would encourage you to attend some of our general presentations to obtain more details on what it is like to study at Exeter and how to apply. What’s on





Applying to Exeter


This session considers the UCAS application process, including what we hope are useful tips for completing the application form. It will also cover how we make decisions about your application here at Exeter. The session will be led by senior Admissions staff.

10:00 and 12:00

Alumni Auditorium, Forum (3)

Funding your study


A member of the Students’ Guild Advice Unit will give an overview of student finance and the support available to fund your studies. Topics covered will include potential expenditure, the types and amounts of support available, how to apply for student finance, as well as an overview of the additional support offered by the University of Exeter. The presentation will include time for questions at the end.

10:00 and 11:00

Seminar 1-3, Forum (3)

Student life


Current students will give a short account of what it’s like to be a student at Exeter. They will tell you about their experiences of the academic support and facilities and what they get up to in their spare time both on and off campus. They will be more than happy for people to ask questions during this session.

11:00 and 12:00

Alumni Auditorium, Forum (11:00) (3), Seminar 1-3, Forum (12:00) (3)

TOURS Campus tours A guided campus tour will introduce you to the campus and show you the main buildings and facilities. Tours are led by current students. Walking tours of the Streatham Campus will take place throughout the day and, as they run subject to demand, there is no need to book. Please note, the Streatham Campus is approximately 300 acres and is hilly. Where: Forum Piazza (3), upper level (outside the front of the Main Reception) When: 09:30–15:15.

Self-guided accommodation tours Rooms open 10:00–15:15

During the day, you will be able to take a self-guided tour to view an example of en-suite self-catered accommodation available to undergraduate students. Selfguided tour maps are available from the accommodation stand in the Forum. We have a range of accommodation styles, standards and budgets to suit your needs. The different types of rooms are: • Standard – most rooms include a washbasin with shared bathroom facilities • En-suite – rooms have a private shower, washbasin and toilet • Studio – consists of one room which provides open-plan living space including small kitchenette and en-suite facilities


You should be aware that the self-guided tour route to the accommodation includes steps and uneven surfaces. Please contact a member of staff on the accommodation stand in the Forum if you require an alternative route. If you would like to find out more about our accommodation we recommend that you visit our web pages at accommodation There are 360° virtual tours available for many of our residences at visit/campuses/virtualtours/accommodation and you may wish to download a copy of our Accommodation Guide from residences/accommodationguide





The Business School – Accounting and Finance, Business and Management, Economics

Meet our academics, programme directors and current students at the University of Exeter Business School. You will find out about our programmes, careers, specialisations and overseas study and work opportunities. We offer a wide range of degrees in Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business, Management and Marketing. As a leading Business School we offer you an outstanding student experience in which you’ll gain the academic and employability skills that provide a foundation for an exciting future. Our programmes are available with European/International Study or Industrial Experience.

13:00 and 14:30

Streatham Court, Lecture Theatre A (31)

Our presentations will be in Streatham Court, Lecture Theatre A (31) and our reception will take place in the Xfi Café (30) where you will also find staff and students ready to answer your questions, and complimentary refreshments available throughout the day. There will also be tours of the Business School facilities at 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00.

Computer Science and IT Management for Business

Computer Science is concerned with the science behind today’s computer technology. It’s a rapidly changing and developing creative field of science, where new ideas quickly become new technology and which impacts on many areas of our lives. At Exeter we offer a range of Computer Science degree programmes, including Single Honours Computer Science and programmes that combine Computer Science with Mathematics or Electronic Engineering. We are also one of the few universities to offer the IT Management for Business programme, which is endorsed by e-skills UK and is supported by over 60 national and multi-national companies. Our presentation outlines the structure of our degree programmes and the options that are available to you, as well as looking at how the degrees offered at Exeter can lead you to a wide range of careers in business, industry and research. The talk will be followed by a research taster and a sample lecture.

13:00 and 14:30

Harrison Building, Room 101 (23)


Engineering at Exeter offers a range of highly regarded programmes, with a common first year covering the core fundamentals of the subject, followed by specialisation from the second year onwards. This will give you a multi-disciplinary background and up-to-date specialist skills. The 30 minute presentation will show you how the individual topics taught within the programmes fit together and the excellent career prospects for engineering graduates.

13:00 and 14:30

Harrison Building, Lecture Theatre 004


Following the presentation, visitors will be invited to tour the extensive laboratories and workshops used for teaching and research. We will show you how teaching in the laboratories is supported by both theoretical concepts covered in lectures, current industrial practice and cutting-edge research.







As well as being a fascinating subject of study, mathematics forms the cornerstone on which the physical sciences are based and plays an increasingly important role in the life and social sciences. A degree in mathematics from Exeter leads to a wide range of careers and further opportunities for research. Following a sample lecture, you will be taken to another room to find out what is involved in studying degree-level mathematics at Exeter and the range of programmes that are available.

13:00 and 14:30

Harrison Building, Room 103 (23)

Natural Sciences

Finding scientific answers to the key challenges facing society, from an ageing population to climate change, requires a truly multidisciplinary approach. The presentation will show you how our exciting Natural Sciences programme has been uniquely designed to put scientific research at its core, giving highly motivated students an opportunity to undertake real research in areas from systems biology to nano-materials.

13:00 and 14:30

Harrison Building, Room 106 (23)

Physics and Astronomy

The department of Physics and Astronomy offers students a stimulating and thought-provoking environment in which to study this core science. The presentations will provide an overview of the content and structure of our degrees at Exeter, including the options to specialise in astrophysics, undertake a paid year in a research environment at a commercial laboratory, or spend a year studying abroad. During the guided tour, you will learn about our research interests including recent multi-million pound investments in the Centre for Graphene Science; a joint venture with QinetiQ to develop new anti-counterfeiting solutions; our quest to develop cloaking and invisibility technologies; our partnership with the Met Office to study extra-solar planet climatology; and our research-grade astronomical observatory.

13:00 and 14:30

Physics Building, Room 124 (21)



To ensure your personal safety throughout the day, please keep to the paths and avoid walking in the road. Do not touch any equipment or apparatus unless invited to do so by a member of staff. In case of emergency, contact the nearest member of staff.


M S Building:One

84 6I

Geoffrey Pope

20 5F

University of Exeter Business School

Bus stop for St David’s Station S

Harrison 23 4H STREATHAM CAMPUS Computer Science Engineering ACADEMIC, ADMINISTRATION AND SOCIAL BUILDINGS Mathematical Sciences Alexander Amory Bill Douglas Cinema Museum Business School Building:One Byrne House Catholic Chaplaincy Clayden Clydesdale House

47 10E 29 5H 7 8G

84 6I 37 7K 74 3A 54 8D

Living Systems Institute

Cornwall House Swimming Pool 80 7I Devonshire House 2 6G Exeter Northcott Theatre 13 5F Family Centre 59 5E Forum 3 6G Physics Geoffrey Pope 20 5F Great Hall 1 6G Harrison 23 4H Hatherly University of Exeter 6 7G Henry Wellcome Business School Building for Biocatalysis 19 5F Hope Hall Accounting 41 7K Innovation Business Centre 25 4I and Management Institute of Arab and Economics Islamic Studies 16 5E INTO International Study Centre 83 6H Kay Building 24 4H Kay House Duryard 85 1A Knightley 55 8E Lafrowda House 33 6J Laver 22 4G Lazenby 38 7L


Streatham Court

87 5F

Mary Harris Memorial Chapel Newman Northcote House Old Library Peter Chalk Centre Physics Queen’s Redcot Reed Hall Reed Mews Wellbeing Centre Roborough Sir Christopher Ondaatje Devon Cricket Centre Sir Henry Wellcome Building for Mood Disorders Research Sports Park St David’s Retail Services Streatham Court Streatham Farm Student Health Centre Tennis Centre Thornlea

21 4F

31 6H

Meeting Point Shuttle bus


30 5I

Forum Forum Piazza Library Peter Chalk Centre University Reception and Great Hall

3 6G 3 6G 4 6H 17 5F 1 6G

RESIDENCES Birks Grange Village 10 7F University of Exeter 18 5F Bonhay House School 12 Business 6F Clydesdale Court Clydesdale Rise 7 8G Cook Mews 17 5F Duryard 21 4F Garden Hill House 11 7F 56 7D Holland Hall Holland Hall Studios 14 6E 15 5E King Edward Court King Edward Studios 8 8F Lafrowda 77 3E Lafrowda Cottage Llewellyn Mews Lopes Hall Mardon Hall 82 8F 60 4E Moberly 52 11B Nash Grove Northfield 31 6H 5 6H Pennsylvania Court Ransom Pickard 86 6E 61 4E Rowe House 48 10D St David’s

66 53 64 65 69 72 27 62 62 68 67 43 44 70 34 58 71 57 75 36 35 45 51

5B 11C 5C 4C 4A 2B 3J 4D 4D 5A 5B 7J 8J 4A 6K 5E 3B 5D 9C 6L 6L 7J 12B


PLANNING YOUR DAY To help you get the most out of your day, you may wish to complete the timetable below. Please make sure you plan your day to allow you to arrive on time and are able to stay for the full duration of any presentations. Don’t forget to include a visit to the Information Fair, campus tours and accommodation tours!

























FURTHER INFORMATION Student Recruitment Office Hope Hall Prince of Wales Road Exeter, EX4 4PL Telephone +44 (0)1392 724043 Find us on Facebook and Twitter:


Photography by James Ram.


This document forms part of the University’s Undergraduate Prospectus. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in the Prospectus is correct at the time of going to print. The University will endeavour to deliver programmes and other services in accordance with the descriptions provided on the website and in this prospectus. The University reserves the right to make variations to programme content, entry requirements and methods of delivery and to discontinue, merge or combine programmes, both before and after a student’s admission to the University. Full terms and conditions can be found at

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Exeter Connect | Visit Day Brochure  

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