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UAF Staff Appreciation Day May 15, 2013


8 –  8:45  a.m.     8:45  –  9  a.m.     9:15  –  10:15  a.m.     10:30  –  11:30  a.m.     11:30  a.m.  –  1  p.m.     1  –  2  p.m.       2:15  –  3:15  p.m.     3:30  –  4:30  p.m.   4:30  –  5  p.m.  

Breakfast, Wood  Center   Chancellor’s  Welcome,  Wood  Center  Ballroom   Early  Morning  Sessions  (see  sessions  below)   Mid-­‐Morning  Sessions  (see  sessions  below)   Lunch,  Lola  Tilly  Commons   Afternoon  Sessions  (see  sessions  below)   Late  Afternoon  Sessions  (see  sessions  below)   Longevity  and  Award  Ceremony,  Wood  Center  Ballroom   Ice  Cream  and  Cotton  Candy  Social,  Wood  Center   Door  prize  announcements  start  at  4:30  p.m.  (must  be  present  to  win)  

Competitions  and  Resource  Fair   More  Chances  to  Participate     9:30  –  2  p.m.     Frisbee  Golf  Tournament,  Outdoor  Adventures   Find  a  teammate  and  pick  up  your  supplies  at  the  Outdoor  Adventures  Office   any  time.  You  must  complete  the  course  by  2  p.m.  The  winning  team  will   receive  the  coveted  Golden  Frisbee.       9:30  –  2  p.m.   Photo  Scavenger  Hunt,  Wood  Center   Find  a  co-­‐worker  and  a  camera  and  check  in  at  the  Wood  Center  for  your   first  clue.  Additional  clues  are  hidden  around  campus.  Once  you  complete   the  scavenger  hunt,  return  your  pictures  to  Wood  Center  and  sign  up  to  win   a  great  prize  (presented  during  the  awards  ceremony).       11  a.m.  –  3  p.m.Wacky  Bowling  Competition   Create  a  team  of  five  players  and  sign  up  for  a  slot  during  the  registration   process.  Try  your  luck  on  the  Polar  Alley  lanes  —  with  the  wacky  scoring   system,  you  may  need  more  luck  than  talent!  Show  up  for  your  allotted  time   and  turn  your  scores  into  the  desk.  The  winning  team  will  receive  a  trophy   to  display  for  one  year.  (Wood  Center  has  donated  shoe  rentals  for  all   competitors.)  Brandy  Gloria  will  be  available  from  1  –  2  p.m.  to  answer   questions  related  to  bowling.     Noon  –  3  p.m.   Resource  and  Health  Fair,  Wood  Center  Multilevel  Lounge  

9:15 –  10:15  a.m.  

Workshop Sessions  

Creating a  Culture  of  Safety  Awareness  and  Reporting  at  UAF,  D.  Foley,  S.  McGee   and  F.  Isgrigg,  202  Gruening   This  session  provides  an  introduction  to  campus  initiatives  such  as  the  Behavioral   Intervention  Team  and  Minors  on  Campus  and  gives  staff  a  guide  as  to  what  types  of   things  should  be  reported  and  the  process  once  a  report  is  made.  This  is  an   interactive  session  encouraging  participation  from  attendees.  Questions  are   welcomed!       Get  Motivated,  Joe  Kan,  206  Gruening   Professor  Emeritus  Joe  Kan  will  share  his  experience  in  seeking  inspired  creativity.   Creativity  is  everywhere,  in  all  walks  of  life.  There  are  two  distinct  levels  of   creativity:  Inspired  creativity  and  ordinary  creativity.  Your  choice  of  creativity  level   depends  on  your  intent  and  motivation.  Learn  more  about  inspired  creativity  and   get  motivated.       Toad  Query  Building,  Jason  W.  Theis,  402  Gruening   Discuss  of  tips  and  tricks  associated  with  pinpointing  data  storage  locations  within   the  RPTP  snapshots,  linking  stored  data  fields  and  building  queries.  The  main  goal  is   for  finance  and  HR  users  to  become  comfortable  enough  working  in  the  Toad   interface  to  edit  and  build  queries.  Participants  should  be  familiar  with  logging  into   and  navigating  within  Toad.     Adobe  InDesign  101,  Damien  Snook,  301  Rasmusen  Library  (Computer  Lab)   Are  you  responsible  for  creating  fliers,  posters,  brochures,  newsletters  or  other   publications  for  your  office?  Attend  this  crash  course  in  Adobe  InDesign  and  gain  an   overview  of  this  powerful  desktop  publishing  software  (licensed  on  campus  for  free   staff  use).  Through  this  hands-­‐on  tutorial,  you'll  learn  the  basics  of  document  setup,   text,  objects,  strokes  and  effects  —  everything  you  need  to  start  making  high-­‐quality   publications.     The  Impact  of  Prejudice  on  Collegiality,  Esprit  de  Corps  and  Group  Spirit,    Mae   Marsh,  205  Gruening   Chancellor  Rogers  has  challenged  each  of  us  to  develop  new  initiatives  that   celebrate  our  diverse  community  and  ensure  UAF  is  an  open,  caring  and  supportive   institution.  A  shift  in  awareness  and  culture  regarding  often  unconscious  and   unspoken  beliefs  about  various  groups  is  critical  to  our  personal  and  organizational   success.  This  class  explores  our  unconscious  belief  systems  and  opens  the  door  to   creating  a  welcoming  environment  for  all.       Applying  UAF's  Brand  to  Your  Designs,  Andrea  Swingley  and  Jenn  Baker,  303   Gruening   It's  easy  to  "brand  up"  a  brochure,  flyer,  website  or  other  publication  —  let  us  show   you  how!  Andrea  Swingley  and  Jenn  Baker  from  Marketing  and  Communications   provide  samples,  tips  and  tricks  for  ensuring  your  designs  represent  UAF's  brand   identity.    

Time Management,  Charu  Uppal,  401  Gruening   This  session  explores  many  facets  of  time  management,  including  setting  goals,   managing  distractions,  learning  your  own  style  of  working,  utilizing  tools  for  more   efficiency  and  delegating  responsibility.     Setting  a  Personal  Best  in  the  Midnight  Sun  Run,  Chris  Eversman,  306  Gruening   Local  runner  Chris  Eversman  provides  guidance  in  creating  a  summer  training  plan   for  setting  a  personal  record  in  a  10k  road  race,  including  a  discussion  of  racing   strategies  and  pacing.  All  abilities  welcome!     Zombies  and  Dinos,  Michael  Harris  and  Patrick  Druckenmiller,  409  Gruening   Zombies:  A  little  known  proposal  advancing  through  UAF  Administration   suggests  addressing  current  budget  limitations  by  filling  open  faculty  lines  (and   perhaps  replacing  some  existing  faculty)  with  members  of  the  Undead.  As  staff   will  be  working  directly  with  these  new  members,  Administration  has  suggested   we  hold  an  information  session  to  facilitate  this  targeted  integration  of  Undead-­‐ Americans  into  the  university  community.  The  purpose  of  this  session  is  to  help   staff  distinguish  zombie-­‐faculty  from  regular  tenured  faculty  members,  and  to   understand  this  new  and  exciting  opportunity.     Dinosaurs:  Today,  Alaska  is  home  to  iconic  arctic  animals  like  polar  bears  and   caribou.  But  70  million  years  ago,  Alaska  was  home  to  tyrannosaurs  and  duck-­‐ billed  dinosaurs,  to  name  but  a  few.  UA  Museum  curator  Patrick  Druckenmiller   discusses  Alaskan  dinosaurs—who  they  were,  where  they  are  found,  and  what   new  and  exciting  research  reveals  about  polar  dinosaurs.     Planning  Ahead  —  You’re  in  Charge  of  Your  Retirement,  Lincoln  Financial   Advisors,  Scott  Keyes,  412  Gruening   This  seminar  provides  an  overview  of  retirement  plans,  longevity  risks  and   distribution  options,  including  discussion  of  processes  and  tools  available  to  help   employees  meet  their  retirement  needs  and  goals.     Recording  Stories,  Leslie  McCartney  and  Robyn  Russell,  340  Rasmuson   Library   Everyone  has  a  family  member  who  has  great  stories  to  tell  or  maybe  you   have  your  own  stories  you  want  to  save.  With  today’s  easy  recording   technology,  we  have  the  opportunity  to  record  these  stories  for  future   generations.    And,  if  the  stories  pertain  to  Alaska,  you  could  add  them  to  the   already  11,000  recordings  in  the  UAF  Oral  History  Collection.         Find  out  about  recording  standards  and  required  legal  documents  to  add   your  recording  to  the  UAF  Oral  History  Collection.  Learn  about  interviewing   techniques  used  in  oral  history  interviews  to  help  you  get  the  most  out  of   your  interview.           Zumba  Fitness  with  Phoebe,  Phoebe  Flanagan,  SRC  Fitness   Get  in  shape  the  fun  way!  Zumba®  is  an  aerobic  fitness  class  that  will  have   you  up  on  your  feet  and  shaking  your  hips  to  Latin  and  international  beats!   This  beginner-­‐friendly  class  is  for  all  fitness  levels,  and  everyone  can  go  at   their  own  pace.  Come  try  it!    

Herbal Vinegars  and  Herb  Blends,  Virginia  L.  Damron  and  Marsha  Munsell,  307   Gruening   Playing  with  herbs.  Learn  to  make  and  use  herbal  vinegars  and  herb  blends.     Construction  Q&A,  Scott  Bell  and  Martin  Klein,  408  Gruening     The  landscape  of  the  Fairbanks  campus  is  changing,  Find  out  the  latest  construction   plans  and  timelines,  and  what  to  expect  over  the  summer.  Included  will  be  updates   on  the  Wood  Center  expansion,  the  new  engineering  building,  new  parking  and   traffic  patterns  and  much  more!       Research  Vessel  Sikuliaq,  Daniel  Oliver,  208  Gruening   Come  check  out  the  latest  news  on  the  R/V  Sikuliaq,  the  university’s  new  ice-­‐ breaking  Arctic  research  vessel,  built  in  conjunction  with  the  National  Science   Foundation.  This  session  reviews  the  ship's  configuration,  construction  status,  post-­‐ delivery  science  testing  and  the  first  year's  operational  plans.      

10:30 –  11:30  a.m.   Workshop  Sessions     Creating  Positive  Emotional  Stress,  Dennis  Eames,  202  Gruening   Everyone  experiences  negative  moods  like  worry,  anger,  sadness  or  anxiety  from   time  to  time.  But  not  all  stress  is  bad.  This  interactive  class  presents  tools  to  create   and  identify  positive  emotional  states  like  contentment,  joy  and  gratitude.       Volunteerism:  What’s  in  It  for  Me?  Tina  Holland,  206  Gruening   Learn  how  to  get  the  most  out  of  your  personal  volunteer  experience.  This  session   helps  you  identify  your  passion,  define  success,  sharpen  your  skills  and  maximize   your  time  to  discover  the  ideal  work/life/volunteer  balance.     Benefits  Update,  Erika  Van  Flein,  402  Gruening   Employee  benefits  are  an  important  part  of  your  total  compensation.  Come  learn   about  some  of  the  changes  happening  this  year,  as  well  as  a  reminder  of  some  other   benefits  you  currently  have.  UA  Benefits  Director  Erika  Van  Flein  provides  updates   on  benefits  at  the  University  of  Alaska.  Questions  are  encouraged.       Practical  Computer  Security,  Derek  Bastille,  401  Gruening   This  session  is  a  commonsense  look  at  computer  security  and  will  help  the  everyday   user  recognize  malware,  phishing  and  other  common  computer  security  issues.  The   session  addresses  ways  to  keep  your  system  up-­‐to-­‐date,  as  well  as  defining  common   security  terms.  Intended  for  a  general  audience.     Events  in  Wood  Center  and  Beyond,  Ryan  Keele,  205  Gruening   Do  you  plan  events  on  the  Fairbanks  campus?  Find  out  how  Wood  Center  can  meet   your  needs.  A  review  of  the  variety  of  setups  available,  the  session  also  covers  the   various  academic  classrooms  on  campus  and  their  features  as  well  as  alternate   venues.  This  is  a  session  for  those  just  entering  the  world  of  event  scheduling.     Social  Media  101,  Andrew  Cassel,  303  Gruening   This  session  provides  an  introduction  to  Facebook,  Twitter,  Pinterest  and  Tumblr,   and  how  these  platforms  can  be  used  as  part  of  your  job  at  UAF.  Basic  computer   experience  expected.      

Managing Your  Leadership,  Brad  Lobland,  208  Gruening   Learn  how  to  converse  with  your  supervisor  effectively  and  professionally,  with   additional  tips  and  tricks  to  keep  your  supervisor  heading  in  the  right  direction.       An  Introduction  to  Geocaching,  Jeff  Fay,  306  Gruening   This  session  is  for  those  who  have  never  geocached  before  but  are  interested   in  finding  out  what  it's  all  about.  There  are  a  number  of  geocaches  on  the   UAF  campus  and  more  than  a  hundred  in  the  immediate  Fairbanks  area.  No   materials  or  experience  necessary.       Fun  with  Rocks  and  Minerals,  Rainer  Newberry,  230  Reichardt  (10:30  a.m.   –  noon)   UAF  professors  offer  a  series  of  different  activities  (designed  to  be  more  fun  than   informative)  regarding  rocks  and  related  topics.  Each  participant  will  cut  a  rock   using  the  rock  saw  and  polish  it  using  diamond-­‐impregnated  wheels.  There  will  also   be  the  opportunity  to  pour  magma,  use  a  hand-­‐held  XRF  to  look  at  mineral   compositions,  and  identify  rocks  and  minerals  brought  in  for  examination.     Yoga,  Yoga,  Yoga,  Kate  Avery,  SRC  Court  (10:30  a.m.  –  noon)   UAF  staff  member  and  registered  yoga  teacher  Kate  Avery  will  lead  a  90-­‐minute   yoga  session  to  help  break  you  out  of  the  daily  grind.  Some  yoga  experience   suggested.  Please  dress  appropriately  and  bring  a  mat  if  you  have  one.       Aikido  Moving  Meditation,  Michael  Abels,  Moore-­‐Bartlett-­‐Skarland,  Hess  Hall     (10:30  a.m.  –  noon)   Discover  how  to  deal  with  job-­‐related  stress  through  application  of  Aikido's  internal   energy  exercises.  No  experience  necessary,  but  all  movement  will  be  from  standing   exercises.  As  requested,  we  demonstrate  one  Aikido  self-­‐defense  technique.     Swing  Dance,  Kurt  Byers,  SRC  Fitness  Room  (10:30  a.m.  –  noon)   Spend  90  minutes  learning  the  basics  of  swing  dance.  Dressing  like  a  “swing  kid”  is   encouraged  but  not  required.       Lotions  and  Potions,  Virginia  L.  Damron    and  Marsha  Munsell,  307  Gruening  (10:30   a.m.  –  noon)   Take  a  fun  look  at  varied  uses  for  herbs  in  lotions  and  body  products  to  make  you   feel  oh-­‐so-­‐lovely!  Also  included  will  be  a  discussion  of  some  great  potions  (teas)  to   help  you  relax  after  a  long  day’s  work.       What's  at  Your  library?    Karen  Jensen,  340  Rasmuson  Library  (10:30  a.m.  –  noon)   Have  you  worked  at  UAF  for  years  but  never  had  any  time  to  check  out  the   Rasmuson  Library?  Take  a  tour  and  receive  a  how-­‐to  on  finding  e-­‐books  and  other   library  resources  for  personal  or  professional  use,  followed  by  a  Q&A  session.     Large  Animal  Research  Station  Tour,  Pam  Groves,  Meet  at  LARS  gate  by  10:40   a.m.  (10:30  a.m.  –  noon)   Visit  the  Large  Animal  Research  Station  and  see  muskoxen,  caribou  and   reindeer.  Some  calves  from  this  year  may  be  visible.  Learn  about  the  natural  history   of  these  animals  and  their  unique  adaptations  to  the  Arctic.  Please  note  you  need  to   arrange  your  own  transportation  to  LARS,  located  off  campus  on  Yankovich  Road.      

1 –  2  p.m.   Workshop  Sessions     Skin  Care  and  Makeup  Information,  Rauchelle  King,  202  Gruening     If  learning  how  to  take  care  of  your  skin  at  any  age  or  getting  new  makeup  tips   sounds  interesting,  then  this  is  the  class  for  you!  Skin  care  is  vital  to  your  health  and   is  just  as  important  as  exercise.  Even  if  you've  used  skin  care  and  makeup  products   for  years,  you  will  learn  something  new  in  this  class!  These  makeup  tips  come  from   an  award-­‐winning  Hollywood  makeup  artist  and  range  from  everyday  to  glamour   applications.  Free  samples  are  available  to  participants.     Managing  Stress  the  Natural  Way,  Michael  Johnson,  206  Gruening     Learn  to  manage  your  stress  the  natural  way.     Creating  Effective  PowerPoint  Presentations,  Chris  Beks,  402  Gruening   Find  out  how  to  create  effective  PowerPoint  presentations  that  don't  distract  from   your  message.  Learn  how  to  create  a  template  and  create  effective  slides.     HTML5  Application  and  Game  Development,  Travis  Payton,  401  Gruening   The  latest  web  standard  HTML5  makes  creating  interactive  applications  and  games   easier  than  ever.  Learn  how  to  create  beautiful  applications  that  can  be  viewed  and   played  on  any  device.  In  this  session,  we  make  our  own  UA-­‐themed  version  of  the   popular  Bejeweled  game.     OneNote:  Keeping  it  together!,  Tina  Holland,  205  Gruening   Learn  how  to  get  organized  using  OneNote,  a  powerful  note-­‐taking  app.  This  session   explores  how  to  navigate  within  OneNote,  set  up  workbooks,  use  OneNote  in   Microsoft  Outlook  and  add  tags.  Workbook  examples  are  given.     Common  Hang-­‐Ups  for  Research  Administrators,  S.  Aleshire,  M.  Armbruster,  and     A.  Moehle,  303  Gruening   Yikes!  So  many  rules,  so  many  changes!  What  do  you  do  now  with  all  these  grants?   This  session  covers  many  common  problems  and  concerns,  while  providing  tools,   checklists  and  cheat  sheets  to  assist  in  the  paperwork  flow  of  research  administration.         Interviewer  Skills,  Alda  Norris,  208  Gruening   Workshops  on  interviewing  tend  to  focus  on  how  to  be  a  polished  interviewee.  But   the  skills  of  the  person(s)  asking  the  questions  are  just  as  important  in  ensuring   good  results!  This  session  covers  best  practices,  legal  guidelines,  question  structures   and  pitfalls.  Participants  are  encouraged  to  share  their  experiences  with  related   contemporary  issues  such  as  online  reputation  management.     Container  Gardener,  Emily  Reiter,  306  Gruening   Learn  how  to  grow  salad  greens  and  herbs  in  containers.  Supplies  provided.         Andy  and  the  Boys:  Masculine  Community  Life  in  the  Koyukuk  River  Gold   Camps,  Sine  Anahita,  409  Gruening   Explore  Alaska’s  social  history  with  a  multimedia  presentation  about  masculine   community  life  in  the  1890s  Alaska  Interior  gold  seeker  camps.  This  session   features  gorgeous  B&W  archival  photographs  of  men  and  cabin  life,  music  of  the  era,   and  sociological  analysis  by  Alaska's  fiddling  sociologist.    

Improvisational Comedy  Class,  Anna  Gagne-­‐Hawes,  412  Gruening   Do  you  enjoy  Whose  Line  Is  It  Anyway?  Do  you  love  to  laugh?  Do  you  think  comedy  is   something  you’d  love  to  try?  If  the  answer  is  yes,  come  to  a  brief  introductory   comedy  workshop.  Anna  founded  the  Ground  Squirrel  Improv  Group  at  UAF  and  has   taught  improv  to  all  ages  for  the  past  8  years.    Learn  improv  comedy  basics,  play   short-­‐form  games,  and  laugh—a  lot!  No  experience  is  necessary  and  everyone  is   welcome.     Middle  Eastern  Dance,  Terri  Massa,  Moore-­‐Bartlett-­‐Skarland,  Hess  Recreation   Center   Learn  basic  belly  dance  moves  and  get  a  good  core  workout  in  the  process.     Intro  to  Argentine  Tango,  Zac  Molinar,  SRC  Fitness   This  class  focuses  on  the  foundations  of  Argentine  Tango  —  the  embrace,  the   connection  between  partners  and  musicality.  As  time  allows,  ochos,  molinete,  boleos   and  other  moves  may  be  introduced.     Toffee  Making,  Ashley  Munro,  Lathrop  Dorm  Kitchen   Learn  how  to  make  a  variety  of  toffee  candy.  Taste-­‐test  and  take  home  recipes.   Supplies  provided.  Meet  on  the  steps  to  Lathrop  Dorm.       Cooking  with  Indian  and  Asian  Spices,  Luis  Manuel  Martinez,  100D  Hutchison   (Culinary  Arts  and  Hospitality  Kitchen)   Enjoy  a  demonstration  on  the  use  of  Asian/Indian  spices  to  create  your  own  special   international  cuisines.  A  main-­‐course  dish  will  be  prepared  and  sampled.  Please   note,  you  need  to  arrange  your  own  transportation  to  Hutchinson  Career  Center.       Margaret  Murie  Building  Life  Science  Tour,  John  Williams,  Meet  at  the  South  Gate   at  the  Murie  Building   Get  an  early  look  at  the  Murie  Building  during  this  tour  of  the  new  life  sciences   facility.       2:15  –  3:15  p.m.   Workshop  Sessions       Achieving  Optimal  Wellness,  Suzette  Mailloux  and  Scott  Moser,  202  Gruening   Explore  coping  and  wellness  tools  that  can  be  used  by  people  who  seem  to  live  in  a   perpetual  bad  mood  and  those  that  just  visit  from  time  to  time.     What  Can  FCVB  Do  for  You?  Personal  and  Professional  Event  Planning   Assistance,  Helen  Renfrew,  206  Gruening   The  Meetings  and  Conventions  Department  of  the  Fairbanks  Convention  and   Visitors  Bureau  is  here  to  help  you  with  meeting,  conference,  workshop,  or  event   planning,  whether  for  your  job  or  for  your  personal  events.  Learn  about  the  free   assistance  FCVB  can  offer  to  make  your  life  easier.     Pivot  Table  Data  Crunching:  MS  Excel  2010,  Lynn  Wrightsman,  301  Rasmuson   Library   Pivot  tables  are  touted  as  the  single  most  powerful  command  in  all  of  Excel,  allowing   you  to  take  1  million  rows  of  raw  data  and  transform  the  data  into  a  summary    

report in  seconds.  This  session  is  geared  towards  the  user  with  a  fundamental   understanding  of  creating  a  basic  pivot  table  in  Microsoft  Excel  2010.  We  explore   the  use  of  slicers  and  filters,  grouping  and  sorting,  calculated  fields,  and  calculated   items.     Roxen  Version  3  Templates,  Martin  Miller,  401  Gruening   This  session  covers  new  elements  available  in  Generation  3  sites,  including  editing   and  customizing  left  and  right  columns,  changing  themes  and  layouts,  and  working   with  the  optional  dropdown  menu.  This  is  an  overview  session,  not  hands-­‐on.   Audience:  Content  providers  already  familiar  with  updating  Roxen  web  sites.  Or   anyone  interested  in  seeing  the  options  available  using  the  new  templates.     Collaborative  [eMail]  Inboxes  for  Departments,  Walker  Wheeler,  205  Gruening   This  session  demonstrates  the  use  of  Collaborative  Inboxes  for  departmental  email   being  managed  by  one  or  more  individuals.     Becoming  a  Certified  Research  Administrator,  Faye  Gallant,  303  Gruening   If  you  work  in  any  area  of  research  administration,  becoming  a  Certified  Research   Administrator  (CRA)  is  an  important  career  step.  Certified  Research  Administrators   are  experts  in  their  field  and  often  have  an  edge  when  it  comes  to  professional   advancement.  This  session  introduces  participants  to  the  CRA  certification  process,   discusses  the  advantages  of  becoming  a  CRA,  and  reviews  the  resources  available  for   UAF  staff  interested  in  becoming  certified.     Staff  Council  Hot  Topics,    Juella  Sparks,  208  Gruening   Staff  Council  hot  topics  at  this  Q&A  session  led  by  SC  President  Juella  Sparks.       Travel  Spanish,  Kim  Stewart,  306  Gruening   A  fun  experience  with  conversational  Spanish.  No  experience  necessary.     Fly  Casting,  Shann  Jones,  Cornerstone  Plaza  (by  the  Circle  of  Flags)   Casting  a  fly  rod  requires  no  more  coordination  than  swinging  a  golf  club,  baseball   bat  or  tennis  racquet.  This  session  offers  participants  the  opportunity  to  try  fly-­‐ casting  with  guidance  from  UAF’s  most  senior  fly-­‐casting  instructor.  Anglers  who   want  to  practice  their  fly-­‐casting  or  are  looking  for  tips  are  encouraged  to  participate.     Meditation,  Nam  Jeon,  307  Grueing   Find  out  why  and  how  people  meditate.  Stress  is  an  unbalanced  state  of  mind  with   negative  energy  when  people  have  difficulties  in  coping  with  reality.  Reality  is  only  a   perception  and  interpretation  of  the  observer.  If  the  observer  is  willing  to   understand  the  reality  in  the  right  perspective  and  learn  to  think  and  act   accordingly,  one  can  be  free  from  self-­‐induced  stress  and  suffering.       Zumba  with  Becca  and  Gretchen,  Gretchen  Gordon  and  Becca  Sanches,  Hess   Recreation  Center   Are  you  ready  to  party  yourself  into  shape?  That’s  exactly  what  the  Zumba®   program  is  all  about.  It’s  an  exhilarating,  effective,  easy-­‐to-­‐follow,  Latin-­‐inspired,   calorie-­‐burning  dance  fitness-­‐party™  that’s  moving  millions  of  people  toward  joy   and  health.  Join  licensed  instructors  for  an  hour  of  fun  that  won't  even  feel  like   exercise.    

Salsa Class,  Nydia  Orduno,  SRC  Fitness   Learn  the  fundamentals  of  salsa  dancing.  Please  bring  shoes  with  a  smooth  sole  (no   sneakers  or  hiking  boots).     Naturally  Inspiring:  Living  the  Brand,  Carla  Browning,  408  Gruening   What  it  means  to  live  up  to  the  brand  promise.  Session  includes  branding   examples  of  other  organizations  and  perhaps  a  few  of  our  own.     UAF  Walking  Tour,  Amy  Wald,  meet  in  the  Lobby  of  Signers’  Hall   Explore  the  UAF  campus  and  learn  interesting  facts  about  the  buildings  and   programs  while  getting  a  guided  tour  from  Admissions  staff.       How  to  Green  Your  Office,  Michele  Hebert,  409  Gruening   Learn  how  to  green  your  office.  There  are  simple  things  you  can  do  to  make  a   difference.  Just  by  organizing  a  team  for  your  area,  it  can  become  an  office-­‐wide   effort  to  reduce  waste  and  energy.  Join  Michele  Hebert,  UAF  Sustainability  Director,   in  a  fun-­‐filled  hour.        

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