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Coordination, Integration and Synthesis Lil Alessa, Jess Grunblatt, John Anderson, Jim Powell, Mara Kimmel and Diane Hirschberg

CIS Mandate: International Partnerships • Alaska as part of the arctic community; • Stasis is a myth; • Canada, U.S. and Russia: define the acceptable ‘change space’ in order to adapt; • Water will be surprising.

Accomplishment: Arctic Council Collaboration

Accomplishment: Best Practices

Decisions • Made on perceptions not data; • Occur in a decision-making cloud: unstructured but systematic cognitive processes; • Need to understand the difference (“delta”) between perceived and measured change in hydrological and landscape dynamics. • Considered to be a fundamental data gap in understanding adaptive capacity.

Why Perception versus Measured (“Actual”)

Source: Alessa, Kliskey, Williams. Polar Geography, 2007.

Place Based Adaptive Capacity Index

Year 1 Activity Details • Data—Jess Grunblatt • Policies—Mara Kimmel and Diane Hirshberg • Visualization—John Anderson

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