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We come from different places. We come to different conclusions. But underneath it all, we share a passion for improving the human condition. When we LIVE UNITED, we create real, lasting change in the building blocks of a good life: the education, income and health of our communities, our families, even the person next to us.

Real change won’t happen without you.


United Way’s givers, advocates and volunteers may not always have a lot in common. We come from different backgrounds and belief systems. We don’t look the same, and our politics aren’t the same. We have different occupations, we’re fans of different sports teams, and we listen to different kinds of music. We give of our time and our resources for different reasons. We have different points of view on which issues we feel are most critical and what kinds of change are needed to improve lives in our community. But here’s the really amazing thing - when we look beyond our differences, we can make a difference. When we combine our resources in the Community Investment Fund, we see amazing results, like the ones in the insert in the middle of this book. It’s a powerful thing to come together, united, to tackle the tough issues. United Way gives us a place to do that. We can volunteer through Hands On Asheville-Buncombe. We can tell people about 2-1-1, which provides critical health and human services referrals and information. We can support students having more opportunities for quality out-of-school care through United Way’s Middle School Success initiative. And, of course, United Way is a trustworthy steward of the dollars we give, investing them in comprehensive Education, Income and Health strategies that consider the issues from all sides. Whatever it is that motivates you, whatever the issues are that you support, thank you so much for your generosity and commitment to United Way. In this book, we recognize our Leaders in Giving, including our Diamond Donors (p. 29) and Highlands Circle, which this year has become an affinity group for donors age 21 to 40 who give $500 or more (p. 27).

THANK YOU for demonstrating again this year that

what unites us - a desire to advance the common good - is stronger than anything that divides us.




United Way Board of Directors Chair


“One of the things I’m most proud of from the past year is

United Way’s return on your 2010-2011 investment in Education, Income and Health. United Way volunteers invested $2.5 million Community Investment Fund dollars in programs achieving the community-level results we want to see. From that investment, we expected 28,500 people would improve their lives. “What happened exceeded our expectations, and 34,000 people saw a change in their condition. These folks moved successfully toward high school graduation, met their basic needs and moved toward financial self-sufficiency and accessed quality primary and behavioral healthcare, among many other achievements. Your generosity has inspired hope for a better tomorrow not only for these 34,000 people, but for all of us.”


T h e To cqueville Society “When Americans ask for the cooperation of their fellow citizens, it is seldom refused; and I have often seen it afforded spontaneously and with great good will.” Alexis de Tocqueville


Members of the Tocqueville Society are leaders among leaders. Donors who give at this most generous level do so because they have a strong commitment to our community and want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity for a quality education, financial stability and good health. Our local Tocqueville Society was founded in 1990 by Charlie and Cary Owen, George and Donna Renfro, and Jerry Sternberg. Since then, it has grown to include 57 individuals and couples who have given more than $9 million to address the most pressing needs in our community.

2011-2012 Tocqueville Society Chair


“Our members contributed $955,000 in the 2011

campaign. That’s $88,000 more than last year and an outstanding accomplishment. Your generosity is very much appreciated, and I’ve been honored to lead this group. I know that in 2012 we’ll continue to create opportunities for people to have a better life. Thank you for strengthening your community through United Way. You all are exceptional!”




Ordre de Fraternité $75,000-$99,999

Mr.* and Mrs. S.M. Patton and Ms. Barbara Blomberg

Jerry Sternberg


Ordre d’ Egalité $50,000-$74,999

Charles D. Owen, Jr. and Cary C. Owen


Robert C. Pew and Susan Taylor STEELCASE, INC.



Ordre de Liberté $25,000-$49,999

The Kushigian Legacy

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Maitland, III

Bill and Heather Lee


Barbra and Keith Love PRINTPACK, INC.


Pam and Jim Turner



Ordre d’ Affirmer $15,000-$24,999


Bart and Elaine Boyer PARSEC FINANCIAL

Drs. Wayne and Phyllis Lang


And one donor who wishes to remain anonymous

Joan and Bob Mair



Charlie and Eleanor Owen




Membres de la Société $10,000-$14,999

Lynell and Robert Bell

Joe and Janice Brumit

Tracy and Scott Buchanan

David and Jennifer Dills

Taylor and Gary Foss



Junius and Pat Grimes

George and Barbara Groome

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Hanks, Jr

Jill Hoggard Green, PhD and David Green








Glenda and Bob Burgin

David and Charise Gantt


Michael and Gina Crawford DIXON HUGHES GOODMAN LLP

Drs. John and Janet Garrett


Ron and Sandy Olin


David and Dianne Worley DAVID G. WORLEY, CPA, PA

Ron and Lori Paulus MISSION HEALTH

Mr. Rusty Pulliam



Michael and Olga Rauchwarg DIXON HUGHES GOODMAN LLP

Traci and Ricky Silver


Jim and Robin Stickney




Dr. and Mrs. James J. Teague, III

Mr. and Mrs. George Cecil

David A. Wiggins


David and Dianne Worley DAVID G. WORLEY, CPA, PA

Dot Hamill

Drs. Win and Meg Word-Sims

Ken Hughes

And seven donors who wish to remain anonymous


Betsy and Bill Chater




Ken and Nancy Glass STONY POINT GROUP, INC.

Rose MacDowell David and Julie Modaff FRIDAY STAFFING SERVICES

Brad and Shelli Stanback NOT PICTURED




Tocqueville Community Service Award recipients demonstrate outstanding contributions to the nonprofit health and human services of our community; commitment to the work of United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County with gifts of time and money; sustained contributions over a period of years to a variety of nonprofits; leadership that promotes philanthropy throughout the community; and generosity in personal giving. Jim and Robin Stickney’s friends, family, fellow community leaders and Tocqueville members believe they embody these values: “They are the finest example of community building and community service.” “They are great ‘poster folks’ for the Live United brand.” “They’re there because they truly want to help people.” “They are not only generous themselves, they also find subtle, graceful ways to inspire the generosity of others.” “I can’t think of two more deserving people with all they’ve done for the community.”

Congratulations, Jim and Robin! Thank you for your years of leadership, philanthropy and service. The impact of your contributions will be felt throughout our community for years to come.

Tocqueville Community Service Award Recipients: 2002 Marilyn and Buddy Patton and Barbara Blomberg 2003 Janice and Joe Brumit 2004 Jerry Sternberg 2005 Pam and Jim Turner

2006 Heather and Bill Lee 2007 Eleanor and Charlie Owen 2008 Diane and John Teeter 2009 Cary and Charlie Owen 2011 Jim and Robin Stickney


2011 Tocqueville Community Service Award Recipients


“When people talk about United Way, it is often in the

context of how giving to United Way translates into changing the lives through the Community Investment Fund. We have found that in addition to that, United Way changes the lives of donors. Being involved in United Way - learning about community needs, getting to know other volunteers as we grapple with the challenges of raising and distributing resources, and having the satisfaction of knowing that this work truly makes a difference - has changed us fundamentally. We truly believe in the power of giving through United Way, and we are humbled to receive the honor of this recognition through the Tocqueville Society.”



“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams The Peaks Society was established in 1984 to recognize donors who invest $1,000 or more annually in United Way, share the vision of a strong community, and commit their time and resources to making it happen. Leadership Givers know that when we combine our resources and invest in proven solutions that address our community’s challenges, lives improve and we all win. Because of you, more than 30,000 people can now dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

2011 PEAKS SOCIETY DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Adrian Vassallo, 2011 Chair Derek Allen, Ward and Smith, 2012 Chair Jonathan Bailey, Mission Health Bill Bohnsack, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Kelly Brandon, Mountain Area Child & Family Center Paige Littlejohn, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP Marilyn McDonald, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Greg Sullins, HomeTrust Bank Holly Vandegrift Jennifer Weidemann, CarePartners Health Services David Whilden, Boys, Arnold & Co. Jane Whilden, Community Volunteer



2011 Peaks Development Committee Chair


“As chair for the past two years, I’ve witnessed

more than 1,100 local residents giving generously of themselves and their resources. Thank you! Your giving makes a significant impact and you are instrumental to the mission of United Way. “Thanks also to the 2011 Peaks Development Committee members for their service, leadership and ideas which helped make the campaign a success. I’m inspired by what I’ve seen in this community. I’m inspired by you!”


MOUNT MITCHELL $7,500-$9,999 Ken and Verna Murphy

George O. Pfaff

Taylor & Murphy Construction Company, Inc.

CLINGMAN’S DOME $5,000-$7,499 David D. Bailey and Sherie Ryan-Bailey

United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County and Eblen Intermediate School

Ed and Donna Broadwell HomeTrust Bank Ellen and Robert Carr Tops For Shoes Randy and Martha Carson Dan and Teri Deitz Flint Group Margaret and David Duval Merck

Mickey and Kay Goodman

Ms. Sharon L. Morgan

Mangrove Construction LLC

Charles George VA Medical Center

Susan and Tim Griffin

Shirley Tenney and Paul Merriken The Rev. and Mrs. Mason Wilson

Randy and Mary Johnson Mission Health

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Yanik Maple Ridge Construction and Southeastern Container, Inc.

John and Barbara Lucke Charles George VA Medical Center

David and Marjorie McGuirk CASE Consulting International

Dr. Michael and Ann Young Mission Health

Mr. V. Fred and Sheila Meadows Mission Health

And three donors who wish to remain anonymous

Rob and Lee Merrill

Rick and Bridget Eckerd

ROAN MOUNTAIN $4,000-$4,999 Monte R. Ashley

William and Jo Anne Hill EATON Corporation

Butch and Kathy Patrick Festiva Hospitality Group, Inc.

David and Suzanne DeFerie

Lynn and Dean Kahl Warren Wilson College

Albert and Barrie Sneed The Van Winkle Law Firm

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kieffer Charles George VA Medical Center

Bernie and Sue Stanek

Rich and Suzy Landau

David and Billie Stewart

Blue Ridge Parkway

Asheville Savings Bank

Bob and Carol Deutsch Larry Farr and Michelle Rippon EATON Corporation and Constangy, Brooks & Smith

Ernest and Shirley Ferguson Alice and John Hancy

Stony Point Group, Inc.

PML Pathology, Mountain Area Pathology

Mr. J. Glenn Wilson Virginia and Drew Litzenberger Asheville Neonatology, P.A.



RICHLAND BALSAM $3,000-$3,999 Ryan and Brooke Baldwin Russell Standard and EATON Corporation

Dr. John R. Hoskins, IV and Ms. Laura A. Webb

Bob and Becky Pitts

Richard B. Hurley

Pitts, Hay & Hugenschmidt and Mission Health

Square D Company (Retired)

Asheville Radiology Associates, P.A.

Peter and Diane Jones Eugene M. ‘Bob’ Carr, Jr. Judy Carter and Susan Sluyter Dr. and Mrs. David M. Cypcar Allergy Partners of WNC

Henri L.G. Kieffer and Ann C. Batchelder

Nathan W. Epling Blue Ridge Parkway

John Kuhns

Robert and Alison Sipes

Boys, Arnold & Company, Inc.

Progress Energy

Danny C. Lee USDA Forest Service-Southern Research Station

Erich and Delise Talley Wells Fargo Bank

Lee and Latrella McElrath

Michael J. Teaford, MD

PSNC Energy and Wells Fargo Bank

Mission Health

Tom Milton and Ellen Williams

Robert and Elizabeth Trost

Asheville Radiology Associates, P.A. and Mission Health

Warren and Lauren Wall Wall & Company

Patla, Straus, Robinson & Moore, P.A. and Buncombe County Elections Services

C. Allan Morse EATON Corporation

David M. Greiner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Nelson, Jr.*

John and Cristina Webb

Bank of America/Merrill Lynch

Webb Insurance

And one donor who wishes to remain anonymous

Mr. Ed Neves Stephen and Kathy Gresham

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Roberts First Citizens Bank & Trust Company Mrs. Brainard B. Rorison

Dorothy Z. Fligel Michael and Elizabeth Freeman Kerry and Anna Friedman

Bob and Ann Rennard

Asheville Radiology Associates, P.A.

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Dalton Asheville Neonatology, P.A.

Southeastern Container, Inc.

Webb Insurance

Audrey and Robert Bayer Walter and Karin Brown

Henry and Lisa Pinto

Highland Farms, Inc.

Charles George VA Medical Center

Vicki S. Heidinger Community Action Opportunities

Marjorie and John Hickman W.P. Hickman Company

Elizabeth W. Holden



Robin and John Oswald

Biltmore Company and Mills Manufacturing Corporation

Ladd and Ginny Painter Carter, P.C. Accounting and Consulting

Dr. Molly A. and Kevin K. Parkhill

Meritor, Inc. and Blue Ridge Community College



SPIRIT OF NC WINNERS Congratulations to Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP and Meritor for receiving 2011 Spirit of North Carolina Award for Campaign Excellence. The award is sponsored annually by the United Way of North Carolina and provides statewide recognition for exceptional management and employee commitment and support to communities through local United Way involvement.



Hughes Dixon an LLP Goodm


Award winners must meet 10 Standards of Excellence to receive this prestigious award: • • • • • • • • • •

Volunteer Culture/Promotes Community Volunteerism Raises Awareness of Community Assets and Needs CEO/Senior Leadership Involvement Corporate or Foundation Contributions and Other Nontraditional and In-kind Gifts Employee Incentives and Recognition Overall Per Capita Gift Participation Level Leadership Giving Program Employee Campaign Coordinator/Planning Committee Partnering with United Way to Help Improve the Community


SARAH HENDRICKS & GLENN WILSON “I’m glad United Way is focusing on Health. I think it’s really important

that people experiencing trauma from violence or abuse increase their likelihood of recovery. I’m passionate about this issue because this is where we need to do more work in our community. It’s paramount that we try to accomplish this.” Glenn Wilson, Diamond Donor of 62 years, avid mystery novel reader

“I’m glad United Way is focusing on Income. Recovering from the

bumps in our paths stems from the compassion of others who have been there and can help lead the way back to stability. I’m passionate about identifying those in crisis and connecting them to the programs that can provide understanding and compassionate direction to get to recovery.” Sarah Hendricks, second year Leadership Giver, equestrian/cyclist/Triathlete

Glenn and Sarah may come from different places in their careers, but they are united in their desire to be part of creating long-lasting change in their community through United Way.






5:30 p.m. to

Pack’s Tavern Downtown Asheville

8:30 p.m. ************************* RSVP online at




COLD MOUNTAIN $2,000-$2,999 Dick Allen John R. Anders Charles F. Ayscue Sharon Tracey Barrett and Jim Barrett Mr. John J. Bates George and Sandra Beverly Eva J. Blinder David P. Bowman Ellen Boyd Carol Boyer David and Becky Brown Otis B. Brown Nathan and Anne Burkhardt Dr. Ted Bussey Ms. Kathryn Coco and Ms. Deborah Ramsey Mark and Kit Cramer Dr. and Mrs. Denniston Crews Dr. E. Brown Crosby Charlie and Jeanne Cummings Karen and Scott Dedman Gerald and Cornelia Deland John and Joan Dickson O. Randall and Corinne Driver Jennie Eblen and Rick Perkins Dr. Bruce Elliston Miles and Millicent Elmore Gary and Donita Fleming Randy and Beth Fluharty Philip A. Francis Charles and Sandy Frederick Hank and Sarah Garbee Hanna B. Goss Mr.and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Gould Clementine Gregory Thomas and Elaine Grella Alice and Bill Griffin J. Robert and Laresa M. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Groce, Jr. Beth and Bruce Gunn Charles and Donna Haltiwanger David and Donna Hammett Andrea L. Harmon Darryl and Karen Hart

Mrs. Ruby B. Haynes Mr. and Mrs. James Hefley Ozmer L. Henry, MD Dave and Haywood Hillier Jennifer Hooker Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Hornowski Ted and Jennifer Hull Edward Isbey, III and Jane E. Lysko Timothy C. Johnston Ron and Sharon Katz Patsy R. Keever Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Killian Liz and John Kimberly Keith Y. Kohatsu and Cynthia Reese Tom and Paula Kotz Marie and John Langlois Jeff and Cherie Ledford Benjamin D. Lemke Kellett and Mardi Letson Vicki and Chad Lloyd Dr. Shantae L. Lucas Dr. and Mrs. William T. Maddox Peter Mallett Mr. and Mrs. William W. Mance, Jr. Rick and Rebecca Manske Sue and Raymond McClinton Nancy and Walter McConnell George L. McDermott Samantha and Michael McGlone Jean and Joseph McGuire William McKenna and Suzanne Landis Douglas and Sandra McKinney James P. Michalets Linda and Dick Milholland Cameron Miller Linda and Mark Miller Mr. Brian D. Moore Joe Morris Sue E. Myers Christine and Jonathan Nelson Sandy Norbo and Barbara St. Hilaire Marcy Onieal and Jimmy Lamm Harli and Kevin Palme Bitsy and Jim Powell

Mary Lynn Powell Brian Repass and Sandy Feutz Sally Rhoades Jamie L. Richardson Frederick J. and Carolyn M. Rosenthal Susie and John Ruhl Bruce and Jo Sampson Jim Samsel and Kim McGuire Maxine and Bill Sauber Alex and Lynn Schneider Mary Helen and Ralph H. Schwarzkopf J. Larry Sharpe Ann and Skip* Skoglund Mr. and Mrs. Canie B. Smith Frank S. Smith Valorie Speegle-Snell and John Snell Marta W. Stoneman Dana and Jana Stonestreet Tish and Paul Szurek John and Kathy Tempelaar-Lietz Larry and Penni Thompson Jan and Bruce Thorsen Ed and Cindy Towson Bob and Angela Tuck Betty S. Turbyfill Rob and Kelley Tyler Patrice and Jerry Vincent Ben Watts Douglas and Kelley Wehrkamp Don and Jennifer Weidemann Jerry and Debbie Williams Doug Wilson and Betsey Bent Clyde and Mildred Wright** Chris and Nina Young And six donors who wish to remain anonymous








“I’m passionate about people in our community living health lives by

being active and learning to take good care of their mental and physical health. I’m a Leadership Giver because I believe through United Way, people are empowered to make a difference.” Hannah Webb, single, HUGE Clemson fan

“I’m glad United Way is focusing on the three determinants of better

living for everyone. As a physician involved in improving systems of care, I see that the work of the United Way is vital to helping people live healthier lives. Investing in people by helping support education, economic development and access to healthcare are all essential factors to improving overall health and well being.” Dr. Susan Mims, married, proud fan of her son’s soccer team

Hannah and Susan may root for different sports teams, but they wear the same colors - white and black - when they come together to support United Way’s work in the areas of Education, Income and Health.



Charles and Donna Abbitt Laurann Adams David and Debbie Aiton Peter Alberice and Sandra Stambaugh Curtis and Heather Alley Joe and Cheryl Aull William B. Austin Fred and Marcia Ayers Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Bailey Rod and Bess Baird Lars and Lynn Balck Jennie Barnhardt and Rodney Sutton Jeff and Toni Barrett Lorrie and Michael Bates Dr. and Mrs. Orren Beaty Daniel and MaryAlice Bell Gene and Sharon Bell Katherine and Regi Blackburn Gary and Nancy Bowers Mr. and Mrs. John Bowles Kyle and Martha Boyd Mr.and Mrs. Stanley C. Boyd Peggy and James Brazell Mark A. Brewer and Amy L. Peace-Brewer Daniel and Linda Brown Maxine H. Brown Topping A. Bryan Jones and Sandra Byrd Brett and Angie Cannady Mr. N.E. Cannady, III Trudy and David Cappiello William M. Carlisle Thomas and Karin Caster Brian and Karen Cavagnini Dr. and Mrs. William L. Chambers Steele and Ronda Chapman Mr. and Mrs. James Christian Cecil Clark Donald and Vicki Collins Randy and Phyllis Cook Terry Cordell Thomas Cowan


MOUNT PISGAH $1,500-$1,999 Mitchell and DiAnne Crisp Jim and Ellie Daniels Elizabeth A. Darling Jeff and Juli Dave Deborah Davis Randy Davis and Kelly Davis Richard A. Dirks Gregory Dixon John and Kathy Fitzgerald Greg and Robin Fox Jan and Bob Gelder Drs. Dan and Barbara Gerber Ellen and Ned Gibson Dr. Robert C. Giles Dr. Timothy E. and Betsy J. Gillespie Robert and Pat Gillis Thomas and Kathleen Greenlee Chad and Pamela Griffin Jim and Sheri Groce T. Hartley Hall, IV Mrs. Charles F. Hamrick Chad and Karen Hardy Dr. William Hargrove, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hayes John and Peggy Hazlehurst Patrick W. Hickey Larry and Francine Hill Dr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Hill Michael and Pam Holcombe Anne M. Irvine Jack A. Jones and Katherine Armitage L. Ralph Jones, MD Lisa King Stephanie and Kevin Kiser C. Darlene Laughter Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Lindsay Edward and Sherry Lipinsky Sarah and Brad Martin Monika Mayr Len and Marilyn McDonald Eric and Mary Michael Eddy and Sabrina Miller Susan and Dawson Mims Geerte and David Mitchell

Kevin and Shionette Montgomery Janet and Parker Moore Sue and Charlie Mueller Steven Neuliep and Tammy McIntosh Keith and Patty Olbrantz Rusty and Sharon Owen Timothy W. Owen Gary and Yolanda Parker Dr. Neil P. Peterson and Ms. Sarah V. Corley Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Pittman Anne Ponder and Christopher Brookhouse Francella R. Poston Sam Powers Amira and Tom Ranney Duff and Angie Rardin Ginny Raviotta Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Reiley Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rocamora John Rukavina and Mary Parker Dr. David and Laurie Serfas Natalie A. Shaft Eileen Shea Ed Sheary and Peggy Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shepherd Mike and Mary Silver Ben and Linda Smith Phil and Pat Smith Bob and Gail Stashick Doug Tate Martha W. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Tyndall Ted and Terry Van Duyn Jon and Patti Vannice Paul and Vicki Vest Dr. Mercedes Vollk and Kim Ruchl Eric and Regie Walburgh Jon and Judi Wehrli John and Molly Whatley Jane and David Whilden Bob and Sandy Whyte Charlie and Jeri Williams Larry and Janie Wilson

William and Pamela Winkler Charles and Nancy Worley And four donors who wish to remain anonymous



2011 CAMPAIGN AWARDS Largest Combined Employee/ Corporate Donation Award:

Mission Health Spirit of the Mountains Award:

Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP Spirit of the Mountains Award:

Eaton Corporation - Heywood Road Above and Beyond Award:

Meritor I’ll Do Anything for United Way Award:

HomeTrust Bank I’ll Do Anything for United Way Award:

Sisters of Mercy I’ll Raise My Voice for United Way Award:

CarePartners Steering Committee I’ll Raise My Voice for United Way Award:

Being Responsible and:

GOING GREEN Again this year, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County asked Leadership Givers if they would prefer to receive the Leaders in Giving Book electronically or in hard copy for two reasons. One, we are always looking for ways to be more fiscally responsible, and two, we hope to continually reduce our impact on the environment.

Lloyd Freel, Mountain Housing Opportunities I’ll Get My Hands Dirty for United Way Award:


In the past two years, many Leadership Givers responded they would prefer to receive e-mails or access our Web site for United Way information. In response, we continue to develop ways to reach out to Leadership Givers in budget and environmentally friendly ways, like video messages and e-newsletters, in addition to traditional methods such as mailings. If you would like to receive your next book electronically, just let us know! Check us out at for the latest United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County news and information.




SHINING ROCK $1,000-$1,499 Mrs. Dorel A. Abbott Michael J. Adams Bob and Peg Adams Patricia and Robert Adams Stephen K. Aiken Rick and Kristy Allemang Walter and Mary Frances Allen Derek J. Allen Dodie Allman Christopher G. Amys Michael and Catty Andry James A. Applegate Jill and Brian Arldt Tommy and Gene Arnold John and Elyse Ashley Cecil Atwell Jr. Sandy and Jim Austin Stephanie B. Austin Will and Althea Aycock Ricky Babaoff Richard Babb and Pam Tidwell Doug and Mary Alice Bailey K. Ray and Glenda Bailey Vikki and Mike Bailey Cathy D. Ball Bob Ballance Fred and Susan Barbour Laurie Barone Mr. Gregory and Dr. Jessica L. Barr Mr. and Mrs. Perry W. Bartsch, Jr. Barbara M. Baskerville David Bate, MD Drs. Alan S. Baumgarten and Judy L. Hoffman Dr. and Mrs. Tom Beardsley Cindy Bell Louis and Sara Bissette Nyda Bittmann-Neville Brad and Shelly Blackburn Terri Blankenship Lew and Kathy Bleiweis Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Blievernicht Lee Ann Bogle Mike and Judy Bohan

Bill Bohnsack Robert and Jamie Bolak Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Bolton Judy and Jerry Bond Donna and Lee Bowman Jonna G. Bradham Jonathan and Kelly Brandon Tommy Brandon Steven J. Bratsch Marlene Breger-Joyce Cynthia Breyfogle Elizabeth Bridgers Elizabeth H. Britton Michael A. Brock Alan and Lisa Brookshire Brian and Larissa Broom Don and Diane Brown Yuri and Jon Brown David G. and Lin Brown Jeff and Lynne Bryant Victor W. and Joyce B. Buchanan Dr. Connie Buckner and Mr. Jack Davis Larry and Genevieve Burda Smith and Margaret Burke Scott T. Burnette Dr. and Mrs. Terry Burt Ken and Kim Burton Tom and Cathy Byers Chris Caldwell Barry and Sheila Campbell Mr. N. Ellis Cannady, Jr. Tom and Scottie Cannon Charlotte Caplan and Michael Brubaker Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Capps David and Suzy Carter Richard C. Carter,III Rob Carter Stephen J. Carter Susan Cauble Chris and Pamela Cavanaugh Sarah and Jack Cecil Chris and Jill Champlin Stephanie Chandley Chung and Earl Cheatham

Travis and Holly Childs Drs. Stephanie Citron and Dan Mermin Ron and Earlene Clark John Byrd and Ellen Clarke Charles and Patricia Clogston Stanley and Annette Cocke Joan Colburn and Blair Justice Chuck Cole Drs. Margot and Bernard Coleman Renee A. Collette Celeste and Carlton Collins Larry Keith Collins Pam Combs Gregory R. Congdon Chase Conner Mark and Janice Conner Dr. Anne M. Conquest Laura Copeland Floyd and Theressa Coren Christina L. Corey Jeff and Susan Corpening Jeff and Susan Covington Sheron W. Craig Chris and Angela Crawford Scott and Dianne Crawford Jim and Nancy Creel Norris and Cricket Crigler Pete S. and Carolyn Cryan David Culp and Barbara Biss Drs. Gary and Diana Curran Anita and Jim Darby Ric and Barb Davenport Jan and Ann Davis Madeline and Roy Davis Sarah M. Davis Marty and Ray Dean Mark and Karen DeBrosse Alana and Jim DeBruhl Jo S. Dennis Ernest E Devlin Lynne C. Diehl Mrs. Don (Edna Mae) Dix Chris and Betsy Dixon Robert and Carol Dixon



New in 2012!

Quarterly Connect is open to all United Way Leadership Givers and provides a low-key way to meet United Way’s staff, visit with other donors, and get to know a featured business or community leader. This free, informal event is hosted by the Peaks Development Committee.

2012 Schedule March 8, 5:30-7p.m.

@ Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar

June 28, 5:30 -8:30 p.m., Leadership Giving Reception @ Packs Tavern

September 13, 5:30-7p.m.

@ Ward & Smith, Capital Center Building, 82 Patton Avenue, Ste. 300

December 6, 5:30-7p.m.

@ United Way, 50 South French Broad



Scott Dixon Tad and Ellen Dixon Katsuaki Dobashi Gilbert and Sharon Domingo Ms. Janise Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Douglas Danny G. Dowell and Grovene D. Dowell J. Stephen Downey Robert Downs Mr. and Mrs. James Dozier George Drant Joeseph Drzal David and Jennifer DuVall Margie Eblen Amanda and Derek Edwards Julie Thomas Edwards Kenneth A Edwards Mr. John Elia Doug and Terry Ellington John Ellis Drs. W. Leon Elliston and Kathy E. Elliston Ashley H. Ensley Vicki and Kevin Epley Elisabeth F. Ervin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Etter Iris* and Durward Everett Charitable Fund Douglas R. Evers Peter Falcigno and Joan Holmes Tom Farr Troy Favaron and Roger Ballew Dejay Favreau Sherman Fearing and Ann Von Brock Dollie and David Feldmeth Linda Ferguson Thomas E. Ferguson Heidi and Marshall Fields Myra and Bruce Fields Christopher Fisher Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Fisher III Patrick Fitzsimmons Kirk and Sheri Fleeman Jennifer and Donovan Fletcher Kenneth W. Floyd


Priestley and Brent Ford Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Ford Joanne Lyn Ford Robert Ford Todd and Amy Fowler Margaret Mary Z. Foxx Georgianna Francis Sharman Franklin Helen V. Frederick Teri S. Freeland Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Freeman Jose F. Freitas Richard and Deborah Frye Patricia J. Fuller Susan and Roy Gallagher Javier J. Garcia Anna and Dan Garrett Dennis and Franci Gasperson Jason Gast and Valerie True Stu and Debbie Gibeau Brian and Leah Gillespie Randolph Gilliam Walt and Augusta Gladding Charlie and Patricia Glazener Ron and Pat Godbold Dr. and Mrs. Joel W. Goldsby John M. Goldsmith Harold A. Goodman Sandra E. Goodwin Todd Michael Gothberg Janet and H. Richard Graham Jacqueline Grant Jim and Joyce Greene William Griffin Kim Grugan Dennis M. Gunter Col. Kenneth Hadeen Mary and Greg Hall Don and Diane Hallingse Mark and Jody Halstead Lori A. Halula Greg Hammer Ben and Jodie Hamrick Patrick Hanaway, MD and

Lisa Lichtig, MD Dr. and Mrs. Todd Hansen Jeffrey Hardin Stephanie and Chris Harkleroad Stewart and Debbie Harley Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Harris Larry and Luann Harris Bill and Alice Hart Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hartye Mary Harwood Dr. Douglas Hauschild LTC Scott A. Hausman Kevin Hawthorne Bill Hayes Bill and Barbie Haynes Ms. Ruth Head Kevin and Jennifer Hefner Kathy and Rick Hefner James A. Hemphill Brandy Henderson James D. Henderson Rex and Peggy Henderson Mrs. John A. Henderson Sarah K. Hendricks Perry and Amy Hendrix Leslie and Jim Hill Sara P. Hill Walter Quincy Hill Dr. and Mrs. John L. Hillsman Bradley and Wendy Hines Matt Hochevar John and Pat Hock Suzanne R. Holbert John and Lorena Holderfield Earl and Idella Holmes Rusty and Mitzi Holmes Rob and Laura Hooks John M. Hough, Jr. Susan Seaton Hudson Elizabeth Huesemann Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Hughes Glen and Lynn Hughes John and Pamela Hughes Lt. Col. (Ret) Mike and Patsy Hunsucker

Cheryl K. Hunt Nancy Hunter Robert Hunter Vanessa Huntsinger Steve and Christa Hurd Trent and Jill Ibbotson Drs. Eric and Linda Iovacchini William and Tara Irby Dr. and Mrs. Edward K. Isbey, Jr. Ashley Israel Derrick and Pat Jackson Gary and Kathy Jackson Curry and John Jamison Anna R. Jarvis Taylor and Lori Jessee Allen and Donna Johnson Eric and Melanie Johnson Dr. Chipper and Donna Jones Elizabeth Jones and John Ellery Holly Jones and Bob Falls Kathey Jones Robin E. Jones Stephen and Suzanne Jones Will R. Jones Allison Jordan Drs. Richard D. Jordan and Sandra Madison Jonathan K. Jorstad Gary Jung in Memory of Bernice Jung Dr. Richard A. Kark George T. Karl Himanshu Karvir and Swati Patel Robert E. and Mercedes Kaufman Drs. Joseph and Hutton Kearney Michael and Carol Keenan Gerald and Caroline Keller Nancy Keller Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Rebecca Kempson Del and Gerry Kennedy John Kennedy Sean Kerschen Frances A. Killian Mike and Laurel Kirchmeyer



Eloine Kirkland Selena Kittrell David and Nikki Kozak Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kubitschek LTC Joe Kurtz Deborah and Michael* Kuykendall Jeffrey Kwaitkowski Alan and Gillian Larson Clint and Ashley Lasher Janice Lato Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lawson Patricia A. Lawton Dr. and Mrs. Michael LeCroy John Legerton and Kathy Meacham Mark and Chris Lenderman Kelly Leonard Honorable and Mrs. Robert D. Lewis Jason Likens Fernando G. Little Samantha R. Little Paige Littlejohn Cassandra Logan-Hines Dan and Jennifer Loizzo Lourdes Lorenz Whitney W. Lott C.R. and Martha Lowe Shirley Lowe Amy and Lee Loy Dr. Sally Ludlum Joe Luna and Paula O’Hara Dr. Dan and Beverly Lunsford Rick and Janna Lutovsky Kristen ReMine Lyda Patricia L. MacFarland John and Denise Maher Don Mandelkorn David and Margie Mann Sonja Mann Rendi L. and Joseph M. Mann-Stadt Dr. William J. Maples Ivan A Marcotte Barbara Marlowe Fred and Vicki Martin Joel and Carole Martin



Sidney Mashburn John and Dee Mason Frank and Shari Mastria David May Robert C. and Lou Ann McAfoos Mr. and Mrs. Rob McFarland Bill and Roi McGuire Linda Jean McNamara Dr. Christina A. McQuiston Helen D. McVade Dr. Michael and Chris Messino Jerry R. Miller Kate and Kelly Miller Rhonda Miller Dr. Barton Milligan Mike and Marcia Mills Patrice Mitchell Faisal and Sarah Mohammed Rick and Connie Molland Eric and Sheila Moody Tony and Barbara Moore Dr. Eva Morgenstern George and Judy Morosani Katherine C. Morosani Marie Morris and Bill Sproul Kirk and Lisa Morrow True Morse Greg and Erin Mosher David and Karen Mouw Paul T Murray John and Joan Myers Mr. and Mrs. Bill Myers Shelby Nace Greg and Amber Nailler David Nash and Virginia Duquet Deborah R. Nave Charles and Linda Nelms Laura S. Nelson Steve and Kay Nesbitt Martin Nesbitt Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Newbold, Jr. Bill and Connie Newman Lt. Col. Jack Nichols Shon Norris

Chat Norvell Cherry Odom Kenny J. Oliver Anna and Grant Osborne William Osborne and Christine Blanc-Osborne Bill and Alison Overton Carol B. and Robert L. Owens Sara and Mukunda Pacifici Maria Pagan-Zefri John and Sallie Parker Scott Parker Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parker Carol Parsons Kenneth and Peggy Partin Nancy Patton Larry and Debbie Peck Deanna Peltz Jacque Penick and Dr. Harold Holcombe Angela Pentecost Rachel A. Perry Robert and Barbara Peterson Rich and Leigh Pettus George and Brenda Pfeiffer Carlyn and David Pheil Regina L. Phelps Adam Phillips Michael Phipps Sherwood and Faye Pinkston Tom and Marian Plaut Kim and Chip Plemmons Jerry and Sonja Plemmons Lana R. Plemmons Lorraine and Bob Poe Ginny Lentz and Jack Poisson Kathy Poling Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ponder Dr. Christie Posner Linda Fisher Poss Ben and Jeanne Powell Helen Powers Edward and Debra Preneta Richard Pressley George and Leslie Pruitt


Dr. and Mrs. Rodney V. Pugh Rob and Jean Quayle Ellen and Scott Querin Brandi Quinn Karl and Shirley Quisenberry Sheila Radcliff Barbara Radford Cal and Kit Rains James A. Randall Mike and Kathy Redmond Don and Charlie Reed John Alan Reed David D. Reid Susan L. Reiser Daniel A. Renshaw John and Karen Rhodin Scott and Sandra Rice Jeff and Andrea Richardson Nancy and Rick Righi Jeffrey Rivers Randy and Jeanette Roberson Esther Roberts Jonathan J. Robinson Shane Robichaud and Lauren Bradley-Robichaud Rhonda E. Robinson Richard and Tammy Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Robinson Thomas and Elizabeth Robrecht Robert Joseph Rogers Wade Rogers Maria Roloff Catherine C. Roth Dr. Martha G. Rowlett Marc Rudow and Deborah Miles Drs. John and Constance Russell Robby and Michelle Russell Nancy B. Rutkowski Thomas A. Ryan Dr. Stephanie Sabatini Joe and Peggy Sabolik Richpal S. Saini Mr. Anthony Saponaro Mary Margaret and Wade Saunders

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sawyer Dan and Leslie Scannell Kitty Schaller Jan and Lary Schulhof Ken Scott Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Scully Carol L Segrest Howard and Cynthia Sellinger Teri Sferlazza Faye L. Shaver Alan and Pat Shaw Melanie T. Shelton Jannine E. Shepard Steve and Vicki Sheppard Stephen and Carole Shoaf John F. Shuford Ned and Eileen Simon Frank and Kristi Sink John and Lisa Sizemore Bill and Angie Smith Benjamin Smith Nancy Smith Jennifer Snead Tony and Karen Spake LaVoy Spooner Bill and Jane Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Hal F. Starnes Mike and Cathy Steinback Eric Stelter Dr. Jane A. Stephens Larry and Teresa Stern John and Andrea Sterritt Mr. and Mrs. John S. Stevens Wyatt and Kim Stevens Steven E. Stinnett Kevin Stock Mandy Stone Michael Strittmatter Lee and Art Stuenkel Greg and Anna Sullins James W. and Susan Sutherland David and Nancy Swann Dan and Donna Swift Michael A. Tanner

Allan and Donna Tarleton Jack and Bebe Tarleton Mike and Bev Tavener Amanda and Jon Taylor Dianne A. Taylor Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Taylor Benjamin and Haley Teague Tara and Dennis Theodossis Fran and Doug Thigpen Robyn and Lee Thomason Pat and Colleen Thompson Cindy Threlkeld Rowena Ali Timms Randy and Debbie Trantham Bill and Debby Trometer Mrs. Moultrie H. Truluck Leslie J. Utterback Allen and Perry Van Dyke Dr. and Mrs. Eric D. Van Tassel Dave and Holly Vandegrift Dr. and Mrs. Randall Vanderbeek Bill and Eleanor VanLandingham Adrian Vassallo and Jill Sparks Charles and Paula Vasey Robert Vaughan Karen Vernon and Drake Thomas Katy M. Vincent Pete and Pat Wallenborn Dr. Steven T. Wallenius Calvin Ward Donald Watrous Zeb and Dianne Weaver, III Hannah E. Webb Peter and Jana Weed Hayley and Damian Wells Jed and Bree Welmaker Dr. Marc Westle Eric Wheeler Jeff and Jenna White Teresa White David and Laura Whitley Tammie Whitlock Jennifer and James Whitney Glenn and Pauline Wilcox



Leadership Givers in


Dr. Virginia J. Barnhardt and Rodney Sutton Lee Ann Bogle Maxine H. Brown Dr. Connie Buckner and Mr. Jack Davis Larry and Genevieve Burda Susan Cauble Robert and Carol Dixon Robert Ford Swayne and Sandy Franklin Walt and Augusta Gladding John M. Hough, Jr. Dr. Chipper and Donna Jones Dr. Dan and Beverly Lunsford Sidney Mashburn Rick and Connie Molland Marcy Onieal and Jimmy Lamm Larry and Deborah Peek Tom and Marian Plaut Jerry and Sonja Plemmons Ginny Lentz and Jack Poisson Barbara Radford Rhonda E. Robinson Jannine E. Shepard Larry and Teresa Stern Dr. Elizabeth A. Vogler Tammie Whitlock



William and Michelle Wilcox William Wilkie, II Virginia and Lee Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Willett Jim and Sheryl Williams Tommy Williams Marc Wilson Mr. and Mrs. John G. Winkenwerder John and Molly Wirtz Gene and Paula Withrow Chuck and Mary Wood Mary Bruce and Stephen W. Woody Scott and Nona M. Workman Wes G Wright Wutschel Family William and Benita Wynn Yeatman Family Brian Young Joe E. Young, Jr. Andrea and Boris Younger Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Zapf And 53 donors who wish to remain anonymous




FEDERAL CAMPAIGN United Way gratefully acknowledges those Leadership Givers employed in Buncombe County through the federal sector. In 2011, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County managed the Combined Federal Campaign for the WNC region. Monte R. Ashley Joseph W. Aull John J. Bates David P. Bowman Cynthia Breyfogle Stephen J. Carter Theressa Coren Sheron W. Craig Jo S. Dennis John E. Diefenbach J. Stephen Downey Robert Downs Nathan W. Epling Elisabeth F. Ervin Douglas R. Evers Philip A. Francis Helen V. Frederick Patricia J. Fuller Stewart T. Gibeau Hanna B. Goss Kathy Gresham Greg Hammer Andrea L. Harmon LTC Scott A. Hausman Pamela Hughes Lt. Col. (Ret) Mike Hunsucker Patsy Hunsucker Cheryl K. Hunt Donna Johnson Dr. Robert Kieffer Keith Y. Kohatsu

Thomas E. Kotz LTC Joe Kurtz C. Darlene Laughter Danny C. Lee Benjamin D. Lemke Whitney W. Lott Dr. John Lucke Monika Mayr Helen D. McVade James P. Michalets Ms. Sharon L. Morgan Dr. Eva Morgenstern Sue E. Myers Deborah R. Nave Laura S. Nelson Timothy W. Owen Maria Pagan-Zefri Gordon A. Patrizio Angela Pentecost Karol D. Pittman James A. Randall Daniel A. Renshaw Eileen Shea Barbara St. Hilaire Steven E. Stinnett Michael A. Tanner Leslie J. Utterback Robert Vaughan Katy M. Vincent And six donors who wish to remain anonymous



PAT FUGATE-HOCK & SCOTT WORKMAN “I’m passionate about children, families and those at risk of poor

health increasing their physical activity and healthy eating because, as a cancer survivor, I know it’s very important to have good health. My prayer is that all people would have this same advantage.” Pat Fugate-Hock, “gym rat,” calls Mills River home

“I’m glad United Way is focusing on Education. I think it’s really

important that children from birth to kindergarten attend high-quality, affordable early care and education programs. As the father of a twoyear-old daughter, I believe learning begins at birth and all children deserve the best opportunities for learning and development.” Scott Workman, martial artist, resident of West Asheville

Pat and Scott may live in different sides of the county, but they meet in the middle at United Way to share their passion for advancing the common good.



Highlands Circle United Way’s Young Leaders “Change brings opportunity.” Nido Quebein In early 2011, committee chairs and United Way staff reexamined Highlands Circle’s purpose to make sure it was serving an important role in the community and furthering the mission of United Way. What came out of the strategic rebranding process was a fresh, innovative group designed to be highly inclusive. It also now has a unique niche among the service and leadership offerings for our community’s young professionals. The new, improved Highlands Circle is now an affinity group for active community investors in their 20s and 30s who give $500 or more annually to United Way. Highlands Circle will engage members through networking, volunteerism and professional/ leadership development opportunities that connect members’ financial giving and their active involvement in their community in order to create long-lasting, positive change in people’s lives.

2011 HIGHLANDS CIRCLE COMMITTEE Community Involvement

Leadership Development

Kelly Brandon, Chair Greg Sullins, Chair Scott Workman Allison Jordan Stephen Aiken Matthew Maultsby Eric Michael


Membership Engagement

Paige Littlejohn, Chair Jamie Taylor Chris Caldwell Brian Gillespie



“We are so excited with the new direction of Highlands Circle

and hope that after reading through the changes we’ve made that you will spread the word with friends, family and coworkers. We believe that this unique affinity group will give young professionals a meaningful way to invest in their community and an active way to help create long lasting change. All while connecting them with other fun, interesting people. “Thank you to the 2011 committee members who planned the programming last year. And a special thanks to the 2011 Highlands Circle members who provided their input during the strategic rebranding.”


what is an AFFINITY GROUP?

Affinity groups within the United Way system are collaborations of donors with shared interests who are committed to significantly improving the quality of life in their region through focused philanthropic giving, advocacy and volunteering.


Unlike giving societies, such as The Tocqueville Society or The Peaks Society, whose memberships are based solely on giving level, an affinity group gives members the opportunity to help create long lasting change and enhances their development as individuals and as community leaders.


Rick and Kristy Allemang Curtis and Heather Alley Will and Althea Aycock Ricky Babaoff Angie and Dan Baechtold Himanshu Karvir and Swati Patel Norma Beaty Sean Kerschen Shane Robichaud and Clint and Ashley Lasher Lauren Bradley-Robichaud Jeff and Cherie Ledford Jonathan and Kelly Brandon Paige Littlejohn Scott T. Burnette Vicki Clark and Chad Lloyd Waite Scott and Jennifer Dan and Loizzo Chris and Jennifer Angela Crawford Rick and Rebecca Manske Sarah M. Davis Samantha and Michael Chris and Betsy Dixon David Traci Meyer Tad andand Ellen Dixon Eric andand Mary Michael Amanda Derek Edwards Sara and Mukunda Pacifici Ashley H. Ensley Rich and Leigh Pettus Fisher III Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Dr. Christie Posner Todd and Amy Fowler John Alan Reed Michael and Elizabeth Freeman Brian Repass and Sandy Feutz Hank and Sarah Garbee Alex and Lynn Mr. Jason BoyerSchneider and Melanie T Shelton Mrs. Sandra Garcia Boyer Eric Stelter Jason Gast and Valerie True Greg and and Leah AnnaGillespie Sullins Brian Erichand andPamela Delise Talley Chad Griffin Doug Mr. andTate Mrs. W. Neal Hanks, Jr. Amanda and Taylor Stephanie andJon Chris Harkleroad Benjamin and Haley Teague Kevin and Jennifer Hefner Tara and Dennis Theodossis Sarah K. Hendricks RobynQuincy and LeeHill Thomason Walter Hannahand E. Webb Bradley Wendy Hines Jed and and Laura Bree Welmaker Rob Hooks David A. Wiggins William and Tara Irby Brian Young Himanshu Karvir and Swati Patel

2011 HIGHLANDS CIRCLE MEMBERS Rick and Kristy Allemang Curtis and Heather Alley Will and Althea Aycock Ricky Babaoff Angie and Dan Baechtold Norma Beaty Shane Robichaud and Lauren Bradley-Robichaud Jonathan and Kelly Brandon Scott T. Burnette Scott Clark and Jennifer Waite Chris and Angela Crawford Sarah M. Davis Chris and Betsy Dixon Tad and Ellen Dixon Amanda and Derek Edwards Ashley H. Ensley Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Fisher III Todd and Amy Fowler Michael and Elizabeth Freeman Hank and Sarah Garbee Mr. Jason Boyer and Mrs. Sandra Garcia Boyer Jason Gast and Valerie True Brian and Leah Gillespie Chad and Pamela Griffin Mr. and Mrs. W. Neal Hanks, Jr. Stephanie and Chris Harkleroad Kevin and Jennifer Hefner Sarah K. Hendricks Walter Quincy Hill Bradley and Wendy Hines Rob and Laura Hooks William and Tara Irby

Sean Kerschen And and one Ashley donor who wishes to remain Clint Lasher anonymous. Jeff and Cherie Ledford Paige Littlejohn Vicki and Chad Lloyd Dan and Jennifer Loizzo Rick and Rebecca Manske Samantha and Michael David and Traci Meyer



anCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare EndowHUMANCARE ENDOWMENT MEMBERS ment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare En dowment HumanCare TOCQUEVILLE SOCIETY LEGACY SHINING ROCK LEGACY Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare EndowmentHumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowme nt HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare EndowmentHum MOUNT MITCHELL LEGACY anCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare En CLINGMAN’S DOME LEGACY dowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment Human ADDITIONAL ENDOWMENT MEMBERS Care Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare EndowmentHu ROAN MOUNTAIN LEGACY manCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endo wment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare RICHLAND BALSAM LEGACY HumanCare Endowment Investment of a Lifetime EndowmentTheHumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment Huma COLD MOUNTAIN LEGACY Through United Way of Asheville and HumanCare Buncombe nCare En dowment Endowment HumanCare Endowm County, we give of our resources, raise our voices and lend our muscles to change our community. ent HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare EnConsider another kind of giving: a future gift of a small dowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment Humanpart of your estate through a bequest in your will. MOUNT PISGAH LEGACY Such an endowment will help assure our future and Endowment Care En dowment HumanCare HumanCare Endowme mark your continued legacy of giving. Together, we can continue improving lives andEndowment inspiring hope, both now nt HumanCare HumanCare EndowmentHumanCare and in the years to come. $200,000+ Joe and Janice Brumit Marian Elmslie* Mr. * and Mrs. Anthony Kushigian Drs. Wayne and Phyllis Lang Bill and Heather Lee Charlie and Eleanor Owen Robert C. Pew and Susan Taylor Charlie and Don Reed One Anonymous Giver

$150,000 - $199,999 Ruth Paddison * Helen M. Russell *

$100,000 - $149,999 George and Barbara Groome Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Wilcox, Sr. One Anonymous Giver

$80,000 - $99,999 Preston Price *

Strengthening Asheville and Buncombe County by helping people improve their lives and care for one another

$60,000 - $79,999 Paul and Ellie Toebke *

$40,000 - $59,999 Mrs. Joseph Bailey * Robert and Shirley Burns* Jim and Robin Stickney Clyde and Mildred Wright * Joe Young, Jr. One Anonymous Giver

$30,000 - $39,999+ Drs. Lee and Mario DiCesare Mr. and Mrs. John D. Teeter



$20,000 - $29,999 Bart and Elaine Boyer J. W. Byers Rose Cooper * James Dalton* Jerry Hornowski Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hornowski Bill and Marilyn Hubbard Carroll and Gwen Hughes Jerry and Carrie Keller Charles O’Connor* George and Brenda Pfeiffer George Saenger Jack and Yvonne Smith Tom and Bonnie Spradling David and Nancy Swann Dr.* and Mrs. Moultrie Truluck Glenn Wilson

Mrs. R. W. Anthony, Jr. Jonathan and Kelly Brandon Mr. and Mrs. James Christian Iris* and Durward Everett Tom and Pat Fitzpatrick Kerry and Anna Friedman John Gatling * Suzanne Hust Clyde Kelly * Peter Mallett Alice McLennan Trust * Charles and Linda Nelms Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nelson, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Charles Norvell Ken Partin * Helen Powers Karl and Shirley Quisenberry Miss Monte Richardson / Jones-Richardson Fund Mr. * and Mrs. Brainard B. Rorison Dolly Swift Pam and Jim Turner Mr. Richard Wood, Jr.* Two Anonymous Givers *DECEASED




DIAMOND DONORS We celebrate the individuals who have supported United Way for 25 years or more and, in doing so, have helped improve the lives of countless children, families, seniors and individuals. No matter the level of giving, we want to show our appreciation for their consistent support. To our Diamond Donors, we say THANK YOU! Your giving has been essential to United Way’s success, and we appreciate your longtime support. Charles and Donna Abbitt Mr. Gene Adams Ms. Janet M. S. Adams Joel B. and Marla T. Adams, Jr. Bob and Peg Adams David and Debbie Aiton Ms. Susan P. Akers Ms. Carolyn S. Allen Ms. Dorothy D. Allen Ms. Marcia K. Allen Ms. Nancy R. Allen Ms. Patricia A. Allen Dick Allen Mrs. Sandra G. Allen Mr. Don Allison Ms. Linda H. Allison Mr. Ahmad A. Amara Mrs. Christine Amato Ms. Rebecca S. Ambrose Ms. Linda M. Anders Mrs. Ann C. Anderson Ms. Becky Anderson R. Jane Anderson Mr. Andy Andrews Ms. Susan Q. Anglin Tommy and Gene Arnold Mr. Noel Dean Arrington Mr. Rodney Arrowood John and Elyse Ashley Ms. Julia M. Ashley Ms. Mary V. Atkinson Mr. Michael R. Atkinson Joe and Cheryl Aull Ms. Paula R. Autrey

Fred and Marcia Ayers Charles F. Ayscue Mr. Bill Badger David D. Bailey and Sherie Ryan-Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bailey K. Ray and Glenda Bailey Ms. Kathleen M. Bailey Mr. Lawrence E. Bailey Mr. Mark A. Bailey Ms. Patricia Bailey Vikki D. Bailey Rod and Bess Baird Mrs. Louise W. Baker Ms. Sheree K. Baker Ms. Nettie M. Baldwin Ms. RosaLee Baldwin Ms. Ruth Baldwin Mr. Darrick G. Ballard Mr. James R Bandelin Mr. Stanley Banks Ms. Vikki M. Banks Mr. Gary L. Barger Mr. Russell E. Barnes Ms. Nada Barnett Laurie Barone Sharon Tracey Barrett and Jim Barrett Jeff and Toni Barrett Barbara M. Baskerville Mr. Jerry R. Bass Mrs. Kim A. Bass Ms. Roselyn Hope Bates Mr. Lewis Battle Sr. Mr. Robert Battle Ms. Karen M. Bauer

Audrey and Robert Bayer Mr. Gregory J. Bayne Mr. Thomas H. Beathard Mrs. Margaret Beaumont Mr. Bedford M. Beddingfield Mr. David C. Beebe Cindy Bell Gene and Sharon Bell Lynell and Robert Bell Ms. Wendy H. Bell Ms. Rachel Bennett George and Sandra Beverly Ms. Barbara W. Biedenbach Ms. Linda Biggers Louis and Sara Bissette Nyda Bittmann-Neville Mrs. LeeAnn Black Brad and Shelly Blackburn Katherine and Regi Blackburn Ms. Jean Louise Blackburn Mr. Robert H. Blackwell Ms. Barbara G. Blake Mr. Richard E. Blalock Ms. Karen Blicher Mike and Judy Bohan Ms. Deena R. Boles Ms. Judy A. Boles Alan and Diann Bolick Ms. Rebecca Boone Larry and Yolanda Bopp Roy and Pat Borden Ms. Sandra C. Bowers Ms. Christina M. Boyer Ms. Susan P. Bradburn Mr. Ron Bradford Ms. Marian Bradley Tommy Brandon Mr. Donald M. Branson Peggy* and James Brazell Ms. Cynthia Breland Ms. Terry D. Briggs Mr. William K. Briggs Ed and Donna Broadwell Mr. Michael A. Brock



Ms. Sue A. Brooks Mr. Thomas M. Brooks Ms. Mary Brookshire Mr. Ronald D. Brookshire Daniel and Linda Brown Don and Diane Brown Mr. Erik L. Brown Ms. Jessica Brown David G. and Lin Brown Maxine H. Brown Mr. Michael G. Brown Mrs. Robin L. Brown Ms. Sharon R. Brown Joe and Janice Brumit Mrs. Dorothy K. Bryant Ms. Emma Lee Bucklew Mrs. Cynthia K. Buckner Mr. Jon F. Buckner Ms. Shirley R. Buckner Mr. Stanley J. Bulsiewicz Larry and Genevieve Burda Mrs. Wanda P. Burgess Glenda and Bob Burgin Mrs. Magdalen Burleson Mr. Pong P. Burlew Mr. Jim C. Burnette Bruce and Susan Burns Ms. Pamela S. Burns Mr. Vincent L. Burris Ken and Kim Burton Mr. Alan Bush Ms. Jacqueline Byerly Mr. Richard Byers Tom and Cathy Byers Ms. Winikay L. Caffrey Ms. Linda D. Calloway Ms Carolyn B Calvard Ms. Joyce B. Cambron Barry and Sheila Campbell Ms. Laurie Campbell Ms. Lisa D. Cantrell Mrs. Frances Loree Capps Mrs. Sara S. Capps William M. Carlisle


Mr. Thomas A. Carosa Mr. Phil M. Carpenter Eugene M. ‘Bob’ Carr, Jr. Ellen and Robert Carr David and Suzy Carter Mr. Robert W. Carter Mrs. Theresa E. Carter Mr. Timothy Brion Carter Ms. Tricia G. Carver Ms. Teresa A. Cassada Ms. Lila K. Cate Ms. Mary Chesnutt Cathey Mr. Robert J. Catterfeld Mr. and Mrs. George Cecil Sarah and Jack Cecil Mr. James Chambers Ms. Susan B. Chapman Travis and Holly Childs Mrs. Holli S. Chiles Mr. Paul Christiansen Ms. Linda K. Church Ms. Elizabeth Ann Phillips Clark Ms. Franceen Clark Kathleen Clark Mr. Terry Clark Mr. Roger L. Claud Mrs. Patti W. Clay Ms. Kim Clements Ms. Patricia Cocke Stanley and Annette Cocke Mr. James R. Coggins Ms. Donna L. Colburn Mr. Gary D. Cole Ms. Gayle Cole Ms. Tamela Cole Ms. Debra Y. Coleman Carlton and Celeste Collins Donald and Vicki Collins Mr. Larry Keith Collins Mr. Mark Combs Ms. Margaret Conger Ms. Janice B. Conner Ms. Nancy J. Constantine Randy and Phyllis Cook


Ms. Martha Cook Mrs. Susan M. Cooper Ms. Patricia A. Cooper-Whitaker Laura Copeland Ms. Dawn M. Cordell Mr. Richard E. Cothran Jeff and Susan Covington Mr. James B. Cowan Thomas Cowan Ms. Leslie A. Cox Mrs. Nancy J. Coxie Mr. James K. Craig Mr. Tony Craig Mr. Jeffrey H. Crawford Ms. Pamela M. Crawford Vicki and David Crawley Mr. Franklin Creasman Jim and Nancy Creel Norris and Cricket Crigler Mr. Cromer L. Crisp Ms. Claudia Crosby Mrs. Debra M. Cross Mr. Lawrence G. Crowder Mrs. Edna F. Crowe Charlie and Jeanne Cummings Ms. Jan K. Cundiff Ms. Marcia B. Cunningham Mrs. Jan Curtis Ms. Holly Dahl Mr. Robert L. Dalton William and Ann Dalton Judy Daniel Mrs. Ellie O. Daniels Mrs. Harriett Daniels Jim and Ellie Daniels Anita and Jim Darby Nancy and Charlie David Ms. Sharon M. Davidson Mrs. Bettye C. Davis Ms. Carroll Davis Mr. Charles Davis Deborah Davis Ms. Diane M. Davis Mr. Jeffery R. Davis


Randy and Kelly Davis Mrs. Lee H. Davis Mr. Mark A. Davis Randy Davis and Kelly Davis Ms. Dora Dawkins Ms. Carolyn B. Deal Marty and Ray Dean Ms. Cynthia Dearman Mr. Bobby M. DeBruhl Mr. David M. Debruhl Alana and Jim DeBruhl Otto W. Debruhl Karen and Scott Dedman David and Suzanne Deferie Dan and Teri Deitz Mrs. Nancy Dellinger Bob and Carol Deutsch Mr. Keith L. Deweese Jan Blunt John and Joan Dickson Mr. Michael A. Dillard Mr. Charles L. Dillingham Ms. Madeline S. Dillingham Ms. Carol E. Dixon Mr. Scott Dixon Ms. Sandra B. Donahue Ms. Donna B. Donaldson Ms. Janise Donovan Drs. Laurence and Joyce Dorr Mrs. Sarah L. Dorsey Mrs. Carolyn W. Dotson Mrs. Catherine M. Douglass Mrs. Candace L. Dover Mr. Vernon E. Dover Mr. Randall Ray Dowdle Ms. Bridget L. Downey Mr. and Mrs. James Dozier Mr. George Drant Ms. Susan D. Dryman Mr. David F. Drzewiecki Ms. Diane M. Duermit Mr. Wayne E. Duncan Mr. Allen A. Dunlap Mrs. Terry B. Dunn

Ms. Fonda Durner Ms. Jean G. Duyck Ms. Shirley M. Easter Mrs. Lois R. Ebey Ms. Regina Edwards Ms. Gaylen H. Ehrlichman Ms. Pamela R. Elkin Joe and Pat Elliott Mr. Phillip W. Engle Mr. Stanley K. Engle Mrs. Linda T. Englert Mr. James R. Enloe Mr. Charles W. Epley Vicki and Kevin Epley Mr. Oliver A. Erwin Mr. Larry D. Eubanks John and Mary Evans Ms. Michele E. Evans Mr. Robert F. Evans Iris* and Durward Everett Mr. Theodore V. Faber Ms. Susan M. Farina Larry Farr and Michelle Rippon Ernest and Shirley Ferguson Linda Ferguson Mr. Edgar Ferrell Mrs. Julia C. Fields Mrs. Cathy P. Fisher Mr. Jerry L. Fisher Ms. Pamela J. Fisher Ms. Lois W. Fitch John and Kathy Fitzgerald Shawn Fitzpatrick and Ronda Warren Mr. Thomas G. Fitzpatrick Patrick Fitzsimmons Mr. David M. Fleming Ms. Lizzie M. Flowers Ms. Ann Flynn Mr. Lester Forbes Mr. James D. Foster Greg and Robin Fox Mr. Allan D. Frank Ms. Carolyn H. Franklin Ms. Donna Franklin

Mr. Lloyd Freel Ms. Linda W. Freeman Mr. Steve G. Fridl Mrs. Sonya E. Friedrich Ms. Denise P. Fryar Rev. Dr. Paul Fuller Mr. Richard S. Gabriel Jr. Mrs. Frances L. Gamble Ms. Linda C. Gamble Ms. Patricia G. Garren Dr. David L. Garver Bill Gatewood Jan and Bob Gelder Mr. Gary L. Gentry Mr. Joe L. George Drs. Dan and Barbara Gerber Mr. Gerald W. Gibbs Stu and Debbie Gibeau Ms. Linda K. Gibson Walt and Augusta Gladding Charlie and Patricia Glazener Richard and Suzanne Gloor Ms. Sharon E. Glover Ms. Janet S. Godfrey Mrs. Ruby C. Godfrey Mrs. Donna K. Godwin Mr. Harvey Gold Mrs. Joan F. Gold Dr. and Mrs. Joel W. Goldsby Mr. John M. Goldsmith Mr. Carlos Gomez Ms. Margaret L. Goode Ms. Claudia A. Goodson Barbara Gordesky Ms. Karen S. Gortney Mrs. Irene Gosnell Mr.and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Gould Janet and H. Richard Graham Ms. Kathleen R. Graham Mrs. Lauren S. Grant Mr. John E. Grear Ms. Brenda K. Green Mrs. Missy S. Green Ms. Rita F. Gregg



Clementine Gregory Ms. Merrell F. Gregory David M. Greiner Mr. Donald E. Griebel Alice and Bill Griffin Mrs. Evangelia Martha Griffin Mr. James T. Griffin Ms. Brenda S. Griffith Ms. B Gail Grindstaff Mr. John G. Grindstaff Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Groce, Jr. Jim and Sheri Groce Rick and Karen Grogan Mr. Joel W. Guge Mr. George Gunn Mr. Amado Gutierrez Ms. Carolyn J. Haag Col. Kenneth Hadeen Mrs. Mary E. Hafley Mr. Richard C. Halford Mrs. Josephine B. Hall T. Hartley Hall, IV Mr. Hugh Halpert Charles and Donna Haltiwanger Lori A. Halula Mr. Floyd G. Hamlin Ms. Gloria M. Hamlin David and Donna Hammett Ms. Judy Warren Hammond Pat Hammonds Alice and John Hancy Ms. Diane C. Haney Mr. Jeffrey K. Haney Mr. Gary Hansen Ms. Debra L. Hansman Ms. Robin M. Hardister Mr. Donald W. Hargette Ms. Patricia L. Harney Mr. Anthony T. Harper Ms. Margaret P. Harr Mr. Don Jack Harris Ms. Gay M. Harris Ms. Lois A. Harris Mr. Roy R. Harris


Mr. William M. Harris Mrs. Vicki L. Harrison Mr. John Hart Bill and Alice Hart Mr. Reid K. Hartman Mr. Brian K. Hartsook Mr. Kevin V. Harwood Ms. Jeanette Y. Hawkins Ms. Vickie L. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hayes Ms. Mary E. Hayes Mrs. Ruby B. Haynes Mr. Daniel L. Heatherly Ms. Bonny M. Heaton Kathy Hefner Mrs. Marsha F. Hefner Vicki S. Heidinger Catherine Case Mrs. Patricia N. Helsley Mr. Richard E. Hemes James A. Hemphill Ms. Cheryl B. Henderson Mrs. John A. Henderson Mr. Donald G. Hendricks Perry and Amy Hendrix Ozmer L. Henry, MD Ms. Carolyn Hensley Mr. Jerome Hensley Mr. Alfred E. Hess Mr. Ronald A. Hess Mr. Patrick W. Hickey Marjorie and John Hickman Mr. Mike Hickman Mr. David Hill Ms. Dianne M. Hill Ms. Martha C. Hill Mr. Roger C. Hill Sara P. Hill William and Jo Anne Hill Ms. Nilda R. Hillhouse Mr. Russell B. Hilliard Dave and Haywood Hillier Mr. Hugh K. Himan Ms. Barbara Hinshaw


Mr. James J. Hitesman Mr. Michael A. Hobbs Ms. Amy L. Hobson John and Pat Hock Mr. John A. Hodan Ms. Evelyn M. Hoffman Ms. Jo W. Hogan Mike and Pam Holcombe Elizabeth W. Holden John and Lorena Holderfield Mr. Melvin Holloway Mr. F. Alan Holmes A. C. and Susie Honeycutt Mr. William D. Hood Mr. Richard J. Hora Mrs. Carole Horvath Brenda Houck Mr. Stephen K. Howell Ms. Diane E. Hudson Mr. Robert Timothy Hudspeth Elizabeth Huesemann Ms. Kathy N. Hughes Ms. Mary Louise Hunley Lt. Col. (Ret) Mike and Patsy Hunsucker Mrs. Patsy O. Hunsucker Ms. Cheryl K. Hunt Ms. Mary A. Hunter Robert Hunter Vanessa Huntsinger Richard B. Hurley Ms. Dorothy K. Hyatt Mrs. Shirley A. Hyatt Karen Hyman Mr. Steven S. Ianniello Ms. Elaine N. Ingle Ms. Dorothy M. Inglis Drs. Eric and Linda Iovacchini Ms. Betty Israel Mr. Wayne D. Jacklin Ms. Carolyn C. Jackson Gary and Kathy Jackson Mr. Henry Z. Jackson Ms. Melba T. Jackson Curry and John Jamison


Mr. John F. Jarosz Anna R. Jarvis Mr. Edward S. Jenest Ms. Charlene H. Jenkins Dr. and Mrs. Arlo Jennings Mr. Ralph Porter Jennings Steven and Jackie Jennings Mr. Robert G. Jerdee Mrs. Clara Mae Jeter Allen and Donna Johnson Ms. Martha Johnson Ms. Sylvia S. Johnson Mrs. Cathy R. Jolley Ms. Afton R. Jones Elizabeth Jones and John Ellery Richard and Angela Jones Mr. Robert D. Jones Robin E. Jones Mrs. Sandy K. Jones Stephen and Suzanne Jones Ms. Viola B. Jones Mrs. Millicent A. Jowers Mr. William S. Jumper Gary Jung Ms. Irene Jurczyk Ms. Cecilia M. Justice Lynn and Dean Kahl Mrs. Katie H. Kalarovich Mrs. Cheryl L. Kamisol Mrs. Joyce A. Kanavel Dr. Richard A. Kark Michael and Carol Keenan Patsy R. Keever Mr. Robert D. Keller Ms. Barbara A. Kellner Ms. Pam Kelly Mr. Charles Reginald Kemp Sr. Mr. David C. Kennedy Mr. Richard W. Kennedy Ms. Ruth J. Kent Mr. James B. Kepley Ron and Bonnie Kerns Frances A. Killian Ms. Barbara Kilpatrick

Liz and John Kimberly Mrs. Kristie J. King Ms. Lisa W King Ms. Anne M. Kinlaw Mrs. Patricia K. Kirby Mrs. Eva J. Kirkpatrick Mr. Gerald Kirschner Ms. Nina L. Knysh Mr. Marvin Koch Mr. Roland J. Koen Mr. Al Kopf Tom and Paula Kotz David and Nikki Kozak Ms. Kristi K. Kreighbaum Ms. Jennie L. Krichbaum Mr. Charles J. Krug Mrs. Deborah W. Kuykendall Mr. Doug Kuykendall Jeffrey Kwaitkowski Diane Kyker Ms. Fran L. Kyles Ms. Terri Lafevers Howe and Ann Lagarde Mr. Jimmy D. Lance Rich and Suzy Landau Ms. Sandra L. Lane Drs. Wayne and Phyllis Lang Mr. William S. Lankford Mr. Ed Lannigan Mrs. Tammy B. Lanning Mrs. Deborah Anne Lardieri Ms. Nancy E. Larkin C. Darlene Laughter Mr. Claude F. Laughter Ms. Betty Darlene Lee Mr. James D. Lenhart Ginny Lentz and Jack Poisson Mr. George LeRoy Mr. William Lewin Mr. James P. Lewis Honorable and Mrs. Robert D. Lewis Ms. Lisa Leyva Mr. Charles Lindsey Mr. Samuel B. Lindsey

Mr. Arnold H. Lingle Jr. Ms. Rebecca J. Linquist Mr. Anthony Little Sr. Solon E. Logan Lourdes Lorenz Mr. Daniel J. Louis Barbra and Keith Love Ms. Merle F. Love Johnny and Sherry Love Ms. Anita L. Lovejoy Ms. Elaine Lovelace Mr. Bobbie G. Lovin Mrs. Debra M. Lovin C.R. and Martha Lowe Amy and Lee Loy Mr. Larry E. Ludlam Dr. Sally Ludlum Mr. Fred A. Lunsford Mr. Steven F. Luse Ms. Veronia G. Lusk Rick and Janna Lutovsky Mr. Thomas A. Luzon Ms. Susan E. Lykins Stephen and Ginger Lynch Mr. Ridgeway T. Lynch Ms. Margaret R. Lynes Mr. Jeffrey M. Lyons Ms. Anne MacDonald Ms. Cynthia P. Mackiernan Dr. Robert H. MacPherson Mr. Joseph Madden Mr. William M. Madison MD Ms. Janet J. Magruder John and Denise Maher Ms. Judith L. Major Ms. Susan S. Maley Peter Mallett Ms. Deborah W. Maltry Mr. and Mrs. William W. Mance, Jr. David and Margie Mann Martin and Kathryn Mann Sonja F. Mann Mr. George W. Manning Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mann-Stadt



Mr. John T. Manuel Ms. Mary T. March Mr. Charles E. Markhoff Ms. Emily G. Marler Mr. Thomas C. Marshall Mrs. Carole H. Martin Ms. Cynthia M. Martin Ms. Jennifer D. Martin John and Dee Mason Mr. Gary B. Massey Mr. William F. Massey Mr. Barry L. Master Ms. Marcia Master Mr. Michael B. Matthews Ms. Elizabeth O. Mayton Robert C. and Lou Ann McAfoos Ms. Beverly McBrayer Mrs. Deborah M. McCarson Ms. Teresa M. McCarthy Ms. Mary R. McClure Ms. Martha Carol McCrary Russel N. McCrimmon Ms. Cheryl McCurry Mr. Gary McDaniel Mr. Harry J. McDaniels Mr. George L. McDermott Mrs. Brenda K. McElrath Ms. Crela L. McElrath Lee and Latrella McElrath Ms. Verna McGaughey Mr. Don R. McGlone Bill and Roi McGuire Jean and Joseph McGuire Mr. Joe McIntosh Mrs. Ruth S. McKee Ms. Maggie L. McLaney Ms. Mary C. McLean Mrs. Judy T. McMahan Ms. Marie K. McMahan Mr. Charles D. McMahon Ms. Sue S. McManus Mrs. Sharon I. McMurry Ms. Janet L. McNamara-Houck Mr. Michael T. McNeill


Ms. Sheila Medford Mr. Charles W. Melton Bill and Debbie Meltan Ms. Lois Kirby Melton Ms. Marie R. Melton Mrs. Cherie L. Merrick Mr. Paul Merriken Rob and Lee Merrill Mr. David Randy Messer Ms. Una W. Messer Mrs. Lillian R. Metcalf Mrs. Miriam M. Metcalf Mr. Charles A. Mickey Jr. Ms. Juanita R. Miles Linda and Dick Milholland Mr. Ernest A. Miller Ms. Linda D. Miller Linda and Mark Miller Mr. Max Miller Jr. Bill and Alice Miller Ms. Molly N. Minnick Geerte and David Mitchell Mrs. Patricia Montag Ms. Loretta Montgomery Ms. Venita C. Mooney Barbara Moore Ms. Betty O. Moore Mr. Brian D. Moore Janet and Parker Moore Ms. Elizabeth Moreton Ms. Sharon L. Morgan Ms. Sharon P. Morgan George and Judy Morosani Mr. Russell B. Morris Ms. Thalia A. Morris Mr. William W. Morris Mrs. Denise A. Morton Ms. Pamela Moser Mr. Roger S. Moss Ms. Virginia H. Moss Bill and Carol Mott Mr. Jim Moutos David and Karen Mouw Ms. Suzan P. Muldowney


Mrs. Gisela E. Mull Mr. Richard W. Murray Ms. Helen L. Murrell Mr. Robin Myer Ms. Gloria J. Myers John and Joan Myers Mr. G. Dale Neal Ms. Kristi H. Neal Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Newbold, Jr. Bill and Connie Newman Lt. Col. Jack Nichols Ms. Donna J. Nicholson Ms. Christine M. Nidek Ms. Beverly G. Nivens Mr. Daniel E. Nix Mr. Mark Noland Barbara St. Hilaire and Sandy Norbo Ms. Sheri A. Norman Ms. Debra H. Norton Chat Norvell Kathy K. Noyes Ms. Cynthia L. Oak Mrs. Kathleen Y. O’Connor Belinda Odom Ms. Cathleen G. Odom Ms. Kathleen A. O’Hara Ms. Bonnie M. Oliver Mr. Jerry R. Oliver Ms. Nancy Oliver Marcy Onieal and Jimmy Lamm Ms. Patricia A. Ortigo Ms. Sherry R. Osteen Charles D. Owen, Jr. and Cary C. Owen Eleanor and Charlie Owen Rusty and Sharon Owen Ms. Carol A. Owenby Mrs. Carol B Owens Ms. Cynthia L. Ownbey Ms. Danette Page Ms. Carolyn M. Parker Tom and Carol Parker Mary Parker and John Rukavina Ms. Robin S. Parker Gary and Yolanda Parker


Dr. Molly A. and Kevin K. Parkhill Calvin and Wendy Parton Mrs. Joy E. Pastucha Ms. Rebecca W Patch Ms. Darlene Lawre Pate Mrs. Amy Patterson Mr. James Patton Mr. Harold Payne Mrs. Margaret S. Payne Dr. Hugh W. Payton Mrs. Susan C. Pearcy Mr. Charles C. Peck Ms. Amy K. Penland Ms. Beverly G. Peppers-Smith Ms. Dawn Perez Ms. Rosemary Perkins Mr. Raymond Perrin Mr. Dean Peterson Robert and Barbara Peterson Susan and Terry Peterson Mr. William B. Peterson Jr. Ms. Roberta D. Petree Rich and Leigh Pettus George O. Pfaff George and Brenda Pfeiffer Carlyn and David Pheil Regina L. Phelps Mr. Charles R. Philipsen Ms. Susan U. Piland Ms. Debra L. Pinner Henry and Lisa Pinto Mrs. Karol D. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Pittman Bob and Becky Pitts Ms. Charlene Y. Plemmons Kim and Chip Plemmons Ms. Anne H. Plyler Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ponder Linda Fisher Poss Mr. John Posten Ms. Donna G. Potruski Bitsy and Jim Powell Helen Powers Edward and Debra Preneta

Ms. Florie Presnell Ms. Judy Price Ms. Rebecca D. Proffitt Mrs. Lisa R. Prowell Mr. Robert W. Purcell Jr. Ms. Catherine G. Purdy Dayle Purington Mr. David G. Pyles Rob and Jean Quayle Ellen and Scott Querin Mr. Richard Quick Ms. Susan J. Quinzi Karl and Shirley Quisenberry Mr. Ronald M. Raisen Ms. Patricia A. Ramsey Ms. Nancy W. Rankins Ginny Raviotta Ms. Carol P. Ray Ms. Carol R. Ray Ms. Judith S. Ray Mike and Kathy Redmond Don and Charlie Reed Mr. Ernest R. Reed Mrs. Phoebe W. Reed Mr. Jerry D. Reese Mr. Keith D. Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Reiley Patrick J. Reilly Ms. Tameria F. Reilly Ellen M. Reker Bob and Ann Rennard Mrs. Faye R. Revis Mr. Randy L. Reynolds Sally Rhoades Mrs. Judy Rhodes Ms. Deanna W. Rice Mr. John R. Rice Ms. Carolyn Rich Miss Monte Richardson Mr. William F. Richmond Mrs. Mary Ann Riggins Ms. Pamela R. Riggle Ms. Jill H. Ritter Mr. H. R. Robbins

Randy and Jeanette Roberson Ms. Joanne Robert Mrs. Pearce Roberts, Jr. Ms. Catherine C. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Roberts Ms. Carolyn C. Robertson Beverly B. Robinson Mr. David L. Robinson Mr. Dennis F. Robinson Mr. Joe Robinson Thomas and Elizabeth Robrecht Mrs. Ruby L. Rockett Ms. Joan J. Rogers Rev. and Mrs. Scott B. Rogers Mrs. Shirley M. Rogers Mr. John Rohner Ms. Deb Romaine Mrs. Sandra H. Rountree Susie and John Ruhl Leigh and John Ruhl Ms. Karen E. Rule Mr. Joseph W. Rumble Mr. James B. Rumbough Mr. Michael A. Rush Drs. John and Constance Russell Robby and Michelle Russell Mrs. Sherie Ryan-Bailey Joe and Peggy Sabolik Mr. Frank G. Saine Mr. Richpal S. Saini Mr. Dale H. Sains Ms. Mary C. Sanders Ms. Sandy J. Sarkees Ms. Veronica E. Sartor Maxine and Bill Sauber Ms. Sandra B. Sayles Ms. Teresa D. Scarboro Ms. Machelle Scavio Mr. Robert J. Schell Mr. Charles A. Schoenheit Mr. William F. Schreck Ms. Kelly J. Schueneman Jan and Lary Schulhof Dr. Harold D. Schutte



Mary Helen and Ralph H. Schwarzkopf Ken Scott Ms. Rose B. Seleska Howard and Cynthia Sellinger Ms. Patricia J. Senneff Ms. Kay H. Sentelle Mrs. Lisa A. Sessions Mr. Ronald M. Shaffer Natalie A. Shaft Larry and Linda Sharpe Ms. Shirley J. Sharpe Alan and Pat Shaw Ms. Kathryn A. Shaw Eileen Shea Ms. Florence H. Shelor Mr. Robert B. Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shepherd Steve and Vicki Sheppard Ms. Heidi H. Sherman Mrs. Jennifer Shifflett Mr. Kenneth J. Shipman Ms. Margaret Shipman Ms. Henrietta Shook Ms. Robin Shope Mr. Franklin Short Ms. Brenda J. Shuford Mr. John B. Siddall Traci and Ricky Silver Mr. Bill O. Silvers Ned and Eileen Simon Mr. Watson S. Sims Ms. Sherri B. Sitton John and Lisa Sizemore Mr. Michael D. Skrzynski Mr. Jerry C. Slagle Ms. LaDonna P. Sluder Ms. Glenda L. Smathers Mrs. Angelina G. Smith Ms. Brenda L. Smith Ms. Frankie C. Smith Mr. Gerard P. Smith Mrs. Kathy J. Smith Ms. Linda P. Smith Ms. Susan B. Smith


Ms. Jennifer Snead Mrs. Veronica Kay Southern Mr. Billy B. Spangler Ms. Michaela E. Spidalieri LaVoy Spooner Mr. Robert B. Sprouse Mr. Samuel D. Squibb Ms. Joyce Stachura Bill and Jane Stanley Bob and Gail Stashick Ms. Teresa Stephens Mr. Charles Stephenson Mrs. Nora M. Stephenson Jim and Robin Stickney Mr. Thomas S. Stierwalt Ms. Linda L. Stitzinger Mandy Stone Marta W. Stoneman Ms. Ellyn Stott Mrs. Tina Stovall Lee and Art Stuenkel Ms. Audrey M. Styles Ms. Jacqueline A. Summey Mr. Dennis B. Surrett Mr. Gary D. Sutton John and Jeri Swaim Ms. Cheryl M. Swann David and Nancy Swann Mrs. Theresa Swann Dan and Donna Swift Tish and Paul Szurek Mr. Donovan T. Talford Mr. William Tallant Mr. Allen Tarbell Mr. Robert C. Teague John and Kathy Tempelaar-Lietz Shirley Tenney and Paul Merriken Ms. Brenda Thomas Ms. Janet Thomas Mr. Paul L. Thomas Ms. Vickie M. Thomas Larry and Penni Thompson Mr. Ronald H. Thompson Mrs. Barbara T. Thompson-Moloney


Ms. Marie Susan Thornbury Ms. Edith M. Thorpe Ms. Diane M. Thrash Mr. John Tillman Mr. George K. Tipton Mr. Michael E Todd Kathryn Tompkins Ms. Helen E. Toms Mr. Gregory W. Townsend Mrs. Shannon R. Townsend Ms. Carolyn Trantham Ms. Diane M. Trantham Mr. Thomas Travers Ms. Susan Trimm Bill and Debby Trometer Robert and Elizabeth Trost Ms. Evelyn Jean Trotter Mr. Michael D. Truett Bob and Angela Tuck Mrs. Pamela M. Turner Ms. Sonja M. Turner Ms. Malissa Deck Turney Ms. Barbara Tweed Ms. Kelley Tyler Rob and Kelley Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Tyndall Ms. Ann B. Upton Mr. Paul J. Urquhart Allen and Perry Van Dyke Mr. Gerald Vaneman Jon and Patti Vannice Pat Vest Paul and Vicki Vest Patrice and Jerry Vincent John and Linda Viselli Sherman Fearing and Ann Von Brock Mrs. Helen Waddell Ms. Corean F. Wagner Mr. Christopher H. Walker Ms. Linda Walker Ms. Mary H. Walker Mr. Vernon E. Walker Ms. Wanda J. Walker Mr. William F. Walter


Mr. James P. Ward Ms. Lauretta K. Warlick Mr. Allen D. Warren Ms. Irma J. Warren Ms. Nanette S. Warren Mr. Andrew Wascoe Mrs. Dawn A. Wascoe Ms. Deborah C. Waters Mr. Shadrack B. Waters Sr. Mr. Frank Watkins Ben Watts Mr. Calvin E. Watts Mrs. Ruby P. Watts Ms. Katherine J. Wauford Ms. Janice Weaver Dr. Michael D. Weaver Robert E. Weaver Zeb and Dianne Weaver, III Ms. Ann Weeks Jon and Judi Wehrli Donald and Jennifer Weidemann Mr. Sherry Weiland Ms. Karen Weinberg Ms. Jane B. Weis Mr. Lawrence J. Weiss Mr. Charles Wells Mr. Robert F. Welsh Mr. Dion K. Wharton Mr. Kenneth Wheeler Jane and David Whilden Mrs. Victoria H. Widemon Mr. Gregory O. Wiggins Mr. Kenneth M. Wiig Keith Wilcocks Glenn and Pauline Wilcox William and Michelle Wilcox William O. Wilkins Ms. Elizabeth T. Williams Mr. Gaston M. Williams Charlie and Jeri Williams Ms. Linda C. Williams Mrs. Mamie G. Williams Mr. Richard L. Williams Mrs. Vivian R. Williams

Ms. Mary S. Willmott Mrs. Brenda Wilson Mr. J. Glenn Wilson Ms. Kathy P. Wilson Larry and Janie Wilson Marc Wilson Mr. Randell L. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. John G. Winkenwerder William and Pamela Winkler Ms. Nancy W. Witek Ms. Sally B. Withers Ms. Carolyn D. Witt Mr. William Wolcott III Chuck and Mary Wood Ms. Vivian Woods Ms. Linda Tomberlin Woody Mary Bruce and Stephen W. Woody Rex C. and Robin W. Worley Mr. Robert R. Worley Mr. Gary M. Wright Ms. Karol E. Wright Ms. Kathleen A. Wright Ms. Kim Wrightenberry Mrs. Tammy J. Wyatt William and Benita Wynn Mr. Jeffrey T. Yancey Ms. Michelle W. Yanik Dr. J. Frank Yeager Ms. Deborah Yelton Mr. Daniel B. Yoder Ms. Ann Y. Young Mr. Elmer V. Young Mr. Richard Young Mr. Stephen M. Young Mr. Jeff L. Youngblood Ms. Mary S. Youngblood Ms. Phyllis D. Zinich





Asheville Savings Bank

Thomas E. Kotz LTC Joe Kurtz Stewart T. Gibeau Lt. Col. (Ret) Micheal S. Hunsucker Benjamin D. Lemke Helen D. McVade

Vikki D. Bailey Bob A. Ballance Barbara Biss Jonna Bradham Donna O. Bowman Chris S. Crawford Suzanne S. DeFerie John B. Dickson Jennifer Wallin DuVall Troy K. Favaron Brian Gillespie Mary E. Hall Perry Hendrix Nancy H. Hunter David Allan Kozak Fred A. Martin Rob W. McFarland Michael A. Mills Nyda Bittmann-Neville Kirby A. Tyndall Tammie C. Whitlock C. Scott Workman One anonymous donor

Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce Laura L. Copeland Kit Cramer Richard J. Lutovsky Kelly M. Miller Benjamin P. Teague

Asheville Cardiology Associates Leslie Hansen Todd H. Hansen David H. Serfas Eric D. Van Tassel Two anonymous donors

Asheville City Schools Virginia L. Duquet Derek Edwards Charlie U. Glazener Barbara L. Groome Allen H. Johnson Debra M. Preneta Cynthia H. Sellinger One anonymous donor

Asheville Radiology Associates Walter J. Brown III Norris W. Crigler Jr. Janet B. Garrett Henri L.G. Kieffer Tom Milton Keith R. Olbrantz Neil P. Peterson


Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Shelly Blackburn Connie S. Buckner Lee B. Holmes Jr. Sharon H. Killian Kevin S. Kiser Marilyn McDonald Jill Sparks One anonymous donor

Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Douglas M. Bailey Carol Boyer David Brown Danny G. Dowell Brent A. Ford David Greiner

Gerald A. Keller Ivan A Marcotte Sabrina M. Miller Linda M. Sharpe

Beverly-Hanks & Associates Sandy Austin Barbara M. Baskerville George W. Beverly Jr. Tad Dixon Alice W. Griffin William R. Griffin III Amy B. Hanks W. Neal Hanks Jr. Ginny Lentz Joel Martin Marie Morris Ann H. Skoglund Debbie T. Williams Lawrence J. Zapf One anonymous donor

Biltmore Farms, LLC. George H.V. Cecil John “Jack” F.A.V. Cecil Sarah M. Davis Samantha R. Little Chad A. Lloyd Tammy McIntosh Natalie A. Shaft Paul E. Szurek Lee E. Thomason III

Blue Ridge Parkway Monte R. Ashley Joseph W. Aull Nathan W. Epling Philip A. Francis Jr. Monika Mayr Laura S. Nelson Steven E. Stinnett


Boys, Arnold & Company, Inc. Thomas C. Arnold Stanley H. Cocke Sr. Fred F. Groce Jr. John B. Kuhns John P. Rhodin Jon Vannice David C. Whilden

Branch Bank and Trust (BB&T) Brad M. Blackburn Michael S. Bohan Robert R. Douglas David L. Hayes Vanessa S. Huntsinger Jonathan J. Robinson Jeffrey M. White Michael J. Willett

Buncombe County K. Ray Bailey Sharon Tracey Barrett Kathryn Coco Georgianna Francis Anna Friedman David Gantt Patricia A. Glazener Karen G. Hart Glen E. Hughes Edward J. Sheary William H. Stanley Amanda L. Stone Frances M. Thigpen One anonymous donor

Buncombe County Schools Cheryl K. Aull Sherie Ryan-Bailey Jimmy DeBruhl Linda W. Ferguson Elaine C. Grella LuAnn Harris Lisa Hughes

2011 Top 25

EMPLOYEE CAMPAIGNS 1. Mission Health 2. EATON Corporation 3. Meritor, Inc. 4. Wilsonart International 5. Charles George VA Medical Center 6. Harry’s Cadillac-Buick-GMC 7. CarePartners Health Services 8. Southeastern Container, Inc. 9. Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP 10. Asheville Savings Bank 11. Silver-Line Plastics Corporation 12. EATON Avery Creek 13. Milkco, Inc.

14. HomeTrust Bank 15. Blue Ridge X-Ray Company 16. National Climatic Data Center 17. Wells Fargo Bank 18. Volvo Construction Equipment N.A. 19. Biltmore Farms, LLC. 20. Colbond, Inc. 21. United Parcel Service 22. Mills Manufacturing Corporation 23. Flint Group 24. Beverly-Hanks & Associates 25. MACPAC



Linda C. Iovacchini Sharon Katz Mary S. Parker Michelle Russell Harriett R. Tarleton Angela K. Tuck Vicki L. Vest

CarePartners Health Services Deborah W. Aiton Brian K. Arldt Virginia J. Barnhardt Gary R. Bowers Nancy P. Bowers Scott W. Buchanan Tracy T. Buchanan Gregory Dixon Janise Donovan Bruce Elliston Joanne Lyn Ford Amy S. Fowler Robin Rhymer Fox Deborah W. Frye Pamela Jean Griffin Jolynn B. Halstead Mitzi Holley Holmes John P. Langlois Marie M. Langlois Cherie L. Ledford Linda Jean McNamara Sandra Ann Norbo Chat Norvell John Snell Pam Tidwell Karen S. Vernon Jennifer G. Weidemann Four anonymous donors

Charles George VA Medical Center Cynthia Breyfogle Jo S. Dennis J. Stephen Downey Patricia J. Fuller


Kathy K. Gresham Andrea L. Harmon Cheryl K. Hunt Robert W. Kieffer Keith Y. Kohatsu Darlene Laughter Whitney W. Lott John Lucke James P. Michalets Sharon L. Morgan Eva Morgenstern Sue E. Myers Deborah R. Nave Angela G. Pentecost Barbara J. St. Hilaire Leslie J. Utterback Robert E. Vaughan Three anonymous donors

City of Asheville Cathy D. Ball Gene O. Bell Lauren Bradley-Robichaud Scott T. Burnette Gilbert L. Domingo Robert Griffin Diane L. Hallingse Mark Halstead Gary W. Jackson David L. Nash Sam Powers Scott E. Rice Jeffrey Richardson Steve Shoaf Debbie Trantham Benita W. Wynn William H. Wynn Two anonymous donors

Colbond, Inc. Cecil Atwell Jr. William B. Austin Deborah H. Bailey

Frederick J. Bailey Don L. Brown James E. Cheatham Randy Cook William Irby Jr. Kenny J. Oliver Thomas J. Robrecht Robert A. Tyler

Crowfields Residents Walter and Mary Frances Allen Richard A. Dirks Nancy Keller Barton Milligan Helen Powers One anonymous donor

Deerfield Residents Mrs. Dorel A. Abbott Dodie Allman Topping A. Bryan Eugene M. ‘Bob’ Carr, Jr. Chuck Cole T. Hartley Hall, IV Dr. and Mrs. Colin M. Hudson Nancy and Walter McConnell George L. McDermott Penny and Ray Ponder Mrs. Brainard B. Rorison Nancy Smith Robert and Elizabeth Trost Helen B. Truluck J. Glenn Wilson

Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP Heather F. Alley Althea Aycock John B. Bowles Elizabeth H. Britton Brian J. Broom Michael A. Crawford Mitchell Crisp David L. Dills


Ashley H. Ensley Suzanne R. Holbert Gary E. Hughes Ken M. Hughes Ashley W. Israel Melanie M. Johnson Sean A. Kerschen Deborah W. Kuykendall Paige Littlejohn Eric T. Moody Michael R. Rauchwarg Angelique D. Smith William H. Smith Dollie B. Smith-Feldmeth Dennis Theodossis Tara Theodossis Adrian Vassallo Hannah E. Webb Jed P. Welmaker James Whitney Jennifer Whitney David A. Wiggins One anonymous donor

EATON Corporation Patricia W. Adams Richard D. Allemang Brooke Baldwin Laurie Barone Gregory M. Barr Terri Blankenship Ronda S. Chapman Pam Combs Gregory Congdon Janice B. Conner Pete S. Cryan Alana DeBruhl George Drant Joeseph Drzal Larry Farr Tom Farr Douglas K. Fleeman Kenneth W. Floyd

Javier J. Garcia John M. Goldsmith Charles L. Haltiwanger Mary B. Harwood William J Hayes Sarah K. Hendricks Patrick W. Hickey Walter Q. Hill William K. Hill Sr. Earl C. Holmes Steven P. Hurd Michael A. Keenan Jeffrey F. Kwiatkowski Alan J. Larson Daniel F. Loizzo David S. May Mark A. Miller David A. Mitchell C. Allan Morse Paul T Murray Shelby J. Nace Gregory S. Nailler William P. Osborne William E. Overton Carol A. Parsons Adam S. Phillips Lana R. Plemmons Mary Lynn Powell Jamie L. Richardson J. Larry Sharpe Melanie T Shelton Ned H. Simon Bob J. Stashick Gail Stashick Amanda Taylor John Tillman Randy J. Trantham William J. VanLandingham Jon Wehrli David G. Whitley William E. Wilkie II John Wirtz Peter J. Wutschel Four anonymous donors

Forest Commercial Bank Jeff Covington Kelly R. Davis John D. Kimberly Kelly Leonard Leslie Pruitt

Genova Diagnostics Elizabeth Bridgers Earlene Clark Robert C. Giles Patrick Hanaway Ruth Head Ted Hull Jeffrey W. Ledford Sarah S. Martin Amy L. Peace-Brewer One anonymous donor

Givens Estates Residents Peggy* and James Brazell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Etter Susan and Roy Gallagher Alice and John Hancy Mrs. John A. Henderson Karl and Shirley Quisenberry Dr. Martha G. Rowlett Mr. and Mrs. Hal F. Starnes Lee and Art Stuenkel Shirley Tenney and Paul Merriken Betty S. Turbyfill Donald Watrous One anonymous gift

Gould Killian CPA Group, P.A. Jeffrey A. Gould Charles E. Killian Eric Michael Shon Norris David Pheil Edward Towson II




HomeTrust Bank Charles I. Abbitt Jr. Richard A. Babaoff Ed Broadwell Jr. Jim Darby Randy H. Davis Christine A. Dozier Franci G. Gasperson Stephanie S. Harkleroad John C. Myers Kathy N. Redmond Howard L. Sellinger Lisa Sizemore Karen C. Spake Dana L. Stonestreet Greg Sullins Robert E. Tuck Teresa White




Insurance Service of Asheville



“I believe that everyone in our community needs quick and accurate

access to support services. United Way’s 2-1-1 service fills this need perfectly. The fire service sees our community’s basic needs on a daily basis. Without 2-1-1, our community’s basic needs would go unmet in so many instances.”

Scott Burnette, runner, WNC native

“I’m glad United Way is focusing on Health issues for all children and

families. I think it’s really important that EVERYONE keep moving and eat healthy food! Over the years and from giving to United Way organizations across the country, I have become convinced my money goes to the places with the most need! Kathy Jackson, yoga enthusiast, grew up outside WNC

Scott and Kathy may come from different places, but they share a passion for helping people connect to resources and receive the support they need through giving to United Way.


Tommy Brandon Edward T. Fisher III Michael J Kirchmeyer Jonathan S. Nelson Carol B. Owens MaryAlice Stickney Bell James W. Stickney IV One anonymous donor

Mars Hill College John Hough Dan G. Lunsford Kathy R. Meacham Thomas Plaut Larry N. Stern Teresa Stern One anonymous donor

McGuire, Wood & Bissette P.A. Susan S. Barbour Louis Bissette Jr. Thomas C. Grella Joseph P. McGuire


Douglas J. Tate Douglas O. Thigpen T. Douglas Wilson Jr.

Meritor, Inc. Brian S. Cavagnini Mark A. Conner Julie T. Edwards Debra B. Gunter Dennis M. Gunter Brandy Henderson Kirk D. Morrow Kevin K. Parkhill Richard L. Robinson Robert Joseph Rogers Thomas A. Ryan

Mills Manufacturing Corporation John H. Oswald III Randall S. Roberson Daniel Swift James W. Turner Pamela M. Turner One anonymous donor

Mission Health Laurann Adams Stephen K. Aiken Charles F. Ayscue Jonathan T. Bailey Carrie F. Barton Michael D. Bates Orren Beaty III Betsey P. Bent Ellen Boyd Jonathan C. Brandon Jonathan M. Brown Rowena Buffett-Timms Cecil J. Clark Jr. Renee A. Collette Anne M. Conquest Thomas D. Cowan Angela Crawford

Scott D. Crawford Elizabeth A. Darling Deborah C. Davis Myra P. Fields Donita A. Fleming Frank H. Ford Taylor Foss Teri S. Freeland Anna D. Garrett John W. Garrett Sandra E. Goodwin Jill Hoggard Green Kimberly A. Grugan Lori A. Halula Jeffrey Hardin Katherine S. Hefner Francine L. Hill Larry E. Hill Jr. Stephen T. Hill Jennifer Hooker Trent J. Ibbotson Lori L. Jessee Randall D. Johnson Kathey Jones Lawrence Ralph Jones Robin E. Jones George T. Karl Hutton M. Kearney Joseph B. Kearney Eloine F. Kirkland Stephanie N. Kiser Selena R. Kittrell Patricia A. Lawton Michael LeCroy Fernando G. Little Lourdes M. Lorenz Shirley F. Lowe Kristen R. Lyda William T. Maddox Jr. John J. Maher Sonja F. Mann William J. Maples Barbara Marlowe Christina A. McQuiston

Sheila M. Meadows Rhonda Miller Susan Mims Faisal A. Mohammed Sarah H. Mohammed Barbara C. Moore True B. Morse Bill Myers Cherry N. Odom Nancy F. Patton Ron Paulus Deanna J. Peltz Regina L. Phelps Becky Pitts Katherine S. Poling Linda F. Poss Laura L. Pugh Brandi G. Quinn Sheila S. Radcliff Barbara J. Radford Duff Rardin Ginny Raviotta Nancy E. Righi Rick Righi Rhonda E. Robinson Maria Roloff Nancy B. Rutkowski Stephanie A. Sabatini Alexander T. Schneider Mary B. Silver Kristi M. Sink Benjamin H. Smith Valorie Speegle-Snell Marta W. Stoneman Susan E. Sutherland Jack C. Tarleton Dianne A. Taylor Michael J. Teaford Bruce D. Thorsen Kathryn Tompkins Kelley Tyler Eric Walburgh Marc Westle Ellen Williams



Anna S. Osborne Jeri Williams Tommy Williams Jonathon D. Yeatman Ann Y. Young Michael H. Young 10 anonymous donors

Mountain Area Health Education Center Norma Beaty James A. Christian Joan Colburn Terry J. Cordell Diana R. Curran John T. Hock Michael L. Holcombe Sr. Pamela M. Holcombe Suzanne E. Landis Kellett Letson Yolanda Parker David Reid Allen H. Van Dyke Gene Withrow Paula Withrow

National Climatic Data Center John J. Bates David P. Bowman Theressa D. Coren Helen V. Frederick Hanna B. Goss Gregory R. Hammer Scott A. Hausman John P. Hughes Pamela Y. Hughes Timothy W. Owen Karol D. Pittman Eileen L. Shea Michael A. Tanner Katy M. Vincent


Oppenheimer & Co.

The Van Winkle Law Firm

Alan Brookshire Jason Likens Cal Rains II Dan F. Scannell Donald P. Weidemann Lee M. Wilkinson Virginia M. Wilkinson

Marla T. Adams Jones P. Byrd Roy W. Davis Jr. Larry C. Harris Jr. Barry B. Kempson Philip J. Smith Albert L. Sneed Jr. Allan Tarleton Sarah W. Tate

Roberts & Stevens, P.A. Jacqueline D. Grant Marjorie R. Mann John W. Mason Marc Rudow John “Jack� S. Stevens Wyatt S. Stevens James W. Williams Sheryl H. Williams

United Parcel Service Stephanie Chandley Chase Conner Dejay Favreau Christopher Fisher Lisa King Calvin Ward

Southeastern Container, Inc.

United Way Community Partners

Charles D. Capps Laurie Chandley Peter Falcigno Joan Holmes William R. Jones Henry M. Pinto Bruce Sampson Douglas J. Wehrkamp Michelle W. Yanik Andrea Younger

James A. Barrett Yolanda Bopp Kelly Brandon Stephanie Citron Celeste Collins Scott Dedman Amanda Edwards Patrick Fitzsimmons Jennifer G. Hefner Gerardo N. Hermida Elizabeth Huesemann Holly Jones Allison L. Jordan Thomas D. Kennedy Ashley V. Lasher Bill McGuire Roi McGuire Mary Michael Scott Parker Jacque Penick Leigh C. Pettus Christie E. Posner Catherine Rains

State Employees Combined Campaign Judith K. Bohan Otis B. Brown Sandra P. Byrd Jerry R. Miller Patrice Mitchell Linda L. Nelms Anne Ponder Susan L. Reiser


RECOGNIZING OUR DONORS Wade Rogers Teri Sferlazza Cynthia Threlkeld Paul P. Vest Mercedes Volk Steven T. Wallenius One anonymous donor

United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County David D. Bailey Maxine H. Brown Jennifer Fletcher Ron Katz Vicki Lloyd Kevin R. Montgomery Ann Von Brock One anonymous donor

Volvo Construction Equipment N.A. Martha Boyd Steven J. Bratsch Jeff Bryant Thomas L. Caster Mark Debrosse Harold A. Goodman Todd Gothberg Patricia L. MacFarland Richard Pressley Joe Sabolik Richpal S. Saini Bill Sauber Tony Spake Kevin J. Stock Michael Strittmatter Chuck Wood Two anonymous donors

John F. Webb Laura A. Webb Marc E. Wilson One anonymous donor

Wells Fargo Bank Christopher G. Amys Michael B. Andry Kenneth A Edwards Vicki M. Epley George R Gillis Chad Hardy Kevin J. Hefner Bradley S. Hines Latrella G. McElrath Kimberly G. Plemmons Robby L. Russell Anthony Saponaro Eric Stelter Delise P Talley Warren E Talley John Whatley Molly G. Whatley One anonymous donor

We go to great lengths to make sure each and every Leadership Giver, Highlands Circle member, Diamond Donor and company is recognized in our Leaders In Giving book. Some donations, however, aren’t received in time to make it into the book. To make sure we show our appreciation to everyone, donors whose gifts are received after March 31 will be listed in next year’s recognition book.

Wilsonart International John Anders Dennis E. Gasperson Randolph Gilliam Cassandra Logan-Hines Len McDonald

Webb Insurance Chris Caldwell David W. Mann Jeanette C. Roberson Ralph H. Schwarzkopf



2011 CAMPAIGN AWARDS GOLD AWARD WINNERS Harry’s Cadillac-Buick-GMC Boys, Arnold & Company, Inc. Parsec Financial Insurance Service of Asheville Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP Friday Staffing Services Buncombe County Governing Body United Way of Asheville and Buncombe Forest Commercial Bank Carter, P.C. Accounting and Consulting Blue Ridge Parkway Silver-Line Plastics Corporation Stony Point Group, Inc. Ward & Smith, P.A. Webb Insurance Fifth Third Bank Southeastern Container, Inc. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Mountain Housing Opportunities Literacy Council of Buncombe Tops For Shoes Gould Killian CPA Group, P.A. Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce OnTrack Fin. Edu. & Counseling IBM Corporation Clean Environments

National Climatic Data Center HomeTrust Bank Asheville Savings Bank Child Abuse Prevention Services, Inc. The Van Winkle Law Firm The Mediation Center McGuire, Wood & Bissette P.A. Meritor, Inc. Buncombe County Superior Court ARC of Buncombe County Airway Facilities EATON Avery Creek Padgett & Freeman Architects 14th Weather Squadron Caring For Children Jarden Applied Materials Waddell, Sluder, Adams & Co. Internal Revenue Service Asheville Economic Development and Civic Center Sisters of Mercy Services Corporation HVWM/Bankers Insurance Asheville Radio Group Trident Micro Systems Asheville Information Technology WNC AIDS Project

PNC Bank Blue Ridge Metals Corp EATON Corporation Community Action Opportunities Milkco, Inc. Helpmate, Inc. (Bunc) Wilcox World Travel and Tours/ Tower Associates, Inc. Biltmore Farms, LLC. SunTrust Bank Colbond, Inc.

WNC Health Network Asheville Planning & Development Department Baldor Blue Ridge X-Ray Company WNC Community Health Services Henderson County Social Security Admin. Daniels Business Services, Inc. Branch Bank and Trust (BB&T) Children First/Communities in Schools Our VOICE, Inc. Tyco Valves & Controls LP City of Asheville Buncombe County Air Quality Madison County School Main Office Asheville Building Safety Department Buncombe County Soil & Water The Community Foundation of WNC Genova Diagnostics Asheville Regional Airport Authority Big Brothers/Big Sisters of WNC

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

SILVER AWARD WINNERS Capital Bank Asheville City General Administration Housing Authority of Asheville MANNA Food Bank Asheville Lion’s Eye Clinic Smart Start of Buncombe County Asheville Finance Department Pisgah Legal Services Asheville Radiology Associates, P.A. First Citizens Bank & Trust Company U.S. Probation Office United Parcel Service Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Dave Steel Company, Inc. Social Security Administration Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College ABCCM Pisgah Ranger District Mills Manufacturing Corporation Wilsonart International



BRONZE AWARD WINNERS Roberts & Stevens, P.A. Volvo Construction Equipment N.A. Irene Wortham Center Buncombe County Public Libraries UPS Freight Long, Parker, Warren, Anderson and Payne Better Business Bureau-Asheville PSNC Energy Wells Fargo Bank Vertique Inc. Asheville City Schools Main Office Patla, Straus, Robinson & Moore, P.A. Asheville Transportation Metropolitan Sewerage District Madison Co. Partnership for Children CarePartners Health Services National Forests of N.C. Madison Co. DSS Beverly-Hanks & Associates Mountain Area Health Education Center Charles George VA Medical Center Goodwill Industries Borg-Warner Thermal Systems Biltmore Iron & Metal Company USDA Forest Service-Southern Research St Mission Health Western Carolinians for Criminal Justice Madison Co. Health Dept. Pinnacle/Meritor Asheville Water Resources Department Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department Flint Group Southern Community Bank and Trust Hot Springs Health Program MACPAC Jacob Holm Industries America Parkway Behavorial Health

Buncombe County Parks, Greenways and Recreation Land of Sky Regional Council Crescent Health Solutions Buncombe County Finance All Souls Counseling Center Madison County Soil and Water Buncombe County Early College Young Transportation Mast General Store Madison County Administration Catholic Social Services First Bank Weaverville Primary North Windy Ridge Homeward Bound Buncombe County Health Center School of Inquiry& Life Science (SILSA) Asheville Endocrinology Consultants Buncombe County Human Resources Hubbell Distribution Buncombe County Planning Nationwide Appalachian Ranger District Buncombe County Schools Central Office Mountain Area Child & Family Center Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont Clyde A. Erwin Middle School Cane Creek Middle School Eblen Intermediate School Enka Middle School Emma Elementary North Buncombe Middle School Fairview Elementary William W. Estes Elementary Hall Fletcher Elementary Pisgah Elementary

Charles C. Bell Elementary Ira B. Jones Elementary School Charles D. Owen Middle School Carolina Day School Clyde A. Erwin High School Asheville Middle School Valley Springs Middle School T.C. Roberson High School Haw Creek Elementary Enka High School Asheville City Schools Preschool A.C. Reynolds Middle School Avery’s Creek Elementary School Claxton Elementary Glen Arden Elementary Oakley Elementary Vance Elementary School Charles D. Owen High School North Buncombe Elementary Asheville High School A.C. Reynolds High School Hominy Valley Elementary Progressive Education Program W.D. Williams Elementary Leicester Elementary West Buncombe Elementary Sand Hill-Venable Elementary Warren Wilson College TD Bank


When we LIVE UNITED, our efforts, magnified by others, add up to real change. Children succeed in school. Families gain financial stability. The health of our neighbors improves and, suddenly, so does our community.

United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County 50 South French Broad Avenue Asheville, NC 28801 828-255-0696

2012 Leaders In Giving  

Thank you to all our leadership givers and the role you play in the success of Asheville and Buncombe County.

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