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2010 Leaders In Giving

United Way Board Chair

Ann Young

In the past two years, we have LIVED UNITED by issuing and answering the call to Give, Advocate and Volunteer in the areas of Education, Income and Health to create long-lasting change in our community. This is the reason I choose to be part of United Way, and I’ll bet it’s the same for you: When I invest my time, money and influence through United Way, I’m actually part of a collective action that creates change at scale. If you think about it, the only time social change ever happens is when people mobilize and take action around issues they care about. Thank you, Leadership Givers, for not just wearing the shirt, but LIVING it! United Way has spent two years developing our LIVE UNITED strategy, expanding ways to Give, Advocate and Volunteer and creating focus areas of Education, Income and Health. Now, 2010, is the time for us to mobilize! In addition to recognizing your generosity, we want this book to be a way for you to learn more about our work and how you can be an even bigger part of it. Read about outcomes we support that align with the needed improvements we seek in Education, Income and Health; our new Advocacy approach; and, something I’ve very excited about, our new focused initiative. Even though it may seem like there is a lot of change happening at United Way, I believe we are really going back to our roots. Getting people and organizations and businesses and governments to act collectively is when real change happens, and that’s what United Way has always been about. It’s going to be hard work - and it won’t happen overnight - but when we mobilize to overcome barriers and reach our goals, we are going to change some things around here. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.


~ Ann


Initiative Together, we are going to make long-lasting change in our community. In 2010, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County will announce a specific problem in our community that we will address in a new and comprehensive way. We mean to really dig deep into the problem, identify solutions and produce measurable results to report back to the community. We certainly won’t tackle this problem alone. We are going to use our unique position in the community to work closely with organizations, government entities, businesses and experts in the field to identify gaps in service, eliminate duplication of efforts and address barriers to success for those facing the problem. So, what specific problem are we going to address? Community leaders right now are wrapping up a process of analyzing relevant data and identifying a social condition United Way can impact. We know it will be directly related to one of our needed improvements in either Education, Income or Health, which are outlined on the next two pages. From there, volunteers will craft a plan for how United Way will partner with others and mobilize the community to Give, Advocate and Volunteer to create lasting social change. In 2011, we will educate the community about the issue and what we plan to do to overcome it. The plan will include developing an advocacy position, seeking financial support and engaging volunteers. Collective action is going to move our focused initiative forward and positively change a social condition impacting our community. We believe when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all.




We envision an engaged community where each child develops and succeeds academically, socially and emotionally.

Building Blocks of a Good Life for Everyone

At United Way, we believe Education, Income and Health are the building blocks that must be in place for a person to be successful. So strong is our belief, we’ve refocused our work around them in an effort to create long-lasting change in these areas to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Last year, more than 100 local experts in their fields came together to craft community visions of what they wanted to see for all residents. In addition, they identified barriers to reaching those visions and the improvements needed to overcome those barriers.

United Way staff and volunteers look for community partners with outcomes that align with our needed improvements through the strategies of Giving, Advocating and Volunteering. In May, Focus Area volunteers will recommend funding decisions based on the needed improvements.

To the right, you will see the visions in the triangles, below them, the barriers in all caps and the needed improvements bulletted. Non-shaded bullets are our Tier One priority needed improvements. Take a look - we believe you will find many issues in these focus areas that are important to you.


• •

• •

many children are not prepared to enter kindergarten. Increase high quality, affordable early care and education opportunities for children from birth to kindergarten. Enhance families’ and caregivers’ ability to support the development of children from birth to kindergarten. Enhance the community’s capacity to identify and address children’s developmental vulnerabilities.

many children do not move successfully from kindergarten through high school graduation.

Strengthen the social and basic life skills that youth need for success. Increase the involvement of families, caregivers and the community in the academic success of all children. Increase basic academic skills of children performing below grade level.

the diverse educational needs of children and youth are not met. Increase adults’ awareness of and responsiveness to the impact of cultural variables on education. Increase diverse educational options for all learners.

Our strategies to support the needed improvements: GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER.

• •

• •

• •

• • •



We envision a thriving community working together, fulfilling basic needs and building economic self-sufficiency for all.

We envision a safe community where everyone has the knowledge, resources, access and opportunities to be healthy.


not all people, homes and communities are safe.

Reduce the stigma associated with public and private basic needs assistance programs. Increase availability and use of public and private services that provide basic needs assistance for people in crisis or with ongoing needs.

• • •


Increase the vocational, language and literacy skills of individuals. Increase the number of workers who earn a living wage.


Increase the capacity of individuals to move out of financial crisis. Increase individuals’ skills needed to manage financial resources and build stability.


Increase the awareness of those in need, supporting agencies and the housing industry about housing regulations, resources and availability. Maintain existing and increase affordable and safe housing stock for low-income households. Increase housing subsidies for low-income households.

Our strategies to support the needed improvements: GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER.

• • •

Increase the power of individuals and the community to prevent violence and abuse. Increase the likelihood of recovery for anyone experiencing trauma from violence or abuse. Reduce the prevalence of unsafe environments in our community.

many people do not have quality support for preventive health and wellness. Increase awareness of and opportunities for wellness, prevention and early detection. Increase physical activity and healthy eating for children, families and those at risk of poor health. Increase supportive networks for seniors and people with disabilities.

many people do not have quality primary and behavioral health care.

• • •

Increase community support options to keep people as independent as possible. Increase integration of behavioral and primary care services for all. Increase access to quality primary, behavioral and dental health care regardless of ability to pay.

Our strategies to support the needed improvements: GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER.


nCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCa HumanCare Endowment e Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare En The Investment of a Lifetime owment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endow ment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment Hum HumanCare Endowment Members nCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCa e Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare En owment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endow ment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment umanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment Huma Care Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare ndowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endow ment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment Hum nCare Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCa e Endowment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare En 6 owment HumanCare Endowment HumanCare Endow Strengthening Asheville and Buncombe County by helping people improve their lives and care for one another

Through United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County, we give of our resources, raise our voices and lend our muscles to change our community. Consider another kind of giving: a future gift of a small part of your estate through a bequest in your will. Such an endowment will help assure our future and mark your continued legacy of giving. Together, we can continue improving lives and inspiring hope, both now and in the years to come.

Tocqueville Society Legacy $200,000+ Joe and Janice Brumit Marian Elmslie* Mr. * and Mrs. Anthony Kushigian Drs. Wayne and Phyllis Lang Bill and Heather Lee Charlie and Eleanor Owen Robert C. Pew and Susan Taylor Charlie and Don Reed One Anonymous Giver

Mount Mitchell Legacy $150,000 - $199,999 Ruth Paddison * Helen M. Russell *

$80,000 - $99,999 Preston Price *

$100,000 - $149,999 George and Barbara Groome Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Wilcox, Sr. One Anonymous Giver

Richland Balsam Legacy $60,000 - $79,999 Paul and Ellie Toebke *

Mount Pisgah Legacy

Roan Mountain Legacy

Clingman’s Dome Legacy

$30,000 - $39,999+ Drs. Lee and Mario DiCesare Mr. and Mrs. John D. Teeter

Cold Mountain Legacy $40,000 - $59,999 Mrs. Joseph Bailey * Robert and Shirley Burns* Jim and Robin Stickney Clyde and Mildred Wright * Joe Young, Jr. One Anonymous Giver

Shining Rock Legacy

Bart and Elaine Boyer J. W. Byers Rose Cooper * Jerry Hornowski Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hornowski Bill and Marilyn Hubbard

$20,000 - $29,999 Carroll and Gwen Hughes Jerry and Carrie Keller Charles O’Connor* George and Brenda Pfeiffer George Saenger

Jack and Yvonne Smith Tom and Bonnie Spradling David and Nancy Swann Dr.* and Mrs. Moultrie Truluck Glenn Wilson

Additional Endowment Members

Mrs. R. W. Anthony, Jr. Jonathan and Kelly Brandon Mr. and Mrs. James Christian James Dalton Iris and Durward Everett Tom and Pat Fitzpatrick

Kerry and Anna Friedman John Gatling * Suzanne Hust Clyde Kelly * Peter Mallett Alice McLennan Trust * Charles and Linda Nelms

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nelson, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Charles Norvell Ken Partin * Helen Powers Karl and Shirley Quisenberry Miss Monte Richardson / Jones-Richardson Fund


Mr. * and Mrs. Brainard B. Rorison Dolly Swift Pam and Jim Turner Mr. Richard Wood, Jr. Two Anonymous Givers


Donors Diamond Donors are our most loyal contributors. These folks have supported United Way through giving for 25 years or more, and the impact they have made on the community through that generosity is powerful! In fact, Diamond Donors made up 14 percent of the 2009 campaign, up slightly from the year before. More than 1,770 donors are self-identified as Diamond Donors. Diamond Donors who give at the Leadership Giving-level make up more than 70 percent of the total Diamond Donor giving. “As a Diamond Donor, I have been Giving to United Way for more than 30 years,” said LaVoy Spooner. “It is very gratifying to be closely associated with an organization that has perfected such an efficient and effective process for helping those in need in our community.” Before we started recognizing our Diamond Donors, we didn’t track how many years a person had given through United Way. We need your help to recognize you! This year, if you would like to be recognized as a Diamond Donor, let us know on your pledge card. That way, we can add a  by your name in the book next year! At a time when there aren’t many things you can count on, we thank you for allowing us to count on your support!


The Tocqueville Society A History of The Tocqueville Society Alexis de Tocqueville was a French aristocrat who applauded the voluntary spirit of American society. His observations formed the 1835 work “Democracy in America,” a detailed study of American society, culture and politics. Perhaps his most important observation was Americans helped one another in times of need. He recognized, applauded and immortalized the volunteer spirit that lives in an American’s heart. United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County’s Tocqueville Society was created in 1990 to recognize those individuals and couples who contribute $10,000 or more annually to the organization. The gifts of its 49 very generous members represented 16 percent of the entire 2009 campaign. This group has become like a family and enjoys spending time together through a variety of fun activities throughout the year … everything from completing volunteer projects to a golf outing to a summer picnic at the Governor’s Western Residence. Right: Tocqueville volunteers make over visitation rooms at The Mediation Center, creating beautiful, calming, fun places for families to gather.




2009 Tocqueville Society Community Service Award Recipients


hey are always the first in line (to help with) anything in this community that is necessary for its people.” – Janice Brumit These college sweethearts made their mark on our community, inspiring us not only to give of ourselves to make someone else’s life better, but to also encourage our families and friends to take that action with us. “Charlie and Cary are especially community-minded,” said Adelaide Daniels Key. “They love Asheville and care how things go with everybody in Asheville.” Their support of many organizations involved in education, income, health, the arts and the environment, as well as United Way, is legendary. Cary broke the glass ceiling through her public service as a County Commissioner and School Board member, Mission Hospitals Board Chair and other community involvement. “She is extremely accomplished, a fabulous mother, an active volunteer, a public office holder, a brilliant woman - she really did it all,” said daughter-in-law Eleanor Owen. Charlie, a world recordholding fisher, has been called one of the best advocates a project ever had, providing passionate opinions, vocal support and mobilization of others around the cause. United Way of America began presenting the Alexis de Tocqueville award in 1973. This award is presented annually to an individual or family who has demonstrated extraordinary commitment, creativity, leadership, inspiration, sustained service, and a broad scope of impact on their community and country. Past winners of this prestigious award include Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, Les Wexner, Bob Hope and Ambassadors Walter Annenberg and Bonnie McElveen-Hunter. Locally, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County joined this effort in 2002, honoring individuals and families who demonstrate outstanding commitment to volunteerism and philanthropy in our community. Previous recipients of this award include: Buddy and Marilyn Patton and Barbara Blomberg, Joe and Janice Brumit, Jerry Sternberg, Pam and Jim Turner, Bill and Heather Lee, Charlie and Eleanor Owen and John and Diane Teeter. It is with deep admiration and sincere gratitude that we honor you, Cary and Charlie, with the 2009 Tocqueville Society Community Service Award.


The Tocqueville Society “When Americans ask for the cooperation of their fellow citizens, it is seldom refused; and I have often seen it afforded spontaneously and with great good will.” Alexis de Tocqueville

Ordre de Fraternité $75,000-$99,999

Mr.* and Mrs. S.M. Patton and Ms. Barbara Blomberg


Harry’s Cadillac-Buick-GMC

]10% increase or New Member

Diamond Donor

HumanCare Endowment

Highlands Circle


Ordre d’ Egalité $50,000-$74,999

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Ingle Ingles Markets, Inc.

Jerry Sternberg

Charles D. Owen, Jr. and Cary C. Owen ]

Ordre de Liberté $25,000-$39,999

Joe and Janice Brumit

Brumit development corporation

Bill and Heather Lee v Blue Ridge X-Ray Company

Keith and Barbra Love] PrintPack, inc.


The Tocqueville S ociety Ordre de Liberté $25,000-$39,999

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Silver

Robert C. Pew and Susan Taylor



Pam and Jim Turner

Mills Manufacturing Corporation

Ordre d’ Affirmer $15,000-$24,999

Bart and Elaine Boyer Parsec Financial


Drs. Wayne and Phyllis Lang]u

Tom and Lyn Leslie

Leslie and Associates

Joan and Bob Mair

Charlie and Eleanor Owen ]v 

One Anonymous Giver

Jim and Robin Stickney]u Insurance service of asheville

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Teeter Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company

David and Dianne Worley] david g. worley, cpa, pa

Membres de la Société $10,000-$14,999

Joel B. and Marla T. Adams, Jr. ]

Lynell and Robert Bell u

Raymond james financial services/ the van winkle law firm

Swayne and Sandra Franklin ] united parcel service (retired)

Drs. John and Janet Garrett

mission health system/ asheville radiology associates, p.a.

Michael and Gina Crawford]

Tracy and Scott Buchanan

Glenda and Bob Burgin 

carepartners health services

mission health system

dixon hughes pllc

Junius and Pat Grimes ]

George and Barbara Groome 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Neal Hanks, Jr. 

J.R. Stone sales/ harry’s cadillac-buick-gmc

colton groome & company/ asheville middle school

Beverly-hanks & associates

Joe and Bobbie Eblen Biltmore Oil company

Nancy L. Keaton, MD. u

Ashbrook radiology/ mountain ultrasound imaging


The Tocqueville S ociety

Steve McMahan and Julie Davis ] town pump tavern/real living carolina property/diesel construction

Ron and Sandy Olin]

Olin foundation of asheville

Rusty Pulliam

Carl and Jan Ricker

Pulliam Properties, inc.

Azalea management & leasing, inc.

Not Pictured

Mr. and Mrs. George Cecil  Biltmore Farms, LLC

Ken and Nancy Glass Stony Point Group, Inc.

Dot Hamill Ken Hughes

Dixon Hughes PLLC

Rose MacDowell Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Maitland, III  Brad and Shelli Stanback Drs. Win and Meg Word-Sims Four Anonymous Givers


Steve and Cindy Roos

Asheville Anesthesia Associates, P.A.

Dr. and Mrs. James J. Teague, III

25th Anniversary


We would like to thank and recognize the following Leadership Givers who generously increased their 2009 pledges by 25 percent as a way to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Leadership Giving!

Patricia and Robert Adams Stephen K. Aiken Lucinda Austin Vikki and Mike Bailey Gene and Sharon Bell Lew and Kathy Bleiweis Jan Blunt Martha C. Bogle Mike and Judy Bohan Jeff Bridges Robert O. Briscoe Thomas Britton Anne Ponder and Christopher Brookhouse Larry and Genevieve Burda Nathan and Anne Burkhardt Scott T. Burnette Elizabeth S. Burton Cindy Conner and Dave Campbell Mr. N. Ellis Cannady, Jr. Judy Carter and Susan Sluyter Stephanie Chandley Cecil Clark Gary and Sharon Clark Mark and Janice Conner Amy L. Cooper Jeff and Susan Corpening Sheron W. Craig Michael and Gina Crawford Norris and Cricket Crigler David Culp and Barbara Biss Elizabeth A. Darling Jeffrey and Juli Dave Steve McMahan and Julie Davis Tim and Jeannie Deering David and Suzanne DeFerie David and Jennifer Dills J. Stephen Downey David and Margaret Duval

Jennifer DuVall Jennie Eblen and Rick Perkins Mary and Curt Euler Jean B. Faulkner Kenneth W. Floyd Helen V. Frederick Kerry and Anna Friedman Susan and Roy Gallagher Eric Green Stephen and Kathy Gresham Alan D. Hall Greg Hammer Alice and John Hancy Kevin C. Hawthorne Kevin and Jennifer Hefner Linda L. Hemstreet Marjorie and John Hickman Melissa M. Hicks, M.D. and Ann D. Brown, C.N.M. Patricia Higley Matt Hochevar John M. and Beverly N. Hough, Jr. Dale Den Ouden & Becky Hughes-Den Ouden Kenneth and Shannon Hunt Ms. Karen Hyman Anne M. Irvine Holly Jones Dr. Dean Kahl Drs. Wayne and Phyllis Lang Sharon and Richard LeDuc Virginia L. Liles Barbra and Keith Love John and Barbara Lucke Karen Lunsford Barbara Marlowe Dennis L. Martin Joel and Carole Martin David and Marjorie McGuirk Geerte and David Mitchell

Rick and Connie Molland Jerome and Tamma Moriarty C. Allan Morse Ron and Sandy Olin Hobert Orton and Morgan Brantley Robin and John Oswald George and Jeannie Pfeiffer Sandy and Evelyn Pfeiffer John G. Pierce Billie G. Plemmons Jimmie Cochran Pratt Cal and Kit Rains Duff and Angie Rardin Jennifer Reale Brian Repass and Sandy Feutz Maria Roloff Ted and Micki Schiffman Dr. and Mrs. Alexander T. Schneider Natalie A. Shaft Linda and J. Larry Sharpe Eileen Shea Tom and Vivien Snyder Erich and Delise Talley Jackie Taylor Robert and Elizabeth Trost Austin and Brooke Tyler David P. Urbanski Calvin Ward Dianne S. Ward Benjamin and Carmella Watkins Jeff and Jenna White Jes and Tobias Williams David and Dina Wiggins Jim and Sheryl Williams Betty A. Wilson David and Dianne Worley Dr. Michael and Ann Young Nine Anonymous Givers


T H E P E A K S S O C I E T Y “When I give to my local United Way, I know that I am

supporting our entire community. My contribution will be directed to our local organizations that are tackling the obstacles to Education, Income, and Health goals for everyone. In the end, we will build a better community and all of us will benefit from that.”

The Peaks Development Committee Adrian Vassallo, Chair

Richard B. Hurley

Glenda and K. Ray Bailey

Selena Kittrell

Wayne Butler

Tammy McIntosh

Priestley and Brent Ford

Bill Sauber

Robert Griffin

Gail Stashick

Adrian Vassallo 2010 Peaks Development Committee Chair

A History of The Peaks Society Established in 1984, The Peaks Society began with 67 charter members. Today, 26 years later, membership totals more than 1,200. The Peaks Society recognizes individuals and couples who give back to their community through leadership-level gifts to United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County. A cornerstone of the United Way campaign, The Peaks Society encompasses all areas: from workplace donors and retirees to professionals and other philanthropic individuals. Through the following pages, we hope you will appreciate the magnificent mountains in our region that symbolize Asheville and Buncombe County’s most generous people.


save the date

leadership giving appreciation reception

6-9 p.m. June 25, 2010 hilton asheville biltmore park




2009 Highlands Circle Circle of Fire Award Recipient


hose of us who know Brian well know his influence is greater than just the reach of those things he does for United Way. Speaking as someone who also grew up here in Asheville, I can say Brian is sincerely concerned with the condition of those around him. It speaks volumes that Asheville can call Brian one of its own, and United Way is much better with the compassion and the passion that he brings to the table on every issue.” –Jason Ingle, 2008 Circle of Fire Award winner Brian Turner believes in giving back to his community and dedicates himself to encouraging the next generation to do the same. Raised in Asheville, he grew up inspired by his parents and the strong example of philanthropy and community service they displayed. As Community Fund Committee chair, Brian has helped focus United Way’s work in the areas of Education, Income and Health. He models United Way’s mission of strengthening our community by helping people improve their lives and care for one another. Brian is a well-rounded United Way volunteer, serving the organization in multiple capacities. He has been Highlands Circle Committee Co-Chair with his wife, Katina, Campaign Cabinet Member, Strategic Planning Committee Member, Day of Caring Coordinator, Funding Council Chair and Community Fund Committee Vice-Chair. He currently sits on United Way’s Board of Directors. Brian’s commitment to the community doesn’t stop with United Way. He gives his time and resources to other organizations such as Junior Achievement and Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. Highlands Circle is proud to present the Circle of Fire Award, honoring an emerging leader in our community who advances the work of United Way and the community at large by demonstrating inspirational leadership in philanthropy and volunteerism. It is an honor to present the second Circle of Fire Award to Brian Turner. Thank you for all you do to inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow.



uring the almost ten years I have lived in the Asheville area, my volunteer experiences with United Way have helped me learn the true essence of community and the importance of my family giving our time as well as our financial resources in order to meet the broad range of health and human service needs within our area.” Bradley Hines 2010 Highlands Circle Committee Chair


A History of Highlands Circle Highlands Circle is a United Way special initiative to further the organization’s mission by increasing leadership giving from community leaders 40 years of age and younger. It is designed to further philanthropy and volunteerism in the emerging leaders of our community and offers social, educational and community service opportunities for its members. Throughout the year, Highlands Circle members enjoy a number of exclusive members-only events, networking opportunities and community engagements. Members are also invited to participate in volunteer community service projects through Hands On Asheville-Buncombe. Conversations with Community Leaders, one of Highlands Circle’s signature events, invites members to attend intimate gatherings hosted by some of our community’s greatest minds and participate in conversations about the future of Buncombe County. All Highlands Circle events are designed to help improve members’ leadership skills, business networks and community awareness.

Highlands Circle Committee Bradley Hines, Chair Community Involvement Kelly Brandon, Team Leader Allison Jordan Scott Workman Eric Michael Leadership Development Greg Sullins, Team Leader Chad Lloyd Stephen Aiken Membership Engagement Janine Entwistle, Team Leader Chris Caldwell Paige Littlejohn Brian Gillespie

Check out Highlands Circle at


step up program

Last year, Highlands Circle began an important initiative to reach out to young people who want to be part of the work of United Way. Step Up Program members combine their donations with volunteer hours to total a gift valued at $1,000. Step Up members can join at any level below, and each year “step up” to the next level of participation. Level 1 2 3 4 5

Gift Amount + $250 $450 $650 $850 $1,000

h ir t , s e h t r a e w t s ju ’t n o d “W e w e li ve it !”

Volunteer Hours 50 40 30 20 0

Highla nds Cir 2009 M cle’s yst at the ery in the Mou Grand ntain Bohem ian Hot s el

Volunteerism is tracked through United Way’s Hands On Asheville-Buncombe and may include: • Supporting a United Way community partner through general volunteering, board/committee work or a Hands On Managed Project. • Supporting United Way through board/ committee participation or other volunteer assistance.

ough e g thr mb teerin e-Bunco n Volu shevill A s On Hand

ity Leaders with Commun Conversations er all sch y in 2009 with kitt

A 2010 volu nteer proj ect with mountain housing op portuniti es


save the date and start planning your movie star ensemble! Highlands Circle Presents...

Mystery in the Wind a Bittersweet Production

It’s going to be a scream!

Movie-Themed Mystery Dinner Theater

with a touch of hollywood glamour

October 1, 2010 6-9 p.m. The Venue


MOU N T MITCH E LL $7,500-$9,999

Bruce and Laurie Chandley

Karl and Shirley Quisenberry uv

Southeastern Container, Inc.

Traci and Ricky Silver ]u

George and Jane* Pfaff u

Silver-Line Plastics Corporation

C LING MAN ’ S D OME $5,000-$7,499

Ed and Donna Broadwell u

Randy and Mary Johnson

HomeTrust Bank

Mission Health System

David and Becky Brown

The Kushigian Legacy *

Merrill lynch and mission health system

John and Barbara Lucke ]

Daniel Clyde Deitz u

Charles George VA Medical Center

flint group

Mr. V. Fred and Sheila Meadows

David and Margaret Duval ]

Mission Health System


Rob and Lee Merrill u

Dr. W. Leon Elliston and Dr. Kathy Volatile ]u

Ken and Verna Murphy

Regional Allergy and Looking Glass Eye

Taylor & Murphy Construction Co. Inc.

Charles Gaither u

John and Karen Rhodin

Milkco, Inc.

Boys, Arnold & Company, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goodman

Valorie Speegle-Snell and John Snell

Buncombe Construction Co.

Mission Health system and CarePartners Health Services

J. Robert and Laresa M. Griffin ]z City of Asheville and United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County

Shirley Tenney and Paul Merriken u

Susan and Tim Griffin

Rev. and Mrs. Mason Wilson

Marjorie and John Hickman ]u

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Yanik u

w.p. Hickman

Maple Ridge Construction and Southeastern Container, Inc.

Four Anonymous Givers


]10% increase or New Member

Diamond Donor

HumanCare Endowment

Highlands Circle


ROAN MOU NTA IN $4,000-$4,999

William and Jo Anne Hill

Dick Allen ]u BASF Fibers (Retired)

EATON Corporation

David D. Bailey and Sherie Ryan-Bailey u

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Hornowski v

United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County and Buncombe County Schools

Richard B. Hurley u Square D Company (Retired)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Carr u Tops For Shoes

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Landau u

Joseph F. and Julie R. Damore u

PML Pathology, Mountain Area Pathology

Al and Jamye Davis z

Virginia L. Liles ]

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of WNC

Virginia and Drew Litzenberger Asheville Neonatology, P.A.

Bob and Carol Deutsch Robert J. Deutsch, PA, Attorney and Communications Seminars

David and Marjorie McGuirk ]

Rick and Bridget Eckerd

National Climatic Data Center

Ernest and Shirley Ferguson u

John and Margie Parham Charles George VA Medical Center

David and Charise Gantt david Gantt Law Offices and Buncombe County Health Center

Mrs. Brainard B. Rorison v

Melissa M. Hicks, M.D. and Ann D. Brown, C.N.M. ]

David and Dina Wiggins ]z

Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)

Dixon Hughes PLLC

One Anonymous Giver

being responsible and going green Again this year, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County asked Leadership Givers if they would prefer to receive the 2010 Leaders in Giving Book electronically or in hard copy for two reasons. One, we are always looking for ways to be more fiscally responsible, and two, we hope to continually reduce our impact on the environment. As was the case last year, many Leadership Givers responded they would prefer to receive e-mails or access our Web site for information about United Way. In response, we will continue to investigate creative ways to reach out to Leadership Givers in budget and environmentally friendly ways like video messages and e-blasts, in addition to traditional methods such as mailings. If you would like to receive your next book electronically, just let us know! Check us out at for the latest United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County news and information.



Jamye Davis

I’m a Leadership Giver, and I work for one of United Way’s Community Partners, Big Brothers Big Sisters. As you can imagine, children hold a special place in my heart. They have so much to contribute to our community, not only in the future, but also today. So, in addition to my work, I also coordinate a volunteer project through United Way’s Hands On Asheville-Buncombe called Kids Care. Each month, these kids become the volunteers in meaningful service throughout our community- graffiti removal, planting flowers for seniors, creating care bags for residents of Solace Center at CarePartners Hospice, and making peace banners and marching in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Walk downtown. I am very glad United Way is focusing on Education as one of the building blocks for a productive life. I envision an engaged community where each child develops and succeeds academically, socially, and emotionally. It is critical that we help children move successfully from kindergarten through high school graduation by helping them strengthen the social and basic life skills they need for success. One strategy that can accomplish this is engaging children in volunteerism -- through projects that teach them new skills, enhance their knowledge of social conditions and give them the self-confidence of knowing they have helped make their community a better place.


I volunteer because I believe in teaching children the value and joy of giving back and making a difference in someone else’s life. That’s why I LIVE UNITED!

R ICHL AND BAL SAM $3,000-$3,999

Ryan and Brooke Baldwin ]z Hammaker East and EATON Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bayer u Dr. Walter J. Brown, III Asheville Radiology Associates, P.A.

Eugene M. ‘Bob’ Carr, Jr. u Judy Carter and Susan Sluyter ] Norris and Cricket Crigler ] Asheville Radiology Associates, P.A.

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Cypcar Regional Allergy

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Dalton ] Asheville Neonatology, P.A.

Otto W. Debruhl u Buncombe County Register of Deeds

Tim and Jeannie Deering ] Asheville Gastroenterology Associates

Mr. John W. Erichson u Mrs. Doris Exner Rorschach Workshops

Larry Farr and Michelle Rippon u EATON Corporation and constangy, brooks & smith

Dorothy Z. Fligel Michael and Elizabeth Freeman z Mr. and Mrs. G. Gordon Greenwood u Bank of Asheville

Stephen and Kathy Gresham ] Charles George VA Medical Center

Alice and John Hancy ]u Dr. William Hargrove, Ph.D. ]

Ozmer L. Henry, M.D. u Marisue Hilliard

Bob and Becky Pitts Pitts, Hay & Hugenschmidt and mission health system

National Forests of N.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rennard u

Dr. John R. Hoskins, IV and Ms. Laura A. Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Roberts u

Webb Insurance

First Citizens Bank & Trust Company

Ted and Jennifer Hull z Genova Diagnostics

Maria Roloff ] Mission Health System

Dr. Dean Kahl ]u

Albert and Barrie Sneed ]

Warren Wilson College

the van winkle law firm

Henri L.G. Kieffer and Ann C. Batchelder

Bernie and Sue Stanek ]

Asheville Radiology Associates, P.A.

Stony Point Group, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kieffer

David and Billie Stewart ]

Charles George VA Medical Center

John Kuhns Boys, Arnold & Company, Inc.

Sharon and Richard LeDuc ]u national climatic data center

John and Shelley McGrail EATON Corporation Avery Creek

James and Elizabeth Michalets Charles George VA Medical Center and Mission Health system

David and Julie Modaff

Marta W. Stoneman u Mission Health system

Tish and Paul Szurek u biltmore farms, llc

Dr. Michael J. Teaford PML Pathology, Mountain Area Pathology

Brian and Katina Turner ]z Turner & Co.

Warren and Lauren Wall Wall & Company

Friday Staffing Services

Charles and Barbara Wasson and Jill Stowe

C. Allan Morse ]z

John and Christina Webb

EATON Corporation

Webb Insurance

Butch and Kathy Patrick

Mr. J. Glenn Wilson uv

Festiva Resorts, LLC and carepartners health services

Dr. and Mrs. Teck Penland

Dr. Michael and Ann Young ] Mission Health System

Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) and asheville city schools

One Anonymous Giver

Henry and Lisa Pinto u Southeastern Container, Inc.

Eli Lilly and Company

Vicki S. Heidinger ]u Community Action Opportunities


COL D MOU NTAIN $2,000-$2,999

Patricia and Robert Adams ] Mrs. R.W. Anthony, Jr. uv Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Arnold u Monte R. Ashley Bruce S. and Cheryl H. Atkins u Joe and Cheryl Aull u Mr. Jim Barrett and Judge Sharon Tracey Barrett u Melissa Barth ] David S. Bate, M.D. Mr. John J. Bates George and Sandra Beverly u Eva J. Blinder Bob and Barbara Boettcher u Mike and Judy Bohan ]u Bill Bohnsack ] Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bradshaw u Brian Broom ] Phillip C. Broughton and David L. Smith Margaret Bumgarner Nathan and Anne Burkhardt ] Betty R. Byrd ] Ms. Kathryn Coco and Ms. Deborah Ramsey ]u Dr. and Mrs. Denniston Crews Dr. E. Brown Crosby Charlie and Jeanne Cummings u Nancy and Walter Damtoft David and Suzanne DeFerie ]u Gerald and Cornelia Deland Ray and Jan Denny ]u Drs. Lee and Mario Dicesare v John and Joan Dickson u Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Duffy Hugh and Dorothy Eggan u Amy Eisenstadt Dr. Bruce Elliston Miles and Millicent Elmore ] Nathan W. Epling ] Randy and Beth Fluharty Charles and Sandy Frederick ]u Kerry and Anna Friedman ]v Hank and Sarah Garbee u Jes and Tobias Williams ]z Hanna B. Goss ] Barbara and Jeff Gould u Frederick and Margaret Gourdin] Vicki Greene and Chad Lloyd z Clementine Gregory u


]10% increase or New Member

Thomas and Elaine Grella Fred and Cindy Groce u Beth and Bruce Gunn Charles and Donna Haltiwanger u David and Donna Hammett ] Darryl and Karen Hart Ruby B. Haynes u Jim and Marie Hefley Sara P. Hill u Dave and Haywood Hillier u Elizabeth W. Holden ] Dr. and Mrs. Colin M. Hudson Ted and Nancy Humble ] Edward Isbey, III and Jane E. Lysko Tim and Sharon Johnston Ron and Sharon Katz Patsy R. Keever Chuck and Sharon Killian ]u Dr. Mark A. and Lisa K. Knollman Tom and Paula Kotz u Marie and John Langlois Danny C. Lee ] Ann and Bob Lewis Dr. Shantae L. Lucas ] Joe Luna and Paula O’Hara Rick and Janna Lutovsky u Dr. and Mrs. William T. Maddox Mr. Peter Mallett uv Mr. and Mrs. William W. Mance, Jr. Gary and Lisa Mathes ] Nancy and Donald Mayer u Raymond and Sue McClinton Nancy and Walter McConnell Jean and Joe McGuire u Jim Samsel and Kim McGuire William McKenna and Suzanne Landis Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Miller ]uz Dick and Linda Millholland Tom Milton and Ellen Williams John Modaff u Greg and Erin Mosher ] Charles and Linda Nelms v Mr. and Mrs. James E. Neves Bill and Connie Newman u Robin and John Oswald ]z Ladd Painter ] Molly and Kevin Parkhill ]z George and Jeannie Pfeiffer ]z

Diamond Donor

HumanCare Endowment

Faye and Sherwood Pinkston Tom and Marian Plaut Kathey Ponder ]u Bitsy and Jim Powell Mary Lynn Powell ] Rob and Jean Quayle ] Nathan and Robin Ramsey ]z Brian Repass and Sandy Feutz ]z Sally Rhoades u Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Rosenthal ] Sue Roussopoulos Susie and John Ruhl u Bruce and Jo Sampson Bill and Maxine Sauber ]u Mary Helen and Ralph H. Schwarzkopf u Steve and Vicki Sheppard u Skip and Ann Skoglund u Mr. and Mrs. Canie B. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Smith, III Sandy Norbo and Barbara St. Hilaire ] Russell Steiner ] Dana L. and Jana L. Stonestreet Erich and Delise Talley ]z John and Kathy Tempelaar-Lietz ]u Larry and Penni Thompson ]u Ed and Cindy Towson Robert and Elizabeth Trost Dr.* and Mrs. Moultrie H. Truluck v Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Tuck ]u Betty S. Turbyfill Patrice and Jerry Vincent u Richard Wartzok u Don and Jennifer Weidemann Dr. and Mrs. James E. Weilbaecher, Jr. Jim and Sheryl Williams ] Jerry and Debbie Williams Betsey Bent and Doug Wilson, Jr. ] Mr. and Mrs. John G. Winkenwerder William M. and Pamela H. Winkler u Chris and Nina Young Jeanne and Richard Young Seven Anonymous Givers

Highlands Circle


A Definition of


When we identified Advocacy as one of our strategies for creating long-lasting change, we wanted to make sure we got it right. We crafted this Advocacy statement to clearly define United Way’s role in educating the public about social conditions and influencing public policy. We participate in Self Advocacy (individuals taking action to ensure they obtain services for themselves), Individual Advocacy (individuals taking action to ensure someone else obtains services) and System Advocacy (taking action to change community conditions, structures or institutions.) • United Way’s 2-1-1 of WNC provides the resources, information and support for Self and Individual Advocacy as it serves individual callers seeking information and assistance. • The Community Fund may consider recommending funding programs that provide advocacy for clients and addressing our needed improvements. • The United Way board will consider advocacy positions on issues clearly aligned with our focused initiative (pg. 3) and United Way’s internal programs. • Community Fund staff will continue taking a convening role with community partners and local elected officials to present/discuss/respond to public policy issues for health and human services. • United Way will facilitate means for individuals to learn about and communicate their positions on issues including those aligned with our needed improvements and internal programs. Visit to find out how you can speak out about issues important to you.


MOU N T P IS GAH $1,500-$1,999

Charles and Donna Abbitt David and Debbie Aiton u Brent and Christen Allison ]z R. Jane Anderson u William B. Austin Fred and Marcia Ayers u Frederick and Deborah Bailey u Rod Baird u Lars and Lynn Balck Dr. Virginia J. Barnhardt and Rodney Sutton ] Jeff and Toni Barrett u Orren and Norma Beaty Gene and Sharon Bell ]u Katherine and Regi Blackburn u Alan and Diann Bolick u Gary and Nancy Bowers ] Mr. and Mrs. John Bowles, Jr. David P. Bowman Ellen Boyd Stanley C. Boyd and Donnella Boyd Mark A. Brewer and Amy L. Peace-Brewer z Anne Ponder and Christopher Brookhouse] Daniel and Linda Brown u Maxine H. Brown u Topping A. Bryan Dr. Ted Bussey Jones and Sandra Byrd Cindy Conner and Dave Campbell ] Thomas and Karin Caster Brian and Karen Cavagnini Dr. and Mrs. William L. Chambers Steele and Ronda Chapman Chung and Earl Cheatham Cecil Clark ] Donald and Vicki Collins]u Brian O. Connor Randy and Phyllis Cook u Terry Cordell Thomas Cowan Jim and Ellie Daniels ] Jeffrey and Juli Dave ] Marty and Ray Dean u Mr. and Dr. Scott and Karen Dedman u David and Jennifer Dills ]z Richard A. Dirks Ms. Janise Donovanu Jennie Eblen and Rick Perkins ] John and Kathy Fitzgerald u Ned and Ellen Gibson Greg and Robin Fox u


]10% increase or New Member

Philip A. Francis Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Freeman Dr. Hettie Lou Garland Jan and Bob Gelder u Drs. Dan and Barbara Gerber ]u Dr. Timothy E. and Betsy J. Gillespie Robert and Pat Gillis Margaret Gill-Tegethoff Todd and Leeann Gothberg Tom and Kathy Greenlee Mrs. Ann C. Gregg u David M. Greiner Mr. and Mrs. William R. Griffin, III u Pam Griffin z Jim and Sheri Groce u T. Hartley Hall, IV ]u Larry Hamlin Kevin C. Hawthorne ] Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hayes ] John and Peggy Hazlehurst Mrs. John A. Henderson Dr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Hill Bradley and Wendy Hines ]z Michael and Pam Holcombe John M. and Beverly N. Hough, Jr. ] Lt. Col. (Ret) Mike and Patsy Hunsucker ]u Jason and Katy Ingle z Anne M. Irvine ] Hal and Merry Jenkins ]z Dr. and Mrs. Oscar R. Jenkins, Jr. Jack A. Jones and Katherine Armitage Dr. L. Ralph Jones Richard and Angela Jones z Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kelley Liz and John Kimberly ] Jimmy and Marcy Lamm C. Darlene Laughter u Jeff and Cherie Ledford z Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Lindsay Kay Manley Don Martin ] Lee and Latrella McElrath ]u Michael McGlone ]z Anita and Roger Metcalf u Eric and Mary Michael ]z Eddy and Sabrina Miller u Mark and Linda Miller u Susan and Dawson Mims Geerte and David Mitchell ]u Janet and Parker Moore u

Diamond Donor

HumanCare Endowment

Sue and Charlie Mueller Christine and Jonathan Nelson Keith and Patty Olbrantz Jerry Oliver Timothy W. Owen z Diana Owensby Tom and Carolyn M. Parker u Gary and Yolanda Parker u Michael D. Perry ] Rachel A. Perry ] Dr. Neil P. Peterson and Ms. Sarah V. Corley Dini and Chuck Pickering Theresa Emmanuel and Gerald Pielack Lawrence J. and Karol D. Pittman u Francella Poston Sam Powers Tom and Amira Ranney Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Reiley u Jamie L. Richardson Miss Monte Richardson u Bill and Joan Rocamora Joel and Dot Rosenberg Dr. Polly E. Ross ] Thomas F. Ross Jan and Lary Schulhof u David and Laurie Serfas James and Barbara Sexton u Linda and J. Larry Sharpe ] Eileen Shea ]u Robert and Brenda Shepherd u Mike and Mary Silver Phil and Pat Smith Jeffrey and Meredith Switzer z Doug and Martha Tallent Dianne A. Taylor Robert A. and Kelley R. Tyler ]u Ted and Terry Van Duyn Jon and Patti Vannice u Paul and Vicki Vest u Eric and Regie Walburgh Douglas and Kelley Wehrkamp David and Jane Whilden u Don and Barbara Whitaker Bob and Sandy Whyte Charlie and Jeri Williams u Larry and Janie Wilson u Charles and Nancy Worley ] Ten Anonymous Givers

Highlands Circle


combined federal campaign United Way gratefully acknowledges those Leadership Givers employed in Buncombe County through the federal sector. In 2009, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County managed the Combined Federal Campaign for the WNC region. Monte R. Ashley Joseph W. Aull Melissa Barth John J. Bates Dr. George M. Bilbrey, Jr. Martha C. Bogle David P. Bowman Robert O. Briscoe Elizabeth S. Burton Richard D. Butler Theressa D. Coren Sheron W. Craig Julie C. Danielson Nathan W. Epling Philip A. Francis, Jr. Helen V. Frederick Patricia J. Fuller Stewart T. Gibeau Joyce M. Gorgas Hanna B. Goss Marilyn R. Greene Stephen H. Gresham Kathy K. Gresham Alan D. Hall Gregory R. Hammer LTC Scott A. Hausman Marisue Hilliard Pamela Y. Hughes Mike S. Hunsucker Patsy O. Hunsucker Donna Johnson Wendy Kady Dr. Robert W. Kieffer Thomas Kotz C. Darlene Laughter Dr. Sharon K. LeDuc Danny C. Lee

John Lucke Thomas Mattox Michelle Mattox Monika Mayr Marjorie P. McGuirk Dr. James P. Michalets Sharon L. Morgan Dr. Eva Morgenstern Jung J.K. Noh Timothy W. Owen Diana L. Owensby Dr. John V. Parham Angela Pentecost Karol D. Pittman James A. Randall Jimmy L. Reaves Sharon Rhodes Thomas F. Ross Sue M. Roussopoulos Eileen L. Shea Perdita Spriggs Richard Spriggs Barbara St. Hilaire Peter M. Steurer Steven E. Stinnett Jeri G. Swaim David P. Urbanski Leslie J. Utterback Robert E. Vaughan Benhamin Watkins Carmella D. Watkins Whitney C. Windham Three Anonymous Givers



Adrian Vassallo

I’m chair of the Peaks Development Committee and a community volunteer. It’s really important to me to give back to my community - to leave it a little better than I found it – and that belief is something my wife and I want to make sure we pass on to our children. I lead volunteer efforts with my firm, Dixon Hughes, PLLC, through United Way’s Hands On Asheville-Buncombe. One of our projects has been working in the Community Garden at Emma Elementary School’s Family Resource Center. The garden is not only an educational resource for the students, it also provides fresh, organic produce for distribution in the Emma community. I came home from this project once, and my three-year-old daughter – she was in that stage where she asked lots of “whys” – asked me why I had volunteered. I completely choked up when I tried to explain to her why not every child has food on his or her table like she does. That is why United Way’s focus on Income is important to me. I want to live in a community where everyone can be financially self-sufficient. The fact that our neighbors struggle to meet their basic needs is a huge barrier to that vision. I think if we can increase the availability and use of basic needs assistance for people in crisis or with ongoing needs, we can overcome that barrier. We’ll do that through the strategies of giving, advocating and volunteering.


I support United Way because I believe our community can do better and I refuse to accept that families have to go hungry in our community. That’s why I LIVE UNITED!

SHI NI N G ROC K $1,000-$1,499

Mrs. Dorel A. Abbott Michael and Patti Adams Bob and Peg Adams u Stephen K. Aiken ]z Walter and Mary Frances Allen Derek J. Allen ]z Mark W. Allen Dr. and Mrs. William Allen Curtis and Heather Alley z Dodie Allman u Jo Ellen and Jud Ammons Michael and Catty Andry Amanda and Dominic Aquilino ]z John and Elyse Ashley u Brian and Trish Aston Sandy and Jim Austin Lucinda Austin ] Willie and Althea Aycock ]z Charles F. Ayscue u Richard Babb and Pam Tidwell Dan and Angela Baechtold z Doug and Mary Alice Bailey K. Ray and Glenda Bailey Vikki and Mike Bailey ] David Baker ] Kerry and Ellen Baker u Cathy D. Ball Kent and Kari Ballard ] Fred and Susan Barbour ] Anita Silver-Barnwell and G.W. Barnwell, Jr. z Laurie Barone u Dr. and Mr. Gregory M. Barr ]z Mr. and Mrs. Perry W. Bartsch, Jr. Barbara M. Baskerville u Timothy D. Batts Drs. Alan S. Baumgarten and Judy Hoffman ] Dr. and Mrs. Tom Beardsley Jon C. Beaver ] Cynthia E. Bell u Nancy Benedict Mr. and Mrs. Nathan C. Best z Dr. and Mrs. George M. Bilbrey, Jr. Edward and Lisa Bishop u Louis and Sara Bissette u Brad and Shelly Blackburn u Yolande Blanchard ] William Osborne and Christine Blanc-Osborne z Terri Blankenship Lew and Kathy Bleiweis ] Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Blievernicht ]

]10% increase or New Member

Jan Blunt ] Ryan A. Boggs ]z Lee Ann Bogle ] Martha C. Bogle ] Robert and Jamie Bolak ] Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Bolton Roy and Pat Borden u Anne Bowers Connie and Maria Bowes Donna and Lee Bowman Kyle and Martha Boyd Christopher Bozarth Jonna G. Bradham z Jonathan and Kelly Brandon ]vz Linda Brandt ]z Steven J. Bratsch ] Peggy and James Brazell Marlene Breger-Joyce Jeff Bridges ] Robert O. Briscoe ] Thomas Britton ]z Annika M. Brock and Elaine W. Potter z Drs. Cindy and David Brown Don and Diane Brown u David G. and Lin Brown u Jeff and Lynne Bryant Victor W. and Joyce B. Buchanan Dr. Connie Buckner and Mr. Jack Davis Larry and Genevieve Burda ] Smith and Margaret Burke Scott T. Burnette ]z Bruce and Susan Burns u Dr. and Mrs. Terry Burt Elizabeth S. Burton ] Eve H. Burton Ken and Kim Burton Richard D. Butler ] Wayne and Shannon Butler z Tom and Cathy Byers u Chris Caldwell z Will and Rhonda Callison u Barry and Sheila Campbell u Brett and Angie Cannady Mr. N.E. Cannady, III ] Mr. N. Ellis Cannady, Jr. Tom and Scottie Cannon Curtis and Valerie Canty u Charlotte Caplan and Michael Brubaker Trudy and David L. Cappiello ] Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Capps

Diamond Donor

HumanCare Endowment

William M. Carlisle ]u David and Suzy Carter u Michael A. Casuccio ] Susan Cauble ] Chris and Pamela Cavanaugh Sarah and Jack Cecil u Stephanie Chandley ] Matt and Sandy Childs Travis and Holly Childs u Simon Chivers z Mr. and Mrs. James A. Christian v Peter Steurer and Mary Alice Church-Steurer Drs. Stephanie Citron and Dan Mermin Allison N. Clark z Ron and Earlene Clark Gary and Sharon Clark ] Scott Clark and Jennifer Waite]z John Byrd and Ellen Clarke Terry A. Cline ] Charles and Patricia Clogston Stanley and Annette Cocke u Joan L. Colburn Chuck Cole Stewart and Gay Coleman Tom and Pam Coleman Carleton and Celeste Collins u Pam Combs Gregory R. Congdon Chase Conner Mark and Janice Conner ] Amy L. Cooper ]z Laura Copeland u Floyd and Theressa Coren Christina L. Corey ] Jeff and Susan Corpening ] Jonathan H. Cort ]z Marshall and Delia Courtney Jeff and Susan Covington u Sheron W. Craig ] Chris and Angela Crawford z Jim and Nancy Creel u Mitchell and DiAnne Crisp] David Culp and Barbara Biss ] Drs. Gary and Diana Curran u Dr. Marianna and Timothy Daly Bob and Bunny Daniels u Julie C. Danielson ] Jim Darby Elizabeth A. Darling ] Ric and Barb Davenport

Highlands Circle



Deborah Davis u Jan and Ann Davis Mr. and Mrs. John N. Davis, Jr. Philip C. Davis, MD Randy and Kelly Davis u Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Davis u Roy and Madeline Davis Mark and Karen DeBrosse Alana DeBruhl ] u Jose A. DeLeon Diane Duermit u Paige Dickens Lynne C. Diehl Cassie Dillon ]u Mrs. Don (Edna Mae) Dix Chris and Betsy Dixon z Robert and Carol Dixon u Tad and Ellen Dixon z Katsuaki Dobashi z Gilbert and Sharon Domingo ] Danny and Grovene Dowell u J. Stephen Downey ] Christine and James Dozier uz Richard and Barbara Duff Ted and Betsy Durham u Jennifer DuVall ] Tammera D. Earnhardt ] Julie T. Edwards ] Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Edwards ]z Mr. John Elia Doug and Terry Ellington Ken and Shirley Ellington ] Janine Entwistle z Vicki and Kevin Epley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Etter Mary and Curt Euler ]z Parrish Ezell ] Peter Falcigno and Joan Holmes Ken and Beth Farmer Jean B. Faulkner ] Troy K. Favaron Dejay Favreau z Tom and Linda Ferguson u Cary and Konstance Findlay ] Samuel Fisher Shawn Fitzpatrick and Ronda Warren uz Patrick Fitzsimmons u Kirk and Sheri Fleeman z Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fleming ] Kenneth W. Floyd ]


]10% increase or New Member

Priestley and Brent Ford ] Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Ford Robert Ford Von Foreman ] Amy Smialowicz Fowler z Margaret Mary Foxx u A. Hampton Frady, Jr. Sharman Franklin ] Helen V. Frederick ] Craig and Jacqui Friedrich ] Richard and Deborah Frye Patricia J. Fuller Susan and Roy Gallagher ] Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gallopo ]u Anna and Dan Garrett Franci and Dennis Gasperson Greg and Amy Gaston Stu and Debbie Gibeau Dennis and Lynda Giles Brian and Leah Gillespie z Douglas Gilliam ] Walt and Augusta Gladding u Charlie and Patricia Glazener u Lynn Edward Gleason u Mr. and Mrs. E. Robert Goad Ron and Pat Godbold Dr. and Mrs. Joel W. Goldsby u Harold A. Goodman Sandra E. Goodwin ] Joyce M. Gorgas Craig and Laura Gourlay z Janet and H. Richard Graham u Jacqueline Grant z G. Michael Gray ]u Eric Green ] Jim and Joyce Greene Marilyn R. Greene ] David M. Greiner Terrie and Dale Groce ] Kenneth D. Hadeen u Alan D. Hall ] Randall C. Hall and George D. Zourzoukis Don and Diane Hallingse Mark and Jody Halstead Lori A. Halula u Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Hamilton ] Greg Hammer ]z Dr. Patrick Hanaway Henry and Peggy Hancock Dr. and Mrs. Todd Hansen Diamond Donor

HumanCare Endowment

Jeffrey Hardin z Michael and Debra Hare Stephanie and Chris Harkleroad z Dr. and Mrs. Stewart J. Harley Larry and Susan Harris Larry and Luann Harris Bill and Alice Hart u Tom and Marla Hartye Mary Harwood Dr. Douglas Hauschild LTC Scott A. Hausman Bill and Barbie Haynes Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg ]z Kevin and Jennifer Hefner ]z Kathy and Rick Hefner James A. Hemphill u Linda L. Hemstreet ] James D. Henderson ] Rex and Peggy Henderson Dr. Robert C. Henderson, II Mr. and Mrs. Perry Hendrix ]u Carol C. Hensley and E. David Hensley Laura Herring Eric and Katrina Hickman z Patricia Higley ] Leslie and Jim Hill Walter Quincy Hill Dr. and Mrs. John L. Hillsman Brock and Cathy Himan ] Catherine and Jim Hitesman u Matt Hochevar ]z Bill Hogan and Karen McDonald u John and Lorena Holderfield u Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Deidra Holland ]u Earl and Idella Holmes Rusty and Mitzi Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Hughes ] Glen and Lynn Hughes John and Pamela Hughes ] Dale Den Ouden & Becky Hughes-Den Ouden ] Kenneth and Shannon Hunt ]z Reed and Susan Hunt z Robert Hunter u Vanessa Huntsinger Steve and Christa Hurd Ms. Karen Hyman ]u Drs. Eric and Linda Iovacchini u Ashley and Will Israel z Gary and Kathy Jackson u Derrick and Pat Jackson Highlands Circle


United Way’s 2-1-1 of WNC is a free, confidential community service information line linking people to health and human services in Buncombe, Henderson, Madison and Transylvania counties. Trained referral specialists are available 24/7 to answer calls from speakers of all languages. By listening carefully, asking the right questions, and accessing our database containing more than 2,000 programs our staff work to identify the best resources for callers. Because 2-1-1 of WNC talks to people from all walks of life and directs people to all kinds of community resources, we are in a unique position to notice trends in our community. 2-1-1 of WNC shares this information with community decision-makers such as local coalitions, area institutions, elected officials and more. This information can be helpful to those crafting or advocating for various public policies or community projects. In 2009, 2-1-1 of WNC: •

Received 63,504 inquiries, including 30% more calls than the previous year.

Began tracking the financial needs associated with requests for information. The tally: $1,093,823 and includes utilities & heat assistance, medical & dental assistance, prescription expense assistance, rent mortgage assistance and funeral/burial/cremation services.


To get connected: call 2-1-1 or visit our Web site:


Pledging In 2009, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County introduced Multi-Year Pledging options to Leadership Givers to efficiently reduce soliciation mailings, secure Leadership Gifts earlier and offer an easier option for our donors. Thank you to these Leadership Givers who made Multi-Year pledges: Amanda and Dominic Aquilino Orren and Norma Beaty George and Sandra Beverly Katherine and Regi Blackburn Ryan A. Boggs Linda Brandt Joe and Janice Brumit Nathan and Anne Burkhardt Charlotte Caplan and Michael Brubaker Dr. and Mrs. William L. Chambers Charles and Patricia Clogston Stanley and Annette Cocke Drs. Gary and Diana Curran Lynne C. Diehl Sherman Fearing and Ann Von Brock Kerry and Anna Friedman Jes and Tobias Williams Frederick and Margaret Gourdin

Clementine Gregory J. Robert and Laresa M. Griffin Larry and Luann Harris Darryl and Karen Hart Dr. Nikolas R. Hedberg Melissa M. Hicks, M.D. and Ann D. Brown, C.N.M. Matt Hochevar Robert Hunter Vanessa Huntsinger Allison Jordan Adam and Kristine Kaufman Drs. Wayne and Phyllis Lang John and Dee Mason Matthew A. Maultsby Drs. William McKenna and Suzanne Landis Dr. Barton Milligan David and Julie Modaff Hobert Orton and Morgan Brantley

Eleanor and Charlie Owen Aaron T. Perry George and Brenda Pfeiffer Rusty Pulliam Sally Rhoades Maria Roloff Mary Helen and Ralph H. Schwarzkopf Parker and Katie Spears Bill and Jane Stanley Larry and Penni Thompson Drs. Michael S. and Denise Trayford Betty S. Turbyfill Douglas and Kelley Wehrkamp Glenn and Pauline Wilcox David and Dianne Worley Dr. Michael and Ann Young One Anonymous Giver


Curry and John Jamison u Brenda H. Jarrett ] Thomas Jenkins ] Steven and Jackie Jennings u Taylor and Lori Jessee ]z Allen and Donna Johnson u Danie and Sharon Johnson Angela M. Jones Dr. Shipper and Donna Jones Elizabeth Jones and John B. Ellery u Holly Jones ] Jill Jones Robin E. Jones Stephen and Suzanne Jones u Will R. Jones Allison Jordan z Drs. Richard D. Jordan and Sandra Madison Jonathan Jorstad ]z Gary and Bernice Jung u Wendy Kady George T. Karl ] Himanshu Karvir and Swati Patel ]z Adam L. Kaufman ]z Robert E. and Mercedes Kaufman Michael and Carol Keenan u Gerald and Caroline Keller David and Angela Kemper Barry and Rebecca Kempson Melissa C. Kennedy Wiley and Lynn Kessler Phyllis and Jess Key u Frances A. Killian u Lisa King Mr. and Mrs. M. Heath Kinsland z Eloine Kirkland Stephanie and Kevin Kiser z Selena Kittrell Tom and Diane Knoebber David Allan Kozak ] Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kubitschek Mark Kurdys and Janet Stephens ]u Deborah and Michael Kuykendall ]u Fanny Landwirth Foundation Alan and Gillian Larson Dr. Ellen T. Lawson Michael K. and Karen W. Ledford ] Debbie Lee ] John Legerton and Kathy Meacham Mark and Chris Lenderman Kelly Leonard


]10% increase or New Member

Katherine Leslie ]z Rebecca Leslie ] Mary J. Lewis Honorable and Mrs. Robert D. Lewis u Pat Liguori ] Kevin M. Lindley Edward S. Lipinsky ] Fernando G. Little z Paige Littlejohn ]z Cassandra Logan Dan and Jennifer Loizzo z Lourdes Lorenz Carol A. Long, MD ] Johnny and Sherry Love u C.R. and Martha Lowe u Shirley Lowe Lee and Amy Loy u Dr. Sally Ludlum Bryan and Cary Luhn z Dr. Dan and Beverly Lunsford ] Karen Lunsford ] John and Denise Maher u Mike and Laura Mandzak David and Margie Mann u Rendi and Joe Mann-Stadt ] Rick and Rebecca Manske z Barbara Marlowe z Charles Martin z Dennis L. Martin ]z Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin ]z Joel and Carole Martin ] Lance Martin and Anne Conquest ]z Sarah and Brad Martin z John and Dee Mason u Frank and Shari Mastria ] Thomas and Michelle Mattox Matthew A. Maultsby ]z Dr. and Mrs. Keith Maxwell ] Monika Mayr ] Robert C. and Lou Ann McAfoos u Bill and Kay McCann ] Larry and Dershie McDevitt ] Kevin McDonald Len and Marilyn McDonald Victoria L. McDowell z Chelsea and Frank McGowan z Bill and Roi McGuire u Tammy McIntosh Reed and Bobbie McNutt Dr. Michael and Chris Messino

Diamond Donor

HumanCare Endowment

David and Traci Meyer ]z Jim and Sherry Miller u Jerry R. Miller ] Kelly and Kate Miller Dr. Barton Milligan Michael and Marcia Mills Jerri Mitchell Faisal and Sarah Mohammed z Rick and Connie Molland ] Kevin and Shionette Montgomery z Eric and Sheila Moody z Jennifer W. Moore ]z Sharon L. Morgan Dr. Eva Morgenstern Jerome and Tamma Moriarty ] George and Judy Morosani u Katherine C. Morosani z William Sproul and Marie Morris Kirk and Lisa Morrow Bill and Allison Moses z Bill and Carol Mott u David and Karen Mouw u Dr. Nathan and Ms. Stacy Mullins z John and Joan Myers u Mr. and Mrs. Bill Myers Shelby Nace David L. Nash and Virginia L. Duquet ] Will and Allyson Neeriemer z Ron and Deb Neimkin ] Steve and Kay Nesbitt Martin Nesbitt z Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Newbold, Jr. u Lt. Col. Jack Nichols u Shon Norris z Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Norvell uv Joshua O’Leary ] Kenny J. Oliver Hobert Orton and Morgan Brantley ]z Anna and Grant Osborne Rusty and Sharon Owen u Judy S. Page ]u Harli and Kevin Palme ]z Lyndia and Bob Parker Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parker Carol Parsons Kenneth and Peggy Partin Harry Patton Mrs. Robert S. Peckham Larry and Debbie Peak Angela Pentecost

Highlands Circle



Selena Kittrell

I’m a Leadership Giver, member of the Peaks Development Committee, and Director of Volunteer Services for Mission Hospital. Every day I see how important it is to LIVE UNITED, not only by Giving or Advocating or Volunteering alone, but recognizing it takes all three to really change the condition of people’s lives. That’s powerful! Mission works with Hands On Asheville-Buncombe to list volunteer opportunities here at the hospital. With the value of a volunteer hour being more than $20, it is easy to see how precious this time is to nonprofits, schools, faith groups and other organizations. At Mission Hospital, volunteers serve as clerical support, discharge escorts and provide assistance in numerous ways to our patients and visitors. They fills roles that are so important to us and our patients. I love the generous spirit of our local volunteers. Without them, Asheville and Buncombe County would not be the same place. I am thrilled our United Way is focusing on Health as one of the building blocks of a good life. We envision a safe community where everyone has the knowledge, resources, access and opportunities to be healthy. However, many people do not have quality primary and behavioral health care. Increased access to health care is key to accomplishing this vision, and United Way supports outcomes to that end. I Give to United Way because I know each of us are possibly one paycheck, one tragedy, or even one breath away from needing help ourselves. At the hospital, I Advocate for those who need help or maybe don’t have a voice. I Volunteer because I believe we all can give of ourselves through our time. I enjoy caring for others, and that’s why I LIVE UNITED!


Aaron T. Perry ]z Robert L. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Peterson u George and Brenda Pfeiffer uv Sandy and Evelyn Pfeiffer ] Carlyn and David Pheil u Regina L. Phelps ] John G. Pierce ]u Laura Pierz and Jeffrey Tyler Rix z David P. Plaisance Billie G. Plemmons ] Kim and Chip Plemmons ]u Jerry and Sonja Plemmons Bob and Lorraine Poe Ginny Lentz and Jack Poisson u Jean Ponder Penny and Ray Ponder Lelan Poppy Christie E. Posner ] Linda Poss u Ben and Jeanne Powell Helen Powers u Jimmie Cochran Pratt ] Pauline Putiri Max and Janie Queen Ellen and Scott Querin ]u Cal and Kit Rains ] Dr. Robert Soch Ralls ] K K Ramsey James A. Randall Duff and Angie Rardin ] Michael P. Rauchwarg and Olga Snellings Jennifer Reale ]z Jimmy L. Reaves Emily H. Reback ]z Harry and Missy Redfearn ] Mike and Kathy Redmond u Charlie and Don Reed ] u Dallas and Katherine Reeves z David D. Reid Kimberly R. Reik-Johnson Chris and Rebecca Reinhardt ]z Tim and Sharon Rhodes Scott and Sandra Rice ] Paul D. Richards and Lisa Szymanski-Richards Jeff and Andrea Richardson Rick and Amy Rickman ] Nancy and Richard Righi Randy and Jeanette Roberson u


Jonathan J. Robinson ] Rhonda E. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Robinson Erin Roberts and Steve Rodia ]z Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Rowe John Rukavina and Mary Parker Bea and Jeff Russell u Drs. John and Constance Russell u Robby and Michelle Russell u Joe and Peggy Sabolik u George Saenger v Dr. and Mrs. Adrian Sandler Mary Margaret and Wade Saunders Laura Sawyer Bryan and Eva Saxon z Dan and Leslie Scannell z Kitty Schaller Ted and Micki Schiffman ] Dr. and Mrs. Alexander T. Schneider ] Corndia D. Subetta Ann and Ken Scott u Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Scully ] Howard and Cynthia Sellinger u Teri Sferlazza Natalie A. Shaft ]u Rick and Karen Sharpe Dr. and Mrs. Glyndon B. Shaver, Jr. u Alan and Pat Shaw u Ed Sheary ] Christina Shelton Roger C. Shelton ] Al and Candy Shivers ] Steve Shoaf ] John F. Shuford Brent and Anita Silver ] Ned H. Simon ]u Frank and Kristi Sink Michael and Leslie Sipes John and Lisa Sizemore Ross and Martha Sloan Bill and Angie Smith Ben and Linda Smith Nancy Smith Richard and Glendine Smith Bill and Ann Smith z Clinton Smoke u Bill and Nina Snoddy Tom and Vivien Snyder ] Tony and Karen Spake z

Parker and Katie Spears ]z Raymond Spells, Jr. Lavoy and Carole Spooner u Richard and Perdita Spriggs Bill and Jane Stanley u Mr. and Mrs. Hal F. Starnes ] Bob and Gail Stashick ] Joye and Scott Steele Dr. Jane A. Stephens Larry and Teresa Stern John and Andrea Sterritt Wyatt and Kimberly Stevens Susan and Mike Stevenson Mary Alice Stickney Kevin Stock Mandy Stone u Lee and Art Stuenkel u Greg and Anna Sullins ]z Ms. Elizabeth Surface z Mr. James and Dr. Susan Sutherland John and Jeri Swaim David and Nancy Swann u Tom and Donna Talley Allan and Donna Tarleton Jack and Bebe Tarleton ] Douglas and Sarah Tate z Mike and Bev Tavener Paul and Penelope Tax Amanda and Jon Taylor z Jackie Taylor ] Jaime S. Taylor ]z Robert and Joan Taylor ] Benjamin and Haley Teague ] Tara and Dennis Theodossis z Fran and Doug Thigpen Robyn and Lee Thomason z Martha W. Thompson ] Patrick and Colleen Thompson u Jan and Bruce Thorsen Michael Toth z Randy and Debbie Trantham Drs. Michael S. and Denise Trayford ]z Bill and Debby Trometer u Jamie and Brittany Turner z Austin and Brooke Tyler ]z David P. Urbanski ] Leslie J. Utterback Allen H. Van Dyke u Dr. and Mrs. Eric Van Tassell

Drs. John E. Van Wye and M. Hope Mustoe Dave and Holly Vandegrift z Dr. and Mrs. Randall Vanderbeek u Bill and Eleanor VanLandingham Charles and Paula Vasey Adrian Vassallo and Jill Sparks z Robert Vaughan Karen Vernon Pat and Angie Vest u John and Linda Viselli u Sherman Fearing and Ann Von Brock ]u Richard A. Wagner Greg and Carol Walker ] Bill and Margaret Walker Pete and Pat Wallenborn u Dr. Steven T. Wallenius Dr. Robert J. Waller ] Calvin Ward ] Dianne S. Ward ] Frank Warren Benjamin and Carmella Watkins ] Donald Watrous Dr. and Mrs. Zebulon Weaver, III u Jana and Peter Weed Candace A. Wehr ] Arlene and Scott Weinstein Jed and Bree Welmaker z Jack F. Wheeler, Jr. ] Jeff and Jenna White ] David and Laura Whitley Jennifer and James Whitney ]z Glenn and Pauline Wilcox uv William and Michelle Wilcox William Wilkie, II Bill and Sandra Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Willett Tommy Williams Tom Williamson Betty A. Wilson ] Marc Wilson u Whitney C. Windham John and Molly Wirtz Gene and Paula Withrow Chuck and Mary Wood u Richard A. Wood, Jr. uv Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Woody u Scott and Nona Workman ]z Wes and Stephanie Wright ]u

]10% increase or New Member

Peter and Martha Wutschel Family Sam and Cori Wyant ]z Danny and Kim Yelton Joe E. Young, Jr. uv Brian Young Mr. and Mrs. Boris Younger Larry and Melanie Zapf u F. Lachicotte Zemp, Jr. Forty-Two Anonymous Givers

Madison County

Leadership Giving Jo Ellen and Jud Ammons Dr. Virginia J. Barnhardt and Rodney Sutton Lee Ann Bogle Maxine H. Brown Dr. Connie Buckner and Mr. Jack Davis Larry and Genevieve Burda Susan Cauble Dr. Marianna and Timothy Daly Robert and Carol Dixon Robert Ford Swayne and Sandy Franklin Walt and Augusta Gladding Don and Diane Hallingse Henry and Peggy Hancock John M. and Beverly N. Hough, Jr. Dr. Chipper and Donna Jones Jimmy and Marcy Lamm Ginny Lentz and Jack Poisson Dr. Dan and Beverly Lunsford Lee and Latrella McElrath Rick and Connie Molland Jerome and Tamma Moriarty Larry and Debbie Peek Tom and Marian Plaut Jerry and Sonja Plemmons Brian Repass and Sandy Feutz Rhonda E. Robinson Rick and Karen Sharpe Larry and Teresa Stern Drs. Win and Meg Word-Sims

Diamond Donor

HumanCare Endowment

Highlands Circle



L EADERS HIP GIV IN G B Y CO MPANY (For companies with five or more Leadership Givers)

ArvinMeritor, Inc. Mark W. Allen Brian Cavagnini Mark A. Conner Julie T. Edwards Michael Mandzak Kirk D. Morrow Kevin K. Parkhill Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce R. Jane Anderson Laura Copeland Edgar Ray Denny Carol C. Hensley Richard J. Lutovsky Kelly M. Miller Dianna J. Pierce Benjamin P. Teague Asheville Cardiology Associates Leslie Hansen Todd H. Hansen Richard J. Hefner Oscar R. Jenkins, Jr. William T. Maddox John H. Russell Wade H. Saunders, III David H. Serfas Thomas A. Talley Eric D. Van Tassell Charles G. Vasey Asheville City Schools Cathy Byers Phyllis Cook Virginia L. Duquet Charlie Glazener Barbara L. Groome Allen H. Johnson Jeanne C. Penland Cynthia H. Sellinger Asheville Radiology Associates, P.A. Walter J. Brown, III Norris W. Crigler, Jr. Janet B. Garrett Henri L.G. Kieffer Tom Milton Keith R. Olbrantz Neil P. Peterson


Charles T. Rowe James A. Shivers Asheville Savings Bank Vikki D. Bailey Barbara Biss Donna O. Bowman Jonna Bradham Chris Crawford Suzanne S. DeFerie John B. Dickson Richard Duff Jennifer Wallin DuVall Troy K. Favaron Brian Gillespie Bradley S. Hines David Allan Kozak Michael K. Ledford Fred A. Martin Michael A. Mills Jennifer M. Reale Laura Sawyer C. Scott Workman Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Margaret M. Bradshaw Connie S. Buckner Rusty Holmes Sharon H. Killian Kevin S. Kiser Kay Manley Marilyn McDonald Anita R. Metcalf Jerome Moriarty Tamma Moriarty Jimmie Cochran Pratt C. Max Queen Clinton Smoke Jill Sparks Lisa Szymanski-Richards Bank of America/MERRILL LYNCH Doug Bailey C. David Brown Danny G. Dowell Parrish Ezell Brent A. Ford David Greiner Brock Himan

Gerald A. Keller Sabrina Miller Linda M. Sharpe Scott D. Steele John C. Sterritt Candace A. Wehr Beverly-Hanks & Associates Sandy Austin Barbara M. Baskerville George W. Beverly, Jr. Barbara L. Boettcher Pat Borden Roy Borden Eve H. Burton Tad Dixon Charles Gallopo Alice W. Griffin William R. Griffin, III Amy B. Hanks W. Neal Hanks, Jr. Sharon P. Johnson Ginny Lentz Marie Morris Ann H. Skoglund Skip Skoglund Tom Snyder Vivien F. Snyder Jamie Turner Greg Walker Frank R. Warren Debbie T. Williams Lawrence J. Zapf Biltmore Company William A. V. Cecil, Jr. Robin T. Oswald Dini Pickering Chuck Pickering Anna Sullins Biltmore Farms, LLC. George H.V. Cecil John F.A.V. Cecil Robert J. Duffy Chad A. Lloyd Tammy McIntosh Horbert G. Orton, IV Natalie Shaft Paul E. Szurek

What does

United Way do? When we unveiled LIVE UNITED in 2008, its messages resonated with the public. When we said it takes not only Giving, but also Advocacy and Volunteerism to bring about long-lasting change, you said “That’s true!” The following year, when we shared that our Giving, Advocating and Volunteering would be focused on Education, Income and Health, because we believe they are the building blocks of a good life for everyone, you said “Makes sense!” So, when we asked if you had any questions, we were listening when you said “I understand LIVE UNITED and I agree that it takes Giving, Advocating and Volunteering in the areas of Education, Income and Health to change things in our community. What I don’t understand is United Way’s role in this work.” Let us answer that question loud and clear: We support outcomes. We support measurable changes in people’s lives. We have community-driven visions we want to achieve in Education, Income and Health, and we work to make them reality by giving our financial resources, sharing our influence and mobilizing our volunteers with community partners whose work aligns with our goals. United Way has been a leader in outcomes-based community investment for years. Our new model builds on that legacy by adding a focus to our efforts and a vision toward the future. We can’t do it alone. Join us as we mobilize our community and impact the barriers that prevent people from being successful!


Hands On Asheville-Buncombe, a program of United Way, makes it easy for individuals, families and groups to lend a hand in meaningful service to our community by volunteering with local nonprofit organizations. Volunteers can call or use the online database to find an opportunity that works for them: their passions, their skills, their schedules. Many projects last just two to three hours, occur on evenings and weekends and don’t require long-term commitments. In 2009, Hands On Asheville-Buncombe: • Coordinated and promoted 667 volunteer opportunities that supported 145 Asheville and Buncombe County nonprofits, schools and public entities; • Mobilized 2,900 people who gave at least 11,388 hours of volunteer time; and • Saved community organizations more than $229,590 in the process! Hands On Asheville-Buncombe works to bring people the projects they want. In fact we’ve… • Increased the number and availability of projects that parents can do with their children (including kids as young as 4). • Created several “portable projects” – these are projects that home-bound or people with busy schedules can do when and where they’d like. Portable projects include knitting caps for infants served by a local community health program and making draft stoppers for low income, elderly people served by local agencies. • Coordinated special service days for you, United Way’s Leadership Givers!  Peaks, Tocqueville and Highland Circle members all have the opportunity to volunteer together – making a difference and getting to know each other better.  Find out how you can invest your time with these and other projects through Hands On Asheville-Buncombe. Visit or call 255-0696.



United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County, Highlands Circle, Hands On Asheville-Buncombe and 2-1-1 of WNC are in the places you want to be. Social media provides a new means of connecting with people who share interests. It provides us new ways of engaging our current and potential Givers, Advocates and Volunteers, sharing interesting and relevant information, tips, photos and videos, event information and calls to action. We’ve made it easy to find us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube by creating a social media page on our Web site, We’ve also added a link at the bottom of our staff e-mails.


L EADERS HIP GIV IN G B Y CO MPANY (For companies with five or more Leadership Givers)

Lee E. Thomason, III Austin Tyler Blue Ridge Parkway Monte R. Ashley Joseph W. Aull Martha C. Bogle Nathan W. Epling Philip A. Francis, Jr. Monika Mayr Jeri G. Swaim Boys, Arnold & Company, Inc. Thomas C. Arnold Stanley H. Cocke, Sr. Fred F. Groce, Jr. John B. Kuhns John P. Rhodin Jon Vannice David C. Whilden Branch Bank and Trust (BB&T) Amanda J. Aquilino Lucinda Austin Michael S. Bohan Ken B. Farmer, Jr. Michael G. Gray David L. Hayes Rebecca G. Hughes-Den Ouden Michael Heath Kinsland Bryan D. Saxon Anita R. Silver Michael G. Toth Jeffrey M. White Michael J. Willett Nona M. Workman Buncombe County K. Ray Bailey Sharon Tracey Barrett Jan Blunt Jeffery L. Bridges Betsy Chater Kathy Coco Richard M. Davis Otto W. Debruhl Dale T. Den Ouden Linda W. Ferguson Anna Friedman Charise Gantt

Patricia A. Glazener Karen G. Hart Glen E. Hughes Mary Kingston Michael Kuykendall Tim Rhodes Edward J. Sheary William H. Stanley Amanda L. Stone Frances M. Thigpen Buncombe County Schools Cheryl K. Aull Jan Blunt Tracy Calabrese-Meyer Sharon K. Clark Beth Farmer Linda Ferguson Richard M. Frye Elaine C. Grella LuAnn Harris Lisa H. Hughes Linda C. Iovacchini Sharon Katz Michael Kuykendall Amy V. Loy Mary S. Parker Michelle H. Russell Sherie Ryan-Bailey Bebe R. Tarleton Angela K. Tuck Vicki L. Vest CarePartners Health Services Kari Ballard Kent Ballard Nancy Benedict Yolande M. Blanchard Diann H. Bolick Gary R. Bowers Nancy P. Bowers Scott W. Buchanan Tracy T. Buchanan Janise Donovan Amy S. Fowler Robin R. Fox Deborah W. Frye Dennis A. Giles Pam Griffin Jolynn Halstead Mitzi Holmes

John P. Langlois Marie Langlois Sherry S. Love Sandy Norbo Charles D. Norvell Kathy Patrick Pauline P. Putiri Cornelia D. Scibetta John Snell Nina E. Snoddy William R. Snoddy Pam Tidwell Karen S. Vernon Carol M. Walker Jennifer G. Weidemann Charles George VA Medical Center Melissa Barth George M. Bilbrey, Jr. Julie C. Danielson J. Stephen Downey Patricia J. Fuller Kathy K. Gresham Stephen H. Gresham Wendy Kady Robert W. Kieffer C. Darlene Laughter John Lucke Michelle Mattox Thomas Mattox James P. Michalets Sharon L. Morgan Eva Louise Morgenstern Diana L. Owensby John V. Parham Angela G. Pentecost Sharon Rhodes Barbara St. Hilaire Leslie J. Utterback Robert E. Vaughan Whitney C. Windham City of Asheville Dan L. Baechtold Cathy D. Ball Scott T. Burnette Gilbert Domingo Curtis W. Euler Robert Griffin Mark Halstead William A. Hogan


L EADERS HIP GIV IN G B Y CO MPANY (For companies with five or more Leadership Givers)

Gary W. Jackson Pat Liguori Frank McGowan Samuel Powers Jeffrey Richardson Amy Rickman Steve Shoaf Debbie Trantham Colbond, Inc. William B. Austin Deborah H. Bailey Frederick J. Bailey Don L. Brown James E. Cheatham Charles R. Cook Joseph D. Luna Kenny J. Oliver John D. Swaim Robert A. Tyler Richard A. Wagner Crowfields Residents Walter and Mary Frances Allen Richard A. Dirks Carol C. Hensley and E. David Hensley Dr. Barton Milligan Helen Powers Deerfield Residents Mrs. Dorel A. Abbott Dodie Allman Mrs. R.W. Anthony, Jr. Topping A. Bryan Eugene M. ‘Bob’ Carr, Jr. Chuck Cole Marshall and Delia Courtney Margaret Gill-Tegethoff Lynn Edward Gleason T. Hartley Hall, IV Dr. and Mrs. Colin M. Hudson Mrs. Robert S. Peckham Penny and Ray Ponder K.K. Ramsey Miss Monte Richardson Mrs. Brainard B. Rorison Nancy Smith Robert and Elizabeth Trost Dr.* and Mrs. Moultrie H. Truluck Mr. J. Glenn Wilson


Dixon Hughes PLLC Heather F. Alley Althea Jane P. Aycock Ryan A. Boggs John Bowles Brian J. Broom Mike A. Crawford Mitchell Crisp David L. Dills Gary E. Hughes Ken M. Hughes Ashley W. Israel Timothy A. Kelley Frederick F. Kramer, IV Deborah W. Kuykendall Paige Littlejohn Gary L. Mathes Eric T. Moody Allyson Neeriemer William J. Neeriemer James Whitney Tara Theodossis David A. Wiggins Michael R. Rauchwarg Anita M. Silver-Barnwell William H. Smith Dennis Theodossis Adrian Vassallo Jed P. Welmaker Jennifer Whitney EATON Corporation Patricia W. Adams David H. Baker Brooke Baldwin Anne L. Barone Gregory M. Barr Jon C. Beaver Theresa Blankenship Wayne R. Butler Ronda S. Chapman Gary W. Clark Pamela S. Combs Gregory Congdon Janice B. Conner Elizabeth A. DeBruhl Lawrence Farr Douglas K. Fleeman Kenneth W. Floyd Douglas Gilliam Charles L. Haltiwanger

Michael J. Hare Mary B. Harwood Walter Q. Hill William K. Hill, Sr. Earl C. Holmes Steven P. Hurd Thomas Jenkins Michael A. Keenan Wiley B. Kessler, III Alan J. Larson Mary J. Lewis Kevin M. Lindley Daniel F. Loizzo Charles G. Martin Kevin McDonald Shelley G. McGrail Mark A. Miller David A. Mitchell Charles Allan Morse Shelby J. Nace Peter Nehl William P. Osborne Carol A. Parsons Mary Lynn Powell Jamie L. Richardson J.L. Sharpe Ned H. Simon Bob J. Stashick Gail Stashick Amanda Taylor Randy J. Trantham William J. VanLandingham John E. Viselli Scott M. Weinstein David G. Whitley William Wilkie, II John Wirtz Peter J. Wutschel Jeanne M. Young

THE WAY WE LIVE OUR LIVES Enterprise Rent-A-Car Bill Bohnsack Kevin C. Hawthorne Matt Hochevar Aaron T. Perry Michael D. Perry


THEIR EDUCATION, THEIR INCOME, THEIR HEALTH. First Citizens Bank & Trust Company James F. Austin Betty R. Byrd William Travis Childs


L EADERS HIP GIV IN G B Y CO MPANY (For companies with five or more Leadership Givers)

John Fitzgerald Robert C. Roberts William D. Smith Doug S. Tallent Flint Group Daniel Deitz John R. Elia Debra A. Hare Katrina Hichman Robert R. Hunt Frank Mastria Genova Diagnostics Earlene Clark Patrick Hanaway Ted Hull Jeffrey W. Ledford Sarah S. Martin Amy L. Peace-Brewer Givens Estates Residents Peggy and James Brazell Alice and John Hancy Mrs. John A. Henderson Karl and Shirley Quisenberry Mr. and Mrs. Hal F. Starnes Lee and Art Stuenkel Robert and Joan Taylor Betty S. Turbyfill Donald Watrous Gould Killian CPA Group, P.A. Jeffrey A. Gould Charles E. Killian Cary Luhn Eric Michael Shon Norris Edward Towson, II Danny Yelton HomeTrust Bank Charles I. Abbitt, Jr. Lindsey B. Allison Ed Broadwell, Jr. Jim Darby Randy H. Davis Christine A. Dozier Tammera D. Earnhardt Franci G. Gasperson Stephanie S. Harkleroad

Steven L. Jennings John C. Myers Kathy N. Redmond Howard L. Sellinger Lisa Sizemore Karen C. Spake Dana L. Stonestreet Greg Sullins Robert E. Tuck Hot Springs Health Program Virginia J. Barnhardt Susan Cauble Marianna Daly Robert Ford Chipper Jones Jerry Plemmons Mars Hill College Dan G. Lunsford Kathy R. Meacham Thomas Plaut Larry Stern Teresa Stern McGuire, Wood & Bissette P.A. Susan S. Barbour Louis Bissette, Jr. Annika M. Brock Mary E. Euler Thomas C. Grella Rendi L. Mann-Stadt Joseph P. McGuire Grant B. Osborne Douglas J. Tate Douglas O. Thigpen T. Douglas Wilson, Jr. Richard A. Wood, Jr. MedStream, Inc Terry A. Cline William L. Callison Douglas Ellington Kenneth Ellington Paul Tax Mills Manufacturing Corporation Cheryl H. Atkins John H. Oswald, III Judith S. Page

Randy Roberson James W. Turner Pamela M. Turner Jack F. Wheeler, Jr. Mission Health System Stephen K. Aiken Barbara J. Allen William P. Allen Brian W. Aston Charles F. Ayscue Orren Beaty, III Betsey P. Bent Anne E. Bowers Ellen Boyd Jonathan C. Brandon Becky Brown Cynthia J. Brown Margaret A. Bumgarner Cecil J. Clark, Jr. Amy L. Cooper Thomas D. Cowan Elizabeth A. Darling Deborah C. Davis Theresa Emmanuel Jean B. Faulkner Donita A. Fleming Frank H. Ford John W. Garrett Anna D. Garrett Lynda M. Giles Sandra E. Goodwin Lori A. Halula Jeffrey Hardin Katherine S. Hefner Linda L. Hemstreet Stephen T. Hill Karen M. Hyman Anne M. Irvine Lori Jessee Randall D. Johnson Angela M. Jones L. Ralph Jones Jill H. Jones Robin E. Jones George T. Karl Eloine F. Kirkland Stephanie N. Kiser Selena R. Kittrell Thomas E. Knoebber Cherie L. Ledford Fernando G. Little


L EADERS HIP GIV IN G B Y CO MPANY (For companies with five or more Leadership Givers)

Lourdes M. Lorenz Shirley F. Lowe John J. Maher Barbara Marlowe Don Martin Sheila M. Meadows Michael J. Messino Christine C. Messino Elizabeth L. Michalets James A. Miller Susan Mims Jerri A. Mitchell Faisal A. Mohammed Sarah H. Mohammed Janet S. Moore Carol C. Mott William O. Myers, III Carolyn M. Parker Tom Parker Regina L. Phelps Gerald P. Pielack Rebecca G. Pitts Billie G. Plemmons Kathey J. Ponder Jean C. Ponder Linda F. Poss Jane M. Queen Duff Rardin Kimberly R. Reik-Johnson Nancy E. Righi Richard E. Righi Erin L. Roberts Rhonda E. Robinson Maria Roloff Jeffrey K. Russell Adrian D. Sandler Ted Schiffman Alexander T. Schneider Christina E. Shelton Mary B. Silver Kristi Sink Leslie R. Sipes Michael F. Sipes Ben Smith Linda J. Smith Valorie Speegle-Snell Marta W. Stoneman Elizabeth A. Surface Susan E. Sutherland Jack C. Tarleton Dianne A. Taylor Jaime S. Taylor


Bruce D. Thorsen Kelley Tyler C. Eric Walburgh Pat Wallenborn Tommy Williams C. Ellen Williams Jerylyn A. Williams Ann Y. Young Michael H. Young Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) Norma Beaty Ann D. Brown James A. Christian Joan Colburn Terry J. Cordell Diana R. Curran Hettie L. Garland Robert C. Henderson, II Melissa M. Hicks Michael L. Holcombe, Sr. Pamela M. Holcombe Suzanne R. Landis Nathan Mullins Yolanda Parker Furman A. Penland David Reid Karen Sharpe Jan K. Thorsen Allen H. Van Dyke Gene Withrow Paula Withrow National Climatic Data Center John J. Bates David P. Bowman Robert O. Briscoe Theressa D. Coren Helen V. Frederick Hanna B. Goss Alan D. Hall Gregory R. Hammer Scott A. Hausman John P. Hughes Pamela Y. Hughes Sharon K. LeDuc Marjorie P. McGuirk Timothy W. Owen Karol D. Pittman Thomas F. Ross Eileen L. Shea

Peter M. Steurer David P. Urbanski Benjamin Watkins Carmella D. Watkins Regional Allergy David M. Cypcar Leon Elliston Merry Jenkins Hal A. Jenkins, IV John E. Van Wye Roberts & Stevens, P.A. Jacqueline D. Grant Jack D. Hamilton Kenneth Hunt Mark C. Kurdys Marjorie R. Mann Dennis L. Martin John W. Mason Rebecca J. Reinhardt Wyatt S. Stevens James W. Williams Sheryl H. Williams Lachicotte Zemp, Jr. Southeastern Container, Inc. Charles D. Capps Laurie Chandley Matt Childs Peter Falcigno Joan Holmes William R. Jones Henry M. Pinto Bruce Sampson Douglas J. Wehrkamp Michelle W. Yanik Andrea Younger The Van Winkle Law Firm Marla T. Adams Jones P. Byrd Roy W. Davis, Jr. Larry C. Harris, Jr. Barry B. Kempson Larry S. McDevitt Philip J. Smith Albert L. Sneed, Jr. Allan Tarleton

L EADERS HIP GIV IN G B Y CO MPANY (For companies with five or more Leadership Givers)

United Parcel Service Christopher Bozarth Stephanie Chandley Chase Conner JosĂŠ DeLeon Dejay Favreau Samuel Fisher Von Foreman Swayne Franklin Larry Hamlin Lisa King Jeffrey A. Switzer Jackie Taylor Calvin Ward Charles T. Williams United Way Community Partners James A. Barrett Gene O. Bell Yolanda Bopp Connie Bowes Thomas Britton Stephanie Citron Ellen Clarke Celeste B. Collins Jamye R. Davis Scott Dedman Patrick Fitzsimmons Jennifer G. Hefner Holly Jones Allison Jordan Kristine Kaufman Bill McGuire Roi McGuire Mary Michael Shionette R. Montgomery Stacy D. Mullins David L. Nash Lyndia V. Parker Christie E. Posner Catherine Rains Emily H. Reback Scott E. Rice Polly E. Ross Kitty C. Schaller Teri Sferlazza Paul P. Vest Jennifer M. Waite Steven T. Wallenius

United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County David D. Bailey Maxine H. Brown Laresa M. Griffin Vicki Greene Ron Katz Victoria L. McDowell Kevin R. Montgomery Ann Von Brock USDA Forest Service-Southern Research Station Joyce M. Gorgas Patsy O. Hunsucker Donna Johnson Danny C. Lee Jimmy L. Reaves Sue M. Roussopoulos Perdita Spriggs Richard Spriggs Volvo Construction Equipment, North America Jeanne C. Allison Allison Moses Dallas Reeves Paul D. Richards Jimmy G. Rickman Joseph Sabolik Volvo Sales Chelsea Blume McGowan Martha Boyd Steven J. Bratsch Jeff Bryant Thomas L. Caster Allison N. Clark Mark Debrosse Harold A. Goodman Todd Gothberg William J. Sauber Anthony Spake Kevin J. Stock Charles H. Wood, Jr. Samuel Wyant

Jonathan Jorstad Latrella G. McElrath David Meyer Kimberly G. Plemmons Robby L. Russell Raymond Spells, Jr. Delise Talley Erich Talley Warren Wilson College Donald F. Collins Vicki P. Collins Dean C. Kahl William S. Pfeiffer Ellen Querin Webb Insurance David W. Mann Jeanette C. Roberson Ralph H. Schwarzkopf John F. Webb Laura A. Webb Marcus E. Wilson Wilsonart International Brian O. Connor Dennis E. Gasperson Eric Green Melissa C. Kennedy Cassandra Logan Karen Lunsford Robert L. Perry Rich Sharpe William O. Wilkins

Wachovia / Wells Fargo Michael B. Andry Rusty Edwards Vicki M. Epley Robert Gillis Kevin J. Hefner




Leadership Giving accounts for nearly half of total campaign revenue: $5,383,607










$202,802 $861,446



uN ITED WAY STAFF President/CEO David Bailey VP, Planning & Community Investment Ann Von Brock Director of Finance Maxine Brown Finance Associate Karen Vernon Building Superintendent Ray Griffiths Director of Resource Development Kevin Montgomery Leadership Giving Manager Laresa Griffin Resource Development Manager Victoria McDowell Director of Community Fund Lance Edwards Focus Area Manager Ron Katz Director of Marketing and Communications Vicki Greene Marketing and Communications Manager Elisabeth Bocklet Administrative Manager Emily Andrews Computer Services Associate Sandra Higgins Administrative Associate Lu Anne Stevens Administrative Associate Carroll Means

Director of Hands On Asheville-Buncombe Hands On Asheville - Buncombe Manager Director of 2-1-1 of WNC 2-1-1 Call Center Manager 2-1-1 Data Manager 2-1-1 Lead Referral Specialist 2-1-1 Referral Specialist 2-1-1 Referral Specialist 2-1-1 Referral Specialist 2-1-1 Remote Referral Specialist 2-1-1 Remote Referral Specialist 2-1-1 Remote Referral Specialist

Sarah Wohlmuth Charlie Lee Rachael Nygaard Elizabeth Kelly Patty McGovern Keith Young Rachel Stokes Linda Brinkley Chanel Young James Deese Becky Hannah Jennifer Hampton

Serving Our Community is Part of Who We Are Dixon Hughes, the largest CPA firm based in the Southern U.S., combines deep industry experience, diverse accounting and advisory services, and a strong commitment to responsive service to build a service team to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients. We rank among the top 20 firms in the U.S. and have focused industry practices that include healthcare, automotive dealerships, manufacturing/distribution, construction/real estate, financial institutions, insurance, not-for-profit and government. With over 1,200 associates in offices throughout the region, we have the resources and expertise to deliver customized professional services with a hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves attitude. This attitude, considered a defining characteristic of the firm, is not limited to how we serve our clients. It’s also reflected in our commitment to making our communities better places to live and work. That’s why you’ll find Dixon Hughes associates and members contributing not only their financial resources but also thousands of volunteer hours in their communities every year. At Dixon Hughes, we know that we are more than an economic factor in the cities in which we practice; we are a social influence as well. For more information about Dixon Hughes, please visit our website at or call our office at 828.254.2254 and ask to speak with David Wiggins, WNC Managing Member. Dixon Hughes PLLC is proud to support United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County.

Thank you to our Generous Sponsors.


W e S u ppo r t O u tco m es We support people gaining new knowledge. We support people taking that knowledge and developing new skills. We support people using those skills and adopting n e w, p o s i t i v e b e h a v i o r s . We support people living those positive behaviors and having new and improved conditions.

T h a t ’s h o w w e c r e a t e r e a l , lasting change in our community! Join the movement at w w w. u n i t e d w a y a b c . o r g .

Leadership Giving 2009  

While this book traditionally is where we thank the many Leadership Givers and Companies who support our efforts here at United Way, there i...

Leadership Giving 2009  

While this book traditionally is where we thank the many Leadership Givers and Companies who support our efforts here at United Way, there i...