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Winter 2018

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Holidays Come Alive

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holidays come alive CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER

Michael Tritt


Lauren Hypse

A Majestic Kickoff to a Magical Season


a building worth preserving Five Ways to Help Union Station


Margaret Hoang


partnership of possibilities

Science City and Burns & McDonnell Make It Official


Abby Rufkahr



no slowing down kc’s “favorite family-friendly attraction”

Dalton Liu

At The Center of STEM in KC

14 Proud to be a

Smithsonian Affiliate

plan your union station holiday season Save the Date Calendar


major gifts announced

Support for Early Learning Initiative and Union Station Continues Internationally Awarded

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experience “the little prince” like never before

In collaboration with Mesner Puppet Theatre and Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium


monstrous hit

Dinosaurs Revealed fascinates over 100,000


holiday classic movies Family-favorites return to the biggest screen in KC


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Union Station Board of Directors


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Mission Statement Union Station Kansas City, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is dedicated to science education, celebration of community and preservation of history.

Q&A with Christy Nitsche, Director of Advancement and Community Engagement


the clickety clack of holiday trains

Smiles. Hugs. Familiar Faces. And New Introductions.

ABOVE: Courtesy: Jason Atherton Photography UnionStation.org


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George Guastello


Union Station On Track • Winter 2018

President & CEO

Ramón Murguía Board Chairman



HOLIDAYS A majestic kickoff to a magical season on november 17

Close your eyes. What do you feel? A welcoming glow. What do you hear? A melody of noises - laughter, random bits of joyful conversation, notes of a song that’s so familiar. Now, open your eyes. What do you see? A multi-generational family, smiling, snapping a selfie, and taking it all in. What’s all around them? Pure majesty.


As a 104-year-old historic building, Union Station is beautiful in its grandeur. It welcomes people from all over the world. It encourages you to take time to appreciate its history, its architecture, and the millions of people it embraces annually. Now, decked out in traditional holiday decor, there are no words to adequately describe it. Every string of light strategically hung, garland beautifully woven, ornaments set perfectly in place, and decorations artfully presented for a magical surprise at every turn. And that’s just the beginning of the majestic visual masterpiece that is Union Station during the holidays. Union Station kicks off a six week holiday celebration with “Holidays

HOLIDAYS Union Station On Track • Winter 2018

Come Alive” on November 17, and you won’t want to miss it. The morning begins filled with family-friendly activities, stage performances – including HARMONIUM, a barbershop harmony group – throughout the day and leading up to the evening visual spectical that lights our giant indoor tree and officially kicks off Kansas City’s holiday season. Each year, over 5,000+ people gather to be a part of this grand tradition and this year will be no different. And once again, for the fourth year in a row, Quixotic will take us on an unimaginable visual journey. You will be transported across the evening sky into aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights. This all new holographic experience features spectacular costumes, moving soundtracks and a winter wonderland unlike anything you’ve ever seen. And that’s just day one of our extensive holiday lineup. Celebrate the holiday season every weekend at Union Station with dances, musical performances, model trains, holiday classic movies, a holiday indie craft market, and of course Santa’s arrival on the Kansas City Southern Holiday Express Train. For a full listing of activities, please see calendar on page 14. ■

HARMONIUM featured November 17 at Holidays Come Alive Barbershop singing is an American style of music that was born right here in Kansas City at the Muehlebach Hotel, currently operating as one of three wings of the Kansas City Marriott Downtown Hotel. In barbershop harmony, the melody is sung by the lead while the tenor is sung above the lead. The bass sings lower than the lead and the baritone provides in-between notes that complete chords, which all together gives barbershop harmony its unique four-part sound.

Experience a Magical Kansas City Tradition Full Schedule at UnionStation.org


A Building Worth Preserving “Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” – Kathy Calvin, CEO & President of the United Nations Foundation

These simple words convey an essential truth. Making a difference is lasting. And it can touch people in profound ways for generations to come. Such was the case in 1996 when Kansas City – on both sides of the state line – voted to give generously and make a life-giving difference to what was a dormant and decayed Union Station. Indeed, the slogan for that bi-state campaign spoke volumes with “Restore The Past. Discover The Future.” Giving. Restoring. Discovering. Making a difference. Without your generosity then, your Union Station would not today be the icon of inspiration, tradition and vibrancy it is. You made a profound difference then and the opportunity is still alive today. In fact, the enthusiasm for Union Station – Kansas City’s historic home – has never been greater. With holiday lights and decorations filling every corner of our marble halls and new holiday memories being made, the emotions that motivate giving are powerful. And the opportunities to make a BIG difference are plentiful. Here’s how you can make a difference-making holiday donation today . . . PRESERVATION FUND: This fund was established in 2014 to strengthen, preserve and conserve the architectural, structural and service integrity of our historic home. This fund is supported by a modest ($1) Preservation Fee added to most tickets sold at Union Station attractions as well as direct donations from people like you.


Union Station On Track • Winter 2018

SCIENCE CITY SCHOLARSHIP: Sponsor a visit to our internationally awarded Science City. Scholarships are used to invite lesser served classrooms and students across our community to ensure the proven advantage of STEM learning is accessible where otherwise not possible. EARLY LEARNING INITIATIVE: Support our earliest explorers. In December 2016, Science City announced we would grow younger with dedicated programming and exhibits for our earliest learners, ages 0 to 7. A $7.6 Million total investment is nearing full funding. Now is the perfect time for your gift to help close the gap and ensure Kansas City’s youngest explorers are served with a world-class destination. MEMBERSHIP: Purchase a membership. A Union Station membership is 100% tax deductible and provides great benefits, including year-round FREE admission to Science City and special discounts on special events, Holiday benefits and more. With 10,000 area household memberships, this represents one of the strongest values offered by any destination. PLANNED GIVING: Consider making a legacy gift to your Union Station. You choose. You tell us how you would like to participate. Give online. In person. Drop your gift into one of our donation boxes throughout the Station. Or allow us to personalize your difference-making decision by contacting Christy Nitsche directly at (816) 460-2208 or via email at cnitsche@unionstation.org. The important point is to participate as you can and how you prefer. It’s about making a difference. Pure and simple. And differences to Union Station impact our entire community. For now and for generations to come. ■

Partnership of Possibilities ABOVE: George Guastello, President & CEO of Union Station, and Ray Kowalik, Chairman and CEO of Burns & McDonnell, toast to the new exciting announcement. LEFT: From left to right: Ramón Murguía, Chairman of Union Station Board, Kowalik and Guastello photographed.

Only a few weeks ago, on the evening of October 25, amidst

the backdrop of thousands of balloons, spectacular indoor fireworks, and the applause of hundreds of guests, Science City and Burns & McDonnell made it official. They toasted to a new multimilliondollar, multiyear partnership: Science City Powered by Burns & McDonnell. Separately and together, Science City and Burns & McDonnell have committed themselves to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. After a decade long partnership of proven success, this new partnership made sense. This type of partnership between a science center and an engineering, architecture and construction firm is truly rare and provides two powerful prospectives: Burns & McDonnell bringing real world experiences from working on complex projects and Science City’s internationally award-winning approach. Together, Science City and Burns & McDonnell provide endless possibilities, one-ofa-kind exhibits and programming to benefit all of Kansas City. Science City Powered by Burns & McDonnell delivers a commitment to STEM education, discovery and an exciting path to STEM careers including a commitment to two more Battle of the Brains K-12 STEM competitions, Field Trip and Transportation Funds, Professional Pop-Up Series to meet Kansas City STEM professionals, Summer Camp and Internships. Together, Science City and Burns & McDonnell represent endless potential. The future has never been more exciting for your Internationally - Awarded Science Center. ■



s ’ C K n w o D g n i w o l S o N y l d n e i r F y l i m a F e t i r o v a F “ ” n o i t c a r t t A

Science City continues to grow as construction begins “There’s simply never been a better time to be at the center of STEM learning

ABOVE: Students from CAIR FOCUS program work together with Burns & McDonnell professionals.


Union Station On Track • Winter 2018

in Kansas City,” Ramón Murguía, Union Station Board Chairman, said. “And the opportunities to lead in this vitally important area have never been stronger for our internationally-recognized Science City. In fact, as evidenced by several major new exhibits under construction, Science City is poised to take area families, students and educators beyond anything we could have imagined just a few short years ago.” In the last five years, for example, over 50% of Science City has been reimagined. Additionally, dedicated new outdoor space was added with “Simple Machines at Play” in 2017, to the delight of our 10,000 Member households. And there’s even more in store. “When we look across the landscape of our diverse community, we see opportunities to offer more, reach more, and become an even bigger part of the out-of-classroom educational solution,” George Guastello, Union Station president and CEO, said. “The pace and priority of change is exciting and the support from corporate, foundation and private donors is the proof point that validates our ongoing efforts to prepare our area students for a successful future.” As announced in previous editions of ON TRACK, two significant new areas – currently under construction –- are quickly taking shape, plus an existing guest favorite is moving into brand new quarters . . .



The Amazing Brain

brilliant concept to remarkable reality


Burns & McDonnell – just over 7 years ago - introduced Battle of the Brains to empower and encourage the next generation of STEM professionals. Designed by kids, built by Burns & McDonnell and now four resulting exhibits later – Science City is poised to welcome The Amazing Brain! Students from the CAIR FOCUS Program in the Grandview School District (the most recent Battle of the Brains grand prize winners) imagined this STEM journey from a human health perspective, diving deep into a complex topic the brain. For the past several months, these students have actively worked alongside Burns & McDonnell architects and engineers to bring their concept to life. It’s been a remarkable, hands-on learning experience for all involved. Now under construction and scheduled to open in March 2019, “The Amazing Brain” will feature over a dozen interactive exhibits, more than any other Battle of the Brain installation to date. In this 3500 sq. ft. space, guests will discover what the brain does for the body - how it relays information, reacts to fear, happiness and more. You will also explore the different areas of the brain and how each specifically functions independently and in unison to power us in our everyday activities.

Just Hired -

From Battle of the Brains to Burns & McDonnell In November 2011, Olathe North High School won the first-ever Battle of the Brains Competition to bring to life “The Science of Energy: Unplugged.” Now, 7 years later, Olivia Haney (pictured here) - one of the students from the winning Olathe North team – is an intern at Burns & McDonnell. Since 2011, Haney’s life has been intertwined with Science City and Burns & McDonnell. Her available summers and school breaks have been spent as a part-time educator in the science center and now, in her final months of college, as an Environmental Sciences Intern with Burns & McDonnell. Haney will graduate from Kansas State University this December 2018 with a major in Chemistry and Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences. UnionStation.org


Early Childhood Learning

Science City Grows Younger Just 13 months ago, Union Station announced plans

CREATIVE CORNER A versatile, multisensory area that can be programmed for infants through 3-year-olds and infants through 7-year-olds, according to day and demand. Open-ended arts and STEAM experiences will engage children to explore materials, develop fine motor skills and try out art making processes.

to grow younger as Science City expanded its focus to include early childhood engagement. With tremendous community support from the Hall Family Foundation and PNC Foundation – and a strategic plan informed by the renowned Boston Children’s Museum – three new early learning areas are emerging to create a powerful community resource to rival the best in the world. Here’s what to watch for in the coming months . . . LET’S PLAY! FOR LITTLE EXPLORERS A unique space designed for the developmental needs of children from infancy through age 3. This space will have multiple sensory and role-playing activities.

ALL ABOARD! An immersive environment for 4-to 7-year-old children featuring contemporary designs and interactives that encourage play, exploration, observation and collaborative problem solving in the context of trains and intermodal transportation


These new early childhood spaces will fill 13,000 square feet with a complete programmatic footprint of nearly 35,000 square feet. They are expected to open Winter 2019.


Union Station On Track • Winter 2018

All Reimagined Space new maker studio coming 2019! While

The Amazing Brain and Early Learning areas are under construction, the Maker Studio will also move to an exciting new purposebuilt location. Transitioning from the northwest to the southeast side of Science City, the new location will be closer to other Discovery Areas such as the Test Kitchen and Engineerium - a convenient location for groups with bookings. (Discovery Areas are prescheduled, programmed classroom spaces within Science City. For information on booking a trip for your group, visit UnionStation.org.) This new Maker Studio will add an additional 2,500 square feet to the entire footprint of Science City. And its form and functionality will be refined, creating five distinct “lab” areas - fabrication lab, digital lab, electronics lab, fiber lab, CNC lab and 3D Printing lab. Each lab can be transitioned into bigger or smaller workshop spaces to meet specific program needs. We’re growing and going in your Science City and can’t wait to show it all off! In the meantime, join us in anticipation of what’s happening in our construction zones. A short wait will soon reveal more amazing new hands-on fun for your entire science-thirsty family! ■ RIGHT & BELOW: New Maker Studio Concept Renderings



November 16th -21st: $3 Holiday Classic Movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

17th: “Holidays Come Alive” Kickoff Ceremony Line-up Includes: • Dance and Holiday stage performances, Letters to Santa, Strawberry Swing activities, Mesner Puppets, Face Painters, Balloon Artists, Kona Ice and more beginning at 10am • Largest indoor tree lighting ceremony as we kick off the season with a spectacular live performance by Quixotic beginning at 6:30pm • Mini Holiday Ride-On Train opens in Grand Plaza and is free for all riders 7-8:30pm

Plan Your Union S KC’s Largest Indoor Holiday Tree

17th - Jan 6th: New and Returning Favorites! Laser Holiday Magic and Laser Nutcracker in the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium

at Unio

Celebrate the magic of the ho winning fun and nostalgia at dream, explore, make, sing a events that are part of Kansa

22nd: All Union Station Attractions including Science City Closed for Thanksgiving 23rd - 29th: $3 Holiday Classic Movie: Elf 27th - Dec 22: Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! Presented by Theatre for Young America 30th - Dec 6th: $3 Holiday Classic Movie: Home Alone

Mini Holiday Express Train Schedule Members ride FREE! Non-Members $5 *Closed on Mondays, December 24, 25 and 31. Schedule is subject to change. Check UnionStation.org/Holidays for the latest details. Nov 17: Free for ALL riders, 7 - 8:30 pm Nov 18 - Dec 14: Tuesday thru Saturday: 10 am - 1:30 pm and 2 – 4 pm; Sunday: Noon - 1:30 pm and 2 - 5 pm Open Monday, Nov 19 10 am - 1:30 pm and 2 pm - 4 pm Dec 15 - 17: 10 am - 8 pm Dec 18: 10 am - 5 pm Dec 19 - Jan 1, 2019: 10 am - 5 pm


Union Station On Track • Winter 2018


Noon Year’s Eve

DECEMBER 1st - 2nd: Extended! Strawberry Swing’s “Holiday Swing” Indie Craft Fair 3rd: New! Canadian Pacific Holiday Train Learn more on page 26.

Trombone Christmas Concert

Station Holiday Season

4th - 29th: New! The Little Prince Presented by Mesner Puppet Theatre at the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium. Learn more on page 18. 7th - 18th: $3 Holiday Classic Movie Series: Polar Express PJ Party


7th: Holiday Family Night in Science City, 5:30 - 8:30 pm. Union Station Member Only event. 8th: Cell-a-brate the Holidays in Science City. Members get in FREE. 9th: Holiday Dance Showcase

on Station

14th – 18th: Kansas City Southern Holiday Express Train

olidays with a full season of awardyour historic Union Station. Laugh, and MORE at these one-of-a-kind as City’s holiday family traditions.

Back for its 18th year, the train rolls in with Santa, Mrs. Claus and their elves. Reservations open to Members first starting Nov. 25! 14th: 2 pm - 5 pm and Union Station Members only 6 pm - 8 pm 15th: 10 am - 8 pm 16th: 10 am - 8 pm 17th: 11am - 8 pm 18th: 11am - 5 pm 15th: Returning! Trombone Christmas Concert & Snow Globes Performance

New Year’s Swingin’ Eve

25th: All Union Station Attractions excluding the Regnier Extreme Screen Closed for Christmas 31: Noon Year’s Eve at Science City End 2018 with STEAM fun, 2000+ balloons and more at this 6th Annual event from Noon - 7 pm. Don’t miss out on the giant balloon drop at 6pm!

New Year’s Swingin’ Eve with Dave Stephens & the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra 7 Ring in 2019 in a venue like no other! Festivities will kick off at 8 p.m. in Grand Plaza. Buy your ticket today. This will sell out!

For complete details and full line-up, visit UnionStation.org/Holidays.



More Major Gifts Just Announced . . .

Support for Early Learning Initiative and Union Station Continues It’s both a cherished responsibility and an extreme privilege to be

the caretakers of Kansas City’s historic home. Union Station reaches deep into our collective history and challenges us to dream and plan big for an ever-changing and vibrant future. Our efforts are focused on our mission pillars – science education, celebration of community and preservation of history. Indeed, it’s a job taken seriously and with the greatest respect for all those – past and present – who invest time and treasure in our shared pursuit. In 1996, with the historic bi-state tax, Greater Kansas City invested in our iconic monument to save her from near-certain demise. In 2014, as Union Station marked her Centennial, you invested in our future again through our $8.4 Million Western Expansion Project and newly established Preservation and Endowment Funds. Then again in 2016 and 2017 – led by the Hall Family Foundation and PNC Foundation that together provided a $5 Million dollar investment toward our current $7.6 Million dollar Early Learning Initiative – Kansas City answered the call to make a meaningful and lasting difference. Now, as we bring 2018 to a close, the tradition of giving continues. And it’s with heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation we announce the following additional and generous investments in our Early Learning Initiative: • From the Edward F. Swinney Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee - $400,000

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation has also committed their support to enhance our youth and community maker focused programming and capacity building through a $425,000 grant. Making a gift to Union Station means making a difference to our entire community. We are so thankful and proud the respected Kansas City philanthropic community continues to support and empower Union Station to not only fulfill our mission, but exceed in delivering on promises made to each of you . . . a world-class experience and a place of great meaning, worthy of being called your historic home.■

In September 2018, the Hall Family Foundation celebrated

• The Marion and Henry Bloch Family Foundation - $325,000

its 75th Anniversary. We thank them for their dedication to

• The Ann and Gary Dickinson Family Charitable Foundation $100,000

enhancing the quality of human life through programs that enrich

• The Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation - $75,000

the community, help people and promote excellence. Discover more at hallfamilyfoundation.org

If you are interested in supporting Union Station, please contact Christy Nitsche, Director of Advancement & Community Engagement, at CNitsche@unionstation.org


Union Station On Track • Winter 2018

n. st Tow ! e tt n ut Ho et I ll O k e Ticll S Wi

A Travel Channel

“Featured National Pick” for New Year’s Eve!


Dave Stephens & KCJO 7


ONE PRICE INCLUDES: Unlimited Drinks Hot Appetizers • Two Dance Floors • And More! RETURNING! Speakeasy Lounge* including Private

Unlimited Premium Bar •Black Tie Appetizers • And More!

*Additional Fee

Tickets now on sale UnionStation.org

e l Eve labl a i ’s ai ec Sp Year w Av w No Ne age ck Pa



In collaboration with the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium and Mesner Puppet Theatre, “The Little Prince” will capture hearts and feed imaginations . . . For 75 years, The Little Prince has captured and held the world’s

imagination. It’s a touching fictional story that follows a pilot as he crashes into the Sahara desert and meets the little prince who retells his fantastical adventures across space. This all-time favorite bewitches the youngest and oldest audiences alike, asking them to look beneath the facade of life. Translated into over 250 languages, adapted for ballet, television, and film – and now in a first-of-its-kind collaboration, the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium and Mesner Puppet Theatre present a unique 3-dimensional experience for The Little Prince by Rick Cummins and John Scoullar adapted from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Even before Erika Baker, artistic associate at Mesner Puppet Theatre and director for this adaptation, received the green light to move forward, she knew the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium would be the perfect collaborative stage. “It makes sense in the Planetarium since so much of the story is about allowing yourself to be amazed and experience wonder, imagination, and creativity. To have the juxtaposition of the stars and planets all while the audience fills in gaps with their thoughts is really special,” said Baker. Beginning with hand-drawn sketches thru the physical construction of puppets – and all the trial and error in-between – few art forms are as all-encompassing as puppetry. From concept to creation, puppetry relies on visual, applied and performing arts to make stories come to life. Planning for the show began over a year ago: acquiring rights, holding actor auditions, and determining the best type of puppets for the venue (Rod Puppets, if you were wondering). Every single set piece, puppet, and digital illustration on the Planetarium dome are being specifically created for this show. With the challenge of a non-


Union Station On Track • Winter 2018

ABOVE: In the artist’s hand – The Little Prince puppets come to life.

traditional stage, Mesner Puppet Theatre was determined to create a unique experience. With the curve of the dome and the reclined seating, puppets were created bigger than normal for optimal viewing. But with additional height came concerns of additional weight. “Five pounds isn’t that much, but holding five pounds in the air for an extended period is a lot. Our character puppets are all hand sculpted from insulation foam – an extremely lightweight and manageable material, but this production is really stretching us in exciting ways,” said Baker. The Little Prince features all Kansas City actors. Each art piece is being created by the expert Mesner Puppet team. And digital illustrations to be shown on the giant planetarium dome are being created by Patrick Hess – Planetarium Specialist at Science City. In total, this beloved and timeless family story will be a spectacular visual immersion and experience unlike Kansas City audiences have ever seen. Let The Little Prince spark your imagination and take your family on a magical journey this holiday season at the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium. Tickets begin at $10 and are now on sale at UnionStation.org. ■

Show Dates: December 4th - 29th

k n i H T O H T I L T I M M SU






Dinosaurs Revealed: Journey Across America has fascinated over 100,000 enthusiastic guests


ince our June 30, 2018 grand opening of Dinosaurs Revealed, guests of every age have marveled at the massive and magnificent that defined prehistoric times. Indeed, dinosaurs do live on in our collective fascination with mysteries that have only begun to unfold. “We loved the attention to detail.” Every detail. From blinking eyes to bodies that move and breath, our 26 life-sized dinosaurs present a remarkable study of what we know, what we believe and what still remains unsolved regarding the dinosaurs that once roamed what is now North America. Additionally, guests are treated to a large, museum-quality collection of over 50 dinosaur fossils, 2 full-size skeletons and real dino bones to touch . . . giving the term “hands-on” a whole new meaning. Imagine, touching genuine bones, over 145 million years old. It’s a journey of a lifetime and one not to be missed. “In the exhibition, a Paleontologist described a real fossil hunt and showed us a few of his discoveries. We went home and started researching options to join a dinosaur expedition ourselves!” Far from a static display, Dinosaurs Revealed puts guests into the natural environments that existed from 100 to 60 million years ago. The sights, sounds and sizes presented together are immersive and impressive. Midway through the journey, guests stop at a “Paleontologist Hangout” to see fossil preparation and bone preservation efforts up close. Plus, at this working lab, our Paleo experts happily answer questions, describe and show off priceless discoveries and engage in discussions of their many fossil-hunting adventures. And a new augmented reality experience invites guests to stand alongside and interact with life-size dinos and capture it all on camera to share with friends. “Back To The Jurassic” is a cutting edge augmented reality experience recently added to the Dinosaurs Revealed exhibition. An instant hit, this immersive technology presents some of the world’s favorite dinosaurs in brilliantly realistic animation and sensational ambient sound. Best of all, each guest has the chance to interact with the virtual creatures,


Union Station On Track • Winter 2018

see themselves on a huge screen and take a picture as a one-of-akind, share-worthy souvenir . . . and there’s no extra charge for this high-tech prehistoric encounter! School groups, as part of their Dinosaurs Revealed visit, now have the option to attend a live theatre-style Dinosaur Discovery presented by a trained Science City educator. At no extra charge, this 45-minute add-on has proven to be wildly popular! These 45-minute sessions are scheduled multiple times each month and are offered as a prelude to the actual Dinosaurs Revealed Gallery. Feedback from teachers and reactions by students has been overwhelming and positive. To find more details, call Katlyn Baker at 816-460-2093 or email at kbaker@unionstation.org. Make Dinosaurs Revealed: Journey Across America part of your holiday plans. Experience it all before it’s extinct! Tickets start as low as $12.50 for Members and special after-hour group visits and private events are now available. It’s an educational journey millions of years in the making and it invites you to discover what’s buried in your own backyard. ■

• Learn about the latest dinosaur discoveries • Touch real dinosaur bones - up to 145 million years old • See over 50 priceless dinosaur fossils plus dozens of fossil casts • Consider the outcome of two full dinosaur skeletons staged for battle • Interact with virtual technologies that help explain prehistoric mysteries • Listen as real paleontologists explain and demonstrate their work • Roam a massive gallery of life-sized animatronic dinosaurs • Uncover a complete recreated skeleton at the dino dig site



Holiday Classic Movies Return

to the Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre Few things bring back the holiday spirit quite like a classic holiday

movie that touches your heart and tickles your funny bone. For the sixth straight year, Union Station is THE Kansas City destination for your all-time favorites . . . and at an exceptional $3 per ticket price! The movies are familiar as are the most memorable lines from each. And that’s part of the joy in experiencing them with family and friends all over again on the region’s biggest movie screen. “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Remember that one?

Or how about, “One thing about trains: It doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on.”? And who can forget, “It’s a one year membership to the Jelly of the Month Club.”? Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! This season, join your favorite movie characters and relive your favorite moments at the most popular rekindle-the-holiday-spirit place in town . . . Union Station. Bring the kids, cozy up in our big, new theatre chairs, relax and enjoy every moment. Even wear your PJ’s to Polar Express! But don’t wait to get your $3 tickets. They go fast.

Holiday Movie Series

Movie Lineup

November 30 – December 6: Home Alone “Keep the change, ya filthy animal.”

November 16 – 21: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

December 7 – 18: Polar Express PJ Party

“It’s not going in the yard, Russ. It’s going in the living room.”

“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”

November 23 – 29: Elf “We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.”


Union Station On Track • Winter 2018

Keep in mind that at only $3/ticket, these movies sell out every year. So, don’t wait, buy your tickets today . . . either online at unionstation. org or in-person at our Union Station ticket office. Plus, if you’re a Member, don’t forget to take advantage of your TASTY discount on popcorn at our Theatre Concessions. Visit unionstation.org for full schedule and showtimes. ■

Meet the Board

Celebrating at Union Station

Danette Wilson President & CEO, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City • Joined Union Station Board of Directors August 2015; Elected Secretary June 2017. • Danette is dedicated to improving Kansas City’s healthcare system, making healthcare more affordable and helping Blue KC adapt in a changing healthcare environment. • Her commitment to the Kansas City community extends into her roles on multiple local boards including the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and the Kansas City Civic Council. • Danette earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska. “Union Station is a true Kansas City landmark – not just a transportation hub, but a cultural and historical gathering place for all people. I’ve heard it described as our city’s front porch where all are welcome, and I think that’s a great description. Blue KC finds opportunities to share Union Station with our employees for everything from employee meetings to our 80th anniversary celebration. I appreciate George Guastello and his outstanding team, and I know that Union Station’s ongoing success is a direct result of their efforts. It’s an honor to serve on the Board with other area leaders so committed to the preservation and continued development of this important place.”

In May 2018, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City celebrated their 80th Anniversary with over 1,000 employees in Haverty Family Yards.

Charles Sosland President & CEO, Sosland Companies, Inc. • Joined Union Station Board of Directors 2018 – Welcome! • Charles is an advisory board member of the Commerce Bank of Kansas City, N.A., a member of the board of trustees of UMKC, the Linda Hall Library and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. • Charles is a member of the disbursement committee of the Oppenstein Brothers Foundation and a director and current chairman of the Sosland Foundation, both charitable foundations funding not-for-profit agencies for children, education & arts and health services. • A native of Kansas City, Missouri, he is married to Jeanne Ryan Sosland with three children and four grandchildren. ■

ABOVE: Courtesy: Sosland Publishing Company

Hundreds of guests attended the 41st Annual Sosland Publishing Purchasing Seminar’s opening night reception in Union Station’s Grand Plaza on June 3, 2018.

2018 UNION STATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ramón Murguía, Chairman Murguía Law Offices

Bucky Brooks, Copaken Brooks

Dr. Thomas Sack, MRIGlobal

Ray Kowalik, Vice Chairman

Jon Cook, VMLY&R

Charles Sosland, Sosland Companies, Inc.

Mayor Michael Copeland, City of Olathe, KS

Mayor Sly James (Ex-Officio), City of Kansas City, MO

Burns & McDonnell

Michael R. Haverty, Civic Leader

Mayor Peggy J. Dunn, Treasurer City of Leawood, KS

R. Crosby Kemper III, Kansas City Public Library

George Guastello, President & CEO Union Station Kansas City, Inc.

Danette Wilson, Secretary Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City

Dan Lowe, Legacy Development Leo Morton, DeBruce Companies


Robert D. Regnier, Bank of Blue Valley




Jan 25–27 Kauffman Center Feb 12 Lied Center of Kansas 913-701-SHOW • ShenYun.com

“Absolutely the No.1 show in the world.” —Kenn Wells, former lead dancer of the English National Ballet

“There is a massive power in this that can embrace the world. It brings great hope… It is truly a touch of heaven.” —Daniel Herman, former Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic

“This is the highest and the best of what humans can produce.” —Olevia Brown-Klahn, singer and musician

Q: Who should consider purchasing a Membership? A: As a mother of three children of varying ages myself, the value provided in a Union Station membership is endless. There is literally something for everyone - whether it’s a date night or a family outing. There are great special events for all ages: dances, community events, free holiday events, Science City signature events and more. And we just continue to add to that line-up every year. From my perspective, everyone should have a Union Station Membership. The value is there and the opportunity to support Kansas City’s historic home is priceless.

Q: What are the main benefits of a Union Station Membership?

Membership Matters

Especially for the Holidays!

Q&A with Christy Nitsche, Union Station Director of Advancement and Community Engagement

A: Members enjoy deep discounts to world-class attractions such as our current Dinosaurs Revealed exhibition, free and unlimited admission to Science City, Member-only rates to special events such as Maker Faire Kansas City, and so much more. Membership also provides great holiday benefits including priority reservations for the very popular Kansas City Southern Holiday Express Train and free mini train rides. We continue asking, listening and responding to our Members in order to bring the best and most value possible. That’s what attracts our very loyal Member families and that’s why we now enjoy 10,000 Member households . . . an all-time high!

Q: What makes a Union Station Membership particularly valuable? A: The Membership aspect about which we hear most often is also what we hear about Union Station itself. We’re a year-round experience. No matter the season, there’s always something fun and engaging happening here. Members aren’t limited to just a few months of use or a limited number of visits. Our Members find that flexibility ultimately favorable.

Q: What is the price of Membership? A: Union Station Membership is offered at several levels. An individual membership begins at only $55. A family of four is $95. If a Member family visits Science City just two times a year, they have already saved more than the price of their Membership. The value is immediate, significant and lasting. These low prices also make Union Station Membership a terrific gift and we see a real surge of these gift Memberships during the holidays. Now is the perfect time for you to consider this option!

Q: Are Memberships tax deductible? A: Yes – The price of a Membership is 100% tax deductible, making it a wonderful vehicle through which to support Union Station and help preserve our magnificent and important history as well as our current array of offerings. You can purchase online or in person at our Box Office. ■



The “Clickety Clack” of Holiday Trains

Welcome Kansas City Home For generations, the sounds of approaching passenger trains

drove the excited anticipation of reuniting with loved ones for the holidays. A lonesome steam engine whistle. The clickety clack of rail cars moving ever closer across cold tracks. From small town depots to our grand Union Station, the scene was the same. Smiles. Hugs. Familiar faces. And new introductions. Those moments made for priceless memories . . . and they still do. Trains still deliver family and friends to our historic Station. And train cars of every size still backdrop both old and new Union Station traditions that are cherished moments for families from every corner of our community. For this holiday season, plan to be part of Union Station’s magical train experiences. Many are familiar. A few are brand new . . . • Holiday model trains will once again anchor our magnificent and expanded scenic winter wonderland located in the north end of our Grand Plaza (historic North Waiting Room). Well over 10,000 square feet of stunning, moving visuals to capture imaginations of every age. Free and open every day! • Mini Holiday Ride-On Train (originally the Jones Store train) will also circle the north end of Grand Plaza and provide rides for your little ones from November 17, 2018 thru January 1, 2019. Be sure to check online at unionstation.org/holidays for specific times and occasional closed dates. Free for Members and $5 for non-members. • Polar Express PJ Party will happen multiple times each day December 7 – 18 in our Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre. Children are encouraged to wear their pajamas as you enjoy this absolute favorite holiday movie on KC’s biggest screen. $3/ticket and be sure to reserve yours early, as this is our most popular holiday classic.


Union Station On Track • Winter 2018

• Canadian Pacific (CP) Holiday Train is a FREE onenight only experience, Monday, December 3 at 8pm. The train consists of a locomotive and 14 brightly decorated railcars, each decked out in thousands of technology-leading LED lights. Headliner, Willy Porter will perform a live concert from a stage that opens from the side of a boxcar. • Kansas City Southern Holiday Express Train – a Union Station tradition and back for the 18th year. Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive on this enchanted walk-thru train – along with their elves – for a visit December 14 thru 18. Admission is FREE but reservations are STRONGLY recommended and available online at unionstation. org/holidays beginning December 2 with Member reservations starting November 25. There’s simply no denying that trains and holiday traditions go together. Always have. Likely always will. And here at Union Station, the chances for your family to participate in them is bigger than ever for 2018. Model trains hustling around dozens of tracks. Movie trains filling the big screen. A giant steam engine followed by new magical cars mesmerizing overhead. And, of course, the chance to answer the “All Aboard” to real train cars all decked out for the season. Can you hear it? The clickety clack sound is approaching and you are being called to greet your soon-arriving Union Station holiday train traditions! ■

Holiday Gift Guide

As you make your holiday shopping list, consider these unique gifts that can be found right here at Union Station. Members save 10% every day!

SCIENCE WEARABLES Let’s get pun-ny! Select a fun, science-themed shirt for someone on your holiday list. BOXED SCIENCE Need an activity the whole family will enjoy? From food science to chemistry, there are plenty of science toolkits to engineer some fun! PLUSH TOYS From a t-rex to triceratops and an apatosaurus, pick your favorite dino to give your young paleontologist. BOOKS FOR THOUGHT Young or old, there are books for all interests.

UNION STATION MEMBERS ENJOY A SPECIAL 30% DISCOUNT November 23-25 and December 10-14

UNION STATION ORNAMENT Give a Station keepsake to someone who loves Kansas City, trains and holiday ornaments. All of these gifts and many more are available at the Science City Store and Kansas City Store.

Y our fam i ly wi ll lo ve it!

• Science Demonstrations • Science Stage Show


Noon-7 pm


• Maker Activities • HUGE Balloon Drop

Avoid the line.

Preorder your tickets today! Regular admission rates apply. FREE for Union Station Members!



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ON TRACK Winter 2018  

Union Station's ON TRACK Magazine

ON TRACK Winter 2018  

Union Station's ON TRACK Magazine


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