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New Science City Outdoor Exhibit Opens to Rave Reviews


Generous Gift Supports Union Station Expansion Project And Challenges Kansas Citians to Help Close Final Gap


Community Invited to Participate in Historic Preservation Project Restoration Accelerates 25-Year Plan


Major Milestones Marked

KC Streetcar Celebrates First Birthday


Mummies of the World: The Exhibition

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Largest Collection of Real Mummies Ever Assembled


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Historic Union Station Brings Back Flood of Family Memories History Repeats Itself at “Dance at the Depot” Live Big Band Music Welcomed Nearly 600

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Mission Statement Union Station Kansas City, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is dedicated to science education, celebration of community and preservation of history.


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No Escaping “Escape Room” Success A New Adventure Awaits Around Every Corner

COVER: Simple Machines At Play Opening Event 2017. Union Station, Science City and Haverty Family Yards. Courtesy: Burns & McDonnell

ABOVE: Courtesy: M. Norcross UnionStation.org


Above: Scenes from exterior preservation project. Courtesy: Roy Inman Photographs ©

Union Station Proves A Body In Motion Stays In Motion Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion are among the most familiar

of scientific principals, and have been popularly applied to objects, causes, companies, people, particles and more. In fact, the realities of force, motion, inertia and acceleration can be seen and felt everywhere we turn. They are so apparent—so common—we often discount them as rather unremarkable. No wonder then the surprise we feel when an organization once active and vibrant becomes lethargic, ineffective and even obsolete. What happened? “They were doing so well,” we say. Fortunately for us all, Union Station is “a body in motion” and even “accelerating.” And we intend to maintain that disposition. That’s great news and evidence to support that our ongoing ambition and success is all around. In the last two years, we: • Announced, kicked off and have now nearly completed a massive $8 million Western Expansion Project • Reimagined and reengineered our Gottlieb Planetarium into a world-class destination—just in time for the solar eclipse • Installed luxury seating and new lighting in our Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre • Started a 12-month, proactive $1.6 million Exterior Restoration and Preservation Project • Announced an ambitious and transformative Science City Early Learning Initiative • Secured and opened more new International Exhibitions— Mummies of the World being our most recent, and running through the end of 2017 • Concluded POMPEII: The Exhibition with a final guest count of 140,000 • Created and produced more new and successful Special Events and Seasonal Celebrations On one hand, this list seems exhausting, but exhilarating on the other. We are most certainly in motion at your Union Station and it’s primarily driven by one enthusiastic outside force . . . you! You’ve helped set the bar high for us, with expectations for the remarkable.


Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017

You’ve visited and left comments of praise and a few of improvements. We’ve listened, acted, listened more and maintained constant motion. We will not become “a body at rest.” Isaac Newton knew a few universal truths to be sure. He observed, calculated, tested, replicated and found profound absolutes (laws of the universe) all around him. From his work, we have the comfort and certainty as to what type of reaction we can expect from certain actions we take. And, from that certainty comes trust. Trust in our case is that as we continue to make investments in Union Station, Science City, the Gottlieb Planetarium, our Theatres, Attractions and guest conveniences, you will continue investing some of your time to bring family and friends to learn, play and enjoy it all with us. If you’re a Union Station Member, your actions already speak volumes. Help us remain a “body in motion” with your enthusiasm and support by inviting another individual or family to join. We’ll keep moving and evolving if you’ll keep visiting and supporting. That’s the simple reality here at Kansas City’s historic home and center for science education and exploration. Warm Regards,

George Guastello President & CEO

Robert Regnier

Chairman of the Board

P.S. With the closing of POMPEII: The Exhibition, we’d like to give a special thanks to the sponsors: Presented by Bank of America®; Sponsored by Molle Automotive Group, Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund; Supported by Cervasi, Cascone’s, John & Marny Sherman, Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center.



Simple Machines Make For Brilliant Fun

Above: Opening day celebration of Simple Machines At Play. Courtesy: Burns & McDonnell

New Science City outdoor exhibit opens to rave reviews and instant rewards for all involved . . . The final countdown was underway. Five hundred elementary

students were supercharged and ready to rocket . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 Confetti cannons shot into the sky. Music and excited screams filled the mid-morning air. The latest in spectacular new Science City attractions was open for a brand new kind of play. That was May 2nd, 2017. What a morning to be at Union Station and part of the grand opening of Simple Machines At Play, the latest realization of Burns & McDonnell’s Battle of the Brains competition. The 13,582 sq. ft. interactive Science City outdoor exhibit opened and attracted instant local, regional and national attention. Nine Mason Elementary (Lee’s Summit, MO) students – along with their teacher – inspired the $1 million project with their winning Battle of the Brains K-12 STEM competition entry. And on this day, what once only existed as notions on paper came to reality in bigger-thanlife, interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) experiences to be enjoyed by all ages. “Wow, what a morning to be celebrating at Kansas City’s internationally-awarded Science City,” said George Guastello, Union Station’s president and CEO. “Everyone in attendance at this epic grand opening was off-the-charts excited. Burns & McDonnell once again delivered a truly unbelievable gift to Kansas City with Simple Machines At Play. And, to see the inspiration of those young students take the shape of our first-ever Science City outdoor experience . . . well, it’s a moment none of us will soon forget.” In November of 2015, the proposal from the Mason Elementary students edged out 510 other entries from 210 schools to win top


Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017

prize: a $50,000 grant for their school to use for STEM education, plus the opportunity to work alongside Burns & McDonnell professionals to design and construct Simple Machines At Play.

“Seeing their faces light up when they saw their classroom sketches transformed into a million-dollar exhibit at one of the nation’s premiere science centers — is truly a moment I will never forget,” says Ray Kowalik, chairman and CEO, Burns & McDonnell. “It’s a privilege to be part of a process where children not only give STEM a chance – but discover it’s fun and cool. And they were rightfully treated like rock stars at their school!” “We didn’t just win a competition. We won a chance to experience a variety of STEM careers for more than a year,” says Jenny Reidlinger, teacher at Mason Elementary. “We visited Burns & Mac and Science City multiple times to help shape the design and construction process. I have no doubt there are future STEM professionals in my class thanks to Battle of the Brains.” Simple Machines At Play is based on the six simple machines, or mechanical devices, that have transformed our world by letting us

do more work with less effort. By changing direction and the amount of force applied, simple machines help lift, pull, push, turn, cut, split and fasten. “One big reason Science City is unique and admired is we’re turning to our customers – children, parents and educators – to help shape their own experiences,” says Guastello. “Humans (and many animals) have looked for better ways to do things with tools since the beginning of time,” says LeAnn Smith, Director of STEM Programming and Outreach, Science City at Union Station. “We find or create tools to help us accomplish tasks we can’t do on our own and Simple Machines At Play provides kids with powerful examples of this. All the interactives are fun and engaging, for those using them and those just watching them work.”

Simple Machines at Play Features: • LEVER LIFT – A beam that moves around a fixed point or fulcrum. Test your strength by trying to lift a globe using different ropes hanging from a beam. • JUST PLANE ZIPPY – Two exhilarating zip lines that double as inclined planes. Discover how applying force allows you to “zip” faster.

• ACCELERATION PLANE – Experience how gravity works against friction by placing a variety of weighted wheels at the top of each ramp, then letting go.

• THE WHEEL DEAL – Feel how a wheel and axle make work easier. When you apply force, a wheel rotates on an axle, reducing friction to make it easier to move an object.

And the experience of Science City outdoors hasn’t stopped with the kids. Adult-aged groups have booked time to tap into their curiosity for a better understanding of these transformative inventions. “Over the summer, we had a group of math teachers visit Science City as part of a professional development experience with the University of Missouri – Kansas City and the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City,” says Jeff Rosenblatt, Director of Science City Exhibits. “The teachers had a blast playing on the equipment while analyzing their underlying math principles. In total, this new, larger-than-life setting provides an ideal platform for Science City staff to engage guests of all ages.” Over the past nine years, Burns & McDonnell has invested nearly $6 million on six major exhibits, transforming Science City. The Battle of the Brains competitions alone have attracted participation of 11,000 children from 50 area school districts. And, there’s more to come. Burns & McDonnell has already launched a fourth Battle of the Brains. Sign up now through September 8, 2017. Go to BOTBKC.com for all of the key dates and details. “We are committed to inspiring and developing the next generation of STEM professionals,” Kowalik says. “From curing diseases to uncovering new technologies, STEM is critical to our future. That’s why we will never stop mentoring and inspiring leaders of tomorrow.” ■ Above: Courtesy: Burns & McDonnell

• PULLEY POWER – Pull a rope looped around a wheel on an axle to pack a lot of power. By changing the direction of the force applied, you can lift a bowling ball with ease.

• WEDGE IT – A unique climbing wall demonstrates how wedges help lift or separate objects with less effort. Your hands and feet also serve as wedges when climbing.

• SCREW SLIDER – Discover the power behind the screws — the threads. The closer the threads, the easier it is to turn.

• LUCKEY CLIMBER – A unique climbing structure that doubles as sculptural art. It spans three stories and provides expansive views of the entire space. ScienceCity.com

Above: Scenes from the Simple Machines At Play opening event.

THE 2017 COMPETITION IS HERE! Inspired By Kids, Built By Burns & Mcdonnell

Above: Julee Koncak, Foundation Director of Burns & McDonnell, and Ray Kowalik, CEO of Burns & McDonnell, proudly showcase the 4th return of Battle of the Brains at the opening of Simple Machines At Play.

It’s Kansas City’s most exciting K-12 STEM competition — Burns & McDonnell Battle of the Brains. Metro area schools can earn a piece of $155,000-plus in grants for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education by dreaming up an exhibit concept for Union Station’s Science City — and one school sees their idea come to life in a big way. That winning school could be yours! Sign up now at BOTBKC.com and get ready for battle!

And, mark your calendar with these key dates: NOW – SEPT 8: Sign-Up OCT 16 – 25: Upload Your Proposal OCT 26 – NOV 15: Judging NOV 16: Top 20 Finalists Announced NOV 17 – 24: Public Voting NOV 30: Awards Ceremony at Union Station There’s no cost for schools to participate and the benefits of participation are enormous. So, what are you waiting for? Visit BOTBKC.com and let the battle begin!

Celebrate the moments that matter

Photo Credit: Brian Turner

Photo Credit: Roy Inman

at Union Station

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Above: New spaces and conveniences created as part of Western Expansion project. Top Row: Courtesy: Roy Inman Photographs ©

Generous Gift Supports Union Station Expansion Project and Challenges Kansas Citians to Help Close Final Gap A sampling of recent guest comments regarding Union Station’s

Western Expansion Project include the phrases, “Union Station shines brighter than ever” and “thank you for continuing to make each visit even better than the last.” No doubt, as the final construction walls come down and new venues are opened, these validations will increase and amplify. Another enthusiastic validation recently came in the form of a grant of $200,000 from the Harry Wilson Loose Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee. This significant grant – along with other anticipated sources of support – will help bring successful closure to the Station’s massive $8.4 million expansion and guest experience project. “This generous grant from the Harry Wilson Loose Trust puts us approximately $200,000 away from our total fundraising goal,” Bob Regnier, Union Station Board Chairman, says. “This is a significant step and request to the Kansas City community to help us cross the finish line as we wind down the final construction phase of our project. We are proud to have earned our way into the hearts and minds of so many local and regional supporters already. One more push and we’re there.”


Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017

Over the last 18 months, Kansas City has already seen and felt the significance of this project as various elements and phases have been completed: • New Carriage Pavilion Bridge and Pedestrian Walkway • New South Festival Plaza and Parking Improvements • Science City Outdoor Expansion featuring Simple Machines At Play • Union Station Transit Terminal Renovation and Activation Area • Haverty Family Yards Outdoor Festival and Event Area Other project elements to be completed and open in 2017 include: • New Ticketing Center featuring: – Easy proximity to the Theater District, Grand Hall and the Science Center via the Space Portal – Expandable cueing for easy access to tickets and information – Displays for upcoming attractions and ticket package information on new video boards – Multiple customer service stations • Remodeled Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre lobby

• New connecting portal joining Science City, The Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium, Extreme Screen, Bank of America Gallery and Innovation Center • Innovation Center – Two large rooms (1,300 - 1,400 square feet) that can be made into one contiguous space via full-height moveable walls. Rooms can also be opened to include the Extreme Screen lobby, new outdoor Trellis Space and Haverty Family Yards. This configuration allows the accommodation of hundreds of people for functions and events of all kinds. – State of the art AV for presentations and movies – Seating capacity of up to 150 for school group lunches, 100+ in classroom type seating and 40+ in meeting configuration with tables – Direct access to a catering kitchen for dining events

“Every donation to this historic project helps ensure Union Station’s vibrancy for generations to come,” George Guastello, president and CEO of Union Station says. “We invite the community to come together in support and bring this capital campaign to a successful close.” Donors to the capital campaign include the Arvin Gottlieb Charitable Foundation, Bi-State Commission, Bloch Family Foundation, Burns & McDonnell Foundation, City of Kansas City, MO, Gary Dickinson Family Charitable Foundation, Goppert Family Foundation, Hall Family Foundation, Harry Wilson Loose Trust, Michael and Marlys Haverty Family Foundation, Missouri Development Finance Board, Rainen Family Foundation, Royals Charities, Schutte Foundation, Sunderland Foundation and others. The Harry Wilson Loose Trust, Bank of America, N.A.,Trustee has a long history of supporting a variety of projects benefiting the citizens of Kansas City, Missouri. ■

DONATE: Individuals or businesses interested in being part of our expansion project should contact Union Station’s Director of Advancement and Community Engagement, Christy Nitsche at 816-460-2208 or CNitsche@UnionStation.org. Above: Scenes from Western Expansion project. Second Row, Left and Right, and Bottom Row Left: Courtesy: Roy Inman Photographs © UnionStation.org


Above: Mid-Continental Restoration Company experts begin preservation project. Left, Center, & Bottom Right, Courtesy: Roy Inman Photographs ©

Union Station Invites Community Participation in Historic Preservation Project Restoration Accelerates 25-Year Plan and Ensures Integrity and Beauty of Beloved National Landmark High atop Union Station’s historic North Waiting Room and

extending over 45 feet above the roofline, an expert team of contractors can be seen rigged to scaffolding and undertaking a delicate 12-month project to clean, restore and protect nearly every inch of historic limestone surface, mortar line and caulked joint around the massive Station. By the end of the project, more than 15,600 hours will be devoted to this proactive restoration. “As our Board of Directors and Leadership Team continues to look around the corner for what’s next at Union Station, of critical importance is to stay ahead of the curve in maintaining the beauty, integrity and longevity of our physical structures,” Bob Regnier, Union Station Board Chairman, says. “This is one of the many advantages of ongoing financial success at the Station . . . being able to proactively put investment where it matters most. And in this case, maintaining and protecting our 103-year-old treasure is a priority of the highest order.” The total effort is divided into three phases expected to be complete in spring of 2018. Each phase is tied to specific exterior areas of the original Station and is best described as periodic and routine maintenance, but on a very large scale.


Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017

WHAT’S TO COME? Specifically, the detailed, specialized and technical work includes: • Cleaning nearly 20 years of environmental accumulation and discoloration from the historic limestone exterior surfaces • Repairing mortar joints between limestone blocks to maintain their aesthetic and structural integrity • Caulking and sealing all other exterior joints to prevent water intrusion and deterioration MEET THE EXPERTS Heading up the team of experts is Roofing Solutions, Inc., Structural Engineering Associates, and Mid-Continental Restoration Company, all exceptionally qualified regional leaders and intimately familiar with Union Station. Mid-Continental Restoration has a 60year history of similar and successful preservation work, including the North Dakota State Capitol, Arkansas State Capitol, as well as interior and exterior masonry cleaning and repair on Union Station in 1997 during the original restoration and reopening project.

“It’s always a privilege to be invited to restore and preserve pieces of history,” Matt Deloney, Vice President, Mid-Continental Restoration, says. “And when the structure — like Union Station — is such a big part of our collective community memory, the significance is amplified. What our crews are doing is as much of an art as it is science. In fact, most of this work on the Station is done by hand with hand tools and small specialty power tools. It’s delicate, precise and essential to maintaining and extending the life of these exposed surfaces. We know 100 years from now, people will look back and appreciate the attitude of obligation Union Station has today to preserve history to be enjoyed by generations to come.” Structural Engineering Associates has been providing structural engineering services for almost 25 years at Union Station including work leading up to and including the major renovation in the 1990s.

Above: A pallet of mortar mix is lifted onto Union Station’s historic roof. Courtesy: Roy Inman Photographs ©

THE FACTS In addition to the enormous human effort, this project will use: • The equivalent of 1,200 tubes of caulking – The typical home requires 10 tubes to re-caulk windows, doors and seams • Over 1,000 bags of mortar – The typical brick or stone home requires 10 bags • 1,100 gallons of Enviro Klean ReKlaim Limestone Cleaner (all applied by hand) • 1,300 gallons of Natural Stone Treatment Water Repellant to protect stone surfaces and slow future biological growth and staining. • 9,500 lineal feet of lead joint T-Cap installed to protect the skyward-facing stone joints from water infiltration.

HOW IS THIS PROJECT FUNDED? “The total investment we’re making to complete this important preservation work is $1.6 million and will be funded through a combination of sources, including our Union Station Preservation Fund (accumulated from a $1.00 charge added to each Science City and Touring Exhibition ticket sold), operating income and a direct fundraising effort already underway,” George Guastello, Union Station president and CEO, says. “As our massive $8 million Western Expansion project heads quickly toward completion, we’re stepping up with this next significant preservation project and the community reaction to these investments has been, and continues to be, overwhelmingly positive. Union Station is Kansas City’s historic home and will always hold that place of honor, as long as we collectively do what it takes to preserve and maintain it.” Union Station is a 501(c)3 non-profit and receives no ongoing tax or public funding to support capital and operations. “We rely on earned income and donations to preserve Union Station,” Guastello, says. “We invite the entire community to do their part in preserving this jewel by donating online at UnionStation.org.” No disruption to normal Union Station business is anticipated during the year-long preservation work. “The 12-person crew is scheduled to work Monday – Thursday, 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.,” Jerry Baber, Union Station executive vice president and COO, says. “At no time will visitor access or experience be diminished. Besides the visual spectacle of the professionals working up high to preserve the exterior, our award-winning attractions and beautiful event spaces will remain open and the new guest conveniences of our Western Expansion projects will be fully felt.” By combining several preservation projects — including elements from the Union Station 25-year maintenance plan — into one, additional efficiencies are being realized. “Being good stewards of Union Station is all inclusive,” Regnier, said. “Combining several preservation projects at once — even slightly ahead of schedule — is resulting in real savings which allows us to maximize the impact of our investment dollars. And, of course, support from the community is always invited and appreciated. Individuals or businesses interested in being part of preserving our historic monument should connect with Christy Nitsche for a complete list of opportunities. Caring for Kansas City’s historic home is indeed a proud and welcomed obligation we each have.” ■

TO MAKE A DONATION Contact Christy Nitsche, Director of Advancement & Community Engagement, 816.460.2208 or CNitsche@UnionStation.org



WHERE IS THE KC STREETCAR? Take the guesswork out of tracking the KC Streetcar by downloading the newest cross-platform (iOS/ Android) transit app by KCityPost. This free app provides directional information, number of streetcars on the route, and estimated time of the next streetcar arrival. KCStreetcar.org/Route/ Streetcar-Tracker Above: Local musician Kemet “The Phantom” Coleman joins Kansas City Mayor Sly James to sing “Happy Birthday” wishes to the KC Streetcar. Courtesy: Roy Inman Photographs ©

Major Milestones Marked

KC Streetcar Celebrates First Birthday at Union Station C

onfetti, balloons, music, family activities and lots of cake welcomed an enthusiastic crowd to Union Station on Saturday, May 6, 2017, to celebrate the KC Streetcar’s first birthday. And, of course, a beautifully decorated KC Streetcar was a perfectly positioned backdrop as party hosts each took the stage to amplify the occasion and praise all those who’ve helped create the tremendous first-year success. “Happy First Birthday, KC Streetcar,” shouted and sang Mayor Sly James with local musician Kemet “The Phantom” Coleman. The crowd responded with equal bravado. 1 year . . . 2 miles . . . 4 streetcars . . . average daily ridership of 5,860 (in 2016) and more than two million total trips later, Ride KC Streetcar© mission driven goals to connect, develop, thrive and sustain have proven wildly successful. “I find it hard to believe that over twelve months ago, the KC Streetcar team—along with our partners—were excitedly preparing for the opening of the KC Streetcar system, the first system of its kind to operate in the region since 1957,” explains Tom Gerend, Executive Director, KC Streetcar Authority. “Together, we have reimagined how people access, enjoy, and feel about Downtown Kansas City. The KC Streetcar has made its mark in a big way and set a new trajectory for Downtown Kansas City.” Guests to the Streetcar’s community birthday event included Mayor Sly James, City Manager Troy Schulte, Council Members Jermaine Reed, Scott Taylor and Scott Wagner, and Union Station president and CEO George Guastello. The event was a prime example of how the KC Streetcar serves as a connector, while supporting the health and vibrancy of existing businesses and residents. “The KC Streetcar has exceeded all expectations and become far more than the sum of its parts,” George Guastello, Union Station president and CEO, says. “As the busiest stop on the line, Union Station and our newly finished East Transit Plaza Terminal welcome thousands of daily riders. Local and out-of-town visitors alike step off and marvel at the juxtaposition of the modern Streetcar against the historic and vibrant transportation center that is Union Station. History is certainly repeating itself and we’re thrilled to play such an important part in this major Kansas City success.” ■ Two days after the birthday celebrations, KC Streetcar reached its largest daily ridership to date with 17,267!


Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017

Coming to Downtown? Park & ride from Union Station.

NEW MISSOURI NATIVE PLANT GARDENS WELCOME UNION STATION GUESTS TO EAST TRANSIT PLAZA “Union Station, Kansas City’s living room, and Powell Gardens, Kansas City’s backyard, make great partners! We are so honored to have a footprint at one of the region’s great institutions and look forward to the relationship growing.” Tabitha Schmidt, President & Executive Director of Powell Gardens

“The 18 plant types used in the design have been carefully selected from the vast variety of plants native to Missouri, based on their growth habits and seasonal interest. I want those who pass by to experience the dynamic changes of the Midwest’s growing season, such as the movement of the grasses and the changing color palette ranging from cool blue and yellow in the spring, to hot pink, yellow and red in the summer, to brown, red and purple in the fall. My intention was also to encourage the public to look at native plants as ornamentals and break the common perception of them as ‘weeds’. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I have enjoyed designing these gardens specifically for Union Station.” Ania Wiatr, Senior Gardener at Powell Gardens

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Real Mummies • Real Science • Real People

The Largest Collection of Real Mummies and Related Artifacts Ever Assembled Open to the Public through January 1 only at Union Station More than 1.6 million people across the country have attended Mummies, one of

the most popular touring exhibitions in the world. The collection explores the link between mummies, science and medicine, and represents the largest exhibition of real mummies preserved both naturally and intentionally. “We knew this exhibition was going to appeal to a variety of interests,” George Guastello, president and CEO of Union Station, says. “It is filled with elements of science, history, ancient civilizations and mystery on multiple levels. Based on early guest engagement, it’s fair to say we have another hit on our hands!” What makes this exhibition so compelling? Well, quite literally, inside every mummy is a story waiting to be told. Through modern science and technology, their secrets are revealed. The exhibition tells the story of the mummies and mummification using state-of-the-art multimedia, hands-on interactive stations and cutting-edge 3D animation. Visitors come face-to-face with mummies from nearly every region of the world, providing a window into their lives. “Mummies of the World tells thousands of years of captivating stories,” John Norman, president, Exhibitions International, says. “The public has a huge fascination with mummies because they were once people like you and I. They represent something between life and death, and they capture the attention of audiences across the spectrum of interests.” The exhibition features a group of unique and fascinating mummies and artifacts on loan from 12 world-renowned museums, organizations and collections from five countries. Mummies inside the exhibition include the Burns Collection, a historic collection of medical


Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017

Described as “fascinating, intriguing, and inspiring,” by NBC, “absolutely extraordinary” by NPR and a “must see,” by FOX TV, Mummies of the World will instill a sense of curiosity and wonder in each and every visitor.

mummies dating back to the early 19th century. The mummies have been used to teach anatomy, pathology and surgery during the early stages of medical education. The exhibit also features the Mummy of the University of Maryland at Baltimore (MUMAB), a modern-day mummy. The first of its kind, MUMAB was created in 1994 by Egyptologist, Bob Brier and Anatomist Ronn Wade at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine. The mummification process used the same tools and techniques of the ancient Egyptians. MUMAB as well as the techniques and tools are on display inside the exhibition gallery. “Visitors to Mummies of the World are in for a fascinating journey. The exhibit highlights real stories of real people using real science,” Jerry Baber, executive vice president and COO of Union Station, says. “Mummies is unique because it vividly showcases how science creates the vehicle that allows us to peek into the lives of ancient people from every region of the world. We really get to know these individuals and families, who, in many cases, were everyday people. It’s that common humanity which truly connects us and brings history alive, creating a unique learning experience for visitors or all ages.”

Real Mummies. Real Science. Real People. NES-HOR Nes-Hor is the mummy of an ancient Egyptian priest. His name means “the one who belongs to Horus.” Horus is the falcon-headed god of hunting and warfare and is the symbol of power. Nes-Hor worked in the temple of Min, in the city of Khent-Min. His sarcophagus was constructed from wood and shows many patches and repairs made during ancient times. A detailed study of the symbols on the sarcophagus (a coffin with inscriptions and sculpture) identified Nes-Hor’s name, parents’ names and occupation. He died around 190 B.C. at approximately 60 years of age. Nes-Hor’s sarcophagus along with additional artifacts are on display inside the exhibition gallery. UnionStation.org


SHRUNKEN HEADS Shrunken heads, known as tsantsa, are a fascinating and unusual form of artificial mummification that result from the cultural practices of a tribe in South America known as Shuar. The Shuar live in the tropical Amazonian rainforest where they collected the heads of enemies who were defeated in battle. These heads were mummified because the Shuar warriors believed the souls of their enemies had power, which emanated from the head – and they wanted to keep this power to themselves. MUMAB MUMAB, or Mummy of the University of Maryland at Baltimore, was the first modern-day, man-made mummy. MUMAB was created in 1994 by an Egyptologist and anatomist using replicas of the same tools and following the same processes that ancient Egyptians used more than 2,000 years ago. Before Mummies of the World, MUMAB had never before been on display. BARON VON HOLZ Baron von Holz is a 17th-century nobleman who is believed to have died in or near Sommersdorf, Germany during the Thirty Years’ War (161848). He was discovered in the family crypt underneath the church of the von Crailsheim family’s late 14-century castle, where the bodies of five people had mummified naturally due to the environmental conditions. The Baron was still wearing his leather boots, as depicted in an 1833 lithograph of the mummies in the crypt. In addition to the Baron, Baroness Schenck von Geiern, is also part of the exhibition. Both the Baron von Holz and the Baroness von Geiern have undergone Computer Tomography (CT) scanning. Analysis of the scans revealed that the Baron has an extra vertebra in his lower back – giving him 207 bones rather than the human standard of 206. The Baroness has a severe curve to her spine, known as scoliosis. Both of the mummies are on loan by Dr. Manfred Baron von Crailsheim, who still resides in Sommersdorf castle.

THE ORLOVITS FAMILY In 1994, during repair work in the Dominican Church of Vac, Hungary, a small town located North of Budapest, a long-forgotten crypt was found. In the crypt, a total of 265 naturally mummified bodies were found. About half of the mummies discovered had been recorded in the church records, listed by family name, sex, date and cause of death. Among those found in the crypt was the Orlovits family. Michael Orlovits (born 1765), Veronica Orlovtis (born 1770), and Johannes Orlovits (born 1800), were among those preserved by cool, dry air of the crypt and the oil from the pine boards used to build their coffins. DNA analysis revealed that Veronica Orlovits suffered from severe tuberculosis. By analyzing Computed Tomography (CT) scans and examining samples of some of the mummies’ lung tissue, researchers learned that more than half of the mummies found in the crypt had tuberculosis when they died. BUNDLE MUMMIES Believed to be Incan Mummies from the highlands region of Cuzco, Peru, two bundle mummies from the Kansas City Museum’s collection are on display for the first time in more than 50 years. Wrapped in a fetal position and placed in baskets, it was common practice for them to place religious offering and personal items along with the body inside of the bundle. For the Inca, death and the afterlife was an important part of Incan culture. The Incan worshipped the spirits and bodies of their ancestors thus the tombs and the mummies were considered holy. These particular bundles most likely originated in ancient Peru and were donated to the Kansas City Museum in 1939, before the museum’s first physical location was even open. “These mummies still hold mysteries and we’re excited to have them revealed during their time as part of this fascinating exhibition,” Denise Morrison, Director of Collections and Curatorial Services, says. “Saint Luke’s Health System, along with renowned cardiologist and mummy expert, Dr. Randall Thompson, have agreed to CT scan our mummy bundles and try to shed light on the many mysteries they still hold. As it goes, every mummy has a story to tell. And everyone loves a great story, filled with unexpected twists, turns and sciencebased revelations.”

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors and Supporters!


Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017

Groups Enjoy Special Savings and MORE!

There is still time to see the Mummies in KC Making its Midwest debut, Mummies of the World welcomed more than 40,000 guests in the first eight weeks of being open. Exhibition goers are raving about this worldclass experience . . .“Truly mind blowing,” “Once in a lifetime experience,” “Wow! Breathtaking and educational.”

“Great experience here in Kansas City, Missouri. Knowledge gained to last a lifetime.” Plan your visit today and embark on a journey into the extraordinary world of mummies and mummification. Through modern science, engaging interactives, multimedia exhibits featuring 3-D animation, explore how mummies were created, where they come from and who they were. Using state-of-the-art scientific methodology, discover how modern science enables researchers to study mummies through innovative and noninvasive ways, offering unprecedented insights into past cultures and civilizations. Mummies of the World is a family-friendly exhibition, offering intriguing and thought-provoking content for all ages. Learn how mummification takes place both naturally and intentionally across the globe and throughout history. Offering a tremendous learning opportunity for both adults and children, Mummies of the World transcends history and changes the way you will perceive mummies. We encourage both parents and educators to take advantage of our free, family and educator guides prior to and after visiting the exhibition. Both guides are available online for download at UnionStation.org/Mummies What secrets do mummies hold about the past, and what clues do they bring us about the future? A journey awaits as you unravel their mysteries.

Hours* Monday – Thursday: 10 AM – 5 PM


Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM

VIP Voucher: $24.95 Allows you to visit the exhibition any time throughout the run and includes the Audio Guide

Sunday: Noon – 5 PM

Adult: $19.95

Friday: 10 AM – 7 PM

*Last exhibition entry is one hour before closing time. Please plan on spending 60-90 minutes enjoying Mummies of the World.

Children: $15.95 Union Station Members: $12.95 Groups of 15+: $12.95 Add the Audio Tour: $5 *Excludes taxes and fees

Mummies of the World: The Exhibition has already proven to be a favorite for all types of groups. School Groups, Business Groups, Senior Groups, Social Clubs, etc . . . they’ve all enjoyed their fascinating journey into this world-class exhibition. And, with Mummies running through January 1, there’s still plenty of time to plan your group visit. But, make your reservations early to lock in your savings and preferred date.

CALLING ALL SCHOOLS . . . Groups of 15 or more receive a deeply discounted ticket rate of JUST $10*, access to professionally-aligned educators guides and ONE FREE Chaperone for every five students. There’s no better total value in KC! “I make a point of bringing my classes to every Union Station exhibition possible. Such great content and always professionally presented in a way that really connects with students. This is my go-to field trip destination. Period.” – Rachel G., Platte County

AFTER-HOUR GROUP BUYOUTS For private parties, staff and customer appreciation nights, fundraisers . . . any special occasion that deserves a truly memorable venue and experience. Our beautiful Entry Gallery can accommodate up to 500 people, complete with catering services, audio/visual, entertainment options . . . all yours after normal public hours. Call for details and complete menu of options.

To make your Group Reservation, purchase bulk tickets or ask for more information, contact Katlyn Baker at KBaker@UnionStation.org or (816) 460-2093. To view and download pre-visit materials, visit UnionStation.org/Groups. ■

To purchase tickets to Mummies of the World, visit UnionStation.org/Mummies or come see us at the Union Station Box Office. UnionStation.org


Hard to Describe. Easy to Love. 7th Annual Maker Faire Puts Union Station in National Spotlight The greatest show (and tell) on earth once

again filled nearly every inch of Union Station in late June, and welcomed enthusiastic guests from 33 states and beyond. Nearly 18,000 makers, crafters, inventors, hackers, tinkerers, artists, and the just plain curious celebrated at the 7th Annual Maker Faire Kansas City. Months in the making, and spanning two full weekend days, Maker Faire has become one of the most anticipated and inspiring events of the summer. “Kansas City — plain and simple — is a real powerhouse when it comes to innovation and invention,” Jerry Baber, Union Station executive vice president and COO, says. “Maker Faire is a showcase for that amazing energy, and Union Station is proud to be the center point of this annual event as well as the home of Kansas City’s yearround Maker Studio in Science City.” Local organizations and companies have traditionally lined up to support Maker Faire and 2017 was no exception.

350+ Maker Booths 1,800 Makers and Maker Assistants from 19 states and England Nearly 18,000 attendees from 33 states and England 14,000+ feet of masking tape used for fan-favorite Tapigami (putting the ART in STEAM) 1,000+ tires in Power Wheels race course (plenty of slow-speed excitement) 600+ birdhouses constructed (thanks, J.E. Dunn Construction volunteers) 400+ entries in 30ft Eggdrop competition (skills tested + cleanup on aisle 9) 15 hours of non-stop personalized 3D candy printing (yum) 1 Human-Size Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Machine (not making that up) Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017


“The maker movement has caught the attention of our entire community,” George Guastello, Union Station president and CEO, says. “Local and regional STEM-based companies rely on the power of problem-solving and the spirit of discovery demonstrated at Maker Faire. Educational institutions realize their role in nurturing a pipeline of young talent to our businesses. Organizations focused on supporting the entrepreneurial fabric of Kansas City come out in force for Maker Faire.” While every Maker Faire year brings new participants, 2017 welcomed more than a few major new elements. Among them were the wildly-popular Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Pop-Up Fair featuring 75 makers, the KCPT Kids Zone hosted in the new Haverty Family Yards, and the first-time addition of a Saturday live evening concert presented in partnership with 90.9 The Bridge. Ranked in the top 10 Maker Faires nationally, Union Station’s version once again delivered on all levels. Station organizers are already busy planning the 2018 edition, so mark your calendars now for June 23-24, 2018. ■



Above: Maker Faire Kansas City guests shown having a good time at the various event attractions.






BLACKSMITH SPONSORS Anthony PH&C • Bank of Blue Valley & Regnier Family Foundation • Bartlett & West • Champion Windows • Connections Academy • Linux New Media • SainSmart • SeeMeCNC • Skippy Peanut Butter • Tradebot Systems • Velleman, Inc. MAKER EDUCATOR SPONSORS DeVry • Grantham University • Kansas State Polytechnic Campus • University of Missouri Kansas City - Regnier Institute MAKER PARTNERS 90.9 The Bridge • Belger Arts Center • Betty Rae’s • Blue Moose • Boulevard Brewery • Boulevard Tire & Service • Cajun Cabin • Cheesy Street • Clayco Electric • Coca Cola • Funnel Cake Truck • Guys • Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler Co. • Jazzy B’s • KCPT • KC STEM Alliance FIRST Robotics • Krispy Kreme • Liberty Fruit • Parisi Artisan Coffee • Pierpont’s • Raising Cane’s • Street Wings • Vee’s BBQ

Awesome Efforts. Epic Outcomes.

66th Annual Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair Engages More than 1,000 Area Students

Above: Left, Courtesy: Jim Styles; Right, LeAnn Smith, Emily Meyer (bottom row, from left) & ISEF Students, Andrea Dahl, Erin Smith, Stuti Dalal (top row, from left).

On April 5-7, 2017, Union Station was filled with inspiring

demonstrations of discovery and scientific discipline on a truly impressive level from 4th thru 12th grade students. In total, 826 projects completed by 1,083 students from 100 schools in 19 districts across the KC Metro area were presented for judging. In reality, those efforts represent tens of thousands of hours of fascination, focus and sometimes a bit of frustration leading up to projects that legitimately could change the world. “In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) is serious business,” says LeAnn Smith, Science City’s Director of STEM Programming and Outreach. “We know we must all work together to inspire and engage students in their studies. If they aren’t excited, they won’t be able or willing to do the often-difficult coursework needed to succeed in a STEM-dominate world.” Preparing a project for this Fair is what education experts call active learning or inquiry, the cornerstone of successful science teaching. Based on the stellar outcomes of this year’s Fair, area educators are getting it right, but it goes beyond that. “Out-of-classroom discovery is a key component to active learning,” Emily Meyer, Science City STEM Education Program Manager and Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair (GKCSEF) Director, says. “Engaging young minds and seeing this continuum of scientific thirst mature into fair projects is what makes our Science City staff light up. It’s the validation of what we do as little eye-opening moments turn into big victories for the students we touch.” Typically, only 2-4 percent of science fair entrants at the high school level move on to top levels of competition, including the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), which happened May 14-19, 2017 in Los Angeles. Top three Grand Award winners Andrea Dahl (Olathe North Senior), Stuti Dalal (Shawnee Mission East Sophomore), and Erin Smith (Shawnee Mission West Junior) represented Kansas City among 1,778 students from 78 countries worldwide. Third-time ISEF competitor Andrea Dahl took home fourth place in Animal Sciences and is headed to Stanford University this fall. Despite not winning an award this year, Stuti Dalal is grateful for an amazing first-time opportunity and plans to use her invaluable tools to fine-tune her research project for next year’s fair.

And, Erin Smith rounded out the trip with first place and the “Best of ” Category in Behavioral and Social Sciences, as well as an award that gave her the opportunity to travel to China.

“ISEF perpetuated my curiosity for the world,” Erin Smith says. “My experiences ranged from presenting my research to talking with Nobel laureates to informal conversations with the other finalists. It was surreal. Each conversation and interaction challenged my previously held intellectual, academic and cultural views. I left a little better, more open-minded than before and motivated to change the world!” Awesome efforts and epic outcomes indeed for Metro KC students. Union Station, Science City and the legacy of Science Pioneers — original presenter of the Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair — could not be prouder to host and help nurture these young minds. ■ On behalf of our student participants, we offer our deepest gratitude to all the generous sponsors of the GKCSEF 2017: Visionary Sponsor

Community Partner

Innovation Sponsor

Grand Award Sponsors

Academic Category Sponsors BioKansas; Campbell Family Foundation; Ceva; EyeVerify; Google Fiber; Hallmark; HNTB; Honeywell; Labconco; Merck Animal Health; Shook, Hardy & Bacon; Terracon; University of Missouri-Kansas City Underwriting Sponsors Black & Veatch; Catalent; Commerce Bank; KC Star; Lexmark



Meet the Board

Our New Vice Chairman Ramón Murguía Owner / Attorney at Law, Murguía Law Offices • Joined Union Station Kansas City Board of Directors — February 2005; Elected Vice Chairman June 2017 “I had been in a group that was trying to provide community support to the Station after the 1997-1999 renovation, so I knew it was in a precarious financial position, but I still believed in its mission. I thought I might add some insight from my perspective to help the Station succeed.” “As a member of Kansas City’s Latino community, I bring a different outlook to the governance and leadership of the Station. I represent a constituency of people who lived close to the Station and had worked to build it up in its glory days. I want to be a part of something that brings people of all different backgrounds and economic levels together in one place. So I love to think of USKC as Kansas City’s front porch. It truly is a gathering place for all of Kansas City and has been such since it was built. There are few of those places in the city. I am also a big advocate for education in the community and I believe Science City provides an invaluable resource to enhance the education of Kansas City’s young people.” “I was a big fan of the restoration of Union Station because like many, I had memories of its grandeur. Now as a Board member, I see in more stark terms its potential as an institution to serve all of Kansas City, both as a means for presenting great, informative exhibits and as an institution that can deliver a powerful science experience for all of Kansas City’s children. I also wish to improve the transfer of scientific knowledge for those kids who do not get the opportunity to have those experiences in their schools.” • Murguía is a graduate of the University of Kansas and Harvard University. He is a member of the Missouri Bar, Kansas Bar and Greater Kansas City Hispanic Bar Association. Murguía has dedicated his time, passion and expertise to many Boards including the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, for which he serves as current Trustee/Chairman. “While I have served on the Boards of many civic organizations, my service on the Board of the Greater Kansas City Hispanic Development Fund is one of my most recognized locally. One of my most satisfying accomplishments was raising local funds to build a new library in the Argentine community — the neighborhood where I grew up, and still live today (two blocks from where I was born).” • Murguía and his wife Sally have two children, a son Miguel who will be a junior at Colorado College next year and a daughter Amalia who will be a freshman at Georgetown. Both are proud graduates of Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. “I don’t have many hobbies other than travel. As for interesting facts, I come from a family of overachievers.  Despite our humble upbringing in the Argentine neighborhood, there are four lawyers among my seven siblings:  I practice law in Kansas City; my sister Mary, who is a judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals; my brother Carlos who is a judge on the Federal District of Kansas (the only brother/sister on the United States Federal bench); and my sister Janet who worked in the White House for the Clinton Administration and is currently the President of the National Council of La Raza (the largest Hispanic civil rights organization in the country).” ■


Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017

“Ramón has had long-term impact on the Board. His leadership of the Museum and Education Committee, participation on the Executive Committee and counsel on Board Governance issues has contributed to our success. As the newly appointed Vice Chairman, Ramón will be an important leader helping to define our future direction and success.” Bob Regnier, Union Station Board Chairman

2017 Union Station Board of Directors Robert D. Regnier, Chairman Bank of Blue Valley Ramón Murguía, Vice Chairman Murguía Law Offices Mayor Peggy J. Dunn, Treasurer City of Leawood, KS Danette Wilson, Secretary Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City Bucky Brooks Copaken Brooks Jon Cook VML Mayor Michael Copeland City of Olathe, KS Michael R. Haverty Civic Leader R. Crosby Kemper III Kansas City Public Library Ray Kowalik Burns & McDonnell Dan Lowe Legacy Development Chancellor Leo Morton University of Missouri-Kansas City Jack Ovel Civic Leader Dr. Thomas “Tom” Sack MRIGlobal Mayor Sly James (Ex-Officio) City of Kansas City, MO George Guastello, President & CEO Union Station Kansas City, Inc. For more on Union Station’s current Board of Directors, visit UnionStation.org/About.

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Above: Union Station Volunteers pose with staff for an annual appreciation photo tradition.

Union Station Volunteers Set the Standard for Generosity One of the most valuable things any of us have to offer is our

time, and Kansas Citians are among the most generous. The Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) reports that Kansas City ranks 6th nationally in volunteering and civic engagement.* Reflected in those numbers are most certainly the hours Union Station Volunteers dedicate year-round to the beloved, historic monument. During the recent Annual Volunteer Appreciation Month, the Station put a spotlight on those who serve and help create magical moments for her countless guests. “Our dedicated volunteers are the absolute best,” Stacie Moody, Union Station Volunteer Engagement Supervisor, says. “They are our frontline in delivering outstanding guest experiences. They are often that moment of truth we hear about when someone in need encounters someone with an answer or solution. And our volunteers deliver those answers and solutions with ultimate grace and warmth.” On April 23, 2017, the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held in the Station’s historic North Waiting Room. Dinner and drinks were served by Union Station staff and a slide show and awards presentation followed. The joyful evening was a chance to give back a little to those who give so much. “Without a doubt, Union Station is a better place due to the dedication and professionalism of our volunteers,” Jerry Baber, Union Station executive vice president and COO, says. “To celebrate their contributions is an honor and a humbling experience. This is a close family here at the Station and our volunteers—across the board—are cherished members of the family.”

2016 UNION STATION KC VOLUNTEER FACTS • 201 Active Volunteers • 29,241 Volunteer Hours • 14 Full-Time Equivalent • $623,126 Economic Impact

During the event, Union Station presented 94 awards recognizing service in 2016. One special moment was the presentation of the President’s Lifetime Achievement award to Leonard Dunaway. Since 2013, Union Station has participated in the National Presidential Volunteer Service Awards Program (PVSA), which recognizes citizens who have given the required number of service hours over a 12-month time period or cumulative hours over the course of a lifetime. Award categories follow levels of service, with the highest level being the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for those who have volunteered 4,000 or more cumulative hours.

“Seeing volunteers get so emotional when they receive awards is one of my most rewarding moments,” Moody says. “When one earns a Lifetime Achievement Award, it’s only natural that a few tears fall . . . from all of us. Our volunteers invest in Union Station. We invest in them. And, we all are renewed in preserving the passion that’s made our historic home so special for more than 100 years.” So, how does one join the ranks as a Union Station Volunteer and what makes a great match? “Volunteering is truly one of the most selfless acts an individual can provide to his/her community,” Christy Nitsche, Union Station Director of Advancement and Community Engagement, says. “A great match requires a genuine interest in what we do and who we serve. We’re in the people business first and foremost.” If you have a passion for service, a desire to connect with people from all walks of life, and a strong curiosity about history and science, we want to know you. Opportunities for volunteers at the Station are as diverse as those we serve. ■ INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING? Contact Stacie Moody at SMoody@UnionStation.org or visit UnionStation.org/Volunteers.


Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017

*As measured most recently in 2015.


Presidential Service AWARD RECIPIENTS

President’s Lifetime Achievement Award 4,000+ Lifetime Hours Leonard A. Dunaway

1000+ Hours

250 - 499 Hours

Patricia Crabtree Christine Davidson Carol Lafaver Thomas Lease Sharon M. Lundy Rick Meroney Jane Miller

Karl Bitter Lyn Bowers Richard Burnett Allen (Sparky) Collier Leonard A. Dunaway Roger Fisher Andrew Luchen Christine Marchewka Robert McConchie Hilda McCreadie Robert Osborn Michael Owens Jack Rosenfield Robert Ryan William Sanderson Vern South Joe Thimes Bob Thoms Bruce Wake Judith Wake Thomas Williams

500+ Hours James E. Asplund Mary Aycock Karl Bitter David Briggs Maggie Caison Karen Chastain Robert Crown Friedrich Gastreich Kathleen Keeton Mike Laboi William Lane Andrew Luchen Marcy Nelson Jack O’Brien Robert Osborn Gil Parker William Sanderson Louis O. Seibel Adrian Smith Joe Thimes Ted Tschirhart Paul Zolotor

100 - 249 Hours Neal Agnew Louis Asner Vicki Asner Wendy Beins David Briggs Pedro Burciaga Edward A. Conrad Gene Cota Patricia Crabtree Christine Davidson Dolores DeMoss John DeSoto Vera M. Doutt

Donald Ferguson Frances Ferguson Robert Friedman Roy Inman Bob Karnes Shawn Kelly Richard Koch Carol Lafaver June B. Land William Lane Thomas Lease Steven Lewis Linda Lowman Don McCandless Saundra Meroney Rick Meroney Susan Miller Jeneva Myers Lesley Nelson Stephanie Petty Nancy Plumb James Roller Jean Rosenfield Hugh L. Ryon Tom Sheridan Eileen Silverman Ted Stolinski David Taylor Jill Webb Elberta Young

Groups 200+ Hours Cristo Rey Kansas City Easter Seals MidWest

Previous President’s Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients Vern South (2015) Roger Fisher (2015) Fritz Gastreich (2015) Bob Thoms (2014) Jim Asplund (2014)

Mike Laboi (2013) Jack O'Brien (2009) Nona Moss (2004) Roy Inman (1994) Ted Tschirhart (1994)

To learn more about CNCS and their Presidential Volunteer Service Awards, visit NationalService.gov.



Historic Union Station Brings Back Flood of Family Memories Recalling fond memories is nothing new for Union Station guests.

In fact, it’s a regular occurrence to hear Station visitors talk about this relative, or that friend who was once employed by “the railroads” or one of the many enterprises operating from the depot. Equally as often, you’ll hear recollections about a special event or reunion that brought people together at Union Station. With more than one hundred years of history from which to draw, memories abound inside the Station’s marble halls. Recently someone shared a particularly poignant memory with the Union Station staff . . .  “My brother Bob and sister-in-law Pat were visiting Kansas City during Thanksgiving last year and asked me what they should see while in town,” Tom Smith, says. “They were staying downtown, so without hesitation — I suggested Union Station.”

“It wasn’t long after they had been walking around the Station that I received a call,” Smith adds. “You’re not going to believe who I’m looking at. . . it’s our grandfather, Paup! There’s a big picture of him. As many times as we’ve been to the Station, my wife Linda and I couldn’t believe we’d miss such a thing. So, we immediately hopped in the car to see for ourselves, and sure enough – there was Paup.” “Paup” was 50-year-old Rodney Wells Smith, Jr. of Saint Louis, Missouri. There he stands, facing the camera as he awaits his train.


Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017

Above: The Smiths stop for a family photo with their loved one pictured in Union Station’s historic North Waiting Room.

Based on his clothing and Station surroundings, the year is about 1950. His image currently appears in the historic North Waiting Room and our permanent Union Station Stories exhibit as part of a pictorial salute to war-time visitors. “Paup was a World War I Navy veteran who was on the USS Wisconsin when the war ended,” Tom says. “He was a native St. Louisan but resided in Fairway, Kansas from 1949 to 1973 with my beloved Granny — Lillian Marie Wahl. The woman with her back to the camera is most likely Granny. Paup worked for ITT Grinnell as a Branch Manager, was a Mason for over 50 years, a member of Blue Hills Country Club, and a huge fan of the former Golden Ox Restaurant & Lounge. Paup and Granny had one son, James “Jim” Allen Smith, Sr. - my dad. On one of our recent visits to Union Station, we brought dad and shared the photo of his father on display. What a great moment to see three generations of family and memories in such a wonderful place. It gives a renewed and refreshed life to a man our family will forever love. Visiting Paup has now become a tradition and part of our Kansas City tour for any visiting family or friends. We know he’d be humbled and amazed, and we’re thankful his memory lives on.” ■ SHARE YOUR STORY Just like “Paup” of the Smith family, you might also have a story to share tied to Union Station. Perhaps a great photo of a friend or loved one who worked at or traveled to and from the Station. Perhaps a significant moment in your own life forever anchored to the magnificent monument. Why not share it?  Email your recollections and images to OnTrack@UnionStation.org and help document another chapter in the Union Station story!

Above: Courtesy: Roy Inman Photographs ©

History Repeats Itself as “Dance At The Depot” Attracts Enthusiastic Mid-Summer Audience

Live Big Band Music Welcomed Nearly 600 Revelers onto Historic Marble Floors On the last night of 1920—nearly 100 years ago—a small group

of people gathered under Union Station’s massive, ceiling-mounted clock and counted down the final seconds of the year. At the stroke of midnight, they spontaneously sang, embraced . . . and danced on a small patch of marble floor in celebration. A modest gathering in size, but big in significance as a new tradition was born. In the immediate years following, Union Station and big celebrations became synonymous. By the early 1930’s, upwards of 15,000 people packed Grand Hall and the historic North Waiting Room on New Year’s Eve. And so goes the phrase, “Where Kansas City Celebrates,” referring to Union Station. Since then, countless celebrations — featuring music and dance — have happened in these historic halls. Weddings. Proms. Galas. Recitals. And the future promises even more. Most recently on Friday evening, July 7, 2017, nearly 600 people claimed tables and chairs surrounding a much larger portion of that same marble floor in anticipation of a wonderful night of live music and dancing, USO style. The acclaimed Kansas City Jazz Orchestra, accompanied by the rich and soulful voice of Ron Gutierrez, filled the air with sentimental favorites that transported the audience back to a time when swing dance was king and big band music dominated.

“This is a wonderful collaboration and venue for the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra,” Dorene Shipley, Executive Director of the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra, says. “It creates a very special evening event for our community.”

“What a thrill it was to see our plans for the evening come together,” Tammy Ruder, Union Station Special Events Manager, says. “This was our second time bringing a mid-season dance and music celebration back to Union Station. We had such a positive response that additional dances are already scheduled for this year with more in the planning.” Union Station has locked in plans for “Gatsby Swing at the Station” on November 3, 2017, and a fourth annual “New Year’s Swingin’ Eve” for December 31, 2017. Tickets for “Gatsby Swing” are available at UnionStation.org or at the Union Station ticket office. “When we think about creating events and occasions that tie to our core mission, celebrating local history at Union Station is a perfect fit,” Michael Tritt, Union Station Chief Marketing Officer, says. “Our rich heritage — combined with live music, dance and joyful celebration — continues the tradition of creating special occasions that are pretty magical.” So, history does repeat itself when it comes to creating unforgettable memories in Kansas City’s historic home. Can you imagine what kind of celebrations will grace our marble floors 100 years from now? Music, dance and evenings of nostalgia will most certainly be in the mix. ■

GET YOUR TICKETS now to “Gatsby Swing at the Station” on November 3, 2017, and stay tuned for details about “New Year’s Swingin’ Eve”. To customize your own private celebration, contact Stacey Price at 816.460.2078 or SPrice@UnionStation.org.



SEPT 23: Dino Day in Science City

Maintenance & Training

SEPT 5 – 15: Science City and Planetarium Closed for Annual

for Labor Day

SEPT 2: Third Annual PNC in Science City SEPT 4: All Union Station Attractions and Science City Open

to mark on your Calendar!

A Few Highlight Events

Your Union Station!


A Union Station tradition, Kansas City Southern Holiday Express Train rolls in with Santa, Mrs. Claus and their elves who deliver magical memories year after year. Don’t miss Kansas City’s favorite holiday train.

New Year’s Swingin’ Eve Back for the fourth year, celebrate New Year’s Swingin’ Eve by ringing in 2018 at the Station! Don’t miss a party like no other, in a venue like no other.

For complete details and full line-up, visit UnionStation.org/Calendar.

Images: Courtesy: Roy Inman Photographs © and Jason Atherton

End 2017 with a bang at this family-friendly event full of fun, 2000+ balloons and a STEAM spin! Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Fifth Annual Noon Year’s Eve at Science City.

DEC 31: Noon Year’s Eve

for Christmas

DEC 16: Trombone Christmas Concert for all ages DEC 25: All Union Station Attractions including Science City Closed

DEC 3: Holiday Dance Showcase DEC 9: Merry Science Day in Science City DEC 10: Strawberry Swing’s “Holiday Swing” Indie Craft Fair DEC 15 - 19: 17th Annual Kansas City Southern Holiday Express Train

for Thanksgiving

NOV 18: “Holidays Come Alive” Kickoff Ceremony NOV 23: All Union Station Attractions including Science City Closed

featuring the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra (8 - 10 p.m.)

NOV 3: Gatsby Swing at the Station

in Science City (5 - 8 p.m.)

OCT 1: Annual Educator STEM Fest (12- 5 p.m.) OCT 14: Ada Lovelace Day in Science City OCT 28: Fifth Annual for the whole family

No Escaping “Escape Room” Success

A New Adventure Around Every Corner It’s

no puzzle why ‘escape rooms’ are so popular. You and your group are locked inside a brilliantly-themed room with nothing but your problem solving skills and teamwork to ensure an escape in less than 60 minutes. The thrill of personto-person gaming provides a modern day option of play for tech-addicted millennials and risk-averse thrill seekers. Now in its second year at Union Station, Escape Room KC’s latest franchise location is proving to be a successful breakout form of entertainment. Opened thanks to consumer demand, the venue offers four game room options for booking that vary in theme and level of difficulty. The newest of them — and a level five (the highest level of difficulty) — is Judgment Day. “Having always been a Terminator fan, I thought it would be fun to create a themed room,” Alex Doroskovs, Founder and Owner of Escape Room KC, says. “It turned out more challenging to build than expected, but we finally pulled it off.” Picture it: Los Angeles, 1997. Your task is to infiltrate the very heart of Cyberdyne Systems Corporation, which is on the verge of creating the first artificial intelligence and in the future —

Terminator, a killing machine. If you do not stop them now, humanity will lose the war against the machines . . . and you are the only one who can prevent this. However, on your side, besides wit and logic, there will be help from the future so you can prevent Judgment Day! “A recent TripAdvisor review called it ‘good old fashion family fun’, says Doroskovs. “I think the author nailed it. I’m glad we are bringing people together to have fun and interact in reality, instead of social media, texts or computer games.” “The success has been great at Union Station and we love the space for our rooms,” Shane Sachs, General Manager of Escape Room KC, says. “I think there will always be a future for live and unique social play experiences. It’s a different type of entertainment, for all ages and groups. As more games are added, it brings awareness to this great “sport.” We still have people booking for their first time and then coming back to try the rest of the rooms.” “When groups complete all of the Escape Room adventures, they call back to see when there will be a new room opening!” Sachs says. “There’s just no stopping this phenomenon!”

GAME ROOMS: NEW Judgment Day: Difficulty The Da Vinci Code: Difficulty HOT A Dream: Difficulty 221B Baker Street: Difficulty

Call (816) 321-2837 or stop by Escape Room KC located on B Level near Union Station’s Ticketing Office and Theatre District to book your gaming experience today. Use code ONTRACK2017 to save 20%.* EscapeRoomKC.com Left: Courtesy: Roy Inman Photographs ©


Union Station On Track • MID-YEAR 2017

*Discount can be applied up to 4 rooms. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Valid only at Union Station location. Expires 10/15/2017.

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Join Us For Free Cookie Friday! with the purchase of a Lunch Entree every Friday 11am-2pm (while supplies last)

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Union Station On Track – Mid-Year 2017  

Union Station On Track – Mid-Year 2017  


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