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Dinosaurs Revealed: Your Journey Begins World Premiere of Dinosaurs Revealed: Journey Across America promises to Educate, Fascinate and Excite imaginations


Growing Younger Gains Momentum PNC Foundation Announces $1 Million Grant to Early Childhood


“engineering marvel & aesthetic masterpiece” Western Expansion Project Earns National Recognition


Fun. Wildly Creative. And Filled with Heart. Maker Faire Kansas City Returns June 23 - 24

Proud to be a


“We Shape Our Buildings...” Two Meaningful Ways to Care for Your Historic Home





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Celebrating Union Station Volunteers

Honoring Nearly 32,000 Hours of Service & Tribute to Roger Fisher


Zadie’s New Arm

Science City Participates in Something Truly Remarkable


Reflecting On Union Station’s Success

A Letter of Reflection from Robert Regnier, Chairman of the Board


Don’t Miss 2018 “Dances at the Depot” Three Exciting Events - One Historic Dance Floor


A Celebration of Kansas City’s Best Food & Music Kansas City Taste 2-Day Festival Set to Excite All of Your Senses


The Universe Keeps Getting Closer

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Museum of Illusions

Worldwide Sensation to make U.S. Premier at Union Station


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Mission Statement Union Station Kansas City, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is dedicated to science education, celebration of community and preservation of history.

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Tracking the Future Mid-Year 2018

Recently, a travel writer from New York spent a long morning

with us at Union Station. She was on a cross-country trek to describe the history of train travel and fascinating railroad destinations along the way. She also had a long-time passion for the artistry found in the realm of rail. No wonder our iconic Union Station made her list of places to discover. We spent time sharing highlights of our nearly 105-year old history. She loved hearing about and seeing the original construction images in our “Building a Monument” exhibit. She asked about the people, the design style and profound impact Union Station had on shaping Kansas City and our place in the United States. She was also thrilled with our “Living History” augmented reality app that brings our guests face-to-face with our past. Toward the end of our time together, she wanted to focus on what Union Station is today. A museum? An attraction? A monument, civic center, and place for celebration? The answer was “yes” to all of those and so much more. A destination for learning, exploring, shopping, dining and even still, a place to catch the train. She asked how all of this came to be, when so many train stations across the country have fallen into disrepair and even succumb to the unfortunate fate of demolition? The short answer was, “people.” People, like you, who refused to allow our rich Kansas City history

to be swept away. And people like you, who today make Union Station and all we offer a priority experience for your family and with your friends. We regularly hear from many of you . . . with notes of appreciation, suggestion and desire to be part of our mission and passion. In the center of this ON TRACK magazine, we’ve highlighted a few ways to make a difference, even beyond your Membership. Take a look and let us know what works best for you as we preserve and keep your Station vibrant for the next 100 years. As our visiting writer from New York wrapped up her time with us, we promised to stay in touch. She had discovered an unexpected place and perspective regarding the people of Kansas City, both historic and of today. She got a glimpse of the magnificent artistry, passion and privilege we share in not only maintaining but celebrating Union Station with our entire community. Thank you for being a vital part of our remarkable story, sustained success and vibrant future. We hope you visit again and again throughout these summer months. There are so many exciting things planned, as outlined in the pages of this ON TRACK Magazine. ■ Warm Regards,

George Guastello President & CEO


Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

Robert Regnier

Chairman of the Board UnionStation.org



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Over 26 State-of-the-art animatronic Dinosaurs The notion of dinosaurs has gripped our collective imagination

your prehistoric journey begins!@ This World Premiere promises to educate, fascinate and excite your imagination.

and fueled countless scientific studies around the world for hundreds of years. Books, movies and museums are filled with fascinating findings, speculation and unsolved dinosaur mysteries. And yet, our appetite to know more seems insatiable. Union Station invites you to feed that appetite on an epic adventure of discovery via our next blockbuster exhibition, Dinosaurs Revealed: Journey Across America, opening on July 3, 2018 in our expansive Bank of America Gallery. You will take part in an immersive journey through time to encounter dinosaurs from world-famous geologic dig sites across North America. A blend of stunning, life-like animatronic dinosaurs, actual fossils, full dinosaur skeletons, and interactive exhibits, Dinosaurs Revealed — a never-before-seen exhibition — provides thought-provoking new insights regarding the latest dinosaur discoveries and how these amazing, prehistoric creatures ruled our planet for over 200 million years. “We’re particularly excited about this exhibition,” George Guastello, president and CEO, Union Station Kansas City, said.  “You have never seen anything like this before. It’s an intersection of science and adventure. We’ve brought together expertise from around the world to present a totally unique and personalized look at dinosaurs that roamed very familiar territory . . . including our own backyards. This is prehistoric drama that played out right under our feet!”  THE EXPERIENCE At Dinosaurs Revealed, visitors of all ages will engage in interactive, dinosaur-themed science exhibits that combine both educational content and fun hands-on activities – from 3D Augmented Reality Volcano Tables to dinosaur dig sites, interactive projection, dino tracks, puzzles, and more. Orient yourself first in the Hall of Skulls, then travel across America while passing through successive geologic periods in Earth’s history. The Triassic, Jurassic & Cretaceous Periods are covered in hands-on detail. See how the Earth’s geography and environment changed over time, and how dinosaurs evolved along the way. Over 26  brand new  state-of-the-art  animatronic dinosaurs  built specifically for Union Station, 2 full skeletons, and dozens of actual fossils realistically recreate each dinosaur epoch. 


Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

2 Full Skeletons • Dozens of Fossils Experience first-hand the latest science regarding how dinosaurs actually looked, the sounds they made, and how they moved in their environments. Learn where famous dinosaur dig sites currently exist in North America, and the work it takes to “reveal” and recover fossilized remains. Also meet real dinosaur hunters! In the Paleontologist Hangout, hear about their fossil hunting expeditions and see what discoveries they’ve used to piece together unimaginable prehistoric drama. There’s truly something for everyone at this fascinating exhibition that’s unique to Kansas City’s Union Station. “We fully anticipate Dinosaurs Revealed to appeal to a wide and diverse audience,” Jeff Rosenblatt, Director of Exhibits, Science City, said. “School groups will build lessons and activities around this exhibition. History buffs, armchair explorers and outdoor enthusiasts will love the full range of experiences. The notion of dinosaurs has such universal appeal, we know we’ll tap into and satisfy a very large and enthusiastic audience.” THE JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA . . . A FASCINATING TRIP   Terry Wentz, a well-known paleontologist, once said, “You go out in the field and you look up in the sky and see the stars, light that has been traveling for millions of years. So you’re looking at the past. Then you look down and see those dinosaur bones, millions of years old, and you’re looking at the past. It’s just you sandwiched in that world, and it’s really a wonderful place to be.” That’s a hard and humbling concept to wrap your head around, isn’t it? To comprehend that hundreds of millions of years ago, dinosaurs were roaming where you live today, in your own backyard!



BELOW: Cast of a young Camarasaurus skull. Camarasaurus are sauropods from the Late Jurassic Period.

Chronologically, dinosaurs began to evolve in the Triassic Period (252 Million - 200 Million years ago). The climate was hot and dry, volcanoes erupting frequently – across what was only one continent, Pangea. The Chinle Formation, which spreads across the states of Nevada, Utah, northern Arizona, western New Mexico and western Colorado, is home to Coelophysis fossils – a small carnivore that was only about 3 feet tall and 10 feet long. The Jurassic Period (200 - 145 Million years ago) was an extremely diverse period. Pangea had separated causing multiple land continents, increased coastlines, mountain ranges and high sea levels paving way for more rainfall and increased greenery and foliage. During this period, dinosaurs adapted, grew, and became the dominant species. Herbivores like the Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Camarasaurus and one of the biggest dinosaurs known, the Brachiosaurus — weighing in at 160,000 lbs — begin to show up. The Morrison Formation is a distinctive sedimentary rock formation in the western United States that has been one of the most productive sites for dinosaur fossils in North America. Common dinosaurs fossils found in the Morrison Formation include Allosaurus, Diplodocus, Supersaurus, Camarasaurus, Stegosaurus, Torvosaurus, and Gargoyleosaurus. The end of dinosaur days began during the Cretaceous Period (145 - 66.5 Million years ago). Dinosaurs migrated through forests, over plains, and along the coasts as continents continued to spread. Though dinosaurs ruled throughout the Cretaceous, the dominant groups shifted and many new types evolved. Different types of dinosaurs such as the sauropods inhabited the southern continents, but were rare The geologic period known as the Mesozoic Era is the time Dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The Mesozoic Era occurred between 252 million to 66 million years ago and was divided into 3 periods – The Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. Over this period Dinosaurs evolved dramatically in size and variety.

in the north. Herd-dwelling ornithischians like Hadrosaurs spread everywhere but Antarctica. Toward the close of the Cretaceous, vast herds of horned beasts such as Triceratops were eating plants on the northern continents. The carnivore Tyrannosaurus Rex dominated the Late Cretaceous in the north while monstrous meat-eaters like Spinosaurus, which had a huge sail-like fin on its back, thrived in the south. A large variety of fossils from this period have been found at Hell Creek, one of the most famous dinosaur fossil sites. The formation includes portions of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The geologic formation is 57 feet thick, composed mainly of sandstones and mudstones from coastal rivers, streams and flood plain sediments formed during the building of the Rocky Mountains and flowing into the Western Interior Seaway of North America. The end of the dinosaurs was roughly 66.5 million years ago, when an asteroid about 7 miles in diameter struck Earth. With that impact, shockwaves and massive tsunamis sent tremendous clouds of molten rock and dust into the atmosphere. As the super-heated glass droplets fell back to Earth, they baked the surface of our planet, killing many plants and animals that lived above ground. Dense clouds of dust in the atmosphere blocked out sunlight for months, affecting the animals and plants that survived the initial impact. Over 80% of animal and plant life on Earth was wiped out by this cataclysmic event, including the last of the dinosaurs. So much natural drama, leading to discoveries that will keep Paleontologists and amateur fossil sleuths occupied for hundreds of years to come . . . Dinosaurs are the most successful animals ever to have roamed the Earth. Their reign as the dominant land species on our planet lasted over 140 million years. Commonly used expressions such as “Gone the way of the dinosaur,” conveying the idea of becoming outdated or obsolete…a thing of the past, is an ironic expression since dinosaurs ruled for such a long time.




252-200 Million Years Ago

199 – 146 Million Years Ago

145 – 66 Million Years Ago

66,000,000 Extinction Event Meteorite


66 – 0 Million Years Ago


Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

general admission Weekdays $15.00 • Weekends $17.95 School Groups $9 Members Always $12.50 Price Excludes Taxes & Fees.

hours of operation NEW Summer Hours thru Labor Day: Monday to Friday: 10am - 6pm LOCAL PARTNERSHIPS – INTERNATIONAL EXPERTISE “We’re extremely fortunate to have such renowned expertise so close to home,” Rosenblatt said. “The University of Kansas Paleontological Institute and The University of Missouri - Kansas City’s school for geosciences and paleontology have world-class collections, knowledge and content that will give Dinosaurs Revealed a true local flavor.” Pieces from these collections, displayed in the exhibition, include the tooth, vertebrae, and femur of a juvenile tyrannosaurus rex and a triceratops’ full jaw, frill, and vertebrae both from the Hell Creek Formation. Also included will be display casts of Lyle and Annabelle (both Camarasaurus) from the Morrison Formation. Guests will be able to see the actual bone to compare depth and size and learn how paleontologists retrieve, examine, and document their findings.

Saturday: 10am - 7pm Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Fall / Winter Hours thru Jan 6 Monday to Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday: 10am - 7pm Sunday: 11am - 5pm

AND BACK TO THE “WHY” . . . Even as science refines dinosaur knowledge, including details as to the positions of their nostrils to aspects as perplexing as the color of their feathers – there is so much more yet to discover. The remains of dinosaurs have been surfacing for millennia, and the humans who’ve come across them have felt compelled to come up with some explanation for their ruins. In an interesting juxtaposition, we place our own existence in context by studying the evolution, extinction, and survival cycles of nature. And no creature amplifies this magnificent reality quite like the dinosaurs. Thus, we dig, discover, study, discuss and fill in missing chapters. We piece together the smallest and most fragile fragments of fossilized history and reform absolutely stunning creatures and circumstances. The fascination never ends and now you can be a part of it at Dinosaurs Revealed: Journey Across America . . . only at Union Station! ■



“Engineering Marvel and Aesthetic Masterpiece” Western Expansion Project Earns National Recognition

Growing Younger Gaining Serious Momentum Notice. Wonder. Explore. Those simple words are frequently

used to describe the complex, foundational early stages of science learning. . . especially as they apply to early childhood STEAM learners. With wide eyes, big smiles and eager hands, children ages 0-7 will soon have a new, world-class opportunity to notice, wonder and explore like never before in Kansas City. In fact, the plans for this remarkable place – started as a dream in December 2016 at Union Station’s Science City and expected to open in Late 2019 – have now matured past concept and application of latest early learning studies to a stage in which specific exhibits are tightly designed and first-stage physical movements within Science City are underway. And in the midst of this terrific progress, more funders are coming forward to help make this high-impact vision a reality. In fact, on April 4th of this year, executives from PNC Bank and Union Station gathered in Science City with community and early learning leaders to announce a $1 million Grow Up Great Grant to support our Early Childhood Learning Initiative to not only grow younger, but to grow out and expand into the community. Specifically, the PNC Foundation five-year grant to Science City will benefit approximately 14,000 members of the community, with a focus on Head Start preschool students, children and families. It will also support the establishment of a multipurpose Early Learning classroom space at Science City which will, in turn, touch an additional 260,000 annual visitors to the science center. The grant is PNC’s largest to date in KC.


Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

“This grant reflects our strong relationship with Science City and commitment to school readiness across the region,” said Dale Klose, PNC Regional President for Kansas City. “Science City’s focus on helping preschoolers, educators and families understand the world around us is perfectly aligned with the mission of PNC Grow Up Great. We are committed to helping young children in the community achieve success in school and life.” With the cornerstone $4 million grant from the Hall Family Foundation – announced on October 10, 2017 – and now the tremendous support from PNC Foundation, the enthusiasm for Science City’s “Growing Younger” has gained even more momentum. “Our sincere appreciation goes to the entire PNC organization,” said George Guastello, president and CEO of Union Station. “Their support of our efforts date back to 2006 and have added greatly to our internationally-awarded success. And in an environment where every gift and show of support counts, this major commitment will further signal to the entire Greater Kansas City community of funders, educators, early learning advocates and families that now is the time to collectively invest in Science City. We are poised to be the premiere home to help our future leaders, starting at the youngest of ages, build their STEAM knowledge and prepare for success in the classroom and in life.” The next visible signs of progress in Science City toward this ambitious early learning goal will be the movement of the wildly popular “Maker Studio” into a new purpose-built space (still within Science City). In early 2019, the construction of the new early learning spaces – including where Maker Studio now sits – will begin. To be a part of this exciting and important project, please contact Christy Nitsche at 816-460-2208 and watch for progress updates at unionstation.org and in future editions of ON TRACK Magazine. ■


What started as a desire to more directly connect historic Union

Station to our multi-level parking garage was not only realized in stunning fashion as part of our Western Expansion Project, but recently awarded for engineering excellence thanks to the vision and talent at Burns & McDonnell. Our Carriage Pavilion Bridge and Pedestrian Walkway was the largest single element of the massive $8.4 million undertaking from January 2016-May 2017 to improve guest convenience across our expansive campus. In total, the project has been met with enthusiastic response from Station visitors who appreciate both the direct connection and the beauty. Now, in addition to that important guest validation, the structure recently received national recognition, earning the Grand Award in the Special Projects category from the Missouri chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), as well as the 2018 PCI Award for the Best Bridge with Main Span Up to 75 ft (23m). The ACEC judges praised Burns & McDonnell for its engineeringprocurement-construction (EPC) for the Carriage Pavilion Bridge, Haverty Family Yards, east side transportation plaza, and other interior pieces including ticketing, conferencing and event space. If that sounds like a lot of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), it is . . . “When you think of Kansas City, chances are Union Station is one of the first images that comes to mind,” says Ray Kowalik, chairman and CEO, Burns & McDonnell. “It was a privilege for us to design and build an innovative extension to such an iconic Kansas City landmark that consistently features top-tier entertainment and educational experiences and has special memories for each of us.”

Now, when you drive onto Union Station grounds from Pershing Road and take a straight path to the parking garage, it’s hard to imagine the bridge not being there. That’s by design and was no small challenge to achieve that result. “This project had layers of complexity and required us to implement multiple site improvements to address long-standing accessibility and traffic flow issues, as well as create compatible, public-facing aesthetics for a Beaux Arts building more than 100 years old and its adjacent modern parking garage,” says Joel Jacobsen, Burns & McDonnell architectural director. The spot where horse-drawn carriages dropped off passengers at the Grand Hall a hundred years ago is once again a bustling pedestrian drop-off site and drive to convenient, modern parking. It’s a blend of modern technology and historic beauty, the perfect selfie spot overlooking Union Station’s Planetarium, Science City and the new Haverty Family Yards as well as the Downtown skyline “It’s an engineering marvel and aesthetic masterpiece. A mix of high-function, historic reference, and physical beauty, the bridge immediately solved a long-standing and significant customer experience challenge for the Station...moving volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic intuitively in and out of our massive historic campus with ease,” says George Guastello, president and CEO of Union Station Kansas City. “This cornerstone component of our Western Expansion Project was validated by our guests within the first 15 minutes of opening, and every day since. Our hats are off to and our appreciation could not be stronger for the amazing team at Burns & McDonnell. These two awards and high honors were well-deserved and we’re so proud to be part of the celebration.” ■ UnionStation.org


. E V I T A E R C Y L D L I FUN. W . t r a e H h it W d le il F d An y Returns

nsas Cit Maker Faire Ka er than Ever! t t e B d n a r e g ig B June 23 – 24 . . . “Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.” This simple “At Maker Faire, everyone’s ideas are praised. Ask questions, explore

yet powerful notion, from Brene Brown – Research Professor & Author – speaks perfectly to what otherwise is a perplexing challenge . . . describing MAKER FAIRE. Now in its 8th year at Union Station (June 23-24), Maker Faire Kansas City will once again serve up an amazing celebration of creativity in a fun, wildly creative and big-hearted way. And you simply MUST experience it for yourself. Hundreds of local and national “Makers”, of every age and interest, sharing their creative souls with you. And don’t think of a traditional craft nor art fair. Think of one of the largest gatherings of innovation in the United States. A place where big ideas are born that could, someday, very well change the world. Filling nearly every inch of our massive Union Station campus – inside and out – Maker Faire will fascinate and inspire you. From technology and science, to woodworking and leather, to food artisans, automobiles, applied art and robotics . . . you will find it. In fact, in some cases, the more unexpected, the more likely. Bacon Machine anyone? “Maker Faire Kansas City is a place where I can share my experiences, grow my creativity, and explore new ideas. Not only do I get to educate the public, I also get to research new ways to improve my craft,” said Katlyn Fuller, a three-year veteran of Maker Faire Kansas City.


Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

and learn. It’s where Makers are born . . . and it’s so much fun!”

Brand new and featured this year: Science in the Movies. Science in the Movies will break down the science behind the biggest booms and highest falls seen in cinema. With live shows and all-day interactives, you’ll encounter stunt and special effects experiences including Pyro and Explosions featuring a burning car, Stunt Physics with High Fall Airbags, and the Chemistry (and fun) of Movie Snow and Movie Rain. And that’s just the beginning . . . • Interested in custom cars? Talk directly with the builders. • How about wood turning? Learn the basics from Kansas City Wood-Turners. • And what about high-tech? Experience built-from-scratch 3D Printers, CNC Machines, high school robotics and more.

Or maybe you’re interested in the intersection of art and science. For that, you’ll want to see (and perhaps purchase) from the wildly original and talented Strawberry Swing Craft Makers. With hundreds of booths, demo areas and hands-on interactives. It is an entire day of discovery. And it’s for our entire community, regardless of ability . . . Katlyn Fuller tries to factor in physical capabilities in her activities. As someone who is personally aware of physical limits, Fuller wanted to create an experience to introduce Maker Faire visitors to how button snaps are adhered to things we use every day — clothes, keychains, bags. Snaps are created with four parts - the ball, the socket, and two rings with spikes to attach to fabric. Traditionally, these are done with handheld tools such as specialty pliers, industrial presses, or hammer-driven tools. Fuller created a secondary method with an industrial press that could be operated, not by your hands, but with your feet. Guests are encouraged to step - or for younger attendees, jump - on a lever to put together the snap pieces. Brilliant! “I have several medical disabilities,” said Katlyn. “When I was in high school, I was trying to find a career path I could physically do and enjoy. I went to Maker Faire Kansas City in 2014. It filled me with ideas and encouraged my creativity. I came home and decided I would become a Maker. I vowed by the next year I would have a booth showing off my own projects, and I did!” Maker Faire Kansas City is also a gathering place to access tools and resources from the Johnson County Library MakerSpace and Hammerspace Community Makerspace that provide access to 3D Printers, CNC Machines, sewing equipment, and more. You also can connect with The Ennovation Center, which serves as a business incubator and accelerator, to the Inventor’s Center of Kansas City, a learning forum of local inventors and entrepreneurs. Maker Faire is not only a hub to show off creativity but to gain knowledge and be inspired! BTW, did we mention it’s crazy fun and a brilliant way to explore your own creativity? IT IS! So, as you count down to the 8th Annual Maker Faire Kansas City, visit kansascity.makerfaire.com to get sneak peeks of new and encore attractions, and a complete schedule of activities. Maker Faire Kansas City is for everyone and every age. It’s a community celebration and is made possible with the support of corporate and community partners. ■ BROUGHT TO YOU BY:


SCIENCE CITY FEATURES YEAR-ROUND MAKER RESOURCES To translate Maker Faire fun into a year-round reality, Science City established the Maker Studio, with the support of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. In the Maker Studio, young learners are exposed to everyday tools such as hammers, pliers, sewing machines, die-cut machines as well as high-tech tools such as laser cutters, soldering kits, CNC Machines, 3D Printers, embroidery machines and other technologies not commonly found in homes. Every day, Science City guests are welcome to explore Maker Studio during Open House hours (Monday thru Friday 11AM - 1PM, Saturday 11AM - 1PM, 2PM - 4PM) and are encouraged to participate in daily themed Maker activities. Extended educator-led programs are available for students K - 12 via prescheduled bookings. These programs feature 3D Printing, Art Bots, Molding & Casting, Circuits and more. Additional information about school programs can be found at UnionStation.Org/Groups. And remember, Union Station Members have free and unlimited access to Science City, including Maker Studio. Become a Member today at UnionStation.Org/Membership.

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“We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us.” - Winston Churchill

Two Meaningful Ways to Care for Your Historic Home Winston Churchill had it right. The buildings we put our hearts

into end up returning a lifetime of life-shaping moments. Such is the case with Union Station, perhaps more so than any other historic structure in Kansas City. Over 850,000 sq. ft. of original train depot, and now well over 1 million sq. ft. of award-winning destination, celebrating science, history and community. For 104 years, your Union Station has stood the test of time and been a physical and emotional centering point for our city. It was and is an essential thread in our cultural fabric. Perhaps you remember, nearly 20 years ago, when Union Station reopened after decades of neglect and decay? It was a pivotal moment for Kansas City and the nation watched in admiration as unprecedented bi-state cooperation saved this magnificent monument for the ages. Everything that had become old and nearly discarded, was brilliantly reclaimed and began shaping us all over again. Our historic home was literally set on a fresh path and refreshed to stand for generations to come. Now, two decades after that grand reopening, our commitment to preservation could not be stronger and our resolve to never again let this life-shaping building fall into disrepair is absolute. And thus, this invitation and opportunity is for you.


Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

BIG BUILDING, SMALL NON-PROFIT . . . As a 501(c)3 organization, Union Station is staffed by a small team of talented professionals who help deliver the amazing and awardwinning experiences you enjoy. There are only about 50 of us in total, plus terrific partners. We operate with a focused and lean priority in response to the huge reality of resources required to maintain and preserve our most important artifact, the Station itself. To put things in perspective, imagine you lived in a 100+ year old stone and brick home. Rock solid, yet still vintage and fragile in surprising ways. Water constantly testing every crack and seam. Wind finding every way in and time taking its toll. Now, imagine your home to be the size of Union Station. You get the idea. It’s a very tall task to preserve, protect and proactively stay ahead of formidable attacking forces, but we do. In fact, today, we’re in the midst of a massive $1.6 million exterior preservation project that will repair, clean and protect nearly every outside historic surface. You may have read about this in prior ON TRACK magazines or seen the lifts and scaffolding surrounding the Station since last June. The project is on time and on budget, but we still have a short way to go to complete the associated funding campaign. So, to ensure ongoing success for important projects like this one and those to come, Union Station has established two funds that need your consideration.

1. Union Station’s Preservation Fund: Our Preservation Fund was established during our 100th Anniversary to strengthen, preserve and conserve the architectural, structural and service integrity of our historic home. A modest ($1) Preservation Fee added to most tickets sold at Union Station attractions goes into this fund. The larger source of preservation funds comes from individual, foundation and corporate donations. That’s where you come in. Today, to help complete our Exterior Preservation Project, your gift will be put to immediate use with long-lasting and important results. We’re so close to wrapping up our fundraising goal, so every gift – no matter the size – will add up quickly! Please use the attached envelope to mail your gift today, or give online at unionstation.org/donate. If you have questions regarding other giving options, please contact Christy Nitsche at 816-460-2208 or cnitsche@unionstation.org.

“It is an honor to assist in the preservation of such a majestic and beautiful iconic representation of Kansas City.” – Joe Martinez, donor. 2. Union Station’s Endowment Fund: Our endowment is in place to help support Union Station in perpetuity. As this fund grows through charitable contributions (from people like you) and investment performance, its ability to sustain the Station grows as well. This could not be more essential. If you are interested in the sustainability of Union Station as a place with a clear purpose, an informed plan and a well-run operation, giving to our endowment may be a perfect fit. One-time gifts as well as multi-year commitments are welcome. And, you have the certainty your investment will remain in principal to grow for future needs. Please contact Christy Nitsche at (816) 460-2208 or cnitsche@unionstation.org for more details regarding the Union Station Endowment. Christy will be delighted to visit and answer all of your questions. ■

HELP US FILL IN THE (CAULK) GAPS! To donate, visit: gofundme.com/union-station-exterior-preservation



The Enduring Legacy of the Man in the Conductor’s Hat Celebrating the Building Blocks Of Union Station Honoring nearly 32,000 Hours of Service Nine times out of ten, the smiling and cheerful face that greets

Award” which equates to 4,000+ Cumulative Hours of service. (Did you know 4,000 hours is the equivalent of two-and-a-half years of full time employment?)

“It’s been said that beautiful buildings are worthy of our appreciation, but it’s the foundation upon which they are built that deserve our admiration. This statement could not be truer when describing the volunteers at Union Station. Our building may be one of the most beautiful in the city, but it is the people inside it that really stand out,” said Stacie Moody, Volunteer Engagement Supervisor.

ABOVE: George Guastello, President & CEO, Robert Crown and Marcy Nelson, recipients of the President’s Lifetime Achievement, Stacie Moody, Volunteer Engagement Supervisor and Robert Regnier, Chairman of the Board

you in Grand Hall, the front desk of Science City, the model train exhibit, or the entrance into a traveling exhibit, is a volunteer. Someone once said volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in. Every day, Union Station volunteers vote to celebrate community, preserve history and further science education.

On Sunday, April 22, Union Station honored the service of over 120 men and women who put in nearly 32,000 hours of their time in 2017. Union Station cannot be what it is without the help and dedication of these men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and expertise. Seven volunteers received a dedication brick for 500+ hours of service. Two volunteers received the “President’s Lifetime Achievement


Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

Marcy Nelson, one of the two recipients of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, began volunteering at Union Station 10 years ago. As a long-standing member of the Station, she heard and answered the call for volunteers for the exhibit at the time, Dead Sea Scrolls. “When I first started volunteering at the Station, I began as a ticket taker, and then I gradually moved to the Science City front desk and then I began helping during other community events. I truly enjoy and love the variety of work and the customer service aspect. I get to share the history of the building. I donated to the reconstruction, and I was so happy we saved the building and I want to share that with people,” said Nelson. In the span of ten years, Nelson completed 1,000 hours of service in 5 years, and the remaining 3,000 hours in the next five, but she had some familiar company alongside her. “Volunteering is a really great family activity. When my granddaughter Lesley was 13, she asked if she could ‘go to work with me’ at Union Station, now seven years later, she’s only stopped volunteering because she’s an employee in Science City,” said Nelson. People choose to volunteer for any number of reasons from giving back to their community, to developing new and different skills, experience, and knowledge, to finding a sense of camaraderie. It is a great asset for oneself at any age. There’s always room in our volunteer family. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Stacie Moody at smoody@unionstation.org, or visit UnionStation.org/Volunteers. ■

A Tribute to Longtime Volunteer Roger Fisher His

echo of laughter may be gone, but his lasting legacy will forever

be felt. Recognizable as “the man in the conductor’s hat,” Roger Fisher inspired us all with his dedication — clocking nearly 5,000 volunteer hours in Union Station’s Model Railroad Exhibit. During that time, he not only helped build and maintain the massive display, but also focused on connecting with guests in his own humorous way . . . with countless jokes he freely shared. “Roger always had a smile on his face. He always had a joke to tell and went out of his way to greet guests and make them feel really welcome,” says Stacie Moody, Volunteer Engagement Supervisor. “Roger demonstrated the very best of why volunteers at Union Station are so critically important and absolutely treasured.” Roger passed away on March 28, 2018. After his passing, Union Station received a handmade card with a donation in memory of Roger. You might expect this gesture from a close friend or family member, but it came from a person who didn’t know Roger personally; someone so impressed with his dedication they wanted to pay tribute to his legacy and celebrate his generosity of time and talent. A true testament to Roger’s character. Model trains were Roger’s lifelong passion, stemming from a childhood spent admiring his father’s work for the Pennsylvania Railroad. In addition to working on his own Standard Gauge model train layout, he spent several years volunteering at Union Station and was a founding member of the Heart of America chapter of the Train Collectors Association. In honor of his memory, Union Station’s volunteer family came together to bring life to Roger’s personal train collection – remembering him and his passions, in the best way, at the memorial.

We salute Roger’s service. We’re grateful for his contributions and the impact he’s left on countless lives. It’s the dedication, spirit and passion of people like him that make Union Station a magical place . . . full of wonder. In 2017, Union Station volunteers gave nearly 32,000 hours to support our mission and monument. We’re indebted to each of them and thankful for all they do year-round. Truly, our volunteers are the heart of the Station. “Roger symbolizes the very best of who we are as Kansas City’s favorite familyfriendly attraction,” says George Guastello, president and CEO, Union Station Kansas City. “Our tremendous family of volunteers are not only critical to our success, they are constant reminders of the selfless service demonstrated daily and needed to deliver a world-class experience for each of our nearly 1.8 million annual guests. Our volunteers give from their hearts and, in turn, leave a piece of their heart with us, as Roger has done. ■

ABOVE: Janet Fisher, Roger Fisher’s wife, accepts his volunteer certificate with George Guastello, President & CEO, Bucky Brooks, Board Member, Stacie Moody, Volunteer Engagement Supervisor and Robert Regnier, Chairman of the Board

To learn more about volunteering and consider joining Union Station’s volunteer family of Kansas City’s finest, visit UnionStation.org/Volunteers or contact Stacie Moody at SMoody@UnionStation.org.



Zadie’s New Arm

Science City Participates in Something Truly Remarkable To

THink H T I L T I M M U S





Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

see eight-year-old Zadie Wilson exploring Science City you may not distinguish her from the other 260,000 visitors who enthusiastically embrace our award-winning destination each year. Zadie is fun-loving, inquisitive and bursting with potential. But in one remarkable way, she is unique. Zadie was born without her right forearm. Like many young people facing similar obstacles, she just simply adapted. While other kids get dressed or play sports one way, Zadie just does it another way, which led to a chance encounter that has turned into a STEM story that will make your heart happy. Two years ago, one of our Science City team members noticed Zadie and approached her parents to explain how 3D printers are being used to print prosthetic limbs. They were intrigued, but not fully ready to suspend their past experiences with such devices.   “We were really impressed and touched that the staff saw something they could do to potentially help Zadie – that means a great deal to a parent,” Ashley Wilson, Zadie’s mother, said. “We had tried a prosthetic once before and it was so heavy and clumsy that she never really was able to use it. It was also so terribly expensive and she was doing so well without it, we really didn’t see the need.” The purchase of a prosthetic limb can cost anywhere between $5,000 – $50,000 out-of-pocket because insurance rarely covers the

complete cost. A child who is still growing may need one every year or 18 months. And just as a child’s body changes, so do their minds.

“Some things I need two arms to do,” Zadie said. “Some things I’m scared to do without two arms and that makes me wish I had another hand to help.” Staff at Science City knew that while they had the technology to give her that help, they didn’t yet have the specialized design experience. Fortunately, the Maker community is well connected and collaborative, so they connected the Wilson’s with E-Nable, an online community that designs and distributes 3D printed prosthetics free of charge. E-Nable volunteers describe themselves as everyday people who just want to make a difference and help “Give The World A Helping Hand.” Zadie received that helping hand from Jaquin Buchanan who designs and makes prosthetics through E-Nable as a hobby. Because Buchanan lives in Colorado, measurements were done in the Science City Maker Studio, saving the Wilsons both the time and expense of travel. Then in February, Buchanan and his family flew to Kansas City on a special trip to deliver Zadie’s arm and present it to her where it all started . . . Science City. “Everything we do here is to educate kids, and to be part of something so impactful with our Maker Space is fabulous,” Ryan Bell, a Maker Specialist at Science City, said. “This collaboration not only showcases the power of science and technology, but highlights how it can connect us all on a very human level.”■ UnionStation.org


Reflecting On Union Station’s Success . . . Might I take a moment to pause and reflect on one of the

most remarkable success stories in Kansas City history? One so remarkable, in fact, it continues garnering headlines and accolades. “Science City gains international recognition for Visitor Experience” - KC Star, Sept. 2015 “Union Station’s rough start turns into solid success story” - KC Star , Aug. 2016 “World-class exhibit program helps KC landmark win ‘Attraction of the Year’” – KC Star, Dec. 2017



Roy Inman has been the Photo Historian of Union Station since 1994, amassing a collection of tens of thousands of images created

In 2003, when I joined the Board of Directors of Union Station, the historic monument was still fresh and vibrant from the massive renovation and reopening of 1999. In the years that followed, much attention was put on dialing in a sustainable business model and delivering on the promise of a world-class destination. There were certainly challenges in charting new waters along the way, but we were doggedly determined. Then again, in 2012 as I accepted the role of Board Chairman, Union Station had successfully been put on a right road, thanks to the leadership of Mike Haverty, the entire Board of Directors and Station leadership. Financials were healthier than they had been in years and our product was being embraced by Kansas City with renewed enthusiasm. Now, six years later, as my term as Board Chair of Union Station has concluded, I want to thank you for entrusting me and our talented Board of Directors and professional team with Kansas City’s historic home. It’s been and remains a tremendous privilege to be part of this success. (BTW: I’m not leaving, only turning over the Board Chair role to Ramón Murguía, a truly talented and passionate leader who will help see us on to even more success.)

At points such as this, people are asked to summarize things for which they are most proud. Union Station has accomplished so much. Promises have indeed been fulfilled. Here, however, are a few milestones we’ve achieved together that will stay with me for many years to come . . . • In 2014, we celebrated Union Station’s 100th Anniversary in grand style, but more importantly, used the occasion to reconfirm our commitment by establishing a Preservation Fund and Endowment, both of which are growing and supporting the Station exactly as intended. • In 2015, we announced and embarked on the largest building project at Union Station since the 1999 renovation and reopening. The “Western Expansion Project” yielded critical new guest amenities to help keep our massive campus iconic and ultimately convenient. Since completion in May 2017, this project has been validated many times over by guests just like you. • And I’m especially proud of our sustained pace of progress. We simply don’t sit still. Rather, we’re in the midst of a major Exterior Preservation Project. We’ve upgraded our Planetarium, Science City and City Stage attractions. And behind the scenes, we are ahead of schedule on our 25-year maintenance plan. In total, being a part of Union Station and Science City has been and remains wildly rewarding. Kids, families and audiences of every age have rediscovered a truly world-class, year-round destination. Kansas City’s history and bright future are tied to this brilliant place. Thank you, again, for inviting me to help steer its success.

before, during and after the restoration of America’s


Robert Regnier

Chairman of the Board

second-largest rail terminal.

View his work, purchase reprints or reserve him for your upcoming creative shoot.


This image recreation was taken in 1996 after voter approval of a bi-state sales tax to pay for renovation of Union Station. Courtesy: ROY INMAN PHOTOGRAPHS©


Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

Robert D. Regnier, Chairman Bank of Blue Valley

Bucky Brooks, Copaken Brooks

Leo Morton, DeBruce Companies

Ramón Murguía, Vice Chairman Murguía Law Offices

Jon Cook, VML

Dr. Thomas Sack, MRIGlobal

Mayor Michael Copeland, City of Olathe, KS

Mayor Sly James (Ex-Officio), City of Kansas City, MO

Mayor Peggy J. Dunn, Treasurer City of Leawood, KS Danette Wilson, Secretary Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City

Michael R. Haverty, Civic Leader Ray Kowalik, Burns & McDonnell

George Guastello, President & CEO Union Station Kansas City, Inc.

Dan Lowe, Legacy Development


R. Crosby Kemper III, Kansas City Public Library



A Celebration of Kansas City’s Best Food and Music . . . Coming August 3-4 KC Taste 2-Day Festival set to excite all of your senses at historic Union Station

Don’t Miss 2018 “Dances at the Depot”

Have you noticed the explosion of new restaurant openings

Three exciting events – One historic dance floor – Tickets on sale now! F

or more than 100 years, Kansas City has gathered to tap toes, dance and celebrate on Union Station’s historic marble floors. And the unforgettable tradition is still going strong. For 2018, the hottest live-music, dance events in town have now been finalized and you can be a part of them all. These “Dances at the Depot” sell out, so don’t wait to reserve your tickets. Here’s the Union Station lineup: USO SWING DANCE July 6 | 8 P.M. | Advance Ticket Purchase $15 Travel back to the 1940s as you enjoy big band sounds from the award-winning Kansas City Jazz Orchestra. It’s a red, white & blue salute to all those who have served and an evening to revel in patriotic nostalgia. GATSBY SWING NOV. 9 | 8 P.M. | Advance Ticket Purchase $15 Flapper dresses and fedoras will be in high style as you dance the night away to live Gatsby-era music featuring the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra. The roaring 20’s are back and bigger than ever at this prohibition-era dance party! NEW YEAR’S SWINGIN’ EVE DEC. 31 | 8 P.M. | AGES 21+ The biggest and best NYE party in KC returns to Union Station in 2018. The Travel Channel has good reason to name it a “Featured National Pick” for New Year’s Eve, and it sells out fast. Black Tie optional. Big fun guaranteed!


Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

From the moment you arrive at the Station, you sense something special is taking place. The beauty of the building and the rich traditions of 100+ years are alive and well in “Kansas City’s Favorite Historic Attraction”. “It’s hard to explain, but easy to experience,” says Tammy Ruder, Union Station Special Events Manager. “By the time these live-music and dance events wind down for the evening, our guests are asking about the next one and talking about inviting even more friends to return. It’s a magical venue that comes alive like no other in town.” From the young to the young at heart — come Dance at the Depot with us in 2018! Need to learn or brush up on your dance moves? A warmup dance lesson is given immediately prior to each event (all ages welcome and no partner required). Pick up the basic steps, then put them to work immediately. It’s all included in your ticket price. “The dance lessons we provide are true to the era,” explains 627 Stomp president Amanda Bernice. “I love seeing everyone take the moves they just learned and executing them on the floor!” ■ TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW at the Union Station box office and online at unionstation.org. Plus, a limited number of VIP tables are available to reserve. There’s no time to procrastinate — buy your tickets now before they’re gone!

across the city? From ramen shops and chicken joints, to breweries and custom cocktail bars, Kansas City is securing its place as a nationally-recognized foodie city . . . and it tastes so good! What better way, then, to celebrate Kansas City’s rising food, drink and music scene than with a family-friendly, epic two-day summer festival at Union Station? Kansas City Taste, presented by Capitol Federal, is happening Friday, August 3, 4PM - 10PM and Saturday, August 4, 10AM - 10PM, and it is taking over Union Station’s magnificent front plaza and the entire expanse of our new outdoor Haverty Family Yards - the absolutely perfect venue for an outdoor festival. “Kansas City is one of the only top markets in the nation that does not have a premier city event that showcases restaurants and drinking establishments. That’s why Mix 93.3, Q104, KFKF and KC 102.1 have partnered with Union Station to create Kansas City Taste, an event to celebrate the diversity of Kansas City’s dining and drinking community. KC Taste exists to promote brick and mortar restaurants, breweries, distilleries and wineries and showcase all of the wonderful food and talent Kansas City has to offer. This event, staged in the heart of the city, will be original, remarkable and wildly memorable!” said Marc Harrell, General Manager at Steel City Media. Adopting an a la carte approach, guests can purchase tickets to redeem food - bite-sized portions (tastes) or full portions (entrees) from more than 30 of Kansas City’s favorite restaurants and food establishments, but that’s not all! While you’re indulging your

taste buds, local and national performers will feed your soul with live music throughout the festival. From rock-n-roll to country, to throwbacks and current songs, the Budweiser Stage will keep you dancing and swaying. And for guests, the icing on the cake is the philanthropic element that has one dollar of every ticket purchased being split between three local charities, including Union Station. Kansas City Taste will feature “The Chef ’s Showcase,” food demonstrations from local, regional and nationally renowned chefs and experts demonstrating topics such as brewing your own beer and cooking healthy with your kids. “Kansas City Taste will provide entertainment for the whole family. There will be a Kids Zone with different arts and craft tents, performers and other great family-friendly interactives,” said Harrell. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend what is destined to be Kansas City’s favorite gastro-event at Kansas City’s Favorite Attraction – Kansas City Taste at Union Station! Tickets begin at $20 for a single and scale up to a $125 VIP ticket that includes entrance for both days, food tickets, air conditioned tent with a private cash bar, preferred seating in the Chef ’s Showcase and a special viewing zone for the performance stage. For more information and ticket prices, visit KCTaste.com. ■



The Universe Keeps Getting Closer! $400,000 Donation Makes Way for More Thrilling Experiences




The Incredibles 2 Coming to Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre highly-anticipated sequel to premier at “the best place to see a 3D movie” The world’s favorite family of superheroes is at it again — and

you can experience the action in 3D at Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre starting June 15. The Parr family captured the child in all of us in the award-winning Disney Pixar animated film, The Incredibles. The 2004 film received widespread praise from critics, as well as numerous awards including two Academy Awards, the Annie Award for Best Animated Feature and a Kids’ Choice Award for favorite movie. And now, over a decade later, the highly anticipated animated action/adventure sequel picks up right where the Parr family left off. This time, however, circumstances have changed. “A certain chain of events puts (Helen) at the forefront of action, while Bob has to stay home to face his biggest challenge yet,” says director Brad Bird. USA Today calls The Incredibles 2 one of the summer’s must-see movies, and there’s no better place to see it than in Union Station’s Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre. With 330 new luxe seats, a gigantic MDI silver screen measuring 80 feet by 53 feet and RealD 3D technology, KCUR movie critics Simmons & Melin proclaim it’s “The best place to see a 3D movie!” Plus, tickets start at just $5!


Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

“There is no bigger or better screen in the region to see this summer’s blockbuster family movie,” says Nale Uhl, Union Station Vice President of Finance. “The whole family will enjoy this movie in our new seats with our expanded concession stand selections. The word is getting out about our Theatre, and the differences are BIG!” The Incredibles 2 is a “must-see” according to USA Today, and we think it’s a “must-experience”. This is the kind of movie that begs to be enjoyed in 3D, and RealD 3D is an innovative visual journey that will make you feel as if you’re right alongside the Incredibles as they face off against evil. You’ll be immersed in the Parr family’s actionpacked adventures and captivated by the striking visual effects created by Disney Pixar. Get your tickets today and come discover baby Jack-Jack’s surprising powers … lose yourself into the chaos that unfolds as Mr. Incredible trades places with Helen (Elastigirl) … and even meet some new heroes who Bird says have “amazing powers that rival The Incredibles.” ■

Tickets will sell fast for this blockbuster movie, so make your plans now at unionstation.org!

A philosopher once said, “Astronomy compels the soul to look

upward and leads us from this world to another.” Our ability to find new worlds expanded in early 2017 when the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium welcomed new cutting-edge planetarium technology featuring QSC 5.1 surround sound, the only 4K planetarium projection in Missouri, the highest resolution planetarium in Missouri, the biggest dome with RSA Cosmos system in the United States and new seating for 150 in dome recliners. But the excitement hasn’t stopped there . . . Our adventures to new worlds continues to grow through the generous support of the Arvin Gottlieb Charitable Foundation and their recent donation of $400,000 to support new education programs, cultural offerings and operations.

Thank you to Jan B. Leonard for her 37 years of service as the managing director of UMB’s Fine Art Services and Charitable Trusts and Foundations.

AN IMPROVED SHOW EXPERIENCE With new upgrades including a new Laser Beam Projector and haze machine installed by Laser Fantasy, the Planetarium is taking attendees to new worlds of wonder. The laser creates amazing ethereal visual effects above the audiences’ head. Among these effects are laser fans, tunnels, beams, and liquid sky effects. The intense laser light combined with theatrical fog from a hazer creates a layer of laser light that floats just out of reach, appearing like glowing marbled clouds or bright shafts of colored light dancing to music. Laser effects are used to enhance and punctuate portions of our laser light shows. This upgrade takes the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium Laser Music Shows to a stunning new level. The futuristic laser beams combined with vibrant laser graphics on the dome create concert-like immersion. It’s an experience best enjoyed in-person with a group of fun friends, so make it a big night out at Union Station! STAY TUNED FOR AN EXCITING NEW PREMIERE Coming Summer 2018, the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium will host the North American Premiere of Mars 1001. This new experience, produced by Mirage 3D, will give you a stylized glimpse into what steps need to be taken to get humans safely to Mars. With real actors, great visuals and green screen technology, it’ll be a “Big Space” show to see. ■ UnionStation.org


Awarded “Best Banquet Facility”

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes! Museum of Illusions Coming Soon Worldwide Sensation to Make U.S. Premier in Kansas City’s Favorite Family-Friendly Destination T

Illusion: Perception of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature.


he unique, immersive and pleasantly deceptive museum concept that’s taken five countries by storm is making its U.S. debut right here in Kansas City’s Union Station! Museum of Illusions, opening summer 2018, offers a unique visual, sensory and educational experience. Let your mind be amused by deceptions that will fascinate all your senses. Holograms, optical illusions, installations, bottomless pits and unusual rooms will transport you to where the line between imagination and reality becomes a blur. “Most of the exhibits will invite deep guest interaction,” explains Alex Doroskovs, Museum of Illusions Kansas City founder and owner. “People will get hands-on, move things around, see them change shapes and be blown away by what they experience.” One such illusion is created by the Vortex Tunnel. You’ll believe you’re struggling just to make a step forward through a “rotating cylinder” when in fact you’re on a surface that’s stable and flat! Another will allow you to resist the laws of gravity and size ratio, while the Infinity Room will take you on a freeing journey with no end in sight. And, the museum’s playroom will stimulate fun learning of cognitive abilities with the use of wooden puzzles and games - turning your brain into a real fitness center! These exhibits and more are meant to take you on a fascinating excursion into the impossible, but they also beg to be photographed along your way. Selfies in the various exhibits will be encourage to boggle the minds of your friends on social media. Each illusion will be explained to help guests understand its inner workings and why your brain perceives things differently. This will add an educational component and understanding of why you can’t always believe what you’re seeing. There is no better home for Museum of Illusions than Kansas City’s “Favorite FamilyFriendly Attraction” – Union Station. With Union Station’s newly renovated theatre district – Museum of Illusions will add more unique experiences for all ages. This latest attraction comes from the same team that brought the mystery and thrill of discovery to the historic Station in the form of Escape Room KC. Museum of Illusions, located adjacent to Escape Room KC, promises to deliver a different kind of thrill that challenges your mind in a whole new, unforgettable way. Ready to be deceived? Stay tuned for details as Museum of Illusions prepares for its grand opening. Tickets will be available both at the door and online for advance purchase, with discounts available for children, students, seniors and large groups. ■

Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018


Make Your Next Event Magical Discover Union Station’s diverse venues (plus, expert party planning tips!) You know Union Station for its traveling national exhibits, 3D movies on the

Extreme Screen and of course family favorites like Science City and Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium. But did you know that one of the city’s favorite destinations also offers some of the area’s best party and event venues? Union Station blends historic beauty with modern amenities and a broad range of rooms and spaces, making it among Kansas City’s premier places to host your next event. “The uniqueness of hosting an event at Union Station is unmatched in the local venue market. The grandeur and history of this building amazes guests as soon as they arrive,” says Special Events Manager Tammy Ruder. From holidays to birthdays, weddings to baby showers, indoors and out, there are unique spaces at Union Station for every occasion and every size. Rooms can accommodate events as small as 15 to as large as 2,400. Need the latest AV technology? Or ample space for a large audience in a state-of-theart theatre? Or perhaps you’d like a historic banquet space dripping with opulence … or even a versatile outdoor space. Look no further than Union Station. Allow your guests to marvel over the ornate architecture in Grand Plaza, the warm wood paneling in the Arthur Stilwell Room, or the beautiful marble walls in Jarvis Hunt that make a perfect wedding backdrop. Access state-of-the-art 75” TVs and sound system in the newly-renovated Innovation Center or let your message be seen on the 80’ Regnier Extreme Screen. It’s never too early to start planning because event spaces do book up. Go to unionstation.org or contact Lisa Aguirre at laguirre@unionstation.org to explore and book a Union Station venue for your next event!

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Start Now! Venues and vendors book up, as do your guest list’s schedules, so the sooner you start planning, the better.

Keep a Master Plan Keep a notebook or document with all your to-do lists, shopping lists, guest list, vendor information, etc. in one place to help you stay organized and stress-free.

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Run through the entire event Meet with your team/committee (even if that’s just you!) and run through the entire event — from set up to tear down — to make sure everyone’s on the same page. This step is useful for all event sizes, from small parties to large festivals!

Know Your Budget Plan for the unexpected. Include some extra money in your budget for things that might come up — you’ll be glad you did!

Enjoy the Day SPACE FOR ANY SIZE CELEBRATION In early May, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City celebrated their 80th Anniversary at Union Station’s Haverty Family Yards. Over 1,100 employees and retirees enjoyed food trucks, photo ops, outdoor games, and the beautiful spring weather in the entire expanse of Haverty Family Yards. At 32,000 sq. ft. Haverty Family Yards boasts beautiful green space that can be designed and activated in a variety of ways for your event. Dramatic views of the city, Union Station and Liberty Memorial are added bonuses! ■


Union Station On Track • Mid-Year 2018

Once the day arrives, enjoy it! You’ve put in all the hard work and planned in advance so try not to stress. Instead, reap the benefits of all your hard work.

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103 West 26th St. North Kansas City, MO 64116

Clint Carpenter Estimator/Project Manager Mid-Continental Restoration Co., Inc. clint_carpenter@midcontinental.com (620) 704-2738 - Mobile

800-835-3700 | MidContinental.com

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ON TRACK Mid Year 2018  

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ON TRACK Mid Year 2018  

ON TRACK Magazine


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