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Positive News in Milledgeville and Baldwin County


A Special Supplement to THE

UNION-RECORDER • Tuesday, October 4

Local community leaders respond to our question:

In the wake of the economic downtown that we are continuing to face, what steps can be taken now (i.e. in education, business, government, etc.) to strengthen the local business base for the future? ven though we are still experiencing double-digit unemployment in Milledgeville/Baldwin County, I think we are doing many good things to position us for future prosperity. Just recently we had a groundbreaking for a new addition for the Milledgeville campus of Central Georgia Technical College and a ribbon-cutting opening the new Career Academy at Baldwin High School. Both of these developments will help us to prepare our workforce for 21st century jobs. Georgia College and Georgia Military College both continue to offer excellent educational programs that not only add to the appeal of our community to newcomers, but also generate a great deal of economic activity for our area. We have also made great strides in addressing the illiteracy issue in Baldwin County with a well-supported commuJohnny Grant nity literacy program that was just recently accepted into the state Certified Literate Community Program. Businesses State Senator, seeking a new location put a premium on the ability of a comR-Milledgeville munity to provide a workforce that is available and eager to work and has the educational background to be quickly trained. We are working hard toward being able to better meet those demands. Work continues on the Fall line Freeway and widening of U.S. Highway 441. The completion of these two highway projects will greatly improve Milledgeville’s accessibility by road and therefore raise its attractiveness in the eyes of many industrial prospects. A project is also going on in nearby Wilkinson County to improve the Norfolk Southern rail line from Savannah to Atlanta. This project, while not directly benefitting Baldwin County, will enhance this area of Georgia for industries needing rail access and a speedy corridor to the Savannah Ports. We also have had some good news on the jobs front this year. Triumph Aerostructures announced a major plant expansion in May and all indicators are that they will continue to hire new folks as additional contracts for new projects are secured. GEO Corporation is quickly finishing up the new private prison and has begun the hiring process for that facility. The first of the inmates to be housed there should be arriving on site by the end of this calendar year. A huge new Kroger is nearing completion as well. This showcase store will bring some new jobs on line, but it will also help to attract additional business to the Milledgeville/Baldwin County area, enhancing our reputation as a regional shopping hub. The last several years have shown that we are dealing with a new economy that is interconnected globally. We in state government continue to look for business not only in neighboring states, but throughout the world. International companies are adding plants and distribution centers throughout the southeast, and Georgia companies are selling product in far flung corners of the globe. As a community, a state and a nation we have to be supportive and welcoming to business. That includes having tax policy and a regulatory environment that encourages business to grow and prosper. That growth in the private sector has been what has led us out of recessions in the past and it will be what will bring us out of this recession as well.


ou are your community. The one constant asset of Baldwin County is the residents invested in and committed to Milledgeville and Baldwin County. True southerners, proud of their country, state and community. This is portrayed by the number of strangers, out of state people who want to and who are moving into our area. One would ask why would someone move into Baldwin County from Florida, North Carolina, New York or elsewhere when they have no connection to Milledgeville and know no one who lives here? Why? Because of you! You meet them on the street and you say “hello.” You ask how you can help them find a place to eat, a historical site, Georgia College, GMC or whatever they have an interest. This friendliness is not what they are used to back home, but definitely something they like and want to be a part State Representative, of — this community. Some of these moving in are retired. Some are job hunting, I-Milledgeville while some are looking for a community that has adequate educational facilities like Georgia College or GMC, recreational activities (Lake Sinclair) two golf courses, etc. An active civic program (community theatre), programs for seniors, quality healthcare (Oconee Regional), low crime statistics (Chief Blue – Sheriff Massee) and the list of Baldwin County positives go on and on. All are part of you and how you sell your town and community to strangers. How does this benefit us? Simple, statistics show for every two adult people who retire to or move into a community equates to three jobs. They may be hamburger flipping, painting, yard work or teachers. The new couple spends money. The three jobs are filled by those out of work who spend money. Residents of Milledgeville are working with the Commissioner of Consumer Affairs to get Milledgeville recognized as the first “Certified Retirement Community” in Georgia. Our politicians, development authority, real estate investors are looking for investors to build a true “Retirement Development” even while additional senior citizen condos and rental units are under construction. Baldwin County will never see the number of state employees that it had in the past. However, while there are roughly 2,000 state employees at Central State, this number will gradually decrease, then increase back to roughly 3,000 within two to three years. This will be due to the prison population in Baldwin County and the growing need to house the elderly prison population and a health care delivery system for prisoners. We are working to get Sheriff Massee to take over the YDC to house not only the over flow at our county jail but also to charge other counties to house their overflow. Result, more jobs at the YDC to house inmates but also the development of programs at the YDC to teach the non-violent population a vocation so when they serve their time they can find a job. Baldwin County, more so than most of the other 158 counties in Georgia, defiantly has something to sell and be proud of: YOU! YOU sell us and we will all grow and prosper.


Rusty Kidd

2A – Invested and Committed

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

don’t believe that it will be possible to resolve the economic challenges that our community faces by merely cutting budgets to accommodate diminished tax revenues. The situation we find ourselves in took decades to evolve and will not be resolved in the short term … specifically, it will not be resolved by a business-as-usual approach. Many of the jobs lost were in industry and government positions that required minimal literacy skills. This assertion is evidenced by the census data that indicates that 27 percent of the residents of Baldwin County are illiterate. Moreover, Baldwin County has the sixth highest unemployment rate (16.4 percent) in Georgia, behind Hancock, Jenkins, Telfair, Warren and Coffee counties. Because of this illiteracy rate (among other factors), our community is not attractive to industry, which among other criteria, require a trainable workforce. Too, corporations such as Triumph, Georgia Power, Mohawk and others require a high school diploma or GED for all positions even at the lowest level of compensation. To improve our lot, we much take action to provide interested investors in our community with a work force that can read, write and calculate. This will take time to achieve. It will Maj. Gen. require investment by the city and the county to provide increased opportunities to our population that wants to work but cannot be hired because of their lack of literacy skills. To that Peter Boylan end, support for retraining programs for this population is essential for recovery. President, GMC For our city and county governments to believe that our community will rebound by merely reducing services until tax revenues rebound disregards the obvious fact that revenues cannot rebound unless there are jobs for people to earn money that can be taxed to provide the services that a quality community deserves. To date, I have seen no workable plan by our governments to address the issue of recovery. There seems to be no realization that in order to get a return on investment in our community, there must be an investment made in our community.


s our community continues to feel the effects of the national economic downturn, we are presented with an opportunity and responsibility to improve. As a community, Milledgeville-Baldwin County cannot afford to have a reactionary attitude toward economic growth and prosperity. We must to evaluate how we got where we are, envision where we want to go and engage all necessary resources to embark on that journey together. I recently heard a pastor say: “You have to go through a test to have a testimony.” This powerful truth provides unique perspective in the current economic climate. Our community is being called to action. Community leaders, business owners and neighbors are all responsible for building the thriving, bustling Milledgeville-Baldwin County we all envision. In order to reach a brighter tomorrow we need to all make the following items a priority: 1.) Baldwin County citizens must shop local: For every $100 spent locally, approximately $68 of those dollars are recaptured by the local economy. Of those $68, roughly $28 is being paid in employee wages and benefits. Support our local businesses consistently and compulsively. 2.) Our community needs to prepare for growth: We should all focus on becoming the easiest April Bragg place to do business. Efforts need to be made to identify obstacles to new business development CEO, Milledgeville and once identified prompt action should be taken to eradicate those challenges. The city and county elected officials and employees welcome suggestions and ideas, but they need to hear Baldwin Co. from existing businesses in order to address issues. It is time for the business community to Chamber of begin speaking and advocating for our future as a collective voice through the Chamber of Commerce Commerce. 3.) Education needs to be the core of our community’s economic strategy: Graduation rates along with both literacy and digital literacy need to remain a focus. Citizens can support their neighbors by volunteering with the local school system, the public library, Digital Bridges and Communities in Schools. 4.) Work Readiness needs to be quantifiable and marketable: The Milledgeville-Baldwin County Development Authority will tell you that a skilled and ready workforce is one of the most important elements a prospective company looks for when choosing a location. All citizens, regardless of their employment status, should support the Work Ready initiative by taking the free Georgia Work Ready assessment. John F. Kennedy once said: “When written in Chinese the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters – one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” In 2008 we started facing the danger of an un-diversified economy, now is the time to seize the opportunity to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit and support our local businesses.


t has been said that a good crisis is a terrible thing to waste, meaning that it’s a time that can either make or break an individual … or a community. Along those same lines, it has also been said: “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond.” I believe that Baldwin County has provided the right response to the recession, choosing to rise to the challenge and search for new opportunities that can sustain our local government and its citizens. I recently heard a speaker tell of the importance of each member of a community realizing that they are in some way responsible for economic development. It may be a random meeting at a gas station where a prospect asks the question, “So, how do you like living here?” If the response given is negative, it could actually deter the prospect from looking any closer at the community as a place to open their business. Realizing that we are all involved with this effort to rebuild and with many good ideas being suggested as to how we move forward, we must be cognizant of one important notion: We must all be on the same page and singing from the same song book. Fortunately, efforts such as Partners for Progress provide a venue for everyone to be involved and feel they are affecting a positive outcome on initiatives from education to transportation to business development. Janus Consulting recently surveyed Baldwin County to determine where our strengths and weaknesses lie in regards to promoting our economic development efforts. The report suggested Executive Director that we build upon the following strengths: Higher Education; Partners for Progress; Downtown Milledgeville/Baldwin Milledgeville; Digital Bridges; available Sites and Buildings; Transportation and Quality of Life Co. Development and Place. The areas that needed continued focus were: Workforce; Education; Business Climate and Self Image. These points were elaborated on further in the report and most items Authority are consistent with concerns / weaknesses in all communities. Workforce needs will be ever changing as companies incorporate new technology. If we continue to promote and embrace the Certified Work Ready testing and support the opportunities afforded to our citizens at Georgia College, Georgia Military College and Central Georgia Technical College, we can ensure that our workforce is prepared and marketable to industry of the future. Education will always be a priority and truly takes the involvement of everyone. Recent steps to elevate both the relevance and importance of education in Baldwin County can be seen through the opening of the Baldwin County Career Academy and embarking on the process of becoming a Certified Literate Community. Improving our business climate will involve continuing to work toward making the location process a seamless one from the company’s first visit to the ribbon cutting. Self-image is fueled in large part by perception rather than reality. It’s good to take a step back and find the strengths our community has to offer and how each individual is responsible for contributing to its image. In the words of President Theodore Roosevelt, "In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing."


Angie Gheesling

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Invested and Committed – 3A

4A – Invested and Committed

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

hether we are business owners, recent graduates, working parents or retirees, we all have felt the impact of the economic downturn to some degree. So, too, have we felt the effects community-wide, through job losses, industry closures, budget cuts and unemployment. While we are still knee-deep in the process of recovery, we must look at education and community involvement as vital components of our rebound process. Through initiatives such as the Certified Literate Community Program and Work Ready, we have the opportunity to demonstrate to state leaders and members of the business sector that our workforce is well-equipped to make a viable impact in any industry. We must also look to harness small industry development in the local community, realizing that job creation can also come in the form of several businesses rather than two or three large industries. We must also further efforts designed to engage community involvement in the local schools, promoting education — high school and beyond — as an avenue for job success. It takes all sectors — business, government, education — private and public — working together with new ideas to contribute to the process. There is likely no singular solution as a means for our economic improvement, but working together to decrease the dropout rate, re-train and re-educate the locally unemployed, promoting Milledgeville and Baldwin County as a prime location for development statewide, nationwide and even internationally, has the potential to make a positive impact.


Keith Barlow

Publisher The Union-Recorder

very one of us is affected by the economic downturn in some way, whether directly or indirectly. We all know friends, neighbors and relatives who are experiencing financial difficulties like never before. Our community has changed significantly since the closure of manufacturing facilities and the drastic reduction in State employment. Small business growth is a major driving force for securing our business base. These businesses may not see large employment gains; but when combined with other small businesses that are growing by one to 10 employees, we will start to see change in our community. It’s obvious to me that the golden key to our success, first and foremost, is education. You’ve heard it said many times before, but parents, guardians, grandparents, friends and neighbors must get involved like never before with our children’s educational path. We must stay involved for the duration of our children’s education, regardless of the twists and turns along the way. It’s our job to guide our young people to become successful. As parents, we must show them the way. Our teachers do a remarkable job with our students, but it’s not their sole job to teach them alone. They are simply a piece of the big puzzle. In addition to our push for education, this community must understand the impact we have on shopping local. We must support our local businesses by keeping our spending dollars in town. We have everything we need to survive in this town. Sure, it’s fun to shop in Atlanta and surrounding Assistant VP Business areas from time to time because we enjoy shopping in certain stores, but we must be mindful of the Development and fact that we have small businesses that have put their heart and soul into running a business in our community to provide products and services for us. We must shop local and use local suppliers in Marketing, order to keep Milledgeville vibrant and alive. Exchange Bank I believe it is the responsibility of each one of us to search within ourselves and determine what we can contribute to our community to make it a better place for everyone. Is it mentoring at a Incoming Chair school or stepping up to serve on the PTO? Is it getting involved on the board of a non-profit organMilledgeville Baldwin ization or civic club? Is it leading your church youth group or getting involved in City and County government? If you are not sure how you can contribute, then I encourage you to work on answerCounty Chamber ing that question and then GET INVOLVED. It’s time for all of us to take responsibility for what our of Commerce community looks like in the future.


Terry Kennedy

well-educated workforce is crucial to our economic recovery. Dedicated teachers and administrators on every level of the Baldwin County School system are striving non-stop to boost reading skills, reduce absenteeism, and award more diplomas. Their dedication is paying off. The Baldwin High School graduation rate has climbed from less than 50 percent in 2003 to nearly 80 percent last year. Caring people from all corners of our community — from our colleges and churches, to our businesses and public offices — have pitched in to help. They have come together as the Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce/Partner’s for Progress Education Committee. They promote the well-being of Milledgeville-Baldwin County by educating and advocating for children as well as the adults in their lives. At Communities In Schools, we continue to target family literacy and kindergarten readiness; promote early reading skills; connect students to community support resources; open up college opportunities; and encourage adults to return to school to complete their education. We also celebrate becoming a member of the Certified Literate Community Program, a key step to our economic prosperity. What is our greatest need? We need you. As a concerned citizen, you can volunteer in one of our programs, or serve as a mentor, or share a few hours of your time to assist at a public school. You can make a difference, like a candle in the dark. Let your light shine in our community and Executive Director, our future will truly be bright. Please call or long on to Communities in www.


Sandy Baxter

Schools of Milledgeville Baldwin County

lthough our community is dealing with the economic downtown, I believe that Milledgeville-Baldwin County has the assets, leaders and citizens to grow from this experience. There are several small steps that can be taken to help strengthen the local business base, for example, shopping local. The importance of shopping local has been stressed and supported by the Digital Bridges Shop Local Campaign Initiative. This initiative has been successful by reminding citizens of Milledgeville that small businesses rely on us for support. The Shop Local Campaign is important to me as the Main Street director because the majority of businesses downtown are locally owned and operated. The Chamber of Commerce and Partners for Progress have the community’s support as they engage in programs to show the importance of getting an education to our young adults. The Reality Check Program, Communities in Schools and Educate to Graduate are great examples of steps being taken to improve the future employability of Milledgeville-Baldwin County citizens. As we continue to put literacy and education at the top of our priority list, businesses will begin to gain more interest in locating in our community. Through strong partnerships and dedication the City of Milledgeville/Baldwin County leaders and community members can make the changes necessary to improve our community. As we move forward, it is important to remember that this economic downturn did not happen overnight and neither will the process of getting back up and moving forward but with motivation, determination and strong leadership in place, Milledgeville will become more vibrant and successful as it has ever been.


Carlee Schulte Executive Director Milledgeville Mainstreet/DDA

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Invested and Committed – 5A

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6A – Invested and Committed

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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8A – Invested and Committed

Committee Chairs Education............................................Geneva Braziel (Baldwin County Schools) Events Planning ...................................Sheree Prestridge (Century Bank & Trust) Economic Development ......................Angie Gheesling (Development Authority) Barry Chambers ...................................................................................(Wendy’s) Business Development ...............Travis Strickland (Studio Designs Printing, LLC) Marketing/Public Relations..........................Natalie Davis (The Union-Recorder) Government Affairs .........................Merritt Massey (Merritt Massey State Farm) Retirement..............................................................................Nathalie Goodrich Transportation ............................Alan Horton(Oconee Regional Medical Center)

2011-2012 Board of Directors Tommy Cook .............................................................................(Digital Bridges) Amit Patel - Ambassador Liaison .......................................(Holiday Inn Express) Wes Cummings...............................................................................(Captain D’s) Robert Dawkins ......................................................(Badcock Home Furnishings) Kelly Jaworski ...............................................................................(Pickle Barrel) Karen Rowell .............................................(Stare Farm Insurance-Karen Rowell) Jim Fain..................................................(Beckham-Fain Insurance Group, LLC) Jody Yearwood - Technology Leader ...........................(Georgia Military College) General Peter Boylan, Ex Officio Board Member ............(Georgia Military College)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Ambassadors Carly Floyd Jonathan “Bob” Ewing Dawn Williams Brandi Biller Lori Boyer Sheila Clemmons Adrian Dawson Bill Faith Alisha Giles Lynn Futch Starr Hall Vic Hubbard April Humphrey Deborah Marsh Linda McKnight Travis Patisaul Gina Peck-Mako Courtney Tollison Jaclyn Wilson Maryllis Wolfgang

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Chair: Travis Strickland • Create a greater awareness of the need to shop local using social media and loyalty programs. • Encourage the adoption of a Preferred Preference Purchasing Plan through out Government, Education, Industry and Businesses in Baldwin County. • Launch the Business Plan challenge to increase awareness of Milledgeville as an Entrepreneurial community. • Improve customer service in our community by providing a portfolio of documents used in city and county government. • Encourage community participation in a singular community calendar. • Conduct a small business outlook survey that identifies their needs and challenges.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Chair: Angie Gheesling • Explore the need for a countywide Master Plan. • Develop an Economic Development Strategic Plan. • Encourage participation of city and county leaders and the Baldwin County Board of Education in Economic Development Committee meetings. • When appropriate, facilitate countywide meetings to educate citizens on issues of importance to facilitating economic development. (for example: blight ordinances and corridor architectural standards)

Invested and Committed – 9A

• Develop and implement a plan for college students to network with business leaders; thus in turn, providing employment and mentoring opportunities. • Support the continuing efforts associated with promotion of Baldwin County’s Certified Work Ready designation.



• Educate the community on city and county government unification through community presentations and meetings to provide information and solicit feedback.

RETIREMENT COMMITTEE Chair: Nathalie Goodrich

Chair: Geneva Braziel

• Continue the Partners in Education (PIE) program and increase the number of business partners at each school by one. • Recruit mentors and tutors to implement enrichment programs in Baldwin County Schools and adult education sites. Increase the number of students served by 10%. • Communities in Schools will provide a site coordinator at Eagle Ridge Elementary and the Early Learning Center to improve the student test scores on the accepted assessment measures in these schools. • A presentation will be made to at least four civic organizations on the Baldwin County Mentoring/Tutoring program. • Host the Georgia Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP) site team in Milledgeville. Meet with these state CLCP representatives to kick-off the Baldwin County/Communities in Schools partnership initiative to increase GED completion and become a Certified Literate Community by 2014.

• Contract with research firm to conduct a market research analysis to evaluate the Milledgeville, GA market potential for retirees. • Utilize the research report to implement a marketing strategy to attract retirees to our community. • Host a meeting in Milledgeville, inviting other communities, to create a statewide retirement recruitment plan to present to state government officials.


• Investigate options for re-routing trucks from Hancock Street. • Make Milledgeville/Baldwin County a Bicycle Friendly Community. • Investigate Business Incubator opportunity for public transportation. • Assist the Middle Georgia Regional Commission with the implementation of the Mobility Manager. • Complete the Partners for Progress Transportation Survey. Use data to create strategy to increase awareness of transportation.

10A – Invested and Committed

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Invested and Committed – 11A

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12A – Invested and Committed

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Invested and Committed – 15A

Here are a few of our great services that show our Investment and Committment to Baldwin County.

Case Management Services: 445-4817 Oconee Center is a public corporation, designated by law as a Community Service Board. Oconee Center has been committed to serving individuals. For over 40yrs. Our mission states that we aim “to provide high quality and cost effective behavioral health care services that meet customer expectations”. Part of providing high quality has come with the implementation of Case Management Services that began in July of 2011. As Oconee Center’s Case Manager part of the relationship involves looking at areas that may cause stress in your daily life and how you can manage them as well as making sure that the consumer receive a full assessment to determine the appropriate level of services to fulfill your needs. By working with the consumers to develop goals needed to improve their situation and strategies needed to reach those goals. Oconee Center has been able to better serve the individuals of the community and looks forward to moving onward and upward to exceed customer expectations.

Sharon Reese Case Manager

Mental Health Services: 445-4721 Our mission is to provide high quality and cost effective behavioral health care services that meet the customer expectations. Oconee Center has been in operation for over 40 years, the center has service sites throughout a six county area with its main sites located in Milledgeville and two satellite offices in Washington County and Hancock County. Over the years, we have provided and will continue to provide the following services to children and adults. Psychiatric Treatment, Psychological Testing, Diagnostic Assessment, Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Family Counseling, Nurse Assessments, Community Support, Supported Employment, Residential Supports, Personal Support, Medication Management, Comprehensive Treatment planning, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Peer Support, Substance Abuse and Developmental Disabilities services. Oconee Center is accredited by CARF and is a provider in the state of Georgia as a Clerical Support Community Mental Health Center. Oconee Center Clerical Staff is the front line & first face an individual would see as they enter our customer friendly environments at any of the agency locations. I strive to decrease wait times for treatment by ensuring that the individuals move smoothly throughout their intake and follow-up appointments. This process is done through prompt check in utilizing Electronic Health Record System because efficiency is so important. I also greet each consumer with a smile.

Tiffany Hill

Community Outreach Services: 445-4817 Oconee Center Community Outreach was developed to: • Educate the public about the value of Oconee Center by building a greater awareness of the services that we provide • Foster confidence and appreciation for the community involvement that Oconee Center participates in that supports our mission and vision to the individuals in the counties that we serve. • Provide awareness to the individuals by educating them about treatment for mental illness, substance use, and community resources that are available for them. Through our outreach efforts it… Gives healthcare professionals the opportunity to provide important information, answer questions, and listen to concerns of those we serve • Provides employees and consumers the opportunity to participate in health fairs, speaking engagements, and community events • Oconee Center strives to serve as a source of consistent high visibility for the Semika Roach community which helps in recruiting new employees and attracting future patient referCommunication rals Outreach Specialist • Seeking to build community relations through networking

16A – Invested and Committed

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

“Committed to offering our community with the best equipment on the market.”

-Southside Equipment


October 4, 2011

Invested & Committed – 1B

Open all day for school holidays

We Are... Recreational & Competitive holding numerous State and National titles.

A FULLY EQUIPPED TODDLER & PRE-SCHOOL GYMNASTICS GYM Debut is the week of October 17th! Is your daycare signed up yet?

248 Log Cabin Road Milledgeville Website:

(478) 454-3446

Coni Adams-Moore Owner/Director

2B – Invested & Committed

October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011

Invested & Committed – 3B

Bring the Family family out to play at the

Pumpkin Patch

First United Methodist Church 366 Log Cabin Road

478-452-4597 October 11 - 31, 2011 Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm • Saturday 10 am - 7 pm • Sunday 12 pm - 6pm

4B – Invested & Committed

October 4, 2011

Twin Lakes Physical Therapy is 100% Physical Therapists owned, so we are committed to the patient and not to some big corporation. At Twin Lakes Physical Therapy, we only use licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists and licensed Physical Therapists Assistant’s to perform your therapy. You never have to worry if the person treating you is licensed or qualified. All of our therapists maintain their licenses through the requirements of the state, attend advanced coursework and completes Ethics and Jurisprudence requirements every two years.

You can be assured that we at Twin Lakes Physical Therapy wants only the best Therapists to treat our patients. Twin Lakes Physical Therapy works as a team with you and your physician. We work to make your experience with Twin Lakes Physical Therapy enjoyable while improving your health and well-being as the primary goal. Our use of proven and evidenced based methods, combined with the newest technology, techniques and years of clinical experience makes Twin Lakes Physical Therapy the very best choice you can make for therapy and rehabilitation.

Specializing in: • Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

• Neck and Back Pain Relief

• Post-Surgical Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy

• Stroke Rehabilitation

• Hand Therapy

• Shoulder, Elbow and Knee Dysfunction

• Sports Related Injuries

Milledgeville 571 Hammock Rd • Suite 106 • (Old McGaw Building)

(478) 452-6252

Denny Wood, Shawn Roberts, Chris Alford, Allyson Wood, PT, DPT, SCS, PT PT PT

Jill Smith,

Chris Hairie,




Constance Wesson, OTRL, CHT


Lake Oconee

222 West Clinton St., Suite 3 (Next to Advance Auto)

1001 Village Park Drive Suite 105

(478) 986-5400

(706) 454-2000

Kim Bershadsky, PT

Stacey Jones, PT, DPT

Chris Alligood, Michael Dunning,



October 4, 2011

Invested & Committed – 5B

Congratulations Milledgeville! The 50/50 Facade Match Grant has continued to help small downtown businesses improve their facade!

Completed: • Digital Bridges • Metropolis Café • 112 East McIntosh Street • Oconee Outfitters

In the Process of Improvement:

• Citizens’ Finance • Lafayette Square

• Kuroshima

• Adams, Jordan & Treadwell

• The Velvet Elvis

Deep Roots wins again at the 2011 Southeast Festivals and Events Conference bringing home Gold Kaleidoscope Awards in the Best Marketing Campaign, Best Sponsor- The Union Recorder and Best T-Shirt Categories. Also taking home Silver Kaleidoscope Awards in the Best Volunteer- Mike Mower, Best Website and Best Other Merchandise Categories.

The Milledgeville Farmers’ Market celebrates their 3rd successful year! The Junior Miss Scholarship Program gets a new name Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Program. A great program of Main Street that provides high school junior girls the opportunity to compete for $8,250 in scholarship money to be used for college. Congratulations to Caroline Hooks and Jocelyn Yao for winning Milledgeville and Baldwin County’s Distinguished Young Women title for the class of 2012!

New Business:

Expanded Business:

Coming Soon:

• Play! A Creative Studio • Citizen’s Advocacy Group



Main Street introduces a new event downtown: First Friday! The focus of First Fridays is to celebrate the diversity of art in Milledgeville and to give the community an opportunity to come together to enjoy local art, shops and restaurants in downtown Milledgeville!

Streetscape Phase II Completion Celebration! The City of Milledgeville, Main Street and the Chamber held a ribbon cutting for the exciting completion of Streetscape Phase II in conjunction with the May First Friday event! Mainstreet says goodbye to a downtown icon- Harrold’s- but the legacy will be staying alive at Fields Photography and Framing who are incorporating Harrold’s Tuxedo’s & Rentals into their existing business on South Wayne Street.

Vision Statement For Historic Downtown Milledgeville to be a vibrant and attractive destination for business, education, and community activity where people appreciate its rich history. (Adopted in 1996 by the Board of Directors. Reviewed in June 2011)

127 E. Hancock St.

Milledgeville, GA 31061


Mission Statement To inspire public and private investment in the revitalization, preservation, and promotion of the downtown business district in order to strengthen the economic base of Milledgeville-Baldwin County. (Adopted in 1996 by the Board of Directors. Reviewed in June 2011)

Become our fan on Facebook and sign up for our monthly informative newsletter!

6B – Invested & Committed

October 4, 2011

Milledgeville Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Quarter “I believe that Tom Glover and the work that Cogentes does really embody the spirit of what the small business of the quarter recognition was meant to highlight. Not only do they provide exceptional service to their clients but they also work with the chamber and other non-profit organizations for networking and troubleshooting issues and still make time to stay involved in initiatives that impact our community.” -April Bragg CEO, Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce

Milledgeville Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce Technology Committee “His expertise and willingness to volunteer his time and experience to help us maximize opportunities to serve our members through leadership and the use and advancement of technology in our business environment.” -April Bragg CEO, Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce

Digital Bridges “Tom helped us network the technology center, is a client with their social media services, and has been a great proponent for Digital Bridges.” -Tommy Cook Program Director, Digital Bridges

Partners for Education Blandy Hills “Our partner’s involvement and partnership with the schools is very valuable. The need for the involvement of today’s businesses is great and the importance is even greater and the program as a whole is valuable for connecting the business with the schools. Businesses often get asked for a lot of monetary donations, but this downplays monetary donation in favor of involvement in the schools, such as reading to the children or volunteering for field day. I would like to give a Big Time Thanks to all the partners. We have close to 40 partners with all the schools and relationships are continuing to grow.”

Member of Milledgeville Bicycle Club “Tom got involved with the club about 6 months ago, participating in rides. He has really developed a lot and gained tremendous physical improvement and lost up to 40 pounds and has really improved his health. He has gotten his daughter into riding and is using it as father/daughter time. The Bicycle Club of Milledgeville is not a race club, it is a social group for riding at all levels. We aim at getting people engaged in bicycle riding helping everyone get healthier and stronger and have a good time. Our club is the local advocacy of bicyclists with goal of improving conditions of bicycling here in Milledgeville, and developing new trails along fishing creek. We are also working towards becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community.” -Adam Heagy Manager of Oconee Outfitters and Current President of Bicycle club of Milledgeville.

-Wes Cummings

Onsite repair or drop off at our location at:

1815 N. Columbia Street expert support, down home service


October 4, 2011

Invested & Committed – 7B

8B – Invested & Committed

October 4, 2011

Designing Line Salon 100 Chase Ct. and Garrett Way • Milledgeville, GA


20 Years in Milledgeville

1 0 Y E A R S AT G A R R E T T WAY

Peyton Bloodworth

Zjovan Johnson

Sherry McDuffie

Kat Davis

Teresa Ard

Amy Pierce

Donna Bennett

Abigail Green

Kaitlin Coffee

Lori Berry

Jill Rowland

Chelsea Garner

Carol McCook

Dirk Council

Danette Greene

October 4, 2011

Invested & Committed – 9B

Serving Middle GA For Over 37 Years

Come Join Us at the Fair 2011 Georgia National Fair, Perry GA

Lenders on hand for on the spot approval


4 BEDROOM 2 BATH 28 X 80

Features Include: • 9’ Sidewalls • Residential Finished Sheetrock • Dream Kitchen Package • Trey Ceilings • Cabinets to the ceiling • Rock fireplace • Jacuzzi Tub • and much more!


1018 Milledgeville Hwy • Milledgeville, GA 31059 1-888-484-0700 • 1-706-484-0700

10B – Invested & Committed

October 4, 2011




Roy Rogers

Ernest McDowell

Antonio Roberson

David Bullard

Charlie Downs

2012 Murano Cross Cabriolet

Paul Leverett

Clark Moye

Jason Childre

Josh Coffey

2011 Leaf

Tom Hines




Marion Bonner


Ben Harned Jr

James Spivey

Ron Wooten


Oil & Filter Change Summer Cooling System

Robert Hartry

Donald Weekly

Aaron Jackson

Caleb McDade

Apple® Twitter® Facebook® Nissan® Groupon® Google®

On Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep



95 $ plus tax, enviro fees & shop supplies

INCLUDES: • Change engine oil (up to 5 quarts) • Lube Chasis • Change oil filter & replace with filter Diesel, High Performance & Synthetic Extra Must present coupon when order is written. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at Childre Nissan.

This year, Nissan was named #4 on Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies list of 2011: There are 50 names on the list.

Our Lowest Price Ever



plus tax, enviro fees & shop supplies

INCLUDES: • Inspect and Test Radiator for Leaks • Drain and Flush Radiator • Install 1 gallon of Anti-freeze • Check hoses, clamps and belts • Pressure test system for leaks Must present coupon when order is written. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at Childre Nissan.

EXPIRES 10/30/11


95 $


89 99



15% OFF


Must present coupon when order is written. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at Childre Nissan.

EXPIRES 10/30/11


Sheila Leverett

plus tax, enviro fees & shop supplies Must present coupon when order is written. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at Childre Nissan.

EXPIRES 10/30/11

EXPIRES 10/30/11 Barbara McCann

126 Roberson Mill Road • Milledgeville

And only one automotive brand made the cut.

Melida Sanford



HOURS: Mon-Fri 8am - 7pm • Sat 8am - 6pm

Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary in Milledgeville

Ben Harned III




$ 00 + 0% 1,000

ON 2011 We Service All Domestic and Asian Imports GM Certified Full Warranty Service Center Lube, Oil & Filter Change $ 95 +24 Point Inspection


*Plus Tax, Tag & Title Fees. Price Includes Rebates


Colorado Avalanche Silverado Traverse Tahoe Surburban Express

Van Enclave Canyon Sierra Acadia Yukon Savana Van

October 4, 2011

Invested & Committed – 11B

12B – Invested & Committed

October 4, 2011

Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles With Easy In-House Financing

INVESTED AND COMMITTED TO THIS COMMUNITY FOR OVER 40 YEARS. 800 North Jefferson Street • Milledgeville


October 4, 2011

Invested & Committed – 13B

is the largest and oldest Independent Mattress Store in Milledgeville, offering only first quality beds. With a large variety of inventory in-house, most people should be able to come in and find the bed of their dreams and have same day delivery. They are also one of the few locations where you can buy an individual box spring or mattress, whereas, most locations only sell the set. Chris Knowles, the store manager, stressed how proud they are of their lines of beds in stock. The top three lines sold at The Sleep Center are manufactured right here in Georgia, which helps stimulate the local economy. Sealy, the number one line in the industry is manufactured in Conyers and Simmons, number 2 in the industry, is manufactured in Waycross. Another popular bed sold at the Sleep Center is American Bedding, which has been in the industry for over 70 years and is manufactured in Gainesville. Tempur-pedic mattresses, are becoming more and more popular, and have taken the number three spot for bedding in the industry. Their main goals are to provide an unsurpassed level of support and comfort that molds to your body and takes away pressure points for a deep restorative sleep. Tempur-pedic is cur-

rently the most recommended mattress by the Arthritis Foundation and American Orthopedic Association. The Sleep Center carries more than 6 different styles of Tempur-pedic in stock, so if you have every wondered about this new technology in bedding, you can stop by to try it out before investing your money. The Sleep Center has been locally owned and operated for more than 10 years in Milledgeville. Lee Dennis, the store owner, has been in the mattress business for more than 22 years, and has owned his own stores for more than 18 years. He opened his first location in Athens, Georgia and opened several more through the years. Chris Knowles, the store manager, strives to find the perfect bed for your comfort level. Chris has a level of commitment to the community because he has been part of Baldwin County since the mid “80s. “Each bed has certain benefits, but it truly is the comfort level that makes the bed perfect for you.” At the Sleep Center you will find a level of expertise that you could not find at stores that carry a variety of different furniture types. The staff has a huge level of expertise in the bedding industry and they are able to tell you the difference between each model to help you match

get the best quality for the best price. With more than 40 different styles of beds on display in the store, come in and let us help you find the perfect size, comfort level, or price range. Come check our prices that will not keep you up at night.



Compare our quality and you’ll see that our prices can’t be beat.





95 + TAX

QUEEN SET starting at





95 + TAX

1st Quality, Brands and Service FREE LAYAWAY AVAILABLE

12 Months SAME AS CASH

Like us on facebook Sleep Center - Milledgeville

THE SLEEP CENTER formerly Discount Mattress

Between Video Warehouse and Petopia

(478) 454-2337 (BEDS)


Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 7pm

14B – Invested & Committed


lpha Test Prep & Tutorial Service “Making Good Students Better”

Alpha Test Prep is committed to improving education throughout the Milledgeville and Baldwin County communities for K-12 students. We offer: Individual Class Tutoring for Language Arts, Math, Reading & Social Studies

Free tutoring is still available to Baldwin High School students (grades 9-12) and Early College students Students in the Baldwin YES program, grades 9-12 are also eligible for free tutoring. Alpha Test Prep offers preparation for the Graduation Exam, End of Course Test, and the ASVAB

Flexible Payment Plan Available

Flexible Scheduling Available. Call Today! Milledgeville’s HIDDEN

Contact: Doug Stewart, Coordinator, Master of Science of Teaching Member of Education Industry Association Holder of Georgia Reading Endorsement Former instructor of Georgia Regents Reading Course, GCSU


October 4, 2011


References Available Upon Request








Dr. Dorothy S. Stewart, MD J.I.L. Family Health Center

JIL Family Health Center has been invested and committed in providing quality healthcare to the Baldwin County community for 13 years. Located at 325 North Cobb Street Suite A Milledgeville, GA 31061


Hours of Operation Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8am - 4:30pm Wednesday, Friday 8am - 12pm

Flexible payment plans available for the uninsured. Accepts most insurance plans.

October 4, 2011

Invested & Committed – 15B

Whether you want to get rid of your old jewelry, want to make a quick and easy buck or need some extra cash to pay the bills, Your Gold Broker is here for you. Located in Milledgeville, GA.

Your Gold Broker is a local company that is specialized in buying Gold, Silver, and Platinum. We will pay top dollar for precious metals and jewelries even if they're broken!

20 % MORE

Brad Johnson

Your Gold Broker 1686 North Columbia St. • Milledgeville, GA 31061 • (478) 251-0171 ( located next to THE TINT SHOP )

16B – Invested & Committed

October 4, 2011

Invested and Committed 2011  
Invested and Committed 2011  

Invested and Committed 2011