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“It is quiet here, I long for a stormy day, with white, rushing clouds. And foam splashing high and gulls around twisting whirls.” From: Eldorado, J. Slauerhoff, First edition, 1928, Uitg. Mij. C.A. J. Van Dishoeck C.V.

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08-09 Who are we? 12-13 uitgeverij unieboek | het spectrum AND its HISTORY

54-55 Author management 4

70-73 THE ORGANISATION 76-77 credits

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24-25 van goor 26-31 VAN HOLKEMA & WARENDORF 34-35 VAN REEMST 36-37 VAN DISHOECK 40-43 SPECTRUM 44-45 MANA 46-47 PRISMA 48-49 WINKLER PRINS 62-65 MULTIMEDIA 5

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“My general impression, after reading several autobiographies, is that an autobiography is not merely a catalogue of events and experiences in which a person has been involved, but that it also serves as some blueprint on which others may well model their own lives.� From: Conversations with myself, Nelson Mandela, Spectrum, 2010

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who are we?

who are we? a sImple questIon that presents Itself when organIsatIons merge and when busIness processes change. not just to us, but to our relatIons too. and perhaps to you as well.


now that our new organisation as such is nearly one year old, it is time to make new acquaintance with one of the richest histories in the dutch publishing area. a history that starts in the early 19th century and still continues up to the present day.

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In this brochure we present our history to you, the history of what we have achieved and what we are still achieving today. No dull articles on visions and strategies, but our story, told in a way that suits us. This book will tell you about the heart and soul of our organisation.

About the respect and passion our staff has for our authors, translators, illustrators, photographers, and all others who are in any way involved in making a book. What can be more inspiring than people working together in order to produce beautiful products, and thereby forming the success of a company?

We enjoy working with you. Enjoy working with us. On behalf of our board and staff, Hans Janssen Peter van Haaften

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穢 Uitgever議 Unieboek | Het Spectrum bv

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UITgeVeRIJ UnIebOeK | HeT SpecTRUm


UITgeVeRIJ UnIebOeK | HeT SpecTRUm, One OF THe laRgeST geneRal bOOK pUblISHeRS In THe dUTcH langUage aRea, IS KnOWn FOR ITS SUcceSSFUl THRIlleRS, nOVelS, nOnFIcTIOn, cHIldRen’S bOOKS, TRaVel gUIdeS, dIcTIOnaRIeS, and ReFeRence bOOKS. cURRenTly, UnIebOeK | HeT SpecTRUm HaS alSO been deVelOpIng ITSelF In THe aRea OF mUlTImedIa pUblIcaTIOnS. beSIdeS aUdIObOOKS, e-bOOKS and appS, UITgeVeRIJ UnIebOeK | HeT SpecTRUm eXplOITS, a WebSITe cOnTaInIng OVeR 1500 Up TO daTe WalKIng and cyclIng ROUTeS In THe neTHeRlandS, and THe WaZZaa Web-SHOp, THROUgH WHIcH all bOOKS aVaIlable In THe neTHeRlandS can be ORdeRed. 1839

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Founding of Uitgeverij van Goor

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Our company publishes under eight strong imprints: • Van Goor (children’s and juvenile books) • Van Holkema & Warendorf (children’s and juvenile books, fiction and non-fiction) • Van Dishoeck (food and beverage) • Van Reemst (travel guides such as Capitool, Marco Polo, Nelles Gidsen and the Dutch editions of the Rough Guides) • Spectrum (history and current events, work and management, health, psychology) • Mana (spirituality) • Prisma (dictionaries, language training and other language products) • Winkler Prins (online encyclopedia and encyclopedic publications) Since the 22nd of January 2010, Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum bv has been part of LannooMeulenhoff bv, of which Terra Lannoo and Uitgeverij Meulenhoff | De Boekerij are also parts. The Dutch division of the Lannoo Group is called LannooMeulenhoff bv. In 2009 the Lannoo family business was a 100 years old and nowadays it is one of the most important Flemish publishing houses.

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HISTORy Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum bv came into existence through a merge between Uitgeverij Unieboek en Uitgeverij Het Spectrum. Of old, their imprints are renominated publishing houses with a unique place in Dutch publishing history. Van Goor, for instance, has existed for 170 years. Apart from these imprints, Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum bv also consists of a few latent imprints, such as Agathon, Wereldvenster, Fibula, Zuid Hollandsche Uitgeversmaatschappij and De Boer Maritiem. Agathon used to publish great names in literary history, for instance John Irving, Ernest Hemingway, Jean Paul Sarte, Milan Kundera, Bertus Aafjes, Simone de Beauvoir and Jack Kerouac. 13

Uitgeverij Het Spectrum Uitgeverij Het Spectrum was founded in 1935 by book merchants P.H. Bogaard and A.H. Bloemsma. This two man business rapidly grew out to one of the Netherlands’ largest general publishing houses.

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Het Spectrum had a progressive Catholic signature and sought to provide quality reading material to a wide variety of readers. This is why many books were brought out in paperback editions. This formula became well known in the fifties: world literature classics for only one guilder and twentyfive cents. In 1956 Het Spectrum published the first edition of Tolkien’s famous The Lord of the Rings. Many editions followed. This success was extended by the introduction of the Aula-pockets: books on popular scientific subjects made affordable for a wide audience. Late sixties Het Spectrum joined the VNU-concern. The Catholic profile disappeared, but the mission remained: publishing books for everybody. From 1992 the popular series Het aanzien van...., an annual year overview that appears each year in January and that traditionally is one of the best sold books in this period. In the seventies the Grote Spectrum Encylopedie appeared, which was published in 24 parts between 1974 and 1979. Around the same time as the first wine books and atlases, among others

by Hubrecht Duijker, the first full time wine author in our country. Both in the Netherlands and in other countries, Duijker has received every possible award: Wine Communicator of the Year, honorary citizen of Margaux, the American Julia Child Award (for best wine book of the year) and he was decorated in the Netherlands, France and Spain. Halfway the eighties, Het Spectrum left the VNUconcern and continued independently, led by Jan van den Heuvel and Joost Bloemsma, son of founder A.H. Bloemsma. A period of strong growth followed. In 1999 Het Spectrum became part of the PCMconcern, which meant great changes in the company profile. The fiction division was transferred to sister companies Bruna and De Boekerij. Around the turn of the century, Elsevier took over the Winkler Prins encyclopedias. From this moment on, Het Spectrum has been profiling itself as a leading non-fiction publisher, with the Winkler Prins Encyclopedia, the Prisma dictionaries and informative books for a wide audience. Within the PCM-concern, Het Spectrum ventured into an extensive cooperation with sister publishing house Unieboek. In 2008 they found shared offices in Houten. This cooperation resulted in a merge on the 1st of January 2010, and from this moment on both publishing houses went under the name Unieboek | Het Spectrum. The newly formed company left the Dutch concern PCM and joined the Belgium concern LannooMeulenhoff bv. The name ‘Het Spectrum’ still lasts in the form of an imprint, just as Winkler Prins does.

Illustration from the first edition of the Winkler Prins encyclopedia

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prisma The first Prisma dictionaries were published in 1955. Neither the publisher nor the authors had much experience in producing dictionaries. The thought behind the dictionaries rather was an idealistic one: “offering a dictionary for use in school and at home that would not be too expensive because of its size, but that would nevertheless live up to all criteria, and through this would meet the great need there seems to be for cheap quality books.” Author Ewoud Sanders wrote in his book De W lijkt ons niet zo’n heksentoer: “In the past decennia, Prisma dictionaries have become an important cultural phenomenon. They have contributed to the democratization of education and brought the modern foreign languages within anybody’s reach.” With the Prisma dictionaries, it became possible for anyone to purchase a dictionary.


Winkler prins The Winkler Prins is the oldest Dutch encyclopedia and was first published between 1870 and 1882. The author was reverend Antony Winkler Prins. New prints appeared in regular intervals. The last paper edition was the ninth print, 26 parts including a world atlas, which appeared between 1993 and 1995. In 1951 the first yearbook was published, containing all news facts – worldwide – completed with background articles. The yearbook still appears annually, as a supplement to the 7th, 8th and 9th prints of the Winkler Prins encyclopedia with a binding suiting these editions. Het jaar in woord en beeld is the bookshop edition of the Winkler Prins yearbook. In 1997 Winkler Prins entered into a collaboration with Microsoft, which resulted in the Encarta Winkler Prins encyclopedia, first on CD, then on DVD, and since 2004 online.

The cooperation with Microsoft continued untill 2009. In this year Winkler Prins started building three websites of its own, containing the Grote Winkler Prins, Studie Winkler Prins and Junior Winkler Prins (each online since 2010).


First edition Winkler Prins Encyclopedia

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Uitgeverij Unieboek Uitgeverij Unieboek came to exist in 1970, when two publishing houses, Uitgeverij Van Holkema & Warendorf and Van Dishoeck & De Boer, merged. In 1980 Unieboek was taken over by BuhrmannTetterode and subsequently by M&P Boeken, Weert in 1986. In 1991 Unieboek was sold, first to Meulenhoff and later to PCM. Uitgeverij Unieboek has become the sum of many publishing houses, each with their own history.

Van Holkema & Warendorf Van Holkema & Warendorf is an old name in the publishing industry. In 1891 S. Warendorf wrote: ’I hereby have the honour to inform you that the publishing house that was led by the late mister Tj. van Holkema, has joined my company, and through my association with Mr. Van Holkema’s widow, shall be continued under the name Van Holkema & Warendorf. As of the 1st of June, the office will reside at: Singel, at the Sophiaplein 542. In your obligingness, recommending the new company, I remain, S. Warendorf Jr. Around the turn of the century Van Holkema & Warendorf published books by great authors such as Louis Couperus and Herman Heijermans, but also translations of the works by Shakespeare, Gorky and Dostoyevsky. In addition, they published history books and books on the Dutch royal family. In the early fifties, authors Dick Laan and Jaap ter Haar were introduced. Up to the present day, the stories about Pinkeltje are still very successful, which is why recently an animation series about Pinkeltje was taken into production. In 1965 the company merged with Van Dishoeck. After the merge more money was needed. Becoming acquainted with Drukkerij en Uitgeverij v/h C. de Boer jr. NV offered a new perspective and resulted in the establishment of Uitgeverij Unieboek in 1970. Under the imprint Van Holkema & Warendorf among others children’s book authors Carry Slee, Francine Oomen and Jacques Vriens have become well-known.


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Founding of Uitgeverij Van Holkema & Warendorf

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Van dishoeck In the beginning of the last century Van Dishoeck gained the reputation of being one of the best publishing houses in the Netherlands because of its beautiful, qualitative and renowned list and beautifully designed publications. In 1903 Herman Teirlinck designed the characteristic logo: a book with the Van Dishoeck family arms, an opened edition of Vlaanderen magazine and a line up of several books. On the spines of these books the names of then successful authors were displayed: Marie Marx-Koning, Johan de Meester and Teirlinck himself. In the years that followed, the publishing house was gradually enriched with great Dutch authors such as P.C. Boutens, Herman Heijermans, Karel van de Woestijne, Willem Elsschot, Jan Jacob Slauerhoff, Herman Gorter and A. Roland Holst. In the late twenties the logo was adapted: on the spine of the books the names Cyriel Buysse, A. van Collem, Martinus Nijhoff and Herman Gorter appeared. Marie Marx-Koning became forgotten and was replaced by

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Karel van de Woestijne; the names of De Meester en Teirlinck remained. At the end of the row of books, Theo Thijssen was added. Theo Thijssen was vital to the publishing house’s image. Not only did he publish nearly all his work at Van Dishoeck, but he was very much involved in the development of the children’s books and schoolbook frontlists. As an author and advisor he had a very important part in the growth and quality of the publishing house. In the sixties Van Dishoeck went through a period of strong growth. The publisher had a several successful series, consisting of a hundred books called Van Dishoeck-boekjes, a series called Geschiedenis en Cultuur and had newly introduced the Fibula-series. In order to expand their activities, Van Dishoeck needed money. Van Holkema & Warendorf was financially strong and as the books of both publishers did not interfere with each other, both companies merged in 1965 Today the imprint Van Dishoeck stands for classicand inspiring cookery books.

The envelop of Uitgeverij Van Dishoeck with logo


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Van goor Uitgeverij Van Goor is one of the oldest publishing houses in the Netherlands. Gerrit Benjamin van Goor was born in 1816 and established himself as a book merchant and printer in Gouda in 1839. He published all kinds of books, but best known were his dictionaries, children’s books and schoolbooks. Gerrit died in 1871 and was succeeded by his sons, Dirk Lulius and Jacob Meinhard Noothoven, who had been working in the company for several years. These brothers specialised the publishing division of the company and parted with the bookshop. After the Second World War, Van Goor was taken over by Elsevier. In 1986 De Boekerij was established, emanating from Elsevier, and van Goor was incorporated in this new company. In 2002 Van Goor became part of Prometheus, which in turn had become part of PCM at the same time De Boekerij had. On the first of January 2005 Van Goor moved to Uitgeverij Unieboek.

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Van Reemst Van Reemst has its roots in publishing house Gebr. E. & M. Cohen. Ezechiël Godert Cohen and Martin Godert Cohen founded the company in 1878. Around 1900 it had become one of the largest publishing houses in the Netherlands. The company was wellknown for its translations of Little Lord Fauntleroy, Uncle Tom’s Cabin as well as the works of Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and Sir Walter Scott. The Cohen brothers published literature, popular scientific books, sheet music, dictionaries, history books, poems and even books on cookery. In 1906 their publishing house moved from Arnhem and Nijmegen to Amsterdam, until the Nazi’s forced them to close down their company. One of their last published works – very

symbolicly – was Gelijkheid voor allen (Equality), by Edward Bellamy. By 1945 publishing house Gebr. E. & M. Cohen was no more than a memory. The only ones who had survived the war were Jacques´children, Godfried and Esther. In May 1946 Esther founded publishing house Uitgeverij Phoenix – Gebr. E. & M. Cohen, in cooperation with publisher Kroonder. In 1951 Gerardus van Reemst purchased the company and changed the name Phoenix into G. van Reemst. In 1976 the publishing house was taken over by Uitgeverij Unieboek in Bussum.



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Founding of Uitgeverij Van Dishoeck

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”yOU dOn’T KnOW abOUT me WITHOUT yOU HaVe Read a bOOK by THe name OF THe adVenTUReS OF TOm SaWyeR; bUT THaT aIn’T nO maTTeR. THaT bOOK WaS made by mR. maRK TWaIn, and He TOld THe TRUTH, maInly. THeRe WaS THIngS WHIcH He STReTcHed, bUT maInly He TOld THe TRUTH.” From: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, first edition, 1885, Van Holkema & Warendorf’s U.M.

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Founding of Uitgeverij Het Spectrum

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Van Goor 24


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vAn goor stAnds for quAlIty tItles for chIldren of All Ages

great names From the very start, Van Goor has been publishing classic titles in children’s literature, such as Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, and Alone in the world by Hector Malot. These stories are still cherished by a wide audience. And what about well-known characters that were created for infants and toddlers, such as Elmer by David Mckee, Charlie and Lola by Lauren Child and the super friends by Fiona Rempt and Noëlle Smit? They all belong to the Van Goor imprint. So do the


4957 UBSP H2 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 25

humoristic books by Tosca Menten, which are very popular among older children. Those who prefer more literary novels will appreciate authors such as Harm de Jonge and Peter Van Olmen. Thrilling series, for instance the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer are the classics of the future in this imprint. In addition, Van Goor offers a varied selection of literary fiction for young adults. 25

Van Reemst purchases Uitgeverij Phoenix – Gebr. E & M Cohen and changes the company name to Van Reemst

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Van Holkema & Warendorf



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vAn holkemA & wArendorf Is one of the oldest publIshIng houses In the netherlAnds. As An ImprInt, thIs greAt nAme nowAdAys stAnds for chIldren’s And juvenIle books, fIctIon And non-fIctIon books. children’s and juvenile books

The children’s and juvenile books of Van Holkema & Warendorf are accessible for all ages, from the adventures of Dribbel (Spot) for the smallest children, to realistic youth novels and thrilling books for youngsters from the age of twelve onward. Strong series, such as our cheerful series De Bende van de Korenwolf and our humoristic books about school teacher Jaap, written by Jacques Vriens, lovely large song- and storybooks by Marianne Busser and Ron Schröder, our AVI-series by Vivian den Hollander and popular non-fiction books by Arend van Dam and Alex de Wolf have become indispensable in each bookstore. The imprint also publishes translated titles, such as the thrilling series GONE by Michael Grant.

The books by Van Holkema & Warendorf are wellloved, as the many nominations and prizes awarded by the Dutch ’Kinderjury’ (children’s jury) and the ’Jonge jury’ (young jury) prove.




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Publication of the first Prisma dictionaries

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Van Holkema & Warendorf



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wIth delIghtful novels And breAthtAkIng thrIllers, vAn holkemA & wArendorf offers endless joyful reAdIng.


When it comes to popular fiction, Van Holkema & Warendorf has been a renowned name for over 115 years. Van Holkema & Warendorf publishes novels for a wide audience with a disctinct preference for stories that are well-written, moving, profound and evocative. The imprint publishes novels by successful authors such as Maeve Binchy, Jackie Collins, Katie Fforde, Sarah Blake, Vanessa Diffenbaugh, Lindsey Kelk, Kate Furnivall, Judith Lennox, Ana Veloso and Robyn Young. 29

The imprint also publishes thrillers by authors such as Jeffery Deaver, Kate Mosse, Wulf Dorn, Joy Fielding, Ken Follett, Laura Lippman, Stuart MacBride, P.J. Tracy and Michael White.


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Publication of the first edition of Het aanzien van…

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Van Holkema & Warendorf



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vAn holkemA & wArendorf Is A modern ImprInt thAt keeps up wIth trends.

non-ďŹ ction

The Van Holkema & Warendorf non-ďŹ ction imprint focuses on lifestyle, home furnishing, gardening and beauty. The gardening books are both practical and inspiring. Well-known titles are Margriet tuinbasisboek, the books that accompany the wellknown Dutch television series Eigen huis en tuin and Beplantingsplannen by Modeste Herwig. The home furnishing books offer information and ideas, for instance through modern, stylish publications by VT Wonen magazine and complete home make-overs in Woon met lef by Marie-Gon. Another important title is Warm Winterwonen by Diny Koolhaas.


Leco van Zadelhoff and Rob Peetoom share their beauty secrets in their personal publications: Leco van Zadelhoff in Mooier and Rob Peetoom in Haal het mooiste uit jezelf. In this list there is also room for special projects. Examples are the extensive Biblica and the classic Eeuwige schoonheid.


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Founding of Uitgeverij Unieboek

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”If you do something, then do it properly. And if you do nothing, just enjoy it.” From: Juffrouw Pots, Tosca Menten, Van Goor, 2008

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Van Reemst 34


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vAn reemst Is A renowned ImprInt wIth publIcAtIons on leIsure ActIvItIes. Van Reemst is a renowned imprint with many publications on leisure activities. For each kind of trip or recreative route – whether it is a distant journey, a weekend trip, a day out, a refreshing walk or a cycling tour – the Van Reemst travel imprint offers well-known travel guides such as Capitool, Marco Polo, Nelles and the Dutch editions of the Rough Guides. In addition, Van Reemst publishes travel stories. capitool For the last sixteen years, the Capitool travel guides have been an authority in the Netherlands. They are visually strong, encyclopedic guides with beautiful pictures and especially designed illustrations, combined with detailed practical and cultural information. The brand name Capitool contains serveral series: the Capitool travel guides, the Capitool-compact series, the Capitool-mini’s, and Capitool Discovery (car routes). In addition, Van Reemst publishes a series of Capitool nature guides. Along with a team of authors, cartographers, photographers, illustrators, and researchers, Van Reemst also develops and produces its own editions in the Capitool series, for instance the Dutch province guides, guides to several cities and areas in Flanders, a Capitool travel calendar and special sales-editions commissioned by companies.

marco polo For over twenty years, the Marco Polo travel guides have been up-to-date, reliable and compact, containing recommendations from connoisseurs and low-budget tips: the best hotspots for little money. Recently the whole series has been updated. Apart from co-editions, Van Reemst also develops its own editions within the series, such as Marco Polo Maastricht and the latest title: Marco Polo Suriname. rough guides Since 2010 Van Reemst has been publishing Dutch editions of the Rough Guides. These inspiring travel guides enable the independent traveller to travel in their own way. Practical information for all kinds of budgets, maps and extensive cultural and historical background information.

on track On Track is the digital branch of Van Reemst, a website containing over 1700 walking- and cycling routes, canoe routes, GPS-routes and routes for disabled people. They will take you along romantic paths, twisting streams and fantastic views. A group of enthusiastic route makers have carefully set out these routes. Apart from that, they have gathered interesting background information on the surroundings. A group of inspectors regularly check whether anything along the routes has changed. Should this be the case, they will adapt the route. This way all routes stay up to date. Apart from this, On Track publishes “cross medial” walking guides. Each guide contains a unique code which can be used to enter the On Track website. The code can be used to download an updated version of the routes described in the book. 35


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Het wereldje van Beer Ligthart (The World of Ben Lighthart) by Jaap ter Haar is awarded a Gouden Griffel

16-09-2010 11:58:30

Van Dishoeck 36


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the nAme vAn dIshoeck stAnds for InspIrIng, hIgh quAlIty cookery books.

quAlIty cookIng In the cookery books of Van Dishoeck the reader will ďŹ nd reliable recipes, stories and colourful pictures from several world cuisines. Some of our well-known titles and authors are: De Zilveren Lepel (The Silver Spoon), De Zilveren Lepel Pasta (The Silver Spoon Pasta) and the annual Culinaire Kalender (Culinary Calender) by Karin LuÄłten and Onno Kleyn, the beautiful cookery books by Donna Hay, KIP (CHICKEN) and RUND (BEEF) by the English chef John Torode and Margriet Kookbook, which has been a best seller for many years now. Great classic works on the basics of cooking and inspiring modern cookery books, both translations of important international titles and relevant Dutch products. This is what Van Dishoeck has to offer.


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Zondagmorgen by Jacques Vriens is awarded a Zilveren Griffel

16-09-2010 11:58:39


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“The man who wanted to kill the young woman sitting beside me was three-quarters of a mile behind us, as we drove through a pastoral setting of tobacco and cotton fields, this humid morning.� From: Edge, Jeffery Deaver, Van Holkema & Warendorf, 2011

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spectrum eXcels In up-to-dAte non-fIctIon for A wIde AudIence. Spectrum publishes books on wine & liquor, work & management, history, current events, popular science, wellbeing and psychology. wine & liquor Spectrum Wine & Liquor publishes inspiring and practical books for both amateurs and professionals, for beginners and connoisseurs; large illustrated encyclopedias as well as small, handy editions; both books by original Dutch authors and translations. The Wijnalmanak is very well-known in the Netherlands and Hugh Johnson’s wine-atlas has been an important and much appreciated backlist title for many years now. Hubrecht Duijker, the “founding father” of the Wijnalmanak, has published countless books at Spectrum Wine & Liquor. His latest work is the impressive book De Duizend van Duijker.

work & management Spectrum Work & Management mainly aims at the subject of personal development. Besides books on daily routine and career development, such as the books that are published in cooperation with Volkskrant Banen, the imprint contains several renowned authors, among whom Ben Tiggelaar, Remco Claassen, Huub van Zwieten, Tom Peters and Eliyahu M. Goldratt. Apart from these great names, Work & Management also publishes books on wellknown brands such as the coffee-chain Starbucks, the successful webshop and Innocent’s healthy drinks.

history, current events and popular science The Spectrum history, current events and popular science imprint defines itself by leading historical overviews and biographies, books that examine current issues and aim to answer important questions. Nelson Mandela, Joseph Stiglitz, Ian Kershaw, Jared Diamond and Brian Greene are a few of the imprint’s great authors. The Scala-series includes great present and future classics. The series Het aanzien van... has been well-known for the last 25 years in the Dutch book industry. 41



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First print Marco Polo travel guide

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16-09-2010 11:58:47

spectrum Is At the heArt of socIety And provIdes A wIde AudIence wIth relIAble InformAtIon!

wellbeing Spectrum Health publishes high quality books on pregnancy and childbirth, parenting, parenthood, and healthy food. The imprint includes Dutch productions as well as translated books. A few titles that have proven their success are: Jouw zwangerschapsbijbel (Your Pregnancy Bible), a guide for during and shortly after the pregnancy, Tem je eetmonster, an honest and humoristic account by Sabine Wisman of her eternal battle between food and fulfillment, and Borstvoeding, a book that gives clear and extensive information to parents-to-be. Amber Albarda’s Eet jezelf mooi, slank en gelukkig reached the Dutch bestseller list in no time and our sparkling health-guru will be back with more books!


psychology The Spectrum Psychology imprint has been dominating the top ten of psychology books for many years with titles such as Mannen komen van Mars, vrouwen van Venus (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) by John Gray and Mam, vertel ’s! by Elma van Vliet. The books on relationships by the famous couple Allan & Barbara Pease have been a success for many years. And how about the best sellers by the popular tv-therapist Dr. Phil? The imprint also contains leading authors such as Annette Heffels, Huub Buijssen, Pieternel Dijkstra and Jolet Plomp. The Spectrum Psychology books are characterized by their accessibility and their combination of science and popular psychology.


First Capitool travel guide

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4957 UBSP H2 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 44

16-09-2010 11:58:56

mAnA: A spIrItuAl lIfestyle.

mana Mana is the spiritual imprint of Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum. Mana stands for down-to-earth spirituality: no woolly theories but a commonsensical interest in the unknown. With successful books such as Weg met de warboel (Clear Your Clutter), Mana spirituality is applicable to one’s daily life of work and family.

Yoga lifestyle (Yoga for Real Life), Leren mediteren (The Power of Stillness) and Yoga meditatie dagdoeboek. Mana informs, inspires and is objective. For balance, space and peace in your life. Mana is a spiritual lifestyle.

Intensification and spirituality Spirituality is a personal search for intensification, self-development, and a more aware way of life. How do you find your personal path in this, your personal search? Where do you start? How do you find your personal truth? Mana helps answering these questions with books such as Ziel, waar zit je? (The Soul Connection), Inzicht in wijsheid (Spiritual Wisdom) and Spiritualiteit, hoe doe ik dat? (Growing Your Inner Light), which give the reader an introduction to spirituality. For those who are looking for a way to balance their spirit and body, Mana also has practical, accessible and beautifully made titles such as:



4957 UBSP H2 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 45

Last paper edition of the Winkler Prins encyclopedia

16-09-2010 11:59:00



4957 UBSP H2 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 46

16-09-2010 11:59:03

for over fIfty yeArs prIsmA hAs been A leAdIng brAnd for dIctIonArIes, lAnguAge courses And other publIcAtIons on lAnguAge commAnd. language publisher Apart from the well-known pocket dictionaries – the dictionaries used most at secondary schools – Prisma publishes bulky concise dictionaries, handy mini-dictionaries and online dictionaries. In addition, Prisma offers a large variation in language courses, both in book form and digital, as well as many publications on language command. As a language publisher, Prisma keeps constant track of the developments in the field of language and of what kind of information learners and users of a language need, and translates these findings into practical, affordable publications. Hence the launch of Rock your English, a method based on song-texts, and the mini-dictionary Chinese, since China is becoming an increasingly important world power. Hence the publication of a mini-dictionary on sign language – in order to create better understanding between the hearing and the hearing impaired. And hence the online editions of the Prisma dictionaries besides the paper editions – after all, the Internet is a very important source of information. These examples all show that Prisma is a dynamic language imprint which offers a wide variety of products with a great heart for language.



4957 UBSP H2 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 47

In cooperation with Microsoft the Encarta encyclopedia appears on CD

16-09-2010 11:59:07

Winkler Prins 48


4957 UBSP H2 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 48

16-09-2010 11:59:10


After hAvIng AppeAred In book form for more thAn 100 yeArs, the entIre encyclopedIA hAs now become dIgItAl. winkler prins The Winkler Prins is the oldest encyclopedia in the Netherlands. After having appeared in book form for more than 100 years, the entire encyclopedia has now become digital. online source of knowledge The Winkler Prins is a modern, web-based encyclopedia containing ten-thousands of articles and all kinds of multimedia applications. In 2010 three websites were released: Grote Winkler Prins, Studie Winkler Prins and Junior Winkler Prins. Junior Winkler Prins (age 6+) was developed for children in primary school. Studie Winkler Prins (age 10+) was meant for children in the later years of primary school and the first years of secondary school. Grote Winkler Prins Online is for anyone from ages 15 and older. The diction, navigation and design have been adjusted to each different target group. The design and the fact that the subjects and texts have been accustomed to the age of the user make the encyclopedia unique. The online encyclopedia was completed with an interactive world-map, a statistics module and integrated Prisma dictionaries.

books Winkler Prins annually publishes a yearbook containing all important news facts – worldwide – of that particular year, supplemented with backgroundarticles. In addition, the imprint distinguishes itself by publishing special books that are worthy of bearing the Winkler Prins logo. The beautiful editions of Het Vaticaan (The Vatican) and Wetenschap (Science) are great examples.

Junior Winkler Prins


ho o f dr e dac t i e

adam h art- davi s

Studie Winkler Prins

“Niets in het leven hoeft gevreesd te worden, het moet alleen begrepen worden.” M ARIE CURIE

dit indrukwekkende naslagwerk vertelt het verhaal van de wetenschappelijke vooruitgang, van de uitvinding van het wiel tot de 21e-eeuwse klimaatoplossingen. het belicht elk belangrijk moment in de geschiedenis van de wetenschap en verduidelijkt hoe de ideeën, de uitvindingen en de personen daarachter onze wereld veranderden. in toegankelijke en prachtig geïllustreerde artikelen maakt Wetenschap zelfs de ingewikkeldste onderwerpen inzichtelijker dan ooit tevoren.


AdAm hArt-dAvis

Kijk ook op

De grote ontDekkingen

Grote Winkler Prins


Meester Jaap maakt er een puinhoop by Jacques Vriens is awarded Prijs van de Kinderjury in the category ages 6 to 9

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16-09-2010 11:59:17

4957 UBSP H2 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 50

16-09-2010 11:59:17

“Never underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just moving with the wind, listening to everything you cannot hear, without worrying.� From: Winnie de Poeh, A.A. Milne, Van Goor, 1926

4957 UBSP H2 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 51

16-09-2010 11:59:17



4957 UBSP H3 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 52

Trouw nooit een vrouw met grote voeten (Never marry a woman with big feet) by Mineke Schipper is awarded the Eureka Prize for best Dutch nonďŹ ction book

16-09-2010 12:04:48


4957 UBSP H3 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 53

16-09-2010 12:04:48




4957 UBSP H3 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 54

Tobbe by Michael Engstrom is awarded Zilveren Zoen

16-09-2010 12:04:49

A good relationship is the foundation of a successful cooperation and ultimately of a successful publication as well. This is why we cherish the relationships we maintain with our many Dutch and foreign authors. Naturally, there are great differences between fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. In non-fiction and children’s books, photographers and illustrators too play a great part in the teamwork involved in making a book.

The secret to our success We like to build on the reputation of our authors. This is why we find it important to start a relationship that will hopefully last longer than the time it takes to publish that one book. Whether this is possible obviously depends on the subject matter, but in general authors publish more than one book with us. This is how successes and successful writers arise. But what do we consider successful? It is wonderful to publish a best seller, but it’s important to realize this does not happen overnight. A bestselling author has worked hard to achieve this kind of success and their publishing house has invested a great deal. A best seller always gets much attention, but a long seller is just as important – if not more important. Of course we always look for debut authors. After all, they are the best-selling and long-selling authors of the future. Prisma and Capitool naturally need a different kind of author. These authors perhaps are less prominent, but our cooperation with them is just as extensive.


4957 UBSP H3 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 55

Cooperating with authors We ask our authors all kinds of questions. About themselves, about possibilities for publicity and what they intend to contribute to the success of a project. The cooperation does not end with the handing in of a manuscript or the publication of a book. We work together during the complete life cycle of a book. We inform our authors about promotional activities and gather all digitally available reviews. We ask authors to take part in public events, press meetings and fairs as well.


In short, author management is one of the main keys to our success.

First audiobooks available

16-09-2010 12:04:49

A DF HJ L MNQ R O C G K B P E I Aafjes, B. Abbott, G. Abedi, I. Abeelen, M. van Agatston, A. Albarda, A. Amelink, M. Andersen, H.C. Arden, P. Armstrong, L. Aron, R. Asbridge, Th. Auel, J.M. Austen, J.


Bakker, S. de Banks, M. Barlow, A. Basten, W. Beauvoir, S. de Benedictus, D. Berkeley, J. Beuk, R. Bhutto, B. Biegel, P. Biggelaar, A. van den Binchy, M. Bly, R. Boer, A. de Bogaart, E. van den Bomans, G. Bon, A.

Bouhuys, M. Boyce, F.C. Bradshaw, J. Brandsma, T. Broekhuijsen, M. Brontë, E. Brookfield, A. Brown, A. Brugmans, H. Bruine, E. de Buchel, Y. Buckingham, M. Buddingh’, C. Buijssen, H. Bull, J. Busser & Schroder, M. & R.

Carducci, B.J. Carroll, L. Cerasini, M. Child, L. Christie, A. Claassen, R. Coetzee, J.M. Colfer, E. Collins, J. Compton, J. Connelly, M. Conran, T. Coolwijk, M. van de Couperus, L. Cramer, R. Cranston, M. Creveld, M. van

4957 UBSP H3 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 56

Dahl, R. Dam, A. van Daniels, W. David, E. Deaver, J. Defoe, D. Dendermonde, M. Descamps, L. DeStefano, L. Diamond, J. Dickens, Ch. Diffenbaugh, V. Dijkstra, P. Disney, W. Doggers, R. Dorn, W. Dostojewski, F. Dreyfus, J. Duberman, B. Duijker, H. Duijn, F. van Duijvelaar, L. Dumon Tak, B.

Ede, B. van Eeden, R. van Eggermont, M. Elpers, N. Elsschot, W. Emmett, J. Englund, P. Engstrom, M. Euwe, M. Evans, R.J.

Fforde, K. Fielding, J. Fiennes, M. Flaubert, G. Fleischhauer, W. Follett, K. Forsyth, F. Fraiberg, S. Frazier, C. Frost, J. Furnivall, K.

Gaay-Fortman, B. de Gaspersz, J. Geddes, A. Giacobbe, G.C. Gleeson, K. Goldratt, E.M. Gombrich, E. Gorki, M. Gorter, H. Goscinny, R. Grant, M. Gravett, E. Greene, G. Greene, B. Grimm, Gebr. Guild, T.

Haar, J. ter Hafkamp, C. Hagen, H. Harrison, S. Hay, D. Hazelhoff Roelfzema, E. Heeresma, H. Heffels, A. Hemingway, E. Herwig, M. Herwijnen, M. van Heyink, J. Hildebrand, A .D. Hill, E. Hobsbawm, E. Hof, C. van ’t Hofman, W. Hollander, V. den Holt, V. Hopman, P. Huls, B. Hulst, D. Huntington, G.

Johnson, H. Jones, A. Jonge, H. de Jongh, F. de

Kandinsky, V. Kaplan, R. Kelk, L. Kershaw, I. Kessel, M. Kinneging, A. Kirkegaard, O.L. Kleintjes, S. Kleyn, O. Kolk, S. van de Kolk, A. van der Kok, B. Korczak, J. Kundera, M.

Irving, J.

Laan, D. Land, F. Leemhuis, F. Lennox, J. Lescroart, J Levy, J. Liebreich, K. Lieshout, T. van Lieven, D. Lippman, L. Lloyd, S. Lodeizen, C. Luiten, K.

MacBride, S. Mackee, D. Mackler, C. Mahieu, I. Malot, H. Mandela, N. Marwijk, F. van Marx, K. Marx, H. May, K. Mayle, P. McCall Smith, A. McGraw, P. McGregor, E. McKee, D. Menten, T. Meyer, S. Miller, A. Milne, A.A. Mlynowski, S. Molemaker, R. Mollema, E. Montanaro, C. Montessori, M. Montgomery, S. Morley, M. Morris, D. Mosse, K. Mous, M. Multatuli

Nicolas, E. Nogueras, M. Norel, K.

Queen, E. Quentin, P. Quinn, S.

Offringa, H. Oldenhave, M. Ortega, S. & I. Owen, L.

Raay, C. van Rabin, S. Rademaker, L. Raven, R. Reen, T. van Rendell, R. Riddell, C. Roggeveen, L. Roland Holst, A. Rood, N. Rosen, R. Rossem, M. van

Paaltjens, P. Patterson, J. Pease, A. Peetoom, R. Peters, T. Pieck, A. Pilcher, R. Plato Plomp, J. Poe, E.A. Poortvliet, R. Posthuma, S. Potter, C. Priddy, R. Pullman, P.

16-09-2010 12:04:49

s vX u y wZ T Tijsinger, E. Tinbergen, N. Tobback, C Tolkien, J.R.R. Tomczak, S. Tornquist, R. Tracy, P.J. Twain, M.

Salomé, C. Sartre, J-P. Schell, S. Schotveld, J. Sedgwick, M. Seegers, T. Seelert, B. Seligman, M.E.P. Schiet, M. Shakespeare, W. Shapiro, R. Shepherd, E. Sipkes, I. Slauerhoff, J. Slee, C. Slegers, L. Smith, K. Somerset Maugham,W. Staartjes, A Steinbeck, J. Stiglitz, J. Stoppard, M. Störig, H.J. Storm, P. Stowe, H.B. Straaten, P. van

Updike, J. Urbanus, S.

Veldkamp, T. Vergeer, A.L.J. Verschuur, R. Vincent, A. Vliet, E. van Vlugt, B. van der Vos, C. de Vriens, J. Vries, D. de Vuure, R. van

Yates, L Young, R.

Walta, W. Wattkins, P. Welch, J. Wentinck, Ch. Werner, R. White, M. Windrich, M. Wisman, S. Wissen, D. van Witte, R. de Wittenberghe, A. van Wright, C.

Zola, E. Zwieten, H. van

Teilhard de Chardin, P.J. Terlouw, J. Terpstra, Chr. Thijsen, Th. Tiggelaar, B.

This is a selection of our authors throughout the centuries.

© Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum bv

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4957 UBSP H3 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 58

16-09-2010 12:04:52

�Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne.� From: Lord of the Rings, part 1, Fellowship of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien, 1e druk, 1956, Uitgeverij Het Spectrum

4957 UBSP H3 Corporate brochure DEF ENG.indd 59

16-09-2010 12:04:52



4957 UBSP H4 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 60

Josja Pruis by Harm de Jonge is awarded the Woutertje Pieterse Prize

16-09-2010 12:07:40


4957 UBSP H4 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 61

16-09-2010 12:07:40


Uitgever캐 Unieboek | Het Spectrum has a long history regarding multimedia publishing

4957 UBSP H4 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 62

16-09-2010 12:07:40

Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum has a long history regarding multimedia publishing. Famous characters such as Alfred Jodocus Kwak, Pinkeltje and the gnomes in Rien Poortvliet’s books were very suitable to be used in the designs of stationary and other kinds of merchandising. In fact, our company has always tried to find other ways to publish our products; from the first language courses on CD by Philips, gardening courses on video to entire reference works on DVD under the name Encarta. film and musicals Over the last few years, many of our books have been succesfully adapted for screen. In 2008 the first film based on the book series Hoe overleef ik... by Francine Oomen was released and last year Tien torens diep by Jacques Vriens was broadcasted a 6-part miniseries. In October Soldaat van Oranje will be launched as an on stage musical. There are several other projects planned for 2011 and 2012. digital products Since the nineties we have been working on digital developments, and increasingly so over the last few years. We were the first publishing house to incorporate printing-on-demand publishing integrally in its publishing policy.


4957 UBSP H4 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 63

We have even created a special website to this end. With printing-on-demand, books that are out of print or no longer available can be printed again whenever there is demand for it. Even if only one copy was demanded. In 2010 we have 1500 printing-on-demand books available. We provide all forms of digital publishing: audiobooks, e-books, subscriptions to Winkler Prins Online and On Track, digital dictionaries by Prisma, up to picture book-apps for iPads and iPhones. We have created a unique app called the Wineshaker, which is fed by our Wijnalmanak database. This app helps the customer selecting the right bottle of wine when they are in a shop. Through GPS the app determines the location of the customer and then shows the wine assortment of the shop.


In august 2010 Piccolo Picture Books was launched. This new imprint is specifically interested in turning successful picture books into digital and interactive content for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Piccolo Picture Books aims to have children’s books come to life using audio and interactivity. There are five apps of picture books available in five languages.

Dolores by Noëlle Elpers is awarded the Thea Beckman Prize

16-09-2010 12:07:55

MULTIMEDIA 1997 Encarta Winkler Prins encyclopdia appears on cd-rom


2003 Several reference-works available via KPN Mobiel i-mode

2004 Encarta Winkler Prins encyclopedia available online

2005 Prisma Professioneel releases digital dictionaries for professional use

2006 First audiobooks available on CD

2007 Release website through which POD-books are sold



2002 First books e-books



encyclopedie *

e 2002 - Winkler Prins is de meest complete interactieve multimediahet werk 3

Aantal cd’s


Geluiden & Muziekfragmenten Grafieken & Tabellen Nieuw! Live Radio & Weerberichten Webkoppelingen (geselecteerd door de redactie) Installeren op vaste schijf (geen cd’s wisselen) Encarta Onderzoekscentrum Nieuw! 2-D & 3-D Virtuele Rondleidingen Kramers Handwoordenboek Nederlands Wereldwijde statistische gegevens

12.000+ 130

12.000+ 130

2200+ 390

2500+ 390

� �

� �

� � � � �

� � � � �

Encyclopedie Deluxe 2002

Foto’s, illustraties en 3D-beelden Video’s & Animaties

Encyclopedie Deluxe 2002

Aantal woorden 13 miljoen 15 miljoen Encarta Grote Wereldatlas Winkler Prins 1,3 miljoen plaatsnamen Aantal woorden in het Woordenboek 70.000 70.000

Encyclopedie Deluxe 2002


Best verkochte encyclopedie * Encarta – Encyclopedie Deluxe 2002 – Winkler Prins Encarta Onderzoekscentrum









4957 UBSP H4 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 64

Lang Geleden by Arend van Dam is awarded a Zilveren Griffel

16-09-2010 12:07:58

digital outlets Whereas up to a few years ago, books were bought in traditional bookshops, thanks to the increase in digital products, nowadays we are able to use as many outlets as possible to sell our digital products: from bookshop, webshop, download stores, the iTunes store and e-book stores as well as our own successful online webshop

2008 Premiere first musical De Bende van de Korenwolf The development of our own webshop through which we could directly sell to our customers came forth from the lack of outlets for selling for instance our downloadable audiobooks, and from our need to gain more information about our clients. The first selection that was for sale in the forerunner of today’s webshop consisted of these

2009 Premiere first television series Tien torens diep. Release new edition

Through the direct contact with our customer via the webshop, newsletters and subscriptions, we gain valuable information about the needs of our customers.

Today is a fully-fledged webshop which, besides books, also sells subscriptions to Winkler Prins Online, Prisma Online and On Track.

2010 Winkler Prins launches three online versions of Winkler Prins First apps for iPhone available: Wijnshaker First apps for iPad available: Piccolo Picture Books Premiere musical Soldaat van Oranje


4957 UBSP H4 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 65

downloads. Our customers could also subscribe to thriller website Crimezone and purchase beautiful posters of the drawings from the Dutch editions of Capitool.


De Creoolse Keuken (Creole) was pronounced Cookbook of the Year in the category translations

16-09-2010 12:08:02

4957 UBSP H4 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 66

16-09-2010 12:08:02

”This afternoon you are allowed to be the boss in the classroom. Just sort it yourselves, because I don’t feel like being a teacher for the rest of the afternoon.” From: Groep acht aan de macht, Jacques Vriens, Van Holkema & Warendorf, 2009

4957 UBSP H4 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 67

16-09-2010 12:08:02



4957 UBSP H5 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 68

Premiere first television series Tien torens diep by Jacques Vriens

16-09-2010 12:11:41


4957 UBSP H5 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 69

16-09-2010 12:11:41

Content of a theme Refinement/tailor made content


Books E books Internet Content TV/film Subscriptions

a large organiSation needS Structure.


A large organisation needs structure. Structure in the sense that there need to be processes, agreements and planning. But this should not get in the way of creativity and innovation within the company. After reading the previous chapters, it will have become clear that we often lead the way in developing new products and finding new channels for our products.

how do we work? Not only do we focus on our product, we also take the enduser into consideration. This way, we can optimally anticipate their needs. Our company is not interested in short-term successes; we invest in our content, trademarks and writers. This is why we draw a clear line: we do not take on everything, but if we do something, we do it right.


4957 UBSP H5 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 70

Customers: Bookshop Consumers Companies Schools Educational publishing houses

We place themes central in our minds and build on the content with our authors. Depending on the client, we translate our content to a carrier: a book, the Internet, a database, a musical, a film or a subscription. In order to do this, we use information generated by research we carry out, through readers panels, conversations with booksellers and surveys among teachers. This way we

try to meet the needs of the customer. To realise these ideas, we have chosen for a ‘flat’ organisation structure. Creativity, being able to act quickly, and cooperation are key factors in our organisation. Likewise, the ideal of being allowed and encouraged to take responsibility is firmly rooted into our organisation. The creative heart of our organisation, which consists

of our publishers and their editorial staff, operates around a certain theme. All the other departments are set up to realise their creative ideas, in which efficiency, quality and focussing on our customers and the market are key factors.

Uitgeverij Unieboek and Uitgeverij Het Spectrum merge

16-09-2010 12:11:41

our imprints Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum is the ’umbrella name’ for all our imprints. We work with eight imprints, the labels under which our books are published. Within these imprints publishers and board develop a publishing policy in which ‘building’ is the main focus. On each publication we make we mention that the imprint is a part of Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum. We think it is very important that the imprints are independent. This stimulates creativity and innovation.

The products that are developed within our imprints can follow very different paths. Besides books (and printingon-demand), we create downloads, study-coaching systems, e-books, apps, subscriptions and communities. Several products have been the basis for film productions, theatre shows, seminars, musicals and exhibitions that were developed in cooperation with external parties. departments Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum has a flat organisational structure. All department managers fall directly under our twoman board.

the creative heart of our organiSation conSiStS of our publiSherS and their editorial Staff.


© hannie van herk 2010

Launch online editions of Winkler Prins

4957 UBSP H5 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 71

16-09-2010 12:11:42

departmentS administration & controlling The department for administration and controlling creates the basis for several management reportings and deals with invoices and payments. The controlling and payment of royalties also take place here. 72

production department The production department is responsible for the technical guidance of the books, catalogues and promotional material we produce. With knowledge of the latest production methods, this department advises publishers and designers. Orders are placed with companies over the whole world, aiming to get the best quality for the lowest possible price. The ISO standard setting

4957 UBSP H5 Corporate brochure ENG DEF.indd 72

is an important aspect in this department. In the course of producing a product, several control moments have been fixed, in order to closely monitor the quality of our products. Annually about 1.200 titles are produced, of which 400 new ones. In addition, tenthousands of books are produced through printingon-demand. The production department coordinates the availability of both existing and new titles and e-books. Our publications come in very diverse shapes and sizes. From paperback to hardback, from black-and-white to fullcolour, from carton books with sound effects to luxury books in slipcases.

Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum has a flat organisational structure. All department managers fall directly under our two-man board.

e-media and it This department manages anything in the area of ICT and all digital publishing activities. From the management of our large databases for Winkler Prins, Prisma and the Wijnalmanak, to the guidance of apps and communities such as On Track. This department’s input in content management and disclosure is becoming increasingly important. publishers and editorial units The publishers and editors form the creative heart of our company. They select the best and most beautiful books for their imprints. They do so through buying the rights of books abroad, actively searching for authors in the

Netherlands and judging incoming manuscripts. Once it has been decided to publish a title, the publisher investigates the possibilities to do this in the best possible way. In cooperation with the production and/or E-media department they set out a plan for publication. In consultation with the marketing and commercial departments, the publisher determines the best way to launch a book.

commercial department The commercial department is responsible for the distribution of all of our publishing house’s products (both in book form and digital content). Good relationships and optimal cooperation with our clients are key to this department. This is why the department is formed by people with different specialisms in order to serve our varied range of customers as well as possible. Our clients are bookshops, retail organisations and

16-09-2010 12:11:44

organisations as well as the end-users, both in the Netherlands and Belgium. Other important business partners are schools. Beside selling the regular prints, this department takes care of special editions commissioned by bookshops or the business sector as well. Within the Commercial department, business development is a important part. Business development is focused on the creation of new markets, new products and every possible combination of these two, and the support of new product innovations, such as iPad apps and online subscriptions. Business development is a cooperation between sales as well as marketing with the publishers and the E-media department.

Secretary department and office management These divisions have a large variety of duties. Providing services, both internally and externally, is the main focus. This varies from manning the reception, contract registration and processing mail. (foreign) rights The rights division of Unieboek | Het Spectrum is responsible for selling our titles and brands to other countries, as well as production companies, merchandisers and such in the Netherlands.

marketing In order to properly launch our books and online activities, we have our marketing department. The marketing staff searches for the best forms and the most effective (communicational) inputs through which our products can be brought to the attention of the right target-group. Examples are setting up a campaign in which a diversity of offline and online media are used; free publicity; creating promotional and point-of-sale material and distributing newsletters. The marketing department also participates in exhibitions and events, and conducts market research. The marketing department cooperates closely with sales, publishers, production and E-media.



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To sell rights, this department maintains close contact with foreign publishers and attends international fairs. The company has a long tradition in this. Especially in children’s books, we have known great successes, such as Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen’s books about the gnomes, which have been sold worldwide. Furthermore, Pinkeltje is very popular in Germany and the books by Jacques Vriens are a great success in Spain. Besides selling the rights to publishing houses abroad, we have also sold rights to production companies. Several titles have been adapted for screen and stage, as can been read in the chapter on multimedia.

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�It is possible to work on your weaknesses, but excellent performances and great successes can only be attained by continuously developing your talents en using them thoroughly.� From: Loopbaanonderhoud. Voor Zondagsrijders, Wegpiraten en Filevolk. Ester de Bruine & Yolanda Buchel, Spectrum, 2010

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