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BOARD BOOKS 2+ It’s always a fun day at school with Miss Rose. The children do colouring, craftwork and counting, and play outside. And if they need something, Miss Rose is always there to help them.

The little carpenter works with wood every day. In the house that he built himself he has a carpentry room with a saw, a drill, pliers and a hammer. If something breaks, he mends it.

The little fireman goes out on patrol every day. He drives around the city cheerfully, wearing his helmet and boots. He rescues a cat from a tree, pulls a bicycle out of a ditch and plays his siren very loud. The little fireman saves everyone from the fire.

Little doctor Tessa loves playing at home with her cuddly toys and has turned her room into a toy hospital. She operates on a bear with a tear using a needle and thread, an elephant that has had a fall gets a plaster on his trunk and she gives a sedative to a puppy in a lot of pain.

The little policeman goes out on patrol every day. He strolls around the city cheerfully in his trousers, jacket and cap. He catches a crook, directs traffic and gives someone a ticket for obscene whistling, because you’re allowed to do that when you’re a policeman.

Doll mum Eva loves playing with her dolls. She takes them for a ride to the park where they feed the ducks, she gives them a bath and she celebrates their birthdays. And after a nice long day, she puts her dolls to bed with a goodnight kiss.

Conrad, the little pilot, cheerfully puts on his pilot’s uniform every morning. He loves flying around in circles over all of the villages, waving at the people below.

“Books by Marianne Busser and Ron Schröder (known for Sesame Street, among others) are

always full of enjoyment – for young and old!

Illustrator Kathleen Amant has mastered the art of subtly translating a story’s humorous aspects into

bold, brightly coloured illustrations, which radiate power and emotion. Who wouldn’t want to be a Fireman after reading this book?” – Lieneke Ipema, Publisher

Marianne Busser & Ron Schröder | Kathleen Amant (illustrator) | 17 x 17 cm | 16 pages

The Teacher

The Little Carpenter

The Little Fireman

The Little Doctor

The Little Policeman

The Doll Mum

The Little Pilot



It’s Monkey’s birthday and he invites Tiger to his party. Tiger sets off through the jungle with a big pile of presents for Monkey. But he has some bad luck along the way. He loses one present after another. In the end, there is only one present left. Will that be enough for Monkey?

Rights sold to: China


Anders doesn’t like loud noises. He also doesn’t like bright lights, strong smells, clutter or lots of people. These things make him irritable. Or sad. He does like lists. And dinosaurs. He knows a great deal about them. Anders is a bit different than everyone else. And that’s a good thing. Because how boring would life be if everyone was exactly the same? Anders is a touching and relatable picture book about being different – but still fitting in! • Original picture book by a multi-talented author • A relatable and positive story about autism without naming it specifically • Moving full-colour illustrations and funny inside covers • Theme: being different

Mark Janssen | Suzanne Diederen (illustrator) | 20 x 20 cm | 32 pages

Sam Loman | 21,5 x 28 cm | 32 pages

For Monkey




PICTURE BOOKS 3+ A special gift book full of rhymes about getting a new brother or sister. About what it’s like when a baby is born and also about adopting a child from another country. Ideal as a maternity gift or for reading with children when there’s a new baby on the way. • Special book of verses by well-known and much-appreciated authors • Poems about new life in the form of a new baby brother or sister • Beautifully produced with captivating illustrations by Sam Loman

De wereld Wist je dat er wolken zijn die drijven op de wind

en dat de dauw het gras bedekt voordat de dag begint

En wist je dat er beekjes zijn


en machtige rivieren

en schitterende bloemen om de aarde te versieren

En wist je dat er sterren zijn die flonkeren als goud

en dat er altijd iemand is

die heel veel van je houdt

Allemaal vriendjes Baby’tje, baby

wat ben je nog klein

vind je het prettig om bij ons te zijn een wiegje, een luier een flesje erbij 32

en allemaal vriendjes

die vriendjes zijn wij!


Marianne Busser & Ron Schröder | Sam Loman (illustrator) 21 x 14,8 cm | 40 pages

Welcome Little One, Come and Join us!




The toddlers’ guide to professions. This cheerful collection is full of rhymes about 40 different professions. From magician to train driver and from forester to singer. Toddlers can read and learn about these professions in a playful way, and think about what they eventually might like to do when they grow up.

Marianne Busser & Ron Schröder | Eefje Kuijl (illustrator)

Marianne Busser & Ron Schröder | Sam Loman (illustrator)

17 x 24 cm | 96 pages

21 x 21 cm | 32 pages

I’m Going to Be… The Toddlers’ Guide to Professions

Elephant and the Crate of Apples The Little Frogs Go For a Walk



Lips as red as blood, hair as black as ebony and skin as white as snow. The well-known fairytale about Snow White, the hunter, the jealous queen and, of course, the seven dwarves comes to life in this enchanting picture book.


Rights Pinocchio sold to: • Foliant - Kazachstan

About Efteling Since the opening in 1952, more than 120 million visitors have experienced an unforgettable day at Efteling, in the South of Holland. Over the years, Efteling has grown into one of Europe’s largest theme parks, with a unique fairytale atmosphere, natural surroundings and a wide range of thrilling and enchanting rides and attractions. Efteling is open all year round, and makes an ideal family short-break destination with the Efteling Hotel and the holiday park Efteling Bosrijk within a stone’s throw.

Efteling | Esther Rosier & Job van Gelder

Efteling & Iris Boter | Efteling & Alessio

Efteling | Mark Janssen (illustrator)

(illustrators) | 26.5 x 26.5 cm | 32 pages

Castellani (illustrator) | 26.5 x 26.5 cm | 32 pages

26.5 x 26.5 cm | 32 pages

Snow White

Pinocchio – the Mischievous Puppet

Little Red Riding Hood



After school finishes for the day, Rose walks home carrying the Christmas decoration she made herself. As she walks past the small houses along the harbour, she sees an old man clearing snow. Rose has seen the man before. He has a deeply tanned face full of wrinkles and he often looks a little sad. Rose doesn’t like that. She decides to give her Christmas decoration to the man. It is the beginning of a very special friendship. A wonderful winter tale with a heart-warming message to read together in front of a crackling fire or cuddled up on the sofa.


“Marianne Busser and Ron Schröder have written a tender story that oozes love, compassion and warmth. Mark Janssen’s beautiful and atmospheric

illustrations are immediately recognisable. The text and images become one and give you the sense that a small act of kindness really can change lives.” – Lieneke Ipema, Publisher

Marianne Busser & Ron Schröder | Mark Janssen (illustrator) | 28.5 x 21cm | 32 pages

The Little Angel Who Brought Happiness




‘I WANT THESE! is literally what I said in the shoe shop in our village (Oudeschild, on the island of Texel). I was eight years old and had never seen such beautiful summer shoes. They were too small for me, but I was vain enough to want them and wear them anyway, however much they hurt.’ Imme Dros Ella’s old shoes no longer look nice. She’s allowed to get new ones. And she knows which ones she wants. These! Ella gets her new shoes. But aren’t they a bit too small? • Awarded with a prestigious award for Dutch Children’s literature: the Zilveren Griffel • From widely acclaimed duo Imme Dros and Harrie Geelen • Almost 40,000 copies sold in the Netherlands and Belgium

Imme Dros | Harrie Geelen (illustrator) | 22 x 20 cm | 32 pages

I Want These!





physicist Albert Einstein

aviation pioneer Anthony Fokker

fine artist Rembrandt van Rijn

fine artist Piet Mondrian

astronaut Neil Armstrong

composer Johann Sebastian Bach

genius Leonardo da Vinci

Following the unprecedented success of Long ago..., Arend van Dam wrote this Long Ago… series of books with graded reading levels, especially for children who love historical stories. This bundle has Rembrandt, Mondrian and Leonardo da Vinci playing the leading roles in their own true stories. The incremental reading level is perfect for children who are just learning to read. And thanks to Alex de Wolf’s atmospheric illustrations, learning to read is now even more fun.

Arend van Dam | Alex de Wolf (illustrator)

Arend van Dam | Alex de Wolf (illustrator) | 15.5 x 22 cm | 32 pages

15.5 x 22 cm | 96 pages

Albert’s Dream

Anton and the Spin

This is Me

That’s clever!

Piet and the Sea

Man on the Moon

Note by Note

Leo’s Book



















Ho l ke

m a & Wa r

d en



arendor &W


Van Hol ke m


n Va

Janneke Schotveld Superjuffie in de Soep

ke Schotveld Janne


MAY 2019

It’s the summer holidays and there’s a circus in town! One without animals, of course, because wild animals are banned from the circus. So Miss Josie and Hakim can go with a clear conscience… Can’t they? Naturally, the children have also made their way to the circus and so, in the middle of summer, they suddenly find themselves embroiled in a new adventure. And even though it’s the summer holidays, Miss Josie is seeing Mr Snore more often than she would like. It seems like something is bothering him. When Miss Josie finds out what it is, she is faced with a difficult choice: should she help him or not?

Rights sold to Korea, China, Iran and Turkey • Themes: animals, school life, fantasy, adventure, friendship • To read on your own • Age 7-10 • Senate of the Dutch Children’s Jury 2012 and 2015 awarded the Plume for their favourite shortlisted book to Super Miss! and to Super Miss and the Sea • Super Miss! is now a very successful movie by PV Pictures. With more than 105K visitors it has won the Golden Movie award in The Netherlands • The second Super Miss! movie will be released in 2020

Janneke Schotveld | Annet Schaap (illustrator) | ca. 27,000 words

Super Miss! (#1)

Super Miss to the Rescue! (#2)

Super Miss and the Monkey Circus (#8)

Super Miss Goes on Safari (#3)

Super Miss and the Sea (#4)

Super Miss in the Rainforest (#5)

Super Miss goes Camping (#6)

Super Miss at the South Pole (#7)

Super Miss Activity Book 1

Super Miss Activity Book 2

Movie tie-in edition


MIDDLE-GRADE 7+ ‘An contagious mix of contemporary and stylish, new and familiar. Schotveld delivers her best book so far.‘ trouw

De kikkerbilletjes van de koning

‘De lettervreter and especially the brilliant Het papiervissertje have the potential to become classics. In these two stories Schotveld is in excellent form. In many the other fairy tales, it is mainly the humor and looseness, references to other fairy tales and stories (also within the book itself, and Lampje is mentioned) and the modern themes that lift the book above just any fairy tale book.’, rating: 8+

Plume Dutch Children’s Jury 2016

© Keke Keukelaar

Janneke Schotveld

eke Schotveld n n a J


‘De kikkerbilletjes van de koning en andere sprookjes is a bind-up that should not be missing in any school class or family home.’ toin duijx in Van Holkema & Warendorf

For 12 years, Janneke Schotveld worked at a specialneeds school, but she now is a full-time writer. Janneke’s books are always filled with humour and imagination. In 2012, she won the Dutch Children’s Book Jury’s Plume of the Senate prize for Super Miss! Ever since, she has won many other awards and wrote the Children’s Book Week gift for 2017.

friesch dagblad

This modern fairytale book by renowned author Janneke Schotveld contains 15 fairytales that are slightly different to the traditional fairytale recipe. About Uck, who is small in stature but brave enough to enter a forest that houses a terrifying giant. About Princess Lupine, who has to choose a husband from 700 princes, although none of them cause any butterflies in her stomach. And about the king who likes nothing more than eating frog legs – until he suddenly turns into a frog himself. With beautiful illustrations by artists Martijn van der Linden, Thé Tjong-Khing, Linde Faas, Annet Schaap, Georgien Overwater, Peter-Paul Rauwerda, Alex de Wolf, Marieke Nelissen, Lisa van Winsen, Marijke Klompmaker, Pyhai, Djenné Fila, Milja Praagman, Kees de Boer en Marja Meijer.

Annet Schaap studied at two academies of art and later attended the Professional Writers School, where she learnt to write plays, songs and poetry. Since then, she has become not only the illustrator but also the writer of the successful Little Lamp. She has illustrated books by among others Jacques Vriens, Janneke Schotveld and Francine Oomen.

06-09-18 16:56

Janneke Schotveld | several illustrators | ca. 34,000 words

Janneke Schotveld | Annet Schaap (illustrator) | ca. 25,000 words

The King’s Frog Legs

Boti (#1) Boti and the Seven Screws (#2) Boti & Co (#3)



MIDDLE-GRADE 7+ Indy has ADHD, which means All Days Hurried Days, according to his mother at least. Indy himself thinks that it can also mean All Days Heroic Deeds. His greatest hero is the Native American Sitting Bull. He sits so still, it’s like he’s been chiselled from rock. Indy finds it impossible to sit still. He’s a Jumping Bull, but not everyone is pleased about that…

Orphan Fiona is overjoyed when Theodore and Ursula bring her home from the orphanage. But Fiona is put to work as maid. She runs away and hides out in an old house inhabited by ghosts and ghouls. With a coffin in the cellar, ghosts you can walk clean through, a bogeyman who wakes you up in the morning with his howling and a woman with no head. But if you get to know them a little better, most ghouls are less scary than some people. Then Fiona is discovered by Theodore. Time for the ghouls to spring into action!

Mirjam Mous | Marja Meijer (illustrator) | ca. 20,000 words

Mirjam Mous | Marja Meijer (illustrator) | ca. 15,000 words

All Days Hurried Days

A (haunted)home for Fiona



MIDDLE-GRADE 7+ George and Glen are travelling with the not-so-big-giant to visit his sister Gianna. But Gianna is not at home when they arrive at her lighthouse. Instead, Slick Rick appears: one of the inhabitants of the island Squeaky Clean, where a perfectly groomed appearance is extremely important. The king of the island is about to marry Gianna but she is nowhere to be found. It is the beginning of an exciting adventure in which George and Glen, together with their lucky friend Jack Pot, go to Siberia to search for the notso-big-giant’s sister. Why has Gianna run away? And can George and Glen persuade her to return to Squeaky Clean?

George and the Giant Mystery is an exciting adventure with an important message: everyone is fine just the way they are.

• Second creative book by promising young Dutch author

George lives with his father, the mayor of Lucky Town. Like all Lucky Charmers, they lead a happy life. George’s father wants to marry Miss Drakenstein but George finds out that she’s nowhere near as nice as she seems. George finds a secret door in the cellar. The door leads to Unlucky Town, where everything is exactly the opposite to Lucky Town. Can he rescue the inhabitants from their miserable, grey existence? And can he prevent his father from marrying the nasty Miss Drakenstein?

Nominated for the Hotze de Roos Award 2018!

• A ‘real’ reading book for beginning readers • With illustrations in supporting colour

Thijmen Gijsbertsen | Marja Meijer (illustrator) | ca. 14,500 words

Thijmen Gijsbertsen | Marja Meijer (illustrator) | ca. 15,000 words

George and the Giant Mystery

A Lucky Charmer in Unlucky Town




Each book in this exciting five-part series places a different member of the Animal Knights club in the spotlight. They are all stories full of action and friendship for children aged seven and above, now available as a complete set! In one story, the Animal Knights investigate the disappearance of the assistance dog Hero, which belongs to Zoe’s disabled brother. In another, they try to hide the pony that they bought on eBay with Nora’s birthday money. And the five of them spring into action when Peter’s neighbour kicks his own dog.

“Sympathetic without being mawkish; profound but not overbearing; and realistic

Iris Boter | Mark Janssen (illustrator) | 5 x ca. 9,000 words

The Animal Knights:

The Animal Knights, Five Action-Packed Stories!

Hero, the Superhero Service Dog (#1)

A Pony on the Third Floor (#2)

The Parrot in the Cabinet (#4)

One Chance for a Cat (#5)

without resorting to hyperbole. Iris Boter’s down-to-earth writing style, which is

simultaneously peppered with humour, brings her characters to life in the reader’s mind. Mark Janssen’s stylish black & white illustrations speak the same language. A sublime combination!” – Lieneke Ipema, Publisher

The Dog from Number 13 (#3)



Sander Meij

Sander Meij

MIDDLE-GRADE 7+ The Sticks, a dysfunctional family of walking sticks, are the black sheep of the neighbourhood. Father Stick tries to sit as still a real stick most of the time and mother Stick only likes to drink energy drinks. The Stick children follow their parents’ example, except for their son Bennie, who likes nothing more than getting out and exploring the world. For good reason: after all, he is called a walking stick. One day, a disaster happens: the Sticks are evicted from their home and are forced to move into an abandoned bird box. When Bennie hears someone yelling in the middle of the night, he goes to investigate and ends up in an underground kingdom. The inhabitants ask for his help in their struggle against the red ants. It is a lot to ask of a small walking stick, but Bennie is determined to put his best foot forward.

Met illustraties van Arne van der Ree Van Holkema & Warendorf

Sander Meij | Arne van der Ree (illustrator) | ca. 30,000 words Bennie the walking stick




M���a���r���s���s Dreaming


You may watch me as I sleep or shall we lie together in the big bed and search for dreams where do dreams go when you are awake


n��� ��


Picknicken buiten eten met je voeten in het zand ieder hapje knarst tussen je tanden het geeft niet als je beker valt

‘It is a bundle to get lost in. The illustrations by Iris Boter are a perfect addition and every page is one to be framed[…] This is not a book to read at once, but to enjoy piece by piece.’ reformatorisch dagblad

G�ïl���t���r���o���I��� ���e� V���G���

A poetry book full of recognisable, moving and uplifting mini-stories. This inspirational collection contains over thirty poems on everyday situations. About falling in love, but also about being angry, about picnics on the grass, about maths and swimming, and also about dying.

Miriam Bruijstens | Iris Boter (illustrator) | 17 x 20 cm | 64 pages Spring Towards Your Laughter




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

De laatste keer Ik denk aan al die dingen die je – nu jij bent gegaan ooit samen voor de laatste keer met ons hier hebt gedaan

De laatste keer dat jij hier je verjaardag hebt gevierd de laatste keer dat jij met ons de kerstboom hebt versierd de laatste keer uit eten en de laatste keer naar bed de klokken tikken verder die van jou is stilgezet

Je allerlaatste woorden en je allerlaatste traan een allerlaatste kusje daarna ben je weggegaan de klokken tikken verder en misschien is dat juist goed ze zeggen: je moet doorgaan maar ik weet niet hoe dat moet Ik kan maar niet geloven dat het waar is, wat ik weet dat het allemaal voorbij is wat je vroeger met ons deed zoals dat kusje voor het slapen want dat vergat je nooit dag allerliefste papa ik mis je meer dan ooit!



Nog een allerlaatste kusje BI def.indd 8

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

20-12-17 13:22 Nog een allerlaatste kusje BI def.indd 9

20-12-17 13:22

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Mijn mama Mijn mama heeft nu voor het laatst haar ogen dichtgedaan ze zeggen dat ze rustig op vakantie is gegaan naar ’t land waar niemand zorgen heeft en waar ik ooit misschien wanneer ik ook op reis zal gaan mijn moeder weer mag zien Mijn mama is op weg gegaan naar ’t grote paradijs dag mamalief – ik wens je graag een hele goede reis!

Je troost me Je troost me als de tranen blijven komen je steunt me als het even niet meer gaat dan kom je soms dicht bij me in mijn dromen ’k voel hoe je zonder woorden met me praat En als ik bloemen op je steen mag leggen dan voel ik me verdrietig maar ook blij er is geen woord waarmee ik ooit kan zeggen hoeveel ik van je hou je hoort bij mij


Nog een allerlaatste kusje BI def.indd 26


20-12-17 13:23 Nog een allerlaatste kusje BI def.indd 27

With the Bible for Children, Marianne Busser and Ron Schröder want to make the centuries-old stories from the Bible, about people and their relationship with God, accessible to children. In this extensive Children’s Bible, all of the important main stories from the Old and New Testament are discussed in clear and contemporary language.

20-12-17 13:23

• Successful title in a new jacket

One Final Kiss is for all children who have to deal with saying goodbye and the loss of a loved one. This is a very dramatic event in a young life. The rhymes about saying goodbye in this book help young children to understand and talk about their feelings of sorrow and loss. A poem can express the sadness that you are unable to put into words yourself; you can recognise yourself in what is said. The theme of One Final Kiss is universal and a natural part of life that we all have to face – the more than 20 rhymes are timeless and inspiring to all generations.

• With atmospheric illustrations by Alex de Wolf • Ideal to use at school and at home

Marianne Busser & Ron Schröder | 40 pages | 21 poems

Marianne Busser & Ron Schröder | Alex de Wolf (illustrator) | 24 x 22 cm | 240 pages

One Final Kiss

Bible for Children




Esther Walraven

Waarom je meestal gek bent op ...

meten i t pstjes tes

Van Goor


“It’s a really nice book for children who want to know a lot and want added depth in the answers to their questions.” “An extremely worthwhile read for inquisitive children aged around 10 to 13.”



Rights sold to Korea and under offer in Taiwan

“Great fun for children to read themselves, but you can also read parts to them and then carry out tests with your group to see how your minds work.”

Esther Walraven | Elly Hees (illustrator) | ca. 17,000 words Why You Are (Usually) Mad About… And Other Facts About Friendship, Family And Love

WHY your own FARTS sometimes don’t SMELL so bad! And Other Fun Facts About Food & Your Body Roller Coaster Are Fantastic! And Other Fun Facts About the Brain & Behaviour



© Chris van Houts


Princess Super is a grumpy girl, even though she lives in Yippee, a country in which everyone is always happy. The princess soon has to decide who she will later marry. But Princess Super finds all of the boys in the land far too cheerful. Then she hears about the kingdom of Grim, where everyone is terribly grumpy. She travels to Grim but finds that everyone is much grumpier than her. Fortunately, she comes across a boy who is a bit of an outsider himself, because he’s reasonably cheerful. Finally, someone with whom she can share complaints, but luckily not about everything!

The knights of Wreck love to demolish things. They noisily knock down walls, chop down trees and reduce houses to piles of rubble. Princess Super and her boyfriend Max are the only ones who can stop them. The knights retreat to neighbouring country Grim and set about wrecking the place. Can Princess Super and Max come up with a clever plan? And how do you defeat boisterous knights when you’re in a bad morning mood?

Sanne Rooseboom is a journalist and author of children’s books. She studied political science and went on to work for newspapers, magazines and radio and as a correspondent in London. Her first children’s book (for ages 7 and above) was published by Van Holkema & Warendorf in May 2016. She lives in Rotterdam with her husband and children.

“Very funny, how much familiarity author Sanne Rooseboom evokes with her characters.” – “Sanne Rooseboom maintains a fun and entertaining style. She writes visually and not too solemnly, the use of language speaks to you.” – “A wonderful story full of knights, castles, princes and princesses, servants and ordinary people.” – nbd biblion

Sanne Rooseboom | Annet Schaap (illustrator) | ca. 22,000 words Yippee! A Grumpy Fairytale (#1)

Yippee! And the Knights of Wreck (#2)




Rights sold to Turkey

May 2019

• 5 reprints within 12 months from release date • quotes from Dutch media: “Comparable to Roald Dahl.” – boekenkrant “A lively story, perfect for this age group.” – “Adventurous, cool, mysterious, fun, realistic, exciting and cheerful.” –

Now that the Ministry of Solutions has been reinstated, Nina can’t wait to get to work with Alfa, Ruben and Miss Fish. The International Society sends a message that they can begin as soon as the final open case is solved. An unsolved case? Together with Miss Fish, Nina, Alfa and Ruben dive into the archives and discover that there is indeed a case from 1953, which the Ministry has never been able to solve: the case of the murdered landlord and the missing Van Gogh.

“The Ministry of Solutions is a delightful

adventure about three brave children who decide to help others without expecting

anything in return. It’s original, fast-paced and fun with exactly the right tone for

the age group. I wish there really was a Ministry of Solutions!”

– Susanne Diependaal, Publisher

Sanne Rooseboom | Mark Janssen (illustrator) ca 38,000 words

ca 38,000 words

ca 52,000 words

The Ministry of Solutions (#1)

The Ministry of Solutions and the missing Van Gogh (#2)

The Ministry of Solutions and the Peculiar Collection of Mr. De Haan (#3)


UPPER MIDDLE-GRADE 9+ Why did the Netherlands participate in the slave trade? And how do we approach this ugly chapter in our history today? Arend van Dam went out in search for answers to these difficult questions and recorded the historical stories that he came across during his search. About slaves and slave traders, about heroes and villains. And about Syntax Bosselman, who in 1883, together with 27 of his fellow countrymen from Suriname, was transported to the Netherlands for the World Exhibition. Not as guests of honour, as promised, but to be displayed to the Dutch public. With The Journey of Syntax Bosselman, Arend van Dam has written a book not only packed with masterful historical tales, he also reports on his very personal investigation into the people behind the history. Although this book largely covers Dutch history, the issues Van Dam adresses are universal and very suitable for readers abroad as well. “The Journey of Syntax Bosselman is a wise and at times impressive children’s book on a sensitive subject that everyone should read.” – de volkskrant ★★★★ • Award winner of the Thea Beckmanprijs 2018

© Chris van Houts


Arend van Dam was first published in 1989 and has since written more than 100 children’s books. He is able to describe social themes like no other, in the form of exciting and amusing stories for children. Together with illustrator Alex de Wolf, he has been very successful with his series of read-aloud books, the first of which, Long ago…, was awarded a Silver Griffin.

Arend van Dam | Alex de Wolf (illustrator) | ca. 47,000 words The Journey of Syntax Bosselman




Make a lump. Find a spider and sing it a song. Don’t walk around in a circle three times. Run away from your own shadow. Direct an orchestra. Draw a fish and catch it. However, do NOT stroke your cactus and most certainly do not tell your teacher she looks like a shrimp! In Barcode Blue, Tosca Menten provides a treasure chest of assignments that bring out your funniest, craziest, most sporting and creative sides. With hilarious tips, countless unnecessary facts and lots and lots of activities.

Tosca Menten | 192 pages | ca. 8,000 words Barcode Blue




r l ve na co fi ot n

Simon will be a managing director. His father and mother know this for certain. They own the famous perfume factory Heavenly Noses and Simon will one day inherit the factory. But nature seems to have played a trick on him. While his mother and father have the sense of smell of a grizzly bear, Simon can barely smell a thing. And he’s actually much more interested in his neighbours’ ostrich farm. When the neighbours tell Simon that he can one day be managing director of the ostrich farm, Simon is overjoyed and his future seems assured. But then three space-suited visitors arrive at the ostrich farm and misfortune strikes from that moment on. Simon and his young ostrich Ozzy get deep into trouble.

• Absurd humour, unforgettable characters and an exciting story: Tosca Menten knows better than anyone what children like! • Tosca Menten’s fan base continues to grow, also abroad: her books have now been published in 12 countries • With funny drawings by Katrien Holland • Great fun to read (aloud) – for children and parents!

“Tosca Menten may be best known for her

Dummie the mummy series, but there is so much more to discover! Comparisons with Roald Dahl’s work have been made and

have never been as apt as with her stories

about Dirk Bakker and Simon Sublime. Both Tosca’s hilarious stories and the incredible

illustrations by several top-notch illustrators were made to be devoured.”

– Susanne Diependaal, Publisher

Tosca Menten | Katrien Holland (illustrator) | ca. 37,000 words Simon Sublime and the Red Peril

Simon Sublime and John’s Egg

Simon and Ozzy and the Crazy Foam Bomb


UPPER MIDDLE-GRADE 9+ When Dummie and Goos hear that Sayenne’s youngest brother is getting married, they want nothing more than to go to the wedding. Dummie doesn’t have to nag too long before Klaas gives in. Then it turns out that the brother lives on Jamaica. Klaas can no longer get out of it and a few weeks later, the four of them set off for the reggae island. To Goos and Dummie’s excitement, it transpires that the family is secretly in possession of a centuries-old pirate treasure, which is ritually dug up for each wedding and from which the bride may choose a piece of jewellery. Unfortunately, the treasure chest is nearly empty. Dummie and Goos find a treasure map that might lead to a new treasure and Dummie insists they go look for the old treasure. But will they be in time for the wedding?

© Hannah van Herk


Tosca Menten has been called the Netherlands’ funniest children’s book writer. Her incisive humour, sharp observations and unbridled imagination are enjoyed by children of all ages. Countless fans devour her books and her Dummy the Mummy series has been translated worldwide. Following her education at the academy of arts, Elly Hees started working as an illustrator and designer. Since 2005, she has illustrated almost all of Tosca Menten’s books. “For me, illustrating is a language through which I can tell people what I see,” says Elly.

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Tosca Menten | Elly Hees (illustrator) | ca. 50,000 words Dummie the Mummy and the Treasure of Sohorro (#10)




Rights sold to: Germany – Thienemann Verlag Poland – Dreams China – Shanghai Gaotan Culture Italy – Rizzoli Mondadori Libri Australia / New-Zealand – Penguin ANZ Lithuania – Nieko rimto Bulgaria – Ciela Norma France – Bayard Editions SAS Slovenia – Mladinska Knjiga Turkey – Epsilon Romania – Booklet Oekraine – A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers

‘Dus ik word niet ghroot,’ zei Dummie. ‘Nee,’ antwoordde Goos eerlijk. ‘En ook niet koning.’ ‘Nee.’ Goos wachtte ongemakkelijk af wat er nu zou komen. ‘Als ik word niet ghroot, en ik word ook niet koning…’ Dummie keek Goos strak aan, zijn gouden ogen stonden boos en verdrietig tegelijk. ‘Wat moet ik dan doen wel?’


en de Sfinx van Shakaba en de Sfinx van Shakaba

Dummie neemt een besluit: als hij niet groot kan worden en ook geen koning, wil hij in ieder geval net zo beroemd worden als zijn farao-vader. Vol zelfvertrouwen gaat hij meedoen aan een bijzondere wedstrijd. Ondertussen heeft Goos een ander plan. Ergens op aarde bevindt zich een geheimzinnig beeldje – de sfinx van Shakaba. Misschien kan dat machtige beeldje Dummie helpen. Goos moet en zal het vinden. Maar… waar is het? Bomkak Dinges! Toch niet op de bodem van de zee? Een boek om bij op je nagels te bijten en af en toe keihard om te lachen.

English editions available

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Van Goor maakt deel uit van Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum bv, Houten

met tekeningen van Elly Hees

Van Goor

Angus, an ordinary kid who lives in the most boring town in the world, finds a real life mummy in his bed. Angus’ father decides they will keep the strange creature. Dummie the mummy is soon part of Angus’ daily life at school and his circle of friends. Of course this leads to all kinds of exciting adventures, hilarious misunderstandings and unforeseen situations! Dummie the Mummy and the Golden Scarab

paperback | € 10,- | 256 pages | 14 x 21,5 cm ISBN 978 90 00 35784 0 | e-book ISBN 978 90 00 32183 4 € 7,99 Dummie the Mummy and the Tomb of Akhnetut

paperback | € 10,- | 256 pages | 14 x 21,5 cm ISBN 9789000357857 | e-book ISBN 9789000358755 € 7,99

Tosca Menten | Elly Hees (illustrator) | ca. 50,000 words Dummie the Mummy and the Golden Scarab (#1)

Dummie the Mummy and the Dance of the Cobra (#5)

Dummie the Mummy and the Secret of Toemsa (#9)

Dummie the Mummy and the Tomb of Akhnetut (#2)

Dummie the Mummy and the Star Thoeban (#6)

Dummie the Mummy and the Treasure of Sohorro (#10)

Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba (#3)

Dummie the Mummy and the Drums of Massouba (#7)

Dummie the Mummy and the Mask of Sebek-Ra (#4)

Dummie the Mummy and the Emerald of the Nile (#8)




“Mijke Pelgrim paints a perfect picture of what

goes on in the first year of middle school. She

depicts the raw, pubescent emotions with a delightful nonchalance, along with the search for one’s own place in the group. Like

all classic school stories, it is ultimately about friendship, trust and

identity.” – Lieneke Ipema, Publisher

Dex is in the first year of middle school, along with his friends Brian, Wahid, Luke and Freddy. They are having a great time, especially since they’re about to go on a school trip to England. Dex’s grades are still nothing to write home about and there’s also room for improvement in his behaviour. Fortunately, Dex gets on well with his mentor, Mr Hendriks. Dex promises him that he will apply himself 100% for the rest of the year, so he can move on to the next year. But that promise proves difficult to keep when Dex makes another deal with his friends. A deal involving a suitcase full of sweets, energy drinks and crisps being smuggled to England. Dex doesn’t want to disappoint his friends but he doesn’t want to disappoint Mr Hendriks either. What will he eventually put in his suitcase? • Part two of the Dex series • About friendship, trust and identity • Likeable, lifelike characters • Fast-moving story with short chapters, humour and depth

“The characters are flesh and blood with slightly exaggerated character traits and behaviours that give the story impetus and humour. (...) Dex is a welcome addition to the books about school life, such as Mees Kees, and about middle school in particular. It belongs in the category ‘very promising debut’.” jaap friso, “Wonderful debut, we can expect to read much more from this author. (…) I am certain that this is also a book for young people who don’t usually read. All of the characters are so lifelike, you can easily picture them.” van kemenade&hollaers bookstore breda “The atmosphere and group dynamic are perfectly described and the students’ use of language is completely contemporary, without resorting to the coarse language of the street (woohoo!).”

Dex was nominated for the Hotze de Roos Award 2018!

Twelve-year-old Bo moves from the city to a village. A new environment and a new school. She is looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. Everything depends on her first day at school. Which turns out to be a disaster! Just as Bo is thinking that it’s going to be the same old story as at her previous school, she meets Tom. But as she begins to trust Tom, he does something terrible and Bo’s past is revealed to everyone. Through Tom’s attempts to make amends, Bo discovers why he is helping her. A discovery that will change things forever. • Coming of age story about friendship, loyalty and being different

Mijke Pelgrim | ca. 30,000 words

Mijke Pelgrim | ca. 27,000 words

Tineke Honingh | ca. 36,000 words

Dex | On School and Other Hardships

Dex | On Friends and Other Baggage

The (Extra)Ordinary Story of Bo (and Tom)





hoe mijn opa vrolijk doodging VAN HOLKEMA & WARENDORF Van de auteur van Achtste-groepers huilen niet

© Chris van Houts

• Suitable for reading out loud or for children to read themselves


• With illustrations by Annet Schaap


• Recognisable adventures close to home, told with a lot of humour


Jacques Vriens debuted in 1976 with the school novel That Useless School with the Great Class. In his school novels, he often writes about things that he has experienced himself, as a teacher and headmaster at various primary schools. Jacques Vriens is now a full-time writer but he is still closely involved in primary education. He gives more readings than virtually anyone else, which is why CPNB, the Dutch foundation for the promotion of reading, has named a special Jacques Vriens Reading List after him.

Everyone calls it ‘Katten Square’, except for Professor Thorntree and his wife who always use its official name: Mayor B.H. Janssen van Katten Square. It’s usually a fun place to be, because lots of children live there. A large wooden play boat is their clubhouse where the older children keep on coming.


The three books about the children from Katten Square, featuring Steffie, Max and Mei-Lan as the main characters, are now combined in a single, handy, easy-to-read volume!

Jacques Vriens | Annet Schaap (illustrator) | 14 x 21,5 cm | 400 pages

Jacques Vriens | ca. 30,000 words

Secrets of the Square

The Catnip Code Not at Home


Y O U N G A D U LT 1 5 +

Jonas, Lois, Naima and Ralph go to London on a workweek for school. Until now, they haven’t had much to do with each other. When the four of them are placed in the same group, they are forced to get to know each other better. As they travel across London from one sight after another, a special friendship begins to form. But as they are waiting for a tube, something happens that no one could have foreseen. They have to make their own way to safety, as the streets of London fall victim to a terrorist attack.

A slow, almost mocking smile spreads across his face and for a moment I have his full attention, before he points his eyes towards the ceiling. I don’t wait until he presses. As if in slow motion, I dive to the ground, pulling Naima with me, along with a couple of strangers, like living dominoes. Even before the blast, which passes through me with a devastating impact, almost shaking me apart and bursting my eardrums, I am already lying on the floor with my eyes wide open.

Y O U N G A D U LT 1 5 +

‘Condemned candidates, are you ready? The votes have been counted and we now go over to our first execution.’ I fall to pieces. In my mind, I go crazy and scream at everyone and everything. Colette Zwart holds up her right hand and starts the countdown. ‘Condemned candidates, in five… four… three… two… one…’ It is 2048. When the 16-year-old Charlotte van der Wal commits a crime, it has grave consequences. Since the death penalty was reintroduced, young people are suspended in huge cages above a bottomless pit and executed on a live TV show. They are never sure whether they will survive because, before the hour is over, the floors of four of the candidates’ cages will fold open underneath their feet. Vote now! • Ominous YA thriller that you can’t put down • For readers of Mel Wallis de Vries and Mirjam Mous

Wendy Brokers | ca. 67,000 words

Daniëlle Bakhuis | ca. 70,000 words

The Last Stop

The Execution

The Elimination


Y O U N G A D U LT 1 5 +

Y O U N G A D U LT 1 5 + “Livestream is an unbelievably

fast-paced and exciting story, a rollercoaster ride through

Manhattan filled with colourful

JUNE 2019

characters. Once you start

reading, you cannot stop until you’ve finished.”

– Susanne Diependaal, Publisher

About Livestream: “Once again, Buddy Tegenbosch has engaged me with his wonderful writing style, characters and original storyline, which takes you in all directions.” About Pokerface: “The smooth and intuitive tone of writing allows you to empathise with Sem. This exciting book is highly recommended.” nbd | biblion

From the very first time that Jim walked onto a football pitch, he knew it was where he belonged. During the summer holidays, he receives a message that he can finally take part in a training camp. For Jim and his best friend and teammate Jabbar this is their chance to break into the A team. This is precisely why he has been training so hard for all of these years. When his cute and cheeky classmate Lola also arrives at the camp, it looks like it’s going to be the perfect summer. But when they arrive home again, not much of that wonderful feeling remains. It turns out that Jim’s sister Izzy has cancer. Again. There are malignant spots in the only kidney she has left. Jim’s world collapses and this is also noticeable on the football pitch. He is less sharp, less agile and when he is unable to stand up after being tackled, he knows something is wrong. While Jim does everything he can to recuperate as quickly as possible, Izzy undergoes her chemotherapy. They lean on each other and grow closer and closer. The recovery seems to be going well for both of them, until Izzy’s therapy does not seem to have the desired effect. And then Jim doesn’t hesitate for a moment, even if means the end of his career.

“Pokerface stands out from other YA books. Highly recommended.” About An Eye for an Eye: “A book full of tension beneath the surface.” mirjam mous, author of boy 7 “An Eye for an Eye is bursting with quirky characters and unexpected plot twists. Here is a writer with great imagination at work.” frank van de muijsenberg, eindhovens dagblad

Themes of friendship, family, loyalty, sportsmanship and loss are cleverly interwoven into a story that remains in your thoughts for a long time.

Buddy Tegenbosch | ca. 50,000 words



Pokerface An Eye for an Eye


Y O U N G A D U LT 1 5 +

Y O U N G A D U LT 1 5 +

When Holden Winters discovers an old bunker containing items from the Years of Fear, it has huge repercussions. The taste of tinned pineapple surpasses all the vita and shakes he has ever tasted. And the firework rockets he finds and lights during Happy Day are much more beautiful and real than the artificial fireworks show organised each year. But Holden is not careful enough to remain out of sight and is arrested by the authorities. However, his punishment proves to be something very different from what he was expecting. Meanwhile, Holden’s sister Prissy starts receiving mysterious messages from an unknown person on her camphone. How can the sender know everything about her, while she knows nothing about him? And why does she get the feeling that there’s something strange going on with Holden’s arrest?

• A YA thriller such as only Mirjam Mous can write • In an original futuristic setting • Part one of a duology

© private

In the Years of Fear, the Third World War was on the verge of breaking out and the earth was threatened with extinction due to climate change. Economic growth was the only thing that mattered. Fortunately, there was a counter-movement. More and more people started to develop sustainable projects on their own initiative and worked hard to create a better world: since the Great Turnaround, the earth has improved. The result is an ideal world, according to the five new leaders. But if you don’t follow their rules...

“In her new book, Mirjam Mous is able to combine an exciting story with the harshness of reality.” “An oppressive and incredibly tense thriller from Boy 7 author Mirjam Mous.”

“Extremely gripping, well-detailed suspense that draws incredibly close to perfection.” – Lieneke Ipema, Publisher

Rights sold to: Germany - Arena Verlag

Mirjam Mous | ca. 65,000 words H@ck – The Institute


Y O U N G A D U LT 1 5 +

Y O U N G A D U LT 1 5 +

Rights sold to: Germany - Arena Verlag (all titles) Poland - Dreams (Boy 7, Password) South Korea – Miraen (Boy 7) • 2C was awarded the Leipziger Lesekompass 2018

Mirjam Mous | ca. 57,000 words 2C


Boy 7

No Way Out


Foul Play

This is a Test…



Y O U N G A D U LT 1 5 +

Y O U N G A D U LT 1 5 +

“ Although our beloved author passed away,

many readers still discover and appreciate her books.” – Susanne Diependaal, Publisher

Helen Vreeswijk | ca. 65,000 – 105,000 words Blood Brothers

Code of Silence






Honour Killing

Per Mille

The Stalker


The Kick



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