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Welcome to Unforgettable Hi, I’m James and on behalf of everyone here, welcome to Unforgettable. While caring for my mum who had early-onset dementia I discovered that products and services can be life-changing, however they were not easy to find. That’s why we set up To make it easier to discover the best products available. This catalogue represents a selection of our best sellers but there are many more to discover on our website. If you’re looking to make a real difference, we hope you’ll find something that proves unforgettable. James Ashwell, Founder

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Memory Loss We can all forget things. We’re human. It happens. But with dementia, it can be constant. Memories from long ago are vivid, but today is a blur, a battle to cope. Put simply, the brain doesn’t always store new information as well as it used to. It needs help. We have help in abundance. Day clocks. Reminders. Signs. Locators. Lots of things to prompt. We’ve worked with people living with dementia, specialist designers and caregivers to find the world’s best products that help the routine tasks of everyday living.

“Mum knew she was forgetting stuff and it made her very anxious and frustrated. She’d phone constantly– day and night - because she was muddled about the time. We bought a couple of simple products to help ease her confusion. They’ve worked. She’s sleeping better and the panicky phone calls have stopped. It’s helped us all to relax” Kevin, Manchester

Try a diary, notes, or a to-do list when memory loss becomes frustrating. A daily to-do list keeps focus and gives you something to tick off throughout the day.

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Memory Loss

Dual Display Day Clock Take control of time You asked us for it, so we found it. This simple clock can adapt to your needs. Clear and easy to see, choose to display either the exact time with date and day, or simplify it just to the day and time of day (morning, afternoon, evening and night). It’s what people need when time gets muddled up. • One button to switch between exact time and date or simply the time of day • Increases independence and reinforces daily routine • Helps calm a major cause of anxiety, repetitive questions and stress • 8-inch screen with Large Text, LED backlight with auto-dimming • Can display in English (Default), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch & Welsh • 8.5" x 6.8" frame, stand included, can be wall mounted • Simple set up, plug straight into main



with VAT relief

£59.99 incl. VAT


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Memory Loss

Day Clocks

Day clocks do what they say on the screen They turn time into easy to understand parts. They simplify time for people who are losing their sense of it. Dementia can distort, disrupt and even destroy our concept of time. This confuses and disorientates us. The more we can stay in touch with the passage of time, the less anxious we’ll be.

Invented for people with memory loss The Day Clock Meet our simplest day clock. It tells you the day of the week and what part of day it is. That’s it. No gimmicks. Designed for people with memory loss, and it works wonders. Brushed aluminium and a glass effect edge gives this clock a classier look. • Award-winning day clock by Designability (our charity partner) • Clear and easy to see text • 7-inch screen with large text and optional “cool blue” corner lights • 8 ½” x 6 ½” frame, stand included, can be wall mounted • Other languages available online


£49.99 with VAT relief

£59.99 incl. VAT

Personalised Reminding Day Clock MemRabel 2 Day Clock with Reminders This clever 2-in-1 clock simplifies time and creates routine. Set up to 20 reminders such as: take your pills, doctors appointment, have a drink, time for bed. Record your own or use a pre-set. Switch between white on black to yellow on black display with a press of a button. • Choose up to 20 reminders: Appointments, Medication, Drink etc. • 8-inch screen displays variations of time of day, date and day • 8 ¾’’ x 7’’ frame, stand included, can be wall mounted • Upload your own images, videos and recordings for reminders


£99.96 with VAT relief

£119.95 incl. VAT

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Memory Loss

Time Orientation

Time trips us all up now and again We’ve collated some clever telling timepieces that keep you on time, and some can even tell you when to do the things you need to, like eat, drink, and take your medicine.

Quickly tell the time of day Day & Night Clock Is it 3am or 3pm? This clock uses images to tell you if it’s day or night, sun for day, moon and stars for night. All the best ideas are obvious. 12.2” Diameter Face.

The watch that speaks Big Digit Talking Watch with Four Alarms Imagine walking with the perfect prompt around your wrist. The Big Digit Talking Watch makes it easy to read and hear the time, wherever you are. Set 4 daily alarms.

Press once for more independence Talking Button Clock What could be easier than one big button with one big function? Press…then hear the time and date. It’s very simple. Clear Voice. Independence back.

£29.94 incl. VAT

TDP2LG (Large) TDP2SM (Small) £7.95 with VAT relief £9.54 incl. VAT

Recording, Talking Clock with Reminders

Remember the days that matter

See where you are in any given day

Your Minder Talking Alarm Clock

Memory Calendar 2017

Dementia Days of the Week Clock


£24.95 with VAT relief

Your Minder is a versatile talking clock. Record up to 6 daily reminders to tell you what to do when. It helps maintain a daily routine and live a healthier life. 5” x 2 ½” x 1 ¾” in size.


£33.32 with VAT relief £39.98 incl. VAT


No distractions. Just clear bold text and a space to note birthdays, anniversaries and other important events. Day organised. Size: 4.2 x 5.8”


£14.38 with VAT relief £17.25 incl. VAT

This 7-day clock is magic. It may look basic but with one clock hand it points to the day and the time of day. Clock face 6 1/2" Diameter.

CAP0020 £9.99 incl. VAT


£11.67 with VAT relief £14.00 incl. VAT

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Memory Loss

Right pills, right dose, right time Lockable Automatic Pill Dispenser Want to keep someone you love at home longer? Get a medicine dispenser that reminds and delivers the right dose on the right day. It prolongs independence and lifts their self-esteem no end. • Easy to use, designed for dementia, tamperproof and lockable • Alarm rings until you remove pills • 28 compartments, each holds up to 18 small pills


£59.99 incl. VAT

Dad kept missing appointments and forgetting to eat his lunch. The post-it notes I put around the house didn’t work- he kept throwing them away! So instead, I put a “things to do” board in the lounge with daily reminders and useful information. Now he’s eating more and not missing quite so many appointments. Julie – East Sussex

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Memory Loss

Medication Reminders

Medicine on time and on track Reminders are great for all sorts of day to day tasks. Try: “Remember to lock the door and take the keys” or “Hi Dad, turn the stove off when you are done.” Place them near a door or on the fridge to make the most of them.

Reminding me - Pill box Pill Box Reminder This clever box is specially designed to make it easier to remember to take pills when out and about. Set the time. When the alarm goes, take the pills. It's simple and effect and ideal for single doses.

LIMA00490 £6.89 incl. VAT

Pocket Sized Pill Pal Pivotell Minitell Alarmed Pillbox Choose the settings and relax. Knowing this Pillbox will vibrate and make noise when it’s time to medicate. Space for up to 5 doses. Set up to 5 alarms a day. Great for people who need that extra little reminder.


£18.00 with VAT relief

£21.60 incl. VAT

Ensure they’ve taken their medication Pivotell Time Cap Pill Bottle They insist they’ve already taken the pill. You’re not so sure. Instead of worrying about it, just check. This unique bottle cap timer could settle the argument before it begins. Easy.


£18.00 with VAT relief

£21.60 incl. VAT

Take the right pills, on the right day Deluxe Week Day Pill Dispenser It’s simple and it lets you plan ahead, add notes and reminders. All you need is this neat little kit. Get this, get organised and then get on with your life.


£7.89 incl. VAT Arguing about medication? Ask the doctor for a note so you can use it when questions like “Why this many?” come up.


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Memory Loss


Helpful Reminders Life is busy. We mislay things. Keys. Wallet. Phone. Dementia can magnify this feeling many times over. People need help remembering where things are and how things work. It can be stressful for everyone. Our reminders can make a huge difference. Suddenly, they know where to find the things they need.

New No more lost keys Object Locator & Beeping Key Finder Don’t spend hours looking for things. Tag them. Object locators mean nothing goes missing again. Press keys on the remote, hear a beep and track down your keys.

Gentle reminders to live safely

Memories Brought to Life

Motion Activated Memo Player

Talking Photo Album

Simple actions are easily forgotten with dementia. Not anymore. This motion activated memo player reminds you what to do with messages, like, “lock the door” or “don’t forget your keys”.

The perfect present. Re-live memories. Record messages over each image. One press and the memories can come flooding back. Use with grandchildren, friends and family. It’s an incredible way to recall special events.



The really useful reminder

The discreet way to show you care

Sort out your day

Talking Tiles Reminders

Twist-N-View Display Care Chart


£19.99 incl. VAT

£19.94 incl. VAT

£41.95 incl. VAT


Record your message into this helpful little gadget, then place it where you need it. Remind, record, repeat. Write on the top to get them to press it. Size: 4 x 3 ½”

TPR021 – Single (Black) £10.20 incl. VAT TPR022 – P  ack of 6 (Coloured) £57.60 incl. VAT

They dislike bingo, but love ballroom dancing. This awardwinning care chart will make sure everyone understands what they like – even when you aren’t there.


£12.00 with VAT relief £14.40 incl. VAT

Whiteboard Reminder Frame & Pen Lists make life easier. This smart little whiteboard helps you focus on what’s important – then wipe it off when you’re done. A list a day, takes stress away.


£12.00 incl. VAT

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Memory Loss

Signs and Labels

Get the right directions Down the hall 3rd door on the left. Wait … was that the second door? Directions aren’t easy at the best of times. It’s just too easy to forget the way. Get distracted for a second and suddenly all doors can look the same. As for keys, which is for the front door, back door, side door? Sign post your way with signs, stickers and key fobs.

Remember the room you’re in Easy to see Signs Putting up signs is a short cut to finding your way when you’re disorientated. Our range uses colour, objects and words to spell it out so you shouldn’t get confused as often. • Reduces wandering, frustration and agitation • One for every room in the home • 300mm wide Sticks to door adhesive or screw mountable

Self Adhesive Bathroom sign: F0SRBASA (Red); F0SBBASA (Blue) Toilet sign: F0SRTTSA (Red); F0SBTTSA (Blue) Bedroom sign: F0SRBRSA (Red); F0SBBRSA (Blue) £14.95 with VAT relief £17.94 incl. VAT Wall Mounted Bathroom sign: F0SRBAWM (Red); F0SBBAWM (Blue) Toilet sign: F0SRTTWM (Red); F0SBTTWM (Blue) £26.00 with VAT relief £31.20 incl. VAT

Get to know where things go Removable Home Signs & Labels Pack Trying to figure out where things belong can be exasperating. This pack of self-adhesive signs helps you find what you’re looking for with 20 door and drawer labels. • Easy to apply, remove and reuse • Covers cups & plates, coats & shoes, medicine and much more • Helps maintain independence


£31.95 with VAT relief

£38.34 incl. VAT

Find the right key, for the right door Easy to See Key Fobs Got a bunch of keys that all look the same? This smart key fob means you'll always find the key you need. Simple. Wish we'd thought of it sooner.

F0FBD (Back Door); F0FCR (Car); F0FCO (Conservatory); F0FFD (Front Door); F0FGR (Garage); F0FOF (Office); F0FOD (Outside Door); F0FSE (Shed); F0FSD (Side Door) £3.50 with VAT relief £4.20 incl. VAT


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Memory Loss

Independence that looks good Pebbell Mini GPS Tracker & SOS Alarm They want independence. So why not give them a minitracker and setup a boundary. This neat, sleek gadget alerts you when they leave and return. Panic over. • 2-way dialogue – call anytime to check up • Buddy or SOS button – to avoid ‘gone missing’ nightmares • Geofence and Alerts all simple to set-up • Choose from pink, black, blue or green • No Monthly Subscription

Standard HOPBKS (Black); HOPBUS (Blue); HOPGRS (Green); HOPPKS (Pink);

£119.00 incl. VAT Waterproof (with Live Tracking App) HOPBKW (Black); HOPBUW (Blue); HOPGRW (Green); HOPPKW (Pink);

£168.00 incl. VAT

My husband kept walking around the house, opening and closing doors, he couldn’t sit still. A carer suggested he may have forgotten where everything was and felt the need to keep checking. I put signs on the doors and he was much calmer. It seems so obvious, I wish I’d thought of it sooner. Edith – Dorset

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Memory Loss


Getting lost is a huge worry for anyone Often people with dementia set off with real purpose but then lose track. All kinds of things trigger this, such as stress, noise, boredom, or just forgetting the way to the shops. But you can help reduce worry on both sides.

Discrete peace of mind GPS Smart Sole Using intelligent, invisible technology, these smart soles slip inside any shoe - like GPS slippers. A few taps and you can find them again. • Set up a Geofence and get alerts simply and quickly • Works via laptop, tablet or smart phone • Alert as many family members or carers as you wish • Highly accurate with roaming Sim which works across all networks Price includes the first month’s subscription of £24.99 with VAT Relief this will be charged monthly.

GX0030 (UK Size 4-9); GX0040 (UK Size 10-14) £249.99 with VAT relief £299.99 incl. VAT

Stop losing loved ones Yepzon TAG-WAY Super Simple GPS tracker You download the app. They wear the tag. It syncs with your phone. You know where they are, always, thanks to this simple tracker. • Ready to go – just download the free mobile app • Week long battery • Can’t be turned off accidentally • No Monthly Subscription • Waterproof and knock-proof


£99.99 incl. VAT Telecare monitored peace of mind


Buddi Tracker with Telecare Connected to a Telecare 24/7 monitored centre. Falls, emergencies and distress, it’s all covered. Once triggered a human being can talk with them to find the right person or the right solution.. • Telecare 24/7 Monitored call centre • GeoFencing and Fall alerts • You control who, how and when • Wristband and Clip for round the clock peace of mind


From £175.00 plus £20.00 per month incl. VAT 12

Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388

Memory Loss


3 top tips to help with wandering: 1. Be prepared –6 out of 10 people with dementia wander 2. Work out why – if they’re anxious, find something to comfort them 3. Know where they are – make sure they carry ID, or give them a GPS tracker


The life-saving mobile DORO Secure 580 Phone 4 buttons, 4 names and GPS. This simple phone locates your loved one instantly, thanks to the SOS button. You get a call, see where they are, they’re no longer missing. Easy to use, peace of mind. Go online to add the Fuss Free personal telephonist and no nuisance calls Sim Card. • No Subscription, 7-day standby battery life • GPS emergency button triggers GPS location and calls emergency contacts • Go online to include a Fuss Free Sim for No Nuisance Calls.


£108.33 with VAT relief

Gain peace of mind with this mobile Tracker Mobile Phone If they roam, try this phone. It helps bring back your loved one without alarming them. Your text locates their phone. They can also contact you if they need to with one touch SOS button. • SOS button connects them to you • Built-in torch and FM radio • Talking keypad and large text display • No monthly subscription

EAL0430 £130.00 incl. VAT

£99.99 incl. VAT

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Activities Fun is the essence of life Crosswords keep the mind active, but sometimes they can be too much. With dementia, people need other types of stimulation to keep them active, engaged and happy. This is the principle behind our range of activities. We’ve found puzzles, cards, games, music, arts and crafts, to spark memories, conversation and hobbies from their youth. Nostalgia always strikes a warm note. In fact, many of our activities use the past to make sense of the present.

“I wish I had found these activities sooner. It’s great to see so much thought has gone into the choices. Dad isn’t sat twiddling his thumbs anymore and it’s made a real difference to my mum. She is much happier and relaxed now he is doing things again.” Kate, Newcastle

Start by thinking about a hobby or a lifelong passion. Not sure? Think of a few ideas, and start talking to see which sparks the best memories. Now, find a box or a shelf and fill it full of themed pictures, jigsaws, memorabilia. Now everyone can spark those memories.


Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388

Personalised Jigsaw


The world’s first personalised dementia jigsaw Designed with Active Minds, a company which like Unforgettable was set up after personal experience with dementia. Ben, the founder, noticed a lack of suitable activities and set out to produce the now award-winning and bestselling dementia jigsaw range. Unforgettable is proud to have joined forces to create the world’s first personalised dementia jigsaw. “I was fed up with Mum doing jigsaws that were aimed at children and had no relevance to her.” “I believe there is a real need for activities like this, which can keep people occupied and stimulated every day. Personalised puzzles have the potential to make a genuine, positive difference to someone’s day.” James (Founder of Unforgettable)

Unforgettable Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle Capture a moment in the life of your loved one. Send us a meaningful photo… dad on his BSA motorbike in his late teens…mum dancing on stage…and we turn it into a jigsaw. • Inspire smiles and memories - helps the ‘puzzler’ to reminisce • Durable wooden pieces – great for dexterity and coordination • Recall old friends and special family moments • Holds attention for longer periods • 13, 24 or 35 large pieces

UFP13 (13 Piece); UFP24 (24 Piece); UFP35 (35 Piece)

£29.99 with VAT relief £35.99 incl. VAT

Quote or enter CATALOGUE10 on your first order over £50 and receive 10% off.




Jigsaws to puzzle over The jury is in. Jigsaws are great. They always have been. Research from 2012 found that puzzles can improve memory and thinking scores. Go personalised to trigger those family memories or find a theme that works for you. So why Jigsaws?

13 Piece




Making minds active 13 and 35 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Carefully designed and selected to be engaging, easy to use and easy to see. Vibrant fun, memory inspiring pictures are sure to bring up conversation and light up a few grins. Nearly everyone has made a jigsaw, it’s something we can connect with. Trigger memories and conversation with large, easy to hold, see and clean jigsaw pieces. Inspire joy with memories of Spring or a day trip.

£12.49 with VAT relief £14.99 incl. VAT


35 Piece





The jigsaw to raise your game 27 Piece Fun Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles Everybody loves the satisfaction that comes from finishing a jigsaw puzzle. But this one does far more than entertain. It's specially designed to stimulate minds, stir happy memories and spark chats. It’s easy to clean acrylic and challenging angles makes it something different.


IPT005 (Vegetable Patch) IPT003 (Blue Bells) PT001 (Stepney Steam Train) £20.82 with VAT relief £24.99 incl. VAT


Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388



So why Jigsaws? 1. Dexterity - Our large piece ranges (6 to 250 pieces) keep things easy while helping to improve dexterity 2. Accomplishment - Finishing a jigsaw can trigger dopamine which is one of our feel good chemicals 3. Meditative - Engrossed in a puzzle? It’s similar to meditating and helps to calm agitation

Piece together the past

A softer kind of jigsaw

Sight and Sound 4 x 250 piece puzzles

Foam Jigsaws pack -24 pieces’ x 4 Puzzles

Puzzles are now atmospheric as well as therapeutic. These sets come with 4 jigsaws and a CD in every box. Enjoy seeing, hearing and doing all at the same time.

The joy of this foam jigsaw is that it’s light, easy to hold and softer to the touch. A simple idea that ensures maximum enjoyment every time.

Just when you feared their puzzle days were over, this one comes along. Think 15 long chunky sticks, not pieces and you'll quickly understand why this sturdy foam design is so special.



RMP090 (The Age of Steam) RMP2690 (Reach for the Skies) £11.50 incl. VAT

£35.94 incl. VAT

Inspire with beautiful art in jigsaw form

Keeps puzzles in place – ready for next time

48 Piece Jigsaw Renoir the Umbrellas

White Puzzle Board

Nothing beats the satisfaction of completing a big and beautiful jigsaw puzzle. The iconic image to stir the senses, it’s perfect for museum and art lovers.


£26.40 incl. VAT

It's not the destination but the journey that matters. So, take your time, stop when you've had enough, then pick up later. This stylish frame will keep everything in place.

A jigsaw that everybody can do JigStick Puzzles (Set of 4)

£30.00 incl. VAT

Mum has always loved jigsaws. When she started to struggle a bit, I was delighted to discover dementia-friendly puzzles which are easier to manage but still adult in appearance. Now Mum and I do puzzles together, she still finds them very absorbing and sometimes they spark a good natter which is a bonus. Kate, Newcastle


£14.40 incl. VAT

Quote or enter CATALOGUE10 on your first order over £50 and receive 10% off.




Entertainment We all need some simple entertainment every now and then. For instance, music can rouse people and TV can be a great comfort. We just need to make it easy, personal and enjoyable. This means simplicity is key, not high-tech.

Favourite tunes on demand

Easy one-button radio

Simple Music Player

One-Button Radio

Let’s hear it for our simple music player (in red, green or walnut). Lift to play. Press to skip. Close to stop. Yes, it’s that easy. Add up to 1000 of your own songs to keep it personal. • Comes pre-loaded with 5 Big Band Songs • No software to install – just drag & drop songs

Evoke a thousand feelings with one button. The One-Button Radio lets anyone with dementia listen to the voices and vocals they love. Just set their favourite station and they’re away.

EL0010 (Red); EL0020 (Green); £83.32 with VAT relief £99.99 incl. VAT EL0030 (Walnut) £118.33 with VAT relief £142.00 incl. VAT


£45.83 with VAT relief £54.99 incl. VAT


Confusion-free remote

Easy TV operation

DORO Easy Remote Control

Flipper Big Button Remote Control

Great for one TV or Box. Easy to hold. Easy to programme. Modern Style. It gives control of their TV and restores self-confidence. Change channels & adjust volume without getting confused.

Perfect for multiple devices: TV, Set Top Box. Programme Favourite Channels. Easy to set up. Smart, simple and straightforward. Helping to find choice channels and maintain independence.



£19.99 incl. VAT 18

£19.99 incl. VAT

Music to bring a smile to their face Song Book & Sing along CD Nothing can lift mood and wellbeing like joining in with a hearty sing-song, so this CD and book with 21 songs provides the perfect starting point.

RRMP139 (CD); RMP135 (Song Book) RMP13B (Bundle) £9.00 Song Book zero VAT £10.80 CD incl. VAT £18.99 CD & Book incl. VAT

Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388


Arts and Crafts

Bring back the missing you Creativity. It’s in all of us. And the more we tap into it, the bigger the buzz we get from life. From colouring-in as a kid to a self-portrait at 90, we express ourselves through art. For people with dementia, art can revive a sense of self. People are able to recall things through drawing, and start to remember who they are. Experts say this neural activity can also reduce anxiety and depression.

Enjoy gardening, in-doors Root-Vue Farm

Beautiful painting anyone can master Aquapaint Dementia Painting Unleash the inner artist with Aquapaint. Just add water. These reusable painting sheets transform the page and the person. Wait for that smile.

Individual sets AM0NW (Natural World); AM0LV (Loves); AM0ED (Everyday); AM0DO (Days Out) £12.49 with VAT relief £14.99 incl. VAT

Colour yourself calm Calming Colouring Book Collection Colouring is not just for kids you know – it’s great for easing agitation and preventing boredom in adults with dementia. These beautiful books will keep them busy for hours.


£27.50 Zero VAT

Reminisce, chat and get creative Pastimes Retro Themed Colouring Book 50’s to the 70’s, this book is packed with iconic images. Designed to get people remembering while they colour in pictures, its great for groups as pages can be handed around.

Getting down to the veg patch or allotment doesn't happen these days. This clever container lets you plant and see the plants as they grow. Ideal for people with greenfingers.


£48.00 incl. VAT

My wife was a keen painter in her youth. She lost interest in painting, but to my surprise she has taken up colouring. It’s very relaxing and the grandchildren can join in. There are loads of arts and crafts to do out there. You are going to find something that works. Brian, Edinburgh

AWW0150 £8.99 Zero VAT

Quote or enter CATALOGUE10 on your first order over £50 and receive 10% off.



Reminiscing and Conversation

Feel Closer We’re a social species. It’s in our make-up to talk and share thoughts, feelings and even jokes – we need to laugh. Communication can dry up with dementia. This leads to stress, anxiety and isolation. When people shut down socially, boredom and restlessness can set in.

Go back to go forward Reminiscence Cards

Use all the senses to kick-start chat Reminiscent Scent Cards – 18 Card Collection Ever sparked conversation by scent? Now you can. Our smell conversation cards can awaken the person inside with one sniff of baby powder, Tomatoes Victoria Sponge or Chocolate. A take anywhere activity which can be enjoyed over and over.


£20.82 with VAT relief

£24.99 incl. VAT

Remember heartwarming memories As We Were memory card set Stuck for words? These memory cards are magic. Each set conjures up a time they can relate to. Reminisce about fashion, jobs and home cooking from the 40s to 70s.

AWW050 As we were Lives AWW060 Decades £7.49 with VAT relief £8.99 incl. VAT


Relive the glory days A Life in Pictures Nostalgic picture books trigger the joys of life. Help them conquer boredom and depression as they reminisce over seaside strolls and the years gone by.

PS0110 (A Funny Old World In Pictures); PS0030 (In the Garden in Pictures);PS0040 Travelling in Pictures); ); PS0080 (At the Seaside in Pictures) £20.00 Zero VAT

Early experiences lie deepest and last longest. Unlock childhood memories to get conversation flowing with a bit of reminiscing. These packs are priceless.

AM180 (1940s) AM190 (1950s) £25.00 incl. VAT

Real life is the best story Life Stories Game Real life is really amazing. This game helps bring those stories back to life as people recount a life well lived and loved. Great for friends and families.


£26.40 incl. VAT

Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388


Reminiscing and Conversation

Talk more Reminiscence therapy may help. Research suggests if you stimulate long-term memory, it can revive short-term memory. This in turn sparks conversation. We’ve developed, designed and discovered all kinds of products to prompt the person you really want to talk to.

The first time I played this Call to Mind with my 93 yr. old mum, we had a glorious hour of reminiscences at the end of which she said ‘just shows we don’t talk enough. Barbara, Lincoln

Perfect for get-togethers! Call to Mind Our Best Selling Dementia Board Game! Stuck for words? Try this. Invented by dementia carers and researched with UCL. It’s for families and friends. Conversation and discovery. Person-centred care to spark conversation. Lasts hours. Unites families.


£37.99 incl. VAT


Stay on the ball with chat topics Toss ‘n Talk Conversation Ball Nobody likes it when conversation dries up, but that’s impossible with this inflatable ball. Just throw it and whatever question your hand is touching, you chat about. Simple.


£12.00 incl. VAT

A new kind of puzzle Activity Scenes

Connect through memories

Jigsaws can get trickier in the later stages, but that’s where these activity scenes can help. The pieces are like puzzle pieces, but you can place them anywhere to create a scene and spark a memory.

Pouring over old leaflets, brochures and programmes can help trigger memories and conversation. Seaside holidays, motoring, the home front and WWII – all stimulating topics for chatting.

AM330 (The Tool Shed); AM310 The Allotment £16.99 with VAT relief £19.99 incl. VAT

Memorabilia Packs

CM8995 (1950's Household); CM8990 (British Seaside Holiday); CM9005 (Home Front) £7.67 incl. VAT

Quote or enter CATALOGUE10 on your first order over £50 and receive 10% off.



Fun and Games

Time flies when you’re having fun All work and no play make us dull. A smile or a laugh can turn our day around. Life blossoms when we devote some time to having fun. With dementia, fun is like psychological gold dust. Playing games like bingo, dominoes or a simple puzzle can rebuild that missing bond and make stress levels plummet, no matter who wins.

Build numbers to build rapport

60s and 70s Musical Bingo

Engaging game for everyone

We’ve all played dominoes. Who doesn’t love it? This giant wooden version makes it fun as they’re easy to hold. Games from the past bring pleasure to the present.

Ears up, listen in for this fun activity that everyone can join in with. Two CDs with a range of classic 60s and 70s music forms the base for a fun game of musical bingo that will spark reminiscence and discussion.

This is bingo with a difference. Instead of numbers, listen out for the animal sound and then find the corresponding picture on your card.



Giant Wooden Dominoes

£12.95 incl. VAT

Play your cards right Deck of Cards with Large Graphics You’ll never win that game of bridge if you’re squinting at the cards. The graphics on these are printed larger than standard playing cards. Just keep them close to your chest so a neighbour doesn’t spot your lucky hand…


£3.23 incl. VAT 22

Name that tune…

£36.00 incl. VAT

Animal Bingo


£24.99 with VAT Relief £29.99 incl. VAT

Word searches you can see

Games from the good ol’ days

Large Print Word Search Book

Traditional Board Games

Word Searches in the paper can start to look a little small and hard to read. These word search books keep this relaxing go-to pastime possible.


£10.99 Zero VAT

Quoits, Ludo, The Beetle Game, it’s all here. Pick a few and get tucked in for an evening of games that everyone can enjoy.

F0QUOITS (Quoits) F0SNAKE (Snake and Ladders) F0TOUR (Touring England) £15.60 incl. VAT

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How to find the comfort zone Social studies suggest we speak between 7,000-20,000 words a day. Communication is our lifeblood. It makes us human. When conversation breaks down in later stages of dementia, the other senses need to step up. This is where sensory stimulation helps. We’ve collated a range of tactile items you can hold, cuddle, smell, listen to and be mesmerized by. They’ll gently stimulate the parts and hearts you really want to reach.

Sweet-smelling stress relievers Aroma Balls - Set of 4

Keep fidgeting fingers happy Fiddle Muff ‘Busy hands’ can be difficult to deal with. One way is to occupy them. This multi-fabric toy delivers tenfold. Cosy, colourful and calming.

F1004 Buttons & Beads £25.00 with VAT relief £30.00 incl. VAT

These squeezable balls give off a relaxing aroma, so they are ideal for fidgeting fingers and agitated hands. They’re also great for playing indoor ball games.


£16.80 incl. VAT


Hands on therapy fun Aroma Play Dough Brightly-coloured doughs infused with essential oils give off relaxing fragrances while they’re rolled out. Just roll and breathe in. Oils include grapefruit, rose, lavender, mandarin and eucalyptus.


£19.20 incl. VAT

Smells and sounds to spark memories Scentscapes Ever noticed how a certain smell or sound takes you back to a certain time in your life? That’s the idea of these scent and sound reminiscence packs.

AM410 (At Home); AM420 (In the Garden) £24.99 with VAT relief £29.99 incl. VAT

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At Unforgettable we bring together life-changing products, services and advice to help people with dementia do the things we take for granted. Founded by James Ashwell after caring for his mother, we work with inventors, researchers, care homes, therapists and carers to find innovative solutions for you. It’s our aim as a B Corp to create positive social impact by using business as a force for good. This is why we created the Unforgettable Foundation and why we work in partnership with leading dementia charities in the UK and internationally. Visit We would love to hear from you so please do get in touch at or on the phone 0203 322 9388.


Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388

The Unforgettable Foundation

Our mission is to create a world where people with dementia live the best possible life. We set up our own independent foundation to help achieve our mission. It’s our guiding star. We passionately want to change lives and attitudes towards dementia. We’re also pragmatic optimists. We know it’ll take time, tenacity, dedication and support. To help us get there, we have three founding principles. James Ashwell, Founder and Trustee

1. Lower the risk

2. Break the taboo

3. Spot the signs

Eat better. Move more. Stress Less. Sleep deeper. We choose our lifestyle. So let’s all go for a healthy one and take some strain off the brain, as well as the heart.

Talk about it, openly, positively and honestly. With family, friends and even the kids. At home and at work. Dialogue is like medicine.

Early diagnosis can’t cure dementia but it allows time to plan. To make choices about living, working, and lots more.

How we are funded. We’re an independent charitable foundation funded by donations and £10,000 per year from Unforgettable Trading Limited, a world-leading source of life-changing products and services for people with dementia.

If you’d like to find out more about our foundation or would like donate please visit the website at Registered Charity - No. 1163647

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Visit to discover 100s of life-changing products & ideas

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Product - Discover 100s of life-changing products. Services - Check out our Lasting Power of Attorney. Advice - Helpful advice for every stage of the journey. Community - Packed full of real-life stories and ideas. News - Stay in touch with all the latest dementia news.

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Our products are helpfully arranged by category to help you find the perfect product.

Our advice pages are full of helpful articles on many topics, some of the most popular topics include;

To help further we’ve also listed the products by Need in case you’re not such what you want.

Each product has a dedicated page where you’ll find all the details, reviews and the price.

Memory Loss

Dementia Explained

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Living Better

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Product guides

We endeavour to help share useful information based on our own experiences, the experiences of our community and expert advice to help you along the way.

Community Our community is constantly growing and is full of people who have been through similar situations so why not join and share your ideas or just listen to their thoughts.

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The Family Guide to Dementia Everything you need to know about caring for a loved one •

Contains tips for every day struggles

Practical advice to help them live better

Support for anyone who cares for someone with dementia

If you're caring for a loved one with dementia, this guide is for you. It offers ideas from people who've been there too and ways to cope with every aspect of daily life. We know you're doing a great job, under very difficult circumstances, so let us help you.

Go to

Introducing our new range of helpful eBooks. Visit for more information Other titles coming soon. •

Dementia Explained

The Unforgettable Gift Guide

A Guide to the Dementia Journey

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Why is an LPA important for us all? It’s an unfortunate truth that any of us could lose our mental capacity at any time due to accident or illness. With one in three of the over-65s being diagnosed with dementia at some point, we wanted to help, as this area is often overlooked and misunderstood. Without a Lasting Power of Attorney in place your family members will not be able to manage your financial or welfare needs, so it is critical to put one in place. Some would say it’s as critical as having a Will. How can Unforgettable help? Our services have been designed in collaboration with expert legal partners to help you through the process, offering you a simple and free questionnaire that completes your forms. Currently our service only covers England and Wales as there is a different process in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Together we also provide a range of checking and drafting services to offer you peace of mind before registering with the Office of the Public Guardian. We’ve even introduced a dementia specific statement of wishes which helps address some important questions that aren’t covered by the standard form.

You can find our more about these services on the following pages, by visiting our website, or by calling us on 0203 322 9388.

Need more advice? Visit our website and sign up for our free eBook. Everything you need to know. We’ve done the hard work for you. Our free guide cuts through the legal jargon with helpful information and advice on:

• • • • •

Why get a Lasting Power of Attorney? How to fill out and register forms How to pick your attorneys How to use a Lasting Power of Attorney What is mental capacity?

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Why choose the Unforgettable LPA service? 1. Free online service with great value support packages No need to use expensive lawyers, our online service is free and for reassurance you can upgrade with our checking and drafting packages.

2. Faster, easier and secure Simply answer our online questionnaire to automatically complete your forms.

3. Peace of mind checking service from only £89 Don’t be one of 10% of registrations rejected by the Office of the Public Guardian every day. We can double check your forms.

4. Complete your LPA’s over the phone from only £180 If you prefer not to do everything yourself, our experts can do it for you over the phone.


5. Our services are Dementia friendly with specific consideration for challenges relating to dementia and memory loss. 6. Get extra protection with Mental Capacity Certification If you are concerned that mental capacity is in question our experts can visit you at home to provide, if appropriate, official mental capacity certification.

7. Remember you don’t need to be diagnosed with dementia to use our service. It is open to anyone who wants to plan ahead for illness or accidents which can affect mental capacity.

8. Designed by Unforgettable and delivered by experts, Brook Worthy Law and Net Lawman.

Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388


Packages Explained We have a range of services starting from a free questionnaire that will enable you to create an LPA on your own, great value professional checking services which take the worry out of your submission, and comprehensive consultations including our unique Mental Capacity Certification service to offer true peace of mind. With thousands of incorrect LPA submissions being rejected by the Office of the Public Guardian everyday and with an average cost of £357** for similar services, our packages represent amazing value for money, so why not start today!






What’s included?

Fast and simple way to create your LPA online for free

Get peace of mind that you have completed your online forms correctly

Let us do all the work for you – professional service that is simple, fast and affordable

Specialist home service for those worried about mental capacity

Guided online Guided online questionnaire questionnaire which completes which completes LPA forms LPA forms for you for you

Phone or online consultation for a legal professional to complete your forms for you

Appointment in your home with a legal professional to complete your forms for you

Help to complete your forms

Forms checked, validated & registered by a professional Document storage Mental Capacity Certification Health and Welfare LPA


£89 incl. VAT

£180 incl. VAT

£599 incl. VAT

Financial Affairs LPA


£89 incl. VAT

£180 incl. VAT

£599 incl. VAT

Both LPAs***








Start your LPA now at *Cost does not include registration fee. The Office of Public Guardian will charge a fee of £110 to register each LPA. **Based on a recent survey of 1,000 people across the UK in September 2016

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Wellbeing Rest, relax and reassure You might choose Pilates, time with friends, or even a warm bath to make you feel well. People with dementia may also like a simple soothing lamp. Or a life-like companion that reminds them of their days with a dog or a cat in the home. Sleep is a natural medicine for dementia. If they just need help to get a good night’s rest, how about a how about a beautiful lavender diffuser.

“Gran becomes so agitated in the early evening. She’d pace the floor and nothing would help her settle. It’s heartening to discover so many new ways to help her feel calmer. The cuddly cat has been particularly successful. It’s something I’d never have thought of myself but she visibly relaxes when it’s put in her lap. Wish I’d thought of it sooner”

Lisa, Cardiff.

Agitated or angsty? Have a smashing good time. Literally. Throw, smash and bash, balloons, tomatoes, water bombs or maybe a watermelon. It’s a great, easy way to blow off steam for you and for them. Probably best done outside though.


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Help someone you love feel fitter When we exercise, we feel better. We burn a few calories, raise endorphins and generally perk up. The same applies to dementia. Get up, move around and the body and mind will reap the rewards. Here is a small sample of our indoor and outdoor equipment. Each and every item can help with coordination, cognition, confidence, sleep and self-esteem, as well waking up muscles and boosting overall health.

Tactile massage balls Active Minds Spa Ball Multi-Pack These colourful balls have a distinct texture so are interesting for restless hands to hold. Can be used for massage and ball games.

Activity DVD and Ball Pack AM165 £28.99 incl. VAT

Improve co-ordination Beanbag Target Game Mum, Dad, your brother and your niece can play this simple game, which engages hand and brain together. It can even improve balance if done from a standing position.


£19.19 incl. VAT

Lower body workout tool

Build strength and dexterity

Pedal Exerciser

Stay Fit for Life Book, CD & Band Pack

Perfect for those who can’t bear much weight on their joints for exercising and strengthening the legs. All the benefits of cycling, without the cars and bad weather!


£25.00 incl. VAT

Use inside or out Beginners Bowling Set Games are great for engaging and encouraging movement and activity. This portable bowling set can be used indoors or outside in the garden.



£21.60 incl. VAT

Exercise releases chemicals into the body which can improve focus, happiness and relaxation. Play catch, kick legs back and forth, tense each muscle a few times. It all helps and it’s all good.

The exercises in this book and CD are designed specifically to help elderly people. Finger exercises to boost dexterity, pelvic exercises to aid continence and hip exercises to reduce fall risk.


£43.73 incl. VAT

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Soothing and Relaxing

Calm everything down Things can agitate us. Noise. Work. Traffic. Empty fridge. Kids not doing as they’re told. Life can easily get out of control. We need calm, especially when it comes to dementia. Soothing rituals help to relax people. Our range of visual, auditory or aromatic soothing products come to your rescue at tricky times of day, such as sundown.

Sooth into sleep Shining Star Cube with Soothing Sounds Loved for its simplicity and effectiveness. This soothing light helps people get to sleep. Maybe it’s the sounds of waves, lullabies, or nature, the soothing light rotating through a beautiful spectrum of colours, or a bit of both. All we know is it works. It’s a best seller.

LIMA00530 £14.99 incl. VAT

Sense the great outdoors, indoors Calmer by Nature DVD This hour long DVD celebrates nature, with wild deer, glistening rivers and the British coast. Proven by University of Exeter to reduce stress and sundowning. For group licences please go online.

SKU: CBN010 £13.29 with VAT relief £15.95 incl. VAT


Ease into sleep the natural way

Create a calming atmosphere

Relaxing Sensory immersion

Bodyclock STARTER 30

Oasis Aroma and Sound Diffuser

Sensory Scenes

Wake up the natural way. Ideal for the darker months. Much like sunset, this light gradually dims as bedtime approaches. The healthier way to regulate sleep.


£59.95 incl. VAT 34

Combine relaxing scents and sounds with this aroma and sound diffuser. It has a choice of four aromas and seven sounds, including Heartbeat, White Noise, Bird Song and Springtime Rain.


£48.00 incl. VAT

Soothe and relax at bedtime or during the day. Scent and Sounds from the sea to the forest. Perfect for bringing back memories of relaxed days.

AM77FRST (Forest); AM77GRDN (Garden); AM77STRM (Storm); AM77SSDE (Seaside) £16.99 with VAT relief £19.99 incl. VAT

Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388


Pet & Doll Therapy

Find a fluffy, furry friend Many of us grow up with pets. These loyal creatures provide unconditional love. They can also lower blood pressure and heart rates, and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. People with dementia can’t always cope with real pets, so we’ve created the next best thing. Realistic cat and dog companions that ‘breathe’ when you stroke them. Plus, we also stock dolls and cuddly animals to spark childhood memories.

RMP789 Beagle

RMP149 Brown Lab RMP798 Golden Retriever RMP146 Kitten

RMP796 Cavalier King Charles

RMP797 Cocker Spaniel

RMP790 Black Lab

Cosy up to the perfect companion Companion Pets Pets and dementia don’t always work out. These furry companions can keep that feeling of companionship going. Realistic to look at, the body gently rises and falls, which looks like ‘breathing’. Best placed on your lap or a nearby table. Not made for cuddling. 100% made to bring back that loving, companionship feeling. (No house training required.)

£24.00 incl. VAT Bring back that nurturing feel


Empathy Doll Babies, are soothing when they don’t cry. These don’t cry. They do feel life-like, weighted at the bottom and perfect for holding or resting on a knee.

F901BY Boy Doll F901GL Girl Doll £60.00 incl. VAT

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Practical guide to avoiding Hospital Admissions A trip to hospital is never easy. With dementia, the experience can be disorientating and traumatic. That’s why we have worked with Danielle Wilde on an eBook to help you understand what you can do to reduce the risk of someone you know being admitted to hospital. Common Causes:

The eBook to help:



What to look out for

UTI Infections


What to do next



Tips and tricks to keep your loved ones safer and healthier

Support advice and resources

Many more ideas and products that could help


Written by Danielle Wilde, dementia lead at the Royal Free Hospital London NHS Foundation Trust. This book is for people caring for those with dementia and helps you identify, prevent and manage the common causes of hospital admissions.



Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388

Daily Living Make every day easier... We’re complex and tend to make life difficult for ourselves. People with dementia need simplicity. They also need our ingenuity. We’ve combined these two needs to create daily living department on our website. It tackles eating, drinking, washing, bathing, brushing teeth, and everything else you do throughout the day. If it’s not here, tell us and we’ll find an answer.

“Whilst caring for my wife I’ve learnt that the more things she can do unaided the better for both of us. Finding ways to help her eat and drink independently, was important for her and me - being able to eat a meal together makes life a bit more normal” Tony, Liverpool

Meal prep isn’t just for gym lovers. Prepare meals in advance to make it easy to eat when hungry and keep the independence of choosing when to eat. Also, try getting rid of any clutter in kitchen drawers and cupboards to make it easier to find the tools they need. You don’t want too much “stuff” around to cook.

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Daily Living

Getting Dressed

Does mealtime take forever? With dementia mealtimes can be demoralising. Dexterity goes. Confusion sets in. Slow eating or no eating – it’s a huge battle. Malnutrition and dehydration are major reasons why so many people with dementia end up in hospital. Our mealtime products are here to help

Major help at mealtimes Eatwell Sets Eatwell proves that carers solve problems. “The Eatwell Plate Set is amazing!” Designed by a young woman who cared for her grandmother who had dementia. Witnessing her grandmother’s struggle to eat well she realised that something had to be done. After many years in the making, her designs won first place at the 2014 Stanford Design Challenge against teams from 15 countries! Research-backed and invented by a dementia carer. Every colour and curve is designed to encourage eating and drinking. The colours stimulate appetite and are easy to see. Ergo spoon and slanted bowl to make scooping easier. Stops knocks with the non-slip base. Comes as a combined red & yellow set, or separately. Microwave & Dishwasher Friendly. .

6 Piece Set UF0130 £64.99 with VAT relief £79.99 incl. VAT 3 Piece Set UF0140 (Yellow); UF0150 (Red) £33.32 with VAT relief £39.99 incl. VAT


Enjoy eating again

Make mealtimes so much easier

Easy Eating Kits

Adaptive Crockery Set

Food going cold? Getting a bit tougher to eat? With German quality, you know this kit is up to the job. Giving independence back with clever designs to help keep independence for longer. Microwave and dishwasher friendly.

Food and dementia don’t always go. Thankfully, this unbreakable, bright, dementia-designed crockery set means less spills and more nutrition. Includes 2 broad-based plates, cup with lid and a dish. Dishwasher friendly.

UF01SS (Simple Scoop & Sip) £23.33 with VAT relief £28.00 incl. VAT UF01KW (Keep warm) £32.50 with VAT relief £39.00 incl. VAT

F1240 (Blue); F1250 (Yellow); F1260 (Ivory) £23.30 with VAT relief £27.96 incl. VAT


Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388

Daily Living

Eating & Drinking

The glass you can’t smash

Keep cooking up a storm

Clever cutlery for easy eating

Unbreakable Glassware Selection

Stay Cooking Cut Resistant Gloves

Bendable Utensils

If drinking becomes tricky, and beakers feel childlike, try this. Elegant glassware that isn’t actually glass. It’s indestructible plastic, so it won’t break.

Watch the knife! . Slips and mistakes can become more common with dementia. These flexible fitting gloves help keep a loved one cooking for longer.

F1WINE (Wine Glass) £3.54 incl. VAT F1BEER (Beer Glass) £5.94 incl. VAT


£5.99 incl. VAT

Stay hydrated and happy

Special straws help you drink

Nose Cut Out Cup

One Way Straws

A simple tweak to this regular beaker means you barely need to tilt your head to drink – vital if you want to prevent dehydration and reduce UTI risk.

Special valves in these straws prevent liquid flowing back down them. Useful if the person with dementia has a weak suck reflex and struggles to take on fluids.

SII46RD (Red) SII46BU (Blue) SII46CR (Cream) £2.88 incl. VAT

Pack of 10 F0330 £9.90 with VAT relief £11.88 incl. VAT

This chunky-grip cutlery set can be moulded to help with eating. The knife is specially curved so that it rocks, making cutting food less of an effort.

4 Piece Kit SII0690 £19.99 incl. VAT

Keep plates in place Stay Secure Placemat The plate or bowl keeps sliding around. They feel self-conscious. Luckily, these mats are anti-slide.

CM8270 (White); CM8275 (Blue); CM8280 (Red) £2.63 incl. VAT Pack of 10 CM8270 (Red) £25.99 incl. VAT

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Daily Living

Getting Dressed - Women

A simpler line of clothing Buttons can frustrate at the best of times, so can zips. When you’re struggling with dementia, getting dressed can be a palaver. We’ve done all we can to take the fuss out of clothing, using Velcro fasteners, magnetic buttons and cosier fabrics. We hope these garments can help them keep their dignity and independence.

Dress for a calmer, deeper sleep Rosebud Front Button Nightie Nighties can be awkward to get on and off. Not this one. Five buttons at the neck make it simple to put on.

Super chic comfort blanket

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL

Fleecy Bed Jacket When we feel the cold, we’re restless. So here's a solution; a soft and cosy bed jacket. It's like a duvet, only way more stylish. Wear it to bed, or around the house. Sizes: S, M, L & XL

AD3BU (Blue); AD3MT (Mint); AD3PK (Pink); AD3CR (Cream) £19.99 incl. VAT

No more tricky armholes Wrap Around Nightie Is your arm through yet? It’s difficult sometimes. This lightweight nightie pops open and closed at the sleeves and back, making it a doddle to get on. Now you can focus on something more fun. One size fits all

AD7BU (Blue); AD7PK (Pink) £35.00 incl. VAT relief £42.00 incl. VAT


AD5BU (Blue); AD5PK (Pink) £20.00 incl. VAT

Fashion Forward, with Velcro Jersey Wrap Top and Skirt Buttons can be befuddling and frustrating. Velcro clasps combined with modern styles to create elegance for all. Slip into these easy on, easy off clothes. Sizes: XS, M, L & XL. (Not available in S)

Jersey Wrap Top ABL5GPT. Ginko Print Navy; ABL5NYTP Shibori Navy; ABL5RDTP Dragon Red £39.58 incl. VAT relief £47.50 incl. VAT Jersey Wrap Skirt ABL5GPST Ginko Print Navy; ABL5NYST Shibori Navy; ABL5RDST Dragon Red £41.62 incl. VAT relief £49.62 incl. VAT

Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388

Daily Living

Getting Dressed - Mens

Say goodbye to fiddly buttons

Cosy, comfortable, gentlemanly

Men’s Magnetic Shirt

Men’s Fleecy Bed Jacket

Who says style ends with dementia? This is the shirt reinvented. Classic in every way, bar the buttons, which are magnetic. Genius thinking.

When we feel the cold, we’re restless. So here's a solution; the soft and cosy fleecy bed jacket for men. Wear it to bed or around the house for warmth and style.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Sizes: M, L, XL & XXL. (Not available in S)

Trousers combine comfort and convenience Men's Elasticated Waist Cord Trousers No more uncomfortable waistbands that dig in or fiddly buttons. The stretchy waistband makes putting on these trousers quick and easy. Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL


£34.99 with VAT relief £41.99 incl. VAT

AD8BK (Black); AD8BR (Brown); AD8BK (Navy) £34.99 incl. VAT


£30.00 incl. VAT XS (8-10)

S (10-12)

M (12-14)

L (16-18)

XL (20-22)

XXL (24-26)















































































Smart belt without the fiddly buckle Stylish Leather Velcro Belt If standard belts have become tricky, this adaptive version uses Velcro to hold it securely in place. Thanks to the real leather style, it still looks smart. Sizes: 32", 34"... up to 48"

LIMA7BR (Smooth Brown); LIMA7BK (Smooth Black) £39.99 incl. VAT

Hip cm




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Daily Living


A helping hand with hygiene Keeping clean is a key part of staying healthy. Simple tasks like brushing your teeth, having a bath or washing your hair suddenly become onerous with dementia. Our range of caps, trays, shields, pillows, brushes and other accessories bring things back to basics. They let people carry on doing the things they want to do but couldn’t…until now.

Salon finish without the fuss Shampoo Cap

Brushing buddy for healthier teeth Bedi Shields – Oral Care Chief Dental Officer of England, Professor Raman Bedi designed the Shield to make life healthier and safer when dealing with dementia. Keeps the mouth open while you brush. Saves your finger. Saves their teeth.

A shower cap that gets wet on the inside. Really! It is a brilliant idea. Microwave for some warmth. No need to rinse. Looks great. Smells great. Feels even better.

BD0030 (Pack of 2) £5.82 with VAT Relief £6.98 incl. VAT BD0040 (Box of 12) £29.15 with Vat Relief £34.98 incl. VAT


Wash hard-to-reach places

At home hairdressing experience

Lie back and relax

£2.99 incl. VAT

Long Handle Hair Brush

Inflatable Bath Pillow - Terry Cloth Covered

You reach around to scrub your back, but it’s like your arms are half the length they used to be. Thankfully, this brush can reach where you can’t.

Make the bathing process infinitely more comfortable with this easyto-inflate pillow. The suction pads mean it can stick to the bath and stay in one place.

This inflatable basin means you can wash hair by leaning their head back into it. Handy if they don’t like showers or having water poured on their face.


PM00760 £8.75 incl. VAT


£10.20 incl. VAT 42

Shampoo Tray

£15.22 incl. VAT

Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388

Daily Living


Stay clean and safe As we get older, our homes need to adapt. Trampolines give way to footstools. Bedrooms move downstairs. As for bathrooms, we need to make them safe. Our bathroom section has plenty of ideas to steady someone on the loo, or help them get out of the bath on their own. The safer they are when bathing, the longer they stay independent.

The seat that meets you halfway

The seat you can’t miss

Stay steady when you’re ready

Raised Toilet Seat

Toilet Seat – red or blue

With dementia, finding and using the toilet can be hard. This raised seat is a huge help. High contrast. Comfy, hygienic and fits any toilet. Choose radiant red or bright blue.

This seat is standard in size but it’s a rather special colour. Bold red or blue stands out beautifully to help people with dementia who can’t see so well.

Toilet Support Frame with Seat

Sizes: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm

F6TRD (Red); F6TBU (Blue) £35.00 with VAT relief £42.00 incl. VAT

F7SBU (Blue) F7SRD (Red) £30.00 incl. VAT

A hand up when you’re done

Stay clean at tricky times

Drop Down Toilet Support Rail with Leg

Mini Bodily Fluid Clean-up Kit

Nobody wants to get stuck. This rail is the perfect support to get you back on your feet. Fold down leg gives extra strength. Tucks away when not in use.

This heroic clean up kit can cope with any accident and bodily fluid. Pack contains apron, gloves, disinfectant wipes, bag and other life-changing items.

F9DRD (Blue) F9DBU (Red) £89.00 with VAT relief £106.80 incl. VAT


Slippery bathroom floors are a nightmare for us all. To stop falling or misjudging, we suggest this easy-to-see frame with rubber feet which slides around the toilet.

F8FBU (Blue); F8FRD (Red) £93.98 with VAT Relief £112.78 incl. VAT Keep things close. Easy to reach for them and easy to reach for you. We are talking everything from soap to paper to clean up kits. It will keep messes to a minimum and mean any spills are dealt with there and then.

£4.79 incl. VAT

Quote or enter CATALOGUE10 on your first order over £50 and receive 10% off.


Daily Living

Continence Pants and Bedding

Stay stylish at difficult times Incontinence. It’s a sensitive subject for some. Humiliating to others. Not anymore. We’ve created designer continence underwear. Our lacy knickers and sculpted trunks mean everyone can now be dignified, stylish and comfy. And they work better than ever. It backs up our belief that we can make a difference to every stage of dementia.

Swim with confidence Incontinence Swimwear No more worries about having an accident. This incontinence swimwear has a waterproof lining and adjusts, to stop anything getting out. Ladies Sizes: 12 – 22 Men’s Waist Sizes: 33, 38, 39.5, 45.5, 50"

AD43M (Men’s) £39.99 with VAT Relief £47.99 incl. VAT AD43ML Ladies £49.99 with VAT Relief £59.99 incl. VAT

Underwear and lingerie for rocky moments Washable Incontinence briefs Choose delicate lace or something with less frill. This incontinence underwear was designed by Confitex to be a stylish alternative to the old disposables. Fashionable, functional and re-usable. Feel good comfort against moments that shouldn’t change your day. Size XS, S, M, L, XL-XXXL

Men’s LCM5 Women’s No Lace LCM6BKSTD (Black); LCM6BESTD (Beige); LCM6BUSTD (Blue). £24.95 with VAT relief £29.94 incl. VAT Measure using Hip Size Womens Inches cm

XS -

S (12)

M (14)










L (18)


XL (22)


Stay dry all night long











Waterproof Duvet & Sheet Set



















A wet bed is just the start. Rashes, sleeplessness, stains and odours…it all adds up. Time then, for a very tasteful 100% waterproof duvet set. Soft on sensitive skin. Double 135 x 200cm. Single 90 x 200cm.


cm 106-112 113-121 Single/Double Duvet Set PHB6PPDV (Pink Peony); PHB6BSDV (Blue Swallow); PHB6YWDV (Yellow Waterlily) £33.33 / £49.99 with VAT Relief £39.99 / £59.99 with VAT Single/Double Fitted Sheet PHB6PPST (Pink Peony); PHB6BSST (Blue Swallow); PHB6YST (Yellow Waterlily) £13.32 / £16.66 with VAT Relief £19.99 / £15.98 with VAT



Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388

Daily Living

Continence Protection and Health

Protect the family heirloom Velour Incontinence Chair Pad

The most discreet commode ever Occasional Chair Commode Looks like an armchair, feels like an armchair. Works like a toilet. This elegant, comfortable chair is also a commode. Designed those who find moving a struggle.

We all have a favourite chair. We don’t want it soiled and spoiled. This discreet quilted chair pad protects it. w53 x 58cm

PHB4PP Pink Peony; PHB4BS Blue Swallow; PHB4YW Yellow Waterlily £299 with VAT Relief £249.17 incl. VAT

CM4GR (Green); CM4RD (Red); CM4BR (Brown) £8.29 with VAT Relief £9.95 incl. VAT

You’ll know, the second they go

UTI detection for effective prevention

UTI Detection with an app

UTIs are a major cause for trips to the hospital. Knowing a UTI is beginning, means you can act before it becomes a major problem. No more awkward urine samples. The test strip simple fits onto pads and pants. (£8.09 per pad)

Use 2 Pads a week. Scan the pad with the app, store the history and share with a GP or hospital. Act sooner and learn causes. Healthier got smarter. (£3.90 per pad)

CM7220 (Pack of 2) £16.19 incl. VAT

PX010 (Pack of 10) £39.99 incl. VAT

Incontinence Enuresis Alert System with Pager This system pages you as soon as the bed gets wet. So, you can quickly sort them out, and stay healthier and happier. Sensor 75 x 45 Alarm 8.5 x 5.7 x 3cm Pager 7.5 x 6 x 1.8cm


£59.95 incl. VAT

Tena U-Test

Pixie UTI Detection Pads

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Daily Living


Keep on moving Desk jobs do us no good. We all seize up when we sit down too long. Getting out and about broadens our mind and our world. We want people with dementia to be mobile, to have freedom. So they can get some fresh air, pop to the shops or just move from room to room. From sliding bed sheets to swivel seats to walking sticks, we can help.

This season’s walking accessory

Provide a helping handle

Folding Walking Stick

Instant Fit Grab Rail

Walking sticks are useful but cumbersome things. This clever invention means you can fold away your stick into a bag or purse. Super lightweight and choice of 3 designs.

Being unsteady on your feet can increase the risk of falls but this grab rail uses suction pads to provide support.

13 x 84 x 3cm

PHB7PP Pink Peony; PHB7BS Blue Swallow; PHB7YW Yellow Waterlily £20.82 with VAT relief £24.99 incl. VAT

LIMA00120 (Standard) £27.49 with VAT relief £32.99 incl. VAT LIMA00140 (Extra Long) £29.16 with VAT relief £34.99 incl. VAT

Easy, comfortable transfers

Go Strolling Safely

Swivel Cushion


Mum loves going out in the car with you, but helping her out of the seat strains her back and yours. This cushion helps move her into a position that’s easier to get her upright.

Get up and go. Fresh air and exercise is good for us. Take your stroll, on your terms. Stopping safely with loop lock brakes. Height adjustable. Wrap up warm and head on out.



£25.00 incl. VAT 46

£39.99 with VAT relief

£47.99 incl. VAT

Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388









Products and Advice for every room, to help make your home safer and easier to live in. Discover more at

1 3

Smart, Bright Light To reduce falls and guide the way Pg. 50

Alarm & Protect Window and door alarms to let you know who is coming and going Pg. 50

2 4

Signpost the way Go Bright on Signs, For Bedroom to Bathroom Pg. 10

Monitoring for Peace of Mind Technology to keep an eye out when you can’t Pg. 51

Quote or enter CATALOGUE10 on your first order over £50 and receive 10% off.


Technology It’s an era where we can suddenly do things we never dreamt of. Thankfully, this tech boom is good news for dementia. It can help people stay independent and communicate with their loved ones (even if they can’t recall your name). It’s all about simplicity. Small innovations that make everyday tasks easier. Such as using the phone, cooking and changing the TV channel. Products and tools reinvented to help people live a calmer, safer life at home.

“I’ve been particularly impressed by the way technology has helped Dad to enjoy life and feel closer to the whole family. We Skype the grandchildren regularly, watch family videos on the iPad, and we’ve finally found a mobile phone he can operate, though we did go through quite a few in the process!” Stephanie, Surrey


Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388



Simple ways to stay in touch When you live alone, a phone is a lifeline. From a chat about nothing to a panic moment, we need to be able to get hold of those we love. We’ve scoured the planet to find the world’s simplest phones. Mobile or landline, old school buttons or photo caller, each phone is designed for people with dementia. No more confusion. No more isolation.

Connect with your loved ones DORO PhoneEasy Photo 331PH

World’s simplest mobile Ownfone As phones go, this is truly smart. It’s simpler, safer, clearer and cleverer because people with dementia can use it. Press the name or photo button to dial.


From £75.00 incl. VAT

With one-touch photo memory buttons which allow pre-set family and friends to be called with ease, this phone is ideal for helping a loved one stay connected.


£24.00 incl. VAT

Extra easy to use

Safe and reliable

It’s a fun mobile phone

DORO MemoryPlus 319I PH

DORO PhoneEasy 100W

DORO PhoneEasy 612

They really need you, but can’t operate an ordinary phone. This one’s so simple they can just press a large button with your picture on. Call made, job done. Easy.

Introducing two large cordless phones… The buttons are big, the ringtone is loud. The result? A phone you can rely on, without a cord you can trip on.

This nifty little mobile may not be a smart phone, but it’s definitely clever. Make a call, send a text or take a quick snap. What more do you need?




£50.00 incl. VAT

£37.99 incl. VAT

£79.99 incl. VAT

£41.67 with VAT relief

£31.66 with VAT relief

£66.66 with VAT relief

Quote or enter CATALOGUE10 on your first order over £50 and receive 10% off.




Fewer falls & safer homes You can’t always be there to catch them, or turn down the heating. But you can install a few simple things to take some of the worry away. There’s a gadget for every hazard. Suddenly, alarms go off and lights come on when you fall. Rooms maintain the right temperature. Doors and windows close on their own.

New Stop those midnight falls Motion Activated Battery Operated Light These motion lights think one step ahead. You wake up. You leave bed. They come on. You see where you are. Logical. Sensible. Dependable.

Anti-getting lost alarm Proximity leaving alert This clever little button, clips to their jacket and alerts you via an app when they are more than 10 meters from you so you can relax and enjoy your trip. Great for group days out.



£49.95 incl. VAT

£9.95 incl. VAT

As they fall, you get the call

Affordable way to improve safety

Call Pendant with Pager

Magnetic Door & Window Alarm (Pack of 3)

We all need help sometimes. The sooner you get there, the sooner you can help. Our great value call pendant and pager is an instant system, to be used at home.

Relax knowing they are safe inside. This alarm detects opened doors or windows, setting off an alarm. No wires required and they fit any opening. Alarm 5.5 x 3 x 2.2cm Magnetic bar 5.5 x 1.2 x 1.2cm


£57.60 incl. VAT 50


£5.46 incl. VAT

Talking temperature for safe days and comfy nights Talking Temperature Alarm It’s cold outside, it should be warm inside. But maybe it’s not. Stay safe and cosy with this Talking Temperature Alarm. It tells you when it's too cold or too hot. Stay independent and safe.


£12.95 incl. VAT

Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388


Peace of Mind

Keeping an eye on them Space and time alone is sometimes a blessing. It can also be a curse if that person has dementia and they wander. We can help you keep an eye on your nearest and dearest with remote monitors, Wi-Fi cameras and door sensors. This kind of tech is discreet. It will not disturb their day. They won’t feel spied on. You’ll just know how, and where, they are for peace of mind.

How to worry less Daily Care Activity GSM Alarm

Home monitoring…without cameras Your Alcove system Press the picture to video chat. Set reminders remotely and get notifications when they are completed. Peace of mind for you. Sensor on the door. Sensor in a room. Set-up so you get alerts when they don’t get up, or come home. You can act when you need to. Relax when you need to.

It’s in our DNA to care, especially when our loved one has dementia. This GSM alarm eases things by monitoring their daily activity, or inactivity unobtrusively, and updates you on your phone.

ALC010 (Remote reminders and Video Calling Screen) ACL020 (Door and movement sensor Pack) From £134.49 and 14.00 per month incl. VAT.


Pre-empt and prevent falls

The sound that keeps them safe

A camera into their world

Bed or Chair Alarm Kit with Nurse Call

PIR Motion Sensor with Pager

WiFi Camera

Most hospital trips in dementia are from falls. Place the sensor pad on the chair or in the bed. The minute they leave, it goes off.

You can’t follow them from room to room, (nor would you want to) but this wireless alarm will let you know loud and clear if they’ve gone too far.

12 x 7.8 x 3.3cm

EAL0270 Chair Voice Reminder EAL0280 Bed Voice Reminder £112.80 incl. VAT


£70.80 incl. VAT

£149.94 incl. VAT

This clever little camera can be put anywhere in the home. Connect it to your phone and check it when you feel the need. They’re safe. You’re happy.


£85.94 incl. VAT

Quote or enter CATALOGUE10 on your first order over £50 and receive 10% off.


Care Homes and the NHS

Your Partner for Better Care Like you, we believe in individual care. This is why we work so well with care homes, the NHS, occupational therapists, professional carers and local authorities. We’re here to support you. Ask our advisors for a quote or browse our dedicated Care Homes, NHS and Professionals section. • Specialist Advisors to kit out your care home - Call us on 0203 322 9388 • Purchase Orders – Quick and Simple • Shop Online in our Professional Care Section Go to –

Meaningful Activities We find products to engage people with dementia and stimulate all their senses. It’s all in the doing. Whether groups or individuals, it's all in the doing. That's why OT's often recommend us recommend us.

Activity Essentials Kit: £166 Ex. VAT - AM400

What time is it? Time orientates us throughout our lives. We have products to make sure dementia doesn’t take that away with clocks for communal rooms and bedrooms.

Large Wall Calender Clock: £131.66 Ex VAT - NS1140


Shop online at or call our Order Line on 0203 322 9388

Care Homes and the NHS

Who am I? Individual, tailored, person-centred. Use our ideas and products to tailor care and give some independence back. From puzzles to Charts, personal is better.

Care Charts: Page 9

Where am I? Orientation isn’t easy, but we can lend a hand. Lights, Labels and Signs. To guide their way and keep them safe and stress-less. A care home favourite.

Signs & Labels: Page 10

Feel the Calm Sundowning, anxiety, agitation? They're common, they're difficult so we listened. Our range of soothing products can help everyone to relax.

Shining Star Cube: Page 34

Easier Eating We can turn trying mealtimes into delightful dining, with our eating sets and ideas. They can eat better, with more independence and less mess.

Eat Sets: Page 38

Tech Know-How Technology is magic. You can alert nurses quicker and reduce falls with the right kit and advice.

Dual-Display Day Clock: Page 4

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Best-selling Gifts

Take Control of Time Dual Display Day Clock

Pg. 4

Bring memories back to life

Pg. 5

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

Spark their life story

Pg. 21

Call To Mind

Cosy up to the perfect companion

Memories Brought to Life

Pg. 9

Talking Photo Album

Pg. 35

Companion Puppy

Favourite tunes on demand

Pg. 18

Simple Music Player

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Remote Controls

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