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Spring - Summer 2018 Catalogue


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I’m James, and after caring for my Mum who had early onset dementia I founded Unforgettable with a mission to improve the lives of all those affected by memory loss and dementia. Our catalogue includes many of the products that helped me address the daily challenges of caregiving.

Clocks & Watches Page 4-11

Since launching a few years ago, we’ve helped over a million people find support, advice and useful products. I’m now delighted to welcome Barbara Stephens as our Caregiver-in-Chief to help build and support our community of family and professional carers. Founder

Let’s work together and make life easier for everyone. With more than 30 years’ experience, I know how difficult caregiving can be. I have been a family carer myself and I’ve worked for the Alzheimer’s Society, as CEO of Dementia UK and I’m the co-founder of Dementia Pathfinders. I shall be sharing my thoughts and reflections in my weekly blog. Please do email me at with your tips, ideas and questions. We are here to listen and learn from you.

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Can’t find what you need? Our friendly, experienced team can help you find the most appropriate products for every challenge. Please drop us an e-mail at, chat online or pick up the phone... and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

We are a registered B-Corporation and believe that business should be a force for good. 10% of our profits go to the Unforgettable foundation.


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Unforgettable offers the world’s best marketplace of products to help people affected by forgetfulness and dementia do the things we take for granted. We’ve divided everything into simple categories and created several guides to make it easier to find the right products for you.

Shop simply, safely and contentedly Shop online 24 hours a day or call our friendly advisors for help between 8am-8pm, 7 days a week

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Clocks & Watches

Clocks & Watches

The clock that changes with you

Key features of both

The Unforgettable 2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock Because the right clock makes everything easier

High contrast, clear LED screens Easy to set up: just plug in and play (press a button at the back to change the settings)

Watch our video guide at

Want a clock that’s really adaptable? This great value best-seller changes with your needs, so it can help someone with mild memory loss or dementia. Choose from two different display screens; one shows the exact time, day and date, the other shows just the day of the week and whether it’s morning, afternoon, evening or night. Perfect for when time is getting muddled.

Adjusts the brightness in the evening / at night Displays in 8 different languages

Easily change the settings at the touch of a button

Can be set to 12 or 24-hour clock Integrated stand included for displaying easily

““Very easy to set up for my mum - lovely and clear to read. She loves it and can now tell exactly what day it is - as well as the time!”

The clear white text and black background is easy to see, providing maximum visibility for people with visual impairment

Lightweight and portable - move it around with you

The 7” is ideal as a second clock, for the bedroom or kitchen

The super slim design is discreet and stylish

Both clocks have a built-in stand so they can be placed wherever they’re most needed


The new 7” clock

Product Rating: 4.7 / 5 191 reviews

DID YOU KNOW? This best-selling clock is now available in two different screen sizes: a standard 8” with a white frame, or the smaller 7” with a black frame

7” Black Frame

8” White Frame

£47.99 including VAT

£59.99 including VAT


2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock 7” Product Code: UF0070


To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at


2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock 8” Product Code: UF0040

“Invaluable product. Has made mum’s life a lot easier and she said it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought her.” Diane

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Clocks & Watches

Clocks & Watches

Find the right clock for you A simple clock is probably the most useful thing you could buy. Why? Because it can ease confusion, stress and anxiety for anyone living with memory loss or dementia. Unforgettable has sourced some of the best simple clocks in the world, but which one is right for you?

4 types of clock: 1


Day clocks: These display the day and time on a clear LED screen, making it very easy to see. You can choose a clock which also shows the full time and date (in either 12 or 24-hour format) or you may prefer one which shows just the day and time of day, such as, ‘Now it’s Thursday morning.’ Some clocks will do both, and could offer better value for money. Most day clocks are plug in, but there are a few which TIP are battery powered. Day clocks can vary in size Day clocks with extras: Some day clocks come with from around added alarms or ‘reminder’ buttons which you can 7” to 10”. Always check before programme to play regularly, or just once. Reminders you buy. can be spoken or visual. Or you might prefer a day clock which connects to the internet, so you can send messages and photos to your loved one that will then appear on the clock. Traditional clock: If you’d prefer a traditional clock face, there are lots to choose from, including several large wall clocks and ‘day of the week’ clocks which point to the day, rather than the time. Smart Solutions: Can’t find what you need? Maybe a clock, alarm or watch that talks might be the answer? We have lots to choose from.

Call our experienced team on 0203 322 9388 for more help.


Take a look at our full buying guide at day-clock-buying-guide

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

So that you always know what day it is

Dementia Days of the Week Clock The hand on this clear, easy-to-read 8” clock face will point to the correct day of the week. Sometimes the “Great! It is so easy simplest ideas are to get her ready for her the best.

Available in black or red


£14.00 including VAT Dementia Days of the Week Clock Product Code: TDP12

High Contrast Date-Day Wall Clock

appointments etc. A great way to reassure her which day it really is.” Una

NEW to the catalogue

This bright, bold clock has a large 12” face and the day, date and month are displayed digitally. It’s perfect for any room in the house and it’s also wall mountable. Available with a white or yellow face, it’s easy to see and easy to read.

£19.99 including VAT

High Contrast Day-Date Wall Clock Product Code: LIMA00895

Shows sunshine during the day and moon and stars at night

The high contrast yellow is ideal for those with visual impairment

The Day & Night Clock This 12” traditional clock has a special feature to help ease confusion. During the day, it shows an image of the sun; at night, it shows an image of the moon.


£29.94 including VAT Day & Night Clock Product Code: F0030

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Clocks & Watches

Clocks & Watches

“Excellent product for my elderly mother. Clear diction & easy to use.” Collette

3” clock diameter

I can talk!

Talking Button Clock If clocks are too difficult to manage, this idea couldn’t be simpler. Just press the Talking Button Clock to hear the time, day and date. Simplicity itself.


Product Rating: 4.8 / 5

£14.99 including VAT Talking Button Clock Product Code: TDP010

23 reviews

Colour coded, easy to use buttons

Your Minder Talking Alarm Clock Record up to six daily reminders on this versatile 5.5” alarm clock, which will also tell you the time, day and date in a clear voice. “Easy to


elderly parents.”

Your Minder Talking Alarm Clock Product Code: EAL0100

Choose from 29mm or 40mm face diameter


loved ones

Allows families and carers to stay connected in a personalised way Traditional clock face which also shows the day and time in numbers and words

Simply connect to WiFi

It’s nice to be able to send her

Battery included

A talking watch makes life easier. This one tells you the time, day and date at the touch of a button. You can also have hourly time announcements and it automatically adjusts between summer and winter time.

Talking Atomic Watch with Expanding Bracelet Product Code: 40mm diameter (LIMA00320), 29mm diameter (LIMA00210)

Eases anxiety and confusion about time, brings structure to the day

DayClock so easy to use.

Talking Atomic Watch with Expanding Bracelet

£34.99 including VAT

This ultra-stylish clock has one very special feature: you can connect it to your smartphone, laptop or computer and send messages and photos that will appear on the clock itself. It can also be shared with up to ten people; if you send your loved one a message Sharing saying, ‘I’m coming for lunch’, the rest of the family can photos is a great way see it too. Simple…and unique. to connect with

“My mother finds her



NEW: DayClock Plus

Choose from two stylish finishes: the 7” white frame or the 10” black frame

set up. This is a real help for my

£39.98 including VAT

The clock that lets families stay in touch

““Dad loves the novelty of a talking watch. The buttons are easy to use. A real success!” Dawn

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

messages reminding her to take her pills or telling her that we’re coming to visit. She loves receiving photos, especially of the grandchildren.” Anonymous 7” DayClock

10” DayClock

£169.00 including VAT

£225.00 including VAT

£140.83 7” The Connected DayClock Product Code: DCL001

£187.50 10” The Connected DayClock Product Code: DCL002


then pay just £26.43 per year (with VAT relief)

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Clocks & Watches

Clocks & Watches

The totally portable day clock

Battery Powered Day Clock

It tells you far more than just the time... 28cm length

If you want a clock that can be easily carried from room to room, this could be the one for you. It’s also radio controlled, so the time will always be accurate. Built-in stand and wall mountable Non-backlit screen for a restful night’s sleep Battery powered - two AA batteries last more than a year (batteries not included)


Display with ease using the built-in stand

Product Rating:

£35.85 including VAT Battery Powered Day Clock Product Code: GMC0010

Large 8 inch LED screen NEW to the catalogue

Reminders can be set to go off daily or as a one-off

This clock doesn’t only tell you the day and time, it can also display up to 20 pre-loaded reminder messages. Or if you can’t find what you need, you can upload your own. All reminder messages can also be pre-set for different days of the week, so that regular appointments aren’t missed. Large 8” screen which can be switched between white on black to black on yellow. All operated by remote control.


£119.95 including VAT MemRabel 2 - Day Clock with Reminders Product Code: EAL0010

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

Set the screen to suit you with a choice of 5 displays Create and upload your own video, text or audio reminders by USB or SD card Simple button pad operation on the back of the clock

Screen displays variations of time and day, date and day


Everyday reminders to help keep a normal routine

20 pre-loaded alarms e.g., ‘It’s time for breakfast’ or ‘Take your tablets’

26 reviews

MemRabel 2 Day Clock

There’s a lot more to this clever clock than meets the eye. It comes with 20 pre-loaded reminder messages or alarms to keep you organised and safe and has five different display screens. But that’s not all. Since everyone experiences memory loss differently, you can also create your own reminder messages, tailor-made for the person you love.

Key features

4.4 / 5

The clock that helps to create routine

The Unforgettable Day Clock with Reminders

Available with a matt black or white frame

Wall mountable Upload your own images and recordings


£83.99 including VAT Unforgettable Day Clock with Reminders Product Code: UF105

Switch between screens at the touch of a button

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Trackers, Locators & Monitoring

Trackers, Locators & Monitoring

Understanding Tracking Devices

The all-round favourite:

The Unforgettable Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker

GPS trackers change lives. These clever little gadgets provide peace of mind for you and the person you care about when they go out on their own. We’ve sourced some of the best trackers in the world – but which one is right for you? Our wide range of trackers will all help you locate a person who’s lost, but they often have extra features too, which you may find useful.

5 questions to consider before you buy: Would you like an SOS button?

Some trackers will send you a special alert if the person you care for has indicated that they need help.

Easy charging with up to eight days battery life on standby

What is two-way calling?

GPS tracking and location alerts - simply text to reveal the tracker location

It means that your tracker has a simple phone system inbuilt so that you can call the person you care about, or they can call you.

What is geofencing?

A geofence is a ‘safe zone’ you can set up on the tracker. If the person using the tracker leaves that area, you will be notified by text.

Do you want a fall detector?

Some trackers can detect if the person using it has tripped or fallen down, and will notify you.

How long does the battery last?

Check this carefully as it can vary from days to weeks depending on how often it is used.


Peace of mind is yours…at the press of a button. This great value tracker provides reassurance for families and independence for those they care about. It has several inbuilt Choose features including an SOS button, from stylish black or geofencing, a fall detector and blue two way calling, so you can always know where they are, and if they need help. This stylish device is also light, waterproof and can be attached to a key ring for total discretion.


No problem. Our friendly, experienced team is always ready to listen and help. Phone us on 0203 322 9388

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

Discreet and easy to set up Attach to a key ring or pendant to make it a part of everyday life

“My husband is in the

Small and light (weighs less than 2 AA batteries)


including VAT

Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker Product Code: UF0065

early stages of Alzheimer’s.

He was worried about going out

and forgetting his way home. After Product Rating: 4.3 / 5 13 reviews

using this for one day he is

reassured and more confident.” Rosie

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Trackers, Locators & Monitoring

Trackers, Locators & Monitoring

Yepzon One GPS Locator

Attach it to clothes, zip into a jacket or wear like a necklace

Find things easily - wherever they are!

This tracker works straight from the box and makes locating someone fast and easy. Attach it to clothes or bags and share access with friends and family for total reassurance.

The app is very simple to use

No fixed contract, no hidden costs Long battery life - only needs charging once a week for two hours

£99.00 including VAT

Yepzon One GPS Locator & Tracker Product Code: HOP0040

Works via laptop, tablet or smartphone

Totally discreet GPS Smart Soles These insoles contain one of the strongest and most reliable geofencing tracking devices on the market. Invisible technology that empowers caregivers to keep loved ones safe. Simply slip them into shoes for discreet peace of mind.


£299.99 including VAT GPS Smart Soles Product Code: GX001

Easy to operate, wireless charging

WatchU Guardian GPS Tracker Watch This clever wrist watch doesn’t only tell the time, it’s also a tracker and a phone, storing the numbers of up to 16 contacts. The watch also has an SOS button, which your loved one can press in an emergency.

WatchU Guardian GPS Tracker Watch & Emergency Phone Product Code: CPR00030


Lost something when you were out? No problem. The app will show you the last place you had it on a map

Easy to use app to get instant location updates on your loved one

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

Available in black or white

Loud, distinctive ring tone Connect Chipolo to the app on your smartphone or tablet, so that you can see where your missing item is!

including VAT

with VAT relief

including VAT

Is it somewhere in the house? Chipolo will locate it for you using Bluetooth technology


+ £24.99 a month


It can be very stressful to keep losing your keys, purse or wallet. But this little gadget will help you find things you’ve misplaced at home or even when you’re out. Simply attach it to anything you don’t want to lose and connect it to the easy-to-use app.

Replaceable battery

Super discreet, and just like normal insoles

So handy and looks just like a key ring!

Chipolo Classic

Chipolo Classic Smart Key Ring Finder Product Code: CHP0001

Find things at home

Object Locator & Beeping Key Finder

Stand the remote up or attach to a wall

Tag your keys, purse and bag so you can find them easily before you leave the house. Just press the remote control and wait for your missing item to beep! Perfect for use at home.

£19.99 including VAT

Object Locator & Beeping Key Finder Product Code: EAL0015

Includes 5 colour coded fobs, with a 50 metre range

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Trackers, Locators & Monitoring

Music & TV

Round the clock reassurance

The simplest radio you’ll find

Canary Home Care Monitoring System Monitors doors, movement, temperature and light

Keep a gentle eye on the person you love, 24 hours a day. This discreet home monitoring system works via sensors instead of cameras, meaning the person you care about keeps their privacy whilst you get peace of mind Round the clock reassurance for carers and family members, allowing those with dementia to stay at home Works without wifi or a phone line

Comes with 6 sensors, but you can buy more if needed

Alerts you to falls and late night door use

Canary Home Care Monitoring System Product Code: CC001

Our best-selling retro radio is simplicity itself. Pre-set the volume and choose a favourite radio station. Then place the cover panel over the volume and station knobs so they can’t be fiddled with. To operate, just press the large button on the top… and enjoy. Also has a USB port to play favourite music

+ £26 monthly

£178.80 including VAT

monitoring fee (12 month minimum)

Find out more at /canary-care

The classic retro look and feel will transport your loved one back in time


£54.99 including VAT

The alarm that keeps them close

NEW to the catalogue

PIR Motion Sensor with Pager Constantly worried a loved one might go missing or get hurt? This wireless alarm can alert you if they go outside, leave a specific room or even get out of bed. Just clip on the light-weight pager and get on with your day.

One Button Radio Product Code: DF0010

£77.88 including VAT

PIR Motion Sensor with Pager Product Code: EAL0190


The pager


Flipper Big Button Remote Control

The sensor Can be wall mounted or stood up in stand

Ideal for anyone with limited dexterity

Transmission range 100m

Lightweight and compact with sturdy belt clip

Easily cover the front buttons

“We love the simplicity of it!”

The easiest remote control

Powered by two AA batteries (not included) Simple to install

Just press the button!

Battery or mains operated

Respects privacy with camera-less design


One Button Radio

Product Rating:

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

5/5 1 review

Clever sliding function hides the buttons that are used less

Why not replace a complicated, fiddly remote control with this one? It is compatible with most TVs and Set Top Boxes and it takes less than a minute to set up. The large buttons are easy to see “Once set up, and simple to operate. the remote is very easy

£19.99 including VAT

Flipper Big Button Remote Control Product Code: FP010

to use, both for terrestrial and Sky channels” Yvonne

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Music & TV

Music & TV

The amazing benefits of music

The world’s simplest music player

Many people find that music has a remarkable, almost magical ability to unlock the memories of loved ones with dementia.

Read on to discover 5 reasons why you should add some music to your day... It can improve mood: Listening to your

favourite music has been found in scientific studies to help ease agitation, anxiety and distressing behaviour.

It’s a powerful emotional tool:

A favourite piece of music can make anyone laugh or cry when it taps into a strong memory – and people with dementia are no different.

It boosts confidence: If you can’t

remember what day it is, but you can still recall the words to every verse of your favourite song, you’re bound to feel better about yourself.

It’s very relaxing: In the later stages of dementia, a favourite tune can bring a great sense of comfort and passive pleasure.

When words fail... music still speaks: When verbal

communication becomes too difficult, music can still provide a way to connect with the world. 18

DID YOU KNOW? If you’re struggling to find their favourite tunes, start with the music they enjoyed in their teens or early twenties. Research shows this is likely to be the music that people remember the most.

Music can bring great joy to people with dementia, so it’s important they can listen to whatever they want, when they want. The Simple Music Player, created by Designability with dementia in mind, is incredibly easy to use. Lift the lid and the music starts to play. If you want to skip a song there’s one big button to press. When you’ve had enough, close the lid. That’s all you have to do! Upload up to 1000 favourite tunes (4GB capacity) Songs uploaded via a USB link from a Windows, Apple or Linux PC No software to install, just drag and drop Comes with five Big Band songs already installed (but add your own too)

Scientist Nina Kraus, provides some background as to why music is a key part of life: “Music engages the totality of the brain - sound, memory, attention, language, sight, touch and more. It sparks neural activity within each of these centres and sets them in motion together in a way few other experiences can. It’s extremely powerful.”

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

The volume controls are underneath, so it cannot be adjusted accidentally

Lovely retro design, available in three colours




£99.99 including VAT

£99.99 including VAT

£142.00 including VAT

£83.32 Product Code: EL0010

£83.32 Product Code: EL0020

£118.33 Product Code: EL0030

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018




Find your perfect pet

Companion Petz

- no house training required! These best-selling furry friends have already brought comfort and companionship to thousands of our customers. Realistic to look at, their bodies gently rise and fall to mimic ‘breathing.’ And at such a reasonable price, it’s no surprise that they remain a very popular gift. We have 11 breeds of dog and 3 types of cat available! See the full range on our website.

Golden Retriever RMP798

Proven to have a soothing and calming effect

Introducing your new best friends

We have to admit we’re a little bit in love with these delightful new therapeutic animals, designed to bring comfort, companionship and heaps of interactive fun to the person who is lucky enough to own one. Here’s what you need to know about these special fluffy friends:

A cat made for cuddling

Realistic soft fur and built-in sensors that respond to motion and touch, make this cute kitty look, feel, This move and sound just like the real clever cat thing - but without litter trays responds to petting just and vets bills to worry about.

Beagle RMP789

Brown Labrador RMP149


like a real one!

Purrrrs like a real cat!

including VAT Hasbro Joy for All Product Code: JFA0001

Cocker Spaniel RMP797

Pug RMP791

Cavalier King Charles RMP796

A teddy made for music Black Labrador RMP7911

White Kitten OTH0002

£26.99 including VAT Companion Puppy Companion Kitten


Yorkie RMP792

Ginger Tabby Kitten OTH0001

Product Rating: 4.4 / 5 63 reviews

Westie OTH0003

Black & White Kitten RMP146

“My mother absolutely loves this puppy. She puts it on her lap and strokes it. This makes her feel calmer. She would love a real dog but is not able to care for one. This is a very good second best.” George

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

Arthur is a rather special musical teddy bear. If you press his paw, this irresistibly soft and comforting ted will play a favourite song. Part therapy doll and part music player, Arthur is easy to use and could bring profound pleasure to the person you care about. Upload up to 1000 favourite tunes (4GB capacity) Takes 4x AA batteries (not included)

Just squeeze Arthur’s paw to play and stop the music


£86.40 including VAT Arthur a Musical Teddy Bear Product Code: EL0130

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018




Keep restless hands busy and entertained

Jigsaws to puzzle over Jigsaws have many benefits for people living with dementia or memory loss. They keep minds active, can increase confidence, improve dexterity, and are lots of fun! These beautifully made puzzles, by award-winning company Active Minds, are designed to suit a wide range of people, tastes and Stimulate needs. The vibrant pictures have conversation, been carefully selected to stir improve dexterity happy memories and spark chats. and encourage conversation. They are available in 4 different sizes: a simple 13-piece puzzle, the trickier 24 and 35-piece puzzles, or a 63-piece for those who really like a challenge.


All jigsaw puzzles can be assembled in a special frame to make finishing easier

Attachments can be removed if they are unsuitable. Tailor it to suit you!




Winter Snow

Spring Stream






Seaside Nostalgia



“Bought for

my 90 year old

Coastal Path

£9.99 22

grandmother. It worked


£11.99 including VAT

really well for her.

City Dusk AM780

She did a little bit at a time and eventually completed. Now she

wants another one!” Monet’s Garden AM800

Machine washable - simply remove the attachments Size: 25 x 20cm

Curious Cat

Many more lovely designs available online!

This beautiully made Lion Fiddle Muff is a great way to ease boredom, stress and agitation. Bursting with character, the cute lion face encourages a feeling of companionship - a perfect choice for anyone who likes animals. It’s hard wearing, but soft to touch, and has lots PLUS! We of interesting textures to twiddle and colours to keep the have another great new person you care about occupied and stimulated. This cosy, design coming calming and therapeutic tool has certainly soon! Soft, tactile earned its place in our fabrics top 5 best-sellers. Shown to help reduce repetitive behaviour

A total of 20 different pictures to choose from

Orient Express

Lion Fiddle Muff for Sensory Therapy

Giant’s Steps



To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

“Mum loves it; it’s an excellent way of calming her. Thank you!” Martyn


£30.00 including VAT Lion Fiddle Muff for Sensory Therapy Product Code: F1002

Interesting textures to play with

The ultimate stress buster!

The bright colours, textures and hidden parts are both visually and physically stimulating

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018




The game that sparks up chat

60s and 70s Musical Bingo

Call to Mind Conversation Game

Enjoy a blast from the past with a very special game you can play over and over again. Musical bingo is a great way to bring back happy memories and spark conversation, and this one is perfect for families, friends or fundraisers. Just put on a CD, pick up a bingo cards, Name then it’s eyes down… that tune! Includes song sheets and 2 CDs with 90 including VAT distinctive tracks 60s and 70s Musical Bingo from the 60s Product Code: RMP3180 and 70s

Nothing beats a good chat with someone you love, but if conversation is beginning to run dry, this fabulous board game could be just what you both need. Created in the style of a regular board game with cards and a spinner, Call to Mind has been specially designed for people with memory loss or in the early to mid-stages of dementia, encouraging them to chat and share precious memories.


Animal Bingo If traditional bingo isn’t your thing, this beautifully made game uses authentic animal sounds and illustrated images instead of numbers. The caller plays the sounds and players place a counter on the image that matches the sound.

Extra large, easy to see bingo tickets

Name that animal! Suitable for up to 12 players

Throw & Tell Conversation Ball Product Code: F0310


£37.99 including VAT

Fun for all! Suitable for 2-4 players

This 140-page book will stimulate mind and memory and keep boredom at bay. It’s packed with puzzles, activities and nostalgia specially designed to suit three different levels of need. Whether the person you care about has mild memory loss or has lived with dementia for quite some time, they’ll find activities to enjoy here.

Throw & Tell Conversation Ball

including VAT


Puzzles & Pastimes

Active Minds Audio Bingo Product Code: AM290


So easy - just spin the spinner and share a memory

Our best-selling, big, easy puzzle book

£24.99 including VAT

It’s a great tool for exercising and keeping fit without even realising it!

Stimulates the mind and helps recall happy memories

Call to mind conversation game Product Code: CTM0010


Bring together family and friends with this fun, conversational activity ball. Each side helps break the ice with a fun topic to spark memories and stories.

Sparks conversation and helps you connect with the people you love

Topics include fun themes such as ‘A toy I loved as a child’ and ‘A car that I used to own’.

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

Created in partnership with Puzzler Media, the UK’s leading creator of puzzles Includes a free pull-out booklet with more tips and activities More than 120 puzzles and nostalgic images to suit a wide range of abilities

£5.99 Puzzles & Pastimes Product Code: UPPZ001

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018




The personalised jigsaw Bring back happy memories and trigger conversation. Simply send us a photo that means a lot to you and your loved one, and we’ll make it into a jigsaw! If you’re looking for a really special gift, then this is hard to beat.


£30.00 including VAT Personalised Dementia Jigsaw Puzzle Product Code: UFP00

Durable, sturdy wooden pieces

Can be made into a 13, 24 or 35-piece jigsaw

Product Rating: 5/5 7 reviews

The talking photo album! Photo albums can be a source of great pleasure and this one is rather special because you can record your own commentary to go with each photo - perfect for triggering memories and conversation. From

Discreet USB port on the side to upload sounds


Product Rating: 4.6 / 5

including VAT

Talking Photo Album Product Code: TP010

16 reviews

The no-mess way to paint These clever painting sheets from Active Minds bring lots of enjoyment… but without any mess or spills to clear up. Simply paint water directly onto the sheet and a colourful image starts to appear. As the image dries, the picture disappears and the sheet can be painted again. Genius!


£14.99 including VAT Aquapaint Painting with water Product Code: AM0S


NEW from Unforgettable

The Boredom Buster Kit

Everyone likes to be busy. Without enough to do it’s easy to lose confidence and become depressed. If you’re running out of ways to keep the person you love stimulated and entertained, this unique kit could really DID YOU KNOW? help. It’s packed with absorbing, dementia-friendly Research suggests that puzzles, games and art activities, all carefully artistic ability is often preserved designed to boost mood and bring maximum despite degeneration of the brain and loss of enjoyment. Time flies when you’re having fun! day-to-day memory.

Our unique kit contains: 35-piece Active Minds Jigsaw The beautifully made ‘Seaside Nostalgia’ puzzle stimulates minds and sparks chats

Page 26

Page 22

Snakes and Ladders An all-time favourite with a large userfriendly design so everyone can join in Animal Bingo If traditional bingo is too tricky, this is a great alternative; just match the right animal cards with the right sound and…bingo!

Dice Cards If you find it difficult to roll a dice, use these Save 10% clever cards by buying instead! all of these

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

Some of these are described in more detail on other pages

Aquapaint Painting with Water Unleash the inner artist with these colourful ‘At the Seaside’ reusable painting sheets

Image Snap A pack of 36 big, bright playing cards with easily recognisable images… and endless possibilities

Go online to find 10 different colourful sets

A saving of 10%


£70.80 including VAT


Page 24

Top Tip: How to spot boredom It isn’t always obvious when someone with dementia is feeling bored. Signs of boredom can include daytime sleeping, agitation and restlessness.

Activities Kit

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Care Homes & Professionals

NEW from Unforgettable

The feel-at-home kit

Care Homes & Professionals

Your professional partner...

A saving of 10%

Here’s what Unforgettable can offer:

Everyone deserves a home that’s comfortable and relaxing; a place where they feel safe and secure. So if your loved one is about to move into a care home, you’re probably feeling daunted. Will a new environment make them feel more confused? What can you do to help them manage? How can you help them to settle in? Our new feel-at-home kit has been carefully designed to keep things calm and make a care home move less Help someone stressful for everyone.

Our unique kit contains: Mycarematters Display Board Attach to the wall to share vital information about your loved one’s needs, so that others can get to know them quickly

you care about to settle into their new place with these comforting, clever ideas

7” Unforgettable 2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock The perfect solution to ease confusion and anxiety Simple Music Player Play great tunes in an instant Lion Fiddle Muff Ease agitation and boredom with this sensory fiddle muff

Page 21


£187.20 including VAT Feel-at-home Kit

See some of these in more detail on other pages!

Page 4

Page 23

Try thinking in advance about the information care home staff may need about the person’s likes, dislikes and preferences. For example, if your mother only drinks weak milky tea, and likes a bath and not a shower, it’s important they know. Be open to working closely with care staff and making the most of the activities on offer.

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

Easy purchasing through our website with credit or debit card or purchase order via email with 30 days payment terms

NEED A QUOTE? Just create an account, add items into your basket and email us at or call us on 0203 322 9388

What are professionals like you buying from Unforgettable?

Seven of the best 1

Large Calendar Wall Clock


Object locator & Beeping Key Finder

Clear and easy to see, this is often used in care homes and on hospital wards to help with time orientation

The easy way to find items that have been mislaid


One Button Radio


Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker

Pre-set the volume and the radio station: simplicity itself

The all-round tracker for use both inside and out

Top Tip: Preparing for a care home move


Competitive pricing – we’ll make sure you get the best deals on the best products


Simple Music Player


7” Unforgettable 2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock

Lift the lid to play music. Close it when you’ve had enough

The clever clock that changes with your needs


Lion Fiddle Muff

The ultimate stress buster

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018




EXHIBITION CONFERENCE team at Come and meet the & Unforgettable

8– 9 June 2018

Available at LloydsPharmacy Did you know that our life-changing products are also available on the high street?

Olympia London

Unforgettable has formed a pioneering partnership with LloydsPharmacy, which is good news for our customers because it means that some of our products are easier than ever to get hold of.


FOR families, carers, care professionals, people living with dementia and the general public with an interest in or wanting to learn more about dementia.

We’re making it easier to get you what you need:

FIND the very latest practical advice, information, products and services from leading dementia experts and organisations.

More than 1000 branches of LloydsPharmacy now stock Unforgettable’s best selling 2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock and our Family Guide to Dementia. More than 50 branches also stock a larger range of our products, including:

FEATURES a full conference programme across 3 theatres, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, practical activity workshops and a wide range of dementia and care exhibitors.

Easy Eating Kits Ulla - The Simple Drinking Reminder Shining Star Cube with Soothing Sounds TO TICKE

35-piece Jigsaw puzzles


ff o % 0 5 lt tic 0) adu e ice (£2 full pr se the cod u






In partnership with

Exhibitor Workshop sponsor

Research Charity partner

Supported by

So if you want to try before you buy… So if you want to try before you buy…you can! you can! Go to Go to to find a full list to find a store near you. a LloydsPharmacy branch near you. of stockists and locate

Accredited by

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

NEW from Unforgettable

No more mix ups with medicine

First Aid & Pain Relief Kit

Dementia changes a person’s ability to communicate, which can cause some unexpected challenges for the people who love them. For example, if they can no longer tell you they’re in pain - or where the pain is - how can you help? If they cut themselves but refuse to let you dress the wound, what can you do? This special kit, created in collaboration with pain relief expert LloydsPharmacy, will help you tackle all of these issues and more.

What makes our kit special? It contains a set of Visual Pain Assessment cards to help you identify and assess pain and work out what to do Comes with a 32 page booklet: A Pocket Guide to Pain & First Aid for people with dementia

It also contains... Large adhesive dressings, microporous tape and a stretch bandage

The alarm will sound and a light will blink for 30 minutes, or until the pills are tipped out

Great value! If you bought these products separately, they would cost more than £23!

A digital themometer A hot and cold pack for drug free pain relief

Top Tip:


including VAT

Unforgettable First Aid & Pain Relief Kit Product Code: UF0001


Memory loss can make taking the right pills at the right time more complicated. We’ve created this easy to use pill dispenser to help you keep track of all your medicine. It has 28 compartments, so you can load it up with a month’s supply of pills. When it’s time to take your pills, an alarm will sound. Maintains independence whilst increasing safety

Hydrocolloid plasters, suitable for thinner skin

Antiseptic cream for cuts and grazes

The Unforgettable Lockable Automatic Pill Dispenser

“The pocket guide contains invaluable advice and the pain assessment cards help to focus on where pain is localised. This is a really useful kit.”

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

Alarm times can be programmed to suit your individual needs Once the pills are removed, the alarm will automatically switch off Add up to 6 daily alarms Designed for people with memory loss and dementia

“Very helpful for my mum as she was taking the wrong pills at various times.”

No more missed pills: the LED light will flash until the pills have been removed

28 individual compartments



£65.99 including VAT Lockable Automatic Pill Dispenser Product Code: UF0101

Lockable lid keeps pills safe, secure and in order

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Books & Advice

Books & Advice

How to find FREE books about dementia Want to read and learn more about dementia? We’re delighted to tell you about a nationwide scheme which allows you to borrow from a carefully selected list of books, all endorsed by health experts. Simply go to your local library and look for the Reading Well: Books on Prescription stand. The book choice is updated regularly and available to everyone, providing you’re a library member.

3 books you can borrow now: Dear Dementia: The Laughter and the Tears by Ian Donaghy When Someone You Love has Dementia by Susan Elliot-Wright And Still the Music Plays: Stories of people with Dementia by Graham Stokes

Try an Unforgettable Book Unforgettable has a growing range of helpful handbooks, filled with practical tips, advice and information to support you on the dementia journey.

Two must-reads These incredibly useful guides, written by Occupational Therapist and dementia specialist Danielle Wilde, will provide you with all the information you need to prevent or manage a hospital admission.

Staying out of hospital when you have Dementia Danielle explains the common reasons people with dementia are admitted to hospital, and how to avoid them.


Designed to help you with every aspect of daily life, and all the challenges it might bring. This little book is packed with important and useful information, written in a friendly, reassuring style. We’re pleased to say that it consistently receives 5-star You can also reviews from readers. download a

Common causes of hospital adm issions How to spot them , how to prevent them, how to manage them


Staying Out of Hospital Guide (UFB0020) Going into Hospital when you have Dementia (UFB0030)

handy e-book version

A Family Guide to Dementia

r Lasting Powe of Attorney e A complete guid

a LPA Why create attorneys Picking your a LPA How to fill out

lained tia Exp Demensive guide to whatect you rehen it can aff A comp is and how a dementi ntia of Deme Types toms d Symp Signs an ents Treatm

We’ve done the research for you.

We think the information in these books is so important that we’ve made free e-book versions of them both

We’ve done the res earch for you.

The Unf orgetta ble Gui

de to Going in when y to hospital demen ou have tia Wha

t you ne ed to hospita l stay ea know to mak ea sier for everyo ne

Our best-seller:


What you need to know about avoiding a hospital admission (and staying in the best of health)

If a hospital admission does become necessary, don’t panic: Danielle has great advice to ensure that you can all cope.

A Family Guide to Dementia


Staying out of hospital when yo u have dementia

Going into hospital when you have dementia “A very thorough and sensitively written book.”

“I’ve found it very insightful as it’s a whole new experience for me and my family.”

Insider tips fro m who’ve been th people ere too Step by step ad vic from ex perts an e d care How to rs prepar e, what to expe ct and how to manag e

More free e-books! We’ve done the research for you.

We’ve the re done se for yo arch u.


We have a selection of free e-books including: Dementia Explained: an 82-page guide explains all the basics, simply. Lasting Power of Attorney: a 60-page guide to help you sort out your affairs. Essential reading. You can read more about LPAs on the next page

You can find all of these helpful e-books on our website at

Product Code: UFB0010


To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Lasting Power of Attorney

Don’t delay... arrange an LPA

Lasting Power of Attorney Get in touch today to find out how we can help you

5 common myths about LPA: Could this be YOU? 1

Legally, this isn’t enough. You need to make your wishes clear in a legal document (an LPA) otherwise your family will not be allowed to make any important decisions about your finances or health care on your behalf. If your family wants to contest this, they will have to go through a complex, lengthy process involving the Court of Protection.

If you or a loved one has dementia, you need to take out a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) as soon as possible. If you don’t, you could find yourself facing lots of unnecessary costs and complications later on.

Our LPA service is as cheap, simple and hassle free as possible, because we know that’s what you want. Our basic package is free, and our others are designed to suit different needs and budgets. Visit for more details.



We have a joint bank account, so we don’t need an LPA Yes you do. In fact, without an LPA your joint account could be frozen (leaving you unable to pay bills or access money) if your partner is considered to have lost mental capacity. This might sound harsh, but the law is designed to protect vulnerable people from fraud or financial abuse. You may only have your loved one’s best interests at heart, but others, sadly, may not.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document which appoints one or more people you trust to make important decisions about your financial affairs and health care, when you can’t make those decisions yourself.

The people you love and trust will not automatically be allowed to look after your affairs if you aren’t able to. Instead, they will have to go through a complex, lengthy and more expensive process (involving the Court of Protection) which could result in people you don’t know, such as accountants and lawyers, making decisions for you.

We already have a diagnosis, so it’s too late Not necessarily. It could still be possible; you just need a mental capacity certificate to go with the application – we can arrange this for you.

What is an LPA?

What if you don’t have one?

I trust my family to take care of me


It’s too complicated, I don’t have time We’ve made it simple, with our easy to use online questionnaire and guides to support you. Whatever you do, don’t put it off. Just get it done…then get on with enjoying your life.


It’s too expensive, I can’t afford to pay a solicitor It doesn’t have to be costly. Unforgettable’s basic LPA service is free, and we’ve got a range of other services designed to suit different needs and budgets, with or without a solicitor.

Not sure where to begin?

Get in touch to receive our FREE e-book: ‘Lasting Power of Attorney, A complete guide’, which explains everything you need to know. Lasting Power

Got a question about LPAs? Our team is always happy to help. Call us on 0203 322 9388, email us, or visit


To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

of Attorney

A complete guide

Why create a LPA Picking your attorneys How to fill out a LPA

We’ve done the rese arc for you h .

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018




A phone with photos!

A mobile and tracker combined

DORO MemoryPlus 319I PH Pre-set family and friends’ phone numbers into this super simple phone. Then… just press the photo to call! For other calls, the big buttons and spacious keypad makes dialling easier than ever. The handset is ergonomically designed to make it easier to hold and the volume can be amplified by up to 35db for the hard of hearing. Compatible with hearing This phone also comes with aids a visual ring indicator.

“Brilliantly easy to install and proved invaluable. It has given my mother confidence to use the phone

Comfortable, ergonomically designed grip

£46.99 including VAT DORO MemoryPLus 319I PH Product Code: DS00060

GPS locator for greater safety and instant peace of mind

Cover the buttons when not in use

CPR Call Blocker Protect Are nuisance calls causing stress and worry? Stop them quickly with this easy to install call blocker. Any caller you don’t know, won’t get through.

including VAT

CPR Call Blocker Protect+ Product Code: CPR00020


The Alert Button sends a GPS location and calls each contact sequentially

Connects you with the people you need - and no one else 7 day battery life

No more nuisance calls


4 names, 4 buttons, Easy, instant connection. Simple!

This looks like a basic mobile, but it also has built-in GPS, which means that you can locate the person you care about instantly. The phone comes with two-way calling, so they can press the SOS button to give you a call and text their location. You can also request their location by text too. Best of all, it has four speed dial keys for calling people you rely on with one simple press.

Key features

again.” Cath


DORO Secure 580 with GPS

Pre-set key contacts so they can be called at the touch of a button

No additional fees or charges!

Blocks calls except the numbers you choose

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

PLUS Optional Fuss Free Phones concierge service which offers customers access to a 24 hour telephonist

Product Rating: 4.5 / 5 2 reviews

Fast and easy to install with your existing phone

The handset stands neatly when not in use

“Bought for my dad, who has dementia and struggles with using a regular phone. It has made it easier for him to understand and contact me.”




£125.99 including VAT

£160.98 including VAT

DORO Secure 580 with GPS Product Code: DS00500

DORO Secure 580 with GPS + Fall Alert Function

This model also has a fall detector function

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018




Cosy and comfy

Unisex all-in-one pyjamas

with shoulder to ankle zip and close up fastener

100% cotton

Caring for a person who has limited movement or is bedbound can be very difficult, especially when it comes to clothing. These comfortable blue pyjamas are ultra-practical. The carefully placed zip means they can be put on whilst lying down, and the special fasteners prevent inappropriate disrobing. Available in sizes small to XX Large The soft, durable fabric does not absorb moisture and is extremely hygienic


£51.00 including VAT Unisex all-in-one pyjamas Product Code: AD237

Warm and stylish

Fleecy Bed Jacket for men and women These bed jackets feel like you’re wearing a duvet...but they are much more stylish. Wear them to bed or around the house for extra warmth. For him


The men’s jacket features Dolman style sleeves, poppers and velcro; it’s dressing made easy!

Women’s jacket available in a range of colours

including VAT

Carefully positioned fastenings

Men’s Fleecy Bed Jacket Available in Blue only. Sizes M, L, XL & XXL Product Code: AD200

For her - from

Soft and pretty

Petal Back Open Nightie Short sleeve


Available in pink or bue

including VAT

Womens Fleecy Bed Jacket Sizes: UK 10 - 22 Product Code: Pink (AD3PK00), Mint (AD3MT00), Blue (AD3BU00), Cream (AD3CR00)

This feminine nightdress, available in pink or blue, is both warm and practical. It slides easily over the head and up the arms with no fiddly fasteners. The back opening makes personal care much simpler, whilst leaving dignity intact.

Safe and soft

Anna Non-Slip Bed Socks These knitted bed socks have non-slip soles to make walking safer and elasticated ankles to stop them falling off. Their super soft lining will keep feet warm and cosy.

Available in sizes small to X Large Made from poly/cotton interlock material for added softness


£30.00 including VAT Petal Back Open Nightie Product Code: Pink (AD132) Blue (AD123)


The shorter sleeves provide ease of movement

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

Soft and machine washable, choose from 3 colours

£8.00 including VAT

Anna Non-Slip Bed Socks Product Code: Pink (ABL1303PPY), Blue (ABL1303SSB), Purple (ABL1303PIN)

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Sleeping & Calming

Sleeping & Calming

NEW from Unforgettable

A saving of 10%

The Sleep Well Kit

Struggling to sleep? Many people with dementia or memory loss have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, often waking many times during the night. But that doesn’t mean they – and you – must suffer endless DID nights of broken sleep. Our new Sleep Well Kit has been YOU KNOW? created to soothe the senses, promoting rest and Lavender has been relaxation when you both need it most.

Our unique kit contains: Relaxing Lavender Pillow Scented with long lasting fragrance, this pillow uses aromatherapy and the relaxing benefits of lavender to aid restful sleep. Designed by ReminiScent as part of a sensory range, the pillow also comes with a refresher spray, so you can top up the scent if necessary.

shown in research to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, potentially putting you in a more relaxed state for sleep. Full size pillow (60cm by 40cm) for restful nights Plump the luxurious pillow by hand to revitalise the scent.

£44.00 including VAT

3 tips for restless sleepers Put a clock near the bed, preferably one that shows whether it’s day or night (you can find one on page 7!)


Consider blackout blinds or curtains so the person you care about isn’t tempted to get up too early


Limit drinks near bedtime. Too much caffeine or alcohol can disturb sleep

Sleep Well Kit


Shining Star Cube with Soothing Sounds This soothing light helps people get to sleep and is loved for its simplicity and effectiveness. The Shining Star Cube offers visual and audio displays that are calming and soothing. So if the person you care about can’t switch off, they can lie back and watch the ceiling turn into a beautiful night sky. Or if they’d prefer sounds, they can listen to the sound of waves, bird song or a favourite lullaby. Of course, they can do a bit of both too. If they fall asleep, no problem: the light switches itself off after 30 minutes. No wonder this is a best seller.

Soothes restlessness and eases bedtime anxiety

Projects a wonderful, ever-changing light show around the room Listen to sounds of nature or a collection of gentle lullabies

The buttons are large and easy to use

Uses 3x AA batteries (not included)

Shining Star Cube with Soothing Sounds A soothing light rotating through a beautiful spectrum of colour and sounds (see the opposite page 1 for more info about this best seller!)

Rest, relax and sleep

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

“Meets the need of an elderly friend who often lies awake and worries. It’s very comforting for her.” Donna

£18.99 including VAT

Shining Star Cube with Soothing Sounds Product Code: LIMA00530

Product Rating: 4.6 / 5

Be amazed by the mesmerising, glowing colours

22 reviews

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Eating & Drinking

Eating & Drinking Two handled mug with internal cone means easier drinking

Easy Eating Kit If eating is getting trickier, this innovative, heat-insulated kit could be just what you need. The mug, plate and bowl are specially designed to make independent eating easier and to keep food warm - or cold - for longer. Keeps food and drink warm for those who eat more slowly

Clever, practical design Dishwasher safe


Pour water into the resevoir space in the bowl to keep food warm or cold for longer

Plate has a sloped base to collect food

Adaptive Crockery Set

NEW to the catalogue

This brightly coloured melamine crockery set offers great value for money. It includes two broad based plates, a cup with lid and a bowl, all designed to retain heat.


£27.96 including VAT Adaptive Crockery Set Product Code: Blue (F12400), Ivory (F12600), Yellow (F12500)

Anti-Spill Mug This specially designed mug means you won’t have unexpected spills. Its smart base makes it almost impossible to knock over.

Choose from a range of colours

Forgetting to drink can be dangerous, but DID YOU KNOW? it’s easy to do if you have memory loss or Dehydration is a leading cause dementia. That’s why we’ve created of hospital admissions and can The Easy Drinking Kit. Our kit provides contribute to Urinary Tract simple, practical solutions to the most Infections (UTIs) common challenges you might face, so that the person you care about stays healthy and Never hydrated - and you can relax.

Our unique kit contains:

forget to drink again!

Safe Sip Reduce the chance of spills by putting one of these silicone lids over any glass or mug. It fits in seconds and won’t fall off.

Unbreakable jug and glass Shaky hands or poor visibility can make real drinking glasses impractical and dangerous. This plastic glassware is smart to look at but also safe to use, Make breakages allowing the person a thing of you love to maintain the past! their independence and drink safely with dignity.



Anti-Spill Mug Product Code: LIMA00965

Easy Drinking Kit

including VAT


The Easy Drinking Kit

Pop this clever sensor on a glass, mug or bottle and it will blink brightly every 30 or 40 minutes to encourage regular drinking.

Easy Eating Kit Product Code: UF14634

Easy to hold cup with lid

A saving of 10%


£41.94 including VAT

Available in yellow, white and blue

NEW from Unforgettable

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

including VAT

PLUS: Why not add a One Way Straw? These straws have special valves to stop liquid flowing back down them, making sucking and drinking easier all-round.

£9.90 (Pack of 10)

One Way Straws Product Code: F0330

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018



Mobility & Home

Overcoming the stigma of incontinence Top Tip Incontinence can be upsetting for everyone – traumatic even, but there are an increasing number of ways to manage the condition so that it doesn’t stop you going out and enjoying life. With a bit of know-how, you could soon be coping far better than you may have thought.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) can increase the likelihood of incontinence; if the person you are caring for seems to be more confused than usual and has excessive need to use the toilet, it’s advisable to consult your GP. Medication can be prescribed to accelerate recovery, reducing the distress and discomfort of urinary incontinence.

Confitex Underwear Range

Men’s Briefs Available in grey or black

Machine-washable Odour protection Moisture protection Eco-friendly Pad-less Breathable Available in 7 sizes ranging from XS to XXXL

Fits all standard toilets A great value option

£35.00 including VAT

Choose from bright red or blue. These toilet seats are very easy to install: no tools required!

Coloured Toilet Seat Product Code: Red (F7SRD), Blue (F7SBU)

Accidents may happen, but this loo seat could prevent quite a lot of them. It’s bright enough to make finding the toilet easier, and the raised seat is a huge help if bending down is difficult.


£42.00 including VAT Raised Toilet Seat Product Code: Red (F6TRD000), Blue (F6TBU000)


10cm Choose from 3 different seat heights: 5cm, 10cm or 15cm

Drop Down Toilet Support Rail

Women’s knickers


NEW to the catalogue

If getting up from the loo is a struggle, this sturdy hand rail could come in useful. We also have another rail with an additional support leg, which makes it extra strong for leaning on - and it can be pushed out of the way when it’s not needed. Visit our website for more details.

Available in beige, black or blue


£29.94 including VAT Women’s Full Briefs. Product Code: LCM018 Men’s Short Briefs. Product Code: LCM006


Specially designed to help people with sight difficulties or visual impairment, this brightly coloured toilet seat makes finding the loo so much easier.

Raised Toilet Seat

Fashionable and functional

These soft, classically styled machine-washable knickers and briefs are exceptionally hard-wearing. Available in two different absorbencies (light or moderate), they’ll keep you dry and comfortable all day.

Coloured Toilet Seat

Go to our website to discover many more styles and shapes that are suitable for everyone. Incontinence no longer needs to be a worry.

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at


£70.80 including VAT Drop Down Toilet Support Rail Product Code: Red (F0910), Blue (F0920)

Available in blue or red

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Mobility & Home

Mobility & Home

Staying Mobile From sturdy walking sticks to stylish scooters and comfy recliners, the Betterlife range includes everything you need to stay mobile and healthy, whatever your lifestyle or needs.

The super comfy scooter

Automatic brake system

Designed for added comfort, this thoroughly modern scooter has a deluxe, cushioned, swivel seat, making it really easy to get on and off. It quickly dismantles into 5 pieces when you’re done.

Dismantle and store with ease

Range up to 10 miles

£118.80 including VAT

Quebec Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair

Solid, non-marking tyres for increased durability


£658.80 including VAT

Sturdy, weatherproof tyres

Betterlife Style Plus 4mph Portable Mobility Scooter Product Code: BLT3850

HurryCane Folding Walking Stick This folding walking stick offers superior balance and stability, thanks to its unique design. The strong, steady base makes it easier than ever to get up from a chair or out of a car. It also pivots to help you maintain balance on inclines or uneven ground.


£29.99 including VAT HurryCane Folding Walking Stick Product Code: BLT4140


Includes a FREE travel case!

24” sports style wheels

Betterlife Deluxe Self Propel Wheelchair Product Code: BLT1200

Swivel seat

3 feet for ultimate movement

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

Choose either beige or mink

Handy pocket for the handset

See many more wheelchairs online!

Steel frame for extra durability

Handy swing away footrests

NEW to the catalogue

This sumptuously padded chair has a pillow back design and offers maximum comfort and support. The chair’s single motor mechanism is easy to operate (via a two-button handset) and will raise the chair to almost standing position or recline it to snoozing position.

Choose from 4 different colours

Adjustable length to fit to you

NEW to the catalogue

This practical wheelchair is strong and stable. It has padded armrests for easy transfers, solid, puncture-proof tyres and a simple push-down brake for extra stability. The sporty frame and soft nylon upholstery make it extra comfy and rather stylish too.


Lightweight 360o swivel seat Top speed 4mph (6.4kph)

Deluxe Self Propel Wheelchair

Pillow back provides maximum support Single motor mechanism Home delivery and set up available

Elevated to an almost standing position

Quality, sumptuous padding provides ultimate comfort


£478.80 including VAT Quebec Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair Product Code: BLT3970

£10 off orders over £100 (not including delivery) when you use code CATSPRING2018


Mobility & Home

Gift Ideas

Easy to follow signs These high contrast easy clean signs make getting around much easier, reducing stress and anxiety. Available in 4 colours and 2 sizes (300mm or 450mm) they’re self adhesive or wall mountable. Signs for many rooms including Dining Room, Lounge, Shower Room, Conservatory, Garden etc. Avoids confusion and helps with spatial orientation From


You can find the full range of our helpful signs at

£17.94 including VAT Easy to follow signs

Clear reminders to help with daily routine

Whiteboard Reminder Frame and Pen Write messages, meal plans and lists, then wipe them off when you’re done. This sturdy board is A5 in size and comes complete with a dry wipe pen.

£12.00 including VAT

Whiteboard Reminder Frame & Pen Product Code: F0050

LED Motion Sensor Night Light Prevent dangerous trips and falls at night time with this illuminating 10” LED light. Place it under a bed, inside a cupboard, on a table, in a bathroom or even stick it on a wall. It will automatically light up when motion is detected. Includes self adhesive fixings.


£11.94 including VAT LED Motion Sensor Night Light Product Code: TDP050


Buy 3 or more and get a 10% discount

To order call 0203 322 9388 or shop online at

NEW from Unforgettable

The Independent Living Kit

A saving of 10%

Independence is precious, but safety is important too. If daily tasks are becoming trickier, our new Independent Living Kit provides some practical solutions.

Our unique kit contains: Unforgettable Lockable Automatic Pill Dispenser Take the right pills at the right time with this easy to use dispenser with 28 compartments

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7” Unforgettable 2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock This great value clock changes with your needs so you’ll always know the day and time

DORO MemoryPlus 319I PH

Pre-set phone numbers into this super simple, big button phone. Just press the photo to dial!


£145.20 including VAT The Independent Living Kit

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The Simple Reminders Kit

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A saving of 10%

Memory loss and forgetfulness can cause lots of frustration, but there are often practical solutions. This memory helper kit contains three clever gadgets that help you remember where things are and how they Find work. Daily life just got easier. these two products on other pages

Our unique kit contains: Object Locator and Beeping Key Finder No more lost keys, wallets, phones, or bags

Flipper Big Button Remote Control

Find the channels you want, when you want

Digital Pill Reminder

The timer beeps at pre-set times


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The Simple Reminders Kit

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2-in-1 Calendar & Day Clock Available in 7” black or 8” white frames High contrast, clear LED screen Easy to set up. Just plug in and play Designed for people who have a visual impairment Can be set to 12 or 24-hour clock


£39.99 with VAT relief

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Unforgettable Spring-Summer 2018 Catalogue  

The Unforgettable Spring-Summer 2018 Catalogue - products for those living with dementia, Alzheimer's and memory loss

Unforgettable Spring-Summer 2018 Catalogue  

The Unforgettable Spring-Summer 2018 Catalogue - products for those living with dementia, Alzheimer's and memory loss