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Issue # 5

With The Journalism Club Fall Semester Issue Issue # 3

Theme: Wilderness

Into The Wild Talent Show Coverage WAlK Your Heart in Red Sea Mall

An Interview with Hatoon AlKadi And More...

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A Letter From the Editor U! Contributing Writers

Club President Editor-in-Chief I am pleased to deliver the third and the last issue of the Journalism Club. It was a pleasure for me to run this club, and as much as I hate goodbyes, it is time to bid my farewell and give the role to another potential person. However, the U! Newsletter will be still running in the future but not under the umbrella of the club. The theme of this issue is Wilderness. Wildlife might be designated by the life of the wild animals, where and how they live. But wilderness is a much wider concept. Wilderness can be a place or an even idea of something wild or unusual. And that is what makes it attractive to me! Have fun flipping through this issue. I hope you enjoy this good read. With Love, Jawaher Zahran

The Talent Show Coverage By: Ayah AlMizyen National Day Celebration By: U! Newsletter The College Concert By: U! Newsletter Walk Your Heart By: Jawaher Zahran Experience the Divine Creation By: Tonja EdgeComb Hatoon Kadi Interview By: U! Newsletter Do You Remember Me? By: Huda Abdulrazek The Toastmaster Annual Contest By: Maryam Al Dabbagh And More‌

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College Events

On Monday, December 17th, 2012, the Student Government hosted the 007 Talent Show at Dar Al Hekma, which was the James Bond movie theme. It was quite a Talent Show. The Student Government prepared a dance at beginning of the show, related to the theme and dancing to one of the greatest hits of 2012 "Gangnam Style"! The aim of this event was to share the talents found in the Jeddah community, majority being in DAH College. It was successful, having around 1,000 individuals, both faculty and students, attending. Many students enjoyed the Talent Show, commenting that the theme was quite entertaining, and the performances were superb! In addition, the Student Government dressed in suits, with sunglasses and guns to add to the theme, creating a phenomenal touch!

By Ayah Al-Mizyen—SG President

The program consisted of singing, dancing, and even art sketching. The show began with a song related to the theme, "Skyfall" sung by Aisha Al Banawi, which is a soundtrack of the newest 007 movie, and ended with a computer sketch, by Ameera Al Sheikh that was related to the theme as well. The Winners of the Talent show were the following: 1st place: Ova Group – Hip Hop Performance (66 votes). 2nd place: Amirah Sheikh - Computer Sketching (49 votes). 3rd place: Aisha AlBanawi – Singing “SkyFall” (46 votes). Special Thanks to Mrs. Reda Sawan and Mrs. Randa Alami for being a great help! And of course, special thanks to the Officers of the Student Government who helped organize and execute the event. U!

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College Events

Photographed by Jawaher Zahran

National Day 2012 Celebration By U! Newsletter

It was on the 23rd of September

that the kingdom celebrated its national day anniversary. Dar AlHekma showed support by celebrating the day after as it was an official day off. This event is one of the most important annual traditions of the college symbolizing the unison of the Kingdom of Saudi by the hands of the Late King Abdul Aziz. The event took place at the college atrium. Tables were decorated in reflection of the Saudi tradition like the palm trees, dates and Arabian coffee. And of course, it was all decorated with the Saudi flags. There were also two trays of a delicious selection of chocolate souvenirs. U!

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College Events

The College Concert By U! Newsletter

Photographed by Jomanah Ghandora


he voice club hosted a concert for the whole college to be entertained by. The club aims at teaching students to play instruments such as the guitar and piano. For singing lovers, it also teaches students to tone and strengthen their voice through vocal lessons. The president of the club, Reham Mahdali, was the lead singer of a band consisted of a drummer and a guitarist. The concert took place in the college atrium where it was seen by everyone. It was a very entertaining day to relieve our studies’ stress. The sound of the drums and the electric guitar echoed in the college with all the students clapping and cheering. It was also accompanied by the Body Shop’s lovely campaign that filled the college with the green balloons that added a nice celebratory touch. The band sang a lot of hit songs like “she will be loved” by Maroon 5, among others. U!

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Events in Jeddah

Walk Your Heart Covered by: Jawaher Zahran

Bupa Insurance Company

hosted an

added that the best way to prevent the

event in Red Sea Mall entitled “ Walk

spread of obesity in the kingdom is by

Your heart � that aims at spreading

regularly walking. Walking, he claimed,

health education for the Jeddah society

can help the population have a healthier

and offering health check-ups.


I happened to be in that event that took

according to him,

place on the 18th of October, 2012 and

more people to start walking as a daily

interv ie we d


on e



Bup a

Walk Your Heart program, wants to encourage

representatives that were standing in booths to talk about the event in

When I asked why the event happened

general. He said that it was one of the

in this time in particular, he noted that



Bupa organizes events for disease

health awareness

prevention and health awareness every


responsibility to spread


and also to fight obesity since it is one of





diseases in Saudi Arabia. He also

now and then. U!

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Quote of the Theme:

Inspirational Topics

Experience the... “Wilderness Divine Creation is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.”

By Edward Abbey

By Tonja EdgeComb

We have all had experiences that have confirmed to us the existence to of a

Divine Creator. Experiences such as looking up at the night sky and seeing an endless glow of stars, feeling the gentle breeze on a bright spring day or gazing over the earth from atop a mountain peak have confirmed to many that a supreme Intelligence exist. When we have these inspirational moments we are filled with the love and awe of creation. We use these experiences to raise our vibrations and energize ourselves as we experience the oneness of the universe that God have created. Then we leave these settings and return to our daily lives. Feeling recharged we enter our day a little lighter with the afterglow of our encounter. How long does this feeling last? Someone cuts you off in traffic; a co-worker gets the project you wanted or the baby crying. These encounters should not be limited to those inspiring moments of beauty and awe. In fact, it is at challenging times that we most need to recognize universal oneness in everything, even in a disgruntled spouse or coworker. Now look at these people as Divine creations. They are not different from the star-studded sky; they are Divine Beings. Remember the feeling you felt when you had that awe-inspiring moment while feeling the gentle spring breeze? Allow that feeling to return. Feel divine energy and send it out to those involved with you at this moment. We can disengage from life’s turmoil if we would remember that we are all one. Everything and everyone is part of the Oneness of the universe.

Page 8 U! Interviews

An exclusive interview with:

Hatoon AlKadi Former DAH employee, a master and a full-time PhD student in the UK, and a blogger. And Now, she is a You Tuber. She produces her own show called Noon AlNiswa that has successfully got so many views and subscriptions. U! Newsletter was pleased to interview her. U! Newsletter : What made you go to You Tube? Is it because nowadays people are watching You Tube more than ever? Hatoon: I've been blogging for a while now and my blogs were mostly comedy. The YouTube is trending and becoming more and more popular, so I though about transferring my written blogs into videos especially that I have an acting and mimicking talent. U! : Do you think that You Tube is just a start for your broadcasting career? and what are your future plans if you want to share them? H: Well, I don't have a clear plan about the future. I am currently a full time PhD student and finishing my studies is my priority. Through Noon AlNiswa, I am doing what I am really passionate about but as a hobby at least in the meantime. U!: The idea of Noon Al Niswa Show is very unique and addresses lots of concerns that women in Jeddah, and Saudi Arabia on a larger scale. How did the idea occur to you ? H: As I previously mentioned, it started from the blog, most of my blog posts were about social issues presented in a sarcastic way, and then I moved to the next step :) U!: Was it easy to get to U Turn Entertainment? H: U Turn liked my show and my ideas and thought that the show is unique especially that the Saudi You Tube is lately packed with shows, so they adopted me believing that what I am doing is unique and sustainable. U!: Do you think that NOW was the perfect timing for you since a lot of stand-up comedians (without mentioning names) came out so boldly to talk about social issues? H: It’s true that lots of stand-up comedians are bringing up social issues. However, none is providing the female perspective. Honestly, I did not think twice when the idea struck me, I just did it :). U! : Did you immediately take action to produce videos or there were some back-offs at first? H: My first video was released in May 2012 after 5 months from the original filming (which was supposed to be a pilot), I have also filmed 2 episodes but they were not released, I can say that my steady steps started from the third episode.

U!: What were the struggles you faced, if any? H: I had to travel several times to London (I am currently in Sheffield) for filming and the shootings were not approved which was frustrating. Also it started as a one man show with only me writing and performing. Now, we have a small team for brainstorming. U!: In your opinion, do you think that the use of humor to raise awareness would solve a lot of social issues in our female society and would create change? H: Humor usually bring issues that we usually think about naturally. I would not say that I have a magical stick to change the society but I try to make the issues I present in the show discussable in the society. U!: How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself more as a comedian or as a change agent? H: I am a comedian who observe her surrounding and present them without trying to induce any change. If people want to change then its their decision. I usually write objectives for all of my episodes but people receive messages differently. Sometimes I hear comments with perspectives that I have not thought about and that's inspiring. U!: How aware are you of competitors? And do you work hard to avoid copy cats? H: You Tube is becoming packed with shows and only good ones will remain. I try my best to present a unique show. I write my show myself and I rely to a great extent on my personal observations and my unique way in acting, in addition to the fact that I am currently the only female comedian in the field. I really wish that I will have a female competitor. It will be a great motivator to me. U!: Lastly, how do you respond to negative comments on You Tube if you had any? And were you prepared for that? H: I take criticisms seriously and I myself give my episodes to trusted critics as its the only way to be aware of my flaws. Unfortunately, You Tube comments are gross and lots of the comments criticize my appearance (which is not a subject for criticism), also some comments just post the word (samej = silly) without giving any details about why they see it this way. I ignore all of them and I focus on criticisms that are constructive even if they were negative.

Page 9 Toastmasters Speeches A winner speaker

A speech about Soul Nourishment :

Do You Remember Me?! By Huda AbdulRazek

Do you remember me? Do you bother yourself to think about me? I bet you do not even recognize me. Of course you do not. But let me tell you this, since Adam and until the day of the judgment, all the humanity begs me to give them a second chance, but I do not. All of you today are on a trial. It is my stand today, and you are going to listen to me because I will leave you. Yes I will. Once I get the sign from Him. I will leave with a happy face and you will regret till eternity. Do you know me now? I am your SOUL ! You always care about this evanescent body, decorate it, fill it with food and treat it with ease, but what about me?! I’m a gift given to you. I’m the reason you are alive. Without me, there is no longer you. So, how could you ignore me? Make me starve? Kill me slowly? What sin did I do to deserve such a treatment? I need a little care but not that much. Do not think that I am begging you but I am reminding you about what do I need. People, you better invest in me! It is better for you before I leave you! What do I need? I need you to pray on time that is my food, but what do you really do in reality? You prefer to feed your body and delay my food. Is this fair to you? What about gossiping? The more you talk badly about others, the more you rip me apart. So STOP killing me! When I came to you and said please stop gossiping, you shush me. Then I will be in the corner crying, feeling damaged, and dying slowly. I am not asking too much, just spend time and energy on me and you will win in the end. Let me be your friend, or otherwise, I will be your enemy and the worst one… believe me ! Listen to me right now while I am here, here in your bodies before I receive the sign. You are lucky today of having me here giving you this warning because the next time I will be leaving you. So do you want me as friend or enemy? In the end, as I said before, I am not asking that much just pray on time, stop gossiping, review your actions of the day before you sleep and correct the wrong ones. Then you will be fine with me. Thank You!

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Fakieh Aquarium By: Jawaher Abbar

The Fakieh Aquarium is the first of its kind in the kingdom. The aquarium promotes the conservation of the environment by spreading awareness through education and entertainment. The aquarium has almost 400 species of marine animals and more than 8000 individuals. They vary between invertebrates, bone fish, sharks and rays most of which are found in the Red Sea, giving our visitors a glimpse of the beauty that the red sea beholds. Marine Life should not only be conserved for its beauty and diversity, but also because each species has a key role in maintaining the balance of the eco-system, and our role is to maintain that balance. There are many day-to-day habits that each one of us can practice in order to maintain a well-balanced environment. One of the simplest habits that has a great effect on the environment is not to litter. Littering has many negative effects on the environment, animals and marine life. It can gradually cause the destruction of natural habitats. Also, many animals digest the garbage we throw in the sea near the shore. The mere thought that they are edible can cause them to suffocate and die.

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Toastmasters News Event Coverage:

The Toastmasters Club

Annual Contest By Maryam Al Dabbagh


DAH Toastmasters Club holds contests annually to prepare potential speakers for the international level. The contest held on the 26th of December was, by all accounts, a triumph. Contestants from Dar Al-Hekma competed to an audience from all over Jeddah, and made our college proud. The kick-off start was the Humorous Speech given by TM Maryam Al-Dabbagh for her amusing story about misadventures in asking directions. It was a lesson to everyone not to risk asking strangers for directions in a foreign country. Luckily, there was no one else competing in the Humorous Speech category, so she won by default. TM Nada Asar won the first place in the Table Topics category for her vibrant, quick-thinking speech on the subject: “If the letters ACT formed an abbreviation, what would it be?� The question that was created by TM Rawaa Abdulkarim. Table Topics tests the ability of speakers to think quickly on their feet, and Nada displayed this ability beautifully. Also participating were TMs Jawaher

Zahran that won the second place and Basima Belkasim in the Table Topics competition, among others. Finally, the International Contest was won by TM Hodan Abdulrazak for her invigorating and refreshing speech. She emerged to speak with a brightly colored turban on her head, and that was the first of many pleasant surprises that added a mesmerizing effect to her wide-ranging speech that touched upon topics from the education system to the mechanics of protest, and beyond. It was a well-deserved win in a category that included TMs Mazza FarajAllah and Sukaina Alkuhlani, who also gave inspiring and articulate speeches. We extend to congratulations!





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Mental Health for YOU

How Mind Conditioning Happens By: TK

The French Researcher Alphonso Bertillon once said: "One can only see what one observes, and one can observe only things that are already in the mind. " The above quote is true. For example, without a proper air conditioning system, we will not be able to smoothly conduct our lives. Similarly, without proper mind conditioning, we will not be able to live better, earn better and grow better. Let me explain to you what conditioning means. Conditioning is a learning process in which an organism's behavior becomes dependent on the occurrence of a stimulus. For instance, a crying baby is a stimulus for a mother to feed the baby immediately. Fear of losing a job is a stimulus to perform the job better. Fear of losing a relationship is a stimulus to remain faithful. Similarly, there are many occurrences of stimulus that governs our everyday behavior, habits and preferences, and our mind gets conditioned through repetition of such acts or activities. This is the reason why breaking a habit is not an easy task for most of us. Let's see with this metaphor how conditioning happens: Have you ever seen an elephant carrying a huge log? You may wonder! How on earth man has been able to exercise control on such a powerful animal? Well, it goes like this. A baby elephant is initially taken into captivity and is tied with a strong chain to a strong tree. The baby elephant makes attempts to run away but fails consistently numbers of times, and it occurred to him that trying to get free is not possible. He then becomes a slave. One day the baby elephant becomes a giant elephant and it's tied with an ordinary rope, the elephant could with one pull walk away free, destroy the master, or create a havoc but it doesn't. This is because of the conditioning it went through.

The giant elephant forgets his true monstrous power. We're no different - Human beings are constantly being conditioned consciously or unconsciously from the very early days of life by exposure to the kind of books we read, the kind of movies and TV programs we watch, the kind of music we listen to, the kind of company we keep and avoid, and finally the kind of environment and experiences with which we live. Of all the influences on human conditioning the worst is television and internet. Why? Television viewing is substantially high along with internet browsing. The problem is we watch more number of hours of television or videos in the name of entertainment. And on top of that, we usually end up watching stuff that is detrimental to our mental health and well being. According to a research, the average child will watch 8,000 murders on TV before finishing elementary school. By age eighteen, the average boy has seen 200,000 acts of violence on TV, including 40,000 murders. I think these figures are enough to tell you the whole story of how poorly we are conditioned. Remember, mind manufactures thoughts, ideas and habits through the input we deliver through our eyes and ears. The better the input quality, the better will be the output. And, we as organisms of choice can choose to recondition our mindset, can choose to be a winner in the game of life, can choose the good stuff over bad and can choose intelligence over ignorance.

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Issue # 5 - Wilderness  

This issue has many topics ranging from mental health, the marine life environment, Jeddah events and exclusive interviews.

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