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Issue # 6

Summer Issue Jul. 31, 2013

Speaking cover: Fun in Summer Sun Western countries who celebrates

Ramadan Competition in Social Media

Good or Bad? Bazaars in Ramadan are

Trending How to make the BEST out of a summer?

Picture taken in South Africa


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Shots taken during corniche Errand

The sun is blistering and the summer is right here. I’m happy to release the sixth YOU! Newsletter issue for summer season. There is nothing more exciting than the start of the summer. I am one of the people who gets enthusiastic and energetic for it. As usual, the theme for this issue is Summer Sun. My colleague and I were looking for a creative name until we finally decided on that one. Since each YOU! Newsletter cover photo has to represent a thematic meaning, the search has begun. As one of the summer plans, referring to Walaa AlGhamdi article on pg. 8, is to get out of your comfort zone, I wanted to try something new and went to the corniche of Jeddah, in the middle of the sun heat to take some shots. One thing I learned from this little errand. Never go out without your sunglasses!

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Around the World

Western Countries

Celebrating Ramadan

By Jawaher Zahran

As the number of Muslims is rising in western countries such as Canada, a supermarket in Canada was making a special offer and reducing the prices of dates in appreciation of the holy month of Ramadan. This raises an


point. If they can respect our religion, so should we. That is what we call the freedom of religions nowadays. It means that each nation should be able to practice its religion freely in other countries. I think that what everyone should be striving for.

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Diner Review for YOU A new restaurant in Town :


Photographed by Jawaher Zahran

To all sushi lovers, there is a

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watering crispy shrimps.

new Japanese restaurant that has opened in Jeddah located in the famous city district, Tahlia opposite Tujjar Jeddah.

The sushi here is unlike a normal sushi you would taste elsewhere. It has got a dreamy flavor and crispy rice. One kind is called Majesty Sushi.

What makes this diner experience unique is that it has a modern style, high-end atmosphere and a cozy eating environment with dimmed lighting.

Another signature dish that you should order as you first arrive is the Mizo soup. It is a Japanese soup with seaweed and tofu that is warmly served.

I have tried the restaurant myself and it was an astonishing experience. I also recommend many dishes that I have tasted in my visit such as rock shrimps which is a dish that has chilly and mouth-

There are also many delicious side dishes like salads and main-course dishes such as Tebanyaki and others. Lastly, don’t forget to go on a visit to the place.

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Technology Booth for YOU

Competition in Social Media

Good or Bad?


among businesses is a healthy sign since it triggers improvement. However, not all competitions are a good thing. Some rivals can go to extreme levels and start up a competition war where it gets ugly. As the number of people using and joining social networking sites or apps are rising nowadays. So is the competition between these rival companies. We all know that recently Instagram wanted to compete with similar mobile applications such as Keek by introducing

videos as well. Not a long ago, Twitter, the world’s famous social site, was overhearing about this innovation and thought about making videos too by embedding an application called Vine. To make this even better, Twitter was uniquely famous for using hashtags to help businesses or people converse using similar hashtags with their tweets. Facebook also felt like putting hashtags, like the ones on Twitter, not a bad idea. Back to the point, competition is good if without exceeding the accepted limit.

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Picture from the World

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Events in Jeddah

Ramadan and Bazaars

Qilada Accessories


in Ramadan have become a tradition. The idea of these bazaar events is to showcase the small businesses and the emerging entrepreneurs’ products. The Ramadanian bazaars are mostly traditional in nature. They usually revolve around Ramadan clothing such as women’s traditional apparel called Thobs and sometimes Abayas. In addition to that, they display artwork or crafty and hand-made items

like the ones displayed in the pictures above. One of the bazaars I went to was the Venue Executive Club, organized by Noha Sindi, that took place on the 14th and 15th of Ramadan. It showed lots of unique accessories from a small business called Qilada, among others. It also exhibited a various collection of women’s Thobs and other uniquely made crafts.

Don’t Let it Be a Wasted Summer!

Page 8 Theme Topic Inspiration for YOU

By Walaa A. AlGhamdi

Summer time is the best

time to break the routine and experience new things. In summer, we have double the time available in our hands which gives us a great chance to plan for numerous activities. Many people spend their summer doing the usual things they are used to, without realizing how useful summer can be. Hence, how can we get the most out of our summer holidays? It is frustrating when someone suddenly realizes that summer has started and he has no idea what to do. Although he was thinking of it for the last two months, without planning he will not accomplish what he desires. Summer plan has to be done ahead of time that considers various aspects of life to ensure satisfying results. Firstly, it is good to start a change that is somewhat drastic, like a haircut, a new paint for a room, or any change that has a long-term effect. Such a change will boost our energy for the whole season. One of the good ideas is starting a healthy routine, in which we gradually build healthy habits. Another thing to consider in summer plan is maintaining

a variety of activities. In addition to travelling and hanging out with family and friends, we can dedicate some time to learn something such as taking an online course for a topic we are interested in, or watching some documentaries to widen our gaze. In general, the planned activities should cover multiple areas from education, entertainment, health to social interaction and other practices. There are many ideas from which we can go ahead and experience a great summer. Here are some of the points that I set for myself and it’s good for you. 1. Start a healthier routine If you are already implementing a healthy lifestyle, try to take it to the next level. Search for the latest updates in health and fitness information, and try to engage yourself in some communities with the same interest. If you are still in the comfort zone of yours and did not take a decision of living a healthy life yet, make this summer a turning point in your life. 2. Spend more time with family and friends It is time to relax and enjoy being surrounded with our families and friends. Arrange for a reunion for the whole family members, school friends, or even neighbors. Listen to their stories and be involved with their updates.

3. Spend more time with yourself Long time has passed, and you probably could not get a chance to communicate with the inside of you for a sufficient amount of time. Dedicate time to think deeply, to breathe slowly, to meditate unlimitedly, and to write ceaselessly. 4. Do the unnecessary things you love Bring out the childish spirit in you, and do something crazy and cheerful. 5. Wrap up your busy calendar Our calendars are full of meetings and appointments. Go to the doctor appointment you have been delaying, visit the bank to update your account information, and answer the pending emails in your mailbox. Finish whatever is there in your to-do list and free yourself from the full fat schedules! 6. Search for new inspirations Look for uprisings with original i d e a s , su r f fo r c r e a ti v e organizations, and discover new brilliant websites on the internet. Connect with those people who invested in a little and gained a lot, and try to understand the originality of each inspiration . Summer holiday is a precious time, and precious time should only be dedicated to do precious activities. Make your plan to have fun under the summer sun, and do not let it be a wasted time.

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