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Issue # 3 Feb. 10, 2012


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Spontaneous Art At DAH

Topics in This Issue: Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Drive Meditation Marathon The Best Relationship No Art‌..No Culture! Photographed By: Jawaher Zahran

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Editor’s Letter Dear Reader of U! Newsletter, U! Newsletter is happy to release the third issue after merging with the Journalism Club of Dar Al Hekma College. For the club, this is considered the first issue that is exclusively for DAH readers along with readers from everywhere. Club President Editor-in-Chief

U! Newsletter Team Club Advisor Samar Al Sayed

Club Vice President Walaa Abdulah

I hope you enjoy reading every word of this issue. The main aim of this newsletter is to draw the smiles on each one’s face and to inspire people about all aspects of life. I believe that life is just full of inspiration and beauty. As usual, each issue has a theme and the theme of this issue is Art. With Love, Jawaher Zahran U! Contributing Writers Contributors from DAH: Walaa Abdulah

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No Art...No Culture! General Contributors: Tonja EdgeComb The Best Relationship Jawaher Zahran Support for Breast Cancer Drive

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Have You Ever Heard About …?

Meditation Marathon By: Walaa Abdulah

As it is challenging to keep running in a marathon, it is challenging to go on you meditation continuously for a specific period. Here is the combination you set in a marathon where everybody around you meditates. It could be for 6 hours, 10 hours or even 24 hours of full Meditation. A meditation Marathon “Set down, Rise up” was organized in Manhattan on November 6-7, 2009. There were about 100 mediators setting In a room of glass for 24 hours!. Shell Fischer - a writer in Yoga Local blog explains: “Technically speaking, marathoners won’t be sitting for 24-hours straight; they plan to meditate in 40-minute intervals, and take 10-minute “walking meditation” breaks around the block. Normally, these are extremely slow, silent walks in which mediators focus on the precise movements of their body—much like yoga.” This kind of events are not for supporting charity projects or any project only, they can be just for spreading the awareness of the meditation importance. Actually the Idea is not about the marathon but the meditation itself. You won’t be able to join a marathon if you’re not a mediator, just like running Marathon, it’s all about your body fitness.

DO YOU THINK IT WORTH IT ? For me, Yes I did. Simply we need a thing that keep the balance in our crowded lives, that thing would be MEDITATION. It’s been known that meditation has so many benefits, if you search them you will find more than 100 benefits let us get to the balance that we need.

MEDITATION OR YOGA? Meditation is one of the Five Principles of Yoga. You can meditate without going on Yoga workout. Both of them are related, and together they give better results. In conclusion, I urge to make your life better by starting regular meditation sessions. Find out the “ Yoga online” videos and search more about the subject so you’ll be encouraged. Don’t waste time, a better life with less stress awaits

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Events Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Drive By: Jawaher Zahran


ctober! It is the pink month or that what is it known for. Everyone wants to wear pink or stick the famous pick ribbon somewhere. All what they wanted is to show some support like sticking the pink ribbon logo in shopping stores at malls. Dar AlHekma College is always the supporter of humanitarian events like this one. Why October? You might ask yourself why they picked October as the official month for breast cancer awareness like I asked myself. Our dear friend Google helped me find out about the reason because everything meant to have a reason. Taken from the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAN) organization, they started the first race for cure in 1983 when eight hundred people participated in Dallas, Texas. Nowadays, millions of people from around the globe participate in this amazing cause. On October 26, 2011, there was a big event for Breast Cancer Awareness that was held in Dar AlHekma College by Istathmir organization. A competition was made to encourage people, boys and girls, with creative ideas to participate to aware people of this crucial disease for women in Saudi Arabia. The founder of the organization and the leader of that event is a very aspiring businesswoman and graduating banking and finance student, Alaa Al-Mizyen. I happened to join that competition with the breast cancer awareness T-shirts idea that led me to be one of the four finalists that presented their campaign idea in the event. I chose the T-shirts idea because for me, the best way to promote for a cause is by wearing something about it. So, this idea came to my head and I wanted to make unique and catchy T-shirts that will encourage people to buy. Luckily, I was event picked as one of the winners with the third place.

Theme: Art

Done by one of the students in DAH


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About the Paintings! In a small table that was full of paintings, colors and brushes that was placed in the middle of the college atrium, students gathered to contribute to society through their soft, lovely drawings by their hands. As always, Dania Al Masri, in Social Resposibilty Unit, helped organize this for charity through using art. What a nice idea!

Diabetes Awareness Covered by: Jawaher Zahran


is the color of

diabetes. Dar-Al Hekma always shares with the world her care for such worldly events. This event took place at DAH earlier last semester for the concern of DAH member’s health and to avoid it by doing some healthy habits. Everyone was happy wearing blue to support this beneficial health occasion.

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The Best Relationship To n j a




A conversation I most often have with clients is the one regarding relationships. It is overwhelming the number of men and women, from all walks of life and all ages that fear being alone. Some go from one relationship to the next with disastrous results, because they feel being with anyone is better than being alone.

All good relationships take work. Work on your self is no different. Choices will have to be made. You will need to spend quality time with yourself each day. Listen to your heart and learn your true desires. Love and forgive yourself. Treat yourself with the same respect and affection you give to others.

Fear of being alone has a high price. The casualties are true happiness, peace, and your spirit. You lose connection with your spirit when you seek satisfaction in life from outside relationships. It is your spiritual self that connects you to Higher Consciousness. This connection is vital to a healthy mind and body as well as spirit .

You need to have a good relationship with yourself before you can have a rewarding relationship with anyone else. The two go hand in hand. A relationship with other person should never define you. A relationship with another is meant to enhance your life.

You have to go within to reconnect to Source Energy and recharge your life. This spiritual connection gives you security, self-esteem and self-worth. It is introspection that creates the next steppingstone on your life's path. It is hard work, but it has rewards. Begin the process of selfdiscovery and doors will open. You will discover a new you, a happy and healthy you .

Quality relationships exist when both partners are happy before the other comes along. No one wants to bare the responsibility of another person’s happiness. You can’t make others happy. We are each responsible for our own happiness. Fear of loneliness disappears when you make the transformation from insecure to empower. . Develop the spiritual you and experience the life you are meant to live. Live an abundant life.

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Theme Topic

No Art...No Culture!! By Walaa Abdullah Going back to history, we see that art is every culture’s beautiful face. It is the way by which people show their creativity through their talents, the amicability to express their choler, and the magic of words to voice their feelings. People keep searching for the past cultures’ history; they want to know about others because they need to relate to the past. They celebrate whenever they find any masterpiece. All the past cultures' masterpieces are still remarkable although people do not know much about their history. That is how much art is needed and admired.

Source: Google Images First, the lack of cultural entertainment leads people to have other activities like going to dining places where food entertainment is considered, hanging out and shopping or becoming technology addict. It also limits the

Imagine a society which has no cultural life

variation means of entertainment in their

where the fine art, theatre and music are




entertainment are available , when they travel

discover and develop their talents? What

abroad for instance, they usually tend to go to

would be the alternative entertainment in

the same typical ways of entertainment which

the absence of cultural activities? Limited

they got used to. And if one compares

interests and losing talents will be the

between a society which has the theatre and

absolute result. We are concerned here

art as part of it entertainment culture with

with analyzing these results in Saudi soci-

another society that has no idea about this










Theme Topic

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side life, one will notice the huge gap in the knowledge, tolerance, and taste. Art stimulates the desire inside a person to seek knowledge





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cultures. Art also refines the taste, so people do

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not get satisfied with frivolous programs and do

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not adopt superficial interests. Talented people in Saudi Arabia do not have certain institutions or

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places where they can discover, practice and develop their talents. Basically, the educational system does not offer them any help for it does

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not include an enough subjects about art. Second, the independent local organizations which are concerned about Art are very few. Consequently,






entertainment production is very scarce, and it

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requires the union of many factors to produce distinguished






entertainment movement. In a society like Saudi we see art is needed but not supported nor admired. Therefore, the role of art must be instilled among people, so they can express themAcknowledgements

selves through their talents. Art is not about expressing feelings or developing the talents only, it is one of the basics of any civilization, it is life.

Special thanks to the senior Graphic student, Manahel Alkoor, for upgrading and designing a wonderful logo of the newsletter

U! Newsletter - Issue # 3  
U! Newsletter - Issue # 3  

The theme is arts. It talks about art and many more.