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Social Media Trend Who doesn‟t use Facebook? Or Twitter? Or any social network site? Indeed, we are part of something called “Social Media Trend” that has emerged in this age and time. It is a trend like any fashion trend. Like TV or any media, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Facebook was made to stay connected with family and friends. In addition, its other purposes are to promote businesses and grab more connections from potential costumers. And then, people started misusing this technology tremendously. Some might use it to interfere in others‟ profiles and spread embarrassing stuff about them. Users can harm others or even harm themselves by posting „weird‟ photos or „awkward‟ statuses. The thing is, they can‟t know how many people have seen their profiles. Some might claim that they are free to do whatever, but how free is free? For instance, they shouldn‟t post secret information. Let‟s say that a cyber criminal hacked the profile, then he/she would know almost everything about the person including the tiny stuff. Technology is nice, but we should use it right. We should be smart enough to know what to post and what not to post. The intelligent person would know how he/she wants to be seen by the public eye. We are all brands and products on these websites, so in order to be a successful product, we should make a good promotion about ourselves and vice versa. So, think, decide, and then think again before posting a thing. What you think is unimportant can be lifethreatening.

TOPIC S Headline Social Media Trend By Jawaher Zahran

Editors ‘s letter



Event Coverage


Event Coverage


By: Jawaher Zahran

Editor’s Letter I’m sure all of you is so eager to see or read the first issue of U! I’m sure everyone of you would ask how it will look like and how it is going to be published. I finally bring this newsletter to your hands. Enjoy reading every article! Be patient and try to read word by word. You won’t get bored, trust me! Love,

The Artistic Designer


Theme Story : EXOTIC TRIPS


Photographed by Jawaher Zahran

A Trip to Maldives : A Trip to Heaven Maldives is the place for relaxation to all people and the intimacy for the newlywed couples.

A beach is like a swimming pool. With the blistering sun, all what you think of is to throw yourself into the bright blue water. Idyllic white sands are everywhere. Tropical flowers are at your reach if you would like to pick one. Palm trees give shades to cool the air. They are thousands of islands beside each others in the Indian ocean. Each island has its own uniqueness. I have been to an island called Naladhu. This is-

land is a high standard spot with a 7-star resort. It is perfect for honeymoon and people who are searching for privacy, silence and mental escape from the whole world. Each room has its private pool and a luxurious bathroom with a Jacuzzi and steam bath. At the time the night falls, everything is quiet in the island. The only sound that you would hear in your cozy bedroom is the sound of the loud ocean waves hitting the beach. If you are looking for a romantic night, you can go to a restaurant under the light of candles. Another island that I visited was Dhigu Island by riding a taxi boat. Dhigu is more fun than

Naladhu because it has few restaurants, bars and cafÊ’s. Also, if you are a person who likes adventures, that island has few activities like parasailing, rafting, snorkeling or surfing behind a boat. Maldives is the perfect getaway if you are looking for a breathtaking scenery in a short duration of time.

By Jawaher Zahran




Event Coverage: Art Auction For Humanity Art Auction for Humanity took place on April 24 & 25 at the Westin Hotel in Jeddah. Rania Al-Harith, the founder of Benefit Arabia, took the lead of this event and it turned out to be a success. Art enthusiasts came to support this charitable event. The reason for the success was because of the passion and teamwork and the organizers were: Soraya Darwish, Raneem Darwish, Dania Al Masri and Sarah Alkhedheiri among others . The purpose behind auctioning the works of art was to give a financial aid to Al Wedad Charity Foundation for the Orphans without identity.

The event began with classic music playing all around the Dunaity ballroom. And I was walking around the place with amazement and astonishment by all the artworks. Every work tells a different story and has a different meaning. Each one of us would interpret each painting or photograph based on our own perspectives. That’s the beauty of art in my opinion. That’s there is no right or wrong. True or false. I began my process of interviewing supporting artists of the event and started with Maan Salha , a photographer and a writer in Design magazine.

U : Tell us about your work?


Maan Salha: There are three pictures. One

Mir Anwar: My work revolves around re-

picture is a man mourning for the death of my Grandma, may God rest her in peace. The other picture is a woman removing a scarf from her face which indicate the freedom of speech.

ligion. It is very cultural and spiritual art.

The last one is talking about faith


“ That’s an island mosque at dusk time . That’s also the verses of Surat Mariyam,” Mir pointing at his photos. Freedom of speech

Later on, I went to one of the Graphic Designer students and a photographer , Jawaher Abbar.

Jawaher Abbar: My work is all about na-

M A : Yes, I have done lots of exhibitions in New York. I have a collection called the New York Series. I displayed the collection in a local café there.

ture and animals. It conveys the beauty of nature. I also think it is psychologically spiritual and peaceful.

being a part of

Jawaher Abbar’s work

J A: I feel it gives more value to my work than just money and this is what I want


Another participant called Lulu Abujadayel whom I also interviewed “ My work is about the usage of light in my photos”, said lulu. When I asked her how she felt about participating , she said “ It is a big opportunity for me to show my work and a good experience.” In addition to that, I interviewed one of the remarkable phographers, Mir Anwar.

Mir lived in New York and he had a strong connection towards religion. That was why his work was about it, he stated.

U: Did you participate in other exhibitions?

U: Tell me about your work?

U: How do you feel such event?

What is your work about?

“My collection here is quite Islamic and I think it is more suitable to display over here than NY”, he said. Mir Anwar is also a wedding photographer as he mentioned.

Mir Anwar’s Work

On the second day, the auctioning of the artworks began. Jawaher Abbar attended the auction with a beautiful picture of a wolf in snow mountain.

Mir Anwar at the auction

Also, an experienced Syrian painter, Ehsan Burhan joined the auction with a painting of a baby holding his mother’s palm. Further, a Palestinian photographer got auctioned with a photograph of an alleyway in Palestine that hide many stories. Mir Anwar also got the chance to be auctioned along with Maan Salha and Terese Strautmane, an artist and a Graphic Design faculty, with a painting of an elephant showing tiny figures of human. She said elephant was her favorite animal.

Some of the works were sold and some were not, but at least they’ve all gone through a tremendous experience of showing their A picture of The Syrian Painter work to the people who believed in their talents.

The comedian Ahmed Fathaddin auctioning

Suhair AlQurashi giving a speech at the event

ure o A pict

Me standing beside my painting


f the w

the e om at ballro


The Artistic Designer My work concerns Art. For me, drawing is the most fundamental way of engaging the world. Through drawing, I can look at things carefully. The act of drawing makes me conscious of what I’m looking at. If I wasn't drawing, I sense that I would not be seeing. Drawing is thinking. Drawing is essential to understand from, the ideas which make me belong to this department. Drawing accuracy was the first thing that I learnt. Then I began to think how to draw expressively. This eventually evolved as I entered design school. I began to think of how to mold design rules and policies to fit in to my drawing canvas. I believe that my life as a designer was between two sensibilities, art and design. Trying to find a way to fit in this classification or spectrum of a combined meaning of art and design was all what my work was about. My graphic work reflected my ability to appreciate and respond to the complex emotional, aesthetic influence of art. I am a designer who feels very close to a life of an artist. The stylistic thing that comes out of my hands is what distinguishes my work. Only my hand can define my way of thinking. Sustain is my interest toward design world. This is how I maintain my passionate in what I do. In my opinion, art performs a great function to the society that we live in; it is a practice that can create and provide gifts to the society. This is the statement that I follow whenever I design, work or draw. Identifying the rule of artists in history, and how they created a great impact like Dadaism anti-war artwork, is what inspires me the most. I always express every design project based on my own artistic visual representation of the subject. My work is purely conceptual, that is all about what the viewers perceive in their mind when they look at them the first time. My Idea about graphic design is that it is a great field of employing my artistic talents to function well in the society. It is my way in communicating responsible ideas that reflects my relationships to my family, community and the whole world. I have a capacity of astonishment toward Art World that I want to transfer through design. This is all what my work is about. This is my life mission. This is what makes me feel fortunate and amazed about my work. It is a great benefit to be an artistic person within a design field. I believe that drawing is a miraculous accuracy. By: Mona Ahmed Graphic Designer

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U! Newsletter - Issue #1  
U! Newsletter - Issue #1  

The theme for this issue is Exotic trips and many more interesting topics like a trip to Maldives.