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In UMW’s science labs, you’ll look at the challenge from different angles, new perspectives. You’ll regroup and re-engage until finally...mastery.



Question, debate, explain, defend. This is a process you’ll go through in class and after. Most of our classes have fewer than 30 students. And chances are, in a lot of your classes, the total number of students will be in the teens. Voicing your opinion is expected…and it’s easy. Because you’ll be heard, you’ll understand the importance of what you have to say – and have a great time in the process.

Who knew that talking about Einstein could lead to a discussion about racing pigeons*, which would jump to a conversation about whether or not you’d rather skydive or hang-glide, which would shift suddenly into a debate about which activity best illustrates the theory of relativity?

TOO SMART and independent for your own good? EXCELLENT! You’ll THRIVE in our challenging HONORS PROGRAM.

Yes, this kind of thing is typical. We celebrate the fact that everyone thinks differently.

Our freewheeling, interactive learning style allows you to ride traditional topics into unexpected territories. A few of the more

“Those who have been paying attention only to partnerships between Silicon Valley companies and the Ivies may be surprised that the beating heart of a tremendous amount of academic technology innovation is a small state university in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The University of Mary Washington has launched amazing initiatives that should be replicated widely because it’s clear that they advance teaching and learning in myriad ways.”

– The Blue Review

than 50 popular first-year seminars

Pirates, Liars, and Pigeons: Not Your Typical Math Course • The Video Game Canon: The Most Important Video Games Ever Made • Can Machines Think? • Lies of Spies: Espionage as Fact, Fiction, and Theatre • Mad Scientists, Bad Scientists, and Evil Geniuses




Give one answer, we’ll ask for two more. Offer an opinion, we’ll ask why. Give one answer, we’ll ask for two more. Offer an opinion, we’ll ask why.


Accomplishment. You know the drill.

First, there’s a challenge. And a commitment to succeed at it. Then comes focused effort, struggle, maybe a few surprise twists and turns, sometimes disappointment, but never defeat. That’s not you. You look at the challenge from different angles, new perspectives. You regroup and re-engage until finally...mastery. Small, energizing classes;

Because there’s no easy way to get there, and there’s no feeling like it in the world.

master teachers; and 4,515 curious, committed undergrads (along with more than 500 graduate students).

Welcome to the University of Mary Washington. Where great minds get to work.

This isn’t an education on auto-pilot. We’re one of the top public liberal arts and sciences universities in the nation (Just check out our rankings in the most prestigious selective guides.) We’ll challenge you to make the connections that aren’t obvious: the beauty in science and the logic in theater. We’ll help you imagine broadly and think deeply. We’ll encourage you to look for the wisdom hidden inside every mistake you’ve ever made. Don’t worry – we’ll also make plenty of time for Facebook, Frisbee, and fun. This is a closeknit campus where friends are like family and opportunity bubbles up all around you. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud in the residence halls, kicking back in the dining hall, toning up in the fitness center, and generally having a great time wherever you run into good friends, which is pretty much everywhere. But we don’t make things any simpler than they should be, because you’re not going to college to be less than you are.

The honor code: No lying. No cheating. No stealing. Period.

More than sixty undergraduate majors, minors, and courses of study through the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, and College of Education.

SCHOOL OF THOUGHT MAJORS American Studies Anthropology Art (Studio Art) Art History Biology Business Administration with emphases in Accounting, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing Chemistry Chemistry (ACS certified degree) Classical Civilization Classical Archaeology Computer Science Computer Science concentration in Information Systems Computer Science concentration in GIS Economics Education* English English with concentration in Creative Writing Environmental Science - Natural Environmental Science - Social Environmental Geology French Geography Geology

German Historic Preservation History Interdisciplinary Science Studies International Affairs Latin Leadership and Management Studies (adult degree completion program only)

Mathematics Music Philosophy Philosophy concentration in Pre-Law Physics Political Science Psychology Religion Sociology Spanish Theatre Women’s and Gender Studies

CERTIFICATE Geographic Information Science *Undergraduates pursuing education must complete a major, but they can take education courses that count as electives toward the bachelor’s degree and prepare them to meet teaching licensure requirements through five-year undergraduate/graduate programs leading to a master’s degree.



Applied Mathematics Asian Studies Biology Business Administration Business French Business German Business Spanish Chemistry Computer Science Data Sciences Digital Studies Economics Environmental Sustainability French German Linguistics Mathematics Middle Eastern Studies Museum Studies Musical Theatre Neuroscience Physics Security and Conflict Studies Social Justice Urban Studies

Students also have the option to design a special major that combines courses from two or more academic disciplines into a coherent plan of study. Special majors are developed with a faculty advisor and approved by a curriculum committee. Examples of some of the special majors UMW students have developed are Journalism, Digital Media Studies, Italian Studies, Linguistics, Biochemistry, Communication, Arts Management, and Latin American Studies.

PRE-PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS At UMW, designated faculty advisors assist students with course selection leading to certain career paths or professional schools. Specialized advising is available for the following: Accounting Health Sciences Pre-Medical Pre-Dentistry Pre-Veterinary Pre-Law

COURSES ALSO OFFERED IN: Arabic Chinese Communication Dance Greek Health Education Italian Interdisciplinary Studies Library Science Military Science Physical Education

GRADUATE DEGREES Master of Education (M.Ed.) Initial Licensure Five-Year Pathway Programs Master of Education (M.Ed.) Initial Licensure Programs in PostBaccalaureate Pathways Master of Education (M.Ed.) for Professional Development or Added Endorsement Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MSMIS)

Vivid learning Rappahannock

Work with a senator on Capitol Hill. Practice your German in Germany or plan to explore Spain, France, Australia, Egypt, China, England, Italy, Scotland, Ecuador, or Ireland. Partner with a professor to develop electro catalysts to reduce carbon monoxide. Create a new bank to make micro-loans to needy people in developing countries.

Our students have done all these, and more. Truth is, you’ll learn as much outside the classroom as you do in it, with amazing options for: • Study abroad • Internships • Fieldwork • Research • Independent study • Volunteering and community service Our campus in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia is located between Washington, D.C. and Richmond — ­roughly 50 miles from each city, so there are opportunities everywhere to get in on the ground floor with businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and global organizations. We’ll help you find the right one.


We devote more than a quarter million dollars each year to support student research, fieldwork, travel, scholarship, and our unique Summer Research Institute.

River recreation area: camping, kayaking, fishing, hiking, tubing – and popular UMW outdoor classroom


• American Red Cross • Department of Homeland Security • State Department • FBI • Library of Congress • Madison Square Garden • The Sierra Club • Merrill Lynch • United States Embassy • Lockheed Martin And that’s just for starters...

You’ll refer to them in many ways: teacher, mentor, master, innovator…the eccentric dude with the rumpled shirt, flip-flops, and funny one-liners. You’ll call them outside of office hours, and they’ll answer – or at least tweet their whereabouts. You’ll partner with them in the lab and in the field and in the classroom, in small groups and one on one. And you will partner with them, because every class – every class – is taught by a passionate, skilled master teacher who believes that education is a journey to be taken with students.

Shawn Humphrey, Economics

SIMPLY PUT: Our nationally recognized professors are dedicated experts, and they’ll become lifelong mentors who’ll help you with steps on your career journey.

Seven of Mary Washington’s master teachers were listed in the inaugural edition of Princeton Review’s The Best 300 Professors!


minds have

purposes.� Essayist Ana Garcia Chichester, Spanish

Washington Irving

Clarence Tweedy, English

At UMW, you give your


shape and see it take


Biology in the field. UMW professors like to get students out and about to explore the rich environment and history of the region

Alan Griffith, Biology

Melina Patterson, Geography

Brain waves Think: You find yourself with a free hour. How do you spend it? Chances are you’ll have plenty of options here. You can always just sit on a bench on Campus Walk* or in an Adirondack chair on Ball Circle and observe what’s going on around you. But you also are encouraged to get involved in what interests you. Fortunately, we won’t have to push hard. More than 90 percent of freshmen live on campus and the culture is all about getting active in one (or several) of our 120-plus student clubs, organizations, athletics teams, and volunteer groups. Eagle athletics, for example: Everyone’s a player or a fan. Eight of our NCAA Division III teams achieved national ranking last year, with seven claiming conference titles. The Eagles have produced 287 All-Americans.

The Urban Dictionary defines “bench sitting” as a leisure activity, unique to University of Mary Washington students.

But it’s about more than sports. Students book campus concerts by top performing artists and bring in provocative thinkers and speakers because they figure the debates are going to be lively. They plan festivals and form club sports teams, political groups and social organizations.

It’s an amazing feeling. Thousands of our students have discovered that they can do just a little to change the world. They do so through volunteer and service learning projects at homeless shelters, international assistance programs, the SPCA, churches, and many other organizations. It helps you sort out what you really, truly believe in.

+1 million As a student, Shin Fujiyama started Students Helping Honduras, a national organization that has raised more than $1 million for orphanages, schools, and communities in Honduras.


Check out who’s playing at The Underground, sign up for an Ultimate Frisbee tourney, volunteer at the Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center, take your extra Ramen noodles to the Food Bank, help plan the Multicultural Fair, do publicity for Fredericksburg Clean and Green Community, participate in a Habitat for Humanity build...

LISTEN, LEARN, GROW. Some recent campus visitors: Anthony Bourdain • Michelle Obama • Keenan Thompson • Passion Pit • Ben & Jerry • FUN. • Matt and Kim • Ben Folds • Wale • Taking Back Sunday • Lupe Fiasco • Jimmy Eat World • We the Kings • Michael Ian Black


UMW students pitch in. They lead. Give directions. Return the iPhone you left in The Underground. Smile. And donate countless hours to organizations that help people they will never see.

• Baseball • Basketball (men and women) • Cross country (men and women) • Field hockey • Lacrosse (men and women) • Soccer (men and women) • Softball • Swimming (men and women) • Tennis (men and women) • Indoor track and field (men and women) • Outdoor track and field (men and women) • Volleyball • Horseback riding

Learning with Style Two months in, and you’ll wonder how you ever made it without the roommate you met the first day of school. Or the friend across the hall…and his roommate. Or the nice woman at Naturally Woodstock, who makes sure there’s enough red pepper Gouda soup every Wednesday. You thought you belonged before, but wow, this is different. Stop a dozen people on campus and ask them what they like best about Mary Washington: “The people. My friends. The people. The community. The peo… .” You get the idea. The fact that most of our students live on a safe, beautiful, wooded campus certainly helps. But it’s the intangibles – the family feel, the camaraderie, the pervasiveness of the Honor Code, the sense that you can count on anyone at any time – that set Mary Washington apart. Newly renovated Monroe Hall has classrooms with wooden floors and comfy, round desks

Anderson Center: home to basketball and volleyball

“I have to leave for class 15 minutes early because of all the friends I run into along the way.”

Battlefield Athletic Complex:

– David Hart, 2014, geography

home to lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, rugby, baseball, softball, tennis, track and field

Why you’ll rarely leave: good restaurants and coffee shops, terrific fitness center, music concerts, sports events, on campus apartments, big-screen movies, live theater, and much more.


Live in an historic RESIDENCE HALL with sweeping staircases, hardwood floors, 12-foot ceilings, or in an APARTMENT with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances: • BALL HALL • EAGLE LANDING Or choose CONCEPTual living, which melds residential living, academics, and individual/ group interests.

Just the facts

Here are some stats and sentiments from a recent survey of UMW graduates:

“The education I received from Mary Washington has directly resulted in three promotions since 2009.”

“I believe the education I received at UMW was very beneficial to my ability to think critically, write well, and analyze information – all essential skills in today’s market.”

“A wonderful education in a beautiful setting, making lifelong friends. UMW is in my heart.”

“Best school ever. Please make sure that the faculty is highlighted – getting to know my professors made the college experience great for me.”

The world is waiting…for YOU At Mary Washington, you benefit from the perfect blend of theory and practice. Whether you’re studying environmental science, theater, or historic preservation, you’ll supplement your exceptional classroom experiences with hands-on research in state-of-the-art labs and with rich opportunities for internships and fieldwork. Throughout the process, you are paired with a Student Success Coordinator, who will guide you as you select classes, make summer plans. pursue internships, and hone your resume. Through this partnership, post-graduate plans remain top-of-mind. Beyond that, our forward-thinking technology gurus will help you set up your own home on the web! You can develop your own virtual domain – personalized with your information and populated with your papers and accolades. Talk about standing out among your peers…

There’s more: At Mary Washington, you can study abroad without leaving campus! We have a globe-trotting professor who sets up his computer and beams a Geography 101 class from various locations around the world. Want to run a half-marathon, but lack the discipline and know-how? Take a class at Mary Washington and get advice from an expert along with comrades for the grueling training runs. As a final exam, participate with 8,000 other runners in the Marine Corps Historic Half, which winds by the UMW campus. Join your UMW classmates, who recently donated 10,329 pounds of clothing that never made it out of the back of their dorm room closets, breaking all kinds of Goodwill Industries records.



Direction. Friendship.

“I learned how to be a scholar

You’ll learn who you are and how you think best. Once President Hurley places that diploma in your hand at UMW’s distinctive commencement ceremony, you’ll know you have the right stuff, regardless of the path you choose.

And those potential paths are many. Lots of Mary Washington graduates choose graduate or professional school to prep for careers in law, medicine, the sciences, economics, creative writing, performance, history, and more.

and think critically across disciplines, which has been the foundation for my success.” –Mike Cirami, BS ’98, portfolio manager for a $200 billion/year

What might you become?

Anything you set your sights on!

investment corporation, Eaton Vance.

Broadway actress and singer, Natalie Joy Johnson ‘00 Chef/owner of Toki Underground, one of D.C’s hottest restaurants, Erik Bruner-Yang ’07

Many others choose to launch a career directly after graduation, and you’ll have the knowledge and abilities to excel in a fast-changing world.

Law clerk for former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Sinha ‘07

You’ll join a proud, elite network of entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, and leaders who know how to set goals, and how to achieve them.

Co-founder of KickApps, a social media technology firm that sold as part of a $77 million deal in 2011, Peter Clark ‘96

You’ll be what employers are looking for: a resourceful, articulate, adaptable, disciplined problem-solver and critical thinker.

Creator and Emmy-winning producer of PBS’ American Masters series, Susan Lacy ‘70

UMW is one of the TOP 10 PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES in the country for its four-year graduation rate.

”Cop-out answers? Forget it. Won’t work here.“ – Jeremy Thompson, 2013 history and political science

New York Times bestselling author of Shiver, a novel that has been auctioned for an upcoming movie, Maggie Hummel Stiefvater ’03 Executive Vice President in charge of worldwide creative services, Universal Pictures, Dan Wolfe ‘84

EXCEPTIONAL quality education, EXTRAORDINARY value:

America’s Best Colleges, Forbes

A yes brainer You should visit campus to get the full flavor of the Mary Washington experience. You’ll find the rigorous and personalized academics of an elite private school, but as a public liberal arts and sciences university, the return on your academic investment here is beyond compare.

Best Buy, Fiske Guide to Colleges Best Value, Peterson’s Guide to America’s Best Colleges America’s Top Colleges and Universities, Princeton Review 100 Best Values in Public Colleges, Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine

In fact, our tuition and fees are at least 30 percent less than those at many top private liberal arts and sciences colleges. In short, UMW’s quality-value equation is remarkable — something you’ll learn first-hand when you schedule a visit and talk to current students.

$28 million We distribute more than $28 million in financial aid through scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study funds from federal, state, internal, and private sources.

View from the top floor of the Fitness Center – Campus Walk and the Jepson Science Center with its oval fountain







During scheduled Open Houses, you can walk the campus with a student guide, visit the residence halls, have lunch in the dining hall, and learn what campus life is really like. You can talk with students and some of our master teachers, ask questions and explore. Or sign up for a visit on your own time, and we’ll make sure that staff members and students are here to greet you. Campus tours and information sessions are offered mornings and afternoons, Monday through Friday. Register for an Open House or independent visits at

Familiarize yourself with campus landmarks before you come by visiting








RESOURCES: ADMISSIONS 800/468-5614 540/654-2000 1301 College Avenue Fredericksburg, VA 22401

EARLY ACTION Notification by January 31

ATHLETICS 540/654-1039

REGULAR DECISION Notification by April 1


STUDENT AID APPLICATION Make sure to complete the FAFSA by the March 1 deadline

Visit, click on the Common Application link, and choose UMW.


Make sure to pay special attention to extra-curricular activities, community service, recommendations from others, and your personal essay narrative and story. Take time to fill out the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well.





Admissions 1301 College Avenue Fredericksburg, VA 22401 800/468-5614 540/654-2000 fax: 540/654-1857



University of Mary Washington viewbook 2013  

The who, what, when, where, how, and why of academic and campus life at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA.

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