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July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011


Cover — Saree Silverman Undergraduate IP project I am one and also two An installation of ceramic Ginkgo leaves, using the Ginkgo as a symbol for resilience

This page — Caroline Aulis Undergraduate IP project Ice and string Installation of 300 spheres of ice, exploring ways to slow time and motion in order to emphasize a single moment

From Bryan Rogers, Dean

  In these pages

we honor Michigan Art & Design alumni, parents and friends who contributed to the School. They, along with A&D faculty, staff and students, are the foundation of one of the most vibrant and robust art and design communities anywhere.

They live throughout the U.S. and beyond. Some graduated in this millennium; others were working in Lorch Hall studios when Harlan Hatcher was the University’s president. All share a belief in the personal and societal importance of creative work. This year’s Honor Roll of Donors includes testimonies from students, news about the 2011 All Alumni Exhibition, stories about A&D’s participation in ArtPrize and the School’s new faculty/graduate student studios, as well as some words from A&D donors. My thanks to every person listed in A&D’s 2011 Honor Roll of Donors. Best wishes and Go Blue!

Levester Williams I’m a junior at A&D, focusing on sculpture and computer design, with a minor in Afro-American Studies. While I might have been able to attend Michigan without

scholarship support, I would probably have been forced to choose to attend another school that did offer funding. The scholarship really helps. I can now afford art supplies for classes and some of it goes towards living expenses.

by Graduating Class Year

Class of 1945 Mrs. Ruth V. Mackmiller

Nancy Robertson Marsh Nancy Holt Nordlie

Class of 1937 Hope E. Lull

Class of 1946 Ms. Virginia F. Bailey Mr. Albert B. Chipman Evelyn L. Montgomery Mrs. Jean W. Thompson Dr. Elizabeth Perry Upton

Class of 1949 Richard W. Hirn Frank B. Vogler

2011 Honor Roll

Class of 1942 Dorothy Wiedman Bauer Mary Lou Welz Mrs. Phoebe Wyland Class of 1943 Mrs. Elizabeth H. Ulrey Class of 1944 Mrs. Sylvia E. Greenberg Mrs. Gloria J. Olson

Class of 1950 Alfred J. Prizlow Mrs. Ann Thomas Woodruff

Class of 1947 Mrs. Billie S. Britz June Leslie Jameson Mrs. Joyce E. Parrott Dorothy Quentin Steitz

Class of 1951 Paul Hoogesteger Dr. David Lyle Smith Class of 1952 James Richie Adair Mrs. Carol Bernstein Mrs. Ruth G. Farnham Robert L. Herhusky

Class of 1948 Ms. Clara B. Greenwood Prof. Emeritus William Lewis Mrs. Irene C. Marince

Being an out-of-state student can be financially challenging, but my scholarship has allowed me to devote more energy to learning and making art, which is what I’m here to do!

—Abby Bennett, BFA ‘12 Ned Dybvig Memorial Scholarship 3 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

w w t-design .umich .edu

The scholarship award also makes me feel that donors

organization that supports incoming black students;

support my interests, my passion, and my school. I’m grateful

and I’m involved with event planning for FOKUS, an

that they sacrifice some of their money for my education in

organization that brings the community together.

the arts. I come from a high school where the arts program

  Once I graduate I hope to work for a film

was poorly funded so I definitely appreciate the investment

company and eventually attend graduate school.

they’ve made in me and my future.

I definitely feel more confident about my future

  I enjoy Michigan and if I hadn’t come here I doubt I

because I was able to come to UofM. 

would have become interested in social justice. Michigan has opened my mind and gotten me more involved in the community where I can use my gift as an artist to help. I’m working with the Trotter Multicultural Center; I am the marketing and communications chair for an  B a c k g r o u n d d e t a i l — M i c h a e l S y r o n , Undergraduate IP Student, Absence/Presence

The Rev. William B. Klatt David A. Lauer George D. Sherotsky Mrs. Jeanne M. Tennent Class of 1953 Mr. Harold F. Langell Mrs. Doris H. Sperling Class of 1954 Mrs. W. Sue Auch John Lamont Osten-Sacken Mrs. Sally A. Parsons Mrs. Roddie McDonnell Pistilli Ms. Rosemarie E. Simonton Mrs. Margaret M. Turnbull Class of 1955 Ms. Rosemarie Safron Barrow Edward S. Patterson

Class of 1956 Mrs. Carol DeBolt Eikenbery Mr. Carl B. Hinrichs Mrs. Judythe R. Maugh Mrs. Patricia J. Vavrick Class of 1957 Anne James Breiholz Prof. John R. Rieben Russell L. Thayer Janet Weber Watkins Mrs. Nancy L. Whitman Class of 1958 Merl Joseph Grossmeyer Mr. David M. Johnston Carolyn F. Rosen William C. Zandi, Jr. Class of 1959 Triantafilos D. Argyropoulos

Mrs. Gail B. Odgers Joachim O. Petzoldt Robert A. Sedestrom Lawrence W. Smith Margaret F. Wolverton Class of 1960 Mrs. Judith S. Becker Ms. Joan M. Beesley Mrs. Ellen C. Childs Mr. Robert W. Curtis Edith D. Goldstein Lilykate W. Light Thomas John Walsh Matthew Zivich Class of 1961 Mrs. Mary Sue (Chica) Brunsvold Mrs. Amy Sue Carlson Donald W. Dierkes

2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 4 

Christine Golus (BFA ‘80)

As a child growing up in Detroit and Livonia, Christine Golus was “always doing some type of art project.” Despite her early penchant for the visual arts, she spent two years at Central Michigan University pursuing a degree in broadcast media.

Miss Margaret A. Hamil Susan Smucker Wagstaff

Mrs. Nancy S. Hoffman Mrs. Arline B. Johnstone Ronald A. Kleemann James F. McComb III Susan E. Pollins Joseph B. Poodry III Ernest Jay Ranspach Mrs. M. Catherine Williams Smith

Class of 1964 Mrs. Martha Aiken Barton Ms. Nancy K. Comer Ms. Aiko B. Holt William D. Mandt Stevan Melzian Ms. Barbara S. Shelley Mrs. Donella Reese Vogel

Class of 1962 Mrs. Carol H. Epkins Larry Allen Hoedema Ms. Bette Klegon Halby Mrs. Heidi Salvesen Mrs. Dale S. Sjogren

Class of 1965 Mrs. Penny Ann Eppy Mrs. Jane Evans Fink David R. Nelson Professor Paul R. Shortt Ms. Lyn H. Silberman Mrs. Susan Stair Stevens

Class of 1963 Richard F. Bouton Edward Pratt Foley

Jane Strasburg Ms. Terry A. Thall Robert W. Wilson Class of 1966 Miss Elaine Sue Cummings Christine S. Kennedy Donajane Lapinski Mrs. Mary Ann Lutomski Shurly Ms. Priscilla S. Moore Ms. Joan E. Rosenstein Penny W. Stamps Steven Zapton Class of 1967 Joan K. Amberg Mel Baker David Darst William C. Lebut, Jr.

One of the main reasons I applied to school here was the PLAY website. It really helped me get a better idea of what it would be like to come to A&D – the studios, the teachers, the assignments.

— Jessica Goldberg, MFA ‘12 PLAY is supported by Ilene and Marc Steglitz 5 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

w w w. p l a y g a l l e r y. o r g

It was only when she transferred to the University

  Despite her demanding schedule, Christine makes time

of Michigan that she discovered the field of graphic

to review and mentor students at A&D’s annual Portfolio


That discovery was both a revelation and a turning

Expo. She also supports the school financially. “I’ve come to

point. “The graphic design program not only combined my

appreciate the institutions that have made a real difference in

dual interests of art and communications,” she recalls, “it

my life,” she says. “A&D has a rare ability to train artists who

also opened up a whole new world of intellectual pursuit.”

can also write, solve problems and look at the world with a big

Three years later, Christine launched her career as a graphic

view. As a first-generation Polish-American, I feel especially

designer. In 1983, she accepted a job with Q LTD, a fast-

fortunate to have attended this university, and I’m happy to

growing design and branding firm co-founded by A&D

give back.” 

Professor Doug Hesseltine. Today, Q has offices in Ann Arbor and San Francisco as well as an affiliate in Wiesbaden, Germany. And Christine serves as the company’s creative director and vice president.   B a c k g r o u n d d e t a i l — S a r e e S i l v e r m a n , Undergraduate IP project, I am one and also two

Judith A. Mathieu William F. Moore John L. Murrel Ms. Marilyn Jane Sharrow Class of 1968 Dale Francis Bogaski Ms. Helga Haller Ms. Anne E. Marlotte Mrs. Sylvia Jean Nelson Class of 1969 Miss Lula Mae Blocton Mr. Steven R. Cole Mrs. Sherry L. Enrico Ms. Deborah Rogers Hamilton Mrs. Linda K. Hinkle Mrs. Lenea Howe Miss Ruth Merry Huang Susan J. Longini

Class of 1972 Mr. Robert D. Ahronheim Marilyn E. Bennett Daniel R. Long Ms. Lucinda Poland Ms. Lorra Rudman Joan Hall Sugihara Ms. Debbie U. Thompson Mr. Christopher Van Allsburg Mrs. Lisa Van Allsburg

Mr. Charles A. Raymond Joyce Barner Tinkham Ellen Wilt Class of 1970 Mrs. Sandra K. Berish Ms. Jan M. Boynton Ms. Elizabeth R. Cowan Miss Lucia E. Gates Stephen S. McMath Ms. Amelia Jean Wilks

Class of 1973 Mrs. Karen Kohn Duffy Mr. David Alan Factor Patricia S. Grimes Ms. Kristine Kourtjian Mrs. Janet Lee Radak Bob L. Riddle Mrs. Ellen L. Rontal Cynthia T. Yates

Class of 1971 William Eric Botkin Gayl Cosselmon Casgrain Olaf Haakonstad Mr. Michael B. Hannum Mr. Michael E. Hoeft Gary Walter Kell

The role of the School is to teach you how to think. Everyone can learn how to draw well. But being able to be a strong creative thinker and have innovative ideas is critical to being successful.

— Rose Jaffe, BFA ‘11

2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 6 

Class of 1974 Gloria Gardiner Mrs. Helen D. Geglio Ms. Kathleen F. Graddy Ms. Priscilla M. Mead Mr. Warren E. Robinson Mr. Philip S. Stefaniak Class of 1975 Laurie Allison Baker Bonnie Lynn Burke Mrs. Patricia A. Chase Mr. Russell F. Daly Susan Ann Fisher Walter Griggs, Jr. Carla Jolan Lenkey Therese Rickerman Smith Mr. Sam J. Viviano Ms. Martha M. Zimmermann Class of 1976 Ms. Karen Copeland-Weinstein Judith Ann Dean Mark J. Kidd Ms. Cathy J. Muha Ms. Gail Rosenbloom-Kaplan Ms. Leslie Gorder Rousseau Class of 1977 Ms. Camilla Anne Bowen Diane Mary Piepol Nadine Sokol Rinehart Mr. Michael D. Ward Carlotta Wilson Class of 1978 Cheryl Gordon Mrs. Shelley Doppelt Holtzman Mrs. Joan K. Rosenberg-Dent Mrs. Cheryl S. Stewart

Class of 1979 Martha Peterson Beffel Mr. William C. Burgard III Linda M. Holliday Sally Jean Hoyt Ellen Mears Kennedy Sandra A. Mossblad Cary Mark Sheremet Mrs. Lynn M.W. Stephenson Class of 1980 Mr. David J. Bartlett Ellen Bourgon Cynthia Denise Cowens Mr. Gordon W. Eason Karen Sue Esckelson Ms. Leslie Nobler Farber Christine Ann Golus Kay Marie Knight Cynthia Lee Wilhelm Kathleen E. Wills Class of 1981 Rebecca A. Akcasu Ms. Randi L. Gerber-Katz Mr. Luke S. Jordan Louis Ethan King Mr. James P. Leacock Mary Ann Matthews Ms. Catherine S. Miller Constance Sulewski Karen Pipsan Swanson Class of 1982 Denise R. Booher Ms. Carol Ann Gagliardi Mary C. Hafeli Mrs. Frances Johnson Hester Linda Goad Larisch Janet L. Love

Ms. Therese D. Panfil Kenneth J. Vigiletti Class of 1983 Mrs. Amy Peck Abraham Nancy G. Caplan Bernstein Gabriella T. Boros Ms. Annette Chang Mrs. Susan W. Saltzman Mrs. ErmaJean Tracy Mary Beth Trombley Ms. Alicia P. VanPelt Class of 1984 Ms. Jeri S. Hollister Terry M. LaBan Rita Lambros Jeffrey J. Mackin Amy W. McCarter Mrs. Carla J. Newman Ms. Mary-Shea D. Rozsypal Jonathan B. Stewart Linda L. Stockman Class of 1985 Oya S. Agabigum Mrs. Anne K. Higgins Mrs. Sarah A. Newhouse Deborah A. Schreier Class of 1986 Ms. Sylvia Hansen Jacqueline K. Hoats Prof. Janice L. Levy Mrs. Julia K. Smith Class of 1987 Ms. Linda C. Banks Mrs. Lisa K. Gaudie Vincent M. Hron

A n n e M o n d r o , Faculty Detroit’s Shadow, steel and copper wire

I traveled to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo. By the end of my journey I had visited six schools, given three presentations, two workshops and had two exhibitions; however, what I really traveled back to Ann Arbor with goes beyond my resume. I have a much greater appreciation for South America and look forward to continuing to build

this connection.   — Anne Mondro, A&D faculty Faculty international travel is supported by Bob and Ann Aikens (BFA ‘02) 7 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

Mrs. Shari J. Stein Class of 1988 Mr. Daniel C. Banda Mrs. Danielle Bodine Tracy A. Buescher Ms. Marlise S. Ellis Ruth Brownell Green Mrs. Perry Irish Hodgson Ms. Robin M. Landow Levitin Brian M. Norton Andi Faryl Schreiber Class of 1989 Katherine N. Blair Mrs. Wendy Johnson Costa Stacy M. Ennis Mrs. Sondra K. Phillips Ms. Dorothy J. Pipe Mrs. Kelly Louise Rindfusz Ann Marie VanDuyne Curtis C. Wallin Class of 1990 Amy Schwartz Charlson Craig E. Foster Class of 1991 Mrs. Krista Reay Berman Ms. Deborah L. Clark Mrs. Julie Hart Roberts Ms. Katherine K. Roeser-Nordling Ms. Jeanine E. Zaengle Class of 1992 Mrs. Beverly Bartfeld Mrs. Ellen P. Krugel Ms. Michele L. Trombley A l e x a n d r i a Tr i m n e r, B FA ‘ 1 1 We Forget That We Are Birds

K e n t C a l d w e l l , B FA ‘ 1 0 Balder and the Last Light

2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 8 

Rita Lee I love being an A&D student. The program at the School of Art & Design is demanding, fast-paced, and flexible. I learn how to cast bronze on Mondays and Wednesdays,

make digital work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and attend lectures featuring prominent artists, scientists, authors, and professors in their field of study every day this semester. I also love taking academic classes like Eastern European Cinema and Native American Rights—courses that not only keep me well rounded, but have helped my creative work immensely.

Class of 1993 Ms. Jennifer A. Brodjeski Mrs. Julie G. Cohen Mr. John R. Hetrick Mrs. Jennifer M.W. Weaver Mrs. Michelle A. Winowski-Zaydel Class of 1994 Ms. Rachel M. Pierson Class of 1995 Ms. Amy E. Nathan Mrs. Aimee H. Schier Ms. Sandra L. Steed

Class of 1999 Mr. Allan J. Berry Ms. Choua M. Thao

Class of 1996 Ms. Nicole A. DesChamps-Benke Class of 1997 Mr. Jacob T. Arnold Mr. David A. Dennis Mr. Paul A. Flickinger Mrs. Jennifer A. Paradise Mr. Luke C. Raymond Mr. Ryan P. Ringholz

Class of 2000 Suzanne Beutler Mr. Michael K. DeMent, II Mr. Steve E. Jenkins Ms. Lisa B. Mensch Class of 2001 Mrs. Melissa A. Drayer Mr. J. Brett Grill Dana M. Linnane

Class of 1998 Ms. Lynn A. Neuman Mrs. Sheila Dyson Schorer

As I reflect on my study in South Africa, perhaps the most significant knowledge I gained was the realization that the past influences the present only if one chooses to let it. As I interacted with the various people I encountered, I feel that I acquired a deeper understanding of the relationship between identity, place, and the past, and especially the remarkable possibilities that lie within each new moment.

— Lea Bult, MFA ‘12

9 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

w w t-design .umich .edu

I am a recipient of many scholarships and grants, including

work hard and have a passion for what I’m learning, the rest

the Van Allsburg scholarship. Coming from a lower income

will fall into place. I know that without all the generous

family, I am incredibly grateful for all the financial aid I’ve

funding I’ve been awarded, I would not be going to as

received, especially from alumni like Chris and Lisa Van

prestigious a school as the University of Michigan. I feel very

Allsburg. It’s clear to me that the people who graduate here

lucky and blessed to be here. 

love and take pride in being Michigan Wolverines. Receiving scholarship support has also reinforced my belief that if I  B a c k g r o u n d d e t a i l — S h i f r a W h i t e m a n , Undergraduate IP Student, Over and Over

Class of 2002 Mrs. Erin L. Aleman Mr. David J. Yu Class of 2003 Mr. Ryan A. Burkhalter Mrs. Brianna S. Roberts Ms. Rebecca A. Zemans Class of 2004 Carol A. Chaney Ms. Rachel Dominguez-Benner Ms. Bridget A. Rafferty Ms. Alayne J. Speltz

Class of 2005 Ms. Jessica L. Kennedy

Class of 2009 Ms. Hattie E. Stroud

Class of 2006 Ms. Lauren M. Kuzak Ms. Frances M. Riddle Mr. Edward J. Somand

Class of 2010 Mr. Kent Caldwell

Class of 2007 Ms. Vanessa A. Dunlop Class of 2008 Ms. Wesley M. Ellison Ms. Danielle H. Shusterman

Student international travel is supported by Sandy and Tony Tamer, Dr. Charles Bacon, and Professor Jing Wang w w t-design .umich .edu

2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 10 


Things That Move JULY 18 - AUGUST 5 1

The committee members listed below worked tirelessly to showcase the work of A&D alumni from across the nation in the 5th Annual Alumni Show. A special thanks to chair, Janet McClintock, who is retiring after chairing this event for five years.

2011 Alumni Show Volunteer Committee * Chair Lenea Howe DuWaine Hoy Toni Leeds Janet Lorch

Marjorie J. Marshall Leslie Master-Villani * Janet McClintock Kathy Messner







Tom Messner Kris Peterson Malcolm Powers Marion Powers

Marti Sullivan Phyllis Swonk Matt Zivich


Artwork credits by #. Names listed on Page 13 11 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

w w t-design .umich .edu




Alumni Exhibition Participants * 2011 People’s Choice Award Winner Stephanie Allan Robert Andrus Andy Argyropoulos John Baird Kellie Bambach Cathy Barry Betsy Besl Susanne Beutler Janna Bissett Jeffery Blackwell Carolyn Bloom Dale Bogaski Mark Bonnette Paula Bowers Monique Boyd Casey Brooks Chica Brunsvold Richard Burd Steve Burdick Richard Burns Steven Busch

Diane Bytwerk-Hanway Ophelia Clark Barbara Coburn Gretchen Comai William Crosby Peter Crow Joan Rosenberg-Dent Nicole DesChamps-Benke Rita Dibert Donald Dierkes Barbara Dinneweth Rob Dudenhoefer Pat Duff Robert Elton Katherine Emmons Judy Enright Anne Falardeau Ruth Farnum Daniel Farnum Alexander Fedirko Adrianne Finelli

Susan Finley Paul Flickinger Elisabeth Foster Thomas Frank Franny Frappier Vincent Frappier David G. Dumo Doug Galante Heidi Gjengdahl Peter Glaberman Douglas Goering Debra Golden Edith Goldstein Christine Golus Joyce Grace Walter Griggs Barbara Grundeman Katie Halton Sylvia Hansen Samuel Harper Kristin Hermanson

2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 12 









Abner Hershberger Sara Holwerda Lenea Howe Ruth Howell DuWaine Hoy, Jr. Kimberly Hutchinson Judith Jacobs Rhonda Johnson Julie Johnson Barbara Johnson Joseph Keckler Anne Keenan Higgins Mark Kidd Van King Karen Klein Sam Knecht Sarah Knight Jennifer Krause Chapeau Kristin Kubacki Suzanne Lalonde Todd Larson Maria Latour Fran Lattanzio David Littell Janet Lorch Don Luce Karen Malpas Marjorie J. Marshall Leslie Master-Villani Ozora McCarthy Janet McClintock Kathryn McDonough-Lemery Kathleen McNutt-Hart Margaret Meade Turnbull John Merigian Kathleen Balcer Messner Charlie Michaels Melita Miculs Angela Moody Ian Tadashi Moore Michael Nagara Fred Neu 20

Artwork credits by # 1 Malcolm Powers

14 David G. Dumo

2 Michael Nagara

15 William Crosby

3 Jennifer Spoon

16 David Littell

4 Ian Tadashi Moore

17 Ellen Wilt

5 Leslie Sobel

18 Barbara Trupp

6 Dayna Menken

19 Betsy Besl

7 Barbara Grundeman

20 Richard Burns

8 Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan

21 Jeffery Blackwell

9 Kristina Rudolph

and Mark Kidd


22 Mary Wahr

11 Debbie Thompson

23 Susan Pollins

12 Steve Burdick

24 Fred Neu

13 Shari Stoddard

13 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

w w t-design .umich .edu


Dale Newman Leila Noorani Nancy Nordlie Tracy Olane Sarah Olson Lauren Pallotta Sheila Partington Dana Paxson Sondra Phillips Monique Peigdon Julie Pitman Sharron Pollack Susan Pollins Malcolm Powers Marion Powers Erika Quinn Ernest Ranspach Donella Reese Vogel Leisa Rich Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan Cassandra Rosser Kristina Rudolph Cynthia Rusnak Sally T. Ryan Lisa Rye


Noreen Sachs Anne Schaaf Mark Schatz Jaye Schlesinger Jenny Schu Mark Sedgeman Camille Serre Michael Sevick Dawn Sgriccia Ellen Singer Graham Sisk Leslie Sobel Jennifer Spoon Sandra Steed Jodie Stein Shari Stoddard Julie Strabel Robin Street-Morris Martha Sullivan Phyllis Swonk Mary Hetler Tallman Ruth Taubman Russell Thayer Debbie Thompson Uyen Tonnule

23 w w t-design .umich .edu

Michele Trombley Barbara Trupp Cathy VanVoorhis Victoria Veenstra Mary Wahr Curtis Wallin Alessandra White Laura Whitesides Host Elizabeth Willis Ellen Wilt Robin Wilt Andrea Wollensak Margaret Wolverton Amanda Wyse Carole Zak Rebecca Zeiss Matthew Zivich

24 2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 14 

Grand Rapids A&D Donors Provide Support for Bold New ArtPrize Venue


rom September 21 – October

alliances with cities across Michigan

Surgery Associates; Betsy, (EDUC

9, the 300,000+ spectators

including work and gallery spaces in

CERT ‘49 and AM EDUC ‘71) and David

who flocked to Grand Rapids

downtown Ann Arbor and Detroit.

Horning (LSA ‘50, MED ’53, MDRES ‘58);

for the city’s third annual ArtPrize

The alliance with SiTE:LAB came

Janet (BSDES ‘57) and James Watkins

competition had access to an exciting

about through the efforts of numerous

(LSA ‘52, MED ‘59); Debbie (AM ‘83) and

new exhibition space. Thanks to A&D

individuals including UM Alumna

Steve Trent; Virginia (BSDES ‘68) and

alumni donor support of a collaboration

Mary Caroline “Twink” Frey, A&D

Peter Gustafson (LSA ‘67, LAW ‘70).

between the School of Art & Design

Faculty member Elona Van Gent and

  Grand Rapids A&D donors also

and SiTE:LAB (a Grand Rapids

SiTE:LAB founders, Kendall College of

stepped up to provide support for needed

organization dedicated to creating sitespecific art installations in temporary spaces), the long-vacant, 25,000 sq.ft. Junior Achievement Building in the city center was transformed into a gritty urban exhibition space for the

building improvements. “We view this

The gallery was such a success that it was voted ArtPrize Best Venue

works of 11 international artists.

with the city,” Dean Rogers confirms. “It gave us a great opportunity to be part of the creative energy of Grand Rapids and to support ArtPrize. And we’re grateful to all of the alumni

The gallery was such a success that

Art & Design Professor Paul Amenta

it was voted ArtPrize Best Venue.

and Grand Rapids attorney-turned-

  The A&D/Grand Rapids collaboration

artist Tom Clinton, a U-M alumnus.

is the most recent example of A&D’s

  Major donors included Dr. Marguerite

ongoing efforts to forge community

Aitken, (BFA ‘88, MFA ‘91) and Plastic

15 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

as an excellent first step in linking

who made the project possible.”

w w t-design .umich .edu

A&D Participants in ArtPrize included:

Often described as a radically open

Emir Alibasic (MFA 2010) Paula Bowers (BFA 1977)

experiment in public art, ArtPrize is

Sheryl Budnik (BFA 1969)

an annual three-week competition

Richard Burns (BFA ‘75, MFA ‘77)

in which art works are displayed at

Heidi Dauphin (BFA 1992)

more than 150 venues throughout downtown Grand Rapids.

Rosemary Ellis (BFA 1987) Alexander Fedirko (BFA 2003) Elisabeth Foster (BFA 2002)

Approximately $500,000 in prize

Carl W. Goines (BFA 2002)

money is awarded on the basis

Helen Gotlib (BFA 2003)

of public voting. This year, nearly

Holly Greenberg (BFA 1990)

1,600 artists from 36 countries and 43 states exhibited their work.

Francie Hester (BFA 1982) Dani Jeffries (BFA 1987) Isaac Krauss (BFA 2010) Heidi Kumao (A&D Assoc. Professor) Rita Mercedes Long (BFA 2009)

  J a n e t a n d J i m Wa t k i n s

Colleen O’Rourke (BFA 1992)

Hosts for Sneak Preview Event

Amanda Orr (BFA 2014)

with Fr a n c i e H e s t e r, ‘ 8 2

Keith Pakkala (BFA 2002) Justin Palermo (BFA 2001 & AB 2001) Page Redford (BFA 2009) Meghan Reynard (MFA 2012) Dylan Strzynski (BFA 2001) Nick Tilma (BFA 2015) Nick Tobier (A&D Assoc. Professor)   P a u l A m e n t a a n d To m C l i n t o n SiTE:LAB Founders

w w t-design .umich .edu

Cathy VanVoorhis (MFA 1986) Mary Lou Webster (BSDES 1971) Rebecca Zeiss (BFA 1979)

2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 16 

A&D Celebrates New Faculty/ Graduate Student Studios



posters, paintings and installations—

with new HVAC, plumbing, electrical,

supported faculty

enlivened the space.

and added windows and skylights.

  The faculty and graduate student

  “When I first came to the University

studios cover 33,000 square feet of

12 years ago,” Bryan Rogers comments,

industrial space, with 35 studios on

“I thought it was critical that faculty

those that bring together

the first floor, and 31 on the second

and graduate students have dedicated

studios for both faculty

floor, ringing a 5,000 square foot two-

space at the University for developing

art/design studios

are rare in the U.S., and

their creative work, a space that

and graduate students, even more so. In celebration of its new north campus

art and design faculty/graduate student studio facility, A&D held a gala grand opening party on Friday 28 October. Search lights marked the location at 1919 Green Road for the close to 250 party goers, including

We’re so pleased to have the support from the administration that confirms art and design’s integral role as a part of this great research university.

facilitates formal and informal engagement among and between graduate students and faculty members. Researchers have labs. Studios are the laboratories for artists and designers. We’re so pleased to have the support from the administration that confirms art and design’s integral role as a part of this great research university.”

the Deans Advisory Council (DAC) members, the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, the lead architect

story central open area. The facility

for the project, and the School of Art &

also includes a large common area

Design community of faculty, graduate

for collaborative and/or large-scale

students, staff and alumni. A DJ played

projects; multiple tool-specific shared

throughout the evening to bring people

work spaces; exhibition areas; and a

to the dance floor, and creative work

dramatic pedestrian bridge connecting

by Art & Design faculty and graduate

the two second-floor studio wings.

students—from large-scale drawings to

The facility was completely renovated for its new art and design function

17 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

A&D A ssociate Professor Endi Poskovic (r i g h t) s h o w i n g h i s s t u d i o t o a g u e s t .

A&D Dean’s Advisory Council are recognized

  Preparing for the “ribbon cutting”

w w t-design .umich .edu

2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 18 

Susan and John Brown (BFA ‘69)

Susan Brown enjoyed everything about her four years at A&D—from the courses in ceramics to the classes in history that gave her the “wellrounded education” she was craving.

By Gift Level 2011 Honor Roll $500,000 + Penny W. Stamps and   E. Roe Stamps $200,000 + Susan Smucker Wagstaff   and Dr. Reid Wagstaff $50,000 + Ann S. and Robert B. Aikens Anthony and Sandra Tamer Christopher and Lisa Van Allsburg $20,000 + Ms. Jan M. Boynton Debra and Stephen Gorman

$10,000 + Marc and Ilene Steglitz Professor Jing Wang $5,000 + Joan Rosenberg-Dent and Thomas Dent David Robert and Sylvia Jean Nelson Edward and Jane Schulak $2,000 + Linda Holliday and Ali Naqvi Betsy and David Horning David A. Lauer Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Pearlstein Ms. Frances M. Riddle Ellen and Eugene Rontal Steven and Deborah Trent

$1,000 + Ms. Linda Clark Banks Richard and Beverly Gillette Deborah S. Greer Bette Klegon-Halby and Gary Halby Norman S. Miller, M.D. Irene M. Myers Gail and Dick Odgers Mrs. Sally A. Parsons Ms. Lyn H. Silberman Scott and Julia Smith Myron and Lenore Sopher Ms. Emily H. Sugihara Joan Hall Sugihara Mrs. ErmaJean Tracy Dr. and Mrs. James K. Watkins Cynthia Lee Wilhelm Ellen Wilt

This first month or so here at the

to a new life style in a new area.

University of Michigan has been

 Also, one of the biggest highlights

the most incredible experience of

so far has been the Notre Dame

my life. It has exceeded my every

game. I will never forget being in

expectation. Making new friends

that crowd of 114,804 at night in the

from all over the world and sharing

most amazing victory I’ve ever seen

these new experiences with them

in football. The Stamps Scholarship

is something that I’ll never forget.

is the only reason I have been able

Being so far from home, the

to have such experiences in my first

chance to meet the other Stamps

month of college.

Scholars, people in the School of

— Terence Harp, BFA ‘15

Art & Design, and students around

A&D Stamps Scholar

campus has helped me in adjusting 19 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

w w t-design .umich .edu

And even though she spent her career designing corporate

  On a recent visit to Ann Arbor, Susan toured the new A&D

facilities rather than throwing pottery, she appreciates how

facility and declared that it made her want to enroll all over

her experience at Michigan has infused every part of her life.

again. “Everything I saw impressed me,” she recalls. “The

  Today, Susan and her husband, John (BSEME ’67, MSE

building itself, the focus on international experience, the

’69), describe themselves as “Michigan people through and

emphasis on integrating the arts with other disciplines, the

through.” In addition to serving as A&D’s regional alumni

work the students are doing—the School is definitely on

chairs for Wisconsin, they’re also longtime donors. As Susan

the right path. And as donors, we can all help ensure that it

explains, “We’ve been contributors from the very first year

continues on that path.” 

we started working. Both John and I feel it’s important to help assure that the wonderful school I attended stays that way.”  B a c k g r o u n d d e t a i l — M e r e d i t h H o f f m a n , Undergraduate IP Student, Altered Representations

$500 + Joseph and Linda Alexander Ms. Rosemarie Safron Barrow Norm and Danielle Bodine Virginia and Richard Burd Mary Caroline Frey and James McKay Linda Goad Larisch Mrs. Doreen N. Hermelin Ms. Patricia L. Hodges Shelley and Jeffrey Holtzman Prof. Emerita Myra Larson, Ph.D. Mr. Victor H. Mair Nancy and James Nordlie Jack Petzoldt Frederick W. and Roddie Pistilli Ms. Mary A. Schmidt Lois and William Solomon Mr. Sam J. Viviano Ms. Lea H. Wakeman Sheila and Randy Wilson

William and Geraldine Zandi $100 + Amy and Jesse Abraham Joan K. Amberg Triantafilos D. Argyropoulos Mr. Jacob T. Arnold Bill and Sue Auch Mary Alice and Peter Bankert Mrs. Beverly Bartfeld Mrs. Martha Aiken Barton Dorothy Wiedman Bauer Martha and Michael Beffel Marilyn E. Bennett Sandra and Joseph Berish Mrs. Carol Bernstein Nancy and Avi Bernstein Suzanne and Frederick Beutler Ms. Katarzyna Bigoszewska Billie and Everett Britz

Barbara Brown and Howard White Mary and Brian Brunsvold Mr. Jeffery G. Burgoon Ellen and Stephen Byrne Mr. Kent Caldwell Prof. Emeritus William and Mrs. Maria Carter Gayl Cosselmon Casgrain Ms. Wamin Cheng Morton and Beverly Chethik Ellen and David Childs Mr. Albert B. Chipman III Beth and Mark Clancy Mark and Amy Coe Mr. Steven R. Cole Andrew and Gretchen Comai Cynthia Denise Cowens William and Cynthia Crawford Cary Mark Sheremet Mr. Robert W. Curtis David Darst

I am so thankful for the scholarship. It enabled me to attend A&D, which opened a world of opportunities. I am especially appreciative of the chance to explore different media and to study abroad, as well as the opportunity to major in art and minor in film studies.

— Kristen Zelenka, BFA ‘12 Irene Bychinksy Bendler Award in Design 2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 20 

Alecia Hlebechuk Nelson Award 2011

When I opened the email with the news that I was this year’s recipient of the Nelson Award, I stopped hopping around and making excited noises just long enough to call my mother to tell her I was the one lucky sophomore this year and what it meant for next year.

Judith Ann Dean Mr. Michael K. DeMent, II Madeline and Dee Drake Melissa and Alex Drayer Mrs. Karen Kohn Duffy Robin and Robert Easton Ms. Wesley M. Ellison Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Epkins Marvin and Lois Epstein Mr. David Alan Factor Mrs. Ruth G. Farnham Susan and Richard Fisher Mr. Paul A. Flickinger Craig and Rosemarie Foster Carol Gagliardi and David Flesher Ms. Julie Galante Miss Lucia E. Gates Helen and Michael Geglio Mr. William G. Gershon Christine Golus and G. Keith Taylor

Tom and Ruth Green Ms. Clara B. Greenwood Mr. J. Brett Grill Merl Joseph Grossmeyer Peter and Virginia Gustafson David and Janet Gwinnell Mary C. Hafeli Ms. Sylvia Hansen Mr. Jon Douglas Hartman Laura and Kevin Hausch William and Stacey Heisler Robert L. Herhusky Frances and Timothy Hester Mr. John R. Hetrick Mrs. Anne K. Higgins Linda and James Hinkle Perry and Richard Hodgson Michael and Barbara Hoeft Jeri Hollister and Tom Bray Ms. Aiko B. Holt

U of M was a dream and it seemed like it was going to stay that way. It became a reality thanks to the Art and Design Scholarship that I received. Without it I would still be dreaming of the day that I would be a Wolverine at the University of Michigan.

— Kelly Sadlon, BFA ‘15 Van Allsburg Alumni Scholarship 21 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

Paul Hoogesteger Sally Jean Hoyt Miss Ruth Merry Huang Thomas and Ann Hunt John and Gretchen Neal Jackson June Leslie Jameson Mr. Steve E. Jenkins Roger and Margaret Johnson Cheryl and Paul Jurewicz James Keckler and Saire de Quincey Mr. and Mrs. James O. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kelly, Jr. Ellen and Leonard Kennedy Steven L. and Christine Kierstead Frederick and Christine Killeen The Rev. William B. Klatt Christopher and Kristin Kubacki Rita Lambros and Joel Bentz Mr. Harold F. Langell Mr. James P. Leacock

As a dual enrollment student, I have been taking Arabic and

the unexpected. The Nelson’s generous donation has offered

Art classes, unsure of sure how my interest in the Middle

me peace of mind, and at a critical moment in my life and

East was going to mesh with my goals as an artist. Part of the


answer was the opportunity to study art in Egypt.

  The afternoon I met with Mrs. Nelson, I walked to Café

But the price tag for study abroad almost made me abandon

Felix wondering what she would be like. As I munched on a

my life dream of seeing the pyramids, the newly maturing

Belgian waffle, Mrs. Nelson shared her experiences of Egypt,

dream of learning to understand a new culture, and

and we chatted about summer plans, my artwork and what

the chance to study art outside of a traditional western

the year ahead looked like for each of us. While I tried to

educational atmosphere.

verbalize how thankful I was, I have decided that making

  Now that the Nelson award has made travel possible, I’m

the most of my experience abroad will be an alternate way

both excited and uncertain. I’ve never been abroad, and I

to express my gratitude to the Nelson family for the security

know there are expenses I can’t anticipate. But I’m feeling

and peace of mind their donation will offer me while I am

more comfortable now because I am financially prepared for

fulfilling life dreams abroad. 

 B a c k g r o u n d d e t a i l — D i a n a A r c e - G a r z a , Undergraduate IP Student, The site and I

Prof. Emerita Joanne Leonard Professor Janice L. Levy Prof. Emeritus William and   Mrs. Garland Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Linn Dana M. Linnane Daniel R. Long Susan J. Longini Dr. Kevin M. Loshak Mrs. Mary Ann Lutomski Shurly Mrs. Ruth V. Mackmiller Ms. Anne E. Marlotte Mary and James Matthews Judythe and Roger Maugh Stephen S. McMath Marla and Jonathan Mehlman Stevan and Joy Melzian William F. Moore Dr. and Mrs. Norman P. Moscow Ms. Cathy J. Muha

John and Mary Murrel Eli and Caroline Nathans Ms. Selene B. Negrette Sarah and Timothy Newhouse Brian Norton and Stephanie Schechner John and Judith Osten-Sacken Ms. Therese D. Panfil Joyce and Charles Parrott Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Petrella Sondra and Douglas Phillips Diane Mary Piepol Ms. Bridget A. Rafferty Mr. David S. Ramsey Blake Ratcliffe and   Sherri Moore-Ratcliffe Mr. Luke C. Raymond Margaret and Bob Riddle Prof. John R. Rieben Mrs. Kelly Louise Rindfusz Ryan Ringholz and Tam Pham

Joseph L. Roberts, Jr. Ms. Katherine K. Roeser-Nordling Carolyn and Joseph Rosen Mr. Anuradhika Roy Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Ruark Gary and Patrice Samuels Karen and Francis Scarpulla Aimee and Joshua Schier Richard J. and Darice M. Schubatis Robert A. Sedestrom Richard and Susan Seiler Mr. David Shapiro Ms. Marilyn Jane Sharrow Harry Siegel and Sarah Shears-Siegel Professor Paul R. Shortt Abraham and Sherry Singer Lawrence W. Smith Mr. Edward J. Somand Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Sperling Shari and Kenneth Stein

My education has given me confidence. I feel like I’m able to present myself in a unique way compared to other people graduating from art school.

— Max Collins, BFA ‘11

w w t-design .umich .edu

2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 22 

Karen and Francis Scarpulla When daughter Danielle (BFA ’06) announced that she wanted to become a shoe designer, Karen and Francis Scarpulla helped her come up with a list of art schools.

Dorothy Quentin Steitz Mr. H. Howard Stephenson Prof. Emeritus John and Mrs.   Susanne Stephenson Jonathan B. Stewart Prof. Emeritus Takeshi Takahara Jeanne and David Tennent Nancy and Russell Thayer Ms. Debbie U. Thompson Mrs. Jean W. Thompson Mary Beth Trombley Elaine and Mark Tulis Robert and Susie Ufer Elizabeth and Sharon Ulrey Ann Marie and Alexander VanDuyne Ms. Alicia P. VanPelt Kenneth J. Vigiletti Frank B. Vogler Mr. Curtis Volkmann Katherine and Jan Vonk

Curtis C. Wallin Thomas and Linda Walsh Mary Lou Welz Robert W. Wilson Margaret and Franklin Wolverton Ms. Sui Kuen Wong Dr. and Mrs. James F. Woodruff, Jr. Cynthia T. and Thomas V. Yates Ms. Ching L. Yip Bill and Mary Younan Mrs. Lory B. Yudin Ms. Martha M. Zimmermann Matthew Zivich

Erin Aleman and Henry Turner Allen and Andrea Algaze Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Alter Christine and Richard Backo Ms. Virginia F. Bailey Laurie Allison Baker Melvin and Diane Baker Mr. Daniel C. Banda Mr. David J. Bartlett Adam and Amy Bazelon Mrs. Judith S. Becker Ms. Joan M. Beesley Krista and Reid Berman Mr. Allan J. Berry Katherine N. Blair Miss Lula Mae Blocton Dale Bogaski and Adele Fiorillo Denise R. Booher Gabriella T. Boros John and Ruth Borst

Gifts up to $99 Mr. Henry A. Abbosh James Richie Adair Oya and Mehmet Agabigum Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Ahronheim Rebecca A. Akcasu

You learn that it’s not just about making something beautiful. You end up asking why you’re making it. You learn to be a questioner. — Sydney Evans, BFA ‘11

23 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

w w t-design .umich .edu

The University of Michigan was added last, almost as an

generously, Karen answers without hesitation: “Because it

afterthought. But that changed when the family visited A&D

has a fantastic, incredibly well-rounded program, and we

on a cross-country tour.

want to give others the same opportunity to experience what

  “From the moment we walked in, it seemed so right,” says

our daughter experienced, to get the education she had, and

Karen. “The physical location. The building. The students.

to gain the confidence to be fearless in their careers.” 

The staff. The vibrancy. It felt like home.” And for four years, it was home for Danielle.   Today, following an intensive course in shoe design at Ars Tutoria in Milano, Danielle has her dream job: designing shoes for the legendary Italian firm of Manolo Blahnik. Karen gives much of the credit to A&D’s rigorous curriculum, which exposes students to every medium and takes the fear out of learning new things.   When asked why she and Francis support the School so  B a c k g r o u n d d e t a i l — A l y s s a C h a m b o , Undergraduate IP Student, Fairy Tales: Gilded Persecution

William Eric Botkin Ellen and John Bourgon Richard F. Bouton Ms. Camilla Anne Bowen Anne James Breiholz Ms. Jennifer A. Brodjeski Christian and Jane F. Brun Tracy A. Buescher William Burgard and Tracey Stewart Bonnie Lynn Burke Ryan and Amy Burkhalter Dr. Carolou Calissi Mrs. Amy Sue Carlson Carol A. Chaney Ms. Annette Chang Amy and Joshua Charlson Patricia and Henry Chase Mr. Michael A. Chernekoff Ms. Deborah L. Clark Diane and Keith Clement

Students sketch the environment with Professor Joe Trumpey

Julie and Benjamin Cohen Ms. Nancy K. Comer Karen Copeland-Weinstein   and David Weinstein Wendy and Jonathan Costa Ms. Elizabeth R. Cowan Miss Elaine Sue Cummings Mr. Russell F. Daly Elyse and Kenneth Danow Carol DeBolt Eikenbery and   Terry Eikenbery Mr. David A. Dennis Ms. Nicole A. DesChamps-Benke Donald W. Dierkes Ms. Rachel Dominguez-Benner Ms. Vanessa A. Dunlop Rebecca and James Dworkin Gordon and Deborah Eason Roxanne and Richard Eberts Larry and Jeannie Eickhoff

Ms. Marlise S. Ellis Stacy M. Ennis Mrs. Sherry L. Enrico Penny and Richard Eppy Karen Sue Esckelson Ms. Leslie Nobler Farber Roxie and Alfred Fernelius Jane and Karl Fink Edward P. and Karen R. Foley Ms. Linda Garcia Gloria Gardiner Lisa and Bret Gaudie Mr. David Gebler Randi Gerber-Katz and Randall Katz Mr. Frederick H. Gillmore, Jr. Edith D. Goldstein Robert Goldstein and Donna Lewinter Cheryl Gordon and Don Hubbard Ms. Kathleen F. Graddy Mrs. Sylvia E. Greenberg

As an out of state student and a junior going abroad, I find it hard not to be discouraged by the costs of supplies and tuition. I am deeply touched by my donor’s generosity and recognition; it has helped me to move ahead with my work and exploration.

— Jacqueline San Fillipo, BFA ‘13 Barbara and Dorothy Heers Memorial Endowment 2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 24 

The View from Inside: Patricia Hodges and Wendy Dignan ( L e f t)

( R i g h t)

Wendy Dignan has been making automatic payroll

donations to the School of Art & Design for more years than she can remember. In her position as director of the School’s graduate academic services—and, prior to that,

Dr. Alison B. Griffith-Collins Walter Griggs, Jr. Patricia and Eugene Grimes Olaf Haakonstad Helga Haller and Frank Safranek Miss Margaret A. Hamil Ms. Deborah Rogers Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Hannum Ms. Linnmarie Hein Ms. Alana L. Helverson Anne and Abner Hershberger Carl B. and Barbara A. Hinrichs Richard and Jean Hirn Jacqueline K. Hoats Larry and Barbara Hoedema Mrs. Nancy S. Hoffman Lenea and Robert Howe Vincent M. Hron Ms. Patricia J. Jackson Mr. David M. Johnston Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Johnstone Luke and Mary Jordan Gary and Patricia Kell Francis and Mary Kelly Christine S. Kennedy Ms. Jessica L. Kennedy Thomas and Jodi Kennedy Mark J. Kidd Louis King and Margaret Britt Ronald and Sally Kleemann Mr. David M. Klugman Kay Knight and Ronnie Parker Laureen and Douglas Kononen Ms. Kristine Kourtjian 25 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

Ms. Jill Krach Ellen and Noah Krugel Ms. Lauren M. Kuzak Terry LaBan and Patricia Rich Ms. Robin M. Landow Levitin Donajane Lapinski William C. Lebut, Jr. Carla Jolan Lenkey Mr. Weiquan Li Lilykate W. Light Richard and Patricia Liverance Ms. Lois A. Lombardo Susan and Gregory Long Janet L. Love Mrs. Nora E. Luidens Hope E. Lull Jeffrey and Maura Mackin Ms. Sue Mahakian William D. Mandt Paul C. and Irene C. Marince Nancy Robertson Marsh Judith A. Mathieu Ms. Margaret Matta Darwin Matthews and   Kirsten Parr-Matthews Amy W. McCarter James and Alene McComb III John D. McMaster, M.D. Ms. Priscilla M. Mead Ms. Lisa B. Mensch Mr. Timothy M. Meyers Sandra and Kenneth Michalik Ms. Catherine S. Miller Evelyn L. Montgomery

Ms. Priscilla S. Moore Sandra A. Mossblad Lydia and Paul Murray Ms. Gloria Myers Ms. Amy E. Nathan Craig E. and Linda F. Nelson Ms. Lynn A. Neuman Mrs. Carla J. Newman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Norpell Ms. Joyce Olshan Mrs. Gloria J. Olson Sarah and C. Michael Palmer Mrs. Jennifer A. Paradise Edward and Barbara Patterson Ms. Rachel M. Pierson Ms. Dorothy J. Pipe Lucinda Poland and Philip D. Campbell Irwin and Marcille Pollack Susan E. Pollins Joseph and Doris C. Poodry Alfred J. Prizlow Janet and Keith Radak Ernest Jay Ranspach Mr. Charles A. Raymond David and Catherine Richter Bob and Margaret Riddle Nadine and Gregory Rinehart Brianna and Todd Roberts Julie and Alex Roberts Davida and Warren Robinson Gail Rosenbloom-Kaplan and Robert Kaplan Joan Rosenstein and Kenneth Roberts Ms. Leslie Gorder Rousseau Mary-Shea and John Rozsypal w w t-design .umich .edu

student services associate for the undergraduate program—

has invested considerable time, effort and resources in

she’s seen A&D undergo an amazing transformation. “With

my professional development, and I feel compelled to give

our revamped curriculum and our international focus, we do

something back.” She notes that automatic payroll deductions

marvelous things for students,” she says. “I particularly like

make contributing a painless process. And like Wendy, she is

the fact that we try to support as many of them as possible

absolutely convinced that “no contribution is too small. Every

with financial aid. And I know from experience that you can

gift matters, every gift helps in some way.” 

donate a little and still make a difference.” Patricia Hodges, executive assistant to the dean, is another

longtime supporter. No stranger to philanthropy, she contributes regularly to community organizations. But she feels a special connection to the University. “For me, this is both a career and a community,” she says. “The U-M  B a c k g r o u n d d e t a i l — C a r o l i n e A u l i s , Undergraduate IP project, Ice and string

Ms. Lorra Rudman James and Kristine Rutkowski Mrs. Susan W. Saltzman Heidi and Nils Salvesen Ms. Michelle San Fillipo Susan and Robert Scheinman Sheila and Todd Schorer Andi Schreiber and Kenneth Schneider Deborah A. Schreier Marsha and Jack Schulman Ms. Ilene Segar Ms. Barbara S. Shelley George D. Sherotsky Ms. Danielle H. Shusterman Ms. Rosemarie E. Simonton Mrs. Dale S. Sjogren Dr. David Lyle Smith Mr. J. Reynolds Smith Mrs. M. Catherine Williams Smith Therese Rickerman Smith Eric and Barbara Smolen

William and Linda Sohl Ms. Alayne J. Speltz Mary P. Stadel Sandra and James Steed Mr. Philip S. Stefaniak C. David and Lynn Stephenson Carroll and Susan Stevens Mrs. Susan Stair Stevens Cheryl and Gordon Stewart Anthony and AnneMarie Stines Linda and Jeffrey Stockman Jane and Marv Strasburg Pamela and Richard Straub Ms. Hattie E. Stroud Constance Sulewski George and Marla Surgent Karen Pipsan Swanson Mrs. Emily Taylor Terry Thall and Jon Seaman Ms. Choua M. Thao Joyce Barner Tinkham

Michele and Jeff Title Cynthia and Alan Trimner Ms. Michele L. Trombley Margaret and John Turnbull Elizabeth and Arthur Upton Patricia and Franklin Vavrick Anthony L. and Donella R. Vogel Drew and Barbara Walker Michael and Angela Ward Nancy and Marvin Whitman Ms. Amelia Jean Wilks Ms. Virginia P. Williams Kathleen Wills and Robert Ben Begley Carlotta Wilson Mrs. Michelle A. Winowski-Zaydel Paul and Amy Wolbert Mrs. Phoebe Wyland Mark Yagerlener and Patricia Frank Mr. David J. Yu Ms. Jeanine E. Zaengle Steven Zapton Ms. Rebecca A. Zemans

Being a part of a larger university, I live with English majors and history majors. Some of my strongest friends have been engineers. My art benefits from those multiple and diverse perspectives.

U b i n L i , B FA ‘ 1 1 Undergraduate IP project The Fantastical Adventures of Pulu the Bored

— Kenny Arnold, BFA ‘11

2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 26 

Opening night of A&D’s Senior IP exhibition at Work•Ann Arbor gallery.

Foundations/ Family Funds The Fridolin Charitable Trust Harriett E. and Joe P. Gates Fund The Goad Foundation Grand Rapids Federation of   University of Michigan Alumni Herhusky Family Living Trust Hermelin Family Foundation W.K. Kellogg Foundation The David R. and Sylvia J. Nelson   Foundation for Arts and Letters Joseph and Rose Rontal Foundation Stamps Family Charitable   Foundation, Inc. Starry Night Fund Emil Weddige Trust Wells Fargo Foundation Rudolf E. Wilhelm Fund

Planned Gifts and Bequests

Gifts of trusts and bequests are critical to insuring the future for A&D students and programs.

Fred and Cindy Reinhart Ms. Lyn H. Silberman Ilene and Marc Steglitz H. Howard Stephenson Elaine Alpert Stern Sara Little Turnbull Professor Jing Wang Janet Weber Watkins and   James K. Watkins

Ms. Rosemarie Safron Barrow Susan Isabel Brown and   John M. Brown Bette Klegon Halby and Gary Halby Laura Whitesides Host Richard and Odette Maskell Gail B. Odgers and   Richard W. Odgers Prof. Emerita Hiroko Sato Pijanowski Martha Chandler Poppy and   Dr. James Poppy

My experience in Egypt was everything I could have hoped for: fascinating, frustrating, productive, challenging and eye opening. I accomplished my goals for the trip and had many unplanned experiences that will inspire me for the rest of my life. I feel it has left me with a greater understanding of my work as an artist and the impact of history on culture. — John Kannenberg, MFA ‘12

27 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

Our thanks

to Susi and Reid Wagstaff, whose generous support of A&D Communications makes Emergence possible.

A&D DonorSupported Funds

The following donor-supported funds exist at the School of Art & Design. A&D Alumni and Friends Scholarship Fund A&D President’s Graduate Fellowship Fund Aikens International Travel Initiative Alumni Scholarship Fund Anne Reek Amendt Scholarship Fund Marjorie A. Bacon International Travel Fund Linda Banks Scholarship Fund Irene Bychinsky Bendler Award in Design Fund Ann Farmer Buhr Fund William Carter Award Fund Jean M. Dunlop Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund Ned Dybvig Memorial Fund Arden Fate Award Fund Kristoffer M. Gillette Memorial Scholarship Fund Gorman IP Studios and Professional Development Award Fund Vivian Sosna Gottlieb School of Art & Design Endowment Fund Barbara and Dorothy Heers Memorial Fund Riggs Hoenecke Dean’s Discretionary Fund Alice Elizabeth Kalom Fund LeRoy E. and Helen L. Kiefer Fellowship Fund William A. Lewis Prize Fund John H. McCluney Memorial Fund Kelly McKinnell Memorial Scholarship Fund Guy Palazzola Memorial Fund Louis G. Redstone Fund Robert D. Richards Memorial Faculty Support Fund Robert D. Richards Memorial Student Support Fund w w t-design .umich .edu

Barbara and Dean Richardson Exhibition Fund Barbara Trytten Richardson Graduate Student Aid Fund Ellen and Eugene Rontal Scholarship Fund Allen Samuels Student Award Endowment Fund Jean Paul Slusser Fellowship in Art Fund Smucker-Wagstaff Undergraduate Scholarship Fund Susan Smucker Wagstaff and Reid Wagstaff Graduate Fellowship Fund Arthur C. Tagge Scholarship Fund Van Allsburg Scholarship Fund Emil Weddige Scholarship/Fellowship Fund Candy R. Wei International Travel Memorial Fund Wheeler Family Memorial Art Fund Richard Wilt Memorial Fund

2011 Donor Honor Roll emergence  • 28 

The Van Allsburg Challenge

Surpasses Expectations Thanks!

Thanks to all the A&D alumni and friends who allowed us to meet, and even surpass, the Van Allsburg Undergraduate Scholarship Challenge Match! Response to the Challenge, over $229,000

in gifts, helped the School attract the largest and best freshman class in A&D’s history and to provide ongoing support to current students. Our most sincere thanks Good fortune is recognizing opportunity when it comes your way and being ready and able to grab it.

to Chris (BFA ‘72) and Lisa (BFA ‘72) Van

— Chris Van Allsburg, BFA ’72

contributed to this remarkable enterprise.

Allsburg and to each and every donor who

author and illustrator

The Jean Dunlap Fund Ten years ago Washington, DC attorney

undergraduates in the years since its inception.

A.J. Harris II established a scholarship

  Mr. Harris passed away this summer, and left a significant

fund for Art & Design students in honor of his mother Jean M. Dunlap, who was a student at the University in the 1930s.

portion of his estate to the Dunlap Fund, which can now continue to support young artists and designers for the life of the University. We mourn Mr. Harris’ passing and are grateful for his continuing commitment to the School.

The Jean M. Dunlap Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund has eased the financial burdens of many A&D

For information on how you can make a gift to the School of Art & Design through your estate, please contact Mary Alice Bankert at or 734-478-5770.

29 • emergence  2011 Donor Honor Roll

w w t-design .umich .edu


Ann Aikens Robert Aikens Linda Banks Thomas L. Dent MD Joan K. Rosenberg-Dent Debra Gorman Steve Gorman Bette Klegon Halby Gary Halby Gretchen Hoenecke Odette Maskell Richard M. Maskell Sally Angell Parsons Luke Raymond Ellen L. Rontal Maxine Snider Larry Snider Penny Stamps E. Roe Stamps IV Ilene Steglitz Marc Steglitz Chris Van Allsburg Lisa Van Allsburg Susan Smucker Wagstaff Reid Wagstaff Susan Isaak Wahl Eric Wahl REGIONAL ALUMNI CO-CHAIRS:

Roddie Pistilli, Northern California Bill Reuter, Northern California Linda Banks, Southern California Arden Rynew, Southern California Kevin Smith, Southern California Dick Maskell, Illinois Ellen Rontal, Illinois Judy Maugh, Michigan - Ann Arbor Ann Aikens, Michigan - Detroit Sally Parsons, Michigan - Detroit Janet Watkins, Michigan - Grand Rapids Bette Klegon Halby, New York Susan & Eric Wahl, New York Susan & John Brown, Wisconsin

The School of Art & Design is on Facebook! Get in touch with old friends, network with alumni and receive news and information about A&D events. L I K E US AT:

We Want to Feature You and Your Work Just submit your news online at Click on “News/Events” in the left hand column, click on “Submit News” and then fill out the form. It’s as easy as that. It’s a great way to get your news out to former classmates, the A&D community, and beyond. Questions: contact Kate West at


Julia Donovan Darlow, Ann Arbor Laurence B. Deitch, Bingham Farms Denise Ilitch, Bingham Farms Olivia P. Maynard, Goodrich Andrea Fischer Newman, Ann Arbor Andrew C. Richner, Grosse Pointe Park S. Martin Taylor, Grosse Pointe Farms Katherine E. White, Ann Arbor Mary Sue Coleman, ex officio NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY STATEMENT

The University of Michigan, as an equal opportunity/ affirmative action employer, complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action. The University of Michigan is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status in employment, educational programs and activities, and admissions. Inquiries or complaints may be addressed to the Senior Director for Institutional Equity, and Title IX/Section 504/ADA Coordinator, Office of Institutional Equity, 2072 Administrative Services Building, Ann Arbor, Michigan 481091432, 734-763-0235, TTY 734-647-1388. For other University of Michigan information call 734-764-1817.

w w t-design .umich .edu

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July 2 - 21, 2012

6th Annual A&D Alumni Exhibition


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