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“I am shining when I’m doing research. Understanding the problems we currently face in chemistry and formulating solutions to them is an experience I find extremely rewarding.” Jackson Knott | Fourth-year BSc (Co-op) Major: Chemistry

At uLethbridge, students play a key role in the discoveries you learn about in the classroom. By participating in the investigative journey, your learning goes beyond the theoretical to the practical. Your curiosity piques, your creativity grows and your confidence to handle future academic challenges skyrockets. You gain critical-thinking and communication skills that will help you in advanced studies or in the workplace. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most accomplished researchers. Undergraduate student Jackson Knott first experienced the excitement of discovery in an independent study with chemistry professor Dr. Paul Hayes. Since then, Jackson has worked extensively in Dr. Hayes’ lab. “He has spent a vast amount of time helping me grow as a scientist,” says Jackson, who also completed a 12-month co-op work term with NOVA Chemicals in Calgary.

After wrapping up his final undergraduate semester with a national honour, the 2015 Award for Undergraduate Research in Inorganic Chemistry (by the Inorganic Division of the Canadian Society for Chemistry), Jackson is preparing for his next chapter: grad school. “I’m staying at uLethbridge for graduate work because I want the opportunity to complete the projects I started as an undergraduate,” he says. Regardless of your major, whether you plan to go on to graduate studies or begin a professional career, being involved in research or creative achievement as an undergraduate helps you stand out from the crowd when you graduate.


University of Lethbridge 2017/18 Viewbook  
University of Lethbridge 2017/18 Viewbook