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Bachelor of Science (BASc, 40-course, or Second Degree) Agricultural Biotechnology 6 Agricultural Studies 5, 6 Applied Statistics 6 Archaeology and Geography 5 Biochemistry 6 Biological Sciences 6 Chemistry 6 Computer Science 3, 6 Computer Science and Geographical Information Science 6 Environmental Science 6 General Major in the Sciences Geography 5, 6

Combined Degrees Programs

Pre-Professional Transfer Programs

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Education

Engineering 6 (University of Alberta)

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Management

Engineering 6, 7 (University of Saskatchewan)

Bachelor of Fine Arts—Art / Bachelor of Education

Dentistry (University of Alberta) Journalism (University of Regina)

Bachelor of Fine Arts—Dramatic Arts / Bachelor of Education

Law (University of Alberta)

Bachelor of Fine Arts—New Media / Bachelor of Education

Law (University of Calgary) Medicine (University of Alberta)

Bachelor of Fine Arts—New Media / Bachelor of Management

Medicine (University of Calgary)

Bachelor of Health Sciences / Bachelor of Management

Pre-Nursing Pathway

Bachelor of Music / Bachelor of Education

Veterinary Medicine (University of Saskatchewan)

Social Work (University of Calgary)

Bachelor of Management / Bachelor of Education 1

Kinesiology 5, 6

Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Education

Mathematics 6

Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Management

2 3 4

Neuroscience 6

5 6 7

Also available as a Bachelor of Science Also available as a Bachelor of Fine Arts Also available as a Bachelor of Management Also available as a Bachelor of Music Also available as a Bachelor of Arts Additional requirements for entry into program Awaiting final approval at the time of this Viewbook’s printing

For more information, visit program-availability.

Physics 6 Psychology 5 Remote Sensing 6

Questions? Contact Enrolment Services at 403-329-2762 or

Some things to know: •

Our education program is one of the leading programs in the country. You’ll receive 27 weeks of off-campus practicum experience, teaching in multiple settings, such as elementary AND secondary schools (unique to uLethbridge). Your professors are teachers who have all taught in K-12 classrooms and balance theory with practice.

Our digital audio arts major, the most comprehensive degree program of its kind in Western Canada, combines academic courses and a classical music base with experiences in audio engineering, music production and sonic arts.

The addictions counselling program is the only baccalaureate program of its kind in Canada.

Management students graduate with a competitive advantage through experiential learning programs. The Student Professional Development Program, offered on both the Calgary and Lethbridge campuses, offers workshops, industry networking events, academic competitions and student clubs that provide incredible opportunities for personal and professional development. Paid co-op opportunities are available in all majors and minors.

The arts & science co-op program offers work experiences for EVERY major at both the undergraduate (CAFCE accredited) and graduate levels. We are the only university in Alberta to do this!

Health sciences programs set graduates up for employment! You’ll understand the theory of the work you are doing and will know how to apply it in practice.

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