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Norma Lauder AND




101 3

The number of University of Illinois accounting professors who wrote the textbook she and all other students used— Advanced Accounting: An Organizational Approach, written by Norton Bedford, Kenneth Perry, and Arthur Wyatt, first published in 1961

170 The annual cost of tuition charged during her sophomore year at the University; annual room and board that year (1968–1969) was $935


The number of days during senior year that she served as an intern in the tax department at Arthur Andersen & Co., after which she was offered a full-time position

18 & 3 The number of years she headed the Tax Department at First Chicago Corporation after leaving Arthur Andersen & Co. and the number of mergers First Chicago Corporation went through during that time, first with NBD, then Bank One, and then JPMorgan Chase


The total percentage of female partners at Arthur Andersen & Co. in 1982 when she was one of eight women promoted to partner; that brought the total number of female partners to 16 of the 1,600 total partners worldwide


The Business class that all freshmen in the College take and for which she serves as a section coach, sharing real-world experience with student leaders


Norma stands in front of the Arthur Andersen Gallery, housed in BIF and dedicated by the College this fall. The artifacts in this exhibit, including the firm’s original doors, shown here, detail the history of accountancy through the story of one of the country’s earliest and largest firms. The gallery salutes the vision of those who helped shape the profession and provides valuable historical context for ILLINOIS students as they look to make their mark on the future of accountancy.

The year she served as treasurer of Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting honorary founded at the University of Illinois in 1919

11 & 133 The number of women who graduated from the University of Illinois in accounting in 1971 and the total number of accounting graduates that year

8 & 206 The number of years she has served as director of the MS Tax Program and the number of program graduates

P e r s p e c t i v e s FA L L 2 0 1 3

ACCY ’71



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