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Birth Day The World Book of Happiness The World Book of Love The World Box of Happiness The World Diary of Happiness The Wold Calendar of Happiness 666 myths everyone believes in


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Become an Optimist! Make your Life Flow Increase Your Self-Confidence Raising toward Happiness Parenting books Highly Gifted Children MindfulKids, HeartfulKids This is the Place Small Moments of Happiness/Mindfulness The Smart Budget Book Alfons Vansteenwegen Stay with me Manu Keirse


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Friend on Foe The Fortune of Dora Battle of the Bulge Hitler and the Freemasonry Cold Case Kennedy Rocco Granata


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Go with your talent Naked, Always. Manage Your Online Identity The Recommender Revolution Beyonders. Transcending Average Leadership


• Borderline Times. The End of Normality • Darwin at the Supermarket/in the News


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The World Book of Faith Turning Point Leadership with Spirit The Three Pillars of the World

GIFT BOOK • Charlie Duck is in Love


Lieve Blancquaert

260 x 230 mm | ca. 400 pages 50,000 words ca. 300 photographs hardcover French edition available


Birth day

Lieve Blancquaert • Combination of human, hopeful stories and the chance to learn about the world from the comfort of your own home • Gripping stories told from the personal point of view of a respected media personality For this project, the Belgian photographer and journalist, Lieve Blancquaert travels to the four corners of the Earth in search of an answer to the one question we have all asked ourselves already at one time or another: ‘Why do we choose to bring children into today’s world?’

The delivery room is a mirror to the world, to the wealth of different cultures, and yet giving birth is also the same for everyone. Lieve inundates herself in the lives of these children as a woman, mother, journalist and photographer, opens doors and searches for the values and perspectives that mark these young lives.

Birth Day is Lieve’s personal quest, displaying a rocksolid faith in a bright future.

A search for positive answers, without losing sight of reality. Because life is worth the effort. Which is why these ‘mothers of the world’ bring children into the world, 364,501 times a day…

From Kenya to Kuwait and the Cambodians to the Eskimos, she witnesses the birth and fi rst months of life of dozens of babies, surrounded by their parents, family and community. The dawning of so many new lives with new dreams, the dawning of so many new stories…

Lieve Blancquaert (°1963) is a Belgian photographer, journalist and television producer. Photography has been her passion since she was a child. She studied Art (fi lm and photography) at the Royal Academy for the Arts in Gent. She has already published a number of successful books and worked on a variety of television programmes. She always zooms in on ‘regular’ people, who are nevertheless ‘very special’ for any number of reasons.

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195 x 250 mm | 360 pages 83,400 words full colour illustrations flexicover with flaps English, German, French, Korean, Slovenian, Taiwanese and Japanese rights sold

The World Book of Happiness Leo Bormans

• A record of worldwide scientific research on happiness • Science presented in an appealing, accessible manner

• Already more than 200,000 copies sold worldwide The World Book of Happiness records the conclusions of a unique worldwide project. In this book, 100 experts in positive psychology, from Iceland to South Africa and from China to Australia, share their knowledge about happiness. None of these researchers are affi liated with any kind of philosophy or religion. Their conclusions are evidence-based and the result of life-long research. The World Book of Happiness conveys actual knowledge on the importance of time, money, health, success and climate. On youth, genetics and coincidence. On humour, pain and sadness. On choice, family, relationships and friendships. This revolutionary work does not only deal with individual happiness, but also with the welfare of groups, organisations and countries. This approach offers a globally legitimate vision of happiness. The surprising, inspirational texts and appealing images will make us evaluate our own existence.

The scientifi c foundations of this book are presented in a well-structured, fl uent text. The modern graphic design and beautiful images of The World Book of Happiness make this book a pleasure to read and a wonderful gift.

There are a lot of tools, procedures and ideas to help people become happier. And they have proved to work! We just need to make them accessible to everybody. - Dr. José de Jesus Garcia Vega, Mexico Leo Bormans is a journalist, writer and public speaker. For more than twenty years, he has been the chief editor of the school magazines Klasse and Yeti. At present, he travels around the world as the Ambassador of Happiness & Quality of Life. After the international best-seller The World Book of Happiness, his new title The World Book of Love will be released this Spring. He is also the author of the successful practice book Word optimist! (Become an Optimist!).

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195 x 250 mm | 360 pages ca. 83,000 words Editor in Chief Leo Bormans full colour illustrations flexicover with flaps German and French rights sold

I’m extraordinarily red to be a contributor to orld Book of Love. I cannot k of any more important use of my time.

Prof. Paul J. Zak, Claremont Graduate University Author of The Moral Molecule

Love The World Book of


01/10/12 17:33

The World Book of Love Leo Bormans

• A record of worldwide scientific research on love • Full of practical advice • Science presented in an appealing, accessible manner The World Book of Love will take you to the heart of romantic love. What do we know about love? Despite cultural differences, love itself has always existed. It is universal and can take many forms. It is an extremely powerful emotional state. But we all know that the fi re doesn’t burn forever. After the worldwide success of The World Book of Happiness, editor in chief Leo Bormans has spent two years studying the international scientifi c research on love. He succeeded in engaging the most brilliant scientists and unexpected newcomers to describe in their own words what we fi nally know about love.

No butterfl ies and sunsets. In this book, 100 researchers from 40 different countries share what we know about attachment, passion and commitment; about jealousy, abuse and pressure; from Darwin to science fi ction; from hidden secrets to open sex. They explain the system and unveil the mystery. In a global and rapidly changing world we can all learn from each other. From Asia to America, Europe and Africa. Leo Bormans is a journalist, writer and public speaker. For more than twenty years, he has been the chief editor of the school magazines Klasse and Yeti. At present, he travels around the world as the Ambassador of Happiness & Quality of Life. After the international best-seller The World Book of Happiness, his new title The World Book of Love will be released this Spring. He is also the author of the successful practice book Word optimist! (Become an Optimist!).

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180 x 90 x 60 mm box with 52 cards, magnet and instructions French and German rights sold

The World Box of Happiness Leo Bormans

• The wisdom of 100 happiness experts now collected in a beautiful gift box • This ‘treasure box of happiness’ contains 52 cards, each with two tasks • Work on your own happiness! Everyone starts with a certain ‘set point’ for happiness. And although everyone’s starting point is determined genetically and influenced by the environment one grows up in, we can all increase our own happiness, simply by making an effort!

The World Box of Happiness provides the tools to make that effort. On each card the reader will find two tasks that will help him to become a more positive person and obtain a happier life. The second task is somewhat harder to fulfil than the first. The tasks are based on scientific research, which has shown that people are happier, healthier and more successful when they have an optimistic view on life. Keeping in mind the basic elements that increase one’s feeling of happiness; pleasure, contentment and satisfaction in a meaningful life, the tasks invite you to work on your own happiness.

The happiness cards fit perfectly in your wallet and with the magnet that is included, you can also hang them on your refrigerator or your desk. Leo Bormans is a journalist, writer and public speaker. For more than twenty years, he has been the chief editor of the school magazines Klasse and Yeti. At present, he travels around the world as the Ambassador of Happiness & Quality of Life. After the international best-seller The World Book of Happiness, his new title The World Book of Love will be released this Spring. He is also the author of the successful practice book Word optimist! (Become an Optimist!).

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100 x 150 mm | 384 pages 10,000 words full colour illustrations hardcover with ribbon all rights available


jf Schri en je eig sk gelu oek dagb

The World diary of Happiness Leo Bormans

• Beautifully designed • Experience a moment of happiness every day • An inspiring gift for yourself or for those you care about Scientifi c research demonstrates that writing down one’s positive experiences on a daily basis makes one happier. In fact, people who give the positive things that have happened to them a moment of thought, will achieve a higher understanding of what they should be thankful for. Furthermore, it will ensure that they appreciate the small things in life, instead of considering everything to be obvious.

Leo Bormans is a journalist, writer and public speaker. For more than twenty years, he has been the chief editor of the school magazines Klasse and Yeti. At present, he travels around the world as the Ambassador of Happiness & Quality of Life. After the international best-seller The World Book of Happiness, his new title The World Book of Love will be released this Spring. He is also the author of the successful practice book Word optimist! (Become an Optimist!).

This diary is a source of inspiration that will get you started straight away, a precious gift full of ideas to help you become aware of your happy moments more easily.

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The World Calendar of Happiness




180 x 130 mm | 730 pages 18,000 words paperback all rights available


The World Calendar of Happiness

2014 The World Calender of Happiness Leo Bormans

• Be surprised by powerful quotes • Full of creative advice that can contribute to your happiness The World Calendar of Happiness provides a collection of quotes from the greatest creative spirits in world history. A special feature of this calendar is that quotes from each of these great minds are given on their birthdays – from Einstein and Voltaire to Madonna and Steve Jobs. Happiness expert Leo Bormans combines their insights into effective tips for increased happiness.

Leo Bormans is a journalist, writer and public speaker. For more than twenty years, he has been the chief editor of the school magazines Klasse and Yeti. At present, he travels around the world as the Ambassador of Happiness & Quality of Life. After the international best-seller The World Book of Happiness, his new title The World Book of Love will be released this Spring. He is also the author of the successful practice book Word optimist! (Become an Optimist!).

Scientifi c studies have shown that true happiness lies in sharing, all the more reason to share this advice with your family and friends!

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170 x 170 mm | ca. 288 pages 75,000 words paperback all rights available

666 myths everyone believes in Herman Boel • Demystifies every false belief in a clear and accessible way • A selection of varied themes such as sports, religion and history • Attractive, playful design Mice are not fond of cheese, sex before the match is always possible, Eskimos do not have a thousand words for ‘snow’ and our earth is not round.

Rest assured, after reading this title you will know the answer to these questions and many more, giving you the last word in any discussion!

Some myths are so persistent that one would almost believe that they were true. 666 myths everyone believes in puts an end to this once and for all.

Herman Boel is a translator and member of the Study Group for Critical Evaluation of Pseudoscience and the Paranormal.

This entertainingly written title explains in an accessible way, but based on the latest scientifi c research, why each belief is actually false. Are mosquitoes attracted to the light? Was Cleopatra a very attractive woman? Is the Dead Sea the saltiest lake in the world? Will you become stronger if you eat spinach?

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

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Word optimist!

Leo Bormans

Optimisten zijn gezonder en leven langer. Ze zijn

he World Book of Happiness. Tijdens zijn talloze lezingen

shops in binnen- en buitenland ontdekte hij hoe mensen

erd zijn door een oprecht zoeken naar geluk. Ze laten zich

iet langer leiden door een vaag geloof of naïef optimisme.

n de kennis en de inzichten van de positieve psychologie integreren in hun dagelijkse leven.

e doe je dat precies? En welke uitweg is er voor realisten

misten? In

Word optimist! brengt Leo gewone en

e voorbeelden, haalbare adviezen en verrassende verhalen.

dek je hoe je van optimisme een levensstijl kunt maken.

Word optimist!

iger en succesvoller. Waarop wacht je? Word optimist!

Bormans is de auteur van de internationale bestseller

Zou je hem herkennen? De optimist in jezelf en/of in de mensen die je omringen?

Leo Bormans

155 x 240 mm | 192 pages 48,000 words paperback with flaps French rights sold

Word optimist! Negen toetsstenen voor een positief leven

Dit zijn zijn belangrijkste eigenschappen.

OPEN Optimisten zijn open mensen.

POSITIVE POWER Optimisten gebruiken hun positieve kracht.

TR ANSFORM Optimisten veranderen zichzelf.

INTER ACT Optimisten gaan in interactie met anderen.

ME ANING Optimisten geven zin aan het leven.

INSPIRE Optimisten inspireren.


Optimisten lachen – ondanks alles en juist daarom.

TARGET Optimisten leven naar doelen.

! HET UITROEPTEKEN De urgentie van het optimisme.

9 789020 997309

9/6/11 5:14:21 PM

Become an Optimist! Leo Bormans • Discover how optimism can become a lifestyle • Full of practical advice to make your life more enjoyable • Clear explanations by an experienced author and trainer Optimists are healthier and live longer. They are happier and more successful. What are you waiting for? Become an optimist! Since his World Book of Happiness became a huge success, Leo Bormans has been overwhelmed with requests for lectures and workshops, from Brussels to Bangkok. This is how he discovered how people all over the world are fascinated by fi nding happiness. They no longer believe in vague religions or naïve optimism. They want to integrate the knowledge and fi ndings of positive psychology in their daily lives.

But how do you do that exactly? And what are born realists and pessimists supposed to do? Become an Optimist! offers simple and inspiring examples, usable advice and remarkable stories about how optimism can become a lifestyle; your lifestyle. Leo Bormans is a journalist, writer and public speaker. For more than twenty years, he has been the chief editor of the school magazines Klasse and Yeti. At present, he travels around the world as the Ambassador of Happiness & Quality of Life. After the international best-seller The World Book of Happiness, his new title The World Book of Love will be released this Spring. He is also the author of the successful practice book Word optimist! (Become an Optimist!).

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155 x 240 mm | 254 pages ca. 74,000 words paperback with flaps French rights sold

Make your Life Flow Marlies Terstegge • A book on the theory and practice of flow psychology, an important part of positive psychology • People with ‘flow’ are happier and more connected • A practical guide which offers concrete strategies to become more peaceful and conscious in life Most likely you have already experienced the sensation yourself: you were so focused on a task it made you completely forget time and place. This blissful feeling is called ‘fl ow’. The theory of fl ow teaches you to recognise and appreciate your talents and desires. People who are close to their core and are able to determine their own authentic life mission, not only feel happier, but are also more connected to others and to the world around them. Positive psychology has become increasingly infl uential and successful over the years. Its supporters believe that to acquire a more balanced psyche it is

essential to be aware of one’s thoughts and sensations. Instead of trying to reach distant goals, people looking for fl ow should approach life from a position in the present. This will allow them to deal with the problems of life in a peaceful manner. Marlies Terstegge is a mental health psychologist and psychotherapist. She is a scientifi c co-worker at the Dutch Institute for Social Sexological Research. In her own practice for ‘fl ow and inspiration’ she guides clients on their way to a happier life. She teaches courses and gives lectures about fl ow, happiness and positive psychology.

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

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155 x 240 mm | 168 pages ca. 46,000 words paperback with flaps all rights available

Increase Your Self-Confidence Feel Good and Perform Better Robert Haringsma • An accessible self-help book for building self-confidence • A scientifically based practical book • For everyone who is unsure professionally, socially or intimately Psychologist Robert Haringsma combines theory with a great number of exercises from his own practical experience with clients. As a stutterer, he himself had to learn to build the confi dence to speak in public. A high level of self-confi dence, says Haringsma, consists of a combination of skills (performance) and a proper sense of worth (talents) – a balance between these two providing stable self-confi dence.

‘Robert made a real contribution to the fi eld of self-esteem research.’ – Prof. Dr. Christopher Mruk. Bowling Green University, Ohio. Robert Haringsma studied psychology. His dissertation dealt with the effi cacy of self-help books. He is currently director of the Institute for Positive Psychology, where he is a trainer and coach for personal development. His doctorate at the Free University Amsterdam is in the fi eld of self-confi dence.

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

FOrEigN righTs 2013 | SELF-HELP

155 x 240 mm | 184 pages ca. 48,000 words paperback with flaps all rights available

Raising toward Happiness Jacqueline Boerefijn and Ad Bergsma • Take a positive approach to your teen and make him or her happier! • The first book on raising teenagers based on the insights of positive psychology • Instead of focusing on potential problems, this book concentrates on how you can make your teenager (and yourself ) happier. Because happiness is a safeguard against mental issues and behavioural problems during adolescence • A wealth of concrete examples and practical advice Our children are among the happiest in Europe, but during their teens many adolescents experience a sudden decrease in their level of happiness. Which causes many parents to become anxious. So much can go wrong – confl icts at home or at school, alcohol and drugs, mental issues, crime… Teenagers are at risk of stumbling into several pitfalls at once, or so it seems. Which is why many parents cramp up and tend to focus on avoiding problems, issuing warnings and repeating themselves for the umpteenth time: ‘Be careful you don’t…’ But there is another way. Raising toward Happiness makes a resolute choice not to become fi xated on what can go wrong, but to concentrate attention on the positive points of your adolescent instead. Because, yes: there are positive points! Moreover, it is much more

effective to emphasise the strong points instead of continuing to stress the negative. Jacqueline Boerefi jn and Ad Bergsma apply this basic insight from positive psychology on teenagers and their parents. By means of concrete practical examples they illustrate how you can coach your teenager through adolescence and help him or her to become a balanced, independent adult. Jacqueline Boerefijn has vast years of experience in teaching. For her project ‘Lessons in Happiness’, she was awarded the H.J. Jacobs Prize for educational innovation. In 2010, she graduated as Master of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London. Ad Bergsma is a psychologist and science journalist. He took his Ph.D. in 2011 at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam with his thesis ‘Imperfect Happiness’.

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | SELF-HELP

Parenting Books Lannoo’s parenting books combine scientifi c accuracy with an accessible style. Every book in this series is written by experts with years of experience. The authors all choose a vantage point from everyday

life. The countless examples and tips in the books are extremely wellsuited for parents, but teachers and social workers have also given the series repeated praise. Many of the books have already been translated.

• Practical and comprehensive parenting guides, based on the most contemporary scientific insights • All authors are experts within their field • Contain numerous examples and practical tips • For parents, teachers and social workers

My Child Is Autistic

Highly Gifted Children

Sit Stil!

My Child Is Highly Sensitive

My Child Has DCD

I Can’t Do That, My Child Says

Stress Kids

Helping Children Through Loss

Guide For Successful Parenting

Talking To Your Teenager

Growing Together

Step by Step

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

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155 x 240 mm | ca. 240 pages 75,000 words paperback French rights in option

Highly Gifted Children Tessa Kieboom • Indispensable book to parents, teachers and social workers • Full of examples and practical advice • More than 10,000 copies were sold of the first edition Five years after the publication of Highly Gifted Children, expert Tessa Kieboom has written a fully updated edition, in line with the latest scientifi c research and fi lled to the brim with new insights.

Tessa Kieboom is an authority and pioneer if it comes to research into the matter and guidance of gifted people. She leads the Centre for Giftedness Research in Antwerp, where hundreds of children are guided every year.

In this book, she explains why being intellectually highly gifted is not a luxury problem. Highly gifted children are in fact very fragile and they have a great need for understanding and suitable guidance both at school and at home. Besides this, the author provides answers to frequently asked questions such as: what exactly is intellectual giftedness? How is it diagnosed? What are the consequences? How do you take care of gifted children?

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

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180 x 250 mm | 128 pages ca. 23,000 words hardcover all rights available

MindfulKids, HeartfulKids A book for kids about attention and friendliness George Langenberg & Rob Brandsma • Richly illustrated book for children from 8 to 12 • Teaches children how to cope with stress and emotions • Including relaxation exercises and training MindfulKids, HeartfulKids is based on the extensive experience of the authors, who regularly give mindfulness trainings to primary school children. Mindfulness teaches us to be clearly aware of the meaning of all our experiences. If we are more aware, we can better cope with the uncertainties of life – especially when they are diffi cult or challenging.

MindfulKids, HeartfulKids provides the excellent opportunity to discuss important topics with your child and teaches you and your child how to create a higher awareness in your daily lives.

Children can do the exercises in this book and the including practice CD by themselves. The authors recommend however that the chapters are read, discussed and practiced together with a parent or care person.

Rob Brandsma is a psychologist and has a private practice. He also gives mindfulness workshops and lectures to individuals and corporations.

George Langenberg is a teacher but also an experienced yoga and mindfulness coach.

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Edel Maex

135 x 185 mm | ca. 120 pages 30,000 words hardcover all rights available

Edel Maex

Dit is De plaats

Dit is De plaats Over zen, mindfulness en mededogen

This is the Place About zen, mindfulness and compassion Edel Maex • Sublime spiritual literature of a best-selling author • Intriguing and surprising vision on zen meditation • More than 80,000 copies were sold of his book Mindfulness. In the whirlpool of life German and French rights sold, full English manuscript available.

Best-selling author Edel Maex brings an innovative approach to zen meditation with compassion for yourself and others as the central idea.

Edel Maex is a psychiatrist at the Middelheim hospital in Antwerp. He introduced the mindfulness theory in Belgium. His group lectures and workshops are an enormous success.

As no clear defi nition of the word ‘zen’ exists, different movements and schools adhere to as many beliefs and practices. This leads to confusion and sometimes to false interpretations. In his new book, Edel Maex tries to fi nd the common aspects between zen and mindfulness. His search leads him to the ancient Avatamsaka Sutra, one of the most infl uential Mahayana sutras of East Asian Buddhism (the Avatamsaka Sutra describes a cosmos of infi nite worlds, mutually containing one another), which offers a surprising answer to the questions and challenges of our lives in the 21st century.

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

FOrEigN righTs 2013 | SELF-HELP

115 x 175 mm | 160 pages 25,000 words (Happiness) / 17,000 words (Mindfulness) hardcover all rights available

Small Moments of Happiness Small Moments of Mindfulness • New inspirational gift book series • Focus on daily attention to ‘small’ moments as moments of pause in everyday hectic life • Attractive presentation By consciously enjoying everyday moments of happiness you can achieve a more positive outlook in life. Over 80 percent of the people do not experience suffi cient positivity for a blossoming life. Small moments of happiness and the positive emotions they are associated with can provide a broadening of the intellectual, physical and social resilience.

Small Moments of Mindfulness is inspirational for everyone looking to enjoy life more intensely. Ten chapters give you a renewed perspective on joy, happiness, peace, love, silence, thankfulness, confi dence, sex and intimacy. The practical tips, quotes, meditations and scientifi c facts provide pleasant moments of peace on a busy day.

Small Moments of Happiness shows you that you can experience moments of happiness in all areas of your life: with friends, family, in nature, in traffi c, at work and even while doing household chores. The book contains many scientifi cally founded tips in order to create your own moments of happiness.

David Dewulf is an authority in the fi eld of mindfulness. He founded the institute for Attention and Mindfulness, and has been giving courses in mindfulness for many years, for both adults and teenagers. He has also educated many mindfulness trainers. He collaborates closely with a number of different universities in order to continue research on the effects of mindfulness.

Lex Goos is an applied psychologist. In 2008, he changed the course of his life by giving up his job in advertising. From that moment on, he decided to take on only those activities that he found energising. He focused on studying positive psychology and wrote a fi nal thesis on the effects of small moments of happiness.

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

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140 x 210 mm | 216 pages ca. 50,000 words paperback all rights available

The Smart Budget Book Sara Van Wesenbeeck • This book proves that better organisation and a few smart habits can earn you up to €100 a week • 12 instant budget recipes and numerous tips immediately point the reader in the right direction • Based on the vast experience of coach and personal organiser Sara Van Wesenbeeck Do you want to earn money while you spend it, become a pro at negotiating prices, be a smarter shopper and gain better insight into your penny pits? Then this is defi nitely the book for you! Professional organiser Sara Van Wesenbeeck shows you how to give your budget a boost and save money to enjoy the better things in life. Her motto? Smart organisation means you can save quite a bit of money effortlessly, without having to save out on luxury or fun.

With her company Plus Organizing®, professional organiser and coach Sara Van Wesenbeeck helps to get families and (inter)national businesses back on track, for a life with less stress, more time and a higher quality of life. During her lectures and workshops she shares her passion and expertise on improved organisation of yourself, your life, your budget, family and work. Sara is European Ambassador for Female Entrepreneurship and is a frequently consulted media expert.

The 12 instant budget recipes and numerous tips will save you 100 effortless euros every week. And offer you a lot of personal gain as well: more clarity, less stress and more time! It’s free and only has advantages. So what are you still waiting for?

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ALFONS VANSTEENWEGEN Prof dr. Alfons Vansteenwegen is an internationally renowned and frequently praised couples therapist and sexologist. He was head professor at the Institute of Family and Sexuality Studies (University of Louvain) and lead workshops and trainings in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. He was visiting professor at ESSM European School of Sexual Medicine (Oxford); University of Western Cape and University of Stellenbosch in South Africa; Hopitaux Universitaires in Geneva, Switzerland and Universidad de Lima in Peru.

He has published over 350 scientifi c and clinical publications on marriage, family, sexuality and couples therapy. In 2011 the World Association of Sexual Health awarded him the Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement.

Love is a Verb collects his many years of experience as a couples therapist for a wide audience. The Dutch edition sold over 120,000 (41st edition!) copies and 25 years on, it is still the most appreciated relationship book in the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium. The book also received international recognition and was translated into German, Hungarian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, South African and Greek.

Love is a Verb

How to Survive a Love Affair

Little Book of Love

Love after 50

Love demands Time

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact

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155 x 240 mm | 192 pages 64,000 words paperback with flaps all rights available





Stay with Me Our Struggle for Power and Intimacy in Relationships Rika Ponnet • • • •

An innovative and insightful look at relationships Based on the latest insights regarding bonding Already 18,000 copies sold Packed with practical tips and advice

In many relationships, after the initial novelty wears off, a power struggle develops. Little things start to become annoying, losing too much of oneself becomes a worry and a certain routine enters the relationship. But how do you keep this struggle from leading to the end of the relationship? Illustrated with practical examples, Rika Ponnet reveals the deeper causes of relationship problems and shows how bonding styles are often at the root of problems.

Why do opposites attract but often grow apart with the passing of time? Why do many people continuously choose a ‘wrong’ partner? And why is disagreement and struggle often a hidden cry for more intimacy? Rika Ponnet is a sexologist. She and her husband Mark Boeykens (psychologist), run the agency ‘relationship Duet’. As a therapist, she has helped numerous singles and couples. She is a soughtafter relationship expert in the media and regularly contributes columns to Het Nieuwsblad Magazine and Libelle.

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | SELF-HELP

MANU KEIRSE Prof. Manu Keirse is professor of grief and bereavement care at the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), and part-time professor at the Benelux University in Eindhoven. From 1999 to 2003 he was Chief of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Public Health. He is the president of the Higher School of Family Sciences, of the Federal Commission of Evaluation on Palliative Care, of the Academy End of Life, of two care homes for the elderly in Leuven and of the Psychiatric Hospital Sint-Camillus at Sint-Denijs-Westrem. He is vice-president of the Federation of Palliative Care Flanders. He earned a university degree in clinical psychology, family and sex sciences, medico-social sciences and hospital management at the Catholic University of Leuven, in health ethics at the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands) and in group and organisation management at the Limburg University (Belgium). He received his doctorate in Medicine at the University of Leiden (the Netherlands).

He was on the directory board of the University Hospital of Leuven for 22 years as Director Patient Counselling. He is author of an array of books on patient care, grief and bereavement and palliative care. A number of his books have been translated into French, Polish, German and Ukrainian. In 2006, his books were awarded the Feniks Prize in Poland as works that break through the taboo on death and bereavement. His books are proven longsellers. Fingerprint of Grief and Help With Loss and Grief have each sold over 75,000 copies.

Saying Goodbye to Mother

When You Lose a Baby Early in Pregnancy

Help With Loss and Grief

Help With Illness and Pain

Helping Children Through Loss

Later Starts Today

Light in the Darkness

Silent Grief

Life’s Lessons

Fingerprint of Grief

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | HISTORY & MEMOIRES

210 x 260 mm | 360 pages 89,000 words full colour illustrations flexibound all rights available

Friend on Foe Paul Van Damme • Cartoons with a clear message and a reflection of the spirit and convictions of their time • Highly rare cartoons from private collections!

Friend on Foe uses a series of about 200 keywords to clarify the history of the First World War. Each keyword is illustrated with one or more cartoons, which are analysed from a historical perspective. The images have been selected on grounds of both historical relevance and aesthetic appeal.They pay equal attention to both sides of the front line, to allies and enemies. Nearly all cartoons have been retrieved from private collections and have seldom (or never) been published to date. Friend on Foe is a comprehensive work of reference whose keywords are categorised into ten separate themes. The alphabetical indices at the back of the book help the reader to navigate through the book.

Friend on Foe also offers a series of comprehensible texts which clearly summarise the keywords and the larger themes. Finally, Friend on Foe is also an art book. It contains a wide variety of cartoons and caricatures (mostly in colour) by more than 200 different artists. In other words, it offers three books on the First World War in one: a reference work, a historical synthesis and an artistic survey. Paul Van Damme is historian and an avid collector of historical cartoons. He was the co-author of the best-seller Zonder Woorden, een geschiedenis van België in spotprenten/Without Words, a history of Belgium in cartoons (20,000 copies sold).

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | HISTORY & MEMOIRES

155 x 240 mm | 284 pages ca. 85,000 words paperback French edition available

The Fortune of dora

Granddaughter of Leopold II in the home of the Nazis Olivier Defrance and Joseph van Loon • A fascinating search for the true reason behind the downfall of Dora of Saxe-Coburg • The result of extensive research by two renowned historians Granddaughter of King Leopold II of Belgium, wealthy owner in Congo, daughter of Prince Philippe, the third estate fortune of the Austrian Empire, Princess Dora of Saxe-Coburg (1881-1967) is what we can call a real catch. Almost still a child, she marries Duke Günther of Schleswig-Holstein, brother of Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1898. Dividing her time between Silesia, and the courts of Europe, she leads a lavish life with Günther. Remaining childless, the couple eventually adopts two little cousins. The First World War, the economic crisis and the death of her husband in 1920 resulted in a radical change in Dora’s life. Gradually, her immense fortune evaporates. The seizure of power by Adolf Hitler in Germany rings in new events: Dora’s fortune is confi scated by the authorities of the Third Reich, while other members of her family became ardent supporters of Nazi politics. She spent the last years of her life in Bavaria, with her cousins, the princes of Tour and Taxis. What could possibly explain such a bizarre turn of events?

This book, the result of many years of research throughout Europe, brings us this incredible story. All the elements of a fi ctional narrative are gathered here: love, kidnapping, theft, disappearance, murder and betrayal! Historian educated at ULB, Olivier Defrance is the author of several articles and books, including Léopold Ier et le clan Cobourg and La Médicis des Cobourg. Clémentine d’Orléans and, with Christophe Vachaudez, L’ Album royal. De Léopold Ier à Baudouin. Passionate about royal history and a great collector of historic documents, Joseph van Loon contributed to the biography of Princess Louise of Saxe-Coburg.

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | HISTORY & MEMOIRES

260 x 260 mm | 168 pages 58,800 words b/w and full colour illustrations hardcover French edition available

Battle of the Bulge Émile Engels • Relive a decisive moment in Europe’s fight for freedom • Illustrated with more than 350 photos and documents • Numerous testimonies December 16, 1944, at 5:30 in the morning, the Battle of the Bulge – the last but formidable offensive of the Wehrmacht – begins. It was the largest air and ground operation of the US Army during World War II: 750,000 Allies fought in this decisive battle for the freedom of Europe. This title gives the reader the chance to relive, through more than 350 photos and documents, the 52 intense and challenging days of the offensive.

Lieutenant-Colonel Émile Engels was a pupil of Colonel Henri Bernard at the Royal Military Academy. He survived the Battle of the Bulge at Warnach, fi fteen miles south of Bastogne. Eager to learn more about the battle, he met many great military leaders from that time: Kinnard, von Manteuffel, Harkins, Desobry, Alanis, Boggess… but also soldiers who returned from the battlefi eld.

Thanks to the detailed maps, the different stages of the battle can easily be followed. Besides this, numerous testimonies shed new light on the military action and show the devastating impact it had on the lives of the citizens of the Ardennes.

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | HISTORY & MEMOIRES

160 x 240 mm | 188 pages 50,000 words paperback French edition available

Hitler and the Freemasonry Arnaud de la Croix • Was Hitler a freemason? • A historical tale with current resonance • A truly demystifying book What was the link between the creation of the National Socialist Party and freemasonry? How did the German freemasons react to the seizure of power by the Nazis? What was the fate of the Masonic organizations in the countries occupied by Germany? Did Himmler and his Order inspire dark freemasonry?

Arnaud de la Croix is a philosopher, but also a passionate historian. He is the author of other notable books, such as L’Érotisme au Moyen Âge/Eroticism in the Middle Ages and Les Templiers, au Coeur des croisades/Knights Templars in the heart of the Crusades. They were translated into several languages.

A thorough investigation that highlights one of the most mysterious episodes of the Second World War.

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | HISTORY & MEMOIRES

155 x 240 mm | 432 pages 120,000 words hardcover all rights available

Cold Case Kennedy Filip de Mey • Experience this thrilling investigation from the first row • Not a summary of existing books, but a new systematic investigation by an experienced lawyer • A theory which – in contrast to all existing ones – describes all elements in the dossier 50 years after the assassination of JF Kennedy on 22 November 1963, the controversy about his death is still not over. Many have tried to fi gure out the truth, but never before has an investigation taken place in such an objective and thorough way.

Filip de Mey started his career as a lawyer, but took a supplementary training to become a forensic company auditor, specialized in unravelling fraud and irregularities in companies.

Cold Case Kennedy is the result of years of analyzing the murder case. As an experienced company auditor, Filip de Mey studied all available elements using the strict and specifi c methodology he would usually conduct a fi nancial inspection with. No elements are conveniently forgotten or wilfully ignored. Nevertheless, his detailed examination leads to a revealing conspiracy theory.

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | HISTORY & MEMOIRES

170 x 240 mm | ca. 336 pages ca. 80,000 words paperback with photo section all rights available

Rocco ggRanata Mijn leven

Rocco Granata. My life Rocco Granata • The fascinating story of Rocco Granata, the artist who became known throughout the world with the song Marina • Marina, the movie about the life of the young Rocco, will be released this autumn • A detailed account of his life and all its ups and downs

In this book, Rocco Granata recalls dramatic, amusing, and often surprising moments in his life. Who would have believed that an Italian immigrant’s son, who arrived in 1948 at the age of 10 in the Belgian mine-worker’s village Waterschei, would conquer the world with his accordion and distinctive voice?

Rocco Granata (Figline Vegliaturo, 1938) is a composer, music producer and singer.

His story is one that will appeal to everyone’s imagination, the story of a boy from ‘nowhere’, who became a world star thanks to the song Marina. Never before was a Belgian song released in so many different versions and languages: more than 5 million copies were sold! It was the start of his impressive international music career.

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | MANAGEMENT

170 x 240 mm | 140 pages 40,000 words paperback English edition available

Go with your Talent Luk Dewulf

• What is talent? And how can you develop your talents? • A practical book that will help you to make the most of your life! • Over 10,000 copies sold in Belgium and the Netherlands Why don’t we use our talents? We all have talents, but we don’t always know what they are, or fi nd it diffi cult to put them to use. But in order to make the most of our lives, it is essential that we understand what our strong points are. Go with your Talent will help you on your search for your talent and will allow you to make the right choices once you have identifi ed it, because the road to self-fulfi lment and authenticity means focusing wholeheartedly on the things that you excel at. Paradoxically, this seemingly ‘selfi sh’ choice will actually make you more valuable to your environment. Following your talent acts as a kind of life insurance, helping you to maintain your desire to work and learn, even as you grow older!

Go with your Talent offers advice on how to apply these principles at the offi ce, school and in life in general. By means of examples, tools, work forms and checklists you get to work effectively. Luk Dewulf is an educationist and consultant with Kessels & Smit, the Learning Company. He works worldwide as a consultant and gives workshops. He seeks to fi nd every opportunity to unleash and develop strengths in the people and organisations he is counselling. He studied appreciative research, positive psychology and talent development.

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | MANAGEMENT

150 x 210 mm | 160 pages 35,000 words paperback all rights available

Naked, Always. Manage Your Online Identity Clo Willaerts

English edition available

• How to manage your online identity • The impact of social media on your online reputation • Advice from a renowned internet specialist Your online reputation can be made or broken by a single tweet or Facebook post. How can you use social media to improve your reputation? What social media platforms do you need to be on? How do you create an appealing profi le? How do you expand your network and online identity? How do you handle a crisis? How do you protect your privacy?

Clo Willaerts is one of the most renowned internet specialists in Belgium. She is an avid blogger, Facebooker and Tweeter, but she is also frequently asked to speak and consult on the impact of digital media on our way of life.

A wealth of practical tips for marketeers and everyone who is interested in online reputation, both on a personal and a business or brand level.

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | MANAGEMENT

easily be able to find a place.’

Michel Bauwens

iversal. You find them at es. Whether asked to or not, ns about everything. Also mes bluntly, sometimes with wth of the internet, their important than ever before. ead how this happened and nfluence daily.

Founder of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives

‘The recommender phenomenon is perhaps the least well understood but also the most potentially powerful component in the marketing mix. In our digital world, its importance can only increase.’

Bert Stevens

raise or criticize products their own experience are today. Human media are Or rather are creating a reach media. More reliable. e honest. Stronger.

VP Operations, Nike Europe

‘The Recommender Revolution is a book with real meat on it, one that goes beyond the usual superficialities. The innovative content, combined with Jan Van den Bergh’s brilliant and unique style of writing, mean that this book is highly recommended!’

ender Revolution

g man’s vision of the future ing and advertising. This new things for all consumers and n truly excel, so that they are by the collective public.

Nicole Berx President of the International Marketing Congress Commission at Stima and Director of the House of Marketing

den Bergh moved to

d in Belgium and worked in ss. He was closely involved tchi&Saatchi Brussels and ernet pioneer, the figures hat active (online) fanatics important in the success

Chris Van Roey CEO of the Union of Belgian Advertisers


789 4 0 1

W hy G o o d RevieWs ARe th e B e st A d s F o R yo u R B R A n d

Jan Van den Bergh

‘Since time immemorial mouth-tomouth has been one of the strongest influencers of consumers. Thanks to social networks, the reach of this form of advertising has grown exponentially. Happy or unhappy about a hotel, product or service? Just post your comments on the appropriate website! And so we become recommenders.’

The Recommender Revolution

170 x 240 mm | 200 pages 60,000 words ‘The mass media are in crisis. Horizontal communication is gradually integral binding becoming the norm. This new world of communications works with a radically different logic, in which traditional English edition available advertising and marketing will not

ask if you are looking for ng shoes, the latest TV or r on the market? How much uenced by the comments colleagues? Who are the ake or break a brand? ?


The Recommender Revolution Jan Van den Bergh

• When you say advertising, you say Jan Van den Bergh • Who are the consumers that make or break your brand? • And also: why do they do so? The Recommender Revolution examines an age-old adage, that is still valid today: ‘Great products sell themselves.’ One satisfi ed customer of the local bakery will soon tell the whole village. A brand is the sum of what you and others think of a product. The greater this sum, the better it is for the future market share. Who do you ask for pointers when you want to fi nd a fi ne wine, new running shoes, a new television? How much of what you buy is the result of the direct infl uence of family, friends and co-workers? Who are the consumers that make or break a brand? Why do they do so? People have recommended things to others throughout the centuries. They offer solicited and unsolicited advice, about everything. Including brands. Sometimes subtle, sometimes harsh. The internet has given them more power than ever. This book will tell you

how that came to be, where things stand today and why they grow more important every day. People who recommend or advise against products and services based on their own experiences are the real advertisers. Individual media replace mass media, but all together they form another mass medium. More reliable. More convincing. More honest. More powerful. The Recommender Revolution offers a former advertiser’s vision on the future of marketing and advertising. And that altered future is bright for all consumers and for brands that excel to such a degree that they receive collective praise. Before internet pioneer Jan Van den Bergh left for China in 2006, he lived, worked and breathed advertising. He stood at the foundation of both Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels (1991) and Boondoggle (1999).

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FOrEigN righTs 2013 | MANAGEMENT

170 x 240 mm | 208 pages 60,000 words hardcover English edition available

Beyonders. Transcending Average Leadership Herman Van den Broeck & David Venter • What is it that makes Obama and Mandela such exceptional leaders? • Don’t become the best in the world, but for the world! In many countries and organisations, people are desperately looking for leaders who can offer solutions to overcome the countless fi nancial, political and environmental problems that the world faces. Sadly, such leaders are few and far between. But fortunately there is hope: Beyondership. Leaders who aspire to Beyondership possess and radiate a deep-seeded vision, anchored in a clear set of values. What others see as obstacles, they welcome as challenging opportunities. They create environments that inspire passion, and persevere until their goals are reached. Even without the support of powerful parties, they have the courage to be a minority of one and fi ght for what they genuinely believe. For a Beyonder, it is not about being the best in the world, but being the best for the world.

Herman Van den Broeck is a professor at the University of Gent and at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. He specialises in change management, emotional intelligence and leadership. Over many years he has closely monitored important leaders in various fi elds. David Venter was born in South Africa and has spent the majority of his life practising psychology, fulfi lling the role as director general of all government communication in South Africa during the transition from apartheid to democracy. Thereafter he focused on teaching and consulting in the fi eld of negotiation and mediation. For the past six years he has been a professor at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School.

With unique photographs of the Kosmogolem, a work of art by Koen Vanmechelen

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or


140 x 220 mm | 200 pages 45,000 words hardcover all rights available

Borderline Times. The End of Normality Dirk De Wachter • The world through the eyes of psychiatrist Dirk De Wachter: Is everybody borderline? • Comprehensibly written essay by a renowned specialist on the subject • Already more than 15,000 copies sold In our western society borderline symptoms are never far away. We are living in borderline times. Today, borderline is by far the most common diagnosis in psychiatry. Furthermore, the line between patients and non-patients is constantly becoming fi ner. Are we all on the path toward illness and dissatisfaction? Psychiatry is the mirror of the world we live in. Dirk De Wachter outlines borderline as a societal presentation of symptoms.

Luckily there are more encouraging signals, with the prospect of recovery. Our world seems to be on the brink of change: people are actively fi ghting the symptoms. Bonding, commitment, solidarity and sense of community are crucial values that prevent the current borderline mentality of looming loss of social structures, impulsivity and futility. Dirk De Wachter is a psychiatrist-psychotherapist and heads the department of system and family therapy at the KU Leuven Psychiatric Centre. He is a family therapy instructor and supervisor in different centres both in Belgium and abroad.

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or


140 x 210 mm | 192 pages ca. 52,450 words paperback Spanish, Hungarian, Korean and French rights sold

140 x 210 mm | 213 pages 56,000 words paperback all rights available

darwin at the Supermarket

Or how evolution influences our behaviour on a daily basis

darwin in the News

Or how evolution still hits the front-page every day

Mark Nelissen • The Theory of Evolution in our daily lives • Humorously written, but based on scientific research • 22,000 copies were sold of the books of Mark Nelissen In Darwin at the Supermarket Mark Nelissen describes numerous examples of Darwin’s theory of natural selection. His fi ndings lead to surprising insights. Darwin at the Supermarket, a humorously written book that, at the same time, has a profound scientifi c basis, is an eye-opener for Darwin’s inheritance and helps to explain human behaviour. A mixture of views on the evolution of social behaviour and the human brain masterfully combined with everyday anecdotes that will make the reader begin to see Charles Darwin everywhere. – Muy interesante on Darwin at the Supermarket

Best-selling author Mark Nelissen shows us how Darwin still hits the front-page everyday, dealing with themes as the Strauss-Kahn affair, family tragedies, the economic crisis and so on. Darwin in the News is popular science at its best: scientifi cally accurate, accessible and humorous. After reading this book, you will not be able to watch the news in the same way again. Mark Nelissen is a professor in behavioural biology at the University of Antwerp. In his books and lectures he explains the principles of biology to the broad public and really knows how to capture their attention.

With an extraordinary sense of humour but still scientifically explained, Nelissen writes daily stories in which the theory of evolution lurks around every corner. – E kultúra on Darwin at the Supermarket

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

FOrEigN righTs 2013 | SPIRITUALITY

195 x 250 mm | ca. 288 pages ca. 60,000 words full colour illustrations paperback with flaps English sample chapters available

The World Book of Faith

Geloof . The World Book of Faith Jürgen Mettepenningen • Great thinkers on the essence of their faith • 50 authorities speak out • Fascinating stories about the power of faith and how it influenced their lives In The World Book of Faith more than 50 authorities from all over the world and all religions and ‘faiths’ explain why they believe, what the essence of their faith means to them, and how it brings them happiness. It mainly concentrates on the traditional major world religions, where religion is defi ned as an organised ideology that, due to its focus on the divine gives the lives of those who are of that faith more direction and meaning: Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. But a number of other forms of religion are also discussed, such as the beliefs of a Native American and a liberal thinker.

Renowned Christian thinkers such as Anselm Grün, Timothy Radcliff or Brother John of Taizé, Islamic thinkers such as Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid and Tariq Ramadan, Buddhists such as Bhikkhuni Dhammananda. Each of the authors is an authority within his faith, either due to his expertise – many have published countless books – or due to experience, or both. Jürgen Mettepenningen has a Ph. D in theology, works as a professor at the Theology faculty at the KU Leuven and is author of several books.

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

FOrEigN righTs 2013 | SPIRITUALITY

170 x 210 | 192 pages ca. 46,000 words b/w illustrations paperback all rights available

Turning Point The Twelve Works of Sant’ Egidio Koenraad De Wolf photography Herman Ricour • A journey around the world, in search of the soul of Sant’Egidio • Moving stories about how Sant’Egidio changed the lives of 12 ‘regular’ people • A gripping book Sant’Egidio is a movement that counts 70,000 volunteers over 73 countries. They are dedicated to help the forgotten: from the homeless and Aids sufferers to the Roma and victims of the violence of war.

Next to the story of the ‘regular’ people, a well-known Sant’Egidio volunteer gives his vision of the future. With striking photographs by photographer Herman Ricour.

The essence: to be truly close to the poor by taking concrete action.

Koenraad De Wolf has published 25 books on local history, architecture and contemporary (religious) art. He has been working as a journalist for the Christian magazine Tertio since 2000.

Koenraad De Wolf tells the story of 12 men and women who reached a ‘turning point’ in their lives as a result of their experiences with Sant’Egidio: from the guerrilla war lord from Mozambique who signed a peace treaty to the Aids orphan from Malawi who supports infected youngsters.

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

FOrEigN righTs 2013 | SPIRITUALITY

140 x 210 mm | 192 pages 59,000 words paperback all rights available

Leadership with Spirit Management with a human face René Stockman • A daring and alternative view on leadership • An inspirational book for anyone who wants to look beyond hard numbers • Based on 30 years of experience From his 30 years of experience as a prior of the Brothers of Charity, Br René Stockman describes his spiritual view on management: inspired leadership equalling ‘being obliging’.

In part two of this book, the author illustrates his views by means of ten inspiring leaders such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, John Henri Newman and Chiara Lubich.

In the fi rst part, the author defi nes ‘obliging leadership’. He believes that a beginning manager will always try to emulate strong and important examples. For René Stockman, Christ is the model par excellence, with the parable of the Good Shepherd and the icon of the foot washing, an important symbol of compliance, as indicators. He uses these elements because they may still be useful in this very secular environment.

Brother René Stockman has a PhD in Public Health (KU Leuven) and is, since 2000, the general prior of the Brothers of Charity, an international congregation that operates in more than 30 countries.

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

FOrEigN righTs 2013 | SPIRITUALITY

140 x 210 mm | 168 pages 43,000 words paperback French and Italian rights sold

The Three Pillars of the World Benoît Standaert • A Benedictine monk searches for what is essential to Christianity • Benoît Standaert inspires pilgrims of the 21st century • An invitation to contemplate three fundamental questions In these uncertain times of the 21st century – in which not faith but fear rules – we need profound insights into what is able to inspire us again. What enhances the understanding of our time? What stimulates a climate of silence and prayer? What is effective solidarity nowadays? How can we start over and serve the real life? The starting point is a saying older than Christianity: ‘The world leans on three pillars.’ The fi rst pillar is study and wisdom, the second one prayer and silence, the third is charity. Together they make an indestructible tripod.

Benoît Standaert is a Benedictine monk in the Abbey of Saint-Andries in Zevenkerken. He studied in Rome, Jerusalem and Nijmegen. Both in Belgium and abroad he is involved in educational and training programmes. His book The Jesus Space is a milestone and was translated into several languages. Wisdom from the Desert, Living with the Psalms and God’s Treasure were all very well received.

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

FOrEigN righTs 2013 | GIFT BOOK

135 x 185 mm | 48 pages ca. 2,500 words full colour illustrations hardcover all rights available

Charlie duck is in Love Mattias De Leeuw • First part of a new series about Charlie Duck, a funny, new character • Gift book from a young up-and-coming talent • Full of sweet, funny and cute rhymes Charlie Duck only wants one thing: true love. But how do you go about something like that? Charlie Duck thinks to himself. ‘I’ll just make my own sweetheart.’ He hammers and tinkers… and slowly but surely his sweetheart starts to take shape. Will Charlie fi nally fall in love? REQUEST I am a very special duckling Really, there is only one like me I dance, I sing I laugh and spring On one leg if you think it’s necessary You see, I am truly exceptional Far from conventional I swim and walk I quack, my call Is the loudest of any on the entire channel And yes, I am also gorgeous So with hunters I must be cautious I have two rather nicely toned buttocks Everyone will be licking their chops When I arrive on the scene both daring and decorous

Moreover I am smart, handsome, funny and fine Always modest, without design Always happy, never depressed For that will make you love me less Although, I am faced with a single problem That I am none of these things to anyone else Hence this request At the start of this text: Who wants to be my sweetheart? The source of promising young Flemish illustrators has apparently not yet dried up. – De Standaard, on his debut De Steltenloper/ The Stilt-Walker. Mattias De Leeuw studied illustration design at Sint Lucas in Antwerp. He illustrates for journals, such as Knack Weekend, Nest and Blikopener and in 2010 he won the ‘Ronse Picturale’ competition for young talent. His debut, the text-free picture book De Steltenloper/ The Stilt-Walker, received much praise. Mattias proves with this book that next to being a promising illustrator he is a great storyteller as well.

Kasteelstraat 97 | b-8700 Tielt | Belgium | t +32-51424211 | f +32-51401152 | contact or

Lannoo Publishers, Non-fiction, London 2013  

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Lannoo Publishers, Non-fiction, London 2013  

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