Getting Started Want to be a successful designer? Get your start in College of Art and Architecture at the University of Idaho. Learn design in a real world environment. Successfully compete for positions with employers who want and expect outstanding design experience. Set yourself apart. When you choose Idaho, you will attend one of the leading universities in the Northwest. You will benefit from: •

our award-winning academics

exceptional student living and learning environment

outstanding creative and research opportunities

proven track record of high achieving graduates.

All of these can lead to an exciting and successful future for you. We invite you to join us and become part of our tradition of leadership dating to 1889. Through insight and innovation, the students, faculty, staff and alumni of the University of Idaho are enriching the lives of people throughout the region and the world.


Begin your journey with us. Our excellent faculty and advisors will be with you every step of the way providing personal guidance to help you make smart decisions that will propel you toward the design career of your dreams.

Why Art and Architecture at Idaho? • Distinctive integrated design environment • Hands-on experiences such as internships, service learning projects, community outreach and engagement • Opportunities to visit professional design firms • Studio setting with strong network of faculty and peers • Low student to faculty ratio • Modern, technologically-advanced facilities • International learning with study abroad programs and group trips with Art and Architecture faculty • Interaction with professional designers • Excellent scholarship opportunities • Nationally accredited programs by National Architectural Accrediting Board, Council for Interior Design Accreditation, Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board, and National Association of Schools of Art and Design

Idaho Art and Architecture Majors: • Architecture • Art and Design • Interior Design • Landscape Architecture • Virtual Technology & Design

Entry Level Freshman Year

Explore campus and CAA at orientation

Meet your classmates and professors

Complete general university requirements

Get a first glance with Art 100 or ARCH 151

Plan your path with your CAA advisor

More Than Basic Design In the College of Art and Architecture, you learn much more than the basics of design. Experienced designers develop our programs to ensure you have current skills and highlevel knowledge to excel in today’s market. From internships and international travel to an on-campus design resource center and active student groups, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to practice textbook concepts in real-world settings and gain valuable experience that’s sure to impress employers.

“When I first attended the University of Idaho I was uncertain about my career path. I have many interests and was reluctant to choose a certain one. While doing some research, I stumbled upon the Virtual Technology and Design program. This program allows for many areas of study and I was immediately interested. As a student in VTD I have been given the opportunity to be involved with a wide range of projects. Faculty and staff work hard to ensure our success as students and professionals. I am on the path to becoming a creative and innovative designer. I have found a great program that is preparing me for a career I will truly be happy with.” Shannon Hail President of the Student Congress for Art & Architecture 2011-12

Climbing the ladder Sophomore year

Choose a major

Complete foundation courses

Consider Study Abroad

“ As an architecture major here at UI, you have the opportunity to learn from talented, skilled faculty that want you to succeed. And the learning does not stop in Moscow or the United States. With summer programs that take you to Italy, England, and now even China, you are exposed to architecture from around the world. I participated in the Rome Summer Program and it was an educational and inspirational trip that I will never forget.” Victor Ferral, Vice President of the Student Congress of Art and Architecture 2011-12

A Realistic Approach When it comes to art and design, there is no substitute for real-world experience. Our emphasis on student collaboration in a practical design studio environment prepares you for a lifelong career in design. Experienced faculty provide personal guidance, opening doors to excellence, internships, and career opportunities. Our close ties with major companies allow you to network with some of the world’s top designers.

Integrated Design Curriculum We offer an integrated curriculum of art, design and technology in which each discipline contributes to and reinforces the educational goals of other disciplines. The result: great synergy between students and faculty, mirroring the evolving profession that centers on integrated disciplines.

Building your network Junior year

Network with students, faculty and professionals

Polish your resumé

Participate in portfolio workshops

Attend career fairs

Train on the job with internships

The Idaho Difference The best way to learn art and design is by doing it. Our innovative, studio based programs give you a chance to discover design firsthand and develop marketable skills outside the classroom. As a University of Idaho College of Art & Architecture graduate, you’ll have a jump start on the competition. Your creative skills and experience are what employers really want. You’ll stand out as a designer. Our signature programs include: »» Architecture: Engage with students and faculty in an accredited professional program with a widespread reputation for producing exceptional architects and design professionals. Become uniquely equipped to tackle today’s most challenging design problems. Provide real world solutions in areas including sustainability, community and urban design, and highperformance buildings. »» Art and Design: Participate in a 100-year history at the University of Idaho. Immerse yourself in a rich studio culture while receiving personalized guidance and one-on-one expert instruction from faculty members, all of whom are successful artists and designers who actively practice and exhibit their work nationally and internationally. »» Interior Design: Join a nationally accredited professional degree program, one of only a few Bachelor of Interior Design programs in the nation. Apply classroom theory to real-world situations. Intensive design studios and community outreach programs give you the chance to create viable solutions for actual design problems. »» Landscape Architecture: Experience the only seamless, professional landscape architecture program in the west. Learn from unique interdisciplinary opportunities to collaborate with students and faculty from all design fields and related disciplines, including architecture, natural resources, horticulture, art, geography, and bioregional and community planning. »» Virtual Technology and Design: Learn to create interactive virtual experiences that solve problems in business, entertainment, education, health care and many other emerging areas. From video game creation and film animation, to forensic analysis and virtual world design, the opportunities for professional virtual designers are diverse. “After four years in the Interior Design department at the University of Idaho, I have grown as a student and individual. I have had great opportunities to meet students from many different parts of the country and the world that share a love of design. I was able to study abroad in London for a summer, where I took classes and experienced an internship. I am a student leader in the College of Art and Architecture and the Northwest Region. My professors and classes have played a roll in pushing me to new heights as a designer. I am excited for my future.” Jamie Christensen, President, American Society of Interior Designer, Student Chapter 2011-12

Real World Readiness Senior year

Connect with potential employers

Focus on specialized courses in your major

Perfect your Portfolio

Learn What You Need… We focus on one thing — your readiness for the real world. As a graduate, you can be confident you learned the path to success and you’ll have the credentials to prove it. You will test your readiness by applying classroom theory to real-world situations in a rich studio culture. You will have ample time to immerse yourself in your work as you interact with clients from the community on meaningful art and design projects.

…To Succeed With a degree from the College of Art and Architecture, you will be ready to launch your career with opportunities for well-paying positions with leading companies. Most of our graduates (100 percent in some programs) are hired before or soon after graduation, and many go on to become top executives. Our students are aggressively recruited by: »» Browning Horrocks Golf Design Inc. »» The Walt Disney Company »» Jeollabuk-do Office of Education »» DK Mullin Architects »» Agencie Group Architects + Engineers »» HSBC Bank »» Idaho High Schools »» Reed College »» Creighton University »» ZGF Architects »» CollinsWoermen Architects Seattle »» Mithun Architects

Consider job offers

Celebrate commencement

Launch your successful career

»» Miller Stauffer Architects »» Macy’s »» Coldwater Creek »» Nordstrom »» NBBJ »» SyFy »» CSHQA Architects »» ASLC Architects »» The Land Group »» LandWest Group »» Berger Partnership »» HDR, Inc. »» Luma Pictures »» Volt Technical Resources

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We encourage you to experience the distinctive learning and living environment at the University of Idaho. Tour the campus and facilities, meet faculty and students, and learn more about the College of Art and Architecture programs.

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