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December 2016, Vol. 13, No. 6

Wordof MOUTH Student James Appiah First Place Winner at Hinman Research Event Student James Appiah (DMDAS-1) “Brain-Derived Neuropathic Factor received the award for Most Secretion from Pulp Fibroblasts Outstanding Clinical Research Under Carious Injury is Modulated Presentation at the Hinman Student by Complement C5a Receptor and Research Symposium at the Controls Nerve Regeneration.” Peabody Hotel Receptors in Memphis, TN. for C5a were The symposium expressed when was held Oct. cultured pulp 28-30 and was fibroblasts were co-sponsored stimulated with by the Hinman the bacterial Dental Society component and the College lipoteichoic of Dentistry at acid, resulting the University of in upregulation Tennessee Health of BDNF Science Center. (brain-derived His was neurotrophic Left to right are Dr. Bob O’Donnell, President of the highest factor), the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Society; stuscore—9.5 out of which can dent James Appiah; Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy, a possible ten— stimulate nerve Senior Executive Associate Dean for Research University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center of all research regeneration College of Dentistry; Dr. Christine Wu, Profesprojects. There toward sites of sor, Pediatric Dentistry, UIC College of Denwere 90 research carious injury. papers presented tistry; and Dr. Mustafa Dabbous, Professor and “Since this founder of the symposium. from more than study helps 53 dental schools understand in North America. The competition was the events at the molecular level for eight awards, four in basic science that influence the healing and research and four in clinical research. the regeneration of the dentinAppiah’s research is entitled, pulp complex, this can guide the

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Dr. Toni Roucka Named Associate Dean

Senator Durbin Visits College

Drs. Sikora, Hogsett Garner Top ACP Honors

development of therapeutic interventions to augment this process in carious teeth,” Appiah said. “I hope to be part of the research studies that will discover these innovative therapeutic tools.” The award, Appiah said, “has encouraged me to do even more and to make research part of my clinical career. It also confirms that the UIC College of Dentistry is the best place for one to put his or her talent to work. Before I came to the College, I had only some experience with clinical research, but not the kind of wet lab bench research I am into now.” Appiah’s honors came despite a last minute glitch that required his poster to be reprinted at the College the afternoon that he and Dr. Christine Wu, Professor, Pediatric Dentistry, were leaving for Memphis. Dr. Wu noted that Vinay Surpuriya, Senior Network Administrator at Information Technologies, stepped in at the last minute to print the poster and “deserves thanks.” Appiah’s mentor is Dr. Seung Chung, Assistant Professor of Oral Biology. “The College gave me the opportunity to partake in the pre-matriculation research program that took me to Dr. Chung’s lab,” Appiah said. “It is amazing how much I have learned.” Appiah said he wanted “to acknowledge God for strength; my Principal Investigator, Dr. Chung, for accepting me into his lab and mentoring me through all these accomplishments; Dr. Fanny Chmilewsky, the Postdoctoral Fellow in our lab for teaching me the bench research techniques and experiments; and Dr. Wu for spending


time, even after hours in the evenings, to practice the presentation with me to make sure I was ready for the competition.” Dr. Chung noted that Appiah “recently published his work in the Scientific Report, which is a very prestigious journal as well as four additional conference abstracts. James’s poster also was selected as the best Basic Science presentation among predoctoral students at the College’s 2016 Clinic and Research Day. These are very exceptional accomplishments for a current DMDAS program student.” Appiah previously attended the University of Ghana Dental School, graduating in 2013 with a DDS. He immigrated to the U.S. In 2014.

Dr. Toni Roucka Appointed Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Toni Roucka, a 1990 graduate of the College, has been appointed Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Dr. Roucka most recently had been Associate Professor for the Department of Restorative Dentistry and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine in Alton, IL. Dean Clark Stanford noted that “Dr. Roucka comes with a breadth of experience in private dental practice, communitybased practice, military dental practice, and academic roles both Dr. Toni Roucka, Associate Dean for at Marquette Academic Affairs. University and Southern Illinois University.” “As a member of the leadership team,” Dr. Roucka said, “the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is primarily responsible for curriculum management and development at both the predoctoral and graduate levels as well as monitoring and mentoring students having academic difficulties or those seeking postgraduate opportunities. Leading the school through the accreditation process is also a top priority.” The next accreditation process will culminate with a site visit in 2020. “This is an exciting time at the College of Dentistry under the leadership of Dean Stanford,” Dr. Roucka noted.

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December 2016

“I hope to work closely with the leadership team and help move the school forward in accordance with the College’s strategic plan and the Dean’s vision for excellence and professionalism in dental education.” In preparation for the accreditation process and changing practice models in the workplace, Dr. Roucka plans on striving “to improve our students’ experience with interprofessional education and work with the Curriculum Committee to revise the College of Dentistry’s Competency Statements,” she said. Dr. Roucka’s predoctoral work was in nursing, and she earned an RN from the College of DuPage. She worked her way through the College of Dentistry as a staff nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the University of Illinois Hospital. After graduation, Dr. Roucka served in the U.S. Navy, achieving the rank of Lt. Commander. She was awarded a Service Medal for Operation Desert Storm. When she left the Navy, Dr. Roucka became the first dentist to staff the Spang Center for Oral Health on Chicago’s North Side, a clinic serving HIV/AIDS patients. Dr. Roucka is the founder of Compassionate Dental Care International, a non-profit organization that runs mission trips abroad.

December 2016

She earned an MA in Bioethics from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, and began her academic career in dentistry at the Marquette University School of Dentistry, where she served as Associate Professor and Program Director for General Dentistry. A Fellow of the American College of Dentists and Immediate Past President of the American Society for Dental Ethics, Dr. Roucka is a nationally renowned speaker and author concerning ethics in dentistry. She noted she is “thrilled to be home” at the College. Dr. Roucka and her husband, Ed, have been married for 35 years and have two daughters, Caitlin, 28, of Milwaukee, WI, and Abigail, 24, of New York City. When not working, Dr. Roucka, enjoys “spending as much time with my grandchildren in Milwaukee as I can,” she said. “Oliver is two and Pepper is two months old. I also enjoy music, gardening, and am dabbling in cheesemaking. I play flute in a community band and I play bass guitar for fun. I also am an animal lover and have several adopted pets.” Dr. Stanford thanked the Search Committee that recommended Dr. Roucka, which was led by Dr. Richard Monahan, Head of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences.

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He also thanked Dr. Seema Ashrafi, who had been Acting Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the last three years, calling her “a wonderful faculty member, teacher, administrator, and humanitarian.”

Diversity Celebrated at College

The College’s annual Diversity Week, held the week of Oct. 3, included Diversity Day Oct. 4, which featured food and entertainment and served to remind the College community about celebrating its diversity. On Diversity Day, Dr. Stanford offered a welcome address. He was followed by the Talent Show, which featured singing by Garima R. Shulka, Indian dance by Vidarshana Srinivasula, Arabian drumming by Asif Ashiqali, dance by Tejal Patel and Reshma Shah, singing and guitar play by Mike Perna, violin by Annelise Perez Duran, singing by Srinivasula with guitar by Carlos Chavarria, and Indian Dance by the Indian Student Dental Association. Introductions were by Na-Jee Harris, Karen Homsi, and Payal Shah. Various ethnic food was provided by the student chapters of Alpha Omega, the American Association of Public Health Dentistry, the American Association

of Women Dentists, the American Dental Education Association, the American Student Dental Association, the Association of Muslim Dental Students, the Christian Medical Dental Association, Delta Sigma Delta, the Dental Charity Ball, Dental Student Council, the Hispanic Student Dental Association, the Illinois Academy of General Dentistry, the Indian Student Dental Association, the Middle Eastern Dental Student Association, the Pan Asian Student Dental Association, the Peer Mentoring Group, the Student National Dental Association, and the Student Research Group. An art exhibition, Roots of Diversity Through Arts, was on display on Oct. 3. Artists were Asif Ashiqali, Mina Golubovich, Anne Koerber, Ritu Kulkarni, Anne Nordhaus-Bike, and Jezrom Self-Fordham. A Diversity Bingo competition was held on Oct. 5. The movie Saving Face, about women in Pakistan who were attacked with acid and the surgeon who restores their faces and their lives, was shown on Friday, Oct. 7. Carolyn Feller introduced the movie. Student Matt Bernard, President of the Dental Student Council, said, “Diversity week is an astounding exhibition of our College’s cultural depth. It is always

Diversity Week Held The talent portion of Diversity Week is one of its most popular features.

Food is always a fun part of Diversity Week.


In Diversity Bingo, players talk to their co-workers to find out unusual information about them.

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December 2016

FALL FEST—The Staff Advisory Committee on Nov. 4 held its Fall Fest gathering for staff to come together featuring food, fellowship, and a diversity bingo game. More than 50 people attended. In conjunction with the Fall Fest members promoted a food drive in partnership with Carolyn Feller, Director of Admissions, who is also a member of the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women. Pictured left are Polyanne Mather, Business Manager, Faculty Affairs; Ashley Burton, Assistant Director, Academic Affairs; Lea Alexander, Director of Academic Affairs; Valerie Kuhl, Dental Assistant, Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences; and Virginia Buglio, Director of Research Services. Buglio, Kuhl, and Alexander are Staff Advisory Committee members, along with Alberto Cardona, Susan Lloyd, Amsa Ramachandran, and Jerry Thomas. Below, staff members enjoy the party.

amazing to see how many different backgrounds are represented. Our College community truly has a great deal to offer to the profession. Impressive as always!” Organizers were the Diversity Week Committee and the Office of Student and Diversity Affairs.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin Visits College of Dentistry

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and his staff have been very engaged with the College of Dentistry recently. On October 26, the College was honored with a visit from Senator Durbin. He came to learn more about the College’s education, healthcare, and research endeavors and to share news of his legislative priorities regarding healthcare. “UIC’s College of Dentistry has been leading the way in Illinois in clinical dental health research and education,” Durbin said. “I was pleased to sit down with the College’s leadership to learn more about their educational programs and innovative research, and was particularly impressed by their work expanding dental care to underserved populations.” With Dean Clark Stanford out of the country in China on behalf of the College, the discussion was led by Dr. Lyndon Cooper, Associate Dean for Research, and December 2016

Dr. Susan Rowan, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs at the College, and included Dr. Michael Amiridis, Chancellor, UIC; Dr. Michael Redding, Vice Chancellor for Public and Government Affairs, UIC; Dr. Barbara J. Wilson, Executive Vice President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Kathryn Lee Baynes Dallenbach Professor, UIUC Dept. of Communication; and additional members of Durbin’s team and UIC staff. The Durbin team included Tran Nguyen, Clarisol Duque, and Corey Tellez. “Dean Clark Stanford has done an incredible job inviting local and statewide officials to the College of Dentistry in order to see the far reaching contributions it makes,” Dr. Rowan said. “Senator Durbin’s recent visit allowed us to share that educating future generations of oral health care providers and providing excellent patient care and cutting edge research makes the College of Dentistry essential to the city, state, and beyond.” Dr. Rowan noted that Senator Durbin “expressed avid interest in the College’s remarkable diversity and its efforts to mitigate the opioid crisis in the country. He was also interested in student tuition and debt and its impact on employment opportunities after graduation. He enjoyed tours of a research laboratory, patient care and simulation clinics. Hopefully the Senator and his staff will visit again in the future.” 

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In left photo are (left to right) Dr. Barbara J. Wilson, Executive Vice President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Kathryn Lee Baynes Dallenbach Professor, UIUC Dept. of Communication; Dr. Michael Redding, Vice Chancellor for Public and Government Affairs, UIC; Dr. Michael Amiridis, Chancellor, UIC; Senator Dick Durbin; Dr. Lyndon Cooper, Associate Dean for Research, UIC College of Dentistry; and Dr. Susan Rowan, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, UIC College of Dentistry. In the photo at right, Dr. Cooper and Dr. Rowan give Senator Durbin a tour of the College.

Prior to Senator Durbin’s visit, student Elizabeth Guirado, who is active with the American Association for Dental Research, and Adam Parikh, a dental student from Midwestern University, on Sept. 15 met with Nguyen, an aide to Senator Durbin, to discuss a Labor, Health, and Human Services appropriations bill that the students were asking Senator Durbin to support. The Senator also is a proponent of National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research funding. The meeting was facilitated by Carolyn Mullen, AADR Director of Government Affairs, and Tiffany Kaszuba, Vice President for Cavarocci Ruscio Dennis Associates, which consults with the AADR.

Drs. Craig Sikora and Dr. Virginia Hogsett Win Top ACP Honors

Dr. Craig Sikora, Prosthodontics ’16, Clinical Assistant Professor, Restorative Dentistry, won first place, and Dr. Virginia Hogsett, Prosthodontics ’16, won second place, in the American College of Prosthodontics Education Foundation John J. Sharry Research Competition. The 2016 Sharry Research Competition was held during the annual session of the American College of

Word of Mouth University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry (MC 621) Room 404-A 801 South Paulina Street Chicago, Illinois 60612-7211

Prosthodontists. Competition is held to stimulate and acknowledge original research in prosthodontics by residents. Individuals submit an abstract of their research. The Sharry Research Award Committee then identifies up to 12 individuals for submission of a complete manuscript for consideration. From these manuscripts, six finalists are identified to present as part of the final competition at the ACP Annual Session in the fall. Dr. Sikora won first place for “Wear and Corrosion at the Titanium-Zirconia Implant Abutment Interface.” “With the growing number of implants being placed, I felt we needed a more complete understanding of the interaction between implants and abutments,” Dr. Sikora said. “Previous literature had concluded that zirconia abutments cause increased damage to titanium implants, but these studies did not consider corrosion in their design. “Our research model was able to incorporate and measure both mechanical and corrosive degradation, and the results create a shift in the way we think about zirconia abutments,” Dr. Sikora added. “We found that when corrosion is considered, zirconia actually outperforms titanium and may lead to improved patient esthetics and prognosis.” Dean Clark Stanford, DDS, Ph.D., Cert. Prosthodontics, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advancement Mark J. Valentino Editor-in-Chief William S. Bike

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December 2016

Dr. Hogsett won second place for “Outcomes of Implant-Fixed Complete Dental Prostheses.” “My research examines complications which occur in full-arch implant-supported restorations, such as allon-four prostheses, as well as patients’ satisfaction with their prosthetic outcome,” Dr. Hogsett said. “Knowledge of the incidence and nature of complications allows clinicians to provide better treatment planning, education, and informed consent, and thereby increases patient satisfaction with the final outcome.” Dr. Hogsett noted that “The John Sharry competition is a well-known and prestigious competition in prosthodontics. Being one of six finalists and the second place winner was a personal validation of time well-spent completing my masters’ degree while at UIC. “However, just as special, if not more so, was the opportunity to be one of three finalists representing UIC,” she added. “I was immensely proud of the opportunity

have created an environment that allows residents to thrive, and the numerous achievements substantiate UIC as a premier institution on a national level.”

Three Professors Publish Women in Prosthodontics

Drs. Cortino Sukotjo, Associate Professor; Judy ChiaChun Yuan, Assistant Professor; and Fatemeh S. Afshari, Clinical Associate Professor, Restorative Dentistry, have edited an ebook, Women in Prosthodontics. The book presents a history of women in the field told through first-hand accounts, including the presidents of specialty organizations, administrators and department heads from dental schools, and others. The women revisit the challenges of their early years, when they often were the only women in their residency or training program. They also reflect on their triumphs and share wisdom about the keys to their success. It also includes stories of women who are currently in the field. A total of 21 women’s reflections are included. “Reading these women’s stories has been inspiring,” said Dr. Susan E. Brackett, President of the American College of Prosthodontists. “It is clear to me that we have made great strides in accepting and encouraging women to become prosthodontists.” Drs. Afshari, Sukotjo, and Yuan issued the following statement: “The idea of documenting the history and journey of women prosthodontists was inspired by a discussion with Dr. Jane Brewer at the Academy of

Left to right, Dr. Cortino Sukotjo, Dr. Kent Knoernschild, Dr. Fatemeh Afshari, Dr. Maria Alfaro, Dr. Craig Sikora, Dr. Virginia Hogsett, Dr. Alec Zurek, Dr. Judy Yuan, Dr. Bin Yang, and Dr. Stephen Campbell at the ACP Annual Session, where Dr. Sikora and Dr. Hogsett where honored.

INTRODUCTION In the 21st century, women constitute a large percentage of 

the student body in medical and dental schools. Many female

physicians and dentists are advancing in academics, research, private practice, and organized dentistry; however, many challenges still need to be overcome for women to gain 
 equal status to men.

BRIEF HISTORY OF FEMALE DENTISTS The first woman in the United States credited with establishing a dental practice is Emeline Roberts Jones of Connecticut. As a

widow of Dr. Daniel Albion Jones, she apparently learned the

profession from her late husband, working as his partner in 1859 
 as “a skillful dentist.”2 However, at the time, other women were

probably also practicing dentistry without dental degrees. The U.S.

Pioneers in Dentistry

Census of 1870 indicates 24 women in the U.S. practiced dentistry while 116 women dental practitioners worked in Great Britain.2

Lucy Beaman Hobbs Taylor, the first woman to graduate from dental

school in the U.S. Image courtesy of, Kansas State

The first university-affiliated dental college opened in 1840 in

Historical Society.

Baltimore, Maryland; followed by a large number of freestanding

dental schools. The first woman graduated from medical school in 1849, while the first woman dentist, Lucy Beaman Hobbs Taylor,

received a dental degree in 1866 from the Ohio College of Dental




to be part of such a strong representation of the UIC Advanced Prosthodontics Program, and for the opportunity to demonstrate all of the time that both my mentors and I invested in this project.” These awards continue the Department of Restorative Dentistry’s record of success in this competition. In 2014, Dr. Aram Kim, MS Prosthodontics ’14, won first place, and in 2015, Dr. Amy Au, resident, won second place in the Sharry Competition. Mentors to Drs. Sikora and Hogsett include Dr. Cortino Sukotjo, Dr. Kent Knoernschild, Dr. Judy Yuan, Dr. Fatemeh Afshari, Dr. Mathew, Dr. Maria Alfaro, and Dr. Stephen Campbell. “The College of Dentistry and the Department of Restorative Dentistry have established a culture of clinical scholars,” Dr. Sikora said. “My project alone was presented in four national competitions, each time receiving top awards. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Konernchild December 2016

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An interview with Dr. Sinkford

Dr. Nancy S. Arbree

Dr. Patricia Smathers

inducted as the first

first woman to be

1974 Dr. Jeanne C. Sinkford

1991 Dr. Yvonne Hart, at

appointed as the first

Marquette University,

Howard University,

female graduate

female dean at

becomes first known

College of Dentistry


program director

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of ACP


1990 1975

American College of established

female president 

female fellow of AP


Prosthodontists (ACP)

inducted as first

Dr. Jane D. Brewer

Moulton becomes the


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Download the free e-book! Women in Prosthodontics — a history told through the first-hand accounts of many of prosthodontics’ pioneering women, who revisit the challenges of their early years and share wisdom about the keys to their success.

Available now!

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Prosthodontics social outing. She acknowledged how the environment is gradually changing, and that female advancement in the field is becoming the new normal. “We realized that her inspiring story and others like it should be shared with the growing number of enthusiastic young women in the prosthodontics field. We like to celebrate these amazing women’s achievement and accomplishment. We would like to thank the ACP, particularly ACP leaders Dr. Lily Garcia, and Dr. Susan Brackett for enthusiastically supporting this project. We thank Alethea Gerding for her assistance in publishing the e-book,” they concluded. The book was published by the American College of Prosthodontists through the support of Dentsply Sirona and Straumann, and was officially launched on Oct. 7 at the ACP meeting in San Diego, CA. It is available free for download on iPad, iPhone, iMac, and Amazon Kindle. Log on to

Students Learn About Integration of Oral Health and Primary Care

D-3s Gabija Revis and Jessica Williams were invited to attend the Symposium on Oral Health and Primary Care sponsored by the National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health (NIIOH). They were invited because they both are Schweitzer Fellows, and their projects deal with the symposium’s focus on the integration of primary care and oral health. Revis called the symposium “a great opportunity to meet a diverse group of industry leaders—doctors, dentists, nurses, physician’s assistants, insurance representatives, and policymakers—as they joined

Dr. Stephen Campbell Installed as ACP Council Board Member

Dr. Stephen Campbell, Head of the Department of Restorative Dentistry, was installed as a board member for the American College of Prosthodontists Council for the American Board of Prosthodontics. Dr. Campbell was sworn in during the 46th Annual Session of the ACP held in San Diego from Oct. 5-8, 2016. Dr. Campbell is a past president of the College of Prosthodontists, and received a Presidential Citation from the ACP in 2015. Dr. Campbell also has been in a variety of Site Visitor roles for the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). As a member of CODA’s Predoctoral Review Committee, he helped craft a total rewrite of the Dr. Stephen Campbell. pre-doctoral accreditation standards from 20082012. He currently serves as one of the 30 Commissioners for CODA, and as Chair of the Prosthodontic Review Committee. Previously, he was Chair of American College of Prosthodontists Education Foundation (ACPEF), and he still currently serves on the ACPEF Board of Directors. Most recently, he has served on the ACP Digital Dentistry Curriculum Task Force, the ACPEF Finance Committee, and its Development Committee. “Our specialty places each of us in a unique and blessed position within our local and national communities,” Dr. Campbell said. “It is so incredibly inspiring to be part of changing lives each and every day, we simply have to be fully engaged in our specialty.” 8

Jessica Williams, Dr. Ralph Fuccillo, and Gabija Revis at the Symposium on Oral Health and Primary Care.

together to tackle one of the most relevant and current health issues in oral health.” “Gabi and I have an unwavering interest in public health dentistry,” Williams said. “Attending this conference served to build upon our current knowledge of public health issues in our field, this time with an interprofessional lens.” “Currently, there are very few systems in place that are incorporating oral health into the primary care setting,” Revis added. “Very few primary care professionals complete screenings, have a referral network set up with local dentists, or even consider applying fluoride to their patients. I learned a lot at this symposium about how that integration can be achieved.” “We brainstormed with doctors, physician assistants, social workers, community health workers, CEOs, and more about how to integrate oral health into primary care,” Williams said. “It was unique and inspiring. Most importantly, I learned about the importance of teamwork, intraprofessionally and interprofessionally, and how these interactions are integral to improving our patients’ health outcomes and overall well-being.” “It just seems to me that the next logical step is for oral health to be permanently integrated into a primary care setting,” Revis said. “The NIIOH is working on multiple levels to achieve that—through educating a workforce of medical professionals on the oral health

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December 2016

needs of their population and through educating everyone on the changes that need to take place in order for seamless referral from a primary care setting to a dental setting.” “I expected dentists to be in the majority at this meeting since the focus is oral health, but it was the exact opposite,” Williams noted. “Therefore, it was surprising to be surrounded by so many non-dentists who are passionate about and dedicated to improving positive oral health outcomes. I did not have to convince anyone that oral health is an important matter.” “Our school has already made great strides towards integrating professionals—specifically, the UIC College of Nursing and the College of Dentistry just began a partnership that brings nurse practitioner students to the UIC College of Dentistry each week to shadow urgent care appointment—but I think we can do more to demonstrate That we are interested in interprofessional collaboration as well,” Revis said. “The members of NIIOH highly valued our input,” Williams noted. “I think by attending this conference as a UIC dental student, the College gains a reputation as an institution which values interprofessional work and dental public health. We also get to share the community based experiences and interprofessional activities we have available at UIC on a national stage.” Revis also is pursuing a Master’s in Public Health in Health Policy and Administration through the UIC School of Public Health, and feels the symposium helped her “understanding the forces at play involved in networking and lobbying an important health issue.” Williams plans to work in public health dentistry, and noted that she was “glad we had the opportunity to be at the forefront of this national discussion” on oral health and primary care.

Peer Mentoring Group: Students Helping Each Other

The Peer Mentoring Group (PMG) student organization at the College has been revitalized. It consists of mentors from each DMD class, who provide support to the classes in the years following to enhance their success through improved academic and clinical skills.   “It is a program intended to provide mentorship and cultivate relationships among dental students as they navigate through the challenges presented each year,” said student Karen Homsi. Activities planned include mock exams, Q/A reviews, and small group clinic sessions to promote academic success. The PMG currently consists of three committees: Dental Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, Dentistry Applied Oral and Behavioral Sciences Clinic, and DAOB Didactic. The 2016-2017 year committees are headed by students Samuel Kang, Seok-Hun Jung, and Joseph Powers, respectively. The president of PMG is Clara Bajzek. “The Peer Mentoring Group (PMG) is designed to assist underclassman with academic and clinical skills. The main objective of the program is to have upperclassman December 2016

The Peer Mentoring Group, discussing waxing.

mentor underclassman. The group will host mock exams, Q/A reviews, and small group clinic sessions to promote academic success,” Bajzek said. As an example of PMG activities, the mentors group hosted a waxing event to assist the D-1s. The workshop demonstrated useful strategies for diagnostic wax cast impressions. This particular event was coordinated Jung, Homsi, and Joanna Kopytek. The group sprang from an idea of Dr. Haein Kil, who graduated in 2016. Dr. Kil’s initial organization efforts were supported by Dr. Priscilla Chang, Clinical Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry, who volunteered as the faculty mentor for the group. Dr. Kil’s vision has continued to develop to the current very active group of students who volunteer their time to help other students adjust to the demands of the challenging dental school curriculum. The group has grown from just a few students to include many students and supporting faculty who donate their time to help this effort succeed. For more information, contact Bajzek at cbajze2@uic. edu.

College Volunteers Provide Care at Health Expo and Dental Fair

A group consisting of the College’s students, residents, and faculty donated their time and services to the Health Expo and Dental Fair at Shiloh Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 7000 S. Michigan Ave. Dr. Randy Griffin, Director of the Adventist Community Health Initiative of the Lake Union Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists, estimated the value of dental services the College team provided at between $43,000 and $45,000. He told the College team, “I want to extend my thanks for what each of you did to contribute to the Health Expo and Dental Fair at the Shiloh Church and School. We were able to assist many people that day.” A total of 135 people received dental exams, and there were 69 digital radiographs done, 73 cleanings, 47 extractions, and five fillings. Dr. Christina Wells, an Instructor of Clinical Family

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and then get it right in the next try. Youth today don’t have that luxury with insufficient resources, limited time, and inadequate support. Therefore, the goal of YCAMP is to give them maximum exposure to different careers, make the right choices to stay on track, and accomplish their dreams of getting educated and be on their way to a successful career. “ Ashiqali is a former associate board member of Apna Ghar (Our Home), anon-profit organization that offers shelter, vocational training, and social services to victims of domestic violence. He is a member of the National A group consisting of College students, residents, and faculty donated their time and services to the Health Expo and Dental Fair at Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Medicine for UI Health, also expressed her thanks to the College team. “On behalf of the Shiloh SDA Church I want to extend my deepest gratitude for your participation in the health/dental fair yesterday,” she said. “It was a great event for the community and they were truly blessed by the services provided.” UIC College of Dentistry, College of Medicine, and College of Pharmacy students and faculty volunteered. ASDA leaders who volunteered included chairs Asima Chughtai and Karen Homsi, with Mina Globulovich, Carlos Chavvaria, and Saad Naseri. Among others participating were Kharris Khattak, George Rizkallah, Kyati Patel, and Navnneet Mahal. “We, along with the UIC College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy, were able to assist many people that day,” Chughtai said, noting that the students thanked Khatija Noorullah, Clinical Community Academic Manager, for setting up the students’ participation. On behalf of the students, Chughtai also thanked participants Jennifer Bereckis, Director of Clinical Operations; Jiyeon Kim, Clinical Assistant Professor, Restorative Dentistry; Dr. Adam Ostrand, Prosthodontics Resident; Dr. Steve J. Mattern, Clinical Associate, Department of Family and Community medicine; and Dr. Joshua Park.

Asif Ashiqali Honored by State Treasurer

Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs honored Asif Ashiqali, Business Administrative Associate, Department of Oral Biology, with the Asian Pacific American Community Service Award. Ashiqali “is a dedicated individual who has a keen passion for service and has been involved as a volunteer in various leadership capacities for more than 17 years,” according to Greg Rivara, spokesperson for Frerichs. Ashiqali is an executive board member with the Youth Career Advising and Mentoring Program (YCAMP) at UIC. “Serving in this capacity has always been a dream,” Ashiqali said. “Being a product of public schools I have learned the process the hard way but I was fortunate to have the resources to make mistakes, learn from them, 10

Asif Ashiqali (right) was honored by Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs for community service.

Resource Mobilization Team (NRMT), training volunteers in event management and fundraising. He is a member of the National Disaster Management Team and works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Red Cross, and Focus Humanitarian Assistance to obtain training and facilitate disaster preparedness training sessions across the U.S.

Medical Marijuana: Dental Applications in Holding Pattern

Dr. Michael Colvard, Professor, Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences and Director, Dental Medicine Responder Training is one of the country’s leading researchers studying the application of medicinal plants and natural products in the treatment of oral pain. This includes the possibility of studying medical marijuana for chronic oral and maxillofacial pain conditions. He serves as Director of the Oral Medicine and Pharmacognosy Research (OMPR) Laboratory at the College. “Work in this landscape is improving slightly, but not at a pace where patients can expect to seek dental and oral and maxillofacial pain treatment options from medical marijuana any time soon,” Dr. Colvard said. Dr. Colvard and his College of Dentistry OMPR Laboratory have a received a State of Illinois Schedule 1 Drug License from the Department of Finance and

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June 2016

Professional Regulation (IDFPR) in the State of Illinois. The Schedule I license permits Dr. Colvard and his colleagues to hold, study, and research the effects that small amounts of various Drug Enforcement Administrative (DEA) designated Schedule 1 plants and other natural products, and their chemical compounds, may have, when advocated for dental and oral and maxillofacial pain treatments. This includes the DEA Schedule 1 compounds which derive from the coca, poppy, tobacco, and Piper families of plants. Additionally, Dr. Colvard’s colleague, UIC College of Pharmacy Professor and Forensic Scientist and Toxicologist Dr. Karl Larsen, has received similar licensure, for efforts to study the toxicological effects of these compounds. Professors Colvard and Larsen, as State Schedule 1 licensees, plan to collaborate on their studies. However, even with Schedule 1 licenses, and these early endorsements to study powerful plant chemistries, the ability to begin to study medical marijuana for dentistry remains complex. Earlier this year, in response to a bill being considered in the U.S. Senate, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had sent a letter to lawmakers stating that a decision would be made on whether to reclassify marijuana lower to a Schedule II drug and decriminalize marijuana possession. Doing so would significantly improve Dr. Colvard’s and Dr. Larsen’s ability to conduct research and testing since Schedule II drugs are recognized as having accepted medical applications. After first delaying the decision, on August 11, the DEA announced that it would reject petitions to lower the classification. The Federal government chose to continue to classify medical marijuana as a Schedule I drug and illegal to possess. “Among other reasons, they cited a lack of comprehensive studies that verify marijuana’s effectiveness as a medical drug, yet failed to acknowledge that conducting such studies are extremely difficult given marijuana’s illegal status,” Dr. Colvard explained. “So the ‘Catch 22’ remains; certain labs are able to begin to study Schedule 1 drugs, except marijuana. “It is still a federal crime, to possess more than a specific amount of medical marijuana, even with Illinois State permissions,” Dr. Colvard said. Also, State universities generally Dr. Michael Colvard. are prohibited from conducting research using State and federal grants on a DEA designated “illegal” drug, even with a valid Schedule I license. “Thus, when one tries to conduct research on this product, one is caught in a ‘Catch-22,’ where research funding on a federally-identified illegal product is limited to specific federally-approved labs.” Drs. Colvard and Larsen are working with Federal government and State of Illinois offices navigating this legal environment, to see how they December 2016

can begin work on medical marijuana. “As scientists we are not in a position to advocate, without evidence; we must remain agnostic to the government processes, just waiting until the Federal government can determine what it is going to do as the states gradually approve medical marijuana,” Dr. Colvard said. “We have to wait until there is coordination.” In the meantime, he is continuing efforts to ensure that Illinois’ presence in this field continues to grow, and through his collaboration with Dr. Larsen, both UIC labs will be well positioned to move forward when Federally restrictions are eased and either medical marijuana is decriminalized or reclassified as a Schedule II drug. In late May, Dr. Colvard attended the National Institute of Health (NIH) Pain Consortium in Washington, DC, where he was able to connect with the program manager for the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), with whom he has worked for the past ten years. Earlier in the spring, NCCIH participated in a summit that discussed the neurological and psychiatric effects of cannabinoids, and the therapeutic benefits and adverse effects. Back at the lab, Dr. Colvard and his colleagues are focusing research on other plant-based sources that are lower profile, and carry less political baggage, than marijuana. The Piper family of plants includes Kava, a plant commonly used in Polynesian cultures. The liquid root of the plant has sedative and anesthetic properties that can be extracted and may prove beneficial for use in oral pain relief applications. Piper plants are used around the world, in several indigenous and rural cultures, as a natural dental anesthetic. —William S. Bike Portions reprinted with permission, Illinois Dental News, Vol. 85, Issue 7, Sept. 2016

ASDA-AAWD GATHERING—In October, executive board members from the American Student Dental Association attended the American Association of Women Dentists National Conference in Boulder, CO. They participated in workshops on practice management, personal and professional health, and scientific and technical continuing education. This year’s conference featured a lineup of stellar speakers including human rights activist Malala Yousafzi. Pictured here: Camila Peralta Sugano, Melissa Villafane, and Tejal Patel with a group of AAWD exec board members from across the nation.

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Ortho Residents Hold Fundraiser

During October, the Orthodontic residents held the second annual Straighten-Out Breast Cancer fundraiser to raise money for breast cancer research. They decked out in pink personal protective equipment (PPE) and donated a dollar for every patient who went for pink colors on their braces. Money raised was donated to a local non-for-profit cancer fundraising group, the H Foundation. One hundred percent of the proceeds to the H Foundation are donated directly to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University.

Orthodontic residents, faculty, and staff decked out in pink for the Straighten-Out Breast Cancer fundraiser.

Dr. Michael Santucci Earns Du Brul Award, Will Retire

Dr. Michael Santucci, Clinical Assistant Professor, Restorative Dentistry, and Managing Partner, da Vinci Clinic, received the 2016 Dr. E. Lloyd Du Brul Faculty Achievement Award at the Nov. 22 Faculty Retreat. The award is given to a faculty member who reflects Dr. Du Brul’s career-long commitment to education excellence that strengthens the influence and renown of the UIC College of Dentistry. In addition to many years in private practice, Dr. Santucci previously taught at Northwestern University, and joined the College faculty in 2001. In 2007, he accepted the role of Managing Partner in the da Vinci Clinic, and Course Director for Comprehensive Care. Dr. Susan Rowan, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, nominated Dr. Santucci for the award, whose recipient is chosen by the UIC Dental Alumni Association Board of Directors. Dr. Santucci “exemplifies and models professionalism and ensures an ideal environment for student learning,” Dr. Rowan said. “He is supportive of colleagues, staff, faculty, and patients by his expertise, dedication, reliability, and good humor. Dr. Santucci has been a pleasure to work with, and will be missed by all when he retires later this year.” The award was presented by Dean Clark Stanford, who said, “Dr. Santucci has been a great educator and role model for his students in countless ways.” 12

“I love working with the people here,” Dr. Santucci said. “We have a wonderful group of faculty and staff and it’s a real joy to work with each. And of course I enjoy working with the students. Both parts of the equation make it very rewarding to be part of our institution.” When thinking about his years at the College before his retirement at the end of 2016, Dr. Santucci noted that, “We are fortunate to have a very supportive chair of the Department of Restorative Dentistry in Dr. Stephen Campbell. Over the years we have grown and constantly improved providing an optimal student experience.” Dr. Santucci recalled that he particularly enjoyed working with other Managing Partners such as Dr. Michael Dunlap, Dr. James Bryniarski, Dr. Mickey Spector, and Dr. Rowan, and noted, “I want to specifically thank Dr. Rowan for her continued support and friendship over the years. It is a pleasure to work with such a talented and caring individual.” He also thanked several other colleagues. “Maria Leon is my clinic manager, right-hand person, and a godsend,” Dr. Santucci said. “Shirley Nelson was my assistant for years, and now I’ve got Paula Clemons—I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.” Dr. Santucci noted he also particularly enjoyed working with Dr. Bill Knight, former Interim Dean; Dr. Seema Ashrafi, former Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; and Dr. Stanford. After retirement, Dr. Santucci plans to eventually return part-time, and also to work in private practice. Retirement will allow him to spend more time with his wife, Barbara, and the rest of his family, some of whom are in dentistry. Daughter Beth is married to Dr. Chad Pfohl, an oral surgeon practicing in Iowa City, IA; the couple has two children. Beth, a former civil engineer, is a D-2 at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. Daughter Laura is married to Dr. Bryan Mick, ’12, who practices in Appleton, WI. Each couple has two children, a boy and girl. Dr. Michael Santucci. “We’ll visit a lot and do a lot of traveling between Iowa City and Appleton,” Dr. Santucci said. “It’s been just an honor and a pleasure to be here and teach at this school,” Dr. Santucci concluded. “I’ve met so many wonderful faculty and staff and wonderful students. I thoroughly enjoy mentoring the students and working with them.”

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December 2016

Orthodontics’ Dr. Lawrence Voss Retires

Dr. Lawrence Voss, Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthodontics, will retire from the College at the end of December. Dr. Voss taught at the College from 2005 through 2016, “long after my dental student days,” he said. Dr. Voss earned his DDS from the College in 1978, and his Certificate in Orthodontics from the Loyola School of Dentistry in 1982. Among the highlights of his time at the College, Dr. Voss cites “working with talented residents, faculty, and staff from many countries and backgrounds, as well as teaching and learning in a world-class department headed by Dr. Carla Evans.” He also recalled “a momentary fireball related to a resident using a butane torch. There were no injuries, but I’ll take the fifth on discussing that incident for a while,” he said, laughing. When asked about changes at the College Dr. Lawrence Voss. during his time here, Dr. Voss said, “Just outside, the Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line stop turned Pink. Inside, many clinics were remodeled through generous alumni donations, including a beautiful two-floor update of our Department of Orthodontics.” Dr. Voss noted that Dr. Evans and Dr. Budi Kusnoto, Associate Professor of Orthodontics, “were key figures in hiring and inspiring me at the College. Hired at almost the same time as I, Dr. Larry Golden served as my longtime clinic partner on my original Mondays. So many other faculty and staff made my time enjoyable and productive.” He also was thankful to product representatives who deal with the Department of Orthodontics. Dr. Voss noted that his retirement plans include travel, health and fitness improvements, keeping up with new developments in orthodontics, and spending more time with his wife, Marie, and daughter, Courtney, a thirdgrade teacher in Mt. Prospect. He also is considering an eventual post-retirement return to the College on a limited basis. “I wish all in Orthodontics, especially new faculty and staff, the best for the future,” Dr. Voss concluded. “And alumni, I hope you keep the department in mind for your donations.” For information on donations, contact Bruno Mancari, Director of Development, at (312) 413-3554 or December 2016

AAWD DINNER—The College’s American Association of Women Dentists Initiation Dinner took place at Piece Pizzeria in Wicker Park. The event was an opportunity for new students to get involved with the organization, which supports women dentists at UIC through social, professional, and volunteer events. “It’s a great time to be a woman dentist!” said College of Dentistry AAWD President Gabija Revis. Several female faculty members were also honored at the event, including Dr. Fatemeh Afshari, Dr. Judy Yuan, Dr. Jamie Lynn Hofmeister, Dr. Kristen Vlagos, and Dr. Kaori Ema. Any students, residents, or faculty interested in upcoming AAWD events should send an email to for more information.

Come to the College’s Midwinter Meeting Reception

Faculty, students, staff, alumni, colleagues and friends are invited to attend the College’s reception during the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Virgin Hotel, 203 N. Wabash Ave. Chicago. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres will be provided, and there will be two complimentary tickets for drinks. Visit with Dean Clark Stanford and friends and colleagues. Call (312) 996-0607 or (312) 996-8495 for more information.

Clinic and Research Day Scheduled

Get the latest dental knowledge at the 30th annual Clinic and Research Day, set for Thursday, March 2, 2017, at the College. Instead of starting in the morning as in the past, the event will run from noon to 6:30 p.m. and focus on student research presentations, Critically Appraised Topics competitions based on actual cases, and feature a nationally known keynote speaker. Continuing Education credit will be available for attending the poster presentation and the keynote presentation. “Our students and fellows will present approximately 100 posters highlighting their current research,” said Dr. Lyndon Cooper, Associate Dean for Research at the UIC College of Dentistry. “They cover a wide range of topics in the basic, behavioral, clinical, and applied sciences. Predoctoral, postgraduate, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and their faculty mentors will be

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Samantha Cordell, D-4; Yale Cho, D-4; Melinda J. Rosen, D-4; and Joseph Deek, D-3; The articles they reviewed were selected by Dr. Anne Koerber, Professor and Educational Assessment Director, Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences. A clinical trial conducted by Kim Fasula, Director of Clinic Operations, Orthodontics, was recently published in the American Journal of Medicine, entitled “Randomized trial of plaque identifying toothpaste: Dental plaque and inflammation. The article was co-authored by Dr. Carla Evans, Professor and Head, and Dr. Ben Belavsky, Graduate Clinical Assistant.

Students will present their research at Clinic and Research Day.

competing for awards in a number of categories.” At the College, faculty, postgraduates, and students conduct a wide range of research activities, from basic research, public health and prevention, and the development of best practices in dentistry, to the creation of techniques and technology that will allow teeth to be regenerated in adults. Research occurs at the College from the “bench to the chairside” (and the reverse)—to accelerate diagnostic and interventional therapies for College patients. Clinic and Research Day allows the postgraduates, students, and their faculty mentors to share their research with the dental and medical communities. Keynote speaker will be Dr. William Maixner, Professor in Anesthesiology and Director, Center for Translational Pain Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine. His talk will be, “Unravelling TMD and Complex Persistent Pain Conditions – Lessons Learned from OPPERA” (Orofacial Pain Prospective Evaluation and Risk Assessment). Dr. Maixner’s primary research focus is on biological, environmental, and genetic factors involved in pain transmission and modulation. Also featured will be “CaseCAT” (Critically Appraised Topics) competitions, featuring actual cases that exemplify unique and interesting aspects of dental practice combined with critically appraised literature reviews relevant those cases. “There will be dental products and services, vendors’ exhibits, and events planned just for fun, too,” Dr. Cooper continued. “Dentists, students, postgraduates, residents, our medical colleagues, and those interested in research and For information about attending, Continuing Education, or exhibiting at or sponsoring Clinic and Research Day, contact Virginia Buglio at (312) 996-1027 or or log on to research/clinic-and-research-day.

Several students published reviews of journal articles in the October 2016 issue of the Journal of Dental Education. They are


Dr. Flavia Lamberghini, Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatric Dentistry, and Dr. Noor Obaisi, a faculty member in the Department of Orthodontics, along with Drs. Brian Burseth, Amy Martin, and Wendy Yang, on Oct. 8 saw 32 Syrian refugee youngsters at Apple Dental Care, 2062 N. Milwaukee Ave. The dentists had been contacted by the Syrian Community Network. Ten volunteer translators and the office team also participated.

Dr. Flavia Lamberghini, working with refugee children.


Ana Lisa Ogbac, Director of Donor Joseph Robsen “J.R.” Hendricks, Relations, had a baby son of Ana Lisa Ogbac. boy born to her and Tony Hendricks on Nov. 4. His name is Joseph Rosben “J.R.” Hendricks. He was born at 6:10 a.m., weighing in at 7 lbs. and 5 oz., and measuring 20 inches. Ana shares that she and J.R. are both doing well and are now at home. J.R.’s proud sister, Nyelle, is gladly taking on future babysitting duties.




Dr. John P. Kenney, Adjunct Faculty member in the Dental Medicine Responder Training program, was re-elected to the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in February, and inducted into the International College of Dentists as a Fellow in October.

Dr. Fred S. Margolis, Pediatric Dentistry ‘76, an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, passed away on Oct. 25, 2016,

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Dr. Fred Margolis.

December 2016

at age 69. He is survived by his wife, Susan; sons, David and Adam; and brother, Gerald. Dr. Margolis specialized in specialneeds patients and pediatric laser dentistry. The family would appreciate contributions in Dr. Margolis’s name to the charity of your choice.


Marilyn Jurlow, Grants and Contracts Development Specialist, has left the College to take a Bursar position at Adler University in Chicago. She earned a UIC Award of Merit, which recognizes outstanding Academic Professsional and Civil Service employees for sustained excellence in performance and commitment to their jobs at the Nov. 15 Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony.

Dentists wanted: Gain tons of experience while treating a mixture of cash/PPO/Medicaid patients (no HMO). We see everyone from seniors who need surgical extractions to kids who need comprehensive care and everyone in between. Hit the ground running without waiting to build your own clientele. We help train new dentists. Malpractice insurance paid. Recent graduates welcomed. Please email resume to manager@ (FA)

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Positions/ Practices/ Space Available

A “Positions/ Practices Available” page is on the College’s website at http:// alumni/career_ postings/. Check it out for listings of jobs that are available, and for notices of practices that are for sale. For adding or subtracting listings from this website, contact William S. Bike at billbike@uic. edu.

General dentist: Family Dental Care. Full or part time. Several of our associates have become partners. Come and talk to them. Very high income potential. Specialists on staff. Currently five locations and growing. 95% fee-for-service. No Public Aid. (773) 978-7801 (ask for Laura) or email personnel@familydentalcare. com. http:/ (FA permanent)

RECOGNITION FOR CONGRESSWOMAN—Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) was recognized by Oral Health America in September as the organization’s 2016 Legislative Honoree. The award was presented as part of the Oral Health America 7th Annual Fall for Smiles Advocacy Day Reception. Congresswoman Schakowsky is shown with Dr. Linda Kaste, Professor, Pediatric Dentistry, who was in attendance with the American Association for Dental Research delegation, being with them as the 1st AADR Scholarin-Residence.

Come join the professionals at ProCare Dental Group PC. Generous compensation, contemporary facilities, flexibility, autonomy, premier locations, continuing education, professional camaraderie. Part-time and full-time positions available. (847) 621-7229. (FDT)

December 2016

INVISALIGN ACHIEVEMENT—Dr. Rory Chong, third-year orthodontic postgrad, and his faculty sponsor, Dr. Laurence A. Golden, Clinical Assistant Professor, placed third in the 2016 Invisalign Gallery University Challenge. Dr. Chong’s case was showcased at the iPad kiosk at the Invisalign Ortho Summit in November, and later published in the Invisalign Gallery/ University Challenge book. An honorary plaque and a monetary award of $1,000 also recognize the achievement.

Central Illinois: For sale, well-established general dentistry family practice, with long standing patients and staff. It is within driving distance of Champaign, St. Louis, and Terre Haute. This practice has been at its’ present address over 60 years, but is housed in a new stand-alone building with five operatories. Its gross is 400K. Selling price is 294K. The building is also priced under 300K. Please contact Jimmy H. at (630) 577-7585. (FA)

Calendar December 16: Holiday Reception, 5th floor Commons, 2 p.m. 24 to Jan. 1: Hanukkah, Jewish observance, sunset to sunset. 25: Christmas, Christian observance. 26: Christmas Day Holiday observed, College closed. 27: Designated Holiday, College closed. 26: to Jan. 1: Kwanzaa, African American and interfaith observance.

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December 2016

Word of Mouth, December 2016, UIC College of Dentistry  
Word of Mouth, December 2016, UIC College of Dentistry