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February 2017, Vol. 14, No. 1

Wordof MOUTH Hispanic Student Dental Association Chapter Wins Nuestros Ninos Contest The College’s Hispanic Student Dental Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School, the College’s HSDA Association (HSDA) Chapter has been chosen the winner of the Nuestros chapter “met and surpassed these criteria,” and “clearly demonstrated the Ninos contest of the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA), sponsored by outstanding qualities we look for in our Colgate. In the contest, students are student recipients of this award.” invited to develop a program that “Our students developed the educates on the importance of dental ‘dental tracker,’ an interactive calendar care, good oral and educational instrument hygiene habits, that provided and good diet. illustrations The College’s of proper oral HSDA chapter hygiene and submitted a a calendar to prototype for track brushing/ such a program. flossing and Students submitting also diet for a week,” are expected said Dr. Adriana to demonstrate Sempruma passion Clavier, Clinical for Hispanic Associate communities, Professor, follow Design Restorative Thinking Dentistry, an HSDA members with youngsters from Iglesia Methodology, and advisor to the Bautista Bethania Bethany Baptist Church. show an ability chapter. to communicate “We positively with presented Hispanic children and caregivers. this prototype to families at Iglesia Bautista Bethania Bethany Baptist According to the HDA’s Dr. Luis Church in Elgin, IL,” said Camila C. Yepes of the University of Texas

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Nominate for Sparky Award

Student earns Arcolian Dental Arts Scholarship

Dr. DiPietro named AAAS Fellow

Peralta-Sugano, HSDA Co-President. “Students also demonstrated proper OHI and nutrition through hands-on activities with the children.” Dr. Marcela Escobar, Clinical Instructor, Dental Clinics, another advisor to the chapter, with six of the student members tested the tracker at the church measuring baseline information “showing promising results a week later, where a 15% increase was observed in brushing and flossing twice a day, a 14% increase was observed in water or milk intake per day, and a 30% decrease was observed in candy or soda intake per day,” Dr. Semprum-Clavier explained. “Both parents and kids loved it!” “The students have worked really hard and deserved it,” said Dr. Escobar. “This was a great opportunity for them to demonstrate their commitment to the profession and also to serve our Hispanic community.” “Dr. Escobar and I feel very proud of our creative and committed group of students,” Dr. Semprum-Clavier said. “They are always motivated and bring wonderful ideas that help us meet our College mission and the HDA mission of serving, educating, and advocating for the Hispanic communities.” Student Melissa Villafane, HSDA Co-President, stated, “It was a very rewarding experience and the kids were so engaged and excited about using the tracker. The families provided overwhelmingly positive feedback.” The chapter received a monetary prize and will present the project at the Colgate Technological Center in Piscataway, NJ.

Above: Sparky D. Dragon has been known to visit the College from time to time. Below: Sparky Award recipients will receive a certificate commemorating the occasion.


presents to

SALLY SMITH The Sparky D. Dragon Customer Service Award Presented in recognition of excellence in care, concern, and support for our patients, students, faculty, and alumni in the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry.


Clark M. Stanford, DDS, PhD UIC Distinguished Professor and Dean

Nominate a Colleague for the Sparky D. Dragon Customer Service Award

The UIC College of Dentistry has created a new award, and anyone at the College is welcome to nominate a staff member, student or resident, or faculty member. The new honor is the Sparky D. Dragon UIC College of Dentistry Customer Service Award, and it will be presented each month to a deserving member of the College community. It will be presented in recognition of excellence in care, concern, and support for patients, students, faculty, and alumni in the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry. Persons may be nominated for the award for: • Displaying a high degree of professional conduct. • Responding courteously to the needs of the people the College serves, and striving to exceed their expectations. • Supporting the educational and patient care missions of the College. • Treating every individual with respect, and going beyond expectations is assisting those the College serves. 2

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Februray 2017

• Supporting the College’s commitment to diversity. • Striving for excellence. Recipients will have their name and photo displayed on a plaque at the College and receive a certificate of appreciation in addition to other recognition. To nominate a staff member, student, or faculty member for the Sparky D. Dragon Award, go to https://, complete the brief nomination form, and you are done! Nominations will go to the College’s Committee on Student, Faculty, and Staff Relations, which will choose Sparky Award recipients throughout the year. The idea for the award came from Dean Clark Stanford, who wanted to create a fun way to honor members of the College of Dentistry community for their great work. Who is more fun than Sparky D. Dragon, who has been UIC’s Athletic Department mascot since 1986? His flame-red fur, fun-loving personality, and crazy antics have made him a delight to watch. His use of props and multiple outfits (Elvis Sparky, Beach-Bum Sparky, for example) make him a fan favorite. Sparky performs at numerous athletic and student events across the campus and even makes a surprise

Februray 2017

visit or two at our College of Dentistry. We are proud to name our Customer Service Award in honor of Sparky D. Dragon. For more information, contact William S. Bike, Director of Advancement Communications, at billbike@uic. edu or (312) 996-8495.

Student Bo Bartilotta Receives Arcolian Scholarship

The Arcolian Dental Arts Society provided a $1,500 scholarship to D-4 Bo Yeon Bartilotta at its Dec. 13 Holiday Celebration at the Park Ridge Country Club. The club also provided $1,500 scholarships to Marquette University School of Dentistry students Eric Basta and Kelly Carney. The society awards scholarships to dental students of Italian lineage who have exhibited exemplary effort and professionalism. The awards were presented by Dr. Russ Spinazze, OMFS ’97, president of the Arcolian Dental Arts Society. “I am very honored to be selected as the recipient of the Arcolian scholarship.,” Bartilotta said. “This scholarship is more than a scholarship to me—it is the first step in my involvement in the Italian and Italian-American community.

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Dr. Russell Spinazze, Dr. Joe Baldassano, and Dr. Michael Biasello. Dr. Baldassano was named Arcolian of the Year.

“I feel very welcomed and excited to be part of the Arcolian Dental Arts Society, an extraordinary group that exemplifies the true definition of camaraderie,” she added. “This scholarship will help me pay for travel expenses while looking for a GPR program in New York”. In addition, Dr. Joe Baldassano, Loyola ’88, was named Arcolian of the Year. His award was presented to him by the society’s Dr. Michael Biasiello, Loyola ’85. Dr. Biasiello was the UIC College of Dentistry’s 2014 Dr. Raffaele Suriano Award recipient. “I have been an active member of the Arcolian Dental Arts Society for over 28 years,” Dr. Baldassano explained, noting that he has served in every executive post, including President, and on the board, and that he has been active with the Chicago Dental Society as well. He is President of the Northwest Suburban Branch. “This award was very personal and meaningful to me because over the years my father, son, and other family members have enjoyed the Arcolian events, such as golf

Eric Basta, Kelly Carney, Dr. Russell Spinazze, and Bo Yeon Bartilotta. Basta, Carney, and Bartilotta received scholarships from the Arcolian Dental Arts Society. Bartilotta is a student at the UIC College of Dentistry.


outings and other functions,” Dr. Baldassano said. “Additionally, being recognized for years of participation, and executive positions held is always a wonderful honor when it comes from your colleagues,” he added. “I have many members who have become great friends over the years but every member has become a respected colleague to me.” The society serves as a professional, social, and charitable organization for Italian-American dentists. It holds monthly lectures and is philanthropic, hosting an annual golf outing and raffle night. “The membership also donates funds through dues to help fund our various philanthropic endeavors,” Dr. Baldassano noted. “For over 80 years, the Arcolian Dental Arts Society has been active by promoting excellence in the form of continuing education, awarding annual scholarships to dental students, and being a supportive presence in the community—all while providing social opportunities for forming lasting professional relationships,” Dr. Spinazze said. The society recently made a donation to the Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, and also each year sends funds to a church, Roman Catholic priest, mission, or food pantry. “The Arcolian Dental Arts Society invites all third- and fourth-year dental students of Italian lineage to apply for the Arcolian Dental Arts Society Scholarship,” Dr. Spinazze said. Students also are welcome to attend the monthly meetings. For more information, contact Dr. Spinazze at or log on to

Dr. Luisa DiPietro Elected AAAS Fellow

The Council of the American Association for the Advancement of Science has elected Dr. Luisa A. DiPietro, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Director of the Center for Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration, and Professor of Periodontics, an AAAS Fellow. The Council elects as Fellows members whose “efforts on behalf of the advancement of science or its applications are scientifically or socially distinguished.” The AAAS chose Dr. DiPietro AAAS Fellow Dr. Luisa DiPietro. “For distinguished contributions to the field of wound healing, particularly understanding

Word of Mouth

Februray 2017

mechanisms that guide capillary growth and regression in healing and the regulation of inflammation.” “I have been active in AAAS for many years, serving in multiple roles,” said Dr. DiPietro, who has served as Chair of the AAAS Section on Dentistry and Oral Health Sciences (Section R). Dr. DiPietro has been the recipient of $14 million in National Institutes of Health funding, and has continuously been funded by the NIH since 1993. She also has received more than $2.5 million in non-Federal research support. The induction ceremony will be held on Saturday, Feb. 18, during the AAAS Fellow Forum in Boston, MA.

Dr. Anna Manzotti Named TRP Award Winner

Dr. Anna Manzotti, Clinical Assistant Professor, Restorative Dentistry, was selected by her UIC peers under the auspices of the UIC Center for the Advancement of Teaching-Learning Communities and its Teaching Recognition Program with the Teaching Recognition Program (TRP) Award, concluding that her “teaching is an excellent example of the high quality of instruction that characterizes the best of UIC,” said Dr. Maria Varelas, Director of the Center. Dr. Manzotti applied for the award with the encouragement of Department of Restorative Dentistry

Chair Dr. Stephen Campbell. She noted she applied because she wanted to “understand if the way I was engaging students and striving for their best education was the correct one.” The TRP Committee considered student feedback, peer reviews, mentoring of students, curriculum development, impactful and innovative teaching, and other factors. Dr. Manzotti believes that faculty “have to TRP Award Winner Dr. Anna demonstrate clinical and Manzotti. professional excellence to inspire students to achieve high standards,” she said. “I believe that winning this award is important for the program, the Department of Restorative Dentistry, as well as our College,” Dr. Manzotti said. “The Restorative faculty work daily as a team sharing ideas and knowledge. It is the effort of the team as a whole that helps to improve the quality of teaching and patient care. Winning this award is a success for our group all together.”

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She noted that, “Dentistry has been my passion for the past 16 years and being able to share my passion and knowledge with students has been a daily inspiration.” Students, Dr. Manzotti said, “should be motivated to move toward higher levels of expertise. Every day, I focus on preparing students for the complexities of the health profession by acknowledging and cooperating with other disciplines to provide an integrated and fulfilling experience.” She explained that “Diagnosis, treatment objectives, treatment execution, and prognosis of patient care depend on evidence-based dentistry rather than experts’ opinions or empirically supported treatments. Every day, I focus on instilling in my students’ minds how this plays a fundamental role in our patients’ care.” Dr. Manzotti will be honored at the 2017 Faculty Awards Reception and receive a raise in salary because of the award.

Dr. Andy Luo, when he was a student at the College, on an extramural rotation in China.

USA-ICD Awards Grant to College

The International College of Dentists’ USA Section (USAICD) has awarded a grant from its International Student Experiences (ISE) program to the College. “The grant will support the fourth-year dental students

Word of Mouth University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry (MC 621) Room 404-A 801 South Paulina Street Chicago, Illinois 60612-7211

going on extramural rotations,” said Khatija Noorullah, Clinical Community Academic Manager for the College. “We applied for the grant so that the students would have more financial help and not worry about how they would finance their extramural rotations abroad.” “We considered the number of global opportunities a dental school offered their students,” said Bettie McKaig, Chair of the USA-ICD Student Support Committee. “USA-ICD is proud to partner with schools which value the importance of global experiences for our future dental leaders. The students return from their educational trips with an enhanced appreciation of the international similarities of our profession and an elevated understanding of the cultural differences.” “We are grateful to the USA-ICD for their generosity and their trust in our program,” Noorullah concluded.

#GivingTuesday a Success

UIC once again participated in #GivingTuesday, a nationwide event in which non-profits and charities raise money on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. In 2016, #GivingTuesday was held on Nov. 29. Overall, UIC raised, $94,304 from 722 donors, a 14% increase over 2015. Once again, the College of Dentistry was a campus leader, raising more than $2,700 from over 80 donors. Supporters were given UIC hot beverage mugs, a supply of hot chocolate and coffee, and the opportunity to have Janelle Wade, a #GivingTuesday their picture taken donor, believes everyone should have a chance for success, and with their comments that chance is provided by UIC. on a white board, Dean Clark Stanford, DDS, PhD, Cert. Prosthodontics, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advancement Mark J. Valentino Editor-in-Chief William S. Bike

Phone (312) 996-8495 Fax (312) 413-2927

Staff Janette Guzman,; Bruno Mancari,; Ana Lisa Ogbac, Design Kim Arias Design Production UIC Office of Publications Services

ISSN 1555-1520


Word of Mouth

Februray 2017

and students were given the opportunity to write thank you notes to benefactors. The theme of the day was #FuelTheFlames. For a video about the day, log on to

Alumna Dr. Jennifer Caplin Joins Department of Orthodontics

Dr. Jennifer Caplin recently became a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthodontics. She earned her BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her DMD from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2014, she earned an MS in Oral Sciences, and in 2015 she earned her Certificate in Orthodontics, both from the UIC College of Dentistry. At the College, Dr. Caplin oversees “clinical cases with the orthodontic residents, helping them develop treatment plans and monitor treatment progression,” she explained. “I am available to act as a thesis advisor or committee member for residents as they complete their master’s thesis. I also perform my own independent research. Additionally, I am the chair of the accreditation committee for the department.” Her goals are to help the department “continue to provide a top-notch education, rooted in evidence-based orthodontics, that is worthy of one of the oldest orthodontics programs in the country,” she said. “I also hope to help elevate the caliber of both the Dr. Jennifer Caplin has Department of Orthodontics joined the Department of and the entire College of Orthodontics. Dentistry through high quality research and education.” She has previously taught at MIT and the University of Pennsylvania, and has volunteered to provide dental care in China, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama. Besides her interest in Orthodontics, Dr. Caplin also has a strong interest in all things Asian. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and also practices the Japanese martial art of Iaido. She enjoys playing Go, the oldest board game in the world. Her favorite place to visit is Japan. After dental school, she externed in the Department of Orthodontics of the People’s No. 9 Hospital, which is affiliated with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine in Shanghai, China. While there, she established an oral hygiene program in an elementary school for underserved children. Her office is in Room 109E. “My door is always open and I look forward to meeting and working with everyone,” Dr. Caplin concluded.

Dr. Carla Evans Steps Down as Head of Orthodontics

Dr. Carla Evans has stepped down as Head of the Department of Orthodontics. She had been in that role since 1994. She has been Councilor of the Chicago Section of the American Association for Dental Research since 1995, served on the Executive Board of the American Association for Dental Research from 2004 to 2007, and was President of the Craniofacial Biology Group of the International/ American Association for Dental Research in 2003. Dr. Evans has been Associate Editor and Editor of the World Journal of Orthodontics, chair of the American Association of Orthodontists Council on Dr. Carla Evans, who Orthodontic Education from served as Head of Ortho2006 to 2009, and Editorial dontics since 1994. Board member of the Journal of Dental Research. Currently she is Co-chair of Working Group 11.6 (Orthodontic Standards for the electronic patient record) of the American Dental Association Standards Committee on Dental Informatics.


ALUMNI RECEPTION held in conjunction with the CDS Midwinter Meeting Hosted by Dean Clark Stanford

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2017 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. The Manor Virgin Hotel Chicago 203 N. Wabash Chicago, IL 60601

Free hors d’oeuvres and two free drink tickets at the door. RSVP

Please join Dean Clark Stanford and Associate Dean for Research Dr. Lyndon Cooper during the


6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Marriott Marquis San Francisco, 780 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103 Hors d’oeuvres will be provided. Cash bar. RSVP

Februray 2017

Word of Mouth


She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and has been an accreditation site visitor for the Commission on Dental Accreditation and served on the Dental Advisory Council of the National Institute of Dental Research. Under Dr. Evans’ guidance, 168 Orthodontic residents have earned specialty certificates and master’s degrees since 1994. “She was more than just our department head,” said Dr. Cecile Yoon-Tarlie, ’95, MS Ortho ’98. “She was a tough critic and determined mentor who pushed me to achieve and aspire to more than I would have on my own.” “I am really grateful to Dr. Evans and I cannot thank her enough for opening the doors to my orthodontic career in the United States,” said Dr. Nanci DeFelippe, Orthodontics ’05. “She inspired me to develop high quality research and to teach with all my passion.” Dr. Evans’ more than 175 publications cover the topics of normal and abnormal facial growth and development, application of computer imaging to orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning, orthodontic materials, and evaluation of treatment outcomes. Dr. Budi Kusnoto now is Acting Head of the department.

Come to the College’s Midwinter Meeting Reception

Faculty, students, staff, alumni, colleagues and friends are invited to attend the College’s reception during the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Virgin Hotel, 203 N. Wabash Ave. Chicago. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres will be provided, and two free drink tickets will be provided at the door. Visit with Dean Clark Stanford and friends and colleagues. Call (312) 996-0607 or (312) 996-8495 for more information.

Visiting at the 2016 College of Dentistry reception at the Virgin Hotel, left to right, were DMDAS students Keyur Modi and Anas Muamar, Dean Clark Stanford, DMDAS students Khyati Patel and Hrshil Patel, and Dr. George Zehak, then President of the Chicago Dental Society.


Clinic and Research Day Scheduled

Get the latest dental knowledge at the 30th annual Clinic and Research Day, set for Thursday, March 2, at the College. The event will run from noon to 6:30 p.m. and focus on student research presentations, Critically Appraised Topics competitions based on actual cases, and feature a nationally known keynote speaker. Continuing Education credit will be available for attending the poster presentation and the keynote presentation.

Students will present their research to judges and members of the College community at Clinic and Research Day.

“Our students and fellows will present approximately 100 posters highlighting their current research,” said Dr. Lyndon Cooper, Associate Dean for Research at the UIC College of Dentistry. “They cover a wide range of topics in the basic, behavioral, clinical, and applied sciences. Predoctoral, postgraduate, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and their faculty mentors will be competing for awards in a number of categories.” At the College, faculty, postgraduates, and students conduct a wide range of research activities, from basic research, public health and prevention, and the development of best practices in dentistry, to the creation of techniques and technology that will allow teeth to be regenerated in adults. Research occurs at the College from the “bench to the chairside” (and the reverse)—to accelerate diagnostic and interventional therapies for College patients. Clinic and Research Day allows the postgraduates, students, and their faculty mentors to share their research with the dental and medical communities. Keynote speaker will be Dr. William Maixner, Professor in Anesthesiology and Director, Center for Translational Pain Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine. Dr. Maixner’s primary research focus is on biological, environmental, and genetic factors involved in pain transmission and modulation. Also featured will be “CaseCAT” (Critically Appraised Topics) competitions, featuring actual cases that exemplify unique and interesting aspects of dental practice

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Februray 2017

combined with critically appraised literature reviews relevant those cases. “There will be dental products and services, vendors’ exhibits, and events planned just for fun, too,” Dr. Cooper continued. “Dentists, students, postgraduates, residents, our medical colleagues, and those interested in research and For information about attending, Continuing Education, or exhibiting at or serving as a sponsor for Clinic and Research Day, contact Virginia Buglio at (312) 996-1027 or or log on to https://

Reception Scheduled for AADR

If you are going to the American Association for Dental Research annual meeting in San Francisco, which will be held Wednesday, March 22, through Saturday, March 25, be sure and join Dr. Clark Stanford, Dean, and Dr. Lyndon Cooper, Associate Dean for Research, for a reception Thursday, March 23, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Marriott Marquis San Francisco, 780 Mission St., San Francisco, CA. Hors d’oeuvres will be provided, and there will be a cash bar. RSVP to

that provides oral health care for the poor. Last year’s event raised $26,381. It is run by the Dental Charity Ball Committee. For more information, log on to www.dentalcharityball. org/.

Alumni Reunion Scheduled for April 21 UIC College of Dentistry and Loyola University Chicago dental alumni, as well as College of Dentistry faculty, staff, and students, will gather at the 2017 College of Dentistry Reunion at Carlisle Banquets, 435 E. Butterfield Rd. in Lombard, IL, Friday, April 21. Tickets are $100 before March 5, $125 after that date. An open bar reception will begin at 6:30 p.m., with dinner at 7:30 p.m.

Dental Charity Ball set for April 1

This year’s UIC College of Dentistry student-run Dental Charity Ball is set for the evening of Saturday, April 1, at the Museum of Science and Industry, 5700 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago. There will be drinks, food, and dancing. The event benefits the Dental Charity Foundation, which promotes oral health education and charitable dental care. The foundation contributes to organizations such as Goldie’s Place, which features a dental clinic staffed by College dental students and outside dentists

The Dental Charity Ball features dancing, fellowship, and fun—all for a good cause.

Februray 2017

Dr. David S. Evaskus.

Loyola ’86, Dr. Raffaele Suriano Award; and Dr. Michael L. Santucci, Northwestern ’74, Dr. E. Lloyd DuBrul Faculty Achievement award. Dr. Flores is Professor Emeritus of Restorative Dentistry. Dr. Evaskus is a former faculty member in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Santucci recently retired as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry.

Word of Mouth

Dr. Samson S. Flores.

Reunion 2017 celebrates all members of DDS and specialty programs whose graduation years ended in a “2” or “7.” Outstanding Achievement Awards will be presented to Dr. Samson S. Flores, ’58, Distinguished Dental Alumnus; Dr. David S. Evaskus, ’70, MS OMFS ’75, Dr. F. William Towner Organized Dentistry Award; Dr. Phillip J. Fijal,

Dr. Phillip J. Fijal.


For additional information, contact the College’s Office of Advancement at (312) 9960670 or email DentReunion@

Medical Professional. Disability income plan; business overhead expense insurance; disability buy/sell; long-term care. 1 (800) 345-6040, (FA)


Facebook users can sign up to be a fan of the UIC College of Dentistry. Just type in “University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry” in the search bar of your Facebook page. (FN)



Dr. Samson S. Flores, Professor Emeritus, Restorative Dentistry, was asked to give the Thanksgiving sermon at the Hope of Calvary Church in Evanston, IL. Dr. Flores has been a member of the church for 65 years. Student Elizabeth Razdolsky Michalczyk, a DMD/PhD

Dr. Michael L. Santucci.

candidate, earned a bloc travel grant from the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) to attend the International Association for Dental Research/AADR/Canadian Association for Dental Research General Session in San Francisco in March.

Wound Healing Seminars are held once per month at 12:30 p.m. on selected Thursdays. Call (312) 355-2662 for more information. (FN) Know a college-level predental student? Tell them about our monthly tours from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Tours are followed by a Q&A session with College of Dentistry Admissions staff. RSVP information is posted on the Admissions website at http:// tour_registration and students/doctor_of_dental_medicine__dmd_/.

Positions/Practices/Space Available


Dr. Darien Dr. Sam Flores, giving a Weatherspoon, Assistant sermon at Hope of Calvary Professor, Pediatric Church. Dentistry, Division of Prevention and Public Health Sciences, has left the college to take a post with the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

Classifieds Calendar

Don’t forget to post and look for UIC events on the UIC Calendar at (FN)


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Important College contacts: For consumable supplies, e-mail For dental instrument issues, contact Robin Waner at, (312) 996-6411, second and third floor and third floor sterilization. For dental equipment problems, e-mail; enter room and unit number with description of problem and write the issue on the maintenance log. To reach housekeeping, call (312) 996-7468. For the Information Technologies (IT) help desk, call (312) 413-4731 or (312) 413-3182. (FN)

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A “Positions/Practices Available” page is on the College’s website at Check it out for listings of jobs that are available, and for notices of practices that are for sale. For adding or subtracting listings from this website, contact William S. Bike at Come join the professionals at ProCare Dental Group PC. Generous compensation, contemporary facilities, flexibility, autonomy, premier locations, continuing education, professional camaraderie. Part-time and full-time positions available. (847) 621-7229. (FDT) Dentists wanted: Gain tons of experience while treating a mixture of cash/PPO/Medicaid patients (no HMO). We see everyone from seniors who need surgical extractions to kids who need comprehensive care and everyone in between. Hit the ground running without waiting to build your own clientele. We help train new dentists. Malpractice insurance paid. Recent graduates welcomed. Please email resume to manager@ (FA) General dentist: Family Dental Care. Full or part time. Several of our associates have become partners. Come and talk to them. Very high income potential. Specialists on staff. Currently five locations and growing. 95% fee-for-service. No Public Aid. (773) 978-7801 (ask for Laura) or email personnel@familydentalcare. com. http:/ (FA permanent) Central Illinois: For sale, well-established general dentistry family practice, with long standing patients and staff. It is within driving distance of Champaign, St. Louis, and Terre Haute. This practice has been at its’ present address over 60 years, but is housed in a new stand-alone building with five operatories. Its gross is 400K. Selling price is 294K. The building is also priced under 300K. Please contact Jimmy H. at (630) 577-7585. (FA)

Treloar & Heisel Inc. Financial Services for the Dental and


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Februray 2017

Calendar February

24: College of Dentistry Reception, Virgin Hotel, 203 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago. Call (3120 996-0670 or (312) 996-8495. 24: Maha Shivarti, Hindu observance.


2: Clinic and Research Day, UIC College of Dentistry. Call (312) 996-1027. 13: Holi, Hindu observance. 23: Reception at AADR meeting featuring Dean Clark Stanford and Associate Dean Lyndon Cooper, 6 to 7:30 p.m., Marriott Marquis San Francisco, 780 Mission St., San Francisco, CA. RSVP to


1: Dental Charity Ball, Museum of Science and Industry. www. 1: Coronal Polishing and Pit/Fissure Sealants Course. UIC College of Dentistry. Fee is $450 for Illinois State Dental Society member dentist staff, $800 for ISDS non-member dentist staff. Email, log on to, or call (800) 475-4737. 21: Alumni Reunion, UIC College of Dentistry and Loyola University Chicago School of Dentistry alumni. Years ending in “2” and “7” highlighted. Alumni Awards presented. Carlisle Banquets, 435 E. Butterfield Rd., Lombard, IL 60148. Email or call (312) 996-0485.

MISSION TO BETHLEHEM—A team consisting of UIC College of Dentistry personnel completed a dental mission in Bethlehem, Palestine, over the winter break. The mission was led by Dr. Sahar Alrayyes, Predoctoral and Postgraduate Pediatric Clinic Director at the College, and included Dr. Anne-Ashley Compton, Pediatric Dentist and alumna of the Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program at the College, and Dr. Haider Aljewari, Periodontic Resident at the College. The team screened patients and provided dental care under general anesthesia for the children of the Huda Al Masri Cancer Department at Beit Jala Hospital as well as for children with special needs.

27: Department of Endodontics dinner in conjunction with the annual American Association of Endodontists meeting in New Orleans, LA. Call (312) 996-7514.


3: Graduation and Awards Luncheon. Call (312) 996-0485. 10: Commencement. Call (312) 355-5259.

WELCOME!—The College welcomed the DMD Advanced Standing Class of 2019 the week of Jan. 2. They were decked out in UIC red and blue colors, ready for their first UIC Flames men’s basketball game on Jan. 6.

Februray 2017

AJO-DO HONORS—Research by Dr. Mohammed H. Elnagar, Visiting Scholar, Orthodontics, entitled, “Comparative evaluation of 2 skeletally anchored maxillary protraction protocols” was published in the November 2016 issue of the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (AJO-DO) and was selected to be on the cover. Dr. Elnagar is pictured with his mentor, Dr. Carla Evans, longtime Head of the Department of Orthodontics.

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You are not a benchmark.

You are also not a sales goal or a quota or a statistic. You are a dentist. And if you’re looking for a company that understands that distinction, we’d like to introduce ourselves. We are The Dentists Insurance Company, TDIC. We only protect dentists and are relentless in our pursuit of innovative ways to protect you, your first year in the profession and every year after. Take our New Dentist Program.

New Dentist Program $0 Professional Liability insurance for your first year. 45% discount in your second year and 25% in your third. Free Risk Management seminar to help you practice safely. Five-minute short form and e-signature make the online application process a breeze. Apply today at First year TDIC Professional Liability coverage rate depicted is for newly licensed and never practiced dentists in the state of Illinois and is valid for a $1M/$3M coverage amount. Rates subject to increase per schedule in years two through eight until they reach maturity.

Endorsed by the Illinois State Dental Society


Protecting dentists. It’s all we do.


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Word of Mouth

Februray 2017

Word of Mouth, February 2017, UIC College of Dentistry  
Word of Mouth, February 2017, UIC College of Dentistry