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April 2017, Vol. 14, No. 2

Wordof MOUTH Changing the Future of Oral Health: Our College Adopts New Vision, Mission, and Values Statements The College has a new Vision, Mission, and our Universities’ systems strategic and Core Values, summed up in a new plans. While not intentional, it shows motto, “Changing the Future of Oral wonderful alignment of our College Health.” with our University and our future!” “With the campus preparing for The Chancellor’s four Strategic Priaccreditation review in the spring of orities are: (1) Students’ Experience, 2017, we wanted to review these (2) Engagement and Focus on Chistatements,” Dean Clark Stanford cago, (3) Research Status and Reputaexplained. “Plus, tion, and (4) New when I joined the Business Model College in 2014, (An EntrepreneurI felt it time to ial Approach). examine and up“Our College date them.” represents a new The new generation of oral statements, health providers Dr. Stanford said, and oral health “ground our colresearch, and lege in its basic we want our mission and statements to aligns our Vision, reflect this,” Student James Appiah explains his research at Mission, and Dr. Stanford said. the recent Clinic and Research Day. Research is Core Values with “The College is all an important component of how the College is Chancellor Miabout anchoring “Changing the Future of Oral Health.” chael Amiridis’s oral health in four Strategic the primary Priorities for UIC. care team with This was done with an intensive includentistry leading the way.” sion of stakeholders’ views and opinThe process for revising the ions and—rather helpful and surprisstatements began with a task force ing— an easy alignment with campus led by Dr. Stephen Campbell, Head,

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ICD Gift Funds International Rotations

Faculty Earn Research Grants

Students Help Out at UCP Seguin

Restorative Dentistry. Faculty examined and discussed the statements at their fall 2015 retreat, and members of the College community continued to provide their input for the next several months. The new aspirations were approved as a part of the College’s By-Laws in the fall of 2016. “Regardless of what happens in Springfield with the budget, our College is strong,” Dr. Stanford said. “These statements demonstrate we have a Vision, Mission, and Core Values driving what we want and need to do. We are an integral part of the primary care team at UIC, and we are Changing the Future of Oral Health.” Vision Statement Our vision is to provide excellence in oral health education, research, and service, through improving the health and wellness of our communities, providing exemplary care for our patients, and advancing the knowledge to do so. Mission Statement • To educate oral health professionals and scholars who excel in a complex, multicultural, and technologically changing world; • To discover and translate new knowledge at the boundaries of science, transforming oral health care practice, social systems, and related technologies for the benefit of individuals, families, and communities; • To provide oral and health education & clinical services of the highest quality with an emphasis on enhancing health equity and social justice for individuals and communities; • To prepare health professionals in addressing the challenges of access to care affecting underserved populations; • To collaborate with our urban and rural community partners in mutually beneficial ways; and • To advocate for public policies, perceptions, and practices that lead to inclusion of oral health as an integral part of the inter-professional emphasis on the health of the communities we serve. Core Values In addition to the University’s core values of knowledge, openness, access, excellence, collaboration

Word of Mouth University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry (MC 621) Room 404-A 801 South Paulina Street Chicago, Illinois 60612-7211

and caring, the College of Dentistry has unique core values that include: professionalism, respect, transparency, responsibility, curiosity, flexibility, commitment and inclusion. • Professionalism - the highest ethical principles in our research, teaching, and helping those we serve. • Respect - the highest level of mutual respect of the person between all members of our communities, • Beneficence - the obligation for all college members to strive to do no harm, maximize benefit; minimize harm in a global, multicultural environment, • Transparency - regarding all aspects of how the College addresses the vision and missions, • Responsibility - the most efficient and effective use of all human and related resources to fulfill our missions, • Curiosity - regarding novel educational, research, service ideas leading to new discoveries, • Flexibility - regarding how we achieve our aspirations through accountability of outcomes, • Commitment - regarding the highest ethical values in serving our students and communities, • Inclusion - regarding the role of diversity in engaging students, faculty and staff. (UIC COD Faculty By-Laws, Adopted 2016)

Dr. Charles Luptak Earns James W. Buckman Faculty Award

Dr. Charles Luptak, Associate Professor, Restorative Dentistry, has been named the recipient of the Department of Restorative Dentistry’s 2017 James W. Buckman Faculty Award. Founded in Dr. Buckman’s memory, the award, “is for recognition of inspirational excellence and caring and is intended to honor a faculty member who has had a demonstrated long-term commitment to the Department of Restorative Dentistry, its programs, faculty, staff, and students,” said Dr. Stephen D. Campbell, Head of the department. Dr. Buckman, a faculty member in the department who passed away in 2015, “positively influenced the lives of thousands of students and practitioners over his 50year academic career,” Dr. Campbell said. “I first met Jim Buckman in the 1970s,” Dr. Luptak Dean Clark Stanford, DDS, PhD, Cert. Prosthodontics, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advancement Mark J. Valentino Editor-in-Chief William S. Bike

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April 2017

Joining Dr. Charles Luptak (2nd from right) when he was honored with the Dr. James W. Buckman Faculty Award were Drs. Mickey Spector, Stephen Campbell, and Susan Rowan.

recalled, when he was in the Removable Prosthodontics Department and Dr. Buckman was in the Fixed Prosthodontics Department. The two departments merged in 1992. “We worked together on many cases that required our two disciplines,” Dr. Luptak continued. “It was obvious from the beginning that he was a mentor, role model, and an inspiration for anyone in the teaching field.

April 2017

“He was caring and devoted to teaching, which he demonstrated right to the end. I am truly humbled and honored to be told that I am in his same category,” Dr. Luptak added. Dr. Luptak noted that his philosophy is, “I have a teaching career and I should strive to be good at it. As a young man I knew I wanted to be a teacher, but my father thought that being in a profession like dentistry would be more fulfilling. I had an interest in dentistry, so I pursued it. Now I have the best of both worlds, being a doctor in a health care profession and an instructor who can share his knowledge in the field.” Dr. Campbell noted that Dr. Luptak “is in his 46th year of his commitment and caring for our students, patients, and faculty.” Dr. Luptak retired in 2001, but stayed on to teach part-time. He has received several Golden Apple awards for teaching excellence, is a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, a Fellow of the International College of Dentists, and was given the Dr. E. Lloyd Du Brul Faculty Achievement Award in 1999. The Buckman Award Committee’s members are Dr. Fatemeh Afshari, Dr. Ana Bedran-Russo, Dr. Alex Chan (previous Buckman Award Recipient), Dr. Priscilla Chang, Dr. Rand Harlow, and Dr. Susan Rowan.

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April 2017

ICD Provides Gift to Help Fund International Rotations

The International College of Dentists recently provided a gift of over $2,400 to help fund the College’s international service learning rotations. The College offers rotations in Guatemala, Tanzania, and China. At these rotations, students learn how dentistry is practiced in foreign countries and share their knowledge of American dentistry with their hosts. Dr. D. Spencer Pope, Treasurer, 8th District, International College of Dentists, presented the check on Feb. 22 to Dr. Clark Stanford, Dean, and Dr. Caswell Evans, Associate Dean for Prevention and Public Health Sciences. “The International College of Dentists supports global outreach and humanitarian projects all over the world through grants,” Dr. Pope noted, adding that his organization “recognizes and promotes excellence in leadership with an emphasis on service, provides support to our Fellows and respect for our peers, addresses oral health needs and education throughout the world, and fosters an atmosphere of collaboration with those who share our values.” “The ICD has recognized the value of our international rotations through its support,” Dr. Evans said. “Students have an in depth exposure to the oral health challenges and needs of populations in other countries.These

Dr. Caswell Evans (left) and Dean Clark Stanford (right) accepting the ICD’s check from Dr. D. Spencer Pope.

students graduate in May and their international experiences will contribute to life and career altering insights.” The grant application was prepared by Khatija Noorullah, Clinical Community Academic Manager for the College.

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Student Daniel Rosales Earns HDA Foundation Scholarship

The Hispanic Dental Association Foundation Board and its president, Dr. Sarita Arteaga, awarded a scholarship to D-4 Daniel Rosales at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. Rosales wrote an essay as part of the application process for the scholarship. In the essay, he wrote that he intends “to provide oral health care in the same underserved communities that I grew up in and to change the perception of dentistry.” Raised in the Little Village area of Chicago, Rosales noted that in his community, “the perception of dentists in general was and still is a negative one.” However, he added, “Knowledge is power. Knowing the difference between an unhealthy mouth and the problems that

Daniel Rosales (third from left) was one of the winners of HDA Foundation scholarships.


can arise is the first step in changing the perception and importance of dentistry” in underserved communities. After volunteering for a Global Brigades medical/dental mission to Panama, Rosales said, he “knew dentistry was for me. The instant relief and personal relationships I was establishing with the patients were priceless.” Global Brigades promotes global health and holistic development. “Long-term health begins not with relieving someone’s immediate pain, but by enlightening these communities with the proper knowledge and resources to maintain a healthy mouth,” Rosales wrote.

Grant Enables Study of Bone Repair

Drs. Lyndon Cooper, Associate Dean for Research and Professor and Head, Oral Biology; Dr. Ghadeer Thalji, Clinical Associate Professor, Restorative Dentistry; and Dr. Timothy Koh, Professor, Applied Health Sciences, have received a National Institutes of Health Clinical and Translational Science Award pilot grant of $60,000 for their project, “Monocyte/Macrophage Control of Induced Bone Repair Application.” The Dr. Lyndon Cooper. research is intended to extend existing knowledge regarding the influence of the immune system on bone repair. “In particular, we are interested in how one type of immune cell, the monocyte, influences bone regeneration,” Dr. Cooper said. “This is important to dentistry and medicine because the complications and difficulties we face in bone regeneration appear in individuDr. Ghadeer Thalji. als with inflammation or immune system dysfunction,” he added. An example is type II diabetes; patients with this disease, experience greater complications and failures of dental implant therapy. “In this regard, we are also proposing to study the function of monocytes in bone repair in a model of diabetes,” Dr. Cooper said. The CCTS pilot grant was designed to promote collaboration. “Collaboration with Dr. Timothy Koh. Dr. Koh, who has expertise in

Word of Mouth

April 2017

monocyte function and particularly in diabetes enables our labaoratory with expertise in bone regeneration to address these clinically important questions in more meaningful ways,” Dr. Cooper added. “Through our collaborative efforts, we hope to determine how monocytes in health and disease influence bone regeneration,” Dr. Cooper said. “Ultimately, this may permit better clinical control of bone healing and regeneration in the clinical setting.

MicroRNA Study Earns Funding

Dr. Phimon Atsawasuwan, Assistant Professor, Orthodontics, and his collaborator, Dr. Xiaofeng Zhou, Associate Professor, Periodontics, have earned $30,000 in a Biomedical Research Award from the American Association of Orthodontists for their study, “Roles of Secretory miRNA-21 and -29 during Orthodontic Tooth Movement.” “The project is a clinical research project to investigate the roles of secretory microRNA-21 and -29 in gingival crevicular fluid during the canine retraction in orthodontic Dr. Phimon Atsawapatients,” Dr. Atsawasuwan suwan. explained. He noted that his laboratory team “was the first to discover the presence of secretory miRNAs in gingival crevicular fluid and I presented this discovery at the International Association for Dental Research meeting in Boston” in 2015. MicroRNA-21 and -29 “have a critical role in osteoclast and osteoblast differentiation and function,” Dr. Atsawasuwan explained. “We will start to recruit the patients in the near future. We hope to discover the direct relationship between the Dr. Xiaofeng Zhou. level of secretory microRNA-21 and -29 and distance of tooth movement so we can further develop a new modality to improve the orthodontic care.”

Dr. Christine Wu Awarded Three Grants

Dr. Christine Wu, Professor, Pediatric Dentistry, has been awarded several research grants. Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. provided her with a grant to study the “Effect of chewing gum containing natural antimicrobials on human dental plaque biofilm.” April 2017

Dr. Christine Wu and Dr. Bin Yang.

She has also been awarded a grant from Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. to evaluate the oral health benefits of cranberries. Dr. Wu noted she will “investigate whether the consumption of cranberry or cranberry products, such as Craisins and cranberry juices, inhibit oral bacteria in human saliva and dental plaque.” Dr. Bin Yang, Assistant Professor, Restorative Dentistry, and Dr. Wu are co-Principal Investigators of a grant awarded by Solvay Specialty Polymers to study the “In vitro attachment and biofilm colonization onto selected denture materials by oral pathogens.” See a video on Dr. Wu’s research at https://youtu. be/4WWtnBH_ZQQ.

Dr. Stephanie Ward Managing Brahms Clinic

Dr. Stephanie Ward has accepted a full time faculty position as the new Managing Partner of Brahms Clinic. Dr. Ward is a 2001 alumna of the College and was appointed as faculty in the Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences in 2006. Dr. Ward had participated in Urgent Care and Initial Patient Services as a Clinical Instructor and is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Comprehensive Care Clinic Course in the role of Group Practice supervising faculty. She is a small group learning Dr. Stephanie Ward with a facilitator, and has been patient. a member of multiple

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College committees, including the Senate, Admissions, Promotions, and Compliance. “Many of my previous duties were clinical duties,” Dr. Ward said. “This new post is very influential in that it provides the opportunity to have a direct, positive impact on our developing dental students.” She noted, “My new duties include being co-course director with Dr. Mickey Spector of the comprehensive course Dentistry Applied Oral and Behavioral Sciences. I supervise our dental students of the Brahms Clinic with not only clinical chairside work with patients, but also their overall development in the comprehensive clinical course. In addition, this position includes oversight of the day to day clinic operations, such as clinical faculty coverage.” She also has been in general private practice since 2002. Dr. Ward succeeds Dr. Michael Santucci as Managing Partner of the Brahms Clinic. Dr. Santucci retired in December. “I hope to continue the wonderful work of Dr. Santucci,” Dr. Ward said. “Through mentorship, I hope to help our students navigate their way through our rigorous curriculum. This would include helping them to understand the positive impact on the dental community they have and can create. “More than anything, I hope to prepare our students to be competent dentists who are compassionate professionals who will continue to seek a lifetime of service and learning,” Dr. Ward added. “It is a privilege to be appointed to this position and I thank the College of Dentistry, existing and new faculty, staff, and of course the students for their encouragement and support. “I would like to thank Dr. Clark Stanford, Dr. Gary Drahos, Dr. Richard Monahan, Dr. James Bryniarski, Dr. Mickey Spector, Dr. Michael Dunlap, Dr. Darryl Pendleton, Dr. Susan Rowan, Shirley Nelson, Maria Leon, and of course Dr. Santucci for their mentorship. It’s all so very humbling,” she concluded.

Entrepreneur and Prosthodontist Dr. Pratiksha Agrawal Joins Department of Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Pratiksha Agrawal has joined the Department of Restorative Dentistry as a Clinical Instructor teaching in the Mozart Clinic. She is at the College all day Mondays and Tuesdays, teaching A-3, A-4, D-3, and D-4 students “how to treatment plan and perform different procedures,” Dr. Agrawal said. “My duty is to provide them knowledge, and guide them through the procedure they are performing in the best interest of the patients and the students,” she noted. “Also, my responsibility is to see all the students are performing procedures that are adequate, appropriate, and ideal per the standards of dentistry. “I would like to provide and share as much knowledge as I can with my students to make them better dentists, and would like to spend more time with students trying to 8

answer all their questions and guide them to do the procedures adequately,” Dr. Agrawal said. She received her dental degree from the Dr. D.Y. Patel University in Navi Mumbai, India, and her MS in Prosthodontics from Marquette University Dental School, Milwaukee, WI. She also received a Certificate in Esthetic Dentistry from the University at Buffalo, NY. Dr. Agrawal has nine years Dr. Pratiksha Agrawal. of experience in private practice and has been a visiting prosthodontist during her residency at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa, WI. Dr. Agrawal’s husband, Ankur, is a partner at the global consulting firm McKinsey and Co. “Ankur is my biggest support and is the person behind my successful career,” she said. “With my husband’s support and guidance I like to invest in startups that focus on solving problems that people face in their day-to-day life.” Currently, she is involved in a startup, Inhabitr, trying to solve the housing problems of students and young professionals who come from different states and countries to the United States and Chicago, “Inhabitr keeps me busy in my spare time, but I also like to dance, cook Indian meals, and watch movies with my family and friends,” Dr. Agrawal concluded.

Dr. Jiyeon Kim Brings Positive Worldview to Prosthodontics

Dr. Jiyeon Kim has returned to the Department of Restorative Dentistry as a Clinical Assistant Professor— not only with a focus on prosthodontics, but with a range of interests that include yoga, animal welfare, the environment, human rights, and making the world a better place. Dr. Kim earned her Certificate in Prosthodontics and her MS in Oral Sciences from the UIC College of Dentistry in 2014. After a detour to California where she was in private practice in Lomita, CA, and a Clinical Instructor and Maxillofacial Prosthetics Fellow at the University of California at Dr. Jiyeon Kim. Los Angeles, she is now back at the College.

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April 2017

“My responsibilities include aiding dental students to achieve success in their dental education while helping them in the predoctoral preclinical courses, and assisting prosthodontics residents to master complex diagnosis, treatment planning, and care,” Dr. Kim said. “I hope to transfer all the knowledge and skills I had gained throughout my dental education and career to the next generation of oral health care providers so that they can provide the best quality treatment possible,” she added. “More importantly, I wish to inspire students to become loving, compassionate, and thinking providers with a genuine motivation for providing their services to the world. I firmly believe education is the best means to bring change in the world.” As part of her worldview, Dr. Kim noted, “I care about social justice issues and would like to utilize my skills to service and bring change to make the world a better place. During my spare time, I like to travel to see the world.” She also enjoys spending time with family and friends and deepening her yoga practice. Dr. Kim combines her focus on restorative dentistry with her compassion. “I would like to raise awareness and interest in maxillofacial prosthetics amongst the community, including the dental community,” she said. “This is a career that provides services that are high in demand, but does not have sufficient support for training programs nor career positions. “Unfortunately, many patients with acquired or congenital craniofacial defects are not able to get the care they need to engage in daily functions or social activities,” Dr. Kim concluded. “They do not have a voice. Therefore, we have to be the voice for them.”

Brazil’s Dr. Alyne Simões Spending a Year at College

As part of the College’s global outreach, Dr. Alyne Simões, a faculty member at the School of Dentistry at the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil, is spending a year on a Fellowship at the College in the laboratory of Dr. Luisa A. DiPietro, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Director of the Center for Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration, and Professor of Periodontics. “I was looking to work with a researcher in wound healing,” Dr. Simões explained. Dr. Simões has been studying the effects of photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) upon oral mucositis. “I wanted to study the effect of PBMT on skin wounds, learn new techniques, and develop some background. Dr. Pietro’s work is related to skin and oral mucosa wound healing—exactly what I was interested in.” Dr. Simões’s work is supported by a grant from the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP, #2016/163320). “In addition, the University of São Paulo also is supporting me here in the USA,” she added. Dr. Simões is working with Dr. DiPietro; Dr. Xiaofeng Zhou, Associate Professor, Periodontics; and Dr. Yang Dai, Associate Professor, Bioengineering, on the “Role of April 2017

microRNA in Skin wound healing; effects of low level laser therapy and comparative study with oral mucosa healing.” “In this project, we will explore the microRNAs associated with enhanced wound closure in oral mucosa, and will test the feasibility of accelerating skin wound closure by applying mucosa-specific microRNA to the skin wound,” Dr. Simões said. “This study will provide a foundation for developing novel microRNA-based therapeutic approaches to promote wound closure and/or prevent chronic wounds.” Dr. Simões noted that she has been gratified by the kindness of people at the College, thanking Dr. DiPietro and her lab team, as well as the Department of Periodontics team; Dr. Wendy Cerny, Director of Faculty Affairs; Dr. Lin Chen, Research Assistant Professor, Periodontics; Dr. Salvador Nares, Head of Periodontics; and Dr. Clark Stanford, Dean. She also thanked her USP colleagues Dr. Waldyr Antonio Jorge, Dean, and Dr. Leonardo Eloy Rodrigues Filho, Head, Department of Biomaterials and Oral Biology, “for allowing me to leave my school activities to perform this project and promote this partnership.” She hopes to facilitate “future projects and Dr. Alyne Simões. the mobility of professors and students from both UIC and USP,” Dr. Simões said. She also noted she is “delighted” with Chicago. “There are many things to do, see, and be entertained by,” Dr. Simões concluded. “In addition, it is a very beautiful city.”

Dr. Joan M. Davis Chosen ADEA Foundation Education Fellow

Dr. Joan M. Davis, an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences and a Professor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Dental Hygiene, has been chosen the recipient of the American Dental Education Association/ ADEAGeis Foundation Fellowship for 2017. The fellowship is designed to familiarize dental educators with issues facing dental education. “The education fellowship gives me the opportunity to work for a total of three months in the Washington, DC, headquarters of ADEA gaining hands-on experience in the operations and missions of ADEA,” Dr. Davis said. “As a Fellow, I plan to work with the ADEA Policy Center staff in the planning, development, and possibly implementation of international collaborative activities,” she noted. Dr. Davis received the award during the ADEA Annual Meeting in Long Beach, CA, in March.

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She is working with both ADEA and the Association for Dental Education in Europe as a rapporteur, an individual appointed by an organization to report on proceedings of meetings, in preparation for the upcoming joint meeting between the two organizations, entitled Shaping the Future of Dental Education to be held Monday and Tuesday, May Dr. Joan M. Davis. 8 and 9, in London. Dr. Davis also teaches at Southern Illinois University and specializes in tobacco dependence education, and she developed a website offering a comprehensive tobacco treatment curriculum for oral healthcare faculty. The website is at www.tobaccofree.siu. edu. Only one fellowship is awarded per year. The last College faculty member to receive it was Dr. Cortino Sukotjo, Associate Professor, Restorative Dentistry, in 2013.

Fellowship. She involves herself ministering to young parents with small children doing Sunday school and parent workshops. She also volunteers in the food pantry at Grace Covenant Church. Yu is the mother of three young adults: Timothy, 24; Joanna, 18; and Stephen, 15. She describes herself as a dedicated mother who likes to cook, do gardening, and spending time with her three children and her sister Michelle.

Students Learn to Serve Clients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at UCP Seguin

“Our UIC dental students have become a big part of keeping the UCP Seguin clients healthy while learning to care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” explained Dr. Bob Rada, Clinical Professor, Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences. Under Dr. Rada’s direction, the students had three

Sarah Yu Joins Information Technology at College

Sarah Yu has joined the IT team at the College of Dentistry as an Information Technology Associate. With the College’s current IT administrators, Vinay Surpuriya, Mike Martin, and Armando Santana, Yu’s addition to the IT team with its graduate assistants will provide support to a wide variety of daily deliverables for College staff, faculty researchers, and students. Having worked at UIC for many years at ACCC, and having worked at the Chicago Public Schools, Yu comes back to UIC as an experienced Windows Engineer. Her experience on backup services will jumpstart the assessment of the College’s current backup environment and ultimately architect how the College can effectively back up its critical data and make it highly available for Sarah Yu. recovery. On a more personal side, Yu is an active volunteer in the children’s ministry at the University Bible 10

Students with a patient at UCP Seguin.

clinics at the agency in January and February alone. United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) Seguin of Greater Chicago is a charitable not-for-profit agency serving individuals with disabilities in metropolitan Chicago. Its personnel ensure that adults with disabilities can live and socialize within the community by offering residential services in multiple small, community-based homes. “UCP Seguin provides innovative and inclusive approaches to services for persons with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities,” Dr. Rada said. “This organization definitely values the importance of good oral health for its clients.” Over the course of the clinics, the students had about 95 patient visits with procedures including operative, extractions, partial denture and crown cementation, preventive, and a gingivectomy. “Some of the patients receive oral antianxiety meds and some require medical immobilization,” Dr. Rada

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April 2017

noted. “As the students work with behaviorists and social workers it is also a great inter-professional education experience. Students receive relative value units for clinical credit.” “It was truly a rejuvenating experience to have the opportunity to work with a population that goes above and beyond to genuinely convey their wholehearted gratitude for the dental services we provided,” said student Vivian Castellanos, D-3. “After each appointment, all of my patients would be smiling ear to ear and would look forward to receiving a hug, high-five, thumbs up or combination of each from me—that’s what raw human connection looks like. “ Recently, UCP Seguin has obtained a grant to provide care for the agency’s adult clients. “Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities suffer from poor oral health as access to care is a serious issue in this population,” Dr. Rada said. “In part this is due to funding issues and part is due to the limited experiences dentists have in treating these patients. Additional training is necessary as nearly one-quarter of the patients have only a limited ability to accept any dental intervention without the application of advanced behavior management techniques, and nearly 40% require some form of behavioral assistance to receive dental treatment.” Dr. Rada has had a long relationship providing dental care to UCP Seguin clients. “Recently we began using portable dental equipment to provide care on-site at their center in Cicero,” he noted. “Seguin clients come to the center to participate in various activities and workshops. While they are there, they can easily have dental treatment completed, without having to travel and in the comfort of their own environment.” Students who participated were Vivian Castellanos, Rhythm Fadia, Laurel Frausto, Sumayya Hameed, Risha Khan, Camila Peralta-Sugano, Morini Rahman Gabija Revis, Daniel Rosales, Gayatri Satam, Manali Tanna-Madhavani Melissa Villafane, and Winnie Wilson.

Predental students at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting with CDS mascot Hadley the Hound.

Prosthodontics Residents Win Top Poster Awards

Department of Restorative Dentistry Faculty and Advanced Prosthodontics Residents attended the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics 66th Annual Scientific Session in February and swept the poster presentation awards. There were 63 individuals presenting posters, and the competition recognizes only one clinical and one research award winner. The College’s Advanced Prosthodontics program won both awards, “a truly remarkable accomplishment,” said Dr. Stephen Campbell, Head of Restorative Dentistry. Residents Drs. Christopher Coffey and Krystle Kendall, along with faculty Drs. Kent Knoernschild, Aristotelis Marinis, and Anna Manzotti, won first place for their research poster, “Clinical Differences Between Conventionally and CAD/CAM Fabricated Complete Removable Dental Prostheses – An Objective and Subjective Analysis.” Resident Dr. Randold Binns, along with faculty Drs. Campbell, Knoernschild, Marinis, and Ghadeer

Tenth Annual Illinois Predental Conference Held

The Tenth Annual Illinois Predental Conference was held at the College on Feb. 24. The Office of Admissions welcomed more than 100 predental students from universities in Illinois. The students were welcomed by Dean Clark Stanford and Dr. Phillip Fijal, President of the CDS. Speakers at the Predental Conference included 2015 alumnus Dr. Justin Schneider and College of Dentistry Faculty member, Dr. David Reed, Assistant Professor, Oral Biology. Following the formal program, attendees were bussed to the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting at the McCormick Place to view the Exhibition Hall.

April 2017

Advanced Prosthodontics residents at the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics Scientific Session: Drs. Saad AlResayes, Laura Chee, Sara Chen, Samira Salari, Albert Park, Randold Binns (clinical poster awardee), Chris Coffey (research poster awardee), Ashley Nozik, Diana Cuesta, and Jesspret Parmar. Not pictured was Dr. Krystle Kendall, who along with Dr. Coffey had the winning research poster.

Word of Mouth


Thalji, won first place for their clinical poster, “Combined Digital and Conventional Approach in Full Mouth Reconstruction.” “Being identified as the best clinical and research posters as part of a competition that included 63 posters is simply incredible,” Dr. Campbell said. “This is an inspiring recognition of our program, our faculty mentors, our residents, and our College.

Free Oral Cancer Screenings Offered Free Oral Cancer Screenings will be offered by the Oral Medicine Clinic, Room 115, Tuesday, April 18, from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences. No appointment is necessary. Screenings take only ten minutes, and early detection saves lives. Call (312) 413-7080 for information.

Alumni Reunion Scheduled for April 21

UIC College of Dentistry and Loyola University Chicago dental alumni, as well as College of Dentistry faculty, staff, and students, will gather at the 2017 College of Dentistry Reunion at Carlisle Banquets, 435 E. Butterfield

Dr. David S. Evaskus.


Dr. Michael L. Santucci.

Students Raise Money for Family of Natalia Ramirez

Students raised money for the family of Natalia Ramirez, a Central Supply Sterile Technician for Central Sterilization since May 2016, who was killed in a shooting early on Jan. 22 in the Brighton Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side. Two men with her were wounded.

Dr. S. Sol Flores.

Rd. in Lombard, IL, Friday, April 21. Tickets are $125. An open bar reception will begin at 6:30 p.m., with dinner at 7:30 p.m. Reunion 2017 celebrates all members of DDS and specialty programs whose graduation years ended in a “2” or “7.” Outstanding Achievement Awards will be presented

to Dr. S. Sol Flores, ’58, Distinguished Dental Alumnus; Dr. David S. Evaskus, ’70, MS OMFS ’75, Dr. F. William Towner Organized Dentistry Award; Dr. Phillip J. Fijal, Loyola ’86, Dr. Raffaele Suriano Award; and Dr. Michael L. Santucci, Northwestern ’74, Dr. E. Lloyd DuBrul Faculty Achievement award. Dr. Flores is Professor Emeritus of Restorative

Dentistry. Dr. Evaskus is a former faculty member in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Santucci recently retired as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry. To Register for Reunion 2017, go to http://www.cvent. com/d/tvqyyf. For additional information, contact the College’s Office of Advancement at (312) 9960670 or email DentReunion@

Dr. Phillip J. Fijal.

Natalia Ramirez with her sons.

Ms. Ramirez was 27 and the mother of sons Julius and Alexander. She lived in the Bridgeport community. “Natalia was a dedicated member of the College, serving students, faculty and colleagues,” said Dr. Susan Rowan, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs. “Natalia had a great impact on the College community, and we are greatly saddened by her passing.” The College chapters of the Indian Student Dental Association, American Association of Women Dentists, Hispanic Student Dental Association, and American Student Dental Association teamed together to host a bake sale. Student Tania Bajaj explained that the sale was “in loving memory of Natalia Ramirez, who worked at Central Sterilization and tragically lost her life on January 22 due to a senseless act of violence. Natalia, the loving mother of two young boys, was a joyous woman who endeared herself to everyone she encountered.”

Word of Mouth

April 2017

“Natalia had a great impact on all who worked with her: students, faculty and staff,” said Dean Clark Stanford. “Natalia’s smiling face and friendly ways will be missed by all.”

Laskin Lecture to Feature Head and Neck Oncology, Oncologic Reconstruction

The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery will host the Ninth Annual Daniel M. Laskin Lectureship on Friday, June 23, at the College, Lecture Hall North 5th Floor. Dr. Rui P. Fernandes, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Chief, Division of Head and Neck Surgery; and Program Director, Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery and Microvascular Fellowship, University of Florida at Jacksonville, will be the speaker. Registration will begin at 12:30 p.m. At 1:30 p.m., Dr. Fernandes will speak on Head and Neck Oncololgy. After a break with refreshments from 2:30 to 3 p.m., he will speak on Oncologic Reconstruction. Open to practicing dentists, faculty, residents, and students, the event is free and will provide three hours of Continuing Education credits. RSVP by Thursday, June 15, to, call (312) 996-1052, or fax (312) 996-5987. The lecture is named for Dr. Daniel Laskin, former Head of the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and one of the world’s leading researchers in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pathology. Dr. Laskin will attend the lecture.

contributions to prosthodontics have been exceptional. The award is funded by the American Prosthodontic Foundation and Nobel Biocare. He received the award at the American Prosthodontic Society Annual Meeting in February. Dr. Nermeen Moussa, Clinical Assistant Professor, Endodontics, was one of 14 young endodontists from across the U.S. selected to participate in the American Association of Endodontists Leadership

Dr. Lee Jameson.

Development Program for 2017. She also appears in an AAE root canal safety video. Bang Quach, D-4, was awarded the International College of Dentists and American College of Dentists Student Leadership Award at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. Dr. Toni Roucka, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, was inducted into the Pierre Fauchard Dr. Nermeen Moussa. Academy at a ceremony held during the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. John Tran, D-3, was a winner of the American Dental Association Health Literacy Essay Contest. Under the auspices



Research by Dr. Fanny Chmilewsky, Postdoctoral Scholar, Oral Biology, entitled “C5L2 receptor represses BDNF secretion in LTA-stimulated pulp fibroblasts,” was published in the January 2017 issue of the Journal of Dental Research (JDR) and was selected to be on the cover. Dr. Chmilewsky is pictured with her mentor, Dr. Seung Chung, Assistant Professor, Oral Biology. This is their third article together in a year, including others in JDR and Sci Rep. Dr. Lee Jameson, a former faculty member in Restorative Dentistry, was selected by the American Prosthodontic Society as its 2017 Golden Medallion Dr. Fanny Chmilewsky, Postdoctoral Awardee. The Scholar, Oral Biology, with Dr. Seung Golden Medallion Chung, Assistant Professor, Oral Award is issued to Biology. individuals whose

April 2017

Bang Quach (right), being honored by the ICD/ACD, with Dean Clark Stanford at left.

Dr. Toni Roucka (third from right), being inducted into the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Word of Mouth


of the ADA and the Council on Access, Advocacy, and Prevention, he was recognized for his essay titled, “Thinking About Another Sweet Gulp? Think Again.”

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Dr. Chiayeng Wang, a former Professor at the College, recently has joined the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research as the Director of the Oral and Salivary Gland Cancer Biology Program at the National Institutes Dr. John Tran. of Health. Dr. Wang will oversee a portfolio of grants and cooperative agreements in basic and translational research involving molecular mechanisms relating to the onset and progression of head and neck cancer, with focused areas in cancer initiating cells, targeting co-dependent pathways in head and neck cancer, molecular analysis of salivary gland tumors, and neoantigen based immunotherapy of head and neck cancer. Prior to joining NIDCR, Dr. Dr. Chiayeng Wang. Wang spent three years serving as a Scientific Review Officer at the Surgical Sciences, Biomedical Imaging, and Bioengineering (SBIB) integrated review group at Center of Scientific Review, the gateway for NIH grant applications and their review for scientific merit.

Facebook users can sign up to be a fan of the UIC College of Dentistry. Just type in “University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry” in the search bar of your Facebook page. (FN)


Come join the professionals at ProCare Dental Group PC. Generous compensation, contemporary facilities, flexibility,

Dr. Herve Sroussi, Associate Professor, Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, is leaving the College to take a position at the University of Massachusetts Hospital.


Important College contacts: For consumable supplies, e-mail For dental instrument issues, contact Robin Waner at, (312) 996-6411, second and third floor and third floor sterilization. For dental equipment problems, e-mail; enter room and unit number with description of problem and write the issue on the maintenance log. To reach housekeeping, call (312) 996-7468. For the Information Technologies (IT) help desk, call (312) 413-4731 or (312) 413-3182. (FN) The Regenerative Sciences Seminar Series is held at the UIC College of Dentistry, 801 S. Paulina St., once per month at 12:30 p.m. on selected Thursdays. Call (312) 355-2662 for more information. Know a college-level predental student? Tell them about our monthly tours from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Tours are followed by a Q&A session with College of Dentistry Admissions staff. RSVP information is posted on the Admissions website at goo. gl/JkY3tr.

Positions/Practices/Space Available

A “Positions/Practices Available” page is on the College’s website at Check it out for listings of jobs that are available, and for notices of practices that are for sale. For adding or subtracting listings from this website, contact William S. Bike at

Classifieds Calendar

Don’t forget to post and look for UIC events on the UIC Calendar at (FN)


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MEETING IN MICHIGAN—Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residents and Department Head Dr. Michael Miloro attended the Chalmers J. Lyons Academy of Oral Surgery Annual Meeting at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where Dr. Daniel Laskin, former Department Head, was the keynote speaker on “The History of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.” Pictured left to right are Drs. Chad Petersen, Michael Miloro, Dan Laskin, David Salomon, Chris Colby, and Laura Pashkowsky.

Word of Mouth

April 2017

$525 for Illinois State Dental Society member dentist staff, $850 for ISDS non-member dentist staff. Email, log on to, or call (800) 475-4737. 16: Easter, Christian observance. 18: Oral Cancer Screenings, Oral Medicine Clinic, Room 115, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences. Call (312) 413-7080. 21: Alumni Reunion. UIC College of Dentistry, Loyola University Chicago School of Dentistry, and other dental schools’ alumni. Years ending in “2” and “7” highlighted. Alumni Awards presented. Carlisle Banquets, 435 E. Butterfield Rd., Lombard, IL, 60148. Email or call (312) 996-0485.

NETWORKING NEWS—On Jan 17, the College’s Illinois Academy of General Dentistry Student Chapter hosted a Lunch and Learn titled “Professional Networking: It’s a Big World and Networking Makes it Smaller.” The participants included Dr. Darryl Pendleton, Associate Dean for Student and Diversity Affairs, Stephanie Bollow D-1, Dr. Cheryl Mora,  ILAGD rep, Cassie Mora, D-1 and Dr. Larry Williams, Assistant Professor, Midwestern University.

27: Department of Endodontics dinner in conjunction with the annual American Association of Endodontists meeting in New Orleans, LA. Call (312) 996-7514.


3: Graduation and Awards Luncheon. Call (312) 996-0485. 6: Commencement. UIC Forum, 725 W. Roosevelt Rd., 10 a.m. to noon. Reception following. Call (312) 355-5259. 10: Visakha Puja, Buddhist observance.

autonomy, premier locations, continuing education, professional camaraderie. Part-time and full-time positions available. (847) 621-7229. (FDT) Dentists wanted: Gain tons of experience while treating a mixture of cash/PPO/Medicaid patients (no HMO). We see everyone from seniors who need surgical extractions to kids who need comprehensive care and everyone in between. Hit the ground running without waiting to build your own clientele. We help train new dentists. Malpractice insurance paid. Recent graduates welcomed. Please email resume to manager@ (FA)

29: Memorial Day. 30 to June 1: Shavout, Jewish observance, sunset to sunset. 27: Beginning of Ramadan, Islamic observance.


22: Laylat al Kadr, Islamic observance.

General dentist: Family Dental Care. Full or part time. Several of our associates have become partners. Come and talk to them. Very high income potential. Specialists on staff. Currently five locations and growing. 95% fee-for-service. No Public Aid. (773) 978-7801 (ask for Laura) or email personnel@familydentalcare. com. http:/ (FA permanent) Smile Lee Faces L.L.C: General dentist position available. Looking for a general dentist to join our well-established practice located in the Brighton Park area. The candidate we are looking for should be able to perform the following skills: comfortable seeing kids of all ages, possess good chairside manner, and takes Medicaid patients for kids only. If interested please email us at or fax resume to (773) 376-9597. You may also contact us via phone at (773) 376-9999 to schedule an interview. (1/25/17)

Calendar April

10 to 12: Passover (Pesach), first two days, Jewish observance, primary observation days, sunset to sunset. HELPING YOUNGSTERS—Dr. Brad Johnson, Head, Endodontics, gave Dental Health Month presentations in February to eight classes of second grade students—170 in total. He gave brushing demonstrations and showed a shark jaw borrowed from the College’s Du Brul Room.

14: Good Friday, Christian observance. 16 to 18: Passover (Pesach), last two days, Jewish observance, primary observation days, sunset to sunset. 12 and 13: Anesthesia/Sedation Assistant Monitoring Clinical Certification Course. UIC College of Dentistry. Fee is

April 2017

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Word of Mouth

April 2017

Word of Mouth, April 2017, UIC College of Dentistry  
Word of Mouth, April 2017, UIC College of Dentistry