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evt x adwave Market Research & Brand Guidelines

strategy. why online supplements. Online classes and “non-traditional” classroom settings have proven to be very influential in students’ learning when compared to a normal classroom setting. Online students tend to score higher than students in a traditional classroom (59th vs 50th percentile)8. Students who participate in a “flipped” classroom setting — one in which a majority of learning material is done outside of the classroom and lecture is reserved for more hands-on work — outperformed their “standard” class peers9. This resulted in higher

exam scores and an overall greater understanding of the coursework9. Knowing these facts, we can adapt EVT in a way that will mirror some of the benefits of these supplemental materials. With EVT, Students can focus on their professor rather than worrying about writing down every note, as students will be able to return to the material after class for study and review. Therefore, students can dedicate their time in lecture to understanding the material and examples, while also feeling more free to interact with their peers and professor.

the big idea. The OSD market may be too small to make EVT enough money. We recommend pursuing the wider and more lucrative market of international students. Through EVT’s intuitive digital support system, these students can gain a better understanding of lecture material and focus more on absorbing information from their professor.

strategy. the international student market. In 2012, international students contributed about $22 billion to the U.S. economy1, and in 2016, that yearly contribution increased to $36.9 billion2. Since the 1950s, the number of international students enrolled in U.S. schools has doubled every decade, hitting a record high

of 1.1 million and making up 5% of the students enrolled in higher education for the 2016-17 school year3. This indicates that international students are not only a growing market, but a highly profitable one.

how international students benefit. A survey revealed that 35% of international students at 23 colleges and universities want their professors to provide more feedback, and that 32% wanted their professors to make classroom materials available after class. Additionally, 56% of international students reported that they had trouble participating in class discussions and presentations4. International students from 8 Australian universities were found to have trouble speaking and listening, and especially writing5. Even in online classes, non-native Englishspeaking students require a significant amount of time to process readings and discussion posts6. One professor cited that in their class

of EAP (English for Academic Purposes), many students had difficulty listening to the professor who speaks fast in their non-native language. In particular, students struggled to read, listen, and write simultaneously7. The out-of-class transcripts and replayability of lecture videos relieve international students of the danger of not understanding a concept in class and being left in the dust. It also allows students to be more engaged in class lectures, presentations, and discussions, since students know that they will be able to expand on their inclass notes later with an extensive video and text recording of their lecture.

creative brief. setting the tone. When setting the tone for EVT, we wanted to take into consideration what factors would attract students to the platform. Our new branding for EVT aims to reduce the feelings of stigma and intimidation that many students feel in higher education. We want students’ experiences with EVT to feel like working with their favorite study buddy -- friendly, helpful, and dynamic.

creative deliverables Our creative work conveys our vision for EVT and where the brand could be taken. Our vision is to create a brand that is not only modern and intellectual, but welcoming and engaging.

mission statement. “EVT is democratizing education by capturing the essential elements of a university classroom in an accessible platform so that every student can thrive in and beyond their coursework.”

platform name.

why parakeet? We chose “parakeet” as the platform name to host EVT’s services. Parakeets are smart, friendly, and repeat what they hear — just like EVT! To complement this change, we would name the accompanying product “paracam.” This branding reflects our desire to create a welcoming environment for students.

style guide. typeface.

Aa Aa Kayak Sans Bold For Titles

Avenir Next Regular For Body Copy

why these fonts? The typeface Kayak Sans is a sans serif font that maintains a bold, yet playful quality. Companies are trending toward bold sans serif fonts to freshen their style and brand with a clean and simple look. Kayak Sans has the mathematical purity of geometric forms with the simplicity of school letter printing. The typeface is simple, approachable, and pleasing to the eye. Kayak Sans Bold should be used exclusively for titles and headings. Aveniver Next is a complimentary font that is easy to read, even in large paragraphs. This font should be used exclusively for body copy.

style guide. color.


HEX: 0a223f RGB: 10, 34, 65 CMYK: 98, 84, 46, 52


HEX: 61c089 RGB: 97, 192, 137 CMYK: 62, 0, 62, 0


HEX: 80b2cb RGB: 128, 178, 203 CMYK: 49, 18, 12, 0


HEX: ffffff RGB: 255, 255, 255 CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0


HEX: f2c534 RGB: 242, 197, 52 CMYK: 6, 21, 92, 0

why this color palette? The colors we have selected are modern, bold, playful. Green is peaceful, creative, and relates to growth. Blue evokes a sense of trustworthiness and dependability. Yellow is a happy color that freshens and livens the palette. Overall, this palette maintains a balance between excitement and competence as the palette is both imaginative and spirited, yet reliable and intelligent.

story board.

Action: Panning over lecture hall from student’s perspective). VO: What if we could make education more accessible?

Action: Product shot with clean, white background. VO: Introducing Parakeet, the simple solution to disparities in education. Place our device in any classroom, and autonomously generate a platform that enables students to excel academically.

Action: Zoom in on camera. VO: Our device records lectures in 4k, captures boards from up to 70 feet away, and processes information at the source.

Action: Live screen capture of website. VO: Our platform is easy to use and navigate. Students can sign on and immediately see widescreen video, interactive lecture notes, and a transcript of the lecture.

Action: Demonstration of technology that removes professors from video. VO: Parakeet is noninvasive for professors. No change in classroom infrastructure is required, and professors have the option to digitally remove themselves from the video.

Action: Happy student using platform. VO: Parakeet. Together we can make education more accessible for all.

website. Our proposed concept will transition the single-page, investor-facing website to a multi-page experience. While this change may require more clicks from visitors, content will be easy to read and access with our consistent navigation bar, high color contrast, selective use of text, and purposeful choice of images.

home page.

about page.

The website’s landing page will feature a fullpage slideshow that is both automatic and clickable. We recommend including user-end images, including the interface that students use, and overlaying these images with very brief text descriptions.

We see your company’s story as one of your greatest strengths and points of differentiation. Dedicate this page to that story by sharing your mission statement and inserting images of your team at work.

contact page. The contact page will have a fillable contact form, making it easy for interested investors to reach you. Like the other pages, this page will have the navigation bar at the top of the page.

product page. On the product page, visitors will scroll through three visualizations: icons highlighting benefits of the service, a fully produced version of our video concept, and a breakdown of the product’s key features.

conclusion. We have envisioned these guidlines for EVT to bring your brand a more modern and friendly feel that will be attractive to investors, schools, and students alike. The suggestions we have outlined here help to emphasize the integral aspects of your company: a dedication to accomodation and a passion for promoting student success.

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