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From first to the White House, to first to outer space, Pizza Hut has been shaped by a philosophy of innovation and a history of firsts. In response to declining sales, Pizza Hut has renewed this commitment to innovation by releasing unique flavors and customization options under the “Flavor of Now” campaign. To enhance this bold re-branding effort, we have developed a digital marketing campaign that will complement it, increase digital sales, and reposition Pizza Hut as first in the industry. Development of our digital solutions came from meticulous primary and secondary research that led us to make three key discoveries.


Executive Summary


Creative Brief

First, detailed competitive analysis revealed that the competitive landscape was flat, with offerings in the categories of price, delivery time, and provided toppings relatively the same. Differentiation was achieved primarily through messaging focused on flavors, coupons and deals.

Public Relations

Second, despite its competitive positioning, Pizza Hut’s messaging was not effectively differentiating itself. A majority of consumers interviewed and surveyed saw the brand as “dated” and “stagnant.”

13 19






Finally, we recognized that although Pizza Hut was not the dominant pizza delivery chain, its competitors were not much better off. Primary research showed that consumers were not loyal to any specific brand. Rather, they stuck with one brand out of convenience and habit, and were willing to switch if incentivized. Reconciling these findings, we realized that Pizza Hut needed to provide not just a smooth digital ordering process, but a seamless experience that bridged the physical and digital spaces in which consumers live, work and play. Drawing inspiration from Pizza Hut’s philosophy of innovation, we will present this new integrated digital experience in a campaign that demonstrates how Pizza Hut is raising the bar of consumer service to new heights. Breaking through the din of all-too-similar messaging in the pizza delivery chain industry, our campaign, embodied by our commercial, will proclaim… Delivery? We call it Destiny.

Strategic Roadmap Weakness in Brand

• Pizza Hut is seeing declining sales and market share.1 • Pizza Hut is not the top choice in brand attribute tests when examining variety, affordability, and ordering experience.

Found the Problem

• Static Perception: Out-dated consumer perception stunts digital sales. • Inability to create digital experiences that cater to consumer lifestyle and interests

Surveys Franchise Features Participants Secondary Sources Interviews

Identified Consumer Needs

• Contextual Convenience of mobile application • Novel Variety of toppings • Exciting Incentives for purchase

Designed Solution

• Improve digital sales by providing features that cater to consumer lifestyle and interests. • Update perception by humanizing the brand

Focus Groups UX/UI Tests Research Stickers These stickers will be attached to sections in which the content is backed up by the respective research method.






Market Landscape INDUSTRY TRUTHS












42 toppings

51% off

2.7 mins

2.5 mins



31 toppings

38% off

1.9 mins

2 mins



22 toppings

33% off

2.9 mins

2.3 mins

























The Takeaways


* X = 10%

The top three competitors are fairly homogeneous relative to the rest of the industry, offering a similar product mix, at comparable prices, with comparable services. • Differentiation by brands is attained primarily through positioning and messaging. Domino’s modern and friendly positioning has resulted in the best consumer perception. Before “The Flavor of Now” campaign, Pizza Hut’s positioning has been unclear and unrelatable to consumers, resulting in overall low consumer perception. Strategy


The Brand Lazy


Comprehensive analysis of consumers revealed that due to competitors’ similarities, consumers have developed not loyalty, but “tunnel vision” for specific brands. Once they create a positive association with a brand, they are inclined to become complacent, even when another company holds an advantage in a category. We termed these consumers “Brand Lazies.” This particular consumer finds switching brands inconvenient, but are likely to do so if given the right incentives.5



We found potential in 3 primary personas who have developed brand tunnel vision: Social Sideliners, Community Gamers, and Young Mothers.

Social Sideliners

Social Sideliners characteristically consume a great deal of social media content while producing next to none themselves. They’re less prone to interacting with brands, let alone sharing news they come across. However, they comprise the majority of Brand Lazies, and therefore demand an effective campaign to have unique attention to messaging.

Community Gamer “Have no preference for one particular pizza chain.”

“Have a favorite pizza chain, but are willing to switch.”

Community Gamers operate across tight-knit, highly social, and influentiable massive online communities, making them a difficult yet incredibly opportunistic persona to target. Their passion for gaming and their extensive use of the digital devices through which they participate makes them a captive audience for the media avenues we tap into.

Young Mother

While mothers are typically known as Brand Loyalists, Young Mothers are an entirely different story. They are matriarchs of “famillenials,” and millennials themselves, so they are relatively new to motherhood and have not yet cemented their loyalties. They’re still searching for the best brands for their children, creating an opportunity for Pizza Hut to secure loyalty first.



How to Reach Discovering Triggers

In our primary research we noticed that participants often listed an initial feature that lured them into a brand.

Examples: I trust Domino’s delivery more because of their pizza tracker. INTERVIEWS

We call these features triggers.

Papa John’s is my go-to since they include the free garlic butter.

TRIGGER - A service or feature provided by a brand that is unique and grants distinction in an otherwise similar competitive landscape.

What Triggers Brand Lazies Want Knowing now that these triggers really affect the decisions of our consumer, a market research event was created to better understand what appeals to customers when ordering pizza digitally. 105 participants were asked to choose from a “pizza buffet” of features they would prefer when ordering pizza online. The top features chosen were: • Pizza Delivery Tracker • Novel Variety of Toppings • Online Rewards Program

Pizza Hut Trigger Opportunities


We dug deeper through extensive focus groups and found that the popular features represent underlying needs from our consumers. Pizza Hut has the opportunity to employ Triggers that speak to core interests and needs of our Brand Lazy in the following categories.

1) Contextual Convenience

2) Novel Variety6

3) Exciting Incentives7

“I like the idea of a pizza tracker because I like to plan things on my own time… on my own terms.” - Edgar, Brand Lazy

“I would try at least a bite of all of these toppings and drizzles from my friend’s pizza!” - Christina, Brand Lazy (From Flavor of Now interviews)

“I like [Bing’s and Coke’s rewards program] more than Papa John’s because they give me more than just discounts.” - Andrew, Brand Lazy Strategy


Campaign Strategy




The Disconnect

Perception Problem

Flavor of Now

There is a disconnect between what is generally true about the industry and what consumer perceptions are.

• Pizza Hut’s perception is static and outdated. Areas where they excel are going unnoticed. • Prior to the Flavor of Now, Pizza Hut’s most recent campaigns lacked convincing Triggers which effectively differentiated them from competitors.

• The Flavor of Now has attempted to update its brand image with a message of modernity. • Messaging Problem: Too much emphasis has been put on modernity, and has distracted from Triggers which the campaign offers.


In order to convince Brand Lazies to switch, and purchase online, we will provide Triggers which speak to deeper consumer needs: 1. A new GPS delivery system will make digital ordering not just intuitive, but adaptive. 2. Capitalizing on the “Flavor of Now” campaign with an emphasis on novel variety and customization frames these changes in the bigger picture of exceeding expectations. 3. A tiered loyalty program offering more than pizza recognizes consumers’ additional needs, and carves a niche for Pizza Hut within a larger ecosystem of entertainment.



Brand Positioning

Pizza Hut will go above and beyond, defining a new standard of customer attention, understanding, and service -- something we call Ultraservice. • Re-position Pizza Hut, again, as the brand that brings innovation to the market through an overall enhanced customer experience which bridges digital and physical points of purchase. • Make Pizza Hut more relatable by humanizing the brand through increased interaction while showing a deeper understanding of the consumers.


Our strategic solutions to increase Pizza Hut’s digital sales rely on establishing a meaningful relationship with Brand Lazies and providing services that exceed expectations. These solutions have led to the construction of a campaign that humanizes the brand and situates Pizza Hut as an innovative industry leader once again. We are using this opportunity to introduce Danny the Delivery Guy, willing to do whatever is necessary to deliver the goods. His adventures in all of our creative ads will showcase the suite of Triggers that fall under Pizza Hut’s Ultraservice.


Adding to Pizza Hut’s new brand personality under the “Flavor of Now,” our campaign embraces themes of boldness, spontaneity, and wit that will resonate with the Brand Lazy consumer base. This brand personality will form relationships with the consumer by creating dynamic content that alludes to internet culture trends.

Reason to Believe

Our campaign highlights Pizza Hut’s unique compatibility with Brand Lazies, a consumer base that values intuitive services. Each creative platform of the campaign will strike an enduring chord with customers using outlandish humor that draws attention to our Triggers. By unveiling flavor personalization, a drop-pin location service, and a rewards program through a revamped mobile application and website, our vivid advertising will promote Pizza Hut’s core tenet of Ultraservice.



Contextual Convenience: The Mobile Application Brand Lazies have extensive exposure to digital platforms; their experiences create an expectation and preference for simplistic user interfaces, which Pizza Hut lacks. By constructing a more streamlined interface, we will be able to provide a more convenient and meaningful experience.

Users’ Response to Current Pizza Hut App

• Drop-down menus are hard to navigate • Pizza creation process is confusing • Impersonal/unpurposeful user profile • GPS function is confusing and counterintuitive



Proposed Solutions & Redesign • Streamlined and image-based Browsing • Customer-Friendly Purchasing Process • Pizza Recommendation and More Personalization options • Toppin’ Drop Pin

Toppin’ Drop Pin • The Toppin’ Drop-Pin offers consumers the fastest way to input their delivery location by using GPS technology to increase the efficiency of the ordering process. This feature increases the convenience of the mobile application and differentiates the Pizza Hut app.

Contextual Convenience: Toppin’ Drop-Pin


The commercial features our determined Danny the Delivery Guy and a mom ordering a pizza through the new Toppin’ Drop-Pin feature for a birthday party at the park. Watch as Danny combats unexpected and increasingly bizarre obstacles as he attempts to deliver his pizza. Concluding this episodic adventure will be the copy, “Delivery? We Call It Destiny.” These dramatizations will captivate potential consumers as well as communicate Pizza Hut’s commitment to Ultraservice.


This billboard will highlight the utility of the Toppin’ Drop-Pin as it can be used in a wide variety of locations. The campaign will star Danny as he gets into a close encounter of the tasty fourth kind. Danny’s delivery route to outer space will convey the idea that our services will cater to you and that delicious Pizza Hut is simply a tap away.



Contextual Convenience: Xbox Ordering TWITCH TV HOMEPAGE TAKEOVER

Featuring the existing commercial on the homepage, the Twitch campaign will cater to gamers by incorporating gamer lingo and visuals in the creation of a personalized experience. This platform will promote Pizza Hut’s gaming and streaming ordering services (i.e., Xbox and Hulu), emphasizing the brand’s commitment to Ultraservice through the contextual convenience functionality, while using the game ad copy to highlight the Novel Variety in toppings and flavors.

Novel Variety: Premium Toppings


The bumper videos will serve as a thirty-second episodic series catering to the fast-paced web browsing tendencies of Gamers and Social Sideliners. The series stars Danny the Delivery Guy following the Toppin’ Drop-Pin on new adventures. Each adventure features one of Pizza Hut’s five new toppings and highlights Novel Variety & Customization, while his use of the Toppin’ Drop-Pin showcases Pizza Hut’s ease of delivery.



Novel Variety: Premium Toppings and Sauce Drizzles DRIZZLE ENTHUSIASTS

Pizza Hut’s guerrilla marketing creates buzz-worthy engagement with its customers by offering convenient and substantive services similar to the Triggers featured in this campaign. We will distribute Pizza Hut Drizzle umbrellas in cities such as Seattle and New York on a rainy day. Displaying the phrase “Rain? We call it Drizzle.” the umbrellas will highlight Pizza Hut’s Novel Variety by increasing awareness of its expanded menu.


The ad opens with Danny the Delivery Guy seductively reading ingredients while slow jazzy music plays. After several ingredients, it is revealed that he is ordering using the phone app when he and another character begin arguing about including spinach. The ad finishes with a more upbeat version of the jazzy music played earlier and the announcer saying “Pizza Hut’s got something for everyone. Even the spinach lovers.” The radio advertisement specifically highlights the most popular new ingredients outlined in Strategy’s research and celebrates the customization and personalization features of Pizza Hut’s new menu.


Displayed in select concentrated metropolitan areas, our interactive transit ads will attract commuters with a visual call-to-action to raise excitement over Pizza Hut’s novel variety. Users will have the opportunity to decorate their ideal pizza with our assortment of toppings and be featured on the platform for others to see. This will be a fun way for our customers to interact with PH while receiving exposure to Ultraservice.



Exciting Incentives: Pizza Hut Perks PIZZA HUT PERKS

The synthesis of a marketable and comprehensive rewards program will reward loyalty with benefits beyond traditional coupons. Pizza Hut Perks ensures brand fidelity and advocacy. Tier System The three-tiered rewards system incentivizes loyalty and makes meaningful strides towards a strong relationship between Pizza Hut and its customers. • Tier System ‫ ڤڤ‬1 purchase = 6-8 points ‫ ڤڤ‬Social media interactions = 3-5 points • Tier One: Deals and Add Ons to Pizza Purchases • Tier Two: Prizes, Gift Cards and Sweepstakes ‫ ڤڤ‬After Approximately: 5 purchases and/or 50 points (over 2 months of loyalty) • Tier Three: Automatically entered into Sweepstakes (w/o point deduction) and Special Deals ‫ ڤڤ‬Example: Special Deal = Every holiday+birthday, you get a free pizza ‫ ڤڤ‬After Approximately: 12 purchases and/or 200 points (over 4 months of loyalty)


Users of the mobile app can subscribe to Danny, Pizza Hut’s Texting Assistant, who offers personal and engaging experiences as well as promotions and rewards points for Pizza Hut Perks. This platform generates positive brand awareness and makes assistance convenient for Social Sideliners by integrating Pizza Hut into their daily lives.




Capitalizing on Buzzfeed’s focus on shareable topics, we plan on using this platform to strengthen Pizza Hut’s brand awareness. Through creating Trigger-related content, we will integrate Buzzfeed into the Pizza Hut Perks Program by offering customers points if they share their quiz results and/or articles on Facebook. This will incentivize Young Moms and Social Sideliners to contribute to Pizza Hut’s online presence.

The “Reclaim Campaign” will capture the hearts of Brand Lazies through creative events and partnerships that build customer engagement and showcase key Triggers. Pizza Hut currently has minimal consumer interaction resulting in a disconnect between Brand Lazies and the brand. A majority of Pizza Hut’s social media content is limited to images of pizzas, which often comes across as a sales pitch rather than a sincere attempt to build rapport. Their lack of engaging content and effective communication has resulted in a serious decline in sales. Our objective is to engage Social Sideliners, Community Gamers, and Young Mothers by catering events and social media content to suit their interests. We will go the extra mile to provide an innovative experience. Our PR campaign focuses on: • Increasing online engagement by offering a variety in content: promotion of events, snippets of event interaction, friendly competitions, and event follow ups. • Increasing personal engagement by innovation: interactive events that reach out to customers and partnerships that are more relevant to target demographics. These initiatives will position Pizza Hut as the top choice for customers digitally, enhance the digital ordering experience, and attain 75% of all orders done online and through mobile devices.

Public Relations



Pizza Hut does not have a developed social media voice; most posts are sales pitches rather than engagement efforts with consumers. Examples • Twitter: Compared to competitors, Pizza Hut does not have as personable of an approach to customers. Pizza Hut’s tweets mainly focus on advertising offers rather than interactive content to engage customers. • Facebook: Pizza Hut only uses Facebook to post photos although Facebook offers them a variety of features: polls, albums, events. • Instagram: Pizza Hut’s posts could use more variety to connect with customers. Currently, a majority of Pizza Hut posts are just photos of their pizzas. • SnapChat: Although research indicates that 77% of college students use SnapChat once everyday, Pizza Hut still does not have a SnapChat account.


Public Relations


Pizza Hut will produce posts that tailor more to consumer interests--following trends, updating consumers on interactive events, and responding to feedback. Examples • Twitter: Pizza Hut will increase interaction with customers by posting interactive tweets multiple times a month. • Facebook: Pizza Hut will utilize the features to connect with users in interactive and innovative ways. An example would be a poll question that asks “What’s your favorite Flavor of Now pizza?” • Instagram: Pizza Hut will feature consumer based images, which will include behind-the-scenes shots, snippets from events and feature Pizza Hut restaurants. • SnapChat: Research shows that over 58% of college students would be more prone to purchasing a brand’s product if they were sent a coupon on SnapChat. Pizza Hut will connect with users by sharing SnapChats of events, teasers, and coupons.

Pizza Hut’s Pizza the World Tour OBJECTIVE “Pizza the World” Tour helps bolster Pizza Hut’s presence by increasing interaction with Social Sideliners both online and offline. This campaign showcases our willingness to go the extra mile to create strong, personal connections with customers by providing customers the opportunity to choose what they consume. EXECUTION The “Pizza the World” Tour trucks will travel to three cities per region. At each stop, attendees will have the opportunity to taste five unique flavors from around the world. After tasting, attendees can vote for their favorite slice by downloading Pizza Hut’s mobile app or visiting the Pizza Hut Webpage. In honor of the Tour, Pizza Hut will sell the winning pizza at participating locations until the end of the campaign. SOCIAL MEDIA OUTREACH Each truck will document and provide live location updates on their own Twitter accounts. HOW THE VOTING WORKS: Voting Period: July 16- September 1 People will be able to vote through the Pizza Hut website and mobile app. The more votes a pizza gets, the bigger the slice will appear on the screen. For each submission, people will receive a “Thank You” email with a 10 percent off coupon for online ordering.


The banner ad will generate curiosity and excitement about the “Pizza the World” Tour. The countdown clock will end when more details about the event are revealed.


Each miniature truck represents each regionn. The “Region” buttons will redirect users to different pages that provide more details on where and what time people can find the trucks. Public Relations

15 15


Reclaim Pizza Night

OBJECTIVE We aim to revamp classic pizza nights by organizing an unforgettable improv comedy night featuring established YouTube stars. Through this event, we will “reclaim pizza night”, or transform traditional stay-at-home evenings with a pizza box into exciting social events worth gathering together for.

PewDiePie: With over 34 million subscribers, gamer and comedian PewDiePie is the most subscribed YouTube channel, with a great influence over indie game sales.

16 16 Public Relations


Anna Akana: Comedian and actress Anna Akana’s short films and vlogs have earned her over 100 million views.

EXECUTION Established YouTube stars will be hired for a night of improv entertainment aired through YouTube Livestream. Stars will perform live improv comedy using prompts submitted up to a week before the event under the Twitter hashtag #ReclaimPizzaNight. The prompts will switch every 15 minutes. The duration of this event would be one and a half hours. Each YouTube star will be assigned his or her own 20 percent off coupon code valid only during the event; fans enter these codes into their online orders. One randomly selected fan and the star who generates the most pizza orders under their code will win free Pizza for Life. After this event, we will keep our social media active by asking for reaction gifs based on this event and featuring our favorites, so fans can keep interacting with us.

Nigahiga: Ryan Higa has accumulated nearly 14 million subscribers for his comedy videos; his Youtube presence has afforded him his own self-named production company.

Us the Duo: 2M+ Facebook fans and 900k Youtube subscribers make youthful musical couple Us the Duo a popular hit for our event.

itsjudytime: Mother and fashion/ beauty vlogger itsjudytime has accumulated over 1M subscribers in her short time on YouTube.

Pizza Hunt

“The Flavors of Now have gone missing! Do you have what it takes to find them?”

OBJECTIVE We proposed a scavenger hunt to increase awareness of Novel Variety as seen in Pizza Hut’s new “Flavor of Now” menu. This event engages Social Sideliners, Community Gamers, and Young Mothers by actively and passively exposing them through application use and social media. TEST RUN To test the idea’s effectiveness, we hosted a scavenger hunt where participants searched for Pizza Hut’s five new ingredients around our campus. Social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, offered hints to determine the location of the ingredients. The event resulted in nearly 70 participants, of which only 4 percent were familiar with Pizza Hut’s new ingredients. After completing the event, over 67% participants were able to recall at least three ingredients, making the event successful in bringing more engaged brand awareness to Pizza Hut.

EXECUTION Taking what we learned from our test run, we developed an improved nationwide event called Pizza Hunt--an all-digital scavenger hunt within Pizza Hut’s in-app map where participants are challenged to locate ingredients and sauces specific to a pizza from the Flavors of Now. Each day for three days, four pizzas will be available to complete; when those four are completed, the participant will receive a 10% off pizza coupon. Location hints will be released through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The first 10,000 people to finish all pizzas will receive a $15 Pizza Hut gift card. In addition, all who finish will qualify for a drawing in which five lucky winners will receive pizza for life.

Public Relations



Pizza Hut will partner with Coffee Meets Bagel, a rising online dating application. At 12 PM each day, Coffee Meets Bagel users are proposed a match, and then are given the option to LIKE or PASS the individual. The proposed match expires within 24 hours, and currently, users can revisit missed connections for a fee.

HUT FAVORITE TOASTED P/C/A Old fashioned meatbrawl Cock-a-doodle bacon

SALTED PRETZEL Hot & twisted

Pizza Hut will sponsor “The Eleventh Hour:” a chance to revisit missed opportunities free of charge. In line with the rebranding of Pizza Hut, which encourages customers to rediscover its pizza with bold new flavors, “The Eleventh Hour” will allow Coffee Meets Bagel users to send a “PizzaBagel” invitation to past missed connections. There are a variety of “PizzaBagels” with fun and creative messages that can be sent to the missed match. When a PizzaBagel is accepted and the location for the date is set, Pizza Hut will provide the couples with 50 percent off online coupons. The lucky couples will be able to use the Toppin’ Drop Pin feature to get their pizzas delivered at the time/location of their date, whether it is at a beach or a hiking trail. 2,500 pairs of these lucky couples will be gifted one free FIERY PEPPER RED HONEY SRIRACHA GARLIC BUTTERY BLEND 7-alarm fire Sweet sriracha dynamite pizza from Pizza Hut. Veggie lover’s


Pizza Hut will team up with The Game Awards to build a stronger fanbase within the gaming community. The Game Awards is a video game award show that reflects on the past year’s game and gamer achievements to reward them with honorable titles. The Game Awards was first held in 2014, but reached a variety of popular platforms such as Nintendo, XBox, Playstation, Youtube, TwitchTV, and Steam. Capitalizing on the strong social media presence that exists already, Pizza Hut will launch an online competition that allows viewers to work as a team to gain more rewards. For every 150,000 tweets with the hashtags #HelpPHLoversWin and #TheGameAwards, the coupons for online purchases will increase by 10 percent, with the maximum being 60 percent.

16 18 Public Relations


In partnership with Reddit prior to the Game Awards, Pizza Hut will engage with Subreddit /r/gaming (which has over 7 million subscribers) in generating pre-event hype. A month beforehand, Pizza Hut will ask users, “What would be your biggest Game Awards dream come true?” and select the two most creative responses for an allexpenses paid trip to the event.


• Reach 80% of our target population with a frequency of 5 to create awareness of our campaign • Develop personal connections with Social Sideliners, Community Gamers, and Young Mothers through strategic media choices • Increase online sales to 75% by bridging ad impressions and final purchases


• Utilize both relevant conventional and creative platforms to generate high and consistent ad impressions from Social Sideliners, Young Mothers, and Community Gamers • Focus on multi-device enabled platforms that shorten the path from ad impression to final purchase • Form personal connections with Social Sideliners, Young Mothers, and Community Gamers through PR events


TOTAL: $99,159,114 Contingency $5,000,000

Public Relations $3,997,800

Salaries $958,472

Social Media $20,850,000

Mobile App/Web Redesign $199,500

Digital Media $38,455,040

Guerilla Marketing $600,000

Out of Home Media $29,098,302



Digital Media $38,455,040

Social Media $20,850,000

Keeping in mind our objective of increasing online orders, digital ads are the most direct way to increase traffic on the website or mobile app. To reach our target demographic online, we focused on their various digital habits. Highlights of our digital media plan are as follows:

Social media acts as a daily form of communication for Millennials to connect and share ideas. The platforms in our campaign were selected based on their high levels of engagement and target user base, which can be used to increase brand exposure through word-of-mouth advertising. Some highlights of our social media strategy include:

• Text Messages: The appeal of text messages lies in its convenience and involvement in everyday life. A 98% open rate and 90% response rate demonstrates strong feedback from all three of our personas.

• Facebook: Facebook alone can reach 88% of Millennials overall, as well as 96% of Young Mothers, by allowing an individual’s interaction with a brand to be visible to everyone within his or her network. This consistent passive exposure can prompt Social Sideliners, Young Mothers, and Community Gamers to interact with the brand and lead to increased sales.

Impressions: 5,938,339,836

• Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed’s ability to capture social trends within its articles, as well as its pervasiveness throughout social media, gives this platform extensive reach to the Millennial demographic. It uses an entertaining form of advertising to influence Social Sideliners and facilitate passive exposure. • Twitch TV: Placement of digital ads via Twitch TV will effectively reach the Community Gamers because of this platform’s large gamer audience in which 58% of the 7.7 million total monthly users are Millennials. To supplement these highlighted digital platforms, the additional digital platforms were chosen under similar considerations by catering to our target demographic’s music-listening, video-watching, and webbrowsing lifestyle. Our intention is to integrate Pizza Hut’s presence into their everyday lives.

16 20 Media


Impressions: 5,285,825,292

• Snapchat: Likewise, Snapchat presents a more innovative approach to sharing people’s day-to-day lives. Its ability to engage its users is reflected in its 80% open rate. Snapchat appeals to Social Sideliners by revealing advertising content that is both creative and concise. To supplement these highlighted social media platforms, Instagram and Twitter were also chosen. The use of our selected social media platforms, which encompasses 20% of our total budget, can consequently expand our reach by 5.6 billion impressions and act as a more direct link to digital purchases.




Los Angeles, CA Las Vegas, NV Seattle, WA



Public Relations $3,997,800

Impressions: 28,393,758



Houston, TX Phoenix, AZ Austin, TX


Our PR events put emphasis on giving Social Sideliners, Young Mothers, and Community Gamers an experience of Ultraservice by appealing to them with Pizza Hut’s Novel Variety and customization abilities. Each event will also offer incentives to increase the likelihood of participants repurchasing from Pizza Hut, specifically through online or in-app ordering. The effects and considerations of the incentives are: • Online-only coupons will encourage digital sales, which contributes to the overall media objective. • With just over 1.6% of our budget, we will garner more than 25 million impressions nationwide. • We estimate close to $50 million worth of online sales over the course of the campaign that are driven from PR events alone. • In order to calculate the cost of one “Pizza for Life,” we used the retail price of a large Supreme pizza from Pizza Hut and multiplied it by the number of days in 20 years, which adds up to nearly $115,000 per “Pizza for Life.”

Chicago, IL Minneapolis, MN Indianapolis, IN Memphis, TN Orlando, FL Savannah, GA New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Boston, MA Media


Out of Home Media $29,098,302


Impressions: 7,162,177,110 Compared to traditional television and print advertisements, outdoor advertisements are more efficient. Americans spend more time outside than at home with an average of 18.5 hour a week on the road. To increase impact using this form of advertising, we focused on two forms of outdoor media: • Poster Billboards: Poster billboards will bring our message to a local audience and impact our pizza consumers beyond online means. Posters provide 4 times more impressions per dollar than radio and magazines, 8 times more than TV, and 11 times more than newspapers. Billboards will be placed strategically in our DMAs to maximize exposure. • Transit Advertisements: Interactive, digital advertisements at bus shelters and train stations will be placed in heavily concentrated and high-traffic areas as a means of engaging people in their daily transportation routines. The locations of these ads will conveniently capture the attention of passers-by, thus promoting immediate brand interaction. The locations of our outdoor advertisements include cities involved in the “Pizza The World Tour” as well as ten additional metropolitan areas that have both an extensive public transit system and a distinguished pizza culture. This distribution will allow for the strategic promotion of the “Pizza The World Tour” while advertising Pizza Hut’s Ultraservice to our customer segments.

16 22 Media













San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA Portland, OR Los Angeles, CA Las Vegas, NV Seattle, WA



San Antonio, TX Austin, TX Houston, TX Phoenix, AZ

Savannah, GA Nashville, TN Memphis, TN Orlando, FL Jacksonville, FL


Chicago, IL Minneapolis, MN Kansas City, MO Indianapolis, IN Milwaukee, WI

Providence, RI New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Boston, MA Baltimore, MD

Timeline July 2015 Aug 2015

Out-of-Home Media

Digital Media

Social Media

Public Relations

Guerilla Marketing Mobile App / Web Redesign Salaries Contingency Fee Total

Sept 2015

Oct 2015

Nov 2015 Dec 2015 Impressions


Posters - Truck Tour



Bus Shelters - Truck Tour



Posters - General



Bus Shelters - General



Spotify Audio Ads



Spotify Branded Playlist







2,629,500,000 $3,000,000




Text Messages









Twitch.tv Video



Twitch.tv Takeover



Google Adwords



3,960,000,000 $10,800,000

Facebook Snapchat









Pizza Truck Tour



Reclaim Pizza Night



Pizza Hunt



Coffee Meets Bagel



Game Awards Sponsorship



Drizzle Protection


$600,000 $199,500 $958,472 $5,000,000








Reach 80% of our target population of Social Sideliners, Community Gamers, and Young Mothers to create awareness of our Reclaim Campaign, ultimately increasing online sales to 75% by bridging their ad impressions and final purchases.

INPUTS Survey Responses


OUTPUTS - MEDIA KIT Out-of-Home poster billboards and transit shelter ads Digital Media

OUTCOMES Consumer awareness of campaign Reach: 75,994,400 Frequency: 5 Gross Impressions: 18.42 billion

Social Media

Increase in social media/PR engagements Total Engagements: 371,794,111

UX/UI Tests

Public Relations Events

Consumer engagement with website and app Increase in app downloads: 4 million

Secondary Research

Guerrilla Marketing Materials - Drizzle Protection

Focus Groups

Sales Revenue $2,007,688,202

16 24 Media



Coupon Redemption $30,426,849

Increase in Digital Sales: 43%

Drive in digital sales Online orders: $5.577 million


TOTAL REVENUE $1,977,261,353


Methods of Evaluation OUTLETS


Social Media Engagement

• Use Hootsuite to assess interactions such as likes, retweets, hashtags, click-throughs, shares, etc


• Redemption rate

Pizza Hut Perks

• Number of sign-ups

Public Relations

• Turn-out rate for online and in-person events

Pizza Hut Website/Mobile App

• Report site analytics including page views, unique visitors, returning visitors, etc • Number of new app downloads

Periodic Surveys

• Inquire about consumer awareness and acceptance of campaign and to ensure that Pizza Hut is their top choice

Additional tools

• Use BrandIndex to measure public perception of Pizza Hut • Use Brand Lift to assess brand awareness and ad recall



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