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Industry and Competitive Landscape


Main Research


Target Market


Product Lines and Strategy Statement


Media Strategy and Timeline




Public Relations


Social Media Influencers


Consumer Journey





Executive Summary Twelve years ago Ocean Spray introduced their iconic “Straight from the Bog” campaign, bringing the company’s unique farmer-owned, cooperative business structure to mainstream audiences.1 Now Ocean Spray has asked us to re-evaluate this messaging—to determine if Ocean Spray’s history and cooperative structure are the most relevant stories to tell millennial consumers. Through our research, we discovered that the values at the heart of the story do resonate with millennials. Our target audience favors brands that engage in socially responsible and environmentally conscientious practices. They prefer to purchase

products from brands that are driven not only by profits, but also by bettering their community. These values exist in Ocean Spray—they just need to be reintroduced to the world. To make this reintroduction and to increase brand equity and household penetration, we have created a campaign that embraces and leverages the “all-in” spirit found in Ocean Spray’s commitment to their farmers and to sustainable practices. With our campaign emphasizing the devotion behind Ocean Spray products, Ocean Spray will empower millennials to give their all in all the things they do.

Ocean Spray Brand Values Heritage2


Preserve Ocean Spray’s cooperative business structure and nurture the growing Ocean Spray community of 700+ families by giving 100% of profits back to the farmers who have built up Ocean Spray to be the largest producer of cranberries in the world over the past 88 years.

Continually research and promote the cleansing and purifying health benefits of cranberries.


Sustainability3 Minimize environmental impact throughout the value chain—from farm to processing to waste—focusing on agriculture, climate and energy, waste, water, and packaging.

Consistently produce high-quality products with authentic flavors that are distinct, tart, and loved.

02 | Executive Summary and Brand Values

The Competitive Landscape and Challenge The Problem

The Competition

Ocean Spray is not as popular among older millennials as it is with consumers over 35 years old. Their millennial household penetration is low.

Traditional competitors, both in-aisle and out-ofaisle, such as Mott’s, Welch’s, Tropicana, and Simply Beverages, are extending their product lines, while new, smaller competitors are stealing market share.2 Cold-pressed juice and bottled juice smoothies, such as Naked Juice, are gaining popularity among our target market.7,8 These new juice offerings are experiencing an increase in sales,9 while non-refrigerated juices, like those offered by Ocean Spray, are experiencing a decline.2

Non-Alchoholic Beverage Sales by Volume in 2017 53% Soft Drinks 42% Bottled Drinks 5% Juice

Sales of Leading Shelf-Stable Bottled Juices in the U.S. Cranberry Juice


Apple Juice


Vegetable Juice Lemonade


Dried Fruit and Trail Mix Industry 68% of trail mix sales are private labels Industry sales are up


since 2012

Despite the increasing success of traditional competitors, Ocean Spray’s main competition is the in-aisle private label products. Private labels, also known as store brands, are often found alongside Ocean Spray products, but at a lower price point. Consumers often choose private label grocery items to both save money10 and eliminate choice paralysis when they are presented with multiple brands offering a similar product.11 Because Ocean Spray has yet to differentiate their products from private labels in a meaningful way, people are choosing to purchase the less expensive store brand products.



Ocean Spray sales are down


Ocean Spray U.S. Market Share

64 oz of 100% Cranberry Juice


Private 64 oz of 100% Label Cranberry Juice

Opportunity With cranberry juice leading in sales of non-refrigerated juices,5 it is clear that cranberry is a popular flavor. Ocean Spray needs to focus on reaching their direct competitors’ consumers rather than their indirect competitors’. By increasing brand equity, our campaign will make Ocean Spray an older millennial’s first choice for cranberry products.





Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Sauce

Fresh Cranberries

Dried Cranberries

32% Current Ocean Spray Consumers 25% Consumers 35+ 7% Millennial Consumers

The Objectives Increase Brand Equity




23,715,500 Target

23,300,000 Households

8.3 Equity Score


Brand Equity among Millennials

Millennials Household Penetration


Increase Household Penetration by


over the next two years

03 | The Competitive Landscape and Challenge

Research Objectives and Key Findings Ocean Spray’s Hypothesis

Our Conclusion

Ocean Spray believes that their unique history and cooperative structure may be relevant to millennials between the ages of 24 and 35. They want to know if and how they could, or should, communicate their story.2

Yes, Ocean Spray’s cooperative structure IS relevant to older millennials. Our research shows that the most effective way to make Ocean Spray relevant to older millennials is to emphasize the basis of their cooperative structure: 100% of profits go back to their farmers.

Research Objectives


Key Insight

• Find out what aspects, if any, of Ocean Spray’s unique history and cooperative structure are relevant to older millennials. • Understand older millennials’ current perception of Ocean Spray and cranberry related products. • Identify specific qualities about Ocean Spray that will make consumers purchase Ocean Spray products over a similar, less expensive, store brand product. • Determine which Ocean Spray products have the most potential and opportunity for sales growth with older millennials.

Ocean Spray has a built-in cause within its cooperative business structure: doing goodwill for their farmers.15 This has been the focus of Ocean Spray since their inception almost a century ago.16 Their history demonstrates their sincerity in supporting their families of farmers and enhances their credibility as a socially responsible business. Recently, Ocean Spray launched a very comprehensive, cooperative-wide sustainability initiative to minimize their environmental impact.3 However, these efforts towards environmental sustainability have not yet been made widely known.

Older millennials are willing to pay more for a brand that exhibits corporate social responsibility and takes actions towards environmental sustainability.12-14

Research Methods 500+ 149 105 18 12 11

social media interactions analyzed survey responses secondary sources phone interviews grocery store observations street interviews *All primary research participants were between the ages of 24 and 35.

After being told that 100% of Ocean Spray profits go back to the farmers who grow the cranberries, 75% of interviewees who originally chose a store brand over Ocean Spray were willing to change their mind and pay a premium for Ocean Spray products.

Corporate Social Responsiblity (n): A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment, both ecological and social, in which it operates.17

“Companies need to demonstrate through their values, heritage, and meaningful actions that they help those in need, are socially responsible, are good environmental stewards, protect personal data, or are transparent and sincere.” - Boston Consulting Group, “How Millennials Are Changing the Face of Marketing Forever”18

Our Plan Instead of educating older millennials on the intricacies of how a cooperative functions, we will illustrate how Ocean Spray exhibits corporate social responsibility by the very nature of its cooperative business structure. We will do this by emphasizing that Ocean Spray gives 100% of its profits back to its farmers. We will also focus on promoting the actions that Ocean Spray has taken towards being good environmental stewards. Our campaign will make millennials feel like they are doing good by purchasing Ocean Spray products.

04 | Research Objectives and Key Findings

Target Market: Older Millennials Older Millennials

Family Millennial Older millennial with at least one child

Older millennials are the subgroup of millennials who are currently between the ages of 24 and 34. They like meaningful experiences19 and are drawn towards novelty rather than tradition.20,21 Older millennials are bored with standard juice flavors22; they desire variation and enjoy trying new flavors of drinks.23 When available, they prefer to eat foods without artificial additives.24 Their number one go-to brand when grocery shopping is store brand.25 According to research by Boston Consulting Group, millennials “engage with brands far more extensively, personally, and emotionally—and in entirely different ways—than have other generations.”19 A brand’s social media presence heavily influences an older millennial’s perception of a company as a whole.26 The values and integrity of a business are one of the most important factors for millennials when deciding what brands to support or not support.27 They prefer to align themselves with brands whose values most resemble their own28 and use brands to portray a certain image or quality about themselves.29 Older millennials are more likely to support companies that are socially responsible and concerned about the environment.12-14

Target Market Segmentation We found that the juice-buying habits of our target market differ the most between those who have children and those who do not. While older millennials with children only account for 29.6% of older millennials, they account for 50.2% of juice purchases among the total older millennial population.33 This is why we have divided the target market into two mutually exclusive and exhaustive target market segments: non-family millennials and family millennials.

31.7% buy non-refrigerated juice33 52% closely monitor their children’s diet35 64% say the environment has become a top concern now that they are parents36 Spending Habits: One quarter of family millennials do a majority of their shopping online.38 They purchase juice on a weekly basis39 and are more price conscious than non-family millennials.33 Purchasing Influences: Children under the age of six, a majority of whom are children of older millennials, drink more fruit juice than any other age demographic.37

Spending Habits: Non-family millennials often have more expendable income than family millennials.42 They are more likely than family millennials to pay extra for natural and organic food products.33 Purchasing Influences: Instead of seeking out the advice and guidance of experts and companies when making purchasing decisions, they tend to research potential purchases by speaking with family and friends or looking at online reviews.43 Their partners and parents have the biggest influence on their purchases.18 Brand Loyalty: Non-family millennials look at the brand name of products more so than the general population and especially more so than family millennials.33

Millennial parents strongly agree that their children have a significant impact on the brands they choose.33 In one of our grocery store observations, a young child told their dad they wanted a specific brand of cereal, to which the dad responded, “Okay, then go get it.” They often tend to have the same eating habits as their children.40 Brand Loyalty: Millennial parents are more concerned with convenience and price than staying loyal to a brand.41 They are active in shaping a brand, for better or for worse, within parenting communities on social media.40

Non-Family Millennial Older millennial with no children 14.8% buy non-refrigerated juice33 48% more willing than family millennials to spend more for environmentally friendly products33

Key Statistics 69% 44% 58% 85% 42% 71%

consume cranberries in some form30 are not serving cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving31 say a brand’s values influence their purchasing decision32 would switch brands to one associated with a cause46 spend more on environmentally friendly products33 use coupons when grocery shopping34

05 | Target Market: Older Millennials

Featured Product Lines

The #1 reason people drink a non-alcoholic beverage is because they like the taste of it.44

The Dilemma

Our Solution

Our surveys revealed that the opinions of the taste of cranberries are very polarized. We asked older millennials to describe the taste of cranberry juice: “It tastes of sadness” - anonymous, age 29 “One of the greatest juices to bless humans” - anonymous, age 26

Our campaign will focus on converting current consumers of private label products who already love the taste of cranberries to loyal consumers of Ocean Spray products. We will feature five product lines that we found to be the most relevant to the lifestyle and juice buying needs of our target audience.

On the Go Juice

100 % Juice

Craisins and Trail Mix

Cran • Energy

Pact Infused Water

The On the Go product line makes juice drinking convenient for older millennials that are constantly active. The product line’s dynamic range of flavors appeals to the target audience’s desire for variation and deviation from standard juice flavors.

The 100% Juice line is composed of a variety of cranberry juice blends that are free of added sugars and artificial sweeteners. We chose the 100% Juice line over the Organic Juice line because it is less expensive and it satisfies older millennials’ desire for natural, additive-free food products that are priced within their budgets.

We believe that there is potential to market Craisins and trail mix as a snack to pair with the On the Go line to increase brand equity among older millennials.

With 69 mg of caffeine in each bottle, Cran • Energy offers young coffee and tea drinkers an appealing alternative to energize themselves.

Pact Infused Water is functional bottled water that is tasty and healthy. Promotion of Pact capitalizes on the increasing trend of functional water sales which are expected to grow 31.5% by 2020.45

Central Idea

Older millennials are most attracted to brands that exude authenticity, demonstrate a concern for the environment, and commit to giving back to society. These values have been embedded in Ocean Spray all along—they just have not been recognized yet by our target audience. By highlighting Ocean Spray’s cooperative, farmer-owned business model and passion for environmentally sustainable farming and packaging, our campaign seizes the opportunity to position Ocean Spray as a socially responsible brand that older millennials will want to support. 06 | Featured Product Lines

Media Strategy and Timeline The Balancing Act Ocean Spray requested a marketing campaign specifically designed to achieve two unique objectives: to raise brand equity and to increase household penetration. Our campaign not only increases Ocean Spray’s consumer awareness with the target market, but entices consumers to purchase Ocean Spray in stores and online. Our robust, nationwide, 12-month Ocean Spray campaign, will use digital media vendors specializing in targeting specific demographics to reach our target market. Digital media is paired with traditional ad placements to spark curiosity and drive people to grocery and convenience stores, increasing household penetration. In addition, we have placed an emphasis on online sales, specifically in Amazon Marketplace. Thirty percent of millennials already shop for groceries online, an emerging channel upon which Ocean Spray needs to capitalize.63 “Social media influencers” comprise a large percentage of the overall budget, adding meaningfulness and authenticity to our media strategy. Lastly, we will optimize the success of our PR executions and experiential activations through digital ads and influencers.

Brand Equity Ocean Spray faces a puzzling dilemma. To an undiscerning consumer, many competitors are indistinguishable from—and offer products similar to—Ocean Spray. Ocean Spray’s sustainability, cooperative structure, and emphasis on quality and taste function as

points-of-difference for the brand, yet older millennials are not aware of them. This is where brand equity comes in. Brand equity is comprised of three unique elements: salience, differentiation, and meaningfulness.73 Our media strategy uniquely delivers these three elements: I. Salience Our goal is to ensure that Ocean Spray is the first brand that comes to mind when consumers think of cranberries, 100% Juice, or flavorful snacks and beverages. This is achieved through our three-part plan. • Be seen: We have incorporated the use of high-traffic digital channels, such as Facebook, Spotify, and sites within the Google Display Network, as well as billboard and in-store approaches to reach specific markets no matter what activity they are engaging in, whether that be listening to music, commuting to work, or browsing their Facebook page. The overall effect is approximately one billion impressions in the $5 million budget and over two billion impressions in the $10 million budget. This translates to each individual in the target demographic viewing every ad 11 times in the $5 million budget and 36 times in the $10 million budget. • Be Relatable: Millennial consumers are concerned with how a brand makes them feel.74 Therefore, a large portion of our budget is devoted to video ads. Videos, unlike static images, utilize sight and sound to connect to a viewer’s emotions and to organically tell stories.56 • Be Found: In addition to a large investment in Google AdWords, which will boost search relevance, the current Ocean Spray website will be updated with two

**The $10 million dollar budget will include a second video ad running on YouTube and Vimeo as well as a 47% increase in media buys. new landing pages: one for our dynamic “Choose 100” campaign and another for the sustainable cooperative structure. Ads will link to one of the unique landing pages or Amazon, reinforcing Ocean Spray’s mission and the main themes of our campaign. II. Differentiation Our LinkedIn and Spotify ads will further highlight what makes Ocean Spray meaningfully different. LinkedIn has a target audience that is receptive of company ethics, increasing the impact of our corporate social responsibility themed creative

content.64 Spotify will capture the target audience’s attention, allowing the points that differentiate Ocean Spray to stand out. III. Meaningfulness Only when a brand is trusted will consumers engage with the brand long-term. We have chosen to increase consumer trust with Ocean Spray through a unique, comprehensive social media influencer campaign (see page 18).

07 | Media Strategy and Timeline

Media Objectives Household Penetration Our second goal is household penetration. To reach the 0.5% point increase over two years, we segmented the target market into two categories: those that shop instore and those that shop online.

In-Store 79 percent of older millennials are in-store shoppers.65 To convert private label juice shoppers to loyal Ocean Spray buyers, our plan employs Facebook offer ads, Bluetooth Beacon Technology, iBotta, and 1200 unique in-store displays and placards placed in Ralphs and Krogers nationwide.

Beacon Technology Once a consumer steps into one of the 5,000 stores (10,000 stores for the $10 million budget) equipped with Beacon technology, push notifications will automatically be sent to their mobile device (phone, smart watch, etc.) mimicking content found on the shelf placards, keeping them engaged with the Ocean Spray brand. Beacon technology has been shown to increase buyer intent by 20% when paired with other in-store tactics.68

iBotta iBotta is an application that facilitates discovery and purchase of products with cash-back saving bargains. With millennials representing 40% of iBotta users, Ocean Spray can effectively utilize smart shopping habits to help their target market engage with the brand.78 iBotta’s new performance marketing platform allows retailers like Ocean Spray to unlock new marketing opportunities to generate lower costs and higher conversion rates.79

and chaser. In addition, a cardboard stand with Craisins and Trail Mix will be placed in the produce section to emphasize Ocean Spray’s quality. Each display will direct the consumer to the juice aisle where they will find a large floor vinyl below the Ocean Spray section.

Online Amazon is an effective platform for our campaign because it is expected to continue growing in the grocery market, especially among millennial users, via increased user engagement with Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry.69 On average, millennial users account for 23% of total Amazon customers and nearly twice as many have Amazon Prime subscriptions compared to the Baby Boomer generation.69 Amazon is the world’s largest retailer with 300 million total users,71 65 million of those being Amazon Prime accounts.72 Amazon Prime subscribers have a higher engagement rate with advertisements on Amazon than non-subscribers and increasing engagement with the grocery market. With nearly half of all online shoppers going directly to Amazon for product searches, Amazon advertisements are an effective method for converting searches to purchases through brand awareness.77

Shelf Placards

*there is an overlap of millennials that shop both in-store and online, but the percentage of overlap is difficult to calculate

Ocean Spray’s wide variety of products offer diverse alternatives to other popular products. Our shelf placards will be strategically placed near Ocean Spray alternatives. A Pact placard will be placed near bottled water, a Cran.Energy placard in the coffee and tea aisle, and a 100% Juice placard near the alcohol section to promote its prevalent usage as a mixer 08 | Media Objectives

Creative Brief Campaign Mission Statement As a company that started with three inspired farmers, Ocean Spray firmly believes that with determination and spirit, an individual can create a lasting positive impact. That’s why Ocean Spray invites customers to take part in their mission to build a better future. Join the hundreds of empowered individuals dedicated to giving 100% of profits back to the farmers, with a 100% commitment to the environment. Join the movement.


Creative Strategy Our creative messaging aims to differentiate Ocean Spray from competitors by positioning them as the only brand that can fulfill older millennials’ desire for products made with compassion. Our campaign utilizes the thematic element of “giving 100” to emphasize Ocean Spray’s unrelenting dedication to older millennials’ most salient concerns: social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and product quality. The “Choose 100” tagline serves as a call-to-action, empowering consumers to strive towards “100” with the same dedication and spirit as Ocean Spray. In this way, our campaign invites older millennials not only to engage with the brand, but to engage in a more compassionate and conscientious lifestyle.

09 | Creative Brief

Video Commercial Facebook Video

Media Insight

Our 60-second Facebook video commercial kicks off the campaign by engaging older millennials with the “Choose 100” spirit. By depicting both family and non-family millennials using Ocean Spray products, our commercial will increase brand awareness among the entire target market. The emphasis on the number 100, combined with the voiceover and the scenes of empowered individuals, will increase brand equity by inspiring older millennials to join Ocean Spray in the “Choose 100” movement.

VO: What does it mean to give your 100?

VO: It’s hard work. It’s perseverance. ACTION: A marathon runner with the number 100 runs up stairs. When he reaches the top he enjoys a sip of Cran•Energy.

VO: It’s an achievement. It’s a reason to celebrate.

VO: It’s a commitment, a positive change.

ACTION: A millennial carries out a cranberry-topped cake with a big “100” candle. They place it in front of a grandparent, who blows out the candles.

ACTION: Volunteers finish planting their 100th tree. They take a break to eat some trail mix.

VO: It’s a victory. It’s something to be proud of. ACTION: A child brings home a test graded 100%. The parent puts it on the fridge, and then grabs a bottle of 100% Juice. They share a “cheers” moment.

Our commercial will run as a Facebook video ad in June and July. Facebook’s two billion users watch 100 million hours of Facebook videos every day, equivalent to eight billion views per day.57 Our commercial will also run as a 30-second YouTube pre-video advertisement in June and July. YouTube traffic hits a peak in late summer47 and advertising on YouTube is generally less expensive during these months,48 allowing us to maximize the cost per thousand impressions (CPM). As YouTube presents the ability to segment by age, we have an opportunity to capture higher target consumer engagement on the platform.49 YouTube and Facebook video ads were chosen over traditional television because of television’s low targeting abilities, high costs, and declining popularity.50

VO: Whatever you do, give your 100. Choose the brand that gives their 100, too. Choose the brand that gives 100% of profits back to the farmers. Choose the brand with a 100% commitment to sustainability. Choose Ocean Spray. Choose 100. | Title 2310 Title Title | Commercial

Digital Advertisements Google Ad Facebook Carousel Ad The interactive Facebook carousel ad will feature images that parallel the commercial while bringing attention to Ocean Spray’s diverse product offerings. The ad will engage consumers with the same story of inspiration and empowerment as the commercial, but will also generate conversions through the product-focused imagery and drive purchases through the connection to Amazon Marketplace.

Our campaign will feature mobile and desktop Google search and display ads. These ads will promote conversions and drive online purchases of Ocean Spray products on Amazon Marketplace.

Media Insight

Media Insight Facebook carousel ads have a 10x higher click-through rate, yield a 30-50% lower cost per conversion, and have a 20-30% lower cost-per-click in comparison to static, single-image advertisements.58

Facebook Offer Ad

The Google search engine reaches a user base of 1.17 billion users and the Google Display Network gets an average of one trillion impressions per month. Google also has some of the most cost-efficient conversions and impressions with precise targeting capabilities based on factors like demographics, language, and remarketing.51

Media Insight Facebook offer ads allow us to serve digital coupons directly to our target market, providing them with a financial incentive to buy Ocean Spray products. The “buy one, get one free” offer will encourage consumers to try out more of Ocean Spray’s diverse products and to find the ones that best suit their lifestyle. This offer ad will promote conversions by prompting purchases of Ocean Spray.

Offer ads have high targeting abilities that can distribute unique offer codes to each person clicking on the ad, resulting in better control over the number of people redeeming the offer.59 Furthermore, case studies have shown that offer ads can be 10x more effective than link-click ads, can have 21x higher click-through rates than other platforms, and have produced up to 221x return on ad spending.59 While other sites such as Groupon have similar redemption processes, Facebook offer ads are exceptional because they are delivered in a way that facilitates viral sharing.60 11 | Digtal Ads

Digital Advertisements Facebook Canvas Ad Our Facebook Canvas ad emphasizes Ocean Spray’s three major points of differentiation: their cooperative structure, sustainability initiatives, and product quality. The highly interactive design of the Canvas ad allows Facebook users to actively engage with the information; users will be able to zoom in and out on different areas of the ad, engaging with meaningful, animated scenes and accessing information about Ocean Spray’s unique brand attributes. The ad will also drive traffic to the Ocean Spray website by directing users to the “Choose 100” landing page to learn more about the Ocean Spray brand.

Media Insight Canvas ads are ideal for creating emotional and meaningful connections with consumers. By creating full-screen ad experiences, our Canvas ad creates a greater mobile experience by bringing the brand to life with consumer interaction. This is significant because research states that ads that promote an emotional response in viewers have a greater influence, ranging from a 200% to 300% increase, on a consumer’s intent to buy.61 AUDIO: “As a cooperative of over 700 farmer-families, cooperation, compassion, and generosity are embedded in the structure of Ocean Spray. We believe that these values shine brightest when we are giving back to our communities. Through various programs such as our Community Fund, we seek to create and encourage positive change. The Fund helps support numerous community-building projects by distributing grants and product donations to non-profit organizations throughout the United States.By giving our 100 to our communities, we hope to inspire others to also give their 100, and together, ensure a brighter future.” VISUAL: An Ocean Spray representative hands a community leader a check and they shake hands. We see the community leader carrying supplies and toys into the St. Judes Children’s Ranch. Children gather around in excitement.

Spotify Ad Our Spotify audio ad engages consumers in a meaningful interaction with the brand, while also raising awareness of Ocean Spray’s sustainable practices and brand values. The display ad, along with the leaderboard ad, will link to the Social Responsibility and Sustainability landing page on the Ocean Spray website. AUDIO: “To say that we only put juice into our 100% juice products is a little misleading... We also put in our 100% effort to keep our production practices sustainable. At Ocean Spray, we understand how great of an impact sustainability can have on the future of our families, communities, and environment. That’s why we never stop looking for new ways to improve our sustainable practices, whether it’s through our transportation gas emissions, water conservation, packaging waste, or non-renewable energy reduction.”

Media Insight With about 72% of Spotify’s weekly U.S. streams coming from millennials, it is an optimal platform to build awareness. Its monthly active users exceed similar competitors with twice the user base of Pandora.67 Spotify audio ads are unskippable, and display ads only appear when users are engaged, ensuring impressions will not be wasted. The combination of audio and display ads will hit users across desktop and mobile devices. Our ads will run in April and May, coordinating with music festival season.

LinkedIn Video Ad The LinkedIn video highlights Ocean Spray’s distinct identity as a cooperative, while raising awareness of Ocean Spray’s social responsibility initiatives, demonstrating their positive impact on local communities. The video features children from St. Jude’s Ranch for Children (a past recipient of the Community Fund) to show how Ocean Spray has taken strides to improve the lives of those within their sphere of influence.

Media Insight As the premier professional online network, LinkedIn will be used with a professional, but inspiring tone to spread awareness of Ocean Spray’s commitment to social responsibility. With some of the highest online targeting abilities of any online advertising media,52 LinkedIn ensures that our message will be delivered primarily to older millennial users.53 This ad will run from February to March when there is an influx of soon-to-be college graduates searching for jobs.54 12 | Digital Ads

Out-of-Home Ads Station Domination Our subway ads will capture consumer attention by immersing commuters in an engaging brand experience. The ads will include a large, eye-catching mural featuring the “Choose 100” tagline to entice curious consumers to visit Ocean Spray’s website to find out more. Upon closer look, the mural will have small illustrated people to engage and entertain commuters while they wait for their train. The commuters will also see a floor sticker featuring the On the Go Ocean Spray products with text directing them to explore more at OceanSpray. com. To add to the immersive experience, our wall and floor ads will be accompanied by larger-than-life Pact bottles fabricated around existing pillars in the station. Together, these ads will create a bold and dynamic brand experience for commuters, increasing brand awareness.

Media Insight

Stations Based on high older millennial traffic, we have selected three subway stations: NYC - 34 St-Penn Station/14 St-Union Sq Chicago - Chicago Station/Grand Station

Millennials use public transportation the most of any age demographic, making public transit ads some of the most relevant and viewed ads among older millennials.55 This, combined with ads that emphasize portability and an affordable CPM, makes public transit an effective choice to reach Ocean Spray’s target market.

DC - Gallery Place. 13 | Out-of-Home Ads

Out-of-Home Ads Bus Advertisements

Bus Exterior

Our bus ads will also capture the attention of older millennial commuters. Our bus exterior will feature the same engaging mural as the subway station, with modifications made to accomodate the dimensions of the bus. Our interior bus ads will feature On the Go products that complement our target market’s fast-paced lives. Our bus stop poster ad will further reinforce the connection between Ocean Spray products and older millennials’ on-the-go lifestyle. These transportation ads will increase brand awareness and traffic to OceanSpray.com.

Bus Interior Panel Ads

Bus Stop Poster Ad Media Insight Fifty-nine percent of bus trips taken are by people between 25 and 54 years in age.55 This makes busses the perfect opportunity to target the busy commuter in a non-obtrusive way. Our campaign will place 600 exterior bus ads and 3,000 interior ads nationally in the $5 million budget and 1,200 exterior bus ads and 6,000 interior bus ads nationally in the $10 million budget.

14 | Out-of-Home Ads

PR Relabeling Event Deliverables

By using social media, we plan to make consumers more aware of Ocean Spray’s values. The relabeling event will be the first step in demonstrating Ocean Spray’s commitment to positive change for its consumers.

Ocean Spray prides themselves in being a farmerowned cooperative, but we want to emphasize the individuals that make Ocean Spray unique. To do this, we will be featuring some of Ocean Spray’s farmers on our redesigned, limited edition 100% Juice labels. The repackaging event will be announced on Twitter Running from October to December, our relabeling under the Twitter hashtag #CaringCranberries. event will appeal to the holiday spirit of giving and raise Announcements about the relabeling will begin a month awareness of Ocean Spray’s cooperative structure. Each before the new labels are revealed to build awareness bottle will have an image of a farmer, accompanied among our current consumers. Furthermore, as the by a brief biography about what “giving 100” means designs are released, we will post the featured to them. A QR code will redirect consumers farmers’ biographies and photos on Ocean Spray’s to the Ocean Spray website where they can Twitter and Instagram accounts to demonstrate that learn more about the farmer and how they the spirit of “giving 100” is alive and well in the choose to give their “100.” At the bottom of the Ocean Spray community. page, consumers will receive a redeemable coupon offer for 50 cents off their next Ocean Spray purchase. To obtain the coupon code, the consumer must wipe across a superimposed bog that appears on their phone screen. We want to reward the consumers who Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipisc100% of the profits go back to the farmers. ing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidchoose to learn about the farmers and unt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut support the cooperative. aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis autem

Social Media Strategy



Older millennials are both particular and passionate about the things they love, and as of now they have CRANBERRY yet to truly see Ocean Spray for the force of good that it is.60Research has FL OZ (1.77L) BLEND OF 4 JUICES found that millennials are attracted to brands that exude authenticity and demonstrate a positive social impact.80



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$10M Budget Commercial Our luxury budget campaign will include a commercial for the relabeling event. The commercial will run on Facebook and will serve to increase purchases of the redesigned labels. The commercial will feature the same millennial characters from the first commercial, now united under one mission. The video will engage consumers with a meaningful message about compassion and the giving spirit of the holidays.

Commercial Description VO: The holiday season is about honoring our old traditions... ACTION: Millennials from the first commercial gather in a kitchen cooking a large holiday meal. VO: ...and creating new ones. ACTION: Millennials carry the food out of the kitchen and into the large dining area of a soup kitchen. They begin serving people. VO: Ocean Spray is continuing its tradition of giving 100% of profits back to farmers all year round. We’re celebrating that with a new tradition: special edition bottles that give thanks to our hardworking farmers. That’s how we give our 100. ACTION: Camera pans down the line of people being served. The camera stops on an ice bucket holding the special edition bottles.

INGREDIENTS: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse molestie consequat, vel illum dolore eu feugiat nulla facilisis at vero eros et accumsan et iusto odio

15 | PR Relabeling Event

“Above C Level” Deliverables To launch our campaign, we intend to make Ocean Spray a social phenomenon by creating pop-up bars in two prominent metropolitan cities, New York City and San Francisco. Our pop-up bars will be titled “Above C Level” to reflect the interactive LED simulation of a cranberry bog that will be projected on the floors. These pop-up bars will feature beautiful works of art by local artists and specialty cocktails, resulting in an immersive, trendy environment. “Above C Level” caters to the nonfamily segment of our older millennials by granting them an after-work and weekend social setting that rewards them for giving their “100” during the day.

Menu At the bar in the center of the back wall, guests will get the opportunity to enjoy the Cranberry Cocktail menu that consists of ten speciality drinks: the Cranberry Margarita, the Red Headed Farmer, the Cranmopolitan, the Cran Cran, the Strozier, the Cranberry Mule, the Hagan, the Bog, the Red Snapper, and the Above C Level. Non-Alcoholic Drinks will also be served.

Food Near the bar will be a display of delicious cranberry inspired pastries, designed and crafted by local bakeries specifically for “Above C Level.”


Social Media Strategy

Millennials are highly social, highly engaged, and fairly optimistic,80 which is why we created pop-up bars that foster interaction and social engagement. Our target market will appreciate the visually appealing and participatory setting of our pop-up bars because they provide them with an opportunity to share their unique experiences with others on social media. By initiating our campaign with aesthetic, trendy pop-up bars, we will generate buzz within our target market via word-of-mouth and social media.

To spread awareness about “Above C Level,” Ocean Spray will promote the event on social media platforms, as well as on Yelp. On Facebook, “Above C Level” will be a sponsored event that outlines the details of the pop-up bars, as well as their operating dates and times. Instagram will feature teasers of the pop-up bars’ openings through Instagram Stories and posts of locally created artwork, interior decoration, and bar layout. A countdown-to-opening will also be featured on both platforms through creative images and posts. To attract food bloggers and connoisseurs, there will also be sponsored ads in Yelp searches.

Dates New York City: June 30, 2018 - July 31, 2018 San Francisco: August 3, 2018 - August 31, 2018. Open in both locations from Tuesday - Sunday 4 PM - 2 AM

On June 29, “Above C Level” will have a soft opening in New York City, solely for invited social media influencers and Yelp Elite members. This will help spread word of the pop-up bars through social media and Yelp reviews.

16 | ”Above C Level”

“100 Sustainable School Days” Deliverables


Together, Ocean Spray and consumers will work to help the environment and schools through an event called “100 Sustainable School Days.” This competition will start with the initial selection of 40 public preschool programs across the nation. Every ten schools will be assigned to one of the following program initiatives:

We believe that taking actions towards a sustainable future should start at a young age. Research suggests that preschool-aged children are aware of the impact that they can make on the environment and the need to minimize it.81 With preschools primarily comprised of children of older millennials, family millennials can be effectively reached by targeting preschools instead of elementary schools.82 Family millennials are more likely than previous generations to engage with their children’s education.83 By introducing an environmental sustainability initiative program to preschools, we will be able to actively show family millennials that Ocean Spray is committed to achieving a sustainable future for their children and many more generations to come.

- Bottle and Can Recycling - Paper and Cardboard Recycling - Reduced Emissions - Reusable Containers Once each school is assigned an initiative, Ocean Spray will send representatives to the schools for a spirited kick-off day on March 4, 2019. On this day, booklets on the specific sustainability initiatives, customizable wall calendars, and branded cardboard recycle bins for recycling initiative schools, will be handed out. Snacks, drinks, and fun festivities will take place, including a “Bog Pit,” a ball pit filled with red plastic balls, for the children. Each school’s progress will be recorded every two weeks. For the Recycling initiatives, Ocean Spray representatives will visit the schools and weigh the recycled materials, recording the number. For the Reduced Emissions and Reusable Containers initiatives, teachers will be responsible for tracking student participation. They will then submit their records every two weeks by emailing their Ocean Spray representative. Every week, a school will be selected at random to win a month’s worth of school supplies. At the end of the 100 days, the winning school in each sustainability initiative will be awarded the grand prize of one year’s worth of school supplies.

Social Media Strategy Ocean Spray will showcase each week’s winner on their Facebook page, celebrating the difference the school is making for the environment. These posts will also encourage other schools to contact Ocean Spray if they are interested in participating. To do so, all they will need to do is message Ocean Spray on any social media platform and indicate the initiative in which they would like to participate. Ocean Spray will then send a representative to provide them with the materials. At the halfway point of the competition, which will be on Earth Day (April 22, 2019), Ocean Spray will release a video to celebrate the progress schools have made, with footage taken from the kick-off day and the biweekly visits. Ocean Spray will post this video on their Facebook page and Instagram story to encourage people to include environmentalism in their everyday lives. 17 | ”100 Sustainable School Days”

Social Media Influencers Influencers Social media influencers are content creators who leverage their target audiences to promote products. According to a Nielsen survey, when it comes to brand awareness, expert content from well-established influencers is 88% more valuable than branded content and 83% more effective than traditional product reviews. Bloggers and vloggers have a higher reach to a target audience than almost any other digital marketing medium.76 Our influencer campaign is split into two main sections: hero influencers and niche influencers. Hero influencers are those with a larger audience reach and a viewer base that contains the 2434 year old millennials. Niche influencers have a smaller overall audience, but also hit the target demographic. Though niche influencers may have a smaller audience, we have selected those with a high level of engagement.

Hero Influencers What’s Up Moms With nearly two million subscribers and 35 million views per month, What’s Up Moms is YouTube’s number one parenting channel.75 By producing extremely relatable how-to videos and short comedic videos, What’s Up Moms has built a community for families to give other families the information they are seeking. What’s Up Moms teamed up with Mott’s two years ago to develop two highly successful ads that garnered over eight million views per video. Because Ocean Spray and Mott’s share a similar target market of mothers and young families, Ocean Spray can expect similar success targeting family millennials with What’s Up Moms as a hero influencer.

Niche Influencers These influencers were chosen based on their ability to effectively reach millennial audiences. Vloggers and familycentered creators share personal content that attain viewers’ trust, thus highlighting their meaningfulness. The cooking and drink tutorials differentiate Ocean Spray through their creative variety of uses. The year-long influencer campaign runs adjacent to the rest of the campaign and is split into four quarters. Each quarter will have one niche influencer from each of the four categories represented. The hero influencers will run their content in Quarters 1 and 2.

Influencer Details In recent times, sponsored content has received backlash from consumers as it is often perceived as staged and ingenuine. However, influencer created content is heavily impactful, especially with millennials. According to Boston Consulting Group, “Millennials were twice as likely as Gen-Xers to say that they are influenced by celebrities, four times more likely than boomers, and ten times more likely than silents.”66 Keeping all of this in mind, our campaign will focus on authenticity. We firmly believe that content creators know and understand what their followers want the most. We are simply tapping into these niche markets. Although we will guide the influencers with which products to focus on and how best to display them, we will refrain from heavily directing or editing their content, allowing the creators’ true personalities and styles to shine.

Categories: 1. Cooking Tutorials: Chefs and cooking enthusiasts who share their recipes and showcase their cooking techniques. 2. Vloggers: Video bloggers who create short social videos that generally appeal to viewers on a personal level by giving them glimpses of their lives. 3. Alcoholic Drink Recipes: Individuals who share creative alcoholic drink recipes for events and personal enjoyment. 4. Family-Centered Creators: Creators whose content is geared towards family life and activities. Influencer Demographic: Millennials aged 24-35, ideal representative, inspirational yet largely relatable individual Follower Demographic: Millennials aged 24-35 Social Platforms: YouTube and Instagram

Tipsy Bartender Tipsy Bartender is the largest social media gathering of drinking enthusiasts with platforms spread across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Amazon. On YouTube alone, they have nearly 3.5 million subscribers and have videos with over eight million views. Tipsy Bartender creates their large following by developing tutorials on creating unique cocktails. By partnering with Tipsy Bartender, Ocean Spray will be able to target the non-family millennials, as 79.5% of viewers are aged 18-35.62

18 | Influencers

Consumer Journey How it all Connects Our digital media buys are split into two categories: awareness and conversions. Some ads were made to increase overall awareness of the Ocean Spray brand, whereas some were made to encourage conversions. Each ad will direct consumers to one of three unique locations: the “Choose 100” landing page, the sustainability and cooperative landing page, or Ocean Spray’s Amazon page. This makes our ads trackable and easier to evaluate.

Directed to the “Choose 100” landing page: Facebook video ads and mobile Canvas ad, YouTube pre-video ad, Google display and search ads.

Directed to the CSR page: Spotify leaderboard and audio ad, and LinkedIn sponsored content.

Directed to Amazon: Facebook carousel ads and offer ads.

19 | Consumer Journey

Metrics and Conclusion Metrics We have calculated a monthly amount of views each page should receive based on average conversions and click-through rates for each platform. This allows our media plan to be extremely flexible. If brand awareness statistics are lower, more money can be diverted to increasing conversions, therefore increasing brand equity and household penetration. The overall effect is approximately one billion impressions in the $5 million budget and over two billion impressions in the $10 million budget. This translates to each individual in the target demographic viewing each ad 11 times in the $5 million budget and 36 times in the $10 million budget.

Additional Methods of Evalutation Quantitative • Identify and track sales generated through PR activations by measuring physical attendance and digital engagements with Qualtrics, Hootsuite, and Adobe Media Optimizer. • Monitor all social media outlets for increase in brand affinity through changes in likes, follows, and retweets. • Trace click-throughs and engagements of all web advertising displays with platform provided analytics tools, such as Facebook Analytics, Spotify Analytics, etc.

Quantitative • Monitor media coverage from both traditional and digital platforms. • Review feedback received from social media channels. • Conduct surveys on ad recall of digital and out-of-home ads, as well as on the overall experience of PR events.

Conclusion Ocean Spray has a unique story that our target market can relate to. So our campaign highlights the brand’s points of differentiation: the cooperative structure, the commitment to sustainability, and the high quality and taste of products. With our strategically selected, multi-channel executions, we will increase brand equity and household penetration among millennials and make Ocean Spray a brand that millennials not only choose to buy, but that they embrace and are inspired by.

Engagements ($5 Million Budget) Jan.






































Engagements ($10 Million Budget) Jan.


























12,541,667 12,541,667 12,863,901 483,351


12,541,667 12,541,667 12,541,667 12,541,667 12,541,667 12,702,784 12,702,784

20 | Metrics & Conclusion

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21 | Sources

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