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REVIEW 2022/23 Looking

Thanks for picking up this paper!

This issue is a summary of the work that our 200+ contributors, 11 editors and 70 staff members did this year. We published nearly 1,000 articles on our website and released 19 print issues in the last year with a range of incredible, hyperlocal content about UBC and student life.

The last year has been a spectacular year at The Ubyssey. Beyond the stats, we were awarded nine national student journalism awards in February for work done in 2022. Those awards included six awards for specific pieces we published, two for editors for their contributions and one for us as a whole — The Ubyssey was named Student Publication of


the Year. It was a mountaintop moment for us and a testament to the hard work we’ve been doing for the last year and years before. But that mountaintop moment existed between moments of sitting in our office, doomscrolling Twitter and watching the seemingly inevitable implosion of media happening before our eyes.

Layoffs at Postmedia. Layoffs at Global. Layoffs at Overstory Media Group. Eliminations of internships. For a group of people who care deeply about journalism, this was heartbreaking. Personally, it was terrifying, since I’m graduating into an industry where there are fewer jobs than ever.

I don’t say this to bring down the mood, but I say it to make a point about why student media is as crucial as ever. The Ubyssey performs an essential service. We do the work that a medium-sized community paper once did — covering sporting events, arts performances, the local governance meetings and recreation events and highlighting cool things people in the community are doing.

Local newspapers build and preserve community, and I’d like to think that’s what we do here. If you take anything from this issue, anything from the incredible reporting and visuals you’re going to see in the next 20 pages, take this: local news matters.

Student newspapers matter. We do what other papers don’t have the funds, the time or the support to do anymore.

I’ve been told in my time at The Ubyssey that I take what we do too seriously. But here’s what I’ll say to that as I wrap up the last week of my five years here: we have fun, we joke, we make friends, we get drunk, we learn as we go AND we’re doing something essential and important. To our contributors, keep doing what you’re doing. And to our readers, keep picking up the paper. I think you’ll like what you find.

The Ubyssey’s 104th Editorial
Back row (L to R): Paloma Green, Anabella McElroy, Mahin E Alam, Tova Gaster, Sophia Russo Middle row (L to R): Charlotte Alden, Miriam Celebiler Front row (L to R): Isabella Falsetti, Iman Janmohamed, Nathan Bawaan

LETTER FROM THE BUSINESS OFFICE Financial update 2022/23

As the business manager for the Ubyssey Publication Society (UPS), I would like to thank all members for their continued support throughout this past academic year.

This business update covers the period of September 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. As we returned to normal operations post-pandemic, student editors and staff have moved back into the office spaces and seamlessly transitioned to in-person workplace practices.

This year’s editorial team, led by Charlotte Alden, and our web development team, led by Keegan Landrigan, have combined efforts to create and produce an award-winning publication. The Ubyssey received nine awards for excellence at this year’s Canadian University Press’s annual conference held in Hamilton, Ontario, including Student Publication of the

Year! These awards are reflective of the outstanding work and unwavering dedication exhibited by our team of student editors, writers, developers and volunteers.

Moving forward into the summer months and then into Fiscal Year 2023/24, The Ubyssey will continue to publish in both print and online. Print editions will be published twice monthly (monthly during the summer) and our website will continue to be updated daily. The Ubyssey’s operating budget for FY 2022/23 ending August 31, 2023 was $485,000 in total income with expenditures coming in at $475,000. At the three-quarters point in our fiscal plan we are on target to meet our budgeted plans. Any additional monies not spent will be applied to the payment of our $40,000 Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) loan

taken out at the height of the pandemic which is due in December 2023. Our continued efforts to modernize our website will be aided by an application to the Canadian Periodical Fund for monies designated for web development.

We have been informed that The Ubyssey was awarded $37,000 to assist us in these efforts. As a result we have added an additional developer to the summer/winter staff to progress our software development initiatives.

Overall, The Ubyssey projects that student fees, advertising revenues and Government of Canada grants will combine to keep The Ubyssey on solid financial ground through the remainder FY 2022/23. Currently, wages account for 75 per cent of the projected budget, equipment purchases and office expenses 15

per cent, and conferences, travel and professional development the remaining 10 per cent. Adjustments to the budget will be made to compensate for shortages and monies will be allocated as appropriate while striving to balance the books.

As a non-profit entity, we are obliged to provide transparency to our membership on budgetary matters and will make available financial information to members who seek a more detailed breakdown of expenses. I can be reached at business@ubyssey.ca and would be more than happy to discuss the business side of The Ubyssey, on request, by any member of the UPS.


As the Ubyssey Publications Society’s Board of Directors end its term, I want to take some time to recap some of what we have done over the past 12 months. To start, I want to thank all of our amazing editors, writers, board members and other volunteers and staff for the amazing work they do for the publication.

This year, the Board passed a new five-year strategic plan which outlines goals and projects to help the publication meet and adapt to the needs of the changing UBC campus and media landscape. The strategic

plan can be found online at ubyssey.ca/pages/how-we-run/.

Next, we successfully expanded The Ubyssey ’s high school journalism scholarship program to reach more secondary school students than ever before, opening eligibility to all 17 secondary schools in the City of Vancouver. This program will help to educate incoming students on what The Ubyssey is, as well as allow them to explore student journalism.

Lastly, a big goal for our board this year has been transparency. This year, I have

written three updates, along with some other pieces, in an effort to inform students on the activities of the Board. If you would like to learn more about the Board’s activities or just talk in general, you can reach me at president@ubyssey. ca , or at room 2209 of the AMS Nest.

Best of luck on your exams, UBC. See you next year!

of Directors

May 19


Top stories of 2022/23

June 2

Something smells fishy: Meet the UBC researchers who are mapping Vancouver’s smellscape

This article highlights the UBC researchers mapping the smell profile of Metro Vancouver — and how you can help them do so. Nominated for the Canadian University Press Science Reporting Award.

UBC hosts in-person spring graduation ceremonies for first time in two years

For the first time since May 2019, spring graduates walked across the Chan Centre stage. Graduating students expressed excitement on the day in interviews with The Ubyssey

June 21

রূপবান (Roopbaan): How Queer Bangladeshi students at UBC found freedom and acceptance

For our Pride month feature, The Ubyssey spoke with Queer Bangladeshi students about navigating religious and social stigma around Queerness in Bangladeshi society while embracing their identities.

A bridge across oceans: Reconciling Asian identity as a Chinese adoptee

To honour Asian Heritage Month as a celebration of all Asians, regardless of upbringing, here are the stories of three Chinese adoptees at UBC.

May 24

NDNs at UBC: Safety is not being scared of wearing beaded earrings

Columnist Aquila Underwood reflects on her experience with feeeling (un)safe as an Indigenous person, and the ongoing violence that her community experiences.

June 15

‘It has been an honour’: Santa Ono to leave UBC for University of Michigan in October

Ono served as UBC’s 15th president from August 2016 to October 2022. He said he left because of his imminent term end, to be closer to family and to pursue new opportunities.

July 13

Words by Tova Gaster Photo by Isabella Falsetti Words by Gloria Rahgozar Photo by Isabella Falsetti Words by Mahin E Alam Photo by Isabella Falsetti Words and photo by Isabella Falsetti Words by Aquila Underwood Illustration by Kylla Castillo Words by Nathan Bawaan & Anabella McElroy Photo by Isabella Falsetti
look back at our

July 19

Being Chinese Canadian at the Beijing 2022 Olympics

Writer Mike Liu tells his story of attending the Beijing 2022 Olympics, and reflects on how the experience reaffirmed his Chinese Canadian identity.

Aug. 17

Senate votes to rescind former residential school principal’s honorary degree

Following a 15-month review, the UBC Vancouver Senate rescinded the honorary degree of Bishop John O’Grady, a former principal of the Kamloops Residential School.

Sept. 12

To all the stories I haven’t told yet: Finding my voice as a Filipina scholar

For senior staff writer Jasmine Cadeliña Manango, it took taking a class with a Filipina professor to get her last name pronounced right in a university classroom for the first time. Read her personal essay about burnout from the pressures placed on immigrant kids, and how Filipina mentors helped her see a place for herself in academia. Awarded the Canadian University Press’s Arts and Culture Writing Award.

Sept. 26

Leading Native American microbiologist shares what fish can teach us about our guts

Words by Sophia Russo

Dr. Kat Milligan-McClellan shared how her lab developed a model for studying gut health. Although her methods may literally be fishy, the results could improve health outcomes in her Inupiaq community.


Words by Charlotte Alden

Illustration by Isabella Falsetti

In order to get academic accommodations for autism at UBC, students must have an autism diagnosis. But what if you haven’t been diagnosed and can’t afford an autism assessment?

Awarded Disability Reporting Award by the Canadian University Press.

July 22

‘I know he knows’: Inside UBC’s sexual assault reporting process

Words by Iman Janmohamed

Photo by Isabella Falsetti & Mahin E Alam

One UBC student spoke to The Ubyssey in depth about her experience reporting sexual assault and the university’s opaque alternative resolution process. Nominated for the Canadian University Press’s Feature Writing Award.

Aug. 30

Streakers, Regina Rams elude Thunderbirds in soldout Homecoming game

Words by Annaliese Gumboc

Photo by Diana Hong

Despite out gaining the Regina Rams in total yardage, the UBC Thunderbirds lost 21–13 to their conference rivals on Friday night in front of a sold-out Homecoming crowd at the Thunderbird Stadium. It was UBC’s first fully inperson Homecoming game since 2019.

Sept. 25

Words and photo by Mike Liu Words by Nathan Bawaan Photo by Isabella Falsetti Words by Jasmine Cadeliña Manango Illustration by Andrea Schildhorn Photo courtesy of Dr. Kat Milligan-McClellan
autism assessment process is slow and expensive. For students seeking accommodations, that’s a problem


‘I’m sick of having sleep for dinner’: Students demand UBC address food insecurity during Friday walkout

Words by Bea Lehmann

Hundreds of UBC students, led by student-run affordable cafe Sprouts, delivered an open letter demanding action on food insecurity to the UBC President’s Office.

Rekindling: The Other Everything will be returned to you

Words by Julianna Yue

Illustration by Anya Anber Ameen

Columnist and supplement guest editor Julianna Yue writes about her experience as a mixed Indigenous person for The Ubyssey’s September Truth and Reconciliation Issue, Rekindling


‘A great step forward’: Federal government announces end to federal student loan interest

Student advocates celebrated the announcement as a move toward financial accessibility, but AMS VP External Erin Co hoped for further action on affordability, like loan forgiveness, in the future.

Students crowd UBC Board of Governors meeting to protest rising tuition

Words by Beth Rochester

Photo by Isabella Falsetti

Despite the protest, the Board approved two to five per cent tuition increases. Students chanted “Shame on UBC” outside of the boardroom, sometimes overpowering the speakers inside.

Words by Bradley Astra Aldridge

Illustration by Anya Anber Ameen

UBC student Bradley Astra Aldridge shares a personal essay about the interconnected realities of homelessness and abuse: “The assumption, of course, is that there is shelter.” Many don’t realize that assumption can be wrong.

Dr. Annie Ciernia’s lab is investigating the role of epigenetics in autism spectrum disorder

Words by Aditi Mankar Illustration by Anya Anber Ameen

Dr. Annie Ciernia’s lab is studying epigenetics to understand how our environment impacts brain development.

Nov. 11 Nov.

UBC takes ‘full responsibility’ for its ‘actions and inactions’ to Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond allegations

Words by Nathan Bawaan Photo via Allard School of Law

Photo by Isabella Falsetti Words by Tina Yong Photo by Tatiana Zhandarmova
In a broadcast email first sent to Indigenous faculty and staff, UBC leaders said they regretted its perceived support for Turpel-Lafond, who retired from her position at UBC amid allegations that she falsified her Indigenous ancestry 6

Finding home away from home

Going abroad for university can be an exciting experience. It can also create a longing for the home left behind — especially if loved ones back home are experiencing hardship. Here are the stories of two UBC international students whose time in Canada has led them to reshape their definitions of home.

Letter: UBC has a ways to go before eliminating rape culture. You can help

In this letter, fourth-year history student Thea Baines writes about the prevalence of rape culture at UBC and how community members can work to ensure justice, safety and consent are the norms on campus.

‘I feel pretty liberated’: How UBC students access

PrEP, or HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, refers to any drug that reduces one’s risk of contracting HIV. For many students, this is an invaluable sexual health resource — for both safer sex and peace of mind.

UBC Thunderjacks provide a ‘whole different world’ away from the hustle and bustle of university life

UBC’s logging sports club, the Thunderjacks, have been around for decades. Members gather three times a week to learn how to chop, bucksaw, pole climb and throw axes.

Four years of the UBC Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) was founded in 2018 by Black students who wanted to create a place to connect with each other. Now, the BSU is thriving with in-person events and a continued commitment to the community.

The clay cabal: A look at UBC’s notoriously indemand pottery club

Words by Julian Forst

Photo by Andy An / UBC Pottery Club

UBC Pottery Club is notoriously elusive: their sign-ups each year fill up in seconds. Writer Julian Forst talked to the pottery club inner circle (“execs, if you want to be boring about it”) about how they work, how to join and what secrets they’re cooking up in the kiln.

Thousands gather for 32nd Annual Women’s Memorial March

Words and Photo by Isa S. You

A crowd of thousands marched through Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to honour the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls on Tuesday, February 14.

Words and Photo by Isa S. You & Tatiana Zhandarmova Words by Thea Baines Photo by Iman Janmohamed Words by Nathan Bawaan Illustration by Isabella Falsetti Words by Solana Pasqual Photo by Miriam Celebiler Illustration by Anya Anber Ameen
Jan. 17 Jan. 31 Feb. 14 Mar. 1 Jan. 31 Feb. 7

Mom music

Words by Thomas McLeod

Visuals by Anya Anber Ameen

In this essay for The Ubyssey’s annual magazine, SELF, senior staff writer Thomas McLeod explores how k.d. lang’s Hymns of the 49th Parallel soundtracked his childhood. In adulthood though, it takes on new meaning.

DJ diversity: Reclaiming rave culture

Words by Peyton Murphy

Photo by Zoe Wagner

The origins of dance music are deeply rooted in Queer communities of colour, specifically Black culture. But, most festival lineups are straight, white and male. This article speaks to how Queer DJs of colour in Vancouver are taking back the airwaves and the dance floor.

AMS Elections results: Remy the Rat (Esmé Decker) elected AMS president

Words by Ubyssey news staff

Photo by Isabella Falsetti

Students also approved a general fee increase to keep current AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan coverage, as well as a new fee increase to add genderaffirming care.

Letter: Trans students are campaigning for their lives

Words by Miriam Celebiler

Visuals by Anya Anber Ameen, Tamia Shen & Zoe Wagner

‘We can do this together’: UBC Engineering strives to increase female enrolment

Words by Iman Janmohamed Visuals by Anya Anber Ameen, Iman Janmohamed & Jerry Wong

Sports + Rec Editor Miriam Celibiler spoke to Indigenous athletes at UBC about sports as a way to connect to their culture and represent Indigenous excellence on the field and in the community. Opinion + Blog Editor Iman Janmohamed sat down with engineering students and faculty about how UBC Engineering is working to make the program more accessible for women and how female engineering students navigate a male-dominated field before they even enter the workforce.

In this letter, a UBC student explores how the AMS’s decision to keep health care questions regarding genderaffirming care and general fee increases seperate for the AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan referenda hurts Trans students at UBC.

The Ubyssey published an editorial in support of the Trans Coalition on March 3.


Women’s volleyball beat Spartans for national title

Words by Iman Janmohamed Photo by Isabella Falsetti

Seventh-seeded UBC women’s volleyball defeated top-seeded Trinity Western University Spartans in five sets to win the program’s thirteenth national championship on Sunday night.

‘It’s beautiful when I get to practice both’: How Indigenous cultures and sports overlap
Words by Anonymous Photo by Isabella Falsetti
Mar. 1 Mar. 1 Mar. 14
Mar. 1 Mar. 1 Mar.
Mar. 22
10 | APRIL 12, 2023 YEAR IN REVIEW

From the Blog: This year in humour

UBC needs American Girl Dolls The Thunderbird tried to recruit me for varsity hackysack

The ‘We need an American Girl Doll’ meme took the internet by storm. We’ve seen dolls that drink La Croix and are obsessed with Pedro Pascal, but what about a doll that goes to UBC? Well, we’ve got you covered.

What’s your deal, man?

Words by Thomas McLeod

I’m sorry I almost fell on you on the bus

Campus groups are constantly trying to recruit me, but all I want to do is pass my classes and drink bubble tea. I’m always on the lookout to avoid these clubs, but the efforts of one group, specifically the recruitment strategy of their mascot, went a bit too far last semester.

Last Tuesday, The Ubyssey obtained reports which showed that you’ve been totally weird recently, man. Eyewitness accounts state that your vibe has totally shifted the last couple weeks and that you’re kind of freaking everybody out.

The Dingbat: UBC’s tuition fees may be rising, but its ranking sure isn’t

Words by Harry Sadleir Words by Elena Massing

We shared nought but a threefoot circle on this 8:50 a.m. R4 bus. We deserved nothing less than the joy of staring out of the bus window for 20 minutes, packed tighter than a can of sardines listening to our separate podcasts before going our separate ways.

UBC’s ranking, according to Times Higher Education, has dropped from 37th to 40th worldwide. If it continues to decline at this rate, I’m going to get beat out by my cousin Kyler, an unlicensed makeup artist with a history of spreading pink eye.

12 | APRIL 12, 2023 YEAR IN REVIEW
Photo by Zubair Hijri & Iman Janmohamed Illustration by Bessie Guo Photo by Iman Janmohamed Illustration by Maged The blog is home to humour, satire, memes and more at The Ubyssey

This year in photos

Nov. 30

Dec. 6

Feb. 14

Mar. 10

Oct. 21
E Photo by Isabella Falsetti A protester waves an Iranian flag outside the Nest. The lion and sun flag is from before the 1979 Iranian Revolution — a symbol of protest against the current government. E Photo by Isabella Maggiore Two men’s soccer players embrace after a Thunderbird's 7–0 victory against UBCO. E Photo by Zoe Wagner Students climb the stairs of the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre to protest the Board of Governors vote over whether to increase tuition. E Photo by Solana Pasqual Ian Caguiat celebrates as he’s named the AMS’s new VP administration. This year’s AMS Elections saw a 22.9 per cent turnout, the second-highest in AMS history. E Photo by Isa S. You Protesters raise their fists in protest while walking down Main St. at Vancouver’s 32nd annual Women’s Memorial March.

This year in illustrations

14 | APRIL 12, 2023 YEAR IN REVIEW
E Illustration by Anya Anber Ameen E Illustration by Anya Anber Ameen E Illustration by Zoe Wagner G Illustration by Anya Anber Ameen G Illustration by Andrea Schildhorn G Illustration by Sophia Guang

THUNDERBIRDS 5-ON-5: T he Ubyssey ’s sports staff specs

Women’s hockey. The T-Birds set a Canada West record with 24 wins in a single season. The team also went undefeated at home, which is a first in T-Birds women’s hockey program history. The ‘Birds took the Canada West gold and bronze at nationals.

Racewalker Olivia Lundman. In her rookie season, she set a Canadian record for the 10,000 metre race walk. Lundman has competed for Team Canada at the U20 level. I could see the UBC alum to successful racewalking Olympian trend continue.

Sophie Damian from women’s soccer. She seems like a fun time.

I have to say the women’s volleyball championship win at home. The energy in the gym was unparalleled. Another fun moment was when Esaie Maurancy won the student section pizza at Courtside.

Wrestling. UBC Wrestling Club coach Nick Ugoalah and president Ali Mohajer have brought UBC to top level competitions across the country. I think in a couple years, wresting could be a varsity sport again.

It’s gotta be the men’s rugby team. They were my first introduction to covering sports for The Ubyssey and watching them dominate the Canadian University Men’s Rugby Championship was incredible. The sportsmanship and attitude that the boys have is amazing, and it was a pleasure to cover the team throughout the year.

Women’s volleyball. Although their regular season wasn’t as dominant as some other Thunderbird teams, it’s hard to argue that there was a sweeter victory than the five-set thriller over rival TWU Spartans to capture the 2023 U Sports women’s volleyball championship.

This might be a biased answer, but the women’s rugby team. They dominated the season with a good mix of veteran and rookie players, winning their third consecutive Canada West championship. The team’s only loss was a heartbreaker quarterfinal in the U Sports national tournament but the fifth place finish still showed tenacity from the ‘Birds.

Women’s volleyball. After a disappointing season last year, the ‘Birds reminded everyone how dominant UBC is in women’s volleyball. The team has taken nine out of the past fifteen national championship titles.

Best Thunderbird team of the year?

Michael Dowhaniuk. The men’s volleyball team did well this year, and their outside hitter captain was a force to be reckoned with. With him and some of the boys graduating, it would not surprise me to see some of their faces at the Olympics next year.

Brendan Guraliuk for sure since he was at Tokyo 2020, but basically the entire men’s field hockey team since the squad that went to Tokyo was mostly comprised of Thunderbirds.

Hugh McNeill. The second-year swimmer helped guide the T-Birds to their sixth national title and will be representing Team Canada at the Santiago Pan Am Games and the World Aquatic Championships this year. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say he’ll be named to the Olympic team too.

Mona Berlitz from women’s basketball competing for Germany. She’s had a great rookie year with the T-Birds, scoring a career-high 23 points in the Canada West quarterfinals against UBCO. I think she has what it takes to play in the Olympics.

Which Thunderbird athlete are we most likely to see in Paris 2024?

Honestly, the entire women’s volleyball team. What a finish to the year.

Jessica Urban. I’d like to know how she has time to be a high-level athlete while trying to unify quantum mechanics and general relativity and also philosophize against David Hume at the same time.

Cyle McNabb from the men’s hockey team because his favourite Taylor Swift song is “willow” (thank you, TikTok). I’m more of a “long story short” lover but we could still bond over the underrated evermore album.

Kacey Jost. Maybe she could teach me the rules of volleyball.

If you could have coffee with one T-Bird athlete, who would it be?

The women’s volleyball team winning the 2023 U Sports national championship.

Women’s volleyball winning U Sports nationals. They were huge underdogs and upset rivals Trinity Western in front of a sold out home crowd after five thrilling sets. What more can you ask for?

The women’s volleyball team winning the national title takes the cake. After coming into the tournament as the seventh seed and being down two sets in the final, they rallied for a final set the home crowd won’t forget anytime soon.

Cassidy Rhodes’ game winning goal in the penultimate game of the Canada West women’s hockey championship.

Best T-Birds moment of the year?

Gymnastics, hands down.

Auto racing because it’s the closest thing to Top Gun and you can blast “Danger Zone” all day.

Tennis. It’s an Olympic sport and we’ve got good facilities for the Thunderbird Sport Clubs, so we might as well just upgrade the team to varsity.

Road hockey. I would dominate.

If you could add one sport to the varsity roster, what would it be?


Last Words: How the fuck do you pronounce The Ubyssey ?

In September 2022, members of The Ubyssey took to the streets to ask people how to pronounce our name. And only a handful got it right.

We get it. We have 11 editors, over 200 contributors and 70 staff writers, and at one point or another, we’ve all asked ourselves “How do you pronounce The Ubyssey?”

Other student paper’s names are pretty self-explanatory. Many have the name of their school or mention a mascot — take The McGill Daily or The Varsity as examples. But, not us. Our paper’s name is a play on The Odyssey And because of that, our paper is called The Ubyssey

So we’re setting the record straight. The Ubyssey isn’t pronounced you-bee-see, you-byesee or you-bussy. It’s YOU-bih-see.


But why?

The Ubyssey was established in 1918, after two years of printing The Ubicee — which wasn’t a full newspaper, instead it was a single three-columned page of text.

The first editorial renamed Ubicee to Ubyssey, taking inspiration from The Odyssey Why? We don’t know. We weren’t alive.

But the editors of volume five were. And they wrote that “the ‘Ubicee’ was destined to become the ‘Odyssey’ of the University,” hence the 1918 name change and the creation of the full newspaper we have today — The Ubyssey

If The Ubyssey is supposed to be the Odyssey of UBC, what is The Odyssey? Are we actually the Odyssey of our school?

Let’s break this down.

According to Wikipedia (we love your work), The Odyssey is one of two major ancient Greek epics written by Homer — no, not the guy from The Simpsons, it’s this random Greek guy considered one of the most influential authors in history.

It follows a warrior named Odysseus and his journey back home after the Trojan War. After the war, people thought Odysseus was dead, so his wife, Penelope, was going to get remarried.

We can’t speak on behalf of past editorials on if their wives had plans to get remarried, but no one on our board has experienced this. But, we have experienced being an epic student paper.

This past year alone, we were nominated for 16 national student journalism awards (and won 9 of them), we published

university news, deep-dives into policy issues at UBC, covered arts and culture, sports and athletes and science and research, we published student opinions and jokes, all while taking photos and making videos and designs.

Sure, we’re a newspaper with a hard-to-pronounce name inspired by an ancient Greek poem about a guy who sucked at getting home, but the first Ubyssey editorial got it right. We’re just like The Odyssey. We’re pretty epic.

If Odyssey is pronounced /ˈɒdəsi/ or odd-ih-see, Ubyssey is pronounced /jubɪsi/ or you-bih-see Not you-bee-see. Not you-byesee. Not you-bussy (even though it’s kinda funny). It’s you-bih-see We’re The Ubyssey U


16 | APRIL 12, 2023 YEAR IN REVIEW
Words are written by the editorial board of The Ubyssey.
Please stop calling us you-bussy (respectfully)
It’s pronounced the you-bih-see

This year’s best ‘since lines’

Proudly inhabiting the top right corner of every issue’s cover, ‘since lines’ serve as inside jokes and a quirky commentary of the ongoings at The Ubyssey and UBC. Here is a list of our top five published ‘since lines’ and a list of the ones that never made it to print.

Best of published since lines

Thumping rinds since 1918

Life is relentless since 1918

Risking it all for intramurals since 1918

OK, I’ll bite since 1918

From the back �� since 1918

Since lines that got away

• Giving French minion since 1918

• Data journalists since 1918

• “Time is the thing” since 1918

• “I look like a pencil” since 1918

• Forgetting your own contributions since 1918

• Getting disqualified from Storm the Wall since 1918

• I’m a munch since 1918

• Spending all our money at the AMS Craft Fair since 1918

• Wearing funky earrings since 1918

• Giraffes committing voter fraud since 1918

• Having lived experience as a bitch since 1918

• Struggling to spell “disilusionment” since 1918

• Throwing em’ bones since 1918

• Curing disillusionment with a pat on the back since 1918

• The bullet heard around the world since 1918

• Moving to North Van to have an excuse to ride the Seabus since 1918

• Hey mama since 1918

• You can vote ‘no’ since 1918

• We’re thinking critically about where we’re at since 1918

• UBYSWEEP since 1918

• Going to David Suzuki Pit Nights since 1918

• Clubbing sustainably since 1918

• Student Publication of the Year since 1918

• Disassociating at AMS Elections debates since 1918

• Sometimes a guy you don’t like is in student government and that’s ok since 1918

• How does egg like his eggs since 1918

• When will it be over? since 1918

• hahahahahaha since 1918

• Grilled Cheesus since 1918

• Unless �������� since 1918

• How Sue C’s it since 1918

• Using Bing on Google Chrome since 1918

• Fuck it! since 1918

• Psychosexual melodrama since 1918

• Humbly bragging since 1918

• Little necklace since 1918

• Expired préservatifs since 1918

• Ruff Ruffman since 1918

• Bachelor society since 1918

• Head scratcher since 1918

• Rizz as an immutable factor since 1918

• How’s your head? since 1918

• Vinny, the Italian snek since 1918

• Woof! since 1918

• Turning up to ‘Fruit Salad’ since 1918

• Absolutely bonkers since 1918

• That’s so 2016 since 1918

• Potatoes in the office toaster oven since 1918

• Losing at dodgeball since 1918

• Being the gay sibling since 1918

• Taking an hour-long bus ride to IKEA since 1918

• Spoiled by meet-cutes since 1918

• Getting our head in the game since 1918

• 2022 switcheroo since 1918

• Photo issue? More like photo solution since 1918

• Ranger cookie apologists since 1918

• Lactose intolerant questioning since 1918

• BEF (pronounced “beef”) since 1918

• Blazing trails in a blazer since 1918

• Floor time since 1918

• Free bleeding since 1918

• Being silly geese since 1918

• Pride themed since 1918

• Not believing in Santa since 1918

• She-cago since 1918

• I Michi-can be your president since 1918

• ipad babies since 1918

• Squatchin’ since 1918

• Sexy pieces of meat since 1918 (YUM)

• CHANGE IS BAD since 1918

• Slaughtering oxes since 1918

• Resigning since 1918

• Leaving our ‘Santa era’ since 1918

• Just enough of a hater since 1918

• Impersonating Jack Harlow since 1918

• Watching dinovellas since 1918

• Always poppin since 1918

• Kinsey scale 2 since 1918

• Assigning white man alter egos since 1918

• Being sexy babies since 1918

• Digging our own graves since 1918

• BELLOOOOO since 1918

• Coffee walking since 1918

• Committing crime with direction AND magnitude since 1918

• Intimate and fun since 1918

• Lost in the sauce since 1918

• Banning Ubcest since 1918

• He’s right behind me, isn’t he? since 1918

• In our era-hating era since 1918

• Since-ception since 1918

• Toes out since 1918

• One last time since 1918

• Cookie is a gender netural name since 1918

• “A Little Bit Alexis” since 1918

• Since line since 1918 U
















18 | APRIL 12, 2023 YEAR IN REVIEW








Sudoku #1 Sudoku #2
1. Delineate 5. Substantial content 9. Wand 14. “La ___”, 1946 Dolores del Rio 15. Bygone Dodge 16. Emulate Romeo and Juliet 17. High explosive 19. Brightest star in Cygnus 20. Brunch dish 21. Needle case 23. Camera type, briefly 24. Perceived to be 1. Nike’s swoosh, e.g. 2. Agenda entries 3. 1957 hit for the Bobbettes 4. Arrested 5. State in the NW United States 6. British record label 7. Start the kitty 8. Link with 9. Array 10. It has a head and hops 11. Heaps 12. German auto 13. Wyo. neighbor 26. Assns. 28. Kuwaiti currency 30. Slum area inhabited by a minority group 34. Spring mo. 37. Fine furniture 39. Gospel singer Winans 41. Friend of Pooh 42. Plaintiff 43. Measure of the warmth or coldness 48. Leaves in the bag? 49. Place side by side 50. Nasal grunt 18. Photo finish? 22. Desire 25. PepsiCo hummus brand 27. Stitches 29. Mob scenes 31. Promote 32. Corner 33. Gumbo pod 34. Proceedings 35. Quick look 36. Dudley Do.Right’s org. 38. People and places, e.g. 40. Narrative poetry 44. Marry 52. Erupt 54. Chairs 57. File folder feature 60. Steinbeck migrant 62. Suppose 64. Pianist Claudio 66. Expressed dissent 68. No-see-ums 69. Italian noble name 70. Slippery 71. Plinth 72. Homeowner’s paper 73. Grounded fleet 45. Smell foul 46. Turned 47. Jagged 51. Flings 53. Effaced 55. Old stringed instruments 56. Silvery fish 57. Price indicators 58. River of Tuscany 59. Bric-a-___ 61. Highland tongue 63. “Grand” ice cream brand 65. City in GA 67. Suffix with Capri
A person walks their dog beneath the cherry blossoms.
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